Yesterday's End-107

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 107


Lucas stood in the center of the stage, the noise thunderous.

He smiled inwardly and outwardly, seeing so many smiling, screaming, joyous faces in front of him.

Finn, Skyler and Trish stood at his side, the four shining in the center of the Staples Center's arena.

Their concert had finished, the group on stage again for the third and last bow, the audience still thunderous in their applause and heartfelt happiness.

The evening had been amazing, Lucas in the center of his music and his love.

And the audience surrounding them had benefited from both.

He and his bandmates had conversed with the audience during breaks as friends, the young man hearing their love and support for him and his bandmates, more so for him.

He'd read several signs different fans had held up.


                        We love you Lucas!


            You're innocent in all our hearts!


                            Free Lucas!


              Lucas' love wouldn't hurt a soul!


Lucas bowed again, waving his hands outward, the applause deafening.

The three around him smiled just as widely, all four waving goodbye to their fans.

The stage went dark for the final time, the four walking off it towards the dark backstage area.

Lucas felt the muscled arms surround him, his feet leaving the ground.

"We were the best! Awesome!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling down at him.

"Put me down, Finny! Must you always make me airborne?"

Finn laughed, smiling at his friend's youthful, happy face.

"Is that a rocket in your pocket?" he laughed, Lucas blushing.

Finn grinned, moving forward, Lucas feeling his body move away from Finn's.

Two other arms suddenly wrapped around him, Finn having thrown Lucas forward into two other muscular arms.

Lucas' lips were met by two others, the group still in the darkened shadows.

Lucas smiled, knowing the owner of this kiss.

The two parted, Lucas staring into two blue eyes, his Josh smiling at him in the semidarkness.

"Fantastic as always, Lucky!" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

He felt two other hands going to both of his shoulders, two other smiling faces walking out of the darkness.

"Orion shines in the heavens, its music lights up all the stars with its brightness." Justin said, kissing Lucas' cheek, Lance kissing his other.

"The other three expect the same, my boys. Watch Finny though, he loves to tongue." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, the other three hugged in turn by the three men, others surrounding them as well.

Lucas saw a flash of a camera around them, a young face smiling at him.

"For posterity, and for love. You four were amazing!" Colton grinned, Gideon smiling beside him.

"So how was your first show, Colt? Did you enjoy yourself?" Trish smiled, the young man beaming.

"It was awesome! So many people dancing around us, your four singing amazingly in front of us. It was pure magic!" the young man gushed, his face showing total happiness.

Gideon smiled beside him, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"You four were unbelievable. Every song was magic. So beautiful, rich and resonating. It was, as Colton said, amazing." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at the slightly older man.

"I hope you didn't feel lost in surrounding teenagers, Gid?" he said, Gideon smiling.

"There was a rather gregarious, energetic wild one right in the middle. Me!" he said, everyone laughing, the man smiling widely.

"Awesome! We have another groupie!" Finn said, smiling at Gideon, the man winking at him.

Noel, the stage manager, walked up to them with a wide smile.

"Top notch, guys! The crowd's still hungering for more." Noel smiled, Lucas high-fiving him, the back up band high-fiving him and his bandmates as well, everyone beyond happy with the night.

"Your shower rooms are ready with all you need. The interview is in forty-five minutes, Luke." Noel said, everyone looking at Lucas.

"Thanks, Noel. I'll take a quick shower, and grab a fast bite." the young man said, Josh smiling at him, his hand going in his.

"Come on, spongy." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at Josh.

"Keep it clean, guys. Our shower's right next to yours!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling at him, blowing him a kiss.

"No fun in that, Finny! Plus, we have to drown out the wolf howls next door somehow." Josh said, Lucas laughing, pulling his man towards his private room.


A half hour later Lucas walked into the main private area, his friends and loves waiting for him.

He'd changed into a black silk shirt and grey dress pants, his sculpted body showing through the blackness.

Josh walked beside him, his face showing a wide smile.

Finn and Skyler had changed as well, Trish snuggled in Andrew's arms, everyone rising from their seats when Lucas had walked in.
"We're all ready, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"Ready for what?" he said, Justin walking up to him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"To stand beside you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love all of you. Your love and strength are already in my heart. But it's myself that has to face the music, so to speak. It's me they're gunning for. I'm in the center of all this." he said, Josh's arm going around his soulmate.

"We're all in this together, Lucas. Your love for us makes us just as great a part of it."
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"How did I ever deserve all this love?"

Josh leaned forward kissing his man's lips.

The two parted, Lucas smiling at Josh.

"By being you, Lucas. Your love is you."

The young man smiled, his violet eyes meeting Finn's blue.

"It's Orion's night, Luke. We stand as one together. You always said that we were one. Tonight we'll show that one."

Lucas nodded with a smile, looking at his bandmates.

"I have my friends and family surrounding me. And you all have my protective love."

They all smiled, exchanging glances.

Noel knocked on the room's open door, smiling at Lucas.

"They're ready, Luke. And the place is packed. Security's on high alert."
Lucas nodded, the young man looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"On to life, and destiny." he said, the young man walking out of the room, everyone silently following him.


Lucas' violet eyes took in the stars and suns blooming in front of him.

A steady clicking sound surrounded him, cameras going off in quick succession.

The flashes of camera lights were almost blinding, their numbers gradually lessening, the young man standing on a small stage, his bandmates around him.

Josh, Lance, as well as Andrew, Alain and Harry all stood behind them, their eyes staring around at everyone.

Harry stood right behind Lucas, his blue eyes scanning the crowd.

Justin stood in front of Lucas, the man at a small dais, a microphone in front of him.

"If you'll all calm down we can get this started." Justin said over the frenzied noise, the clattering around them gradually lessening, cameras and video lenses zoning in on Justin's handsome face.

A row of security guards surrounded the group, others standing in front of the rows of reporters, all who were now on their feet from their seats, the group having walked into the room moments ago.

Justin estimated four to five hundred reporters were crowded into the large room, not much room left.

He saw all the logos of all the major networks and television stations, local and national, as well as online sites.

"Good evening, everyone. Tonight Orion shone in the sky of entertainment, over ten thousand of their joyous fans leaving here with happiness and love in their hearts. I've never seen this band so focused and in the zone. Their music was mixed with their love. It was a fantastic show. I do hope some of you saw it." Justin said, cameras going off again, some reporters glancing behind him at the group, Lucas staring around at all of them.

Lucas' violet pools met two blue pools, a reporter staring back at him.

"This meeting has been asked for by Lucas Carver. He arranged this tonight to address the rumours, innuendo and stories that have been filling the newspapers, networks and online sites this week. Tonight I heard him sing his heart out, his love the center of all of this. I'm proud to stand here tonight as one of his dearest friends. He has my total friendship, love and support. As he has his other friends--and mine--Joshua Chasez, Lance Bass, as well as his surrounding family and friends. We all stand here today united in our love for him. And in the truth that justice will show. I ask only that you all give him the respect and freedom he deserves. His bandmates first want to voice their solidarity with their friend. Then Lucas will make a statement. We'll allow questions after as long as they're civilized and respectable. Thank you." Justin said, stepping back, Lucas smiling at him, Justin smiling back, standing beside Lance and Josh.

Finn, Skyler and Trish walked up to the dais, Finn adjusting the microphone.

All the reporters stared at the young man, his handsome face staring back at them with calmness.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Finnegan Delaney. This is my fiancée Skyler Templeton, and Lucas' sister Patricia Carver. We, along with Lucas, are the voices of Orion. The music and love of Orion. Tonight we sang our hearts out with Lucas' love the center of our world. He is today as he has always been--a good friend, brother and loved one. The charges filed against him are false. He could no more hurt someone than I could fly by farting."

A few reporters laughed, Lucas smiling at his friend and his open honesty.

"We stand behind him in all things--in his love, his innocence and his real self. The monster you're fabricating in the media is just that. A fabrication. I've never met anyone more loving, giving or sincere. I'll stand by him through all of this as he's stood by me always."
"So will I." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her and Finn, Trish walking closer to the microphone.

"I'm Trish, Lucas' sister. My brother is more than a brother to myself. He is a friend, a confidant and an inspiration. He inspires all of us. You just heard that inspiration tonight. His love set to music. I love him for himself. And I'll always stand by him through all life's challenges. He has my sisterly friendship, my love and my support. He's innocent in all of this." she said, Lucas walking forward, the young man hugging all three, Trish the last.

He kissed her cheek, the young woman smiling at him with tearful eyes.

Lucas stood at the dais, the cameras continuing to flash, the video lenses zoning in on his youthful handsome face.

"Thank you my friends, for your support, love and friendship. I am surrounded by love." he said, his violet pools staring out into the world of video and camera capturing reality.

"I called this meeting with the media, the press--and the encroaching world--to speak from my heart. I've been thrown into the center of a reality I never wanted. I never wanted it because it isn't true. I will speak only once of this to the media, and then soon to the world of justice. I am innocent of the charges levelled against myself. I did not murder my lost friend Jacob Addison."

The room exploded with noise, the reporters surging forward, the line of security guards moving, keeping them back.

Lucas stared out into the crowd, his friends behind him staring at him with puzzled concern.

Finn leaned over to Justin, whispering.

"He just set them all off. And Jake was never his God damn friend!" Finn said, Justin staring at the young man.

He saw a soft hidden anger brewing deep within the young man's blue eyes.

Finn stood back, staring at the back of Lucas' head.

Lucas stared outwards, waiting for the crowd to lessen their noise.

Gradually they lessened, Lucas staring into the cameras again.

"I had nothing to do with Jacob's death. I only ever wanted to live my life free of my past. He walked into my life again, and in turn saw that my life was now my own. I never wanted anything for him but life and happiness. I am sorry that he didn't find that. His life is now lost, and perhaps his soul is now finally at a greater peace. I harbor no ill will toward him. I forgave him a long time ago for the abusive relationship we shared. I went on with my life. And I'll continue to go on with it. First I'll face these charges and prove my innocence. And then the future awaits me. I am surrounded by love and friendship. That will get me through all of life." Lucas said, the young man stepping back, his three bandmates surrounding him.

Gideon stepped up to the microphone, the noise rising again, the cameras all focusing on Lucas and his bandmates.

The young man remained quiet, everyone focusing on the reporters.

"My name is Gideon Carlisle. I am Lucas' attorney. We'll open the floor to questions from the media. As Justin earlier said, please be respectful and calm." Gideon said, the man nodding towards a reporter in the front row.

"Alan Chapman, CBS freelance. What was Lucas' relationship with the deceased?" he said, Lucas walking up beside Gideon, Gideon quietly looking at him.

"Jacob Addison and myself were once lovers, partners in love. That relationship lasted for over a year. It ended not on the best of terms. That's all I'll state on that subject for now. Justice will perhaps seek more." Lucas said, his violet eyes staring around at the reporters.

Another man waved at Lucas, the young man nodding at him, others focusing on him.

"Stan Freeman, USA Today. You've been identified as being at the scene of the murder, Lucas. Is that true?"

Lucas sighed, looking around at everyone.

"I was at Jacob's condo that evening. But I was too late to stop the crime already committed." he said, cameras going off continually.

"So you arrived after the murder?" the reporter said.

"Yes, sir. Jacob was already dead when I arrived. I was the one who called the police that night. That's all I'll say about that night. Other than voicing my innocence of the charges. The trial will finalize the timelines on all facts." Lucas said, others clamouring for his attention.

He nodded at another female reporter, the woman smiling at him.

"Wendy Miller, Google News. You and your group are in the center of the spotlight of fame. Your star was rising. Will this cancelled tour affect your future? It can't be helping your sales with the tour squelched." she said, Justin walking up to the dais beside Lucas.

"Orion's tour dates in California will all continue. The greater tour is temporarily postponed. All dates are being reorganized by my company. Each will be met at a later date. Lucas wants all his fans to know that. Orion's music will not be silenced for long. Lucas' love will sing soon enough."

Lucas smiled at Justin, the man's blue eyes meeting the woman reporter's brown eyes.

"You're being rather evasive, Lucas. To some it would appear that you aren't that worried about this trial. You're out here tonight performing when your future looks precarious at the least? Some could call that grandstanding or fame-seeking." she said, Justin's blue eyes hardening.

"He's doing no such thing." Justin said, Lucas' hand going to his friend's shoulder, their eyes meeting, Lucas' violet pools meeting the woman's brown.

"Singing is my heart's life, Miss Miller. I didn't sing tonight for fame or grandstanding adulation. I sang because my heart hungers for it. I would sing for my own heart's need. For nothing, or for no one. Or I  would sing for everything or everyone. It is a part of me. And my three friends sing with my heart. We are one, and always have been. Orion's the four of us. They are an extension of my love. We sing because we love to sing."

Lucas' three bandmates moved forward, Finn's hand going to his shoulder.

The woman nodded, sitting down again.

Lucas' violet pools moved around, meeting two blue pools.

He sighed, nodding at the reporter waving at him.

"Morgan Sheppard, ABC News. I have a question for Mr. Delaney."

Finn stared at the reporter, the young man nodding his head.

"Is it true that you had a fight the evening of Jake's death with Jake Addison himself?"

Justin looked at Finn, the Welshman staring at the reporter, then his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Yes, I had a fight with him. It was at Justin's party for us at Tenneman Records."

"Yes, that fight's been shown, captured by cameras that night. It was just a minor scuffle. But the next morning you were photographed with a very bruised face. Today you're blemish-free. What gives?" the reporter said, everyone focusing on the Welshman.

"I heal fast, sir." Finn said, his eyes darkening.

"Word around here is that you went to Addison's apartment after the party and the two of you got into a more serious fight. Maybe you're the one who should have been charged?"

Finn's eyes clouded, his face changing.

"I'd never hurt anyone like that in my life. Yes, we fought again. But Jacob Addison was alive the last time I saw him. And what are you getting at?" Finn said, his anger now showing, the other reporters zoning their cameras in on him.

Morgan Sheppard smiled, staring at the Welshman, the reporter standing a few feet away from him behind the row of guards.

"Maybe Lucas here is covering for you? Did your second fight get out of hand? Is he covering for your deadly mistake? Or are you and Lucas more than friends? Was Jake Addison extorting you? Are you and Lucas two hidden lovers who devised this whole thing up?"

Finn lost it, the young man flying off the stage, diving into the guards, his fists flying towards the reporter.

One fist hit the man on the shoulder, Morgan falling back into his cameraman Ben, the man holding him up.

The guards around them moved to surround Finn, pulling him back with a struggle.

Another man's hand moved to Finn's shoulder, pulling the young man back swiftly with a burst of strength, turning him around.

Finn stared into Lucas' calm face.

"Calm down, Finny. You're going to pieces." Lucas said, the young man having moved with a flash of speed off the stage, at his friend's side in moments.

Finn stared at him, the anger leaving his face.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Luke. What. . .what have I done?" he softly said, Lucas staring at him with compassion.

"You hit me, that's what you've done! We all see your shown anger, Delaney!" Sheppard said, the man's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, Lucas seeing a soft smile showing on his handsome face, hidden from those surrounding him, all the reporters focused on Finn and Lucas.

Lucas pulled Finn back a bit, the young man staring around at everyone.

"This interview is over, everyone. We have nothing more to say." Lucas said, turning and guiding Finn back towards their friends, the guards surrounding them.

Morgan Sheppard moved forward, smiling behind the two men.

"You'd go to prison to keep his secrets?" the man said, Lucas stopping.

He turned around, staring at the reporter, the man glaring at him.

"I'll stand against justice to see truth shown." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"And we'll all unearth that truth, Carver. You best be careful. Others may pay for it. Jake did with his life."
Lucas moved, the man's hand flying, hitting the reporter right across the face, Sheppard going to his knees.

The cameras went off, reporters standing around them in shock, Ben helping Morgan gain his feet, the guards surrounding Lucas, Finn's arm around him now.

Lucas stared at the reporter, the young man's eyes filled with anger and the reporter showing a look of smugness.

"And your true colors are shown." he said, wiping his bleeding nose.

The young man sighed, then lowering his eyes.

Finn stared at his friend, Lucas moving, walking out of the room, his friends and the guards following him.

The cameramen had captured every moment, the room erupting in throwing questions.

Lucas remained silent, lost in his own troubled world.


Josh stared at Lucas, the young man standing in the living room of his home, staring out the window at the front lawn and the gates at its end.

The trip back from the arena had been silent, everyone sensing Lucas wanted silence.

Two SUVs travelled through downtown Los Angeles; Lucas, Josh, Justin, and Lance driving in one.

Harry sat up front, Alain driving their SUV.

Lucas' three soulmates stared at him, the young man staring out the window, his head leaned back against the seat's high back.

"Want to talk about it, Lucky?" Josh said, his hand going into Lucas', the young man squeezing it.

"Not right now, my love. I just need to silence my own doubts." Lucas said, the young man's eyes closing.

The three around him stared at each other, Justin's blue eyes staring at Lucas' handsome face.

The trip was silent, the three sensing Lucas was dealing with something in his mind and soul.

They drove through the paparazzi, the guards awaiting them at the front gate, the two vehicles driving up to their front entrance, Lucas the first to climb out, the others following him into the house.

He'd walked into the foyer, Grayson greeting them at the door, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' handsome face.

He saw a different look there, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue, the man shaking his head.

Lucas walked into the living room, walking up to the windows.

Here now he stood, staring out into the darkness.

Everyone walked into the living room, sitting down in silence, their eyes all meeting Josh's blue.

Josh sighed, beginning to rise from his seat, Lucas sighing in front of everyone.

"Remain seated, my love. I feel your love coming. I just need another moment." he said, not turning around.

Josh sat back down, Justin's hand going to his knees, all staring at Lucas.

Everyone remained silent, Colton staring at the young man.

"Speak from your worried soul, Gid." Lucas finally said, the young man turning around, his violet pools staring at the young lawyer.

"Why in God's name did you hit him, Luke? You just showed your anger in front of the whole damn world!" Gideon said, staring at his friend with concern.

"Yes, I guess I did show that. I'm sorry for that." he said, Gideon rising and walking up to him.

"That can't help us, Lucas. You just showed everyone your hidden anger. And that anger they could use against you. That didn't help our cause."

Lucas' violet pools moved, staring at Finn.

"I had to stop our brawler from tearing Sheppard a new one. I felt your anger from my first words spoken, Finny." he said, Finn rising and walking up to him.

The two stared at each other, Lucas sighing again.

"Why on earth did you call that bastard your friend, Luke? Jake was never that." Finn said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Finn's blue.

"He at one time was my friend, Finn. There's no getting around that. At one time I loved him deeply." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes staring at his soulmate.

"That friendship ended when he hurt me, my friend. And over the last little while I found out something else about him."
"What's that, Luke?" Finn said, staring at his friend with concerned love.

"He was indeed lost." Lucas said, Colton rising from his seat, walking up to the two men.

Lucas' violet pools met his blue.

"You felt in your magic Jake's life, didn't you? You've always indeed known where he was."

Lucas nodded, his eyes looking around at everyone.

"Yes, Colt. I already stated that. I've seen the path Jacob walked. And I've seen where it led him to. Greed, desire and need. But behind that at the end was something more. Something he had no control over."

"What's that, Lucas?" Gideon said, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue.

"All paths walk to my destiny, my friends. And another now walks within it as well. For different reasons."

Josh stood up, walking up to his man, his arms going around him.

"You're hiding something, Lucky. What's going on in that loving mind of yours?"

Lucas lowered his eyes, Josh feeling a soft tremble go through him.

"What's wrong, my love?"

Lucas raised his head, his eyes showing soft tears.

"I walk the path they've chosen for me. They just don't realize that I've walked all paths."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas' wet pools looking around at everyone.

Finn's blue eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man's violet pools now staring at him.

"I did that production out there to stop you from falling into their plans, Finnegan. And for your own love."

Finn stared at Lucas, their eyes locked on each other.

"You know, don't you?"

Lucas' hand went to his shoulder, Josh staring between the two of them.

"I've always known, Finny. I've always accepted your love over the guilt. And you've walked a path not totally true."

Finn backed up, his blue eyes looking towards Skyler.

The man's blue eyes met Lucas' violet again, his young face showing his never-changing love.

"I. . .I can't tell her, Lucas! I can't admit what I. . ." he softly said, Skyler rising from her seat, walking over to her man, her arms wrapping around him.

"What's going on, Finny?" she said, worry etched in her blue eyes, those blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"What's going on is deceit, lies and a soul carrying false guilt." Lucas said.
Finn's eyes raised, staring at Lucas.

Lucas saw the pain in those blue pools of friendship and love.

"I love you, Finn. Nothing you think you've done can ever change that."

Finn lowered his eyes against those violet pools of love, the young man moving out of Skyler's arms, walking up to the window where Lucas had stood, staring out into the darkness.

Skyler's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man's arm going around her, Josh watching him.

"Speak from your heart, Finn. From the troubled heart of my dearest friend." Lucas said, everyone hearing the calmness and love in Lucas' melodic voice.

Finn lowered his head, everyone staring at him.

The young man then turned around, his blue eyes filled with tears.

Those blue eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man's eyes filled with his unchanged love.

"I wanted to kill him that night, Lucas. For what he did to me, and for what I did to you."

Skyler stared at Finn, her eyes showing confusion.

"What are you talking about, Finn?" she said, his blue eyes meeting her blue.

"I. . .I'm sorry, my love. I'm sorry for never telling you. For hurting our love. For hurting you and Lucas both." he said, his eyes staring at his soulmate.

Skyler began to move, Lucas holding her back, their eyes meeting.

Lucas moved forward instead, walking up to his friend.

The two stared at each other, Lucas feeling his friend's soul letting go.

"You're love would never hurt either of us, Finn." Lucas said, Finn staring at him, the next words spoken by Finn stunning everyone.

"I slept with your Jake, Lucas."


Morgan Sheppard smiled, feeling the man below him, Ben's blue eyes staring up at him.

"Oh fuck, Morgan! You're on fire! Did you grow an inch?!"

Morgan sunk further into the younger man, the cameraman gasping, feeling the reporter's ownership of his ass.

"When things go my way I'm always charged!" Morgan said, ploughing into the man's ass again.

"Don't stop! I'm close!" Ben moaned, Morgan continuing his assault on the young man's ass.

Ben felt the edge of his orgasm coming, the young man screaming as he felt a warmth fill the condom in his ass, Morgan gasping loudly, the man feeling the wetness flood his own center and all across his chest.

Both men were covered in sweat, Morgan rolling off the man, his hardness pulling out of him, the man laying back in his bed, breathing heavily.

Ben lay beside him, coming down from his own orgasm, its remains dripping on his own stomach.

"That was fantastic, man! You're the best!" the young cameraman said, Morgan's blue eyes meeting his brown.

"It's not over yet, slut. Clean me up." he said, the young man smiling, moving.

His tongue licked every inch of the man's muscled hairy chest, devouring his own seed off the man's torso.

He moved downward, pulling the condom off Morgan's still semi hard erection.

The young man lifted the condom up, drinking the cum that dripped out of it, Morgan smiling up at him.

"You're such a slut, Benny."
The young man smiled, tossing the condom onto the floor, his mouth licking every inch of the man's wet penis, savouring the taste.

"I'm your slut, Morgan." he said, moving upwards, his tongue licking the man's left nipple.

"You're everyone's slut, Ben. That ass felt looser."

The man smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I love being dominated, and I love to give as well. I live for sex with amazing men."

Morgan smiled, his finger rubbing the man's smooth cheek.

"My ass is my own, slut. Yours is mine too."

The man smiled, their afterglow interrupted by Morgan's cell going off, Ben reaching over his chest and grabbing it off the nightstand for him.

"Let it ring, Morgan. I want a second round." Ben said, Morgan taking it from him, answering it.

Ben sighed, sinking back into the pillows, waiting for the man's conversation to end.

"Morgan here."

A voice talked to him on the phone, the man smiling.

"Come on up. No, I'm not alone. But that's okay." he said, the man closing off his phone, his blue eyes meeting Ben's brown.

"I have to leave?" Ben said, Morgan staring at him.

"No, I'm just meeting someone. And you can stay."

Ben stared at the man.

"Oh, who's coming?" he said, laying back again.

Morgan's eyes scanned the young man's naked body.

"Me again, and maybe you a few times."

The young man looked surprised, smiling.

"Awesome! A threesome?"

"If we play our cards right." Morgan said, the buzzer to his apartment going off.

"Stay here, come when I call you."
The man nodded, his hand wrapping around Morgan's hard shaft.

"Someone's game again."

"I've been promised some fun." he said, climbing out of the bed.

"Sweet. And I can join?"

"Maybe. He looks like the type."

The young cameraman smiled, Morgan pulling on his robe, walking out of the room.

Morgan crossed his darkened living room, flicking on a light, opening the door.

A man stood in the hallway, two sets of blue eyes staring at each other.

"Come in. I've been expecting you." Morgan said, the man walking past him, walking into the room.

Morgan closed the door, staring at the man staring back at him.

"You saw the news?"

"Yes, I did. Well executed, Sheppard. You delivered." the man said, Morgan smiling at him, his blue eyes scanning over the man's t-shirt-covered chest, tight jeans covering his lower half.

His short blond hair accented his masculine, handsome face.

The young man resembled someone famous.

"Did anyone ever tell you you look like Justin Timberlake?" Morgan said, the young man staring at him.

"A hidden fantasy there, Sheppard? Is that why you asked for the second part of the deal?" the young man said, Morgan smiling.

"I always wanted to tap Timberlake's ass. You can sub for him." the reporter said, the young man nodding.

He pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket, handing it to Morgan.

The man smiled, opening it, seeing the hundred dollar bills filling it.

"Excellent. Half the bargain up front. As decided upon."
The young man nodded, staring at the reporter.

"I'm here with the deposit on our little endeavour." the young man said, Morgan smiling at him.

"And I'll finish what you ask as promised. I owe that to you and to Jake. And you'll owe me the second half of the money."

The man stared at him, their conversation interrupted by another voice.

"Who's this sweet morsel, Morgan?" Ben said, the stranger's blue eyes going to the bedroom doorway, the cameraman standing in it, leaning against the doorframe, wearing only his jeans.

The man's eyes went back to Morgan's, the reporter smiling.

"What the. . .?" the man said, Morgan walking up to him.

"Relax, he's my cameraman. Totally devoted to me. Our business is our own." Morgan said, the man looking at the handsome half naked cameraman.

"He wasn't part of the deal, Sheppard." the man said, Morgan smiling, his hand going to the man's t-shirt covered chest.

"Just think of him as an added bonus. Fame makes me so energetic. I want to fuck the world tonight." Morgan said, one hand going to the man's left nipple, rubbing it.

Ben smiled, walking into the living room, the young cameraman walking behind the stranger, he now in the center of both of them.

Morgan slipped the envelope in his robe' pocket, Ben not seeing it, his eyes on the man's sculpted back and ass.

"Alright, Sheppard. I'll entertain you both. You've started my plan, and you'll finish it." the man said, Morgan smiling.

"Show him your talents, Benny." Morgan smiled, the man removing his hand from the man's chest, Morgan opening his robe in front of the man.

He stared at the man's hairy body, the man smiling at him.

The man felt Ben's hands going over his back, moving around him, his lips licking his neck.

He felt his t-shirt leave his body, the man's lips licking his shoulder blade.

"Morgan's a tiger, and you're damn beautiful. You look like Justin Timberlake! Awesome!" the young cameraman said, his hands opening the young man's belt.

The man felt his pants lowering, the young man behind him moving, walking in front of him.

He was on his knees in a moment, the man's pants and briefs going down his legs, his rising center suddenly engulfed by the young cameraman.

The man gasped, his mind filling with thoughts of life.

He watched Morgan move, walking behind him.

The man felt his breath on his neck, the stranger caught in the center of two men of desire.

A place he'd often been.

I'll give you both what you need.

And then I'll have what I need.

He's leaving you, Josh.

For good.

And you're going to be mine again.

Bryce Hartwell smiled, feeling the reporter's hard shaft entering his ass.


Skyler looked stunned, Trish at her side in moments, everyone staring at Finn in silence.

Finn's blue eyes moved to his fiancée, Skyler staring at him.

"I'm sorry, my love. It happened only once, shortly after Luke began to date Jake. I. . .I was drunk. . .we both. . ." he stuttered, his eyes lowering.

Lucas moved forward, his hand going to Finn's shoulder, the man's tearful eyes raising.

"I'm sorry, Luke! I should have told you so long ago! He was a bastard from the start! He never loved you! For him it was always the conquest! I was one of those conquests! I'm so sorry!" Finn said, Lucas staring at him in silence.

"Say something, Luke! Hit me! Hate me! Something!" Finn said, the man showing so much emotion.

The man's eyes turned, staring at Skyler.

"I'm sorry, my love! I'm sorry I did it!" he cried, Skyler's eyes filled with tears now, Trish staring at her friend with emotion.

"You. . .you cheated on me? With. . .with him?" she stuttered, Lucas looking back at her, his violet pools returning to Finn's blue.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Finn cried, Lucas pulling his friend against him, wrapping his arms around him.

Everyone stared at the two men, Skyler staring as well.

"I love you, Finn. Skyler loves you. And your soul is the most beautiful and giving. In its love and its innocence."

Lucas released the young man from his embrace, wiping Finn's smooth cheeks.

"I. . .I never wanted it to happen, Luke. I. . .I always loved Skyler. I. . .I never wanted it to happen!"

Lucas nodded, leaning forward and kissing Finn's cheek.

"It never happened, Finn."

Finn stared at Lucas in confusion, the young man staring back at him.

"It. . .it did, Luke! It was the weekend you, Trish and Skyler went back home for Trish's birthday."

"The weekend you had the flu." Lucas said, Finn nodding, the man moving, walking up to Skyler, Trish staring at him with tearful eyes.

"I was sick on the Friday. I so wanted to go. But over Saturday I began to feel better. I was going to catch a late train Saturday afternoon to be with you all. But I. . ..I got. . .I didn't go." Finn said, staring at his girlfriend.

"You. . .you slept with a man, Finn? You. . .you. . .and him? Luke's Jake?" she softly said, Finn staring at her with tearful emotion.

"We got drunk that afternoon, I felt so. . .I missed you so much."
Lucas moved, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue, the young man walking up to his friends.

"When I said it never happened, I meant that it didn't happen the way you believe, Finn." Lucas said, Finn turning and staring at his friend.

"We had sex, Luke! I never had those feelings before, not for him! I knew you were in love with him! It must have been the booze, the loss of my Sky that weekend. I was weak! I was a coward! I was a bastard to both of you!"
"You were no such thing, Finn." Lucas said, the Welshman turning and staring at him.

Lucas' hand went to Finn's shoulder again.

"You were played, Finnegan."

Everyone stared at Lucas with surprise, Skyler staring at him.

"What do you mean, Luke?" she said, her eyes filled with tears, Finn staring at her with emotion.

"I mean that the love you both share is as true and as solid as it ever was. Our loving Finn here has been walking around for almost two years with a deep hurt in his soul. A hurt of guilt and remorse. A hurt Jake gave him intentionally."

Finn stared at Lucas in confusion.

"It took me a while to put two and two together and come up with four. Four milligrams, to be exact."

"What. . .what are you talking about, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas staring at him with love.

"I remember that weekend, Finn. For a singular reason."

"What reason, Luke?" Gideon said, staring at him.

"For what I found that Sunday afternoon when I came home."

"What did you find, Luke?" Alain said, Harry's arms around him on one of the couches.

"I found a bag of narcotics, in Jake's gym bag. The narcotics he used on you that weekend."
Finn looked confused, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder again.

"If you remember we all went out for breakfast that Friday morning, Jake and I meeting you three at that little diner in east London we always went to."
"You're saying Jake drugged Finny?" Trish said, Lucas nodding at his sister.

"Yes, Trish. He fed you a highly drugged breakfast, Finny. A breakfast that made you sick. For he wanted you. He knew that with us out of the picture he had you where he wanted you. Sick and vulnerable."

Finn looked confused, staring at his old friend.

"He. . .he wanted me?"

Lucas nodded, looking at Skyler.

"Finn never stopped loving you, Sky. His defenses that weekend were taken away from him. First he was deliberately sickened, making him miss our weekend fun. That left him alone for Jake's greater plans. He popped over the next day, knowing you were alone, Finn. He brought the drinks with him, didn't he?"

Finn nodded, staring at Lucas with emotional shock.

"They were already laced with something, Finn. Something to control you. If you stop and think you'll remember that Jake didn't drink from the same bottle you did. Am I correct?"

Finn slowly nodded, his mind flying back to that day.

"You mean he. . .he drugged me to make me placid?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finn. He drugged you that day to control you. Probably some kind of date rape drug. You would never have made a move on him. Your love for Sky was unconditional." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Skyler's blue.

"He loves you, Sky. His love has always been yours. Nothing any drug could ever do to him would ever change that in his soul."
Skyler stared at her man, Finn's eyes filled with tears matching her own.

"I love you, Sky. I'm sorry I let that happen to our love. When I woke up that Sunday morning with him, all I could think of was you. And what I'd done to our love." he cried, Skyler moving, her arms going around him.

The two held each other, Skyler's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

He softly smiled at her, Skyler kissing Finn's blond head, his head against her chest.

"I love you, Finn. I don't blame you for another's deceitful ways. I know our love is ours, alone."

"I would never have done that to you on purpose, Sky! I'm. . .I'm not into guys, Sky! You have to believe me!"

She softly smiled, kissing his forehead again.

Her tearful blue eyes met Lucas' blue, the young man softly smiling at her.

"That's not totally true, Finnegan. You've loved our Lucas always. And I now see how deeply he loves you." she said, Finn's head raising, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"You. . .you. . .you always knew?"

Lucas backed up a bit, everyone staring at him.

"Yes, Finn. I learned that from the source of your pain." he said, Finn staring at him, his arm around his soulmate.

"Jake told you?"

The young man nodded, staring at his friend.

"I knew about the drugs, Finn. About his little chemistry set. For he used it on a few others as well, including myself. When I wouldn't give into his needs. Or when he. . ."

Josh moved from his seat, walking up to his soulmate.

Their eyes met, Josh seeing a deep hurt shining in those violet pools, hidden, he sensed, for a long time.

"When he wanted you to join his fun."

Lucas lowered his eyes, slowly nodding his head.

Josh's arm went slowly around Lucas, feeling the young man tense up.

"My love, my Lucas. I hate that man so much." he softly said, Lucas' eyes raising again, moving and looking at Finn.

"In one of his drunken rages near the end he blurted out his tryst with you, Finny. I think he did it to destroy my soul. I knew in my heart he'd used those drugs to claim you. As he used on myself so I'd give into his twisted fantasies. Fantasies which included other men. I was nothing more than a tool for him near the end." Lucas said, his eyes showing tears again.

Finn moved, walking up to his friend, Skyler and Trish staring at him with showing tearful love.

"He. . .he. . .and others. . .?" Finn said, Lucas slowly nodding his head.

"I never had your strength, Finny. That's how I knew you'd never have done that with him voluntarily. You're so strong, so full of life. You would have easily stopped his advances, or kicked his ass. I knew he'd drugged you. I just was never smart enough to see that before he. . ."

Finn's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, staring at him.

"Your greatest strength is your love, Lucas. Today, you showed me how much you love me."

"I do love you, Finn. That's why. . ."
"Why you hit that reporter?" Josh said, Lucas' tearing eyes meeting Josh's.

"I saw what those words he'd said about you and me did to you, Finn. How they cast you in a light you never wanted. I know the depth of your love for Sky. And I know the masculinity of your soul. And I sense he knew it as well."

"You mean he was coercing Finn into decking him?" Harry said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Har."

"Why would he want that? What does he gain from that?" Justin said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"He gains the fee he was promised."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas staring at Finn.

"You mean he was bought off to make me attack him? For what reason? By who? You're the center of that media blitz, not me, Luke. You'd already drawn the media away from me." Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finn. I love you. I would always protect you." he said,  Finn tearfully staring at him.

"He confronted you because he knew that you'd attack him." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"But for what reason? Other than to implicate Finn in the murder?" Lance said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"To goad me into showing my true colors, as he stated before I left. So I obliged him."

Josh pulled Lucas more into his arms, staring at him.

"We all know you'd always protect Finn, Lucky. You did that tonight. But you risked your own image doing it."

Lucas sighed, nodding his head.

"I know, Josh. I was fully prepared for it. For I knew the path they were trying to guide me onto."

"Who's trying to guide you, Luke? And to where?" Justin said, Lucas violet pools looking at him, then at Josh.

"It's Bryce again, my Joshua."

Everyone looked surprised, Justin and Josh both looking at Lucas with shock.

"Hartwell, again? He's after you?" Justin said, Lance's arm going around his man.

"No, Jus. He's after my Joshua as always. And to get to you, my love, he wants me finally out of the picture." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

Gideon stared at Lucas, then met Josh's blue eyes.

"Would someone please tell me what's going on here? Who the hell is this Bryce?"

Lucas' violet pools met Gideon's blue.

"He's not the major concern here, my friends."

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man sighing, Josh holding him close.

"Who is, Lucky?" he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"My life is a path of destinies, my love. And now I'm on the true path. Life walks as it's supposed to."

Justin rose from his seat, Lance joining him, the two walking up to Lucas and Josh.

"This has something to do with your destiny, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my friend. I now know who's behind Jake's latest endeavours."

Everyone looked at each other, Lucas sighing.

"The trial of my life begins. And I now am face to face with my adversary." he said, his violet pools meeting everyone's.

"Haven Marlowe owned Jake. In body and soul."



End of Chapter 107


So Lucas has seen behind the lies.

He's put two and two together and indeed come up with four.

He knows that Haven was behind Jake's newfound wealth and gathering trouble.


Is Haven responsible for Jake's departure?

Or is it the hidden Sheridan?


The truth of Finn's past with Jake has been shown.

To others and to Finn himself.

His soul now feels the truth of what the man did to him.

And what he'd long done to Lucas.


The storm gathers, and Lucas stands against it.

Haven is there, as well as Bryce.

Will he weather their blowing storms, or will our hero find himself cornered?


You know me, I may throw a few hurricanes in there.


Hugs, Angel.