Yesterday's End-109

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 109


Lance smiled, washing the plates, handing them wet to Justin, the man smiling at his soulmate as he dried them, Josh standing beside him.

The three stood at the kitchen sink, washing and drying the dinner dishes, everyone else relaxing out on the patio.

Lucas had volunteered the three, the three giving in to his loving smile.
He'd cooked a delicious dinner on the barbecue, everyone overstuffed and contented.

Lucas walked into the kitchen, carrying the last of the dishes.

He smiled, seeing Justin kissing Lance's neck as he washed, he and Josh drying dishes.

"More focus on the work than on the monster, Diva." Lucas smiled, setting the dishes onto the counter beside Lance, the man smiling at him.

"I don't mind the distractions, Lucky."

"I'm sure you don't, Lancy. Justin Timberlake fawning over you while you work. Talk about company benefits!"

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"And don't think I don't see where your hip is, Chasez. If that was a hardon, Timberlake would be deflowered."

Josh blushed, moving back a bit from beside Justin, Justin laughing.

"Is that a rocket in your pocket, Joshy? Can I light it?"

Lucas laughed, kissing each on the cheek, then lightly slapping all three on their short covered butts.

"That's a fuse with a long wick, Justy. But man, what an explosion."
All four laughed, Lucas kissing Josh on the lips this time, the young man walking back out on the patio.

The three smiled after him Justin taking the plates he'd washed, walking across the room and returning them to the china cupboard.

Josh smiled, moving forward and taking the glasses offered in Lance's wet hands, drying them.
Justin returned, Josh now standing between the two, the three smiling at each other.

"Your man's happy, Joshy." Lance said, handing Josh another glass.

"That he is, Lancy. But not as happy as I am." Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

"His love makes you happy, Josh." Justin said, Josh smiling at his old friend.

"All your love makes me happy." he said, Lance and Justin smiling at each other, Josh leaning forward and kissing each on the cheek.

"Thank you both for last night." he said, the two men smiling at him.

"We both want to thank you as well, Josh. You're even more beautiful and sensual than I remember. Lucas has toned you up nicely." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"And you're a duplicate of my Justin's beauty, Josh. Different, but just as beautiful. Like a matching set of happiness." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"I was overcome by the love, guys."

"You needed all of us last night, Josh. Lucas sensed that. We all gave you what you needed." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"I felt so lost in all of your love. It was beyond beautiful."

The two men smiled remembering every moment of it.

"You were needful, Joshy. Lucas gave you the center of his love, we gave you the beauty of ours."

"I want to return that favour guys. Whenever you need it. I know Lucas will as well. If you think I'm beautiful, be prepared for the greatness of his love."

Lance lowered his eyes, Justin staring at him.

"He's so different, Josh. So different from all of us. His love is so intense. You must be in heaven always." Lance said, Josh smiling.

"Lucas' total love is indeed like heaven, Lance. You become lost in its beauty and its touching emotions." he softly said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"It sounds like the earth-moving experience of my Lance's love." Justin said, Lance smiling at him with love.

"As moving as Justin's love, Josh?" Lance said, Josh smiling, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"I remember that love, Lance. Think double that."

Justin smiled, staring at both men.

"Wow, that fantastic. I love a challenge." he smiled, Lance laughing.

"Our horndog is charged." he said, Justin blushing.

"And so competitive!" Josh smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Can't help it, guys. You three do it for me."
Josh smiled, standing between his two friends.

"Divas need to sing, and always search for praise and adulation." Josh said, Justin smiling.

"Lucas and his names. I'm not a diva, guys. I'll give him horn dog though." he smiled.

"I'd sooner have your hot dog, sexy."

All three smiled, Lucas walking back into the kitchen, smiling at all three.

He carried in his hands the grill off the barbecue, Lance taking it from him.

"You need to relax, babe. You've outdone yourself again." Josh said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I've got competition now from our teenage son, babe. I know how Justin feels." he smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"You heard that, Luke? About my competitive side?" he smiled, staring at his friend.

"I feel your loving heart, Jus. You as well, Lance. Our love intertwines. I feel all your emotions, and yes, your desires."

The two men blushed, Josh smiling between them.

"Care to spill the beans, babe?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"All in good time, babe. I feel yours as well."

Josh blushed, the young man laughing.

"Wait till you three feel mine." he smiled, walking back out of the room onto the patio.

"That man's amazing." Lance said, Justin smiling.

"I think he truly will be. His love certainly is."

Josh smiled, the three continuing with the dishes.


"Come here, babe." Lucas said, smiling from his chair at the patio table, his three soulmates walking out of the kitchen.

Justin smiled, walking across the patio, sitting down in Lucas' lap, snuggling against him.

"Hi, sweetie." he said, smiling at Lucas, kissing him on the lips.

"You're not the babe I had in mind, sexy." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Will I do in a pinch?"

"Okay, Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin not seeing his hand move, but he immediately felt the pinch on his ass.

The man jumped, Josh laughing, others joining in when Justin yelped.

"Ouch! That smarts!" he said, Lucas patting his ass, smiling at him.

"A blonde cutie with smarts. Not every day you see that!" he grinned, everyone laughing.

Justin blushed, everyone smiling at him.

He stood up, Lance's arms going around him.

"You're my cutie, sexy." he said, Justin smiled, Josh sitting down in Lucas' lap.

"From cute to gorgeous! Lucky me!" Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips.

Finn was making gagging sounds, Alain doing the same, Lucas laughing as he broke the intimate kiss.

"They're jealous, babe. Of our beauty and our love." Josh said, Finn and Alain smiling at the two men.

"Wait till our wedding day, sexy. Your beauty will outshine them all, Justin notwithstanding." Lucas said, Justin smiling down at him.

Josh smiled, Justin and Lance sitting down at the table, Justin in Lance's lap now.

"I can't wait, my love. Your beauty will be mine forever." Josh said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"It already is, Joshua."

Everyone smiled, Trish smiling at her brother.

"Have you finalized any plans?" she said, Andrew's arm around her.

"We've talked over some ideas. I'm leaving it all up to Lucas. His creativity is the best." Josh said, Justin smiling at both men.

"A wedding on a tropical island. It will be so beautiful." he softly said, sitting in Lance's lap, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"Yes, it will. The groomsmen in thongs. Woof!" Lucas smiled, others laughing, Colton smiling at Justin.

"Awesome! I'm bringing my camera!"

Lucas laughed, ruffling the young man's hair, Colton seated in the chair beside him.

"I'll make sure Justin's is sheer."

Everyone laughed, Colton blushing deeply, Justin smiling at him.

"When are you getting married? The date, I mean." Gideon smiled, Lucas and Josh smiling at him.

"New Year's Eve, Gideon. On an island in the Caribbean. Where Alain's from." Josh smiled, Alain smiling at him then at Gideon.

"Embrace Island, a vision of beauty and romance."

"Hence you coming from there, my Alain." Harry said, Finn gagging again, Skyler rolling her eyes.

Finn smiled at her, kissing her cheek.

"My babe bronzed in a bikini. So hot!" he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Nice save, Chewy."

Finn blushed, Skyler kissing his lips.

"Yeah, so hot. I'll be almost nine months preggers, sweetie. That wouldn't be a nice sight." she smiled, Finn kissing her again.

"A vision of beauty you'll always be to me, my Sky."

She teared up, the two kissing again.

Justin, Lance and Josh all began to gag, Lucas laughing.

"That's only a few months away, guys. Hopefully you'll be free and the trial will be over, Lucas." Gideon said, the young man staring at him.

"I'm marrying my Joshua on that date, no matter where my life's path leads me." the young man said, Josh smiling at him.

"It leads always to my heart."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Alain's brown.

The black man smiled at him, his arms around his Harry.

"We start the plans next week, guys. Alain's going to be my overseer on all of it." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"You have some great ideas, Luke. I'm going to enjoy making them come to life." the man said, Harry's blue eyes meeting his.

"I'm heading back to the islands at the end of the week." he said, Harry kissing his lips.

"You can go with him if you like, Har. Take a mini vacation." Lucas smiled, Harry smiling at him.

"Alain and I've already talked, Luke. Our love is at your side. I'll stay there for both of us." Harry said, Alain smiling at Lucas.

"To part from his love to be with myself touches my heart, Harry." Lucas smiled, Harry smiling at him.

"Your love I'll always treasure. And our love never parts, Luke. Alain's in my soul. " Harry said, Finn smirking.

"I think he was in somewhere else last night, judging by your screams." Finn laughed, Alain smiling at him.

"Once you go white, you go all night." he smiled, everyone laughing, the man winking at Finn, Finn blushing.

"Enough said." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"Want to come back to the island with me, Finny? You'd look even better in that bikini, bronzed and so hot!" Alain grinned, Finn blushing more, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled, seeing the friendship between his friends.

Alain smiled at him, winking, Josh catching the look.

"So what are you planning for that special day, babe?" he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"You mean that special week." he said, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas looked around at his friends, smiling.

"Clear your calendars from December twenty-ninth until January fifth, everyone. We're all spending a week in paradise."

Colton's eyes lit up, everyone smiling and talking.

"Really, Luke? A whole week? Where's everyone going to stay? There's only the one house. Tents for everyone, maybe?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, Alain smiling at him as well.

"Hence my sending Alain down there this week. He's going to organize some quarters for everyone. Some temporary abodes." Lucas said, Alain nodding his head.

Lucas' eyes met Justin's blue, the man winking at him, smiling.

"Leave it to me, Luke. I'll take your ideas and make your magic come alive." Alain said, everyone smiling at him.

Alain's eyes met Justin's, the man nodding quietly at him.

"I hope it's a big island? These two screaming on their wedding night will keep us all awake." Finn grinned, everyone laughing, Josh blushing, Lucas arms around him.

"And there's plenty of jungle for you to swing in trees, Tarzan." he said, everyone laughing, Finn grinning.

"He's more like Cheetah. Luke. What with all that hair." Colton said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Finn staring at the teenager with surprise.

Justin laughed, high-fiving the young man, the boy beaming.

"You've been around Carver and Timberlake too long, Colt." Finn said, the boy grinning.

Skyler smiled, kissing Finn's cheek.

"You Tarzan, me Jane."

Finn smiled, the two kissing, gagging sounds surrounding them.


Lucas sighed, the water cascading over his head, trailing down his back.

The water was warm, its soothing wetness calming his soul.

He stood in his bedroom's bathroom shower stall under the shower nozzle's spray.

He suddenly felt two hands on his neck, their wet touch making him sigh again.

"Mm, thanks, babe. That feels good, Jus."

Justin smiled, Lucas turning in his hands, their eyes meeting.

"How'd you know it was me?" he said, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"I'm beginning to sense the different touches of my men. Yours are always so full of need."

Justin smiled, a soft blush showing on his smooth cheeks.

Lucas smiled, the man moving forward, their lips meeting.

Lucas tenderly kissed Justin, the man feeling his giving love.

The two parted, staring into each other's eyes.

"This is the first time we've been together alone like this, Luke. I mean. . ." he softly said, Lucas' lips kissing his chin.

"You mean alone, naked and free of any doubts."

Justin blushed, his eyes scanning down Lucas' revealed nakedness.

"You're so beautiful, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Justin. You're damn amazing yourself." Lucas said, his eyes scanning Justin's nude wet body.

Lucas took in Justin's half rising center, the young man's eyes returning to Justin's blue pools of love.

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools, seeing so much love shining back.

"Where are the other two of our love?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling into his violet pools.

"Lance has Josh well in hand. He's laying down in bed, my man's talented fingers giving him a massage. The man's a pro at it. Wouldn't surprise me if Josh isn't already asleep, his fingers are indeed magic." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet, we have our own live-in masseuse." he said, Justin smiling.

"For a few days anyway." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man reaching behind Justin and picking up a Loofah sponge.

"And what of your fingers? Are they better wet?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I do love washing angels."
Lucas smiled, handing Justin the sponge.

"I'm no angel, but have at it." Lucas smiled, the young man turning around again, Justin scanning over the man's smooth muscled back, down to his firm smooth butt.

"Keep it clean, Timby. I know you want to experience all the Carver love, but let's take it slow. I don't want any Timberlake poles waving. I'd have to run a flag up it."

Justin smiled, lightly slapping Lucas' smooth butt with his free hand.

"Where's the fun in that?"

Lucas smiled, pushing back against Justin, the man sighing with happiness.

"You can trust me, Lucas. I have your love first. With that will come the package. And it's an amazing, beautiful package."

Lucas smiled, feeling Justin's hands running across his back, soapy water covering it.

The young man sighed, Justin smiling.

"Your skin's so smooth, Lucky. No blemishes that I can see." he said, washing Lucas' back, his hands going lower, the sponge moving over both smooth mounds of firm flesh.

"I don't ever remember having acne, Jus. Is that strange?"

"I don't see any cuts, blackheads or even pimps." Justin said, Lucas smiling, turning around.

Their eyes met, Lucas smiling.

"You're not black enough to be my pimp, sexy."

Justin laughed, his hand going against Lucas' smooth chest, the sponge moving in circular motions across it, Justin's blue eyes scanning its sculpted beauty.

"If I was you'd be my number one boy."

Lucas laughed, his hand slapping Justin's wet ass.

Justin smiled, his eyes scanning Lucas' smooth chest.

"Not a blemish, Lucky. Amazing." he said, his eyes scanning lower, taking in the largeness of Lucas' flaccid center.
His eyes raised, staring into two violet pools.
"Your love calms me, Jus. Your passion, at some time, I know will excite me. We'll enjoy that if it ever happens. Right now your love is more than enough. And your fingers have a magic all their own."

Justin smiled, seeing the love in Lucas' violet pools.

"I'll look forward to that future time if it happens, Lucas. Lance, I believe, will also. We both love you and Josh. Your love is ours. And we trust both of you with that love."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward, kissing Justin on the lips.

The two parted, smiling at each other with love.

"Continue the washing, sexy. Your touch relaxes my soul." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling widely, his hand moving lower.

Lucas smiled, feeling Justin's soft wet soapy fingers washing his pubic hair.

"Right to the good stuff he goes, our HD does."
Justin blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Clean all of me, HD. Then I'm going to scrub you good."
Justin beamed, continuing on his washing trek of discovery.


Twenty minutes later the two walked out of the bathroom, towels wrapped around their waists, their smooth muscular chests on display.

Lucas smiled, taking in the scene on his and Josh's bed.

Josh was laying in the center of the bed on his stomach, the man completely nude and sound asleep.

His body glistened with a smooth sheen of oil, Lance laying on the bed beside him, his face showing a soft wide smile.

"My massage knocked him out. He's been sleeping for about ten minutes." he smiled, Justin smiling and climbing into the bed beside his man, Lance wearing a pair of white boxers, his smooth toned chest on display, Justin wrapping his arms around his man.

"Lucky almost fell asleep in my arms while I washed him." Justin smiled, kissing Lance's warm lips.

"I had one eye open, Justin. I had to watch your wandering hands." Lucas smiled, Justin smirking.

"I watched them too. They were in heaven." he smiled, Lance smiling beside him.

"Know the feeling. Josh's body is like touching a smooth, warm angel." Lance said, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

Lucas smiled, walking around the bed and laying down beside his man, smiling at his nude backside.

"Did he lose the briefs on his own, or has Lancy's magic hands gone on their own voyage?"

Lance softly blushed, Lucas calmly smiling at him.

"He took them off himself right away. He said he wanted a full body massage. He'd heard good things about my fingers from Jus, so he said." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'm going to have to have the full treatment myself soon." he said, Lance smiling at him, seeing Lucas' trusting love shining in his violet pools.

"Isn't this nice, Lance? You and me here with our loving friends. Our love shared, open and free." Justin said, his blue eyes scanning Josh's smooth butt, Lance smirking at Lucas.

"HD's stirring, Lucky. What did you do to my man in the shower?"

Justin blushed, Lance kissing his lips again, Lucas smiling as the blush left his handsome face.

"I gave him a taste of the future, Lance. The future of our complete open love. I'm yours and his, as is my Josh. We're on an adventure of love. Four passengers on the trip of a lifetime."

Lance smiled, Lucas leaning over his lover's sleeping form, kissing Lance's warm lips.

"It's an adventure we all look forward to." he said, Lucas smiling into his green eyes.

Justin smiled, his arms wrapping around his man's smooth body.

"Right now we have to move the old man, guys." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Let me, Luke. I've guided him often around the bed." he said, Lucas nodding.

Justin leaned down, kissing Josh's right earlobe, the man murmuring in his sleep.

"Role over, babe. Time to snuggle and sleep." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

Josh slowly moved, the man rolling over on his back, his eyes still closed.

Justin and Lance's eyes went to the man's center, his shaft half erect, laying against his stomach.

"Your massage peaked his soul's love, Lancy. Those hands must indeed be amazing." Lucas smiled, the young man leaning downward, his lips meeting his man's warm lips.

Josh murmured as Lucas broke the kiss, a soft reaction returned to his.

The man's blue eyes slowly opened, staring into his lover's violet pools.

"Oh, babe. Sorry, I must have dozed off." Josh said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"No worries, my love. We were all just enjoying the show. I hated waking you." Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him, his eyes moving, meeting two green and two blue sets of pools as well as two smiles.

"Sorry guys. I guess your massage really relaxed me." Josh said, the man stretching his arms, Lucas laying against his side, smiling at him.

Josh's eyes scanned downward, realizing his was naked and on full display, his center a larger sight for everyone.

"Oops,  sorry!" he blushed, Lucas leaning in and kissing his lips, his hand going to Josh's smooth muscular chest.

They broke the kiss, Lucas smiling at him.

"Never apologize for showing us three your beauty, my angel. It stokes my soul and gets a rise out of theirs. Just as they affect you the same way." Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Lance's green.

Lance smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"Sorry for guiding you to some nice dreams, Joshy. My hands work magic I guess."

Josh softly smiled, staring at his two friends.

"No worries, Lance. You are amazing."

"Now this I do have to try!" Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Okay, Lucky. How about you wash the oil off you, Joshy?" Lance smiled, Josh smiling.

"My man doesn't mind me slick."

Lucas smiled, his hand moving across Josh's smooth slick chest.

"Don't want you shooting out of the bed, babe."

Josh laughed, Justin and Lance smiling at him, Justin's blue eyes scanning Josh's naked body.

"You are amazing, Joshy. Lucas' love has indeed made you even more beautiful." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'm the old one here, guys. I'm surrounded by younger beauty." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"With age comes experience. And maturity. And man, what a package!" he said, Josh smiling with love at him.

"I'll wash up. You enjoy Lance's special hands. Want to join me, Justy?" Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Better not, Josh. Lucas already washed me, and I him. Being with you will get me really going." he said, Josh smiling, his eyes seeing a rather showing lump in Justin's towel.

"I think the battle's already won. You three play friendly." Josh smiled, Lucas leaning in and kissing his lips.

"I aim to please." he smiled, Josh smiling, climbing out of the bed.

The three watched his naked body cross the room, disappearing into the bathroom, Lance's green eyes following his naked butt.

"He may be the oldest, but man he's firm." Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate.

"He's amazing."
Lucas smiled, the young man standing up, his towel dropping.

Lance and Justin both stared at his revealed nakedness, Lucas smiling, the young man climbing back onto the bed, laying on it on his stomach, his smooth butt on full view.

"Wow! Speaking of firm." Justin said, Lance staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Grab the oil, beautiful. I want to feel those amazing fingers." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him, Justin handing his soulmate the bottle of oil off the nightstand.

Lance smiled, the man moving, climbing over Lucas' naked body, sitting down on his smooth backside.

Justin smiled, leaning back into the pillows, his eyes moving up and down his lover's smooth brief-clad body seated on top of Lucas' naked body.

Lance smiled at him, the man pouring oil onto Lucas' naked, muscular back; the young man sighing when Lance's fingers went to work.

"Mm, amazing indeed. I'm yours, Lancy. Massage me, body and soul."

Lance smiled, his fingers pressing into the man's smooth back.

Justin smiled, taking in the path of Lance's talented fingers.


Josh smiled, walking out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, his eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"My man's fingers did their work. Lucas is out cold." Justin smiled, the man's blue eyes going to Lucas' sleeping form.

The young man was on his back, his naked body covered by a sheet across his center.

Justin and Lance were snuggled together on the right side of Lucas, the young man's breathing the only sound in the room.

Josh smiled, walking around the bed, leaning down and kissing both Justin and Lance on the lips.

"Your love shows its beauty in your covering him. I take it you didn't fully play?"

Justin smiled, kissing Josh on the lips again.

"Never without you, Joshy. We want that moment to be totally together, open and loving. We all need our soulmate to take in its total beauty." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

Josh smiled, staring at both of them.

"Thank you both for loving both of us, and for trusting us. We both love you."

The two smiled, Josh dropping his towel, his naked center showing, its desires now subdued, the man climbing across the bed, over Lucas' sleeping form, climbing under the sheet and snuggling against him.

"He went out faster than you, Joshy." Lance smiled, Josh nodding.

"He's been tired all day. It's been a hell of a week for him." he said, Justin nodding his head, his arm around Lance's brief-clad body.

"He's here with you, Joshy. That's the greater happiness of his heart." Lance said, Josh smiling at his friends.

"And he's all of mine, guys. I love him so much."

"Your wedding day's going to be emotional, my friend. You'll both be crying so many tears." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"It will be the happiest day of my life, Jus. For I'll have everything I've dreamed of. His total love, and all yours." Josh said, Lance smiling.

"You have all that now, Josh."

The man smiled, his head going against Lucas' shoulder.

The young man murmured, his body moving, the man turning around in the bed, now laying on his back, Josh's head going to his chest, Lucas still murmuring.

"It's so wet." he softly said, the three men catching his words.

"He must be at the pool." Justin said, smiling at Josh.

"We should all hit the hay, guys. Maybe we'll all be there with him."

The three men smiled, Justin's hand going to the nightstand, the lights extinguishing, the room bathed in darkness.

Josh felt Justin and Lance both move, relaxing back into the bed, Josh seeing the two snuggle together, the man softly smiling.

He felt movement, and soft voices out in the darkness, a soft moan coming from Lance.

Josh smiled, sensing the love igniting a few feet away from him in the darkness.

He closed his blue eyes, snuggling against his own vision of beauty, Lucas' oiled, scented body carrying him off into dreamland.


The next week was a busy time for the group, a week of shows along the California coast, the group singing their hearts out.

Each show was sold out, their fans rocking the arenas with their loud applause, happiness and adulation for four Welsh singers who sang their hearts out.

The media continued its relentless demands around the group, Lucas remaining calm, his demeanour one of calmness, happiness and resilience.

He never confronted the media again, remaining quiet and focusing only on their music.

And the happiness of the love surround him.

Josh went everywhere with his Lucky, their love close and happy.

Justin and Lance joined them in each city as well, the four together but separate as couples as well.

Their few days together in Josh's home had strengthened the love they shared together.

They hadn't crossed the boundaries of total love, their love for each other showing in their touches, kisses and closeness.

Lucas and Lance talked often between shows, Justin smiling at their closely bonded friendship.

He didn't realize they were talking often of their love for him.

And the surprising love Lance wanted to show him.

Justin took the group out for dinner their last night in San Francisco, the group heading back to Los Angeles the next morning.

They dined at the trendy Fringale restaurant, Justin having dined there before, the owner fawning over him with delighted happiness.

He led them to a quiet table, the group smiling and happy, their last concert that night having been the most packed.

It was their second show in San Francisco, that crowd even more enthusiastic that the previous night's.

Lucas had smiled through the whole show, chants and signs greeting him all night.

"You were all on top form tonight, guys." Justin smiled, the waiter handing him a wine list, the group smiling at him.

"Lucas' love echoed through every inch of that place, Justin." Finn smiled, his friend smiling at him.

"It started with the crowd, Finny. They were showing their love, I had to show mine."

Trish smiled, sensing the good mood her brother was in.

"You've been a ball of happiness all day, Luke. What's making you smile?" she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Just the love surrounding me. And I see you're trying to keep happy, Sis. I know you miss your Drew."
Trish smiled, Lucas patting her hand, she seated beside him.

Andrew had flown out of San Diego two days before, heading back to England for some contract negotiations with his uncle Solomon.

"I love him, Luke. Missing him is a part of that." she said, Skyler smiling at her friend.

"He'll be in your arms soon. He's coming back on Saturday, right?" she said, Trish nodding, her blue eyes meeting her brother's violet.

"Love never separates from a soul. Absence does make the heart grow fonder." he said, Finn smiling at his friend.

"Great! I'm buying some earplugs for Saturday night at Josh's." he laughed, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"And what makes you think we're going back to Josh's, beautiful? I think we've overstayed our welcome." Skyler smiled, looking at Josh and Lucas.

"Mi casa es su casa." Josh smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"I think you and Lucas need some alone time, Josh. We were all thinking of heading back to New York for a week's relaxation." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Getting tired of me already, Finny?"

Finn smiled, blowing his friend a kiss.

"You're my brother, Lukey. Even brothers need some alone time."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Well, our tour's on hold after this for a few weeks, until the trial's over. So far, right Jus?" Lucas said, Justin nodding.

"You have next week off, up till October first. Then two concerts scheduled for Sacramento and Oakland, then two days off and the last date in San Jose on the sixth, a week before your trial." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"You have a week, guys. New York here you come!"

His three friends smiled, Justin smiling at all three.

"Great idea, guys. How about it, Lancy? Want to head for New York for a few days with these knuckleheads?"
Lance smiled, nodding.

"I miss our place." Justin smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Let's see. A few days alone with Justin Timberlake. Why, I do believe that would be heaven." he smiled, Justin beaming, so wanting to kiss his man, the restaurant's privacy not that forgiving.

His blue eyes went to Josh's blue, the man smiling at him.

"Get the man some ice water. He's practically burning up."

Finn laughed, Justin blushing, Lance smiling at him, that smile calming him.

His blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"Looks like it's just you and Joshy alone in that big house, Lucky." Justin smiled, the waiter walking up to their table holding two bottles of crisp Italian white wine in his hands, another waiter following him with two ice buckets.

Lucas smiled, the waiter filling their glasses, the young man picking up his when the waiters left the bottles in the ice buckets, the group alone again with their happiness.

"To love and its wandering happiness. This nation will beam bright in the west and the east, love its light." Lucas said, smiling and raising his glass towards his friends.

The group smiled, toasting Lucas' touching words.

"I've already booked the flights, my friends. You all leave from here tomorrow. With a favour attached." he said, everyone smiling at him with surprise.

"You knew we'd decided on that, Luke?" Finn said in amazement, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic's connection, my friend. I feel your love and its roaming ways." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"And what's the favour attached?" he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

His blue eyes went to Colton's blue, the teenager at the end of the table, sipping at his glass of Coca Cola, his camera in its usual place, around his neck.

"Take your groupie with you, Timberlake."

Colton's eyes lit up, staring at Justin.

"Me in New York City? Wow! Really?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You need a break as well, son. Dad needs his space."

Colton smiled, nodding his head.

"I ain't washing your sheets after, Dad."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling.

"Beamy and I will do our own laundry, squirt."

"That's because you'll probably be naked all week. What laundry?" Finn laughed, Justin smiling at his friends.

"Leave your camera behind, Colt. I want pictures."

Josh and Lucas both smiled, Justin smiling at both men, his eyes then going to Colton's blue.

"You'll love New York, Colt. I'll give you the grand tour." he smiled, Finn chuckling.

"Look out McDonald's and Chuck E Cheese's, here we come!"

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing.

"There are some other fun things to do, Finny. And Colton's not twelve."

Lucas smiled, nodding at his friend.

"Yes, happiness awaits both of you in New York. All of you in fact."

Everyone smiled, Colton smiling at Lucas.

"I'll ask Uncle Gideon. I'm sure he'll be okay with it."

"Already done, Colt. He said it's time his boy had some fun. What better than to have it with someone who acts your own age?" Lucas smiled, looking at Justin, Lance laughing.

"My thirty-something teenage heartthrob." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"We are going to have a blast, Colt!" Justin smiled, the young man beaming.

Everyone smiled, their talk centering on New York, everyone ordering their food when the waiters returned.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools quietly staring at Justin.


Josh opened the door, the alarm going off, the man plopping down his suitcases, Lucas dropping his beside his, the young man silencing the alarm.

Two arms wrapped around his waist, lips meeting his neck, the young man smiling.

"Close the door babe, ravish me in private."

Josh smiled, his foot hitting the opened door, the door slamming shut.

His arms pulled his man closer, turning him around in his strong arms, their lips meeting.

Lucas became lost in the kiss, the young man sinking to the floor, a vision of beauty laying on top of him, Josh's lips moving to Lucas' earlobe, sucking it into his mouth, Lucas moaning.

"On the foyer floor. How creative, my love." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"It's hard like myself."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling, his head raising, their eyes staring at each other.

"Have I told you today that I love you?"

Lucas smiled, staring into the blue eyes of the man he loved with his soul.

"Let's see. In the shower at the hotel, in the limo to the airport, in the plane's small bathroom. And I do believe we were a mile high. Here now makes four."

Josh smiled, his lips kissing Lucas' lightly again.

"You forgot the moment you opened your eyes this morning."

"Oh, right. I was overcome then by someone's just revealed hardness buried inside me. What a way to wake up!"

Josh smiled, sighing, his body relaxing beside his man on the marble floor of his home's entrance.

Lucas felt Josh's mentioned hardness against his thigh, the young man smiling with love at his man.

"Just think. A few days alone here with my man. I can't remember the last time we were alone, babe. I love our friends and family, but you alone I love the most."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing his man's handsome face.

"How about we get off this hard floor and I make you some dinner? Then some nice Jacuzzi time, hmm?"

Josh smiled, kissing his lover's neck again.

"Sounds nice and romantic. Let me set the table, and get the patio ready."

Lucas nodded, Josh rising to his feet, bending down and offering Lucas a hand.

"I was hoping for more than just the hand, sexy."
Josh smiled, pulling his man up to his feet, his arms going around him.

"You can have all of me, beautiful. I'm yours."

Lucas smiled, patting Josh's black jean-covered ass.

"Sweet! Dessert!"

Josh laughed, the two walking over to their bags, carrying them upstairs.


An hour and a half later the two sat out on the patio, the backyard darkened, the hour after nine.

Candles were lit on the table, the two dining on chicken Lucas had grilled on the barbecue, salads and rolls rounding out their meal.

"This is delicious, my love. I love your spices." Josh said, their hands joined across the table while they ate.

"Variety is the spice of life, my angel. Hence my sweetening our love with Justin's and Lance's." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling more.

"I think they'll both go to our hips."

Lucas laughed, leaning across the table, Josh chewing a mouthful of chicken while Lucas kissed him.

The young man broke the kiss, chewing on a piece of chicken he'd pulled out of Josh's warm lips.

"Mm, now that's a spice I like. Chicken seasoned a la Chasez."

Josh laughed, smiling at his soulmate.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, raising his glass of white wine, Josh raising his.

"I love you, Joshua. Welcome to our time of love. Our love for each other. Alone and open."

The two clinked their glasses together, both tasting the sweet California wine.

Josh smiled, his face showing a look of serious thought.

"I love you, I truly do, Lucas. I think I should come clean to the world on that fact."

Lucas sighed, sipping at his wine, setting his glass down.
"We've talked on that before, Josh. I want you to do that when you're ready. Not for me, or for what you think I need, but for yourself. When you truly believe that you want to be open with your heart and your love. I'm ready to wait for that moment. For then I'll have you forever."

Josh teared up.

"You're. . .you're in danger, Lucky. I still hold that fear in my soul. I want our love to be open for that reason as well. Maybe Bryce will leave us alone if he sees the commitment I have to our love. To you."

Lucas sighed again.

"That wouldn't stop him, Josh. That might give him even more resolve to claim you."

"I love you, Lucas. He has to see that."

"He will, Joshua. In time he'll see that."

Josh stared at his man.

"If you need me to come out to the world to help your trial, I will do that easily."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips again.

"I love you for saying that, Joshua. But I don't need you to do that. I'll have my freedom soon enough. And then you and I'll go forward with our lives. And one evening in a tropical paradise I'll give you my love forever, Joshua. Let's think after that on your showing your heart and love to the world."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I love you, Lucas. So very much."
Lucas smiled, leaning back.

"Show me your love by finishing that meal, babe. Then I'm going to devour a certain wet singer for dessert."

Josh smiled, looking around the table.

"What is it, my love?"
"I'm looking for my cell. Do you want me to call Justin?"

Lucas rolled his eyes, Josh laughing.

"I see the way you look at him sometimes, Lucky. He's beautiful. I look at him the same way as well. Always have."

Lucas smiled, their eyes meeting.

"He is beautiful, Josh. To be loved by him is unbelievable. I feel his love for you and for myself."

Josh nodded, smiling.

"I feel the same love coming from Lance. He's beautiful in his own way as well."
"Yes they both are."

Josh nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"I love you, Josh. And I love them. You've tasted a small sample of their love. I know I'll taste it soon as well. As they will taste our love. I need all of you, my love. You are the center of my heart, they are the love that surrounds it."

Josh smiled, their hands joining again.

"So what do we do? Seduce them?"

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling.

"Wouldn't take much, Beamy. Justin would bend with the wind."

Josh laughed, Lucas grinning at him.

"He is our HD."

Lucas smiled, squeezing Josh's hand.

"Our path moves on its own, my love. To their love and whatever that entails. I love you and trust you. As you can trust me. As we can trust them."
Josh smiled, nodding.

His young soulmate smiled.
"Screw the meal. I want dessert!"

Josh smiled, releasing Lucas' hand from his.

Lucas leaned back in his chair, Josh rising from the table.

His hands went to his black polo shirt, pulling it over his head, his smooth chest revealed.

Lucas' eyes scanned every inch of its toned smoothness, Josh's fingers going to his black Levis jeans button.

He opened the jeans, pulling them down his legs, pulling them off, throwing them and his polo shirt on his vacated chair.

Lucas smiled, staring at the white boxer briefs Josh wore, a large tent showing in their center.

Josh smiled, turning around, Lucas staring at his bubbly butt.

"Start the water for us, babe. I want you wet and ready." Lucas said, his voice filled with a manly lust.

Josh smiled, walking over to the end of the patio, bending down and starting the Jacuzzi, Lucas licking his lips at the sight of Josh's brief-covered ass.

The man smiled, standing up again, his back to Lucas, his fingers going to his briefs, pulling them down to his feet, tossing them behind him, the white briefs landing at Lucas' feet.

Lucas stared at the smooth butt showing in front if him, Josh's head moving back towards him.

"The bubbles are flowing, lover. Bring the wine and your hot self over here." he said, his voice laced with love and lust.

Lucas smiled, picking up their glasses and the bottle of wine, Josh climbing into the Jacuzzi, Lucas catching a quick glance at his large long shaft swinging between his legs.

The young man walked over to the Jacuzzi, Josh relaxing back in the bubbly water, staring at his man, Lucas smiling, handing his Josh his glass half filled with wine, Josh taking it.
Lucas smiled, setting the bottle and his glass down, Josh smiling at him.

"Lose that outfit, sexy. I want you bare and in my arms."

Lucas moved, the young man climbing into the Jacuzzi, submerging his clothed body immediately, his arms going around his naked man.

"Take them off me, lover. And I really want dessert." Lucas said, his lips going to Josh's right nipple, the man gasping, feeling Lucas' hands going to his center.

Josh felt the stirring in Lucas' movements, the young man about to claim him.

Josh's hands went to Lucas' wet polo shirt, pulling it off his wet body, tossing it on the patio floor.

Lucas smiled, standing up, Josh's hands pulling his cargo shorts off quickly, a pair of navy briefs joining them and the shirt on the floor.

Josh smiled, staring at the large hard organ right in his face, the man moving forward.

Lucas gasped when Josh took all of it into his mouth, his rugged hands rubbing both of Lucas' ass cheeks.

"I didn't realize I was the dessert, babe! That's. . .oh God, babe!" Lucas said, his legs trembling.

Josh pulled the organ out of his mouth, tonguing the large knob, licking a drop of precum leaking out of the slit.

"This dessert is creamy, and so good!"

Lucas smiled, the young man sinking back down into the water.

The two joined together, kissing deeply, their hands exploring each others' familiar spots of desire, both men moaning mid kiss, breaking the kiss, Lucas' lips sucking on Josh's earlobe.

"Colton was right, babe. We are definitely going to need no clothes this week." Josh said, the man stroking his man's hardness under the water.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's neck.

"I want you, Josh. And I'm going to have you for hours." Lucas said, the young man rising from the water, Josh in his arms.

Josh moaned, a sword of steel poking at his rectum.

He suddenly felt that sabre sink deep within him, his man's lips going to his.

Josh became lost in his man's possession, Lucas taking him with a steady rhythm as he lowered him again into the water.

Josh felt the warmth and wetness surround him and the love flowing through his soul.

Lucas was lost in his man, needing every inch of him.

For his heart was so needful.

Needful of the love his man gave him.

And the love of two others new to his soul.

He craved for all that love.

For the journey ahead, and for the choices he'd have to make.



End of Chapter 109


And so our foursome has joined a little deeper in their love.

In its openness and in its revealing beauty.

Justin is the center of their desires, Lance the loving touch of reason.

Josh the maturity of their joined soul.

And Lucas' love is the joining magic.


Our friends have separated, Justin and Lance going to New York, Lucas and Josh returning to Los Angeles.

Two couples separate but together in each other's souls.

Lucas seemed to know what his friends wanted.

Perhaps there are other reasons behind his giving love.

Sending them to New York while he has Josh to himself.


Read on, you know me and my surprises.

I'll try to toss a few in to keep you interested.


Hugs, Angel.