Yesterday's End-110

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 110


Josh stirred, the man hearing a telephone go off in the distance of his mind's eye.

He slowly opened one eye, the ringing sound silencing.

He took in the brightness of the bedroom, the sun streaming in through the half-closed blinds.

He yawned, his other eye opening as well.

He looked around him, the man finding himself alone in his large king-sized bed.

He stretched, his body working out its slumbering kinks, the man smiling.

He also felt the warmth of a greater tax on his body--his man's touch.

His blue eyes looked towards the nightstand, the digital clock laying there reading nine twenty-seven.

He sighed, leaning back into the pillows, remembering the ending to last night's moving love.

He and his soulmate had made love for hours.

In the Jacuzzi on the patio, in this bed and then in the shower, then back in bed again; the two falling asleep in each other's arms well after midnight.

They'd both given in to each other's desires, no domination on either side.

The love they received from each other was enough.

He smiled, the next week of alone time with his man sending a warmth into his soul and body.

The man felt his morning friskiness under the sheets, his hand absentmindedly going under the sheets, Josh feeling the warmth of his enlivened center.

Where are you, my love.

Let's continue the love.

I need your warmth against me.

He smiled, hearing a sound outside their bedroom, Josh hearing someone walking up the staircase at the end of the hall.

He smiled wider, his blue eyes meeting two violet pools walking into his bedroom.

"Good morning, my love. Up at last I see." Lucas smiled, the young man carrying a large breakfast tray, that tray laden with food.

"Good morning, my beautiful angel. I awoke to find myself alone." Josh smiled, Lucas blowing him a kiss as he walked to the bed.

"Someone has to rise and shine to keep my angel happy." Lucas smiled, the man leaning down and meeting Josh's rising lips, the kiss tender and loving.

Lucas parted from Josh's warm lips, smiling at him.

He set the tray down across Josh's center, the man sitting up more, Josh staring at its warm deliciousness, the aromas hitting his nostrils.

"What's all this, babe? Cereal would have been fine, followed by hours of dessert." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing him again on his lips, his fingers moving across Josh's smooth chest.

Lucas wore a wife-beater and a pair of flannel shorts, the man having already showered and been up for a couple of hours.

The two parted, their eyes meeting with love.

"Will you marry me, beautiful?" he said, Josh smiling.

"Quit nagging me. I already said yes." he smirked, Lucas smiling, one finger gently pinching Josh's right nipple, the man sighing.

"I didn't nag you last night when I claimed you for the third time. More like I bagged you."
Josh laughed, smiling, Lucas smiling and lifting the covers off the plates on the tray.

Josh smiled, seeing sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, as well as other breakfast treats.

"All this is my feast for my angel. He needs energy for the day's activities."

Josh smiled, grabbing a piece of bacon, Lucas lifting the coffee carafe and filling two cups off the tray for him and his man.

"And what has my man planned for me today?" he smiled, lifting a fork and diving into the warm breakfast, Lucas moving back and snuggling up against his man, sipping his coffee that he'd laced with cream and sugar off the tray.

"Hours of me, babe. Any way, any where you desire. We're alone in our happiness for a while." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Grab some of this food then, sexy. You need energy as well."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek, Josh smiling back.

"I already sampled as I cooked, sweetie."

"How long have you been up, babe? I smell your scented soap so you've showered. Without me, babe." Josh said, a fake pout showing on his face, Lucas' smile making that pout disappear.

Lucas smiled, his finger rubbing his man's chest while he ate.

"Then I never would have cooked all this, sexy."

Josh smiled, eating with gusto.

"Did I hear the phone earlier?" he said, eating a slice of toast Lucas had just covered with marmalade.

"Yes, sorry if that woke you."

"Your missing love woke me, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, staring into his man's blue eyes of love.

"Yes, I saw what the tray covered."

Josh smiled, feeling that stirring still there.

"How old are you, babe? Morning wood still?"

Josh laughed, smiling with love at his man.

"Dreams of my man. You excite me always."

Lucas smiled, his fingers running through his man's black soft hair.

"Reality's better, sexy. The warmth of my man's body always brings the realness of life to my soul."

Josh smiled, staring at him with love.

"After breakfast I'm going to make you feel so real."

Lucas smiled, leaning back against the pillows he'd propped up behind him.

"As for the phone, we have a dinner date tonight. I hope you're okay with my accepting?"

Josh looked at his man, Lucas handing him another slice of toast.

"Where are we going? All our friends and loves are in New York." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Josh seeing his man's love shining in his violet pools.

"Adam called, Josh. He's invited us over to his place for dinner."

Josh's eyes widened in surprise, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Really, Luke? And you accepted?"

Lucas sighed, his fingers still attached to Josh's black hair.

"He and Usher have changed, my love. I know you've sensed that."

"Yes, Luke. I saw their love for each other shining at Justin's party. But I also can't forget what that man was all about, Luke."
Lucas sighed, staring at his man's handsome face.

"Yes, you once experienced the greatness of his desires. Usher's experienced even more." he said, Josh softly blushing, Lucas leaning in and kissing his man's soft lips.

"Lose the guilt, babe. That was your past, I'm your future. And Usher is Adam's."

"They're really that much in love?"

"Yes, Josh. I feel their love is even as deep as yours and mine, and as beautiful as Justin's and Lance's."

Josh nodded, staring at his man.

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek, Josh feeling his love.

"Maybe I'll wear something skin-tight. So my man will be jealous of their staring eyes."

Josh blushed, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips this time.

"I love you, Joshua. You are the light of my desire. I live only to excite you. Well, maybe Jus and Lancy as well."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"They're in love, Josh. You'll easily see that. And the last of your jealousy will be gone. The two will become our friends, babe. As I long knew."

Josh looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic moves always towards love."

Josh nodded, staring into his man's violet pools.

Lucas goaded him to continue eating, the man returning to Lucas' warm breakfast, the two quietly talking of their love for each other.

"All done, babe?" he said a half hour later, Josh slowly nodding his head with a contented smile, Lucas smiling and lifting the empty tray off Josh's legs, moving and setting it down on the floor by the bed, the young man returning to his man's side.

"You. . .you knew they'd be our friends later on the path?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I knew the first moment I looked into Adam's staring hungry eyes, Joshua. The eyes are the gateway to the soul. Under all that false bravado was a man lost. He's been found by Usher's love. You and I need never worry again about his intrusion into our love. Other than their now new friendship."

Josh smiled at Lucas, staring into his handsome face.

"You're amazing, my love."

Lucas smiled, his hand going under the sheet, attaching to Josh's still half-excited center, Lucas' skilled touch rising it again to full mast.

Josh moaned, Lucas' lips meeting his.

Josh felt the desire and need in those warm young lips, Lucas breaking the kiss, his lips attaching to Josh's earlobe.

"You're going to be saying that all day, Beamy." he said, Josh moving, pulling his man against him, Lucas moving back, pulling Josh on top of him, his smooth toned body leaving the sheets, Lucas' hands attaching to his naked ass.

Josh felt the warm hardness against his abdomen, a pair of flannel shorts hiding its true warmth.

His hands went to those flannel shorts, removing them in a heartbeat.

Lucas smiled, his center meeting Josh's, both rock hard and needful.

"Make love to me, my stallion of love. I need a long sensual ride." Lucas moaned, Josh feeling his need.

The man moved forward, their lips meeting, his hardness seeking its life.


Josh smiled, looking up at the staircase, standing at its bottom steps in the foyer.

Lucas smiled, walking down the staircase, his violet pools taking in Josh's masculine form.

Josh wore a skin tight charcoal grey sweater, a black silk shirt hidden underneath it.

Black jeans accented his long muscular legs, Lucas smiling down at his handsome man.

Josh's blue eyes were taking in Lucas' muscular form, the man a vision of masculine grace.

He wore a black silk shirt, its smooth fabric accenting every inch of Lucas' toned, muscled chest.

Charcoal grey dress pants hugged his body.

"You look amazing, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling as he reached the bottom steps, his arms going around his man.

"For you, my love. For only you." he said, Josh smiling.

His heart was full of the love he had for this amazing man.

A man who'd shown him his love all day, their bodies constantly as one.

Lucas had been right.

Josh had indeed called him amazing all day, his desires overflowing.

Here now it was after six, the two heading over to Adam's for dinner.

Lucas smiled at his man, staring into his blue eyes.

"Relax, my Beamy. Tonight's about opening friendships, and life's true path. You'll see both easily." Lucas smiled, Josh sighing.

"I love you, Lucas."

"I know, Beamy. They know that as well. I think you're going to be greatly surprised."

Josh nodded, the man handing Lucas a set of keys.

"The Jeep, Joshy?"

The man smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"I know how you love to drive it, the open air blowing through that beautiful dark hair."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I think you like me liking to drive it. You ogling perv."

Josh smiled, staring at his man.

"There are still reporters out there, my love. We'll be in the open."

"After here, all night, my love."

Josh smiled, the two walking out of the house, Josh locking the door.

They met Simon walking up the walk, the guard smiling at them.

"The guys are waiting at the gate, guys. We'll keep you covered and watch the place tonight."

Lucas smiled, Simon smiling back.

"Have a good night, guys. Call us when you're close later. We'll be ready for you." he smiled, Josh smiling at the young handsome guard.

The two walked over to Josh's black Jeep Wrangler, Lucas climbing into the driver's seat, Josh at his side in the passenger seat.

Lucas waved at Simon, the young man driving towards the gate.

Clive and the other two guards were waiting there, the three opening the gate and surrounding the Jeep.

Lucas drove through the surrounding reporters, cameras and video cameras going off, taking in their handsome faces, reporters yelling at them, keeping back from the large guards that walked around the Jeep.

Lucas smiled at Clive, the young man waving, gunning the vehicle's engine, driving down the street, picking up speed, leaving the reporters in their rear view mirrors.

"Never ends, my love." Josh said, his hand going on top of Lucas' on the gearshift.

"Yep, our love never ends." he smiled, Josh smiling back.

Twenty minutes later, after driving around just to make sure they weren't being followed by reporters, the Jeep pulled up to a large house in Beverly Hills, a cast iron gate in front of it.

Lucas stopped the Jeep at an intercom box in front of the gates, the young man hitting a button.

A camera was focused on them above the intercom box.

"Come on in, guys." a masculine voice said, Lucas talking into the box.

The cast iron gates moved, opening inwards, Lucas driving the vehicle through, driving up the circular driveway, stopping in front of a large white stucco home.

Lucas smiled at Josh, the man smiling at him.

"It's a beautiful home, Lucky. Well, the last and only time I saw it." he said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh so wanting to kiss him.

"Soon, my love. In the privacy of their friendship." he smiled, the young man climbing out of the Jeep, Josh climbing out as well.

The two walked up the stone walkway, Lucas about to hit the buzzer at the glass door entrance, the young man seeing a shadowed form move behind the glass.

One of the double opaque glass doors opened, a handsome black face smiling back at both men.

"You made it. A bit late, but here nonetheless." Usher Raymond smiled, the two men smiling at him, his brown eyes staring into Lucas' handsome young face, that face wearing a calm, wide smile.

"Sorry for the delay, Usher. We had to make sure we were alone." Lucas smiled, the man nodding his head.

"Come in please. Adam's in the kitchen." Usher smiled, holding the door open, Josh and Lucas both walking into the room.

Usher smiled at Josh, the man smiling back at him with guarded optimism.

"Hello, Josh. It's been too long since we socialized." Usher smiled, the other man nodding his head, looking at Lucas.

"Ush and us guys were once tight, back in the N*sync days, Luke. That seems like ages ago." Josh smiled, the black man smiling back at him.

"Yes, Joshy. Ages ago." he said, Lucas smiling at both men.

Usher's brown eyes moved to Lucas' violet pools, Josh staring at him gazing at his man.

He saw a look cross Usher's face, then a familiar look cross Lucas'.

The black man suddenly moved, his muscled arms wrapping around Lucas, hugging him close.

His face wore a look of deep emotion, Lucas' face showing the blushing reluctance Josh had long known.

"Thank you, Lucas! Oh God thank you for his love!" Usher sobbed, Lucas' arms going around the man, patting his muscled back.

The handsome singer wore a white skin tight turtleneck, black dress pants covering his muscled slim lower form.

Josh stood in silence, Lucas blushing and smiling at him, patting the man's back.

"You earned that love with your own love, Usher." Lucas said, the young man moving back, the singer wiping his brown wet eyes, blushing at Lucas.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Lucas. I wanted to thank you for so long. For giving me my life's happiness."

Lucas blushed, the young man smiling softly at the handsome black man.

"That was your own doing, Usher. I only made you both focus on each other." he softly said,  Usher shaking his head, his brown eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"He's. . .he's so amazing, Joshy. I envy you the happiness of his love." Usher said, Josh staring at the man, a soft smile crossing his face.

"He is indeed amazing, Ush." Josh said, Lucas' hand going into his with a smile, Usher smiling at both men.

"We all see that."

The three men turned, Adam Levine standing at the end of the home's foyer, Josh's blue eyes meeting his blue.

The man wore a black polo shirt, faded stylish blue jeans covering his thin legs.

His tattoos stood out on his arms, his handsome face staring at Lucas, Josh's arm going around his man, Usher smiling at Adam.

"Welcome to my home, guys. Sorry I didn't greet you. I was tied up in the kitchen." the singer said, walking up to the two men, Lucas smiling at him.

"Usher greeted us, Adam." he said, Josh quietly staring at the Maroon 5 singer.

"His love greets me every day, Lucas." the man said, Usher smiling at Adam, his arm going around the man.

"You. . .you were in the kitchen, Adam? You have a caterer in tonight?" Josh said, Adam blushing, looking at his old friend.

"No, actually I've cooked our dinner, guys." he said, Josh's blue eyes widening in surprise.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"He has other talents, my love. He's not that surprisingly good in the kitchen." Lucas said, Adam staring at him.

His blue eyes went to Usher's brown pools, seeing the glistening tears in those dark pools.

"I was overcome, my love. For the trueness of his friendship, and Josh's lost friendship."

The two men smiled at Usher, Adam's blue eyes meeting Lucas'.

Josh saw the usual signs cross Lucas' face, the young man extending his hand towards Adam.

"Welcome to my friendship, Adam. It's so much better than the unrealized desires of unanswerable falsehoods. The beauty of myself lies in my loving friendship."

Adam moved, the man in Lucas' arms immediately, Lucas smiling at Josh, Josh staring at him with surprise.

If Usher had been overcome with thankfulness, Adam was lost in a wave of remorseful worshipping adulation.

"Oh God, Lucas! His love. . .his love!" the man sobbed, Usher's hand going to Adam's back, Josh staring at the three with quiet surprise.

Lucas softly smiled, the young man pulling out of Adam's embrace, the singer actually sobbing, Lucas moving him into Usher's awaiting arms, the black singer hugging his man close.

"It's okay, babe. It's okay." he said, rubbing his man's slim back, holding him close.

"I thought I could be strong. I thought seeing his friendship, feeling what he gave me. . ." the man cried, his head against his man's chest, Usher smiling at Lucas, their eyes meeting.

Lucas smiled, his hand going in Josh's again, their eyes meeting.

"What I gave you was truth and life, Adam. And with that comes my friendship." Lucas said, the singer raising his head, staring at Lucas, then Josh.

He stared into Josh's blue eyes, Josh seeing a surprising thing there.

Those blue pools were filled with a deep love.

Josh now sensed it was for the man holding him.

"You. . .you've changed, Adam." he softly said, the singer smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. I've changed for the better. This man's love is my life's breath. I can't breathe without him." Adam said, Usher smiling at him, Adam moving and kissing him on the lips.

The other two men standing in front of them smiled, Usher lost in Adam's showing love.

The two broke the kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

Usher smiled, his brown eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Let's go into the living room. I'll make us some cocktails."

The four men smiled at each other, two couples walking hand-in-hand into the living room.


Josh smiled, seated on the couch with Lucas, his man's arm around him.

They were seated together, Adam and Usher on another couch across from them.

They were sipping cocktails, Lucas smiling at the couple across from them.

"We both want you to know that we don't believe these charges, Lucas. A man like you couldn't have done such a heinous crime." Usher said, Adam nodding his head in agreement.

"Jake was a devious man, Lucas." Adam said, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"I know, Adam." Lucas said, Adam's eyes meeting his.

"I was the one who brought him back into your life, Lucas."

"You already apologized for that, Adam. And it wasn't really your doing." he said, Adam looking at him with confusion.

The young man sighed, Josh's arm now going around him.

"My life has always been a path of realizing destinies, my friends." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Realizing destinies, Lucas?" Usher said, his arm around Adam.

Lucas smiled, taking in their showing love.

"It's Luke, guys. We're friends." He said, Adam staring at him with soft surprise.

"We. . .you want us. . .?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I want your friendship, both of you. The past is the past. I see--as my Josh now does--the greater love within your hearts. That love has to have friends."

The two men smiled, Adam's eyes lowering.

"I. . .I was not myself back then, Lucas. That man. . .that man I was is gone. Usher's love has destroyed him. I lived a life of lust and desire. I'm sorry for all that I've done to you. And I'm sorry for what I did to you so long ago, Josh."

Josh's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him with love.

"You were right, Lucky. I see the changed love. I see the man's true self." he said, Adam's eyes raising, meeting Josh's blue.

"I forgive you, Adam.  We were just passing ships in the night. What we once had wasn't that real. I think what I see now is. I see your love for Usher, and his for you. I want his friendship again, and I want your friendship." Josh said, Adam softly smiling at him, Usher smiling as well.

"Really, Josh?" Adam said, Josh moving, Adam rising as well, the two men staring at each other when Josh walked across the distance between them.
Usher rose to his feet as well, Lucas quietly smiling at all three.

"You've changed, Adam. And Usher's changed as well. I see in his brown eyes the young man I once knew as a dear friend. That friend's now returned to me. And in your blue eyes I don't see the Don Juan I once knew. You've changed for the better. There's a greater happiness in your eyes, Adam. And I see it's Usher's love."
The singer smiled, Josh moving forward and hugging him, Usher smiling and hugging his arms around both men.

"Get a room guys."

The three broke their hug, staring at Lucas, the young man still seated.

He smiled, standing up and walking up to all three.

"Sorry, the mirthful clown in me." he smiled, Adam blushing.

"Lucas. . .Josh and I. . ."

Lucas' hand went forward, resting on Adam's shoulder.

"Josh has told me all his past, Adam. It's just that. His past. His present and his love is what matters to him now. And your past is your past. I believe the future will be a hundred times better. Just from what I see in your beautiful blue eyes."

Adam smiled, staring into the young man's violet pools.

"You're the beautiful one, Luke. I now see it's more than your handsome face. Your heart and friendship are even more amazing."

The young man smiled, Josh's arms going around him.

"I think I'll get that stencilled on some business cards. Lucas the Amazing."

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at his man.

"I could guide you to my tattoo artist, Luke." Adam smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Thanks but no, Adam. One's enough." he smiled, Josh looking at him with confusion.

"One, Lucky? You have no tattoos."

Lucas smiled, kissing him on the lips, the other two men smiling at him.

"Just the one that reads J.C.'s Bitch on my backside."

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing but smiling.

Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Dinner's ready, guys. Let's head for the dining room. Ush has everything set up."

The other two men smiled, Usher's arm going around Adam.

The four walked out of the living room, heading for the dining room.


Josh set the dessert plate down, sighing and settling back into Lucas' muscled arms.

"You're a real piggy, babe. Three slices?" Lucas said, Josh blushing, his young man patting his stomach.

His blue eyes met Adam's blue, Usher snuggled in his arms across from them, the singer showing just as wide a contented smile on his face.

"I had to, Lucky. That lemon meringue pie was heaven." Josh said, Lucas smiling at Adam, the young man having had two slices.

"Dinner was delicious, Adam. And dessert was so rich." Lucas smiled, the singer smiling back at him, his fingers running through Usher's short black hair.

"I love to cook, Luke. And to be honest Ush baked the pies. He loves to bake." Adam said, Usher smiling, Josh smiling at him.

"They were beyond delicious, Ush." he smiled, Usher nodding his thanks, Lucas smiling at his man in his arms.

"Hence your three pieces. I'm going to have to run that off you later."

Josh beamed, winking at his man.

"Two hours on your treadmill should do it."

Usher laughed, Adam smiling at Josh's blushing face.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips, the two other men seeing their love showing.

"Don't pout, beautiful. I have a faster more energy burning task later for you."

Usher smiled, staring at Josh's now wide smiling face.

"The best workout, Luke. Adam gives me that every night."

Lucas smiled, Adam leaning down and kissing his man's lips.

Josh smiled, seeing their love showing.

"Dinner and dessert was delicious, guys, as Lucas said.  Thank you both for having us over tonight."

Adam and Usher both smiled, seeing Josh had relaxed around them, his earlier tension not shown anymore.

"You can thank your man for that, Josh. It was his idea, actually. He talked to me the night of Justin's party privately." Adam said, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

Josh's eyes met Lucas' as well, the young man smiling.

"I told you that I'd always known Adam's true soul, Joshua. I took it upon myself for us to all meet. Our friendships needed opening." Lucas said, Usher sitting up and staring at him.

"You. . .you always knew that Adam loved me?"

Lucas nodded, smiling at the black man.

"I told you that in essence that day I made you both confront your love for each other. I saw it there in Adam's eyes the first day I met him. He just had to see it himself." Lucas said, Adam's eyes showing soft tears.

"I see it, Lucas. And I see so much love shining back." he said, Usher's brown eyes meeting his blue.

"That's all we need in life, my friends. Love. Our souls have found their soulmates."
The three men smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

"But it doesn't hurt when that love's wrapped in a hot sexy package. Damn! I never got to experience the Levine sexiness."

Adam blushed, Josh smiling at him.

"It's amazing, Luke. Self-centered but amazing."

Usher laughed, Adam blushing more.

"That man's gone, Josh. What remains is a man of unbelievable beauty and love." Usher said, Josh smiling at his old friend, his blue eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"You're lucky, Ush. I see that also now."
Adam smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"We're both lucky, Josh. Yours is even more amazing."

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"That's my bitch."

Everyone laughed, Usher smiling at Lucas.

"So tell us the story of your life, Lucas. I sense some deeper mysteries surrounding you. The trial, your past, and a greater knowledge in those violet pools. You're indeed amazing."

Lucas smiled, a soft sigh coming out of him, Josh smiling at him.

"Go ahead, my love. Regale them with my life." he smiled, Josh smiling at his friends.

His voice filled the room, Usher and Adam quietly listening and staring at the young man in Josh's arms.


Lucas felt the two sets of arms around him, their embrace deep and loving.

"I. . .I can't breathe, guys!" he softly said, Usher releasing his tight hold on the young man, Adam's arms holding him just as tightly.

"Sorry, Luke. That was an emotional story." Usher said, his hand on Lucas' shoulder now.

"I. . .I never knew, Luke. The pain and hurt that Jake gave you!" Adam said, his eyes filled with genuine tears.

Lucas' hand went to Adam's shoulder, the young man staring at him.

"It was my life and now is my past, my friends. I survived it. I found a greater life after it." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his Joshua's, the man standing a few feet from him, having taken in the scene of Usher's and Adam's emotional response to Lucas' life.

"And. . .and I tried to push myself upon you. I'm. . .I'm so. . .no better than. . ." Adam said, his voice filled with emotion.

Lucas hugged the man to himself, Usher staring at the young man with respect and admiration.

"You are better, Adam. Your inner heart saw its own soul. You walked away from that life. And Usher's love is the answer to your future life's happiness." he said, Adam breaking the embrace, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Thank you for giving me that, Lucas. For forgiving me and making me see what life really is."

The young man blushed, Usher's arms going around his tattooed man.

"Thanks from me as well, Lucas." he said, the young man blushing more, Josh walking up to him, his arms going around him.

"My man takes less to thanks than to friendship guys. That's the thanks he wants and needs. Your friendship." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You have that, Luke." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"All I ever wanted. Other than you naked and ready."

Usher burst into laughter, Adam blushing but smiling.

"You're one of a kind, Luke."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm damn amazing."

Everyone laughed, returning to their seats, Usher smiling at Lucas.

"Your family and your history is amazing as well, Luke. So mysterious, so rich in history and life." the man said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, it perhaps is the greater mystery of my own life. I'll deal with all that further on the path, my friends. In perhaps some surprising ways." the young man said, Josh staring at him, the young man smiling at him.

"But first I have to get through this trial. And then the better part of my life begins." he said, Josh smiling at him, knowing he was talking of their upcoming commitment to each other.

"We'll help any way we can, Luke. With your trial. I'll testify about Jake's real self if you need me to." Adam said, Usher's arms going around him.

"There's no need of that, Adam." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"I brought him into your life again, Lucas. I have to set that right somehow." he said, Josh seeing the genuine concern on his handsome face.

"That was never of your doing, Adam. It was the destiny of my life."

"I still can't understand that, Lucas. You speak often of destiny." Usher said, Lucas nodding.

"My life has been destined from its start, my friends. Other paths join with it--Jake's return, your walking onto my path, others as well."

"You mean I was always meant to meet Jake and guide him back to you?" Adam said, Lucas nodding.

"Destiny, my friend." Lucas said, Adam softly smiling at the ending of that sentence.

"A friend I'll now be, Lucas. Usher and I are both here for you, in any way as I said." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools meeting his Josh's blue.

"Well, I do have a favor to ask." he said, the two men smiling at him.

"Anything, Luke. But I am a top." Usher said, the young man laughing, Josh smiling as well.

"Don't I know it." Adam said, Usher smiling at him, their eyes focusing on Lucas' violet again.

"You both have rich, resonating, beautiful voices." he said, Usher and Adam smiling.

"Your man does as well, Luke." Adam said, Josh smiling at him and Usher.

"Yes, he does. The world will see that again soon."

The two singers seated across from them looked confused, their eyes focusing on Lucas again.

"Would you and Usher be our wedding singers, Adam? I'd like you both to sing us down the aisle. Your voices together would be so beautiful."

Josh smiled, Adam's face showing a stunned, shocked and surprised look.

"Real. . .really, Luke?"

The young man smiled, Josh nodding as well.

"I think it's a great idea, Lucky. I always liked your voice, Ush." Josh said, his friend smiling at him.

"I'd be honoured, guys." Usher said, his brown eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"What do you say, Adam?" he smiled, Adam's blue eyes staring at Lucas, then Josh.

"How could I say no against the love and friendship I now see staring at me? I'd be honoured as well." he said, his eyes filled with tearful happiness.

The four men stood up, hugging each other, Lucas smiling as Adam broke their hug.

"It's a Caribbean wedding, my friends. You'll both be in thongs." he grinned, Josh laughing, the other two men blushing, but smiling.

"You're twisted, Carver!" Usher laughed, Adam smiling at Lucas.

"I'm me, guys. Amazing, twisted me."

The three others laughed, Lucas' arm going around Adam's waist.

"Lead on to the kitchen, Levine. I'll help you with the dishes." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at his warm smile.

"You're a guest, Luke."
"I'm a friend, Adam." he smiled, Adam nodding.

"Let's relax, Joshy. I want to hear about what Luke said earlier. You're going to sing again?" Usher said, Lucas smiling at Josh's widening smile.

"You won't believe what my man's given me, Ush." Josh said, he and Usher sitting down again, Adam's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I'll tell you all about that as well. Let's have some girl talk, girlfriend."

Adam laughed, he and Lucas walking towards the kitchen.


Lucas smiled, Adam pulling the plug from the sink, the water lowering.

The two men had talked and laughed while they'd done the dishes together, Adam more relaxed around the handsome young man, Lucas' love calming his soul.

Lucas had told him of his musical gift to Josh, Adam touched by the giving love of the young man's soul.

"It will light his soul with renewed memories and happiness, Luke. I always thought Josh should continue singing."
"I thought so myself, Adam. His voice is too beautiful to ever be silenced."

Adam smiled, nodding his head, wiping his hands on the dishcloth Lucas handed him, the man walking over to the coffeepot and refilling it while Lucas put the last of the plates away in the spot Adam had showed him.

"We'll have more coffee once it's brewed, Luke." Adam said, the man leaning against the counter, Lucas smiling at him and leaning beside him.

"So, I believe you wanted to say something privately to me, Adam." Lucas said, the man's blue eyes meeting his.

"You felt that?" he said, Lucas smiling, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I feel all of your soul, Adam. You have to open up all of it."
The man nodded, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"It. . .it wasn't actually total lust that drove me to you, Lucas." the man softly said, Lucas smiling, nodding his head.

"I know, Adam."

Adam looked surprised, Lucas staring at him.

"I. . .I fell in love with you the moment I met you. I felt more than lust in my soul that night." the singer said, Lucas smiling.

"I'm touched, Adam. I seem to have that affect on a few people."

"Justin being one of them?"

Lucas smiled, staring at Adam.

"You have a sharp mind, Levine."

Adam smiled, nodding his head.

"I sensed that easily in him. That's why he came to my place that night of the orgy. He was trying to wash the memories of Josh's love for you away that night. He came to me that night to forget you."

"I know, Adam. He's never told me or Josh that, but I sensed it."

Adam nodded, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"You're beautiful, Lucas. Looking into your violet pools makes a man fall hopelessly in love with you. Josh is the luckiest man in the world."

Lucas smiled, looking towards the kitchen doorway.

"I'm the luckiest, Adam." Lucas smiled, Adam staring at him.

The young man's head turned back to him, Adam staring into his violet eyes.

"And so is Usher."

Adam smiled, looking towards the doorway also.

"No one's ever made me feel like he does, Luke. I'm lost when he isn't in my arms. Or in my sight. And my heart doubles with love when he walks into my vision again."
Lucas smiled, his arm going around the man, Adam trembling.

"I feel your total love for him, Usher. I think I need to stop those trembling doubts in your soul."

Adam's eyes met Lucas', the young man moving forward, their lips meeting.

The two kissed deeply, Adam lost in the feeling overflowing him.

After a few moments the two parted, Adam's eyes slowly opening, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

In those beautiful eyes he saw a soft glow, the man sensing in his soul what that glow was.

He smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"There you go." Lucas said, Adam's face changing into a wide smile.

"Thanks for destroying the illusion, Luke. I see the true friendship shining in your beautiful eyes. And I feel the total love in my soul."

"I wanted you to experience the real me you so often dreamed of." Lucas said, Adam smiling.

"Thank you. You're an amazing kisser. But you're not my Ush."

Lucas smiled, leaning back against the counter.

"Not enough love, right?"
Adam nodded, smiling at the young man.

"Right on the money, Luke. I love Usher. I now truly see that."
Lucas smiled, his arm going around the man.

"We feel love with our souls, Adam. Your soul is cleansed of any doubts. That's my first gift of friendship to you. Usher is the love of your life. He's all you'll ever need."

Adam smiled widely, staring at the young man.

"I know, Lucas. Thanks for finally making me fully see that."
"Your heart did that. I just had to slobber it into reality."
Adam smiled, then laughed.

"Don't feel bad. I'm sure Josh loves your slobber."
Lucas laughed, smiling widely.

"He does, Adam."

The coffeepot beeped, Adam smiling.

"Let's get that coffee into our men. They're probably knee-deep in music. We'll have to make them focus more on us." Lucas smiled, Adam grinning.

"Should we lose the shirts?"

Lucas laughed, Adam joining him, the man heading for the coffeepot.


Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring at his man, Lucas' black curly hair flowing in the breeze, the two driving towards home.

"A wonderful night, my love. They both have truly changed." Josh said, Lucas looking at him, smiling with love.

"Yes, they have, babe." he said, driving through downtown Los Angeles, the hour late.

"All thanks to you, my love." Josh said, Lucas glancing at him.

"All thanks to their joined love, my Beamy."

Josh smiled, staring at his man.

"So what did you and Adam discuss in the kitchen? He came back into the living room with the biggest smile on his face. And I thought he was going to rape Usher right there in the living room when he jumped into his lap. Usher was totally surprised as well by the depth of Adam's kissing." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Oh, that. I just got him all hot and bothered. My tongue can do some amazing things when it wants to." he smiled, turning the car onto another street, heading for home.

"I know what your tongue can do." Josh said, Lucas winking at him.

"Soon, babe. It wants to dive into the center of Chasezville."

Josh smiled, his hand going on top of Lucas' on the gearshift.

"They're happy, Luke. I truly see that."

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's again.

"I kissed him, Josh. I made his dreams come true."

Josh nodded, looking ahead.

"He told you he fell in love with you, didn't he?"

Lucas nodded his head, Josh staring at him now again.

"So he said. I needed to show him what that was like. Against his love for Usher it was nothing."

Josh smiled, squeezing his man's hand.

"Your love shines always for everyone, my love. I love you for that."

Lucas smiled, staring at his man.

"Their love can now be its own, my love. The ghosts of his dreams are gone. His soul has only Usher's love in it. And I guess I'll just have to settle for what I have." he smiled, Josh smirking.

"As if you had a shot with him?"

Lucas laughed, blowing his man a kiss.

"I was more interested in all that chocolate dessert."

Josh laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"Usher has a fantastic body, Luke. He's very buffed and smooth."

Lucas smiled, looking at his man.

"A little hidden desire there, babe?"

Josh's face blushed, the man lowering his eyes.

"The past is the past, my love. One night stands are just memories of the soul."

Josh's head raised, staring at his man.

"I wasn't hiding it from you, Lucas."

"I know, my love. I feel your giving love. I'm sure his love was beautiful, for the briefest of moments."

"It was after a joined concert we had in New Jersey, years ago. We were both pretty drunk."

Lucas nodded, his eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"My life is an open book for you, Lucas. I don't think I can hide any of my less-than-glowing moments from you."

Lucas smiled, his hand joining Josh's more tightly.

"They were not less-than-glowing when they were filled with needful love, my angel."

Josh's eyes met his.

"Your soul needs love, my Joshua. It searched for years for it. And found soft moments of it. You've found it totally finally. Tonight and always I'll show you the greatness of it."

Josh smiled, staring at his man.

"Someone's building up his libido again."

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man.

"If you thought you were tired this morning, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Josh smiled, leaning over and kissing his man's cheek.

"I love you, Lucas. The past is nothing against the future love."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"I'm not chocolate, but I am packing."

Josh groaned, Lucas laughing, the two smiling at each other.

They squeezed hands again, both silent in their love for each other.

Usher is beautiful, Joshua.

As is Adam.

They both tasted your beauty.

I am going to devour it.

You're going to be mine forever.
Lucas smiled, driving home with his man.


End of Chapter 110


And so our couple of love deepen their love for each other.

The past can't hold a candle to the present or future.


Adam and Usher have indeed changed, Lucas' love guiding them onward.

And Josh's past shows a little more of itself.

Usher graced his memories as well, albeit in a single moment of love.

As did Adam briefly.


But the greater love he now has is Lucas'.

And that love may be on a joining journey with two other souls.

The absent Justin and Lance.


What are the future plans for this foursome?

Will two others join as well?

Adam and Usher seem more loving and beautiful.

Is a full out orgy in store for us?


Nah, too out of my dreams.


Hugs, Angel.