Yesterday's End-113

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 113


New York City


Justin smiled, the man moving with smooth grace, an angel in his arms.

He'd turned the music up a bit more, the man dancing with the love of his life in his arms in the center of their living room.

Lance sighed, wrapped in his man's arms of love.

"Dinner was beautiful, my love." Justin said, Lance smiling and rubbing his man's stomach as they danced, one hand slipping through Justin's buttoned shirt, feeling the warmth of his smooth abs.

"Two desserts. My man's ravenous tonight." he smiled, Justin kissing his man's forehead, Lance's head against his chest.

"Your love and romance feeds my stomach and my soul, babe. I'll hunger for you forever." he said, Lance smiling.

The two had dined together at the small table, Lance having found dinner warming in the oven, Skyler having cooked all Lance had requested.

He'd smiled, knowing he'd have to thank her and Finny tomorrow.

The two had happily volunteered to help Lance, their love for both of them showing in their helping Justin secretly as well.

Lance had smiled, thinking of that room of Justin's romance awaiting him tonight.

Here now it was after dinner, the two dancing after toasting their love with the sweet Italian wine.

Lance raised his head, kissing Justin on the lips.

The man smiled when they broke that kiss of love, his blue eyes opening and staring into Lance's green.

"Time for my surprise, my love. Let's sit down on your furry snuggle couch."

Lance smiled, the two sitting down on the white fur-covered couch.

"Mm, cozy is your warmth." Lance sighed, Justin's arms around him.

"As yours is, babe." he said, smiling at his man.

"Sit right there, babe." Justin said, the man rising from his seat, Lance feeling his leaving him, the man sighing with longing love.

Justin didn't go far.

He smiled, walking over to a credenza standing by the door, opening the bottom drawer, pulling out something, then walking over to the bags still sitting by the door on the floor.

Lance saw a small box in his man's hand, Justin looking through the bags finding what he was searching for.

He smiled, walking back to his man, Lance smiling at him when he sat down beside him again.

In his hands he held a small gift-wrapped box and a gift bag with a card sticking out of the red paper that stuffed its top.

Justin smiled, setting the small box down on the coffee table, one hand going in Lance's, the other holding the gift bag.

He leaned forward, kissing Lance's lips.

"Happy anniversary, my love. Gifts for the gift of my heart." he smiled, handing Lance the gift bag first.

"Open the card first, babe." he said, Lance smiling and taking the bag, setting it in his lap, looking at its beautiful looks.

Small silver hearts and cupids were printed across its red surface, Lance smiling at Justin.

"It's a wedding gift bag, I believe. There isn't much gift wrap out there for celebrating gay love." he smiled, Lance smiling at him

"You are the cupid who's stolen my heart. It's very fitting." he smiled, Justin smiling as Lance took the card out of the bag.

He smiled, opening it, seeing a picture of a couple standing before a large blue moon, their black silhouetted image showing their embrace of love.

"Cards are even harder to find. The inner words are my own." Justin said, Lance smiling at him, opening the card and seeing handwriting.

He smiled, reading the words aloud.


I love you, my Lance.


Six months of happiness we have walked, the path filled with our growing love.

I'm looking forward to each of the next six month intervals over our lifetime together.

We'll celebrate each as the newer moment of our renewing love.


Your love overwhelms me, my love.

For I know it's true love.

Our real, true love.


I love you now and forever.



Your forever loving, Justin.



Lance closed the card, his tearing green eyes meeting Justin's beautiful, lightly blushing face.

"I'm not the best at romantic poetry, my love. I hope you understood the meaning?"

Lance moved, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin feeling his emotional love, the two breaking the kiss.

"Every six months we'll celebrate, my love?" Lance said, Justin smiling.

"A celebration of our love, Lance. I'll always want to celebrate that."
Lance teared up, Justin smiling more.

"Plus each of those special days will ignite our love anew."

Lance smiled, hearing the hidden passion and desire in Justin's voice.

"My ever loving, ever horny, Timby."

Justin smiled widely, his arm going around his man.

"Open the gift, my love. I hope you like it."

Lance smiled, pulling the red heart-printed tissue paper out of the bag's top, reaching into it.

He pulled out a satin shirt, the man staring at it with surprise.

It was a soft emerald green, Lance's green pools meeting Justin's blue.

"To match your beautiful eyes, my love. Seeing you in that will have me wanting to rip it off you. You won't be wearing it long."

Lance smiled, staring at the shirt, reading the label.

The man began to laugh, Justin staring at him with surprise.

"It's. . .it's not funny, my love. You don't like it?" he said, Lance leaning forward, kissing his man, wanting to stop the look of sorrow that was beginning to show on his man's beautiful face.
"Stop that frown, babe. I love it." Lance said, setting the shirt and bag down.

He rose from Justin's arms, Justin watching as Lance walked over to the bags, searching for a moment and finding what he sought, walking back to his love, a gift bag in his hand.

Justin's face changed into a smile, staring into his man's green pools.

"For me? You did go shopping for me today!" he smiled, Lance laughing.

"Yes, my love. I want to spoil you as well."
Justin smiled, Lance sitting down beside him again, handing him the bag.

"Happy anniversary, my love." he said, Justin smiling and looking at the bag.

Hearts were all over its navy blue surface, light blue tissue paper in its top.

Justin smiled, meeting Lance's green pools.

"No card, my love. I thought I'd speak from my heart." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"I love your voice, my love."
Lance smiled, his arm going around his man.

"My dearest love, my angel of life. I love you. For longer than I can remember, I have loved you. It took the greater love of our dear friend for me to speak to you the truth of my soul. And the greater surprise for me was the love I found hiding behind your hurting soul. For it was the love I was always destined to have. I love you and you love me, Justin. You have given me the greater gift of your total love. I'll spend the rest of my life giving you mine. I love you, my Justin."

Justin was in tears, his head going against Lance's, Lance's hand rubbing his cheek.

"That was beautiful, my Lance. I love you so much!"

"Open the gift, my love. See why my heart laughed at your giving soul."

Justin smiled, pulling out the blue tissue paper, reaching into the bag, feeling what he held in his hand.

His eyes widened, pulling from the bag a navy blue silk shirt, identical to the one he'd given Lance.

"Oh, no!" Justin said, his eyes meeting Lance's green.

They both burst out into laughter, their arms going around each other, each holding their own silk shirt, Lance having picked up his green one.

"Two souls of equal love and knowing love. We both saw for each other the perfect gift." Lance laughed, Justin breaking their embrace, looking at the shirt in his hand and in Lance's.

"Alfredo's at the mall this morning? The shirt in the window?" Justin said, Lance nodding.

"Yep. We both saw its beauty on the other. We are so perfect for each other."

Justin smiled, standing up, Lance smiling and standing up as well.

Within seconds the two men had pulled off their shirts, the two donning their gifts from each other, each buttoning up the silk shirt the other had purchased.

"It's so amazing, my love. Our total knowledge of what we think the other likes. We're amazing!"
Lance smiled, stepping back a bit, his eyes scanning over Justin's navy silk-clad torso.

"You're amazing, and so beautiful. The color was perfect!"
Justin smiled, scanning Lance's green-clad silk-covered chest.

"Yep, it is. On you. And I'm only as amazing as your love makes me."

Lance smiled, the two returning to the couch, snuggling together.


"You almost said the same words I thought today when I saw that shirt for you in the window, Jus. I thought that it would look so perfect on you, and that it wouldn't be on for long." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.
"I think Lucas' magic is rubbing off on both of us." he smiled, running his fingers over Lance's silk-covered back.

"I think it's our souls joining as one. We feel each other's needs and love, my love."

Justin smiled, his eyes going to the small gift-wrapped box laying forgotten on the coffee table.

"One more surprise, my love." Justin smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Me as well, Jus."

Justin smiled, reaching forward and picking up the small box.

He handed it to Lance, the man smiling at him.

"Is it a box of edible underwear? Must be a thong, it's so small!"

Justin laughed, kissing his man's lips.

"I want to eat the treasure, not the package. Open it, babe."

Lance laughed, then smiled, kissing his man's lips again, smiling and opening the box quickly.

Justin smiled, sensing the excitement in his man's movements, knowing his man could be childlike at times as well, the gleeful happiness coming out.

Lance smiled, setting the gift paper down on the coffee table, staring at a small wooden box.

"What's this, my love?"
Justin smiled, his arm going around his man.

"It's something special to my heart, Lance. I wanted you to wear it."

Lance smiled, opening the small wooden box, its treasure revealed.

His eyes widened with surprise, seeing a small ring in its velvet center.

It was silver and black, a blue diamond in its center, two birds wrapped around it.

One was an eagle, one was a falcon.

His eyes met Justin's, the man smiling at him.

"It's a family heirloom, Lance. It was my grandfather's, and his before him, and goes even further back through my family's heritage."
"That's amazing, Jus! It's so old, and beautiful. But this is meant for you." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"It's been handed down through the generations. From one grandfather to his grandson, for years. I want you to wear it as a symbol of my faith in your being a part of my family. One day you and I will give it to our grandson."

Lance teared up, Justin taking the box from him, pulling out the ring.

"Oh, Justin. That's beautiful. That you think of me as part of your family."
Justin smiled, slipping the ring onto Lance's right-hand ring finger.

Lance smiled, staring at the silver ring.

"You are part of my family, Lance. My parents love you, Jonathan and Stephen both love you. We're getting married soon. You'll be a Timberlake in the truest sense of the name. If that's what you want?"

Lance smiled, leaning forward, kissing his man tenderly on the lips.

"I'd love to take your name, Justin. It would unite me even more with your soul."

Justin beamed, hearing the love in Lance's words.

"I love you, Lance. We'll decide on the full name. Either Bass-Timberlake or Timberlake-Bass."

Lance smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"Timberlake-Bass has such a beautiful ring to it."

Justin smiled, staring at the ring on his man's finger.

"Now you have the ring to go with that beautiful ring."
Lance smiled, lifting Justin's left hand, Justin wearing his engagement ring.

"Already had that, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing his man again, gently pushing Lance back on the couch, the ring box falling to the floor, Justin now half on top of Lance, their kiss deep and loving, Lance wrapping his arms around his man's silk-covered back.

"God I love you, Lance."

"I love you, Justin. Thank you for these beautiful gifts, my love." Lance said, one of Justin's hands underneath Lance's green silk shirt, feeling his man's warmth.

"You're welcome, my love. Thank you for the beautiful shirt." he smiled, Lance staring up at his navy silk shirt.

Justin's eyes moved around the room, Lance smiling at him.

"You said something about another surprise, my love?" Justin said, softly blushing, Lance smiling more.

"My gift-seeking little horn dog. Am I not enough for you?"

Justin blushed more, smiling at his man.

"You're more than enough."

Lance smiled, patting his man's chest.

"Get off me, HD. I'll show you my last surprise. Your beautiful, flirtatious mirrored part of my soul."

Justin beamed, sighing and releasing his man, sitting up, Lance regaining his upright position, standing up.

He smiled down at Justin, extending his hand to him.

Justin smiled, taking it, Lance pulling him to his feet.

"Time to be ravished? That's not much of a surprise, babe. Although it's always surprising in its intensity." Justin smiled, Lance smiling and slapping his man's jean-covered ass.

Justin smiled, then grinned.

"Foreplay, nice. Did you get me some bondage toys?"

Lance laughed, kissing his man again, taking his hand in his, Justin smiling and staring into his green eyes.

"You wish, HD!"

Justin smiled, Lance guiding him around the room, the man blowing out the candles, Justin helping, the man sensing their retiring to the bedroom.

That was answered by Lance locking the condo door, the man leaving the bags at the door, guiding Justin back through the living room towards their bedroom.

Justin felt a stirring in his nether regions, Lance smiling as they walked down the hallway.

Lance's eyes saw the large tent showing in his man's jeans when they reached the open bedroom doorway, the room still candlelit and semi dark.

"Calmness, my love. Time soon enough for the Timbersnake to come out and play."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his man.

"He loves you just as much as I do, Lance."

Lance smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"I can't have one without the other. Both are so delicious."
Justin smiled, sighing in his man's arms.

"I'm so right where I want to be." he said, Lance smiling and guiding his man into their bedroom.

He guided Justin over to the bed, gently sitting him down on it, leaning down and kissing his lips, Justin's desires growing when Lance gently rubbed the jean-covered hiding place of the snake of his desires.

Lance smiled, breaking the kiss, walking over to the dresser, Justin's eyes following his green covered chest, the man sighing again, leaning back on the bed, Lance smiling back at him, the man leaning down and opening the bottom drawer of Justin's dresser.

Justin's eyes widened with desire when he saw Lance's beautiful rear on full display in front of him, the man just wanting to rise from the bed and rip the clothes off him.

He sighed again, controlling his desires, knowing Lance was doing something special.

The man stood up again as he closed the drawer, turning and walking back to his Justin, Justin sitting up again, seeing a small gift box in Lance's hand.

"No, you didn't!" he said, Lance smiling and sitting down beside him.

"Our surprises are mirrored in their love and identical emotions." he said, handing Justin the gift.

"I love you, my love. I now see your deeper love for me. Open it." Lance said, his eyes going to Justin's ring he now wore.

Justin smiled, taking the box, quickly unwrapping its silver paper, the paper falling to the floor.

Justin stared at a black velvet box, an insignia on its top.

"No, Lance! Really?"

Lance smiled, kissing his lips.

"Yes, Jus. I want you to wear it."

Justin stared at the box, quietly opening it, staring at the silver ring laying inside.

On its surface was the etched picture of a spacecraft, Russian letters stencilled around it.

"This is the ring the Russian Space Program gave you when you went through their training program, Lance." Justin said, Lance nodding his head.

"It's one of my greatest treasures. For it represents my own resolve and courage. For myself seeking out my own dreams."
Justin teared up, staring at the ring, Lance pulling it out of the box, staring at it.

"I never went to space, Jus. That was, for a while, a great disappointment to me. But I've finally realized something."
"What did you realize, Lance?" Justin said, staring at his man with quiet love.

"I didn't have to go into the heavens to find my greatest dreams, Justin. I found the heavens in your smile and your love. I now have a greater reality. It's your love and beauty, my Justin."

Justin sobbed, Lance's arms wrapping around him.

"Sorry, my love. Didn't mean to get all sappy." he said, Justin wiping his eyes.

"Never apologize for speaking from your soul to me. That was so beautiful, Lance." he said, Lance smiling and raising the ring.

"Would you wear this as a symbol of my dreams coming true? Of the greater reality of what you mean to me?"

Justin smiled, staring into his man's green tearful eyes.

"Yes, Lance. I'll wear it with as much love as the ring of your matrimonial promise." he said, Justin raising his right hand's ring finger, Lance smiling and slipping the silver ring onto Justin's slim smooth finger.

"You're double ringed, Justin. Next up, the three ring circus."
Justin laughed, Lance joining him.

"Should we call Finny over? Can't have a circus without a clown." Justin said, Lance laughing loudly.

The two men laughed, Justin smiling and staring at the rings on his fingers.

Lance smiled, staring at his man staring at the rings.

Justin raised his blue eyes, meeting his green.

"I love you, Lance. Thank you for these gifts from your soul. Our love is now more solidified in its ringed truth, in its joined love."
Lance teared up, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips.

The two parted, staring at each other.

"And you said you weren't a romantic poet. That was beautiful, Justin."
Justin smiled, Lance's eyes going to his man's navy silk covered chest, his muscled beauty showing through the thin fabric.

"Okay, you've had that silk shirt on long enough." Lance said, his hands going to it, rubbing the muscles hidden under it, one finger finding Justin's right nipple, the man softly moaning.

"And I'm going to rip that off you if you don't lose it quick." Justin said, his hands all over Lance's green covered chest.

"Let's not rip them, babe. They're our weapons of mass destruction. Our libidos won't have a chance when we wear them."

Justin laughed, Lance smiling and pushing him backwards, Justin laying on his back on top of the white fur-covered bed.

Lance moved, his body going on top of Justin's, his hands finding the buttons on the shirt, opening it quickly, Justin softly moaning.

Lance' s lips went to his man's nipple, sucking it into his mouth, Lance feeling Justin's hardness against his stomach.

"Oh, babe. I was supposed to worship you! I'm the horn dog!"

Lance smiled, raising his head, staring into his man's lust-filled blue eyes.

"We have the whole night, my love. Who says you can have all the fun?"

Justin smiled widely, feeling Lance fighting with his belt, the man moving.

Lance was upended, now laying flat on his back, Justin on top of him, their lips meeting.

Lance felt Justin pulling off his own pants, then his hands going to Lance's green shirt.

Within seconds Lance's shirt was open, his pants gone as well.
Lance felt Justin's near naked body against his own, the two now wearing only their opened silk shirts.

Their hard shafts were connected, the warmth of the other's sending waves of pleasure through them.

Justin broke the kiss, his lips going to Lance's earlobe, whispering in his ear.

"I'm going to possess you, my love! As much as your love possesses me. I need all of you."
Justin moved, Lance closing his eyes and gasping as he felt Justin's mouth enclose over his leaking shaft.

Justin's whole body suddenly moved, something hitting Lance in his face, the smell familiar and intoxicating.

Lance never even opened his eyes, his mouth taking in the offered warmth of Justin's hardness.

The two became lost in their desires, need and love flooding their souls.


Colton was lost, lost in an embrace of love that almost overwhelmed him.

The young man felt the warmth against him, suddenly realizing what was happening.

His lips were attached to two others, the warmth he felt being the body that was lying on top of him.

Colton felt his arms were held above his head, the young man unable to move.

He suddenly felt the lips leave his mouth, the weight going off his chest, his hands released.

He slowly opened his eyes, staring up into an emotional face.

Jonathan was sitting back against the couch, staring at Colton with shock on his face, the young man laying on the floor.

"I'm. . .I'm so sorry!" he stuttered, Colton moving upwards, sitting up, Jonathan shrinking away from him.

"Please forgive me, Colton! I never meant to be so forward!" Jonathan said, his voice etched with emotion.

Colton stared at his young friend, seeing tears in his eyes.

"Why. . .why did you do that?" Colton softly said, Jonathan lowering his eyes.

"Please. . .please don't hate me, Colton." Jonathan softly said, the younger man looking at him.

Colton slowly rose to his feet, sitting back down on the couch beside Jonathan, the young man still seated on the floor.

Colton's hand tentatively went out, resting on Jonathan's shoulder blade.

"Please get up, Jon. Sit here beside me." Colton softly said, the other young man's head raising, staring up into his blue eyes.

Jonathan slowly rose to his feet, sitting down on the couch, a distance separating the two, over two feet between them.

Jonathan's head was lowered, not looking at Colton.

"Please look at me, Jon." Colton said, his voice calm.

Jonathan raised his head, turning it slowly and staring into two blue pools.

He didn't see any hate in those blue pools, only confusion.

"Why did you kiss me, Jon?"

"I. . .I don't know why, Colton." he softly said, Colton staring at his young friend.

Colton moved slowly, the distance between them narrowing.

Colton's hand went out, going to the young man's shoulder again.

"Are you gay, Jon?"

The young man's blue eyes met Colton's blue, the two staring at each other.

"I think so, Colton."

Colton smiled, patting his shoulder.

"I'm still Colt, Jon. I'm still your friend."

The young man let out a long breath of air, his body relaxing more, as if a weight went off his shoulders.

"I thought you'd hate me. What with me attacking you like that. I'm so sorry."

Colton smiled, rubbing his shoulder again, Jonathan calming more.

"It was a surprise, Jon. You kind of ambushed me there." he said, their eyes meeting again.

"I'm sorry, Colton. . .I mean Colt. You looked so beautiful, so breathtaking. My. . .my emotions got the best of me. Believe me I would never try to take advantage of you. I'm not that kind of guy."

Colton softly blushed, lowering his eyes, Jonathan staring at him.

"You. . .you think I'm beautiful?" he softly said, his blue eyes raising again.

Jonathan's blue eyes stared at the young man, taking in his smooth handsome face, his long blond hair hanging over his eyes, and across his shoulders.

"You're very handsome, Colt. Your face is so smooth, so beautiful. And you're so trim and muscled." he said, Colton's eyes meeting his again.

"Thank you for the compliment, Jon. But I'm nothing spectacular. Just look at yourself and you can see that."
Jon softly smiled, Colton now blushing.

"Thanks, Colt. But I'm average compared to you."
Colton smiled now, staring at the young man.

"You have your brother's looks, Jon. You're going to be just as handsome as he is."
Jon blushed, Colton smiling more.

"Justin's an idol to millions, Colt. But to me he's just my brother. I know you see more in his looks as well."
"He's handsome, yes. But for me now, he's something more."

"A fantasy, Colt?"
Colton smiled again.

"No, Jon. He's my friend."
Jon smiled, staring at Colton.

"He told me you were smitten with him, as I told you earlier."

"An idol crush at first, Jon. I then saw the man underneath. I know he'll always be my friend. But he's wrapped up in a fine package, I'll give you that. Lance is lucky."

Jon smiled.

"Yes, he is. My brother's the best."
Colton smiled, nodding.

"I take it you haven't told Justin about your feelings?"
The young man shook his head, Colton's hand rubbing his shoulder.

"Justin loves you, Jon. That won't change in his eyes who you are to him. He can even help you with the feelings you're having. He's been there."

Jon stared at Colton, the young man smiling at him.

"I was hoping you could help me, Colt. You're so together. Justin told me about your openness, about your life choices, and your own self.  You're younger than me but you're so focused, so yourself."
Colton smiled, touched by Jonathan's compliment.

"I'm just myself, Jon. I decided at an early age to just be myself. Loss has a way of making you see the truth surrounding you, and how short life can be."
Jonathan leaned back against the couch, Colton smiling at him.

"How long have you known you were gay?" he said, Colton relaxing and settling back too.

"Since I was about twelve. I just felt it in my soul. Nothing happened to me, I just felt a sense of destiny. I've always accepted it as just a part of who I am."
Jonathan smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"You're lucky, Colt. I've wrestled with it a lot myself. I don't have any gay friends, or such." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him again.

"I was alone, Jon. I didn't have any friends, gay or straight."
Jonathan moved his hand, placing it on Colton's shoulder.

"You have me now, and Justin. And everyone else here."

Colton smiled, staring at the young man.

"That makes me happy, Jon. All of them, and now you."

"As your friend I want you to know that you can talk to me any time. I want to know all about you. Your family, your life, your hopes for the future. I'd really like your friendship."

"Thanks, Jon. I'd like your friendship as well."
Jonathan softly smiled, the young man looking in thought, his eyes lowering.

"Out with it, my friend. You looked like you wanted to say something." Colton said, Jonathan's eyes meeting his.

"I'd. . .I'd like to get to know you better, Colton. Perhaps as. . .as more. . ." he said, his words trailing off.

Colton looked into the young man's eyes.

"I've never had a boyfriend, Jon. This is all new to me."
"For me also, Colt. I'll understand after what I just did if you're uncomfortable with me."

Colton moved, the young man sitting closer to Jonathan.

"I'm not uncomfortable now, Jon. You just caught me by surprise. No one's ever reacted that way to me."

"I think you need to get used to it, Colt. You're handsome, and you'll only get more handsome. And with that you'll be getting more reactions."
Colton smiled, their eyes meeting again.

"You should too, Jon. You're well ahead of me."
Jonathan blushed, Colton's finger moving forward, touching his cheek.

Their eyes stared into each other's, Colton smiling again.

"Plus you're one hell of a kisser. I was lost in that kiss."
Jon blushed, Colton staring at him.

"You weren't so bad yourself, even though I surprised you."

Colton blushed, but smiled.

"I like surprises."

Jonathan smiled more, Colton's hand moving, joining with his.

"Let's learn about each other together, Jon. Perhaps it will grow into something more special. It already has the beginnings of a beautiful friendship."
Jonathan smiled widely.
"I'd like that too, Colton."
Colton smiled, the young man stretching, releasing Jonathan's hand.
"We should hit the hay. Come on to my room. You take the bed, I'll take the floor and the sleeping bag Finny gave us."

Jonathan was about to speak, Colton's finger going to his lips.

"My room, my rules."

"But it's not your room, Colt. You're a guest as well. My bro owns this place. I have more say."

Colton laughed, Jonathan smiling, the younger man smiling at him.

"There's that Timberlake smartass image. You are Justin's brother."

Jonathan laughed, the two smiling at each other.

"I'm my own self as well, Colt. I hope you'll see that."
Colton smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm sure I will. I won't judge you against your brother." he said, Jonathan smiling.

"I'll take the floor in your room with the sleeping bag, Colt. You take the bed."

"Maybe it would be better if I took the floor. Then I wouldn't have far to fall if you jump me again." Colton said, Jonathan blushing, Colton laughing.

"Ha. . .ha. Who's the smartass?"

Colton laughed, Jonathan softly smiling.

"I don't think you're ever going to let me live that down." he said, Colton smiling.

The young man moved forward with a burst of speed, his arms wrapping around Jonathan, their lips meeting.

Jonathan was surprised, feeling the tenderness of Colton's quick kiss, his warm lips against him.

The younger man broke their kiss, both opening their blue eyes, staring at each other.

"Payback ain't no bitch. It's fantastic." Colton smiled, Jonathan smiling, then laughing.

"I guess I deserved that." he said, Colton leaning in and softly kissing his lips.

"You earned it, Jon."

The young man smiled, their eyes meeting with friendship and a growing love.

"Let's head for bed, Jon." Colton said, the young man hitting the remote, the television going dark.

They both rose to their feet, Jonathan following Colton down the hall, Jonathan hitting the light switch, the living room going dark.


The hallway was quiet, the two young men walking into Lucas' bedroom at the end of the hall, Colton sleeping in his room.

Jonathan closed the door behind them, Colton smiling at him as he walked over to the bed, turning on the lamp on the nightstand.

Jonathan picked up a rolled up sleeping bag that was sitting on top of a chair by the window, about to open it up, Colton's hand going to his shoulder.

"No need for that, Jon. It's a big bed. There's room for both of us." Colton said, Jonathan staring at him with surprise, Colton smiling.

"I trust you, Jonathan. On your brother's love and on your own friendship. We both need a good night's sleep."
Jonathan smiled, Colton taking in his handsome face and how that smile made it seem more beautiful.

"Thank you. The floor looks hard and uncomfortable."

Colton laughed, Jonathan joining him.

Colton smiled, walking around the bed, Jonathan quietly watching him.

The two young men stood on both sides of the queen sized bed, Colton smiling at him.

The young man's hands went to his t-shirt, pulling it off over his head, Jonathan quietly staring at him, taking in the young man's smooth slim muscular chest.

His eyes scanned the smoothness of that young torso, his abs outlined with ridges, his young body on its way to manhood.

Colton smiled, Jonathan averting his eyes, Colton smiling more.

Jonathan's hands went to his own polo shirt, pulling it off and setting it down on the chair behind him.

Colton's blue eyes took in the older youth's slim muscular body, its toned beauty similar to Justin's but smaller in stature.

"You're more toned than I, Jon." Colton said, the young man smiling at him.

"You're more muscular, Colt." Jon said, the young man blushing, lowering his eyes from Colton's smooth slim body.

Colton smiled, quickly removing his jeans, putting them and his t-shirt on the chair behind him, Jon's blue eyes raising and staring at the young man's boxer brief-covered butt.

Jonathan turned away, slipping his own jeans off, throwing them on the chair with his polo shirt.

Colton pulled back the blankets, climbing into the bed as he watched Jonathan's back, taking in its slim smooth form.

Colton smiled, taking in his firm briefs-covered ass, soft blond hair showing on his muscular legs.

Jonathan turned, looking towards Colton, the young man resting back against the pillows.

Colton smiled at him, Jonathan moving and climbing into the bed, Colton catching a brief glance of his center, the young man climbing under the covers, resting back against his pillow.

"Comfy, Jon?"

"Yes, thanks Colt. This is a lot better than the floor." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

A distance of about a foot separated the two young men, their eyes meeting.

"Turn off the light, Jon." Colton smiled, the young man smiling at him, leaning over to the nightstand and flicking off the lamp.

The room was instantly bathed in moonlight, Jonathan's blue eyes going to the large windows along one wall, all of them slightly open.

He felt the coolness of the room, snuggling a little more into the blankets.

Colton felt him moving, his eyes adjusting to the room's semidarkness.

"I always leave the windows open. I've spent a lot of time in the outdoors. I love a coolness surrounding me at night. Helps me sleep."
Jonathan smiled, looking towards the man laying beside him.

"I'm the same. Justin taught me that early. Sleeping with him is like sleeping in a meat locker."

Colton laughed, Jonathan smiling at his pearly white teeth gleaming in the moonlight.

"He must be happy then. Lance probably needs a lot of cuddling to stay warm."
Jonathan laughed, the two men smiling at each other.

"Yes, probably. And that would probably make Lance even happier."
Colton smiled, their eyes meeting in the moonlit room.

"I have to thank Luke." Jonathan suddenly said, Colton looking at him with confusion.

"Luke? For what?"
Jonathan smiled, his hand moving, going to Colton's naked shoulder, Colton's eyes meeting his in the soft darkness.

"He arranged this trip. Now I'm certain it was with an intended purpose."
"You mean. . .he. . .us. . .?"
"I think so, Colt."

Colton smiled, thinking of his friend.

"That man's magic is beyond amazing."
"Yes, his love is." Jonathan said, Colton smiling.

"He called and talked to me just before I left home. He told me to enjoy New York. That the Big Apple may contain the sweetness in life I'm destined to have."

Colton smiled, sensing what Jonathan meant.

"'Take a bite out of life, Jon', he said."

Colton smiled, Jonathan looking at him.

"I hope you don't nibble in your sleep. I have no meat on me." Colton said, the two looking at each other.

They both burst into laughter, Jonathan slapping his shoulder.

"I'll try and control myself." he smiled, Colton smiling and turning on his side, facing the young man.

"Fat chance. You've already sampled the meal."

Jonathan blushed, Colton smiling, his hand moving, his fingers brushing the young man's cheek.

"It's okay, Jon. Let's walk the path our devious loving friend's begun." Colton said, Jonathan smiling.

The younger man moved forward, lightly kissing Jonathan's lips, Jonathan feeling his warmth.

They broke the kiss, Colton's head going against the young man's naked shoulder, the younger man settling down against him.

"Goodnight, Jon. Pleasant dreams."

Jonathan smiled, feeling the young man's warmth beside him.

"Goodnight, Colt. See you in them."

The young man smiled, closing his blue eyes.

Colton smiled, taking in the young man's scent as it filled his nostrils.

He sighed, a soft smile crossing his face.

Thank you, Lucas.

I think I finally feel alive.

And I feel whole.

Come on life, bring it on.

I think his love will be so special.

The young man smiled, closing his blue eyes, his head going against Jonathan's.

The young man smiled in his encroaching sleep, his arm going across Jonathan's chest.

Jonathan smiled, the two falling asleep, walking together in a joining dream.


Lance moved, two arms wrapping around him.

He smiled, feeling a soft furriness under his naked back.

His green eyes opened, feeling the warmth of a face pressed against his cheek.

Justin lay against him, his arms wrapped around him, his face pressed against his own.

Lance felt the naked warmth of his body against him, the man smiling.

He looked around the bedroom, all the candles almost at the bottom of their wicks, soft light surrounding him.

The room was deeply shadowed, Lance's green eyes looking towards the nightstand.

The digital clock there read one seventeen.

He smiled, the man gently and slowly moving, his man's arms tightening around him.

Lance sighed, staring at his man's sleeping face.

I need some grease for this vice.

He smiled, kissing Justin on the nose, the man murmuring.

Lance's finger went to it next, gently tapping it.

"Roll over, babe I need to get up."
Justin mumbled, the man moving, his arms releasing Lance, Justin moving back onto his back.

Lance smiled again, quickly moving off the bed, Justin softly murmuring.

"Babe, where'd you go?" he softly said.
"Right here, sweetie. Just going to the bathroom. Be right back." he said, leaning down and kissing his man's lips, Justin's face softening with a smile, his eyes still closed.

Lance smiled, hearing his man's returned soft breathing, Justin asleep again.

Lance stood up beside the bed, staring down at his man.

He sighed, glancing over his man's total nakedness, Justin sound asleep in the middle of the bed, laying on top of the fur covering.

They'd made love for hours, Lance tasting each inch of that beautiful body.

Justin's center was flaccid, those hours of desire finally quenching his libido.

His man had been beyond romantic, erotic and loving.

Lance smiled, pulling on his robe, the room cool, quietly walking out of the bedroom, walking down the hall to the living room, not before extinguishing the remnants of the candles, the bedroom going dark, moonlight filtering into the room.

He walked into the living room, the room in darkness, foregoing turning on any lights.

He sat down on the couch, reaching for his cell phone which still lay on the end table where he'd left it.

He smiled, as he picked it up, staring at the new silver ring on his right hand.

A tear showed in his green eyes, the man quickly finding a saved number.

He settled back against the couch's pillows, the phone ringing.

"Hello, Josh speaking."

"Hey, Josh. It's Lance." Lance said, a familiar voice of happiness talking back.

"Lancy! It's late there. Everything okay?" Josh said, Lance smiling.

"Everything's fine, Joshy. In fact it's damn near perfect."
Josh smiled, setting back on his couch, a head laying in his lap looking up into his blue pools.

Josh stared down at his man, Lucas' cheeks showing a soft redness.

"I take it our HD has been seducing you?" Josh said into Lucas' cell phone.
Lance chuckled, hearing the love in Josh's voice.

"Let's just say I'm no longer innocent."
Josh laughed, Lucas smiling up at him.

"Is your man there, Josh?" Lance said, Josh smiling.

"He's been permanently attached to me these last few days. He's been wearing me like a second skin." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"And I'm sure you're not complaining."

"Nope, Lancy. I've been happy all weekend. I'll let you talk to Lucky. Give Jus my love, sexy."
"Will do, Joshy." Lance said, smiling.

Josh smiled down at his man, handing him his phone.

"Hey, Lance. How goes the path of love? You're up late. Or are you still up?" Lucas smiled, Josh smiling down at him, his fingers moving through Lucas' curly hair.

"I'm awake and deeply satisfied, Luke." Lance smiled, leaning back into the couch.

"Ah, an evening of Timberlake love. How magical." Lucas smiled, rubbing his man's shirt covered abs, Josh sighing with love.

"It was a special night for both of us. But I believe you already knew that." Lance said, Lucas' cheeks softly reddening again.

Josh stared down at him, seeing the signs of Lucas' usual bashfulness.

"Not sure what you mean, Lance." Lucas said, his voice a little softer.

"Hmm, well let's see. Finn came up to me on the plane all chummy right off the bat. Seems he clued subtly into the fact that Justin and I had been together for six months. He offered for him and Skyler to help me with a romantic evening for Justin."
"That was awful nice of them." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling more on the other end.

"Yes it was. Just like it was for them to offer Justin the same help, albeit in a different form."

"Wow, surprising. You both lucked out."
"Yes, we did. By having such a caring friend. Thank you for making Justin remember the day. He told me that you'd talked to him just before we'd left, reminding him. And I'm sure it was you that guided Finn to help us."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling down at him.

"I love you both, Lance. Justin loves you deeply. He would have remembered himself eventually."

Lance smiled, tears in his eyes.

"He made it a very special night in so many ways." he said, Lucas feeling the emotion in Lance's voice.

"I'm sure you made it just as special. We both want to hear all about it when you get back this week."
"You will, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, Josh's hands on his chest now, rubbing Lucas' t-shirt covered abs.

"Talk of love is stirring my own man's desires, Lancy. You get back to your romance. Have a wonderful night, and special morning."

Lance smiled, hearing Lucas' love over the phone.

"Goodnight, Lucky. Justin sends his love as well."
"Goodnight, Lance. We love you both."

Lance smiled, closing off the phone.

He heard a noise beside him, his green eyes looking upwards.

Justin stood beside the couch, smiling down at him.

Lance's eyes scanned his nude body, the man a vision of moonlit beauty.

"I awoke and an angel was missing from my heaven." Justin said, the man moving, sitting down in Lance's lap, their lips meeting.

They broke the kiss, Lance's hands on Justin's back and thigh.

"The heavenly lights of your love were too bright, my god. I had to step into the darkness to gather my thoughts."

"So how were Josh and Lucky?"

Lance smiled, kissing Justin's neck.

"The both sounded contented, love spent and very much in love."

"A mirror image of ourselves."
Lance smiled, Justin's lips kissing his cheek.

"I take it you thanked Luke?"

Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"He's so in tune with all of us, babe. He so puts everyone else's happiness ahead of his own."

"That's our loving Lucky. We've both gained an amazing friend."

"Yes we have." Lance said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his green.

"I'm sorry I didn't remember this day, Lance."

"I love you more for telling me the truth, Jus. That speaks of your honest soul. I've fallen in love with an honest man. My Honest Babe."

"I would have eventually remembered, Lance. But the end result was all my idea." he said, Lance smiling.

"It was beautiful, my Justin. And it's not over. How about a nice warm shower? Then let's dive under that fur and snuggle all night. Or perhaps see where our desires take us."
"To heaven, Lance. Always to heaven." Justin said, the man softly moaning as Lance's hand moved from his thigh to his half erect center.

"I can't believe they let devils into heaven."

Justin laughed, kissing his man's cheek.

"Just the horny ones."
Lance laughed, Justin standing up, Lance staring at his now rapidly rising center.

"Race you to that shower, babe. First one there gets to top." Justin said, the man taking off, Lance laughing and rising to his feet, his robe hitting the floor, the man rushing after his soulmate.




End of Chapter 113


A chapter of celebratory love.

Justin's and Lance's anniversary celebrated in love and romance.

Lucas had a behind-the-scenes hand in it, that not that surprising.

Both men walking into a surprise from the other.

Isn't love beautiful?


And a new love arises as well.

Jonathan and Colton brought together by their giving, loving friend.

Did any of you see that coming?

Two young men finding in each other a new friendship, and perhaps even more.


Let's watch that relationship grow.

And two sets of couples on different sides of the nation find love in the arms of their soulmates.


More love and surprises continue ahead.

Lucas' trial approaches.

Who knows what that will uncover.

And where Lucas' path will lead everyone.


To all of my American friends, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

May you find happiness with friends and family!!


Hugs, Angel.