Yesterday's End-117

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 117


Lance smiled, watching Josh fidget with the vase of flowers on the mantelpiece, his arm going around the man's slim waist.

"They're going to love the place, Joshy. You need to relax." Lance smiled, his fingers going to Josh's shoulders, the man sighing as Lance massaged them.

"I just want the place to be spotless and neat. It is, after all, my man's family." he softly smiled, Lance sensing his nerves.

"You've met them all, Joshy. They all love you. And they'll feel Lucas' and your love in this place. That's why they're here. For both your love."
Josh smiled, his body calming at Lance's touch.

"You're amazing, Lance. Your fingers are magical. Wet or not."

Lance smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Thank you, sexy. I'll always touch what enthrals me--my men's love and beauty."
Josh smiled, turning and kissing Lance on the lips, his arms going around him now.

"I love you, Lance. My beauty and love are yours."

Lance smiled, guiding Josh to a couch, the two sitting down beside each other.

It was a few days later, the week of relaxation having flown by.

The love had echoed through the house in may ways--musically, friendship filled, desirous and loving.

The close-knit group of friends had felt all of Lucas' flowing love.

Justin and Lance had returned to their home, but had constantly joined Lucas and Josh in their love here.

Today Lucas' family was arriving; Justin, Harry and Finn already headed to the airport to pick them all up.

"The day's fast approaching, Josh." Lance smiled, Josh nodding, looking at him.

"Two days till the trial starts, Lance."
Lance smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I was referring to the greater happiness after that. Your island date with our special someone."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"Less than three months, Lancy. His love will be mine forever."
"It already is, Josh. You have all of it."

The man smiled, Lance staring at him, his green eyes filled with love.

"I want you and Justin to experience all of it as well, Lance. His love is all of ours."

"We do experience it, Joshua. But the totality of it is yours alone."
The man smiled, nodding his head again.

"We just have to get over the next few weeks." Josh said, Lance's arm going around him again.

"We shall, Josh. Lucas doesn't seem concerned by it. He's accepted whatever's about to happen. That speaks volumes in my soul."

Josh smiled, staring at his friend.

"Me too, Lance. He's not worried, so I'll try not to be."

Lance smiled, rubbing his friend's back.

"You'll always worry about him, Josh. He's your soulmate."
Josh smiled, staring into Lance's green pools.

The man leaned forward, their lips meeting again, this time Lance pulling him against him.

Josh became lost in the love flowing through him, Lance slowly releasing him, backing away.

"Wow. . .wow! What was that, Lance?" he softly said, Lance staring at him.

"I. . ."

"It was his giving love."

Josh and Lance both turned, Lucas smiling at both.

The man wore a black silk shirt, khaki cargo shorts showing off his muscled, hairy legs.

Josh smiled, then blushed, Lance smiling at Lucas.

Josh rose to his feet, his man's arms going around him as they joined.

"His love for us is growing, Beamy. Justin practically seduced me when he kissed me goodbye. I don't know which is the greater horn dog now." he smiled, Lance laughing.

"That is now--and will always be--our HD." he smiled, Josh and Lucas both laughing.

"Got that right." Josh smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"The place looks spotless, babe. They'll love it.'' Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"It's our home, Lucky. I want them to see that in its beauty and in its love."

"They'll feel the love, babe. Let's just keep them away from our bedroom though. Timberlake and Bass stink still ferments there."

Josh laughed, Lance smiling at him, seeing the young man making Josh relax more.

"Gee, thanks. We'll remember that the next time either of you need a back rub or some tender cuddling." Lance smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"I still want a B and T sandwich."

Josh laughed, Lance smiling, a soft blush showing in his handsome cheeks.

"Working on it, double Cs."

All three laughed, Colton walking into the room, smiling at the three.

"They're here, everyone. Clive just radioed from the front gate." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"My family's here, Joshua. My love's whole again." Lucas smiled, the three men smiling, seeing the happiness on Lucas' young smiling face.

The young man walked out of the living room, heading for the front door, Josh at his side, their hands joined.

Lance and Colton both smiled at each other, following them.


Josh stood back smiling, seeing the emotion on Lucas' young, handsome face.

He was wrapped in the center of two emotional people.

Lucas' violet pools were staring into his father's green pools, his arms around his son.

"Hello, Father. Hello, Mother. Welcome to my home." Lucas said, Savannah's violet pools filled with tears.

"You. . .you look so happy, Lucas." she softly said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I am wrapped in Josh's love, Mother. And I now have your love back in my life." he said, Savannah tearing up, Lucas kissing her cheek again.

"Hello, Savannah and Tristan." Josh said, Tristan smiling at the singer, Josh moving forward and hugging him and his wife gently, Savannah smiling at him.

"Hello, Josh. You have a beautiful home." she said, Josh's face a wide smile.

"Thank you, it's now Lucas' as well." he smiled, Lucas' violet pools staring at him with love.

Lucas turned his head, his violet pools meeting another set of violet and green.

"Hello, Grandfather and Grandmother. Welcome to my love again."
Emerson was in tears, everyone seeing the happiness on his handsome face.

"Hello, Lucas. Long have I waited to look upon your love again." he said, Francesca smiling at her husband and grandson.

"It is here always for you, Grandfather." Lucas said, moving forward, hugging him close, his arm going around Francesca as well.

The older man hugged his grandson, his face wearing a wide smile.

"Quit hogging the spotlight, Carver! Others want to feel Josh's love more than yours." Finn smiled from the doorway, Lucas breaking his hold on his grandparents, smiling widely.

"Hello, everyone!" Lucas smiled, greeting the other guests walking into the home with hugs and kisses.

Finn's parents both hugged Lucas, as did Henderson and Vivian.

Josh and Lance hugged everyone, Colton quietly taking in the reunion.

Lucas parted with Vivian and Henderson, her smile tearful and loving.

"Welcome to L.A., Mom and Dad." Lucas smiled, Vivian smiling at him.

"I felt the love as the plane descended, Lucas. I feel it greater now here in your arms." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Up close and personal is best." he smiled, Finn chuckling.

"Not as personal as you and Joshy, Luke. I think that would be called incest." he laughed, his mother staring at him, Finn blushing now.

"Sorry, a bad joke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"From a monster no less." he smiled, Finn blushing more.

"Monster? My Finnegan?" Momma Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her.

"We've a lot to catch up on." he smiled, his violet pools looking towards Colton, the young man standing back from the crowd.

"I think we should start with the youthfulness of this house. Everyone, this is Colton Carlisle. My new son." Lucas smiled, Colton softly blushing, everyone staring at the young man with surprise.
Emerson walked up beside his grandson, Francesca at his side.

"Another hidden branch of our family. You draw out all the mysteries, Lucas." Francesca said, Emerson's arm going around her.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Colton." Colton softly smiled, staring at Francesca.

The woman moved forward, stopping in front of him, their eyes meeting.

"I feel your love and warmth, son. And your magic." she said, Colton softly smiling.

"I am only myself, dear lady." he said, Francesca smiling at him.

"That's always the best way to see life, Colton." she said, Colton smiling more.

"Let's head to the patio, everyone. Our friends and family await." Lucas smiled, his arm going around Emerson, the man smiling at him.

Colton offered his arm to Francesca, the woman smiling and accepting it.
Everyone followed the two through the house, Lucas giving everyone a tour along the way.

Lance smiled at his man, Justin's arms around him.

"On to the love." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him, his friends following him.


Lucas smiled, walking out onto the patio, a large tray in his hands.

"I'll take that, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him and letting him take it.

"Drinks for everyone, sweetie." Lucas smiled, walking to the patio tables, Josh walking around and giving everyone cool drinks.

"This place is beautiful, Lucas. So warm, so open." Vivian said, Josh and Lucas both smiling at her.

"It's home, Mom. The center of my and Josh's love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"And you're all staying here." Josh said, Emerson smiling at him.

"We accept with graciousness, Josh. I hope we're not being too much of an inconvenience." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Not at all, sir. You're family. You, Francesca, Savannah and Tristan as well as Mom and Dad are all staying here. Justin's graciously offered his home a short distance away for everyone else." Josh smiled, everyone smiling at him and Justin, the man waving at everyone.

"Mi casa, su casa!" Justin said, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Me in a star's home! My word!" Momma Mavis said, Finn laughing at her wondrous look.

"Justin's just a friend, a good friend." Finn smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I don't mind monsters either." he grinned, Finn blushing again.

"What's all this talk of monsters, Lucas?" Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him, sitting down beside him and Francesca.

"I'll catch you up to speed, everyone. It's been an eye-opening month since we left you." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"Yes we know, son." Henderson said, Lucas smiling at his adoptive father.

His voice filled the patio, everyone listening to the past unfold before them.


Mavis smiled at her son, Finn blushing.

Lucas' narration had ended with Finn's new nickname, the young man wrapped in his mother's arms.

"I always thought you more of a devil than a monster, son." Sean laughed, others joining him, Finn blushing more.

"A right horny one." sky softly said, Lucas smiling at her.

"He's an angel. A little monster at times, but my angel." Mavis smiled, Finn smiling at his mother as she kissed his cheek.

Lucas smiled at the two, the young man feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

He looked up into Vivian's blue eyes, the woman staring at him with love.

"We all know that you are innocent of any wrongdoing in Jacob's death, Lucas. We all feel your love." she said, Lucas smiling and standing up, his arm going around his adoptive mother.

"I am innocent, Mom. The only crime I was guilty of in regards to Jake was perhaps loving him too much."

Vivian's arm went around him now, the young man feeling her kiss his cheek.

"He was a monster, Lucas. Perhaps he got what he justly deserved. He hurt you greatly." she said, Lucas kissing her cheek now.

"He was lost, Mom. No one deserves to die, regardless of their past or their chosen wrong paths. I never wanted that for him. I only wanted to go on with my own life. I've made my peace with him. I hope he's found a greater peace himself now." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with soft surprise.

"You are a soul of infinite giving and forgiving love, Lucas." Emerson said, seated between his wife and Grayson, the three having joined again with friendship.

"Life is about accepting one's past and one's self, Grandfather. I needed to be free of the past. The present and the future have my heart now. And I have all your love."

Josh smiled at his man, everyone else smiling at him with love.

"You seem ready for this trial, son." Tristan said, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"Yes, Father. I am fully prepared." Lucas said, everyone quietly staring at him.

"I feel your calmness, Lucas. You show much courage." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"I am a Belmont, Grandfather. I come for courageous stock."

Emerson smiled, his own son smiling as well.

"The trial begins in a few days. We'll all walk that path forward. For now, I want to bask in the warmth of my family's love. And you'll all bask in mine." he said, Josh's arm going around his man, Vivian smiling at both men.

"We all feel your love, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"Wait till you taste my chicken." he smiled, Tristan laughing.

Others laughed as well, Lucas' mirthfulness calming a lot of concerned looks.

Tristan stood up, walking up to his son.

His hand went to his shoulder, smiling at him.

"I am sure your cuisine is as enriching as your love, son."

Lucas smiled, kissing his father's cheek.

"It is, Father."

Tristan smiled, Colton walking up to them.

"I feel the greater courage in all your family, Lucas. I see what you meant." he said, Tristan staring at the young man.

"What my son meant about what?" he said, Lucas smiling at his father, then at Colton.

"Colton is heavy within the magic, everyone. How he gained that magic, I know not. But I do know that it is great. He can sense all around him. And his love is just as great."

Emerson looked at the young man with surprise again.

"Remarkable! A hidden magic on both sides of our families, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Grandfather. But not actually hidden. The magic's right where it was always supposed to be."

"What do you mean, son?" Tristan said, staring at the young man again, Colton softly blushing.

Lucas' arm went around the young man, Colton smiling at him.

"I'm talking of destiny again, Father. I was destined for my magic, Colton destined for his. And we were both destined to meet. Our magic and our love joining." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling up at him.

"I think destiny's wonderful." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him, everyone seeing their joined friendship.

"In some ways it is, Colt. Love is the better part of destiny."
Everyone smiled, Lucas looking around at his family.

"Colton is now a part of my family. I welcome him into my magic and my love. I want all of you to love him as well."

Everyone smiled at the young man, Colton softly blushing as well, Tristan's hand going forward, Colton taking it.

"Welcome to the family, Colton." Tristan smiled, the young man smiling at the older handsome man as he shook his hand.

"Thank you, sir. You're as beautiful as Lucas."

Lucas laughed, Tristan smiling at his son.

"We are mirrored images of my father, Colton. Beauty, I guess, runs through our family. On both sides." he smiled, Colton smiling widely.

"It's just Colt, sir."

Tristan smiled.

"And I'm Tristan, Colt."

The young man smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"I'll help with dinner, Luke." he smiled, Lucas' arm going around him again, the two walking into the house, everyone's eyes following them.

"Our son's love moves again. That boy, I sense, may be as remarkable as him." Tristan said, Josh smiling at him.

"That he is, Tristan."

Tristan smiled, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.

"My son is centered, Josh. I sense your love is a large part of that. And I welcome you now as part of our family." he smiled, Josh smiling more.

"Our love is real, Dad."

The man smiled, Savannah walking up to the two men.

"I sense a greater calmness in him, Josh." she said, Josh nodding.

"We've all sensed it, Mom." he said, Savannah smiling at the name and Josh's acceptance of their love for Lucas.

"I sense his happiness even more, son. And that's because of you." she said, Josh smiling as she kissed his cheek.

"We love each other. We're both happy, beyond life." Josh smiled, Justin and Lance both smiling at him.

"Let's relax, everyone. I'm sure Lucky's food will be filled with his love." Josh smiled, Tristan and Savannah's arms going around him, the three returning to the table, the love flowing.


Lucas drained the sink, the young man sighing.

He felt two arms going around his waist, a set of soft warm lips kissing his neck.

"Payment for the meal, Jus? I hope you're naked and hard."

The young man felt a hand slap his ass, Lucas smiling as he turned around wrapped in two strong arms.

A set of lips met his, the young man feeling his soul fill with love.

"I'm not Justin, and I'm not naked. But will I do in a pinch?" Josh said, as they broke the kiss, Lucas staring into his man's smiling face, his hand going to Josh's chest, pinching his left nipple lightly through his silk shirt.

"You'll more than do. And you can pay me forever with those lips."
Josh smiled, kissing his man's soft lips again, Lucas' hand rubbing Josh's clothed abs.

"My babe's stuffed. Someone's getting a tummy."

Josh smiled, staring into his man's violet pools.

"You stuff me with your love, my Lucas." he said, Lucas feeling the love and flirtatious desire in Josh's embrace.

"Later, babe. I'll stuff you just the way you like. Deep, slow and filling."

Josh smiled, his head going against Lucas' chest, the young man smiling at the love surrounding him.

"I love this, Lucky. Us being together with your family. A house filled with happiness and love."
"As do I, babe. I wish your family was here as well." Lucas said, Josh smiling and raising his head, staring into two violet pools of love.

"They're here on Saturday, Luke. All our families will join together. You'll be wrapped in love."

"I feel that love always, babe. As I feel your worry, hidden or not."

Josh sighed, his head returning to his man's chest, the two alone in the kitchen.

"It's so close, Lucas. The drama of your trial."

"We'll get through it, my love. Together and surrounded by love." Lucas said, Josh's head raising again.

"What's going on, my love? I feel your focused calmness. You're not afraid."

"No, I'm not. For I have something the other side doesn't have."
"What's that, my love?"

"I have the truth. Well most of it. But it's all focusing."

"You know who did this?"

"Not totally. But I feel the hidden intrigues. I have full faith in my magic drawing it all out."

"I love you, Lucas. I need you in my life." Josh said, Lucas seeing the emotion in his blue pools.

"You have me in your life, Joshua. Today and always. We are one."

Josh softly smiled, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"Let go of the worry, my love. Focus on our love."
Josh smiled, staring at his friend.

"I love you so much, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, the two deeply kissing again.

"I see what's for dessert. A sexy floor show."

The two smiled, Lucas breaking the kiss, his violet pools meeting a set of blue and a set of green eyes, Justin smiling at his friends, his body wrapped in his man's arms.

"I like fifties stuffed in my g-string, stud." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing.

"Sweet! And I love ripping thongs off hot guys."

The four smiled at each other, Lance's green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"You have a question, Lance? I've felt your simmering love all day." Lucas smiled, the two men walking up to Josh and Lucas.

"I feel something different, Lucas. When Josh and I kissed earlier today I felt something different."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I felt it as well, Lucky. When we kissed goodbye when I left for the airport." Justin said, the young man smiling at him.

"We all felt it, my love. What's going on?" Josh said, Lucas quietly staring into Josh's blue eyes.

Josh saw a deep love there.

Lucas smiled at his three soulmates, the young man's face a vision of total love.

"Sides are focusing, my loves. As is my magic and my love. I guess both may be heightening." he said, Justin's arm going around him.

"It felt so intense, Lucas. Beautiful but intense." he said, Lucas kissing his lips softly.

Justin smiled at him when they broke the soft kiss, showing love in his blue eyes.

"Destiny is focusing, my friends. After this trial the four of us may walk our own path of destiny." he said, Josh looking at his man.

"Meaning what, my love?"

"Meaning that I'm going to need a greater love on the path ahead. I think I've found it all in you three. And I'll do all to protect that love." the young man softly said, the other three staring at him.

"A greater love, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"Love is nothing if it's not shown freely. Life is a greater risk. And love is the greatest risk we can take."

The three men looked at each other, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Life goes on, my loves. Right now my cheesecakes are ready. Help me carry them out, Lancy." Lucas smiled, walking over to the fridge, Lance following him.

Josh felt Justin's arms going around him, their blue eyes meeting.

"Our loving man of mystery." Justin said, kissing Josh's lips softly.

"That he is, Jus. That he is." Josh softly said, the two smiling at each other, their blue eyes staring at their soulmates.

Lucas and Lance both smiled at their men, both carrying a large tray filled with four large cherry cheesecakes.

"Bring the plates and silverware, babes." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Justin smiled as well, looking at the rich desserts.

"That'll go straight to our thighs, guys. I'm going to be beyond stuffed." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"You'll get your special cream later, HD. Monster cream a la Lancy."

Lance laughed, following Lucas back out onto the patio.

Justin and Josh smiled at each other, the two following.


The Next Morning


Lucas filled the coffeemaker, yawning, the young man hitting the on button.

He stretched his arms over his head, sighing.

It was the next morning, the man the first one up as usual.

The evening before had been a time of family happiness, Lucas' family welcomed with love into his and Josh's home.

Lucas smiled, remembering the love he'd felt all evening and all night from his man.

"You're up early, son."
His violet pools went to the kitchen doorway, his father standing in its center.

His violet pools took in his father's naked chest, the man wearing an open velour robe and a pair of flannel sleep pants.

The man's chest was muscular, smooth and blemish free.

"Good morning, Father."

"I came down for a glass of water." Tristan smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"There's a full pitcher of ice water in the fridge. And there are bottles of mineral water." he smiled, Tristan smiling and walking over to the fridge.

"Something smells wonderful, Lucas." the man said, retrieving a bottle of water from the fridge, Lucas smiling at him again.

"That would be my biscuits. They're browning in the oven. I was just going to start breakfast." he said, Tristan staring at him.

"What time were you up, son?" The man said, his green pools looking towards the kitchen clock, reading seven o'clock.

"Around six-thirty. I've always been an early riser. And I can't lay in bed, I have to get moving."

"As do I, Lucas. Jetlag slowed me down this morning."
Lucas smiled, the coffeemaker dinging beside him.

"A coffee, Father?"
"No, just this water's fine, son." he said, smiling and walking over to the kitchen table, sitting down, Lucas filling himself a cup of coffee, walking over to the table himself and sitting down beside his father, filling the coffee with cream.

"You have a beautiful home here, Lucas. It's warm and inviting. Josh has great taste."

"Yes, he does. And I feel this is my home."

The man smiled, staring at his son, Lucas' eyes scanning his naked chest again.

"I see where I get my smoothness from. We are mirror images, Father."
The older man smiled, staring at his son.

"We both fell off my father's tree, Lucas. And his roots were grown by Grandfather Joshua."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Are we the nuts from that tree, Father?"

Tristan laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, Lucas. We are the fruits of our ancestors' love." he said, still chuckling.

"Well, a fruit I am." Lucas smiled, Tristan laughed, smiling at his son.

"It's nice to see you smile and laugh, Father." Lucas said, Tristan smiling at him, his face changing to a soft look of thoughtful calmness.

Their eyes met, Tristan sighing.

"I'm proud of you, Lucas. For the life you've led, for the courage I now see in your eyes." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Father. But I only see myself as myself. I've weathered life's path, I've lived as I have." Lucas said, Tristan staring at him.

The man's eyes lowered, Lucas staring at him.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there, Lucas. I'm sorry that I let you walk the path alone." he softly said, the man feeling a hand go on top of his on top of the table.

He raised his head, meeting two violet pools.

"I wasn't alone, Father. You left me in the arms of Aunt Vivian's love. She raised me in the missing love of Mother's. And can I tell you something?"

The man nodded, staring at his son.

"All my life I have felt a presence surrounding me. A presence of protective love. I always thought that it was my family's love, my then present family. I think I've reasoned out that it was more."
"Your magic, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas smiling at him, the man seeing a soft wetness in his son's violet pools.

"No, Dad. It was your and Mom's love."

Tristan teared up, his son rubbing his hand on the table.

"I never lost your love, Dad. It was with me through all my life, just hidden behind the magic. And now it's here surrounding me in the open."

"You called me Dad, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You are my dad, Dad. I want the rest of my path to be one of total family love. I'm so lucky. I have so many Dads and Moms. And I welcome your love to my heart's door."

Tristan's eyes were showing wetness, Lucas moving forward, his father's arms opening, the two hugging tightly.

"I love you, Dad." Lucas said, his head against his father's warm smooth chest.

Tristan smiled widely, hugging his son close.

His green pools went towards the kitchen doorway, two tearful green pools staring back at him.

Emerson stood in the kitchen doorway, his tearful eyes staring at his son holding his grandson.

"Good morning, Grandfather." Lucas said, his back turned to his grandfather, Emerson smiling as Lucas' head turned, his violet pools staring into his green.

"Good morning, Lucas. I didn't want to intrude." he said, Tristan smiling at his father.

"You would never be an intrusion, Grandfather. My love is yours, as is Dad's."

Emerson smiled, walking into the room, Lucas rising from his father's lap, Tristan standing up as well.

Both men hugged Emerson, both kissing his cheeks.

"The three Belmont men have risen before their families. Our paths mirror our hearts." Lucas smiled, Emerson and Tristan smiling at him.

"Our love finds its life early, my grandson." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling.

"Coffee, Grandfather?"

"Yes, please." he said, the young man smiling at him, Emerson sitting down at the table, his son joining him.

Lucas filled another cup with coffee, walking back to the table and sitting down between his grandfather and father.

"It looks like the two of you have come to an understanding of the heart, Lucas." Emerson said, both men smiling at the older man.

"My son has welcomed me into his heart totally, Father." Tristan said, Emerson smiling at his son.

"It is a place of beauty, Tristan. I hold a small residence there as well." the older man said, Lucas smiling widely.

"It's a big heart. All my family lay claim to it."

The other two men smiled, Lucas kissing each on the cheek.

"We have our own Trinity, Grandfather and Dad. The Trinity of paternal love." Lucas said, the other two men smiling softly at Lucas.

"I wish. . .I wish we could have. . ." Emerson softly said, Lucas kissing his cheek again.

"We're here now, Grandfather. The past is the past. Our love has joined, just a little further down the path than all three of us would have liked. But it's alive now, glowing in our hearts."

Tristan smiled, lost in his son's moving words.

"We all welcome it, son." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek again, his violet pools scanning his father's smooth physique.

"I was commenting to Dad about our mirrored beauty, Grandfather." Lucas smiling at him.

Emerson smiled, taking in his grandson's and son's mirrored beauty.

"The Belmont men have always been lookers, Lucas. From Alsarius down through the lines, I believe. My own father lays testament to that."

"We shine in our forefathers' heritage." Lucas said, Emerson smiling at him.

"We shine in our own beauty and love, Lucas." the older man said, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man looked at both men, seeing the love in their green eyes.

"I see your love, Dad and Grandfather. And I feel your concern and protective worry for me. I'm going to be alright. This trial is just a temporary forage off the correct path. In a few days I'll weather all that. And then we'll continue to the truth." Lucas said, Tristan staring at his son.

"I feel the magic within you, my son. It is even greater than mine or Father's." the man said, his green pools meeting Emerson's green.

"It is a magic of necessity, Dad. That's why I'm not afraid. It's here to protect me, to guide me and to show me the truth." Lucas said, Emerson's hand going to his shoulder.

"And what is that truth?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That life gives us surprises, Grandfather. And moments of choice."
"Choice, Lucas?" Tristan said, his violet pools meeting his father's.

"We all choose our paths in life, Dad. I chose love and happiness, as both of you have. And I see the love you both have." Lucas smiled, the two men looking at each other.

"We are happy, Lucas. Thanks to you." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"You're happy because you have the love of your life in your arms, Grandfather. I'm happy I played a small part in that happiness. And I see my parents' love shining, its newness a greater part of my heart now."

"A small part? I have life again because of you, Lucas." Emerson said, his eyes filled with tears.

"As do I, my son." Tristan said, Lucas seeing the tears in his green pools as well.

"I will always guide my family to its heart's desires and hopes. And the same goes for me. I have life now. In the love surrounding me."
The other two men smiled, Lucas hugging both.

"How about the three of us create a family breakfast? You both must be culinary masters. I come from amazing stock!"
The other two men smiled, Emerson rising from his chair, clapping his hands together.

"My son's tasted my mushroom and onion omelettes. I think you should have the same honour!"

Tristan laughed, Lucas smiling up at his grandfather.

"And I make a mean flapjack!" Tristan smiled, standing up as well.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, his arms going around both older men.

"Let's wow them with our Belmont Breakfast. Then let's take on the world." Lucas smiled, the other two men smiling, Lucas guiding them to the stove and fridge.


Lucas smiled, two lips kissing his neck, the man at the kitchen counter buttering toast.

"I awoke lost in an empty bed, my love." Josh smiled, Lucas turning and wrapping his arms around his man.

"Sleep you needed, my love. Not beauty sleep as you're beyond gorgeous." Lucas smiled, two lips meeting his.

Emerson and Tristan both smiled, seeing their Lucas wrapped in Josh's love.

"I'm only as beautiful as your love makes me smile." Josh said as they broke their kiss.

"Will you marry me, beautiful?" Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his chin.

"Any day, sexy."

Emerson and Tristan smiled again, Josh's blue eyes meeting their green.

"Well, you both truly are family now. Lucky's got you toiling over a hot stove." he smiled, the man moving and hugging both in a morning welcome, both kissing his cheek.

"We're all making our family breakfast, Josh. There's no slavery in that." Emerson smiled, Josh smiling at the older man's happiness.

"And your family is touched by your love."
All four men looked towards the doorway, Savannah and Francesca standing there, Emerson and Tristan smiling at their warm smiles.

Vivian, Henderson and Grayson; as well as Colton and Alain and Harry, stood behind them.

"Good morning, my family." Lucas smiled, the young man walking over to them all, hugs exchanged.

"Good morning, Mom." Lucas smiled, Savannah staring at her son.

"Mom. . .you called me Mom." she softly smiled, Lucas kissing her cheek a second time.

"You're my Mom. In destiny and in love." he smiled, Vivian smiling at her nephew, seeing the happiness in his violet pools.

"Couldn't agree more, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling at his adoptive mother.

Savannah teared up, Tristan's arm going around her, the two kissing tenderly.

"Our son welcomes us into his total love." Tristan smiled, everyone smiling at Lucas.

"You all head to the table. Coffee's ready. The Belmont men have breakfast well in hand. Our friends will soon join us." Lucas said, the front buzzer going off, Harry smiling and heading for the front door, his hand in Alain's.

Everyone smiled, heading for the table.

Lucas smiled at his father and grandfather, both men smiling at him.

"Double the recipes, Dad and Grandfather. We've got a hoard."
Both men smiled, then laughed, heading back to their happy tasks.


Justin sighed, Lance rubbing his stomach.

"You've overeaten, babe." he smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"Our beached whales will be easy to catch." Chris Pine smiled, the man rubbing his man's stomach as well, Chris smiling at him.

"As long as you don't harpoon them. Who needs to see all that blubber." Finn laughed, Sky's hand meeting the back of his head, Lucas laughing.

Everyone was relaxing around on the patio, breakfast over, the group well satisfied.

Justin, Lance, Chris and Chris had arrived just before breakfast, joining the large group already assembled.

Finn, Sky, Trish and Andrew had arrived as well, Finn's parents in tow.

They had all stayed at Justin's home last night, Josh's house not large enough to hold all of them.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Lukey?" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Relaxation, my friend. A day to enjoy our home or take in the sights, everyone. The pool's warm, the food's free and Finny will entertain us all." Lucas smiled, Finn rolling his eyes.
"Sweet! Give us a floor show, Finny!" Chris laughed, Justin smiling at the Welshman.

"You've got your own boy toy for that, Chris." Finn smiled, Piney kissing Chris' cheek.

"The pool does look inviting, son." Tristan smiled, the man now wearing a polo shirt and cargo shorts.

"That it does, son." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather and father.

"We should swim in cycles, Dad and Grandfather. Too much beauty would terrify them." Lucas smiled, Emerson bursting into laughter, Grayson smiling at him, the man seated beside him, Francesca on his other side.

Tristan laughed as well, everyone smiling at the three Belmont men.

"You seem beyond happy, Lucas." Grayson smiled, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"I have all of my family in the open, Gray. The love's real and it's mine."

"It is ours, Lucas. Your love echoes through all of us." Francesca smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"Okay, enough loving. Who wants to hit L.A.?" Finn said, a few people raising their hands.

"Shop till you drop, guys. Take my Joshy with you." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek, the man's arms wrapped around his man.

"Trying to get rid of me, beautiful?" he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nah, I'm stuck with ya."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Come on, Josh. Let's have a crazy afternoon of splurging." he smiled, Josh smiling at him and Lance.

"Okay, guys. I want to buy my man something anyway." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have your love, what else would I need?" he said, kissing Josh on the lips, Finn and Chris both gagging, everyone chuckling.

"Take Heckel and Jeckel with you, babe. I'm going to relax with my family." Lucas smiled, his family smiling at him, the younger group rising from their seats.

"Gideon is coming over this afternoon anyway, Lucas. Final glance-over of the evidence." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Gray. Monday's the big day. I'm glad Gideon had the date wrong. That gives me the weekend to spend in celebration of my family's birthdays." Lucas smiled, Emerson and Tristan smiling at him.

Originally Gideon had thought the trial date was the thirteenth but that was in fact Saturday.

The trial's commencement would be on Monday, jury selection beginning.

"Sweet! More presents to buy!" Josh smiled, Emerson and Tristan smiling at him and the others standing.

"We need no gifts, everyone. The greatest gift we've been given is each other." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel so out of place, not celebrating the same birthdays, Grandfather." he smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"You are unlike any Belmont in our lineage, Lucas. Why would you be on the same time path?" Emerson said, Tristan smiling at his son.

"One of a kind, I am." Lucas smiled, Josh leaning down and kissing him on the lips.

"The best kind." he smiled, Finn and Chris fake crying.

Lucas smiled, pulling Josh into his arms, a deeper kiss given, everyone smiling at their showing love.

"That'll hold you, my love." Lucas smiled, Josh looking at him with a lost look on his face.

"Take off, my friends. And buy Finny and Piney's whale some pacifiers. They're both bawling."

Josh laughed, everyone smiling and walking into the house, Harry and Alain waving goodbye as well, Harry having offered for him and Alain to guard them.

"Buy yourself something fun, Harry!" Lucas smiled, waving goodbye at him, Alain winking at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone who'd remained.

"I'm going to clean up the kitchen. Hit the pool, everyone. Take in the sun and the water." he smiled, Mavis and Vivian rising from their seats.

"We'll help, Lucas." they smiled, Lucas accepting, the three walking into the house, the others rising from their seats, heading in to change for an afternoon of sun.


Lucas smiled, opening the front door.

Two sets of blue irises met his violet, the young man smiling.

"You're late, my friends." Lucas smiled, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his.

"Nick invited me out to lunch, we ran a bit late."

Lucas smiled at the young lawyer, seeing a telltale sign on his smooth neck.

"Is that what they call it now? Running late?" Lucas chuckled, Gideon blushing, Nick smiling at Lucas.

"I call it wonderful." Nick said, Gideon smiling at him.

"A parked car with a sexy star. Lucky you, Gid. I'll have to try that with Beamy." Lucas smiled, opening the door wide, his two friends walking into the home.

"Again, sorry I held us up, Luke." Nick smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love has no time frame, boys. Life and love flow on their own." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"I hear your family's arrived, Luke. We have to meet." Nick smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're all as beautiful as I am, Nick."
Nick and Gideon both blushed, Lucas smiling again.

"Come out to the patio, I'll introduce you. Gray's here as well, Gid. We'll go over the week ahead's fate." Lucas said, Gideon smiling at him with love.

"I'm ready, Gid. For all eventualities." Lucas said, the man guiding his two friends through the house.

"The guys are all out shopping, but should be home soon. You can relax and entertain my family, Nick." Lucas smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"You want me to sing, Luke?" he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing.

"This is an N*Sync shrine, Carter. It would be sacrilegious."
Nick laughed, the three walking out into the sunshine.

"Our new friends have arrived, everyone." Lucas smiled, guiding the two men over to the patio tables, everyone smiling at them, rising from their seats.

"You're. . .you're Nick Carter!" Vivian softly said, Lucas smiling at his adoptive mother.

"Yes, Mom. Another wayward singer of fame. But a greater friend." Lucas smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"This is my adoptive mother Vivian Carver and my Dad Henderson." Lucas said, the two smiling at Nick, shaking his hand.

"And this is my grandmother Francesca Isadora." Lucas said, smiling at Francesca, the woman shaking Nick's hand.

"The. . .the lost grandmother?" Nick said, his eyes showing wonder.

The woman smiled, looking at Nick.

"I am lost no more, son. Lucas' love has brought me back to life." she said, Lucas looking towards the pool.

Savannah rose from the table, Lucas smiling at her.

"This is my Mom, Nick and Gideon. Savannah Carlisle Belmont."

Savannah smiled, walking forward, hugging both men gently, kissing each on the cheek.

"New friends of my son's love. I see the love in your eyes for each other."
The two men blushed, Nick smiling at her, his hand going in Gideon's.

"That's my father and grandfather at the pool, Nick." Lucas said, Nick and Gideon's blue eyes looked towards the pool, two specimens of almost identical muscular beauty walking towards them.

The two men smiled, wiping their smooth bodies with towels.

Nick's blue eyes went to Lucas' violet pools.

"They. . .they're your father and grandfather?! Your father looks like he's only in his thirties! And your grandfather looks like he's in his forties!" Gideon said, both men staring in awe at the two men walking up to them.

Tristan stopped beside his son, Emerson's muscular frame wrapping around his wife's slim form.

"This is my friend Nick, Dad and Grandfather. He's a musician like the guys." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling, both shaking the man's hand.

"Hello, young man. Any friend of Lucas' is a guaranteed friend to our family." Emerson said, smiling at the young man.

"Thank you. . .thank you, sir." Nick said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing the wonder on his and Gideon's handsome faces.

"And this, my family, is Gideon Carlisle. Colton's uncle." Lucas said, all five staring at the young man, Grayson rising from the table, smiling at the young lawyer.

"He's Lucas' attorney, everyone. A stalwart young man of deep intellect." Grayson said, Gideon smiling at the older lawyer.

"I try, Grayson. Lucas' friendship guides us both forward." he said, Francesca staring at the young man with a guarded look on her face.

"I feel a faint glow of recognition from your face, young man. Have we met before?" she said, Gideon staring at her.

"No, dear lady. I would remember such a loving face." he said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"He and Colton are of the hidden destiny, everyone. And they're right where I need them to be." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him.

"Let's relax for a moment, guys. How about a dip? You did remember your suits, correct?" he smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"Wearing them, Luke."

Lucas smiled, his hands pulling off his t-shirt, his smooth muscular chest on full display, the man already wearing swimming trunks.

"Race you to the pool again, Grandfather. This time I won't lose."
Emerson laughed, he and his grandson dashing towards the pool, equal in their stride.

Tristan smiled at the two new men.

"Come on in.  The water is laced with Lucas' love."

The two men smiled, Nick pulling his shirt over his head, Gideon smiling at his smooth torso.

Gideon joined them, the three smiling at their revealed beauty; Gideon and Nick walking with the older man to the pool, both staring at his physical beauty.

Francesca's violet pools stared at Gideon, Savannah's arm going around her mother.

"Another lost soul on our family's path." she said, Francesca nodding.

"Yes, another lost soul."

Her now blue eyes stared at the young man, watching him dive into the pool.



End of Chapter 117


Interesting ending there.
It seems Francesca Isadora feels something in Gideon's presence.

Is there more there than his friendship with Lucas?
His relationship to Lucas' other side of heritage?

The clan's all together, awaiting Lucas' upcoming judgment.

Lucas seems determined and focused.

The plot thickens.


A nice way to end the year.

With the holiday upon us next week I shall be taking a short sabbatical of family love.


I want to wish all of my fans and fellow walkers on this path the happiness of the holiday season.

May all of you find friendship, love and family in the joyousness of this festive time of year.


Merry Christmas, everyone.