Yesterday's End-128


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 128


Josh's hand went against the door, the man softly sighing.
He felt a hand go to his shoulder, a soft kiss given to his cheek.

"I feel his love, Joshua." Savannah said, Josh's blue eyes meeting her blue.

Tristan smiled beside her, Josh seeing the soft wetness in both their eyes.

The three stood at the closed door of Lucas' hospital room, Dr. Welby standing beside them.

"He's still unconscious, but his signs have stabilized. He's breathing normally and his heart rate is normal. He will probably sleep until tomorrow morning at the earliest." the man said, smiling softly at all three.

"Take your time, you have all evening, Mr. Chasez. I'll leave permission at the nurses station for you to stay all night if you so wish."
"Thank you, Doctor. And it's just Josh." he softly said, the young doctor smiling at him.

"Love is indeed the best medicine. I think Lucas may overdose." the young doctor said, the three smiling at him, sensing his calming friendship.

"I'll leave you to administer it." he smiled, quietly walking away from them towards the nurses station at the end of the hall.

"Our Lucas needs your love, son." Tristan said, Josh nodding his head, the man pushing against the room's door, the three walking into the semi lit room.

Josh's blue pools went to the bed situated in the middle of the room, the surroundings disappearing from his line of vision.

Before him lay his world.

Josh felt the connection immediately.

Lucas was laying in the bed, his upper body slightly elevated, his legs and center covered by a white blanket, his arms outside of the coverings.

Tubes ran out of his arm as well as his nose, soft beeping sounds echoing in the silent room, monitors attached to the young man's physique.

Josh felt Savannah softly sob beside him, Tristan's arms going around his wife.

"Oh, Trist. He looks so alone." she softly said, Josh kissing her cheek.

"He's not alone, Mom and Dad. Our love surrounds him." Josh said, Tristan's eyes meeting Josh's tearing blue.

Josh moved forward, gently sitting down on the edge of the bed, his hand gently going into Lucas' hand which lay on the blankets, the man careful of the IV tubing.

Tristan guided his wife around the bed, gently guiding her down onto the bed on Lucas' other side, her hand going into his other hand.

Josh and Savannah both felt the warmth of Lucas' skin, Josh feeling the hidden love within the young man sinking into his soul.

"I'm here, Lucky. Your Beamy's here. As are Mom and Dad, my love. Our love surrounds you." Josh softly said, Savannah leaning forward, kissing her son's forehead.

"We're all here, Lucas. All your family and friends. Come back to our love, my angel. We all need your love even more." she said, Tristan rubbing her back, the man leaning down as well, kissing his son's cheek.

"Come back to the love, my son. We all need your love so much." he said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"I feel his love, Mom and Dad. I feel its realness. He's here with us. His love hasn't changed. In fact, it feels even more intense. He'll open his eyes and he's give us his shining love." Josh said, Savannah tearing up.

"His love radiates with your love, Joshua. You are both of one soul." she said, Josh smiling softly at her.

"He is my life, as I am his. Our love is forever." Josh said, leaning forward, his lips softly touching Lucas' smooth warm lips.

"I love you, Lucas. Come back and love me." he said, his eyes filling with tears.

He moved back, the three surrounding the young man.

Lucas' lips slowly moved, his tongue lightly licking across them.

"Always." a soft voice said, the three surrounding him trembling with love.

No other words came out of Lucas' mouth, Josh sensing the young man had slipped back into sleep's endless night.

Tristan's and Savannah's eyes met Josh's blue, all three seeing the tears of love in each other's pools.

"Your love awakens him, Joshua. He's on his way back." Tristan said, the older man walking around the bed, Savannah rising as well, Tristan gently pulling Josh up into his arms, the man's emotions letting go, Savannah rubbing his back as Josh cried into Tristan's chest.

"I can't live without him! I love him so much!" Josh cried, Savannah kissing his cheek.

"He's not going anywhere, Joshua. Our Lucas is here, wrapped in your love." she said, the three smiling at each other, Josh seeing the love in Lucas' parents' eyes, Josh wiping his eyes.

"He's wrapped in all our love."

The three smiled, Tristan moving some chairs that were in the room around, the three sitting down together on one side of Lucas' bed, Josh seated right against the bed, his hand going into Lucas' hand again, his head going against Lucas' shoulder.

"I'm here, my love. My love's here always." he said, Tristan and Savannah both smiling at the younger man.

The three sat in silence, staring at the joining of their love.

At a young man sleeping in silence.



On The Road


Lucas felt the quietness of the area surrounding him, the silence almost tomb-like.

He slowly opened his violet pools, the man's eyes adjusting to the soft dark gloom surrounding him.

Well I'm not at the pool.

So where am I?

He looked around, taking in his shadowy surroundings.

His nostrils filled with a soft scent of aged decay, the young man feeling a soft itch go up his spine.

It seemed to be a large empty room, the floor covered in old marble stones, soft letters etched into their facades.

The area around him was softly lit, a shadowy gloom of silent eeriness.

"Hello?" he softly said, his soft voice sounding loud in the heavy silence.

"Where am I?" he said, no voice answering back.

Am I dead?
Is this. . .is this heaven?

Lucas moved slowly forward, the softly lit area around him moving as well, as the beam of a flashlight would move on a pitch black night.

He took in the letters etched in the stone, no real reasoning behind them.

His foot stepped on a large marble stone, a large D etched in its center.

A sudden sound caught Lucas' ear, the young man stopping immediately.

To Lucas' keen hearing it had sounded like a door opening.

He raised his hand up to his chest, it having been at his side.

The instant he raised his hand, the softly lit area rose as well.

Lucas moved his hand to the right, the lit area moving to the right.

I am a human flashlight, I guess.

He softly smiled, now moving both of his arms, the lit area bouncing around the room.

Lucas took in all the light briefly showed, the man surmising he was in a large ancient room, the stone walls covered in old moss.

One movement to his right showed a slightly opened old wooden door, the door open about an inch.

Lucas focused on that door, moving his hands delicately to zone the soft light to it.

The path to escape?

Only one way to find out.

Lucas moved forward, his foot landing on a stone with the letter X on it.

Lucas' leg slipped, the stone slippery, the young man going to one knee.

Lucas felt something brush against his neck, its touch ice-like and hard.

He remained still, hearing a whooshing sound to his left.

He slowly raised his left hand, his eyes taking in a large axe hanging from an iron chain, the steel weapon gently swaying.

Booby traps!

That axe would have decapitated me!
Lucas remained still, his eyes lowering, his hand moving in front of him.

Thank you, slippery stone.

My clumsiness just saved my life.

If I really am alive.

I guess X doesn't mark the spot.
Lucas stared around him, his hand guiding the light.

He thought for a moment, the young man going to his feet again slowly, no sound again heard.

He focused on the stones ahead of him, taking in their scrambled letterings.

A path to freedom.

A riddle of life-ending resolve.

He thought for a moment, staring at the letters showing between him and the door.

A word formed in his mind, Lucas spelling it out to himself.

"Perhaps my own path." he said, his voice cutting through the silence.

Lucas took a deep breath, moving forward, his foot stepping on a large E.

He froze, another sound coming from ahead of him.

He raised his hand, the door in front of him showing a larger gap in its opening.

He smiled.

Someone's got a sense of humour.

He moved forward, lightly stepping on five other stones.

"S-T-I-N-Y. That spells DESTINY!" he smiled, his hand touching the handle on the old wooden door.

Lucas pulled the door slowly open, seeing darkness ahead of him.

He took a deep breath, walking forward.


The instant he stepped across the threshold of the door, the chamber before him brightened substantially.

The light made Lucas cover his eyes, slowly removing his hand, adjusting to the brightness.

He looked around the room, seeing the walls lined with lit torches and shadowy portraits.

The wall was circular, the room one large rounded space.

The floor was a soft white marble, not a speck of dust showing on its surface.

In the center of the room was a white marble altar, three glass domes showing on top of it.

Lucas looked at the portraits hanging on the walls, their shadows showing male faces.

"The circle of my past." he softly said, the young man moving to his left slowly.

He quietly moved, only silence greeting him.

He took in each portrait, a masculine handsome face greeting his.

Their beauty matched the stone statues of Kurucu's Haven's open cavadeum.

"My forefathers, etched in beauty." he softly said, taking in the faces of the Belmont heritage.

Lucas slowly walked around the room, his eyes taking in the faces of his ancestors, the young man seeing the names etched in copper below each portrait.

He stopped, staring at the portrait of Emmanuel Belmont, staring into his great-great-grandfather's green eyes.

His handsome face wore a look of determination and courage.

This was a man not to be trifled with.

"You match my father's looks, Grandfather. I see where your son's and my grandfather's beauty comes from as well." Lucas said, staring at the last three portraits ahead of him--Joshua's, Emerson's and Tristan's handsome faces staring back.

Lucas touched the portrait in front of him, the young man feeling a sensation flood his soul.

He stepped back, staring at the portrait.

The portrait's face now wore a soft smile, Lucas looking confused.

"That portrait changed." he said, his voice echoing in the silent chamber.

"Life changes, my friend."

Lucas turned around at the sound of the voice, staring at a man standing on the other side of the marble altar that stood between them.

The man was standing between two portraits, his physique softly hidden in the torches' shadows.

He wore a dark robe, black or navy, Lucas couldn't tell from the shadows.

The man's head was covered by the robe's hood, Lucas staring into two green pools of softly glowing quietness.

"Where am I? And who are you?" Lucas softly said, the man's face changing into a soft shadowy smile.

"You are in a room of shadows. On the cusp of the path." the man said, his voice rich with authority and masculinity.

"Am I. . .?"

"No, child of tomorrow. You have not passed unto death. You are very much alive in the other forgotten world." he said, Lucas slowly walking forward, the man's hand raising.

"You cannot touch the past, young child of worth." the man said, Lucas stopping.

Lucas stared at the handsome face now showing more in the light, the man having moved forward.

Lucas' eyes turned back, looking behind him, then back at the handsome face in front of him again.

"Grandfather Emmanuel?!" he softly said, the man's face showing more smile.

"You are of intellect, my young friend. Hence your passing through the corridor of destiny."
"Are you. . .a. . .a ghost? Or is this a dream?" Lucas said, the man smiling at him, his hands folding in front of him.

"There are more things of this world or others than there are shades upon the stones of the ages." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"Why. . .why am I here?" Lucas said, the man slowly walking forward, stopping before the altar, Lucas staring at him.

His green eyes looked at the domed glasses laying on top of it.

"The treasures have been guided to you, Lucas. My past warranted retribution." the man said, Lucas slowly walking towards the altar, taking in the glass domes, seeing the empty surfaces under them and the indentations in their cushioned bottoms.

"The key, the stone and your book?" Lucas said, the man across from him nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. Relics of the past. The last indeed my journal." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"I have read a lot of its past, Grandfather. And I have felt your magic within its pages." Lucas said, the man's eyes lowering.

"We all walk paths in search of our own absolutions, Lucas. That journal was perhaps mine." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Thank you for leaving it for me, Grandfather. It has guided me greatly."

The man softly smiled again, looking at the younger man.

"How does one feel the stone's truth, Lucas? The magic must be intense." he said, Lucas' hand going to the stone hanging around his neck.

"I assumed it was yours, Grandfather. And that you shared that magic."
"No, Lucas. None of us were destined to wear it. To wear it would bring the shadow."

"The shadow?"

"We never knew the reasoning of the stone, or the silver key. We were only told to guard it, to leave it here for he that would need them."

"Then you don't know where the key unlocks, either? You built Kurucu's Haven, sir. I thought it might unlock some door there. That place's name is etched in it."

"I built that house, yes. But that key is a lot older than it."

Lucas nodded, staring into the man's green pools.

"You are a Shade, aren't you? A resonating image of your former soul."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"You are indeed intelligent, Lucas. The magic chose well."

"Why me, Grandfather? Why am I the one for all this mystery? I never wanted it. All I wanted was. . ." Lucas softly said, the man staring at him.

"You've gained what you wanted, Lucas. I feel the love resonating off your soul. Many love you. Some deeply."
"You feel the love surrounding me?"

"Yes, Lucas. We all feel it." the man said, his eyes scanning around the room, Lucas' eyes glancing at the portraits as well.

"My ancestors. . .they're. . .they're now Shades?!"

The man's green pools met his, Lucas staring at him with quiet awe.

"We are lost, Lucas. That is what a Shade is. A lost soul seeking out the correction of life."

"The correction of life?"

The man across from him sighed, their eyes meeting again.

"You have seen some Shades, Lucas. Those are called the Dawning Shades. Souls that have passed from life to the after world. But not to the final path. They walk the path they mirrored in life, awaiting their ascension to the greater light. They are trapped in their memories. Those soldiers in that bunker, that nurse in the hospital in Wales. Your magic drew them to you."

"Has it now drawn you as well, Grandfather?"

The man softly smiled, his handsome face taking on a greater beauty.

"Your love drew me, Lucas. Its greatness draws all who need it."

"You have my love, Grandfather. You are family, regardless of your shaded life."

The man teared up, staring at the young man.

"I would give heaven and earth to feel that real love, Lucas. Where I reside, I cannot breach the greater worth of your soul."
"Where you reside?"

The man lowered his eyes, then raised them again, Lucas seeing more tears in them.

"My son fears the coming Trinity. He fears the unknown, as all we before him did. What laid after the ending of our triad of life. I now know the answer to that question."

"Eternal life, Grandfather?"

The older man looked at Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"We all have eternal life, Lucas. Each soul walks its path. Some of us just see the reality of what life is."

"You're talking in riddles, Grandfather. Your son shines with your knowledge."

Emmanuel smiled, staring at the young man.

"My Joshua always was a true Belmont. His soul always given over to destiny. I wish I could have been the same."

"I felt the beauty of your soul in your words, Grandfather. Why did you risk leaving that saga within those pages?"

"I risked it for all of us. My thoughts at that time bore a later truth. I think you're even more intelligent. I think you'll reason it all out before any of us."

The young man smiled, hearing his ancestor's faith in himself.

"We all believe in you, Lucas. In what you represent."
"And what do I represent?"

The older man softly smiled, Lucas seeing a shining love in his softly glowing green pools.

"Destiny and hope, Lucas. You are the hope of the Cerchio della Vita."


Lucas stared at his ancestor, the name he'd spoken hanging on the silence between them.

"That's Italian, Grandfather. I believe it means Circle of Life." Lucas said, the older man nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. Surrounding you is the circle of your life. Of all our lives. The Denied Shades of a greater legacy." Emmanuel said, Lucas' eyes moving around the room, remembering each painted face he'd stared at right up to the last painting of his own father.

"I am not on the wall, Grandfather. And neither is Alsarius." Lucas said, Emmanuel nodding his head.

"You are not a member of our continuous Trinity, Lucas. These are the portraits of your destiny-entrapped family. Alsarius was the beginnings of our devotion. He warrants no acknowledgement on this destined circle. He is sadly lost forever. We all believe he has gone on to the greater light." the man said, Lucas nodding.

"Do you yourself believe that, Grandfather?"

The other man sighed, looking at Lucas.

"Your intellect shines from my own soul, Lucas. We are greatly alike. We challenge all that we see. I always sought out the answer to that question, my grandson. His disappearance you read of, as I myself was told from my ancestors."
Lucas nodded, looking around the room.

"Where is this room, Grandfather? What is its purpose?"

"It is one of the three corners of the Trinity, Lucas. As I have been told."

"Told by whom?" Lucas said, the older man looking around the room.

A soft rumble could now be heard around them.

"Our time grows short, Lucas. I only pulled you and myself to this point to warn you."

"Warn me of what, Grandfather?"

"I cannot speak the truth of what I learned here on the other side, of that I've been warned. Danger encircles around you and your family, Lucas. You have the magic and love to protect them all. Read all of the book, Lucas. See the meaning behind my words. It perhaps is the only hope for all of us."

Lucas heard the urgency in his ancestor's words.

"I love you, Grandfather. My love is here for you and all my unknown Shades of family love."

The older man smiled.

"Look to the Archer to find the next path. She cannot hide forever. My son needs to understand that as well."

Lucas nodded, unsure of what he was speaking of.

"Mysteries surround you, Lucas. You've already verified some of them. The magic grows."

"My love grows as well, Grandfather."

The man smiled again.

"Return to your world, my grandson. Heal of mind and body. You have the strength to overcome anything. The path ahead needs to shine with courage. Never give up on your life or his love."

"I never shall, Grandfather. I shall love you. . ."

Lucas' vision went black, the room around him disappearing.


". . .always." Lucas softly said, Josh raising his head, staring into his lover's sleeping face.

Lucas' eyes were closed, the young man's soft voice waking Josh's sleeping form beside him.

"Lucas, my love. Are you awake?" he softly said, no answer coming from the young man.

Josh stretched, wiping his eyes, looking around the room, hearing only the soft beeping from the machines attached to Lucas.

He glanced at his watch, reading six o'clock.

Lucas' parents had left just after midnight, Josh now alone with his soulmate.

All Lucas' family and friends had separately visited the room all evening, their emotion showing on all their faces.

Colton had wrapped his arms around Lucas' sleeping form, kissing his cheek.

"Love you, Dad. Your love will be with us tomorrow." he'd said, everyone tearfully staring at the young man, Gideon wrapping his arms around the young man when he'd risen from the bed.

Everyone had quietly kissed the young man, tenderly hugging him, his family and friends showing their love.

Trish, Skyler and Finn had all cried, everyone around them showing them their love as well.

Justin had been the most emotional, Lance calming him with his surrounding love.

Josh looked across the room, seeing Justin and Lance sound asleep on a couch against the wall, Justin wrapped in Lance's strong arms, both laying across it.

Both had stayed with Josh, not wanting him to be alone.

They'd both laid down on the couch after Josh had fallen asleep in the chair beside Lucas' bed, his hand entwined with Lucas'.

Lance had gently covered him with a blanket, the two men falling asleep shortly thereafter.

Josh's blue pools went back to the bed, staring at his soulmate.

"Wake up, Lucas. I need your love." he tearfully said, lowering his head, the man feeling Lucas' hand squeeze his own.

"You. . .you have it. . .always." Lucas softly said, his eyelids fluttering.

Josh raised his head at the voice, two violet half-opened pools staring at him.

"Oh, Lucas! You're awake!" Josh said, tears falling down his cheeks.

Lucas squeezed Josh's hand again, their eyes locked on each other.

"Everyone. . .all safe?" Lucas softly said, Josh leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, my love. Everyone's safe." he tearfully said, Lucas' other hand raising, brushing against Josh's cheek.

"Don't. . .cry. . .my love. I'm. . .my love. . .is here." Lucas softly said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"I'm so tired. . .it was so dark. . .but I hear. . ..water." he said, Josh seeing his eyes flickering, the young man succumbing to the tiredness again.

"Sleep, my love. We're all here for you. I love you." Josh said, Lucas closing his eyes again.

Josh teared up, the man feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

He turned, staring into two green pools.

"He was awake, Joshy. His love is back." Lance said, pulling Josh up out of his chair, his arms going around him.

The two hugged, Lance feeling Josh's relieved happiness against him, the man softly smiling, staring at Lucas' again sleeping form.

The two broke their hug, Lance's fingers wiping Josh's cheeks, the man smiling at him.

"He's back, Lancy. Our love is back."
"That he is. I heard his tiredness. He's going to heal. Our love he'll need, yours the most."

Josh smiled, looking towards the couch, Justin still sleeping.

"He has all of us. The three of his soul are here." Josh said, Lance smiling.

"The Trinity of his love."

Josh smiled, their eyes meeting.

Lance leaned in, their lips meeting.

Both felt their joined love, the two slowly breaking their kiss.

"Your scent is intoxicating, Joshua. I think you need to freshen up. You've been in this room for hours."
Josh nodded, looking down at his man.

"I'm here, Josh. My love's here."
Josh smiled.

"So is mine, Joshy."

Josh felt another arm go around him, Justin's blue pools meeting his.

"Your love awoke me, Joshy." he said, their lips meeting.

Lance smiled, seeing his man's love for Josh.

The two broke their kiss, staring at each other.

"I have so much love. As does our Lucas." Josh said, Justin and Lance both smiling at him.

"Come on, Joshy. There's a bathroom down at the end of the hall. I'll help you clean up. Finny said he'd bring us a change of clothes this morning." Justin smiled, Josh nodding.

Lance smiled at Justin's tenderness with Josh, the man gently guiding him out of the room, Josh's eyes staring at his man as he disappeared out of the room.

Lance smiled, sitting down on the edge of the bed, his hand going into Lucas'.

"I'm here, Lucas. I love you as well. We all love you." he said, his own tears flowing.

Lucas' face showed a soft smile, Lance smiling at his beauty.

In Lucas' mind, that waterfall of a triad of love was enough.


Lucas' eyes fought the edges of sleep.

He slowly opened his eyes, staring into a set of sparkling blue love.

"Good morning, Lucas." Justin said, the man seated on the edge of the bed, his hand in Lucas'.

"Jus. . .what time is it?" Lucas softly said, Justin leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"It's around nine-thirty. How do you feel?" he said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"Pain. . .my body feels. . ." the young man said, Justin gently rubbing Lucas' chest.

"You were hurt, Lucas. The pain will lessen. I'll call the nurse." Justin said, his hand going for the ring button, pressing it.

"Where's. . .my Josh?" Lucas softly said, Justin kissing his cheek again.

"Lance has taken him down for breakfast. He hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. He needed energy."

"I felt his love. . .I felt all of you." Lucas said, Justin tearing up, staring at the young man's handsome face.

"We all felt your love, Lucas. We knew you wouldn't leave us." Justin said, his face now covered in tears.

Lucas' hand went up, rubbing that wetness.

"I'm here, Jus. My love's here, always." he said, Justin trembling.

"I. . .I thought I'd lost you, Luke. I've never been so afraid." he softly said, Lucas slowly pulling the man's face down, their lips meeting.

Justin felt the love flow through him, the man also feeling the tiredness of that love.

"I'm here, my love. I'm here for all three of you." Lucas softly said, breaking the kiss.

"I love you, Luke. As does Lance. Josh was so lost last night without your showing love. We all were."

"I'm back, Jus. I just have to focus on that love." Lucas softly said, Justin moving back a bit, staring into his violet pools.

"Our love will heal you, Luke." he said, wiping his eyes, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"The wonders of my life." he said, Justin smiling at him.

The door of the room opened, a young nurse walking into the room.

"You rang, Mr. Timberlake?" she said, Justin smiling at her.

"Lucas feels pain." he said, the nurse walking up to the bed, a soft look of surprise on her face, seeing the young man awake.

"You're awake, Mr. Carver? How do you feel?"

"My body feels numb. But there's a heat in my back." he softly said, the woman's eyes meeting Justin's.

"You've been seriously wounded, Mr. Carver. You were operated on. Your body's experienced trauma. I'm Linda, your nurse." She said, gently taking his pulse, her hand on his forehead.

"And I'm Luke, your patient." Lucas softly said, the woman smiling at him.

"Alright, Luke. Let's see if we can alleviate some of that pain. The doctor's left you some pain medication. I'll ring him to let him know you've woken." she smiled, checking his blood pressure as well.

Lucas nodded slowly, his face showing a soft look of pain.

"I'll be right back with something to ease the pain." she said, smiling at Lucas, then at Justin.

Justin smiled back, the young nurse walking back out of the room.

She met Josh and Lance walking into the room, the woman smiling.

"He's awake.  Try not to overexert him. He's still tired, and in pain." he smiled, both men smiling at her.

"Thanks, Linda." Lance said, the woman smiling, walking towards the nurses station.

Josh moved across the room, Justin rising from the bed, smiling at his friend, Josh sitting down in his vacated spot.

"Hello, my love." Lucas said, Josh's arms gently going around him, their lips softly meeting.

Josh felt Lucas' love in their kiss, and his tiredness, the man gently pulling back.

"How are you, my love?"

"I'm a little more focused, but the pain is there." he said, Josh wiping his man's soft cheeks.

"The nurse is coming back with medication." Justin said, Lance's arms going around him, kissing his cheek, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Welcome back, Luke. We love you." Lance said, Lucas smiling up at him.

"I love all three of my heart." he softly said, all three hearing a bit more lucidity in Lucas' voice.

"You're resting, my love. We're going to get you better." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Alright, my loves. The waterfall of your love strengthens me." he said, the three men tearing up.

"I'm going to be alright, my loves. I just have to focus on the pain and get my strength back."

Josh teared up, staring into his soulmate's violet pools.

"Why did you do it, Lucas? Why did you risk so much?" he said, Lucas' fingers brushing against his cheek.

"I. . .I would protect all of you. He. . .he was stopped?" Lucas said, Justin looking at Lance.

"Yes, my love. Let's not talk of that now. You need rest." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

The door of the room opened again, Dr. Welby and the nurse walking into the room, the nurse carrying a tray.

"Hello, Mr. Carver. It's a surprise seeing you awake. And so lucid."  the young doctor smiled, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I had to come back to the love. And the fun." he said, the doctor smiling again.

"I'm Dr. Welby, Mr. Carver."

"I'm Lucas, Pierce."

The doctor looked surprised, looking at Josh, Justin and Lance.

"How did. . .?"

Lucas smiled, looking up at him.

"Your name tag."

The doctor smiled, looking down at his name tag.

"You are focused, surprising. How do you feel?"

"I feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest, and his tusks are digging into my back."

Justin lightly laughed, the doctor smiling at him.

"We had to operate, Lucas. We removed the bullets from near your heart and in your spine. That's why those areas are feeling painful."
Lucas nodded, staring at him.

"And my legs?"

The doctor stared at him.

"I don't feel them. They're numb."

Everyone looked at Lucas, his violet pools showing tired calmness.

Justin and Lance's arms went around Josh, the man showing emotion on his face.

"I'm going to do some tests, Lucas. I'll try not to give you any more pain." the doctor said, the nurse walking around the bed to the other side, the other three men stepping back, giving them room.

The doctor pulled down Lucas' blankets, the young man wearing a hospital gown, his muscular legs showing.

The doctor's hands went down both legs, rubbing them.

"Do you feel that, Lucas?"

"Feel what? I don't feel anything."

Josh trembled, Lance rubbing his back, Justin whispering in his ear, trying to calm him.

The doctor looked towards the three men, continuing to Lucas' feet.

He pulled a pen out of his pocket, lightly hitting Lucas' toes with it.

"How about that?"

"I didn't feel it, Pierce."

The young doctor nodded, moving back to Lucas' chest.

"I'm going to gently roll you onto your side. It might be painful."
Lucas nodded, the doctor smiling at him, the nurse's blue eyes meeting his.

"I'll hold you, Lucas." she said, Lucas nodding.

The doctor gently moved Lucas to his right side, Lucas gasping loudly, but remaining calm.

The doctor lightly tapped him between the shoulder blades.

"I feel that, Pierce."
"Good, Lucas. How about this?" he said, Lucas replying no.

The doctor had gently rubbed Lucas' lower thigh.

He gently moved Lucas back onto his back, the young man gasping again.

Everyone saw the pain registering on his face, the doctor patting his shoulder.

"Linda has some pain medication for you. That will dull the pain." the doctor said, nodding at the nurse, the young woman picking up a needle off the tray, injecting it into Lucas' IV.

"If I smile can I get a double?" Lucas softly said, everyone seeing tears in his violet pools, the pain showing.

The young nurse lightly laughed, patting his shoulder.

"It will kick in fast, Lucas." Dr. Welby said, Lucas nodding, closing his eyes.

"That'll be all, Linda." the doctor said, the nurse nodding, picking up the tray and walking out of the room, the doctor nodding towards the three men staring at him and Lucas.

The four quietly walked out of the room, Lucas seemingly asleep.

Josh was the last to look at him, closing the door behind him.

Lucas' violet pools slowly opened, looking towards the door.


"Is he paralized, Doctor?" Justin said, Josh staring at the young doctor as well.

"He has no feeling below his waist. It could be only temporary due to the spinal upheaval during surgery, or it could be worse. I'll have to do some x-rays and an MRI to determine the full extent of the damage. That we'll wait on for a few days until he's stronger. If it's temporary he could quickly show improvement. I wish I could be more optimistic." he said, Lance nodding.

"Thank you for being honest, Dr. Welby."
"As Lucas said, it's Pierce." the young doctor smiled, the three nodding.

"What's your honest opinion, Pierce?" Josh said, the young doctor staring at him, seeing the emotional concern on his face.

His hand went to the singer's shoulder.

"I don't have an honest opinion, Mr. Chasez. I've seen a lot of remarkable things in this line of work. The body can do some amazing things. And that young man in there, I sense, is an amazing individual in his own right. He's already focused and calm. The best thing for him is to stay that way. He'll need a lot of support and strength from all of you. I easily see he's surrounded by a lot of people who love him."
The three men smiled, nodding their heads.

"That he is, Pierce. We all love him. And I'm just Josh."  Josh said, the doctor smiling at him.

"Then he'll get through anything, Josh. I'll swing around later this afternoon on my afternoon rounds. Let him rest, but I think he needs all of you and that large gang of friends and family I met yesterday."
All three shook the doctor's hand, the young man smiling, walking away from them.

Lance's arms went around both Justin and Josh.

"Pierce is right. He needs us to be strong for him. All of us. He needs to see our continuing love."

"What if he can't. . .?" Justin softly said, Josh looking at him.

"I love him, Jus. Nothing or any hindrance will ever change my love for him. I'll love him whole or damaged." Josh said, Justin and Lance both nodding their heads.

"We all will, Josh. He's a part of us." Justin said, the three smiling at each other.

The three walked back into the hospital room.


Lucas felt a kiss on his cheek, and a soft wetness.

His violet pools slowly opened, staring into two blue pools.

"Can the tears, Frankie. You'll short circuit." Lucas softly said, Finn smiling widely.

"I love you, Luke." he said, his teary eyes staring at him.

"Love you too, Monster. Where's your princess?" he softly said, the young man feeling another hand on his shoulder.

"Right here, Lucas." Skyler said, coming into Lucas' field of vision.

"Hello, beautiful. How's the mother-to-be?" he said, Skyler tearfully smiling at him.

"I'm doing fine, Lukey. And your smiling, awake face is so beautiful." she said, tears falling.

"I must look hideous. Where's my makeup man?"

Everyone around the room laughed, Lucas softly smiling, Finn and Skyler stepping back.

The room was full of people, everyone smiling at the young man laying in front of them.

Trish and Andrew walked up to the bed, both kissing Lucas, Trish last.

"Hello, brother. You gave us all such a scare." she said, her face covered in tears.

Lucas smiled, wiping her cheeks.

"Your mascara will run, Trashy. I don't think Andrew's into clowns."

Andrew laughed, Trish smiling at her brother.

"But apparently Josh is." she said, Lucas softly smiling.

"Love ya, Sis."

Trish smiled, stepping back, Lucas smiling up at Vivian, Henderson, Tristan and Savannah encircling the bed.

"Is this a new version of The Parent Trap? I'm surrounded by parental love."

All four laughed, Savannah and Vivian both leaning down, kissing both of Lucas' cheeks.

"Love in stereo. Turn it up, please." Lucas softly said, everyone tearing up.

"We haven't missed that mirthful humor." Savannah said, lightly slapping her son's shoulder.

Lucas softly laughing, then gasping, Josh beside him immediately.

"Take it easy, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The surrounding love shall never hurt me." he said, staring into his mother's violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank God you're back." she said, Lucas smiling up at her.

Everyone else in the room took turns gently hugging Lucas, or kissing his cheeks.

Emerson and Francesca, Sean and Mavis, Gideon and Nick, as well as Aaron and Craig, all welcomed the young man back, Lucas softly smiling at all of them.

Emerson kissed his grandson's cheek, his green eyes filled with tears.

"Your love can never leave us, Lucas. For our souls would feel a great loss." he said, Lucas smiling at the older man.

"My love is here for everyone. From this life and from the past." he softly said, Emerson staring at him.

"I love you, my grandson." he said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Returned, Grandfather. I am a Belmont of love." he softly said, Emerson stepping back, looking behind him at Grayson.

Grayson walked up to the bed, Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

Lucas softly sighed, their eyes meeting.

"How finds your love, Gray?" Lucas softly said, Grayson tearing up.

"Oh, Lucas! My heart it. . .it's so filled with love!" he sobbed, Emerson's hand going to his friend's shoulder.

Lucas softly smiled, Grayson's hand going to his shoulder.

"He wants to thank you, Lucas. For. . .for what you've given us both." the older man said, fighting his emotions.

"I would protect all to save love, Gray. I need no thanks for protecting all of love." Lucas softly said, his violet pools staring into his blue eyes.

"We love you, Lucas." the older man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll talk later, Gray. The thoughts of your mind need to take a backseat to the renewed love. Love knows no time frame. It lives in all hearts of love."

Grayson smiled, wiping his own eyes.

"You are love, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, the older man smiling at his best friend.

"We are all blessed, Em."

"That we are, Gray. That we are." he smiled, Lucas smiling up at both older men.

Colton walked up to the bed, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man sat gently down on the bed, his hand going into Lucas'.

"I feel my magic isn't strong enough, Lucas." he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Even the gift of magic can't rectify the chance I took, Colt. And you don't have to feel sorry for it."
The young man teared up, his head going against Lucas' chest, the young man's arm going around the younger man.

Everyone in the room took in this touching scene, Josh's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

He still saw the deep tiredness in his soulmate's eyes.

"You need rest, my love." he said, Lucas staring into his blue eyes.

"You don't have to back away from the truth, Joshua. I know I'm paralized."



End of Chapter 128


Oh, no!
Could Lucas really be paralized?

Is our hero now sidelined for good?


There seemed to be a lot of mystery surrounding that dark room where Lucas was drawn to.

Plus a familiarity as well.

What greater truths will Lucas find in his great-great-grandfather's journal?
Who is the archer he spoke of?

And who is the she he elaborated to?


Question upon questions.

Riddle me this, riddle me that.




Hugs, Angel.