Yesterday's End-168


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 168


Lucas smiled, taking in all the awed faces surrounding him.

Everyone was seated in the pews, their eyes constantly scanning everywhere, as they had been since they'd walked from the beach back up to the pool's clearing.

They'd all been greeted by a newly revitalized church display.

The pews were all now aligned in a total circle, four sections separated by four aisles.

The pews were again white, now circular in design, the altar now in the center of the circle, surrounded by the pews.

Floral bouquets were at each end of the pews, the central altar surrounded by large baskets of flowers, a path from each aisle between them.

Justin smiled at Lucas; he, Josh and Joey all seated on a platform behind the last pews at the end of one aisle.

The four were providing the music again, their smiles filled with happiness.

Lucas' violet pools met Josh's blue, the two smiling at each other with deep love.

Lucas stood at the altar, the young man smiling at Lewis standing beside him.

"You amaze us all, Lucas. Another moment of revitalized love." The minister said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love amazes everyone, Lewis. Its surprising depth warms the most lost heart. Thank you for agreeing to my request." He smiled, Lewis nodding and smiling at him.

Lucas smiled back, the young man walking down one of the aisles, disappearing through the flower covered archway at its end.

Each aisle began at a flower covered archway, what was behind it hidden.

Lewis smiled, the signal given from Lucas just before he disappeared through one.

The minister smiled around at everyone, walking onto the wooden altar, standing in its open center of white gleaming brightness.

"Paths of love begin again. Let us all stand and welcome they of joining love, everyone." He said, everyone rising from their seats, soft music filling the air.

Through each of the flowery arcs one of four grooms walked through.

Justin and Josh were singing again, the song From This Moment filling the clearing.

Alain walked down one aisle, his arm entwined with his cousin Baja, both men smiling widely, their white teeth gleaming from their black handsome faces.

On the second aisle, Andrew was walking with his uncle Sol, the young man smiling widely, Sol's face showing a look of total happiness.

On the third aisle Aaron walked, Nick's arm entwined with his, Nick's three husbands smiling at the beauty of his happy, handsome face.

Aaron wore a white tuxedo, the young man looking amazing.

On the fourth aisle Finn walked, the young man surrounded by his parents, his arm around his mother, Momma Mavis practically bawling, Sean smiling at his son and his wife.

Alain stopped at the end of the aisle, hugging Baja, the man smiling widely, kissing his cheek.

"Love ya, Ali." He said, Alain tearing up and walking up onto the altar, his white tuxedo gleaming in the sunshine.

Andrew kissed his uncle's cheek, Sol hugging him, the young black tuxedoed man walking up onto the altar, Alain smiling at him, his arm going around him, the two standing on Lewis' left.

Aaron stopped at the end of his aisle, Nick hugging him close.

"Love you, Aaron. I welcome you and my new brother to my heart always." Nick said, Aaron tearing up, walking up onto the altar, going to his heart's need.

Finn's parents kissed his cheeks when they made the end of their aisle, Momma Mavis staring at him with maternal love.

"My little boy! I love you!" She cried, Sean patting his son's shoulder, guiding his wife with love to their front pew seats.

Finn smiled, walking up onto the altar, his grey Versace tuxedo accentuating his handsome physique.

He stood beside Aaron, the young man smiling at him with happiness.

Finn smiled, his arm going around the young man's shoulders.

The four on the altar smiled at the minister, Lewis smiling at all four.

All their eyes went forward, Josh's voice now filling the air, another song beginning.

His rich, melodic voice began to sing I Honestly Love You.

Finn's eyes moved to the aisle right in front of him, a vision of yellow sunshine walking towards him, his breath catching in his throat.

Skyler was a vision of yellow beauty, her soft yellow dress seemingly catching the sun's rays as she walked towards him, her father's arm in hers, Ian Templeton smiling widely.

Skyler's beautiful face was covered in a sheer yellow veil, her beauty still showing.

Rosa Sharon walked before her, her short dress now a matching yellow, the girl tossing yellow rose petals ahead of her.

Finn's eyes were on Skyler, the young man moving down off the altar, standing before it, she smiling at him as she stopped at the aisle's end.

Her father kissed her cheek, her mother smiling with tears from the front pew, her grandchildren in her arms.

Finn extended his hand, her hand going in his, their eyes staring into their souls.

" are so beautiful, my Sky." Finn said, his eyes now glistening with tears, her smile filling his heart with love.

The couple walked onto the altar, standing together in front of the minister and their friends.

Andrew's blue eyes looked down the aisle in front of him, a vision of total white beauty walking towards him.

Trish's smile was wide, her wedding dress flowing behind her, her father's arm entwined with hers.

Henderson's face showed a wide smile, the man walking his daughter to her happiness.

Andrew smiled, walking off the altar, awaiting her.

Vivian was tearfully smiling at her daughter from the front pew, her sister's arm around her, Savannah smiling as well.

The two stopped at the end of the aisle, Henderson kissing her cheek, she smiling at her father, then her blue eyes meeting Andrew's blue, his hand going into her.

"You are so beautiful, Patricia." He smiled, she tearing up as the two walked onto the altar, joining Finn and Skyler, the two smiling at their friends.

Alain's eyes were now focused on the aisle in front of him, a handsome white covered vision of masculine beauty walking towards him.

Harry was surrounded by his parents, their love shining for their son's happiness.

The three moved to the end of the aisle, Alain already there, waiting for his Harry.

The young man smiled at him as his parents kissed his cheeks, his father guiding him into Alain's arms.

The two smiled at each other, walking onto the altar, their identical white tuxedos showing off their masculine beauty.

Aaron smiled at all six now standing in front of him and Lewis, his blue eyes then moving to the last aisle that stood in front of him.

Through the rose covered archway at its end walked a youthful vision of total beauty.

Aaron teared up, staring at his soulmate, his feet moving on their own.

Craig's face wore a wide smile of total love, his suit a soft blue in colour, matching Aaron's blue pools, the young man awaiting him at the end of the aisle.

Josh's blue pools were following the vision of masculine beauty walking beside Craig.

Everyone was staring at the two young men who walked down the aisle, Lucas' handsome face wearing an identical smile to the young man beside him.

Lucas' black suit seemed to softly glow, its shine seemingly making Craig's beauty shine even more.

The two stopped at the end of the aisle, Craig hugging Lucas tightly, the young man smiling at him.

"Love you both." Lucas smiled, the young man moving back down the aisle, Aaron and Craig staring at each other, their hands joining, the two walking up onto the circular altar, joining the other three couples of love in front of Lewis.

"Paths walked with need, couples joined with love. All is right in this world of love. You may all be seated." Lewis said, his voice travelling across the clearing.

Everyone sat down, all smiling at the circle of love before them.


Lewis smiled, staring at the eight before him.

"We stand in a circle of white love. A symbol of the circle of lives you have all walked. The eight of you have come full circle. From youthful loneliness to youthful happiness."
The eight smiled at their soulmates, their eyes clouded with tearful love.

"One who stands apart from us has seen and felt the love of all these twosomes. We stand before his pool of love, his love enriching all of our hearts. He has asked for a moment of truth before all of you. My love for him would grant him any wish he asked of myself. Your hearts will grant him these words of love." Lewis smiled, the eight in front of him smiling and turning around, all eyes looking for Lucas.

"Lucas, you may come forward. I shall yield to your love." Lewis said, looking around as well.

Josh's blue eyes looked towards the archway where Lucas had disappeared through, seeing no one.

All eyes scanned around, looking at each other.

Finn's eyes met Lewis', the minister shrugging his shoulders.

He was about to speak again, a sudden sound catching his and the couples before him attention.

The altar they stood upon began to move.

All four couples wrapped their arms around each other, a small opening divide beginning to form between each of them.

The altar below their feet began to divide, each couple on its own white section, all joined with the center of the altar.

The back of the altar was still whole, four separate sections now on the front half.

Lewis stood in the altar's center, the man feeling the floor beneath him begin to move.

He stepped back, a circular hole now in the altar's middle expanding right in front of him.

His blue eyes widened, seeing someone beginning to rise out of the center of the altar.

The four couples in front of him stared in surprise, Lucas' muscular form beginning to rise from under the altar.

They took in his changed appearance, the young man now wearing a silvery grey tuxedo, its gleaming beauty accentuating every muscular inch of his handsome physique.

His face wore a smile of total beauty, his black curly hair cascading behind him.

Josh, Justin and Lance all stared at him, never before seeing the young man look so unbelievably handsome.

It was as if love was shining off his face like a glow of sunshine.

Everyone stared at him, the clearing blanketed in silence.

The small platform he stood upon now flushed even with the altar, Lucas standing in its center now before the four couples.

He smiled, his body having been rotating, his violet pools shining around at all surrounding him in the wedding circle of love.

The circle stopped before the four couples, Lucas smiling at Finn and Skyler, then Trish and Andrew, then the other two couples of love surrounding him.

"Hello my friends, brothers and sisters. I stand in the circle of your love." He smiled, the eight smiling at him.

"I have asked the good reverend here for a moment of my own surprising love. His love for myself--and for you--has now given in to it." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting the minister's blue pools.

Lucas' violet pools turned back to the couples, his eyes meeting Trish's blue.

"I love you, Patricia, my sister of love. I love you, Andrew, my new brother of love. I have a surprise for both of you." He smiled, Trish and Andrew staring at him, Lucas smiling more.

His violet pools met Finn's blue, Skyler smiling at him with love as well.

"It is the same surprise I have for you, my brother and sister of love." He said, Finn and Skyler staring at him with awed wonder.

"The same surprise I have for my brothers Alain and Harold, and my new brothers Aaron and Craig. Before my stands my sibling heart. You are all the siblings of my love."

All eight teared up.

"Lucas, Aaron and I! We...we couldn't..." Craig said, his voice emotional.

"You couldn't deny me your love? I love both of you. As I love all those around you. Everyone here is my family." Lucas smiled, the two young men tearing up.

Aaron moved forward, as did Craig, Lucas smiling at both his hand going up and stopping them.

"I love you both. I welcome you both to my family."

The two men nodded, their hands joining.

Lucas' head turned, staring into Lewis' blue pools, the minister smiling and nodding.

Lucas smiled, turning back to the eight.

"I love you all. My dearest friends from my youth, my sister of life, her soulmate of my friendship. And four new friends of love." He said, all eight smiling.

"I have took it upon myself—with Lewis' guidance—to be ordained so that I could marry all eight of you. I wanted to join all of you with my loving heart. I wanted to stand before you all and marry you. Would you give me that gift from your heart?"

All eight looked shocked, the audience surrounding them shocked as well.

" are going to marry us?" Finn stuttered, Lucas smiling at him.

"You are my brother, Finn. My heart needs this." Lucas said, his violet pools now filled with tears.

Finn's eyes were filling with tears, the young man moving forward, Skyler crying behind him.

Finn's arms wrapped around him.

"I would never deny your heart anything, Lucas! You are beyond surprising!" Finn cried, Lucas smiling and hugging him close.

The other seven were in tears, all now surrounding the two young men.

"I want that as well, Luke. For you to marry us would fill my heart with happiness!" Trish cried, Andrew nodding his head, smiling with love at Lucas.

"I love you, my new brother. I would love you to marry me to my Alain." Harry said, Lucas smiling at him as Finn broke their embrace.

Alain nodded his head as well, smiling with love at his new brother.

Craig smiled at Lucas, Aaron smiling as well.

"We need your love to unite us, Lucas. It's a part of us now." Aaron said, Lucas smiling at him and Craig.

"Then let's get this wedding started." The young man smiled, his face showing its smiling happiness again, his tears gone.

The eight smiled, the four couples joining again in front of Lucas, Lewis walking up to the young man's side, smiling out at the smiling congregation.

"Lucas has been ordained as a minister in God's church. He's legally allowed to marry couples of joining love. It is his special gift to these eight today. Let's enjoy his radiating love." The man smiled, his blue eyes meeting his Jacques' blue in the pews.

Lewis smiled at Lucas, the minister walking off the altar, joining his husband in the second pew behind Finn's family.

Lucas smiled, the eight before him smiling, the clearing again bathed in soft silence.


Lucas' violet pools stared at the eight before him, all eight smiling at him.

"We have all been blessed to see the beauty of God's love shining these last few days. Couples and trios have been joined under that love and ours. We stand here again to join four more couples of joined love. You have seen the magic and the love that surrounds you. Flowering blossoms of love, radiating sunshine of life. The greater love and beauty, and radiating sunshine, lays within your own hearts. Love is an elixir that knows no greatness or no intensity from individual dualities. Each couple of love is different. It their uniqueness, in their intensity of love, in their degree of age or of beauty. Love lays as it lays. Each couple knows the trueness of what lays within their own hearts. What lays within the duality of the one heart of love they share together? Two souls join as one in different ways."
The eight smiled, staring at each other's soulmate.

"Today I join each twosome of love under one heart and soul. My love is here for you, always has been here for you. Today a greater love will consume you. It is the love of your one soul."
All eight teared up, staring with love at their soulmate.

"Patricia and Andrew, please step forward and join hands before each other. You will now stand in God's circle of love." Lucas smiled, his sister and Andrew moving in front of him, their hands joining together, facing each other.

Trish smiled at her brother, Lucas smiling back.

Lucas' hand moved, the young man pulling out a small cloth from his suit jacket pocket, unfolding it in front of him, the couple staring at two golden rings laying on it.

"Each of you take a ring and place in on the finger of the other."
The two picked up a ring each, placing it on their soulmate's finger, staring at each other.

"Speak words from your heart, let that be the binding answer your heart needs before God." Lucas smiled, Andrew staring at Trish.

"I love you, Trish. You are my life. My life was nothing without you, it is everything with you. I will spend the rest of my life loving you. You are my life, and my love." He said, Trish tearing up.

"I love you, Andrew. With all my heart and soul. I need your love always. You shall have mine forever. I will love you forever." She cried, Andrew holding her close, Lucas smiling at both.

"Will you marry my sister Patricia Carver, Andrew McLaughlin? Will you love her always?" Lucas said, Andrew smiling at him.

"I will, Lucas."
Trish smiled, looking into her brother's violet pools of love.

"Will you marry Andrew McLaughlin, Patricia Carver? Will you love him always?"

"Yes I will, angel of God's love. I will love him forever." She said, Andrew smiling at her with tearful love.

"A kiss will seal your love forever. The magic of it will be eternal."

The two moved, their lips meeting, thunderous applause surrounding them.

Lucas smiled, lowering his eyes as the two sealed their pact of love.

The two broke their kiss, smiling at Lucas.

"By the power invested within me by the state of California and God's love, I now pronounce you man and wife. "

The two smiled widely holding each other close, their hands joining, both kissing Lucas' cheeks.

The young man smiled, the two stepping to his left side.

"Will Aaron and Craig step forward, please. Walk into the center of God's love." Lucas smiled, the two young men moving, smiling and joining their hands together in front of Lucas, both facing each other.

Lucas' hand moved again, closing the cloth within his hand, then opening it again.

Two new identical golden rings with sparkling clear diamonds sat in the middle of the cloth.

"Please take a ring each and place it on the finger of your betrothed. Then speak words of heart-filled love to each other." Lucas smiled, the two young men each taking a ring, placing it on their soulmate's finger.

Aaron stared at Craig, the young man smiling at him, he beating him to his voice.

"I love you, Aaron. From the first moment we stared into each other's eyes. In you I have found the other half of my soul. I am yours forever. And I will love you forever. I love you."

Aaron teared up, Craig's hands squeezing his.

"I was so lost, Craig. Lost in the pain of my life's loneliness. In your blue eyes I found salvation. I found true love. I need that love always. That love has healed my soul. That soul is now yours, always. I love you, Craig. I need your love. I will spend all my life enjoying that love. I shall love you forever."

Craig was in tears, Nick's eyes filled with tears as well, his two husbands surrounding him with their love.

Lucas smiled at both young men, feeling their total love.

"Will you take Craig Harrington as your husband, Aaron Carter? Will you love him and be faithful to him always?"

"Yes, I shall. He has my love and my life forever." Aaron said, Craig smiling at him with tears.

"Will you take Aaron Carter as your husband, Craig Harrington? Will you love him and be faithful to him always?" Lucas asked.

"I need only his love, Yes, I shall. Now and for always." Craig said, Lucas smiling at the young man moving towards Craig.

The two joined, their lips meeting, applause filling the clearing again.

"Youth shines in need, youth shines in passion." Lucas smiled, the two slowly parting, both smiling at Lucas, their arms going around each other.

"In front of God's beauty, in the happiness of your families, I now pronounce you husband and husband. Your youthful love will shine always. I've got sunglasses for everyone." Lucas smiled, the two young men smiling, then laughing, both hugging Lucas close, the young man feeling their happiness.


The two young men parted, walking over to Trish and Andrew, both kissing their cheeks.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Harry's and Alain's.

"Will our two white angels step forward? The center of God's love awaits you." He smiled, Alain and Harry smiling at each other, their white covered beauty stepping in front of Lucas, their hands joining, facing each other.

"The purity of your love shines in the whiteness of your attire. You are both innocent of the world's pain, of the world's crushing reality. You have loved each other from the moment of love's beginning in your souls. Today you join as one. One of love and of life."

The two smiled, lost in Lucas' touching words.

He closed the cloth he held in his hand, opening it again.

The two young men stared at two silver rings, golden leafs in their center, a blue and a golden diamond embedded in each.

"Please take a ring each of you. Place their symbolic centers on each other's fingers." Lucas said, both young men picking up a ring, placing it on each other's fingers.

Both seemingly trembled, Harry more than Alain, Alain steadying his man.

"Speak from your soul of new love." Lucas smiled, Alain staring at Harry.

Lucas' cousin spoke first, Alain staring at his soulmate.

"I love you, Alain. You were my first and only love. All I want and need is you. You complete my soul and my heart. Both are yours forever. I love you, my Alain. Today and always."

"I love you, my Harry. You were and are my only love. All I need and want is you. You are my life and my love. I am nothing without you, I am everything with you. Love me forever, for I shall love you forever. We are one, in God's sight, and in our own hearts. I love you, Harold."
Harry was in tears, the young man moving forward, a hand resting against his chest, stopping him.

"The eagerness of youthful love. I hope your suit's tearaway, Alain?" Lucas smiled, Harry blushing, Alain smiling at him with love, laughter filling the clearing around them.

Finn's laughter was the loudest, Lucas smiling at his friend, Harry blushing more, Alain's hands squeezing his.

"Will you take Harold Carlisle as your loving husband, Alain Devereaux? Will you love him always and be faithful to love?"

"I shall, Lucas. I will love my Harry forever. I love you, Harry." Alain said, Harry smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, looking into Harry's blue pools.

"And you, our youthful tiger? Will you take Alain Devereaux as your husband, Harold Carlisle? Will you love him always and be faithful to love's realness?"
Harry stared at his Alain.

"Yes, I shall. I shall love you forever, my Alain." Harry smiled, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Go ahead and pounce, tiger of love." He smiled, Harry grinning, his lips meeting Alain's immediately, their arms wrapping around each other, applause filling the clearing again.

The two slowly parted, their lips the last to break their hold, their hands going together.

Lucas smiled at both, the two moving to his right side, the other four smiling at them from Lucas' other side.


Lucas smiled forward, meeting two sets of blue eyes, loving faces of happiness shining around each.

"The last twosome to unite under my love. And the most beautiful, but not yet complete." Lucas smiled, nodding towards Skyler's mother.

Lorraine smiled, rising from her seat, Momma Mavis smiling and rising from hers, Lorraine smiling as Momma Mavis took Julian from her, the two mothers walking forward, walking up onto the altar.

Lucas smiled, taking both infants from the two women, both women kissing each child's cheek, Finn and Skyler smiling at them, the two returning to their seats.

Lucas smiled, carrying two small bundles of happiness, two small faces of love cooing at their parents.

"Step forward, Finnegan and Skyler. Your family and love awaits in God's circle of love." Lucas smiled, the two walking forward, joining hands in front of Lucas and their children, facing each other.

"Hello, my brother and sister of love. Your moment of love is upon you. We are all here to feel its radiating beauty." Lucas said, Finn and Skyler smiling at him.

"I have known both of you for years, my brother and sister. I have seen your love for each other always shining around you. You were both always destined to be soulmates. Your love is true love."
The two teared up, staring at each other.

"Your love created new love. I hold in my arms that love. Two visions of beauty, happiness and contented love. You need that love to join as one." Lucas smiled, Finn and Skyler smiling, Lucas walking up to both, standing in front of them.

"Take your son, Finnegan. Take your daughter, Skyler. They are a part of your total love."
The two smiled, each taking a child, holding them close to their hearts, the two little ones cooing.

"See? They feel your love. They are a part of you, you are a part of them." Lucas smiled, the young man joining their one free hand together.

The couple smiled, Lucas staring into Finn's blue pools.

"I love you, my brother. Speak from your heart to your family." Lucas smiled, Skyler smiling at him, then staring into her soulmate's blue eyes.

"I love you, Skyler. For the gift you've given me. First your unending love, now theirs. You three are my life. I will love all three of you forever. I will love you forever. You are all I shall ever need. Your love captures my soul. Their love completes me. I need your love. I need my family's love. I love you, my Sky. You are the sky of my heaven."

Skyler was in tears, her blue eyes meeting Lucas' smiling, loving face.

"I told you he was a smoothie underneath."

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing but smiling, rocking his son in his arms.

Skyler smiled, staring into the Welshman's blue pools.

"I love you, Finnegan. I have been lost in your love from my youthful childhood. I found my soulmate in your blue pools. And now I see the same blue pools of deep love in these two treasures of our love. We are a family, my love. You are my soulmate, they are my children. Our family is now--and will forever be--one soul of love. I love you, my Finny."

Finn was in tears, his body trembling, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"Even monsters cry when they're rewired with love."

Alain laughed loudly, Finn blushing but laughing, laughter filling the clearing.

"Okay, I as a smoothie!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling widely, his hand going on top of their joined hands.

"Do you, Skyler Templeton, take this man of monstrous mirth, our Finnegan Delaney, as your soulmate and husband? Will you try and control him for the years ahead? Will his love be enough?" Lucas smiled, Finn smiling, Skyler beaming.

"I just got him rewired to my liking. I think I'm stuck with him."
Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, Skyler squeezing his hand.

"Yes, I shall, Lucas. I will love him forever. He is my soul." She smiled, Finn smiling with tearful love.

"And do you, Finnegan Delaney, take this beautiful creature of yellow love, your Skyler Templeton, as your loving wife? Will you love her forever, will you be the father to your children of uniting love?"

Finn smiled widely, staring at Skyler with total love.

"Yes, Lucas. I shall love her forever. I shall love our children forever. I am theirs forever."

Lucas smiled, patting his back and Skyler's.

"Then seal it with a kiss. Try not to fry his wiring, Skyler."

Skyler laughed, their lips joining, their children held between them.

The two broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes with love, then gently kissing each of their children.

"I now pronounce you married in front of God's love, in front of all our love. I now pronounce you a family of total love."

The applause was loud, the clearing filled with happiness.

The family of four joined Harry and Alain, all four kissing each other with happiness.

Lucas smiled out at everyone, smiling with a large smile of total love.

"If the four couples of love will walk off the altar, their registries await." Lucas smiled, remaining in the circle in the center of the altar.

Lewis arose from his seat, the minister smiling and guiding all four couples over to the small table set up beside the circular altar, each sitting down and writing in their registry.

Music began to play again, Josh, Joey and Justin singing Love Me Tender, their rich voices filling the clearing.

Momma Mavis and Lorraine held the infants again, their parents legalizing their wedding signatures.

Josh's blue pools were staring at Lucas, the handsome young man not moving from his spot, smiling at the couples standing together.

He saw a soft glow in his soulmate's violet pools, a soft tinge of emerald glow in their centers.

Josh's eyes met Justin's, he having seen Lucas' magic on as well.

The couples finished their writing, Lewis guiding them in front of the altar, smiling out at the crowd.

"Lucas if you will, please welcome them with happiness." Lewis smiled, turning to the altar, the minister gasping, all eyes now following his.

"Oh, wow!" Finn said, staring at the white altar.

Lucas was gone from the altar.

Where he had stood was now a large flowering fountain.

The white altar was now covered in red and white roses, four heart shaped rose bushes at least seven feet tall now in its center.

In the center of the red rose bushes, white names were etched in white roses, each couples' names spelled out in whiteness.

A waterfall of cascading clear water was flowing above the rose bushes, cascading down into a circular pool at their bottom, the bushes surrounded by blue water, small red and white roses floating in it.

"It's so beautiful." Trish said, staring at the flowery display.

"Your love for each other flows outward. Its wetness shall wet all our souls."

All eyes turned, Lucas smiling at all of them, the young man at the end of one of the aisles, standing under the archway of red and white roses at its end.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our four couples of love. Mr. and Mrs. Finnegan Delaney, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin, Mr. and Mr. Aaron and Craig Carter-Harrington and Mr. and Mr. Alain and Harry Carlisle-Devereaux." Lucas smiled, everyone clapping and rising from their seats, the four couples smiling widely, beginning to walk down the aisle towards Lucas.

The moment they began to move the watery fountain behind them changed, the water exploding into the air, the clearing suddenly raining down flower petals of red and white.

The couples looked up, Finn smiling.

"Lucas' love flows over us." He smiled, Skyler kissing his cheek, their children back in their arms.

All the couples smiled, walking down the aisle, Lucas guiding them out of the church's flowing, flowery beauty.


"I can't breathe, Finny!" Lucas gasped, his feet off the ground, the Welshman's arms holding him tight.

"You are amazing, Luke!" Finn cried, Josh, Lance and Justin smiling behind him, Skyler standing between them.

Lucas' face showed its familiar soft embarrassment, the man setting him down, their lips meeting.

Skyler smiled seeing the look of shock on Lucas' face when their lips had met, Josh smiling at him.

"I think Finn's gone bi." Justin said, Skyler laughing.

"Oh he's not bi, believe me, Justin." She smiled, the two breaking their kiss, Lucas' face showing awed shock, staring at his friend.

"Your lips are divine, Lukey. But Sky's got you beat." Finn smiled, staring at his friend, Lucas' face showing a wider smile.

"I had to get you bawling at a wedding to get some good sugar. Well worth the effort!" Lucas smiled, Finn laughing, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"Thank you, Lucas. For the surprise of your ministerial love. I couldn't have asked for a better surprise." The Welshman smiled, Skyler hugging Lucas now, kissing his lips.

"Neither could I, Lucas. You love is unending. It's joined us forever." She teared up, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"Now, no crying. You'll get the monster bawling again." He smiled, Skyler laughing, Finn's hand going in his.

The newlyweds were engulfed in Josh's and Justin's arms, congratulations given, Lucas feeling Lance's arm going around his waist.

"You are beyond amazing, Lucky. And beyond surprising! You're ordained? When did that happen?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I took online classes in my spare time for the last six months." He smiled, Lance looking surprised, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"You planned this for that long?"

Lucas smiled widely, kissing Lance on the lips, the man feeling his flowing love.

"Love is the greatest plan of life, Lance. And it ain't over yet." Lucas smiled, his hand kneading Lance's left butt cheek, Lance staring at him.

"You and I have a wet date in a bit, beautiful." Lucas whispered in his ear, the man feeling the young man's sensual touch.

Lucas smiled, releasing his hold on Lance, the young man smiling at Josh and Justin, the two now hugging Trish and Andrew who had walked up to them, Lucas smiling at his sister now.

Trish moved from Justin's arms into her brother's.

"Oh, Lucas! What a surprise! Your love...that you'd want to do that!" She said, tears forming in her eyes.

"You, Andrew, Finn and Sky are my family, Trishy. I wanted to show you my total love. That love is enriched with God's love." He said, tears showing in his eyes.

Josh stared at his man with love, seeing Lucas' giving heart open to his brothers and sisters.

"We all love you, brother." Andrew said, his arm going around his wife, Lucas smiling at him.

"She's yours now, Drew. Congrats and good luck! You'll need it! Trashy's a handful!" Lucas laughed, Trish smiling at her brother, her hand finding the side of his head, Lucas ducking, Trish smiling and stopping her assault.

"That I am! And he's going to love it!" She smiled, Andrew grinning, their lips meeting.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting his Josh's.

"Love is amazing when it's real." He smiled, the young man looking towards the church area, the fountain of flowers still discharging petals of white and red all over the pews of white.

His eyes lowered for a moment, Lance staring at him.

Their violet pools raised, everyone seeing a deep smile of total love on his handsome young face.

"Refreshments are ready again. Everyone mingle. We have a couple of hours before the final moment of love." He said, his eyes meeting Josh's again.

"The final moment of my love." Lucas said, the young man lowering his eyes again, moving away from everyone, walking towards the church area.

Lance's eyes followed him, then met Josh's and Justin's, Justin's arm around Josh.

"Is he alright, Josh?" Trish said, Josh smiling at her.

"His love is fine, Trish. I feel that in my soul. But something is bothering him. Excuse me." Josh said, beginning to move, Justin's arm stopping him.

"Remember tradition, Joshy. You can't talk to him until you're married. Let me go to him." Justin said, Josh staring at his friend.

"Tell him I love him, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh on the lips.

"He knows that, Josh. He'll be yours tonight forever."
Josh smiled, Justin smiling and walking toward the church area.

Lance's eyes followed his man's, the man then moving and hugging Trish and Andrew, both feeling his welcoming congratulations.


Justin walked through the archway, walking down the aisle, spotting Lucas sitting in the front pew in front of the flowering fountain.

His eyes scanned his silvery grey suit, seeing the masculine beauty of his handsome physique, Justin sitting down on the pew beside him.

Lucas' face moved, staring into Justin's blue pools.

Justin saw the confusion and uncertainty in Lucas' violet pools, and also the wetness of his tears.

"I thought Joshua might break with tradition. Thank you for showing your love for him, Justin."

Justin smiled, his arm going around Lucas' silvery form, Lucas leaning into him, his head going to Justin's shoulder, his arm pulling him close.

"What's got you upset here in the beauty of your flowery love, Lucas?" Justin said, seeing the rose petals now beginning to cover both of them.

"I'm not upset, Jus. I'm lost."

"Lost, my Lucky?" Justin said, kissing the young man's forehead, Lucas snuggling closer.

"I'm lost in my own magic, Jus. These things that I've done, these moments of magic and love, they've come with a price."
Justin pulled the young man closer, feeling him tremble.

"What price, Lucas? What's going on?"

Lucas raised his head, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"The magic now owns me, Justin. It's moving on its own. These flowery displays are its doing. It feels my soul and what I want to achieve and then it acts upon it." Lucas said, staring at the fountain in front of them.

"What you wanted to achieve was total happiness and surprise for all of them, Lucas. The magic delivered on your love for them." Justin said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

He rose from his seat, walking up to the fountain, pulling a white rose out of the blue water at its base, the fountain suddenly vibrating, Justin standing up.

"Why did it do that?" He said, Lucas looking back at him, turning and walking up to Justin.

Lucas moved the white rose in his hand, sticking it in Justin's black suit lapel, patting his chest.

"It felt my love. It shimmered by its intensity. It knew I was picking a rose for you." Lucas said, the young man leaning forward, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin lost in the love suddenly flowing through him.

The two slowly broke their kiss, Justin feeling Lucas' hands on his backside, pulling him close.

"I have my answer, Jus. I have the answer to the magic's control. I now know what I what to happen tonight for all of us. Forgive me if it isn't enough."

Justin stared at his friend, seeing the love shining in his violet pools.

"You love is more than enough, Lucas. As is my Lance's and our Josh's. You three are my life. Lance is my soul."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, your soul. And Josh and I are your life. The magic moves again. This time I'm in control. I may answer for that, but it's what I want. I hope it's what you three want."

Justin pulled him close, staring into his violet pools.

"We want love, Lucas. We have that in each other." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Prepare for the ride of your life, Justin. I think I just sat down in the driver's seat. I just hope I don't crash it and destroy us all." Lucas said, the young man sighing.

His eyes met Justin's again, staring into his soul.

"I feel Josh's love, Jus. I know he loves me. Tell him my soul, my life and my love is his. Until we join together forever, then it's more." Lucas said, the young man moving again.

Justin watched him walk onto the altar, the young man disappearing into the fountain before him.

Justin's eyes widened, the flowering fountain suddenly collapsing, the flower disappearing in an instant.

Justin stared at the white altar, the hole in the altar's center closing.



End of Chapter 168


And so another four twosomes unite under Lucas' love.

And he showed a surprising new side of himself.

Lucas married his sister and friends himself.

Finn was beyond surprised, his old friend's love showing its giving soul.


Only one other foursome of love are left to marry.

Our Justin and Lance, and our Lucas and Josh.

Two couples of true love will join under the sunset of New Year's Eve.

I'm sure Lucas has more surprises in store.


But what of Lucas' words to Justin?

Of a price being due?

Of magic's now ownership of him?

Where did Lucas disappear to?


Happy New Year to all my fans!
Let's start it off with a bang.


Up next, the final love shows.

And love grows.



Hugs, Angel.