Yesterday's End-169


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 169


Lance walked into the cottage, seeing the living room empty of life.

His eyes scanned around, taking in the quietness of the room.

"Lucas? Are you here? It's after six." Lance yelled, the man stopping at the entrance to the bedroom hallway.

He heard running water, the man smiling.

He walked into Lucas' and Josh's bedroom, the sound louder.

His eyes scanned the room, seeing two garment bags laying on the bed.

He smiled, removing his suit jacket and tie, tossing them on the bed beside the bags, then walked over to the closed bathroom door, hearing the shower running.

He tapped on the door, smiling.

"You in there, Luke?" he said, a voice answering him.

"Come on in, Lancy!"

Lance smiled, opening the bathroom door, the steam hitting him immediately.

He looked towards the glass shower stall, seeing Lucas' nude form behind the glass.

The young man's muscled, smooth naked form turned, two violet pools staring at Lance through the steam.

"Get that hot body in here, Bass. I need someone to wash my back." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back.

Within moments Lance's shirt and pants, along with his briefs, were tossed on top of the closed toilet lid, Lucas smiling at the vision of smooth beauty heading towards him.

Lance opened the shower stall door, the steam hitting him in the face, stepping into the wetness, closing the door behind him.

The moment he closed the door he was enveloped in two strong arms, his body pushed against Lucas' wet nakedness, two lips meeting his.

Lance became lost in the kiss, the love flowing through him, two hands attaching to his smooth now wet ass.

Lucas broke the passionate deep kiss, his lips lightly kissing Lance's lips often, then his chin and neck.

"That's what I need. A monster of love." Lucas smiled, pulling Lance close, the young man feeling the older man's organ against his own.

"You're a bundle of happiness, Lucky." Lance smiled, one of Lucas' hands going over Lance's smooth chest, tweaking each nipple.

"I'm in the arms of a man a love. That will always make me happy."

Lance smiled, his body feeling the passion in Lucas' moving fingers.

"I'm just as happy, Lucky. The only thing that would make me totally happy would be if Josh and my Justin were here, too."
Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's shoulder blade.

"There's something to be said for having you all to myself, beautiful. I love our alone moments." Lucas said, feeling Lance tremble in his arms when Lucas sucked on his left earlobe.

"Oh, Luke! I feel your fire below." Lance softly said, feeling Lucas' shaft rubbing against his own, its length hard and warm.

"I haven't tasted you in ages, Lance. I miss your monster's beauty and love." Lucas said, Lance feeling his fingers rubbing against his ass crack, his other hand now wrapping around Lance's semi-hard shaft.

Lance moaned, Lucas' lips meeting his.

Lance felt the passion in Lucas' kiss, his tongue entering his mouth, Lance softly moaning.

The two kissed deeply, Lance lost in Lucas' possession of his mouth.

Lucas suddenly broke the kiss, Lance slowly opening his eyes, staring into two violet pools of intense love.

"I love you, Lance. I'm so glad you're with me here alone. I need your love." Lucas said, Lance seeing soft tears in his beautiful irises.

"I love you, Lucky. I need your love as well." Lance said, Lucas smiling, the young man lowering himself, Lance gasping when he felt his growing hardness engulfed by Lucas.

Lucas took all of him in, his lips brushing against Lance's wet pubic hair.

"Oh God, Luke!" Lance gasped, the man feeling him begin to deep throat him, Lance feeling two fingers enter his center, Lucas' talented fingers hitting Lance's love button.

Lance gasped, his shaft now at full mast, Lucas swallowing it all.

"God, Luke! Even Justin can't do that!" Lance gasped, Lucas' violet pools looked up into Lance's green.

Lucas' other hand moved, pulling on Lance's large low hanging balls.

"Oh, man! Don't stop!" Lance moaned, his whole body shuddering, the talent and passion of Lucas' touches sending him on a path of total bliss.

"God, I'm c-c-close!" Lance stuttered, his body trembling more.

Lucas suddenly pulled off Lance's hard shaft, rising to his feet, his lips meeting Lance's again, Lance tasting his own flavour on Lucas' tongue.

Lucas broke the intense kiss, his lips kissing Lance's neck.

"I need your love, Lancy! God I need you to love me!" Lucas moaned, the young man moving again, moving downwards, taking Lance with him.

Lance's body fell on top of Lucas' on the shower stall floor, the water stream cascading over his back, water falling onto Lucas' face.

"Love me, Lance! I need so much!" Lucas moaned, Lance feeling the passion overtake him.

He centered himself, Lucas wrapping his legs around Lance's smooth back.

Lucas' lips met Lance's, Lance feeling his hardness move on its own, finding the heat and passion it needed.

Lucas moaned into Lance's mouth as his monster of love penetrated him, sinking deep inside him.

They broke their kiss, Lucas gasping, his teeth sinking into Lance's neck.

Lance became lost in his desires, his body moving on its own, two arms and legs of love wrapping around him.

"Deeper, Lance! Give me all of your love! Oh God!" Lucas moaned, Lance thrusting with passion into the younger vision of masculine beauty below him.

Lance's lips moved, attaching to Lucas' right nipple, the young man gasping, Lance feeling a gush of warmth flood his own chest, Lucas erupting under him.

That warmth and Lucas' thrashing smoothness against him set Lance off, his own orgasm hitting him, his shaft erupting, filling Lucas' warm insides.

Lucas gasped, his own orgasm continuing to spill out of him, his arms tightening around his man.

"Oh God, Luke! That was. . .I've never felt. . .oh God!" Lance gasped, his head going against Lucas' wet chest, the man kissing his forehead.

"Your love is amazing, Lance. Thank you for giving it all." Lucas said, Lance raising his head, Lucas' fingers going to his cheek.

"Lucas. . .your eyes. . .?" Lance said, staring into two glowing violet pools, the man seeing a thousand stars shining in their deep centers.

"I shine with your love, Lance. Today I have it for always. As you'll have mine." Lucas said, the young man moving, flipping Lance over, his smooth wet body on top of Lance's smoothness.

"I love you, Lance. As do our Josh and Justin.  Let me get you ready for their love." Lucas smiled, his hand moving, picking up a Loofah sponge and a bar of soap.

Lance panted, staring up at the vision of naked beauty on top of him.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for loving me."
Lucas smiled, his now soapy hands moving across Lance's naked chest, soaping him up.

He leaned forward, kissing Lance's lips gently.

"It's an easy thing to do, Lance. Your love we all need."

Lance smiled, sighing and letting Lucas clean every inch of him.


The two men walked out of the bathroom naked, their hands entwined.

Lance's eyes went to the two bags on the bed, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Our suits of love for the evening." Lucas smiled, Lance's green pools meeting his violet, their irises now calm and filled with love.

"That's not mine, Luke. I mean that's not my garment bag."
Lucas smiled, patting Lance's naked ass.

"I've made a change in the plans, my Lance. Tonight's going to be even more magical." Lucas smiled, Lance staring at him.

"Meaning what? I had picked out my suit for Justin's happiness." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips tenderly.

"Do you trust me, Lance?"

Lance stared into his violet pools, seeing so much love there.

"Yes, Lucas. I trust you with my heart and soul."

Lucas smiled, hearing the love in his voice.

Lance pulled him close, staring at him.

"Justin told Josh about your disappearance from the altar, Lucas. What's going on?"

Lucas sighed, smiling at him again.

"Life's going on, Lance. Our lives and our love. My life and my love most of all." he said, Lance staring into his eyes again.

`You're a man of mystery lately, Lucas. We three love you. Can't you let us in?"

Lucas smiled, then laughed.

"I just let you in, Lance. And I still feel you." he grinned, Lance blushing but laughing, slapping Lucas' naked ass.

"You know that's not what I meant, horn dog."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's nose.

"I know, Lance. And I have let all three of you in. Your love is completely within me. Today's just a day of surprises. I want this day to mean so much to all three of you. Even more than it means to those who've already united." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"Your magical love surprises us all, Lucky. All three of us know that you've saved the best for us. I think I'm going to be overwhelmed tonight."

Lucas smiled, pulling him close.

"Justin's love overwhelms you always, Lance. In a few hours you'll have it forever." Lucas said, Lance tearing up.

"I love him so much, Luke!"

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I know, Lance. I love him just as much. As I love you and my Josh. Tonight you'll have your greatest dreams." Lucas said, his eyes going to the two garment bags on the bed.

"Hopefully even more. We all have dreams." he said, his voice soft and thoughtful.

Lance kissed his cheek.

"Josh loves you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I know, Lance. I love him with all my soul. Greater than I love you and Justin."

Lance smiled, nodding back.

"We love you, Lucas. I know Justin loves you deeply. As do I."

Lucas smiled, pulling Lance close.

"Our love is unique, Lance. We're on a path of discovery. I just have to show you that." he smiled, Lance staring into his violet pools, seeing the stars again.

"Right now we have to get dressed. Our knights in shining armour await!" Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"I'm suddenly nervous, Luke. Is this all real?"

Lucas smiled, Lance jumping when he felt the pinch on his ass.

"There, it's real! What's with you sexy boys and your fantasies?"

Lance blushed, Lucas smiling widely.

"It's all real, Lance. Tonight you'll see how real it can be."

Lance smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Do you think they're just as nervous as I am?"

"They have each other today as we have each other. Their love for each other will calm their souls. As you and I have ours."

Lance smiled, Lucas picking up one of the garment bags.

"Allow me, Lance. I love dressing you."
Lance smiled, watching Lucas pull the zipper down on the bag, Lucas pulling out the suit from within.

Lance's eyes widened as he stared at the suit, Lucas smiling at him.

"He has to see your real love, Lance. This will move his soul beyond belief."

Lance teared up, feeling Lucas pulling him close.

"Let's get you to the love, my Lance."

Lance smiled, tears running down his cheeks.


Justin gasped, feeling the hardness sunken deep within him, two strong arms wrapped around his wet chest.

Josh's lips were on his cheek, Justin turning his head, their lips meeting.

Justin was lost in the love and passion his best friend was giving him.

They broke the kiss, Justin gasping.

"Oh God, Joshy! That's the spot. I. . .I feel. . .!" Justin gasped, his own center suddenly exploding, his liquid love hitting his own chest and abs.

Josh felt Justin's orgasm rock his body, its smoothness trembling into him.

That set Josh's own orgasm off, the man filling his lover's insides with warm liquid.

Both men trembled, Justin pushing back against Josh, Josh kissing his wet neck.

"Your beauty overcomes me, Justin. God that was awesome!" Josh said, Justin smiling, moving forward, Josh's still hard shaft pulling out of him, Justin turning in his arms, his head going against Josh's wet smooth chest.

"You never change, Joshy. Your love overwhelms me." Justin said, Josh's wet arms going around his back, settling on his smooth ass.

"And we calm each other's soul." Josh smiled, Justin raising his head, their lips meeting in a tender kiss, Justin breaking it, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I felt your nerves, Josh. I knew my love would calm you."

Josh smiled, pulling the younger man closer.

"I don't know what was more calming. You claiming me, or me claiming you."

Justin smiled, kissing his chin.

"Your owning me always sets a fire in my heart, Josh. I'm glad I can return the favor."
Josh smiled, Justin's head going to his chest.

"I would never own you, Jus. The three of us only love you."

Justin smiled, kissing Josh's wet nipple.

"And I love you three, my Lance the most of all. I can't believe that in a few hours he'll be mine forever." Justin smiled, Josh rubbing his back.

"He already is yours, Jus. He loves you completely. Lucas and I both know that."

Justin smiled, raising his head again.

"And I know you love Lucas totally, Josh. You're as happy as I am."
Josh smiled widely, Justin smiling as well.

"Then let me get you all clean for your soulmate. We were in here to do that to begin with." Josh smiled, grabbing a sponge and a bar of soap off the shower shelf, soaping up Justin's chest, the man smiling at him.

"Our desires took over, Josh. I think Lucas' love saw to that."

Josh smiled, soaping Justin's abs, the man purring with love.

"His love surrounds us, Jus."

"What do you think he has planned?" Justin said, Josh smiling into his blue pools.

"I don't know, Jus."

"He said we haven't seen anything yet."

"Then I guess we're going to be moved through our souls." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"His love moves all three of us. I love him also, as does Lance."
Josh nodded, Justin pulling him close.

"As I love you, Josh. As I always have."

"Sorry man, I'm taken. You're just a last minute bang before I become a married man." Josh smiled, Justin laughing.

"How honored I feel." Justin smiled, Josh laughing, slapping his ass.

"Thanks, Justin. For this calming love today, and for your love every day."

Justin smiled, taking the sponge from Josh's hand.

"It's my turn, beautiful." he smiled, Josh smiling as Justin began to soap his chest.

Fifteen minutes later the two men walked out of the bathroom, towels wrapped around their waists.

They were in Colton and Jonathan's cabana, the two separated from Lance and Lucas.

A knock came to the door, Justin saying enter.

The door opened, Colton's head popping into the room, a smile on his face, the young man taking in the two smooth muscular chests on full view.

"That was a long shower, guys." he smiled, walking into the room, Jonathan following him, both carrying a garment bag.

"Josh was really dirty. I had to scrub hard." Justin smiled, winking at Josh.

Jonathan laughed, Colton softly blushing, but smiling.

"And I'm sure you were a clean angel, bro." Jonathan smiled, Justin smiling at his brother.

"What have you there, Jon? Our suits are already here." Josh said, pointing at the two garment bags hanging in the open closet beside him.

The two young men smiled, setting the two bags down on the bed.

"Lucas asked us to bring these to you before you dressed. He said for you to wear these instead of the ones you brought." Colton said, Justin staring at the bags.

"Surprise number one, I believe, Joshy." Justin said, Josh staring at the bags.

"I already have a suit, Colt. I picked it out specifically for my Lucas' happiness." Josh said, Colton smiling at him and handing him the bag in his hand, the young man pulling out an envelope from his suit pocket, Jonathan handing Justin his bag with a smile.

"He said for you to read this, Josh. It's for both of you." Colton smiled, Justin staring at the note in Josh's hand.

Josh set the garment bag down on the bed, opening the envelope in his hand, reading his name and Justin's on its surface.


My Josh, My Justin


He and Justin both smiled, Josh opening the envelope, pulling out a single sheet of paper, unfolding it.

Josh began to read, Justin staring at him, his arm going around him.



My loves,


Today is the day.

The day of our total happiness.

Our Justin marries our Lance.

And I marry you, my loving Josh.


Today represents something more to myself.

Today represents life.

The life I'll now have with you my Joshua; the life I'll now have with our two friends of love as well.

Today I am complete.

I shall have your love forever, Joshua.

And I'll have theirs.


Tonight in the sunset of this year's last breath, I shall feel whole.

For I will have all I need.

Love, trust, beauty and life.

You are my everything, Joshua.

You are a large part of my heart and soul as well, Justin.

As is our loving Lance who holds me as you read this letter.


I've come up with a greater meaning to tonight's service of love.

Tonight it will mean something more.

We will all stand beside our soulmates as the other two of our hearts wed each other.

And the love within each of us will find its true meaning.

Tonight we give all to have all.


Within these two garment bags lays the first of the surprises of my heart.

I know that you picked out a suit that you thought I'd love, Joshua.

As I know Justin picked out a suit he knew Lance would love.

I ask you now to forgo your dreams of our happiness to see the real reality of what your love means for us.

I think you will see the symbolism of what these suits represent.


We await your love.


Your Lucas and Lance.



P.S: Be on time. Or I might run off with this green-eyed beauty!



Justin laughed, his eyes showing tears, his arm going around Josh's shoulders.

"We will be there on time. I don't want to lose my Lance to that hunk."

Josh smiled, his eyes going to the two garment bags now laying on the bed.

"Shall we, Jus?" he said, looking into Justin's blue pools.

The man smiled, picking up the garment bag that had his name written on it, handing Josh his own.

The two men unzipped the bags, their eyes widening.

"Oh wow! That's. . .Lance's eyes! And Lucas' on yours Josh!" Justin said, Josh smiling, taking in the tuxedo in his hand.

His and Justin's tuxedos were both white, save for the cummerbund in their center, and the bow tie on the shirt.

Josh's tie and cummerbund were a bright violet color, matching Lucas' eyes.

Justin's were both emerald green, identical to Lance's eyes.

"I never even thought of that!" Justin said, staring at the rich green satin.

"Nor I, Jus." Josh said, Colton smiling at him and Justin.

"I bet Lance's and Lucas' are both blue to match your eyes, guys." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Now I can't wait! We're going to be four white angels." Justin smiled, setting the suit down on the bed, looking in the garment bag pulling out accessories.

"Green briefs and socks! He's so on spot!" Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him, pulling out a violet pair of boxer briefs and a pair of violet socks.

"So surprising! He must have had this all organized beforehand." Josh said, Colton's hand going to his shoulder.

"He told us he'd planned this for months. I think he's going to surprise all of us." Colton smiled, Jonathan's hand going to his brother's shoulder as well.

"I'm so happy for you, Jus. Lance is perfect for you. As they are as well. We all see your total love." Jonathan smiled, Justin hugging his brother.

"I love him totally, Jon. And I love them, too."

Colton smiled, staring at Josh.

"Welcome to the family, Dad." he smiled, hugging the half naked man, Justin smiling at Josh's happy face.

"Thanks, son."

Justin smiled widely when Colton's eyes met his.

"Now I can't wait. Let's get dressed, Joshy." he said, the man pulling off his towel, grabbing the green boxer briefs.

Colton's eyes widened, taking in the total beauty of his friend, Justin's naked form on full display.

He blushed, turning his body away, Jonathan smiling at him.

Justin grinned, Josh smiling and parting from the young man in his arms.

Colton felt a hand go to his shoulder, a kiss coming to his cheek.

"Turn around, Colt. Justin just loves to show off." Josh said, the young man slowly turning his head, staring into Josh's blue pools.

His eyes moved, staring at Justin again, the man just pulling up the green briefs, his center disappearing under them.

Justin smiled at him, Jonathan kissing his brother's cheek.

"Justy always likes to shock, Colty." Jonathan smiled, Colton meeting his blue pools, seeing no jealousy there.

Colton's eyes met Justin, the man smiling at him.

"You're beautiful, Justin." he said, Justin smiling and walking up to him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"How do I match up against Jon's beauty, Colt?" he said, Colton smiling at his soulmate, then back at Justin.

"You're beautiful, but you're not him, Justin.  His beauty moves my soul."
Justin smiled, kissing Colton's cheek, their eyes meeting.

"Thanks for showing the reality of your true self, Justin. I can now see you're beautiful inside and out."

Justin smiled, turned and walked back towards the bed.

"Is your ass going to get that big, Jon?" Colton said, Jonathan and Josh bursting into laughter.

Justin turned, staring at the three, Colton now laughing as well.

He smiled, Colton grinning at him.

"Good one, Colt." he smiled, Josh smiling and walking up to his friend.

"Let's get dressed, Jus. Our soulmates await."

Josh pulled off his towel, Jonathan and Colton both staring, then blushing, both turning around quickly.

Justin laughed, Josh smiling.

"Well leave you to it, guys." the two young men said, not looking back, heading for the door, exiting the room quickly, closing the door behind them.

Justin kissed Josh's cheek, smiling at him.

"You got some shock in you too, my old tiger." Justin smiled, Josh smiling and slapping his brief-covered ass.

"And don't forget it. I'm a live wire."

Justin laughed, handing Josh his boxer briefs.

"And you shock us all, beautiful. Our loves await!"

Josh smiled, the two helping each other dress.


The clearing was filled with silent amazed people.

Their eyes scanned everywhere, taking in the romantic, amazing display before them.

The pews were again all white, rose bouquets hanging from each end.

There were two rows of pews facing forward, a single aisle between them.

At the back end of the pews, an archway was filled with roses, covering the end of the aisle.

What surprised everyone was what was in front of the pews.

The pool.

The front pews were right in front of the pool's blue water.

They sat on the edge of the large pool.

From the front of the aisle between the two rows of pews, a stone walkway began, it following a path forward of about fifty feet to the center of the pool, a large marble altar now in the center of the pool.

"They're going to marry in the center of Lucas' pool of love. That's so romantic." Savannah said, her eyes filled with tears, Tristan's arm around her in the front pew.

"That's our son, my love. He is love." Tristan said, Emerson smiling at his son beside him.

Vivian and Henderson smiled at both, both sisters teary eyed.

Lucas' and Josh's families were in the left front pew, Lance's and Justin's in the right front pew.

Their friends all filled the pews behind them, awaiting the moment of love ahead.

The sun was half way in the sky in front of them, just above the waterfall.

Nick, Adam, Usher, Joey and Aaron sat on a small marble slab just off the front of the stone walkway, all five holding instruments.

Lucas had asked all five to provide the music for the evening ceremony.

Nick and Aaron would be singing the first song, Usher and Adam the second for the processions down the aisle.

Adam smiled at Usher, his hand in his.

All the married couples from today were wearing their suits and dresses, the reception after the last marriages tonight would be a gathering celebration of all their happiness.

Everyone was anticipating an evening of total happiness and love.

Only four remained to join them.

The flowery archway at the end of the aisle parted, Lewis smiling and walking through it, walking down the aisle, Jacques smiling at his husband as he passed.

Lewis smiled at him, walking to the front of the aisle, stopping at the edge of the stone walkway out into the pool's center.

And archway stood there as well, covered in roses of white, blue, green and a soft violet.

Lewis stood in its open center, smiling at the congregation before him.

"A day of magic and God's love ends with the final four of love. Would everyone please rise?"

Everyone rose from their seats, all eyes moving back down the aisle.

Nick and Aaron rose from their seats, Nick beginning to play the guitar in his hand, Aaron's youthful beautiful voice filled the air as music filled it as well.

The song Can You Feel the Love Tonight filled the clearing, all eyes on the archway.

A small girl walked through the archway, Rosa Sharon smiling widely, casting rose petals before her, the girl now in a short white dress.

Josh walked behind her through the hanging roses, his parents on both sides of him.

His white tuxedo gleamed in the fading sunshine, his smile wide and loving.

The three walked down the aisle, everyone smiling at him, his parents arm-in-arm with him, his mother's eyes filled with tears.

At the end of the aisle Josh kissed his parents, Karen hugging him close.

Roy smiled, guiding his wife to their front seats, Josh leaning down and kissing Rosa Sharon's cheek, the little girl smiling, walking back up the aisle, everyone smiling at her.

Josh smiled, walking to Lewis' left side, standing beside him.

Nick and Aaron continued to sing, Rosa Sharon appearing again, the young girl smiling, tossing petals again.

Justin walked behind her, his arms in his parents' arms.

Randall was smiling with happiness, Lynn smiling with tearful love.

Justin's face wore a smile of pure happiness, his white suit gleaming as well.

He hugged both of his parents at the end of the aisle, kissing Rosa Sharon's cheek as well, the young girl skipping up the aisle again as Justin joined Lewis and Josh, Justin standing on Lewis' right side.

Nick and Aaron ended their song, the clearing bathed in silence for a moment, the two singers sitting down, Justin and Josh smiling at both.

Adam and Usher stood up, Adam's rich voice filling the clearing as music began again.

Josh and Justin both stared at both when they heard one of their own songs fill the air with love and beauty.

Adam's rich voice filled the air.


Oh, oh

When the visions around you

Bring tears to your eyes

And all that surrounds you

Are secrets and lies

I'll be your strength

I'll give you hope

keeping your faith when it's gone

The one you should call

Was standing there all along


And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Til' the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you


The archway parted, Rosa Sharon smiling, walking down the aisle, Lance behind her, his parents' arms in his.

Justin's blue eyes stared at his soulmate, seeing the blue cummerbund on his waist, it matching Justin's eyes perfectly.

Lance's green pools were locked with his blue, the man walking to his love.

At the end of the aisle he hugged his parents, Diane kissing her son's cheek, her eyes filled with tears.

"Love you, my angel." she said, Lance kissing his father, the two taking their seats beside Randall and Lynn.

Lance walked up to Justin, the two joining hands, staring at each other.

"You look beautiful, my Lance." Justin said softly, Lance smiling at him.

"You look amazing, my love." Lance said, Josh smiling at both.

Usher took up the next verse of the song, Adam smiling at him with love.


I've loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun


The five on the bandstand joined in together on the chorus, their voices filling the clearing.


Just close your eyes (close your eyes) each loving day (each loving day)
And know this feeling won't go away (no)
Til' the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you


Adam took up the next verse, Josh's eyes going to the archway, Justin and Lance both looking as well.

Rosa Sharon walked through the flowers, her small hands throwing petals everywhere.

Lucas' parents and step-parents teared up, Trish's eyes already filled with tears, Andrew's arm around her wedding dress.

Lucas walked behind Rosa Sharon, Finn's arm in his, both men wearing their white tuxedos.

Lucas' seemed to gleam more than Finn's, his more the center of attention.

Josh stared at him, his violet eyes filled with so much love.

And something else caught his eye, the man's eyes drawn to Lucas' cummerbund.

It showed two layers of soft blue, and one central layer of emerald green.

His eyes met Lucas' face again, the man seeing so much love in his handsome smooth face.

He continued down the aisle, his friends singing their hearts out for all four of them.


Over and over I thought
When I hear you call
Without you in my life, baby
I just wouldn't be living at all


And I will take you in my arms (I will take you in my arms)
And hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)
Til' the day my life is through
This I promise you, babe


Just close your eyes each loving day (each loving day)
And know this feeling won't go away (no)
Every word I say is true
This I promise you


Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Ooh, I promise you


Lucas stopped at the end of the aisle, Finn hugging him, the young man smiling back at his friend.

His violet pools met his parents' and family's eyes, his smile filling their hearts with love.

Finn guided Lucas to Josh's side, their hands joining, staring into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Joshua. You look so beautiful."

"I love you, Lucas. You are so beautiful." Josh said, Lucas squeezing his hand, Finn smiling at both.

Lewis smiled around at all four, asking them to stand before him.

Joey moved off the bandstand, joining Lance and Justin at Lance's right side, Finn standing at Lucas' left side.

"Everyone may be seated. The love shines before us." Lewis smiled, everyone sitting down.

"Hello my four friends of love. You stand before myself and God as loving couples of searching life. Today that life begins." Lewis said, the four grooms smiling.

Lewis looked at Finn and Joey, both smiling at him.

"Finnegan, already married today, stands at Lucas' side as his man of honor. Joseph stands at Lance's side in the same place. I see no men of honor for you and Josh, Justin." Lewis smiled, Josh and Justin standing beside each other, smiling at the good reverend.

"Josh and I both chose each other as his best man, Reverend Saunders." Josh said, Lucas smiling at the minister.

The minister smiled at the two men in front of him.

"Lucas' heart believes you both need more." Lewis smiled, nodding towards someone.

Colton and Jonathan both rose from their front pew seats, everyone staring at them as they walked up to Josh and Justin who didn't see them.

Josh and Justin both felt a hand on their shoulder, both turning around and staring at the two young men.

"I am your brother, Justin. I will stand by you as family and friend." Jonathan said, Justin tearing up.

"You are like a father to me, Josh. I will stand by you as family and friend." Colton said, Josh tearing up as well.

"Oh, Jon! I'd love you here with me." Justin said, hugging his brother.

"And I'd be honored for you to stand beside me and Lucas, Colton." Josh said, hugging the young man.

Justin and Josh moved, Jonathan and Colton standing beside them.

Lewis smiled at them all, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Your love surrounds all, Lucas. Let's walk now a path of love. Follow me, young men." Lewis smiled, the minister turning and walking through the archway, Lucas and Josh following him, Finn and Colton behind them.

Justin and Lance followed the four, Joey and Jonathan behind them.

Chris and Jacques moved from their seats, the two men lifting the flowered archway up, moving it behind the bandstand, the area in front of the pews now clear and open to the marble altar in the middle of the pool.

Everyone now saw bouquets of roses floating in the pool, each a different color.

Some were blue, some were green, some violet, some white and some red.

"Those weren't there a minute ago?" Chris Pine said, Chris kissing his cheek as he sat down beside him.

"Lucas' love blooms at a moment's notice." he smiled, Piney smiling at him, others having heard his words.

All eyes were on the group of love in front of them.


The eight men and the minister walked onto the marble altar, its surface a soft white, baskets of roses encircling its circumference.

All eight men faced the congregation in the pews, the minster's back to them.

Two couples were surrounded by their men of honor, Reverend Saunders smiling at them, his rich voice filling the pool.

"We stand in the center of a watery vision of love, united under one love. The love of Lucas' Pool. A pool of imagined, magical love. Today the four of you unite as two couples of love under God's giving love."

The four grooms smiled, their hands squeezing their soulmate's.

Lewis turned, looking out at the congregation.

"Who gives these four to another family of love, their own family uniting with them?" he said; Roy and Sharon, Jim and Diane, Randall and Lisa, Paul and Lynn, Vivian and Henderson and Tristan and Savannah all rising from their seats.

"We, his four parents, give Justin to Lance, our families welcoming him with love and happiness." Randall said, Lynn smiling at her son and Lance, she speaking with Randall.

"We give Lance to Justin, welcoming him into our family with love and happiness." Jim said, Diane crying and blowing her son and Justin a kiss.

Lance and Justin both smiled at their parents and new parents, the six sitting down again.

"We give our Josh to Lucas, his love already welcomed in our family. You are our new son." Roy said, Karen blowing the two a kiss, Lucas tearing up, Josh squeezing his hand.

"We give our loving Lucas to Josh with all our love and happiness. We welcome him with love in all our families. We love both of you." Tristan said, all four of Lucas' parents blowing them both a kiss of total love, Trish waving at both of them.

The two smiled, Josh feeling the love of his new family.

The six sat down, joining the other parents.

Lewis smiled, turning back to the four grooms.

"You are both blessed to have many families of love. They will be your strength and rock going forward in life. You each will be the totality of the other. Love surrounds you, life will be beautiful."

The four smiled, Lewis smiling at them.

"It is time for the four of you to join with your soulmate. We will now hear your words of devotion and love. You may go first, Lance. You and Justin stand in front of me."

The two men smiled, moving in front of the minister, Lewis guiding them to face each other, their hands joining.

Lance smiled towards Josh and Lucas, then his emerald eyes stared into Justin's blue.

"I'm complete, my Justin. Your love fills my soul and heart. You have healed the pain of my lost soul. I have everything with your love. I love you, today and forever. I am yours in body, soul, love and faithfulness. I will love you forever."

Justin teared up, staring into Lance's green pools.

"I love you, Lance. I have never loved anyone the way that I love you. Your love consumes me. It is something I never experienced before in all my conquests of love.  I now know it is true love. You are the other half of my soul. I will love you forever." Justin said, Lance crying, Lewis' hand going to his shoulder to calm him.

"Words of love given to each other, we all feel their deep meaning." he smiled, Lance smiling and wiping his eyes, still holding onto one of Justin's hands.

"May I have the rings?" Lewis said, Joey smiling and walking forward, placing two golden rings on top of the bible in Lewis' hand.

"Take one ring and answer my forthcoming words, Lance." Lewis said, Lance nodding and picking up one of the golden bands.

"Will you Lance Bass, take Justin Timberlake this day as your loving husband? Will you promise to love him, nurture him, stand by him and be there for him always?" Lewis said, Lance smiling widely, slipping the ring onto Justin's ring finger.

"I shall." he said, Justin smiling at him with love.

"Take this ring and answer my forthcoming words, Justin." Lewis said, Justin smiling and picking up the other golden band.

"Will you Justin Timberlake, take Lance Bass this day as your loving husband? Will you promise to love him, nurture him, stand by him and be there for him always?" Lewis said, Justin practically beaming, quickly slipping the ring onto Lance's finger.

"Oh yes! A thousand times yes!" he said rather loudly, his face showing a wide loving smile.

Lewis smiled, lightly chuckling.

"The exuberance of young love." he said, Justin blushing.

Light laughter could be heard across the pool, Justin's eyes on his Lance.

Lance laughed, his ringed hand joining with Justin's hand.

"As you now have committed your love and life to each other, I now pronounce you a joined couple of love under God's love. May your life be filled with happiness. The love's already there. You may kiss each other." Lewis smiled, Justin pulling Lance into his arms, their lips meeting.

The applause filled the clearing, the two lost in each other's embrace.

They kissed deeply, both lost in the newness of their bonded love.

Finn smirked, cupping his hands together, yelling.

"Come up for air, Timberlake! It's getting dark!"

Everyone laughed, the couple breaking their kiss, smiling at each other.

"I love you, Lance." Justin smiled, so much love showing on his face in Lance's eyes.

"I love you, Justin. Forever." Lance smiled, the two moving, surrounded by the other six on the altar as the clapping continued.


Lewis smiled, the eight before him calming down, going to their places again, Justin and Lance smiling with total happiness.

Lewis' eyes moved to Josh and Lucas, the two men standing together, Finn and Colton at their sides.

"And now we come to the final joining of this day under God's love. Come forward, my friends." he smiled, Josh and Lucas moving, standing in front of him, their hands joined, facing each other.

"This moment is a special moment in all our hearts, Lucas. Your love has shone all around us so openly. This moment now is for you and your Joshua alone." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"It is the drawing moment of my dreams." he smiled, Josh staring at him with deep love.

"You may voice your words of love and devotion to each other. Joshua, you may go first." Lewis said, Josh smiling at the minister, then looking into Lucas' violet pools.

The sun was at the top of the waterfall, beginning its setting descent.

"I love you, Lucas. From the first moment I looked into your violet pools that day at Justin's party. I saw something there that I longed for. Real true love. Your violet loving eyes that day seemed to sparkle with starlight. And every day since that, each time I've looked into those pools, I've seen a growing love. Your love has filtered into my soul and my heart. I love you, Lucas. In every way, in every moment. Today I give you all of my love. I love you, Lucas. I am yours forever, in heart and soul."

Soft weeping could be heard, a few of the mothers crying, Vivian's arm around Savannah, Karen enveloped in her husband's tearful arms.

Lucas teared up as well, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I cannot believe this day, Joshua. I never thought I'd have a day like this. A man like you. When I was at my darkest hour, my soul and heart were empty. The hope and dreams there were beaten out of me. Today, standing here with you my heart and soul are filled again. With even more love than I could ever have dreamed. You are part of me, Joshua. Your love is my life. You give me life, you give me courage, love and hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, for a future filled with your love. Today I give myself to you, Joshua. I am yours forever. We are one of soul, heart and love. The sun sets on the day but lightens on our hearts. See how your love brightens my soul."

The altar was suddenly filled with a bright light, everyone staring towards the falls.

The sun had just set behind the waterfall, the falling water suddenly brightening as if the sun was behind it, its watery falls now shining a golden yellow.

"It is the beauty of God's love." Lewis said with amazement, the two men in front of him standing in front of the golden falls.

Josh was in tears, staring at the falls, now staring at his Lucas.

"You brighten my life, Joshua. I love you." Lucas said, Lewis smiling at both men.

"May I have the rings, please."
Finn moved forward, Lucas smiling into his blue teary eyes, the young man setting two golden bands on Lewis' bible.

One had a violet diamond in its center, one a blue diamond.

"Take a ring and answer my questions of commitment, Josh." he smiled, turning to Josh.

Josh smiled, picking up the blue stone ring and facing Lucas again.

"Will you, Joshua Chasez, take Lucas Carver-Belmont this day as your loving husband? Will you promise to love him, nurture him, stand by him and be there for him always?" Lewis said, Josh smiling, slipping the ring onto Lucas' finger, the young man smiling at him with love.

"Yes, I shall. Forever."

Lucas smiled, Lewis staring at Lucas.

"Pick up the other ring, our angel of love, and answer my questions of commitment before the sunshine of your watery love."

Lucas smiled, picking up the violet diamond band, smiling at his Josh.

"Will you, Lucas Carver-Belmont, take Joshua Chasez this day as your loving husband? Will you promise to love him, nurture him, stand by him and be there for him always?"

Lucas smiled, Josh staring at his handsome face, seeing so much love shining in his violet pools.

"I will, with all my heart and love." Lucas smiled, Josh beaming.

"Then by the power invested in myself by God's design—and your own magical, giving love, Lucas—I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss each other. Dazzle us with your happiness and love!" Lewis smiled widely.

Lucas smiled widely, pulling Josh into his arms, their lips meeting.

The moment their lips met the darkening sky filled with fireworks, blue and violet stars cascading over the pool and clearing.

Everyone stood in awe, their applause thunderous, their eyes on the couple kissing in the middle of the marble altar in the pool.

The waterfall behind them changed colors, blue and violet strips of light shining within the water.

Colton smiled at the couple kissing, and then at the falls.

"Lucas' and Josh's love will light their hearts for years." he smiled, Finn laughing, both men and the other four moving, the kissing couple surrounded by welcoming love.


End of Chapter 169


And so our two couples of love are now married.

Romantic moments of gathering love.

And Lucas' magical love making it more special.


I hope I showed the love and magic well.

I wanted the final ceremony to be different from the others.

More love enriched, and romantic.


Up next:  A reception of love for all the newly married couples.

But first a wedding surprise.

You know me!


Hugs, Angel.