Yesterday's End-177


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 177


Lucas smiled, knocking on the door in front of him.

The door opened, Finn's smiling face greeting him.

"You're the last to arrive, Lukey." Finn smiled, hugging his friend gently.

"Sorry I'm late. Had some errands to run. I've come bearing dessert." Lucas smiled, walking into Finn's new home, a large box in his hand.

"Yes, so Josh said you were doing." Finn smiled, guiding his friend through his new abode.

"You've really changed it." Lucas smiled, Finn blushing.

"We loved your colour schemes, Luke. But the furniture arrangements we moved around." Finn said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"It's your family's home, Finny. You live as you want to live, you change as you need." Lucas smiled, Finn kissing his cheek.

"We'll never be able to thank you for all of it, Lucas." Finn said, Lucas seeing the emotion on his face.

"It's a gift for your new family, Finnegan. I just expect to be invited often."

Finn smiled, nodding his head.

"I've broken three shovels digging the tunnel so far."

Lucas laughed, the two walking into the kitchen.

Finn offered to take the box from Lucas, the man asking him to open the fridge door, Finn smiling and opening it, clearing off a shelf so Lucas could put the box into the refrigerator.

"No peeking. It's a surprise." Lucas smiled, Finn nodding his head, closing the door.

The two men walked through the patio doors, two blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"There's my sunshine." Josh said, rising from his seat at the closest table, his arms going around his man, their lips meeting.

"And here's my heaven. Angels included." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance smiling up at him from their seats.

It was the next day, everyone now at Finn's and Skyler's new home, awaiting their first dinner together.

Lucas smiled around the patio, seeing Trish, Andrew, Harry and Alain, Colton and Rosa Sharon , Jonathan and Haras.

Six others rose from their seats, walking up to Lucas.

He was hugged by Adam, Pierce and Usher, as well as Gideon, Nick and Gio.

Finn had invited them all, Lucas' close friends and family together.

"Welcome back, our honeymooning friends." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Barcelona was beautiful, Luke. Its beaches were so white." He said, Lucas smiling at the three suntanned soulmates.

"As was Italy." Gio smiled, his suntanned husbands smiling at him.

"I see a bevy of suntanned beauties. Justin must be beside himself with leering happiness." Lucas smiled, the six men laughing, Justin blushing, Lance's arm around him.

"Food for the desires, sweetie." He smiled at Lucas, Lucas winking at him.

"Eye candy for the soul. So why isn't everybody shirtless?" Lucas grinned, Adam smiling.

"Finn's pool is empty, he's getting it cleaned and refilled tomorrow." Adam smiled, Finn smiling at him.

Everyone wore casual clothing, all smiling with happiness.

"The place is still in clean mode, Lukey. But we just had to have you all here together for our first dinner party." Skyler said, Lucas kissing her cheek as she walked up to him, the twins in her arms.

Lucas took Julian into his arms, the little boy gurgling with happiness.

"They're growing so fast." Lucas smiled, staring at Diana in Skyler's arm.

"You saw them yesterday, Unky Luke." Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at him, his violet eyes looking down into Julian's blue pools.

"I meant their love and souls are growing. I feel their greatness." He smiled, Skyler smiling at him.

"Ever loving, every giving is their Unky Luke." She said, Lucas kissing both infants on the cheek.

"For them, easily. It's the bigger kids that are truly demanding."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at the returned newlyweds.

"Okay, boys. I want to hear all about the sun filled love. Any pictures?" Lucas smiled at the six newlyweds, all six smiling.

He sat down with his three soulmates, the others sitting down as well, telling him of their week of sun filled happiness, Gideon and Pierce opening envelopes of photographs, handing them around.


Lucas smiled around at everyone, Colton smiling at him, Jonathan and Haras at his sides, Rosa Sharon in Haras' lap.

"How finds the new threesome of love?" Lucas smiled, everyone looking at them.

Haras smiled, Rosa Sharon kissing his cheek.

"My brothers are happy, Luke. Now I have three. Your love expands around us." She smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"You're unbelievable, Luke. You join everyone in their love." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love needs to show itself. The path of love always focuses for hearts in need." He said, Haras staring at him with friendship and love.

"Even hearts lost for centuries." He said, everyone smiling at him.

"Love knows no time frame, Haras.  Age, length of life or destiny never changes love's path. We find love as it's needed. And a soul carries it forever. My own soul is nearly full." He said, his three soulmates staring at him with love.

"Your words are always so beautiful." Adam said, Lucas smiling at his friend, his blue eyes staring at him with deep wonder.

"I am myself, Adam. I voice love in all ways." He smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

Everyone smiled at the foursome, seeing their love showing.

"So what's next for you four? Finny's already ahead of you in the kids game." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, two to one."

Everyone looked confused.

Lucas smiled, leaning over and kissing Justin's lips.

"Their two angels to our one hyper horny kid." He smiled, everyone laughing, Justin smiling at him with blushing cheeks.

"You're the youngest of our foursome of love, Lucky." He said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"Yes, but I have the mature soul." He smiled, Josh and Lance smiling at him.

"I'm the mature one, Lucky. Let me be the dad." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Okay, Daddy!"

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing, Lance's lips meeting his.

"Your fatherly love gets us all going, sexy." He smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Okay, enough of the lovefest. When's dinner, Finny?" Alain smiled, Finn smiling at the black man.

"It will be ready shortly, everyone. Barbecued steaks with all the fixings. Who'd like a refill of their drinks? Would you like anything, Luke?" Finn smiled, playing the good host.

"A glass of white wine would hit the spot, Finny." He smiled, others nodding their heads for another drink, Finn heading back into the house.

Skyler smiled at Lucas, Julian now asleep in his arms, Diana asleep in hers.

"Let's put them in their crib upstairs, Luke. They'll sleep through dinner, they've already been fed." She smiled, Lucas and her rising from their seats walking into the house.

Five minutes later the two were back, Finn handing Lucas his glass of wine, the Welshman smiling at him.

"I'd like to propose a toast." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling, rising from their seats, Finn's arm going around his wife, Lucas smiling at them, raising his glass.

"Here's to Finn and Skyler's new home of love. May we all bask in the happiness we feel today from both of them. Home is where the heart is. This place beats with a heart of total family love. Here's to their happiness and ours!"
Everyone seconded the toast, taking a sip of their drinks.

Finn and Skyler smiled, looking around at their friends.

"Thank you, Luke. This is now our home. We feel that happiness greatly. You are all welcomed here always as friends and family. We love all of you!" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his happy face.

"And we love you both, Finny and Sky." Lucas said, everyone smiling at the happy couple, clapping for the couple.

They all returned to their seats, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"You never answered my question, Luke. What's next?" Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

The man smiled around at everyone, his eyes going to the pool in front of them, now empty of water.

"The water flows, always." He softly said, Josh's hand going in his.

"Meaning what, my love?" He said,  Lucas smiling at him.

"Meaning that my path moves forward."

Adam stared at Lucas.

"We all heard about the last few days, Luke." He said, his husbands and the other trio of love staring at him with friendship and love.

"Yes, Adam. Evil took a stab at us. My magic moves always. I will protect all that I love." Lucas said, Justin staring at him with love.

Haras' brown eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man's eyes meeting his youthful gaze.

"Speak from the heart, Haras." Lucas said, everyone looking at the Egyptian.

"Alsarius' giving heart and love I always believed was the greatest I'd ever known, Lucas. I now believe your love is so much greater. And your magic outshines all." He said, Lucas nodding.

"I have a greater magic, Haras. And with that will come a greater love and reality. I have chosen that path. For their love, it was so easy."

Josh's arm went around his husband.

"You've talked often about choices, my love. Who has given you these choices?"

"The creator of the path, Josh. I've almost reasoned out who it is."

"Alsarius?" Haras said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Haras.  He was a player of the game as we all are."

"This isn't a game, Lucas." The Egyptian said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I know that, Haras. All too well." Lucas said, rising from his seat, the young man walking to the edge of the patio, staring at the empty marble pool in front of him.

Josh's eyes met everyone's else's, the man about to rise from his seat, Lucas' eyes moving back to everyone.

"I feel your love, my Joshua. Relax around mine." He said, Josh sitting down again.

Lucas sighed, looking at his family of friends.

"My love is like a waterfall. It pours over all of you, its waters soothing and love filled. That waterfall has now grown. A greater magic now exists within its flowing love. And that water is now a current of life. And its waters are forming a pool of my greatest dreams. The past of my heritage will feel dwarfed by the reality of my own magical self."

Justin rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, Josh and Lance staring at him.

Justin's arms wrapped around Lucas, the young man staring into his blue pools.

"You're talking in riddles again, Lucky." He smiled, Lucas smiling at his handsome face.

"My life is an enigma within a riddle, Jus. I've now been given an answer to one part of it. And I'll accept the reality of the gifts soon given to me."

"Gifts, Lucky?" Justin said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"Do you love me, Justin?"

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his soft lips.

"Yes, Lucas. I love you as one of my three loves. Your love is a part of me."

Lucas smiled, Justin saying the exact words he needed to hear.

"And your love will be a part of them. All four of us are that love." He smiled, looking at his two other soulmates, the two having risen from their seats, now at the other two's sides.

Everyone stared at the four, seeing their joined love.

"Thank you three for loving me. My love has joined with yours. We'll all see the happiness of that gift."

The three smiled at him, Lance kissing his lips now.

"You are the gift of our hearts, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, his Josh smiling at him, kissing him with tender love.

"There's so much more ahead, my loves." He smiled, the other three smiling at him, seeing a deep look of happiness in Lucas' violet pools.

"It starts tonight here within our friends' happiness. I hope the steaks are thick, Finny?" Lucas smiled, looking now at his friend.

"The thickest,  Lukey. I'll toss them on the grill. How does everyone like them? I'll cook rare to well done. Whatever you desire."

"Well, my men's meat is rare and tasty. And their love is well done. I'll just take three delicious wieners to go." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"You can cook those yourself!" He laughed, Lucas laughing, his three soulmates smiling at his happiness, their eyes meeting each others.

"I like them hot and thick."

Finn covered his ears, Lucas laughing, walking up to him.

"I'll help you with the barbecue, my friend. Let's cook steaks for our friends."
Finn smiled, the two heading over to the barbecue at the patio's end.

Skyler smiled, she and Trish heading into the kitchen for the meat and to set up the buffet for their friends.


Everyone sat around in contented happiness, the meal over, the food delicious and filling.

"That was heaven." Harry sighed, Alain rubbing his stomach with touching love.

"I'm glad you all enjoyed it." Skyler smiled, Finn kissing her cheek.

"Your fixings made it heaven, my love." He smiled, Lucas smiling at his friends, his Josh cuddled against him, Lucas' own hand under Josh's silk shirt, rubbing his abs.

"You two give me a run in the kitchen. Another place of filling love for all of us." He smiled, Finn and Skyler smiling at him.

"This is so wonderful, Luke. Both of us now with homes of love, so close together. Our lives ahead will be so wonderful. Good food, good friends and happiness." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"And it will only get better. Just think of events ahead. Birthdays, school functions, anniversaries, weddings." Trish smiled, her friends nodding their heads.

Lucas smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"First up in birthdays ahead will be you, Jus. In a few weeks." Lucas said, Lance kissing his husband's cheek.

"I need no gifts, I have you three." Justin said, Josh and Lucas smiling at him and Lance.

"We will all have the gift of your love." Lucas said, Justin staring at his three men with desirous love.

"I need to get that pool filled. Someone needs to cool that horn dog down." Finn laughed, Justin blushing.

"Excuse us, guys. Can we use your bathroom, Finn?" Lance smiled, beginning to rise from his seat, Finn raising his hands, waving him back down.

"Go home if that's what he needs! I just washed the floor in there!" He said, Lance laughing, kissing his man's lips.

"He's just jealous that we are so in love." Justin smiled, Finn smiling at his friends.

"We all see that guys. Just try to keep it decent in my home." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend's total acceptance of his new home.

"Love needs to flow, Finny. And Justin's love flows like a river." He smiled, licking his lips, Justin smiling at him.

Finn groaned, Lucas laughing, kissing Justin's warm lips.

"Okay, enough of the double entendres. When's dessert, guys?" Nick smiled, Gideon rubbing his man's stomach.

"Really, babe? Still hungry?" Gio smiled, his hand in Nick's.

Nick kissed both of their lips, the two men smiling at him with love.

"I'll always be hungry for your love. I think we should mess up Finny's floors as well." He winked, Finn groaning again, everyone laughing.

Finn smiled at his best friend, Lucas smiling back.

"You can thank Luke for dessert. He brought it with him." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling and rising from his seat.

"You two sit right there, I'll bring it out. Come on, Justin. Give me a hand with plates." Lucas smiled, Justin rising from his seat.

"They're in the cabinet above the microwave." Skyler smiled, Lucas blowing her a kiss, the two men walking into the house.

Justin smiled, his arm going around Lucas the moment they were alone in the kitchen, the man pulling his muscular body close to him, their lips meeting.

Lucas felt all the love and desire in that kiss, one of his hands rubbing Justin's center.

"Someone's on fire." He smiled when they broke their kiss, Justin's lips on his earlobe now.

"I need you so much, Lucky." He softly said, Lucas' hand moving, attaching to one of Justin's butt cheeks, rubbing it.

"Later beautiful. Back at home tonight it's going to be no-holds-barred fun. Every inch of you is going to be mine. The love needs to grow."

Justin purred, kissing Lucas' neck.

"Something's already growing. Let's try out that bathroom floor. We'll clean up after." Justin moaned, his hand now inside Lucas' cotton shirt, rubbing his  left nipple.

Lucas laughed, pushing Justin back ,the man's face showing its famous pout.

"Calmness, my beauty. We don't have time. And desires are best when they've simmered for hours. The flavour only enriches the need."

Justin sighed, smiling at his soulmate.

"You and me surrounded by their love and beauty. I'm going to be so hungry."

Lucas smiled, walking over to the fridge, pulling out the large box he'd placed there, setting it on the counter.

Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around him from behind.

"How did it turn out?" He smiled, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips, untying the ribbon around the box, opening its lid.

Justin's eyes widened with surprise.

"Oh wow, Lucky! That's amazing. You're so talented!" He smiled, Lucas smiling at him, picking up the cake from the box.

"Grab the plates, Jus. Let's walk into the love." Lucas smiled, Justin opening the cabinet above the microwave, pulling out dessert plates and grabbing some cutlery, following Lucas out of the kitchen.

The two walked back onto the patio, everyone smiling at what Lucas held in his hands, Finn and Skyler's eyes widening in surprise, their infants in their arms, the two having woken up just as dinner was over, the two passed around with love just before Lucas went in for the cake.

"Oh wow, Luke!" Finn said, staring at the cake Lucas sat down on the table in front of the four.

Skyler's blue eyes teared up, Finn's arm going around her.

In front of them was a frosted creation of love.

"I hope it's correct." Lucas said, the two smiling at him, then staring at the house of baked love in front of them.

Lucas had created a replica of their new home, frosting covering its roof and walls, candied windows and doors showing.

Written across the home's roof were words of love, the two tearing up.


                    A Home of Love

                A Home of Happiness

               The Delaneys Forever

                          In Love


"It's beautiful, Luke. What bakery did this?" Finn said, smiling at his friend.

Josh smiled, as did Justin and Lance.

"Lucas did it himself, Finny. He worked on it all morning. That's why he was a bit late." Josh said, Finn and Skyler staring at Lucas' softly blushing face.

"I wanted it created with love, my friends. A gift to replicate the love you now have around you. A vision of your love's future." He smiled, Finn tearing up.

"It's beautiful, Lucas. As is your giving love.  Again, thank you for all of this."

Lucas smiled, offering Finn a knife off the table.

"Dibs on the bathroom part. I want to lick the floor clean."

Justin laughed, others joining in, Finn smiling as he cut the cake.


Justin felt himself flying, Lucas having thrown him on the bed.

He smiled, staring up at the three of his soul, their clothing beginning to come off.

"Come here, my men." He smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Justin staring at his naked chest, and brief covered center.

Lance's hand was already in Lucas' boxer briefs, stroking his rising hardness, Josh on his knees, removing Lance's briefs off his legs.

His monster was swaying with hard desire, Josh's lips now around it.

Justin moaned, seeing the desire in all their different coloured eyes of violet, emerald and blue.

Josh rose from his feet, the man climbing onto the bed on top of Justin, their lips meeting, Justin's hands moving to Josh's naked backside, rubbing both cheeks.

Josh moaned, feeling lips now at the center of him, Lance's tongue finding its treasure.

Josh broke their kiss, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"God, your man's so talented!" He softly gasped, Justin kissing Josh's Adam's apple, his fingers tweaking his nipples.

"You're way overdressed, Timberlake." Justin heard above him, staring up into Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas' center was just above Justin's forehead, the man moving his head back, raising it, taking the hard organ deeply down his throat.

Justin felt Josh's hands moving over his covered torso, his shirt opening, Justin feeling his lips sucking on his left nipple.

He also felt two other hands removing his pants, Lance's familiar tongue licking down his hairy legs, Justin lifting his ass, feeling his briefs disappear from his body.

He felt Josh's talented mouth cover his center, feeling the wetting of his mouth engulf it.

Justin moaned, devouring Lucas' shaft, his own deep within Josh's throat.

He felt his own legs moving, a hardness rubbing against his center.

He pulled off Lucas' shaft, gasping when he felt the monster of his heart filling him.

Two lips met his, tasting Lucas' desires on his tongue, the two French kissing.

He felt Josh pull of his shaft, its wetness slapping against his abs.

He felt Josh join his own with his, the two rubbing together, their hardness at their longest length.

Lucas broke the kiss, Justin moaning.

"Oh God, my loves!" He moaned, Lucas' head moving.

Josh and Justin both gasped, when Lucas' mouth went around both their shafts, devouring both.

Lance smiled, increasing his rhythm, Justin lost in the love possessing him.

He felt Lucas move his body, the man still sucking on both of them, Justin feeling Lucas' center slap against his cheek.

Justin pulled it into his mouth, he and Lucas now in a sixty nine position, Justin filled at both ends, Lucas filled with two rods of love.

Josh's head moved, licking down his man's back in front of him, his lips finding the crack of Lucas' center, licking the rising sweat off it, going down its cleft.

Justin's fingers had already found Lucas' center, filling it, Lucas' shaft lengthening in his mouth.

The four were joined together, their love and  desires overflowing.

All four exploded together, four shaft of need flowing a river of wet tasty love.

Lucas devoured the double shots he received, Justin filling with Lucas' nectar of love, Lance filling his other end with his.

Lucas pulled off the two shafts, licking both clean, Justin still dribbling fluid, Lucas catching it all.

He moved, feeling Justin licking him clean, Lance pulling out of his husband, his body moving on top of his, Lucas and Josh kissing down Lance's warm back, Lance's lips meeting Justin's.

The man sighed, feeling their afterglow of love..

"That...that was the best guys." He said, Lance smiling at him, kissing his earlobe.

"We had to calm the tiger down. He's been stoked all day." Lucas said, his lips meeting Justin's now, then replaced with Josh's as Lucas kissed Lance.

"You three got me going all day." Justin smiled, as Josh broke his kiss, kissing his nose.

"It's our task in life, Justy. You needful fills all our desires." He smiled, Lucas kissing his man's lips.

"Only one thing left for me." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at him.

"What's that, Lucky?" Lance said, Lucas smiling and wrapping his hands around Lance's deflated monster.

"I've had you all alone, I've had these two together. All that's left is the river of my trio of love. I think I might break my jaw adding the monster into the mix."

All four laughed, Lance kissing Lucas again.

"You can hardly handle it by itself. We don't want you hurt, Lucky." He smiled, Lucas smiling with love at him.

Lucas felt Justin's hand wrap around his shaft, his eyes moving to his blue.

"That was amazing, Luke. The wetness of you, the heat of Josh against mine. It was heaven!" Justin smiled, Lucas smiling, feeling Lance's center lengthening again at Justin's words.

Josh smiled at his husband, Lucas' other hand wrapping around his semi hard shaft, Josh softly moaning.

"The need rises above the desires. My three boys are so stoked. All that male flesh tonight has you all stoked."
The three smiled, remembering all their beautiful friends, all clothed but so beautiful.

"There's something to be said for hidden beauty. They all looked so young and hot." Justin said, stroking Lucas now hard again shaft.

"And there's more to be said for the three of my soul naked before me. Time to end the dreams." Lucas smiled, sitting up and smiling at all three.

"Lance, sit back on Justy's thighs." He said, Lance smiling and moving back a bit, sitting on Justin's thighs, his long thick shaft laying now against Justin's thickening shaft, it length elongating at the touch of Lance's warmth against it.

Lucas smiled, seeing their desires showing.

"Move around and sit on Justin's abs, my love." Lucas said, staring into Josh's smiling face, the man moving, sitting on top of Justin's abs, Justin's hands rubbing Josh's naked ass in front of him, one finger rubbing through his crack.

Josh moaned, his shaft now at full mast, laying on top of theirs.

Lucas smiled, moving to a sitting position, his hands moving forward.

"Are you sure about this, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, stroking Josh's and Justin's shafts now.

Justin moaned, his fingers still rubbing against Josh's center.

"Raise the monster between them, our loving Lance." Lucas said, kissing Lance's lips, Lance raising his own shaft, Lucas positioning the other two against his.

The three felt his hands wrap around all three, feeling the heat of the other two against their own.

Lucas felt Lance's tongue invade his mouth, the two in a duel of love.

Lucas broke the kiss, leaning down, licking the slits in all three shafts, liquid love drooling out of them, the three moaning.

And then they felt their three shafts pushing together, Lucas mouth enveloping all three, sinking slowly downward onto all three.

The moment that happened all three felt their minds explode with love and flashing lights.

Green, violet, blue and white lights flashing within their minds.

The three felt the intensity of the love flowing through them, all three feeling the passion crest together.

The three exploded together, Lucas taking in all the offered love, devouring it all.

Josh gasped sagging against Lance's smooth body, their arms wrapping around each other, Justin trembling beneath them.

Lucas licked all three shafts clean, consuming all of their offered liquid love.

"Oh God, Lucky! That was amazing!" Lance gasped, Josh moving off of Justin's abs, Lance falling down on top of his husband, Justin's arms wrapping around him.

Josh smiled at Lucas, the young man licking his lips, smiling at all three.

"Your combined essence feeds my soul. Together it is even richer."

The three smiled, Justin staring up into his violet pools, Josh's arms going around his man.

"You never cease to amaze us, my love. Your love consumes us."
Lucas smiled, his lips meeting his man's, Josh feeling his singular love.

"The three of you consume my soul." He said, the three staring into his violet pools with love.

Those violet pools suddenly changed to a soft glowing blue, Lucas trembling a bit in Josh's arms.

"My love, your eyes! They're blue!" Justin said, Lance staring at Lucas as well.

The young man closed his eyes, opening them again, their usual violet beauty showing again.

"Are you alright, my love?" Lance said.

Lucas stared at Lance, then at Justin, and finally at Josh.

"I am fine. I am surrounded by your love." Lucas said, moving in the bed, laying down beside Justin, pulling his Josh on top of him, Lance on top of Justin beside them.

"Let's get some sleep. The love tires us." Lucas softly smiled, Josh laying his head against his chest.

"Your love draws us into our dreams, my love. We'll see you there." Josh yawned, the other two beside them cuddling together, Lucas leaning over, kissing both on the lips.

"I love you, my angels. Our love grows." He smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Your love never stops, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, the three around him closing their eyes, Lucas scanning all three naked men around him.

He felt Josh succumb to sleep's embrace, Justin beginning to snore.

Lance moved a little on Justin's chest, his head against it, his arms pulling his man close.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes looking upwards.

Life begins for all of us. Our love will be enough for them.

Lucas trembled, Josh's arms pulling him closer.

The three around Lucas never saw his falling tears, the man silent in the reality filling his soul.


The next two weeks flew by, the two houses of love settling into regular routines.

Lucas and Finn visited each other often, the short distance providing them with their continuing love.

Lucas' three soulmates saw the happiness in his eyes at the closeness of his friends' love.

Three friends were surrounding each other.

The three of Lucas' heart saw an immediate change in him, the young man's soul showing so much happiness and calm love.

They sensed something was making him happier than usual.

All three had asked him separately and together about his changed mood, the young man smiling and surrounding them with kisses and soft touches of love.

"My life keeps getting better. Love surrounds me." He'd said, the three smiling at him, his love surrounding them.

Many moments of passion consumed all four, together and alone.

Their love was one, their desires one.

Lucas had smiled, seeing Josh's deep love for the other two.

It matched his love for him.

Justin was the happiest of the four, the three of his soul giving their desires always to him when needed.

Josh and Lance had smiled the morning before Justin's birthday, walking into their bedroom after breakfast, hearing muffled moaning coming from their bathroom.

They'd walked into it, seeing Justin and Lucas in the shower.

Justin was against the wall, Lucas embedded deep within him, his hand over Justin's mouth, his rhythm deep and slow.

"Oh God, Luke!" Justin moaned, licking Lucas' wet fingers, Josh and Lance smiling at each other, their clothes coming off quickly.

Lucas smiled as the two opened the shower door, walking into the passion.

Justin's eyes met Lance's green pools of love, scanning down the man's smooth body, seeing his shaft at full mass.

"God, I need all of you three!" Justin moaned, Lucas smiling, pulling Justin back a bit, Lance moving in front of him, Justin lowering his head, engulfing the monster of his desires.

Lance moaned, Josh kissing Lucas' wet lips, the water cascading over his muscular, smooth chest.

"He's in need, Josh. Fill him with our love." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling and moving, standing behind Lucas, watching his man's ass move, his shaft deep within Justin.

"Together in all things, my love." Josh said, kissing his neck, his own shaft joining Lucas', sinking deep into Justin against Lucas'.

Justin gasped, feeling the two own him.

He returned to Lance's phallus, devouring it, his loves consuming him.

In a few moments all three exploded within him, Lucas first, then Josh, Lance filling his husband's throat with his liquid love.

Justin devoured all of it, licking Lance clean, the two behind him pulling out, Lucas wrapping his arms around the man as he stood up, Lance kissing him deeply.

"Birthday gift number one." Lucas said, licking Justin's earlobe, the man trembling.

"God, two days of happiness ahead." Justin said,  Josh smiling kissing Justin's lips.

"Let me, my loves." He smiled, Lucas and Lance smiling at him, Josh going to his knees, engulfing Justin's shaft which was still at full mass.

Justin gasped, feeling Josh's talented tongue and mouth.

Lucas turned his head, their lips meeting, their tongues connecting.

Justin felt Lance's tongue on his wet chest his nipples hardening at its roaming need.

Within moments Justin exploded, Josh filling his mouth with all of Justin's seed.

The man stood up, his lips meeting Lance's, Lance devouring half of the liquid in Josh's mouth.

Lucas was kissed next, Lucas devouring half of what was left, Josh drinking the rest.

Justin opened his eyes, three sets of lips kissing his face and lips.

"You three are the best! That was awesome!" He grinned, the three smiling at him.

"Number one of  two days of our devotion to your needs, our Justin. The three of us are going to love you together for two days of passion. Be prepared for our consuming love." Lance said, Justin tearing up.

"You three are going to kill me." He grinned, all four laughing.

"Prepare for our love, our tiger." Josh smiled, kissing Justin, Justin tasting himself on Josh's lips.

And so the day before Justin's thirty second birthday, the three his heart devoured him five times.

From morning to night he'd felt their deep consuming desires, the man owned by all three in private moments of need.

He fell asleep that night with a contented happiness showing on his smiling face.

The other three of his heart had smiled, kissing each other, wrapping their arms around their tiger of love.


The next morning the dawn's light had just crested the back fence of their home, Justin's blue eyes flickering open, feeling a warmth inside him.

He opened his blue pools, staring up into to violet pools, Lucas smiling at him,

He felt the warmth of Lucas' shaft buried deep within him, Justin moaning, feeling Lucas' slow rhythm of love.

Justin felt a hand turn his face, staring into two green pools of love.

"Happy birthday, my love." Lance smiled, kissing his warm lips, Justin feeling his total love.

They broke the tender kiss, two other lips meeting Justin as his head turned the other way,  Josh showing him his love.

Lucas smiled, the two breaking their kiss.

"Happy birthday, my Jus." Josh smiled, Justin tearing up, feeling another set of lips on his neck.

He turned his head, two lips of deep love meeting his, Lucas locked in his love.

The two parted, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"Happy birthday, our Jus. We all love you." Lucas said, Justin smiling widely.

"What a way to wake up! Thank you, my loves! I love all of you."

Josh smiled, raising his naked body, Justin seeing his shaft at full mass.

"Feed him your love, my Josh. I'm going on another adventure." Lance smiled, Josh moving forward, filling Justin's mouth with his desires.

Lance's lips met Lucas', Lucas' hands running across Josh's and Justin's chests, tweaking their nipples, both men moaning.

Lance's head moved downward, engulfing Justin's shaft, the man moaning with desire.

The three of his heart were attached to him, the man in heaven.

Lucas felt Lance's hands on his ass, two of his fingers stroking Lucas' center, then invading them.

That set Lucas off, his orgasm filling Justin, the man feeling the warmth flood him.

Lance smiled, moving his fingers out of Lucas, the man pulling out of Justin, Josh smiling at his lover.

"I love the wetness of your love, and I love Justin's center." He smiled, pulling his hardness out of Justin's mouth, the man whimpering with need.

He didn't have to whimper long, Lucas' wet shaft replacing Josh's, Justin licking him clean, devouring him.

Justin felt another sensation, Josh's long shaft burying itself into him, Josh's rhythm more needful than Lucas'.

Within a few minutes, Josh exploded within him, the wetness of Lucas' love sending him over the edge.

Justin exploded at the same time, filling Lance's mouth with his love.

Lance licked the shaft clean as Josh pulled out of the wetness of their Justin, Lance smiling and kissing his lips.

"He's all yours, Lancy. Give him the love he needs most." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at his man.

The three men moved, Justin feeling the loss of their contact.

Within a moment he felt a largeness filling him, staring up at a face of beauty staring down at him.

"Happy birthday, my love. My love is yours." Lance said, his lips meeting with Justin's, Justin feeling all of his love possess him.

The two made passionate slow love, Josh and Lucas laying beside them on both sides, their hands running across both of them, the two feeling their close love.

The two kissed them both, the four connected around the central love of Justin and Lance.

The two husbands exploded together, Josh and Lucas cleaning both as their broke their connecting, Lance and Justin feeling all of their love.

"Another day of passion begins, our tiger. You're going to be so loved" Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

The man was in tears, the three of his heart feeling his emotional love.

"I love you three. This is going to be the best birthday ever." He smiled, the three smiling at him.

"Let's clean up. I heard our brothers in the kitchen. Colton said he was making you a birthday breakfast." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I have so many new brothers of love." He smiled, Lance smiling and standing up, offering him a hand.

Justin smiled, his man pulling him up, the other two on the bed rising as well.

"Let's shower and then walk into their love." Lucas smiled, Justin scanning all three sweating men.

"Who's ready to go again?" He smiled, the other three laughing, Josh slapping Justin's smooth ass.

"The boy's expecting it now." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"First one who captures me owns me!" He grinned running towards the bathroom, Josh chasing him.

Lance and Lucas smiled, taking in the beauty of their smooth backsides.

"He's going to be so happy today." Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"We all are, Lance. Life begins today." Lucas moving towards the bathroom.

Lance smiled, staring at Lucas' own beautiful butt, following him to their soulmates.


Justin smiled a contented smiled, walking into the kitchen, his three loves behind him.

The man was bowled over by a young man leaping into his arms, two lips meeting his.

"Happy birthday, Bro!" Jonathan grinned, Justin smiling up into his young happy face when he broke their kiss, the two now on the kitchen floor.

"Thanks, Bro! And I'm getting slow!" He grinned, Jonathan smiling and kissing his lips again.

"We've made you a breakfast of love!" Jonathan smiled, climbing off his brother, giving him a hand up, the two rising to their feet.

Another set of arms suddenly enveloped Justin, two lips meeting his own.

"Happy birthday, Bro!" Colton smiled, Justin feeling two arms around his leg, smiling down at Rosa Sharon.

He leaned down, picking the girl up, her lips meeting his.

"Happy birthday, Bro!" She said, kissing his lips again.

"Thank you, my new sister and brother of love." He smiled, Colton and Rosa Sharon smiling, Haras walking up to Justin as well, hugging Justin more gently, kissing his cheek.

"Many wishes on this day of your happiness, Justin." He smiled, Justin staring into his brown pools and smiling face.

"Thank you, my newest brother of love." Justin smiled, Haras smiling more.

"Your welcome, brother." He smiled, Jonathan's  and Colton's arm going around him.

Justin smiled seeing the kitchen table filled with his now standing friends.

Finn, Skyler, their two treasures, as well as Harry, Alain, Trish and Andrew all walked up to him, hugging him and giving him best wishes and soft kisses on his cheeks, the man smiling with happiness.

"Thank you all, my friends and family." He smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"Sit down, Justin. We three have made you all your favourites." Colton said, Justin and his three loves smiling, sitting down at the large table.

"He'll need some energy. We heard the screaming from down here." Finn laughed, sitting down at the table again, Diana now in his lap.

Justin blushed, Lucas kissing his cheek, Lance's arms going around him.

"He got his first gift this morning, given in happiness." Josh smiled, the four smiling at each other, everyone else smiling.

Harry smiled, handing Justin a small gift wrapped present, Justin smiling at him.

"You didn't have to get me anything, Harry. Your friendship is enough." Justin smiled, Harry smiling at him.

"It's from all of us." Alain smiled, kissing Harry's cheek beside him.

Justin smiled, opening the small gift, his eyes widening when he opened the wrapping paper.

He blushed deeply, Finn kissing his cheek beside him, grinning.

In Justin's hand was a box of Viagra, his three soulmates around him smiling, holding in their laughter.

"That'll keep you going, old man." Finn laughed, everyone laughing around him, Justin blushing but smiling.

"From your personal stash, Finny?" He grinned, Finn stopping his laughter.

Lucas burst into laughter, everyone joining him, Finn blushing now.

"You've been around Lukey too damn long!" He said, Justin patting his shoulder, smiling at everyone.

"I'll keep it for later years. These three are probably going to wear me out eventually."
Everyone laughed, his three soulmates kissing his lips.

"We'll keep our tiger purring with happiness." Josh smiled.

Justin smiled, Colton patting his shoulder from behind him, setting a platter down in front of Justin.

It was filled with thirty two pancakes, a single lit candle in the middle of them.

"We didn't want to start a forest fire with the true number." Colton smiled, everyone lightly laughing, Justin smiling, blowing out the candle.

Everyone clapped, Jonathan and Haras bringing more platters of food to the table.

Everyone dove in, Justin's birthday breakfast enjoyed by everyone.

Lucas' eyes went to the patio door, his violet eyes changing to a soft glowing green, no one noticing.

For their lives, everything.

For you three, all.

Lucas smiled, his magic centering, its pulsing reality glowing in his soul.


End of Chapter 177


And so three friends are now living across from each other.

Finn, Skyler and Lucas now close in all things of family and friendship.


The tiger roars with the love coming from his three soulmates.

And they feed on his needs and desires.

A day of happiness ahead for Justin, their love filling him.


Something seems to be filling Lucas' heart with happiness.

Is it more than the love of the three of his soul?


Justin's birthday is now upon them.

Trust in Lucas to make it a special day.

It began with love, and will continue with it.


Up next, surprises all around for Justin and his loves.


Hugs, Angel.