Yesterday's End-19

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 19


Lucas' eyes raised, the door of the kitchen opening, Lucas surprised at the man standing there, Josh standing behind him.

"Joey?" Justin said, rising up from the table, his old friend's eyes scanning the room.

Joey's eyes went to the two violet pools now staring back at him, Lucas slowly rising from the table as well.

Joey took in the quiet calmness showing on that handsome young face, the man's smile calming.

"Hello, Mr. Fatone."

Joey stared at the man, his eyes still looking around, seeing people he didn't know.

"Who the hell are you? And where the hell is he?"

Lucas stared at Joey, the man staring back.

"My name is Lucas Carver, Mr. Fatone. I, and my three friends here, are Justin's new singing group. Who are you searching for?"

Joey looked at Lucas, a confused look registering on his face, his eyes still scanning the room.

"I need to talk to you now, Josh. You as well, Justin." Joey said, the man looking at Lucas for a moment, then walking past Josh, back into the living room, Josh left staring after him in the doorway.

Justin's eyes met Josh's, Josh's then meeting Lucas'.

"Take your time, Josh. I'll keep breakfast warm for all of you." Lucas said, Josh softly smiling at him, he and Justin leaving the room, going in search of Joey.

Lucas sat back down at the table again, his friends staring at him, Lucas softly smiling at everyone.

"Continue eating, guys. I'm sure they won't be long."

Finn looked at Lucas, the young man handing him a platter of sausages and bacon.

Everyone remained silent, Lucas sipping his orange juice, his eyes glancing towards the closed kitchen door.


Josh and Justin both looked towards Joey, the man standing in front of the large picture window in the living room, staring out at the morning New York skyline.

"Where is he, Josh?"

Josh looked at Justin, the two men looking confused.

"Where's who, Joey? Who are you looking for?"
Joey's body turned, his brown eyes staring with determination at Josh.
"Don't lie to me, Josh. Don't protect him from my wrath. I know he's here."

"Who the hell are you talking about, Joey? You're not making sense." Josh said, walking up to his friend.

Joey moved forward, his hands seizing Josh's arms, his brown eyes glaring at him.

"I'm talking about that rat bastard Hartwell, Josh! I know you've taken him back!"

Josh looked totally stunned, his blue eyes widening with shock.

"Bryce. . .you're. . .you're looking for Bryce? What. . .what do you mean, Joey?" Josh stuttered, Justin staring at both men in shock as well.

"I'm talking about you taking him back, Josh. I know he's here in New York and he's been with you! Are you that stupid?" Joey said, anger showing on his face.

Josh still looked shocked, Justin walking up to his two friends, his hand going to Joey's shoulder.

"Joey, calm down! What the hell's going on? You don't just barge in here and ask something like that!" Justin said.

"What's going on is that our good friend here has been going behind our backs, Justin. He's been seeing Bryce again." Joey said, his hands releasing Josh's arms, Josh staring at him.

"I. . .I have not, Joey. I haven't seen him since he left." Josh said, staring at Joey with concerned nervousness now.

"Don't lie to me, Josh. Someone told me he's seen the two of you together in Los Angeles, only a month ago."

Justin stared at Josh in surprise, the man's eyes fixed on Joey.

"Is. . .is that true, Josh?" Justin said, Josh's blue eyes now meeting his.

"I. . .I don't know what he's talking about, Jus. Who told you that, Joey?" Josh said, his eyes meeting Joey's simmering brown.

"Adam Levine told me, Josh."

Justin looked surprised, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"I met him at a function last night. He said he'd seen you and Bryce twice in Los Angeles in the last two months."

"Joey, that's not true! I haven't seen or been with him since that day he left my home in L.A." Josh said, Joey staring at him.

"Adam told me that you two were dating again. Are you that pathetic that you'd take that loser back just to get your rocks off, Joshy?" Joey said, Justin seeing the simmering anger rising again in Joey's face.

"Joey, you have to calm down." Justin said, Joey staring at his friend.

"It took everything for us to curtail that bastard's hold on Josh, Justin. I'm not going to let him sink his claws into him again. No damn way!" Joey said, Josh staring at him.

"Joey, Josh hasn't been with him, I can vouch for that." Justin said, Joey staring at him, the anger still showing but softening.

"How can you be sure, Jus? If he's going behind our backs he'd lie to you." Joey said, Josh showing a soft look of hurt on his face.

"He's Josh, Joey. Josh doesn't lie to his friends." Justin said.
Joey nodded, looking at Josh.

Josh was staring at him, Joey sighing.

"I'm sorry for saying that, Josh. I know you wouldn't lie to us."
Josh nodded, staring at Justin and Joey.

"Please believe me, Joey. I haven't seen Bryce for almost two years."

Joey nodded, looking confused.

"But. . .but why would Adam say something like that? I know he knows Bryce. I thought that was why he'd told me. But I can't see why he'd do a joke like that. He knows I'm not Bryce's friend."

"That's why he did it, Joey. Adam's a douche bag." Josh said, Joey nodding at him.

"But why, Josh?"

Josh sighed, Justin looking at him.

"I once had a brief relationship with Adam, Joey. It was after Bryce left, and it didn't last long. The man's nothing if not unscrupulous. He likes to piss people off." Josh said, Justin quietly looking at him.

"Yeah, not surprising. I've known the guy's a--whichever way the wind blows--letch for years."

Josh and Justin looked surprised, Joey softly smiling at both men.

"He put the moves on me a year or two back. I bluntly said no, and he backed off. I'm sorry you spent time with a man like him, Josh. I'm surprised he didn't put the moves on you, Curly?"

Justin softly smiled, Josh looking at him.

"He did, Joey."
Joey nodded, patting Justin's shoulder.

"I am sure you put the schmuck in his place, Justin." Joey smiled, Justin quietly nodding.

Josh stared at Justin, the man avoiding his blue eyes.

"There's another reason Adam may have said that to you, Joey." Josh said, Joey looking at him again.

"What possible reason could that be?" Joey said.

"That reason would be me, Mr. Fatone."

All three men turned towards the kitchen, Lucas standing in the open doorway.


All three men stared at the younger man, Lucas smiling at all three.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't eavesdropping. I didn't want to intrude, but your breakfast is getting cold, guys. I'm sure you'd like some breakfast as well, Mr. Fatone."

Joey stared at the young man, Lucas walking up to them, standing beside Josh.

"Well. . .yes, I am hungry. I didn't stop for anything in my rush to get over here, once I learned you were all back. Jimmy told me where you were." Joey said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I guess the stories are true, Mr. Fatone. You Italian heritage thrives. Food does feed your soul."

Joey smiled, staring at Josh, Josh's blue eyes focused on Lucas, Joey taking in his friend's surprising gaze.

"What did you mean you were the reason? What the hell do you have to do with Adam Levine?" Joey said, his brown eyes looking at Justin, then Josh.

"At the moment I have nothing to do with him, Mr. Fatone. But he wants to have everything to do with me."
Joey looked surprised, a confused look going to his face.

"You mean he. . .he's after you?"

"The man's libido knows no end, Mr. Fatone. I'm his most recent target."

"Okay, I understand that. But why would he attack Josh's credibility if you're his target?"

Josh looked at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

Josh smiled, his hand going into Lucas', Joey's eyes following that motion.

"Lucas and I are involved, Joey. We've just started loving each other. And I believe Adam was using you to drive a wedge between us."
Joey's eyes widened in surprise, his brown pools staring at Josh for a moment, then zeroing in on Lucas' violet pools.

"So you've walked into Josh's life. What's in this for you?" Joey said, folding his arms, Justin looking at Josh, the man staring at his friend.

"What's in this for me is love, Mr. Fatone. Love and life. Josh is the first person who I can honestly say gets me, and loves me. We're two kindred souls. Both hurt in different ways, the pain no less real. From hurtful souls came a newer hope. We're starting to love each other, as Josh said. I hope I can grow that love into a life of happiness. I'd like to have you there as a friend as well, as you have been to my Josh."

Joey stared at Lucas, his brown eyes then meeting Josh's blue.

"I love him, Joe. I've never felt what I feel right now from anyone else. Not even Bryce."

Lucas' violet pools stared at Josh, a quiet look of thoughtfulness showing in their centers.

Joey walked up to his friend, staring at Josh.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I'm sorry I roared in here and overstepped my bounds. Your life is your own."
Josh smiled, looking at his friend.

"It's nice to know I have friends who would risk that friendship to protect me."

Joey smiled, pulling his friend into his arms.

"I love ya, Joshy! I'll always look out for you."

Josh smiled, staring out the window as his friend held him.

Lucas and Justin both smiled, the two men breaking their hug.

Joey smiled, looking at Lucas.

"So Joshy boy's smitten with you, is he? You look pretty young. You looking for a son, Joshy?"

Lucas blushed, Joey laughing, the man extending his hand towards him.

"Welcome to the family, Lucas. And drop the Mr. Fatone. I'm just Joe."

Lucas smiled, taking the man's offered hand of friendship, the two shaking hands, Joey then smiling.

He released Lucas' hand, his arm going around the younger man.

"Lead on to this bounty you've kept warm. And I want to know all that's happened around here." he smiled, Lucas walking with him towards the kitchen, Justin following them, Josh behind Justin.

Josh's blue eyes looked deep in thought, the man sighing, walking into the now more crowded kitchen.


Joey wiped his chin and lips, setting his napkin down, taking a sip of his cup of coffee, his brown eyes staring at Lucas.

He'd sat through breakfast, the group surrounding him telling him all of the last few weeks of drama they'd gone through, Lucas the center of it all.

Joey had been introduced to Trish, Finn, Skyler and Drew, shaking all of their hands, kissing Jessica's cheek and hugging Lance before he'd sat down with all of them.

Lucas was now standing by the table, pouring Lance another cup of coffee, Joey slowly standing up, the man walking up to Lucas.

Lucas softly smiled at him, the young man having been relatively quiet throughout the conversation, Joey's brown eyes having gone to his violet several times.

"You cook a mean breakfast, Lucas. But I think the better meal is your love."

Lucas blushed, Joey's hand going to his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"You're a courageous young man, to go through your painful life and to risk so much for my friends down in that bunker. And you're a man with deep mystery and magic within you. I can see that now."
Lucas softly blushed, Josh smiling at him, Lucas softly smiling back.

"I'm me, Joe. Just take me as I am."
Joey smiled, the man pulling the younger man against him, Lucas surprised.

Josh, Justin and Lance all smiled, seeing their friend's welcoming friendship.

The two men parted, Joey smiling at him.

"So you've met all of us, except Chris." he smiled, Lucas nodding.

"I was a big fan of your music, Joe. Finn's an even bigger fan."
Joey laughed, grinning towards Finn.

"That was a lifetime ago, guys. Justin's the music star now. Or was."
Justin laughed, Joey grinning at him, then leaning into Lucas' ear.

"He's caught the acting bug. The music world's greatest advantage."

Justin laughed again, showing Joey one finger, hearing his friend's not-so-whispered words.

"Want to guide me to the TV, Fat One?" Justin smirked, Joey laughing, catching Justin's reference to Joey's involvement with TV Guide's empire.

"Well you do get lost easily. Look at Jessica, she has to put a collar on you."
Jessica laughed, the others laughing as well, Justin softly blushing.

Lucas smiled at his friend, Justin smiling back.

"Hit the living room guys, I'll clean up this mess." Lucas said, Trish and Skyler standing up and smiling.

"No you shan't, Lukey." Trish said, Lucas looking at her with a raised eyebrow, Trish and Skyler both giggling.

"Our new name for you, since your hyper boyfriend snagged the other." Skyler laughed, Lucas looking towards Josh, the man smiling at him.

"We'll do the dishes, Luke." Finn smiled, his girlfriend kissing his cheek, Lucas nodding at his friend.

Drew put his arm around Lucas, the man smiling at him.

"Let the girls gab, Luke. Finn will be in heaven."
Everyone laughed, the men walking into the living room, Jessica kissing Justin's cheek, she helping Trish clean up the dishes.


Lucas sat on the couch, his head resting on Josh's shoulder, Josh's arm around him.

Joey smiled at the two men, he and Lance talking on the couch across from them, Justin and Drew talking in chairs across from each other.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Well, I might look over those songs if they're delivered. Other than that, the day's one for relaxing. Unless you've got something to do? Or do you want to do something?" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Actually I have a meeting this afternoon, but I'm clear by three. How about you and I go out tonight? Something romantic."

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes twinkling.

"Leave it to me, Josh. I'll take care of it. You go to your meeting, and come back here for six."
Josh nodded, sighing.

"So long without you, my love. What shall I do?"

Lucas smiled, lightly kissing Josh's cheek.

"I'm sure there are washrooms all over New York."
Justin and Joey laughed, Lance grinning.

Josh blushed, then smiled, seeing the love in Lucas' eyes.

"I'll save that for later."

Lucas smiled, Joey smiling at both men.

"When are you heading back to Los Angeles, Joshy?" he said, Josh looking at him.

"Monday, unfortunately. I have a flight out at seven that night. I've got two weeks of promos to tape. The new season starts in two months." he said, Lucas' eyes lowering, Josh's arm tightening around him.

"I am coming back, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I know, Josh. But that doesn't mean I won't miss you. I've gotten used to having you around."
Josh smiled, leaning in and kissing his lips softly.

"Same here, my angel. You know you could come out to L.A. for a few days. Or weeks."

"Nah, can't. My new employer's a real bitch. I swear he's making chains for all four of us."

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"No worries, Joshy. He'll be chained to his microphone till you're back." Justin laughed, Josh laughing as well.

"Ooh, kinky!" Josh laughed, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his blue.

"I'll miss you, Joshua."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"No less than I'll miss you, Lucas."

Joey made gagging noises, everyone laughing.

"Great to see you happy, Joshy." he smiled, Josh smiling back, sitting up.

"I am happy, Joe. I'm back on the road to happiness."
Joey and Lance both smiled, Justin's eyes meeting Josh's.

"I'll make sure Adam hears from me, Josh. I don't like being used in his sick games." Joey said, Lance nodding at him.

Lance and everyone had heard from Josh what Adam had done, Joey's eyes showing a simmering anger.

"Adam's always been like that, Joe. I guess I've overlooked that." Lance said, Joey nodding at him.

"You shouldn't hang around him, Lance. You can do so much better."

"I know, Joe. Adam and I aren't going anywhere, as I told him last week."
Justin looked at Lance, his green eyes meeting his.

"I need more than just sex in my life, guys. I see now that's all Adam has to offer."
Joey nodded, rubbing Lance's shoulder.

"You'll find someone special, Lance. That creep will find his reward some day as well."

"Joey's right, Lance. On both counts." Lucas said, all eyes going towards him.

"I've only known you for a short time, Lance. But in that time it's easy to see what kind of man you are. You're totally out of his league. There's too much goodness, decency and love in you for him to be attracted to you. You'll find that second half of your soul. I have no doubt on that."

Lance smiled, nodding at Lucas.

"Words from the mystic of the future?"

Lucas smiled, staring into his green eyes.

"More like encouragement from a friend."

Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"That I'll take gladly."

Everyone smiled, the conversation changing to other topics.

Joey filled his friends in on his life and family, Lucas and Drew sitting back and listening.

Within half an hour the women and Finn had the kitchen cleaned, everyone joining in the living room, the conversation open and fun, laughter and happiness flowing.

Before anyone knew it, it was almost lunch time, the group beginning to break up.

Justin and Jessica said their goodbyes, the couple invited for dinner the next day, both agreeing to come.

Josh was leaving with them, he and Lucas kissing several times, Justin finally edging Josh to the door.

"You're going to be late if you don't cool down, Joshy." Jessica smiled, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"Look after my man." he smiled, Joey and Lance both hugging him and his friends, everyone standing at the door.

The group watched them head down the hallway, entering the elevator.

Josh's blue eyes were on Lucas until the door closed, Lucas smiling at him until he disappeared.

His friends surrounded him, all their eyes on him, Lucas walking back into the condo, everyone following.

He turned around as Trish closed the door, his violet eyes focusing on all of them.

"I need a favour guys." he smiled, Trish taking in the calm glowing love she saw on his face.

"Sure thing, Lukey." Finn smiled, Lucas chuckling.

"I like it."

They all smiled, Trish looking at her brother.

"What's going on, Lucas?"

Lucas smiled, his face showing a widening happiness.

"Love, my Trashy. I need your help, guys. It's time my soul healed."

Everyone smiled, Trish staring at Lucas.

"I'm on the right path. It's really love."

Trish smiled widely, rushing into her brother's arms.



Ridgehaven, Vermont


Grayson's blue eyes stared at the man seated before him, the man's silence unnerving.

"Well say something!"

The man's head raised, staring at the man in front of him, the silent man seated behind his library desk.

"What would you like me to say, Grayson?"

"Something, Emerson! Anything for that matter! Your silence is unbearable!"

"His words would silence the most doubting soul, Gray. I now realize that."

Grayson sat down in the chair in front of the desk again, the man having risen from it several times as he had told Emerson of his adventures in Wales, the man pacing the library as he relayed his truths.

"So the one-eyed man is dead?"
"Yes, so the constabulary informed me as I was leaving Wales. A heart attack in the prison common room, just after he'd talked to a solicitor."

"Interesting. No word on who that man is, or was?"
"Nothing. His credentials were apparently bogus. A fictitious name. One Addison Carlisle his identification papers showed. No one exists under that name. One-eyed or two."

Emerson smiled.

"The fox tempts the chickens with slyness."
Grayson looked confused, Emerson smiling at him.

"Carlisle is, or was, Vivian and Savannah's maiden name, Grayson."

Grayson blushed, having forgotten that fact.

"I'm sorry, Em. I forgot."
"No worries, my old friend. Whoever hired that apparent assassin has a twisted sense of humour."

"You know whom I'd lay my wager on, Em."

"Yes, Gray. I'd take that wager and double it."
Grayson nodded, staring at his old friend.

"This isn't a game anymore, Em. Lives now are at risk."

"They always were, Grayson. My son and his wife knew that all too well." the man said, his fingers rubbing his tired eyes.

Grayson stared at his friend, Emerson's green eyes staring at him.

"Tell me everything about him, Grayson. I need to know all the nuances of his every emotion. Of his every motion."

"He is unlike anyone I've ever met, Emerson. His eyes, they're. . .they're like drawing beacons. You feel yourself sinking into an abyss of nothing and everything. It's as if he's the center of the universe, the center of life."

The man nodded, his fingers coming together in front of him, Grayson staring at his face.

"It is the drawing of the Trinity, Grayson. He knows not of the power he feels within himself. Two months he said, Grayson?"
"Yes, Emerson. He said he would look for you after he followed his own path. Where that path leads him, I know not."

"A voyage of self discovery, of oneness. The youth has courage."

"Will you stand for it, Emerson? I can see if legal action can bring him to your door."

"No, Grayson. I want him to seek me out of his own volition. He has to freely want to see me. It is the joining of the three. It is at is always was meant to be."

"You talk in riddles at times, my old friend. Will you not seek solace in my friendship? I am here for you in all ways, you know that."
"Yes, my old friend. I know the greatness of your giving soul. But this is a secret that even I don't know. I am only the keeper of the truth. A truth even I don't fully know. I am a player without the rules, as my own son has been all his life. The forging of the Trinity will perhaps shed light upon all of us."

"Are you, that boy, and your own son, the three of that union?"

The man's eyes raised, staring at the portrait above the fireplace, Grayson's eyes going to it as well.

"Ask him that question, Grayson. But he shuns all of our dreams now. He walks with him now."

"You are sure it is really him?"

"I think so, Grayson. When was the last time you envisioned him?"

The lawyer stared at the man across the desk from him.

"It has been a long time, Emerson. Sometimes I think I imagined all of it. Perhaps we all imagined it? Mass hallucination?"

"Grasp at reality to mark it as imagination, Grayson. I'm sure they've all walked that course. Gambon saw the reality of that vision."
Grayson nodded, staring at his friend.

"The house looks unbelievable, my old friend. It was as if I walked back into time when I walked the west wing. It was so familiar."
The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, my old friend. He shall feel the past beauty of his lineage. All I can now do is wait for him. It will be a day to lighten my soul, I think. It needs that so much."
Grayson nodded, rising from his seat again, walking around the desk, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"You'll see her in his features and his mannerisms, Em. And you'll see him as well. He is a composition of their true love.  I saw that easily."
Emerson smiled, his hand going on top of his friend's on his shoulder.

"Then my eyes will see love again."
Grayson smiled, the older man rising up from his seat, their eyes meeting.

"He is here?"
"Yes, I left him downstairs in the drawing room."

The older man nodded.

"It has been a long time, Grayson. Long since we have dined on the essence."

The lawyer nodded.

"You need it, Emerson. I see that truth in your soul."
The older man smiled.

"So young, so needful of our strength."
The lawyer nodded, Emerson staring at him.

"He is a vision of needful beauty, Em. I have led him to the brink. He shall be an asset."

The older man nodded, smiling at his friend.

"You will go to New York, Grayson. Take him with you and force Haven into the open. I need to feel all of the truth of his deceit."

"As you command, my master."

Emerson smiled, leaning forward and kissing Grayson's cheek.

"Bring him up, Grayson. I sense his essence flowing through my sanctuary. It feels so rich and succulent."
"It is that, sir."

"Life begins anew, Grayson. I shall thrive again."

The lawyer smiled, walking quietly out of the library.

The older man's eyes went again to the portrait, a soft tear showing on his cheek.

"The cycle continues, Father. But I feel the coming rupture. We may all bleed into nothingness."

Emerson closed his eyes, his senses heightening.

I feel your essence, deceiver.

Come and seek thy reward.

It will feed only my life.

The man smiled, the door of the library opening.

Carl Wilson walked into the room, staring at the older man before him, Grayson behind the young man, the lawyer quietly closing the library door behind them.



New York City, New York


"I'll be back in Los Angeles Monday evening." Josh said, talking into his cell phone, his eyes going to Justin in front of him, Josh in the back seat of Justin's SUV.

Jessica sat beside Justin, their hands entwined.

Their vehicle was snaking its way through the early evening traffic.

"Yes, I can meet you then. Alright. Talk to you later then. Goodnight." Josh said, closing off his phone, Justin's blue eyes meeting his in the rear view mirror.

"How's Randy doing?" Justin asked, Jessica's eyes looking back at Josh.

"He's doing good, he says hi." Josh said, staring out the vehicle's window.

Josh had mouthed to them when he'd answered his cell in the back seat, that it was Randy Jackson, his show's producer.

Justin's eyes went into the mirror, seeing a quietness on Josh's face.

"Something wrong, Joshy?"

Josh's blue eyes met Justin's in the mirror.

"The show's been axed. There isn't going to be another season. We're cancelled."
"Oh, Josh! That's so sad! I'm sorry, hon." Jessica said, looking back at him, Josh nodding towards her.
"I'm sorry too, Josh. I know how much you loved it." Justin said, their eyes meeting again.
"Yeah, it was nice. But I knew it wouldn't last forever. Surprising, but not really surprising, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, Joshy. Sorry bud. But I know something else will pop up for you soon. You've got talent." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"Thanks, Justin. I'm not worried. Disappointed, but not upset." he said, his eyes looking out the window again.

Justin and Jessica traded looks, Justin turning right, their vehicle pulling up in front of Lucas' building.

"You sure you don't want us to come up with you, Josh? We can talk about this." Justin said, Josh looking at him.

"Thanks, guys. But I just want to spend some alone time with Lucas. He's what I need right now."
Jessica nodded, smiling at Josh.
"This will give you more time to spend with him. That's a plus."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek, then Justin's.

"I know. That's one plus, indeed. Goodnight guys." he softly said, opening the vehicle's door.

Justin and Jessica watched him walk up to Lucas' door, the doorman smiling and opening the door for him.

"Poor guy. He loved that show. I could see it in his eyes." Jessica said, Justin nodding quietly at her.

"I saw it, too." he said softly, Jessica smiling at him.

"Lucas is what he needs. Just like I need you." she said, leaning over and kissing him on the lips.

Justin softly smiled at her, Jessica squeezing his hand.
"Let's go home, Jus. I want to spend all evening with you. I'm free all night."
Justin smiled, pulling the car out into traffic again, his mind on his best friend and Lucas.

Free all night.
Yes, someone has to be free.

Justin remained silent, his thoughts on the evening ahead.


Josh knocked on the condo door, hearing only silence.

He knocked again, greeted by the same quietness.

He looked at his watch, reading seven-thirty, knowing he was late.

He'd talked to Lucas at six, Josh running late with his meetings.

He knew Lucas was supposed to be waiting for him, his friends there as well.

He heard a soft voice behind the door fill the quietness, its tempo filled with calmness.

"It's open. Come in, Joshua."

Josh's hand went to the doorknob, turning it, opening the door and walking into the condo.

He stopped in his tracks, a vision of quiet beauty showing before him.

The living room's lights were out, small groups of candles lighting the darkened room, their glow exuding a calming, flickering beauty.

A small table was set up in the room's center, two chairs on both sides of it.

On the table was a bouquet of roses, and a bucket of ice, a bottle of wine chilling in it.

Josh wasn't focusing on that cooling vision, his blue eyes were drawn to a greater vision of masculinity standing beside one of the chairs.

Soft music filled the room, Josh taking in the romantic flair the room showed.

Lucas stood there, his violet eyes seemingly sparkling in the glowing candlelight.

The man wore a crisp white silk shirt, his sculpted torso showing its muscular beauty under the sheer fabric.

Black dress pants clung to his muscled legs, Josh imagining what the back looked like.

"I can be romantic also, my Joshua." Lucas said, a soft smile crossing his face as he slowly walked towards Josh, Josh taking in his stride of sensual motion.

Lucas stopped in front of Josh, their eyes meeting.

"Welcome to our night of romance, my angel." Lucas said, leaning forward, lightly kissing Josh's lips, their hands joining together.

"This is beautiful, Lucky. And you are even more beautiful."
Lucas smiled, the young man turning his body around, Josh talking in every inch of Lucas' moulded beauty.

"The shirt's Finn's, the pants are mine. I think the shirt's a bit tight, I am more muscular than Finn. But don't tell him that, he hates competition."

Josh lightly laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

Their eyes stared into each other's souls, Lucas leaning forward and kissing Josh's cheek, his arms going around the older man, gently pulling Josh against him, their eyes not breaking contact.

"Out with it, my love. I know there's sorrow in your eyes." Lucas said, pulling Josh against him more, Josh's head sinking against Lucas' chest, the younger man holding him close.

"Oh, Lucas! They cancelled my show!" he softly said, Lucas holding him close.

"Oh, Josh! I'm so sorry! I know how much you loved it!" Lucas said, feeling the man's tears on his white silk shirt.

Lucas guided Josh over to a couch, pulling him down with him, the man lightly sobbing against his chest.

Lucas held him for a few minutes, Josh finally calming down.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Lucky. I've ruined this wonderful night you planned."

"It's not important, Joshua. You're here with me, and I'm here for you."
Josh nodded, wiping his eyes, Lucas still holding him.

"Where is everyone?"
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"They made themselves scarce. They knew I wanted to spend the evening alone with you. And they helped set this all up."
Josh smiled, looking around the candlelit room.

'It's beautiful, Lucky."

"It's beauty doubled when you walked in."
Josh smiled, resting his head against Lucas' chest again, sighing.

"You'll find something else, my Joshua. Your talent waits for no one. This is a sign. A sign that something better lays ahead. Your talent will soar in new directions. You'll amaze all of us."
Josh smiled, feeling the encouragement Lucas was trying to give him.

"I knew you were what I needed tonight. Thanks for trying to make me feel better."
"I'm your boyfriend. It's my job to inspire you."
Josh smiled, his eyes scanning over the white-clad chest of the young man he sat against.

"You look so beautiful, Lucas. White draws out every inch of your beauty."

"I only look as beautiful as your eyes see me, Josh. My beauty is yours alone."
Josh raised his head, Lucas leaning forward, their lips meeting.

Both men became lost in each other's giving love, their lips the connection of the power feeding their souls.

They pulled back, Lucas' fingers going to Josh's wet cheek.

"Dry your tears, my love. The future is ours."

Josh softly smiled, wiping his cheeks.

"Right now I need to feed my man. Then dessert."

Josh smiled more, Lucas smiling back.

"I know what I want for dessert."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at his showing happiness.

"I'll get you a big spoon."
Josh laughed, Lucas smiling more.

"Thanks, Lucas. Your love washes away all my sorrow."
"Great. I'm good at something!"

Josh smiled, leaning forward, their lips meeting again, more softly, Josh smiling as they pulled apart.

"You, my beauty, are good at many things."
"So are you, Josh. That's why I--and more importantly yourself--have no worries in regards to your future endeavours. I see the greatness of your destiny."
Josh smiled, Lucas standing up, extending his hand, Josh taking it, the younger man pulling him up, their hands still together.

"I've made you your favourites."
Josh smiled, Lucas guiding him to the table.


Josh sighed, the man lost in a center of total happiness.

He had Lucas in his arms, the two dancing in front of the large picture window looking out onto the lightened scenery of New York's twinkling night.

The music was softly playing, the two lost in the togetherness of their one joined soul.

"This is wonderful, my Lucky." Josh softly said, Lucas purring against his chest, his head listening to Josh's steady heartbeat under his black shirt.

Josh wore a black chambray shirt, tight black jeans hugging his muscled legs and backside.

Lucas' arms were around Josh's waist, his hands resting on Josh's firm backside, Josh smiling every now and then when Lucas gently squeezed his round globes.

"You like my tushy, don't you, Lucky?"
"I'm beginning to love it." Lucas said, squeezing those firm cheeks again, Josh smiling, the two still dancing.

"Can we stay like this forever, Lucky? I feel alive in your arms."

"I feel horny in yours, Josh."

Josh looked down, Lucas looking up at him, the two stopping their dance.

Lucas leaned forward, their lips meeting again, Josh sensing a rising desire in Lucas' tasteful lips.

They broke their heated kiss, Lucas squeezing Josh's cheeks again.

"I love you, Josh. And I trust you. It's time I showed you how much."

"Lucas. . .I. . .is this because. . .?"

Lucas silenced him with another kiss, Josh feeling the deep love in that kiss.

They broke the intimate kiss, each tasting the lingering essence of the other.

"This has nothing to do with your emotional setback today, Joshua. I had full intentions of having this evening with you. I've fallen in love with you, my angel. Tonight is about the two of us finding the greater need in each other. Of finding that missing love we both need. I only hope I can hold up to what you expect from me."

Josh smiled, lightly kissing Lucas' lips again, Lucas smiling.

"I only expect your love, Lucas. Nothing else."
Lucas smiled, Josh smiling.

"Besides, I'm the old one here. You're the young tiger."

Lucas grinned, squeezing Josh's butt cheeks again, pulling him against him.

"I don't know about that. This tiger feels like he can hunt all night." Lucas said, Josh blushing softly.

"It's you, Lucky. You stoke the fires of my soul."

"Then it's time you felt the warmth of all of me." Lucas said, his hand going into Josh's.

Josh smiled, Lucas walking around, softly blowing out all the candles, the room slowly descending into darkness, Lucas walking Josh down the hallway towards his bedroom.

They stopped outside the bedroom door, the door closed.

"Lucas, I love you. I can wait till you're totally prepared for this."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's chin.

"I'm as prepared as you are, my Joshua."
Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"So you're that nervous?"

Lucas laughed, Josh joining him.

"We've seen each other naked, Josh. We're comfortable with each other. The only newness will be our blossoming desires. I sense I'll become lost in my need for all of you."

Josh smiled, his eyes going over all of Lucas' slim muscled form.

"I'm already lost, Lucas. I need you, I need you so much."

"I'm yours, Joshua. Take all you need." Lucas said, the young man opening the bedroom door, Josh looking into the room.

Music filled the air again, Josh smiling, recognizing it.

"Your song, Lucas! No One Can Claim My Heart."

Lucas' hands went in Josh's.

"You can, Joshua. I've finally realized that. You can claim my heart. And all of me. I need you and I love you."

Josh teared up, Lucas gently moving him forward into the room, closing the door behind them.


Josh stared in silence, listening to the music surrounding them.

Lucas' rich voice filled the room, Josh's blue eyes locked on his violet pools.

Lucas smiled at him, the two standing by Lucas' bed, the bed covered in rose petals, the fragrance filling Josh's nostrils.

Candles filled this room as well, their flicking light casting shadows in the hidden corners of the room, the bed in its center the focal point for both men.

"Kiss me, Josh. Please." Lucas said softly, Josh moving forward.

Their lips met, Lucas' arms going around Josh again, his hands going to his butt cheeks again, Josh sighing when he felt Lucas kneading both cheeks.

Their bodies tightened together as Josh felt Lucas pulling him into him, both men feeling the other's center pressing against the other's.

Josh softly moaned, Lucas's tongue darting into his mouth, their tongues joining, a duel of need beginning.

Lucas cupped Josh's round mounds in his hands, gently lifting the man up into his arms, Josh's legs going around Lucas' knees, the young man turning towards the bed.

Josh felt Lucas move, the young man guiding him down on top of the rose petal-covered mattress.

Lucas was on top of Josh, Josh feeling the instant connection of his body to his, the fit perfect.

Both men were still lost in the kiss, Lucas the first to move his hands, releasing Josh's butt, his left going to Josh's cheek, his right going towards Josh's chest.

Josh moaned when he felt Lucas' hand slink into his shirt, his fingers rubbing Josh's hardening right nipple.

Lucas broke the kiss, his lips kissing Josh's cheek, moving to the side of his head, his tongue finding Josh's left earlobe.

Josh gasped when Lucas took it into his mouth, the man's body moving upwards, Lucas feeling his hardness against his inner thigh.

"Oh God, Luke! Oh God!" Josh gasped, Lucas smiling, his tongue licking Josh's ear, his fingers beginning to unbutton Josh's shirt.

Josh felt the coolness of the room as his shirt opened, his nipples instantly hardening, his body trembling.

Lucas moved, rising upwards, his violet eyes scanning over Josh's smooth naked chest revealed before him.

"My Josh trembles with the cold. My love needs to warm him quickly."

Josh smiled, Lucas' hands going to his own shirt, pulling it out of his pants and pulling it up over his head, throwing in onto the floor behind him.

Josh stared at the smooth muscular chest revealed before him, every inch muscled and perfect.

"I need you, Josh. Please. Love me."
Josh moved, rising upward, his lips meeting Lucas' , their bodies joining again, their smooth nakedness instantly feeling the other's heat.

Josh moved, pushing Lucas back onto the bed, he now on top of the younger man, the older man struggling out of his shirt while they kissed.

In moments Josh was on top of Lucas, their smooth chests against each other, Josh's lips leaving Lucas', the man moving downward, the saltiness of Lucas' smooth skin a taste he began to hunger for.

He found a hardened nipple, his lips latching onto it, Lucas gasping.

"Oh God, Josh! Yes. . .oh God!"

Josh became lost in the taste of the young man's skin, licking every inch he could touch, his tongue bathing the young man's chest in wetness, Lucas suddenly pulling Josh upwards, the older man suddenly flipped over, Lucas again on top of Josh.

Josh opened his blue eyes, staring into two violet pools of soft glowing beauty.

"Lucas. . .your eyes. . .there is so much. . ."
Lucas moved, his face coming close to Josh's.

"I love you, Josh. I am going to show you what life can be. Give into my love and I'll show you that life can be unbelievable."

Josh sobbed, hearing so much love in Lucas' words, Lucas' musical voice echoing off the walls in the room around them, Lucas' song beginning again.

"I love you, Lucas. I need to be loved again."
Lucas smiled, his tongue licking Josh's cheek, their eyes meeting again.

"I'll love you, Josh. Prepare for life."

Josh gasped when he felt Lucas' hands going towards his center.

For with that movement Josh suddenly felt something else in the room.

He felt an echoing love surround him.

He suddenly felt the loneliness of his soul leave.

And then he felt Lucas' passion.




End of Chapter 19


And so our twosome of love begins its passion of love.

Seems our Lucas is in command, his love something Josh needs.


Joey's calmed down, the ruse he unwittingly walked into revealed.

Seems Adam is not giving up on his need to have Lucas.

Will Lucas stand for it much longer?
Will Josh do something about it?


The next chapter is one of love, passion and beginnings.

But perhaps all isn't as it seems.

Justin still lurks in the shadows.

And he seems to have an evening ahead as well.


Read on, more intrigue ahead.



Hugs, Angel.