Yesterday's End-20

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 20


Justin felt the sting against his cheek, the slap sounding rather loud in the living room's quietness.

He stared into two blue eyes filled with tears and hurt.

"I guess I deserved that." he softly said, his blue eyes locked on Jessica's blue.

He felt the pain register on his face, the man remaining still against the pain.

Jessica's eyes were ablaze with hurt and rising anger.

"You've. . .you've cheated on me? With. . .with men?" she said, her voice stuttering with hurt.

"I. . .I never meant for it to happen, it just did. As I said I have had these feelings for a long time. I'm sorry, Jess. I should have been honest with you years ago. I've been bisexual for most of my adult life."

Jessica's tear-filled blue eyes stared at Justin in disbelief, the woman seated on the couch in front of him, the two having been talking for over half an hour.

They'd returned to their condo after dropping Josh off, Justin showing a budding nervousness in his motions and looks while they'd dined.

Jessica had picked up on it, asking him what was wrong after dinner when they were cleaning up the dishes, Justin quietly staring at her, then sighing.

"We have to talk, Jessica. About us."

"About the wedding, my sweet?" she had smiled, Justin shaking his head no.

"No, Jessica. It's a deeper discussion we have to have. A discussion about us as a whole. As a couple connected with honesty, love and truth. I'm sorry to say that I haven't been the most honest here. It's time you knew the truth about myself. About the man you've fallen in love with."
Jessica had stared at Justin, his blue eyes lowering when they'd made eye contact.

"Sit down, Jessica. It's time you saw the true soul of Justin Timberlake." Justin had said as they'd walked into the living room, the woman slowly sitting down on the couch, Justin sighing again, sitting down, a few feet separating them, Jessica picking up on Justin's distance from her.

"What are you talking about, Justin? What do you have to say to me that's got you so nervous? I see the nervousness in your face, your eyes and your actions. What's going on? Please tell me."

Justin stared at her, seeing the worry beginning to fill her eyes, and her face, her emotions rising.

"I have to be honest with you, Jessica. It's time we stood with honesty and truth, and it's time the lies ended."
"Lies? What lies? What are you trying to say, Justin?" she said, her face showing her emotions more.

"I. . .I'm trying to say that you don't know the real me, Jessica. You've fallen in love with a man that doesn't exist. Yes, I'm a giving, loving, caring man. But I'm not the man you thought you knew. I'm a man with a hidden past, with a double lifestyle that's almost crushing me. I can't lie to you or myself anymore."
Jessica stared at Justin, seeing the man raise his head, his blue eyes steeled with determination and truth.

"Since we've been together I've kept a deep secret from you, Jess. It's time for me to tell you the truth."

"What. . .what secret? Please. . .just. . .just say it!" she said, her voice rising with emotion.

"I'm bisexual, Jessica. I've been involved with men and women all my life. I've kept both sides separate, apart. I can't do that anymore."
Jessica looked stunned, Justin staring at her.

"You. . .you. . .you're into men?"
"Yes, Jessica. I've been attracted to both men and women."
Jessica moved her eyes, not looking at him, staring out the window into the darkness before them.

"This. . .this can't be true! No, Justin. You're mistaken. It's. . .it's just an old youthful desire, it. . .it will stop." she softly said, Justin moving forward, his hand going to her shoulder.

"No, Jessica. It's not a fantasy, a dream or a hope. I've acted out on that need. I've slept with men before."
Jessica looked stunned again, staring at Justin.

"No. . .no that can't. . .you can't have!"

"I have, Jessica." Justin said, his mind focusing on the next truth he had to tell her.

"It. . .it was just a fad or you were experimenting, you. . .you were young. You. . .you then met me. . .you've put that behind you now." she said, trying to voice a truth that she hoped was there, but Justin knew it wasn't.

"No, Jessica. It's not a fad, it's the real me. I like men. And I've. . .I've. . ." Justin said, lowering his eyes, Jessica staring at him, a shiver going through her, a fear rising in her heart.

"You've. . .you've what, Justin?"
"I've slept with several men since we've been together, Jess. I'm sorry, but the need overcame me. It wasn't love, just sex. It was what I needed and I took it. I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop the need." Justin said, tears now showing in his eyes, the truth now laid before both of them.

Jessica stared at Justin, his eyes meeting hers, her feelings exploding.

Her hand flew, slapping him hard across the cheek, Justin flinching but remaining still.

Here now he sat, staring at her, seeing the anger now unleashed in her eyes, the woman moving forward, her hand balling into fists, Jessica punching Justin in the chest, the woman screaming.

"You cheated on me! With faggots?! With men?!!" she screamed, Justin trying to calm her down, his hands grabbing onto hers, stopping her assault on his chest.

"I'm sorry, Jessica! I can't lie to you anymore! I'm sorry but it's true!"

Jessica moved, backing up, pulling away from Justin, Justin releasing her, the woman rising from the couch, backing away from Justin, Justin rising up.

"I had to be truthful to you, Jessica. I'm so confused, so overcome with emotion. I couldn't lie anymore. I had to tell you. I had to open my life to you and to myself. I have to be true to my own soul."
Jessica stared at him, her face covered in tears, her body trembling.

"Did you. . .did you ever love me?" she sobbed, Justin staring at her, his own face covered in tears.

"Yes, Jessica. I did and still do love you. I'm just so confused. I don't know where I can go from here. My soul, my heart and my life is so screwed up. I. . .I need to focus on what I want to make me happy."
"Are you in love with someone else, Justin? With a man?"

Justin stared at her, Jessica looking deeply into his eyes.

In those blue tearful eyes she saw a trembling truth.

"Get out, Justin. Get out before I. . .before I kill you!" she sobbed, Justin staring at her, seeing the hurt in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Jess. I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted to be honest with you. I'm sorry but I can't pretend it isn't there. That the feelings aren't there. I. . .I want to find the happiness I need, the love I need."
"I. . .I loved you, Justin! I could have given you all that you needed! But it was all lies, wasn't it? Our love was a lie!"

"No, Jess! I do love you, I always will. I just can't. . .I just can't feel total love for you, not when I'm so confused with these feelings. I'm. . .I'm sorry." he said, his eyes now filled with tears.

"Get out, Justin." Jessica said, pulling off the ring she wore, the engagement ring Justin had designed especially for her himself.

"Love is a lie, Justin. You just showed me that. I hope you never find love! For your heart will always be full of lies!" she screamed, throwing the ring at him, the ring hitting Justin in the chest, falling to the floor in front of him.

"I'm sorry, Jessica. I'm sorry." he softly said, Justin turning, heading for the door, leaving the ring on the floor.

"I hope any love you try to create is destroyed, Justin! I hope you hurt as much as you've just hurt me!"

Justin turned, staring at her.

"I do love you, Jessica. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I hope you can find your own happiness."
Jessica sobbed, sinking down into the couch again, Justin staring at her.

"I had it, Justin. You gave me that. . .why did you. . .why did you lie to me?" she sobbed, Justin lowering his eyes.

"I know I've hurt you. I hope one day you can forgive me for that. I only ever wanted your happiness, Jess."

"We had happiness, Justin. I loved you. . .you loved me? I. . .can't understand this!"

"I'll call you in a few days, Jessica. We both need time to think this through."
Jessica stared at Justin, the man quietly walking out of their condo, closing the door behind him.

Jessica stared at the door, the woman falling against the couch's pillows, sobs filling the silent room.


Josh gasped, the man feeling the man below him clinging to him.

Lucas was moaning, Josh above him, their lips meeting again.

"Oh, Joshua! That's. . .that's amazing!" Lucas moaned, Josh feeling the need in Lucas' soft lips, Lucas' tongue licking along Josh's lips.

He also felt the burning need in Lucas' center, Josh's own hardness buried deep within the younger man.

Josh had been lost in the need he felt from Lucas, the young man giving every inch of his body to Josh, Josh feasting on every succulent inch.

He'd become lost in the taste of Lucas' skin, its smoothness so warm and delicious.

The two had removed each other's clothing, their hands, lips and bodies feeling every inch of the other.

Lucas had given into Josh's needs first, Josh exploring every inch of Lucas' muscular body, tasting it all.

He'd hesitated when he'd neared Lucas' center; Lucas' loving touch, kisses and words guiding Josh forward.

In Lucas' center Josh had found a deliciousness he'd never tasted.

The young man was intoxicating, Josh licking every inch of the man's large shaft, sucking on it with abandon, tasting the man's large hanging balls, then going to the moisture at Lucas' center.

Lucas' ass was a temple of beauty and richness that Josh savored for over half an hour.

His rimming had reduced the young man to a squirming, needful, trembling mass.

Lucas had been very vocal in Josh's ministrations, Josh edged on by the young man's needs.

Lucas had pulled Josh up to his face finally, Josh's hardness resting against Lucas' center, his lips meeting his.

Lucas had kissed him deeply, breaking the kiss, their eyes meeting.

"I need. . .I need you so much, Joshua! Please. . .please join with my soul! I. . .I need you inside me! Please destroy that fear there! That. . .that fear he left! Please, my Josh!" Lucas had cried, Josh feeling the deep love coming from the young man's soul.

Lucas had reached over to the nightstand, opening the drawer, pulling out condoms and a bottle of lube, Josh continuing to kiss Lucas's neck as he handed him the items.

Josh's lips met Lucas' as Josh prepared his own hardening erection, one lube-filled hand wrapping around Lucas'.

Lucas moaned as Josh kissed him and stroked him, Josh's hardness finding its way between Lucas' legs, Josh breaking their kiss, staring into his violet eyes.

"I love you, Lucas. My love is all you will need. It's coming for you."

Lucas gasped as he felt Josh enter him, the man moving slowly downward, his long hardness sinking into Lucas.

The young man's arms wrapped around Josh's back, pulling him down to him, Josh's lips meeting his again, then breaking the touch, his lips finding Lucas' left earlobe, the young man moaning.

"Hard. . .harder Josh! Take me to that edge! Please!" Lucas screamed, Josh intensifying his rhythm, the young man moving forward to match every downward thrust, Josh becoming lost in the feelings soaring through his own body.

Lucas' hands moved downward, latching onto Josh's naked butt cheeks, pushing the man into him.

Josh felt the rising tide, his body shuddering, unable to control what he felt flowing through him.

Josh gasped as he sank down into Lucas, the young man gasping as well, their orgasms almost simultaneous.

When they'd both regained their bearings, Josh had gently pulled out, the man going to Lucas' side, the young man moving against him, his head burying into Josh's glistening chest, a deep sob coming out of the young man, Josh's arms wrapping around him.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Lucky! I didn't mean to be so intense! I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Josh said, tears flowing with worry.

Lucas raised his head, his lips meeting Josh's, the intensity of the kiss stopping Josh's worry.

The two kissed, Lucas slowly breaking it, Josh's blue eyes opening, staring into two violet pools of calm tearful love.

"Thank you, Joshua. For destroying the lingering pain of my soul. I am free of the pain. Your love fills me."
Josh smiled, Lucas moving, his young muscled body now on top of Josh, Josh feeling the young man's rising desire against his own.

"I need to love you, Joshua. I need to know every inch of you." Lucas said, his lips meeting his again, Josh feeling a rising need in Lucas' kiss, Josh lost in the intensity he felt oozing from the man's heat.

"Love me, Lucas. Show me how much." Josh softly said, Lucas' lips going to Josh's neck, sucking on the wet skin, Josh's body covered in a sheen of sweat.

Lucas moved downward, his lips and fingers touching every inch of Josh's chest, Josh's shaft beginning to rise again, Lucas' hand wrapping around it, stroking the man into full hardness again.

Lucas' eyes scanned over every inch of Josh's smooth body, taking in its beauty.

"You are so beautiful, Joshua. My Joshua. My large, hard, beautiful Joshua. I shall know all of you, my love." Lucas said, his head lowering, Josh gasping as Lucas took all of him deep into his throat, every hard inch sinking down into him.

Josh's mind exploded with a flourish of lights, of heat and emotion.

Lucas took all that Josh had to give, Josh exploding again almost immediately, Lucas drinking all of the offered nectar.

Josh was trembling, the orgasm flowing through him, Lucas gently releasing Josh's spent shaft, the young man moving upwards, his lips on Josh's again, his kiss tender and long.

Josh sighed, his blue eyes opening, staring into two pools of violet love.

"Oh. . .oh Lucas! That was. . .that was amazing!" He said, his voice filled with emotion.

"I love you, Joshua. I now give you all of my love." Lucas said, his body moving, Josh feeling the young man raise his legs, centering himself with Josh's center.

"You need my love, Joshua. You need the pain of the past to wash away with love. My love. I give you all of myself. I am yours." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes filled with tears.

Josh moved upwards, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man moving downward, Josh gasping as he felt a length of steel sinking into him, a heated warmth filling him.

Josh's mind exploded, lost in total nothingness for a moment.

Then Josh's mind filled with images, these visions unknown to him, each showing for only moments, Josh lost in their increasing speed.

Every few seconds he saw Lucas' face interlaced with the pictures exploding before him, Josh feeling a heated warmth surrounding him.

Music filled his mind again, Lucas' song filling his thoughts.

Then Josh saw a white light, and felt a heat filling his center.

Then he felt his own orgasm begin again, the man gasping as two lips met his, Lucas sinking down upon him, his muscled arms wrapping around Lucas' back, Josh's eyes clearing as he stared into two emerald green pools.

Lucas stared at him, Josh gasping as the man moved off him, Lucas' hardness slipping out of Josh.

"Oh God, Lucas! The. . .the light. . .the. . .the feeling. . .it was. . .oh God!" Josh sobbed, Lucas pulling the man against him, holding him close.

"It was my love, Joshua. I gave it all to you. I showed you all of it." Lucas said, kissing his lips gently, Josh's head sinking against Lucas' chest, feeling the warmth and wetness of the muscled young man against him.

Lucas held Josh as his emotions calmed, the young man gently kissing his face and neck, Josh finally able to focus, his blue eyes rising, Lucas staring into them.

Josh stared into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Lucas. . .your eyes. . .they were. . .?"
"They were filled with love for you, my Joshy."

Josh stared at Lucas, seeing so much love in Lucas' violet pools.

"No, Lucas. They were. . .I could have sworn. . .they were green."

A surprised look crossed Lucas' face, the young man then smiling at Josh.

"Passion overtook you, my love. My eyes will never be green with envy. I have everything I've ever wanted in you. I love you, my Josh."

Josh teared up, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"Thank you, Josh. For being my first. My first of true love."

Josh teared up, Lucas' fingers rubbing his cheek.

"I love you, Lucky."
Lucas smiled.

"I love you, Beamy."

Josh looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"How did you. . .that name?"

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh again.

"That name only your mother ever called you? Her little beam of sunshine?"

Josh slowly nodded, staring at Lucas with surprised wonder.

"I guess our love transcends our memories, my Beamy. I felt the name flow through your love. I like it."

Josh blushed, then smiling softly, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, she always said I was a ray of sunshine that brightened her day. She's the only one that calls me that."
Lucas lowered his head, Josh's fingers going to his chin, raising it, staring into his violet eyes.

"It sounds just as wonderful and beautiful coming from you."

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips again, the older man snuggling against Lucas, his strong arms wrapping around him.

"Forever my Beamy. I love you."
Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' warm chest.

"Thank you, Lucas. For making this so unbelievable. For making passion seem real again. You're love is unbelievable."
Lucas smiled, his fingers running through Josh's hair.

"I had so much to work with. And you're just as unbelievable."

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again.

Their afterglow was interrupted by a hammering sound entering their quietness.

"That's the front door, I think. The guys have probably forgotten their keys. Or they're half drunk. Finn loves to party. They said they'd stay out late at a bar or club so we could have some alone time." Lucas said, looking at the clock radio on his nightstand, the hour reading two.

"Wow, it's that late." Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' lips again.

"Time flies when passion flows." he smiled, the young man gently moving Josh off his chest, climbing out of bed.

Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes scanning Josh's naked body, the man smiling back.

"I'll let them in and then return to heaven. Be right back, Beamy." Lucas said, smiling as he pulled on his robe.

Josh smiled, leaning back against the pillows, Lucas quickly walking out of the room.

Lucas walked down the darkened hallway, then across the semi-dark living room, reaching the door as someone pounded on it again.

"You knuckleheads would forget your minds if they weren't disposable. Hang on!" he yelled, laughing as he opened the door, smiling.

His smile faded when he saw who stood there, the man falling forward, Lucas catching him in his arms.

"I'm fucked, Luke! I've fucked it all up!" Justin gasped as he collapsed, Lucas struggling to hold him up.

"Josh! Come quick!" Lucas screamed as Justin passed out in his arms.


Justin felt a hand against his face, lightly patting his cheek.

"No, Jess! Don't hit me again!" he gasped, pulling back, the man feeling two arms around him.

He opened his eyes slowly, staring into two violet pools of youthful concern.

"It's not Jessica, Jus. It's me, Luke." Lucas said, his fingers still on Justin's cheek, the young man having been lightly patting his cheek trying to revive the man.

Justin felt the arms around him again, his head turning, staring into Josh's blue concerned pools.

"Josh?" Justin softly said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"You passed out, Jus. Lucas carried you here to the couch. Are you okay?" Josh said, Justin feeling the warmth of the man's smooth chest against his body.

Josh wore only his jeans, his chest bare, the man having run out of the bedroom when Lucas had screamed his name, finding Justin in Lucas' strong arms, the man carrying him to the couch.

Josh had sat down, enveloping his old friend in his arms as Lucas had tried to revive him.

Justin stared at his friend, his blue eyes filling with tears, Lucas and Josh both staring at him.

"You've been drinking, Jus. How were you able to drive here?" Josh said, worry showing on his face.

"Went to a. . .a bar by my condo. Sat there for hours drinking alone, trying to make sense of it all, then took a cab here." Justin said, the man rising up from Josh's embrace, stumbling forward, two other strong arms going around him.

"Easy, Jus. You're in no shape to stand or talk. You need sleep, my friend." Lucas said, Justin now in his arms, the younger man holding him up.

Justin's tired, bloodshot eyes took in Lucas' robed form, Justin smelling Lucas' scent so close, and also another scent as well.

The odor of sex.

His blue eyes stared into Lucas' violet, his head going against Lucas' chest, Lucas' eyes looking towards Josh's.

"I've fucked it all up, guys. She's done with me. She can't love me, the real me!" Justin sobbed, Josh rising up to his friend's side, his arm going around him as well.

"Let's worry about that tomorrow, Justin. You need sleep as Lucas said. Let's get you into bed."

Justin's blue eyes looked into his friend's blue pools, the man's face covered in tears.

"I love you, Josh. I love you, Lucas. I'm so alone! No one can love me! I need your love guys. I'm so alone!" he sobbed, Lucas' eyes meeting Josh's again.

Justin's head moved, his lips meeting Josh's, the man totally surprised by Justin's sudden move.

Lucas remained silent, staring at the two men as Justin kissed his Josh.

Justin broke the kiss, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Take me, Joshy. Make me yours again. Please!" Justin sobbed, his blue eyes turning to Lucas.

"You too, Lucas. I'll be yours, too. Use me, guys. Like I've been used all my life. Like they used me!" Justin cried, Josh's arms going around him again, the man sobbing against Josh's naked chest.

"We're your friends, Jus. Tonight and always you have our love." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's concerned pools.

Josh moved, Justin following him, the man guiding him down the darkened hallway, Lucas at Justin's other side, his hand on Justin's shoulder.

The two men walked him into Lucas' bedroom, Justin staring at the messed up bed, the blankets half on the floor.

"You loved each other tonight, I can. . .I can smell it. Love me too, please." he softly said, Josh gently guiding Justin down onto the bed, Justin sitting on its edge, the man's head lowered.

Lucas looked at Josh for a moment, the man going to his knees, Lucas gently removing Justin's shoes, then gently removing his socks.

Josh gently pulled Justin's sweater over his head, Justin's bare chest on full display.

Lucas stood up again, gently pushing Justin back onto the bed, Josh quietly removing Justin's belt, then opening his jeans, Justin raising his ass as Josh pulled the jeans off, Justin laying on the bed in only his boxers.

Lucas leaned over to Josh, lightly kissing him on the lips.

Josh smiled, Lucas moving, Josh moving as well, both men gently but forcefully moving Justin into the center of the bed.

Justin's blue eyes moved from one to the other, Josh leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Lucas and I both love you, Justin. But there's no way that we are going to use you, or ever hurt you. Tonight you'll sleep with two friends surrounding you. With my old friendship and with Lucas' new. We do love you, Jus. But you'll only ever be our friend. That friendship is here for you, always."
Justin teared up, Josh moving and laying down beside him, remaining in his jeans, his arms going around Justin, the younger man going again against Josh's smooth chest.

"I'm so alone, Joshy. I just wanted. . .I just need what you have. . .what you both have! Why can't you love me?"
Lucas quietly removed his robe, then slipped on his boxer briefs again, climbing into the bed, the young man moving against Justin, the man now in the center of the two.

"Close your eyes, Justy." Josh softly said, Justin clinging to his body, Lucas's arms wrapping around him as well.

Lucas began to softly hum, Justin quieting down between the two men, his eyes flickering, staring at Lucas for a few minutes, the younger man softly smiling at him, continuing to hum.

Justin's blue eyes finally closed, his head leaning against Josh's smooth chest, his old friend quietly holding him, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

His violet pools stared back, his fingers going out, rubbing Josh's cheek.

For a few minutes Lucas continued to hum, Justin finally showing all the signs of deep sleep.

Josh quietly moved, breaking his hold on the sleeping man, Justin now softly snoring, the movement not waking him.

Josh sat up in the bed, Lucas quietly rising as well, his humming silencing.

"I'm sorry, Lucky. I had no idea this would happen. I can't believe he finally told her."
"It looks like that's what's happened. And it looks like she didn't take it well." Lucas said, his eyes glancing down at Justin, seeing the visible redness on Justin's cheek and around his eyes.

"He'll have a wicked bruise in the morning." Josh softly said, Lucas leaning over and gently kissing his lips.

"Justin's emotions are all over the place, Josh. I believe he was expecting the two of us to welcome him into our lives."
"And our bed, I believe." Josh quietly said, staring at his sleeping friend.

Lucas moved, quietly rising out of the bed, Josh rising as well, Lucas gently covering Justin's sleeping form with the blankets, the man not moving.

The two men quietly walked out of the room, Lucas guiding Josh down the hall, their hands entwined, the two men sitting down on the couch in the darkened living room, Josh's blue eyes going around to all the candles in the room, their wicks not lit.

"Do you want that, Josh?"
Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet pools.

"Lucas. . .I. . .I don't want that. I'm in love with you, now. Not Justin. What we once had ended. I can't go back to that love. I've found something more. He's my friend and I'll always love him. But he's not you."
Lucas stared at Josh for a moment, the young man then moving closer to Josh, putting his arm around him, Josh's head going against his chest.

"Justin is a beautiful man. And he has a giving soul, and also a needful soul. I saw that easily tonight. He's lost one love and is eagerly trying to replace it with another. With our love. I love him as well, Josh."
Josh nodded, Lucas leaning in and kissing his lips again, Josh feeling a lot of love in that kiss.

The two broke their kiss, Josh sighing, Lucas kissing his forehead as Josh lay his head against his chest again.

"I love you, Josh. And tonight Justin needs your friendship as he always had it. I trust you, Josh. You sleep with him tonight. I'll take the couch." Lucas said, Josh raising his head.

"Lucas. . .I. . ."
Lucas silenced Josh's words with his lips again.

Josh sighed, Lucas smiling at him when they broke their kiss.

"I wanted to make love to you all night and all morning, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing Josh's cheek.

"We'll have a lifetime to do that, my Beamy."
Josh smiled, Lucas patting his knee.

"Get to sleep, Joshua. I'll wake you when breakfast is ready." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"It's a big bed, Lucas. And it's yours. We can all sleep there."
Lucas gently shook his head no, Josh staring at him.

"It's best if Justin didn't wake up in the morning wrapped in both our arms. It might lead him to play something more into it. It's best if he wakes up in his friend's arms."
Josh nodded, Lucas rising up, pulling him up with him.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm sorry this happened."
Lucas smiled, kissing him gently on the lips again.

"Life happens, Beamy. We go with it as it leads us forward."
Josh smiled, the man giving Lucas a prolonged kiss, Lucas sighing when Josh finally broke it.

"That'll keep me warm." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling, releasing his hand, Lucas watching him walk back down the hallway, hearing him shut his bedroom door.

Lucas slowly sat down, his violet eyes staring down the darkened hallway, the young man alone in the dark living room.

I feel all of it, Josh.

I feel his emotions and yours.

And I feel the confusion surrounding me.

You can't hide what I feel, either of you.

And I can't hide my own feelings.

Lucas stared out the large window at the small lights twinkling on the New York horizon.

Lucas' hand went around the stone laying against his chest, the young man feeling the pulsing power.

What are you hiding, Joshua?

What haven't you told me?

Why do I feel you've guided me onto this path for a purpose?

And why do I feel so much love?

And why can't I smother the truth?

Lucas sighed, the young man hearing movement by the door, the lock unlocking.

He sighed again, the door opening.

Finn, Skyler, Drew, and Trish walked into the condo, Trish's fingers finding the light switch, flipping it on.

Lucas' closed his eyes, covering them as the living room was bathed in light, his three friends and his sister staring at him in surprise.

"Lucas? What are you doing up? Where's Josh?" Trish said, staring at her brother with concern.

Lucas opened his eyes, seeing the two couples staring at him with confusion.

"Evening, my friends. Everything's okay. Josh is in bed."

"And why aren't you back there getting some lovin'?" Finn said, plopping down on the couch beside Lucas, patting his bare knee, Lucas in his robe again.

Lucas lowered his head for a moment, his three bandmates trading looks.

Finn's arm went around his friend, Lucas' violet eyes staring at him.

"You okay, Luke? He didn't hurt you, did he?" Finn said, his looks darkening with protective love.

"No, Finn. Josh was wonderful. It was beautiful and magical. I feel so alive."

The four smiled, Trish on Lucas' other side, kissing his cheek.

"So what's wrong, Lukey?" Trish said, Lucas looking at his sister.

"Josh isn't sleeping alone. Justin's in bed with him."
The four looked totally shocked, Lucas glancing at all four.

"Only sleeping, guys. Justin showed up about half an hour ago, totally drunk and upset."

"What's wrong?" Skyler said, Lucas staring at her.

"He's opened his heart to Jessica, guys. And she hit him and threw him out."

All four looked shocked and confused, Lucas looking around at all of them.

"Why. . .why would she do that?"

Lucas sighed, looking around at his three bandmates and Drew.

"I think Justin should explain that to you, if he wants to. If not, please respect his privacy, guys."
All three nodded, Finn's hand squeezing Lucas' shoulder.

"And why do I sense that whatever's happened has really shook you up as well, Luke? What's going on in that mind of yours?"

Lucas' violet eyes met his best friend's blue, Lucas tearing up, his head going to Finn's shoulder.

"My mind's filling with a truth, Finny. A truth that I think may change my life."

All four looked confused, Lucas laying his head against Finn's chest, his friend holding him.

"That path's changing, guys. And I think I'm the one that's changing everything."


Justin's blue eyes opened, a bright light meeting his tired eyes.

He covered his eyes, the large picture window in the bedroom showing bright sunlight, the room bathed in it.

"Rise and shine, sleepy."
Justin's head turned, his eyes staring into two blue pools.

"Josh? What. . .what. . .where am I?"

Josh stared at his friend, Justin's face inches from his own, his arms still wrapped around his friend.

"You're in Lucas' bedroom, Justin. You crashed here last night after you stumbled in here drunk."
Justin stared at Josh for a moment, then he bolted up in the bed, Josh staring up at him.

Justin stared down at Josh, seeing the man's naked chest, Justin looking down at his own body.

He saw his own bare chest, but felt his briefs were on him, the man staring at his friend.

"I. . .I was drunk? I. . .I don't remember even coming here." he softly said, rubbing his head, Josh sitting up beside him, Justin seeing the man was wearing a pair of jeans.

"You were pretty wasted, Justin. I still can't believe you came here. Thank God you didn't drive." Josh said, his arm going around Justin's back, Justin tensing up a little, Josh feeling it.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Josh. I. . .I shouldn't have intruded on your time with Lucas."

"We were both surprised, Jus. You said some pretty surprising things last night?"
"I. . .I did? What did I say?"
Josh stared at his friend, the man sighing.

"You told Jessica, Justin? You finally told her the truth?"
Justin focused on those words, his mind suddenly filling with truth.
His head lowered, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"What happened, Jus?"
Justin raised his head, staring at his friend.

"I told her the truth, Josh. I told her about my past, and my deceiving her."

"I take it she didn't take it well? That's a wild bruise you have on your face, my friend."
Justin's hand went to his cheek, feeling the bruise immediately.

"I hurt her, Josh. I deserved all her abuse." he softly said, Josh sighing again, kissing his friend's cheek.

"I'm sorry she hit you, Jus. But you can't say it wasn't a justifiable reaction on her part. You have lied to her for a long time."
"She hates me, Josh. I've hurt her deeply."
Josh nodded, looking at his friend.

"Yes, Justin. You have. It's now in the open and you'll have to deal with it. With that pain and deceit comes responsibility. Perhaps now you can live your life with honesty and truth."
Justin nodded, looking into his friend's blue eyes.

"I never wanted to hurt her, Josh. You must believe me."

Josh nodded, rubbing his friend's shoulder.

"I know, Jus. Just as I know what's now on your mind. As you showed both of us last night."

Justin looked confused, Josh staring at him.

"What I. . .what do you mean, Josh? What did I show you?"

Josh sighed, their discussion broken by a new voice.

"You offered us your love, Justin. Your physical and emotional love."

Justin sat in shock, staring at Lucas standing in the bedroom doorway, the young man closing the door behind him, his violet eyes on Justin's blue.

"I. . .I. . .no I couldn't! I was. . .I was drunk. . .I would never. . .?" He softly said, Josh's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, the young man walking across the room, sitting down on the bed's edge beside Justin, the man sitting between Josh and Lucas.

"They say a man speaks from his heart when his mind is awash with alcohol. You spoke from yours last night, Justin. You offered both of us your love, physical and emotional as I just said. I take it you've fallen in love with both of us? Your Josh again, and me you've never stopped loving since we first met."

Justin lowered his eyes, Josh's arm going around him again, Justin remaining silent.

"Your silence confirms your truth last night, Justin. Lucas and I do love you, Jus. It's just not the love you're looking for. We love each other, and we trust each other. I'm sorry, Jus. There can never be a physical relationship between us three. I love Lucas. He loves me. That's all we need for us to be happy. But we're both here for you, Justin. I hope you can see that?"

Lucas remained silent, his violet eyes staring at both men, Justin's head raising, tears showing in both of his blue eyes.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry I did that! You must hate me for trying to come between you. I'm. . .I'm so sorry!"

Lucas moved, his arm going around Justin, pulling the man against him, Josh looking at his boyfriend.

"Never be ashamed of showing love, Justin. Josh and I do love you. We welcome your love, It's just not a physical love we're looking for from you. We love the man sitting here today. The man who's now sitting out in the open. You're past has been stripped bare, your future begins today. It just isn't the future you were hoping for. Do you understand what we're trying to show you?"
"Yes, Lucas. . .yes, Josh. I see the love you have for each other. . .for me. I know it's different. I know I. . .I've got this all wrong."
Josh leaned forward, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I've always loved you, Justin. As a brother. First and foremost, a brother."

Justin nodded, Lucas smiling at both.

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"And you, Lucas. You. . .you don't hate me? I'll understand if you don't want me around you and Josh."
Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing Justin's cheek, Justin staring at him.

"Josh and I love each other. And with that love comes trust. We trust each other to be true to that love." Lucas said, Josh staring at Lucas.

"That means that nothing can happen between us, Justin. Josh and I don't want that."
Justin nodded, looking between both men.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." he softly smiled, Josh and Lucas both smiling.

"Yeah, nice try." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"This is all new for you, Justin. This openness. I think you still need to talk to Jessica, to deal with that relationship. What lays ahead for you is your choice, Justin. Josh and I will be beside you in all ways. Our friendship is here always. You won't face your future alone. And somewhere down that path lays your happiness." Lucas said, smiling at him, Justin actually smiling with sincerity.
"Thanks, guys. I do feel better, now that I know you've both forgiven me. I promise that you both can trust me as well. I would never interfere intentionally with your relationship."

Josh smiled, Justin smiling back at him.

"I think you need a shower, Jus. You too, Beamy."
Josh beamed, Justin looking between the two.

Josh blushed, Lucas leaning forward, kissing his boyfriend's lips.

"The sunshine of my life. He beams for only me."
Josh smiled widely, Justin smiling at both.

"So do we do this separately, or do we save water?"

Justin never saw the pillow hit him, Lucas laughing as Josh decked his friend.

"I'll let you two decide that. But I want the negatives." he laughed, Josh and Justin both laughing, the young man walking out of the room, Josh smiling at Justin.

"You go first, Josh. I'll deal with the cold water."

Josh smiled, climbing out of the bed, heading towards Lucas' bathroom, Justin's eyes following Josh's jean-clad bottom, Josh closing the bathroom door behind him.

Justin's blue eyes went to the bedroom's closed door, the man sighing, lowering his head.

He'd never felt so alone in his life.

And he'd never felt so confused.


Justin's blue eyes were met by four other sets of blue, the man lowering his as he sat down at the kitchen table, Lucas smiling at him as he handed him a cup of steaming coffee.

"Josh is taking his shower, he'll be out shortly." Justin said softly, Lucas nodding.

"I filled the gruesome foursome in on your late night leap into our humble abode. They came home almost as wrecked as you were." Lucas said, smiling at his sister and his three friends.

Finn sat beside Justin, his hand going on top of Justin's, their blue eyes meeting.

"Everything okay, Jus? If it's private, we'll butt out. But we feel like we're friends."
Justin smiled at the man, looking at Skyler, Trish, and Drew.

"Just some private problems I'm having with Jessica, guys. It looks like the relationship may be over." Justin said, the four looking at Justin with compassion.

"We're sorry, Jus. You both looked so great together. No chance it could rectify itself?" Skyler said, Justin softly smiling at her.

"No, Skyler. Looks like we're just incompatible." Justin said, Trish sitting down on his other side, her hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"Life is about change, Justin. People just grow apart sometimes. At least you found out now before you married."

Justin nodded, Lucas looking at him.

"Life goes on, Justin." he said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Lucas. Life goes on." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Josh walked into the kitchen, he and Lucas kissing, Lucas' bandmates smiling at the two.

"Looks like someone at least got a shagging before the drunk landed slap dab in the middle of them. That must have put a damper on the festivities. Unless you joined in?" Finn smirked, Justin blushing a bit, Josh's arms wrapping around Lucas.

"No, Finn. Lucas and I had our own fun. And it was damn near fantastic!"
Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Not over the food guys! You're both drooling!" Finn yelled, Justin chuckling.

"Okay, okay. Gees, a guy can't even make googly eyes at his boyfriend? You can always tell who hasn't had it in a while." Josh smirked, Lucas laughing.

Finn gave Josh a one finger salute, Josh laughing, joining the group, Lucas smiling and heading to the stove.

Lucas' eyes met someone else's, his mind flooding with a growing thought.


The group had a relatively quiet breakfast, Justin smiling at everyone, everyone sensing he didn't want to focus on his relationship with Jessica, everyone respecting his quietness.

Lucas had kept the conversation geared away from that, Justin smiling at him his thanks.

Josh smiled between the two, the conversation going on to other topics.

Justin's cell phone had gone off towards the end of the meal, the man excusing himself, talking into it as he walked into the living room.

He came back a few minutes later, a wider smile on his face.

"That was Jimmy. He and Robert have honed down the applicants for your backup musicians for the tour. The guys are all in town this weekend actually. He was wondering if you four could possibly swing by the studios and meet them? We've hired two guitarists, a pianist and a drummer. They should fill in the background sound superbly. You need the full band effect for the tour."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"You have full say on the scope of the size of the layout, of course." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at his friend.

"Thanks, Justin. We do need the musicians. Our sound is louder than the four of us."
Justin smiled, nodding at Lucas; Finn and Skyler grinning.

"My brother's head is getting swelled." Trish smirked, Josh grinning.

"Awesome! Excuse us." he grinned, Lucas bursting into laughter.

"My boyfriend, the middle-aged stud."

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Young at heart, with a fire that burns intently."

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing him.

Finn gagged, the two men laughing mid kiss.

"He's just jealous, Beamy."
Finn's eyes widened with mirth.

"Beamy? Oh, that's so precious!"

Josh blushed, Lucas smiling as he kissed his lips again.

"It's in reference to that beam of lumber you have swinging there, stud."

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn rolling his eyes, Lucas laughing more.

Josh smiled, loving his man so much.


The group laughed all the way down to the studios, Lucas driving them in his rented car.

They all met Jimmy Fauntleroy in the lobby, the man smiling at all four, Lucas high-fiving him, the man smiling at him.

"Heard the tapes, Luke. Awesome, every last one of them!"
Lucas smiled widely, he and Jimmy now on a common ground.

Their friendship had been won over, respect for music now a common bond.

"The guys are in Recording Studio 4B. You know a couple of them, Justin."
"Thanks, Jimmy. This way, guys." Justin said, Jimmy giving him a thumbs up.

The group walked into an elevator, talking as they went up to the fourth floor.

They stepped out of the elevator, walking to the last room on the right, 4B showing on the name plate on the door.

Justin was walking with Josh, Lucas and Finn behind them, Justin opening the door.

They all walked into the room, four men were seated around the room, all rising when the group walked into the room.

Three men smiled at Justin, the fourth man standing with his back to the group.

"Hi, guys. I'd like you to meet Orion." Justin smiled, indeed recognizing the two guitarists.

The three men facing the group smiled, the fourth man turning around.

Justin stared into two blue eyes, a handsome man smiling at him, his blond hair shoulder length, his face masculine and ruggedly beautiful.

"They need no introduction, Mr. Timberlake. How's it hanging, Lucky?" the man smiled, leering at the young man, Lucas' violet eyes filled with widening shock.

The room suddenly erupted in motion, Finn's fist hitting the man squarely in the face, the man falling back on his ass, hitting the floor with a thud.

The blond haired man stared at Finn with shock, Finn's fist balling again.

"Get up again, Jake! Get up so I can send you to hell, you bastard!" Finn said, Josh and Justin trying to hold the man back, Josh's blue eyes focusing on Lucas.

Lucas' violet eyes were focused on Jacob Addison, the man still laying on the floor, his hand covering his bleeding nose.

Lucas felt his soul implode, his once abusive lover rising to his feet.




End of Chapter 20


You knew he'd show up sooner or later!
The abusive Jacob Addison, Lucas' former boyfriend.


What's going to happen now?
Will Justin accept Lucas' and Josh's commitment to each other?

What will Jessica do in regards to Justin's betrayal?


What will Lucas do now that he has to face his tormentor?

What will Josh do to the man?

Seems Finn's not holding back his anger.

I'm sure the others will voice theirs as well.


Drama ahead, the path continues.


Hugs, Angel.