Yesterday's End-201


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 201


Lucas walked through the front door, his fingers going to the control panel in the front foyer.

He cancelled the beeping sound, the home alarm shutting off.

Behind him walked Josh, Justin and Lance, the last two carrying their sons.

Lucas smiled, taking a sleeping Joshy from Justin's arms, Josh kissing his husband's lips.

"Lance and I will put the babies to bed, boys. You two get started on dinner." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling and lightly slapping Lucas' jean covered ass.

"Home two minutes and the master's towing the line." he said, Josh smirking.

"Let's get to it, Justy. You know the master's best when he's happy, and well fed." Josh said, Lance smirking, Lucas smiling.

"I'm best when my boys show their love."

The three men smiled, Lance following Lucas up the staircase, the two men carrying their sons and some luggage.

Josh and Justin smiled after them, Justin's arm going around Josh's waist, his hand going into Josh's back pocket, kneading his firm butt.

"Let's check out the fridge. We may have to slip off to the store." Justin said, Josh smiling, kissing his friend's lips.

"Cleanup on aisle two." he smiled, Justin laughing.

"I'll be good. I'm contented, my Josh. The last few days with our Lucas and Lance--and you--have me beyond happy. I'm contented and I'm in love." Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"We have love and family, Jus. We have all we've dreamed of." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.


The two men smiled, walking towards the kitchen.

A few minutes later Lucas and Lance walked into the kitchen, smiling at their husbands.

The two men had returned downstairs, having taken the rest of the bag upstairs, their sons sleeping in their crib.

"The fridge is bare, my love. Justin's making a list. He and I are heading to the supermarket." Josh smiled, Lucas' arms going around him, Justin's going around Lance's, their lips meeting.

The two couples sighed with happiness, the four smiling at each other.

"It's so good to be home." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at him.

"And alone." Justin said, kneading Lance's firm backside.

"Just think. Three days alone with my men." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"Finny's only a few doors away, babe. You know he'll be over looking for free meals." Josh smiled, Justin grinning.

"We can easily shoo him away. But you know, I do miss Colton and Rosy." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

The two had flown down to Florida with Justin's parents; Jonathan, Enrique, Derek and Haras going as well.

They were spending a week with Jonathan's parents.

A new family joining as well.

"Just think, more food for all of us." Lance said, Lucas laughing.

"But the love feels less." he smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"Aren't we enough, babe?" he smiled, licking Lucas' cheek.

"More than enough, sexy. But you know all those muscle boys get our Justin going.  We're going to have double the task now."

Lance laughed, Justin smiling.

"You naked--all three of you--will be enough."

"Cleanup on aisle two indeed." Lucas said, Justin and Josh laughing, Lance looking confused, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Inside joke, babe. And Lucas' reading our minds again."

"I think I'll need a shower after reading yours, HD."

Justin blushed, all four laughing.

"We'll head out, babe. Back shortly with sustenance." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"Okay, sexy. I'll live off Lance's love while you're gone. So nonfat."

Lance laughed, slapping Lucas' ass, Justin kissing his husband's lips.

"Devour him, babe. Back soon." he smiled, he and Josh walking out of the kitchen.

"And no parking! The food will get soggy!" Lucas yelled, the two hearing their soulmates' laughter heading towards the front door.

Lance smiled, his arms wrapping around Lucas.

"Justin put the kettle on. Let's have a tea on the patio and relax till they're back."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's lips.

"Sweet! Cuddling with a sexy man."

Lance smiled, Lucas heading towards the patio, Lance heading towards the cupboard.


The two sat together on a lounge chair by the pool, a soft breeze blowing across the backyard.

Both had been sipping at their tea, their lips tasting the other's honey tea-flavored saliva.

Lucas sighed, snuggling against Lance, his arm around him.

"Hell of a week, Lucky." Lance said, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, a revealing, surprising one." he said, Lance staring at him.

"But you knew that going in, right?"
Lucas' violet pools met Lance's green, the young man smiling at him.

"Yes, Lance. I was well prepared for all of it."

Lance nodded, staring at him.

"But were you prepared for what you found down in that tomb?"

Lucas' eyes met Lance's, the man seeing the confusion behind his shining love.

"Not entirely, Lance. One is never prepared for life's surprises." he said, staring out at the pool, the water calm and crystal clear blue.

"And what surprise did you find, Lucky?"

Lucas smiled at Lance, the man smiling softly back.

"You're the last to ask, Lancy. Everyone's talked to me in private the last few days about what I found down there. I knew your intelligent self was mulling over everything." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"Justin told me he'd asked you."

"And did he tell you my answer?"

"Yes, Lucky. The same answer you gave Joshy. And I believe everyone else. That that would be revealed at the allotted time."

"But you're searching for more?"
Lance smiled, his lips kissing Lucas'.

"I love you, Lucas. We all love you. I've watched you all week. I think I'm beginning to see the real you behind the facade you've created."

"You three see the real me, Lance. I'm real with only you three."

"We know that, our Lucky. You've now showed the new you. This muscled, larger, blond Adonis I now hold in my arms. But we three still see the real you behind that. Your love hasn't changed. It's damn well improved." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I sense love more acutely now, Lance. I feel its finesse and clarity." he said, Lance smiling.

"And we three have felt the greater beauty of it."

Lucas smiled, nodding, his hand rubbing Lance's smooth chest, his shirt open.

Lucas' shirt was off, Lance feeling his smooth warmth against him.

"That beauty is for only you three."
Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"What I was talking about was the man behind the love. The inner you, Lucas Carver-Belmont. Whatever truth you found down in that darkness has made that man we all love different. I felt a soft confusion that first day when you walked back out of that tomb. That confusion's now gone. I sense you've reasoned out what you saw, or what you were shown."

Lucas stared at Lance, the man staring back.

Lucas rose from his seat, Lance letting him go.

The young man walked to the pool's edge, Lance staring at his smooth muscled back, a black star tattooed in between his shoulder blades.

Lucas stared out at the water, the young man feeling Lance move from his seat.

He felt the two arms wrap around him, Lance kissing his neck.

"I feel your calm soul, Lucas. Whatever you've reasoned out has calmed you." he said, Lucas' head turning, staring into Lance's green pools.

"I've found the answer to everything, Lance. And the answer is love."
Lance smiled, pulling the young man against him.

"We love you, Lucas. Today and always."
"I know, Lance. Your love is my life. I live with that love in my soul."

Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"What truth did you find, Luke?"

Lucas sighed, staring into his green pools.

"That's a truth for the end of this, Lance. All I can say is that nothing shall change between us. Our love is forever. I've been promised that."

"Promised by who?"

"By he who created this life, Lance. I've found the truth in everything. But I sense in my soul that he didn't tell me all of it. I feel that he's holding something back."

"Who's holding what back?"

Lucas turned again, staring at the water.

He turned back, staring into Lance's green pools.

Lance saw a thousand stars shining in Lucas' violet pools.

"Even he needs love, Lance. It is the cornerstone of his existence. I need that love."

Lance stared at Lucas, the young man stepping back, smiling at him.

"I'm okay, Lance. Your love--and their total love--is all I need for the rest of the path. I'm yours forever. I've been promised that."

Lucas moved, pulling Lance close, their lips meeting.

"I love you, Lance. I love them. I'm going to show you how much." Lucas said, his lips now on Lance's neck, the man feeling Lucas pick him up, holding him close.

And then Lance felt the wetness engulf him, two lips attaching to his again, and love filling his soul.


Justin smiled, walking out onto the patio, staring towards the pool.

"They're in the pool, Joshy!" Justin yelled behind him, the man carrying his son Justy.

Josh smiled as he walked out of the house, little Joshy in his arms, the man carrying two bottles.

He looked towards the pool as well, seeing his two soulmates floating on a large pool chair, both men totally nude and snuggled together.

Lance was asleep against Lucas' nude body, his arms around him.

"Papa!" Justy said, Justin smiling at his son in his arms.

"Yes, sweetie. Papa and Poppa floating." he smiled, walking towards the pool.

Lucas smiled towards his men and sons, the two men sitting down on the pool's edge, their feet going into the water.

Both wore shorts and t-shirts, Josh handing Justin a bottle, the two feeding their sons as they smiled towards their husbands.

"Someone's had fun." Justin smiled, staring at Lucas' naked self and his husband's nude physique.

"Yes, you're having it. Our boys have their daddies."

The two men smiled, Justin smirking at Lucas.

"Yes, but Poppa Lance had a bigger bottle to suck on."

Lucas laughed, the two men smiling at him, Lucas feeling Lance pull him closer.

"And the milk was creamy." he said, his eyes opening.

Justin smiled at his man.

"Lucky you, beautiful."

Lance smiled, stretching, his smooth chest and abs on display behind Lucas' nude body.

"Come on in when the kids are fed, babes. The water and love's heaven." Lance said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"Yep.  They're both filled with Bass goodness."

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips.

"With some Carver-Belmont dessert thrown in." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Get going, sweetie. I feel the need on your lips."

Lance smiled, falling off the pool chair, submerging below the water.

He swam over towards Justin and Josh, both men smiling at his naked vision under the water.

He rose out of the water, climbing up onto the pool's edge, his lips meeting Justin's, Josh smiling and taking in his revealed beauty, the monster soft and contented.

The two broke their kiss, Justin smiling at Lance.

"There's the greater love I need." Lance smiled, kissing little Justy's forehead, the baby cooing, sucking on his bottle.

Josh smiled at both, Lance smiling at him.

"I'll take Joshy, Josh. Your man needs your greater love as well."

Josh smiled, handing his son to Lance, the baby not stopping his meal.

Josh stood up, his t-shirt leaving his body, the two men smiling up at his beauty.

Josh winked, his shorts and briefs gone in moments, the naked man diving into the pool, heading towards his soul.

Justin smiled at Lance, the man kissing his lips again.

"They're both beautiful, but you are the beauty of my soul. You I love totally. I love them and my sons."

Justin smiled, the two snuggling together with the infants, their eyes on the two now uniting in the pool, Lucas' wet arms around his Josh, Josh lost in the love possessing him.


"Zealot for thirty-seven points, guys. I always win!" Justin grinned widely, Josh and Lance rolling their eyes.

"That's four times, Justin! You're cheating!" Josh said with a dejected look, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"I'm just using my brains, sexy. And you're focusing on your man-toy, not the game." he said, Lucas rolling his eyes again, Justin laughing.

"I always win when people don't focus." Justin smiled, Lance smiling as he walked into the living room with a tray of coffee and cake.

"He won again?" Lance said, Justin smiling up at him.

"That's four blowjobs you each owe me." he grinned, Josh laughing.

"I knew there was a reason we were playing for sexual favors. The boy's unstoppable." Lucas smiled, Justin winking at him.

"You first, Pharaoh. I love bringing a king to his knees."

Josh laughed, Lance smirking.

"He's a opportunistic winner, guys. And his ego knows no bounds."

Justin blushed, Lance smiling and kissing his lips, Justin's embarrassment gone.

"Just call me Mr. Winner. In and out of the bedroom." he grinned, the other three groaning, Justin laughing.

Lance smiled, handing his husband a plate of carrot cake, Justin licking his lips.

"Energy for later!" he said, Josh and Lucas smiling at each other, clearing the board again.

The four had dined on barbecued steaks, relaxing on the patio with their children and loves.

Here now it was late evening, the four having been playing Scrabble all evening.

Lucas had been amazed by Justin's surprising vocabulary and intellect, the man winning all four games, Lance a close second.

"I think they're both plotting, my love." Josh said, winking at Lance.

"I get sloppy seconds." he smiled, all four laughing, eating the rich dessert Lucas had created.

Josh smiled, his man's arms around him, the two snuggled together across from their friends on a couch.

"It's great to be home, Lucky." Justin said, Lance wiping his lips with a napkin.

"Indeed, Jus. Home with my family." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

The infants were asleep in their beds, down for the night.

"So what's the road ahead, my love?" Josh said, the four snuggling, the game forgotten.

"Relaxation and family life." Justin smiled, setting his and Lance's empty plates down, the two cuddling together.

"And a dinner party." Lucas said, the other three looking at him.

"Oh? A party for who?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh and Justin staring at him.

"For friends, my loves. I have one path left to right in regards to the love." Lucas said, the other three staring at him.

"Meaning what, my love? Who's coming?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night, my loves. I've invited a few friends. I need the love whole before I walk the final path to evil's end." he said, Josh staring at him.

Lucas sighed, the young man looking at the other three.

"Trust me, my loves. Love has to find its center. And we all need to be of total love."
"We are of total love, Luke. You are the center of our love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Don't I know it."

Justin smiled, blowing him a kiss.

"You need to clean this place tomorrow, guys. From top to bottom. And I'll be cooking." Lucas said, all three smiling at him.

"The Pharaoh's slaves will be toiling." Justin smirked, sipping at his coffee, setting his cup down.

"Help given with love, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin clapped his hands together.

"On to game five! I might as well make a stockpile of pleasure for the week!" he grinned, Josh and Lucas looking at each other.

"Two at a time, babe." Josh grinned, Lucas smiling widely.

Both men moved, Lance smiling.

The two were on Justin in a moment, the man surprised.

"What gives?" he said, Josh's lips coming off of his.

"We do!" he smiled, the man moving, he and Lucas now between Justin's legs.

"Number one of four. No more games, Timberlake." Lucas smiled, his hands opening Justin's jeans, he and Josh both pulling them and his briefs off in one long thrust.

Justin gasped when he felt Josh's lips on his shaft, and Lucas' mouth encircling its rising head.

Justin moaned, the man feeling two lips against his.

The kiss was broken, the man's eyes opening and staring into two green pools.

"You never said nothing about all three at one time." Lance grinned.

Lucas' mouth pulled off Justin's hard shaft, Lance's engulfing it.

The three men took turns sucking on Justin's large phallus, the man moaning as all three pleased him as one.

He smiled, his soul feeling the pleasure the night would show.


The Next Evening


Lucas smiled, opening the front door of his home, three smiling faces greeting him.

"You're early guys, by only a few minutes. Come in." he smiled, three men hugging him gently, all kissing him on the lips.

"Adam was ready to go two hours ago. He needed his Lukey fix." Usher smiled, Pierce grinning, Adam blushing, he the last to kiss Lucas, the man's arms still around him.

"His kiss has the most love. And what a tongue!" Lucas grinned, Adam laughing.

"Missed you, Luke!" he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips again.

"It's only been a day and a half. And I'm sure these two stallions were feeding off your grass all last night." he smiled, Pierce grinning.

"He has a mighty fine ass. Oh sorry, you said grass."
All four laughed, Adam smiling widely.

He handed Lucas a bottle of white wine, the man smiling at him.

"And Justin said we needed to hit the liquor store. I know my friends and their giving ways." he smiled, the other three smiling, Pierce carrying a bottle as well, Usher carrying a platter of devilled eggs, the three following Lucas through the living room to the kitchen.

"Head for the patio, guys. My men are out there." he smiled, Adam smiling at him, Usher and Pierce setting down their offerings.

"Any eye candy? You did say it would be a pool party later." he smiled, Usher slapping his ass.

"Just the usual, horndog. But that might stoke your need. Your husbands are going to be so happy tonight." Lucas smiled.

All three smiled, walking towards the patio doors.

"Need help, Luke?" Pierce said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"Thanks, Pierce. I need some veggies cut up."

"Go play, my loves. The Pharaoh's gained another slave." Pierce smiled, Adam and Usher smiling, kissing his lips, the two walking out onto the patio.

Pierce smiled, walking to the counter with Lucas, the two beginning to prepare some vegetable trays.

"So how goes the life of matrimonial love?" Lucas smiled, Pierce smiling at him, looking towards the patio.

"It's heaven, Luke. Their love is so amazing. I feel so complete." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love is the completeness of the soul, Pierce. They'll all see that tonight." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"Thanks for the invite, Lucas. Adam was so happy when you called." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And yourself?" he said, Pierce smiling, leaning over and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I was too, Luke. But not as greatly as Adam. Usher and I both see Adam's deep love for you. We both love him and you, and trust both of you."
"Adam is beautiful, Pierce. But he's only yours and Usher's. As you said, you complete him."

Pierce smiled, nodding.

"You'll just have to be content with your three slaves."
Lucas laughed, nodding.

"Sometimes I think I'm the slave."

Pierce laughed, smiling.

"Yes, that Timberlake looks like a handful."

Both men laughed, the front door buzzer going off again.

"More guests." Lucas smiled, wiping his hands on a dishcloth.

"I'll finish these, Luke." Pierce smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man walking out of the kitchen.

Lucas opened the front door again, five smiling faces greeting him.

"Welcome home, boys." Lucas smiled, hugged by all five.

Nick kissed Lucas' lips, the young man smiling, another Carter brother following him.

"Sweet! A Carter sandwich! Where's the creamy filling?" Lucas grinned, Gideon, Gio and Craig laughing.

"That Carter sweetness goes right to your thighs, Luke." Gio smiled, Nick winking at his husband.

Aaron smiled, Craig's arm going around him, the young man handing Lucas a bottle of white wine, Nick carrying another bottle.

"Sweet! Clear, tasty and wet. And the wine's probably not bad either." Lucas smiled, all six laughing.

Lucas guided them through the living room and kitchen, then out onto the patio with Pierce, everyone greeting everyone.

"The gang's all here." Finn smiled, he and Skyler chatting with Alain and Harry, the patio filled with friends.

"A gathering of love." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"And what's the occasion? We just saw your ugly self yesterday." Finn grinned, Lucas giving him a one fingered salute, everyone laughing.

"It's a shearing session, Chewbacca." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling.

"More like gay boys' heaven." he smirked, Alain licking his cheek, Finn stepping back.

"I didn't know there were horny devils in heaven?" he said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"I'm fine with Sky, boys. You play amongst yourselves."

Everyone smiled, Harry smiling at Lucas.

"So what's the occasion, cousin?" he smiled.

He and Alain had stayed in a hotel last night alone, coming home this morning.

Lucas had sensed their needs for some private love, the man paying for their stay.

"Please everyone, grab a glass of wine." he smiled, everyone smiling and taking a glass off the tray Lance was walking around with.

"Welcome all my brothers and sisters of love. The only ones missing tonight are my sister Trish and my brother Andrew. But their love is in my heart."

Everyone smiled, missing the two.

The two had flown home with Lucas' parents to Wales, spending some time with them.

"They'll be home next week, Luke." Finn smiled, Lucas nodding.

"This home you now stand in is your home as well, everyone. My three of my soul and myself welcome you always into our hearts and home. You're all welcomed here always."
Everyone smiled, tears showing in some eyes.

"And you're all welcomed in our home as well, everyone. Friends and brothers for life." Finn smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"But my home's hair free." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Finn rolling his eyes.

"I don't shed!" he said, Skyler laughing.

"No dear. Not you." she said, kissing his cheek.

Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling at everyone.

The front buzzer went off again, everyone looking around at each other.

"That will be our last guests." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him.

"Who's left, Luke? Everyone's here. Colton and his men coming home early?" Gideon said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love flows, my friends. My love follows all paths." he said, the man disappearing into the house.

Everyone looked at each other, Finn's eyes on Josh's blue.

Lance smiled, he and Justin walking around with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, everyone smiling and taking some.

"I feel Lucas' love echoing around us, Josh. What's he got planned now?" he said, everyone looking at the Welshman.

"Honesty and love, my friends."

All eyes turned to the patio doors, Lucas standing in their middle, a man standing on each side of him.

"And forgiveness." he said, a man suddenly moving forward, two other men surrounding him, holding him back.

"What the hell are you doing here? You bastard!" Nick screamed, staring at one of the men.

"He's here for forgiveness, Nickolas. And he's here with my friendship." Lucas said, looking at one of the men.

"Welcome to my home, Zac and Bruno." Lucas said, the man guiding Zac Efron and Bruno Mars out onto the patio.


Aaron felt Craig's arm go around him, the two standing behind Nick.

Gio and Gideon both had their arms around Nick now, Alain and Finn having stepped back, the two men having been holding Nick back.

Zac's blue eyes were on Nick, the man staring at him with piercing contempt.

Josh's blue eyes were on Lucas, the young man softly smiling at him.

"Welcome to our home, Zac and Bruno." Josh said, the man standing in front of both men now, all three shaking hands.

Justin and Lance were looking at the two younger men as well, their eyes meeting Lucas' violet calm pools.

"Hello, Josh. You have a lovely home." Bruno said, his eyes glancing around at everyone.

"Thank you, Bruno. It's a reflection of my husband's and my own taste." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, we saw your appearance on Jimmy Fallon. Congratulations to you both." Bruno said, Zac quietly looking at Lucas, then at Nick.

"You as well, Justin and Lance. Kudos on your courageous showing of your love." Bruno said, softly smiling at Justin and Lance.

"Thank you, Bruno. Justin surprised even me." Lance said, Justin's arm around him.

"What are you doing here?" Nick said, Lucas staring at him, everyone seeing the confrontational stance Nick was showing.

"They're here as my guests, Nickolas." Lucas said, Nick's eyes meeting his violet pools.

"How can you say that after all Zac's done to me and my brother?  And to your friends?" Nick said, Lucas walking up to him.

His eyes met Aaron's, the young man quietly staring at him, then at Zac.

"The past is the past, Nick. Many here can attest to that." Lucas said, Adam's eyes meeting his.

Lucas looked around at his friends, Finn's blue eyes meeting his.

"Your love never stops amazing us, Luke. But I think you may have bitten off more than you can chew." the Welshman said, looking at the Carter brothers and Craig, and at the famous singers surrounding him.

"I can dine on anything, Finny. As long as the meal is love." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Nick's.

"I think we should go, Lucas." Zac said, his eyes lowering, Nick staring at him, Bruno's arm going around Zac, everyone looking surprised.

"As I said, Zac and Bruno are here as my guests. I accept their friendship and changed personas. I have seen into their souls. They mirror a few other souls surrounding me." Lucas said, Adam staring at him again, Nick's eyes on him as well.

"Some people can't change, Luke. I refuse to believe it." Nick said, Zac staring at him.

"We have changed, Nick. I know perhaps you can't believe that, but we have. And it all started with Lucas. That night of Adam's Halloween party." Bruno said, Adam staring at him.

"We both changed that night, for the better." Bruno said, Lucas smiling at him, the singer's hand going into Zac's, everyone staring with silence at the two men.

"Lucas made both of us see what was in our own souls. Two identical souls of lust, need and false bravado. He showed Zac the lost soul within him earlier in New York. He showed myself the path I was on. He made both of us see that there is more to life than need and bravado. There's love. A love we've found in each other." Bruno said, Zac looking into his brown eyes.

"You're in love? You both can't love." Nick softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"Can Usher and Adam love, Nick?" Lucas said, Nick's eyes meeting his.

"Can you yourself love?" Lucas said, Nick's eyes lowering.

"I've seen too many paths of conquest, need, lust and bravado ever since I came to this country. The paths of stardom are laced with lost souls and false bravado. My love has singled all of you out. I saw easily through all your souls, because all your souls were the same." Lucas said, looking around at his friends, everyone staring at him.

Lucas walked up to Adam, the singer staring at him with love.

"Adam's path was one of such bravado. Usher's was as well, perhaps not as intense.  Bruno's was the same. As yours was, Nick." Lucas said, Nick staring at Bruno.

"All of you, my friends, were acquainted in desirous ways. Some of you were lost within the bravado of your own lustful souls. Souls missing a key ingredient. True sustainable love." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking up to Aaron and Craig, the younger Carter staring at Lucas.

"Zac hurt you because of that bravado, Aaron. He was lost on a clouded path of desire and domination. You, at that time, were just a conquest, another notch in the belt of his desires. But under those desires was a man with a hidden truth. That his soul--like so many others--needed love. I just took it upon myself to guide him to the love he needed." Lucas said, Zac staring at the young man.

"You did, Lucas." Zac said, Bruno's hand going into Zac's again.

"You guided us to each other, Lucas. We saw the truth in each other's souls. That our love was always destined for each other." Zac said, looking into Bruno's brown eyes.

Everyone stared at the two men, Zac's blue eyes going to Aaron and Nick's blue.

"I hurt both of you deeply. You the most, Aaron. I can't change that person I was at that time. I just want both of you to know that I hated that person even more than you did. I can't justify what I've done. I just wanted both of you to know that I've changed. That man is gone. I have changed. My soul feels different. When I look into Bruno's eyes I see a love I never knew existed. He loves me, he's said that many times. Sometimes I can't believe he has that deep of a love for me. But I see it in his eyes every time I look into those brown pools of love."

"I love you, Zac. And I know you love me also." Bruno said, his arm going around Zac.

Everyone stared at the two staring at each other, Lucas walking up to both men.

"I see the love shining in your eyes, my friends. I always saw that love you both needed to see. I now see it showing in both your souls as well."

Nick stared at Zac, the man's blue eyes meeting his.

"I'm sorry, Nick. I know I've hurt you. That I took the trust and friendship you gave me and used it for my own purpose. I can't change what I've done. But I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry." Zac said, tears showing in his blue eyes.

Nick's blue eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the man seeing the familiar love shining back at him.

"Forgiveness begins with healing one's own heart. That heart has love surrounding it. Anything can be forgiven if there's love surrounding its soul." Lucas said, Nick nodding.

The man moved, Gideon and Gio both staring at him with love, following him.

Nick walked up to Zac, Bruno staring at him.

"You hurt me deeply, Zac. You used me and you used my brother. That's what hurt the most in my soul, Zac. I didn't know that you were using me. I was to blind to the truth to know what you were doing to my brother and myself. I failed him and I failed myself. That's what hurt the most."

"I know, Nick. I'm sorry for what I did. I know you can't forgive me, I accept that. I just want you to know that I don't expect that. All I can do is find happiness in Bruno's love. I see easily that you've found love. I see it in their eyes. I'm happy that you've found love as well, Aaron." Zac said, Aaron nodding, Craig's arm around him still, Nick looking at Gideon and Gio.

Nick's blue eyes turned to Lucas, then focused on Zac again.

"I have found love, Zac. My soul's healed. It's found the hidden love as well. Our former lives can't measure up to the love now in our souls." he said, Zac nodding, lowering his eyes.

Aaron moved, walking up to the three men, Zac staring at him, Craig at Aaron's side.

"Lucas' love is ever giving, Zac. He gave me back my brother's love. I have love as well. I easily see that you have the same thing."

Zac teared up, the young man staring at him.

"I'm sorry, Aaron. For all I've done. I can't change that, that's the past. I just wanted you and your brother to know I'm sorry." Zac said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Thank you for allowing us to meet, Lucas. We'll leave now." Zac said, Bruno nodding at his man.

"The invitation, I assume, was for dinner. We'd like you to stay." A voice said.

Zac's eyes met Nick's, the man having spoken.

"Really. . .really, Nick?" Zac said, Nick's eyes meeting Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

Nick's eyes met his brother, Aaron kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Zac. Lucas invited you and Bruno to dinner, as he invited all of us. I think the past now gives way to the future. Forgiveness can begin with the love surrounding us." Aaron said, Craig smiling at his man.

"You. . .you want to forgive me?" Zac softly said, Nick's hand going to his shoulder.

"Lucas' love does some amazing things, Zac. I think life gives us choices. Let's just walk the path and see where it takes us." Nick said, Zac nodding.

"I'm on a different path now, Nick. Bruno's love and mine have Lucas to thank for that."

"You only need to thank me for the meal this evening. My slaves have been cooking all day." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

"The Pharaoh's a taskmaster." Justin smiled.

"Pharaoh?" Bruno said, Lucas smiling at him.

"There's been a lot going on in my life, my friends. Why don't you two sit down and my family will fill you in. And I'm sure they'd like to know about your own lives." Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Justin's blue.

"Come on, slaves. The boys are up. And I need to get the appetizers organized. Lancy, you're bartender." Lucas smiling at him, Lance nodding.

"What would you like to drink, guys?" he said to Zac and Bruno, both smiling at him.


"Sit down, guys. We'll show you our treasures." Josh smiled, he and Justin following Lucas into the house.

Zac's blue eyes met Nick's blue, the man softly smiling at him, his hand pointing to the table he and his men had been sitting at.

Bruno's hand went in Zac's, the two men joining Nick at the table.


Zac's blue eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man rocking his son Joshy in his arms.

He sat beside his Josh; Justin, Lance, Finn and Skyler filling their patio table.

Dinner was over, the meal delicious and filled with love and friendship.

Zac and Bruno heard of the life of Lucas; the past, present and future surrounding him.

Their eyes went often to him, the young man smiling with a calm smile.

Zac took in his changed looks, his blond curly hair cascading down over his shoulders.

"Your life's amazing, Lucas. Your life is amazing. The. . .the magic, the destiny." Bruno said, Zac staring at Lucas.

"I'm myself, my friends. I am love and I am destiny." he said, Josh kissing his cheek, little Justy in his arms.

"I have felt that magic, Lucas. I now see what you did to me." Zac said, Nick and Aaron staring at him.
"I made you see your life, Zac. I made you see yourself and the path you were on."
"Thank you, Lucas. For stopping me on the path of my destruction." Zac said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You stopped yourself, Zac. You found the love and truth within your own soul. Life now can be good for you. Bruno's love is all you need."

Zac smiled, looking into Bruno's eyes.

"It's more than I deserve." he said, Bruno smiling, their lips meeting.

Everyone smiled at the two, their kiss breaking.

"Everyone deserves love, Zac. They just have to find it in themselves and others." Lucas said, everyone nodding at him.

"You're amazing, Lucas." Zac said, Lucas sighing.

"I have cards and everything. But let's give my amazement a rest. I'm just myself. You're all in my home, I love you all, and I'm myself."

"So where's dessert, bitch?" Finn grinned, Skyler rolling her eyes.

Lucas laughed, smiling at his Welsh friend.

"How about a banana split, Finny?" Lucas smiled, Finn nodding.

"Sounds good, Luke. Make mine chocolate and vanilla."

"You covered in whipped cream on this table will feed all of us." he smiled, Finn rolling his eyes, Alain laughing.

"I know where to put the cherry!" Harry said, everyone laughing.

"And I know what banana is going to split him." Alain grinned, Finn blushing now.

Everyone laughed loudly, Finn blushing more, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Well, you said chocolate and vanilla. Har and Ali will fight over your cherry."

Everyone laughed, Finn sinking more into his chair.

"Okay, just kidding! I'll be good."

"I was hoping you'd be fantastic." Alain smiled, blowing Finn a kiss from the next table.

Finn smiled, winking at him.

"Sky's got my cherry, guys. But I'll make you all drool. Let's hit the pool." Finn smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Well, it was hair free all day."

Everyone laughed, Finn rolling his eyes again, Lucas smiling and handing his son to Zac, the man's eyes widening.

"Watch my boy, Zac. Hit the pool, everyone. Josh and I will bring out dessert."
Zac looked at the small infant in his arms, gently rocking the boy, the baby smiling up at him, cooing.

"He feels your love, Zac." Justin smiled, taking Justy from Josh, the man standing up and smiling at Zac.

"You brought your suits?" he smiled, the two men nodding.

Justin sat down beside Zac, smiling at him.

"Our boys feel love, guys. Lucas' love flows through them." he smiled, staring down into Justy's different eyes.

"They're so beautiful. Their eyes are amazing." Bruno said, staring at the child in his man's arms.

"A joining of our love, Bruno." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, he and Josh walking into the house.

Everyone smiled, rising from their seats, shirts coming off, bronzed bodies heading for the pool.

Justin smiled at the two men beside him, the two men smiling with happiness.

"Welcome to our returned love, guys. Lucas' love captures us all."
Both men smiled at Justin, the three rising from their seats.

"Let's carry the kids into the pool. They love water as much as Lucky does." Lance said, Zac smiling, walking with him to the pool.


Lucas felt Josh's lips on his neck, his hand down the back of his shorts.

"Calmness, my love. What's got you hot and bothered?" he smiled, filling the sink with dishes.

"Your spreading love, my Lucky." Josh said, kneading his smooth left butt cheek.

"The aphrodisiac of my soul." Lucas smiled, turning in Josh's arms, their lips meeting.

Josh pulled him close, his hand still rubbing Lucas' ass.

"God, you're amazing. I love you so much." Josh said, breaking the kiss, Lucas kissing his lips gently.

"I know, my Josh." he smiled, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"How long had you been planning this?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Since I saw them at Enrique's restaurant the night of Justin's birthday celebration."
"They were there that night?" Josh said, surprised.

"Yes, I saw them in a secluded corner. They hadn't known that Justin's party was there that night. I saw their showing love in the secluded darkness."

"You're amazing."

Lucas smiled, looking into his man's blue pools.

"I'm only as amazing as you and our two boy toys make me."

Josh smiled, looking out the kitchen window, seeing everyone swimming and laughing around the pool.

He saw Zac and Justin in the shallow end, their children in their laps.

Bruno sat beside Zac, Lance on Justin's other side, all four shirtless and half covered by water.

"More eye candy for Justin. The boy's going to be a pile driver tonight." Josh said, Lucas laughing.

"Just an added benefit. And the love is now complete." Lucas said, Josh turning back to his man, staring into his violet pools.

"Meaning what, my love?"

Lucas smiled, pulling Josh close.

"My life has been a path of guiding love, my Joshua. They were the last two I needed to guide together. I now have the total love around me that I need. I welcome both of them now into my friendship, my love and my home. I am complete, my love. The greatest love I have is yours, Justin's, Lance's, Joshy's and Justy's. The other love surrounding me completes me. I am armed with the weapon of total love I need. I can now walk the final path. I am loved and I am love."

Josh stared into his violet pools, seeing a thousand stars shining in their violet hue.

"I love you, Lucas. You are my world."

"I am all worlds, Joshua. Your love is the center of my universe."

Josh smiled widely, pulling Lucas closer.

"Want to rock my world, beautiful?" Josh smiled, licking his man's chin.

"I'd love to, babe. But we shouldn't give Adam a free show."

Josh's head turned, Adam smiling at the patio doors, the man wearing only swim trunks.

His tattooed chest was bare, his toned beauty on full display.

"The guys sent me in to see why dessert is taking so long." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I was getting mine, thanks." he said, Adam laughing, Josh blushing, removing his hand from Lucas' shorts.

"Sorry, we were just talking." Josh said, Adam smiling at the two, walking up to the counter.

"Hard to talk with your mouth full." Adam smiled, Lucas smirking.

"Grab that tray, babe. Don't want our friends starving." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, picking up the large tray filled with plates of dessert.

"I'll be out with the other one in a moment. Adam will bring the coffee."

Adam smiled and nodded, Josh smiling and kissing his man's lips.

"Feed Finny last, babe. The man's ego needs to be curbed."

Josh laughed, walking through the patio doors, out towards the pool.

Adam smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"My dessert left. But you look tasty."
Adam smiled, flexing his tattooed biceps.

"You can't stop at just a sample." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

Lucas moved, wrapping his arms around the singer, Adam staring into his violet pools.

"No, you I'd have to devour slowly. The cream within will be heaven."

Adam blushed, Lucas smiling, kissing his nose.

"Relax, Levine. Our love is the only thing we need to sample."

Adam smiled, staring into his violet pools.

Lucas smiled, patting Adam's ass.

"Besides, been there, washed that." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"You're so flirtatious, Luke. I feel lost in your arms."

"And I feel you'd be as delicious as my Josh. Why don't you put your hand where his was and search for my dessert?."

Adam blushed, Lucas laughing.

"I love you, Adam. Your love is more than enough. I'll let your two men looking for you out there finish your dessert."

Adam smiled, Lucas releasing his hold.

"I love you too, Luke."

Lucas smiled, Adam staring into his violet pools.

"Our love is ours, Adam. I will always love you."

Adam smiled, walking up to the coffeepot, picking up the filled carafe, placing it on a tray of cups and milk and sugar.

"Let's go drive our men wild. And turn on the other randy boys out there." Adam smiled, Lucas laughing, pulling off his shirt, picking up the other tray of dessert.

Adam's blue pools scanned Lucas' changed muscular vision.

"Looking damn fine, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love changed my beauty, Adam. Your love enhances it."
Adam smiled, walking to the patio doors, Lucas following him.

Lucas' eyes glowed softly green, his eyes on Adam's near naked physique.


Lucas smiled, swimming on his back, the man feeling two arms wrap around his near naked body.

He felt two lips on his neck, a hand on his abs.

"Calmness, Timby. Your timber's lodged in my back." he smiled, feeling Justin turn him in his arms.

"Your wet beauty stokes my soul, Lucky." he said, holding Lucas in his wet arms.

"Sure it's not the new eye candy?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"No, it's not them. I've been with them before, remember?" Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Oh, yes. Forgot. Timberlake was once a real slut."
Justin blushed, Lucas smiling and pulling him closer.

"The past is gone, Timby. You're now--and will always be--our love." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"You're so damn lucky."

Lucas laughed, pushing Justin's head under the water, the man disappearing.

He came back to the surface, wiping his wet face.

"You and your damn strength!" he said, Lucas smiling and pulling him close.

"I'm going to own you tonight, Timberlake. The past will be forgotten against the future of our love." Lucas said, Justin beaming.

"Okay, so the party's over?" Justin said, Lucas laughing, a new voice yelling across the pool.

"Hands above the water, horndogs!" Finn yelled, his Sky snuggled against him on a lounge chair.

"We're just looking for hairballs, Delaney!" Justin yelled back, Finn saluting him with one finger.

Everyone laughed, Justin and Lucas the only two left in the pool.

The sky had darkened, the patio and pool lights having come on, everyone now relaxing around the pool and patio with drinks and good friendship.

"We should get out, Lucky. I'm feeling prunish." Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"And I'm feeling horny. Why move?" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, feeling Lucas' hand kneading his right butt cheek under the water.

"Hey, Carver! You're our host, you're supposed to entertain us!" Finn yelled, others laughing.

"I've got my hands full of Timberlake Surprise, Chewbacca! Go groom yourself somewhere!" Lucas yelled, others laughing louder.

Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' neck.

"Later, beautiful. I'm all yours tonight."
Lucas smiled, then sighed.

"You're no fun, Timberlake. Oh wait, you damn well are!"

Justin laughed, Lucas releasing him, the man swimming to the pool ladder, climbing out of the pool, Lance handing him a towel, everyone staring at Justin's buffed body.

Lucas smiled, swimming by himself in the pool.

"I'm free now, Finny. Lose the shorts and dive into heaven. I'm going to own you!" Lucas yelled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"I'm Sky's, horndog. All this male flesh get you all randy?" Finn yelled, smiling at his friend.

"Well I know it wasn't you."

Skyler laughed, Finn staring at his wife.

"Gee thanks, babe."

Skyler smiled, kissing his cheek.

"You're mine, hot stuff."

Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man swimming to the pool's ladder.

He climbed out of the pool, all the men looking at his near-naked smooth beauty.

Zac's eyes scanned the man's smooth chest and body, Bruno taking in his physique as well.

Lucas smiled at everyone, seeing all the staring worship.

"Right out of a gay boy's dream." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.
"Some dreams come true, babe."
Lucas smiled as Lance handed him his shorts and polo shirt, Lucas wearing only a pair of black bikini briefs.

"Cover your beauty, Lucky. Your love's showing." Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around his Lance.

Lucas smiled, Josh handing him a towel, Lucas wiping himself dry, his physique disappearing under the shirt and shorts.

"Still beautiful, naked or not." Justin said, Lucas smiling and slapping his now short covered ass.

Zac and Bruno stared at the young man, Lucas smiling at them.

"I take it my beauty surprised you." he said, the two men blushing.

"We both always thought you were handsome, Lucas. We now see you're beyond that." Bruno said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My looks have changed due to the destiny of myself. My love will never change." he said, his three men smiling at him.

"The kids are asleep, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Four friends of sleeping love." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"So what's next?" he smiled, Lucas rolling his eyes.

"I'm not your personal entertainer, Finnegan . Just relax and enjoy the cool evening and good friendship." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling and rising from his chair, walking up to his friend, his arm going around him..

"Your love entertains all of us, Luke. We just always await its surprising beauty." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Then continue rubbing my ass, stud. You're in for a big surprise." Lucas smiled, others laughing, Finn backing up.

"I was not rubbing your ass!"

Josh smiled, his arm going around Lucas, his hand going to Lucas' backside.

"And why not? It's heaven!" he said, Finn rolling his eyes.

Lucas laughed, kissing his friend's cheek.

"Sit down, Finny. Let's enjoy the company, and the love."

Everyone smiled, conversations starting again, Lance heading to the bar for more drinks.


Lucas stood at his front door, the young man enveloped in two arms, the hug intense.

Bruno stood in front of him, the man smiling at his man.

Zac's arms were around Lucas, the young man feeling the man's emotions.

"Thank you, Lucas! For tonight and for what you've done for me!" he said, the man half sobbing.

Others stood around them, Bruno's hand on Zac's back, his own brown eyes showing soft tears.

"What I've done is become your friend, Zac. Our friendship is the rightness of our lives. I welcome you and Bruno here always."

The man parted from him, staring into his violet pools.

"Thank you, Lucas." he said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"It's Luke, guys. Friends always." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Nick's, the man standing behind the two men.

"Thank you for the evening's happiness, Luke." Aaron said, Craig's arm around him.

"Let's do it again soon, guys." Justin smiled, Nick smiling at him.

Everyone exchanged hugs, the small group leaving the home.

Lucas stood at the door, watching everyone heading towards their cars; Josh, Justin and Lance at his sides.

They saw Nick talking with Zac, Zac extending his hand, Nick pushing it away and hugging the man gently.

Aaron and Craig were both smiling, Gio and Gideon taking in the embrace.

"You are amazing, my love." Lance said, Lucas smiling at the people in the driveway.

"Later, sexy."

Justin laughed, another set of arms going around him, a hand going to his ass.

"Been a blast, Timbersnake."

Justin turned around, Adam smiling at him, his arms pulling him close.

Usher and Pierce smiled, seeing Adam's hands on Justin's ass.

"You know he gets clingy when he's loaded." Usher smiled, Pierce's own hand on Usher's ass.

Lucas smirked, seeing the rubbing.

"You're in for a night of happiness, Ush." he smiled, Pierce smiling at his husbands.

"Want to join us, Lukey?" he grinned, Lucas laughing, the doctor's arm going around him as well.

"You couldn't handle me, Dr. Welby." he smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"My hands are very skilled." he grinned, Finn laughing behind him.

"Two ccs of pain killer, stat!" he said, Lucas laughing.

"I think your next patient is Usher, Pierce." Josh smiled, Pierce smiling at him, his Usher's arm around him now.

"Come on, Doctor Love. Good night, guys. Thanks for everything." Usher smiled, Adam smiling, moving and enveloping Lucas in his arms, their lips meeting.

Justin and Lance giggled, Josh smirking, Lucas lost in the kiss Adam was giving him.

"Thanks, Lukey! Those lips just got me stoked. I need some loving, my men." Adam said, staggering, Usher's arm going around his man.

"They'll both be asleep in the car." he smiled, guiding both out of the house, everyone laughing behind them, waving goodbye.

Usher guided his men to their car, helping both climb in.

"Been a blast, Lukey." Finn said, his arms going around his friend, hugging him tight.

"Ease off, Finny! My ribs are breaking!" Lucas gasped, Finn laughing.

"Yeah, Timberlake's getting fat. His weight on top of you would break ribs." Finn laughed, Skyler rolling her eyes, both infants in her arms.

Justin gave Finn a one finger salute, Harry and Alain laughing.

"We'll walk you two home, guys." Harry smiled, taking little Julian from Skyler, the woman smiling at him.

Alain's arms wrapped around Finn.

"I'll carry the bigger baby." he grinned, everyone laughing.

Skyler laughed, Finn grinning.

"Okay, stud. I'm yours!" he said, leaping into Alain's arms, the man staggering with him in his arms.

"Man, speaking of fat!" he said, everyone laughing.

Lucas kissed them all on the cheek, Finn the last.

"Diaper him, give him a soother and put him to bed, Alain." he said, Alain laughing.

"We'll lock up when we come back, guys." Harry said, Lucas nodding, the group heading down the driveway towards Finn and Skyler's home.

Alain still carried Finn, the man now sound asleep in his arms.

Lucas smiled after them, closing the door behind him.


Lucas stared out into the night, the young man standing at the balcony's railing.

He felt two arms wrap around him, two lips on his neck.

"It's late, my love. Come back into our arms of love." Justin said, pulling him close.

Lucas turned in his arms, the man wearing a white velour robe, Justin standing in front of him naked.

His eyes moved to the balcony's doorway, two other visions of naked beauty shining at him.

"I thought you'd be in the shower longer." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"We just washed each other. We wanted to save the love for you." he said, Lucas smiling, his eyes scanning Justin's aroused state.

"Primed and needful. Just how we love our HD."

Lance and Josh smiled at the two, both men showing high arousal as well.

"Your beauty arouses all of our love, Lucky." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, taking in the monster's showing love, Josh's hand around it.

"I think our Josh's stroking is arousing the monster of our hearts." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at his husband.

"Your monster is too far away, and it's hidden." he smiled, he and Lance walking out of the bedroom, walking up to their husbands.

Lucas felt the love and beauty surround him, his eyes meeting all three sets of shining love.

"Want to talk about it, Lucky?" Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"Justin told us of your words to him about your love being now complete. That Zac and Bruno were the last who needed to find love." Lance said, Lucas' eyes moving, staring out in the darkness, looking down at the pool, its lights under the water still on, the water calm and smooth.

"They were the last two I was destined to unite, my loves. My love here has reached its totality."

"Meaning what, my love? You're being mysterious again." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My love isn't mysterious, Josh. It's only ever giving." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"So why were Zac and Bruno given the last of that giving love?" he said, Lucas staring at his three soulmates.

"I needed to have a certain fulfilled love, my loves. A conglomeration of a total love. They were the last two of your circle of love."

"Our circle of love?" Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"Yes, my Justin. The three of you have in some way been touched by their love. By the love of all who were here tonight of your past--Adam, Usher, Nick, Bruno and Zac."
"You mean because we all in some way have been with them? Have felt their desires?" Lance said, Lucas looking at him.

"No, not just their desires, Lancy. You three in different ways have felt a part of their love. Their love has been within your souls." he said, staring at his Josh, then at Lance and Justin.

"You and Justin both experienced Usher's, Zac's, Bruno's and Adam's lust and desires. But hidden within that was their love, hidden from even themselves."
"And I experienced all of them except Bruno." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"So you're saying you guided them to their love to right the paths of our own love."

Josh pulled Lucas close.

"I never loved any of the three, Lucas. They were just moments of needful love." he said, Justin and Lance staring at Lucas as well.

"We were the same, Luke. They didn't show their love to us, only their lust and needs." Justin said, Lance's arm going around his husband.

"I felt the needs of all four the most, Luke." Lance said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"I know, Lancy. I know what all your souls felt with all of them. I've known since I first met all three of you."

All three stared at him, Lucas sighing.

"Since I have known all three of you, I have been fighting the phantoms of your pasts. The feelings within all your souls of what they did to you, or what they meant to you. That is why I have forged the paths of their love, why I have guided them to true love. For I needed all of them to find love. I needed all three of you to see their love. So now that I could have your total love. The phantoms are gone, my loves. Tonight I felt the trueness of each of you. Tonight I have your total love. Your singular love. Tonight three souls of total love have joined with mine. That is why I guided their love. I needed you three to be free of their memories and their emotions within your souls. They now have love, now you three can have my love. Tonight, we are each other's forever."

The three pulled Lucas close, staring into his violet pools.

"That's. . .that's so beautiful, Lucas!" Lance said, half crying, Lucas' fingers wiping away the tears from his green pools.

"Weep not for the past, weep not for their loss. We have won each other's love. I love all three of you equally. Tonight I have the love I need. I have you three. You are the heartsong of my life." Lucas said, the man's eyes filling with tears.

He moved, kissing Josh deeply, the man feeling the love flowing through him.

Lucas moved, his lips meeting Lance's, the man feeling just as equally the intensity of Lucas' love.

Justin was the last to feel Lucas' love, the emotion of it flowing through him.

Lucas parted from his lips, his violet pools meeting three sets of tearing pools.

"I am love, my loves. I am your love."
All three smiled, wiping their eyes.

"My soul feels so loved, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is empty of the past. It is filled with the present love and the future love. I'm going to amaze all three of you."
Justin smiled, guiding Lucas' hand to his hardened center.

"I need your love, Lucas. I need your new love." he said, Lucas smiling.

"You three head to the pool. A late night dip of wet love will begin our needs."

"Alain and Harry are here, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're deep within their own love. They'll not move from their bed of love."

The three men smiled, Lucas smiling at them.

"Head for the pool, my angels. Grab a bottle of wine, Lance. I'll join you in a moment." he smiled, Justin smiling and slapping his robe-covered ass.

"Be quick. You're first on the list of my needs." he said, Lucas smiling, stroking Justin's shaft.

"And I'm going to own all three of you."

The three smiled walking back into the bedroom.

Lucas stared after the three, his eyes softly glowing green.

I love all three of you now.

You are mine forever.

You are free of the lust, love and their needs.

Tonight we are one forever.

And I will give all to have all.

He shall see that in the end.

Lucas smiled, his robe falling to the balcony floor.

He smiled, his body disappearing into the darkness, the balcony empty.


End of Chapter 201


Zac and Bruno have been welcomed into Lucas' home and friendship.

It seems Lucas' love can work wonders.

Did any of you see that coming?


Lucas has healed the division among former friends of lust and desires.

Perhaps a greater friendship of love and respect can grow in all their hearts now.

All hearts are now free of former needs, love now growing on its true paths.


Lucas just disappeared again.

Was he just an image they were talking to?

He now has his soulmates' love forever.


The path narrows, the end perhaps now closer.

On to the love and mystery that is Lucas Carver-Belmont.



Hugs, Angel.