Yesterday's End-22

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 22


Lucas smiled, the applause around him thunderous.

His violet eyes scanned around him, his friends' smiles just as wide.

A man walked up beside him, the man's smile wide and inviting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Orion!" the man said clapping, Lucas smiling into the beaming face of Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy patted Lucas' shoulder, shaking Trish's, Skyler's and Finn's hands as well, the applause still continuing.

"You guys are amazing! Justin's right! I sense a big career ahead of you!" Jimmy said, patting Lucas' back, the young singer nodding his thanks to the man.

Justin stood on Lucas' right side now, high-fiving Finn, the man smiling at all four.

"Thank you for watching, and good night everyone!" Jimmy said, the applause rising in tempo, the cameras ahead of them taking in the final moments of the show.

Lucas' eyes had zoned in on the audience, one large smile catching his attention.

"Great song, guys! Justin was correct!" Jimmy smiled, staring at Lucas.

The group stood on the stage of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the four taking in the adulation surrounding them.

The night had been one of spectacular wonder, the group's first night in the spotlight of fame.
Justin had arranged it all.

His close friendship with Jimmy Fallon had guaranteed them a spot on his talk show.

They'd closed out the show with their first single Canyon of Love.

It was their first public appearance, all four suddenly thrust out onto the stage of stardom.

And all four were lost in the happiness feeding their souls.

Finn was practically bouncing off the walls when the cameras went silent.

"That was on the spot, guys!" he screamed, Skyler laughing, her arms going around him.

Justin had walked onto the stage when the song had ended, the audience's clapping intensifying, the man giving each of the group a deep hug, Jimmy smiling at all five.

The cameras were shut off now, their happiness, as well as their music, captured for all the world to see.

"Great song, guys. You nailed it." Justin smiled, looking at Lucas, seeing the happiness in his violet eyes.

"We were fantastic, Justin!" Trish grinned, Jimmy smiling at her.

"That you were, guys. You're in the public eye now. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Justin. This group I sense is going to be big!" Jimmy smiled, Justin smiling at his old friend.

Justin hugged him, the man smiling at the other four.

The group smiled back at their four backup musicians, all four giving them a thumbs up.

"On the mark, guys. You blew them away!" Kyle Simon, the guitarist, said.

"Thanks, Kyle. You and Hank held the harmonies perfectly." Finn smiled, Hank Cannon, the other guitarist, smiling.

"Yeah, but Sam and Dean's tempo united it all together." Trish said, smiling at Sam and Dean Remington.

Sam was their new keyboardist, his older brother Dean brought in to replace Jake Addison.

Justin and Jimmy, the producer, had organized them all, the group now ready for their upcoming tour.

"We did it together, guys. Your voices made it all shine." Sam smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"That we did, guys." Lucas smiled, his violet eyes drawing smiles from everyone.

"I have to go, guys. A joy meeting all of you." Jimmy Fallon said, shaking Lucas' hand again, patting Justin's shoulder.

"Later, Jimmy. Thanks for this." Justin said, Jimmy smiling at him.

"Anytime, Justin." He said, walking off the stage, a personal assistant following him, Justin ushering the group towards the backstage, the audience in front of them still clapping, but beginning to dissipate.

Lucas' eyes went to the audience again, seeing a familiar smile still staring at him.

The four were led to a dressing room, Finn practically floating.

"Calm down, Finny. We just have to treat it like any other gig." Lucas said, smiling at his exuberant friend.

"Any other gig? Christ, Lukey! We were on U.S. television! We're in the big leagues!"

Justin laughed, patting Finn's back.

"I'm sure Jimmy would love to hear you say that. That would stoke his ego!" Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

The dressing room door opened, Lucas pushed up against the wall by a sudden flash of moving strength, two lips meeting his, Justin smiled and closing the dressing room door again.

Lucas became lost in the kiss, a soft tongue fighting its way into his mouth.

Lucas pulled back, two blue pools staring at him with total happiness.

"Get a room guys, sheesh!" Finn chuckled, his beginning laughter silenced by Skyler's lips.

Lucas smiled, Josh's perfect smile making his heart tingle.

"Right on the money, my sweet. You were fantastic!" Josh said, his arms still around Lucas.

"I had inspiration. I saw two blue pools of love in the audience and focused on that."

Josh smiled, the man having sat through the whole show, seated front row and center.

Justin smiled, having looked at Josh often as well, Justin having been the headlining guest on the show.
His reason for being there his promotion of Orion.

The group had finished the show with their first national appearance on television.

Their publicity tour was starting.

The group was beginning its rise to fame.

The album was done, the first video about to be shot the next day.

"If that's how I inspire you, I'll follow you around like a lovesick groupie." Josh said, batting his eyes, Lucas laughing.

"To my trailer, bitch!"

Everyone laughed, Trish smiling at her brother and his boyfriend.

"Great show guys, you all shone like the stars you are." Josh said, smiling at the other three singers, Trish smiling at Lucas.

"We were great, Lukey."

Lucas smiled, kissing his sister's cheek.

"That we were, Trashy. Now split!"

Trish looked at her brother, kissing his cheek.

"Thanks, bro. Sorry to ditch you all."
"No worries, Trashy. If I had a hot young stud waiting for me at the finest restaurant in New York, I'd ditch us, too." Skyler said, Finn's face changing to a sulky look.

Lucas laughed, his lips going to Finn's cheek.

"No worries, Finny. I know for a fact Sky likes them old and horny!"

Finn burst into laughter, his arms going around his lady.

"Great! Right now I could f. . ."
His words were silenced again by Skyler's loving lips.

Josh leaned into Lucas' ear, whispering rather loudly.

"I'm sure he was going to say 'I could fake an orgasm'."

Justin broke into laughter, the others joining him, Finn included.

Lucas smiled, kissing Trish's cheek again.

"Away with you, your knight in shining armour awaits. Say hi to Andrew for us."
Trish smiled, kissing her brother's cheek, then everyone else's, walking out of the dressing room.

"She's happy. I take it Drew's the reasoning for that?" Finn said, Skyler smiling, Lucas smiling at her.

"So what's the latest girl talk?" Lucas said, Skyler smiling at him.

"I think it's getting serious. She's madly in love with him."

Everyone smiled, Josh looking at  Lucas.

"Know the feeling."
Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Okay, everyone. The rest of us have a date at Southern Hospitality! My treat!" Justin smiled, everyone grinning.

"Sweet! Your own restaurant! But I don't put out till I'm fed!" Finn said, Justin laughing.

"I'll stuff you with something, Finny!"

Finn looked at Justin with surprise, Lucas bursting into laughter, high-fiving Justin.

"On the mark, Justin! He's speechless!"

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing, then smiling at Justin.

"I'm game if you are, stud."

Justin laughed, the man opening the dressing room door.

Josh and Lucas smiled at each other, everyone following Justin out of the room.


Lucas felt the water falling down his back, the young man sighing.

The water fell through his long curly hair, a soft warmth flooding down his body.

He suddenly felt a presence surrounding him, a warmth going against his back, two arms encircling his chest.

One hand took the soap from Lucas' hand, that hand going to Lucas's chest.

"Let me wash you, my love."
Lucas smiled, feeling the warmth of Josh's touch, the man's lips going to Lucas' wet neck.

It was late in the evening, dinner finished, Josh and Lucas back at Lucas' condo.

"Mm, my angel feels so wet and slick." Josh said, his hand washing Lucas' ridged abs, the young man purring.

Josh moved, turning the young man around, both hands going to the young man's smooth torso.

Josh's eyes scanned over the smooth vision of beauty before him, his hands washing all of it.

Lucas' eyes were closed, the young man lost in the touch of his lover.

Josh's blue eyes scanned over Lucas' taut body, following every ridge of muscular smoothness, his eyes going lower.

Lucas' well-muscled legs showed a wet hairiness, Josh wanting to taste all of their hairy goodness.

His eyes scanned to Lucas' center, Lucas' large shaft pointing outwards, its cut tip resting against Josh's own risen hardness.

"You are so beautiful, my wet Lucky."
Lucas' violet eyes opened, two blue pools of shining love meeting his.

"You ain't so bad yourself, Beamy."
Josh smiled, Lucas' violet eyes scanning every inch of Josh's beautiful smooth, wet, muscled body.

"I'm not going to get clean if you keep eyeing the merchandise, my beauty." Lucas said, Josh smiling into his violet eyes.

"Maybe I want you dirty." Josh smiled, his hands washing Lucas' chest, rubbing his wet nipples with the soap, Lucas softly moaning.

"I can be as dirty as you want, clean or not." Lucas smiled, Josh sighing.

Josh's arms went around Lucas, settling on his smooth wet ass, pulling the young man against him, hugging him tightly.

Lucas felt a desperation in that close wet hug, the young man letting Josh hug him tightly.

"Someone wants to wear me as a second skin. Can I clean the outfit up first?"
Josh sighed, gently releasing Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas. I can't get enough of you."
Lucas smiled, taking Josh's soap-covered hands and guiding them back to his chest.

"Then wash all of me, I am yours to discover."

Josh smiled, his hands beginning their soapy conquest again.

Lucas smiled, then moaned, Josh washing every inch of his smooth body.

The two spent over an hour in the shower, Lucas taking his time washing the older man's muscled beauty as well.

Lucas found himself taking in every inch, Josh's beautiful body a hidden treasure he was finally discovering under the bright lights.

Its beauty was aged to perfection, Lucas finding no flaws in the beauty that excited his heart.

And Josh explored every inch of Lucas' soft muscled beauty, no flaw shown anywhere either.

His youthful beauty made Josh's own vanity rise in his mind.

Two soft lips against his own brought his mind back to the love surrounding him.

"I am young and beautiful, but you are older and more intoxicating. Let me show you how much."
Josh's eyes met Lucas', the young man hitting the shower faucet.

The water stopped, Lucas taking Josh's hand and pulling him out of the shower stall.

Josh remained still as Lucas quickly dried himself off, then began to towel dry Josh's smooth body, Josh lost in the tenderness of Lucas' soft touches, his desires rising with every touch.

Lucas smiled, his eyes lowering, seeing Josh's aroused state.

"Someone wants to play."

Josh smiled, lost in the love he heard in Lucas' soft voice.

Lucas threw the towels into the hamper, taking Josh's hand again, guiding him out of the bathroom.

They crossed the darkened bedroom together, Lucas pulling back the bed's covers, the two standing at the bed's side.

Lucas leaned forward, Josh's eyes taking in the young man's bubbly butt, his cheeks formed of firm tight smoothness.

Lucas flicked on the bedroom's lamp, the room flooded with light, Josh staring at him as he turned around, facing him.

"There, we've light. And I can now feast my eyes on your beauty again."
Josh softly blushed, watching Lucas' eyes trail down Josh's smooth form, his violet eyes taking in every inch of the older man's muscled body.

Josh's chest was smooth mostly, a soft bed of small black hairs laying between his small nipples, a trail of soft black hair flowing over his edged abs muscles, forming into a bed of dark black curls above his penis.

That large organ was at full mass, bending outward, its shaft long and veined, a large cut mushroom head at its end.

Lucas's eyes took in a soft drip of moisture at its eyeslit, his finger going outward, touching the tip, Josh's manhood rising upwards a bit with a sudden jerk, Josh moaning.

Lucas smiled, bringing his finger up to his lips, tasting the moisture there.

"The sweetness of love, I think I'll hunger for it always."

Josh stared at the young man, seeing no humour in Lucas' violet eyes, only love and desire.

"Turn around, Joshua."
Josh moved, turning around, Lucas' eyes scanning his back, its smoothness a Latin color of intoxicating beauty.

"Your skin is so coppery, Joshua. So beautifully shadowed with smoothness." Lucas said, his eyes trailing down that smooth back, two globes of coppery beauty showing at its end.

Lucas took in their smoothness, seeing a soft black hairiness towards its cleft center.

Both mounds were bubbly and firm, no sign of sagging or wrinkles on either.

"And you say you're old. I see the hills of Chasez and I want to climb them."

Josh softly laughed, his butt cheeks flexing, Lucas smiling.

Lucas eyes scanned down the back of Josh's hairy muscled legs, both ending at his smooth rounded heels.

"Turn back around, my Joshua."

Josh smiled, turning around, meeting two pools of sparkling violet love.

"I need to say something, Joshua."
Josh nodded, remaining silent, his eyes taking in the muscled vision of beauty before him.

"There is no body upon this earth that will replace in these eyes the vision I now see before me. I want you, Joshua. I want only you. Your body is an envisioned sculpture of love. I need you and I'll have you."

Lucas moved, pulling the older man against him, Josh's emotions showing on his face.

"I love you, Joshua. And I need you." Lucas said, the young man falling back on the bed, taking Josh with him.

Josh fell on top of the young man for only a moment, Lucas' strength moving the man.

Within seconds Lucas was on top of Josh, his violet eyes staring into Josh's blue.

"Tonight--and for the rest of my life, and the next one--I'll show you what I see. What I need. I see and need only you."
Josh sobbed, Lucas' fingers brushing against his cheek.

"Don't cry, Joshua. I have a greater emotion for you to experience."
Lucas head lowered, their lips meeting, Josh overcome by a deep love encircling him.

He felt himself becoming lost in the connection, his body lost in a rising need.

Josh felt Lucas' hands moving, touching him everywhere.

He felt one hand encircling his rock hard shaft, that hand slowly pumping him.

Josh moaned in mid kiss, Lucas breaking the kiss, his lips going to Josh's ear, sucking on his earlobe.

Josh trembled, Lucas' voice softly echoing in his ear.

"I want you, Josh. I need your beam of sunshine in my soul."
Lucas' lips suddenly moved, Josh suddenly feeling an enveloping wetness in his center, a tongue beginning to lick his shaft.

He gasped when he felt a mouth tighten around his hardness, two hands going to his chest, his nipples gently rubbed, Josh thrashing around.

Josh became lost in the shuddering ecstasy he felt smothering him.

He gave his body over to the man possessing him.

And Lucas was going to possess him for hours.



On the Road Again


Lucas opened his violet eyes, staring at the watery pool before him.

The pool was full of clear blueness, the waterfall filling it continually.

His eyes scanned the pool and its surrounding beauty, no sign of life anywhere.

Only the rushing sound of the plummeting water, and the lapping of the pool at his toes.

But Lucas saw a newness to the whole area, its lightness more vivid, more crisp with color.

"Why did I have to leave heaven to walk into a dream so beautiful?" he softly said, his mind on the vision he'd fallen asleep with.

His Joshua sleeping against his smooth chest.

"Because dreams share their fate with heaven as well. Both hold their own beauty."

Lucas' eyes turned, staring into two green pools of love.

"We meet again, lost one."

The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"I wasn't so lost when my loving soul healed you in this pool of your love."

Lucas lowered his eyes away from the man, the man smiling at him.

"I guess it was a wet dream then."
The man laughed, still staring at Lucas.

"Your sensual love is his alone, Lucas. But I did feel your longing for him in these waters. I experienced your love, but he experiences your soul. The new brightness of your sanctuary is the glowing of his new love. I am glad he now lays claim to that soul."

"I. . .I love him, Joshua. I love my Joshua."

"I understand that easily, Lucas. But you have so much love to give."
Lucas stared at the man, taking in his chiselled good looks.

"Were you a wet dream, was what we did a dream? Did you alone heal me?"
"He has your essence, Lucas. I could never have a claim to that. I only touched your love, not your desires. It was your own love that healed you, Lucas."
Lucas nodded, staring at the man.

"Why am I here tonight?"

The man smiled, then chuckled.

"You're very direct, and I sense more focused now."
"Yes, being shot and almost dying can change a man."
The man smiled, standing up, Lucas looking at his cloaked form.

He saw mud and dirt on the man's legs and over his cloak.

"You can never change, Lucas. Destiny has seen to that."
Lucas stood up, staring at the man.

"You look like you've been rolling around in the dirt. Do you need another bath?"

The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Ever giving, ever loving. I've been searching for something, Lucas. Something I reluctantly lost."
"Reluctantly? You mean you didn't want to lose it?"

"No, Lucas. I did not want to lose it. But time and circumstances guided me along a different path. And what I lost was, in fact, taken from me."

"What are you seeking? And who took it?" Lucas said, staring at the man, seeing him staring out over the water, his face showing a look of deep thought.

"It is of no matter to you at this moment, Lucas. It is of my own making. I have hunted long for it, what is another lifetime?"

"You talk in riddles, Joshua. I can't help you if you won't tell me what you seek."
The man's green eyes moved to Lucas, a soft smile showing on his face.

"That you would offer help says much of your own giving soul, Lucas. You were chosen well."

Lucas sighed, staring at the man.

"Riddles again. Can't you please tell me what I've been chosen for? What I'm doing here, and who you really are?"

The man smiled again, sitting down across from Lucas again, their eyes meeting.

"What do you think is going on, Lucas?"
Lucas stared at the man, his green eyes filled with a quiet calmness.

Lucas sighed, sitting down again, their eyes meeting again.

"I think you are someone from the past, perhaps my family's past. And you are using me to right some old wrong, or perhaps I've been chosen to do something that will change the future of my family. I've been seeing visions of your past, haven't I?"
The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"There are many pasts, Lucas. Some real, some imaginary. Some genuinely forged, some misguided. I am from a certain past, yes. From a time of tumultuous upheaval. I have been forced upon my own path, certain events changing my own path, creating yours as well."

"Creating mine? You mean that my path was created on purpose?"

"Not on purpose, Lucas. You are the greatest surprise in all of this."

"What do you mean?"
The man stared at Lucas, Lucas seeing a watchful calmness in the man's emerald pools.

"You are the unknown variable."

"Unknown? What do you mean unknown?"

The man's eyes scanned the water again, a soft sigh coming from him, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"You--in all essence and in all clarity--should not exist."

Lucas looked stunned.

"Not exist. . .you. . .you mean I'm not real?"

The man shook his head, staring at Lucas.

"I did not say you were not real, Lucas. You are of flesh and blood, of existence and clarity. I am just telling you that you were never meant to exist. You, in some unfathomable way, have come into being. As a new juncture on the path, as a new hope."

Lucas lowered his head, the man quietly staring at him.

"I'm not real. . .I'm not supposed to be alive. . . you're just sugar-coating the fact that I'm not real."
The man moved, sitting down beside Lucas, his muscular strong arm going around the younger man.

"You are real, Lucas. I, in no way, meant to embed those thoughts in your head. You are a young man of real vision, love and courage. Your existence I have come to think of as a new hope, a new happiness in life. I'm so glad that you are here. You are surprising me to no end."
Lucas' eyes met the other man's eyes, the man showing a wide smile.

"We are all created in God's image, Lucas. A part of his grander plan. Just because you were not foretold does not mean that you aren't exactly where you are supposed to be. That's my reasoning, anyway. I am happy you are here.  For it gives me hope."
"Hope for what?"
The man smiled, standing again.

"Hope that the path will change, that the past and the future can be cleansed and perhaps altered."

"Cleansed? Cleansed of what? And why would you want the future or past altered? Is that even humanly possible? The past is gone."
"Time is a conduit of possibilities, Lucas. There are greater things upon this earth than just man. But that is perhaps a discussion for another time." Joshua said, his green eyes scanning the sky then the pool again.

Lucas stood up, sensing the man was near the end of his discussion.

"Why have you come here again, Joshua?"
The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"You saw something in your visions, Lucas. You need to seek that vision out. What I have lost is in some way associated with what you saw. I have searched the place myself, and even with another's familiar aid, and still it eludes us. I think--or I hope--that you may have the destiny to find it."

"What did I see in my dreams?"

"You saw a vision of a graveyard, Lucas. What I have lost perhaps hides there. Or it may be the starting point to its location."

"The old graveyard with the decaying tombs I saw?"
The man nodded.
"I have no idea where it lays. I have never seen that place before."
"Seek out the town of Westonshire, Massachusetts, Lucas. The same graveyard of your dreams resides there."
"But. . .but what can I find? If you--a spirit--have searched it, what possible chance have I to find it? You haven't even told me what you seek?"

The man looked out upon the water again, his head lowering for a moment.

Lucas stared at him, the man's head raising again, his eyes turning to Lucas.

In those green eyes Lucas saw a lot of pain, sorrow and emotion.

"I seek forgiveness, Lucas Belmont. And I seek my own soul, ripped from me by a monster for the ages. Whilst thou give me peace, Lucas? Whilst thou give me back life?"
The man went to one knee, staring at Lucas, Lucas seeing tears forming in his green eyes.

"Your. . .your soul? How could. . .who would take it?"

The man stared at Lucas, Lucas seeing the hidden pain in his green eyes.

Lucas suddenly heard thunder, the man staring out into the meadow beyond the pool.

"The barrier trembles. You must return to your Joshua. Think on what has been spoken between us. Seek out and find what I cannot. I now believe in my heart that it is your mortal soul that can find mine. I believe in you, Lucas. I only want you to believe in me."

The man looked upwards, then suddenly vanished, Lucas staring in silent shock.

The thunder rumbled for a moment, then everything went silent, only the falling water heard.

And then Lucas saw the darkness begin to cover his eyes, his mind going blank.



New York City, New York


Josh stirred, his hand moving to the left, the man feeling emptiness beside him, his blue eyes slowly opening.

In front of him Lucas sat up in bed, the young man staring out into the darkness of the night showing through the large window of the bedroom.

"It's still night, Lucky. Come back to my loving arms." Josh said, staring up at his boyfriend.

Lucas remained silent, Josh sensing the young man was lost in thought.

Josh sat up slowly, moving to the young man, his warm arms wrapping around Lucas, Josh kissing his neck.

"Are you alright, Lucas?"

Lucas' body turned, the young man sinking into Josh's chest, his head laying against it, Josh's arms wrapping around him.

"I was at the waterfall again." he softly said, Josh staring down at him.

"Well you're not wet, so perhaps it was a more calming visit?"

Lucas' head raised, their eyes meeting.

Josh saw a calmness there, but also a look of confusion.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't mean to wake you."

"You missing from my arms will always wake me. How can I sleep without my teddy bear?"
Lucas smiled, their lips meeting.

"I am in no way hairy or rotund."

Josh lightly laughed, Lucas smiling at him, his head going against his chest again, his violet eyes staring out the window again.

"You seem reflective, my love. Something bothering you? What did you and Joshua talk about? I assume he was there?"

Lucas' head raised again, staring at Josh.
"Yes, Josh. The other Joshua was there. We talked of souls and their needs. And of places and hopes. And of my own reality."

"Someone's being evasive. I understand if it's something you can't talk about, Lucky."

"No, Josh. I would never keep anything from you. I'll always be open and honest with you, as I'm hoping you will be towards me."
Josh smiled, Lucas lost in the beauty of his smile.

"I'm an open book for you, Lucas. Nothing remains--or will remain--hidden from you."
Lucas smiled, the two trading a tender kiss again.

"Joshua asked me for help, Josh."
"Help with what, Luke?"

"He's lost something, Josh. And he seems to think I can find it for him. In some way I've seen where it lays hidden in my visions. Or so he seems to think."

"So that's why he's appearing to you? He's asking you for help? What is he looking for?"

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, Josh seeing a soft look of confusion.

"He's looking for his soul, Josh."
Josh showed a look of surprise, staring at Lucas.

"His soul? You mean. . .you mean he's soulless? Only monsters are soulless, Lucky."

"Yes, he talked of monsters as well."
Josh stared at him with quiet concern, Lucas sighing.

Lucas told Josh everything that he'd seen in the dream, and all that he and Joshua had discussed.

"His soul was taken by a monster?"
"So he said, but I'm not totally certain of that. I felt something else behind the man's discussion. As if he's reluctant to tell me the truth. Perhaps the truth is that I'm not really real."
Josh's arms tightened around Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"Remove those thoughts from your mind, Lucas. As Joshua himself told you to do. You are the realest person I've ever met. You just made love to me tonight for over two hours. Everything you did was with the realest emotions and desires. Your love is a reality I will always know is real. You're real, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I didn't hear or see a standing ovation."
Josh smiled, then laughed, their lips meeting again.

"I was too exhausted, my young beauty."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing against Josh's right nipple.

"You were not exhausted, Joshua. You matched me desire for desire. We both fell asleep on the same level of satisfied love."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"So what's the plan, Lucas? Are you going to try and find that graveyard? If you are, I'm going to be at your side. I sense some danger behind all this. I'm not letting you out of my sight."

Lucas stared into Josh's protective blue pools, seeing the love and determination there.

"I think I am destined to look for it, Josh. But not at this moment. Joshua didn't seem too avid about my doing it right away. I want to do the tour and my music, then I'll deal with that and with my unknown family."

Josh nodded, leaning forward and kissing Lucas's soft lips.

"Right now you need sleep, my superstar. Tomorrow's your video shoot. I've done them, they can be tedious and exhausting."
Lucas nodded, Josh moving backwards, pulling the young man with him, Lucas' body melding with Josh's, the younger man snuggled against his chest, his head laying against Josh's heart.

"I love you, Josh. Whatever happens ahead, I know your love will be with me."

"I love you too, Lucky. Now close your eyes."

Lucas smiled, closing his eyes, Josh's blue eyes staring down at his relaxing face.

What's going on here, Lucas?
Lost souls?
Hidden graveyards?


Why are you having these dreams?

What does it all mean?
Josh looked down at the young man, Lucas laying silent against Josh's smooth chest..

I don't care what it means.

All I know is that I'm not going to lose you.

I'll fight anyone and anything to keep you.

I need you, Lucas.

I need your love.

Josh felt a tear roll down his cheek, the young man against him hugging him tighter.

"My love isn't going anywhere, Joshua."

Josh looked down, Lucas' head raised again, his violet eyes staring at him in the semi-darkness, their center pools softly glowing.

In the center of their violet hue Josh caught a soft glimpse of a green light, a soft sparkle of blue and white shimmering through their shine as well.

"Lucas. . .your eyes!"

"I hold love for many, Joshua. But yours is the greatest."

Lucas moved, laying on his back, pulling Joshua on top of him.

"I hunger for you to extinguish the doubts of their needs, my beautiful Joshua. Take me to your heaven again. Please!"

Josh stared down at Lucas, the younger man's hands going to Josh's hips, pulling the man against him, Josh feeling Lucas' need.

"I love you, Lucas. I'll take you to heaven a thousand times. Always and as long as you need."
Lucas moved upwards, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh feeling the need flowing in the kiss.

Josh moved his body, centering Lucas below him, the young man giving into his control.

Josh became lost in the passion, realizing what Lucas was doing.

Josh was being surrounded by his love.

All his doubts disappeared, all his worry gone as well.

The only thing in his mind was the love he needed to have, and to give.

The two men coupled, Josh taking Lucas into his heaven.



Holy Island, Northern Wales


Vivian Carver pulled her cloak around her shoulders, the woman stepping out of the boat, the boatman tying the skiff to the wharf's post.

"A blistering afternoon, Madame." the man said, Vivian's blue eyes glancing at him.

"I shall be here till after seven, Abram. I suggest you walk to your brother's for the afternoon."

The man nodded, tipping his tam to the woman.

"Aye, Mrs. Carver. A quiet afternoon you'll have amongst the ruins. You shall find me at Graham's."

The woman nodded, smiling at the older fisherman, the man securing the boat.

Vivian walked down the pier, her eyes glancing towards the several cottages dotting the west side of the atoll.

This island was large, but sparsely populated, a den for tourism in the summer months, a lost nook of quietness through the winter months.

The greatness of the island lay in its given name; the island a sanctuary of religious history and antiquity.

Hundreds of graves, graveyards, small churches, religious ruins and monasteries surrounded its northern shores.

Vivian walked off the wharf, her feet walking the cobblestone pathway leading towards the northern shore.

She walked for over half an hour, her eyes taking in the small stone graves, nooks of religious solitude, fallen ruins of churches and abandoned monasteries.

Devotions long delivered or never experienced.

The island always held to her a quiet peace, a calming solitude.

It was perhaps the reasoning for her suggesting it to her sister and her sister's husband.

A quiet solitude to become lost in, to become forgotten.

And so it had been for many years, until the last appearance of the being.

Vivian's mind thought on her son, the young man's loving eyes drawing into her thoughts.

You were and are like your mother, Lucas.

Those damn violet eyes of our mother's.

And your soul and heart match hers as well.

Savannah's giving love, and beautiful smile.

Vivian's eyes scanned ahead of her, seeing the pathway's beginning rise, knowing of the steep trek up ahead.

She walked quietly up the narrowing pathway, seeing the stone walls ahead, her blue eyes scanning up their tall slabs.

The ruins of Fynach Asgre.

Vivian ascended the pathway, the last hundred yards ancient stone steps, spiralling upwards.

She came out of the daylight into a shadowy courtyard, the place empty of life and sunshine.

She walked across the courtyard, her boots echoing on the stone steps.

The dead would awaken with the sounds, it's so virally acoustic, she thought, her eyes looking ahead of her.

She crossed the courtyard, walking up a small set of steps, a large hole showing in the face of the church carved into the granite stone wall in front of her.

Its wooden doors had long decayed, falling to dust from neglect, the forgotten church of the Fynach Asgre.

"The Monk's Heart." Vivian softly said, walking into the abandoned church, this building even more shadowed inside.

The woman walked down the central stone aisle, two rows of stone pews lined on both sides of her, the forgotten church empty of sound or life.

She walked up onto the altar, her blue eyes scanning its stone temple, a large stone cross etched into the granite wall behind the stone altar.

"Faith forgotten through life, forgotten through death. Brother Vaughn, your heart lays silent forever." she softly said, Vivian walking back to the stone pews, sitting down in the front one on the right side.

Her eyes scanned the church, the woman sitting alone in silent thought.

She knew all the history of this island, and the northern shores as well as the whole country, the woman well-learned in its history.

She looked upwards when she felt a soft breeze flow across her neck, the woman seeing more than half the roof gone, the church falling into its final decay.

"Lost in history, lost in life."
Vivian suddenly felt a soft breeze flush across her neck, her hairs standing on end.

Then she heard a soft rustling sound, as if someone was sweeping a stone floor with a broom.

Her head slowly turned, she suddenly realizing what the sound was.

A man was walking down the aisle, his hands folded in front of him, the man wearing a long dark brown hooded robe, the robe's edge brushing against the stone floor, the material dragging in his wake.

A silver cross lay around the man's neck, his bearded face covered in the fallen hood that covered his eyes, Vivian only able to see the edge of his bearded chin.

The man walked with reverence, slowly walking past the seated woman, Vivian staring at him in silent wonder.

The monk walked up onto the altar, going to one knee before the cross, his hands raising.

"Penitence in pestilence, faith in endurance. I kneel to thee, my Lord." the man said, his voice loud in the empty chamber.

Vivian stared at the man as he rose, his body turning, his hands going to the hood of his long, old robe.

His face came into view as he pushed off the hood, Vivian staring at his chiselled face, that face centered by a head of black curly hair.

"Hello, Vivacious. Your coming sensed the beginning of his walk."

Vivian stood up, staring in shocked amazement.

"Tristan? You. . .you went into the void!" she said, her voice edged with wonder.

"I still remain there, Vivian. As does your sister."
"Savannah? She is. . .she is alright?"

The man smiled, staring at his sister-in-law.

"She is wrapped in my love, and I in hers. And the outer shield of us is the creation of his love."

Vivian stared at the man, the man's green eyes staring deeply into her soul.

"Can you. . .can you come back? He. . .he's grown. . .he's so. . .he's so unlike anything we could have imagined."

The man nodded, his eyes scanning upwards.

"I am here as a shade of what once was. Only he can return us with love. With his need and want. We are powerless without his understanding, without his acceptance. You must tell him that. Only then can we pass through the void's barrier. And then I must face my truth, and so must my father. We all had it wrong. So wrong. Only now am I sensing that truth."
"What is wrong, Tristan?"

"I heard his doubt at the waterfall. He has gotten it wrong."
"What are you talking about?"

The man's green eyes met Vivian's blue.

"He doubts his realness, of that he is wrong. He is more real than all of us. The Trinity shall voice that truth."

Vivian looked confused, the man going to his knees again, looking upwards.

"Find his soul, Lucas! And then give judgment on all of ours!"

The man suddenly faded into nothingness, Vivian sitting down in the pew again, the woman once again alone.

"The True Shade has won. For you are now a Shade as well, Tristan. And my fear is that Savannah is gone forever."
The woman leaned forward, sobbing into her hands, the woman alone in the decaying heart of faith.



End of Chapter 22


And so Tristan, Lucas' vanished father has briefly stepped onto the path, albeit as perhaps only as a shade of his former self.

Are Lucas' parents dead?
Are they now ghosts, or shades as they are called?

It seems he knows of Lucas' envisioned meeting with Joshua at the pool.


And what of Joshua, the pool visitor?
He has no soul?
How does Lucas find that missing soul?


Lucas and his bandmates have now stepped onto fame's pathway.
Will fame and stardom tarnish their angelic souls?

What of Lucas's future meeting of his family?


Lot of intrigue, romance, love and foreshadowing ahead.

I hope the path yields some joy for you.

It already has captured mine.



Hugs, Angel.