Yesterday's End-220


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 220


Josh stared at his husband, Lucas' violet pools showing their calmness.

"That doesn't make sense, Luke." he said, Lucas' eyes moving around the room.

"I could say it a thousand times and it would still be real, my love." he said, Tristan staring at his son with shocked wonder.

"Lucas, what you're saying can't be true!" Tristan said, Lucas sighing, looking back out into the New York darkness.

His three soulmates watched him, sensing Lucas was mulling something over in his mind.

The young man turned back to his family, his face showing a direct calmness.

"What I meant to say was that the magic within me is the essence of Kurucu. I hold within me the magic of his soul." Lucas said, Emerson walking up to his grandson.

"That can't be, Lucas. That lost king--if that's indeed what he was--lived long before Alsarius' time. That tomb our ancestor walked into was eons old, filled with the treasures of the world's magic, as you yourself have shown us." he said, Lucas nodding at his grandfather.

"That should have been our first clue, Grandfather. A tomb of the world's magic. From the past and yes, from the future. I believe Kurucu could have been at one time a man, but now is more of magic than humanity."
"Are you saying he's still alive?!" Finn said, showing shock on his face.

"The man, no. The magic, I believe remains. Within myself."

"But how is that possible, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas staring at him, then around at his family.

"Sit down my family. I'll try and explain what I believe has happened." Lucas said, everyone returning to their seats, his three soulmates gazing into his violet pools.

"Sit down together, my loves. I just want to voice some things." Lucas smiled, the three nodding, Josh the last to move to a couch, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

Everyone quietly stared at Lucas, Lewis' blue pools showing their faithful worship.

"You walk on God's path, Lucas. Amaze us with your astute reasoning." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I amaze myself, Lewis." Lucas smiled, his violet pools going out into the darkness again.

"What I wouldn't give for a waterfall to calm his soul." he softly said, everyone quietly hearing his words.

Lucas smiled, looking back at everyone.

"As I said, the battle for justice and goodness will be played out on a span of ground call The Plains of Life. That piece of earth is perhaps older that life itself. Someone once named it that for its true purpose." Lucas said, Lewis staring at him.

"God, Lucas?" he said, Lucas shaking his head in the negative.

"No, Lewis. But God knows of its destiny." Lucas said, folding his hands in front of him.

"Kurucu the man was once, I believe, a great pharaoh of a lost dynasty of the Egyptian race." Lucas said, Hemi and Haras staring at him.

"Neither of us know of that man through our lineages, Luke. I am learned in all the histories of my people." Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"Nor would you, Haras. Evil has its ways of hiding the lost." Lucas said, Justin looking at him.

"Kurucu was lost?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"From himself and from life. By evil's intent." Lucas said.

"You know the truth regarding him, don't you?" Tristan said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Dad. I've walked within the magic. Or the magic let me see its past." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"You must think of my magic as an entity within itself. I finally have realized that. The magic within me is the personification--or the soul--of the original man. A man who in the last moments of his life took into his heart a greater choice. He perhaps was like Alsarius in so many ways. Lost against the evil, hidden from the greater evil."
"I don't understand, Lucas." Emerson said, everyone quietly staring at the young man.

"I do, Grandfather. Kurucu wasn't what we all believed. With Alsarius' story, handed down through generations, we always believed that Kurucu was a great lost king of a forgotten age, living in a lost tomb filled with treasures. A man of evil who lured my ancestor to his eventual death and into the clutches of evil. I don't myself believe that to be true. I think it was the total opposite."

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Emerson said, Francesca kissing her husband's cheek.

"Lucas will tell us, my love." she smiled, Emerson smiling at her.

"Forgive me, Lucas. Continue with your reasoning." Emerson smiled at his grandson, Lucas smiling back.

"There is no forgiveness in love, Grandfather." he said, Emerson smiling at his grandson with love.

"As the story told--as I myself read in Emmanuel's journal--Alsarius was drawn to the lost tombs of the Egyptian kings by a star falling from the sky."
"Yes, a star streaked across the heavens, landing in the Valley of the Kings." Tristan said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Dad. I believe that star was Kurucu."


Everyone looked confused, Lucas remaining calm.

"You mean the star was his magic." Lewis said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Lewis. The star was Kurucu himself. And he came ahead of the evil."

"So you're saying this Kurucu wasn't evil?" Lance said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Lance. That's what I'm saying. For the magic within me isn't evil. The central magic that I've always carried, I believe, is part of him. A part he gave to someone special. And that giving soul let the magic flow down through the lineage to myself." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Who, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"God works in mysterious ways. I just never sensed how greatly until I found the truth." Lucas said, Lewis rising from his seat.

"From God himself, Lucas? Down in that tomb?" he said, Jacques rising from his seat, pushing Lewis gently back down into his own.

"Let us hear Lucas' words, mon cheri." he said with love to Lewis, the man nodding.

"His faith leads him, Jacques. Your love calms him." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at the two men.

"The magic within me has opened its soul to myself. It did down in that lost tomb, when I walked onto the Plains."

"You walked into the past again, Lucas?" Grayson said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Uncle Gray. I walked into the future." he said, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to his husband.

"You said that before, Luke. That Kurucu was from the future. How can that be?"

"Love walks all paths, my love. Forward and back." he said, Josh taking his hands in his.

"All I care about is you, my love. Are you okay?" he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"I'm fine, my love. Return to theirs with mine." he said, Josh nodding, returning to his seat, Justin's and Lance's arms going around him.

"Kurucu was a lost king of the Egyptian past. I now know that truth. A kingdom long lost in the paths of time. Perhaps since the infancy of the Egyptian dynasties. That tomb that Alsarius walked into, that still exists in magic's form, was the central tomb of his great city. Long lost on the sands of time. And it was at one time the treasure room of his vast wealth. As the golden sarcophagus behind his throne shows. But I believe later in his life it became something more."

"A treasure trove of magic." Gabriel said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Uncle Gabriel." Lucas said, Gabriel smiling at the term of endearment.

"You mean Kurucu the king was the one who collected all that magic of goodness?" Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"To begin with, yes. I believe he was a man of great intellect, and resolve. He knew of the existence of magic, in God's house and in evil's intent. I believe he began to amass great artifacts of magic and goodness, stockpiling them for the coming of evil's roaming hands. But in the end, I believe evil gained the hand over him. I sense he lost his life trying to protect what he'd amassed. One gives one's life when one is on a noble path. I honor him with my respect for his courageous soul." Lucas said, lowering his eyes in respect.

"So, you're saying this lost king Kurucu amassed that treasure of magic and then evil took it from him?" Hemi said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Hemi. You saw that evil that day in that tomb. But you also saw the goodness. The goodness that couldn't help all of you. In the end, it went to the greater goodness." Lucas said, Hemi and Haras staring at him.

Lucas shook his head in the negative, staring at the two Egyptians.

"Kurucu knew Kavinus' true soul, the angel Azrael. He sensed the greater goodness in him. That Kavinus didn't need his help. It was to Alsarius that Kurucu went."

"I don't understand, Lucas." Hemi said, Haras' arm going around the younger man.

"Kurucu was a being of magic. He sensed Kavinus' godly self, knowing the young Egyptian was safe within his own magic, evil not able to destroy him. He knew that the evil would focus on only Alsarius. That is why you and Haras were taken out of the picture. The evil wanted Alsarius' soul alone. A soul of pure goodness. For how great could a man be if an angel had fallen in love with him?"

Alain's eyes met Harry's blue.

"He could be the greatest of love and goodness." Alain said, Harry smiling at him.

"Indeed, Alain. Alsarius was always the intended victim of evil's need. As Kurucu had been eons before that. And Kurucu knew that evil would go after Alsarius. So, his magic lay in wait for the evil's plan. And the magic forged all the pieces that created the truth."

"In what ways, Luke?" Finn said, enthralled by his friend's tale so far.

Lucas looked at Hemi.

"You didn't find that diamond by chance, Hemi. Kurucu guided you to its discovery. As he guided you to give it to your brother. As he guided him to carve the stones out of it. Two parts of the one soul of love. Alsarius' gem and Kavinus'." he said, Hemi looking surprised.

"That's impossible, Luke!" he said, his soulmates looking at him with love.

"No, it's not, Hemi. Answer me a question, please." Lucas said, Hemi nodding.

"On the night that you went down into those tombs looking for that diamond you were told existed, did anything strange happen?" Lucas said, Hemi staring at him.

"No, it was a night of quiet darkness. Warm and breezeless. There was only one sound that night that I remember hearing." Hemi said, his eyes widening.

"Yes, Hemi. By magic's light goodness moves." Lucas said, Hemi looking shocked.

"It can't be, Luke!" he said, Haras pulling him close.

"What is it, Hemi?" Colton said, looking at his soulmate with love.

"That night, it was so dark and then there was. . ."

"A light of brightness?" Lucas said, Hemi nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. A shooting star. The sky was so clear, so star-filled. And there was just after midnight a burst of brightness flowing across the night's sky. I watched it for a few moments as it seemed to cascade to earth. Then it vanished. I continued down into the valley. That was six months before the shooting star on the night of Alsarius fate." he softly said, everyone looking surprised.

"You mean. . .?" Haras said, Lucas nodding.

"Kurucu was always surrounding you. Following evil's path. And perhaps jumping ahead of it. It was he who guided Hemi to the diamond, knowing Hemi would give it to Kavinus, laced with magic; Kavinus in turn lacing it with his love for Alsarius. That was the protection Kurucu knew Alsarius would need going into that trap."

"This is so unbelievable, Lucas. If Kurucu knew that evil lay in wait for Alsarius why didn't he just warn him?" Grayson said, Lucas staring at him.

"Kurucu was a being of magic, lost in his own soul. He could not venture into the real world physically to warn him. All he could do was guide his magic on its path to circumventing evil's plans. The magic Kavinus gave Alsarius was enough to stop evil's need. And it was enough to start the greater path of destiny."

"Your family's path up to your own creation." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my creation. A being of destined magic and love." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"The love is greater, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"This is unbelievable, Lucas!" Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Grandfather. It doesn't mean it's not real. I saw the signs for myself."
"The signs, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas nodding.

"When I opened the golden tomb behind Kurucu's throne, there was a mummified body laying within it. It fell to the ground, almost disintegrating into dust. There was a broken chain on its neck. A diamond missing from its clasp." Lucas said, staring at Hemi.

"You mean. . .that diamond. . .it was. . .it was his?" Hemi said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Hemi. Kurucu gave you his own diamond, once worn upon his own neck."

"What is the significance of the diamond, Lucas? Was it magic always?" Lewis said, Lucas sighing.

"It was a beautiful clear diamond. Kurucu wore it always as the treasure it was. A gift from the love of his soul. His only wife."

"That's unusual, Lucas. All the great pharaohs of Egypt always had many wives." Vivian said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Mom. But Kurucu's soul only shared his love with one. A beautiful young woman named Meresankh." Lucas said, staring at Hemi.

Hemi rose from his seat in shock.

"No, Lucas! It. . .it can't be!" he said, his eyes moving to one small set of blue, everyone staring at Rosa Sharon.

The young girl smiled, rising to her feet, walking towards Lucas, her form changing as she walked.

Lucas stared into the two blue pools of love shining back at him.

"To give one's love to an angel is to live wrapped in godly love." Lucas said, Meresankh now smiling at him.

"He was my true love, Lucas. And your intellect is amazing." she smiled, Hemi staring at his mother.


Everyone stared at the young woman standing before Lucas, the young man smiling into her blue pools.

"When did you find the truth, Lucas?" she said, her voice filled with calmness.

"When I walked beyond the stars, Meresankh." Lucas said, the young woman looking softly surprised.

"No one has walked that path in eons, Lucas." she said, everyone staring at her with silent surprise.

"Is. . .is this true, mother?" Hemi softly said, Meresankh's blue pools looking towards Hemi.

"Yes, my son. My love had followed many paths, through many lives. Yours and his love were the greatest joy of my soul." she said, Hemi tearing up, his four soulmates now surrounding him, Enrique's arms around him.

"This is so unbelievable, Mother." Hemi said, Meresankh smiling at her son.

"My love always was, and still is, Hemidon." she said, looking back at Lucas.

"I felt your love as I passed by his final resting place. As I felt in his magic which has always been within myself." Lucas said, the young woman walking up to him, her hand going against his chest.

"I don't feel it, Lucas. His love was unbelievable. I still carry it within my own soul. Within my angelic soul."

"As Alsarius always carried Kavinus'." Lucas said, Meresankh nodding.

"He told you the truth, didn't he? His soul, I mean." she said, Lucas nodding.

"That life mirrors love. That two great men of human courage and love lost their souls to angelic beauties."

Meresankh smiled, nodding her head.

"His love was my love. As Kavinus' was Alsarius'. He is in my heart forever." she said, her hand moving upwards, touching the stone hanging from Lucas' neck.

"His love, it's still there! I feel it!" she softly said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Cut in half, but solid no less." he said, Meresankh smiling at him.

"Always, Lucas." she smiled, turning back to her son.

"Pharaoh Kurucu of the Egyptian Lower Delta was the life mate of my soul. He reigned a thousand years before my future father Pharaoh Khufu's royal dynasty." she said, Hemi staring at her with shocked amazement.

"That's impossible, Mother!" he said, Meresankh smiling at him.

"An angel's life is long, my son. I was only a child of twenty when I married him, he only twenty-one. Our love burned for only five short years through our short lives. Evil destroyed his kingdom, and he himself in the end. I watched in horror as he was entombed in that golden sarcophagus by evil. I myself was destroyed immediately after. But evil never destroyed our souls. Kurucu's love saw to that." she said, Lucas' hand going to her shoulder, his eyes meeting hers.

"The stone draws much love." he said, Meresankh nodding.

"Your love draws all, Kurucu." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I am myself, Meresankh. His magic is within me, you have his love." he said, the young woman smiling.

"I've missed his self so much, Lucas. His beauty was great." she said, Lucas smiling.

"I saw that, Meresankh." he said, Meresankh looking at him with confusion.

"You saw, Lucas?"

Lucas smiled, walking back to the windows, staring out into the night's darkness.

"I have walked the path of stars, Meresankh. As I always was destined to do."

She looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"No one walks that path without his warrant, Lucas. You can't have been granted that?" she said, Lucas looking back at her.

"Look at myself, Meresankh. I have his grace and courage." he said, Meresankh staring at him.

"Azrael would never have allowed it, Lucas." she said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Azrael doesn't know yet, Meresankh. I'm asking for your oath not to tell him." Lucas said, the young woman staring at him.

"He will. . .it will shock him."

"Let me deal with him, as I now know I must. I have been shown the path to rightfulness."

She walked up to him, staring at him.

"You have. . .you have heard the voice?" she said, staring at him with shocked wonder.

"Yes, and more." Lucas said, the young woman stepping back a bit, looking shocked.

"No, Lucas! It is unheard of! You are not an angelic host!" she said, Lucas shaking his head.

"No, I am not. But I am something more."
Josh rose from his seat again, walking up to Lucas, staring at Meresankh.

"What's going on, Lucas? What is this path of stars you're talking of?"

Meresankh stared at Lucas, the young man nodding his head.

"It is a secret of life, my love. A secret that may one day be shown. I'll abide by your eyes, Meresankh. I feel your love and worry."
The young woman relaxed, nodding her head.

"He will not like this, Lucas. It goes against the creed." she said, Lucas nodding.

"Life is ever-changing, Rosa Sharon. You, most of all, know that."
The small girl smiled, now showing again.

"I do, Luke. Your love is amazing. I can't wait for the fireworks." she smiled, walking back to Colton, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Love's coming, bro. I just can't believe it!" she grinned, Lucas smiling at her.

"What's going on, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"Life, magic and love, my love." Lucas said, looking around.

"As Meresankh stated, Pharaoh Kurucu was destroyed by evil, his physical self, anyway. His spiritual magical self continues. Lost in the paths of life, residing now inside myself. One of the three beings of magic I possess."

"The hidden magic, him and yourself." Lewis said, looking at the young man with awe.

"Yes, Lewis. A trinity of life."

Lewis rose from his seat, walking up to the two men.

"This path of stars sounds godly, Lucas. Have you walked into God's kingdom?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Not until I pass unto the light further on, my friend. As we all shall walk."
Lewis nodded, staring at him.

"I sense you're being evasive, Lucas. By God's design?"

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"By God's design, my friend. I just wanted you all to know that I've now reasoned out who resides within myself. My own self, Kurucu's magic and the hidden magic."

"Any thoughts on that last magic, Lucas? Is it God's magic?" Lewis said, Lucas smiling, lightly chuckling.

"Ever lost in the faith, good Reverend. Take me as I am. I have His faith within me. As do you."
Lewis nodded, staring at him.

"You've shown the world God's self, Lucas. Showing angels, risen souls from the void of God's heavenly path. I will take you as you are. My friend with God's grace."
Lucas smiled, hugging the older man.

"So, we're just going to leave this at that?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his old friend.

"For now, yes, Finny. Soon enough the greater truth will show itself. And then life can go on for all of us." Lucas said, Finn smiling, rising from his seat and walking up to his friend, everyone else rising from their seats.

"Life is going on, Luke. Your love surrounds us. It's making all our lives spectacular." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You and me alone for ten minutes will make it even better."
Finn laughed, kissing his cheek.

"You'll just be left wanting more." he smirked, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, that's believable. An inch to grow on."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"You know what I meant!"
Lucas laughed, his three soulmates surrounding him.

"Are you sure you're okay, my love? You still look tired." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him again.

"I'm okay, my love. The path moves on." he said, Grayson nodding his head.

"And where does that path lead, Lucas? Ancient Egypt and angelic battle?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Goodness against evil. You will all see that in the end. I'll guide you all through it with my love and magic." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him.

"I stand with you, Lucas." Alain said, Lucas smiling at the black man.

"Your love--all your love--will be surrounding me." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"I ain't touching the center. I know where that's been."

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at him, the young man hugged by everyone.


Lucas put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, Hemi walking into the kitchen.

"I was going to do that, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling and picking up his wine glass.

"I hate leaving a mess." he smiled, Hemi smiling at him.

"You must clean constantly. Justin looks very disorganized."
Lucas laughed, Hemi joining him.

"Yes, he's that, but he's also divine." Lucas smiled, Hemi smiling.

"As are my men." he said, filling another wine glass with the remains of the bottle on the counter.

"So, I'm here as a brother always, Hemi." Lucas said, Hemi staring into his violet pools.

"You feel my soul, Lucas." he said, leaning against the counter, Lucas' arm going around him.

"I feel your love and goodness, Hemidon. I also feel your soul." he said, Hemi staring into his violet pools.

"My mother. . .she's an angel. And she's. . .she has lived such a life." he said, tears showing in his eyes.

"What did you feel all through your childhood, Hemidon? From her, I mean." Lucas said, Hemi looking towards the doorway.

"I felt her love, Lucas. It was my life. She so loved me."
Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

" she still does, Hemi. Her soul still shines with your love. As yours shines with hers. That's what's important. Not ancient paths of fate, or hurt, or destiny. Love was always the totality of both of you. It still is."
Hemi smiled, nodding his head.

"I still love her, Luke. In any form. Rosa Sharon and I have had long talks these last few weeks. I now sense we'll have even more. I want to know all about all her lives. She's my mother and I love her."

"You'd make any mother proud, Hemi."

"I love her, Luke.  Thanks for being here for me."

Lucas smiled, the door of the kitchen opening, Josh walking into the room, Lucas smiling at the man's white polo shirt.

"I've spilled some wine, babe." Josh said, a red spot now across his chest.

"Speaking of disorganized. You do have your hands full." Hemi said, Lucas laughing, Josh looking confused.

"Inside brotherly joke, babe." he said, Hemi smiling.

"I'll leave you to your mess." he smiled, walking out of the room, Lucas smiling after him.

"Take that off, babe. I'll soak it in the sink." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling and pulling off his golf shirt, his smooth muscular chest on full view.

"Your chest is still wet. I'd lick it off but you know I don't like red wine." Lucas smiled, Josh smirking.

"Oh, Justin!" Josh lightly yelled, Lucas pulling him close, throwing the white shirt into the sink.

"Timberlake can find his own popsicle to lick." Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips, the two feeling their love.

"Hemi okay?" Josh said when they broke their kiss.

"He just needed to talk his way through it." Lucas smiled, Josh snuggling against him, Lucas wiping his smooth wet chest with a tea towel.

"It's all amazing, Luke. You keep surprising us."

"I like everyone on their toes. Especially my men." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I like it when your curl mine."
Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's softly inebriated love shining through.

"Someone's going to be so needful later." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas. None of this changes that." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love you, Josh. My love will never change."

"We're all here for you, Lucky. All three of us."

"Sweet! Play time!"

Josh laughed, lightly slapping Lucas' ass.

"Everyone's still here. But they're getting ready to leave." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Entertain them. I'll soak this here, you slip down to the bedroom for a new shirt. That's not the entertainment they need. Although I'd stuff your g-string any day!"

Josh laughed, kissing his man's lips again, walking out the other kitchen doorway, heading for the bedroom.

Lucas smiled, staring after him.

His eyes glowed softly green, the young man smiling.

"Hold onto our love, my love. I'm going to amaze you even more."

Lucas smiled, filling the sink with warm water, submerging Josh's white polo shirt.


Four Days Later


Lucas stepped out of the SUV's passenger seat, Josh holding the door open for him, smiling at him.

"My chivalrous knight." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I have to make an impression on my date." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My, how romantic. But don't get ahead of yourself. This cow doesn't give the milk away for free."

"This cow just hasn't been milked right." Josh smiled, closing the vehicle's door, both men laughing, their hands going together.

Josh looked around, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"We lost them, babe. Twenty side streets and they're off our tail." Lucas smiled, Josh nodding.

"It's been hair-raising, Lucky. I've never seen so many reporters this week."

"Wow! I'm dating a real celebrity! Lucky me!"

Josh laughed, Lucas' humor relaxing him.

"Stick with me, kid. You'll go places."

Lucas laughed, the two men walking down the street, the restaurant coming into view.

It was Friday evening, their monthly date of love tonight.

"Joey called ahead. Vincent's closed down early, we'll have the place to ourselves." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Me all alone in a swanky Italian restaurant with a superstar. Wow, oh wow!"
Josh laughed, smiling widely.

"Is Justin there?"

Lucas smiled, slapping Josh's tightly covered ass, the pleated pants he wore accentuating every inch of his butt.

"Timberlake can hit McDonalds. Or Lance's Diner."

Josh laughed, the two walking into the restaurant's quiet ambiance.

Vincent smiled at both men, his eyes staring at Lucas with quiet wonder.

"Good evening, Mr. Carver-Belmont. Mr. Chasez." he said, Josh looking surprised.

"I'm still just Josh, Vincent." he said, Vincent softly blushing.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry. The news this week, your. . .yourself, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand going to the older man's shoulder.

"You said it right there, Vincent. I'm myself. I'm Lucas, as I've always been." he said, the man nodding.

"But you're so much more, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling.

"So my old man tells me. I think he's smitten."
Vincent laughed, Josh blushing.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. Forgive my standoffishness. It's not every day that the savior of the world walks into my restaurant."

Lucas softly blushed, Josh seeing it, Lucas smiling at Vincent.

"You'll be forgiven if I get a free piece of your mother's cheesecake later." he smiled, the man smiling widely.

"She baked three this evening, Lucas. Once she heard who was coming. She'd so like to meet you, if that's alright?" Vincent said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Of course, Vincent. But we are here on a date. I hope we can have privacy?"

The man nodded, smiling at both men.

"Certainly, Lucas. You won't be bothered by anyone." he said, Lucas smiling, the man guiding them to their familiar table.

The two men sat down, Josh ordering appetizers and a bottle of wine for them, Vincent smiling and walking away.

Lucas smiled, Josh taking his hand in his.

"I saw your blush, Lucky. I hope his comment about a savior didn't shock you."

"No, Josh. Not totally. I guess I'll have to get used to that for the next few weeks." Lucas said, Josh leaning over and kissing his lips, Lucas smiling when they broke the kiss.

"You're already the savior of my heart." Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"Still trying to milk the cow, huh? My udders are loosening."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling with love at him.

"I'll warm my fingers." Josh said, Vincent returning to them, pouring each a glass of white wine, Lucas tasting his, giving his approval, the man smiling and placing the open bottle in an ice bucket on the table, walking away again.

"A toast, my love." Lucas said, Josh smiling and picking up his glass, Lucas smiling at him.

"Here's to another first Friday of love, my love. Each month my love for you grows. I love you, my Joshua.  Thank you for loving myself equally. We once met for the first time on the path of love here. Your blue eyes that night I was lost in. Tonight, they're just as beautiful as then. Our love is ours, my love. Let's toast our love. It's the center of both of us." Lucas smiled, Josh tearfully smiling back, the two clinking their glasses together, both sipping the sweet Italian wine.

"That was beautiful, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Not as beautiful as you, my love. I so want to milk the bull."

Josh laughed, Vincent smiling at both men, setting a plate of stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread down on the table, an older woman now at his side.

Both younger men smiled, rising from their seats, the woman staring at Lucas with quiet awe.

"Lucas, Josh, this is my mother Marisa Fatone." he said, Josh smiling at the older woman.

"Hello again, Marisa. We've met before, at Joey's wedding." Josh smiled, the woman smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. Nice to see you again. Please sit down, both of you." she said, Marisa smiling at Lucas now, the two men returning to their seats, Lucas smiling up at her.

"Hello, Marisa. I've tasted your cheesecake. I knew it was laced with that beautiful smile." Lucas said, the woman smiling widely.

"Thank you, Mr. Carver-Belmont." she said, Lucas waving a finger.

"Now, it's just Lucas. I'm in your restaurant. I feel your family's love surrounding me. Your goodness shines in the food and the ambiance." Lucas smiled, the woman lost in his violet pools.

"My, your words sink into anyone's heart. I feel your goodness, Lucas. You are amazing." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Your food is the only amazing thing here. I'm just myself." he smiled, the woman smiling more.

"I've made three cheesecakes just for you. What you don't eat tonight, you can take home with you. It's on the house! You deserve so much more." she smiled, Lucas smiling widely.

"I take all with thanks and humility. The Fatone family dinner stokes my heart." he smiled, the woman beaming.

"We'll leave you to your date." she smiled, leaning down and kissing Josh's cheek.

"Nice to see your again, Josh. Say hello to the other boys for me." she smiled, looking at Lucas now, the young man smiling, moving his cheek towards her.

She smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Amazing. Simply amazing." she said, walking away, Vincent smiling and walking away as well.

"You charmed her, my love. She was eating out of your hand." Josh smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"I know when to kiss up to the cook." he smiled, Josh laughing.

"I'll have to cook more."

Lucas smiled, handing Josh the plate of mushrooms.

"These are divine, my love." Lucas smiled popping a second one into his mouth.

Josh smiled, the two holding hands again, talking with love and happiness.


A few hours later the two men were walking along the river, walking the path of their remembered love.

They both sat down on the bench they'd sat down on that first night of romance.

"It hasn't changed. Still a beautiful spot." Josh smiled, Lucas snuggling against him.

"I've never noticed the natural view. Your beauty always draws me away from life." Lucas said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"God, you're so romantic. That was beautiful." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips tenderly.

"I learn from the best." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I love this, Luke. Just you and me, alone in our love."

"Don't let Justin hear that, he'll be miffed." Lucas smiled, snuggling into Josh's warm chest, the humid day now given over to a breezier cooler evening.

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"I think he's happy where he is tonight. Our love mirrors theirs. Lance had some nice plans for him. And it was nice of the group to babysit our boys." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, our Timberlake HD will be lost in the romance, just like I am." he smiled, Josh kissing his lips again.

His eyes scanned Lucas' muscular form, the young man wearing a light grey silk shirt and black dress pants.

He saw a golden chain attached to Lucas' belt.

"You wore the watch." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling and pulling it out of his pocket.

"You gave it to me here, in this place of love. It had to return here as well. Your love draws us." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Your love is my life, Joshua. Thank you for giving me so much." he said, Josh pulling him close.

"You've given me so much more, Lucas. Justin's and Lance's love. Your own beautiful love. Our two sons of love. I'm a father, a husband and a man. I'm beyond happy."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing Josh's chin.

"Someone's earned free milk."
Josh lightly laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man sighed, leaning back beside Josh, the two staring out at the calm water, the city's lights reflecting off it.

"I love you, Josh. I feel your soul, as I've felt theirs. I can't stop you from worrying. All I can do is show you my love. The future we'll leave to destiny." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"We've all accepted that, Lucas. Your love is strong enough to protect us all. We'll love you and stand by you through it all. Just promise me that you'll be there at the end of all this. I need your love forever." Josh said, Lucas pulling Josh into his arms, his head now against his chest, the man softly tearing up.

"My love is forever, Joshua. I've told you that always. You're stuck with me, beautiful." Lucas said, Josh raising his head, staring at Lucas' handsome smiling face.

"Who else would put up with your ego?" he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"My name isn't Timberlake."

Josh laughed, the two smiling at each other.

"Our diva's himself. We love him as we must."

"As we want to."

Josh smiled, nodding.

"Their love was such a surprise, Lucas. It's so identical to your own. Lance is so giving like you, and Justin is so passionate like you."
Lucas smiled, Josh seeing a soft smirk on his face.

"I have competition now. I'll have to up my game." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling more.

"You'll both kill me."

Lucas laughed, kissing his lips again.

"Fat chance of that. We need our Joshy fix slow and sensual."

Josh smiled, the two smiling at each other.

"I love them, I love you." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Ditto, Daddy."

Josh smiled, looking out at the water again.

"Our kids are so amazing, Luke. Their intelligence, their maturity. They're both so like you." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're like all of us, Josh. I see Justin's playfulness in little Justy's blue eye, and little Joshy has your beauty." Lucas smiled, Josh nodding.

"And both have Lance's intelligence. I guess they really are all ours."

"Yes. A great mixture of Timberlake, Bass, Chasez and Carver-Belmont beauty and brains."

Josh smiled, staring at Lucas.

"I'll love both forever, Luke. Their magical souls won't change my love for them."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"We're their fathers, Josh. They have our love forever."

Josh nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're going to grow up away from the spotlight. Their childhoods will be like our own." Josh said, Lucas agreeing.

"They'll always have the stigma of who their father is, Josh. There's no getting around that. But their lives will be lived in happiness and love. The future will take care of itself." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"You seem so focused, my love. You're so calm and accepting of what's to come." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips again.

"I've seen the path's end, Joshua. For that I'll remain calm. Acceptance will give way to happiness." Lucas said, Josh smiling, Lucas feeling a soft tremble in Josh's


"In the heatwave of the summer my man still finds himself cold." Lucas smiled, Josh blushing.

"The breeze is cool, my love. Your warmth heats me up always." Josh smiled, Lucas smirking.

"Speaking of smooth and romantic, that's my man."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Let's call it a night. We still have two cheesecakes in the backseat to eat." Lucas smiled, Josh chuckling.

"I'll cover you with one and eat it all up."

Lucas laughed, looking down at the pocketwatch still in his hand, smiling.

"And I feel your need for our sons' love." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"We'll tuck the calves in, then I'm spooning with the cow."

Lucas laughed, slipping his pocketwatch back into his pocket, standing up and extending a hand to Josh.

"My milk's warm and frothy, Farmer Chasez."

Josh laughed, standing up, their hands joining, the two walking back to their car.


The two men walked into the condo, the living room semi lit by only one small lamp.

"Everyone's in bed." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling and quietly closing the door behind him, each carrying a cheesecake container.

"Almost everyone. I believe one of the horses has gotten out of their pen and is feeding in the back forty." Lucas smiled, talking with a southern twang, Josh looking confused.

"Wanna rope a filly?" Lucas smiled, Josh seeing the mirthfulness on his face.

"Okay. . .?" he said, Lucas smiling and guiding Josh towards the kitchen doorway, Josh seeing a light on underneath the doorway.

Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, Josh at his side.

Finn was seated at the kitchen table, an empty plate in front of him, a half empty glass of milk in his hand.

"Evening, guys. How went the night of romance?" he smiled, the man wearing his usual sleeping attire, his hairy muscular chest on full view.

His eyes looked at the boxes in their hands, Josh smiling.

"Gifts from an admirer of Lucas' love." he smiled, Lucas smiling, putting both boxes in the refrigerator.

"Our evening went wonderful, Finny. Where's everyone?" Josh smiled, sitting down at the table, Lucas sitting in his lap, Josh's arms going around his man.

"Trish and Sky put all the babies to bed about an hour ago. Drew fell asleep on the couch, Trish waking him up, they both have gone to bed. Sky's in bed reading. I just popped in for a snack."

The two men smiled at Finn, Josh smirking at Lucas.

"There's a lot of snacking going around tonight." Lucas said, Josh smiling more.

 "I'm sure you both had your fill." Finn smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Always room for a hairy snack." he said, Lucas smirking now.

Finn blushed, smiling at Lucas.

"Control your man, Carver. I thought he'd be deeply satisfied by now. No necking in some dark alley tonight?" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Not yet. But I'm heading for a dark spot very soon. Nice and deep too."
Josh laughed, Finn blushing.

"You're both twisted." he said, rising from his seat, the two men smiling at him, watching him put his plate in the sink, the Welshman downing the last of his glass of milk.

"Ah milk! Always refreshing!" Finn said, Josh losing it, bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling at Finn, the Welshman looking confused, blushing again.

"You walk into the mirth always, Finny." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, his arm going around the Welshman's waist.

Josh smiled, laughing and rising from his seat as well.

He stood on Finn's other side, the Welshman looking at both.

"Care to let me in on the joke?" he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Something between my man and our love. Like you've always been." Josh smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Don't shimmy up to the bull to get in good with the cow, my love." he said, Josh laughing, the man's hand going to Finn's waist, pulling his flannel pants forward, looking downward.

"Bull indeed." he smiled, Lucas laughing loudly, Finn's elastic waistband snapping back, Josh smiling at his man.

Finn blushed, sensing he was in the center of some joke.

"Twisted. You're both twisted." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Soon, Finny. Very soon." he smiled, Finn blushing again.

"On that note, goodnight." he said, Lucas smiling as the young man moved towards the kitchen doorway.
"Thanks for looking after our sons, Unky Finn." Lucas said, Finn smiling back at him.

"They're both angels, unlike their twisted fathers." he grinned, walking out of the room.

"You are unbelievable, babe." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I went to the treasure. Impressive, but not you." he smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.
"Let's head for bed, my love. I want to spoon with a real bull."
Josh laughed, their arms going around each other.
"Should we wait for Justin and Lance? They should be home soon." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him as they walked out of the kitchen.

"It's a night of singular love, my love. Lance and I both gave you each that. Lance has the night to himself with his Justin at a hotel downtown. It's just you and me tonight, Daddy."

Josh stopped staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Really, babe? That's so wonderful." he smiled widely.

"I'm sure Timberlake will forgive that affront. But I'm sure he's got his hands full tonight."

"I'm sure I will also." Josh beamed, one hand now on Lucas' firm backside.

Lucas smiled, the two walking into their bedroom, Josh seeing the crib empty.

"Our boys are sleeping with their friends tonight. Trish's gift for our romantic evening." Lucas said, Josh smiling, looking around the room.

Candles were lit on the dresser and nightstands, the room softly glowing by their light.

"This is beautiful, babe. I have you all to myself." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling and guiding him towards the bathroom, Josh seeing it lit by candlelight as well, the large tub filled with bubbles.

"My man wet within my love. The best end to a great evening." Lucas said, his fingers hitting the radio knob on the nightstand, soft music filling the air.

Lucas began to sway, Josh's arms wrapping around him, the two slow-dancing in front of the bathroom doorway, their lips meeting.
"God, I love your romantic soul, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, nibbling on his lips.

"I love you, Joshua. I'll always need to show you my love alone. It's the center of our heart." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

"No tears, my love. The only wetness I need is your smoothness against me in that tub." Lucas smiled, beginning to open Josh's black silk shirt.

"That water's going to boil, my Lucas. You're heating my love for you."
Lucas smiled, running his hands across Josh's smooth chest, feeling his heat.

"I'll have a cold glass of milk for you after."

Josh laughed, Lucas leading him into the bathroom, pulling his clothes off him as he walked.

The two were in the tub within moments, their wet smoothness joining, their lips and fingers finding their needful spots.

For hours they felt their wet love, then their drying love, then the passion of their souls in their bed of love.

After several sessions of needful love, they lay together, their love joined on all levels.

"Your love never stops being amazing, my love." Josh said, his soulmate's head against his smooth chest, Lucas running his fingers across Josh's sweaty chest.

"I have so much to work with."

Josh smiled, his hand rubbing Lucas' naked back.

"I love you, Joshua. Let's go home. I want to bask in the sunlight of our love. Just you and our family. Before the coming storm." Lucas said, Josh kissing his forehead.

"Alright, babe. I miss our home as well. It was so open and loving there." Josh said, Lucas smiling, looking up into his blue pools.

"Home is where the love is, my love. And that I'll need always." he smiled, laying back down on Josh's warm chest.

"I'll make the arrangements tomorrow, babe." Josh said, Lucas snuggling more into him.

"Already made, babe. We leave Sunday morning." he said, yawning.

Josh smiled, sensing Lucas was organized as usual.

"You always look after us, babe. You keep us all on time." he smiled, Josh feeling his own eyes beginning to close.

Lucas smiled, looking towards the nightstand, seeing the golden pocketwatch laying there, its chain hanging down.

"We have all the time in the world, my love. My love's timeless." Lucas smiled, Josh's eyes already closed.

"Josh?" Lucas softly said, getting no response.

He smiled, snuggling against his man's cooling chest.

"I love you, Josh. That's the answer to my life's need." Lucas smiled, closing his own eyes.

And in his mind's eye he heard the shouting masses, and saw the unfolding golden wings.


End of Chapter 220


And so, Lucas shines a light upon himself.

Kurucu lives within him, or at least his magic does.

An ancient being of goodness, walking through all his family's lives.


The angel Meresankh now shown as the lost love of the lost Pharaoh Kurucu.

What else lays hidden in that past?
Or that future as Lucas mentioned?


What is the path of stars he talked of with Meresankh?

It seems to be something the angel Azrael is unaware of.

What is his part in all this?


And so, our night of romance ends, two soulmates finding their love deep within themselves.

A little humor and romance blending together nicely.


Back to Los Angeles we go.

With, of course, some more possible surprises.




Hugs, Angel.