Yesterday's End-23

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 23


Lucas stretched his muscled arms, the young man walking into the bathroom across the hall from his bedroom.

Lucas wore only his bathrobe, the man yawning.

The young man stopped in his tracks, his violet eyes taking in a vision of masculine beauty.

Two blue eyes stared back at him, a soft smile crossing the man's handsome face.

"Can you hand me that towel, Luke?" the man said, Lucas' violet eyes going to the towel rack by the sink.

"Uh. . .yeah sure, Justin." Lucas said, reaching for it, his eyes still on the man before him.

Justin stood nude in the shower stall's doorway, the man still smiling at Lucas.

Lucas' violet eyes scanned over his naked body, taking in each smooth muscled inch of Justin's revealed beauty.

His eyes glanced at Justin's flaccid center, the long shaft surrounded by soft blond curls.

"Don't be embarrassed, Luke. I've seen you in the same state. Remember?" Justin smiled, Lucas's cheeks softly reddening.

"Here you go, Jus." Lucas said, handing Justin the thick towel, his violet eyes trying to look away from the naked man so close to him.

Justin smiled, taking the towel from the younger man, slowly drying his smooth body, Lucas glancing towards him, seeing Justin's calmness.

Lucas' eyes scanned Justin's naked body, the man calmly hiding nothing.

"You're up early, Jus."

"So are you, Luke. Where's Josh?"
"He's still sound asleep. I've always been an early riser." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, the man still towelling his back with the towel, his whole front on full display.

"Thanks for letting me crash on your couch, Luke. I'll try and arrange a room so I'm out of your hair."
"No worries, Jus. You own this condo, you can think of it as your second home."
Justin smiled, Lucas leaning against the sink, his eyes trying to stay focused on Justin's blue eyes.

Justin smiled again, wrapping the towel around his waist, his center slowly disappearing under the fabric.

"I'll get out of your hair, Luke. There's still lots of hot water. Could I borrow a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? I haven't had a chance to get my clothes from the condo." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Sure, Jus. You and I are about the same height and body size. Help yourself. But be quiet, Josh is asleep."

"Will do, Luke. I'll start the coffee while you shower. No one else is up yet."

Lucas nodded, his eyes meeting Justin's one last time as he walked out of the bathroom, Lucas' eyes having followed his smooth back and covered butt.

Lucas scanned all the tattoos on the man's muscular body, Justin closing the door behind him, Lucas left to do his business.

Justin leaned against the closed door in the hallway, a wider smile crossing his face.

I couldn't have planned that better.

He smiled again, walking across the hallway, quietly opening Lucas' bedroom door.


Justin stared towards the bed, quietly walking up to it.

Josh lay on his side facing Justin, his torso displayed, the blankets loosely wrapped around his lower body.

Justin smiled, taking in the familiar beauty of Josh's smooth body.

As beautiful as always, Josh.

I'm sure Lucas has fallen in love with every inch of you, as I once did.

And I'm sure he is so beautiful.

Justin's hand went to the towel wrapped around his waist, his body now on full display.

Justin's hand went to his center, feeling the warmth there, his shaft beginning to rise.

Josh murmured in his sleep, the man moving back, laying on his back.

Justin scanned his smooth chest, Josh's small nipples erect in the room's soft coolness.

His eyes scanned down his chest, seeing the black trail of hair stop at the blanket's edge, Justin knowing of the treasure hidden beneath it, Justin seeing the large bulge under the blanket.

I want to climb into this bed and taste you again, Josh.

Why can't you let me please you both?

Why can't you take me into your bed again with Lucas?
You're both so damn lucky!

I could. . .I could make you both so happy.

Justin stared at Josh, the urge to join his friend in the bed surging through his soul.

"Lucky?" Josh softly murmured in his sleep, Justin focusing on that word.

Justin stepped back, leaning down and picking up the towel, quickly wrapping it around his waist.

Josh remained silent, Justin sighing.

Alright, Josh.

I can't change the path you're on with Lucas.

But I'm going to try everything in my soul for both of you to want me.

As much as I want both of you.
Justin moved quietly over to the closed closet doors, silently opening them.

He removed his towel, scanning through the closet's shelves, choosing a pair of briefs, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Behind him two blue eyes in the bed slowly opened, Josh staring towards his old friend.

His blue eyes took in every muscled inch of Justin's smooth tattooed back and his firm bubbly butt cheeks.

"What are you doing here, Justin?"

Justin's body turned, Josh taking in his smooth chest, Justin's nipples hardened as well, Josh scanning all over him, his eyes taking in Justin's semi-hard shaft, Justin smiling at him.

"Morning, Joshy. Just took a shower and Lucas told me to take an outfit from his closet. My clothes are still at Jessica's."

Josh nodded, scanning the bedroom.

"Your Lucky's in the bathroom showering. I'm heading out to start breakie." Justin smiled, Josh watching as Justin pulled a pair of boxer briefs over his center, Justin's shaft slowly disappearing under them.

"Alright, Jus." Josh said quietly, still staring at his friend, Justin pulling the jeans up his long muscular legs, smiling at Josh as he pulled the zipper up over his bulge, winking at Josh.

"What are you doing, Justin? I don't need a strip show."
Justin smiled, Josh staring at him.

'Nothing you haven't seen already, Josh. Would you have me dress in the hallway for everyone to see?"

Josh sighed, sitting up slowly in bed, staring at Justin.

"If you were trying to entice me, it's not going to happen."
"I wasn't, Josh. I just had to get dressed, honest."
Josh nodded, the door of the bedroom opening.

Lucas walked into the bedroom, his smile going towards Josh, Josh smiling back.

"Morning, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling more.

"Morning, Beamy." Lucas said, his eyes looking towards Justin, the man smiling at him as he pulled a black t-shirt over his muscled chest, his abs disappearing under its edge.

"Looking sharp, Justin. My clothes do indeed fit you." Lucas said, Justin nodding.

"Yep. Thanks, Luke." Justin said, Lucas nodding as he sat down on the bed's edge by Josh, the man wrapping his naked arms around Lucas, the two kissing.

"Mm, my babe smells delicious." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, their lips touching again.

"Got to keep my man happy. And my man smells heavenly."

"You're just smelling yourself all over me." Josh said, Lucas smiling.

Justin stared at both men, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"I'll let you two get dressed. I'll head for the kitchen." he said, crossing the room, looking at both from the doorway.

"Thanks, Jus." Lucas said, the man closing the door behind him.

Josh's lips went to Lucas' again, Lucas feeling the passion and love coming from his man.

Their lips parted again, Lucas' fingers finding Josh's left nipple, lightly rubbing it, Josh softly moaning.

"Did our Justin give you a free show, Beamy?"
Josh's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, Lucas smiling, leaning in and kissing his lips again.

"No worries, my Joshua. He gave me one in the bathroom as well."
Josh's eyes widened a bit, Lucas smiling.

"He's a mirthful, giving friend, Josh. And I know he's trying to entice us both. His heart yearns for our desires, but I think his soul will see the final truth."
"I'm sorry, Lucas. I'll talk to him again." Josh said, Lucas smiling, his eyes scanning over Josh's tight, toned body.

His eyes took in the man's blanketed center, seeing the largeness hidden there.

"Nah, let him flaunt that tushy. If it makes you hard, I'm game for it."
Josh blushed, Lucas lightly laughing, his hand going under the blanket.

Josh softly moaned, Lucas kissing his neck.

"It wasn't him, Lucky. Your love last night filled my dreams. I think I'm going to be permanently excited."

Lucas smiled, the two kissing again.

"You take a quick shower, my man. I'll go tame the beast in the kitchen."
Josh nodded, Lucas beginning to move, Josh's hand going to the man's arm, Lucas stopping.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm sorry he's here."
Lucas smiled, leaning in again and kissing his man.

"I love only you, Josh. And Justin's our friend, who's in an emotional state. Our door would always be open for him. The man can wiggle his ass in front of my face and it won't change the fact that it's the Hills of Chasez that I want."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Last night was amazing, my love."
"One of many we'll have together. Now come on, up and at them. I've got a video to shoot. I have to drive all those hot men out there wild. I think I'll take my shirt off in it." Lucas said, batting his eyes.

Josh laughed, their eyes meeting.

"Keep it clean. I don't want every gay boy out there drooling over you."
"Like I did over you in N*Sync?"

Josh laughed, smiling.

Lucas kissed his lips again, smiling at him as he got off the bed, walking over to the closet, blowing Josh a final kiss, Josh watching him.

Lucas smiled, removing his robe, Josh taking in every inch of the man's stunningly beautiful form.

Lucas quietly dressed, Josh watching his every move.

"Now that's a show." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him as his toned, muscled, smooth chest disappeared under a navy polo shirt.

Josh climbed out of bed, his naked body feeling the room's coolness.

Lucas' eyes took in every inch of Josh's toned body, Lucas smiling.

"Damn and here I got dressed. We could have played again."

Josh smiled, walking up to the man, Lucas leaning down and picking up his robe off the floor, smiling at Josh.

"Stay away from me horndog." Lucas said, Josh smiling and taking the offered robe.

"You're no fun. Sorry, I take that back. You are a lot of fun."
Lucas smiled, kissing his boyfriend again, Josh's now robed arms wrapping around him.

"Got to go, lover. I've got to feed my man."

Josh nodded, Lucas breaking their hold, the young man smiling at him, walking quietly out of the room, Josh's blue eyes following his disappearing form.

Josh sighed, staring at the closed door.

I know your game, Justin.

I've seen its enticing allure before.

It can't work this time.

It's only Lucas that I need.

But why do I feel. . .?

Josh sighed again, going to the door, leaning against it.

No, I can't have those thoughts.

I love you, Lucas.

I need only you.

Josh opened the door, heading for the bathroom.


"Alright, that's a wrap!" the director said, Lucas smiling as two strong arms wrapped around him, the young man feeling his legs leave the ground.

"Put me down, Finny! I'm not your sex toy!"

Finn laughed, his young friend in his arms, the man beyond happy.

"We nailed it, Lukey! The world's ours!"

Lucas laughed, Trish and Skyler staring at their bandmates.

All four stood on a large pedestal, a large blue screen behind them.

The video shoot was over, Lucas scanning his watch.

It was after six, the whole day spent in the land of technical magic.

The four had sung their song dozens of times, images passing behind them on the large screen.

"The world may be ours, but I'm not yours. Put me down!" Lucas smiled, Finn laughing and setting Lucas down.

"You're no fun, Lukey. Come here, Sky!" Finn grinned, Sky laughing as Finn wrapped his arms around her.

Trish smiled at her friends, Lucas' violet eyes looking towards her.

"Your voices were all edged with perfection, my friends. I think this image of us will be awesome."

"That it shall, Luke." Justin said, he, Andrew and Josh walking out from the shadows off the sound stage.

The four smiled at Justin, Lucas smiling at his boyfriend.

People were moving around, the four musicians standing still as sensors and wires were removed from their bodies.

"Right on the money, guys. And that's the last take." the director said, smiling at all four as he walked up beside Justin and Josh.

"Thanks, Gary. Our final thrust out into the darkness nailed it. Perfect way to end the song. Flying out of the Canyon of Love." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Yes, excellent idea Luke. You sure you haven't done film work before?" Gary, the director, said.

"No, Gary. It just seemed like a cool concept. Flying into the arms of hope and need."
Josh smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Besides, Finny always thought of himself as an angel. Why not add to the fantasy?"

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn grinning.

"The only angel here is my Sky. But devils fly too, horndog!"

Lucas laughed, Finn grinning, a hand suddenly slapping his head.

"And what am I?" Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Okay, you're an angel too! Gees, Andrew's going to be bald!" Finn said, rubbing his head.

Everyone laughed, Trish's blue eyes looking towards Andrew, the man smiling at her alone, Lucas looking at her quietly.

"We're going to edit all the feed, and bring it all together. The finished product will be amazing. I'll send you a copy, Justin." Gary said, Justin shaking his hand.

"Thanks, Gary. The others deliver to Tennman Records." he said, the director nodding, walking away towards his crew.

"It's been a long day, guys. Dinner's on me."

"Your restaurant again, Jus? Those ribs were fantastic!" Finn said, rubbing his stomach, Skyler shaking her head.

"You've enslaved him, Justin. The man's easily led by food."
Justin laughed, Finn grinning at him.

"Sure, my place. Let's go, guys."

Everyone smiled, Josh smiling as Lucas walked up to him.

"Perfection, Luke." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, looking around.

They were in public, their love able to shine only in their eyes.

"That I see before me, Joshua."

Josh smiled, the two men walking with Justin off of the stage.


Lucas smiled, setting his fork down, wiping his chin, Josh smiling at him.

"You missed a spot, angel." Josh said, his napkin going against Lucas' cheek.

"Thanks, sweetie." Lucas smiled, the others around the table smiling at the two.

"Best ribs ever, Jus!" Finn said, contently laying back in his chair, rubbing his stomach.

"As three plates showed." Skyler said, shaking her head, finishing her bowl of taco salad.

Justin laughed, sipping at his glass of wine.

"A fed man is so easily contented, Sky. You'll have a reprieve for a few hours." He said, Skyler laughing, Finn's blue eyes gazing at Justin.

"More fuel for the engine. I'll run all night!" he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Great! Thanks, Justin!" Skyler said, laughing.

Justin grinned, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"How are you doing, Jus?"
Justin smiled at his friend, Josh watching him.

"I'm doing okay, Luke. I'm focusing on you four and your work. The tour begins in a couple of weeks, guys. Organizing all that keeps me busy."

"Have you talked with Jessica, Jus?" Josh said, his friend's eyes meeting his.

"Not since that night. I've left her messages but she hasn't called back."

"Give her time, Justin." Finn said, patting his hand, the man seated beside him.

"Yes, time. I hope time will ease the pain between us." he said, his eyes staring down at his wine glass.

Josh's hand went to Justin's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Can you drive me over there later, Josh? I need to get my clothes and stuff. I don't want to see her alone."

Josh nodded, Justin looking at Lucas.

"Need some support, bud?"
"Thanks, Luke. Thank you both." he said, sipping at his glass again.

Both nodded, their eyes meeting.

Both men smiled at Justin, Justin seeing their steadfast friendship.

Everyone around the table sat in quiet silence, Lucas' violet eyes scanning around, locking on two other blue pools.

"Well the video's finished, our tour begins soon. We're on our way, guys." he smiled, his three bandmates smiling at him.

Lucas' fingers went to the stone hanging around his neck, the young man softly touching it.

"Before the tour starts the four of us need to be our old selves. The truth is our hearts need to be as one. No secrets need to remain between us. The four of us need to be steadfast friends to each other, as we have always been. We're taking on the world as one group, as one soul."
The three looked at Lucas, Lucas seeing the surprise in all their eyes.

"I love all three of you. The happiness I feel in your hearts, along with some silent doubt, stokes my own heart."
Finn and Skyler traded looks, Trish quietly staring at her brother.

The others around the table traded looks as well, Josh' hand linking with Lucas'.

"What's going on, my love?"
Lucas smiled at him, then smiled around at everyone, his bandmates lost in the love showing in his violet eyes.

"How about you start first, Trish?"

All eyes went to the young woman, her blue pools staring at her brother.

"How. . .how could you know?"

Lucas smiled, his violet pools staring at his sister.

"I've always known when there's love in your heart, and when there's confusion."

Trish's blue eyes glanced at Andrew beside her, the man staring at her with quiet love, and a showing concern.

"It's not confusion, Drew. I love you." she said, Drew smiling at her.

Her eyes met Lucas' again, then scanned around the table, her hand going into Drew's.

Lucas smiled at both, Trish looking at her brother.

"The confusion doesn't lie in the love you have for each other, only in the future you wonder of in your soul. I'm here to tell you that that future will be amazing."
Trish looked surprised, Lucas smiling at her.

"You know of the magic within my soul, within this stone. I have a sense of foreboding, of gazing into the hopes ahead. I've only seen love for both of you. The same love you both experienced last night. The newness of the life ahead of you. Your path shows only love."
Trish was in tears, staring at her brother.

"It was. . .it was so beautiful." Andrew softly said, Trish smiling at him.

Andrew's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"I love your sister, Lucas. She is my life."

"I know, Andrew. And I know what last night meant to both of you. Before and after the joining of your love."

Trish and Andrew looked at each other, everyone around them staring at them with surprise.

"Yes, we've taken that first step, and it was so beautiful." Trish said, Skyler tearfully smiling at her.

"And the next step, my sister of love?" Lucas said, Trish smiling and shaking her head at her loving brother.

"You're always so devious, my brother. You're always been one step ahead of me."
Lucas smiled, Trish smiling at him, her blue eyes looking around at her friends.

Andrew kissed her cheek, the young woman feeling his love.

"Andrew showed me his love last night, and the love he wants to give me forever. He asked me to marry him last night. And I said yes!"


The table erupted into pandemonium, Skyler on her feet first, hugging her best friend as everyone else stood up, Trish smiling at everyone.

"That's awesome guys!" Finn said, hugging Andrew, patting his back.

"Oh, Trishy! We're going to throw you two the best wedding ever!" Skyler cried, Trish in just as many tears.

"You have to be my maid of honour, Sky! I'd want no other!"
Skyler smiled at her best friend, kissing her cheek.

"I'd be honoured."

The two broke their embrace, Trish hugged by Justin and Josh, kisses and congratulations exchanged.

Andrew was hugged by both men, Finn hugging Trish, kissing her as well.

"Our little Trashy's becoming an old lady! Well Drew's anyway!" he laughed, Trish ruffling his shaggy hair, seeing the mirthful happiness on her old friend's face.

"I can't believe I'm beating you two to the altar!" she smiled, Finn laughing.

"I'm still waiting for Sky to propose!" he laughed, Sky smiling at him.

Everyone laughed, Josh's blue eyes going to Lucas' violet.

Lucas stood apart from everyone, the young man's eyes on his sister.

Everyone saw a soft wetness in those violet pools, Trish walking up to her brother.

"You're very quiet, Lucas. You knew right away, didn't you?"

"Yes, Patricia. I knew last night when I felt your joined soul come alive."
Trish teared up, Andrew walking up to his fiancée, putting his arm around her.

"You knew last night?" he said in wonder, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes going to Trish's blue.

"My sister is a part of my soul, Drew. As you are becoming as well. The happiness I felt in both of you echoed across the distance to my own soul. My soul increases with love. The love I feel in both of you."

"I'd like your blessing, Lucas." Andrew said, Lucas smiling.

"You need no blessing from me, Drew. Or from my parents as well. I see the love in both of your eyes. That love is all you need." he said, Drew and Trish both smiling at him.

"You are my sister, Patricia. Now and forever my sister. And you shall now be my brother, Andrew. I only wish both of you a lifetime of happiness and love. I see easily that that wish will come true. I'm happy for both of you. Welcome to the family, Drew. And my little Trashy's getting married!"

Trish sobbed, pulling her brother into her arms, Lucas hugging her close, everyone surrounding them smiling as the two siblings hugged, their love showing for each other.
"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for being my giving brother. I so wish you could give me away!"

Lucas kissed her wet cheek, wiping the tears away from both cheeks gently.

"That's Dad's duty, Patricia. We'll all be there to see your love flow. And you know me. I'll plan something extra special for your big day."

Trish nodded, smiling at her brother, Lucas smiling at Drew.

"She's all yours, Drew! Trash and all!"

Trish laughed, Lucas smiling as Drew's arms went around her again, Skyler smiling and walking up to them.

"You hid the ring all day! You deceivers!" she said, Trish laughing, holding up her hand, Lucas smiling at the diamond ring showing on her finger, everyone crowding around to look at it.

"This calls for a toast, everyone! Edmund, bring two bottles of the best champagne we have." Justin said, waving at the waiter who stood by the doorway, the man nodding with a smile, stepping out of the private dining room.

"Bubbly? Time to go wild!" Finn grinned, Skyler shaking her head, her blue eyes looking at Lucas.

Lucas smiled at her, Josh's arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

"A wedding, awesome! I know who I'll be dancing with all that evening." he said, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"It will be public, my love. We have a lot of friends and family."
Josh nodded, his lips meeting his quickly, breaking the soft kiss.

"By then I hope to be openly showing my love for you, Lucky."

Lucas looked surprised, Josh smiling at him, quietly releasing his hold on the younger man as the room's door opened, the waiter carrying in a tray of glasses and champagne.


Everyone sat down again around the table, laughter and happiness flowing, the waiter popping the bottle corks, quietly filling all their wine glasses, setting the bottles down in ice buckets on the table, Justin nodding his thanks to the man, the waiter quietly leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

Lucas quietly stared at Josh, the man's hand going in his again.

"I didn't mean to surprise you, Lucas. I love you. One day soon I'll open up my life to the world. And then we can dance openly in each other's arms. I'm hoping it's soon."
Lucas nodded, his face showing a soft quietness.

"I've got news for you, Lucky."
Lucas looked at Josh, the man smiling at him.

"My parents are coming into town this weekend. I've invited them here. I want to introduce you to them. It is after all Mother's Day this Sunday."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"My parents are going to be in town as well on Friday, for the same occasion. Looks like we can kill two birds with one stone."

Josh smiled, kissing his cheek again, looking into his violet eyes.

"Your parents have already met me, Lucky. They're madly in love with my beauty."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"My parents will love you, Mom especially."

Lucas nodded, smiling.

"What's not to love?"

"Absolutely nothing." Josh said, Finn gagging across the table, Lucas and Josh both laughing.

Lucas smiled, looking towards his sister and her new fiancé.

"Mom and Dad are going to be thrilled beyond happiness with your news, Trish." Lucas said, bringing the conversation back to Trish's happy moment, the young woman smiling at her brother.

"They already know Drew, and love him." she said, Drew smiling at his love.

Finn smiled, the young man standing up at the table.

"I'd like to propose the first toast, everyone." he said, looking at Lucas, the young man nodding.

"Here's to Trish and Drew. May you have many days of happiness, love and togetherness. Love echoes in both of you, all of us hearing its resonating happiness. To Trish and Drew!"

Everyone raised their glasses, toasting the couple, Drew and Trish smiling at all of them.

Finn leaned down, kissing his Skyler's upturned lips, Lucas looking at her champagne glass.

Lucas smiled, kissing his Josh's cheek, the man looking at him, Lucas standing up now.

"I'd like to propose a toast as well. To my sister alone."

Finn smiled, sitting down beside his Skyler, Drew and Trish smiling at Lucas.

"This toast I give to my sister alone. You've always been my hero, Trishy. I've always looked up to you as my big sister of giving love. To see you finding your true love, makes my own soul cherish the love I've found. We're both in love, Trish. Our souls are happy and surrounded by love. Life is good and it's only going to get better. So here's to you, my sister Patricia, forever the sunshine of my life, the sister of my youth. For you give happiness, love and beauty every time we see your now shining face. A toast to my sister. To Patricia!"

Everyone smiled, raising their glasses, Trish crying, Drew's arms around her, his eyes showing wetness as well.

Lucas smiled, blowing his sister a kiss of love.


The young man remained standing, smiling around at everyone, his violet eyes meeting two other blue pools.

Their eyes made contact for a moment, Lucas seeing confusion in those blue pools.

"As I said at the prelude to this wonderful moment we've shared, I wanted to begin our tour of musical happiness with my three friends and myself as one soul."

Everyone stared at Lucas, remembering his words before he made Trish reveal her hidden news.

"We four have shared love, happiness, laughter and mirthfulness.  I want that to always remain in our hearts. We go forward with our music, with our love, and with our own lives beginning around us. I've found love, as has Trish. Finn and Skyler's love has always been theirs. The four of us are growing, loving and walking the path forward. We all shall be there for each other, in any way. As friends, as loved ones and as more."

Finn and Skyler traded looks, Trish smiling at her brother.

Lucas smiled at all three, his eyes meeting Skyler's blue pools of staring love.

"There remains one secretive bit of truth among us. One truth that may change the love among us. I think it will increase it more."
Lucas smiled, sitting down again, his violet eyes staring at Skyler.

"Care to share the love, Sky?"

Everyone's eyes moved to the young woman, their gaze interrupted by another voice.

"How. . .how the. . .you can't know?!" Finn's rather loud voice said, shattering the quietness.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Finn's blue pools of wonder.

"I feel love, Finnegan. Our love increases. Am I right, Skyler?" Lucas said, her blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"You are so amazing, Lucas. So giving and loving."

Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him.

Skyler's eyes went to Finn's blue pools, she leaning over and kissing his lips.

"You. . .he. . .we just learned yesterday." he softly said, Skyler smiling.

"You've forgotten the greatness of our Lucky's love, Finny. It enters all of us."

Finn smiled, looking at his young friend, Lucas smiling back, Finn's hand going into Skyler's, the two smiling at each other, Finn nodding his head at Skyler.

Skyler smiled, looking around the group.

"Finn and I are going to have a baby."


The room erupted again into pandemonium, Trish's shrill voice of happiness the loudest.

The young woman was on her feet, her arms going around her friend, Skyler crying as Trish kissed her repeatedly.

"A baby! You're going to be a Mommy!" Trish sobbed, Skyler matching her happiness.

"Yes, Finn and I are going to be parents." Skyler cried, Justin's arms around Finn congratulating him, patting his back.

The two new parents-to-be were surrounded by their friends, Lucas the last to hug both of them, Skyler crying into his chest, Lucas' arm around Finn.

"How. . .how did you know?" Finn said, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"Well, I wasn't totally sure, I did feel a new presence. A new love created. It wasn't till the last hour that I clued into its truth." Lucas said smiling, Skyler raising her head from his chest, wiping her eyes.

"The last hour?"

Lucas smiled, reaching behind him and picking up Skyler's full glass of champagne.

"You didn't drink any of the champagne through the toasts, and no wine at dinner as well. When has our partying Skyler ever refused alcohol? There could only be one truth to that, Mommy-to-be." Lucas laughed, smiling at the young woman.

"You. . .you totally amaze me, Lucas." Skyler said, Lucas kissing her cheek again.

"Would everyone take their glasses again?" Lucas said, everyone smiling and picking up their glasses again.

Finn wrapped his arm around his Skyler's waist, Skyler smiling at Lucas.

"I'd like to propose another toast. To the new member of Orion. A child of creating love comes soon to us. And that child will be raised in music, love, happiness and mirth. He will be the inspiration for both of you in the years ahead. To Finnegan's and Skyler's new love."

Everyone raised their glasses, everyone but Skyler drinking.

Finn smiled at his friend, his eyes widening a bit.


Lucas smiled, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"Hold onto your bootstraps, world. There's going to be another manly, mirthful boy in the Delaney family!"

Finn's face widened into a wide grin, everyone laughing.

Josh's arms went around Lucas, the man smiling at him.

"You, my love, are indeed amazing."
Lucas smiled, everyone surrounding the band of Orion and its opening happiness.


Josh pulled the vehicle up to the curb, shutting off the engine.

"You're sure about this, Jus? It could wait till tomorrow." he said, looking back into the rear seat.

"No, Josh. I want to get this over with." Justin said, sitting in the back, Lucas in the front passenger seat, his and Josh's hands together.

"Alright, Justin. But she didn't sound too happy on the phone." Josh said, Justin nodding.

"Thanks for calling in advance, Josh. I'm glad she'll at least talk to you. I'm just going to pick up my clothes and leave." Justin said, opening the back door.

"She said she'd have them ready for you, Justin."

Justin nodded, looking into his friends eyes.

"Thanks, Josh. I'm sure she does."

Josh and Lucas traded looks, the two men climbing out of the vehicle after Justin.

The three men walked into the building, the doorman smiling warm greetings to all three.

Justin remained silent in the elevator, Josh and Lucas quietly watching him.

The door opened on the floor to the condo, all three walking out of the elevator, Justin walking ahead, the man sighing, hitting the buzzer by the door.

The three waited for a few moments, the door opening.

Justin's blue eyes met Jessica's blue, the young woman staring at him intently.

"You're here." she softly said, staring at him.

"Yes, Jessica. Can we come in?" Justin softly said as well, Jessica's blue eyes going to Josh, then Lucas.

"Come in." she said, leaving the door open, the woman walking into the condo, the three quietly following.

Justin looked at the suitcases lined up by the front door,

"Everything's there. Your clothes, your books, all your stuff. Good thing you brought your fag friends to help you. You're a pack rat, Justin. Or is that just a rat?" Jessica said, sitting down on the couch, Justin staring at her.

"Is this how it's going to be, Jessica? Can't we talk with calmness and respect, not name calling?"

Jessica's blue eyes looked up at Justin, Justin seeing the determined anger there.

"I'm not the one who ripped your heart out, Justin." she said, picking up the highball glass off the coffee table, taking a sip.

"You've been drinking, Jess. I'm not going to argue with you while your drinking." Justin softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"Argue? Who's arguing? I'm saving that for the press."

Justin's eyes went to Jessica again, the woman staring at him.

"You hurt me, Justin. And I'm going to hurt you back."
"You wouldn't?! You can't mean that?"

Jessica stood up again, walking up to Justin and Josh, Lucas quietly staring at her.

"You've been banging fag boys for years, as you told me, Justin. I'm sure the press would love that."

Justin looked stunned, Jessica's eyes going to Josh's blue.

"Were you the first, Josh? Have you tapped that Timberlake ass?" she said, smirking.

"Jessica, stop this. You need to step back and think about this." Justin said, her blue eyes going to Lucas.

"How about you, handsome? Are you Justin's latest conquest? A music career for a blowjob?"

Lucas stared at the woman, her blue eyes taking in his violet pools.

"I love Joshua, Jessica. Justin and I are--and will only ever be--friends. We both love him, just as much as you do."

The woman stared at him, her hand flying, slapping Lucas across the face.

Lucas stood still, staring at her.

"You can strike out with the anger, Jess. But it won't stop the pain. Only acceptance and love will stop that. Justin still loves you. He just can't love you completely. That's what you need to think on."

Jessica stared at Lucas in confusion, seeing the deep emotion in his violet eyes.

She was becoming lost in them.

"His love and friendship is still there, Jessica. Don't cling to a hope that can't materialize. I know too well that feeling."
The woman lowered her eyes, Josh looking at Lucas with concern.
"I. . .I do love you, Justin. Why can't you love me totally?"

Justin's head lowered, Lucas looking at him and then back at Jessica.

"I think the two of you need to talk to each other, not against each other. I think you both need to search your hearts for some deep truths. The anger needs to end, your friendship is still there. Talk to each other."

Jessica's and Justin's eyes met, Lucas looking towards Justin.

"Lucas is right, Jess. We need to talk again."
Jessica stared at Justin, the woman slowly nodding her head.

"I. . .I didn't mean that, about going to the press. I'd never hurt you like that, Justin." she said, tears showing in her eyes.

"I know, Jess. I know the goodness of your heart."

Jessica nodded, her eyes going to Lucas.

"Come on, Josh. Let's take the bags over to my place. That will give you two time to talk. You can call us when you're ready to come back, Jus." Lucas said, Justin nodding.

Lucas moved towards the door, Jessica's hand going to his arm, Lucas stopping and looking back at her.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry that I. . ."

"Talk to him, Jessica. Tell him your heart's truth and he'll open his heart to you. Friendship and love are in both of them."
Lucas moved, picking up four bags, Josh picking up the other four, Josh's blue eyes looking at Justin.

Justin nodded, Josh smiling at him.

The two men walked out of the condo, Justin and Jessica staring at each other.

"Sit down, Justin. We do indeed need to talk."

Justin nodded, sitting down on  a couch, Jessica sitting down beside him.

Josh looked at both, closing the door behind him, following Lucas to the elevator.

The two men put the suitcases in the elevator, Josh hitting the ground floor button, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

The man stood in the middle of the suitcases, his violet eyes staring forward.

Josh saw a tear slowly make its way down his cheek.

"Are you alright, Lucky?"
Lucas turned his head, Josh seeing the man's face, Josh moving forward, Lucas' head going against Josh's chest, the man wrapping his arms around the younger man.

"I'll always take pain in to help others see life, Joshua. I just wish it didn't hurt my soul so much."

Josh held the young man in his arms.

"I love you, Lucas. Let's go home."

Lucas nodded, the two descending downward.



End of Chapter 123


And so a few surprises thrown in for fun.

Trish and Andrew are engaged.

Finn and Skyler are having a child.


And Josh and Lucas's love is enriching.

Jessica and Justin are talking again, thanks to Lucas' intervention.

Will they be able to forge a new friendship or love?


Lucas is going to meet Josh's parents.

Seems our twosome's love is deepening.

What of Lucas's future, his family and their past?


Read on, more drama, love and mystery ahead!


Hugs, Angel.