Yesterday's End-26

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Chapter 26


Lance felt Justin's overpowering desires, the man now on top of Lance's body on the floor.

Justin's lips were against his, Lance feeling Justin's hands on his jeans, attaching to his ass.

Lance focused on the reality of the situation he found himself in, the man focusing on Justin.

"Justin, please stop." he softly said, Justin's lips going to his earlobe, tugging on it.

"Let me please you, Lancy. Let me show you my love. Please!"

Lance felt the desperation in Justin's voice, the need.

"Stop, please Justin."
"I need to give you my love, Lancy. Let me show you how good I can make you feel. Please!"

Lance felt Justin's need, his mind focusing on Justin's old name for him.

Lance focused on its hidden meaning of deep friendship.

"No, Justin! Stop now!" Lance said a little more forcefully, Justin's head raising, meeting Lance's green pools.

"Get off me, Justin. Please."
Justin saw the look in Lance's green pools of love, Justin moving off of Lance's body, Lance moving away from him, Justin watching as Lance stood up, the man staring down at him.

Justin lowered his eyes, the man sitting down on his ass, his knees pulled up to his chest, his arms wrapping around them.

"I. . .I only wanted to show you my love, Lance. I guess I'm really that weak, that unlovable." he said, tears showing in his blue eyes.

Lance sighed, looking down at his friend.

"You're no such thing, Justin. You. . .you just surprised me. What's going on? Your love, it was. . .it was so intense. I've never sensed you wanted me like that." Lance said, Justin's tearing blue eyes meeting his confused green.

"You've. . .you've always been so loving, Lance. I. . .I thought that if I. . .you'd love me more. That someone would love me."

Justin's head lowered again, going against his knees, Lance seeing the man trembling.

Lance's eyes went around the room, looking at the broken glass, his eyes staring towards the answering machine laying upside down on the living room floor, the phone laying there as well.

Lance sighed, the man going to his knees beside Justin, then sitting down beside him, his arm going around him.

He looked over at the answering machine again.

"What's going on, Justin? You've never come on to me like that before."

Justin's eyes met Lance's, Lance seeing the emotional state in his friend's blue eyes.

"I wanted to forget them, Lance. I wanted to wash their need for me away. I wanted to feel real love. I'm. . .I'm sorry."

Lance's eyes went to the answering machine again.

"Who called you, Justin? Who made you so mad that you destroyed your answering machine, and that glass?"

Justin's eyes met Lance's again.

"They. . .they all called me, Lance. The word's out now. Justin Timberlake's available. The meat's been tenderized and it's free." Justin sobbed, Lance's arm tightening around him.

"It was Adam again, wasn't it?" Lance said, his brow furrowing.

"Zac, Nick, Usher and him. They all want me to go back to them. Maybe. . .maybe I should. Maybe I'm better off letting them use me. I. . .I can't have love, I. . .I don't deserve it. But I thought. . .they made me think. . ."

"You thought that maybe you could have love? Real love? Like Lucas and Josh have?"
Justin's eyes met Lance's again, the man beginning to cry.

"Why can't I have their love, the vision of Joshy's and Luke's love? Why can't I just have someone to love me like that?"

Justin sobbed, his head going against Lance's chest, the man holding him, holding his friend.

"You can, Jus. You have to realize that in your heart. I'm sorry they came after you again, Justin. You in no way deserve to be treated like that. You aren't a piece of meat. You're a loving, giving, kind man. You can't be anything like that, Justin. You were forced into a situation before, that last night with them not of your own making. They played you and used you, with no regard for your feelings. I know in my heart there's a man out there that would love you for the real person you are. You're more than that kind of man they want, Justin. The greater beauty is in your giving soul."

Justin wiped his eyes, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I'm sorry, Lancy. I'm sorry I did that to you. I'm no better than they are."
"Yes you are, Justin. Your advances weren't mean and carnal. You were searching for a deeper love within the sex. You wanted sex and love, together. You wanted total love."
Justin smiled softly, his head going against Lance's chest again.

"Yes, Lance. I want total love."

Lance smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.

"You'll find it, Jus. I'm sure any decent guy out there would love to feel your love, and return it."

Justin nodded, raising his head, their eyes meeting.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I'm sorry I pushed myself on you."
"It's alright, Justin. And you know me enough to know that I'd never use you like they did. I'm still--and will always be--the friend you've known for years. I'm here for you in any way you need."
Justin smiled, Lance smiling back at him, leaning forward and kissing Justin's lips, the two then smiling at each other.

"In any way, Lancy?"

Lance shook his head, smiling at Justin.

"Sex with you I'm sure would be amazing, Justin. But I think our friendship is even more amazing. Let's not jeopardize that with moments of need."
Justin nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"Alright, Lancy."

Lance smiled, looking at his friend.

"You look exhausted, Jus. How about you head for bed?"
Justin nodded, Lance smiling at him, the two men standing up together.

"Lance, would you. . .would you stay here tonight? I don't want to be alone."

Lance nodded, leaning over and kissing his friend's cheek.

"Yes, Justin. I know you've never liked being alone."

Justin nodded, softly blushing, Lance quietly staring at him, sensing Justin wanted to ask him something more.

"Would you. . .would you sleep with me? Just as friends."

Lance stared into Justin's blue eyes, nodding his head.

"Yes, Justin. I truly sense you need a close friend tonight. This loneliness is new to you, your being alone again. I'll always try to keep you happy, Justin."

"Thanks, Lance. I love you."

Lance smiled, Justin suddenly pulling him into a hug, Lance feeling his deep friendship and love.

"Okay, Jus. You head to the showers. I'll clean up this mess. Don't want us walking out here during the night and stepping on glass."

"It's my mess, Lance. I should clean it up."

"No, Justin. I'll be quicker. You take a nice warm shower."
Justin nodded, kissing Lance's cheek, heading out of the living room, walking down the corridor to his bedroom and bathroom.


Lance quickly found the broom and dustpan in the kitchen, making short work of the broken glass shards, depositing them in the wastebasket in the kitchen.

He walked back into the living room, picking up Justin's fallen answering machine, checking it out for signs of damage, Lance seeing it was still working.

He looked towards the hallway, hearing Justin singing in the shower down the hall.

He hit the message button, quietly listening to all four messages left for Justin.

His brow furrowed deeper hearing the need in the first three, Usher's voice edged with domination.

His eyes darkened more hearing Adam's smug tone, the arrogance flooding Lance's mind.

He understood how it would play into Justin's emotions.

Lance hit the erase button, erasing all four messages.

His eyes went to the hallway again, still hearing the shower.

What's your game, Adam?

I told you and all of them to stay away from Justin.

Why are you after him again?

I've had it with you and all of them.

I think it's time I played my ace in the hole.

You're forcing me to do what I should have done a long time ago, Adam.

And for a very good reason.

No one hurts my friend.
No one.

I won't let you do to Justin what you did to me.

I'd never let him experience that pain.

Lance sighed, the man rising up, walking down the hallway, shutting off the living room lights, walking into Justin's bedroom, no sign of Justin there.

Lance sat down on the bed's edge, Justin walking out of the bathroom, smiling at Lance, Lance smiling back.

"How was the water? Did it warm your soul?"
"Yes, it really helped, Lancy. Thanks. I feel a deep contentedness. But that could also be your friendship and love." Justin said, Lance smiling, his green eyes taking in the vision of smooth beauty walking across the bedroom. Justin's center was only wrapped in a towel around his waist, the man going to his dresser, opening a drawer.

Justin dropped the towel, Lance's eyes moving away, Justin pulling out underwear from the drawer, Lance's eyes glancing back at his friend as Justin turned away, the man taking in his friend's smooth firm backside.

Justin pulled the boxer briefs up his long muscular legs, turning as his center disappeared under the fabric, Lance's eyes glancing away again.

Justin softly smiled, seeing Lance's chivalrous decorum.

Justin walked over to the bed, sitting down beside Lance.

"The shower's free if you want to use it, Lancy."
"I'm good, Justin. I had one after dinner, I had been planning to settle in for a relaxing, quiet night."
Justin looked confused.

"Then why did you come over here, Lance?"
Lance smiled at him, their eyes meeting.

"I'd called Lucas, Jus. I wanted to find out about his night with Josh's parents."

"They've accepted his and Josh's love, Lance."
"Yes, Lucas told me the happy news. The two have two families to love them, and all their friends."

Justin smiled, nodding.

"But why did you come here?"
Lance's arm went around Justin, Justin feeling his loving friendship.

"Our friend Lucas was worried about you, Jus. He asked me to check in on you. He said you'd been rather melancholy all day at their place. The first day of your being alone he didn't think was going well."
Justin nodded, his head lowering.

"He was right, Lance. I just began to see what I've done."
"What have you done, Jus?"
"I've walked away from Jessica's love, Lance. I let her go to focus on perhaps a newer, more giving love. But the reality of what I've done kept seeping in all day, and it really hit me when I returned here alone. I'm alone, Lance. I've made myself alone."
Lance's hold on his friend tightened, Lance kissing his cheek.

"You're not alone, Jus. You have all your friends who care about you. We're all here for you. And I sense Lucas knew that, hence my being here."

Justin smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Thanks for coming over, Lance. If you hadn't. . .I might have. . ."

Lance sighed, taking Justin's hands in his.

"You don't need that lifestyle, Justin. Endless meaningless sex. Yes, you've experienced it over the years, the need within you taking over, you trying to satisfy that need. I'm sure you may have even paid for it."
Justin nodded, Lance's words truthful.

"But I sense perhaps that need's ended. It isn't just sex you're looking for anymore, Justin. Lust has maybe given way to a greater need. Love."

Justin nodded, his head going against Lance's shoulder.

"I do want that, Lance. Thanks for making me see it. I don't need those arrogant, lustful men to fulfill me. I do want something more. I want what our dear friends have."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"You've finally found the core of your happiness, Justin. You need to find someone who loves you for you, not for that fine body, or for your fame. Just the real Justin I've known for a long time."
Justin smiled, staring at his friend, Lance's beautiful face showing its love.

Justin yawned, Lance patting his back.

"You need to sleep, my friend. Hop in and I'll get undressed." Lance said, standing up, Justin rising as well, Lance pulling back the comforter and sheets.

Justin climbed into bed, the man resting back against the pillows, quietly watching his friend pull off his polo shirt, his smooth toned chest coming into view.

Justin saw the beauty of its toned smoothness, two small erect nipples drawing his gaze.

Lance smiled, his hands going to his jeans, they leaving his body as well, the man placing them on the chair with the shirt, Lance not turning his back on Justin.

Justin took in the vision of smoothness before him, Lance's hand going to the lamp on the nightstand, the room going into darkness, Lance climbing into the bed beside Justin, the two men laying beside each other.

Moonlight cascaded into the room, both men able to see the room's decor.

"Lucas is a wonderful friend, Lance. He saw easily my brooding self today."
Lance smiled, his head turning to Justin.

"I think he'll be a good friend to all of us, Jus. The man's love is ever-spreading."

Justin nodded, his blue eyes staring into Lance's darkened green eyes beside him.

"His love guided my friend's love to me tonight."
Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheek again.

"It's here for you always, Jus."
Justin smiled, Lance taking in the whiteness of his teeth shining in the moonlight, Justin moving against Lance, Lance moving his arm around Justin, Justin's head going against his smooth chest, Lance feeling the warmth of the man snuggled beside him.

"Goodnight, Lancy. I love you."
"Goodnight, Justin. I love you too."
Justin smiled, snuggling more into Lance's body, feeling the warmth of his ever-giving love.

The two men lay in silence, Lance staring down at the man laying against him.

I could love you, Jus.

I could easily accept the beauty of your giving love.

I almost did tonight.

I felt your need, your desires and your beauty.

I almost let you have all of me, Jus.

I felt so much love coming from you.

It's been so long since anyone's shown me that kind of love.

If you only knew, my friend.

My shame would fill your heart with disgust.

I'm sorry, Jus.

I love you, but I can't ever let anyone love the real, total me.

Lance's eyes filled with tears, Justin's arms going around him, as if the man sensed Lance's emotions.

Lance stared down at him, his fingers brushing against Justin's cheek.

You wish for the love Josh and Lucas have, my friend.

I wish for it, too.

We both fell in love with him.

I still feel that want in my soul.

I sense maybe you don't feel it as much anymore.

Maybe you're going on with your life for real, Justin.

I envy you.

My heart still aches for Lucas.

Lance's eyes went to the window, his thoughts clouded with emotion.

I need love too, Justin.

It's just something I will never have.

Lucas' is an unobtainable dream.

No love, not even his could ever heal my heart.

But I'll never stop loving you, or our friends, Jus.

I'll sacrifice my happiness for all of yours.

Lance teared up, closing his eyes, his mind troubled.

Justin moved more into him, Lance feeling his closing in love.

Even that couldn't enter the pain aching in Lance's heart.


Lucas' violet eyes opened, the man feeling the presence of love surrounding him.

He felt two hairy, muscled arms wrapped around him, Josh's head laying against his smooth chest, his warm breath blowing against Lucas' left nipple, sending a soft tremble down into Lucas' soul.

The night of new family happiness had ended with a more beautiful, loving, desirous happiness.

Josh and Lucas had both given each other all of their love, the two falling asleep in total love.

Lucas smiled, leaning down, kissing his lover's forehead, Josh murmuring, moving a little on Lucas' chest, his arms wrapping tighter around his Lucky.

Lucas smiled, feeling a cresting urgency in his lower regions, his mind on the washroom.

Lucas gently began to unwrap Josh's possessive arms from his body, Josh fighting the leaving love.

"It's early, Lucky. Mm, don't get up."

"I have to go to the washroom, Beamy. I'll be right back, love."
Josh's eyes were still closed, his hands lessening their dominance, Lucas smiling and kissing his lover's lips.

"Be right back, my angel of love."
Josh softly smiled in his half-awake sleep, the sleep claiming him again.

Lucas smiled, hearing a soft snore again coming from his man's beautiful lips.

Lucas rose out of the bed, grabbing his robe off the bed, his naked body disappearing under its velour warmth.

Lucas walked into the bathroom, quietly doing his business, washing and shutting off the light, walking out of the bathroom, his eyes going to his lover, Josh now laying on his back, the sheets only covering his center, his smooth torso looking so beautiful in the deepening moonlight.

Lucas walked over to the window, scanning out into the New York night, his eyes glancing at his watch, reading four-thirty.

He didn't feel sleepy, thinking perhaps he might do a little creative writing, a new song still brewing in his ever-crowded mind.

He quietly walked out of the bedroom, softly closing the door behind him, walking down the dark hallway, hearing no sound coming from Finn and Skyler's room, or Trish's.

Andrew had stayed overnight, Lucas knowing he was sleeping on the couch, Lucas softly walking across the living room floor, seeing the young man sound asleep on the pulled out couch.

Lucas quietly walked into the kitchen, closing the door behind him, flicking on the light switch.

He quietly made himself an herbal tea, the kitchen going into darkness again, Lucas returning quietly to his bedroom.

His Josh hadn't moved, the soft snore still reverberating in the quietness, Lucas smiling.

He went over to the nightstand, picking up his notebook, and his pen.

Lucas quietly walked out onto the balcony of his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He looked back into the bedroom, the room in darkness, and quiet.

A soft breeze was blowing, the night holding a soft coolness, the promise of summer on its breath.

Lucas snuggled into his robe, pulling it closer to his neck, sitting down on the wicker settee by the railing.

He set his notebook down with the pen, leaving it closed.

He sipped his herbal tea, tasting the orange tangerine bouquet, sighing.

His mind was filled with thoughts, one face coming often to the forefront of his love.

His eyes glanced back into the room.

Even only feet away from the man, Lucas felt his need for him.

His soul and heart were deeply in love with the beautiful man sleeping in the room beside him.

Lucas finished his tea, his eyes scanning the electrified lit panorama of the New York view.

His soul had calmed from those first days of being so lost in this amazing city.

It now felt more real, calmer, more homey.

He smiled, his eyes watering.

So many homes.

I have so many places of love.

Wales, London and now New York.

And my Josh wants me to go back to Los Angeles with him this week.

Josh had meetings in L.A. this week coming, the man pleading with Lucas to go with him for a few days.

Justin had okayed it, no real band commitments brewing until the week after.

Their first already sold-out venue was a week from the coming Saturday.

Their first North American concert.

Lucas smiled, the day longing in his heart.

Their music, voices and happiness was ready.

Orion was about to shine in the galaxy of American music.

Tomorrow night their first video would premiere, then their musical lives would bear fruit.

Lucas closed his eyes, his mind going to the song that had been floating there since the night Josh had first laid claim to his heart, and body.

His closed eyes centered on the tempo and words already created, his love sewing new threads of musical love.

His mind deepened into a deeper overcoming sleep.



On the Road Again


Lucas felt himself singing the song in his mind, a soft breeze and a fragrant smile filling it as well.

Then a familiar sound flooded his mind, the song fading softly in his soul.

"A beautiful melody, Lucas. It breathes of love and beauty."
Lucas' eyes opened, his violet pools taking in the shining sun staring in his face, a shadowed image in its center.

Lucas lowered his eyes, looking around, the familiar sound of the cascading waterfall bringing truth to his location.

The sunlight lessened, Lucas staring into two green eyes of offering happiness.

"Hello, Joshua. You've brought me to your watery love again."
The man smiled, standing before him, his green eyes scanning out across the pool, taking in the foamy waterfall.

"It is not my watery love, Lucas. It is--and has always been--yours."

Lucas smiled, looking towards the man as he sat down across from him.

"A beautiful tune. Its beauty carried across into this realm. You must have been deep in thought with it in your mind for it to travel here. Your greatness precedes you." the older man said, Lucas staring at him.

"What exactly does that mean, Joshua?"

The man smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"It means your love and greatness are growing, Lucas. If this keeps up it will be more than music that you could possibly carry here."

"What do you mean? You mean I could bring someone here?"

"Perhaps, Lucas. No one knows the trueness of your growing soul. I fathom it could be perhaps the greatest soul upon this earth."

"I should return to my own Joshua, Joshua. I felt his love wrap around my soul this morning."
Joshua smiled, looking at the younger man.

"Its beauty contains his love, Lucas. That will always wrap around your soul."

Lucas smiled, the older man smiling back.

"I love him, Joshua. He is my life."

"I see easily that, Lucas. I am glad at this juncture of your path you have that deep love. You can carry it as the strength of your soul. Nothing would stand a chance against that greatness."

Lucas nodded, still uncertain of what the man was saying.

"You keep talking about my greatness. What exactly is the greatness of my soul?"

"It is something that lays hidden from all of us. From even myself. You are an enigma within a surprise, young Mr. Carver, or should I say Mr. Belmont."

Lucas' eyes lowered, Joshua staring at him.

"I know not that family, Joshua."
"Yes, I know, Lucas. But they and others will come to be known to you. You only have to walk onto that path."
"I have my own path of life to lead, sir."

The man nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"A surprise as great as yourself indeed must choose and walk its own path. I fault you not for that, neither does your grandfather, nor would your father."

"Where is he, Joshua? My father and mother, where are they?"

The man's green eyes looked around the tranquil spot the two sat in, his smile remaining on his face.

"They are lost in the realm of the Shades, Lucas. A realm they offered to walk into for your sake."

"You led them into the abyss?" Lucas said, Joshua's eyes meeting his.

"My mother Vivian told me that a Shade gave my parents an escape from the people that were hunting them. I assumed it was you."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Lucas. I was indeed myself, or rather myself in another form."
"In another form? Why wouldn't you show yourself to them as I see you?"

"Discretion, my young friend. That and destiny."


"The truth of your father's own path requires discretion, Lucas. A day of acceptance is in his future."
"Acceptance of what?"
The man smiled, moving and sitting down beside Lucas.

"My, you're a man of questions today."
"Well you riddle me deeply, Joshua. I have to ask to find the answers."
The man laughed, smiling at Lucas, patting his knee.

"Tenacious, and determined. You are a Belmont for certain."

"Was or is that in question?"

"No, Lucas it is not. You are Lucas Belmont, son of Tristan Belmont and grandson of Emerson Belmont."
"And what relation are you and I?'

The man laughed again, his eyes staring out towards the waterfall.

His green eyes suddenly widened, the man standing up quickly, staring out across the water.

Lucas' eyes looked to where he was looking, Lucas standing up to get a keener line of sight.

In the middle of the pool stood the marbled white altar that Lucas had swam to before, the one that had contained the necklace he now wore on his neck.

His eyes took in a darkened small shape in the altar's center.

"What the hell? Shades of Kurucu, what's the meaning of this?" he said, his voice edged with a soft anger.

"What is it, Joshua?"

Joshua's green eyes turned, staring at Lucas, then at the necklace hanging around his neck.

"Who are you, Lucas? This isn't allowed!"

The man began to move towards Lucas, his angered self suddenly fading away in a flash.

Lucas stared in front of him, no sign of the man showing anywhere.


Only the waterfall's melodic sound reverberated in the surroundings.

"Why were you angry, Joshua?" Lucas softly said in the silence, looking towards the altar again.

He sighed, pulling off his t-shirt, then his pants, the young man wading into the warm pool.

He swam across the pool, reaching the altar with no trouble, Lucas' muscled smooth body climbing up onto its marble surface.

Lucas stared towards the altar's center, seeing now two objects laying there.

A leather bound book lay in the center of the altar, a silver key laying on its surface, gleaming in the midday radiating sun.

Lucas crawled across the altar, his hand picking up the book and key, Lucas taking the key into his other hand, looking at it and the book.

On the key's silver side were small embossed letters, Lucas reading the two words.


            Kurucu's Haven


He stared at the key, having no clue to its meaning.

"Kurucu? Joshua just said that name. 'Shades of Kurucu' he said." Lucas said to himself, the man looking at the book in his other hand, setting the key down.

Lucas stared at the book, seeing nothing remarkable about its cover.

It had a deep faded leathery look, scars and marks showing on the corners, Lucas sensing it had been well used and traveled.

He looked over the binding, the front and back of it.

No words were written upon it, Lucas seeing that the book's papered edging was faded yellow.

Lucas crossed his legs, sitting on the altar, his hand opening the book.

His eyes took in a surprising sight.

On the opening page of the book was a hand drawn portrait, all in black ink.

Written words were handwritten underneath the picture, Lucas not focusing on the words, his eyes drawn to the picture.

It showed three individuals, Lucas' eyes drawn to all three faces.

The one on the right looked to be middle-aged, his face showing handsome features.

The one on the left was younger, Lucas estimating him to be around twenty-five.

But Lucas' eyes were drawn to the middle person, his familiar face staring back at Lucas.

There in the middle stood Joshua, his piercing eyes almost showing a greenness in the black drawn ink.

The picture showed a bit of confusion to Lucas, something evident standing out.

The middle-aged man and the younger man both wore clothes in today's styling.

Joshua wore his cloak and uniform, the look crisp and clean, the uniform newly cleaned and polished.

His green eyes sparkled, the man showing a deep masculinity and handsome, distinguished greatness.

His look deeply contrasted to the other two.

A soldier between two men of average normalness.

Lucas stared at the portrait for a few moments, his eyes drawn to the words written under the portrait.

It was a sonnet, lines of rhyming prose.



                                                For truth,

                             we seek you violet eyed youth.

                                                For life,

                                we stand against the knife.


                                       Look to thy guide,

                                       To keep in stride.

                        Look to the written word,

                  To understand the joining third.


                                 Insert the key,

                         To fulfill truth's destiny     


Lucas stared at the words, unsure of all their meanings.

The violet-eyed youth he knew was himself.

What truth he represented he didn't know.

The guide he sensed was Joshua, the man having helped him already.

The written word he assumed was the book in his hand.

The key he was certain was the silver key laying beside him, Lucas picking it up, staring at it.

To insert it meant there must be some door he had to open.

He stared at the portrait, taking in Joshua's staring eyes.

"What game are you playing, lost one?" Lucas softly said to himself, looking around the pool, still seeing no one.

His eyes fell on the book again, Lucas turning to the next page, reading a short note written there.

He sensed by all the handwritten words that this was some sort of notebook, or journal.

His eyes scanned the short writing.


Herein lays my heart and soul.

My lineage, history and truths.

Judge not what lays written within, judge by the truth in its own beauty.

I take in no compassion, and expect no remorse.

Life is as it was, as it's now destined to be.

I await you at the end of my life, or the beginning of a greater truth.


Emmanuel Joshua Belmont



Lucas stared at the words, the name at the end of the small paragraph focusing for him.

Is this your journal, Joshua?

Is this your life herein written?

He now sensed Joshua's anger at what he saw laying on the altar.

Lucas wasn't supposed to see this.

Joshua didn't want his life known.

Lucas' violet eyes scanned around the pool again, no one shown.

What are you hiding, lost one?
I think the answers to that truth--and to perhaps my own--lay within this book.

Lucas sighed, staring at the journal.

Lucas set the key inside the book,, staring at it.

Its silvery brightness gleamed before him.

What treasure or truth do you unlock, my silvery friend?

What lays hidden behind your silvery hopeful shine?

Lucas felt a warmth suddenly surround him, feeling the stone on his chest beginning to warm against his skin.

He looked down, seeing the glow from its center.

The key and the book suddenly felt warm, Lucas' violet eyes staring at the key, its silvery hue now pulsing, the key practically glowing.

He looked again at the journal, still opened in his hand, the pages within it moving, flipping as if a breeze was rustling through it, the key becoming lost in the pages.

The book stopped on a blank page, halfway through the journal.

One sentence was written on its yellowed faded page.


                                Kurucu's Truth


Lucas stared at the page, the young man feeling the surrounding sanctuary begin to darken around him.

Within moments Lucas felt himself being pulled off the white marble altar, his body hitting the wetness of the surrounding water.

Lucas felt himself sinking into darkness, the young man's mind falling into pitch black.



New York City, New York


Josh moved in the bed, a soft wetness stirring his slumber.

He opened his eyes, staring around the room, moving to his left in the bed.

His arm went around Lucas' laying form, Josh feeling the wetness surrounding him.

Josh sat up, staring down at his lover.

Lucas' body was covered in wetness, half the bed seeping with soaked sheets.

Josh grew concerned, shaking Lucas' shoulder.

"Lucas? Are you okay?" he said, two violet eyes opening in front of him, his lover's beautiful eyes focusing on him.

"I went on the road again, Joshua. I was pulled into the wetness of my own existence."

Josh nodded, staring at Lucas.

The young man rose up, lifting his hand up.

Josh stared at a leather book held in his hand, his eyes going to something sticking out of its center.

To Josh it looked like a silver key.

"I've been given an aid, Joshua. I have the past to ignite my future."
Josh's arm went around Lucas' smooth chest.

"Are you okay, Lucas?"
"Yes, Josh. I'm fine." Lucas said, leaning over and kissing Josh on the lips.

"I'm sorry I've wet the bed again, Josh. That water's too real on the other side."
Josh nodded, pulling Lucas against him.

"What's going on, Lucky?"
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"Life, Joshua. And I'm beginning to find its truth."
Josh nodded, feeling Lucas' calm manner.

"Let me clean up this bed, then clean up my man. Then we have to organize our mothers' brunch."

Josh nodded, smiling at his lover.

"You're evading my question, Lucky."
Lucas sighed, kissing Josh on the lips again.

"Let's hit the shower, my love. I'll fill you in on the dawning guidance I've been given over our morning coffee."
Lucas climbed out of bed, pulling Josh up with him.



End of Chapter 26


An interesting chapter.

Justin and Lance's interaction didn't end as some wished.

It seems Lance is being very protective of Justin.

And he seems to have a secret within himself.

Seems the two aren't meant to be together.

Or are they??


Looks like Lucas has been given some help, the young man receiving the book and key.

Who is Emmanuel Joshua Belmont?
Is it Joshua or is it Emerson?

Joshua didn't seem to be thrilled by its appearance.

And what is Emerson's role in all that?


The intrigue deepens.

I'm sure Lucas will untangle it all.

As he will his friends' own lives.


Read on, the path widens.



Hugs, Angel.