Yesterday's End-31

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 31


Lucas moved in the bed, his Josh's arms wrapped around him, Lucas gently trying to remove them from around his waist, Josh fighting with him, tightening his hold.

Lucas smiled, gently moving the man's hands, extending his arms back, Josh murmuring, laying back on his back, the man still sound asleep.

Lucas smiled, staring at the vision of male beauty revealed before him.

Josh's chest was on full view, Lucas sighing at the sight of it.

Josh wore black boxer briefs, Lucas smiling at their fullness.

They'd made love after retiring to their bedroom last night, Josh's needs surprisingly demanding.

Lucas had given into the man's desires, Josh worshipping every inch of Lucas' smooth tight body.

Lucas had reaped the benefits of his man's attentive lovemaking.

Lucas sighed, feeling the warmth of his man's love still inside him, the echoes of its passion still burning in his soul.

Josh and he had then taken a shower, Josh pulling on boxer briefs as usual, Lucas smiling at the man's need for vanity and respect.

Josh was always cautious when people were around them.

Lucas smiled at the man's caring vanity.

Lucas wasn't that traditional, as his naked form showed.

But he loved his man, naked or not.

The briefs actually enticed Lucas more, a hidden treasure for only him.

Lucas smiled, the young man quietly rising up from the bed, his naked form disappearing into the bathroom.

A few minutes later Lucas walked back out, the man walking up to the bed, covering his Beamy in the blankets, kissing his forehead.

Lucas stared at the sleeping man's face, its beauty entering Lucas' heart, the man sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at his sleeping lover.

What's bothering you, Joshua?

The intensity of your lovemaking last night revealed a need within you.

A need to wash away some hidden feelings perhaps?

The looks you were giving me all evening settled into my soul.

You seem to be mulling over something, some thoughts on something.

What's going on in that intelligent, giving mind of yours?

And why can't you talk to me about it?

I have no secrets from you, my love.

You shouldn't have any from me.

Lucas leaned forward again, kissing his lover's forehead, Josh murmuring again, but remaining asleep.

I love you, my Joshua.

I'm here for you in any way you need.

Just talk to me.

I need to know if it's something I've done.

I love you, I'll never keep anything from you.

Lucas sighed, rising up from the bed, pulling on his robe, wrapping its sash around his waist.

He looked at Josh once again, then quietly walked out of the room.


Lucas sipped at his coffee, his violet eyes taking in the dawning skies above New York.

The sun was rising over the eastern skyline, the day bringing a promise of warmth and beauty.

Lucas sat on a wicker settee on the living room's balcony, the air cool but warming, his robe wrapped around him.

Beside him sat the old journal, Lucas' intention to do some quiet early morning reading.

He'd made coffee then retrieved the book out of the nightstand in his room, Josh now softly snoring.

Lucas had softly kissed his lips, a murmuring kiss returned, Lucas quietly exiting the room.

Here now Lucas sat on the balcony, glancing at his watch.

The dial showed six forty-five, the hour indeed early, the condo quiet and silent.

Lucas set his coffee down, his hand reaching for the book, the young man staring at it.

The future unfolds with the past's truths.

I sense you may garnish a surprising truth, old book of magical wonder.

For I've already sensed and experienced the wonder of what awaits me.

Lucas sighed, opening the book, staring at the portrait again, reading the prose underneath it.

His fingers grabbed the page's edge, the young man taking a deep sigh.

Onward on the adventure of your forgotten path, Joshua.

I hope you warrant my intrusion on the path.

I hope I can forgive you for what may await me.

Let's walk into your past then.

And the past of the others .

Lucas moved the page, staring at the written words of Emmanuel Joshua Belmont.

He read them again, their retort perhaps an omen of opening truth.



Herein lays my heart and soul.

My lineage, history and truths.

Judge not what lays written within, judge by the truth in its own beauty.

I take in no compassion, and expect no remorse.

Life is as it was, as it's now destined to be.

I await you at the end of our lives, or the beginning of a greater truth.


Emmanuel Joshua Belmont


Lucas stared at the long ago written words, his soul beginning to hold a respect for this mysterious man.

A mysterious man of unknown family lineage.

The history of my family began I believe with you, old one.

Who are you exactly?

What was your past and how does it congeal with my future?

I guess there's only one way to ascertain that.

Lucas sighed in the morning quietness, the traffic below him a soft muttering in his mind and ears.

The young man turned the handwritten page, his eyes widening a bit at the title on the next page and the date emblazoned below it.



                                            Emmanuel Alsarius' Fate

                                            The Downfall of our Soul


                                    October's White Moon, 1013 A.D.



Lucas stared at the written title, his soul going cold.

That's. . .that's almost a thousand years ago!

Is my lineage that ancient?

Is my past that entwined with history's past?

Are the Belmonts of the ancient world's historic past?

Lucas stared at the words, his soul feeling a need of knowledge burning within it.

He turned the title page, his eyes lowered to the paragraphs of finely written text, a journal about to begin before him.

He closed off the world around him, Lucas drawn into another ancient man's soul.

His eyes followed the first words--another date--their truth creating a vision before his mind's eye.




April 14th, 1714


Monsters live in all our dreams, in all our souls.

From childhood we dwell in their mysticism, into their reality or imagination.

I write this narrative with they lost in my thoughts.

For I have seen my fair share throughout my long life.

And I am only at the crossroads.

For I have charged into my destiny, as my own father warranted I would.

And he has gone on to the guardianship.

It is a short six months since he passed unto the greater path.

I look towards the bassinet at my own sleeping son, his black curls showing over its laced edge.

Adriana departed yesterday, her leaving foreseen in my heart.

I can not blame her for following her own trembling soul.

For it was my fault that she walked into the truth.

Too much passed before her eyes for her to reason her remaining.

I know her heart thought long on it, on my love and on her own sanity.

In the end my love wasn't enough.

I reasoned it was, she reasoned it was not.

Her parting words bore some truth as my opening quote allots.

But she shall remain there in my soul as always my beloved.


My remaining visible love I shall give to my son.

For he, I shall wander the path ahead.

For it has come down to myself to lead him forward.

As my father led me forward, as his father led him before.

I am the seventh of the changed lineage, of the lost one's giving breath of destiny.

We of Emmanuel Alsarius' lineage shall forge ahead.

His mistake cannot be rectified, our own paths we are destined to walk.

My father named me as an honour to that man's courageous fortitude, I carry the name Emmanuel with honour.

His lineage warms my blood, as it does my son's.

For my son, I shall walk that destined path.

It is a cool night of darkening truth here wherein I reside, in the mansion of my own creation.

Father never thought much of my creating this place, or its consuming name.

But this will be our family's home.

A beacon to be drawn to in times of wandering necessity, in times of longing hope.

No matter the course we know in our hearts that the Shades follow us no matter where we choose to hide.

I just found a more resilient temperament behind these stone walls.

Kurucu's Haven in ways remains hidden to all of them, imagined or feared.

But my father already knocks upon the doors of this sanctuary.

His soul seeks its guardianship.

And I begin my second journey, my second path of destiny.


It is a short six months since the transformation, since the beginnings of my stewardship.

And my son's beginning path of life commences as well.

The three of the Trinity, the three of truth.

The seventh echoing of the first voice, of the first creation.

Kurucu's lament echoes in our hearts.

The last four voyages begin with my own.
We four are left, four voyages of truth.

I sit here in seclusion tonight in my freshly created cavaedium.

The statues pay tribute to the other six, albeit in unnamed honour.

And here I now stare at the journal my father gave me on my sixteenth birthday.

The years of observations before this narration I feel in my heart I must destroy.

The first half of my life is at its end.

I shall narrate to my son my life's endeavours, but to the future generations--and perhaps to the true saviour--I shall leave no recollection of my past mistakes.

But I have congregated in my soul a hoard of doubts.

What if anything can I do to alleviate that person's concerns?

I cannot abide by the lost one's moratorium.

Oaths cannot withstand a man's soul, or that soul's doubts.

So herein I begin the tale of Emmanuel Alsarius' destruction, and the doom of his heirs' lineage, as told from father to son down through the past.

I fathom that my disregard for tradition shall perhaps play into the hands of destiny.

So read on future one, so one day you shall lead on.

Give comfort to our endeavours, and think no sympathy to what you or we could not change.

Comeuppance shall curtail any transgressions levelled by life.

For I believe these written words shall see to that.


Your forefather,

Emmanuel Joshua Belmont,

Kurucu's Haven,

Ridgehaven, Vermont.

April 14, 1714




Lucas' eyes stared at the page, his mind filled with awe and wonder.

"So Kurucu's Haven is your home. A three hundred-year-old mansion of your creation. " he softly said, staring at the book.

He felt a hand going to his shoulder, Lucas jumping in his seat, his eyes flying upwards, Josh's two blue pools staring into his violet terrified eyes.

The book fell to the balcony floor, Josh feeling the edged, trembling nervousness in Lucas's body.

"Are you alright, Lucky? You didn't say anything when I called you." Josh said, staring at Lucas, the young man's eyes lowering to the opened book, leaning down and picking it up, his hand closing it.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Joshua. I. . .I was engrossed in his written words. You startled me, my love!" he said, Josh's eyes going to the book in Lucas' hand.
"I'm sorry, my Lucky. I didn't mean to startle you. You seemed so out of it, staring at the book." Josh said, his blue eyes going to the book.

"You've started reading the journal? How do you find it so far? Any clues or revelations?" Josh said, sitting down beside his lover, his arm going around him, Josh wearing a plush velour robe as well.

Lucas calmed at his lover's touch, Josh smiling at him.

"The balm to soothe your nerves, my love. Everything okay?"

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips, Lucas' body relaxing.

"Yes, Beamy. I just read the first few paragraphs. And they were indeed enlightening, albeit mysterious as well."
"You've found out who Emmanuel is?"

"I know he's one of my forefathers, Joshua. One of my ancestors. And something or someone forged a dynasty of remarkable men, he being one of them."

"That's a remarkable observation, Lucky. Your family sounds so entrenched in history."

"I believe it is, Josh. The title of the story is dated from 1014."

"Emmanuel is your ancestor from that far back? My God, Lucas! That's almost a thousand years!"

"I know, Josh. I did the math as well." Lucas said, smiling, staring at the book in his hand.

"I believe the story started with another Emmanuel, Josh. A man named Emmanuel Alsarius. Emmanuel Belmont names him as one of his own forefathers."

"Wow, Luke! That's. . .that's amazing! Your family's that ancestral?"

"Apparently so, my love. Apparently so." Lucas said, staring at the book, Josh's arm tightening around him.

"My man's a man of deep mystery, historical and sensual." Josh said, kissing Lucas' lips again, Lucas smiling when they parted their lips.

"Good morning, my Beamy."
"Good morning, my Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile, Josh snuggling against him.

"You can read more, Lucky. I'll just snuggle against you." Josh said, wrapping his arms tighter around Lucas, the young man smiling, setting the book down on the table before him, his arms wrapping around Josh.

"No, I think I'll wait a bit. The next part I believe could be lengthy and consuming. Better saved for a quieter day." Lucas said, his lips meeting Josh's.

"Mmmm, I missed that wake up kiss." Josh said, purring.

"Yeah, you'd rather sneak out here and scare the bejesus out of me."

Josh laughed, winking at Lucas.

"Again, I'm sorry my love. Didn't mean to sneak up on you."

"It's alright, my angel. Usually you can't. My reflexes are pretty in tune. I guess I was entranced by my own history." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"And what of you, my love? I've sensed a quietness in you yesterday. I don't think it was just the paparazzi that worried you. Care to open your heart to me, my love?"
Josh stared at Lucas, the young man staring into his soul.

Josh stood up, walking to the balcony's railing, Lucas watching him.

"I'm. . .I'm scared, Lucas."
Lucas stood up, walking up to his man, his arms going around him, pulling him against him.

"Scared of what, Beamy? Of me?"

Their eyes met, Lucas seeing no change in Josh's blue loving eyes.

"No, Lucas. I would never fear you or your love."

Lucas smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I'm scared of myself, Lucas." Josh said, sitting back down in the settee, Lucas staring down at him.

"At yourself, my Joshua?"

Josh's head was lowered, Lucas walking back to him, sitting down beside him.

"And what scares you about yourself? Your talent? Your charisma? Your kind, giving, loving heart?"

Josh raised his head, Lucas seeing tears in his blue eyes.

"I'm scared that I'm going to screw everything up, Lucas. That. . .that I'm going to ruin what we have!"

"Oh, Josh. How can you say that?"

"I. . .I've been having these strange feelings, Lucas. It's like. . .it's like there's something behind me. It's as if I turn around and something will pull me away from you."

Lucas stared at Josh.

"Is it your past, Josh?"

Josh stared at Lucas, the older man lowering his head.

"I saw Bryce yesterday, Lucas. Yesterday in the market."
Lucas stared at Josh, his arm pulling back.

"Oh, I see. And what happened?"
"He. . .he talked to me, Lucas. He kept saying these confusing things. Something's. . .something's not right."

Lucas stared at Josh, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"Do you still love him, Josh?" Lucas said, his eyes remaining lowered.

Josh took Lucas' hands in his, Lucas' violet eyes raising to meet Josh's.

"I once loved him with all of my heart, Lucas. But now doesn't change anything. It's you I now love. He has to see that. I think I made him see that."

"Then what's bothering you, Josh?" Lucas said, Josh seeing the determination showing in Lucas' violet eyes.

Josh sighed, Lucas still staring at him.

"I. . .I'm worried that he's trying to come between us, Lucas. That this is all some kind of scheme he's concocted to get me back."

"Do you want him to take you back, Josh?"

Josh froze, hearing the directness in Lucas' voice.

"No, Lucas. He's nothing against your love."

Lucas stared at Josh, the young man then rising, walking up to the railing again, staring out into the rising sunlight of the new morning.

"You need to understand something, Joshua."
Josh stared at Lucas, the young man turning and staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Josh. I don't give a damn about your past or whoever was in it. It's the man sitting here that I love. The Joshua of my heart. And if you think he or anyone else will ever come between us then I guess you never really totally loved me."

Josh stood up, rushing up to Lucas.

"No, Lucas! I do love you! Totally!" Josh said, his arms going around the young man.

"Then let go of the past, Josh. Focus on the future, on what you now have. I can't fight your phantoms, Joshua. I think I have enough of those in my life as it is."

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Luke. I should have told you yesterday. Bryce wanted me to meet him today to discuss what happened between us. I should have been honest with you yesterday."

"Why weren't you, Josh? I love you. I can accept your past, your doubts and your worries about our own love. But damned if I'll let you sit and stew over your own insecurities."
Josh stared at Lucas.

"Your past is over, Josh. Bryce had his chance and he blew it. End of story. That man can stay away from you. For you're now mine. And he'll realize that the first time we meet, if we ever do. I love you, Josh. You and I are of one soul. I think you have to realize that if you want us to love each other."
Josh stared at Lucas.

"I'll go start breakfast. I think you need some alone time."

Lucas began to walk to the balcony's sliding doors, Josh's hand attaching to his arm, Lucas stopping.

"I don't need any time, Lucas. I love you. You are my everything."
Lucas turned, Josh seeing the tears welling in his violet eyes.

"Oh, Josh. Really?"

Josh moved forward, their lips meeting, Lucas becoming lost in Josh's love.

"Thank you, Lucas. Thank you for focusing life for me. For making me see that you are all I want and need."
Lucas stared at Josh, his head going against Josh's chest.

"I love you, Josh. Please. . .please love me."
"I. . .I do, Lucas. It is you I will only and will ever want."

Lucas pulled his man against him.

"I'm sorry I kept this from you. My past threw itself in my face. I should have realized that I had you beside me to love and reason it all out for me."
"Your soul is your soul, Joshua. You can only speak for yourself."
"You're right, Lucas. And right now my soul says it needs your total love. Only your love."
Lucas smiled, their lips meeting.

Lucas pulled back, their eyes meeting.

"I feel the need in that kiss, my love. But we need to curtail the friskiness. We have an audience."

Josh's eyes moved behind Lucas, two smiling faces pressed against the balcony door's glass.

"Even flat, Finn's mug still looks sexy."
Lucas burst into laughter, Josh joining him, the door of the balcony opening.

"What are you two doing out here? I know I saw your hand on Josh's ass, Lukey." Finn smirked, his arm around Skyler.

"You wishing for a free show, Hot Stuff?" Josh said, blowing Finn a kiss, Skyler laughing.

"Nah, it's morning. My Finny's never hot till he's had his oatmeal."
Lucas grinned, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Well he always was mushy. Let's call him Lumpy."
Everyone laughed, Finn kissing Skyler's cheek.

"It fits. After all I have a large lump in. . ." Finn started to say, Skyler's lips silencing him.

"On that hint, I'll start breakfast." Lucas said, Josh's hand going in his.

"I'll help, Lucky."

"Together forever, my angel." Lucas said, Josh beaming.
Finn and Skyler both traded looks, Josh and Lucas heading for the kitchen.


Justin hugged Josh, his friend letting him into the condo, Justin arriving just as breakfast was ready, the two walking into the kitchen.

"Right on time, Timberlake. That nose of yours would find a cookie in a snowstorm." Lucas smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"You haven't showered, Lukey."

Lucas stared at Justin, the man winking at him.

"Remarkable." Lucas softly said, Justin grinning, sitting down beside Finn, the two high-fiving each other in greeting.

"He's so easily duped." Finn chuckled, Justin joining him.

"Here's your juice, Dupey. Or is that Dopey?" Lucas said, Josh laughing, joining his friends at the table, Lucas setting the last platter down, joining his boyfriend.

"Looks like you overdid it again, Luke." Lance said, the man smiling at him, Lance having arrived about ten minutes before Justin.

"I swear I should put up a diner sign. I'm attracting all the morning ne'er-do-wells." Lucas smiled, handing Lance the platter of bacon, Lance filling his plate with a smile.

"We expect at least a song if not a floor show, if you want a tip." Justin said, Lance laughing, the two smiling at each other, Lucas smiling at both.

"My thongs are in the dryer, gay boys!"

Everyone laughed, Trish slapping her brother's shoulder, Andrew's arm around her.

"You're bad, Lukey."

"Nah, I always get my g-strings stuffed."

Everyone laughed again, diving into the warm breakfast.

Lance smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"How was your date last night, Jus?" Lucas said, Lance smiling at his friend.

"It was great, Luke. Sheridan and I had a wonderful time. Good food and wonderful conversation." Justin said, his eyes staring at his plate.

"No worries, Justin. Your private life is just that." Lucas said, Justin raising his head and meeting his eyes.

"You're all my friends, Luke. I have no qualms about talking about my personal life with you." Justin said, smiling at him.

Lucas smiled back, Josh smiling at Justin as well.

"He's a very together, cultured guy. He's an antiquities dealer. Travels all over the world. A fascinating life. And he seems genuinely interested in getting to know me. We talked for a long time. And we. . .we made out a bit." Justin said, softly blushing, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's great, Justin. I'm glad you had a good time. He sounds wonderful." Josh said, smiling at his friend.

"Yeah, Joshy. He does seem wonderful. So down to earth. He. . .he easily saw the true me in front of him." Justin said softly, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"He saw the kind, giving, loving man you are, Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Yes, so he said. We're going to take it slow, get to know each other better."
"So, no shagging then?" Finn smiled, Lucas smirking.

"Leave it to you to get to the important--and I must say--private stuff, Finny." Skyler said, rolling her eyes, Finny blushing.

"Sorry, Justin. Didn't mean to make light of your evening, or your privacy." Finn said, Justin smiling at him.

"No worries, Finn. We didn't shag as you said. We're both looking for something more first."

"Love, Justin?" Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"Yes, Luke. Love, however lost it might be."
Lucas smiled, patting Justin's shoulder again.

"He'd be very lucky to earn yours, Justin."

Justin smiled, eating from his plate.

"Right now I'm in love with this omelette. This is heaven! Is that green peppers and oregano I taste?" Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"Yes, Justin. Very perceptive. It's laced with both and spiced ham."
"You have to give me the recipe, Luke! This would be a great addition to my breakfast menu at Southern Hospitality."

Lucas smiled nodding.

"It's yours, Jus."

Justin smiled, thanking Lucas.

Lance quietly looked at Justin, his friend smiling back.

"What did you do last night, Lance? Again, I'm sorry I ditched you. Can I make it up to you today with a free lunch?"

"No worries, Jus. You had fun, that makes me happy. But I'll always enjoy lunch with you."

Everyone smiled, diving into Lucas' succulent omelets, Lucas quietly looking at Lance.


Lance and Justin volunteered to do the dishes, Josh and Lucas cleaning off the table, the others heading to their rooms.

Josh and Lucas' parents were coming over for lunch, having decided to stay at the hotel for breakfast, and pack.

They were all leaving that afternoon late, going back home.

Josh and Lucas were driving them to the airport.

Lucas smiled at Josh, the man smiling back at him, Lucas having seen him glancing at the clock.

"I'll understand if you want to go, Josh. I won't hold it against you for wanting to know."
Josh set down the plates he had in his hands, staring at Lucas.

Lance and Justin were looking at both, confusion showing on their faces.

"No, Lucky. You are right. The past is just that. The past. It's your love I need to focus on."

Lucas nodded, smiling at his Beamy.

"What's going on, guys?" Lance said, his hands submerged in the soap-filled sink.

Josh looked at his friends, Lucas staring at him.

Josh sighed, walking up to his lover, his arm going around him.

"I ran into Bryce yesterday, guys."

Justin stared at Josh with surprise, almost dropping the glass he was drying in his hand.

"He. . .he's back in New York?" Justin said, his eyes widening, Lucas staring at him.

"Yeah, he said he was back taking care of some family business." Josh said, Lucas looking at him.

"He wanted me to meet him today, to talk about what happened between us before."

"Do you think that's a good idea, Josh? You know the type of guy he is. We don't want to see you get hurt again." Lance said, Justin nodding, still showing surprise on his face.

"Stay away from him, Joshy. He's nothing but garbage." Justin said, Lucas staring at him again, seeing Justin's new look of determination.

"I made the mistake of not telling Lucas about it yesterday, guys. He made me see today that that was wrong. I can't hide my feelings from him. I love him too much to ever keep anything from him. He made me realize that the past isn't important. What's important is what I have now. His love. His remarkable love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, the two kissing, Lance smiling at the two men.

Justin stared at both, his face emotionless now.

"Luke is right, Josh. His love is what's important. You don't need Bryce in your life again. Forget him."

Josh nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"I know, Jus. My past can't measure up to my future. I'm totally in love with this remarkable man."

Lucas smiled, Josh's arms wrapping around him now.

"Let's leave the boys to do the dishes. I need to clean up my man. After all we're heading for the City of Angels tomorrow morning. I want my angel sparkling!"

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"Don't forget behind his ears. Or any other small cracks that need soap." Lance grinned, Lucas laughing.

"Your friend knows all those places. And I love when he cleans them."
Justin and Lance both smiled, Josh and Lucas walking out of the kitchen, heading for their bedroom and bathroom.

Justin stared after them, a look of deep worry on his face.


Bryce Hartwell sat at a small table in the small restaurant, his fingers lightly tapping on the table's surface.

He glanced at his watch, seeing it was eleven-fifteen.

Where are you, Josh?

I was certain I saw that lost love in your eyes.

I felt for sure you'd come.

He glanced at his watch again, looking towards the far door, seeing no one outside.

He sighed, staring down at his coffee.

The cell phone in his pocket went off, the man pulling it out, looking around.


"Hey, Bryce. Where are you? You didn't show up last night?"

"I'm busy, Adam. What do you want?"

"What do you think, Bryce? Jake was a tiger last night. Even Zac and Nick couldn't sate him. We missed your fine ass."

"I wasn't in the mood for a gang fest last night, Levine."

"Aw, poor little Bryce following around his Joshy Woshy? Did you look upon his fine ass again? Or did you take it?"

"I saw him yesterday, but we only talked."

"Quit the dramatics, Hartwell. Use him and destroy him."

Bryce stared out the windows, seeing the sun beaming into the restaurant.

"You listening to me, Bryce? You know what we agreed to? You get Josh, I get Lucas. Understand?"

"I want Josh, I don't give a damn what you do with that other young fucker."

"You won't say that when you see him. Your Joshy's one lucky son of a bitch."

"Josh was lucky once before. He had me." Bryce said, the man sighing.

"The past is done, Bryce. The future you have to look to. Seduce Josh again and you'll have your revenge. And I'll have what I want."

"Yeah, that's what's important."

"Until then, get your fine ass over here. And you may have an extra bonus at the end of this."
"Oh, and what's that?"

"How about Timberlake?"

The young man's eyes widened.

"Justin? You. . .you've. . .?"

"Let's just say Timberlake is one hot power bottom. We've all tapped that ass."

"You're serious?"

"Yep. Bass curtailed our adventures with him, but if we get him alone I think you can taste that hole, or abuse it."

The young man's eyes darkened.

"Make it happen, Adam. I have some scores to settle with Justin."

Adam smiled into the phone, hearing the anger in the young man's voice.

"Bring that anger over here, sexy. Jake's just in the shower and Usher and Kelly Lutz are on their way over."

"Later, Adam. Have fun." Bryce said, closing his phone before he let Adam reply.

Bryce lifted his cup, finishing his coffee.

Okay, Josh.
You won't play it my way, I'll play it yours.

You're going back to Los Angeles, as I found out.

Well, I'm following you, buddy.

And I'm going to make sure you meet me again.

We have to settle this.

You have to know the truth.

And then I'm going to make Justin Timberlake pay for it.

The man's hand went into the pocket of his coat, his hand resting on the cold steel object he had there.

One way or another you're coming back to me, Joshua.

And neither this Lucas slut or that conniving Justin are going to have any say in it.

The man threw some money down on the table, walking quietly out of the restaurant.

No one noticed his hand resting inside his pocket.

Or the small gun concealed there.




End of Chapter 31


It seems Bryce Hartwell is walking a fine line between sanity and insanity.

Is he capable of murder to get what he wants?

It seems Josh is locked in his sights.
Are Lucas and Justin in that much danger?


Josh seems to have come to grips with his past and his love for Lucas.

Will Josh be able to find total happiness with that?


Seems Adam is up to some tricks again, albeit erotic.

Seems the man's after only one thing, or should I say one person.


On another note, Lucas has begun the journal of his forefather.

What secrets and truths lay within it?

A thousand years of lineage?
Lucas' family may hold a great many wonders.


Up next: The path to Los Angeles, and some other surprises.


Hugs, Angel.