Yesterday's End-32

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 32


Los Angeles, California


Lucas smiled, the young man floating on top of the pool chair, his violet eyes staring up at the noon day sun.

He'd been in the pool for over an hour, the day's warmth needing a refreshing cooling off.

He smiled again, looking around Josh's large, expansive backyard.

It was Thursday, the day after they'd landed in Los Angeles.

Lucas had instantly been enthralled by the warmth of the west coast's sun.

Josh had smiled, watching the young man take it all in.

They'd been met by paparazzi when they'd disembarked the plane, Lucas staying relatively quiet, Josh civilly answering questions thrown at the two men, Josh making his way towards an awaiting limousine.

Lucas and Josh had climbed in, Lucas looking at Josh.

"Get used to it, Lucky. Once the CD's released and the tour starts, privacy you'll have to fight for."

Lucas nodded, his eyes going to the flashing cameras outside the limo's tinted windows.

Justin had arranged the limo, fully expecting what Lucas and Josh would walk into off the plane.

The car pulled out of the airport after the chauffeur had piled all their bags into its trunk.

Lucas had taken in the view, Josh's hand going into his, the man smiling at his lover.

"It's so open, and bright. And did you feel the warmth?" Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"Yes. L.A. is a sunny paradise."

"And it's home, right?" Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"I like to think of it as that. One of my two havens."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against Josh.

"Haven can be heaven. All you need is an angel." Lucas said, their lips meeting, the car's privacy welcomed by both.

"Well, I guess I'm in luck. I bagged me a beauty!"

Lucas laughed, Josh grinning.

"I can't wait to see the house. Knowing my Beamy, his heaven will be beautiful."

"I'd like you to consider it your heaven too, Lucas. Mi casa su casa."

"Well, to make it heaven we'll have to sweep out the horny devils."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Fat chance of that. I'm going to be in a devilish angel's arms all night."

Lucas smiled, his eyes going back to the view, Josh snuggling against him.


They'd arrived at Josh's home, Lucas surprised by its quaintness and white-stoned beauty.

It was located in a quiet Los Angeles suburb, the house nestled on an inclining hill, the limousine driving through a gated entrance, the driveway cresting the hill.

Lucas' eyes had taken in all the surrounding beautiful vegetation, the driveway ending in a circular path, the limo stopping at Josh's front door.

Lucas had climbed out of the car, Josh following with a smile.

Lucas' violet eyes had taken in all of the villa's whiteness, Josh standing beside him.

"At one time it was the villa of a movie studio head, a tranquil vista of solitude. What I like about it is its privacy and its location, here atop this little knoll."
Lucas smiled, looking back behind him, seeing the view over the well-groomed landscape.

"It's beautiful, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

The chauffeur was removing their luggage, Josh and Lucas picking up their bags.

"Will there be anything else, Mr. Chasez? I've been instructed to be on call for you for the day. If there's any supplies you need I can whisk into the city and pick them up."

"I'm sure I will be okay, James. Thank you, but we're not going out today."

"Very good, sir. Good afternoon." the man said, Lucas and Josh thanking him, the man climbing back into the limo, the two watching him drive away.

"Home sweet home, my angel. Let me give you the grand tour."

Lucas had smiled, the two men walking with their bags up the front steps, walking onto a stone veranda, Lucas taking in everything.

Josh had unlocked the front glass doors, their opaque crystal glass hiding a good view of the entrance within.

"Welcome to my heaven, Lucas." Josh smiled, opening the door, letting Lucas walk in first.

Lucas smiled, walking into his Joshua's home.

Lucas stopped in the foyer, taking in the quaint beauty of the front entrance.

A spiral staircase stood across from him, its steps rising to the second floor, the walls surrounding him covered in soft beige tones.

The floor before him was marble, its brightness shining before him.

"It's a palace, my prince."
Josh smiled, closing the door behind him, his arms going around Lucas' waist, his chin resting on Lucas' shoulder.

"A little gaudy to begin with, but it is beautiful."
"Yes it is. I love the marble accents." Lucas said, looking at several small marble tables and statues.

"Come with me, my love. Let me walk you through my life."
Lucas smiled, Josh taking his hand, the two crossing the marble floor, Josh leading Lucas to the right of the staircase, the room opening up into a large living room, two steps bringing them down to its lower level.

Several coffee-color leather couches were surrounding a large fireplace, their beauty matching the earthy decor represented in the room.

"So cozy, my love. Like a Spanish villa in Spain. The leather adds to the homey atmosphere."
Josh smiled, hearing the happiness and love in Lucas' voice for his home.

Lucas took in all the paintings and accents, his eyes glancing towards a large black grand piano in one corner of the room.

"I spend a lot of time in here in the evenings, playing on that piano."

Lucas smiled, his arm going around Josh.

"I'll lay on that chaise lounge by it and listen to your love."
Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Lead on, my hot sexy tour guide. I want to see the life of JC Chasez. I can't wait to see his bedroom. I'm sure he's a closeted clothes whore!"

Josh smiled, and then laughed.

"I'm no Justin Timberlake, but I do love fashion."

Lucas laughed, the two walking out of the living room through another arched doorway, Josh walking Lucas into the surprisingly large kitchen.

Lucas had smiled, seeing the small table in the kitchen's center, it surrounded by gleaming stainless steel appliances, the kitchen bright and well organized.

"It'll take me a while to find your organizational method, but this room will become my own. I have to keep my man well fed."
Josh smiled, his arm around his lover now.

"Make it your own, my angel. Change anything you like."

"No, Josh. I'm sure your tastes will reflect mine."

Josh had smiled, the man leading Lucas through a set of patio doors on one side of the kitchen, the two men walking out into the backyard.

Lucas eyes took in all the stone and marble beauty of the surrounding area.

A large marble pool was central to the yard, a stone patio laying beneath their feet, Lucas smiling at the openness of the patio and the short distance to the beautiful pool.

To the pool's right were cabanas for changing, to its left a large screened gazebo.

Behind the pool was a large open grassy yard, Lucas estimating it big enough for a garden party or a friendly family football game.

"It's beautiful, Beamy. It could house all of our families for some wonderful parties."

Josh smiled, his arms going around his lover again.

"My thinking exactly. Maybe even one day a wedding party."

Lucas turned, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Yeah, Trish and Andrew could get married out here."

Josh smiled, slapping Lucas's butt, the young man smiling.

"I think you know I was talking about us."
"Why, Mr. Chasez! You walk me into your home and now you're fixing to add me to it? Why, sir, I am so innocent, so refined. You take too many liberties, good sir." Lucas said, batting his eyelashes.

Josh burst into laughter, Lucas joining him.

"If you think I'm being forward now, wait till I show you my den of lust."

Lucas laughed, taking Josh's hand in his.

"Lead on again, kind sir."

Josh smiled, the two walking into the house again.


Josh stood in the bedroom's doorway, quietly watching Lucas walk through his bedroom.

Lucas had walked into the room, taking in all its beauty, the blueness of the room overwhelming him.

The walls were painted a soft robin egg blue, the decor a deep rich navy to accent it.

The bed was king size, a blue velvet bedspread covering it, many plush pillows on top of it.

A blue velvet couch and two chairs surrounded a stone fireplace in one corner, Lucas smiling at its coziness.

A corner of solitude and romance.

A large television was embedded in one wall, shelves below it filled with electronic devices and DVDs.

"I like to watch TV in bed, it helps me get to sleep." Josh had said, Lucas smiling back at him.

The young man had walked into the large bathroom, taking in the marbled beauty of the walk-in shower and the large Jacuzzi in one corner.

He'd walked back out, crossing the bedroom, walking out onto the large balcony, Lucas' eyes scanning its length, the balcony divided into three separate balconies, stretching across the back of the house, looking down onto the backyard.

Josh walked out beside Lucas, the young man smiling at him, sitting down on a wicker settee in the balcony's corner, Josh joining him.

Josh had shown Lucas all of the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, the young man lost in their beauty and hominess.

"It's all so beautiful, Josh. I already feel at home."

Josh smiled, kissing his lover's lips.

"You can change any or all of it, Lucas. I want you to feel this is your home. Our home."
Lucas smiled at him.

"I know you felt this room here was a bit too blue. You can change it."

"Blue is your favourite colour, my Joshua. I found this room an extension of yourself. I wouldn't change it or you for anything. I feel I'm home, Joshua. Does that feel strange to you? It's. . .it's as if I'm right where I'm supposed to be."
Josh smiled widely, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Really, Lucky?"

"Yes, Beamy. Really. I think this place is indeed going to be our heaven. An escape for both of us from the threatening realities of the world. Our nirvana, our Utopia."

Josh smiled, lost in Lucas' beautiful words.

The young man smiled, standing up, looking down at Josh, the young man pulling his polo shirt over his head, Josh taking in his man's beautiful, muscular chest.

"Right now I need to shower off the tiredness of our journey. And I need my man to wash my back."
Josh smiled widely, Lucas winking at him, the young man walking back into the bedroom, Josh and their shedding clothes following him behind.


Lucas smiled, the young man floating on the pool's calm surface.

It was the next day, Lucas instantly becoming relaxed in this shelter of paradise.

He and Josh had dined on take-out last night, Lucas indeed laying on the chaise listening to his lover's beautiful music filling the living room after dinner.

They'd walked around the house, securing it for the night together, Lucas seeing the rest of the downstairs beauty.

A private office was off the kitchen, it connected to a well-outfitted recording studio.

Josh's inner sanctum for his gifted music.

Lucas had taken in all the awards and trophies on the room's walls and shelves, Josh more focused on showing Lucas his recording studio.

"A haven of musical wonder, my pet. I believe you'll create some beautiful music here, if you already haven't." Lucas had said, Josh smiling at him, kissing his lips.

"You too, my love. You are welcomed to use all of it."
Lucas had smiled, wrapping his arms around his man.

"And you are most welcome to inspire me, and help me. I'd love to do some collaborations with you. Musically and sensually." Lucas had said, his hands coming to rest on Josh's tight clothed backside.

Their lips had met, Lucas pushing Josh up against the wall between two framed gold record albums.

"Mmmm, I'll have to bring you into this room often if a recording studio gets you hot and bothered."

Lucas smiled, his lips kissing Josh's neck.

"It's not the room, my love. It's the man in my arms and his echoing love." Lucas had said, the young man pushing Josh up against him, Josh feeling his man's hidden desires.

"Oh, Lucas! You. . .you're on fire."

"Then let's not waste it. Let's go to bed, Beamy. I want to come to Los Angeles in every way."

Josh had teared up with laughter, the young man guiding him out of the studio, walking him through the house, upstairs to their new haven of love.

Lucas smiled, remembering last night's ending passion.

His Beamy still lay asleep upstairs, Lucas having left him covered in white sheets, his smooth body the last vision of love Lucas had gazed upon.

Lucas had eaten a couple of apples for a late breakfast, Josh's refrigerator in need of stocking, that on his list to do today.

It was now after eleven, Lucas letting Josh sleep in late, knowing the tiredness of their flight and the time change.

Lucas felt the tiredness himself, the young man sleeping for only about six hours.

But the morning sun's rays had awoken him, the young man exploring his new home again by himself.

He'd smiled at all of Josh's personal touches in all the decor of the home, Lucas seeing nothing that needed changing.

To him, this was an extension of his man's beauty, Lucas finding nothing he didn't love about the man or his home.

He sighed, taking in the wetness surrounding him, the young man smiling.

Water had always held a soothing calmness for him, as waterfalls had already shown.

His violet eyes moved, catching a movement before him.

The patio's doors opened, Lucas smiling at the vision walking out of the house.

Josh wore only a pair of bathing trunks, his bronzed smooth body gleaming in the midday sunshine.

Josh walked across the patio, his muscled legs and chest moving like a sculptured vision of artistic grace.

Lucas felt his center stirring, the bikini swimsuit he wore filling to its breaking point.

Josh's gleaming teeth sparkled in the sunshine as the sculpted vision before Lucas rushed across the pool's marbled tiles, the man diving straight towards Lucas.

Josh hit the water about four feet in front of Lucas, the splash knocking Lucas off his pool chair, the man sinking into the pool's warm waters.

Lucas felt two arms going around him, as well as two legs wrapping around his waist, the young man surging upwards through the crystal clear water. As Lucas was breaking the surface, two lips attached to his, the young man holding a vision of wet beauty in his arms.

Lucas swam in the water, keeping both of them afloat, Josh's lips leaving his, Lucas lost in the love he felt dripping from the man.

"Good morning, my Lucky. You let me sleep in?"

"My man needed his beauty sleep. Damn, he's even more beautiful wet!"

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again in a more tender kiss.

"Mmmm, I missed you in my arms when I awoke." Josh said, Lucas feeling the man tighten his hold on him, Lucas feeling the smoothness of Josh's body against his in the water.

"Sorry, my love. You know when I wake up I have to get moving. No laying in bed like a starlet all day."

Josh softly blushed, Lucas kissing him again, washing away Josh's embarrassment.

"My man was tired with jetlag. End of story. I'll always look after you, Beamy."

Josh smiled, his man making him feel so loved.

"I can't believe you're here with me, Lucky. And I have you to myself all week."

Lucas smiled, the man slowly swimming them towards the pool's edge.

"Yep, believe it. Joshua Chasez's bagged his first angel."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas's neck.

"My first and only angel."

Lucas smiled, the man's hand touching the pool's marbled steps under the water.

"Okay, sexy. I need to get out of this water and I need to feed my man."

Josh smiled, Lucas wrapping his arms around his Josh, the younger man beginning to walk up the underwater steps, carrying Josh in his arms.

"I'll feed you, Joshy. But man, you need to go on a diet!"

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him, carrying him over to a chaise lounge chair, depositing his man on it.

Josh smiled, Lucas snuggling against him in the lounge chair.

"More of me to love, my angel."
"And last night I loved all of you."

Josh smiled, remembering Lucas' passion and tenderness.

"Don't I know it. I'm still filled with your love."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips lightly.

"Right now I think we need to get dressed and hit the road, Josh. There's not much sustenance to nourish our stomachs. The fridge is bare."

Josh nodded, snuggling against his wet lover.

"Isn't this wonderful, Luke? You and I settling in together. Going food shopping, relaxing at home."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's wet shoulder, seeing the matted wet hair under his armpit.

"Damn near fantastic. Just like the man in my arms. How about a little sun-filled passion before we hit the streets?"

Josh smiled, feeling Lucas' left hand going under the leg opening on his trunks, the man's fingers caressing Josh's balls.

"Oh, Lucky! Haven't you had enough?"

"Never, my wet popsicle. I need to taste your treat." Lucas said, the man's hand moving, both now attaching to Josh's trunks, beginning to move them downward, Josh looking around.

"We're. . .we're in the open, my angel!" Josh said, Lucas smiling at the man's usual caring vanity.

"Shed the nerves, my beauty. We're alone in our home. I'm going to ravish you wherever and whenever I want. So get used to my needs and my wants. I aim to taste JC Chasez often."

Josh smiled, the man gasping when he felt Lucas' hand wrapping around his rising hardness.

"Oh, Lucas!" he gasped, Lucas's head lowering, the young man taking all of Josh's hardness into his mouth, Josh gasping with moaning need.

"Oh, Lucas that's fantastic! Oh God, you love that don't you?!"

Lucas nodded, the man's attention on the warmth filling his mouth.

He'd never hungered for anything the way he hungered for Josh's beautiful center.

It held a taste that was an elixir of life for Lucas.

Its smoothness and warmth, yet hardness and length fed Lucas' soul.

Josh lay back, the young man of his heart taking care of his innermost needs.

Josh felt the intensity of his passion growing, knowing it wouldn't be long, Lucas' talented mouth sending him on a crescendo of ecstasy.

"Oh, God! I'm. . .I'm close Lucky!"

Lucas smiled, the young man pulling up, releasing Josh's hardness, the head slapping against Josh's abs, the man moaning his disapproval.

Lucas smiled down at his man, rising to his feet, his well-filled black bikini briefs falling from his legs, Josh staring at his man's beautiful body.

Lucas straddled the lounge chair, Josh sensing what he had planned.

Lucas gasped as he guided Josh's hardened center towards his own central need.

Josh gasped himself when he felt Lucas sinking down on his center, his shaft disappearing into the young man.

"Oh God, Josh! That feels amazing." Lucas said, the young man beginning a rising and lowering rhythm, Lucas gasping at every downward thrust, Josh raising his ass to meet him.

"Oh, babe! You're on fire!" Josh moaned, his hand wrapping around Lucas' hard shaft, its cut head dripping precum, Josh stroking him.

Lucas leaned forward, their lips meeting, both men opening their mouths, their tongues tasting each other, the kiss steeped in desire, Lucas continuing his needs.

Josh felt the edge letting go, and Lucas' center pulsing in his hand.

Within moments Josh exploded deep inside Lucas, the young man's hardness erupting almost simultaneously with Josh, his thick fluid coating Josh's smooth tight chest.

Lucas collapsed forward, Josh's arms wrapping around his man's back, their lips moving, both gasping as they clung to each other.

"The best yet, Lucky. You are so amazing."
Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing Josh's chest, the young man bringing them to Josh's mouth, the man licking the residue off his beautiful fingers.

"That'll hold me till I get some real food." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, their lips meeting again, the kiss more tender and emotion-filled.

"Let's hit the showers, Joshy. I need to make my man happy."

Josh smiled, the two men climbing out of the lounge chair, joining hands and walking towards the house, their souls contented with satisfied passion.


Josh smiled, watching Lucas selecting vegetables at the food counter.

They'd stopped and had lunch at a small local restaurant Josh had visited before, the staff welcoming both men with smiles.

They'd enjoyed a wonderful lunch together, the two settling into their happiness with each other.

Here now they were in a supermarket, Lucas pushing around a cart almost filled with necessities.

Josh had marvelled at how the young man knew what Josh liked, the two almost identical in their tastes and likes for food.

Lucas had selected lots of vegetables, pasta and lean meats, both men talking over their selections, meals decided upon.

Josh had vocalized his decision that he was cooking supper tonight, Lucas giving into his wishes with happiness.

"You've cooked for me all week, Luke. It's my turn to show you my skills."

Lucas had nodded, Josh selecting two lean steaks, a barbecue planned.

They were walking together, smiling and selecting things when Josh spotted someone he knew.

"Let's go down the next aisle, Luke. We need seasonings." he said, beginning to turn the cart around, Lucas staring at him.

"Josh!" a voice shouted, Lucas looking in its direction, Josh muttering under his breath.

A man was heading towards them, carrying a basket, a few things showing in it.

"It is you, Joshy!" the man said, Josh staring at the man, Lucas' violet eyes staring at him as well, the young man looking familiar.

Josh sighed as the man walked up to them, the man smiling widely.

"Hello, Zac." Josh said, his voice rather nervous-sounding.

"How goes it, Chasez? It's been a while. I just got back from New York and I forgot to look you up there." the man said, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"And who's this?" he said, his smile widening, his hand extending.

"Zac, this is Lucas. Lucas, this is Zac Efron. I think you might know him."
"Yes, I have seen a couple of your movies, Mr. Efron. Hello, my name is Lucas Carver. I'm a friend of Josh's." Lucas said, smiling at the young man.

"Ah, cool. I've heard of you. Justin's new singing protégé. A new band he found in England."

"Actually, I'm Welsh." Lucas said, Zac staring into his violet eyes, the young man scanning every inch of Lucas' t-shirt covered torso and jean covered legs.

"I never realized Wales created such fine specimens." Zac smiled, the young man staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

Josh stared at Zac, his blue eyes focused with intensity.

"We're just shopping for some staples. Lucas is staying at my place for a few days."

"Excellent. Maybe I'll come over later and join the fun." Zac said, his million dollar smile directed at Josh.

"No thanks, Zac. We've voiced our opinions already on that." Josh said, his voice rather curt.

"Water under the bridge, Josh. I've grown since then. I'd love to show you how much." Zac said, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"We're busy all week, Zac. Come on, Luke. We have most everything." Josh said, beginning to move the cart, Lucas looking at him, then at Zac.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Efron." Lucas smiled, Zac smiling at him.

"It's Zac, Lucas. Here's my card. Maybe one night after the old man goes to bed we could have some fun?" Zac said, pressing a card into Lucas' hand.

Lucas looked surprised.

"Since you're new to L.A. I could show you a lot of fun. I've been known to be the best."

Lucas nodded, the man leaning forward, his lips going up to Lucas' ear.

"Just ask Josh, Lucas. He's well acquainted with my skills."

Lucas looked surprised, the young man moving, walking after Josh, Zac staring after him, his blue eyes latched onto Lucas' firm muscled backside.

Very nice indeed.

You were right, Adam.

And I think I'll taste him before you.

Now just to get Joshy on side.

Or out of the picture for a few hours.

The young man smiled, walking back down the aisle from where he'd come from.


Lucas stared at Josh, the man behind the wheel of his Miata convertible, heading towards home.

They'd left the supermarket, the trunk filled with groceries, Lucas sensing the quietness in Josh's demeanor.

"I take it you and Zac are old acquaintances? The man's young but very arrogant."

Josh looked towards Lucas, Lucas smiling at him with his usual love.

Lucas' hand went into Josh's, the man squeezing it.

"The past always walks across our hearts. The present is in our souls." Lucas said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"We had a brief affair, Lucas. It was brief and meaningless. I was vulnerable after Bryce left. I. . .I. . ."

"You sought out love where you could find it. The only sadness was that it was only sex. Love eluded you."
Josh nodded, Lucas leaning over and kissing his cheek.
"Thanks for being truthful, my love."

"He's indeed arrogant, Lucas. The man's slept with half of Hollywood and more."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"I got that vibe from him. He was undressing my with his eyes. Thank God I put briefs on."
Josh stared at him, the two breaking into laughter.

"It's a shame but he can only look but can't touch. I don't like drooling sluts."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling his Josh smile.

"I think I need to tell you all of my past, Lucas. I can't hold secrets from you. You'll meet all of my former trysts eventually."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek again, the man staring at him.

"I'm hoping the past can't hold a candle to me, Joshua. I'll try to make them all distant memories. My passion will feed your soul."

Josh smiled, Lucas winking.

"But first my man has to feed my tummy. Bring on those steaks!"

Josh chuckled, the two holding hands, Josh looking back in the car's rear view mirror.

Stay away from us, Zac.

And keep your friends away, too.

He's mine and I'll fight all of you for him.

Josh smiled, Lucas holding his own thoughts.


Josh smiled, his fingers brushing against the piano keys, a large smile meeting his eyes a few feet from him.

Lucas lay on the chaise lounge across from the piano, listening to Josh's playing melody.

Their eyes met often, both men smiling at each other.

Josh ended the song, Lucas lightly clapping, the man moving from the piano bench, joining Lucas on the chaise, Lucas moving to make room for him, his head going against Josh's clothed chest.

"That was beautiful, Beamy. Brahms Lullaby. I almost fell asleep." Lucas said, softly yawning, Josh smiling and kissing his forehead.

"Thank you, Lucky."

"No, thank you, Joshua. For the music, the wonderful supper and the enriching dessert of your love."

Josh smiled, the two having cuddled and necked on the patio after supper, no hidden lust in their closeness.

Both men felt loved and happy.

Here now they lay together, the day dwindling down.

"I love you, Joshua." Lucas said, his fingers rubbing against the leather necklace Josh wore, a silver arrowhead at its end.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas' head raised, their eyes meeting with love.

"We need to talk, my love. I promised you the truth of my past."
"It's alright, Josh. We talked of this."

"No, Lucas. I want to be totally open with you."

Lucas nodded, the young man sitting up, Josh rising as well, Lucas' arms going around him.

"Then unload your soul, my Beamy. Let the past go."
Josh smiled, hearing the love and calmness in Lucas' voice.

Josh began to talk, telling Lucas of all his past relationships.

From Justin to Bryce, Zac and others littering the path of Josh's past.

Lucas' eyes widened on several occasions, famous names entering Josh's words.

For over an hour Josh told Lucas everything.

"That's a long path of need and searching, Joshua."
"I'm sorry, Lucas. I know it's been a long and erroneous path I've walked. I'm nothing if not a flirtatious man. And I guess an easy mark."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"You are no such thing, my love. You gave your love and heart to many, that showing the openness of your heart. You were searching for happiness, and yes, love. I don't ever think it was just sex you were seeking. You forget that I've been with you. You are not--nor ever will be--a sex addict. Every moment with you has only ever been lovemaking."

Josh smiled, tears showing in his eyes.

"Thank you, Lucas. For not. . .for not judging me."

"I have judged you, Joshua. I've reached a verdict." Lucas said, taking the man's hands in his, their eyes meeting.

"I find you guilty of loving too much. Of wanting too much love."

Josh's tears were visible now, Lucas smiling at him.

Josh began to cry, Lucas pulling him into his arms.

"Silence in the court. Is the defendant throwing himself at the judge?"

Josh laughed through the tears, his head moving, their eyes meeting.

"Can I get off for good behaviour?"

"Oh, you'll get off. Here comes the judge! Here comes the judge!" Lucas grinned, Josh pulling him forward, the two locking in a deep kiss of love.

They kissed deeply, their lips feeling the wetness of their love.

Josh pulled back, Lucas staring at him with total love.

"I sentence you to a lifetime of total love. My total love."

"You can bang the gavel anytime. I'll accept the sentence with love."

Lucas smiled, his fingers pulling Josh forward to him by his leather necklace.

"I'd sooner bang the defendant."

Josh smiled, pushing Lucas backwards, Josh now on top of him on the chaise, both men feeling their growing hardness.

"Let's try out that Jacuzzi. My man covered in bubbly water would be so hot!" Lucas said, Josh grinning.

"I love you, Lucas. I will always be the prisoner of your love."

Lucas smiled, Josh standing up, extending a hand to Lucas, the young man taking it.

"I love you too, Joshua."

Josh smiled, his soul free of doubts and hidden past memories.

He walked up the staircase with his love, and with the man of his imprisoned heart.



New York City


Lance Bass opened the door of his condo, two blue eyes staring back at him.

"What do you want, Lance? I thought you were done with me?" the man said, Lance stepping aside, the man shrugging his shoulders, walking into Lance's condo.

"We need to talk, Adam."

Adam Levine looked around the room, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"I thought you said enough the last time we met. And you did enough. You came between me and my fun."

Lance closed the door behind him, leaning against it, Adam glancing over his tight body.

"You hungering for some more of me, Bass? Is that why I'm here?"

Lance stared at him, Adam seeing no emotion in his green steely eyes.

"Don't flatter yourself, Adam. You're not as wild as you think you are."
Adam grinned, smiling at Lance.

"Oh, I don't know about that. Just ask your friend, Justin. I was the first to have him that night. And believe me it wasn't the first night." Adam said, the man sitting down on the couch in Lance's living room.

"I know, Adam. Justin told me all about his past life."
"It's not past, Lance. I know the man's going to be after me again. He's always had the look in his eyes. You had it once, too. Now I see it's gone. Lancy Pancy has gotten high and mighty. Too bad. You were always an insatiable bottom." Adam said, the man spreading his legs, extending his crotch in a lewd way.

"You can cross those legs, Levine. Been there, done that."

Adam sneered, the man crossing his legs, staring at Lance.

"So what do you want, Lance? I'm a busy man. Hearts to break, asses to take." Adam smiled, Lance walking past him, sitting down in a wing chair by the couch, staring at Adam.

"I've asked you here to talk. And to deliver an ultimatum."

"You threatening me, Bass?"
"No Adam. I'm warning you."

Adam stared at Lance.

"Warning me? With what and about what?"

"I want you to stay away from Justin. And Josh, and especially Lucas."

Adam smiled at Lance.

"Ah, I see. Is the great Lance Bass smitten? Are you after Lucas as well?"

"As well?"
Adam smiled again, moving towards Lance on the couch, stopping a few feet in front of him.

"Come on, Lance. That man's nothing if not unbelievably beautiful. You can't tell me you haven't thought about fucking him? Or being fucked by him? I'm sure Josh must be in heaven."

Lance' s eyes darkened, staring at Adam.

"I am not in love with Lucas. He, Josh and Justin are my friends. I'm warning you to stay away from all three of them."

Adam sat back, smiling at Lance.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I can't do that. I've had Justin and Josh. I want Lucas now. You know for me it's all about the conquest. You found that out a long time ago."
Lance nodded, staring at the man.

"How well I found that out, Adam. You've been nothing but an arrogant, rude, crude asshole. It took me forever to realize that. And today I'm going to put a stop to it."

Adam's eyes darkened, staring at Lance.

"Don't threaten me, Bass. I could make your life a living hell."

"Don't threaten me, Levine. I'm just about to do that to you."

Lance moved forward, picking up the remote off the coffee table in front of Adam.

"If you won't heed my warning, then I'm going to give you some warranted advice. Walk away from all three of them. Justin doesn't want you anymore, his last time with you hurtful and degrading. I'll never let you do that to him again."

Adam smiled, folding his arms.

"He loved it, as I'm sure you loved taking him after as well. You know he's a total bottom bitch. I and my friends were just beginning to train him well."
"The training's over. Justin failed the course. He has too much love in his heart for that lifestyle."

"I guess that makes you a heartless bastard. Because we all trained you very well, slut."
Lance's eyes furrowed, Adam's hateful words sinking into his soul.

"Yes, you did. And I've hated you since that first day for it. I was never anything but a play toy for all of you. And today it stops."

Adam smiled, staring into Lance's green determined eyes.

"Fat chance, Bass. Usher was telling me he wants your white ass again. And he's coming to get it."

Lance stared at Adam.

"I have something that might change his mind." Lance said, raising the remote.

"You made one foolish mistake the last time you played with me, Adam. You played with me here." Lance said, flicking on the television, the DVD player starting.

Adam's eyes stared at Lance for a moment, then turned to the television set.

The screen came to life, Adam staring with surprise at his own face, and his own naked body, his tattooed frame on top of Lance on the screen.

Surrounding them was Usher, Zac Efron, Nick Carter, and several other famous faces.

"You made the mistake of gangbanging me in my own bedroom. And I made the decision beforehand to tape it, for just such a moment as right now."
Adam stared in shock, his eyes taking in the surrounding debauchery, he being the center of a lot of it.

"As you can see, I had the tape edited, my own face showing nowhere. But sitting pretty and foolishly in the center of all of it is yourself and your horny friends." Lance said, shutting off the television.

"So this is my offer, Adam. Inform all of them of what I have. And I want all of you to walk away from my friends. Your crudeness and debauchery isn't welcomed by any of us. That goes for you and your friends. All of them."

Adam stared at Lance with shock and worry.

"You. . .you wouldn't dare release that tape!" he said, Lance staring at him with determination.

"Try me, Levine. For my friends and their happiness I'll risk it all."

Adam looked worried, standing up, staring down at Lance.

"I have other copies, you can take that one if you like. I'm sure your friends would love to watch a nice family movie." Lance said, aiming the remote at the DVD player, the player opening, Lance rising from his seat, walking up to it and pulling out the DVD, putting it into a plastic cover, walking over to a still unmoved Adam.

"Take it and get out. I want you to inform them all. I'll give you a week. And then I go to a friend of mine in the media."

Adam's face darkened.

"You are a bastard, Bass! A smug, arrogant, self-righteous bastard! Bass the Basstard!"

"Call me what you want. I know I've got a heart of goodness in me. I only made one mistake in my life. And that was meeting you."

Adam stared at Lance, staring into his green determined eyes.

"Alright, Bass. I'll do what you ask. And I'm sure they'll unanimously give into your demands."

Lance nodded, handing Adam the DVD, Adam taking it.

"Get out of my house, and get out of my life, Adam."

Adam stared at Lance, setting the DVD down on the table.

"I will, Lance. But first I have to give you a parting gift." Adam said, the man lunging at Lance, Lance caught off-guard.

Adam's fist hit Lance squarely in the face.

Lance fell backwards, the slim singer falling on top of him, the man's hands balling into fists.

"You've won this round, Bass. But I'm taking a pound of flesh for the defeat!" Adam said, the man hitting and slapping Lance, Lance trying to fight him, the man feeling Adam's hands all over his body.

"A parting gift, slut!" Adam said, wrestling with his and Lance's pants, Lance trying to gain his bearings.

"Stop, Adam! Please!"

"You love it, Lance! And give me this or I'll tell Justin how much!" Adam said, Lance seeing the man's threatening eyes.

Lance stopped struggling, his past overflowing his soul, the man giving in as he'd always had.

The final price he'd have to pay for his friends' freedom and happiness.

Adam ripped open Lance's pants, the man moving his legs up, their eyes meeting, Lance seeing controlling hatred in Adam's eyes.

"Once a slut, always a slut, Lance!" Adam said, Lance gasping as he felt a hardness sinking into his naked center.

"Relax, Bass. You've found your true calling! That mouth's found its too." Adam said, laughing, his lips meeting Lance's.

Lance remained still, giving in as he'd always had.

In his mind one face came into view.

One face of beauty and revealing need.

I love you, Justin.
For your happiness, for your happiness alone!



End of Chapter 32


And so Lance has revealed the truth of his heart.

His once love for Lucas has given way to a greater love.

Our green-eyed beauty is in love with Justin.


How will Justin's new happiness with Sheridan work on Lance's heart?

Lance just gave the greatest sacrifice to curtail Adam's anger at Lance's threats.

Will Adam abide by Lance's warning?


I've written the newness of Josh and Lucas' newfound happiness.

A home beginning with love.

Will it always be that?

Is Zac Efron a new threat for them?


Onward the path widens and love echoes along its corridors.


Hugs, Angel.