Yesterday's End-34

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 34


Los Angeles


Josh smiled, feeling the lips kissing his neck, the man's toned smooth chest warming in the late day sun.

"You'll burn out here, my love." Lucas said, the older man smiling up at his lover's smooth tanned face when Lucas raised his head.

"Your love and beauty will shade my skin, angel. Lay on top of me, my love." Josh said, his eyes seeing the sun lower in the sky now.

Lucas smiled, not moving, sitting on the lounge chair with Josh, his man's trunks-covered smooth body sprawled across it.

"Sorry, my love. I kind of dozed off." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling down at him.

"No problem, Josh. I've sat here for ten minutes just staring at your beauty. Go back to sleep."

Josh laughed, smiling at him.

"I don't think I should. Someone might molest me in my sleep."

Lucas smiled, his fingers gently going to Josh's smooth chest, attaching to his left nipple.

"I'd never do that, Joshua. I like my Beamy awake and moving."

Josh smiled, Lucas' lips meeting his.

The two kissed, no true hidden sexual agenda in their touch, their love enough.

"Isn't this the best, Lucky? You and me alone and in love."
"The best, Joshua. The very best. I could get so used to you being with me all the time as a second skin. My own personal angel against me."

Josh smiled, Lucas patting his chest.

"Right now we have no time for hijinks. My hot sexy angel needs to get showered. Our guests will be arriving in an hour or so." Lucas smiled, standing up.

Josh smiled, rising out of the lounge chair, smiling at his lover.

Lucas' eyes gazed over Josh's smooth tight body, a large tent showing in his navy blue swim trunks.

"Care to wash my back?" Josh said, Lucas's eyes meeting his blue seductive eyes.

"And keep our company waiting for hours? Your friends would skin me alive."

Josh sighed, their lips meeting again, Lucas' hand resting on Josh's backside.

"Besides, we've been in the shower twice today. My ass is wrinkled and prunish."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Later tonight in the pool, lover. I want a midnight dip with a naked beauty."

"Justin's in New York."

Lucas laughed, slapping Josh's ass.

"Then I'll settle for his best friend. Besides, Chasez's packing more!"

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again.

"I hope it's enough for you?'

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Josh's enlarged center.

"More that enough, Rod God. Downright fantastic!"

Josh beamed, Lucas smiling.

"My Beamy's radiating. Hit the showers, my love. And wear something sexy for me."

Josh smiled, taking Lucas' hand in his, the two walking into the house.


Josh walked into the kitchen fifteen minutes later, Lucas staring at him.

"Sexy indeed! Oh, baby!" he smiled, Josh posing in the kitchen doorway.

Josh wore a pair of black chinos, a black silk polo shirt covering his muscular torso.

"Black is your color, my tanned angel." Lucas said, Josh smiling and walking up to him, looking over the pots on top of the stove Lucas was standing beside.

"You're getting a deep tan as well, Lucky. An all-over tan, thanks to those bikinis you wear." Josh smiled, eyeing Lucas' tanned biceps and face.

"My ass is still white. Maybe I should start sunbathing nude."

"Nah, I'd get no work done then." Josh said, his arms going around his lover, Lucas smiling at his lover's warmth.

"Can you look after the simmering pots, my love? My turn to hit the showers and get dressed."

Josh moved his body more against Lucas.

"Sure my love. But we could have saved water."

Lucas smiled, pushing back against his man, feeling Josh's desires.

"Calmness my love. We've had fun all day."

"I can't get enough of your fun, sexy. I think the sun adds to our libidos."

"I think it's the lesser clothes, horndog."

Josh laughed, Lucas turning and kissing his lips tenderly.

"Our first dinner engagement, my love. I'm so excited. And new friends to meet as well."

"They'll love you, Luke."

Lucas smiled, handing Josh a wooden spoon.

"Stir the food like you stir my desires, my beauty."

"Then I'll add a little creamy flavour to it."

Lucas laughed, patting Josh's clothed center, Josh softly moaning.

"Keep that for my dessert later. Creme de Chasez is best served as a rich midnight snack."

Josh smiled with desire, Lucas lightly kissing his lips again.

"Back within a shake of a dog's tail or your wagging hard tail, love."

Josh chuckled, sighing with love as he watched his lover disappear out of the kitchen.


Lucas showered quickly, walking into his bedroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

He looked into the large mirror attached to the dresser, his eyes going over his smooth chest.

The stone necklace hung between his pecs, the man staring at his darkened skin.

The warm California sunshine had indeed tanned his torso, Lucas smiling at himself.

His Josh's eyes always drew to his chest, Lucas happy that in some way his muscled beauty filled Josh's heart with happiness.

And desire.

Josh's body did the same to him.

His tanned muscled beauty lit a flame of never-ending desire within him.

There wasn't an inch of Josh's smooth body that Lucas hadn't discovered and loved.

And its nakedness always recharged the desire within him.

Lucas smiled, feeling his own center rising.

He shucked the towel, walking into the closet, pulling out his attire for the evening.

He picked out a pair of white satin boxer briefs, slipping them over his muscled legs, his softening center disappearing under them, Lucas loving the feeling of satin on his center.

And he knew Josh loved seeing him in them.

A little hidden treasure for later tonight.

Lucas quickly dressed, a white satin shirt covering his toned chest, white chinos covering his muscled legs and ass.

He smiled, staring into the mirror, taking in his looks.

He sighed, never seeing anything that amazing reflecting back at him, only his unsure self.

Lucas knew that everyone stared at him, some hidden beauty revealed for all of them.

He'd just never seen it totally himself.

He'd been surprised at how often he caught Josh staring at him.

His eyes had always sparkled and his smile had always increased, Lucas sensing Josh found him unbelievably handsome.

That look always fed the fire within his heart, his desires increasing for the stunningly beautiful older man.

Joshua Chasez loved all of him.

And Lucas loved the man even more.

Lucas smiled, slipping on a pair of white socks and then white loafers.

He walked out of the bedroom, returning to his love.


Josh's blue eyes met his as he walked into the kitchen, Josh's eyes then scanning all over his white attire.

"Screw my friends! I'm cancelling! I'm playing with a white angel all night!"

Lucas smiled, walking up to the stove, Josh's arms wrapping around him.

"Calmness, my Beamy. This white angel is all yours later. And I'm going to ride a black stallion."

Josh beamed, handing Lucas the wooden spoon.

"Everything's ready and delicious, my love." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"You'll spoil your appetite, Joshy."

"I'll leave room for your love, sport." Josh smiled, kissing his neck.

"Oh, I'm a sport now?"

"Well you are a physical challenge, so yeah." Josh smirked, Lucas smiling at him.

"You score easily, and you know that. Especially between the goal posts."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at his happiness, himself a big part of it.

"So, your friends will be here shortly." Lucas said softly, covering the pots on the stove, reducing their heat to simmering.

Josh smiled, his arms going around him.

"Relax, Lucas. They'll love you. They'll be happy for me as well."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Well that's a given. I'm so adorable!"

Josh laughed, kissing his cheek.

"Damn right you are!"

Lucas smiled, the telephone ringing.

"That'll be them. I'll let them through the gate." Josh said, answering the phone, talking for a moment, then hitting buttons.

"They're here, lover." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, wiping his hands on a tea towel hanging from the oven handle.

Lucas had basically commandeered the kitchen, his taste showing in all its new decor.

Josh took his hand in his, their eyes meeting.

"Decorum first. I understand that, Joshua."
Josh nodded, kissing his lips.

"But not for long, Lucas. I'll show my love for you quickly to both of them."

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing him again.

"Take his humour with grace, Lucas. He's a nice guy, besides that."

Lucas smiled, looking forward to meeting the man and his friend.

"Cool. Another Finny."

Josh smiled, the two men walking down the hallway towards the front door.


Josh opened the front door, two faces smiling back at him.

"Joshy! It's been too long!" one man said, the man rushing forward, hugging Josh tightly.

The man pushed Josh backwards, Josh losing his footing, the two men tumbling into the house.

Lucas stood inside the doorway, staring down with surprise at the two hugging on the marble floor.

"Buy me dinner first, Chris! And lose some weight!!" Josh laughed, the man on top of him smiling widely.

"You'd be so lucky, Josh! I ain't one of your hired gigolos!" Chris Kirkpatrick laughed, the man climbing off Josh's chest.

Chris smiled, getting to his feet, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

Chris stared at him with surprise, Lucas softly blushing.

"And who's this?" he said, Josh smiling as he regained his feet.

"I believe this is Justin's new protégé, Chris?"

Lucas' eyes turned, staring into two pools of liquid blue, the other man on the front porch having spoken.

Chris Pine smiled at Lucas, the man extending his hand.

"Hello, Lucas. I've been following your career since Chris told me Justin had signed you. The photos don't do you justice." the man said, smiling at him.

Lucas blushed and smiled, staring into the man's handsome face as they shook hands.

"And I know well your career, Mr. Pine. I'm a big Star Trek fan." Lucas said, smiling widely, Josh smiling at Chris as well, watching the two men smiling at each other.

"Hi, Piney. How are you doing?" Josh said, the man smiling back at him, Josh moving forward and hugging him tightly, Lucas smiling at both of them, his eyes looking towards Chris Kirkpatrick, the man smiling at him.

Chris moved forward, hugging Lucas tightly, Lucas surprised but remaining still.

"Josh and Piney are old friends. There's a good story behind that as well." Chris said, breaking his hold on Lucas, smiling at his friends.

Chris' eyes met Lucas' again, Lucas smiling at Josh's former bandmate.

"It's nice to meet you finally, Lucas! Where's Justin? And what are you doing here at Josh's?" Chris said, smiling at Josh.

"I invited Lucas to spend a few days here with me. The group's not scheduled to rehearse until next week then it's off on tour. Justin's still in New York with Lucas' bandmates." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Josh and I have become great friends." Lucas said, smiling at the two Chrises.

"Come on in guys. I have drinks ready and the patio's all set up." Josh smiled, the two men smiling, the four walking through the living room, heading for the patio.


Chris Kirkpatrick smiled at Lucas, the man smiling back.

The four sat at a table on the patio, Josh smiling around at his friends.

"I'm happy you and Josh became friends, Lucas. I know Justin can be a bit wild at times. Josh is more centered. His friendship will be good for you. Although he's an old fogey!" Chris said, smiling at Josh, Josh raising one finger.

"I value both their friendships, Josh's especially. Lance's as well. Plus I've met Joey. They're all good friends."
Chris smiled, looking towards Josh again.

"Ah, so I'm the last of the old gang to meet you? Thanks, Joshy!"

Josh laughed, smiling at his old friend.

"Hey, it just worked out that way. It's not my fault you don't like New York City!"

Chris laughed, Chris Pine smiling at the two men.

"He hates going there." Chris Pine said, Lucas smiling at him, staring into his blue eyes.

"We usually follow those we love. You just have to go there more often, Mr. Pine."

Chris and Chris both looked at Lucas in surprise, their eyes going to Josh.

Josh laughed, smiling at his two friends.

"I didn't tell him, honest! Lucas has a hidden gift. He can spot love easily."

Chris Kirkpatrick blushed, Chris Pine smiling, his hand going into Chris' on top of the table.

"You're an amazing man, Lucas. And it's just Piney. Chris is Chris, I'm Piney. Easier to talk to us that way. And yes, we're deeply in love."

*Author's note: Chris Pine will be Piney from now on, to stop any confusion between the two.*

Chris smiled widely, blushing a bit, Piney smiling at his lover.

"How long have you both been together?" Lucas smiled, Chris' arm going around Piney.

"For three years, Lucas. Josh actually introduced us to each other. That was the story I mentioned to you before. We just weren't sure if we should show our love so early to a stranger. We still lead a private life, my Piney being in movies and such."
Lucas nodded, staring at both men.

"I understand guys. I'm gay myself, although I don't hide it. My life has always been open." Lucas said, smiling at both.

Both men saw no judgment in Lucas' violet eyes, the man honest in his own surroundings.

"Lucky you, Lucas. You're starting your career free and open." Piney said with a smile, Chris squeezing his man's hand.

"Love is love, whether it's hidden or shown." Chris said, Piney smiling at him.
"Got that right!" Josh said, the man taking Lucas' hand in his, leaning forward and kissing Lucas on the lips, the other two men staring at both in surprised wonder.

Josh pulled back, Lucas opening his eyes, his cheeks blushing with redness, Josh smiling at him.

"As your friend just showed, I have a bit of hidden happiness myself. I love your Joshua." Lucas said, the two men smiling at Josh.

"You old dog, Joshy! He's so freaking hot!" Chris said, Lucas blushing more, the two Chrises laughing together.

"You don't have much to complain about either, old dog. Your man's hot too." Lucas said smiling at Chris, the man blushing a bit, Piney kissing his man's cheek.

"Good one, Lucas. You've silenced him. And thank you for the compliment." Piney smiled, Lucas smiling.

"It's just Luke, guys. I'm Luke to all my friends, new and old."

Both men smiled, Chris looking at his old friend, then at Lucas.

"Good one, Lucas. I guess Josh and I are the old dogs here." he said, Piney smiling at him.

"He's perfect, Josh. Okay, how did this happen?" Chris said, Lucas rising from his chair.

"Tell them everything, Beamy. I'll go check on the roast." Lucas said, leaning down and kissing Josh on the lips, the younger man walking back into the house, the two Chrises watching him leave.

Josh smiled at his lover, turning back to his friends, both men staring at him.

"Beamy?" Piney said, Josh smiling at him.

"Sit back and relax, guys. It's a long and surprising story."

The two smiled at Josh, sipping at their drinks, their hands still together.

Josh smiled, the man opening his lover's life before them.


Lucas smiled, walking out of the house, carrying a tray filled with dishes.

Piney stood up, walking around the table, taking the tray from Lucas.

Lucas' arms were empty for only a moment, the young man suddenly pulled into a tight hug, his eyes staring at his lover, Chris' arms around Lucas.

Piney smiled, setting the tray down on the table, smiling at his lover and Lucas hugging.

"You. . .you are amazing, Luke! What you did for my friends, for Joshy, Lance and Justin! Saving them from that monster in that bunker!"

Lucas blushed, patting Chris' back, hearing the emotion in his voice.

"I couldn't let any of them be hurt, Chris." he said, the man releasing his grip on the younger man, their eyes meeting, Lucas seeing the emotion in Chris' blue eyes.

Lucas was suddenly enveloped in another hug, Piney now holding him close.

"You're a giving, loving man, Luke. I'm so glad Joshy found your love." the man said, Lucas smiling at Chris, the man wiping his eyes.

"That goes for me too, Luke. I've never seen Joshy so happy." Chris said, Josh smiling at his friend, taking in the scene of welcoming love the two men were showing his Lucky.

"I told you that they'd love you." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him as Piney released him.

Lucas smiled into the man's blue eyes, the man smiling back.

"Josh told us everything, Luke. Your courageous past, your giving, magical love." Chris Pine said, Lucas softly blushing again, Chris smiling at him.

"I'm just me, guys. I hope you can accept that?"

Both men smiled, their hands joining.

"If you can accept an old dog like me bagging this angel, then we can accept Josh's bagging you." Chris said, Josh laughing, Lucas smiling.

"We haven't tried bags yet, although those condoms can be damn tight."

Chris lost it, Josh blushing, Piney laughing as well, patting Lucas' back.

"Good one, Luke!" he laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"They both bagged angels, Piney." Lucas said, Piney smiling.

"Got that right." he said, kissing his Chris' turning lips, Lucas and Josh smiling at both.

"Okay, enough loving. I'm starving! I hope you're as good a cook as you're going to be a friend?" Chris grinned, Lucas laughing.

"Sit down, Chris. I'll stuff you with both!"

Piney and Josh laughed, Chris blushing and sitting back down.


Chris sighed, leaning back from the table, Piney rubbing his chest.

"You overate, sweetie." he smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"More for you to love, beautiful."

Piney smiled, the man looking towards Lucas, he patting Josh's chest.

"They pig out then expect us to soothe them. The life of soulmates. How shall we cope?" Lucas said, Piney smiling at him.

"With happiness and love, Luke."

Lucas smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"A fantastic meal, Luke. Joey must be in love with you as well."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling, seeing his lover was relaxed and happy now among his friends.

"He did love my cooking. He was almost going to follow me to L.A."

Both men laughed, Lucas smiling at them.

"You've bagged a winner, Joshy. Intelligent, skilled, resourceful and cute."

Lucas blushed again, Chris laughing.

"Sorry, Luke. But I love a blusher."

"And I see Piney loves hairy men."

Piney laughed, Chris blushing, his lover kissing his cheek.

"Kudos, Luke. I've never seen my Chris so topped by someone."

"Not even you?"

Josh burst into laughter, Chris blushing deeper, Piney now blushing as well.

Lucas laughed, the two men smiling a bit more.

"You're amazing, Lucas. I've never met someone so fast on the return." Chris said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Wait till you meet Finny." Lucas smiled, Josh chuckling, Chris' eyes raising.

"My bandmate. He's outrageous, and even faster on the return."

Piney laughed, smiling at him.

"The hours of merriment we'll have, Luke."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Well, I'll clean up this mess. Why don't you guys go swimming?"

"Let me help, Luke." Piney said, Lucas smiling at him, accepting his help.

The two picked up the dishes, Chris and Josh smiling at both as they walked back into the house.

Chris' eyes met Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"I'm happy for you, Josh. He's an amazing man. He's so young. And so beautiful." Chris said, Josh smiling at his old friend.

"Lucas' love outweighs his youth, Chris. He's so mature on so many levels. And, yes, he's beyond beautiful. I just can't believe at times that he's so in love with me."
Chris smiled, reaching across the table and patting Josh's shoulder.

"Believe it, Josh. I see it easily in his eyes when he looks at you. There's no celebrity worship there either. He's totally in love with the real you. Just like Chris loves me. It took me a long time to accept that. That he loves weird old me. But I think you'll accept Lucas' love even easier. If you haven't already."

"I have accepted his love, Chris. I love him completely."

Chris smiled, seeing the happiness in Josh's face.

Josh's eyes met Chris'.

"I told him everything, Chris. Of all my past and all my less than glowing moments. He does really love me."

Chris nodded, smiling at Josh.

"Let's hit the pool, Josh. I'm dying to see your man in the flesh."

Josh laughed, Chris grinning at him.

The two laughed, heading towards the pool's cabanas.


Lucas handed Piney the last washed glass, the man leaning against the counter, smiling at Lucas.

The two had been talking, Chris Pine filling him in on all his past, and present.

"Acting sounds so fascinating. I see why Justin entered that field."

"It can be fascinating at first, but it can lose its luster at times. Too much repetition. But I love it." the man said, setting the glass up in the cupboard with the others.

"If you love it as much as I love music, then it's fascinating. I can see the happiness on your face." Lucas said, the man smiling, Lucas looking into his handsome face.

Lucas drained the sink, the man sighing.

"I know about you and Josh, Chris."

Piney looked surprised, Lucas' violet eyes staring into his blue again.

"Josh told me all his secrets, Chris. He told me of your once relationship, and how it ended in a greater friendship. I don't hold any ill feelings against you. That was my Joshua's past. I see easily that you both value your friendship for each other more. And it's great enough a friendship that Josh guided you to your Chris. He felt the love you both needed in each other. I feel it also."

Piney smiled, looking out the kitchen window, watching Chris dive off the diving board.

"He's my life, Luke. I've never met anyone who's made me feel the way he does." the man said, staring at his now submerged lover.

Lucas smiled, leaning over and kissing Piney's cheek.

Piney looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him, the man staring into his young, handsome face.

"I love my Joshua the same, Chris. We've both found our happiness. And I think we may have found a great friendship. I know in my heart I can trust you with him. I'll never hurt him, and I'll always love him."

Chris smiled, looking out the window, watching Josh's slim sleek body dive off the board.

"I've only ever wanted happiness for him, Lucas. I see that happiness in his blue eyes. He loves you deeply."
Lucas smiled, the other man smiling back at him.

"How about we go out and make them drool?"

Chris laughed, Lucas joining him, both smiling as they walked out of the kitchen.

The two younger men walked out onto the patio, their lovers staring at them from the pool.

The two walked towards the cabanas, Lucas pulling his shirt off, Chris Pine smiling and removing his.

Their lovers stared at the two bronzed, smooth, muscled chests, Josh leaning over towards Chris swimming beside him.

"Feast your eyes on our happiness, Chris. They're matched in their beauty."

Chris smiled, staring at Lucas' chiselled chest and abs.

"He's beautiful indeed, Joshy. But he's not my Chris."

Josh smiled, dunking his friend under the water, Lucas and Chris Pine laughing as they disappeared into separate cabanas.


Josh swam in the cool water, the coolness soothing his soul.

He climbed up onto the nearest floating water chair, sinking back into the water, his bronzed chest feeling the air's coolness.

He stared towards the patio, its door opening, a vision of beauty walking out from it.

Lucas smiled towards his floating lover, the man's nude body standing at the pool's edge in moments.

Lucas leaned down, depositing the tray he'd carried out of the house onto the pool's edge, Josh taking in the vision of his man's center's largeness hanging down.

Josh took in every inch of the man's beauty, Lucas standing, then diving forward into the pool, disappearing under the dark surface.

The pool was bathed in lights, the hour now after midnight.

Chris and Piney had left only an hour earlier, the two remaining lovers cleaning up together.

Lucas had told Josh to hit the pool, and that he'd join him shortly.

Josh had been surprised when he'd seen the naked vision walk out of the house, his lover's earlier mention of a midnight snack making his own center rise.

Josh felt water hit his face, his lover's sleek form rising out of the water inches from his chair, his lover's beautiful face staring at him.

"Mmmm, the water's so cool. My nipples are hardening, as yours already have, my Joshua." Lucas said, his lips meeting Josh's, Lucas' hands resting on the chair's arm.

"Get off that chair, Beamy. I want you in my wet arms." Lucas said, Josh smiling and slipping off the chair, two wet arms encircling him, two lips returning to his.

Josh's arms went around Lucas' waist, both hands settling on his naked ass, Josh feeling the globes' smoothness.

"My babe's on fire." he said, feeling Lucas' shaft poking him in the stomach.

"Take those trunks off, Beamy. I've seen you in them all evening, and I've been longing for their treasure." Lucas said, his lips moving to Josh's neck, sucking on its warm flesh.

Josh smiled, hearing the need in Lucas' voice.

"You'll have to catch me first, treasure seeker!" Josh said, his hands moving, dunking his lover under the water.

Josh laughed, Lucas releasing him suddenly, the man sinking under the surface.

Josh began to swim, increasing his speed as he swam across the pool, reaching the edge, near where Lucas had set the tray.

Josh smiled, climbing up onto the pool's edge, staring at an ice bucket filled with a bottle of wine, and glasses on the tray, bowls of strawberries and chocolate as well.

Josh smiled again, looking over the pool, his lover showing nowhere.

"Lucky?" he said, his voice raising again as he called out for him again.

Josh's face changed to concern, seeing no movement below the water's surface.

Josh stood up, staring all over the pool, searching for his love.

A sudden movement below him surprised Josh, two hands coming out of the water, attaching to both his ankles, Josh stumbling forward, falling back into the pool.

Under the water he felt two arms encircle him, the strength of his lover pushing him upwards, the two breaking the surface.

Josh felt Lucas' lips on his own, the man's naked body against him again, his desires even more evident.

Josh broke their heated kiss, Lucas' lips going to his ear, sucking on the lobe, Josh shuddering.

"Oh, Lucas! I thought you were drowning!" he said, his voice filled with emotion, Lucas' arms tightening around him.

"I'm sorry, my love. Water will never claim me, it's too much a calmer of my soul. I just wanted to surprise you, and claim you into my arms again. Plus I had to get you back, tease!" Lucas said, his lips tenderly kissing Josh's lips again, Josh lost in the calming love he felt claiming him.

"You can claim me any day, my Lucky."
Lucas smiled, moving both of them towards the pool's edge, his feet touching the steps.

Lucas carried Josh out of the water, laying the man down on the marble pool's edge, the man leaning over and grabbing a large pad of foam that lay across from them.

Josh smiled, taking in every inch of his lover's exposed wet nakedness, Josh seeing the largeness of Lucas' shaft standing out from his body.

Lucas lay the pad beside them, the man's violet eyes staring down at his lover.

"Get on that pad, my stallion. I'm going to love you for hours."

Josh smiled, seeing the desire in Lucas' violet pools.

The man climbed onto the pad, sinking back into its comfort.

Lucas' hands went to Josh's sides, the man grabbing onto Josh's swim trunks.

"You won't be needing these." Lucas said, pulling the trunks off Josh's smooth body in one long thrust, Josh feeling the coolness hit his exposed wet center.

Lucas' eyes scanned every inch of Josh's naked flesh, Josh seeing their devouring gaze.

"You are so beautiful wet, my Joshua." Lucas said, his hand going to Josh's rising erection, the man gasping at Lucas' cold, wet hand's touch.

"Sorry, my beauty. I'll warm that up quick." Lucas said, Josh gasping as Lucas moved forward, enveloping Josh's now hardness in one motion.

Josh moaned as Lucas tongued the shaft, his head bobbing up and down, Josh's fingers going into Lucas' wet curly hair.

"Oh, Lucky! That's amazing! Don't stop!"

Lucas smiled, deep throating the treasure he held in his mouth.

His hands went to Josh's center, his fingers stroking his rosebud, Josh shuddering.

"Oh, I'm. . .I'm close, babe!"

Lucas raised his head, releasing the treasure, it slapping against Josh's abs, the man moving forward, his body now on top of Josh's.

Their lips met, Josh shocked at the sudden release of his warm mouth, Lucas' tongue diving into Josh's open mouth.

They French kissed, Josh lost in the passion he felt in Lucas' desirous need.

They broke the kiss, Lucas' tongue going to Josh's ear, Josh moaning.

"Oh God, Luke! You're on fire!"
Lucas moved, raising his head, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Joshua. I need you and I'll have you." he said softly, his fingers rubbing Josh's cheek.

"Is this. . .is this because of Chris? Are you trying to show me deep love because a former lover of mine was here?" Josh softly said, turning his head away from his lover.

Lucas turned Josh's face back, staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Joshua. I hold no uncertainty about your friend Piney. I know you once shared a special relationship with him. You share an even greater one now. Your friendship. I honestly like the guy, Josh. I trust both of you. Just as much as Chris does."

Josh teared up, staring at Lucas, his violet eyes filled with so much love.

"Chris loves Chris, Josh. I easily saw it in both their eyes. You and I will only ever be friends to them. So get those doubts of uncertainty out of your mind. I love you, and I always will. You're mine and I'm yours. Now I want you to show me how much. I'm hungry for some of the Creme de Chasez."

Josh moved, pushing Lucas back onto his back onto the pad, the older man on top of him now.

"Oh God, Lucas. I love you so much!"

"Then show me, Josh. Please show me!"

Their lips met, Josh's hands moving over Lucas' smooth chest, one making its way down to Lucas' center.

"Love me, Josh! Oh God, just love me!"

Josh continued to kiss Lucas, the man centering himself with Lucas' center, lifting the younger man's legs.

Lucas gasped, Josh sinking into him, his man's lips continuing their passion.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm going to show you how much."

Josh felt the love flowing from his man, the man giving him all he needed.



New York City


Adam Levine walked out of the shower, grabbing a towel from the rack.

He dried off his slim taut body, rubbing his tattoos dry.

He dropped the towel on top of the hamper, walking back into his bedroom.

His eyes took in the sleeping form sprawled across his bed, the man half covered in sheets.

"Get up, Sleepyhead!" he yelled, the man on the bed jumping in his sleep, stretching his taut body across the sheets.

The man grumbled, his blue eyes opening, looking at Adam's naked form.

"Ugh, what time is it? Where did the Carters go?" the young man said, Adam pulling off the sheets, his smooth rugged body showing.

The young man grabbed for the sheets, Adam pulling them right off, the man cupping his crotch.

"It's cold, Adam!" he grumbled, Adam laughing.

"You weren't cold last night with Nick's dick in your ass and yours in Aaron's." Adam smiled, the man kneeling on the edge of the bed, the young man's fingers wrapping around Adam's lengthy shaft.

"A man sandwich always keeps me warm. And they flipped several times during the night. My ass feels filled. That Aaron's insatiable!"

Adam smirked guiding the young man's head towards his rising shaft, he sucking on its head.

"Yeah, Aaron's just as great a cocksucker as you are, slut. His brother taught him well. The boy's damn near unstoppable. He really enjoyed your cock and ass last night. They both had early meetings so they hightailed it out of here early. Not before Aaron sucked me and Nick both dry of our morning hardons. Aaron wanted a last go at you but I told him he could come back later tonight." Adam said, his fingers rubbing the man's cheek as he licked the underside of Adam's large phallus, the man smiling down at him.

"Aww! Why didn't you wake me? I guess I'll have to settle for this beauty." the man said, taking half of Adam's erection in his mouth.

"Haven't got time for a load release, babe. I've got meetings." the slim singer said, pulling his young face off his crotch.

"How about a shower then? I really need a hard cock in my ass again." the young man said, looking up at Adam.

"You chill here. I'll be back around one." Adam said, the young man's face dropping.

"I'm going crazy here, Adam! The days are so long without anyone to talk to. Why can't I scope out the city?"
"You stay put, stud. I'll keep you happy evenings and some days. I don't want you going anywhere where you can be seen, got it?"

"No worries, Levine. That's the last thing on my mind right now. There'll be time enough for me to re-shag that fucker. And his hot boyfriend, too. You promised me that, remember?  I never got to finish what I started."
Adam looked down at the young man.

"I don't give a rat's ass what you do with him after I'm finished with him."
The young man smiled, his hand reaching for Adam's swinging manhood again, Adam backing up.

"You really want the slut, don't you? His ass isn't any different than any other, you know. Yeah, he's got a great body, but it opens like any other hole."

Adam shook his head, laughing.

"You're such a slut. For me it's the conquest. Nobody tells me what I can't have. I take what I want."

The young man smiled, moving in the bed, Adam staring down at the man's opening legs.

"You can have this again."

"Hit the showers, power bottom. I'll see if I can get someone to swing by and tap that ass."

The young man smiled, rising up off the bed, Adam staring at his rising shaft.

"How about Vin Diesel? He's a power top with ten inches. He's in town and he'd love to stretch that hole."

"Fuck yeah! I'd love his bald head between my legs." the young man said, stroking himself.

"Keep it for him. I'll call him from the limo." Adam said, the young man smiling as he walked into the bathroom.

Adam smiled, remembering Vin's aggressive behaviour.

The two had spent many nights tag-teaming a lot of willing young Hollywood bottoms.

Yeah, he'll fix your needs, slut.

Adam smiled, walking into his walk-in closet.


Adam was just pulling on his trademark white t-shirt, his tattooed chest disappearing under it, when he heard the front door buzzer.

"I'm heading out, Stud! My chauffeur's here." Adam said, the young man replying farewell from the bathroom shower.

Adam smiled, feeling an itch in his jean-covered center.

I hope it's Phillippe.

That last blowjob he gave me yesterday--before he drove me across town--was fantastic.

Maybe I'll include him in tonight's festivities.

Yeah, he looks like a real power bottom.

Adam smiled, walking out of his bedroom and into the living room.

He felt in his jeans pockets, searching for his cell phone.

Damn, where did I leave that?

He grabbed his jacket, the buzzer going off again.

"Hold up, Phillippe! I'll just be a second!" he shouted, searching his jacket's pockets.

He found nothing, the man cursing.

Probably in the bedroom.

I'll check once I get this stud in.

I'll introduce him to my in-house slut.

Adam smiled, walking up to the condo's door, opening it wide.

The smile was still on his face when the fist collided with his nose.

Adam went flying backwards, sliding across the living room's hardwood floor, the man gasping.

Joey Fatone walked forward, his fists balled, Justin hanging from his back, his futile attempt at stopping Joey not working too well.

The larger buffed man pulled Justin with him, Justin frantically trying to stop him.

"Get up, Levine! I'm going to knock you into next week, you bastard!!" Joey screamed, walking forward, Justin's arms trying to pull him back.

Justin had been shocked when Joey hit Adam in the face the moment the door had opened, the man having promised to remain calm.

"Step back, Joey! That won't solve anything! Think of what I said. Think of Lance!" Justin yelled into his ear, the man stopping finally.

Adam lay on the floor holding his nose, blood now dripping on his white t-shirt.

"Why did you hit me?!"

"Don't worry, that's just the beginning!" Joey yelled, the man's face showing anger again.

Justin moved around his friend, standing in front of him, his hand on Joey's chest.

"Calm down, Joey. I said we'd talk to him, not hurt him!" Justin said, staring into his friend's brown anger-filled eyes.

Justin's words were ended by a new voice, Justin and Joey both turning towards the hallway, a half naked man standing there, only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Adam, what's going on?"

Justin's blue eyes stared into the blue eyes of Jacob Addison.




End of Chapter 34


Well, well.

Justin's discovered that Jake hasn't left town, and that he's living with Adam.

What will he think of that?

Adam's been given a little payback.

Will Joey stop there?


I've finally brought Chris into the picture, albeit in duplicate.

Chris and Chris.

I decided this story to play Chris as gay--the hilarious, humorous, lovable gnome deserving a fresh interpretation.

Hope you all like?


Josh and Lucas are settling into their total unified love.

Will others try and destroy that?


Read on, my friends and fans.

Lots more to digest.


Hugs, Angel.