Yesterday's End-35

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Chapter 35


New York City


Justin's blue eyes were locked on the muscled near-naked vision standing in the hallway.

"Adam are you okay?" Jake said, his blue eyes staring at Adam laying on the floor.

"No I'm not okay! Damn, Fatone! What the fuck did you do that for?"
"I did that for Lance, Levine! I'm not defenseless like he was last night!" Joey said, Justin concentrating on his friend again.

"Step back, Joey! You've hit him, now relax!" Justin said, Joey backing up, his eyes going to Adam, and then to the young man standing in the doorway.

"Did we interrupt your latest conquest, Levine? He looks a tad young for an old fuck like you!" Joey said, Adam struggling to his feet, his hand still cupping his nose.

"What did you bring the ape for, Justin? Last time you didn't need a master. You had plenty here." Adam said, his blue eyes steeled with anger.

Justin's blue eyes darkened as well.

"I'm not here to bend to your will again, Adam. I'm here to further state Lance's ultimatum from last night, and voice my own."

The singer stared at Justin, seeing the determination in his blue eyes.

"It was all fun, Timberlake. Lance knew that going in. He was willing and he's had a lot of fun. You might say he was my star attraction for a while. At least until his hole became too loose. I was hoping you would be my next attraction."

Justin's eyes filled with anger, Joey's were filled with murder, the man moving again, Justin curtailing his advances with his arm across his chest.

"Calm down, Joey!" Justin said, his eyes meeting Adam's again.

"What's he doing here, Adam? What's Lucas' former lover doing here?"

Adam's eyes went to Jake's, the young man staring at Justin.

"He's. . .he's just a friend. He needed a place to stay."

Joey's brown eyes had zoned in on the young man, the young man still staring at Justin.

"Lucas's. . .you mean that's that Jake guy?" Joey said, Justin nodding.

"Yes, Joey. It was Adam who'd hired this guy as a back up musician to terrorize Lucas. I had the common sense to fire his ass."

Jake stared at Justin, Justin looking at Adam.

"You're very devious, Levine. And we've all had it." Justin said, his voice ending with authority.

"Joey hasn't, or is he looking for some?" Adam said, the smugness returning to his face.

Joey's eyes widened, his face flushing with anger, Justin holding him back.

Adam grabbed some Kleenex out of a dispenser on the end table, the man wiping his nose, the bleeding having stopped.

"We've all had it, Adam. It's time you left us alone. You need to stay away from all of us, or else."

"Threats, Timberlake? Oh, come on! Like I said, it was all fun. No one got hurt. We all had a good time. Although I had hoped for a greater time with you."

Jake's blue eyes looked at Adam, and then at Justin.

"You like cock, Timberlake?" the young man said, Justin blushing, looking towards him.

"My life is my own business, Addison."

The young man smiled, leaning against the hallway wall, folding his arms.

"I've got a great ass, Justin. How about you and I head back into the bedroom?" he smiled, Justin staring at the man, seeing the crassness in his handsome face.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, Jake. Lucas was right, you are an asshole."

The young man's eyes darkened, their steely blue staring at Justin.

"Have you had him yet, Timberlake? Lucas can be a real slut, once you beat the submissiveness into him. He loves a good hand, or a backhand."
Justin's eyes flushed with anger, Joey's hand now going to his shoulder.

"Don't let him bait you, Justin." Joey said, his eyes moving to Adam's staring--still anger-filled--ones.

"Here's our ultimatum, Levine. And it goes for you too, Addison. Stay away from Lucas and Josh. I'm giving you only one warning. You come anywhere near our friends and I'll introduce your nose to your own ass. Got it?"

Adam stared at Joey.

"Did Lancy Pansy tell you all of it, Fatone?"

Joey's eyes darkened, Justin staring at Adam as well.

"Yes, Adam. He told us all of his past, and his relationship with you. He saved me from making the same mistake. I've opened my eyes to what you are, Levine."
Adam sneered at Justin.

"And what's that, Timberlake?"

"You're a user, Levine. You take and take, then throw away. There's no decency or love in you. I hate you for what you did to him, and for what you were trying to do to me. Well, we're both out of it. We're free of your devious plots. Stay away from Lance, Lucas and Josh. The next time you go near any of them--or myself--I'll let Joey finish what he so eagerly wants to do. Got it?"

Adam stared at both men, the singer nodding his head.

"Okay, Timberlake. I guess I'll have to find others to have fun with."

Justin and Joey both stared at the man, Adam glaring back.

"I got it, okay??!!"

Both men nodded, Justin looking towards Jake.

"I suggest you grab the nearest flight back to wherever the hell you came from, Addison. Stay out of Lucas' life. He's happy now."
Jake smiled at Justin.

"I'd sooner get into your life, Timberlake. Or those hot pants. I'm game for anything. I take it Adam trained you well, too?" He said, his hand now on his towel-covered crotch.

Justin shook his head, looking at Adam again.

"Get rid of the abusive slut, Levine. I want both of you to stay away from all of us. Or as Lance told you last night, there will be a public screening of an infamous DVD."

Adam nodded, a knock coming to the opened door of the condo.

A uniform-clad young man stood in its opening, the young man smiling towards Adam.

"Your car's ready, Mr. Levine. Is everything okay?" the man said, Adam staring towards the chauffeur.

"Yes, Phillippe. These gentlemen were just leaving. I'm almost ready to go." Adam said, Justin and Joey staring at Adam.

"Goodbye, Adam. And good riddance." Joey said, the two men walking back through the doorway, walking past the wide-eyed chauffeur.

The young man stared after them, then turned back into the condo.

"Mr. Davis called me in the car, sir. Your appointment was moved back an hour. I can wait downstairs until you're ready to go." Phillippe said, Adam wiping his nose, removing the Kleenex, the young chauffeur looking at his swollen nose with surprise.

"Are you alright, sir?" he said, his eyes then moving towards the near naked man who walked out of the hallway up to Adam, the chauffeur's widening eyes taking in his muscled smooth body.

"Close the door, Phillippe. You can wait here." Adam said, Jake looking at him as the chauffeur closed the door behind him.

"You okay, Adam?" Jake said, staring into his blue, anger-filled eyes.

"I'm fine, Jake. That ape sucker-punched me." Adam said, wiping his nose again.

"You and Timberlake? Really?" Jake said, staring at the man.

"I need to change my t-shirt." Adam said, pulling his blood splattered t-shirt off his chest.

Phillippe smiled at the half naked men, Adam staring at him.

"Why don't you meet my young friend, Phillippe?" Adam said, the chauffeur smiling at Jake, Jake's blue eyes looking at Adam.

"Phillippe provides topnotch service, Jake. We've got an hour." Adam said, rubbing Jake's smooth chest.

Jake smiled, the chauffeur smiling at him.

Jake released his towel, his body naked before the young man.

Phillippe moved forward going to his knees, Jake gasping as the young man took his rising shaft into his mouth.

Adam stared at both, the man opening his own jeans, Phillippe's hand going towards his revealed hardness, as Adam pulled his pants and briefs off.

Adam smiled, moving closer to both men, his hand finding Jake's smooth ass.

This ain't over, Timberlake.

Lucas will be mine.

So the stud's in L.A.?

Good thing I'm off at the end of the week.

I think I'm heading to Los Angeles.

No one stops me from what I want.

No one.

The man smiled, staring at the submissive chauffeur on his knees.

"Let's get those clothes off him, Jake. I'm going to christen his ass and yours again as well. I need relief."

Jake pulled the young man up off the floor, his hands going to the man's pants, the chauffeur moaning as Jake's hands pulled down his pants.

Adam's lips were against his, the young man feeling his tongue invading his mouth, Adam kissing him with domination.

The chauffeur smiled, not believing his luck.

Two hot men were about to use him beyond his wildest dreams.

What he didn't know was that Adam was going to pound him into submission.

Today he'd be Adam's release, the anger in him vengeful and dominating.

Jake pushed the man back onto the coffee table, his clothes leaving him as the two naked men nearly ripped them off, Adam lifting his legs.

Adam mounted him in one quick thrust, the man's scream cut off by Jake's hard member filling his mouth.

Adam was on a mission of need, and the man was helpless to stop him.

Adam sensed he'd be a few hours late for his meeting.



Los Angeles


Josh's eyes brightened, the man climbing into the Miata convertible, a violet-eyed beauty smiling at him.

"Good day at the office, dear?"

Josh laughed, looking around the parking lot, leaning in and kissing Lucas' soft lips.

"Not as great as this moment. Missed you, wifey!"

Lucas laughed now, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas pulled the silver convertible out of the parking lot, his curly hair blowing in the warm afternoon breeze.

"And how was my man's day?" Josh said with a smile.

"Uneventful. Cleaned our den of debauchery all day."

"I know those semen stains are a bitch to get off the walls."

Lucas laughed again, Josh smiling at his happiness.

"All set for the invading masses?"

Lucas smiled, Josh staring into his violet eyes of love.

"Yep. They're going to walk into our home of clean happiness."

Josh smiled, his hand going into Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"You're a sweetheart, Josh. Thanks for inviting them for the weekend. Justin said Finn was going stir crazy."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Your friends are my friends, Lucky. And I've missed them as well."

It was Friday afternoon, Justin having called on Wednesday, Josh offering the band a weekend of relaxation.

He'd seen the missing love in Lucas' eyes mid-week, knowing the young man missed his sister and friends.

So Josh had organized with Justin a three-day getaway, the group landing in about an hour with Justin.

Lucas had been on a cloud of happiness since Wednesday, Josh reaping the benefits, lovingly and sensually.

He sighed, snuggling against Lucas' shoulder, the young man smiling at him.

"I love you, Josh."

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"You relax there, babe. I'm just heading for the grocery store and then we'll head home."
"Nice! Another shopping trip together. Do you want to ride in the basket this time?"

Lucas laughed again, Josh smiling at him.

"Nah, I have to keep an eye out for all the hot actors chasing my man."

Josh's face softened, Lucas staring at him, his eyes going back to the road.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't mean to make light of the last time."
"It's okay, Luke. I'm sorry you have to be confronted by my past so much."

"We've had this discussion, my love. The past is the past. The same goes for you, Josh. You haven't yet met the thousand men I've diddled."

Josh smiled, seeing Lucas' caring love showing.

"A thousand? My, someone's a Don Juan."

"Yep. Just call me Don Juan de Farto."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I happen to love those farts. A rose is a rose, but yours is decomposing."

Lucas laughed, the two men smiling at each other.

"Thanks, Lucas. The past can't hold a candle to the present love."

Lucas smiled, the two men chatting about Josh's day, heading for the supermarket.


Lucas smiled, dumping the grocery bags on the kitchen island, Josh placing his there as well.

"We have messages, Luke." Josh said with a smile, heading for the blinking answering machine by the phone on the counter by the fridge.

Josh hit the button, opening the fridge door, pulling out a pitcher of water, pulling down two glasses as he listened to the phone messages, Lucas emptying the bags on the island.

"Hey guys. It's Joey. Justin and the gang left about two hours ago. Kelly, Briahna, Lance and I will be down tomorrow. Can't wait till the party. It'll be so nice to be together again. I'll call you with the arrival time. Later guys! And Lucas, get off Joshy!"

Both men laughed, Joey's laughing voice ending the call.

"Thanks for the wonderful idea, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

It had been Lucas' idea to have all five of the former bandmates get together for a barbecue Saturday.

It had been over two years since all five had been in one place at the same time.

Lucas was looking forward to meeting Joey's family and having all the guys together.

Josh smiled at him, the next message coming over the machine.

"Hello, Lucas. Mom, here. Hope all is fine with you in sunny Los Angeles. Give me a call when you have a chance. Love you, sweetie."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Your mom sounds happy." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, she's righting the path of her life." he said, Josh looking quietly at him, the next message playing.

"Hey, Lucas. Adam Levine here. Zac told me you were in town at Josh's. I'm in L.A. for a few days. Was wondering if you'd like a tour of a real recording studio? I've got studios in Burbank, would love to show you how to really capture your voice. Give me a call on my cell. Josh has the number. Later!"

Josh stared at the machine, Lucas staring at him.

"That man never gives up." Lucas said quietly, looking at Josh, their eyes meeting.

"I'm sorry he's so blatant, Lucas."

Lucas moved, walking up to Josh, his arms going around him.

"I think it's time that man understood my feelings."

"You're not going to meet him, are you?"

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"No, Josh. But the next encounter I have with him will be very vocal and to the point."

Josh nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"The man's a letch, Lucas. I found that out the hard way, as did a lot of others, I believe."

Lucas nodded, smiling at Josh.

"I have very perceptive vision, Josh. I knew that the night I met him at Justin's party. His needful eyes give him away easily. Well, this is one fine thing he's not having. He's not the singer that sings my heartsong."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Before you say anymore Joshua, I'll state it again. The past is the past. You need to let it all go. I've let mine go."

Josh nodded, Lucas kissing him again.

The two broke their kiss, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"Okay, sweetie. Just you and me, kid."

Lucas smiled, chuckling.

"Right on, Daddy!"

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling.

"I better start cooking. Nervous Finny will be downing a lot of drinks on the flight and he's always ravenous when he's had a few."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him, the two putting away the groceries together.


Lucas landed on his ass, the muscled man on top of him smiling, their lips meeting.

"I've missed you so much, Lukey!!" Finn screamed as their lips parted, Lucas smelling the vodka on Finn's breath.

"Damn, Finny! Is that a microphone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"

Skyler and Trish burst into laughter, the two smiling down at the two men laying on Josh's marble foyer floor.

"He's been planning that ambush since we left the airport." Andrew smiled, Josh hugging him and the two ladies, Justin smiling down at the two men.

"He wanted to practice that kiss on me, but his breath is atrocious!" Justin laughed, Lucas and Finn laughing as the two began to get up.

"Got that right, Justin. Pure vodka! His probing tongue is coated with it!" Lucas laughed, Justin hugging him as he stood up, Josh smiling at both men.

Finn was blushing, his friends laughing at him, Skyler's arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

They broke their hug, Justin hugging Josh as Lucas hugged his sister and friends.

"I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to Josh's home." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"Welcome to our home. Lucas' and mine."

Lucas beamed, his sister smiling at him.

"You look so happy, Lucas."
Lucas teared up, hugging his sister again.

"I am, Patricia. I'm so in love. And I missed my big sister!" he said, everyone smiling at the two siblings.

"I missed you too, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling and breaking the hug.

"I have to show you the place! Come on!" he said with happiness, pulling his sister towards the stairs, Josh smiling after the two as they disappeared upwards.

"Come on, everyone. We have drinks ready out on the patio. I'll give you a tour as we head there." Josh said, everyone smiling as he led them towards the living room.


Lucas and Trish walked out onto the patio fifteen minutes later, everyone smiling at them.

"You have a beautiful home, Joshy." Trish said, Josh rising from his chair, accepting her hug and kiss.

"Mi Casa su Casa, everyone. Make yourselves at home. It's going to be a nice weekend." he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek as he put his arm around his man.

"That pool looks so inviting, Josh. I know where I'm relaxing." Finn grinned, Skyler smiling at him.

"It's yours to enjoy as you see fit, Finny." Lucas said, Josh smiling at the Welshman.

"Great! Skinny dipping! Try to control yourself, Timberlake." Finn said, batting his eyes.

Justin laughed, sticking his tongue out at Finn, the man blowing him a kiss.

"Keep the lewdness to a minimum, Delaney. We do have gossiping neighbors." Lucas said, smiling.

Finn laughed, giving Lucas a thumbs up, he and Josh sitting down with their friends.

"So how goes the organizing, Justin? Everything set for June first?"

"Yes, Lucas. The venue is organized and we're just waiting for the main attraction. Rehearsals start Tuesday, my friends." Justin said, smiling at the bandmates.

"Awesome! Our first concert in America! We're going to wow their Yankee hearts!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think wifebeaters are in order, Finny. And hip hugging tight leather pants." Lucas said.

Finn laughed, Lucas joining him.

"Only in my and Justin's dreams, babe." Josh said, Justin blushing, Lucas and Finn laughing again.

"Sorry, Jus. Just funning with ya." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I know, Luke."
"So how goes the Timberlake romance? I'm surprised you left Sheridan all alone in New York." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"It was hard, he's so nice. We had dinner again last night. He understands my commitments to friends and work."

Lucas nodded, quietly looking at Justin.

"I'm dying to meet him. He sounds interesting." Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"He's more than that, Luke. He's unbelievable."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Joey left a message, he and Lance are coming tomorrow." Josh said, Justin looking at his friend, Lucas seeing a look cross Justin's face.

"Is everything okay, Jus?" Lucas said, Justin hearing the concern in Lucas' voice.

"Yes, everything's okay, Luke. But you need to know something. All of you do, actually." Justin said, everyone staring at Justin.

"It's about Lance."

Josh stared at his friend, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"It concerns you and Lucas as well, Joshy. You the most, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, his hand going on top of Justin's.

"Please tell us, Justin." he said, Justin staring into his calming violet eyes.

Justin began to talk, the man voicing Lance's reluctant truth.


Josh's head was lowered, Lucas' arm around him.

"I. . .I didn't know, Lucky. I didn't know how lost Lance was. And what that bastard did to him!" Josh said, Lucas pulling his boyfriend close.

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas's violet, the man showing a calming, loving look on his face.

"The man's lost, yes. But I truly believe not for long. He has too kind and giving a heart for his life to not have a more loving meaning."

Everyone nodded, looking at the young man.

"That Levine's a bastard! I wish Joey had done more than bleed his nose." Finn said, Lucas seeing the anger on his friend's face.

"Violence isn't the answer, Finny. Although with him it's justly deserved." Lucas said, looking at Justin beside him.

"Adam left a message today as well, Justin. He's in Los Angeles and wanting me to meet him."
Justin looked surprised, as did everyone else.

"You. . .you're not seriously thinking. . .?!" Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"No, Justin. I have no desire to see that man. Or Jacob ever again."

Justin nodded, Josh's arm around Lucas now.

The news of Jake's appearance with Adam hadn't seemed to emote any reaction from Lucas.

"As I told Josh this morning, I will only talk to Adam when I have to. And when I do, it will be a one-sided conversation. Today, you've added to my resolve. No one hurts my friends, Lance or you."

Justin stared at Lucas with surprise, the man moving, his arm going around Justin.

"I've felt the emotions in your own soul, Justin. I take it Adam stomped on your heart as well?"

Justin's eyes met Josh's, the man staring at him with surprise.

"Lance wasn't the only one Adam subjugated, Lucas."
Lucas nodded, Josh staring at his friend.

"Lance will always be a hero in my heart, Josh. For that giving man saved me from the same path he walked on."

Everyone looked surprised, Josh moving and going to his friend's other side.

"Justin. . .you mean. . .?"

"He trapped me with deceit and desire, Joshy. I was too blind to see what he was doing. I ended up in the middle of one of his contrived orgies. Lance pulled me out of it before. . .before. . ."

Josh's arms went around his friend.

"Oh, Justin! I'm. . .I'm so sorry! That. . .that bastard!" Josh said in tears, everyone quietly staring at the two men, tears showing in a lot of their eyes.

"The great Justin Timberlake isn't as great as you think he is." Justin softly said, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Yes he is, Justin. The greatness of him lays in his giving, decent heart. You didn't deserve to be trapped like that, no more than Lance did. I'll see to it that neither of you will ever be put in that position again. You're both now free of his deceiving heart."

"Lucas, you. . .you need to stay away from him. He's. . .he's so lecherous." Justin said, Josh rubbing his back.

"Adam Levine hasn't realized something yet, Justin."

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"What. . .what's that, Luke?"

"He hasn't realized that he's met his match in me."
Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man softly smiling.

"I have the power--and the magic--within myself to stay the most evil or corrupt individual. I am not worried about that man, and neither should any of you be. Adam Levine will soon get his guaranteed comeuppance."

"What are you going to do, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"I'm not going to do anything, Joshua. The man's going to do it to himself."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas smiling around at them.

"Rest assured, my friends, that life leads its own path. Retribution and decency lay hand in hand. Deceit always gives way to truth. He'll soon learn that."

Everyone nodded, Lucas looking at Justin.

"No one here feels anything but friendship and love for you, Justin. That hasn't changed in any of our hearts. Let go of the past, as my Joshy has."

Justin nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Lucas is right, Justin. We're still your friends." Finn said, Justin and everyone else smiling at him.

"Thanks, Finny. Thanks everyone."

Finn smiled, glancing at Lucas, the Welshman smiling at Justin.

"So, being submissive, you'll be fetching drinks for us all day, right Justin?" he said, Lucas laughing, Justin blushing, Josh smiling at him.

"You wish, Finnegan! You fetch your own drinks, bud! I ain't nobody's slave!" Justin laughed, everyone smiling at him, Finn's humor having calmed the man.

"What about Sheridan, Justy? I hear he likes chains!" Lucas said, Justin laughing, everyone joining in.

Lucas smiled, seeing Justin had indeed calmed, his emotions lessened by their laughing love.

"Hit the pool, guys. I'll have dinner ready shortly." Lucas said, smiling and walking into the house.

Josh's blue eyes followed him, his man's words heavy on his troubled hidden soul.


Lucas smiled, walking out of the house, smiling at everyone leisurely playing around the pool.

"One day back and you're back into your giving routine, Lukey." Skyler smiled, the young woman laying in a chaise lounge at the pool's edge.

"I love to feed my family, Sky. A happy heart thrives from a full stomach." he said, Skyler smiling up at him.

Their dinner had been well-stocked and delicious, Lucas leaving nothing wanting for his friends.

Here now it was after dinner, Lucas having just finished the dishes with his man's help, Josh making drinks for everyone in the house.

The two had talked in the house, Josh concerned by Lucas' lack of reaction to Jake's appearance again.

The young man had told Josh that Jacob was out of his life, that the past was the past.

"You look radiant, mother-to-be!" Lucas smiled, sitting down on the edge of her chair.

She smiled, looking towards Finn, the man diving off the diving board, landing right in front of Justin and Trish, Andrew laughing on the diving board's ladder, awaiting his turn.

"I'm starting to show, Lukey. I feel bloated."
Lucas laughed, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"The bloated glow of motherhood. I think you look radiant!"

She smiled, staring into his violet eyes.

"We've decided if we're blessed with a boy as you already hinted at, we're going to name him Julian Lucas. I've always liked the name Julian, and Finn and I love you as a brother. You've done so much for us."

Lucas smiled, touched by her loving gesture.

"Oh, Sky. I'm. . .I'm so touched, and moved by that. I'll love my nephew so much!"
Skyler smiled, Lucas kissing her again.

"And if I'm wrong, and you're blessed with a girl?"

Skyler smiled again, staring at Lucas.

"Diana Sky. We love the name Diana. She'd be the sunshine of Finny's sky."

Lucas smiled, seeing her love for her man, the woman staring at him swimming in the water.

"I'm happy for both of you. Any word yet on him making you an honest woman?"

Skyler laughed, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"You get after him. He doesn't hold much faith in marriage. He says we're fine as we are. Two souls of kindred love he says."

Lucas smiled, looking out at his friend.

"I'll work on him, sweetie. I know he loves you beyond life."

Skyler smiled, hugging Lucas, the two joined in their own kindred love for each other.

Their conversation was interrupted by a shadow covering them.

"Drinks, anyone?" Josh smiled, the man standing beside their chair with a tray of beverages, Skyler smiling and taking a glass of lemonade from Josh's lowering tray.

"Thanks, Joshy!" she said, Josh smiling at her, looking into his love's violet eyes.

"Set the tray on the poolside table, sweetie. I want to swim with my man. Let's hit the cabanas." Lucas said, smiling and following Josh to the table at the pool's edge.

"Drinks are on the table guys when you're ready!" Josh yelled towards the pool, everyone waving.

Josh and Lucas joined hands, the two walking across the pool, disappearing into one of the cabanas.


Lucas moaned, his lover's tongue brushing across his teeth, Josh's hands on his near-naked ass.

"Patience, my pet. We do have guests. Keep it up and everything will show in this bikini." Lucas sighed, lost in Josh's loving touch.

"I've been wanting to do that to you for hours." Josh said, his tongue licking Lucas' earlobe, Lucas trembling.

"Time enough later, my pet." he said, Josh sighing, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his soft warm lips.

"But heaven it is. It did seem like days to me since I've felt those needful lips."

Josh smiled, Lucas running his hands across Josh's nude chest, rubbing his left small nipple.

"Babe you look amazing. Those navy trunks accent your tanned skin so beautifully. My man's the belle of the ball."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas again, his hands trying to make their way into Lucas' tight black bikini swim trunks.

"I want to ring my man's bell, and play with his ball."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"No time, my love. I want to hit the water."
"I want to hit my man's g-spot." Josh sighed, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"Later, babe. We've got a warm king size bed upstairs with our name on it after dark. My man's going to fall asleep beyond satisfied."

Josh sighed, his hands removing themselves from Lucas' firm backside.

"Speaking of stunning. Justin's going to be drooling." Josh said, his eyes scanning over Lucas' tight muscled form, the black bikini looking striking against Lucas' tanned body.

"I wear it not for him, but for you my love. Timberlake can ogle but he can't touch. This black heaven is yours alone."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips again.

"I know that. And I'm beyond happy."

Lucas smiled, taking Josh's hand in his.

"Let's drive our adoring fan crazy."

Josh laughed, the two walking out of the cabana.

The two walked out into the warming sunshine, looking towards the pool.

Each had a towel hanging around their neck, walking over to the diving board.

"Come on in guys, the water's fantastic!" Finn yelled, Lucas waving at his friend.

Josh smiled, Lucas taking his towel from him.

"After you, my love." Lucas smiled, Josh nodding, the man's sleek muscular body running across the marble pool tiles, diving into the water, Lucas smiling as he saw his man's smooth body gliding under the water towards Justin and Finn.

Lucas smiled, the young man laying the towels on the tiles, the young man taking the diving board ladder two rungs at a time.

He reached the ten foot board, Lucas walking across it, stopping on its edge.

Josh smiled up at his lover, watching Justin's blue eyes taking in Lucas' toned, muscled, smooth physique.

In the sunshine it looked more physically enthralling, Justin remembering the day he'd seen him naked at Lucas' old flat.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Josh said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his, the man softly blushing.

"Yes, Joshy. He's unbelievable." Justin said, the two men watching Lucas turn his body, his firm bubbly tush in full view.

The man bounced twice on the board, doing a somersault into the air, his muscled body gracefully disappearing into the water like a bullet.

"Lucas was on the swim club back in Wales in high school." Finn smiled, the two men nodding, amazed at the young man's graceful dive.

"Is there anything your man can't do?" Justin softly said, watching as Lucas' graceful body broke the surface a few feet from them, Justin's blue eyes staring at his smooth body.

"He can't give away my heart. It's totally his." Josh smiled, the man swimming to his lover, Lucas's wet arms encircling him.

Justin smiled at both, his blue eyes lost in the two visions of beauty before him.


Adam walked out of the bedroom, the man walking up to the table in the kitchen of the hotel suite he was staying in.

A knock came to the suite's door, the man zipping up his opened jeans, his pubic hair disappearing under the fabric, the man wearing no briefs.

"They're here, Jake. Get your ass out here." Adam said, picking up his t-shirt which lay on the living room sofa.

Adam crossed the expensive decor of the suite's living room, putting on his t-shirt, his blue eyes looking into the peephole.

He opened the door, two men standing in the hallway.

"Good afternoon, Adam." Zac Efron smiled, Adam's face cracking a soft smile.

"Hey, Zac." Adam said, staring at the other man standing a bit behind Zac Efron.

"This is Levi Strassman. He's got everything ready as you wanted." Zac said, his blue eyes staring at Adam's face.

"What happened to your nose?" he asked, Adam's eyes darkening.

"I was sucker-punched. It's of no importance." The man said, opening the door wider, Zac and the other man walking into the room.

"Nice place, Mr. Levine. Where is our complainant?"

"He's here. Jake?" Adam yelled behind him, the man beside Zac smiling at him, Adam taking in his young looks.

"You look kind of young for a lawyer?" the singer said, Zac smiling at his friend.

"We graduated together in high school. Levi went on to Princeton. He's top in his field, the rising star of contractual law."

Adam nodded, his smile widening.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Strassman."

"It's Levi, Mr. Levine."

"And I'm Adam."
The lawyer smiled, his eyes moving when he saw another young man walking into the room.

Jake Addison wore a wifebeater and a pair of jean shorts, his muscled legs in full view as were his tight biceps.

"Hello, Jake. Nice to see you again, albeit in an upright position." Zac smiled, the young man smiling back at him.

"Hey, Zac. Care for round two after this is done?"

Adam stared at both of them with concern, then looked at the lawyer.

"Relax, Adam. I'm well aware of Zac's tendencies. After all, I christened that ass." Levi said, Zac laughing, patting his friend's back.

"True enough, Levi. You can give Adam a run for his money." Zac laughed, Adam staring at the young lawyer.

"I've been a big fan, Adam. And I can be an even bigger groupie."

Adam smiled, Jake staring at the two.

"And you must be Jacob Addison. Zac filled me in on your request. I'd like to see the evidence." Levi said, Jake shaking his hand, Zac introducing his friend to Jake.

Jake smiled at the young handsome lawyer.

"Certainly, Levi. I have it right here." Jake said, walking over to a satchel that lay on the living room sofa.

The two men walked over to the table, Jake opening the satchel, pulling out a bunch of papers.

The two men began to talk, Adam and Zac sitting down on the living room couch.

"An interesting guy. What's his story?" Adam said, staring at the young lawyer, his back to the two men, Adam checking out his suit-covered ass.

"Levi's a good guy. And a fantastic lover. We were together for three years back home. He and I went different paths but we meet up every now and then for some fun. When you told me about needing a lawyer he came first to mind. He's insatiable, in and out of bed. He'll make a case, guaranteed."

Adam smiled, staring at the man.

"Let's leave them to their fun, and let's have our own." Zac said, Adam staring at him.

"Let's wait, Zac. Jake's been hungering for your ass again."
Zac sighed, sitting back, his hand going to Adam's center, the man rubbing it, Adam shaking his head.

"You can play but keep it clean."

Zac smiled, his hand going to Adam's zipper, pulling it down, his fingers disappearing into the jeans.

"Ah, commando. You're always one step ahead of me."

Levi's eyes move from the table, meeting Adam's, the man's taking in what Zac was doing.

Jake smiled at both of them as well.

"Focus, Levi. So what do you think?"

The lawyer smiled, staring at Jake.

"It all looks well documented. You do have a case. I checked everything, it all looks legit. I'll issue the writ."

The young man smiled, the lawyer opening his own briefcase, pulling out some paperwork.

Jake signed a few papers, the lawyer pulling his cell out of his pocket calling someone.

He closed off the phone, smiling at Jake.

"I had everything prepared beforehand. I know a good judge, it's all been notarized." the lawyer said, Jake nodding his head.

"I don't know much about law. You take it from here, Levi."

"I'll keep everything safe."

The man smiled, taking Jake's paperwork, putting it in his briefcase. closing it, turning and looking at Adam and Zac on the couch.

Zac's hand was still in Adam's pants, the singer's blue eyes looking towards the two men.

"Everything a go?"

"Yes, Adam. He'll be genuinely surprised." Levi said, Adam grinning.

"I want him surprised, and vulnerable."

"That he'll be. He must be a real treat?"

"We all love our treats." Adam smiled, a note of seduction crossing his handsome face, the lawyer smiling at him.

The singer pushed Zac off him, the actor looking forlorn, Adam standing up, smiling down at him.

"Jake needs to reacquaint himself with you, Zacky." Adam said, Jake smiling towards the actor.

Adam walked up to the young lawyer, the man smiling at him.

"Everything is in order. I've issued the writ."
Adam smiled, the two staring at each other.

"Excellent! Thank you, Levi." Adam said, smiling at him, his hand going to the young lawyer's shoulder.

"You're welcome, Adam."
"Let's leave these two to their fun. I have my own way of thanking you, Levi."
The young lawyer smiled, his eyes going downward to Adam's open zipper, the lawyer seeing pubic hair showing through the opening, a rather large bulge showing below it.

Their eyes met again, Adam's arm going around the lawyer, guiding him towards the bedroom, his hand going on the man's ass.

Jake smiled after the two, the man feeling a hand going against his leg.

He turned, staring into Zac's blue eyes.

"How can I please you, Jake?"

The young man smiled, guiding Zac back to the couch.


Everyone was laughing, sitting around the patio, the patio bathed in lights, darkness surrounding them.

"A great evening, Lukey." Finn smiled, Skyler snuggled in his lap, both seated at the table.

Everyone had swam, then relaxed around the table, Lucas bringing out more drinks and snacks, everyone chilling before bed, the hour now ten.

"A great weekend ahead, guys. We're having an N*Sync reunion tomorrow night." Lucas said, smiling at Justin, Josh seated beside his lover.

"It'll be great to see the guys all together again." Josh said, Lucas' fingers going through his hair, playing with it.

Finn smirked, seeing the love in Lucas's eyes as he stared at his lover.

"I still don't understand why you five broke up. You all seem so genuinely like brothers." Andrew said, Trish seated beside him, Andrew's arm around her.

"We didn't break up, Drew. We took a hiatus." Josh said, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"A long hiatus." Finn said, Justin looking towards him, Josh still looking at Justin.

"I wanted a solo career, I saw the fame awaiting me." Justin softly said, Josh smiling at him.

"We all saw it in your eyes, Justin. We were all prepared for it."
Justin nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"Will you ever return to that music?" Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

Josh looked at Justin, the man's eyes lowering.

"We all walk different paths now, Finn. Life goes in different directions. The past is indeed the past. We all have a lot of beautiful memories. And an ironclad friendship as well." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"The greatest benefit that came out of that." he said, Josh smiling at his old friend.

Everyone smiled at the two former bandmates, seeing their ironclad friendship and love for each other.

"Wait till you meet Chris, Finny. He's your clone, albeit a gnome-like one." Lucas said, changing the subject, Josh and Justin laughing.

"Don't let Chris hear you say that. He hates being called a gnome." Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"He's a bundle of mirth, Justin. He and Finn will hit it off smashingly." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

The phone on the table went off, Josh reaching for it, wondering who was calling so late.

He talked for a moment, closing it off, rising from his seat, Lucas' hand going out of his hair.

"Be right back, my love. Someone's at the gate." Josh said, looking down at Lucas, Lucas seeing a look of confusion on the man's face.

Josh walked back into the house, Lucas following him.

"Maybe it's Chris. He did leave his jacket here earlier in the week." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

A few minutes later Josh walked out of the house, a man following him.

Lucas stood up, looking at the man, Josh's blue eyes locked on his.

"He's here. . .he's here to see you, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas nodding, staring at the man.

He looked around forty, the man wearing a policeman's uniform.

"Hello. Can I help you, officer?" Lucas said, everyone around the table rising from their seats, staring with confusion at the policeman.

"I'm here in my full capacity from the judiciary office, Mr. Carver. It is Lucas Carver I'm talking to?"
"Yes, I'm Lucas Carver."

The man nodded, his hand extending forward, an envelope in his hand.

"Consider yourself served, sir." the man said, Lucas taking the envelope from the man, his eyes widening in surprise.

"Served with what?" Justin said, looking at the officer.

"Papers, Mr. Timberlake. I'm just doing my job. Good evening." the man said, turning to leave, Finn showing him back into the house.

Everyone stared at Lucas, Josh's arm going around him.

"What's going on, Lucas? I was so surprised when I saw the policeman. Who'd be serving you with court papers?"

"I don't know, Beamy. It could have something to do with my family. Only one way to find out." he said, Finn walking out of the house again, looking at his friend.

Lucas looked at the envelope in his hand, opening it, pulling out the papers.

Everyone surrounded him, the young man unfolding the papers.

His violet eyes scanned over the written document, Josh staring at him, seeing the life go out of Lucas' violet pools.

The young man dropped the document, Josh's arm going around him, seeing the shock registering on his face.

"What. . .what is it Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Josh's concerned blue.

In those violet eyes, Josh and everyone saw deep emotion, Lucas looking so destroyed.

"My life. . .he's taking my life." Lucas sobbed, falling into Josh's arms, his lover holding him tight, his eyes meeting Justin's, the man leaning down and picking up the document.

His blue eyes perused it quickly, shock registering on his face as well.

"It's. . .it's Jake Addison."
Josh looked confused, Justin staring at Lucas, everyone staring at Justin.

"Jake? What about him?"

Justin stared at Lucas, his face showing compassion for the young man.

"Jake's suing Lucas for the rights to all his songs. He's saying Lucas didn't write any of them."

Lucas sobbed against Josh's chest, everyone staring at the young man in silent shock.




End of Chapter 35


Surprise, Surprise!
Could this possibly be true?
Or is Jacob Addison a liar?

I think we all know the truth in that.

And that Adam's there in all of it, as well as in the lawyer now shown.

What's going on?


Justin's past with Adam has now been revealed to everyone.

All his friends still stand behind him, Lucas the most giving.

Justin's still showing signs of adoration towards Lucas.

Is he really over him?


What will Lucas' friends do to comfort him?
Music is Lucas' soul.


Read on and follow the path.


Hugs, Angel.