Yesterday's End-36

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Chapter 36


Josh walked into the kitchen, five sets of eyes meeting his.

Justin stood by the counter, his blue eyes locked on his friend's tired face.

"Morning, Jus." Josh said, walking up to his friend, the man handing him a cup of coffee he'd just poured for him.

"Thanks, Jus. Morning everyone." he said, Justin's arm going around him, Josh kissing his cheek, the people around the table voicing good morning to him.

"How's Luke, Joshy? You look tired." Justin said, Josh nodding, the four seated at the table staring at him.

"He slept fitfully all night. I held him and calmed him." Josh said, Trish smiling at him, Andrew nodding.

"And in turn you didn't sleep much, Josh." Finn said, Josh looking at the younger man.

"He's my concern, Finn. I made sure he slept." Josh said, Trish smiling at him.

"That's what he needs, Josh. Your love." she said, Josh smiling at her, leaning down and giving her a kiss on her cheek, Finn and Skyler smiling at their friend with love.

"He's still asleep. Let's let him sleep for a bit." Josh said, sitting down at the table, seeing it all ready for breakfast.

"I've cooked breakie, Joshy. It's ready and warming." Justin said, looking towards the oven.

"You guys eat. I'll wait for Lucky." Josh said, sipping at his coffee.

"I've never seen him look so defeated as he did last night." Trish said, lowering her eyes, Andrew's arm going around her.

"He's not defeated, Trishy. He's got the truth behind him." Skyler said, Finn's arm around his love.

"Damn right! Lucas wrote all those songs! We all know that for a fact!" Finn said, Josh looking towards the man, seeing his undying faith and love for his Lucky showing in his eyes.

"Of course, Finn! My brother's talent oozes out of every lyric." Trish said, Andrew quietly looking at her.

"This has devastated him. I never saw so much hurt showing in his violet eyes." Josh said, Trish's hand rubbing his hand on top of the table.

Lucas had sobbed for over half an hour in Josh's arms on the patio, the man holding him, their friends voicing their love for him, the young man saying nothing.

Andrew had read the summons, the lawyer explaining all of the legal jargon.

Lucas had still remained silent, all his friends stared at him with love, the young man quietly crying against Josh's chest.

Justin saw the pain and hurt in Lucas' violet eyes, the man taking charge of his friends.

He guided Josh and Lucas into the house, walking them upstairs.

Josh had sat them down on their bed, the young man clinging to him, Justin smiling at both, Josh quickly removing both of their clothes, Justin guiding both into bed, Lucas locked with emotion against his Beamy.

"He needs rest, Joshy. And you need to be with him." Justin said, Josh nodding at his friend, Justin leaning down and kissing both men on the cheek, Lucas remaining silent, his face against Josh's chest.

"Sleep well, Lucas. Josh's love will guide you to rest. We all love you, Luke."

Josh smiled at his friend, Justin leaving both of them alone in the darkness of their bedroom.

Josh looked at his friend when Justin sat down beside him at the table, his arm going around him.

"We all saw the hurt on Lucas' face, Joshy. We all know what this has done to him. Music is his soul."

"I'll kill Addison! He's gone right for the one thing he knew would hurt Lucas the most!" Finn said, anger crossing his face, Sky's love trying to calm him.

"That he's done exactly. He's still trying to hurt him." Trish said, Andrew rubbing her back.

"No one hurts my friend! I'll kill him!" Finn said, lowering his head, everyone seeing his protective love on display.

"I'm still trying to understand why he's done this. Revenge? Blackmail? Extortion? Why now?" Skyler said, Josh looking at her.

"I don't know, Sky. He can't possibly think he's got a case with this?" Finn said, his blue eyes focusing on Andrew.

"You're our lawyer, Drew. You have to defend Luke against this." the young Welshman said, Andrew smiling at him and everyone around the table.

"That's a guarantee, Finn. I'm here in all ways for Luke."
"So what's your take on this, Drew?" Justin said, the young lawyer looking at him.

"I've read the whole summons front to back. A couple of items clarify themselves."

"Which ones?" Finn said, anger still showing on his face.

"Well, for one thing, this document is fully notarized and finely detailed. Addison's got an experienced lawyer on his side. It's meticulous in its written law."

"How can he have that? Far as I know the man has no money." Skyler said, the lawyer nodding.

"Exactly. This to me means someone's backing his claims. Someone's hired a damn intelligent legal representative for him."

"Levine! It has to be Adam!" Josh said, Justin looking at him with surprise.

"You mean Adam's behind all this? I'll hurt both of them!" Finn said, the anger flashing again, Skyler's arm going around him.

"That wouldn't solve anything, my love."
"It would make me feel a hundred percent better! They both need a good beating." Finn said, anger showing.

"Sky's right, Finny. That won't solve anything." Andrew said, the young singer looking at Andrew.

"So what are we supposed to do? Just let them take Lucas to court on these trumped up charges?" Finn said, the man lowering his head again, Sky looking at him.

"What else stands out, Drew?" Trish said, looking at her fiancÚ.

The man looked around at everyone.

"According to the writ, Addison has proof to substantiate his claims."

"Proof? What proof?" Justin said, the lawyer looking at him.

"I'm not sure, Justin. He could have copies of all of Lucas' songs. If they're dated, he could claim he wrote them himself, if no name's on them. How did Lucas write? Did he keep them all together? You three knew him best when he was writing all your music. Think on it." the lawyer said, all three bandmates staring quietly at each other.

"Lucas always wrote on a note pad which he carried in a satchel. He'd get inspired at a drop of a hat. He carried that satchel everywhere with him."
"And Jake had easy access to it?" Andrew asked, all three nodding.

"We all had access to it. But it was Lucas' treasure. We never touched it."

"Apparently he did." another voice said.

All eyes moved to the kitchen doorway, Lucas standing in its opening.


Josh was on his feet, walking up to his lover, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks for letting me sleep in, Beamy. Good morning, my love." he said, Josh's arms going around him.

"Good morning, Lucky. How are you feeling?" Josh said with concern, Lucas kissing his lips lightly, softly smiling at him.

"I slept wrapped in your love. I feel refreshed. And you look tired, my angel."

"I held you all night. You needed me and I was there for you."

Lucas smiled, seeing the love in Josh's eyes.

"Always, my Joshua. Your love anchors my soul, troubled or not."

Josh nodded, their lips meeting again, everyone at the table looking towards them with love.

Lucas broke the kiss, his violet eyes going to the five staring at them.

"Good morning, everyone. It's nice to find my home flooded with love."
All five smiled, rising from their seats, each hugging Lucas as he walked around the table.

Finn's blue eyes locked with his, the anger gone from his face, only concern for his friend showing now.

"I like that face better, Finny. I felt your anger from upstairs."

The man lowered his eyes, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"It's nice to know you have my back." Lucas said, their eyes meeting again.

"I love you, Luke. I protect those I love."

Lucas smiled, their eyes showing their brotherly love.

Justin was the last Lucas hugged, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks for guiding me to the solitude of Josh's love, Justin."

"I was worried about you, Lucas. You'd been so silent last night. We all saw the hurt within your soul. I knew Josh's love was what you needed the most."

Lucas nodded, his violet eyes staring at Josh, the man's blue filled with love.

"His love anchors my soul, and yours adds to the calmness. Thank you."
Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek again.

Lucas walked into Josh's opening arms, the young man smiling at all his friends.

"Sit down everyone. I smell one of Justin's wonderful breakfasts. You give me a run for their stomachs, Timberlake." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I learned from you, Luke."

The young man smiled, Josh guiding him with love to a chair, the man sitting down beside him.

Justin went to the stove, beginning to bring breakfast back for his friends.


The seven sat around the table, breakfast eaten in relative quietness, a few words of friendship spoken, all eyes returning often to Lucas' violet calmness.

"You seem more relaxed and together this morning, Luke." Finn said, finishing his coffee, his plate empty for the second time.

"I'm focused, Finn. Last night's pain has given way to reality." Lucas said, Josh's blue pools locked on his man's face.

"And what reality is that, Lukey?" Trish said, her blue eyes meeting her brother's violet.

"The reality that I may have a fight on my hands."

"Lucas, this is preposterous! Jake has no claim to those songs. We all watched you reveal them, every one written with your love flowing through them." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Of course I wrote them, Finnegan. They were--and are--of my soul. Each of you have sung my written love."
All his bandmates smiled at him, Lucas's love showing in his violet pools.

"Then how can he substantiate a claim against your love?" Justin said, the young man staring at him.

"By being the deceitful liar he's always been. The liar I never saw until it was too late." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him, Justin's hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"You didn't see it because you were living in fear and hurt, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes I was, Justin. And in that state of fear I let that man do anything." Lucas said, Josh's blue pools staring at him.

"I remember one night after he'd been rather ruthless in his lovemaking, the man taking me in the living room when he'd come home half drunk from a pub. He'd picked up my satchel off the coffee table, the man laying on top of me on the floor in front of the couch.

'You still writing your worthless musical shit, Lukey Wooky?' he'd said, his fingers opening the leather case, pulling out my written songs.

He'd perused them, staring at them with quiet confusion, I saw the look on his face." Lucas said, everyone quietly staring at him.

"He'd then said something I'd forgotten until now."
"What did he say?" Finn said, Lucas looking into his concerned eyes.

"He said 'These ain't half bad. Maybe I'll peddle them to some lyricist. I could make money off your sorry ass. You're going to give at both ends, slut.'"

Everyone stared at their friend with love, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"So you think he took your songs and copied them?" Andrew said, the young man staring at his friend.

"Perhaps, Drew. I left the satchel everywhere. He had easy access to it."

The lawyer nodded, looking at Lucas.

"Do you have the originals, Luke?" Andrew said, Lucas nodding, the man rising from the table, disappearing out of the room, everyone looking at the lawyer.

Lucas returned a few moments later, a leather satchel in his hand, Josh smiling at him.

Josh had seen the young man carrying it in the studio and around their homes.

Lucas sat down again, handing the satchel to Andrew, the lawyer opening it, pulling out the papers from within.

He stared at the written songs, perusing them.

"They're all here, Lucas. And I see you dated all of them, which is good. But unfortunately they're unsigned."

"Yes, I know. They're not signed by me." Lucas quietly said.

"So in court it could be your word against his?" Finn said, anger showing on his face again.

"Not necessarily, Finn. These are handwritten. We'll get handwriting analyses of the pages, your and his writing samples, which would verify the trueness of who wrote your songs, Luke." Andrew said, Lucas nodding quietly.

"That would prove they're yours, Lucky." Josh smiled, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"That would only prove that Lucas wrote them by hand, Josh. It wouldn't prove that he wrote the words themselves. I'm sure Addison's lawyer has thought of that. He could lead a defense that Jake had dictated them to Lucas, Lucas more knowledgeable on writing music. After all, Jake was only a drummer, not a singer."

"That's preposterous, Drew! We all know Lukey wrote those songs!" Finn said, folding his arms in anger, Lucas looking at him.

"We know that, but a judge doesn't. I'm sorry, Lucas. We all know the truth, and to verify that truth we'll have to go to court. I know the first thing the judge will do is cancel your tour. Until ownership of this music is legitimized."

"What? They can't do that!" Finn said, standing up now, everyone staring at his angry face.

Lucas stood up, walking over to his friend, his hand going to Finn's shoulder.

"That music is our soul, Lukey! That bastard's trying to destroy our soul!" Finn said, everyone seeing the tears now showing in his blue eyes.

Lucas wrapped his arms around his friend, Finn beginning to cry against his chest.

Everyone was moved to tears, seeing the man's emotions revealed.

"No, he'll never do that, Finnegan. Our music is indeed our soul. And united it shall forever be. It's time Jacob Addison sees that. And it's time I faced him with my own truths."

"Your own truths, Lucky?" Josh said, the man staring at his young lover's focused, calm face.

"Yes, Josh. This is my life, and that man's now out of it. He has to understand that. As do others."

"Others? You mean Adam?" Justin said, Lucas looking at him.

"Yes, Justin. I know Adam's orchestrated this. Jake never had the brains to formulate anything like this. And he never had enough talent to create a nursery rhyme, let alone my music."

Everyone smiled, seeing the calmness flooding Lucas' face, the young man's hand going to the stone which hung around his neck over his black t-shirt.

"I'm sorry I worried all of you last night. The truth crushed my soul, the truth of someone wanting to destroy my soul. Well I'm not going to let that happen. Today my soul's charged with the truth. No one lays claim to my musical soul. It's mine alone."

Josh smiled, seeing the determination in Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas released the stone from around his neck, everyone seeing a soft faded glow in its center.

"I want you to arrange a meeting, Andrew. Between Jake, his lawyer, Adam and myself. Here at our home on Monday."
Andrew and everyone looked surprised, Lucas looking around at all of them.

"Truths need answers. And my life needs to live."

"Lucky, is that wise? Here in our home?" Josh said, Lucas walking over to his man, his arms going around him.

"They both need to see that I'm in love, Joshua. And that you are my heart and music is my soul. And I've got a greater truth to show."

"A greater truth?" Finn said, Lucas smiling over at him.

"No worries, my friends. That music is mine. I'll show that easily. And my heart is my own. Neither of those bastards can lay claim to it. I'll make both of them see that."

Everyone saw a great calmness in Lucas' violet pools, the hurt and pain of last night gone.

"I'm going to be there, Lucas! I'm going to protect you." Finn said, the others around the table nodding, Lucas smiling around at all of them.

"My posse's got my back. I'm surrounded by love. And you'll all see mine on Monday."

Everyone smiled, Lucas looking at Josh.

"Look at the time! I should shower and get this place organized. Your own friends of musical love are coming today."

Josh smiled, seeing the love in Lucas' eyes for his friends.

"We can cancel the party if you're focused on this, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's soft lips.

"Friendship, love and family I need this weekend. There's time enough on Monday for reality."

Josh nodded, Lucas smiling.

"Besides, I'm planning on cooking up a storm. Joey's coming. I hate to see food go to waste!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas' hand going into Josh's, Josh smiling at him.

"Come on, Beamy. I need someone to wash my back."
Josh beamed, the two men walking out of the kitchen, everyone staring after them.

"What's he cooking up?" Andrew said, Trish looking at him.

"I don't know, Drew. But knowing my brother, those two men are going to be blindsided. You all saw the focused calmness in Luke's violet eyes. My brother's ready for life."

Everyone looked at Trish, Justin's blue eyes looking towards the kitchen doorway.

His soul felt a worrisome love overshadowing it.


Josh moaned, two wet hands washing his back, his wet backside feeling a probing love.

"Oh, Lucky! I was supposed to wash your back!" he moaned, Lucas smiling as he sank forward deeper into his lover, his wet soapy hands moving around to Josh's smooth chest, soaping up his nipples with the sponge in his hand.

"I needed to anchor myself to your love, my beam of life." Lucas said, his lips going to Josh's wet earlobe, Josh gasping.

"You're connected to my soul. And my ass! Oh that's fantastic!" Josh said, Lucas beginning a slow rhythm, his soapy hands moving downward, wrapping around Josh's heightened arousal, his own hardened arousal sunken deep into Josh's bubbly butt.

"Oh, Lucky!" Josh moaned, Lucas' rhythm rising.

Josh felt Lucas' wet hands stroking his shaft and rubbing his balls, the man's lips devouring Josh's earlobe, the older man lost in Lucas' wet possession of him.

"I love you, Joshua. Take all of my love!" Lucas moaned, Josh feeling his thrusting emotions.

Josh felt the flowing of his orgasmic need trembling through him, Lucas exploding behind him, Josh feeling the warmth fill his soul and ass.

Josh exploded as well, his seed of love splashing upwards against his wet chest, drops of it hitting Lucas' wet face, the man moving backwards, pulling Josh with him back against the shower wall, Lucas' arms wrapping around Josh's chest.

"Oh, my love! I'm anchored to your soul!" the young man gasped, Josh moving forward, feeling Lucas' hardness pull out of him, the man moving around against his lover, wrapping his wet arms around him, staring into his violet pools.

"The best, my love. You are the best. I've. . .I've never experienced so. . ."

Lucas' lips met Josh's, Josh feeling his calming love.

"Myself either, Beamy. You send me to the plane of your love. It's a higher plane of total bliss."

Josh smiled, his hand taking the sponge from Lucas' wet hand, the younger man smiling at him.

"Are you okay, Lucky? You seem so calm, so focused. Last night you were so. . ."

"Hurt, Josh? I was devastated. I couldn't believe that it had gotten to this point. That Jake wanted to hurt all of me."

"I'm sorry, Lucky. I'm sorry you ever met that man." Josh softly said, his hands washing Lucas' chest and abdomen.

"Life is as it was, Joshua. As the path is now destined to be. I was given pain so a greater happiness could come to me. I have walked both spectrums of life. Pain and Love. Jake's love was a false, hurtful love. Yours is totally real. I love you, Joshua. No one will ever have all of my heart as you do."

Josh was in tears, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"But you never deserved that pain, Lucas. I hate seeing you hurt. If I'd known you then that man would have rued the day he touched you."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and softly kissing Josh's wet lips.

"My knight in shining armour."
"I love you, Lucas. I hate to see you in pain."

"The pain is over, Joshua. My heart only now has love."

Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes, the young man's eyes filled with love.

"I guess you had it wrong, Lucky?"

"What wrong, Beamy?"

Josh's wet hand went to Lucas' chest, the man laying it against Lucas' heart.

"Someone can claim your heart."

Lucas smiled, remembering his song.

"Yes, Joshua. It's a wrongness I'm so happy about. And you truly have claimed all of me."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lover's lips.

They broke the kiss, Lucas' smile so filled with love.

"There's one spot you missed, my washing angel." Lucas said, the man's body turning around, Josh's blue eyes scanning the went bubbly butt before him.

"Wash all of me, and claim all of me, my radiating Beamy."

Josh smiled, his hands going to Lucas' firm backside.


Josh walked into the kitchen, two violet pools meeting his, a large smile on Lucas' calm face.

"We need lemonade, Lucky. Finn's whining that he's parched."

"I've made three pitchers of it, they're in the fridge." Lucas smiled, returning to the counter he was working on, the man feeling two arms wrap around him.

"You're amazing, my love. The kitchen's overflowing with sustenance."

Lucas smiled, Josh's eyes scanning the laden counter, covered bowls and platters covering it.

Lucas was working on a medley of vegetables, preparing a platter of veggies and fruit.

"They're all our friends and loved ones. I want them happy."
Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' neck.

"Not as happy as I am, my love."
Lucas smiled, pushing back against his lover's center, feeling Josh's happiness.

"No, Josh. I'd have to put rubber sheets on our bed."
Josh laughed, turning his man around, their lips meeting.

"Oh, really? There'd be that much love flowing?"

Lucas smiled, seeing the love on Josh's face.

"Well that Joey looks like a real tiger. I'm sure he'd be good for hours. And Lance, well he's a beauty. One would want to experience him slowly."

Josh's smile softened, Lucas' lips meeting his, Josh feeling Lucas' giving love.

"He'll walk into a family of loving friendship. We all love him, Josh. He'll easily see that. Let me guide him to our love."

Josh nodded, staring into Lucas' violet eyes, seeing so much giving love there.

"His past, Lucas. The painfulness of it all."

"He was lost, now he'll be found by the love he was always destined to have."

"He'll have love, Lucas? More than our love of friendship?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.

"Yes, Joshua. My foreboding magic senses a great change ahead for Lance. And with that change comes a love he'll not believe. For it will fill his soul as greatly as our souls are filled."
Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Then he will be beyond happy." Josh said, his arms tightening around his lover, one hand going into Lucas' shorts' back pocket.

Lucas smiled, one of his hands going to the platter he'd been working on, picking up a slice of melon, placing it in Josh's mouth, the man smiling at him.

"Suck on that melon. My own are still bruised from my man's wet passion." Lucas smiled, Josh chuckling, popping the slice into his mouth.

"Mmmm, wet and juicy like yours."
Lucas laughed, Josh kissing his cheek, Lucas feeling the wet juice against his skin.

"Lemonade, Beamy. We don't want Finny bursting into dust."

Josh laughed, releasing his man, walking over to the fridge, opening it.

He smiled, seeing the fridge well-stocked with other bowls and platters.

He pulled out a pitcher of lemonade, placing it on a tray and pulling out glasses from the cupboard.

The two looked at each other, Josh winking at him.

"Finish the food, my love. I want your wet beauty against me in the pool."

"Later, sweet cheeks. I'll wear my patriotic panties."

Josh grinned, his eyes going to Lucas' shorts-covered center.

"I know someone that will salute."

Lucas laughed, his man blowing him a kiss, carrying the tray out of the kitchen, heading for the patio.

Lucas looked after him, a soft smile coming to his face.

He looked out through the kitchen window, seeing everyone laughing and relaxing around the pool.

Time enough for happiness, my friends.

Be prepared for life, Lance.

Your love deserves to be shared.

I only hope it won't cost me everything to join it with his.

It's a sacrifice I'll have to be prepared to make.

Lucas sighed, his fingers going to the necklace hanging from his neck, his touch feeling its glowing warmth.

His violet eyes softly glowed, the man returning to his food preparations.


Lucas took a deep breath, answering the front door, opening it wide.

He smiled, staring into four beaming faces, a fifth standing behind them.

"That didn't take long, Jus." Lucas smiled, Justin nodding his head, the man having gone to the airport to pick up Joey and Lance.

Lucas was instantly wrapped in two bearish arms, the man feeling his feet leave the ground, a bearded face kissing his cheek.

"Missed ya, Lukey!" Joey grinned, Lucas smiling at his friend's welcoming embrace.

"Set me down, Joey! You must smell the food off me!!"

Joey laughed, licking Lucas' cheek, grinning widely.

"Porterhouse steak? My fav!!"

Lucas laughed, Joey setting him down.

"I'd like you to meet my love and my world." Joey said, Lucas' violet eyes moving, meeting two sets of identical blue.

"Hello, Lucas." Kelly Fatone said, Lucas smiling at her, a small child in her arms, her older daughter standing beside her.

"Hello, Kelly. And hello, Kloey." Lucas smiled, the man moving forward and pulling both into a welcoming, more gentle embrace.

Joey smiled, seeing the three smiling at each other.

"How did a vision of beauty land this ole bear?" Lucas smiled, Kelly laughing.

"I cook well too, Lucas."
Justin and Lucas both laughed, Lucas smiling at the young woman looking up at him.

"I like your eyes, Lucas. You're cute!" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"My first teenage groupie! Awesome!" he smiled, the young girl blushing.

"I'm only twelve, Lucas. My name's Briahna."
"Hey, it's Luke, Briahna. We're going to be smashing friends. If you think I'm hot wait till you see Finny."

The girl blushed again, everyone laughing, her adoring eyes staring at Lucas.

"I'm Brie, Luke. Dad tells me you're a rock star too?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at Joey.

"Not as famous as your father and favourite uncles, but working on it."

The girl smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Cool. I love your looks. You'll be big!"

Lucas smiled, Kelly smiling at her daughter's adoration of Lucas' handsome face.

The small child in Kelly's arms was staring at Lucas, her arms suddenly going outward.

"She feels your love, Luke." Justin said, Joey smiling at his youngest daughter, Lucas taking the child into his arms, smiling down at her.

"Hello, little one." he smiled, the child smiling up at him.

"Hi, Wuke!"

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at him.

"Yes, I'm Luke. I'm your Daddy's friend."

The child smiled, looking at her father.

Lucas smiled at both, his eyes going to the fifth person standing back a bit from everyone.

He gently handed the girl to Joey, Joey smiling at him, Lucas' eyes turning to the other person.

"Hello, Lance. Welcome to our home." Lucas said, staring into two quiet eyes of emerald love.

Lucas saw a soft nervousness in those green pools, Justin staring at his friend as well.

"Hello, Luke. It's. . .it's nice to see you again."

Lucas smiled, staring into Lance's quiet handsome face.

He saw the soft bruising, the man's face healing.

Lucas walked up to him, his arms going around him, Lance feeling his welcoming love.

"It's a home of love, Lancy. No one here loves you less. In fact our love grows." Lucas said, Lance softly tearing up.

"I wasn't sure that I should. . ."

"You should feel the love, Lance. That's all that's important."

Lance nodded, Lucas releasing his hold on him.

"Justin told you?"

"He told all of us, Lance. But I already knew."

Lance looked surprised, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I felt all of your troubled love, Lance. Since the first day I met you. But beneath that pain I felt a greater person. A man I want dearly as a friend. Everyone's waiting to show you their love. Let's start with mine."

Lance lowered his eyes, Lucas raising his face with his finger under his chin, staring into Lance's green pools.

Lucas moved forward, his lips meeting Lance's.

Lance felt all of Lucas' love in that kiss, the man moving back, their eyes meeting.

"No looks of worry or regret, Lance. We all love you. We all walk paths of life. Yours was just sidetracked. You're back on the real path. And it's going to be beyond your wildest dreams."
Lance teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"You'll only find friendship and love here, Lancy. Let's go find it together."

Lance smiled, Lucas' arm going around him, the young man leading him into the house, everyone following them, Joey's tearing eyes meeting Justin's blue pools of tears.


Everyone around the pool looked towards the patio, their eyes staring at the people walking out of the house.

"Look who's here, everyone." Lucas said, everyone smiled, getting up and walking up to the new arrivals.

They all greeted the new people, Joey introducing his wife and kids to Lucas' bandmates, Trish and Skyler taking turns holding the small child, Kloey beaming.

Lance was welcomed by the group, each giving him a tender, gentle hug, the man softly smiling at all of them, his eyes meeting Lucas' constantly.

The man felt their giving love, Lucas smiling when he saw Lance relaxing more.

Josh and Lucas brought out trays of drinks for everyone, everyone relaxing around the patio tables.

"It's so nice being all together again." Joey said, everyone smiling, the patio phone going off.

"That'll be the troll." Justin laughed, Lucas smiling and answering the phone.

He hung up, smiling at Justin.

"Yep, Chris has arrived. The N*Sync lovefest can now start!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas kissing Josh's cheek, the young man walking into the house.

"Lucas seems really happy, Josh." Lance said, Josh smiling at his friend sitting beside him.

"He is, Lance. Although it's been a rough couple of days." Josh said, looking at Joey and Lance.

"Yes, Justin told us on the ride from the airport. That Addison's an asshole!" Joey said, Kelly's hand going to his shoulder.

"Calmness, my love." Joey looking into her loving eyes.

"How can I be calm when Adam Levine hurts all my friends?" Joey said, his brown eyes going towards Lance.

"Adam's out of our lives, Joey. We just have to focus on getting him out of Lucas'." Lance said, everyone looking at him with love.

"Got that right, Lance. We'll all protect him. We love all of you." Finn said, Lance smiling at the handsome Welshman.

"Thanks, Finn."

"Hey, it's Finny. You're one of my best friends now, Lancy." the man smiled, Lance smiling back.

"But no touching, got it?"

Lance burst into laughter, everyone smiling at him.

"I'll try to control myself, Mr. Ego."

Finn laughed, patting Lance's shoulder.

'I know, it's hard."

"Too much info, Finny!" Lance said, Finn laughing more.

"Who's Mr. Ego?"

Everyone's eyes went to the new voice spoken from the house's doorway, Chris and Chris standing there, Lucas behind them.

"Only you, Chris! Only you!" Joey laughed, the man smiling, rising from his chair, Chris Kirkpatrick smiling, the man moving from his spot, Joey and him hugging together in the middle of the patio.

"And N*Sync's found its heart again. We'll all listen to its beating happiness." Lucas said, Chris Pine smiling beside him.

The two men walked out of the house, everyone rising from their seats, friendship and love joining.



Westonshire, Massachusetts


A gentle breeze blew across the fields, the daylight's ending bringing a soft darkening light to the rolling hillside.

A solitary man walked down a cobblestone pathway, its loping path circling around the darkened ruins of a once noble sanctuary.

The man followed the path, his tired eyes looking upwards at the darkened side of the long abandoned tomb.

The man's thoughts were on his own worrisome path.

A fortress of solitude and emptiness, as such my soul feels.

Why am I out here on this foolish quest?

Elderson's statements breathed new life into my soul.

Could his words be true?
Could he have stumbled upon the truth I have searched for?

Arlo's eyes adjusted to the gloom, his silent walking heard by no one, the cemetery empty nonetheless.

His eyes scanned the tomb, seeing nothing amiss.

Well the boy's not damaged anything, although I'm sure he beat a hasty retreat when he encountered the showing truth.

The man smiled, laughing softly to himself.

It would have given me happiness to see that look upon your face, coward.

The man smiled, thinking back to a few hours ago.

He'd stood near the caretaker's shed, listening in hidden silence right before the man, the new caretaker talking to the parish priest, the man having brought the priest out into the cemetery on a mission of worried faith.

The shade of Arlo's existence gave him total invisibility to the real world, the man standing before both men unseen.

"I'm telling ya, Father. I saw it with my own eyes. That abandoned tomb on the northern hill. There was. . .there was someone there."

"Nonsense, Elderson. Your eyes play tricks upon you. That tomb has been sealed for eons. It dates back to two centuries ago."

"I know it's old, but it's not silent. The door was ajar!"

The priest shook his head, staring at the younger man.

"Show me then, Caleb." the man said, the younger caretaker nodding, his eyes showing a concerned fear.

"I am a man of faith, Caleb. Walk with God's protection."

The man nodded, the caretaker guiding the priest forward, Arlo quietly following the two.

The older caretaker's eyes took in the path they followed, the man well acquainted with it.

He knew of the tomb Caleb spoke of.

It was the same tomb where Arlo had seen Rosa Sharon on the night of his own passing into the light.

He followed the two, the younger caretaker stopping before the tomb, the priest staring at the wrought iron gate before them, the gate closed.

His eyes looked inward, seeing the tomb's doorway closed, the door's edge caked with mossy fungus.

"No one's opened that door in eons, fool." the older priest said, the young caretaker staring at it with surprise.

"I. . .I swear. . .it. . it was open!" he stuttered, the priest looking around the tomb.

"What's that?" the man said, his finger pointing towards the left of the sealed door.

The young caretaker opened the gate, walking slowly across the marbled walkway, leaning down by the door, picking up something.

"It. . .it looks like a ring." he softly said.

"It's mine."

The young man's and the priest's eyes turned to the left of the tomb, a tall man standing there.

"Who. . .who are you?" the young caretaker stuttered, staring at the man.

"I am the owner of this tomb. It is of my family's ancestry."

The priest stared at the man, the caretaker pocketing the ring he'd found, walking out of the tomb's entrance, closing the gate behind him.

"I do not know you, sir. Where do you come from?" the priest said, staring at the stranger.

"I come from the shades of a great land. And they are on the move."

The priest and caretaker stared at each other.

"What does that mean, sir?"

"I wish to have the ring. It is legally mine."

The caretaker stared at the man, his courage building.

"Finders keepers, stranger. You have no claim to this place." he said, the priest staring into the man's handsome face.

"I have claim to many things, young one."

Arlo stood back from the men, staring at the new arrival.

The man's eyes turned from the priest and caretaker, his green pools staring directly at Arlo.

"Many are on a quest to this place. They seek what has been hidden. I shall guide only he who warrants the truth."

Arlo stepped back into the shadows, the man's deep judging eyes making a coldness flood Arlo's dead soul.

The man's head turned back to the young caretaker.

"Give me the ring."

The man's eyes darkened with smugness.

"Let's go, Father. This man's a weirdo." Caleb said.

The priest stared at the man before him.

"What is your name, sir? What is this ring to you?"

The man stared at both.

"Shades! Give me my damn ring!"

The two stepped back, seeing a hardening in the man's eyes.

"Let's indeed go, Caleb. This man's crazy." the priest said, moving around the man, the caretaker following him, both men's eyes on the man.

The man's hand went out, staying the priest's path, its coldness settling on the faithful man's shoulder.

"Shades are delicious. It is long since I have sustained of a man's fluid." the man said, moving forward with lightening speed.

Caleb Elderson's eyes widened with disbelief, seeing the priest's head leave his shoulders, the man's hand holding a long knife in its grasp, the priest's body falling to the ground, his head rolling down the path, stopping its path at the tomb's gate.

"He is old of flesh, you are young of life. I think you shall be delicious, Caleb." the man said, the young caretaker's eyes widening in terror, backing up from the man's advancing form.

"Stay. . .stay away from me! For God's sake, please don't hurt me!" he sobbed, the man before him smiling a smile of total ownership.

"God has nothing to do with this. I welcome your deliciousness."

The young man screamed, the stranger upon him in a burst of speed, his body pushing the man down onto the ground, his screams cut off by the sounds of crunching teeth.

Arlo Hammond stood in silent shock, staring at the monster before him devouring the man's lifeblood.

"We must flee, Arlo. He will eat Shades as well."

Arlo turned, staring into two small pools of beaming love.

"Rosa Sharon?"

The small dead girl smiled up at him.

"What. . .what in God's heaven is he. . .is that?"

The girl's blue eyes moved to the monstrosity showing before them, a pool of blood surrounding it.

"He is death, he is life. He comes after all."

The girl's small hand went in the old caretaker's, her eyes meeting his.

"Let us flee, Arlo. Joshua calls."

Arlo felt his body lighten, the two Shades disappearing instantly.

The monster that remained gained its feet, his green eyes searching all around him.

"I felt you two. You cannot hide." he said, his voice loud and strong.

He wiped his red blood-covered lips, a ring held in one hand.

He smiled, his eyes turning to the tomb on his left side.

He threw the ring towards it, the ring disappearing through the tomb's sealed door.

He smiled, looking around the blood-soaked ground before him, the young caretaker gone, every inch of him consumed.

His eyes went to the gate's edge, seeing the priest's dead staring eyes looking at him from his ripped off head.

"Bless me Father. For I have sinned. It is the sin of gluttony."
The man laughed, his ravenous body moving towards the dead priest.




End of Chapter 36


Well, it seems there really is a monster lurking out there.

Who is this devouring stranger?
And what of the ring he's again hidden in the ancient tomb?


Lance is once again surrounded by his friends, their love unchanged.

What truth does Lucas speak of in regards to his future happiness?

The former band is now surrounded by a new band, Lucas' love joining all of them.


Lucas had gained resilience against Jake and Adam.

What will happen at his offered meeting with them?
Has Lucas gained more courage?

Or more wisdom?


The party continues and truths come to the surface.

Let's follow the love.


Hugs, Angel.