Yesterday's End-37

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Chapter 37


Josh smiled, watching his Lucky chatting with Chris and Piney.

Dinner was finished, Lucas' barbecue a big hit, as well as his side dishes.

The man loved to cook and loved people enjoying his food.

He'd wandered around the patio and pool side, making sure everyone had sampled all of his offered buffet.

No one wanted for anything, everyone happily stuffed.

Joey lay on a lounge chair, his youngest daughter on top of his chest.

Kelly and Briahna were in the pool, laughing and swimming with Trish and Skyler, Andrew also with them.

Josh sat at a patio table with Justin and Lance.

Lucas smiled, handing Chris the last hamburger off the grill, the man shutting down the barbecue.

Chris smiled, carrying the hamburger over to Joey, the man smiling, raising his hand and taking the offered hamburger from Chris, the man having covered it with fixings off the buffet table.

"Our Joey's unstoppable." Justin smiled, Josh chuckling.

"As is his love, Jus." Lucas said, the men around the patio table smiling at him as he walked up, Piney at his side, Chris walking up behind the two.

"I knew I could pawn the last one off on him. He's insatiable!" Chris laughed, Piney smiling at him, the two sitting down at the table.

"He loves food. I'm fine with that. I made plenty." Lucas said, the man smiling at his Josh as he sat down in his lap, Josh's arms going around him.

"So what's for dessert? I see Josh has his already." Chris smirked, Josh smiling up at his Lucky.

"Yep, and he loves my special cream filling." Lucas said, everyone around the table laughing, Chris blushing, Piney looking at him.

The two hadn't revealed their relationship to their new friends surrounding them, Lucas understanding their quiet needs.

"I've made a nice cake. Finn's making coffee and I'll serve it shortly." Lucas said, smiling at Chris.

Lucas saw the looks the two men were giving each other, Chris' eyes meeting Lucas'.

"We're all friends here, Chris. You've seen the specialness of all our love. But we'll respect your privacy, and you have our trust." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his lover.

"Thanks, Luke." Piney said, Josh smiling at him.

"Right now, I'll pop into the house. Finn must have the coffee machine all screwed up." Lucas smiled, rising from his lover's lap, Josh pouting.

"I like your friend, Lucas. He's of my own mindset." Chris smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, aren't we lucky? Two mirthful trolls."

Everyone laughed, Chris staring at Lucas.

"Ha. . .ha."

"But loveable trolls, nonetheless." Lucas said, Chris smiling at him.

"We are as we are. I'm quite wonderful myself." Chris smirked, Piney rolling his eyes, Lucas laughing.

"True. I don't see Piney complaining."

Piney smiled, Chris blushing.

Lucas leaned down, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Be right back, lover."

"Hurry, I miss you already."

Chris was making gagging noises, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Wait a couple of minutes, Chris. I'll get a mirror for you so you can really retch."

Everyone laughed, Chris grinning at Lucas, the young man walking into the house, closing the patio door behind him.

"You've got an amazing man there, Joshy. He's so quick on the comeback." Chris said, smiling at his old friend.

"Yes, my Lucky's amazing. In every way."

"He doesn't seem phased by the summons. He actually seems very focused." Piney said, looking towards the house.

The newly arrived guests had all been told of the latest drama surrounding Lucas, the former musicians voicing their love and faith in Lucas' rightful ownership to his music.

Lucas had quietly shown them his resilience, the man's voice calm and determined.

"I don't like the thoughts of Adam meeting him." Lance had quietly voiced, all eyes on the man.

Chris and Chris had been told of Lance's drama as well, Chris hugging his friend with giving love, Lance surrounded by all his loving friends.

"Lucas seems very calm. Whatever he's got planned it seems to have calmed his soul." Kelly said, everyone nodding as she and Trish walked up onto the patio, the two followed by Andrew, Skyler and Briahna, all freshly dried off from their swimming.

"I have total faith in my Lucky's calmness. It shows me that he's going to be alright." Josh said, everyone's eyes focused on him.

"My brother's nothing if not mysterious. But his love shines for all of us."

Everyone smiled, the patio door opening again, Finn stepping out, a tray containing a couple of coffee carafes and cups in his hand, the man holding the door open with his ass as Lucas walked out, a large cake in his hands.

Everyone smiled, Lucas carrying the cake to the patio table, everyone's eyes going to its layered beauty.

They all smiled seeing the words written across the cake's white surface in blue icing.



                      Love Joined

                 Friends welcomed



Everyone smiled at Lucas, the man smiling back.

"Welcome all of you to our home of love. Josh and I consider all of you friends, brothers and sisters. Welcome to our joined love." Lucas said, Josh standing, his arms going around his lover.

"Lucas is right. Consider this a welcoming home of love, you're all welcome here always." Josh said.

Everyone smiled, clapping, Chris smiling at both of them.

"Great! I get dibs on the master bedroom tonight!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his new friend.

"You just want to watch, pervert."

Joey burst into laughter, Chris blushing, Piney smiling at him.

The younger man smiled, leaning over and kissing Chris' lips, a few faces showing surprise.

Finn's eyes widened, Lucas smiling at his friend.

Piney moved back, looking around, realizing what he'd just done.

"Oops." he softly said, a hand going in his, two lips kissing his cheek.

"Never apologize for loving me, Christopher."

Chris Pine's eyes met his lover's, Chris Kirkpatrick smiling around at everyone.

"I love my man, and he loves me as you can easily see. We just didn't want to show it until we met all of you." Chris said, Lucas smiling at him, patting his shoulder.

"Love surrounds us, my friends. We can all welcome any love. Troll or not."

Joey burst into laughter, Chris blushing, Piney smiling at Lucas.

"But he's my troll, Luke. And he's beyond loveable." Piney said, Chris smiling at him.

"Amazing. We didn't see it at all." Finn said, Skyler smiling at her boyfriend as she wrapped her arms around him.

"My clueless beauty. I had commented to Trishy about it an hour ago."

The two Chrises looked up at the young woman, Skyler smiling.

"Piney had revealing eyes, Chris. He shows his love for you in every following glance." Trish said, the two men softly blushing, but smiling.

"I'll always show my love for him." Piney said, everyone smiling at the two.

"Amazing, so amazing." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, I try."

Everyone laughed, Finn smiling at his friend.

"Yeah, Joshy says you try."

"I don't just try, Finny. I succeed."

Finn laughed, punching his friend in his arm, smiling down at the cake.

"You can play with your old man later. Right now let's try your cake." the Welshman smiled, Lucas laughing.

Everyone smiled at the young man's happiness, the man dishing out the cake.


The day and evening wore on; good food, laughter and happiness flooding the backyard.

Everyone swam and laughed, their bronzed bodies on display for everyone, a group of laughing, loving friends uniting.

Lucas danced with his lover, starting others to join in, the patio soon a converted dance floor.

Couples changed, Lucas dancing with his friends, new and old.

Lucas snuggled with his lover between dances, their friends enjoying themselves immensely.

The evening waned down, entertainment moving into the house, a card game started in the kitchen, others remaining on the patio.

Lucas and Josh had walked everyone around the house throughout the day, individual couples taking in its beauty and homey love.

Lucas showed everyone their bedrooms, the house their getaway for the weekend.

They were all staying until Tuesday morning.

Andrew had received a phone call on his cell after supper, the young lawyer quietly walking into the house, Josh's eyes following him.

He glanced towards his lover, Lucas diving off the diving board, his muscled beauty disappearing into the water.

Andrew returned a few minutes later, sitting down beside Josh, Lance and Justin, the three seated at a poolside table, all wearing only swimming trunks, their bronzed bodies shown.

"That was Levi Strassman, guys. He's Jacob Addison's lawyer."

"The meeting? He's agreed to it?" Lance said, staring at the young man.

"They all have. Although the lawyer seemed apprehensive about it. He doesn't want his client fraternizing with the enemy."

"I don't like it either. I don't like the idea of those two assholes being in this house." Justin said, Josh looking towards his Lucas, the young man swimming with Finn and Piney, Chris and Skyler chatting together on floating chairs in the pool.

"I don't know why Lucas wants this, but I'm going to be beside him throughout that meeting. Neither one of them is going to touch my Lucky."

Lance looked at Josh, their eyes meeting.

"We're all going to be there, Josh. I have a few choice words to say to Adam as well." Lance said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"You've seen enough of his ruthlessness, Lance. I won't let you get upset by his being here." Justin said, the man's green eyes looking into his blue.

"Lucas is my friend, Jus. I won't let that man or that other monster hurt him."
"And your friend takes your protective love into his heart." a voice said, another hand going to Lance's smooth shoulder, the man's green eyes staring up into Lucas' violet pools.

"I feel all your love and protection, my friends." Lucas said, his sculpted body standing behind Lance's chair, the young man clad in only a black bikini swimsuit.

Justin and Lance's eyes took in the man's muscled smooth vision, the young man smiling at them and Andrew.

"The meeting's set?" he said, looking at Drew.

"Yes, Luke. For two on Monday, here."

Lucas nodded, the young man sitting down beside Josh, his lover taking his hand in his, his eyes having been looking into two violet pools of love.

"What do you hope to get out of this meeting, Lucky?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Truth and peace of mind. It won't go beyond this, my friends. I can finish it before it even starts. Although perhaps a greater drama could rear its head."

"What's that supposed to mean, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas' eyes scanning the muscled beauty seated across from him, Justin's smooth tattooed torso looking so beautiful.

"It means that that music is mine. And those two men--especially Jake--will see that. They'll leave here with the truth showing. There won't be any lawsuit or trial. I have the proof to stop that."
Andrew looked at Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"What's going on, Lucas? Is there something here I should know about? I'm your lawyer." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're my friend as well, Drew. Trust me in keeping my secrets close. I want them walking into this house with the smugness dripping from them. Then they'll leave a little more surreal."

Everyone stared at the young man, Lucas staring at Drew.

"You and I will have a talk tomorrow, Drew. I want you to do something for me then."
The lawyer nodded, looking a little confused.

"Relax, my friends. Monday brings truth, and my path continues."

Everyone nodded, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"Right now I want to see some diving beauties. The pool needs some wet eye candy."

Justin and Lance both smiled, Justin's blue eyes taking in Lucas' beauty.

"It already had that. You walked out of it." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Is that why the Timbersnake's sticking out?"

Justin's eyes went to his own covered center, Lucas bursting into laughter.

"You're too easy, Timberlake!"

Justin laughed, then blushed.

"So my lovers tell me."
Lucas laughed, Lance's green eyes staring at Justin.

"Come on, Lancy.  Let's watch Justin's beauty dive into our hearts."

Justin smiled, the man rising from his seat, his trunks covered beauty heading for the diving board.

Lance smiled, his eyes on Justin, Lucas' violet eyes on Lance's softly bruised face.

Lucas felt two lips on his own face, his violet eyes staring into two blue pools of love.

"He is beautiful, Lucky." Josh said, his blue eyes following Justin as well, the man climbing the diving board ladder.

"But he's not you, my love." Lucas said, Josh smiling, his arms going around his Lucky.

Lance and Andrew both smiled, seeing the two lovers locked in happiness.

Lucas' violet eyes stared into Lance's staring eyes.


The evening ended with happiness, the kids in their beds, the remaining couples gradually retiring to their rooms.

Lucas gave everyone towels for their bathrooms, everyone kissing and hugging the two men goodnight in the living room, Josh smiling at their love for his soulmate.

Chris and Chris had left to go back to their place, everyone else staying at Josh's.

Lance and Justin were sharing a room, the others filled with the other couples: Andrew and Trish, Finn and Skyler, Joey and Kelly, a room for their two daughters as well.

Lance and Justin were the last two to remain with Josh and Lucas, the hour showing one o'clock.

"A great day, Lucas. I'm so glad we all got together again." Lance said, Justin and Josh smiling at him, the four relaxing on couches in the living room.

"I felt the missing love you had for each other in your hearts, guys. I knew the five of you needed to rekindle that." Lucas smiled, Josh snuggled against him on a couch.

'Thanks, my love. You always know what makes my heart smile."
"I love you, Josh. And I love all you guys. Even twisted Chris." Lucas smiled, the other chuckling.

"Him and Finn together, how fun was that?" Justin smiled, remembering the laughter he'd enjoyed all afternoon and evening.

"Yes, two identical trolls of mirthfulness. We're going to have years of laughter my friends. Their one-upping each other will fill our hearts with joy." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A side benefit of our joining friendship." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"Thanks for insisting that I come, Lucas. My apprehension you easily destroyed." he said, Lucas smiling, getting up from his lover's embrace, Josh watching him cross the room and sit down beside Lance on the other couch, Justin looking at the two from the armchair he sat in.

Lance stared into Lucas' violet eyes, seeing the love shining there as the. h..."B"B"B7.. h..."B"B"Bbottom: 0px" align="justify"> The room was silent, Lucas' hand going to Lance's knee, Lance feeling the man's touch.

"Look at me, Lance."

Lance raised his head, Lucas seeing tears showing in those confused green pools.

"I'm. . .I'm. . .I'm so sorry, Lucas!" he stuttered, everyone in the room seeing the emotion on his face.

"What have you to be sorry about, Lance? I don't hold any anger or repulsion for the beauty of your love. Any man would find heaven within its beauty."

The man looked surprised, Lucas leaning in again and gently kissing Lance's soft lips.

"I do love you, Lance. But not in the deep way you've dreamt of. There can never be anything but friendship and love between us. The same friendship and love I will always show Justin. I love both of you. To think that you two feel that deeply for me, that you'd want me. . .so deeply. . .it. . .it makes me cower in shame that someone like me could ever be loved as intensely as you want me. I'm. . .I'm nothing compared to your beauty."

Lucas' head lowered, Lance's arm going around him.

Josh sat across from them, feeling his lover's doubts of inadequacy.

"Oh, Lucas! Don't ever say that! Your beauty is breathtaking, as is your love! Look at our Josh. He's fallen hopelessly in love with you, as have Justin and I. Yes, Justin. It's true. I feel the same way about Luke as you did."

Justin stared at Lance, seeing the man's truth shining in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I would never act on the feelings I've hidden so deeply." Lance said, Lucas' violet eyes now staring at him.

"I know that, Lance. Your love for our Joshua would always curb those desires."
"You're so beautiful, Lucas. So totally beautiful. I just thought. . .that. . .but it will never be. Just like I know I'll. . .I'll never have what you and Josh have."

Lucas stared at Lance, the man seeing so much determined love in his violet eyes.

"You're wrong, Lance. You'll have an even greater happiness."

Lance looked confused, Lucas taking his hands in his.

"I've seen the future, Lance. I've seen the future of your happiness. And I'm the one who'll make it happen."

Josh and Justin looked surprised, Lance's green pools locked on Lucas' violet.

"I'll. . .I'll find happiness?"

"Morning, Luke."
Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

His violet eyes saw Justin's legs moving back and forth, the young man smiling.

"You hit the bathroom before you have an accident. I'll be down in the kitchen. I need to talk to you, Justin. I have something I need you to do for me."

Justin nodded, looking into Lucas' violet pools again.

He saw the love but he also saw something more.

A rising nervousness.

"Are you okay, Luke?"

Lucas stared at him.

"Downstairs, Justin. I need to get my life going to its end."

Justin stared at Lucas, the young man heading for the staircase, Justin watching him disappear downstairs.


Josh yawned, stretching his t-shirt-covered torso, walking into the kitchen.

He smiled at everyone, walking up to the stove, his arms going around his soulmate, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man backing away from him.

"Minty, my love. But you know I hate mint. Why ever do I put up with you?" he smirked, Josh softly smiling.

"Because you love me, minty breath and all."
Lucas smiled, Josh's hand going to his shorts-covered butt.

"Got that right." he said, kissing Josh again, the man smiling.

"I'll pick up some other flavour, babe. I want you to always kiss me with need."

Lucas smiled, Josh's eyes going to the kitchen table, everyone smiling at him.

"Sorry I'm the last one up, everyone."

"I'm sure you were the last one up last night too. But I'm sure Lucas cut that wood down. Am I right, Lukey?" Chris yelled from the table, the man laughing, Josh softly blushing.

"He's just jealous, my love. And I'm sure Piney's envious, what with the twig he had to work with."

Piney laughed, Chris blushed, the younger man kissing his cheek.

"Nah, I've got more than enough wood for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm a lumberjack."

Everyone laughed, Chris blushing more, his lover's lips again calming his love.

The two Chrises had returned earlier, Lucas having invited them for brunch.

The hour was after ten, everyone having risen within the last hour or so, Lucas having a full brunch well prepared, one side table laden with bounty.

Joey's brown eyes had gone towards it often, the man seated with his family at the kitchen table, all the leaves put in, the table long and filled with people.

"Thank God you're up, Josh! Joey was gnawing on my elbow!" Finn smirked, Chris laughing, high-fiving him.

Kloey sat in Finn's lap, a cup of milk in her hand, smiling at her father seated beside her.

"He's starving, Joshy! You know my own tiger hungers when he's awake." Kelly said, her arm wrapped around her husband, Joey smiling at her.

"For food and your love!" he smiled, Lucas smiling at the two.

"Sit down, sweetie. We can't have Joey fainting. He could take out two or three of us."

Everyone laughed, Joey blushing, Lucas' showing smile calming his embarrassment.

Josh laughed, sitting down beside Lance, the man smiling at him.

He looked around, looking at Lucas.

"Where's Justin?" he said, Lance pouring him a cup of coffee.

His question was answered by everyone hearing the front door opening and closing.

"He had a couple of errands to do for me, Beamy. That should be him now."

"We're all in the kitchen, Jus!" Lucas yelled, Justin replying.

"Be right there, Luke! I'll put the stuff where you wanted it!"

"Thanks, Jus!" Luke yelled back, the young man smiling at everyone.

"Where did he go? He was gone when we got up?" Finn said, he and Skyler having been the first up around eight-thirty, walking into the kitchen and finding Lucas alone and cooking.

"It's a surprise. I want the day to be filled with happiness." he smiled, setting the last platter down on the side table, looking over his creations.

"Not too much happiness. We don't need to see Josh's white ass." Chris smirked, Piney rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, or Lukey's tanned one!" Finn laughed, Chris high-fiving him again.

"At least there won't be hairy baboon ones." Josh said, Chris and Finn both staring at him with surprise, Lucas leaning down and kissing his lover's cheek.

"Good one, my love. Skyler and Piney both get cotton mouth."

Everyone burst into laughter, Chris and Finn both blushing more, Justin smiling as he walked into the kitchen.

"What did I miss? Oh, the trolls! What hairy trouble are they into now?"

Everyone burst into laughter again, Justin looking confused, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Only you, Jus! Only you would walk into that." he smiled, kissing his cheek, Justin smiling at him.

"Everything's set, Lukey." he said, smiling at his friend.

Lucas beamed, Josh staring at him, seeing his lover's wide smile.

"What are you two cooking up?" he said,  Justin looking at Lucas as he sat down at the table.

"Love, my angel. It starts with my smorgasbord of breakfast succulence. Then all of you will taste my giving love."

"I'd sooner have your hashbrowns. Josh's lips are all over your love." Chris laughed, Finn joining him.

"No worries, Kirkpatrick. Sloppy seconds are always good." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing.

Chris smiled at Lucas, his friend smiling back.

"That's always true."
Lucas laughed, patting Joey's shoulder.

"Food's ready everyone. Make way for Kelly's tiger!"

Everyone laughed, Joey rising from the table, smiling at Lucas.

"After you, Luke. But don't dawdle. I'll run you over."

Lucas laughed, heading for the breakfast buffet.

Justin smiled after him, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

Justin leaned over to Lance as everyone else began to rise up from the table, softly whispering in his ear.

"Lucas needs our help, Lance. Meet me in our room after breakfast. He's in need of our love."

Lance nodded, staring towards Lucas.

The man's violet eyes met Lance's, seeing the love showing there, the young man at the head of the buffet's gathering line.

"What's going on, Jus?" he softly said as the two men stood up, moving to the back of the line.

"Life and love, Lance. Lucas is going to surprise us all."

Both men smiled at each other, their thoughts their own.



End of Chapter 37


A gathering mysterious surprise awaits our friends.

What's Lucas got cooked up?


And Lance's love for Lucas is now in the open.

His needs mirror Justin's once needs.

Will Lance abide by Lucas' giving friendship?
Will Lance remain only Justin's friend, his still-hidden desire for the man unknown?


A weekend of love continues, a Monday of truth coming.

Lucas seems calm against the devious plans of Adam and Jake.

And it seems our Lucky holds a truthful future in his soul.


What lays ahead for everyone?

You know the drill.

Walk with me up the hill.


Hugs, Angel.