Yesterday's End-46

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Chapter 46


Josh opened the bedroom door, Lucas' smiling face greeting his.

"You're supposed to be resting, babe. Your parents have gone back to their hotel, Lucky." he said, Lucas nodding, setting down the book he held in his hand.

Josh's blue pools glanced at the old leather-bound book, the man climbing onto the bed, laying down beside Lucas.

Lucas snuggled against him, their lips meeting, Josh lost in the love his man was giving him.

"Mm, babe. That's nice. You're a pro at that." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him when they broke the kiss.

"I have so much to work with." Lucas said, pulling his man against him.

Josh smiled, feeling his lover's embrace, Lucas' head going to Josh's chest, the older man's arms going around him.

"Where's everyone else?" Lucas said, Josh's fingers going through the younger man's hair.

"Justin and Sheridan left with Lance. Trish and Skyler went out to shop as well, now that they're free for a couple of days. Finn and Drew are playing darts in the games room."

Lucas nodded, playing with the necklace hanging from Josh's neck.

Josh's eyes went to the discarded book, their blueness looking at its aged leather.

"How goes the reading, my love?"

"I haven't actually started the journal, Josh. Just rereading the introduction. I was just laying here relaxing and thinking."

Josh nodded, staring down at his man.

"You need to relax, my love. You've had a hard few days."

Lucas nodded, staring up at Josh.

"Okay, my love. What's wrong?" Lucas said, lifting his head, staring into Josh's blue pools.

Josh stared back at him, the man sighing softly.

"We were all kind of shocked by that surprise at breakfast, Lucky."

Lucas nodded, staring at Josh.

"Where did that brooch go, Lucas?"

Lucas sighed himself, the young man sitting up, staring down at his lover laying beside him.

"I sent it into the void for our protection, Josh."
Josh looked surprised, Lucas staring at him.

"My magic grows, Josh. I'm beginning to understand its greatness. And I had no other option."

"Can. . .can you. . .can you remove anything from this world?"
Lucas stared at him for a moment, the young man sighing again.

"No, Josh. It doesn't work that way, or so I believe. I believe I can only remove something that is tainted or evil. And I am now beginning to understand the wonders of my own creation."
Josh looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

"The waterfall in my dreams--in my mind--is of my own creation."

"You created it, Lucky?"
"Yes, Josh. Joshua told me that himself. At first I didn't believe him."
"But now?"

"But now the magic grows." Lucas said, his eyes moving to the book laying beside Josh.

Josh's blue pools moved with Lucas' eyes, the man reaching for the book picking it up.

"What do you believe lays within these pages, Lucky?"
"Answers, Joshua. Answers perhaps I'm scared to learn. I've been putting off the entrance to that world. To a world not of my making."
Josh rose up, his arms going around his man, Lucas feeling his protective love.
"You don't have to read it, Lucas. You don't have to pull yourself into their world."

Lucas smiled at Josh, feeling his lover's protective love.

"I can't resist the path, Josh. Joshua told me the truth in that and what this book is."

"What is it?"

Lucas took the book from Josh's hand, staring at it.

"It's my guide, Josh. This book was left for only me."
"For only you, Lucky?"
"Yes, Josh. Joshua said that even he can't read it. That its creator left it for only me. To guide me and to open up myself to the truth. I'm just not certain if it's a truth I want to know."

"You're worried about something, Lucas. I can sense it in you."
Lucas smiled at his Josh, hearing the love in his voice.

"Two of the same soul. How will I ever be able to hide anything from you?"

Josh looked at Lucas, the young man leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"I didn't mean anything by that, my love. There is nothing that I would ever keep from you. I am half of you."

Josh smiled, Lucas leaning against him, Josh's arms going around him again.

"This book contains the history and the past of my family, Josh. One of my ancestors went against the truth to leave this for me. Joshua said that he paid a hefty price for that decision."
"How hefty, Lucas?"
"I don't know, Josh. All I do know is that whatever he wrote in this book he believed was of great importance. Enough to perhaps risk his life on it. And that's what I've been thinking on. And worrying about. I'm not sure I'm prepared for such a consuming truth."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's violet pools staring at the book.

"I wish I could read it for you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"You will read it, Josh. For I'll tell you everything that I read. There are no secrets between us."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"There are guaranteed secrets in that book, I gather. I will abide by their--and your--need for secrecy, my love."
"No, Josh. You are my soulmate. There will never be any secrets between us."

Josh smiled, hearing the love in Lucas' voice.

"I love you, Lucas. I will stand by you through all things."

Lucas smiled, dropping the book onto the bed, the young man's body pushing Josh backwards, Lucas' muscular body now on top of Josh.

"I prefer you laying down, my bronzed Adonis."
Josh smiled, seeing the lustful smile on Lucas' face.

"I prefer you any way, my suntanned beauty."

Lucas smiled, the young man staring into Josh's blue eyes.

He moved back, Lucas pulling his t-shirt over his head, Josh's blue pools taking in every inch of Lucas' smooth, muscled torso.

He stared at his smooth chest, the space between his pecs blemish free, Josh's hand going upwards, touching the warm skin.

"The. . .the scar, Lucas. It's gone. No trace of it or the stitches." Josh said with soft reverence.

Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing Josh lightly on the lips.

"The one on my back is gone as well. My beauty is back, and it is all for you."
Josh teared up, Lucas smiling down at him.

"And no greater beauty do I need than you. You have ten seconds to lose the clothes, my beauty."

Josh smiled, staring into his lover's eyes.

"It's the middle of the day, my love. And we're not alone."
Lucas sighed, Josh's eyes scanning his lover's toned, muscled chest.

"You're a killjoy, sweetie."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, my angel. I'll snuggle with you."
Lucas smiled, the young man laying down beside Josh, the man's arms going around him, Lucas' head returning to Josh's clothed chest.

Josh smiled, the two snuggled together, silence their own.

They both closed their eyes, their love theirs.


A few minutes later a rap came to their bedroom door, Lucas opening one eye.

"No one's home! Leave a message after the beep. Beep!!" Lucas said loudly, Josh's blue eyes opening, a smile crossing his face, Lucas still laying against him.

The door opened a crack, Drew's head popping into the doorway, the young lawyer smiling towards the two men laying on their bed.

"Sorry, guys. Just wanted to let you know Grayson's here." Drew said, Josh looking towards him.

"Thanks, Drew. We'll be out momentarily." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting the young man's blue.

Drew smiled, the man closing the door again.

Lucas sighed, raising his head, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"You should rest, Lucky. I felt your tiredness."
"I'm okay, Beamy. Laying against your heart always reenergizes me." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back at him.

"I still say you should relax."
Lucas smiled, sitting up.

"We'll snuggle all evening. I want hours of Joshy time."

Josh smiled, the man rising up as well.

"Let's go see what Grayson's learned." Lucas said, the young man smiling, climbing out of the bed, picking up his t-shirt, Josh smiled as his bronzed chest disappeared under it.

Josh climbed out of the bed, Lucas' arms wrapping around him.

"One for the road, my love?"
Josh smiled, Lucas' lips meeting his, Josh feeling a lot of love flowing from Lucas' soul.

"You stoke the fires of my heart, my love. I heal from your love even more than from my own."

Josh smiled, Lucas' hand going in his.

"Let's walk ahead with that love in our hearts." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

The two men walked out of their bedroom, their hands together.


"He's an enigma, Lucas. His background meted out nothing." the older lawyer said, Lucas nodding at him.

"I assumed as much." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

The two were seated in the kitchen, Grayson seated across from them, Carl seated beside him.

Drew and Finn had greeted the guests, the two man returning to their dart game when Lucas had asked them for privacy, family matters to discuss with the lawyer.

"So you have found nothing from his past?" Josh said, the lawyer looking towards him.

"No, Josh. Sheridan Whitecastle's background leads to nowhere. And that's what troubles me the most. There is no record of his being here in the States, as he aforementioned. His only sparse records are from the United Kingdom, and they only go back for about ten years. Before that there is no record of the young man's existence."

"That's impossible, Grayson." Carl said, the lawyer looking at his friend.

"Utterly, Carl." he said, the man's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"So the man's covered all of his past." Lucas said, the lawyer nodding.

"It looks that way, Lucas. Whoever he was before then is hidden completely. Someone's taken great lengths to destroy the man's past. I lay bets on it being he himself." Grayson said, Josh looking at Lucas.

"We have to tell Justin, Lucky. The man's past is a mystery of hidden lies."

Lucas looked at Josh, then at Grayson.

"I haven't been able to get a photograph of him yet, Grayson. You missed him again this morning."

"He was here, Lucas?"
"Yes, Grayson. The man's embedded himself in an ironclad friendship with Justin." Lucas said, the lawyer looking surprised.

"Do you think he's become friends with Justin just to get to you?"

"I was wondering that myself. And perhaps I do believe that. And something else bothers me about him."

"What's that, Lucas?" Carl said, the young man's eyes meeting the other man's.

"The man's supposedly an artifact and antiques collector. But he knows diddley-squat about Egyptian artifacts."

"The brooch, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Josh. Any expert of ancient artifacts or antiques would have easily identified the mark on the brooch's back."

"What brooch, Lucas?" Grayson said, a look of intrigue on his face.

"I found the incubator of the red evil that enslaved my mother, Grayson. It was an Egyptian brooch that her students gave her as a parting gift."

The lawyer looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"You mean they gave her an evil-filled amulet?"

"No, Grayson. They gave her a gift of love, someone else placing it in their hands. They were the go-between of an evil endeavour. Someone gave it to them to give to my mother, the intention being to attack myself."
Grayson looked shocked, Carl staring at Lucas as well.

"That's. . .that's pretty far-fetched, Lucas. Seems like a erroneous way of attacking you." Carl said, looking at the young man is disbelief.

"Not really, Carl. If someone didn't want his own self known to Lucas' mother, they would use a go-between. Whoever it is is very clever." Grayson said, Lucas nodding at the older lawyer.

"Yes, Grayson. And that speaks volumes to me. Whoever this person is, they must know my mother personally."
Grayson nodded, looking at Lucas.

"You believe it is someone from her or your parents' past?"

"I believe it is someone from the Belmonts' past, Grayson. This reeks of my family's hidden mysteries." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"If that is indeed the case Lucas, then it is of a small circle. Your family isn't that well strewn." Carl said, Grayson looking at the younger man.

"What of my supposed Uncle, Grayson? Haven Marlowe?" Lucas said, Grayson's brown eyes looking at Lucas.

"Haven Marlowe is a lot of things, Lucas. But he's not an evil man." Carl said, Grayson sighing.

"Where is my briefcase, Carl? My reports are in it." the lawyer said, the younger man looking around.

"Did you leave it in the living room, Grayson?" Carl said, the lawyer snapping his fingers.

"Oh, shoot! It's in the car downstairs. Would you please recover it for me, Carl?"

The young man nodded, standing up from his seat at the table.

"I'll only be a moment, sir." he said, the man smiling at Josh and Lucas, Grayson watching the young man walk out of the kitchen.

He stared at the door, hearing the man close the condo's front door.
"Please forgive my colleague's defense of your uncle, Lucas. Carl was once in his employ. And I am sorry to say that he still remains there."
Josh looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

Lucas' face wore a look of calmness, his violet eyes staring at Grayson.

"I know, Grayson."

The lawyer looked surprised, his handsome face trying to belay that look.

"I have felt his allegiance to Haven, Grayson. And I am sorry that you have let him infiltrate your heart."

The lawyer's eyes widened a bit, Josh looking at the older man with surprise.

"I knew easily that he was a spy for Haven, Lucas. Your grandfather thought it best that I let him into my inner circle so we could keep an eye on him, and also feed him false information."
Lucas nodded, his violet eyes softening towards the older man.

"You wear your heart on your sleeve, Grayson. The valour and chivalry of your heart of loyalty cannot withstand the feelings creeping into it."

The lawyer lowered his eyes, then raised them.

"I have always put my heart aside in matters pertaining to your family, Lucas. This changes nothing."

"Steadfast and loyal you are, Grayson. My grandfather saved a giving, loving soul."
Grayson's eyes widened in shock, Josh staring in confusion at both men.

"Saved, Lucky?"

Lucas nodded, the young man rising from his seat, moving to Carl's empty chair, sitting down beside Grayson.

"How old were you when you gave over your soul--and love--to him, Grayson?"

The man stared into Lucas' violet eyes, seeing so much in their glowing centers.

"I. . .I was your age, Lucas. Your grandfather's soul was as young as yours once. And just as giving. I have sworn an oath of fidelity to him. We have walked the path together for a long time."

Lucas nodded, smiling at the man.

"Someday I'd like to hear the story of your friendship, Gray. I sense behind your corporate facade there lays a man of true beauty."
The lawyer smiled, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"You possess the giving heart of your mother, Lucas."

The young man smiled, patting Grayson's shoulder.

"I have all the traits of both sides of my heritage, Grayson."

The man nodded, his eyes widening again.

"You. . .you called me Gray?"

"My grandfather's name for you. Yes, Gray. I want to be just as loyal and giving a friend."

The lawyer smiled, looking at Josh.

"You have a very surprising soulmate, Josh."

Josh smiled, looking at Lucas.

"And I'm so happy about that."

Lucas smiled, that smile for his Josh alone, looking at Grayson again.

"Keep your eyes well on Carl, Grayson. Yes, he's a spy for Haven, but he's his own man as well. I sense a lot of ambition in that young man's soul. And that could well play into danger."

Grayson nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"I will watch him closely, Lucas. And I will look deeper into Sheridan's past. I have contacts in several countries doing just that."
Lucas nodded, looking at Josh.

"How is my grandfather, truthfully, Grayson?"
The older man sighed, looking at Lucas.

"He's getting old, Lucas. The years--I believe--are finally slowing him down. Or so I assumed. But the last few weeks there's a sudden surprising energy in him. It's as if he's coming alive. He informed me that it was your rejuvenating love. That he feels it across the universe."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"It flows everywhere, Grayson. It radiates when my heart fills with my Josh's love."
Josh smiled, Grayson smiling as well.

"You are a man of surprising uniqueness, Lucas. I think you're even surprising Emerson."

Lucas smiled widely, looking towards the door.

"I'll see my grandfather soon, Grayson. On Independence Day his heart will be free of its doubts and worries. We'll all see fireworks."
Grayson nodded, staring at Lucas.

"Right now, let's end this with our friendship." Lucas said, extending his hand to the lawyer.

Grayson took the young man's hand, his brown eyes seeing Lucas' violet pools glow a bit, the young man smiling.

"Truth lays ahead on the path, Gray. And life begins anew."
Grayson and Josh both stared at Lucas, the young man rising from his seat, the door of the kitchen opening, Carl walking back into the room.

"Here's your attaché case, Grayson." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Great. Let's look over your findings, Grayson." Lucas smiled, returning to his seat beside Josh, Carl staring at him, the young man returning to his seat beside Grayson.

Grayson smiled at Carl, the lawyer opening his briefcase.


Lucas' parents returned before dinner, Trish and Skyler returning with them, their arms filled with bags.

"Looks like you've spent our first year's gross, sweetie. You better start writing more songs, Lukey." Finn grinned, kissing his angel at the door, Lucas having walked out of the kitchen upon hearing the front door opening.

Lucas smiled, Drew helping Trish with her bags, the two exchanging kisses, Vivian smiling at both of them.

Lucas received a kiss from his mother, the woman sitting down beside him on one of the living room couches.

Her blue eyes went to the kitchen doorway, Josh walking out of the kitchen, Grayson and Carl following him.

"Hello, Vivacious." Grayson said, the woman smiling at him.

"Hello, Grayson." she said, the lawyer shaking hands with Henderson.

"You look a lot better today, Vivian. I take it there are no lingering effects from your ordeal?" the man said, sitting down on another couch, Carl joining him, Henderson smiling at his wife, sitting down beside her and Lucas.

"Yes, Grayson. I am one hundred percent. Thanks to Lucas' intervention." she said, smiling at Lucas.

The young man smiled at her, Josh sitting down at his side, his arm going around Lucas.

"I felt the evil and did something about it." he said, Vivian smiling at him, her eyes going to Grayson's.

"I'm glad you're safe, Vivian. I still cannot fathom who'd do such an evil thing." the lawyer said, Vivian's eyes locked on his.

"It was because of his family, Grayson. You know well the evil that courses through the Belmont lineage." she said, Lucas' hand going to her shoulder.

"Civility, Mom. There is no proof of my grandfather's involvement with this."

"No, there isn't, Lucas. But I'm certain it revolves around your heritage."
"Yes, I'm positive of that as well. Someone is lurking in the shadows, watching all of us." Lucas said, his mother staring at him.

"I hate this shroud of uncertainty, Lucas. Of danger hidden from sight." she said, Lucas rubbing her shoulder.

"It's life, Mom. My life. Whatever lays ahead I'm certain will be clouded with mystery, and yes, perhaps danger. But I have a greater weapon in my arsenal."
Josh's blue eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"I have love, Mom. And I have my own soul and heart. Whatever the path is, it will be my own."

Vivian nodded, her eyes meeting Grayson's again.

"Your son has courage and determination, Vivacious. He has a heart of Carlisle courage as well."

The woman smiled at him, Grayson smiling back.

"How is Lewd, Vivacious?"

The woman smiled, Lucas looking at her.


"The good Reverend Lewis Saunders, Lucas. My old friend of college life and giving love."

Lucas nodded, looking at Grayson.

"You work in many circles, Grayson. I see you're reuniting the lost Pompous Darlings." Lucas said, Grayson's eyes widening in surprise.

"Mom told me of her once close-knit circle. How my mother and father were joined in love with the other four." Lucas said, Grayson nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. The six of youth and courage." the lawyer said, Carl looking at him with confusion.

"You only have to find Frenchie and my parents, along with Puck, my uncle Haven." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

The lawyer's eyes met Vivian's, the woman lowering her eyes.

"I'm afraid Frenchie's beyond our reach, Lucas. The man was murdered in Istanbul a few short months ago." Grayson said, his eyes lowering as well.

"Murdered? How tragic!" Skyler said, Finn wrapping his arms around her, the two snuggled together in an oversized chair.

"Yes, and I'm convinced it was by the one-eyed giant that attacked you, Vivian." the lawyer said, everyone's eyes widening in surprise, Lucas' violet pools showing only calmness.

"I'm convinced as well, Grayson. That man was nothing if not a hired assassin." Lucas said, Josh's eyes widening in concern.

"Yes, Lucas. It does appear that way." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"And the good Reverend? How is he healing, Mom?" Lucas said, Vivian's eyes now widening in surprise, Lucas leaning forward and kissing her cheek, Vivian feeling his giving love.

"I know your giving love, Mom. It is the same love I've experienced. I know you've taken him under your wing for his convalescence."
The woman stared toward Grayson.

"I didn't tell him, Vivian."
Lucas smiled at both, everyone staring at him, his face now showing a soft compassion.

"The secrets of your lives--and theirs--hold their own danger."

Vivian lowered her eyes, Lucas staring at her.

"The man has great courage, Mom. To stand against all that pain and survive, albeit as half the man he once was. I'm glad his compassion and love survived."

Vivian raised her eyes, Henderson looking at his son with compassion.

"He. . .he was always so giving, so generous with his mirth and love. That someone would want to. . .could do that to him!" she said, Henderson's arm going around his wife, her head going against his chest.

"The one-eyed man was on a mission, Mom. The path he walked ended with you. And my parents still eluded him, thankfully."

Vivian nodded, Josh's hand going into Lucas'.

"You mean that man hurt a man of the cloth, and killed the other man?"

"Yes, Josh. That man was evil in many ways. But he was only the pawn of another."

Lucas' eyes went to Grayson, then to Carl.

He sighed, his eyes focusing on his mother.

"Tell the good Reverend that I have a gift for him, Mom."
Vivian raised her head, staring at her son.

"A gift, Lucas?"

"Not as generous as your giving, welcoming love, Mom. But it is of my own soul." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to the stone around his neck.

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man smiling.

"Tell him that the faith he carries will aid him on the path ahead. The waters of my love will aid him even more. Walk into the dreams of another to find the peace you need, Lewis. I give to those of greater faith, I give to those of greater hearts. The voice in the dark will lead you forward to life."

Vivian stared at her son with wonder, Lucas smiling at her.

"My roast is almost ready. Dinner will be ready shortly." Lucas smiled, the young man releasing the stone in his hand, his violet eyes sparkling for a moment, the young man smiling, rising from his seat, walking into the kitchen, everyone's eyes glued to him.

Vivian's eyes met Josh's, the man smiling at her.

"I think he wants you to recite it word for word to the Reverend. I feel each word holds magic." he said, Grayson looking at Josh.

"Remarkable. He has. . .the depth of his knowledge, of his power. I see it easily radiating off him. Emerson's going to be so surprised." he said, Vivian's eyes meeting his.

"I don't want my son to go anywhere near Kurucu's Haven, Grayson. I don't want him to find the truth. However real or imagined it is."
"You cannot stop him, Vivacious. I see the determination buried behind the glow, dear lady. It is even stronger than Emerson's was."
The woman stood up, walking over to the man, Grayson gaining his feet.

"There is too much danger there, Grayson. You know what we saw, what we experienced. That still lays there."

The man nodded, staring into her blue worried eyes.

"Emerson has lived there all his life, Vivian. From before then until now. He still remains himself."
"Himself? The man isn't himself, Grayson. And you well know that. And I sense you never really knew him. For the man is nothing if not truthful."
The older man sighed, looking into her blue eyes again.

"We've had this argument forever, Vivian. I cannot change your attitude, anymore than you could change his, or your five friends."

"Look at what it's cost them, Grayson. My sister and her husband vanished, Jacques's dead, Lewis a pained shell of his former self. How many more need to hurt before you see the truth before you?"

"We all see truths, Mom. Some of us just don't see the true truth before us."
Grayson and Vivian both turned, their eyes meeting Lucas', the man standing in the kitchen's doorway.

"Let me show you both what you can't see. It awaits all of us in Kurucu's shadow." he said, the young man's eyes moving to Josh's blue.

"Dinner's ready, Beamy. Can you and Finn set the dining room table?"

Both men rose to their feet, nodding at Lucas, a smile shown to both.

His violet eyes met his mother's and Grayson's, the young man smiling.

"A few more weeks and the path forks. Until then let us find our own peace." he said, the young man smiling, walking back into the kitchen.

Grayson and Vivian exchanged eye contact.

Grayson sat down again, Carl staring at his mentor.

The young man's eyes looked towards the kitchen door, his mind filled with confusion.


Lucas felt the warmth of the arms wrapped around him, the young man smiling.

His eyes adjusted to the semidarkness of the room, the man turning in the bed, facing his lover.

Josh was sound asleep, the man's breath on Lucas' cheek.

Lucas smiled, taking in his man's beauty in the darkness, his looks even more enticing.

Lucas had feasted on that beauty, Josh taking it slow, the man's love enriched with his caring soul.

The two had fallen asleep after midnight, their love joined in its beauty, its desires unchanged.
Lucas felt alive again; his body, soul and heart filled with renewed life.

His body was healed, and so was his soul.

And the man wrapped around him was the largest part of that.

His love was Lucas'.

The young man smiled, feeling an urge down below.

He quietly--and with some reluctance--pulled himself out of Josh's embrace, the man's arms like vices, his protective love strong and total.

Lucas climbed out of bed, walking to the bathroom, his naked form hidden in the darkness.

A few minutes later Lucas walked back out of the bathroom, walking back to the bed.

He stared down at his lover, Josh sound asleep, the man now lightly snoring, the sound music to Lucas' soul.

The young man smiled, glancing at the nightstand, putting on his velour robe, its warmth wrapping around the coolness of the night's breeze, the windows open in their room.

Lucas walked to the nightstand, picking up the discarded treasure laying there, the man walking over to the loveseat situated in front of the fireplace in the large bedroom's corner.

Lucas quietly started a fire in the gas fireplace, its flames igniting, Lucas sitting down on the loveseat, flicking the lamp on that sat on the small end table at the couch's end, a soft light igniting in that corner.

Lucas looked toward the bed, the room filled with Josh's soft reverberations.

Lucas smiled, staring at the book in his hand.

He sighed, flipping it open, the young man leaning back into the soft couch's pillows.

"Very well, past and truth. It's time I delved into both."

Lucas opened the book, passing the introductions, flipping the page over, reading the first chapter's title.


Beginnings, and Life


He focused, a voice filling his mind, the words before him igniting in the past.



"To understand life is to know its full value.

Nothing is richer than the souls of those that live it to its fullest.

Our ancestor was such a soul.

A man of truth, love and giving force.

To understand our own lives we must delve into the past.

His past.

For he was the one of our beginnings, for he was the first of the ten.

His was the oneness of our own true souls.

That man's name was Alsarius.

Alsarius Belgras.

He was a young sultan.

A ruler of one of the states under the Islamic Caliphate.

At the tender age of eighteen he became the ruler of a small Egyptian state, centered in the heart of the land of the Pharaohs.

He was born in the year nine hundred and ninety-one, and came into his power three days after the murder of his own father at the hands of his father's brother.

Young Alsarius found out the deviousness of his own family's hunger for power.

For five years he fought within his own family and state, the young man's courage and honor showing its greatness.

At the tender age of twenty-three he came into his own.

Those of the feudal side of the family were overcome, a warrior of greatness emerging as the nation's leader.

The state he governed found its total peace, and a warrior leader emerged of strength and courage.

And that leader set his sights upon ruling his kingdom with honor and love.

Out of the anger and hurt came a greater truth.

A man ruled a nation with love and courage.

And upon that day of his acceptance of his people's devotion, he began his true reign.

But alas, that reign would never bear true fruit.

For a greater truth would shine in the night's sky.

A light of truth would swallow him whole.

And another dynasty would begin its truth.

Alsarius would sacrifice all."


Lucas' eyes stared at the words, his thoughts forming questions of his own.

My ancestors came from Egypt?

I now know the significance of the brooch.

My family was of royal lineage?

This Alsarius was my forefather?

A truth would shine in the night's sky?

What's that supposed to mean?

Lucas' eyes returned to the written words, the next few words ending the opening paragraph.


"This journal written herein by myself, Emmanuel Belmont, retraces the path of my heritage.

It began with Alsarius and ends with me.

But the path itself does not end.

For my own son breathes life.

And his son, and his grandson, will breathe life as well.

The path continues until his coming return, until the coming hope of Alsarius' long forgotten hope.

Read on and discover his life and the life he gave all of us.

We are the ten of truth, and he is the creator of all of us.

I shall start at the night of his reluctant devotion.

At the night he became lost.

And God forgive all of us for what we have endured."


Lucas's eyes read those words again, his young mind filling with images of his past.

The words on the pages seem to take form before his eyes, his mind drawn into a world of his long forgotten past.

And his mind began to fill with a greater truth.


Carl Wilson gasped, the young man's body at the end of its passion throes.

He felt the orgasm flood his body, the man above him filling him with his seed.

Carl gasped again, the man's hardness filling him.

The man's hand was wrapped around Carl's own hardness, the man's stroking sending Carl over the edge.
The young man gasped, his own seed covering his smooth taut chest.

He felt the weight of the man on top of him shift, the man's body covering him.

"That hole's amazing as always." the man said, Carl opening his blue eyes, staring into two eyes filled with lust.

Haven Marlowe's brown eyes stared back at Carl, the young man smiling.

"It just needed a better master."

Haven laughed, staring at the young man.

"Old Grayson not to your liking, Carl? You seem to be better at enticing me. Did the old dog train your ass well?"

Carl sighed, Haven laughing, the man pulling out of the younger man below him, Haven laying back in his bed.

"Clean up the mess, slut."

Carl moved, his tongue licking every inch of the man's muscled older body.

Haven smiled, his hand reaching for the nightstand, pulling a pack of cigarettes and lighter off it, the man lighting a cigarette as Carl cleaned him.

"That's a good slut." Haven said, the young man's body moving against his, Haven offering the man his cigarette, Carl taking a few drags.

"Grayson's a pig, Haven. But a very possessive one."
Haven smiled, staring at the young man.

"That I know, Carl."

Carl stared at Haven, the man taking the cigarette back, taking a drag.

"You've reached his inner circle. I'm surprised he took you so easily to see the old man. Your report was interesting."
Carl nodded, his eyes staring into Haven's brown pools.

"I serve you, my master. I watched and listened to it all."

Haven nodded, the man smiling at him.

"Yes you do, my pet. So, Lucas Carver has magic."
"I don't know about that, Haven. Magic is fantasy. But that man. . .he's. . .he's very surprising."

"Yes, he truly is. And he's going to see old Emerson. He's playing right into the old man's plans. Well I'm not going to have any of it."

"Was it. . .was it you that. . .?"
"That what, Carl?"

"Was it you that attacked Lucas' mother?"

Haven stared at the young man.

"I don't know anything about that. If I want to attack someone I'll do it face-to-face." Haven said, the man moving, flipping over Carl, the young man surprised by the older man's sudden strength.

"See." Haven said, his hands pinning Carl's back behind his head.

Carl stared into the man's brown eyes.

"I am yours, Haven."

The man stared at him.

"Make sure that stays true, Carl. I'd hate to have to hurt you."
The man moved forward, kissing Carl's lips, the young man responding.

The man pulled back, staring at him.

"Keep close to Grayson. And return to Emerson with that young man. I want to know everything he does."
The young man nodded, the phone by the bed going off, Haven leaning over and answering.

"Yes? Good, come on up." he said, pushing a few numbers.

"Who's that?" Carl asked, the man throwing the phone back onto the nightstand.

"That's your reward, Carl."
The young man looked confused, Haven kissing his lips again.

"It's time the two of my scheme met." Haven said, the man rising up from the bed, staring down at the man laying naked before him.

"Be right back." he said, pulling on his robe, the man walking out of the room.

He stared after him, his mind confused.

What's your scheme, Haven?
I know what mine is.

And I'm going to one-up you.

I want more than you have to offer.

And I know how to get it.

The young man smiled, his eyes drawn to the bedroom door, Haven walking into the room, another man following him.

Carl covered his exposed center quickly with the sheets, staring at the young man looking towards him.

He was young as well, handsome and blond-haired.

The man's eyes showed confusion as well.

"Who's this, Haven? One of your current boy toys? Doesn't he look delicious?" the man said, staring at Carl, the young man seeing his eyes scan his nearly naked body..

"This is Carl Wilson, my friend. He's one of my personal assistants." Haven said, staring at Carl.

"Looks like he's very personal." the young man smiled, leering at Carl's exposed chest.

"Let me introduce you, Carl. This is an old friend of mine. His name is Sheridan Whitecastle."

Carl's eyes widened, staring at the man leering at him.

"Ah, the ever-elusive Sheridan. Grayson's looking for you. He has feelers out everywhere for you." Carl said, the man's blue eyes staring at him.

"That old fossil never knew when to keep himself out of things. I should have eradicated him years ago." Sheridan said, Haven looking at him.

"In due time, Sherman."

Carl looked at the young man.


Sheridan's eyes met Haven's.

"Relax, Sherman. We're all friends here. Carl here's my newest spy. He's Grayson's newest best friend."

Sheridan looked at the young man, then turned his gaze to Haven.

"You cover all fields, don't you?"
The older man smiled, looking between the two men.

"I'm a man of necessity. Both of you are going to provide me with what I need. Information and then freedom."

"Freedom, Haven?" Carl said, staring at the man.

The man smiled, looking at him.

"Yes, Carl. The freedom to control everything. I want everything."

"Unfortunately there are a few people in your way, Haven:  Old Emerson, Grayson, the elusive Tristan and his bastard son. That young man's nothing if not surprising. You've got a lot of trouble there. He's very surprising." Sheridan said, staring at the older man.

"So you've shown me, Sherman. That's why both of you are surrounding him. I want to know his every move. He's going into the lion's den. And I want to be there when the meal's offered. I'm going to dine on all of their souls."

Both young men looked at each other, the older man smiling.

"Leave Lucas Carver to me. I have a special surprise waiting for him."

"Meaning what?" Sheridan said, Haven picking up his dying cigarette, taking the last drag and putting it out on the ashtray on the nightstand.

"Meaning that that's my business. Both of you are going to get your greatest dreams, no worries."

Both men smiled at each other, Carl staring into Sheridan's blue eyes.

"So you're banging Timberlake to join Lucas' inner circle?" Carl said, Sheridan smiling at him.

"And you're banging old Grayson to do the same. Looks like the master covers all bases." Sheridan said, Haven smiling at him, the older man's hand going to Sheridan's shoulder.

"I do, Sherman. That's why I wanted both of you to meet. I want both of you to work together. I want to know everything. And I want you both to know each other. I own both of you. My men always work together."

Sheridan's eyes went to the naked man laying in the bed.

"What's going to be the final outcome of this, Haven?"
The older man smiled, staring into the man's blue eyes.

"Lucas Carver's going to die, Sherman. Whether you're the one to do it or another, I don't care."

The man smiled, looking at Carl.

"I don't like the young man's dawning smugness. I'd do it with relish."

Haven smiled, his hands going to the robe he wore, opening it, Sheridan staring into his eyes.

"It's time the two of you became well-acquainted. And I'm going to show you both my ownership."

Carl smiled, the young man removing the sheet covering his center, Sheridan's eyes going to the young man's showing hardness.

Carl moved, rising up, his hands going to Sheridan's clothed chest, the young man kneeling now in the bed.

"Let me please you more than Timberlake, Sheridan." Carl said, his hands rubbing the man's clothed center.

Sheridan smiled, pushing the man back onto the bed, his clothes being pulled off by the younger man.

Haven stood naked beside the bed, smiling at both young men kissing each other.

Sheridan gasped, feeling Carl's hands on his hardness, the slightly older man beginning to explore every inch of the young man's body.

Do what you wish, Sheridan, or Sherman, whoever the hell you are. Carl thought, letting the man possess him.

You'll be calmed by my passion and then I'll do what I have to do.

I'm going to win everything.

Carl felt the man on top of him spreading his legs, Sheridan staring down at him, his blue eyes filled with lust, his thoughts focusing.

You're an added bonus, slut.

I'm going to enjoy possessing you.

And then I'm going to do what I have to do.

Haven's walking in blind to a confrontation I believe he's not aware of.

And I'm going to come out on top.

I look after only me.

The man smiled, sinking into the young man below him.

Haven stood beside the bed, staring at both men lost in their lust.

He smiled, climbing into the bed, moving behind Sheridan, Sheridan's clouded eyes meeting his.

"Take him, Sherman. And I'm going to take you both." Haven said, climbing on top of Sheridan, the man's large phallus sinking into the man, Sheridan gasping, Carl feeling the weight of both men above him.

Haven smiled, his brown eyes glowing a golden hue.

You are both mine.

I feel both your needs and your thoughts

I'm going to love devouring you both.

The meal will start with Lucas' heart and end with your throats.

The man smiled, sinking into Sheridan.

Your life ends, Carver. And it will be the first of many.

Haven smiled, Carl becoming lost in his glowing golden eyes.



End of Chapter 46


It seems Lucas is drawing out his magic, and learning its greatness.

And he's begun to read of his past.


Who is the ancient Alsarius, and what happened to him?
What is the dynasty that he created?


Sheridan and Carl have met at Haven's insistence.

What does he have planned for the two?

And what are their own plans?


Up next:  Lucas dives into his forefather's past.

The story of Alsarius Belgras' destiny-changing life.


I hope it intrigues you.


Hugs, Angel