Yesterday's End-47

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Chapter 47



The Story of Alsarius


Into the Past, Into the Truth


Egypt, 1013 A.D.



The young man's green eyes gazed out onto the darkened palace below, the city surrounding it showing soft light from numerous candlelit windows.

He sighed, leaning against the stone terrace, taking in the quietness of the summer's night.

The night was breezy, the heaviness of the day's heat lingering, hidden across the dark desert.

His eyes glanced back into his darkened bedchamber, his keen eyesight taking in the form laying across his bed.

He lowered his eyes for a moment, his thoughts his own.

A movement below him caught his eyes, the young man seeing two soldiers walking towards each other, the man identifying them as palace guards, the hour around two.

The two men saluted each other, one man handing the other a lantern.

He observed the changing of the night watch, his palace lined with soldiers on every floor, a ritual performed thrice each night.

The past three years had been eye-opening for Alsarius Belgras, the new sultan of the Nile Delta.

In the five years since his crowning after the death of his father, the young man had grown up quickly.

Deceit, danger and life had a way of doing that to a man.

He'd easily drawn out the lies, deceit and cowardice within his own family.

His toned, muscled, cocoa-skinned body wore the scars of several attempts on his life, his own courage, strength and determination keeping him alive.

He'd stood in judgment on his own family, his deceitful uncle judged and executed for heinous crimes against his own people, including the death of Alsarius' own father.

A short, bloodied battle within the hierarchy of his own family had resulted in Alsarius retaining his crown.

Here now--after those hard years--his adult life was at its new beginning; his judgment, giving heart and ruling determination seeding a deep respect within his own people.

The young monarch was quickly being accepted and loved by his people.

His justice, giving grace and determined authority were making his nation come alive.

The last two years had seen a steady growth and prosperity blanketing the land.

His kingdom was thriving, and his life was focusing.

He looked downward, the now solitary guard below him looking upwards, the guard's hand going to his breast, the salute returned by Alsarius, the young guard below him walking down the palisade with the lantern in his hand, patrolling the lower levels.

Alsarius sighed, the young man hearing a sound behind him, his body relaxing.

A soft wetness touched his neck, the man feeling the soft lips kissing his skin.

Two arms enveloped him, the man feeling the warmth of the person holding him.

"You left me alone, Ali."

The man smiled, turning and staring into two blue pools of total love.

"You are never alone when you hold so much beauty to all eyes." he said, the man in front of him smiling.

"It is a beauty only you possess, Ali. Come back to bed." the young man staring at him said, his soft lips breaking into a loving smile.

"I awoke with worry, my love."
The man's blue eyes looked around, staring downward, seeing the soft light walking below them.

"The watch is at its post, Alsarius. I sense no danger." he said, the other man smiling at him.

"Your warrior courage protects me, Kavi." he said, the man smiling at him.

"I am your bodyguard, Alsarius. First and foremost that."

Alsarius smiled, staring at the man smiling at him.

"There's not an inch of my body you haven't protected, or loved."

Kavinus Amotep smiled, his blue eyes staring into his lover's green.

"I am Egyptian, Ali. In my heart no greater beauty would have my protection. In my past you would be a pharaoh, a king among men."

The young Arabian smiled, his eyes scanning the naked vision before him.

"You should put a wrap on, Kavi. The eyes of the watch would widen at such beauty."

The young man smiled, leaning forward, his lips meeting his lover's.

"I had a wrap earlier. It was the heat and warmth of your body. Come back to bed, Ali. The day comes soon enough." the young Egyptian said, Alsarius smiling at him, his green eyes glancing out into the night.

"What troubles you, Ali?"
"I don't know, Kavi. A presence awoke me. A foreboding shadow in my thoughts."

The young Egyptian stared into the young man's green pools.

"You have always been great with the gift of life, Ali. That was what drew me to stand at your side. You resonate life."

The young man smiled, meeting his lover's blue pools.

"We have fought long and hard, Kavi. You at my side always gave me the strength to weather any path of life."

"But the secrecy of our love holds a greater beauty in our hearts."

Alsarius smiled, staring at the man he loved.

"It is no secret to everyone. They all see our closeness and our love for each other. That in a way has gained me greatness among your people."

The young Egyptian moved, his arms going around the younger man.

"Your giving love has made us all your people, Ali. You are in all our Egyptian hearts. Mine the most."

The young Egyptian moved forward, their lips meeting again, Alsarius feeling the man's total love for him.

"Come back to our bed and I will show you the greatness of my devotion."

The young Arabian smiled, his lover's talented hands going under the wrap he wore.

Alsarius moaned, Kavinus smiling.

The man pushed his lover back against the railing, the young man beginning to go to his knees.

Alsarius gasped when he felt his lover's mouth encircle his rising center.

Alsarius' head raised, his green eyes staring out into the starlit night.

He moaned, his eyes suddenly seeing a flash streak across the sky, a burning light of amazing brightness.

Then Alsarius saw that the moving light was heading straight towards him.

His eyes widened in amazement, the light suddenly changing course moving to his left, the young man watching it streak across the sky, its trajectory going downward.

He suddenly heard a loud boom, the object hitting the ground somewhere to the east of the palace.

Kavinus rose to his feet, staring at his lover.

"What the hell was that, Ali?" the man said, looking out into the darkness, his eyes meeting his lover's.

"There was a flash of light across the sky. It hit the earth somewhere east of here." the man said, staring out into the night.

"A falling star? Or maybe worse? A catapulted flaming ball?"

Alsarius' eyes met his protective lover's, the young Egyptian's arm going around him.

"I don't think it was manmade, Kavi. I think it could have been a falling star."

Their eyes met again, Alsarius leaning forward, kissing Kavinus' lips, the young Egyptian feeling his lover's focusing love again.

"It's gone. Now where were we?" the Arabian said, his hands going to Kavinus' naked ass.

The Egyptian smiled, feeling his lover's firm grip.

"I think you were about to feast on this land's bounty."
Alsarius smiled, moving towards their bed, Kavinus' eyes locked on his.

"I'm going to feast for hours." the man said, Kavinus smiling.

"Own me, Your Highness. I am your slave."
Alsarius teared up, knowing Kavinus' words were of total love.

The two men returned to their bed, their passion ignited.


A few hours later two young men were awakened by a loud noise.

A gong was being banged, Kavi rising to his feet, his and Alsarius' eyes meeting, Kavi pulling Ali out of their bed, the two men walking out onto the terrace, staring downwards.

They both saw several lantern-carrying soldiers rushing towards the palisade below them.

Alsarius' eyes met the one standing in front, the soldier's eyes raised to the terrace above them.

"Your Supreme Highness! There is an alarm at the tombs! The tomb guards have found danger!" The man said, Kavinus and Alsarius exchanging glances.

"Robbers on such a quiet night? The gods will not be pleased." the Egyptian said, Alsarius' eyes meeting his.

"As of late your gods have been really angry. All the tombs are almost stripped bare." the young man said, the ruler's eyes looking down again.

"What have they found? Come up here, men." the warrior said, the soldiers below him saluting him, the men moving into the palace itself.

Kavinus' eyes met Alsarius', the two men naked on the terrace.

"Wraps, my love. We should greet them with honour." he said, Alsarius smiling at him.

"They'll still smell our love off each other. I'll hide that never."

Kavinus smiled, the two men walking into the bedchamber.

They both quickly dressed in wraps, Kavinus donning his soldier's tunic.

A rap came to the chamber's door, Alsarius bidding enter, the man standing in the room's center, Kavinus at his side.

The small group of soldiers came into the room, their bodies going to attention, their hands going to their hearts.

"Your report, warrior?"

The leader of the men bowed to his sovereign, looking the young man in his green eyes.

"A light, sire. It streaked across the sky hours ago."
"Yes, I saw it myself from the terrace. A falling star, Haras?"

"Perhaps, sire. But it came to earth in the northern corner of the Valley of the Kings, my master." he said, Alsarius looking at the young man, knowing him well, the young man courageous and loyal.

"In the tombs?" Kavinus said, the young soldier nodding at his captain, saluting him.

"Yes, sir. A ball of light, the tomb guards have said. They said it did not burn like flame but more as a ball of glowing light."

The two traded looks, Kavinus staring at his subordinate.

"A ball of light, not flame? That's ridiculous." he said, Alsarius looking at him.

"I will see this light, Haras. Prepare my chariot. The palace guard shall follow me. Ready everyone."

The young soldier nodded, saluting his sovereign again.

"We shall be ready in twenty minutes, Your Supreme Highness." the young man smiled, his brown eyes taking in his master's muscled beauty.

The ruler nodded, the soldiers leaving the man's bedroom.

Haras was the last to leave, the young man smiling at his master, his brown eyes meeting Kavinus' blue with a look of longing jealousy.

He closed the door behind him, the two young men alone again.

"He fawns over you with needful love, Ali." the Egyptian said, Alsarius smiling at him.

"He loves his master. And his master loves only one." Alsarius said, Kavinus smiling at him.

"He'd bow to your will and your desires with total devotion. I've seen how he looks at you."

Alsarius smiled, pulling his bodyguard against him, Kavinus staring into his green eyes.

"Jealous, are we?"

Kavinus blushed a soft blush, Alsarius smiling at him.

"Relax, my love. He knows that you alone possess me. But it is nice to know I have his devotion as well, albeit only as a faithful guard."

Kavinus smiled, looking at his lover.

"We could both have him, if that's to your need?"

Alsarius laughed, smiling at his lover.

"No one stokes the fire within my heart as you do, Kavi. We need no others to ignite our love."
The young Egyptian smiled, hearing his man's total devotion to him.

"Then the young beauty can play with himself. I have you alone."
Alsarius smiled, dropping his wrap, Kavinus feasting his eyes on every inch of the man's beauty.

"Later, my beauty. We need to dress for battle." Alsarius said, walking towards his clothes closet.

Kavinus' hand went to his arm, Alsarius stopping and looking at him.

"I feel something now as well, Ali. I feel danger."

The young Arabian smiled at him, leaning forward and kissing his man's soft lips.

"I feel love, Kavi. And I have all the protection I need with that love."

The young Egyptian smiled, walking with his man into the large open closet, both men helping each other dress.

The Egyptian was soon standing in his battle armour, his ruler adorned in his regal uniform.

Alsarius wore his white tunic, a sheet of copper armour across his chest, his head adorned with his father's battle helmet, the royal insignia emblazoned in its center.

"My gallant warrior. So masculine and dangerous." Kavinus said, Alsarius smiling at him as the young man fixed his copper breastplate, tying up its straps, his hands on Alsarius' side.

"You've forgotten one item of protective love, my warrior." Kavinus said, Alsarius smiling as the young man walked over to his ruler's night table, the Egyptian picking up something, walking back to his master.

Alsarius smiled as the young man's hands went around Alsarius' neck, his delicate fingers tying something there.

Alsarius looked down, seeing the red stone hanging across his breastplate.

"There. You have my heart against your own." Kavinus said, Alsarius smiling at him, his hand going around the stone.

"The light of your love. I remember the day you gave it to me, Kavi."

The young Egyptian smiled, Alsarius leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"A symbol of my devotion, my warrior. A crystal teardrop of my tearful love for you.. The love of both of us together."

Alsarius smiled, looking into his lover's blue eyes.

"Our stone of igniting life, Kavi. I am yours forever."
"As I am yours, Ali."

The two men smiled, Alsarius' hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"No matter life, no matter death, we are one, Kavinus Amotep."

"We are one, Alsarius Belgras. My life is yours forever."

The young man smiled.

"We are not going into battle, Kavi. There is no need for words of eternity."

The young Egyptian nodded, Alsarius seeing a thoughtful look of worry cross his face.

"I love you, Kavi. As you love me. We shall rule as one. Tomorrow at the anniversary festival I shall state my love for you in front of everyone. You shall be my royal mate. It is time our love rules together."

Kavinus teared up, his lover kissing his lips again.

"Come. Let's investigate the shining light. Perhaps it's a welcoming omen to our new life together."

The young Egyptian smiled, handing his ruler his royal weapons.

"A star to join our hearts."

The young ruler smiled, attaching his weapons to his body, the Egyptian taking in his royal beauty.

"Hearts tremble at your sight, my warrior. You lead all of us to greatness."
Alsarius smiled, his body going erect.

"I lead all to truth, love and life."
Both smiled at each other, the two walking together out of the room.

Neither knew it was a path of destiny they had just walked onto.


Alsarius stood upon the slope of the shaded valley, his eyes taking in the surrounding silence.

Dawn had just begun to rise, the valley steeped in darkness, a filter of greyness echoing across its depth.

His eyes scanned everywhere, seeing nothing but darkness and shadows.

Alsarius stood in his chariot, behind him many other chariots surrounding him in a V shape, Alsarius its point.

Kavinus stood in the chariot with Alsarius, the young man smelling his man's scent beside him.

"It looks very quiet, Ali. Too quiet." the young Egyptian said, Alsarius nodding.

"Where are the tomb guards, Haras?" he said, his young captain's chariot now at his side.

"I do not know, sire. Tetanus said they'd meet us here on the southern slope." Haras said, his brown eyes staring at his master.

"And where is Tetanus? Have your men search the area. We shall remain here." the Arabian said, Haras saluting him, moving his chariot, others following him, the chariots descending into the valley.

"What of the light, Ali? I see no shining glow." Kavinus said, Alsarius nodding.

"It is gone, as are the guards. Mysteries abound." the young ruler said, stepping off his chariot, Kavinus following him as a second skin.

The two men walked to the valley's edge, staring down into the darkened valley.

"So many tombs, Kavinus. Your forefathers were men of grandeur and excess."

The young Egyptian nodded, staring down at the tombs of his forgotten pharaohs.

"The past hidden in holes. You see most of their doorways opened. The past has been pillaged." Kavinus said, Alsarius nodding, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"We hold the past in our hearts. Riches of past lives always disappear, but the truth of their former greatness rings down through the centuries in our hearts, and our stories. A man never perishes if he's remembered."

Kavinus' blue eyes met Alsarius' green.

Another soldier walked up to them, saluting both.

"We have searched the upper levels, sire. No one have we seen. All the guard posts are empty."
Alsarius nodded, Kavinus looking at him.

"We'll wait until Haras returns with the valley's report. Set up camp, Tesla."
The soldier nodded, saluting again, returning towards the remaining chariots.

Alsarius' eyes moved across the desert, seeing the sun beginning to show its soft light on the horizon.

"Dawn comes, my love. Let us sit under a shadowed tent and greet its rising warmth." Alsarius said, moving, Kavinus looking down into the valley one last time, the young Egyptian following his man.


Two hours later Haras returned from the valley's floor, his chariots rushing up the southern slopes, their pace one of rising urgency.

Alsarius walked out of his command tent, his breastplate gone, the young leader wearing only a wrap and his stone necklace.

Haras climbed off his chariot, the young soldier standing at attention before him.

Kavinus stood at Alsarius' side, the young man wearing only a wrap as well, his bronzed muscled chest on full display.

Alsarius' green eyes stared at the young captain, the man's face showing paleness and worried shock.

"Well, Haras? What have you found?"

The soldier stared at his master, lowering his head.

"The guards. . .the guards, sire. They are. . .all dead."

Kavinus and Alsarius traded surprised looks, Alsarius walking up to the young captain, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Dead, Haras? How?"

The young captain's eyes raised, staring into his sovereign's green pools.

"Burned, sire. All of their bodies are burned. They all lay together at the base of a tomb, Tetanus included. Some. . .some of their positions. . .their faces. . .it looks like they were totally surprised. Some wear faces of staring horror." the young man said, lowering his head again.

"It is alright, Haras. Be strong, my friend." Alsarius said, the young man's head raising, staring at his master again.

"Yes, sire." he said, his body going erect again, his persona taking on a man of strength and warrior heroics.

Alsarius smiled at him, the young soldier smiling back.

"Heroic men who have met an untimely horrific death. We all honour them in a moment of respect." the man said, all those surrounding him bowing their heads, their hands going to their hearts.

Alsarius' head raised, staring around at everyone.

"For their honour we will find their murderers." he said, all the soldiers hitting their hearts again with their fists.

"What tomb was it, Haras? Was the tomb opened by defilers?"
"I know not the tomb's name, sire. For I don't know the valley's layout, and there was no name carved upon it. The tomb's door was opened, sire. We didn't venture forth into it. We left the place untouched." the young man said, Alsarius nodding.

"I will be ready in ten minutes. I will investigate below." Alsarius said, Kavinus looking at him.

"Send the men in as you must, sire. But I feel the place is laced with danger. You have a realm to govern. Leave the dead for your soldiers. I shall lead in your name."

Alsarius stared at his friend.

"I rule all of my realm, Kavinus. The palaces, the desert, and the people. Whether they be living or dead. The resting places of our dead hold my protection as well. I honour all living and dead. No one harms either."
All the surrounding soldiers stared at their leader, hearing the courage and strength in his resonating words.

"Ten minutes, Haras." Alsarius said, walking back into his tent, Kavinus looking at Haras.

"It is a scene of great horror below, sir. But I will face it again with his courage in my heart." the young captain said, Kavinus nodding.

"So will I, Haras. We both would follow him to the ends of the earth, or into the next realm."

The young man smiled, Kavinus smiling back at him.

Kavinus turned, walking back into the ruler's tent, the young captain watching him go.

Ten minutes later, Alsarius was standing in his chariot in full battle dress, Kavinus at his side.

The ruler raised his silver sword, those chariots surrounding him filled with all his summoned soldiers.

"Onward to life, my brethren! Onward on justice's path!" he yelled, a shout of total support replied to him.

"Alsarius! Our warrior! We follow in life and forever!" the men yelled, Kavinus staring around him.

His eyes met Alsarius', the young man staring at him with love.

"Onward on the path, my love." he said, the young man whipping his two white stallions ahead of the chariot.

The chariot moved, a young leader riding down into destiny.


Alsarius felt the suppressing warmth around him, the young warrior staring down upon the charred remains of the tomb guards strewn across the steps and floor of a tomb's front entrance.

Ten men lay in death, their faces charred masks of gruesome finality.

"Horrific indeed, Haras. They look as if they were burned where they stood. Incinerated in an instant." Kavinus said, his blue eyes glancing everywhere.

"Yes, sir. It looks as if they confronted someone--or something--here upon the tomb's steps." the young captain said, Alsarius' green eyes left the charred corpses, gazing upwards towards the tomb's entrance.

"Summon a burial group, Haras. We shall honour these men with full burial rituals."
The young captain nodded, whispering to one of his subordinates, the young soldier rushing off to find bearers.

"You are well graced with your country's heritage, Kavinus. Whose tomb is this?" the young ruler said, Kavinus taking in the tomb's appearance, no name showing above its stone entrance.

Its stone door was ajar, the darkness embedded behind it.

"I know not this tomb, sire. I have visited this hallowed ground for all my young life. I know all the tombs and the ancient leaders entombed below. It wasn't here the last time I was here, three months ago at the feast honouring Khafra."

Alsarius walked forward, stopping at the bottom stone steps of the tomb, thirteen steps rising upwards to the next level where the stone doorway stood.

Kavinus was at his side, the young warrior protecting him.

"Is it wise to enter there, sire? We stand before a mystery." he said, Alsarius nodding his head.

"Isn't life a mystery, my friend?"

Kavinus looked at him, his young friend's green eyes staring forward.

"I sense something, Kavi. I sense. . .I sense life."

Kavinus looked at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Let us leave this place, Ali. I sense something as well. I sense fate. That door leads to uncertainty and change."

Alsarius looked at his friend, then turned his head.

"Gather two other men, Haras. You, myself and Kavinus will venture into the tomb, the other two as well."
The young man nodded, looking towards his men standing around the burned bodies.

"Hemi and Tesla, at my side." he said, a young soldier and a seasoned warrior walking up to him.

"All others return upwards with the dead to our camp. We shall return soon. Set a watch and guard all of us." the young ruler said, the other soldiers saluting him, moving to their chariots.

The five men stared after them, two chariots left behind for them, the others heading back towards the southern slopes.

The three soldiers before Alsarius stared up at him, the young leader sighing.

"Onward to life, my friends. Truth perhaps awaits us in the darkness." he said, the young warrior turning around, walking up the thirteen steps.

Kavinus was at his side, the other three at their back.

All five suddenly felt a soft breeze coming from in front of them, its temperament laced with heat.

"A breath of warmth from the oven. Let's walk into the heat, my friends." Alsarius said, the young warrior drawing his sword from his scarab.

The other four drew their weapons, the older of the two soldiers moving forward with speed, standing in front of his master.

"I shall lead the way, sire. Honour in your protection I give."
The young sultan nodded, raising his hand to his heart, the older soldier returning the salute, the man turning and walking towards the tomb's stone doorway, pushing the slab of stone backwards, gaining entrance into its darkness.

He saw torches on the wall at the front entrance, pulling them off, the other four waiting as the man lit the three torches, handing one to Haras and one to the other young soldier Hemi.

"We shall have light, sire. Stay close together. We know not how deep this tomb is." Tesla said, Alsarius nodding at his soldier.

"Lead on, Tesla."

The man nodded, walking into the darkness, the others following, the five swallowed up in its mystery.


They walked for what seemed like hours, the five descending downward deep into the earth.

Their torches brightened against stone walls, the walls as smooth as marble, soft carvings etched periodically in its surface.

Kavinus stopped often to look at them, their writing unknown to him.

"I know not this dialect, Ali. It is of strange origin. I see soft Egyptian in it, but the words are undecipherable."

Alsarius nodded, staring at the unknown words.

"This tomb must be eons old, Kavi, if the dialect is unknown to you." Alsarius said, the young Egyptian smiling at him, hearing the esteem and love in Alsarius' words of admiration.

"It is, Ali. I sense this tomb is older than perhaps this world." he said, everyone staring quietly at him.

"We must move on, sire." Tesla said, the sultan nodding.

The five moved onward, walking down a corridor angled downward.

At its end they found a flight of stone steps, each adorned with a symbol.

Kavinus went to his knees, staring at the first symbol on the steps.

"I know this symbol. It is the mark of Khafra." he said,  Alsarius staring down at him.

"Khafra? That man's rule was eons ago." he said, Kavinus nodding.

"To see his mark here gives me comfort, Ali. It means this tomb is real."

"And the other marks, sir?" Haras said, Kavinus staring downwards.

"I know not them, Haras."
"Lead the way, Tesla. Downwards we go."

The older soldier nodded, raising his torch, walking down the steps.

The four followed, descending even further downward.

The steps continued for about five minutes, the five coming to their bottom, standing in a long corridor.

Tesla stared ahead, seeing torches lining the long corridor's walls, at more then ten foot intervals.

"The pathway to the inner chamber, my master." the soldier said, Alsarius nodding.

"Or so it seems." he said, the soldier's eyes meeting his.

The older soldier moved forward, his foot stepping on a marble stone in the floor's center.

Upon contact the torches lining the walls ignited, the corridor bathed in radiating light, the five covering their eyes.

Tesla stepped back off the stone, the torches' brilliance diminishing, but the torches remaining lit.

Kavinus' eyes went to the stone, seeing a marking upon it.

"Motion activated lighting. A wondrous sight." he said, everyone nodding.

They all traded looks of wonder, the older soldier moving forward, his eyes scanning the floor, marble stones strewn across it in patterns.

"Be careful where you tread, Tesla. We know not what the other stones do." Alsarius said, the man nodding at him, carefully walking around the marble stones.

The five walked precariously across the corridor, its ending entrance before them.

They walked through the entrance, the corridor opening into a large dark room, its size unknown.

"Hand me your torch, Hemi." Kavinus said, the young soldier handing him the lit torch.

Kavinus searched around the room's floor before them, finding a marble stone about three feet ahead of them, a marking etched in its center.

The young warrior walked forward, stepping on the stone.

The room suddenly erupted into light, the five blinded again, this room's lighting even more radiating.

Kavinus stepped off the stone, the room's lighting softening, the five sets of eyes taking in the wonders before them.

The room was immense, the ceiling above them at least forty feet high.

The room was surrounded by torches, the circular walls holding them.

And that circular wall was covered in etchings, drawings and paintings.

But what widened their eyes the most was the room's holdings.

Before them was a stone pathway, about three feet wide.

It snaked forward, their eyes taking in what lay before them.

The pathway before them was one of ten, the ten stone pathways like spokes on a wheel, each pathway coming from an entrance, all ten joining in the center of the large room, a stone platform of huge girth at its center.

And laying upon it in its center was a large standing sarcophagus, a large throne seated before it.

The sarcophagus was a rectangle of golden shine, the throne before it carved from one black slab of onyx.

The golden sarcophagus was carved with etchings, their eyes across the room unable to read them clearly.

All their eyes took in another radiating brightness showing in the room.

On both sides of the pathways--between each--were two sunken troughs, all those troughs filled with golden treasures.

"The treasures of the world! It is unfathomable!" Tesla said, staring with awed wonder at all his eyes took in.

Haras moved to Alsarius' side, the young ruler's green eyes looking everywhere.

"This. . .this is a tomb of immense wealth, sire. This will make you the richest sultan in the world." the young captain said with awed wonder.

"No, Haras. I will not take a king's plunder to sate my own vanity. This is the tomb of a great king. I honour him too much to live off his trophies."

Kavinus smiled at Alsarius, the young ruler smiling around at all four.

"Look upon the wonders of greatness, my friends. See the entrapments of glory and power. This man now lays lost forever in the center of his greed. I would sooner die in a bed surrounded by love." he said, his eyes staring only at Kavinus.

"It seems a shame to not take something, sire." Hemi said, Alsarius looking at the young soldier.

"Touch nothing, any of you. For to do so might seal our doom. I sense the ten outside took no such note of that." the young Arabian said, the other four looking at him with surprise.

"One of the ten's hands were clasped together, as if he had died holding something in his hands. I sense perhaps the ten walked into this treasure trove and left with plunder. Someone--or something--didn't hold well to that intrusion. Touch nothing, I say."

The four nodded, their eyes scanning everywhere.

"Let's go forward and look at the inner sanctum." Alsarius said, moving forward, a hand staying his approach, his arm feeling the soldier's strength.

"Let me, my master." Tesla said, Alsarius nodding, the soldier walking ahead of him.

The man walked forward, crossing the path, standing on the platform at the room's center, beckoning back to the others, Alsarius walking forward.

They all joined the soldier before the onyx throne, Kavinus' eyes taking in the carved letters above the throne's seat.

"'The Throne of Kurucu,' it states. An old dialect, but I believe that's what it says." Kavinus said, everyone staring at him.

"I haven't ever heard that name, sir. And I know many of the lost pharaohs. I was a young guard here once." Tesla said, Kavinus nodding.

"And I know even more of them, Tesla. His name is unknown to me as well." the young Egyptian said, Alsarius staring at him.

"How can this tomb be here, if this king is unheard of? All the tombs surrounding this are of well-known kings and queens." Hemi said, Haras looking at him.

"This tomb seems as if it came out of nowhere. As if it has now revealed itself. But why?" Alsarius said, talking to himself, the others hearing him in the silence of the tomb.

Alsarius walked around the throne, taking Kavinus' hand in his, the young Egyptian's eyes widening in surprise, the other three staring at the two men.

"Can you read the carvings upon this tomb, Kavi?" he said, walking towards the golden shrine, the young man walking with him.

Haras stared at the two, he and Hemi exchanging glances.

Tesla smiled, looking at the two lovers, their obvious love for each other showing.

Kavinus' blue eyes looked at the carvings, their meanings lost to him.

"I can't understand any of it, Ali. Whoever this king was, he's unknown to anyone. But judging by the surrounding wealth he was a man of total greatness."

Alsarius nodded, looking at the golden shrine.

"Or of total dominance. This place has all the sensing of a place of egotism and self-worship." the young ruler said, moving back to the throne, Kavinus following him.

The young ruler's eyes focused on the three soldiers waiting for him.

"We're leaving here now. And we're sealing up this tomb." he said, the four looking at him with surprise.

"Sealing it up, Ali?" Kavinus said, the young man nodding.

"Yes, Kavi. We should never have entered it. Ten of our men did and suffered death for it. We will not do the same. I sense great magic here, and great power. We're leaving. Now." he said, the man staring at Tesla.

"Lead the way, warrior."

The older man nodded, moving back down the pathway, the other four following, Hemi at the rear.

The young soldier looked forward towards the other, the young man's eyes glancing at the treasures lining the pathway.

Why can't I take one memento?

Surely one treasure for the tiredness of the trek down here?

The young man's body leaned downward, his hand reaching for a golden ring he saw laying on top of a golden upturned bowl, the young man scooping the ring up and depositing it in his tunic, the men in front of him not seeing the move.

The man smiled, following the other four out of the chamber, the five walking down the corridor towards the stairs, the five walking with caution, overstepping the marble stones inlaid in the floor.


Halfway down the corridor, the five stopped when a sudden sound came to their ears.

It was a soft rumble, sounding almost like a gasp.

The five froze, their eyes meeting each other, Alsarius staring around at all four.

Tesla's eyes met Alsarius', the older man nodding.

"Let's move!" he said, the man turning and rushing forward, forgetting the marble stones before him in his sudden need to flee.

He stepped on one of the marble stones, a sudden whooshing sound heard by everyone, Alsarius' eyes widening.

"Don't move, anyone!" he said, the other three behind him staring in horror as Tesla's body sank to its knees, then collapsed, its head rolling across the floor, stopping at Alsarius' feet, his dead eyes staring up at him.

Alsarius' eyes rose, staring at a long silver sword swinging across the corridor, blood dripping from its blade.

"The floor has traps! Tesla stepped on a stone!" Alsarius said, pointing to the stone laying between Tesla's motionless feet.

The other four remained motionless, Alsarius' eyes meeting Kavinus'.

Suddenly they heard the soft gasp again, their eyes meeting again.

"What's that sound, Ali?"
"I don't know, Kavi. And I'm not wanting to find out. Something's wrong here." he said, his eyes glancing towards the still lit chamber behind them, a truth dawning in his mind.

"Did anyone take anything back there?" Alsarius said, his voice laced with authority.

His and Haras' eyes met, the young man nodding no.

Alsarius' eyes met Hemi's, the young man lowering his brown eyes.

"What did you take, Hemi? Didn't you listen to me?"
The young man's eyes raised, staring at his master.

"I. . .I thought one little. . ."
Alsarius extended his hand, waiting.

The young soldier stared at him, seeing the authority in his green eyes.

The young man's hand went into his tunic's pocket, pulling out the golden ring, placing it in Alsarius' extended hand.

The young sultan felt a surge of energy flow through him when the ring touched his skin, the young man's green eyes sparkling, Kavinus staring at him with surprise.

"Oh God, no." the young sultan said, staring at the ring.

"What is it, Ali?" Kavinus said, the young man staring into his blue eyes.

"I. . .oh God, Kavi! I'm so sorry!" he said, the room suddenly filling with a loud roar.

All their eyes went towards the stone staircase at the corridor's end, a black smoke floating down the stairs.

"Move back, everyone!" Alsarius said, the four moving back, mindful of the stones on the floor.

"We have to get out of here!" Hemi said, the young man moving forward, running past Alsarius, the young Arabian unable to stop him.

"No, Hemi!" he screamed, the young man looking back at him.

"It's only smoke, sire! We have to get. . ." his voice yelling, then cut off by the widening of his eyes and as the smoke engulfed him.

Suddenly the corridor filled with a loud horrific scream, the smoke evaporating around the young soldier, the other three widening their eyes in horrific shock.

Standing where the young man had stood was now a fleshless skeleton, the dead uniformed soldier falling to his knees, his bones sounding like rattling death as they hit the stones.

"Move now!" Alsarius said, the three men moving back down the corridor into the inner chamber.

They rushed down the pathway, gaining the platform in the room's center.

"What in all that's real was that?" Haras said, his face showing heightening fear.

"I don't know, Haras. Your guess is as good as mine." Alsarius said, Kavinus staring at him, his lover showing worry and fear on his face as well.

"We're trapped, Ali." Kavinus said, Alsarius nodding.

"What of the other passages? One of them must lead above." the young captain said, Alsarius' eyes meeting Haras'.

"They are dark, Haras. That means to me they lead to certain death. Whatever this chamber is it is impregnable, from above or from inside. Hemi just sealed us into this death chamber. His greed unleashed whatever that was. And the others were burned to death. Meaning there is more than one monster of magic residing here.  We need to focus and try to find out what's going on." Alsarius said, Kavinus watching his face, seeing the determination there, but the fear as well.

"We're safe for the moment, Ali." the young man said, Haras watching their gaze at each other.

"Hopefully this will work." Alsarius said, the young man moving to the pathway, tossing the golden ring he still clasped into the golden treasures before him.

The chamber suddenly silenced, no noise coming from anywhere.

The three stared at each other, Alsarius looking around the chamber.

"I think it's appeased them." he said, a new voice breaking the silence.

"One is not intellectually appeased until it walked the path of enlightenment."

All three men stared towards one of the darkened passages, a lone figure standing in its dark hole.

He wore a black cape, his whole body wrapped in it, the cowl covering most of his face.

"Who of you spoke of leaving treasures untouched? Who spoke of leaving another's powers untouched?" the man said, his voice resonating off the large chamber's circular walls.

"I did, stranger. Who are you?" Alsarius said, the man lifting his cowl, the three young men staring at him.

"I am the Watcher. I protect the greatness of this place." the man said, Alsarius staring at him.

He looked to be ageless, his face showing no real character.

"You murder innocents to protect the dead?" Alsarius said, looking towards the man, the man gone, the three young men staring in surprise.

"He disappeared. . .he. . .he vanished!" Haras said, Alsarius looking towards the young captain.

"One doesn't vanish when one is not lost." the man said, standing now only inches from Alsarius' right side, the young sultan stepping back in shock.

"You are the one, Alsarius." the man said, his now golden eyes softly glowing, the three young men standing back from him.

"You. . .you know my name?"

The man smiled, looking at the other two men standing behind Alsarius.

"We need to be alone." the man said, waving his hand.

Suddenly a movement to the left of Haras and Kavinus caught Alsarius' eyes, the young man screaming.

"Look out, Haras!"

The young captain turned to his left, the young man standing on the edge of the pathway before the golden treasures.

A black cloud came out of the golden hoard, its tentacles wrapping around the young man's leg, pulling him down into the golden trough.

Haras screamed, Kavinus diving for him, his hand clasping onto his, Alsarius joining his friend, pulling on Haras' other arm.

"One cannot escape the Mist of Justice." the robed man said, Alsarius and Kavinus trying to pull Haras out of the trough, the young man crying in pain.

"Please. . .please it burns. . .help me!" he screamed, the two young men staring in shock as the young man's face suddenly began to contort, its flesh beginning to bubble, the man screaming as he was consumed by the black smoke, the two young men releasing him, their heads lowering as the young man disappeared beneath the golden treasures.

Alsarius' eyes raised, staring at the cloaked man.

He stood up, glaring at him.

"An innocent man was just consumed by horror, you monster! Have you no sympathy, no honour?"

"Honour lays in the hearts of misguided men, young warrior. I come to you with my counsel. He awaits you. The cycle can now begin. I only have to dispose of the final hindrance." the man said, his golden eyes going to Kavinus, Alsarius stepping in front of his lover.

"I will kill you or any of those things if you lay a hand upon my Kavinus."

The man stared at Alsarius, a soft smile crossing his face.

"A mind of protective love, of total courage. Long has been his wait. He will be greatly pleased."

Alsarius remained defiant, the man sighing, looking at Kavinus.

"You are free to go, Egyptian. Leave now and your life will be spared. It is not you we seek."

Kavinus looked at Alsarius, the young man staring towards him.

"Go, Kavi. I trust his honour in your safety. Leave me."

"No, Ali. I will not leave you to die here in the darkness of death."

"I love you, Kavi. For you I'll sacrifice all."

"I love you, Ali. For you I'll sacrifice just as much."
The young sultan turned and looked at the cloaked man.

"This was all a trap, wasn't it? I was always the target, wasn't I?"

"Yes, Alsarius Belgras. We knew of your preceding glory, of your heroic courage. It is time."

"I will not leave you, Ali." Kavinus said, drawing his sword, the man before them meeting Alsarius' gaze.

"You have no choice in it, young warrior. We will honour your first truth, Alsarius."

Kavinus looked at Alsarius, the young man looking into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Kavi. Carry that in your heart always."

The young sultan looking at the cloaked man again, his voice filling the room, his green eyes not looking into Kavinus' confused blue.

"Leave us, Kavi. Walk back into the sunlight of your youth. My love will always be yours."

Kavinus' eyes widened realizing what Alsarius was saying.
Before he could speak, white clouds flew out of three passages, the white cloud enveloping the young Egyptian.

His screams were cut off, the young man pulled towards the lit corridor, his body flying down it covered in white smoke.

Alsarius lowered his eyes, the young man hearing the whooshing of the white madness taking his lover from him.

"Go to life, Kavi. My love is forever yours." he said, the room suddenly silencing, the man suddenly seeing that he was alone.

"He is to be kept safe, stranger! I take your word at honour!" Alsarius yelled, hearing only his voice.

The young sultan suddenly heard a soft sound coming from behind him, the young man hearing soft laughter.

"He is safer than you shall ever be. Welcome to the next path, warrior."

Alsarius took a deep breath, the young man turning around, staring into another set of piercing, glowing, green eyes.

He stared in shock, staring into a face of determination.

"Shed off the past, young warrior. I now lay claim to your future, to your destiny."

The young sultan sank to his knees, the young man beginning to cry.

"All I wanted was love. All I wanted was life." he sobbed, a hand going out to him, Alsarius feeling the coldness seeping into his soul.

"You will have more, young Alsarius. I shall consume all of you."

Alsarius stared into two green glowing eyes, the man feeling the image before him wrap itself around him, his body locked in a vice, the life squeezing out of him.

He began to scream, that scream silenced by something entering his mouth, his soul shattering.



Present Day


Lucas screamed, feeling the arms wrapped around him, the young man struggling.

Josh stared in shock, Lucas' hand going out, the young man's fist hitting Josh squarely in the face, the man falling backwards, having been sitting beside him on the sofa.

He'd been awakened by the sound of Lucas' voice, the young man actually shouting.

Josh had rushed to his side, the man wrapping his arms around his lover laying on the sofa.

Josh struggled to his feet, his lover still thrashing around on the sofa, Josh sitting down and pulling him into his arms again.

The bedroom door flew open, Finn rushing into the room.

His blue eyes went to the sofa in the corner, seeing Josh holding Lucas, the young man struggling.

Finn stood in shock, staring at Josh's face, blood flowing from his nose.

"Wake up, Lucky! You're lost in a nightmare!" Josh said loudly, his hand going to Lucas' face, patting his cheeks.

The young man's eyes fluttered, their violet pools lost in a soft glow of whiteness.

"Wake up, Lucky! Come back to my love!" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools focusing, the young man's movements slowing.

Lucas' eyes began to clear, the young man's violet pools staring into Josh's blue pools.

Josh stared at him, his lover's eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, my love! He lost his love! He lost his love!" the young man sobbed, Josh pulling him against him.

Trish, Drew and Skyler all now stood beside Finn in the bedroom's doorway, their eyes filled with worried tears.

Lucas raised his head, his eyes also filled with tears.

"Please don't leave me, Josh! Please don't leave me like that in the darkness!" Lucas sobbed, Josh pulling him against him again.

"Never, my love. I will love you forever."

"The path started with love, Josh. And then it was consumed by magic!"

Josh looked surprised, Lucas sinking back against Josh's chest, the man's arms wrapped around him.

"I think I'm next, Josh! I think I'm going to meet the same fate!" Lucas sobbed, Josh holding onto him, the others staring at both of them.

"No, Lucas. My love you'll never lose."

Lucas moved, pulling out of Josh's arms, the young man standing up, his violet eyes staring down at Josh.

"You can't stop destiny, Josh. And I can't love you, Josh. I'm sorry but I can't!"

The young man moved, walking across the room, opening the balcony door, walking outside and slamming it behind him.



End of Chapter 47


And so the story of Alsarius Belgras has begun.

Is it finished?
Or is there perhaps another chapter to tell?


Lucas seems terrified by what he's read, or perhaps seen through magic.

Will he really stop loving Josh?


What consumed Alsarius down in that tomb?
What was the fate of Kavinus?


Read on dear friends, mysteries abound.

And it begins with Lucas walking across the threshold of Kurucu's Haven.



Hugs, Angel.