Yesterday's End-48

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 48


Josh opened the balcony door, the man staring at his lover standing alone outside.

Lucas stood at the balcony's railing, staring out into the early morning sky.

The sun was cresting over the buildings to his right, its brightness a prelude to a warm day.

Josh walked out onto the balcony, standing beside his lover, a few feet separating them.

Lucas didn't react to Josh's arrival, the young man's eyes focused on the day's rising brightness.

"The blankets come off, and the sleeping world awakens." Lucas softly said.

Josh's blue eyes went to Lucas' beautiful face, the young man's beauty filling his soul.

"That was quite the statement you made in there, Lucas. Don't I have a say in your decision?"

Lucas lowered his head, Josh's hand going out, his hand going on top of Lucas' on the railing.

Josh felt Lucas tense up, the man not moving from his touch.

"Why can't you love me, Lucas?" Josh said, his voice showing its determination.

"I can't love you if it means that I'll lose you, Joshua." Lucas said, the young man not looking at Josh.

Josh stared at Lucas, the man's blue eyes seeing the emotion hidden on Lucas' face.

"My love is forever, Lucas. There's no way in hell you'll ever lose it or myself. Death won't stop what we have."

Lucas trembled, Josh's hand squeezing his, the young man's facial mask breaking.

"I. . .I saw it all, Josh! I saw. . .I saw their final moments. The depth of their love. . .the crushing finality of it. I'd die if I ever had to make that choice with you. I can't make that choice! I. . .I won't!" Lucas sobbed, Josh moving, pulling the young man's body against him.

"The only choice you have to make is whether you'll love me more than you'll allow me to love you. I love you, Lucas. Fat chance of you ever walking away from that love. So get those thoughts out of your mind. Denying my love won't stop you from having it, or me from giving it."

Lucas raised his head, Josh staring into his emotional violet pools.

"The magic. . .it. . .it drew me into the past, Josh. Like in my dreams. I saw the beauty of their love and. . .and the final moments of it. The choice Alsarius made for his love. I. . .I hate the thoughts of myself having to make that choice. I'd rather not have your love than ever come to that moment."
Lucas lowered his eyes again.

"Walk. . .walk away from me, Josh. I. . .I'll only. . .I'll only one day hurt you."

Josh didn't move, the man's arms going around his lover.

"Never, Lucas. Your love is mine. It can never hurt me. And my love is yours alone. I thought you'd accepted that?"

The young man's head raised, Josh staring at him.

"I. . .I love you beyond life, Joshua."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' wet cheek.

"You said it right there, Lucky. Our love goes beyond life. And it will be forever. So there's no way you can not love me. So get those thoughts out of that confused mind of yours."

Lucas nodded, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Someone's building up himself again."
Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. Whatever you saw--or experienced--it doesn't compare to what you and I possess. Our love is real; for this moment and forever."

Lucas nodded, pulling the man against him, Lucas sinking into his man's body.

"Oh God, I love you so much, Josh!"

Josh smiled, embracing the love of his life.

"That's all that matters. We love each other."
Lucas nodded, clinging to the man who loved him.

The two stood in silence, Josh rubbing Lucas' back, the young man calming in his embrace.

"You scared me, Lucky. You weren't coming out of the dream." Josh said, Lucas pulling back, staring at Josh's face.

Lucas finally saw the bruising on his cheek and nose, the young man gasping.

"Oh God, Josh! I. . .I hit you!" the young man said, his emotions rising again.

"Now, babe. Relax. You were asleep, trapped in a nightmare. You were lashing out at someone or something. I just got in the way of reality. I'm okay, and I don't blame you."
Lucas slowly nodded, staring at his lover's bruised face.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Josh. I'd never ever hurt you, subconsciously or awake." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I don't think that's entirely true, Lucas."
Lucas looked confused, the man holding him smiling.

"You hurt me every time you're not in my arms."
Lucas teared up, Josh leaning forward and lightly kissing his lips, Lucas pulling him closer.

"I love you, Joshua."
"I love you, Lucas. Forever my Lucas."
Lucas smiled, Josh's hands going down his back, cupping his ass cheeks.

"My man's got a hell of a punch."
Lucas blushed, Josh smiling at him.

"You okay, babe?"

Lucas nodded, Josh's blue eyes filled with calming love.

"I'm sorry I said that, Josh. I. . .I can love you. I need to love you. You are the most amazing man I've ever met. You're. . .you're my soulmate."

Josh smiled, the man moving forward again, kissing Lucas deeper, the young man feeling his man's possession.

"As beautiful as your closeness is, we should go no further, my passionate Beamy. We have an audience."

Josh pulled back, his head turning towards the balcony doors, three faces showing on the other side, all wearing soft smiles.

"They were worried as well, Lucky. You shocked all of us with your confusing words and actions. What did you see, Lucas?"

The young man sighed, his eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Let's go inside, Josh. Our voyeurs will want to know as well. They are my family."

Josh smiled, taking Lucas' hand in his.

"And I am your soulmate."

Lucas nodded, his eyes showing soft tears again.

The two men walked back into the bedroom, their friends awaiting them.


Lucas' eyes went around the table, having finished his story, seeing five faces of lowered thoughtfulness.

"He sacrificed himself to save his lover." Drew said softly, his eyes going to Trish's beautiful face.

"Yes, Andrew. He gave himself over to give Kavinus a chance at life." Lucas said, Josh's hand going in his.

"It was a trap, Luke. That courageous man walked into a trap. He was destined to lose that love." Finn said, his hand in Skyler's, the young woman staring into his blue eyes.

"Yes, Finn. It was a trap. A trap of a monster's need." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"What. . .what awaited him there in the darkness, Lucky? Who. . .who was that monster?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools looking at him.

"I don't know, Josh. The vision ended with Alsarius surrounded by something. That's when I felt the crushing finality of his ending breath."
"You don't know that it was his end, Lucas. Yes, he was trapped, but. . .but he must have survived. If he's your ancestor as Emmanuel stated, then that would mean he created your family. To do that he'd have to have lived to bear the next children of the lineage." Finn said, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue pools of thoughtful love.

"Yes, Finn. You're correct in that sense. Emmanuel stated that Alsarius began the lineage. He is one of my ancestors. That has to mean he survived." Lucas said, a soft smile crossing his face, Josh smiling at his lover's returning calmness.

He saw a glint of hope in Lucas' troubled eyes.

"Finn's right, Lucky. One's family needs life and love to be created. Alsarius must have survived and lived to start your lineage."
"But how is that possible, Josh? The man was. . ." Drew said, looking at Lucas and Josh.

"He was gay, Drew. Kavi's love is a testament to that." Lucas said, Drew blushing.

"I don't know the truth in that question, Drew. Perhaps Alsarius was bisexual, or perhaps it was something else." Lucas said, his eyes staring at the book laying in the kitchen table's center.

"Something else, Luke?" Trish said, his violet eyes meeting his sister's blue.

"Magic, Trishy. Alsarius felt magic and power down in that tomb's darkness. That's why he tried to save everyone, fate making that hope perish. The fate of man's greed doomed the others to their end. He, in the end, saved only one." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"Kavinus? Are you sure he survived, Lucky?"

Lucas stared around at everyone.

"The young man was taken away by white smoke, not black. That has to mean good, not evil. I truly believe the young Egyptian was pulled back up into the world to freedom and life."

"But what kind of freedom would that have been, Luke? Alive but living without Alsarius' love." Finn said, his blue eyes meeting Skyler's blue.

"To live without your loved one's love would be an existence of heartbreaking life." Finn said, Skyler tearfully smiling at him, knowing the meaning of his words in their own existence.

Drew stared at Trish, Josh's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Yes, Finn. Kavi would have lived with heartache. I don't know the justice in that tragic existence. Josh made me realize that a few moments ago. What is life without love?" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

The young man's hand went out, picking up the book, staring at its weathered cover.

"The answers perhaps lay ahead. Whatever happened to Alsarius--and Kavinus--I am sure is written herein. I. . .I don't know if I have the courage to read on. For I sense there's a greater truth laying in this book."

Josh's hand went on top of Lucas', their eyes meeting again.

"This first passage bothered you deeply, Lucky. I don't want you walking into more heartache." Josh said, Lucas feeling Josh's protective love.

"I think my past is a heartache unto itself, Beamy. I think my existence is the realization of that heartache. I am destined to find all the truths, whether heart aching or unjust."

Everyone nodded, staring at Lucas.

The young man smiled around at everyone, their eyes seeing the young man's returned calmness.

"My past will make itself known, whether tragic or magical. I sense it is my destiny to accept that, and I do."

Everyone smiled at him, the young man's eyes meeting all five.

"I'm glad I have your love to make me weather it all. Yours the most, my Joshua."
All five smiled, Josh kissing Lucas' cheek, Lucas feeling his total love.

"You're descended from Arabian royalty, Luke. That's so unbelievable!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You need not bow, Finny. But you can worship me from afar."

Finn blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

"In another time you would have made one hot slave, Finny. You in chains. Wow, hot!"

Trish burst into laughter, Finn blushing deeper, his eyes meeting Lucas' mirthful pools.

"I'd say a loincloth and sandals. Even hotter!" Josh said laughing, winking at Finn, the young man's cheeks red, but a smile gradually showing on his face.

Everyone laughed at Josh's words, Lucas smiling at Finn again.

"You gay boys and your dreams! I know I'm beautiful but ya can't touch!" Finn chuckled, Lucas laughing more.

"You could be our harem boy, Finny. But we'd have to get you shaved."

Drew burst into laughter, Josh smiling at him.

"Drew could be number two." Josh said, Lucas laughing, smiling at Drew, who was now blushing as well.

"Nah, neither could do it, Joshy. They're both wrapped in hetro love. What a shame."

Both men smiled, their lovers' arms wrapping around them.

"Sorry, boys. These two are already slaves." Skyler said smiling, Trish high-fiving her.

Finn and Drew traded looks, the two men smiling at their soulmates.

"Yeah, we are. Slaves to their love."

Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"We both see that. It's almost as beautiful as ours." Lucas said, Josh leaning forward and kissing him.

"Okay, enough sweetness. We won't need any syrup for Lukey's pancakes." Finn smiled widely, Lucas smiling at him.

"Speaking of slaves. This one's your culinary one."
All five laughed, Lucas setting the book down on the table again, Josh watching him stare at it, the young man rising up.

"You don't have to cook for these moochers, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling down at him, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"I love cooking for all my family. I'm just going to pop into the shower and then get breakfast going. Be right back, everyone."
Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling and walking out of the room.

All eyes went to Josh, the man smiling at everyone.

"Is he really okay, Josh? That book scared him. And it scares us." Finn said.

"I know it did, Finny. And It scares me as well." Josh said, picking up the book, staring at it.

"I never saw so much terror on Lucas' face before, Josh. Not even when he was with Jake. He looked totally terrified. I think there's something he's not telling us." Finn said.

Josh's eyes met Finn's.

"Lucas promised me that he would tell me all of what he's read in this book, guys. He says there will be no secrets between us. I trust him totally in that regard. He just told us the truthful story of Alsarius, his forefather."
Everyone nodded, Finn smiling at him.

"I know Lucas wouldn't ever hold anything from you, Josh. We all see his total trust in you as well."

Josh smiled, looking towards the doorway.

"I don't blame him for hitting me, it was his terror reacting to his mind's vision." Josh said, everyone staring at his bruised face, the bruises showing.

"We know that, Josh. Just as we know he didn't mean those words he said. He was lost in the terror of the nightmare. Your love out there on the balcony drew him back to reality." Drew said, Josh looking at him.

"He saw love denied. He was scared that he'd perhaps experience the same thing with myself. I needed him to see the truth. Our love is just as real as Kavi and Ali's was. I think their love never perished. This book holds the truth in that regard. And when Lucas reads that, it may destroy the lingering doubts he has on our love."
Trish's hand went out, squeezing Josh's holding the book.

"He doesn't doubt your love, Josh. We easily see he's totally in love with you. He was just momentarily scared of losing that love."

"He will never lose that, Trishy. He has it forever."

Everyone smiled, Josh smiling back.

"Excuse me, everyone. I need to see that he's okay." Josh smiled, the man rising from the table.

"Keep the screaming to a minimum, boys. And wash after." Finn said, Josh smiling at him.

"You can clean us both if you like, slave boy."

Finn blushed, everyone laughing as Josh walked out of the kitchen.


Lucas stood under the showerhead, the warm water soothing his mind.

He heard a sound behind him, two arms wrapping around his smooth chest, two lips going to his wet neck.

"Scrub my back, Finny. And ditch the loincloth."

A hand slapped his ass, the young man smiling, that hand returning to his wet globes.

It kneaded one cheek, the lips on his neck moving to his ear.

"The only slave to your heart is me."

Lucas smiled, turning around, staring into two pools of blue love.

"And you'd look so hot in a loincloth and chains, Beamy."
Josh smiled, his lips meeting Lucas', the two lost in their unchanged love.

"Feeling better, babe?"

"Yes, my Beamy. The love's returned, the clouds of the past have receded."

Josh nodded, his finger going to Lucas' wet cheek.

"The past holds no equality to the present, Lucky. My love's real."

Lucas smiled, his fingers going to Josh's cheek, the man gently rubbing Josh's bruised cheek.

"Hold still, my love."
Josh remained still, Lucas bringing both of his hands to Josh's face, touching the bruised skin.

"I am a slave to your beauty, my Adonis. I must return it to its true form."

Josh felt a warmth on his face, Lucas' violet pools softly glowing.

The man's fingers left Josh's face, his hands going to Josh's hips, pulling the man against him.

Lucas smiled into Josh's eyes, the man seeing the total love shining there.

"I will always heal your pain and hurt, Joshua. You are my soulmate. Our love and physicality transcend each other's life."

Josh smiled, his fingers going to his face, feeling no bruising.

"As beautiful as the day I first met you, Joshua." Lucas said, the young man lightly kissing his lips, Josh feeling a stirring in the young man snuggled against him under the flowing water.

"It seems like a lifetime, Lucas. But it's only been a few months."
Lucas smiled, his hands kneading Josh's hips.

"A lifetime of love, a lifetime of life. I love you, my Joshua."

Josh smiled, hearing the love unchanged in Lucas' beautiful voice.

"I love you, my Lucas." Josh said, the man reaching behind Lucas, picking up a sponge off the shelf.

"Turn around, my love. I promised Finny I'd get you clean."

Lucas smiled, turning around.

"You also promised him you'd keep the screaming down."

Josh's eyes raised, staring at his Lucas, the young man turning his head, staring into his blue pools.

"I feel all the love in your soul, Josh. And I sense what goes on around you. I felt your love for him in your soul. And I heard his love for you."

Josh smiled, soaping up the sponge and applying it to Lucas's smooth back.

"He loves you as a brother, Lucas. And I love him. He's our brother."

Lucas smiled, letting Josh wash his back, his hands going lower.

"We have so many beautiful brothers, Josh. Justin, Lance, Drew and Finn."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' wet shoulder and his soapy hands finding Lucas' butt crack, the young man spreading his legs, Josh gaining access to his center, Lucas feeling his gentle hands wash it clean.

"Looks like our dreams are coming true. My harem's full."
Josh laughed, his fingers rubbing Lucas' sweet spot.

Lucas moaned, Josh nibbling at his ear.

"Careful, my love. Cleanliness is next to godliness."

Josh smiled, feeling his own desires rising.

"Well, I do have a god in my arms."

Lucas smiled as he felt Josh's hands move the man's arms wrapping around his muscled body, his hands soaping up Lucas' rising shaft.

"Oh God, Beamy! Don't. . .don't stop! Oh. . .please love me!"
Josh smiled, his body moving against Lucas', the young man feeling his hardness against his center.

"I always will, Lucas. You are mine forever." Josh said, the man positioning himself against Lucas, his hardness gaining entrance to his soul.

Lucas gasped, Josh's soapy hands moving all over Lucas' torso and center, the young man smiling.

"Screw Finny! I'm going to scream my happiness!" Lucas said, Josh's lips moving to his ear, sucking on the lobe, Lucas screaming.

Josh began a rhythm, Lucas lost in his lover's needful desires.

And Lucas' soul found its calming life.


Finn stared up at the two men when they walked into the living room, Skyler sitting in his lap, the two having been kissing.

Trish and Drew sat on another couch, Trish snuggled against him, the two kissing as well.

"I said keep the screaming to a minimum. We've had four phone calls from the bylaw officers." Finn chuckled, Skyler snuggling into his body.

"The shower's free if you want to use it, Finny. Sky's working her magic as well as Joshy did." Lucas smiled, winking at Skyler.

"Meaning what, Lukey?" Finn said, Lucas leaning down and kissing his cheek from behind the couch.

"Meaning is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Finn blushed, moving his center into Skyler's tush.

"Same place Josh put it." Lucas said, Finn blushing even more, Skyler holding in her laughter, Trish and Drew laughing across from them.

"You're a pervert, Carver." Finn said, softly smiling at Lucas, the young man grinning, Josh's arms around him.

Lucas leaned down again, kissing Finn's cheek again.

"From what I see, no loincloth could hold it."

Josh lost it, Finn grinning at Lucas.

"Thanks, Lukey. Skyler says the same thing. I carry my own spear."

Lucas laughed, smiling at everyone.

"I'll get breakie started. Call the 'rents, Finny."
"No need, Luke. Your mom's already called. They're on their way over."

"Cool. A family breakfast." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Grayson called as well. He and Carl are coming over." Trish said, Lucas nodding.

"Good. I have a question to ask Grayson. Call Lance and Justin as well. Might as well make it the whole family."  Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek, the man nodding.

Everyone smiled at the two, seeing their ironclad love the same as always.

Lucas walked into the kitchen, Josh watching him disappear, his eyes turning back to Finn and the others.

Finn's eyes looked at Josh, then widened.

"Josh! Your face! It's. . .it's healed! The bruising is gone!" Finn said with wonder, the other three looking at him as well.

"Yes, Finn. My love's love heals all of me."
The four nodded, staring at him with wonder.

"His love will keep me happy in all ways." Josh smiled, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, looking for a number.


Justin's mind heard a distant sound, a ringing entering his subconscious.

His eyes flickered, opening and seeing the brightness of his room's decor.

He heard the ringing, realizing it was the phone by his bed.

He reached out, picking it up off its base, putting it to his ear.

"Hello?" he mumbled, reality seeping into his world.

"Morning, Jus. Are you awake?"

Justin opened his eyes again, looking around him.

Sheridan lay beside him, the man sound asleep.

Justin smiled, sitting up in bed, his naked torso showing.

"Yeah, Joshy. You just woke me."
"Sorry, bud. I know it's early, but Lucas asked me to call you, and Lance. He's fixing one of his famous breakfasts. Would you like to come over?"

"And taste Lucas's fineness? Any day, Joshy!" Justin smiled, Josh laughing.

"You've got your own fineness, keep your hands off mine." Josh said, Justin hearing a softness in Josh's voice.

"Everything okay, Joshy?"
"Yes, Justin. Everything's fine. A little drama this morning, but love shines. I'll let you know what's going on when you come over."

Justin nodded, looking towards Sheridan.

"There's always drama around your man, Joshy. His love draws it in."
Josh smiled, looking towards the kitchen.

"His love is love, Justin. See you shortly."

Justin's eyes went to Sheridan, the young man's naked chest on display.

"I need to shower and dress. Be over in about an hour or so."
"Will do, Jus. Later!"

Justin switched off the phone, returning it to the nightstand, his body turning back to the vision before him.

His eyes scanned every inch of the muscled, smooth, taut torso showing.

He remembered the taste of every inch of it, its two small nipples raised, the coolness of the room hardening them.

"Only an hour, my love? We'll have to move fast."

Justin's eyes raised, staring into two blue pools centered on a handsome face, that face adorned by blond hair.

"You heard Josh's invitation? I'm sure he meant you as well. Although I didn't mention you were here." Justin smiled, the man moving forward. Sheridan's hand going to his face, rubbing his cheek, that hand then pulling Justin's face to his, the two kissing deeply, Justin's body moving on top of the younger man, Sheridan feeling his morning friskiness, the two naked against each other.

The two broke their kiss, Sheridan's legs opening, Justin's body centered between them, their eyes meeting.

"My man's hard as a rock. You're a morning lover, Justin. I sense the morning hours could be filled with passion for us."

"You're so beautiful, Sher. You will always make me awaken with need."

The young man smiled, his hands moving down Justin's back, cupping his ass cheeks.

"You were amazing last night, my love. I'm sorry I came over so late." the young man said, his mind filling with thoughts of the hours before his arrival at Justin's place after midnight last night.

"I had fallen asleep with you in my soul. I was so happy you awakened me with your true self."

The man smiled, squeezing Justin's globes, feeling the man's hardness against his own.

"I hungered for you, my man. I awoke after sleeping only a few hours and needed you. And you sated that need for me so quickly."
Justin smiled, remembering their passion-filled night, the two falling asleep after three.

Justin stretched, the man's hands pushing him against him.

"My man's still in need. Take me, Justin. And then I'm going to take you in the shower."

The singer smiled, their lips meeting again, Sheridan raising his legs, Justin's center searching for its need.

"Slow, Justy. I want to feel you enter my soul."
Justin smiled, his center finding the heat of the man's center.

Justin moved to the nightstand, picking up a condom, the pack having been left there last night.

Justin readied himself, his lips kissing Sheridan's as he prepared himself.

"Please, Justin! I need you bad!"

Justin centered himself, their lips meeting again, their eyes opening.

Justin moved forward, the man beneath him widening his eyes.

"Yes! That's the spot! Sink that big hardness into my soul!" Sheridan said, his hands pushing Justin's ass down, all of Justin's hard shaft sinking deep into him.

"Oh God, Jus! You're amazing! And so hard!"

Justin began his rhythm, the young man closing his eyes below him.

Sheridan smiled, feeling the urgency of Justin's rhythm, knowing the man wouldn't last long.

Get me going, tiger.

That hole's sore but needful.

I hope you can't feel its moistness.

Carl and Haven were ruthless.

I'm glad you're not such an animal.

But you're a giving tiger.

I'm going to wet all of you in the shower, inside and out.

And then I'm going to start you on your next path.

Levine started the training, I'm going to make you an expert.

The man smiled, feeling Justin's trembling finish, the man gasping and calling out his name.

Justin's body sank on top of Sheridan's, the young man smiling, Justin kissing his neck, his lips going to Sheridan's ear, his voice ragged and whispery.

"Oh, Sher! That was amazing! You're amazing!"

The man smiled, his hands still attached to Justin's butt cheeks.

He squeezed one globe, feeling Justin's hardness softening inside him.

"We should shower, babe. And I'm going to have my wet fun."
Justin smiled, raising his head, the young man kissing his lips.

"I am yours, Sher. I love when you claim me."
The man smiled, kissing Justin's nose.

"That ass is amazing, Jus. I hope I'm the best that's claimed it?"

Justin smiled, kissing the man's cheek.

"You are, Sher. No one makes it come alive like you."

"Thank you, Justin. But how do you know that, truthfully?"

"You know I've been with others, Sher."
The young man nodded, staring at Justin.

"So have I, Justin."

Justin nodded, the man smiling at him.

"Am I. . .is mine. . .?"

The young man smiled, moving forward.

"You're damn fine, Justin. That ass is one of the best."

"One of the best?"

The man sighed, looking into Justin's eyes.

"I love sex, Justin. I've been having sex since I was twelve."

Justin's eyes widened a bit.

"Wow! That's young."

The young man nodded, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"It was, Justin. But I've loved it ever since. To me it's a joining of one's soul with someone else, or others."

"Others? You mean you've had threesomes?"

The young man nodded, looking at Justin.

"I've had more, Justin. A lot more. I've always given my lust and my love easily. Perhaps too easily. But my heart's always needed so much love."

Justin nodded, lowering his eyes for a moment, the young man smiling at him with a knowledgeable look.

Too damn easy. Sheridan thought with a grinning soul.

Justin raised his eyes, staring into Sheridan's blue pools.

"Am I enough, Sheridan? Is my love. . .is it enough?"

Sheridan's lips went upward, the two gently kissing, Justin reading a lot of love in the kiss, Sheridan's false love showing.

"I. . .I hope so, Justin. I do love you. You're amazing and beautiful, in bed and out. Your soul mirrors my own. We both need a lot of love."
The man nodded, staring into Sheridan's blue eyes.

"I love you, Sheridan. I want you to be happy with my love."
The man smiled, his finger rubbing Justin's cheek.

"I am happy, Justin. Your love could be enough."
Justin smiled, the man's face taking on a look of soft thoughtfulness.

Justin sat up, the man staring down at his naked lover, seeing Sheridan's shaft laying against his stomach, its length totally hard.

"I see your rising passion, Sheridan. Have your words and mine ignited it?"

Sheridan looked into his blue eyes.

"Your beauty ignites it, Jus."

Justin smiled, the man sighing, lowering his eyes again, Sheridan waiting for what he sensed was going on in Justin's mind.

"If. . .if my love's not enough--if my beauty's not enough--I will. . .I will share you." Justin softly said, Sheridan smiling, the man looking away from him.

Sheridan rose up, his arms going around Justin.

"Oh, Justin. I didn't mean. . .I love you."

Justin's head turned, staring into Sheridan's blue pools.

"I love you, Sheridan. I only want you to be happy."
The man smiled, moving forward, kissing Justin on the lips lightly, the man feeling his closeness.

"Oh, Jus. That you would offer that of yourself, to share yourself with me and another, that speaks of the total love in your heart."
Justin smiled, staring at the young man.

"You're so beautiful, Jus. I know. . .I know you were used before. By Levine and the others. I would never do that to you, Jus. My love would always be there with you. If we ever. . .if I ever wanted more, that love would be foremost in your mind. My love would be for only you, my body for you and others. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Justin nodded, looking into the young man's blue pools.

"Yes, Sheridan. You love me and I love you. If we ever decide to do more with others, I know your love is mine alone. I can accept that."

The young man smiled, moving forward, kissing Justin's soft lips.

"I am yours, always. And besides, I know many look at you with desire. You are a stunningly beautiful man. I hold no jealousy in that regard. My love is yours, and I know yours is mine."

Justin smiled, nodding.

"I know you'd never use me, Sher. I trust you in telling me the truth of when my love's not enough. There are some beautiful men out there. I trust you to love me alone."
The young man smiled, moving off the bed, Justin staring at his nude body, the man's hardness swaying at attention.

"Right now I want to love you alone, Jus. Our shower awaits."
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed, their hands joining, the young man smiling at him.

"Are you coming to Joshy's, Sher?"
The young man smiled, his other hand going to Justin's ass cheek, squeezing it.

"I'm coming here first. Get that fine ass into that wet heaven."

Justin laughed, the young man following him into the bathroom, a wide smile of ownership showing on his dominating face.


Lucas smiled around the kitchen table, seeing everyone diving into his breakfast fare.

"Delicious as always, son." Henderson said, Lucas smiling at his father while he poured him another cup of coffee.

"Thanks for the invite, Luke. Sorry I had company follow me." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I doubled the recipes, Lancy. I knew Joey was at your place."

Joey smiled, the man winking at Lucas.

"I sniffed the meal off Lance's thoughts. Damn if I'd pass up this!" Joey said, Lucas laughing, Josh smiling up at him.

Everyone else laughed, filling their plates.

"You are a certified chef, Lucas. This is more delicious than Mavis' cooking at the Havens. She's cooked for Emerson for years." Grayson said, eating from his plate, Carl at his side, the young man smiling at Lucas.

Lucas smiled back at him, his violet pools showing calmness.

"I learned my own way, Grayson. Mom here's a good teacher, as is my own Auntie Mavis."

Vivian smiled again at Lucas, hearing his calm happiness.

Finn smiled at him, knowing his own mother's culinary creations.

"You give even Mom a ride for her money, Lukey!" Finn said, heaping his plate with more poached eggs and bacon.

"I'm sure she'd love to hear that. It will be oatmeal for you next time you're home." Henderson said, Lucas laughing at his father, Finn blushing.

"I'm in everyone's crosshairs today. Me and my big mouth." Finn said, Lucas smiling and leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"You're a big target, Finny. Your heart shines with mirth and it just has to be shot at."

Finn laughed, leaning up and kissing Lucas on the lips.

"The rest of me ain't bad either, master."

Lucas laughed, smiling at Josh.

"We're heading for Loincloths R Us after lunch."

Everyone laughed, Lucas' parents and others' exchanging confused glances.

"An inner circle joke, everyone. Let's just say Finny wants to be a slave."

Finn blushed again, Lucas smiling and walking back to the counter.

"Justin's late." Josh said, Lucas looking at him.

"He'll be here shortly. I'm sure he was just delayed." Lucas said, carrying a platter of sausages over to the table, handing it to Carl, the young man helping himself to a couple, offering it to Grayson.

The condo's buzzer went off, Lucas smiling and walking out of the room.

"Our son seems to be happy this morning. Your love shines in his eyes, Joshua." Vivian said, sipping at her coffee cup.

"It shines always, Mom. But it's been a rather emotional morning for him." Josh said, Vivian staring at him.

"What happened, Josh?" she said, another voice answering her question.

"I walked into the past, Mom."

Everyone's eyes went to Lucas' violet, the man standing in the kitchen doorway, Justin and Sheridan standing behind him.

"Grab some chairs, guys. The food's still hot." Lucas said, waking over to the counter again, grabbing the last items off it, as well as the coffee carafes, Josh rising to his feet and helping Lucas carry stuff.

Vivian's eyes met Grayson's, the older lawyer staring at Lucas as he sat down, his eyes looking towards the young man standing at Justin's side.

"This is Justin's friend, Sheridan Whitecastle, Grayson and Carl. Sheridan, this is my family's lawyer, Grayson Wainwright and his associate, Carl Wilson."

Sheridan moved forward, shaking both men's hands, Carl staring at Sheridan for a moment, Lucas watching both men.

Grayson stared at the young man, the man's face filled with a wide smile.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Wainwright. And you as well, Mr. Wilson." the young man said, Justin smiling at him and offering him the seat beside him, Sheridan sitting down at his side.

Grayson stared at the young man, Lucas watching both.

"Lucas informed me you're an antiques dealer." Grayson said, the young man staring at him.

"Yes, and you are a barrister." he said, Grayson staring at him.

"Yes, I am. I take it you're British?"

The young man smiled, his steely blue eyes staring at the lawyer.

"Originally, but I have spent time in the Americas. School and work."
Grayson nodded, smiling at him.

"An old English name, Whitecastle. Part of the lower aristocracy, I believe."

"I would be so honoured. My family unfortunately was never aristocratic."

"You should look into your past, Sheridan. One can find surprises there." Lucas said, the young man's blue eyes meeting his.

"I prefer to focus on the present, and the future." He said, his eyes going to Justin, the man beaming with happiness.

"All three are intertwined, Sheridan. One can't exist without the others." Lucas said, Josh's blue pools staring at him with love.

"You said you'd walked into the past, Lucas?" Vivian said, Lucas' violet eyes looking at her.

"Yes, Mom. I've begun to read the journal. Emmanuel's journal."

"Emmanuel's journal? Who's Emmanuel?" Sheridan said, Justin putting eggs on his and Sheridan's plate, the young man thanking him with a smile.

"Emmanuel is one of my ancestors, Sheridan. Exactly which one I haven't quite figured out. My past is steeped in mystery as well as history."

Grayson's brown eyes looked at Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"What have you learned, Lucas?"

"I've learned the beginnings of the path, Grayson. I just didn't realize it began with heartache."

Vivian stared at her son, Lucas softly smiling at her.

"My forefather was a man of giving love, but also courageous worth. His life--and perhaps fate--began with the loss of all he treasured dear." Lucas said, Josh squeezing his hand beside him.

"What did he lose, Lucas?" Grayson asked, the young man's eyes meeting his.

"He lost his love, Grayson." Lucas said, those around the table who didn't know the tale looking surprised.

"Tell them the story, Lucas. I'll refill the carafes, babe." Josh said, rising from his seat, Lucas' voice filling the quiet room.


Everyone sat around the table, all their faces showing soft compassion and quietness.

Sheridan's blue eyes had seldom left Lucas' violet, the young man ignoring his gaze, his voice relaying the tragic story.

"How tragic, how unjust. To give up everything for love. It's like a tragic Shakespearean play." Sheridan said softly, the man's blue eyes showing calmness, Josh staring at him with a soft determination.

"Unjust? Tragic? It was more than that, Sheridan. It was heart-wrenching. That young king gave up his life for the love of that life." Josh said, Lucas' hand squeezing his, Lucas hearing Josh's love and judgment aimed at the young man.

"Calmness, love. Yes it was that, Joshua. The man was trapped into a situation of destined reality. He walked into a trap, others perishing. The one he loved survived, of that I now have no doubt."

Josh looked at Lucas, the young man showing calmness and soft love in his eyes.

"My ancestor was nothing but not giving. He gave the greater sacrifice for the man he loved. I cannot believe that their love would ever perish. I'm certain their story didn't end on that tragic day."

"Really, Luke? You're that certain of that?" Joey said, the man staring at him with compassion.

Lucas had told his own part of the story, and what had happened that morning, his mother staring at him with guarded love.

"Yes, Joey. Josh and Finn touched upon it. My ancestor was the creator of my family's dynasty. He had to have survived that day to seed the beginnings of my heritage."

"Makes sense, Lucas." Sheridan said, sipping at his coffee cup.

Lucas' eyes glanced at him, then looked at Grayson.

"Are you at all aware of that past, Grayson?" the young man said, Grayson looking at Lucas.

"No, Lucas. Your grandfather never mentioned anyone by the name of Alsarius. I wasn't aware of any Egyptian or Arabian ancestry in your family's lengthy existence."

Lucas nodded, setting his own coffee cup down.

"One part of that written and seen story connected for me, Grayson."

"Seen story? I think you're a little mistaken in that regard, Lucas. You were so enthralled and caught up in the reading that you fantasized about the drama. I'd love to look at this book, Lucas. It sounds ancient and historic. It could well be worth much." Sheridan said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his smug blue.

"I don't fantasize, Sheridan. My life's too real to bother with fantasy." Lucas said, everyone hearing the directness of Lucas' words, Josh's arm going around him.

"My apologies, Lucas. I wasn't making light of the drama."

Lucas' violet eyes met Grayson's again, the young man sighing.

"You cannot read the book, Sheridan. Its truth written for only my gaze."

The young antiques collector's eyes widened, Carl staring at him.

"The pages are blank to everyone. And the book's value cannot be measured in dollars. It is an heirloom of my family's truth." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Grayson's again.

"The tomb that lay in the bottom of the Valley Of The Kings in Egypt was the tomb of a great forgotten king, Grayson. That king's past and perhaps future lays at my family's feet. I want to know anything that you know of him, Gray."
The lawyer looked confused, Lucas staring at him with calm determination.

"My family's home is named Kurucu's Haven. The name written upon that black onyx throne in that tomb's deep center was Kurucu. That tomb was his. Kurucu was once a great king, forgotten in the past and hidden from life. But now I don't think that's all the truth."
Lucas stood up, staring down at Grayson.

"Do you know who Kurucu was?" Lucas said, staring at the lawyer.

Grayson stood up, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I know the name, Lucas. For it is indeed in your grandfather's past. His home named after him. Who the man himself was I do not know."

Lucas nodded, smiling at the old lawyer.

"I take your word as truthful, Gray. As my own grandfather does."

The lawyer smiled, nodding at Lucas, Grayson sitting down again.

"In all good time the past will right itself, and truth shall come out into the daylight. I think today's as good a time as any to open the blinds."

Everyone looked at Lucas in confusion, the young man's violet eyes going to Sheridan's blue staring pools.

"I don't know who the hell you are, but you're leaving my home right now."



End of Chapter 48


Sheridan is starting to manipulate Justin.

What is his plan?


Seems Lucas is calling Sheridan to task.

What's going on?

Has Lucas seen through his facade?


Lucas seems to have calmed down since he was pulled into his past.

Was he really there in the past watching Alsarius?

What is the next chapter of that story?


Only one way to find the answers.

Read on, my friends.


Hugs, Angel