Yesterday's End-52

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Chapter 52


"In front of the world, Finn! You did that in front of the world!" Skyler said, her blue eyes filled with tears, she and Finn standing backstage, the two embracing together again after they'd walked off stage, followed by their bandmates, everyone quietly watching the two.

"I love you, Sky. I. . .I wanted to show you that I have a heart of romance. And I wanted the world to see it also. I wanted you to see that I can indeed be romantic." Finn said, tears glistening in his blue eyes, Lucas smiling at him.

Skyler smiled, her lips kissing his, the man feeling her total love, staring into her blue eyes.

"I always knew you had a romantic heart, my Finny. Your eyes are its center." she said, Finn smiling at her alone as she kissed his lips again.

"I love you, Sky. I just wanted to show you that." he said, tears indeed showing in his blue pools.

"I love you, my fiancé." she said, looking at the ring on her finger, Finn pulling her close again.

Her eyes met his again as Josh, Drew, Lance and Justin came walking into the backstage area, smiling at the couple surrounded by their friends.

"But you always said marriage was a commercial trap, baby?" she said, Finn smiling softly at her, blushing and looking around at everyone.

"The magic love I have seen around us lately made me realize that marriage is perhaps something more. It's a commitment to each other, a forging of one soul that walks together through life. I want to take that walk with you, my Skyler. I need your love for the rest of my life."

Skyler was in tears, as was Trish, Andrew's arms around her.

Lucas' eyes had met Josh's, their love showing across the backstage.

"Oh, Finny! That's so beautiful!"
Finn smiled softly, looking into her eyes.

"You're more beautiful, my Sky." he said, Sky meeting his lips again, their kiss filled with love.
"Okay, you two! We all want a crack at you!" Lucas said, walking up to the two, the two smiling at him.

"Okay, Lukey!" Finn said, the man taking him into his arms, lifting him off his feet, their lips meeting, everyone smiling at the happiness showing in the man's energetic moves.

Lucas was shocked, Finn's lips filled with love and happiness.

Finn broke the kiss, Lucas still off the ground, wrapped in the man's arms.

"Thank you, Luke! Thank you for everything!" Finn whispered into his ear, Lucas smiling, looking into his blue eyes of happiness again.

"Put me down, Finny! Or hook up the harness again! I know you're flying on Sky's love, but I don't have wings!"

Everyone laughed, Finn grinning and placing Lucas back on the ground.

"She's the true angel, Lukey!"

Lucas smiled, his arm going around her, hugging her close.

"Finny's angel looks beyond happy. Congrats sister!" he said, hugging her closer, kissing her cheek.

Skyler returned the hug, whispering in his ear, Lucas alone hearing.

"Thank you, Lucas. For guiding his heart to its inner romance."
Lucas smiled and blushed, breaking their hug, the man stepping back, Josh's arms going around him, the newly engaged couple surrounded by everyone, kissing and hugs exchanged.

Josh waited his turn, Lucas smiling at his side.

Josh hugged both of them after everyone else had given their congratulations, the two smiling at his welcoming happiness.

"Okay, everyone. I've got reservations at Charlie Trottier's, the finest restaurant in Chicago. Champagne is ready as is good food." Justin said, smiling at Lucas, the man winking at him, Finn's gaze going to his violet pools, Skyler looking at him as well.

"I had Justin use his star power to get us a nice place to celebrate the moment." Lucas smiled, walking up to Finn and Skyler again, Josh at his side.

"Nothing but the best for my friends. It's a special night." Lucas said, Finn and Skyler tearing up.

"I know the owner and chef, it's all arranged." Justin smiled, Finn and Skyler thanking him, their eyes on Lucas.

"Let's go change, everyone. Romance makes me so hungry!" Lucas smiled, the band and their soulmates laughing, heading towards their dressing rooms, Lance and Justin smiling at each other, the two following them.


The cork popped off the champagne bottle, the young waiter smiling at everyone seated around the large table.

His eyes were on Justin, the young man pouring him a glass of champagne first, then walking around the table, pouring everyone a glass as Lance watched him, the young man's eyes gazing at Justin.

The waiter smiled at him one last time, then quietly walked away from their private table, the group in the back corner of the spacious restaurant.

"Someone's got a fan." Finn smirked, Justin quietly looking at him.

"I'm used to it, Finny. A lot of people seem to think I'm worth looking at." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"You are, Justin. You're a beautiful man." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"I hope you weren't jealous, Lance?" he said softly, Lance smiling at him, looking around, then quickly pecking him on the cheek.

"I am not the jealous type, Justin. I hope to have your love alone. And with that comes trust."

Justin smiled, hearing Lance's honest truth.

"You can trust me, Lance. I've been hurt too much to ever risk hurting you." he said, everyone smiling at the two men, seeing their growing love for each other.

"Same goes for me, Jus." Lance smiled, the two men smiling at each other again.

"Now that we have the champagne, I'd like to propose the first toast." Lucas said, standing up from his chair, Josh smiling up at him.

Everyone smiled at Lucas, Finn and Skyler seated beside Josh at the head of the long table.

"Love has entered my friends' hearts completely. Tonight, Finny stood before the world and proclaimed his total devotion and love to our radiant Sky. We all knew that deep within that masculine heart lay a hopeless romantic. There was only one person he could show that to."
Finn smiled, his arm going around his fiancée.

"Today, my friends, you begin the path of total happiness. Life and love will flow from both of you, your children the beneficiaries of that giving love and creating life. But the love you share together is your own. It's a deep joining love. I--and most of us here--have watched it grow, its center the togetherness of both your hearts. I'd like to toast both of you, my dearest friends. May your lives be filled with giving love, may your days be free of hurt and pain, and may the mirthfulness of Finny's humour brighten all our hearts, Skyler's the most. To you, my brother and sister, many days of love ahead. To the happy couple! To Finn and Skyler's love!"

Everyone stood up, raising their glasses, Lucas' violet eyes filled with tears, Finn and Skyler both rising and hugging him close, Finn's eyes the most tearful.

"I love you, Lucas! Thank you for all your giving love!"
Lucas smiled, wiping his eyes.

"I'm here always for both of you. And your children, those crazy future Delaneys!"

Everyone laughed, Finn smiling widely and hugging his friend again.

"I want ten boys! All as gregarious and fun as me!" he grinned, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"Dream on, baby maker! You're lucky you're getting one!"

Everyone laughed, returning to their chairs, Finn kissing Skyler's cheek.

"It's a start, my love. Our son will join our hearts forever."

Skyler smiled, rubbing her stomach, Finn smiling at her.

"He'll have your love and beauty." she said, Finn tearing up, kissing her lips, everyone clapping.

"Speech, Finny!" Lance yelled, everyone clapping harder, Finn smiling around at everyone, his arm going around his fiancée.

"Thank you all for being here at this special moment in our lives. Thank you Justin for arranging this wonderful celebration." Finn said, Justin smiling at him, waving his hand.

"We both want to thank Lucas the most." Finn said, Lucas softly blushing, everyone smiling at him.

"Your warm, guiding love gave me the courage to do this tonight, Luke. Lucas arranged the song, Sky. Trish, he and I ran through it once this morning. I hope I did it justice, Justin and Josh?" Finn said, both men raising their hands, giving a thumbs up, Lucas smiling at both men.

Finn smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"I am a man of romance. It's just a hard thing for me to show. But I'll always show it to this special lady."
Skyler smiled, Finn kissing her cheek.

"Today I'm the happiest I've ever been. And I see that my Sky's just as happy. Thanks all of you for being here to see our smiling happiness. My brother's love we all feel as well." Finn said, smiling at Lucas again, the young man softly blushing, Finn pulling him up from his chair again, his arms going around his friend.

"I could have no other, Lucas. Would you. . .would you stand by my side when I join with Sky forever?" Finn said, his eyes showing wetness again.

"It would be my greatest honour, my brother. Someone has to make sure you stop bawling."

Finn laughed, hugging his friend again, everyone clapping, Skyler's eyes going to Trish.

"You have to be my matron of honour, Trishy! You're my sister as well!" she cried, Trish in tears, the young woman in her friend's arms immediately, Finn and Lucas smiling at both women.

"I would love to, Sky! You are my sister forever!" Trish said, everyone clapping again.

Justin stood up, smiling at everyone.

"Let's eat everyone. It's my treat. Order to your hearts' content. Lucas was right. Romance does make you hungry." he smiled, everyone grinning, Lance smiling up at him, Justin returning to his side again and handing Lance a menu.

Everyone smiled, menus opening, everyone returning to their seats, and their soulmates.


Justin stretched, climbing out of the black limousine when it stopped.

"I'm am so stuffed! Man, that food was beyond delicious." he said, Lance smiling at him as he climbed out of the limousine behind him, Justin smiling at him.

Josh and Lucas climbed out after Lance, smiling at their friends.

Finn, Skyler, Trish and Drew were the last to climb out, both couples wrapping their arms around each other.

They were at the front entrance of the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago.

"Man, we never had hotels like this when we were touring." Lance said, Justin smiling at him as Lance scanned upwards, taking in the expensive look of the large hotel.

"Only the best for Orion, and my friends." Justin smiled, the six smiling at him.

"I feel so important!" Finn grinned, Skyler's arm around him, the young man staggering a bit.

It was after one, the group having celebrated happily for hours, wining and dining in happiness.

Trish looked a bit glassy-eyed as well, Drew's arm around her.

"You don't have rehearsals until tomorrow afternoon, everyone. You've got the rest of the night and all morning to yourselves." Justin smiled, everyone smiling at him, Lance smiling at Justin.

Justin smiled at Lance, a soft blush showing on his cheeks.

"Orion has a meeting with Solomon in the late morning, Jus." Drew smiled, Justin nodding.

Orion's manager was flying in late tonight, meeting with them in the morning.

"No rest for the wicked." Finn smirked, Lucas smiling at him.

"Something tells me Finn's going to be howling all night." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing as they headed to the front entrance, the chauffeur smiling and bidding them a good night.

Justin walked them all up to the front desk, the concierge smiling widely at him.

"Good evening, Mr. Timberlake. And good evening, Orion." the man smiled, everyone smiling back.

"Good evening. Any messages for me, James?" Justin said, reading the young man's nametag.

"I'll check, sir." he said, smiling and looking through some folders in front of him.

"Yes, sir. Two messages for you, and one for Mr. Carver." he said, handing Justin a couple of folded notes, Lucas taking his one.

"Thank you, James." Lucas said, slipping the note into his pocket, the concierge smiling at him.

Justin did the same, everyone walking to the elevators, the young man smiling after them.

They all walked into an open elevator, Josh's arm going around Lucas the moment the door closed, his lips going to Lucas' neck.

"Patience, my love. Snuggle time when we get into our room."
Everyone smiled, their arms around their soulmates, Justin's hand going in Lance's, his green eyes meeting his blue.

"A wonderful day, guys. Magic, music and romance." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

Lucas smiled at both men, his lips going to his Josh's, as the elevator rose upwards.

"It's not over, not for me and my Lucky." Josh smiled, Lucas sighing.

"The crosses I bear. I think Finn won't be the only one howling. A. . .wooooo!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at Josh's smiling face.

"What was your message, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling and pulling the forgotten note out of his pocket, unfolding it and reading it to himself.

"It's from Grayson. He needs to speak to me urgently." Lucas said, looking at the note.

"He doesn't say what's wrong?"

"No, just to call his cell." Lucas said, slipping the note back into his pocket.

The elevator doors opened, the group walking out onto the thirty-seventh floor of the hotel, walking towards their four suites.

They'd all been blown away by the opulence and beauty of the rooms when they'd arrived in Chicago late last night, each couple having their own private suite.

The four couples walked up to their doors, words of goodnight and hugs exchanged, each going into their rooms.


Lucas was the last to close his door, smiling at the other three closing doors.

Two arms went around his waist immediately, lips going to his neck again.

"I need you, Lucky. Being so close but so far really stoked my heart today. I've missed your touch." he said, Lucas smiling and turning around, kissing Josh on the lips.

They both felt their joining love, their hearts flowing with need.

"I missed you just as much, babe. It's nice to know that now we can at least touch each other at the arena." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"My arms are going to be around you constantly, babe."
Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing Josh's cheek.

"What about the rest of me?"
Josh smiled, pulling his man close, his hands going to Lucas' backside.

"The rest of you I'll keep to myself in this suite of love."
Lucas sighed, hearing the love in Josh's voice.

He also felt his man's soft inebriation, Josh having consumed a lot of champagne.

"My man's warming to my love. I'll have to buy you champagne more often."

Josh smiled, his lips going to Lucas' earlobe.

"The flame's lit, my beauty. I'm on fire for you." Josh said, his hand going down the back of Lucas' jeans, rubbing his left butt cheek.

"How about we try out that Jacuzzi in the bathroom, Beamy?"
Josh grinned widely.

"Mm, you know I love my man wet."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips again.

"Start her up, babe. I'm going to call Grayson first, Josh."

Josh nodded, breaking his hold on Lucas, kissing his lips softly again.

"I'll be wet and waiting, my angel." he said, pulling off his sweater, Lucas' violet eyes taking in Josh's smooth, muscular chest.

"I'm going to lick all of you."
Josh beamed, the man walking towards the bedroom--and the bathroom within it--Lucas' eyes fixed on his muscular back, and his tight-fitting pants, his bubble butt showing.

Lucas smiled, pulling out his cell phone, sitting down on a leather recliner, hitting Grayson's number in his saved numbers.

The phone rang once, Grayson answering.

"Grayson here."

"Hello, Grayson. It's Lucas."

"Thank God, Lucas. I've been awaiting your call."

"I'm sorry, Grayson. It was a special evening. I just got back to the hotel. You should have called my cell if it was urgent." Lucas said, stretching his neck, hearing a soft silence on the other end of the line.

"I did, Lucas."

Lucas pulled his phone back, seeing a flashing message.

"Oops! I'm sorry, Grayson. I had it on silent during the show and forgot to turn it back on. Is something wrong?"

The phone was silent for another moment, Lucas sitting up.

"There's been an incident, Lucas."

"An incident? Meaning what?" Lucas said, focusing on the man's voice.

"Someone broke into the Havens last night, Lucas. Or should I say early this morning."

Lucas sat up more, listening to the concern in the man's soft voice.

"Is my grandfather alright, Gray?"
"Yes, Lucas. He's alright, shaken but alright. He and myself confronted the intruders. They'd broken a statue in their silent prowling, that noise alerting Emerson, as they were on his floor."

"My grandfather confronted them?"

"Yes, Lucas. After alerting myself. My room is two doors down from his. Thank God he woke me. I always have a revolver at my bedside. They were two burly large intruders. I fired a shot after they attacked your grandfather."
"Is he really okay, Gray?"
"He's shaken but he's unharmed. I can't say the same for his library."
"His library?"
"Yes, Lucas. They rather destroyed it. A large painting of his wife slashed, furniture destroyed, bookshelves vandalized. What they were searching for we don't know. But your grandfather seemed not that surprised by the event. I've talked to him but he seems rather silent on what took place."
"And the two men, they were apprehended?"
"No, Lucas. They both charged me after I fired the gun, knocking me over. They bolted and disappeared down through the west gardens. The constabulary have canvassed the whole grounds but nothing has come to light about their identity. Both wore balaclavas unfortunately."

"Do you suspect Haven sent them?"

"It's a good assumption, Lucas. Your grandfather has hired guards to patrol the grounds and the security systems are being overhauled."
Lucas sighed, listening to the concern in the man's voice.

"Something's amiss, Gray. What would Haven be searching for there?"
"I don't know, Lucas. The man's very familiar with the whole manor. I can't understand what he possibly could be after. He knows all that resides there. How about your own hypothesis?"

"I'm not certain myself, Gray. But I do know the place is indeed shrouded in mystery. As I'm sure you yourself have sensed."
"Yes, Lucas. I've been here for over forty years and I still don't know every nook and cranny."

Lucas nodded, his thoughts on something.

"Is my grandfather awake, Grayson? Can I speak to him?"

"He's sleeping, Lucas. The man's been walking the grounds all day. Horace has given him a sedative, the man ordering him to his bedroom. I thought it safe to call you. He didn't want you bothered by this."

"He's my grandfather, Gray. I will always be concerned for his safety."
Grayson smiled, hearing Lucas' concern for his unknown grandfather.

"He will take comfort in those words, Lucas."

"I will be there in a few weeks, Gray. Keep him safe, please. Alert me to any other drama. I will come earlier if necessary."
"I know you would, Lucas. I'll keep a close watch on everything, as will Horace. I hope I haven't worried you. I just thought you should be informed."

"Thank you, Gray. Your love for my grandfather shows in your concern."

"I would give my life for him, Lucas. Last night I thought it might even come to that."

"Your courage lays in your giving soul, Grayson. Tell my grandfather I love him."

"I shall indeed. Goodnight, Lucas."
"Goodnight, Grayson."

Lucas hung up the phone, his eyes staring forward.

What were you after, Haven?
What lays within that ancient abode?

I sense a lot of danger in your soul, and in that place.

I'm coming to the Havens and I'm going to find out all of the truth.

Lucas sighed, the young man rising from his seat, walking towards his bedroom.

He walked into it, then into the large bathroom on its left side.

His eyes fell upon his Beamy, Josh sitting in the center of a water-filled Jacuzzi.

The man's head was laying back, his eyes closed.

Lucas stared at his smooth muscled, wet chest, his body hidden under bubbling water.

"Joshua?" he said, Josh not moving.

Lucas smiled, the man quietly discarding his own clothing, climbing naked into the bubbly water.

He moved across the Jacuzzi, sitting down beside his Josh, his arm going around his wet back.

Josh murmured, his head going against Lucas' wet chest, his man's arms enveloping him.

Josh slowly opened his blue eyes, staring up into Lucas' violet pools.

"Babe? I. . .I'm sorry, I fell asleep."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's forehead, the man snuggling against his wet body.

"No worries, my love. I knew you probably would. Alcohol is a sleep-inducing liquid."

Josh softly smiled, his hands going down Lucas' body, feeling its muscled hardness.

"I love you, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man on the lips.

"I love you, Beamy."
Josh yawned, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, babe. I am beat."
"It's alright, my angel. Let's just snuggle in the water's warmth. Then I'll guide my man to his warm bed."

Josh smiled, closing his eyes, his head going against Lucas' warm wet chest.
Lucas' arms pulled his man closer to him, Lucas' violet eyes staring down at him.

Danger lays ahead, my love.

I'll protect all of you, you most of all.

Lucas sighed, a soft tear showing on his cheek.

I only hope it doesn't cost me all of myself.
For I know that would destroy your soul, my Joshua.

Lucas sighed again, feeling the water's warmth, and the warmth of his soulmate against him.

His mind filled with silent thoughts of another wet haven.


Justin stood on the balcony of his suite's living room, his blue eyes staring out into the darkness of the Chicago night.

His eyes glanced back into the living room, staring at the coffee table, two notes laying there.

He sighed, his eyes returning to the darkness.

The balcony's door slid open, Justin turning and staring into Lance's green pools.

"It's still warm out, Jus. Taking in some fresh air before sleep?" Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"I always like to feel the dewiness of the night's air. It helps me sleep." he said, Lance smiling and walking up to him, standing beside him.

"I'm the same, as you well know. As I know you love a cool night." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"We've known each other's traits for a long time, Lance." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"Yes, we have. That's how I know you're worried about something. Care to talk to a friend?"

Justin sighed, the man moving forward, Lance's arms going around him, Justin sinking against his chest.

"You know me so well, Lancy."

Lance smiled, kissing Justin's forehead, his head against his chest.

"It's the beauty of our relationship, Jus. We know each other inside and out."

Justin raised his head, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"We don't know all of ourselves, Lance." Justin softly said, Lance smiling at him.

"With time comes beauty, Justin. The beauty of your heart radiates out into the beauty of yourself. I'll be happy with all of you."
Justin teared up, leaning forward and kissing Lance softly on the lips.

"What's got you so melancholy, my angel?" Lance said, Justin glancing into the room again.

"My Mom and my Dad both left me messages, Lance. They've both found out about Jessica."
Lance's eyes raised a bit.

"Jus, that was weeks ago! You didn't let them know?"
"I got busy, Lancy. What with the shooting and stuff. It slipped my mind."

Lance's arms pulled the man close.

"It's okay, Jus. I understand. Did they know about the shooting?"
"Yes, I had texted both about that. They were concerned but glad that I was okay. Mom wasn't too happy about Jessica though. Her words were very pointed. I'm supposed to call her ASAP. Her exact words."

Lance nodded, knowing Justin's mother very well, and her domineering ways.

Justin's break-up with Jessica wouldn't go over well with her.

She'd been very happy when they'd announced their engagement.

"She's your mother, Jus. She cares about you."

"I know, Lance. But I don't think she'll be too happy when she finds out the reasons for our break-up."
Lance knew that would be true, his knowledge of the woman's less than glowing happiness in regards to his own life.

She'd pointedly told him face-to-face that he should have remained private about his alternative lifestyle.

Knowing her son was bisexual wouldn't go over well with her.

Lance focused on the man before him and what he needed to say.

"Justin, please sit down." Lance said softly, directing Justin to a wicker sofa on the balcony, the man quietly sitting down on it, Lance joining him.

"I love you, Justin. And in that, I need to be honest with you, and with your own feelings."
Justin nodded, Lance taking his hands in his.

"I've known your parents for years, Justin. I know your father's beliefs and his righteous, faithful soul."
Justin nodded, knowing his father's deep faith.

"I also know the no-nonsense attitude of your mother. Her directness in regards to your career and your life."
Justin nodded, lowering his eyes, Lance raising his chin, looking into his blue eyes.

"They both love you deeply, Justin. Faith and responsibility notwithstanding. I know you hold in your heart a dread of what will happen when you face them about your new lifestyle. I held the same dread when I faced my own parents."

Justin stared at Lance, seeing the love shining in his eyes.

"Your parents are wonderful parents, Lancy. I see easily their total love for you."
Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Justin. They truly love me deeply. That, at that time, surprised me. I thought that they'd be shaken by my own truths. But they weren't. Yes, they were concerned, but they both told me that they'd stand with me through all the drama, the notoriety and the awkwardness of a public gay life. I love them both so much for that."
"You're lucky, Lance. Their love is giving."

Lance squeezed Justin's hands in his.

"I believe in my heart your parents are just as giving, Justin. Underneath your mother's tenacity and dominance lays a mother's love. She loves you, Jus. Nothing--not even your life-changing truths--will stop that love. The same goes for your father. His faith will give him the strength to remain your loving father. They love you, Justin. They'll come around to your new life."
Justin lowered his head.

"I'm. . .I'm so scared, Lance. I don't want to. . .to lose their love. Or yours." he said, raising his head again, Lance seeing the tears in his eyes.
He also saw the familiar look on Justin's face.
The look of a terrified young boy seeking his parents' love.

"Do you have faith in my love, Justin?"
Justin stared into Lance's green pools.

"Yes, Lance. I have total faith in your love. It's capturing my soul."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and softly kissing Justin's lips.

"I love you, Justin. I will be by your side when you open up to them. My love will stand with you, and show them that you are happy. That, my love, is enough to keep you happy for the rest of your life. I will make them see that, even if it comes to my leaving you."

Justin looked surprised.

"Leaving me? You'd leave me?"
Lance moved forward, silencing Justin's emotions with a soft kiss again.

"Never, my love. But I will voice that ultimatum to them. I would walk away from you if it meant you losing their love. That is the ultimatum I will give them. You need their love in your life. Just as much as you need mine."

Justin teared up, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"I do. . .I do need their love, Lance. And I need yours more."

Lance smiled, rubbing Justin's tear-stained cheek.

"I won't let them hurt you with their unsure love, Justin. I am the protector of your soul, the voice of reason for all of you. My love will soothe all of your troubled concerns. Theirs and yours. I'm here for all of you."
Justin teared up, moving against Lance, his arms going around his robed waist.

"So put those doubts out of your mind. Life begins with openness, with love and happiness."
Justin smiled, his head against Lance's chest again, his robed body feeling warm and protective.

"I love you, Lance. And I love your wanting to love them."
"They are a part of you, Justin. I'll love all your family, as you'll love mine. I know my Mom's going to be thrilled. She always said I should find a man like Justin. She seems to think the world of you. I guess she's never smelled one of your farts."

Justin laughed, raising his head.

"I smell wonderful. Regardless." he smirked, laughing.
Lance smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"Yes, you do. My aromatic angel of love."

Justin smiled, staring out into the darkness, Lance watching his quiet gaze.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love?"

Justin's head turned, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"I need you, Lance. I need you to make my life real."

Lance stared at Justin, the man's hand going to Lance's smooth face, rubbing his cheek.

"I've been with so many men, and women, Lance. So may faces and bodies of muscled or smooth beauty. But I've never truly looked at you before now, Lance." Justin said, Lance's eyes lowering, Justin raising his chin, staring into his green eyes.

"You're beautiful, Lance. So totally beautiful. It's like I'm seeing you for the first time. I see before me a sculpted beauty, a masculine image of total beauty."
"Justin. . .I'm not. . .compared to you. . .I'm. . ."
Justin moved forward, his lips meeting Lance's again.

"You are equal to myself, Lance. If not more beautiful."
Lance teared up, Justin taking his hands in his.

"I want you to love me, Lance. To love all of me. I've given myself to so many. . .I want it to mean. . ."

Lance's arms pulled Justin against him, both men staring into each other's glistening eyes.

"I will never take from you, Justin. I will only give. All of myself. And I will love all of you. You are beyond beautiful. I need you just as much."

Justin began to cry, Lance holding him.

The man's head raised, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"We need only each other, Lance. I truly believe that now. I want to love you, to make you happy."
Lance smiled, standing up, staring down at his friend.

"You will, Justin. We will make each other come alive."
Justin smiled, the man watching Lance extend his hand, Justin taking it.

Lance pulled Justin to his feet, the man taking him into his arms.

They kissed again, the kiss sending a warmth through both of them.

They parted, staring into each other's eyes.

"I'm ready, Lancy. I'm ready for your love."
Lance smiled, his lips kissing Justin's chin.

"I'm ready for yours, Justin. I need it to heal my soul."
Justin teared up, taking Lance's hand in his, the man slowly guiding Lance back into the suite, the two men walking silently through the living room, Justin glancing at the notes on the coffee table, his thoughts on the future.

You'll love him, Mom and Dad.

Almost as much as I do.

His love will be my life.

Justin smiled, Lance smiling back at him as the two walked over to the bedroom.


They walked quietly into the room, both men staring at the large king size bed.

Lance had pulled the covers back, going out to the balcony to guide Justin back to slumber.

He hadn't realized it was another path both men were now walking on.

It was the path of their joining love.

They both still held hands as they walked to the bed, their eyes meeting, their hands staying together, both facing each other.

"I've. . .I've shown you my naked body many times, Lance. I. . .I don't think I've ever seen yours." Justin softly said, Lance's green eyes meeting his, the man's eyes then lowering.

"It cannot compare to your beauty, Jus." he softly said, Justin leaning forward, his hand going to Lance's cheek, their eyes meeting again.

"Never compare yourself to others, Lance. It is only the vision of my blue eyes that you need focus on. What I see with my eyes is beyond beautiful."
Lance teared up, the man staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"My body is yours, Justin. Look upon it as you see it."

Lance stood still, Justin staring into his green eyes.

Justin's hands went forward, going to the tie on Lance's robe, loosening it, Lance's robe opening.

Justin's eyes stared into his green, his fingers trembling.

Lance guided Justin's hands to his shoulders, Justin pushing the robe back off of Lance's body, the robe falling from his body to the floor.

Lance smiled at Justin, his green eyes filled with love.

"You can look at me, Justin. Take in all that I can give you." Lance softly said, Justin's blue eyes moving from Lance's green, his eyes scanning slowly over Lance's smooth body.

His eyes trailed down his smooth chest, two small nipples hardening in the room's air-conditioned coolness.

Justin's eyes moved downward, staring at Lance's shaft, its largeness hardening at Justin's gaze, Justin taking in its girth and uncut head, the skin pulling back as it lengthened.

Justin's eyes rose upwards, meeting Lance's green pools of soft shyness.

"Oh God, Lance. You're. . .you're so beautiful." Justin said, his words edged with desire and love.

Lance's face broke into a soft smile, his green eyes filled with love.

"I'm. . .I'm glad you like me, Justin."
Justin's hands moved forward, resting on Lance's shoulders, the touch sending a pulse of electricity through Lance's body, his center moving upwards, Justin's eyes taking in his smooth beauty.

Justin's own center felt a rising desire, his shaft moving on its own.

Its head moved upwards peeking out of the robe he wore, Lance's eyes catching the movement, a wider smile going to his face.

"Looks like someone's wanting to come out and play." he said, his eyes drawn to Justin's cock, now showing more of itself through his robe's opening.

Justin's eyes went downward, the man blushing, his eyes meeting Lance's again.

Both men burst into laughter, their arms going around each other, Justin feeling the man's warmth against him.

They calmed down, their eyes meeting again.

Justin smiled at Lance, the man staring into his blue eyes.

"Thanks for cutting through the tension, babe." he smiled, Lance smiling himself.

"My desires got ahead of me." he smiled, Lance smiling more.

"And a beautiful head it is."
Justin smiled, his emotions calming, the man's hands going to his robe, opening it wide, the cashmere robe falling to the floor behind him.

Lance's eyes moved from his blue pools, taking in every inch that was the man Justin Timberlake.

Few photos captured the true naked beauty of the man.

Lance's eyes took in his smooth muscled chest, two perky nipples showing their hardness, rock hard abs showing on Justin's midsection.

A tuff of blond curls encircled a beautiful shaft of hardening beauty, its cut head round and bulbous.

Lance thought it looked so beautiful, its length over eight inches and rising.

Two balls hung in a large sac below it, Lance's eyes taking in their beauty.

His eyes raised, staring into Justin's blue eyes, his face showing a soft blush.

"Oh, Jus. You're. . .you're beyond my dreams." Lance softly said, Justin staring at him.

"I'm yours. . .if you. . .if you want me."

Lance moved forward, his lips softly touching Justin's, their eyes closing as they felt each other's heat against them.

"We are each other's, Justin. I am yours and I want you for myself." Lance said, Justin's eyes opening, staring into Lance's green.

Justin moved to go to his knees, Lance stopping him.

They stared at each other, Lance smiling.

"We are so much alike, Justin. We both want to give into the other's needs. I think it's time we found a balance."

"What balance, Lance?" Justin said, his eyes moving over Lance's body again.

Lance smiled, taking Justin's hand, guiding it to his warm center, Justin's hand wrapping around Lance's now rock hard shaft.

Justin felt its instant warmth, Lance's own hand moving forward, feeling the heat of Justin's shaft in his hand, its girth rock hard as well.

Both men gasped, their eyes glued to each other's loving pools.

"We feel each other's needs, Jus. There will be no submission or dominance between us, my love. We will give each other our needs and our desires. I love you, Justin. And you'll love me. I need you as much as I hope you need me." Lance said, Justin's eyes tearing.

"I do need you, Lance. I want you so much! All of you, heart and beauty!"

Lance smiled, feeling Justin's hand begin to stroke him, his needs moving on their own.

"I am here for you, Justin. And I will love you."
Justin smiled, Lance moving, his body falling back onto the bed, Justin staring down at him.

"Come to heaven, my angel. Let the clouds of our desires make us both float forever."

Justin moved, his body joining Lance's on the bed, the two joining as one.

Their lips met, their hands roaming across each other's bodies.

Justin moaned, feeling the heat of the man against him, his lips finding Lance's left nipple, Lance shuddering, his body trembling against Justin's, Justin feeling the motion.

His eyes opened staring into Lance's green pools.

"Are you okay, Lance?"
Lance's eyes were filled with tears.

"I feel loved, Jus. You make me finally feel loved!"
Justin moved forward, their lips joining again, Justin's body moving on top of Lance's.

His lips moved again, their wetness exploring every inch of Lance's smooth chest, Lance lost in the sensations flooding his mind and soul.

He'd never felt this total euphoria.

This feeling of being worshipped, of being possessed by love.

It was unlike the past pain and hurt.

This was more emotional, more breathtaking.

Justin's lips found Lance's center, his tongue bathing the hard shaft pulsating against Lance's stomach.

Lance gasped, Justin feeling his emotions and his own needs.

Justin raised the shaft with his hand, his tongue tasting the dew forming at its head.

Justin loved the scent and taste of the elixir of Lance's passion.

Justin's mouth moved, Lance gasping as Justin swallowed all eight inches of Lance's hard shaft.

Justin was lost in the sensation, the taste and warmth of Lance's center filling his mind with need.

Justin began a bobbling rhythm, his head lowering then raising, Lance's fingers going to Justin's short curled head, pressing it forward, Justin taking in all of Lance's offered love, his lips feeling the soft curls of Lance's heated pubes.

Lance's hand went down Justin's back, feeling its sweaty smoothness, his fingers rubbing it softly.

"Oh, Jus! That's. . .you're amazing!" he moaned, Justin lifting his head, pulling the shaft out of his mouth, tonguing the slit of its bulbous head, the skin fully pulled back, Lance's cock now its full eight and a half inches.

"You're delicious, Lance. You taste wonderful." Justin said, licking the oozing liquid slipping out of Lance's cockhead.

Lance smiled, moving upwards, Justin rising as well, their lips finding each other's again, their tongues duelling as their lips parted, Lance tasting himself on Justin's tongue.

"God, Jus. I want you. I. . .I need you." he moaned, Justin smiling.

The man moved, laying back against the pillows, staring into Lance's green pools.

"Take all you need, Lancy. I give it for you alone. It's always been for you alone. Nothing exists before this moment." Justin said with tears, Lance moving his body on top of his old friend's, their lips meeting again.

Lance broke the kiss, their eyes meeting with love.

"I shall love you, Jus. My love will be forever."

Justin smiled and then gasped as Lance's lips went to his right nipple.

Justin's mind exploded with emotion, Lance's lips moving all over his muscled chest, returning often to Justin's right nipple, Lance's tongue sending Justin into heaven.

Lance's head moved lower, his tongue lapping up a pool of liquid that had congealed on Justin's abs, his cock leaking a lot of fluid.

Lance found the taste so delicious, his head moving to the source of that elixir.

Justin gasped as Lance took his erection into his mouth, his mind unable to register the moment fully.

Justin exploded, his fluid filling Lance's mouth, Lance taking all of it in, the love that fed its richness filling Lance's soul.

Justin gasped and moaned, volleys of semen filling Lance's mouth, Lance drinking all of it in.

Justin moaned, his orgasm cresting, then rescinding, Justin feeling Lance's tongue lick every inch of his throbbing center clean.

Lance's mouth released the organ, his tongue bathing a path up Justin's torso, reaching the man's mouth, the two softly kissing, Lance feeling a trembling emotion flow through Justin's body, their eyes opening and staring into their souls.

"Oh, Lance! It was. . .it was unlike anything. . .it was. . .!"

"It was love, Justin. We've never had true love. And it's only the beginning of our love."
Justin teared up, Lance wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I love you, Justin. Make love to me. Make me feel all of you."

Justin moved, their lips meeting again.

Justin began to move over Lance's body again, finding the newness of every inch of it.

And he knew in his heart he'd give Lance all of his own beauty.

Tonight they'd both found life.


Two doors down from their room of love two violet pools opened, their sockets filled with moisture.

Lucas' eyes moved to his right, staring at his soulmate's sleeping face, Josh's head on Lucas' arm, cradled in the nook of his armpit, his arm around his back.

He'd gently woken Josh in the Jacuzzi, drying both of them off quickly, the coolness of their wet bodies sending shivers through them.

He'd guided Josh to their bed, the two covering themselves with blankets, Josh's cool body going against Lucas' naked form.

Both had fallen asleep immediately, their love joined.

Here now an hour later, Lucas' soul had awakened.

His soul flooded with a warming love, the man sensing the newness of its life.

You have joined in love, my special friends.

Your lives begin today.

We will both welcome your joined love.

Lucas smiled wiping his tearing eyes.

Those violet pools went to the nightstand beside their bed, his eyes falling on Emmanuel's journal laying there.

I feel you on the edge of my dreams, Alsarius.

I know you never perished in the darkness.

Now I just have to puzzle out where you went.
And what you became.

Lucas sighed, Josh moving more against him, the man sensing he'd felt Lucas' thoughts.

I must guard my worry against your love, my angel.

For the future could fill your mind with worry.

The crossroads lay ahead.

I just hope I follow the right path.

Lucas sighed again, snuggling against the man beside him, Josh moving, the man laying back on his back, Lucas moving against his chest, his head laying against his lover's smooth warmth.

Josh's arms moved on instinct, Lucas wrapped in his warmth and love.

Right where I want to be, Joshua.

I'll give heaven and earth to stay here forever.

Lucas closed his eyes, the tears flowing into his dreams.



End of Chapter 52


And so romance reaches other souls.

Finn and Skyler are happy and engaged.

A child is about to enter their lives as well.


Trish and Andrew are engaged as well.

Their love is solid and total.


Justin and Lance have consummated their love, giving each other a new sense of life.

Will Justin's parents see it the same way?

Will Lance's giving love be enough to win their approval?

Questions in need of answers.


Lucas feels the weight of his family's past beginning to surround him.

And others are trying to invade the sanctuary of Lucas' past.

What will happen when Lucas reaches the ancient home of his forefathers?

Will the mysteries show themselves, or will danger rear its head?


Read on as always, the path continues to flow.

Let's hope no one drowns in their waters of uncertainty.


Hugs, Angel.