Yesterday's End-55

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 55


Lucas walked into the room, staring at his lover, Josh laying on the hotel bed, their smiles exchanged.

"I was sure you'd be asleep, my love." Lucas said, the young man smiling more at him, Josh putting down the magazine he held in his hands.

"Couldn't sleep, babe. I missed my teddy bear." he said, Lucas smiling, pulling off his sneakers, sitting down on the bed's edge beside Josh.

"I don't have a hair on my chest, and you know that." he smiled, Josh grinning.

"If you did I'd have plucked them all off by now. I love my man's smoothness." Josh said, Lucas winking at him, the young man stretching his arms, Josh taking in his muscled form hidden by the tight white t-shirt he wore.

"How went the interviews, babe?" Josh said, moving, his hands going to Lucas' back, his fingers beginning to work their magic, Lucas sighing and loving Josh's massaging  touch.

"Mm, babe. That's the best." Lucas sighed, purring softly as Josh massaged his back muscles, his fingers going to Lucas's waist, pulling the t-shirt out of Lucas' pants, the young man smiling, raising his arms and letting Josh pull it over his head, Josh smiling at the young man's revealed beauty, his hands returning to Lucas' warm skin.

"The usual stuff, babe. A lot of questions about my recovery after the shooting, the drama, etc. They weren't that focused on the music."

Josh nodded, kissing Lucas' neck.

"Their need to know everything sometimes can be overwhelming. I remember how smothering it could be at times."

Lucas smiled, the young man turning, his lips kissing Josh's soft lips, the man feeling his man's love.

"I sense you'll feel it again, babe. You're too talented to not shine in the spotlight again. They'll be after you soon enough."
Josh smiled, hearing Lucas' faith in his abilities.

"With your music I could very well shine again."
Lucas smiled, kissing him again on the lips.

"You're supporting me through all of this, babe. I'll support you when you shine again. Someone's going to have to fight off all those young beauties chasing after my man."

Josh smiled, the man's arms going around his Lucky, his lips meeting his again.

"There's only one young beauty I want."

"That's cool, Josh. I'll go see if Finny's still up." Lucas said, beginning to rise out of the bed, Josh moving forward and pulling him back with him, the young man falling down into the bed, landing on top of Josh.

"I've only got the hots for one young sweet Welshman."

Lucas smiled, their lips meeting again, Lucas sighing as he broke the kiss, his head going to Josh's chest, the man wearing only an athletic shirt and boxer briefs.

"I missed you out there, babe. I didn't have my man's blue pools to stare into in the background to keep me focused on what's important."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Sorry, babe. Had something to do." Josh said, his fingers playing with the necklace hanging from Lucas' throat, his blue eyes staring at the red stone hanging at its end, one finger rubbing it.

"And what was my man doing?" Lucas said, his finger rubbing Josh's soft hairy bicep.

"It's a surprise." he said, Lucas smiling, his hand feeling the bicep, Josh flexing.

Lucas smiled, raising his head, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"I love your surprises, babe."

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again, a soft flirtatious kiss exchanged, Lucas leaning back.

"Two more shows, Beamy. And then the east tour ends. We'll have a few weeks off before the west leg. And I return to my grandfather's home."

Josh smiled, hearing the calmness and soft happiness in Lucas' voice.

The group was in Detroit, a week after the Boston show, three shows between the cities.

Justin had returned to the tour just before their last show in Newark, the musician coming back to keep them focused.

Josh sensed they didn't need any focus, the band playing each show with relish and happiness.

It seemed that every show reenergized them as a whole.

Tonight's had been spot on, the group singing as one, their fans charged with happiness and adoring worship.

Josh had left before the second last song, returning to the hotel.

"My man's becoming a rock star. Justin's even talking about you four garnishing some awards next year."
Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"You're the award-winning singing idol, babe. I'm just Josh's Lucky."
Josh smiled, his fingers rubbing Lucas' cheek, one finger rubbing the red stone.

"You seem calm about going to your grandfather's place, Lucky?"
"I am, Josh. I've accepted that it was always my destiny to go there."
Josh nodded, staring at the stone, a thought materializing in his mind.

His eyes raised staring at Lucas.

"Luke? You. . .you said. . .?"

Lucas stared at his lover.

"Yes, Josh?"

"You said that you were returning to your grandfather's home. You've never been there before."

Lucas stared at him for a moment, the young man sighing, sitting up.

Josh stared at him, Lucas' violet eyes staring at the book sitting on the nightstand beside the bed.

"You're right, Josh. I haven't been there before. That I can remember."

Josh stared at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"That you can remember?"

Lucas nodded, their eyes meeting.

"I'm beginning to believe in the myth that is reincarnation, Josh. I think I'm the embodiment of someone else's lived life."

Josh rose up from his position, his arm going around his soulmate.

"That's not true, babe. You're you, the you that I love. That Finn and Sky have known since you were a young boy. That Trish has known all your life."

Lucas stared at him.

"But she didn't know me, Josh. I wasn't the person she thought I was. And maybe perhaps I'm not the person I think I am."

Josh moved, standing up, extending his hand to Lucas, the young man staring up at him.

"Take my hand, Lucas. Follow me."

Lucas reached out, taking Josh's hand, rising from the bed as Josh pulled him up, the man guiding Lucas across the room, opening the bedroom's balcony door, Lucas feeling the night's warm air hit his naked chest.

They walked out onto the balcony, his hand in Josh's.

The view was a shimmer of lights, the city showing before them in the darkness.

"Look out into the world, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas's violet eyes looking out into the darkness, so many lights showing like twinkling, grounded stars.

"Now look up at that beautiful moon, my love."
Lucas' eyes raised, staring into a large moon showing on the right side of the sky, its white orb glowing brightly.

"Is that moon real, Lucas?"

Lucas' eyes met Josh's, his blue pools showing in the moonlight.

"Yes, Joshua. It's real."
"Is this sparkling lit world before us real?"
"Yes, my Joshua. It's real."

"Then you're real as well, Lucas. You're your real self. The man that I love. You're not some shadow or shade of another man, a phantom of the past. You're Lucas Carver, lead singer of Orion, adoptive son of Henderson and Vivian Carver. You're the true son of Tristan and Savannah Belmont. And you're my Lucky. Damn the past and damn the destiny. You're my Lucky."
Lucas teared up, Josh moving forward, his arms going around Lucas, their lips meeting in the moonlight, Lucas' soul flowing with Josh's love.
The two slowly parted, Lucas staring into Josh's moonlit eyes.

"Thank you, Joshua. For bringing life back to its realness. I am me. I am myself. I'm your Lucky."

Josh beamed, his lips meeting Lucas' again.

"Come with me, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling, hearing a soft happiness and giddiness in Josh's melodic voice.

Josh took Lucas' hand again, the young man following his man with love.


Josh opened the bathroom door, Lucas' eyes taking in a vision of quiet beauty, and romantic love.

"What's this, Beamy?" he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"This is my romantic soul, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas' violet eyes softly tearing.

His eyes took in the depth of Josh's romantic creativity.

The bathroom was lit with hundreds of candles, rose petals covering the floor; red and white petals trailing over to the large sunken whirlpool bathtub, the tub filled with bubbles and water, candles surrounding it.

A tray sat on the edge of the tub, a bottle of wine sitting in a ice bucket, two glasses with it.

Another tray was on the other corner of the tub, its contents covered by a red silk cloth.

"Oh, Josh. It's beautiful."
"Justin called me just as you were leaving the interviews. This is why I didn't stay for the interviews. It gave me time to set it all up. The wine's his contribution."
Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"He wanted to thank you for his own happiness."

"I think he should thank Lance. He's the one making him happy."
Josh laughed, smiling at his Lucky.
"Yes, we all see that sparkle in both their eyes."

Lucas smiled, looking into Josh's blue pools.
"What's the occasion, babe?"

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas softly on the lips, the young man staring into his loving blue eyes.

"It's the three-month anniversary of our first meeting at Justin's party, Lucas."
Lucas' eyes teared up, about to say something, Josh's lips silencing his forming words.

Lucas became lost in the kiss, feeling all of Josh's love in it.

They parted, Josh's finger going to Lucas' left nipple, gently rubbing it.

"Before you say a word, you've been very busy, babe. Leave it to me to remember the special moments. I love showing you my romantic heart."

Lucas teared up, a soft sob coming out of him, Josh's arms going around him with concern and love.

"I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean to overdo it."

"Oh, Josh. You're romantic heart! It's. . .it's so beautiful! That you'd do this for me, that you'd remember!"

Josh smiled, leaning in and kissing him again.

"I love you, Lucas. I'll always remember the day I first looked into your violet pools. The first day of my being lost in your love."
Lucas smiled, looking towards the tub.

"Thank you, Joshua. The greatest gift I could receive is your love, and it's even better wet."

Josh lightly laughed, his hands going to his athletic shirt, the man pulling it off quickly, Lucas' eyes taking in his smooth toned, muscled chest, the man smiling at the soft bed of light hair between his pecs.

"I haven't pulled out a single one. They are the feather bed of my life."

Josh smiled, his hands going to Lucas' pants, Lucas remaining still, allowing Josh to open his belt, then his pants, the pants hitting the floor, Lucas stepping out of them.

Lucas' eyes went to Josh's black boxer briefs, a large bulge in its front, the outline of Josh's manhood showing.

"I see romance has its affect on you too, Beamy."

Josh smiled, his hands going to Lucas' white boxer briefs, the man pulling them down in one motion, Lucas' center rising upwards, the romance having the same affect on him.

"Climb into the tub, babe." Josh said picking up Lucas' clothing, Lucas smiling at his man's attention to details.

Josh always liked things clean.

Lucas smiled, sensing he'd be one clean, happy man tonight.

Lucas walked over to the tub, Josh following his man's muscled physique, his eyes going to Lucas' firm tight butt, both cheeks moving with a graceful stride.

Lucas stopped at the tub's edge, smiling back at Josh, the young man flexing both cheeks.

"The hills of your heaven need their man's touch." Lucas said, his voice edged with seductive love, his smile showing a needful tease.

"Come to me, my Joshua. Lose those briefs." Lucas said, the young man climbing into the tub, his butt and center disappearing into the bubbly foam, the young man leaning back against the tub's far wall.

Josh smiled, the man walking slowly towards Lucas, the young man taking in his lover's Adonis-like form.

Josh stopped at the tub's edge, his hands on his chest, the man rubbing one finger across its downy center.

Lucas sighed, his eyes trailing up and down his man's smooth form.

"You are an Adonis, Joshua Chasez. And I need you. My man, my love." Lucas said, Josh hearing the want in Lucas' voice.

"Come and claim me, my love. I've claimed your heart, you can claim all of me." Josh said, Lucas tearing up and moving forward.
He stopped at the tub's edge, his hands going outwards, their wetness settling on Josh's abs, the man softy moaning.

Lucas' hands went upwards, their wetness leaving a trail across Josh's chest, his fingers going to Josh's erect nipples, the man softly gasping, Lucas smiling at the affect he was having on him.

Lucas' fingers rubbed both, their nubs hardening at his touch, Lucas smiling as his hands moved downwards to Josh's waist, his fingers attaching to the waistband of his briefs, his hands moving on their own.

The briefs moved downward, Josh's shaft popping out of them, hitting Lucas on the cheek, his lips moving with lightning speed, the young man engulfing Josh's rock hard shaft, taking all of it to the root.
Josh gasped, his legs trembling as Lucas took all of him into himself.

Lucas savoured the taste of his man's center, the scent a hunger to his soul.

Lucas pulled back, pulling the shaft out of his mouth, his tongue licking around its bulbous head, Josh quivering, his precum leaking out of the slit, Lucas licking it all up.

"I always love dessert before the main meal." he said, Josh smiling down at him, his blue eyes filled with lust and need.

"Come into the wetness of my love, Joshua." Lucas said, the young man moving back, Josh quickly pulling off his briefs which were at his ankles, the man climbing into the warm water, the man submerging himself in its warmth.

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back as he moved across the tub, Lucas enveloping him in his wet arms, their lips meeting.

The two kissed deeply, their tongues exploring their partner's mouth, both men lost in the want and need the other showed.

Lucas pulled back, his tongue lightly licking Josh's lips.

Their eyes opened, Lucas smiling at Josh.

"You're trembling my soul, Joshua. You're enticing me into the depth of your passion. Is it okay if we just calm down for a bit?"

Josh smiled, nodding his head, Lucas moving, the young man going in front of Josh, the man wrapping his arms around his younger lover, Lucas resting back against his man's wet body.

"Mm, the best. In the wet arms of life." Lucas sighed, his body turning a little, his head going against Josh's wet chest.

"Thank you, my love. For the intimacy of your romantic soul."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's warm forehead.


Lucas smiled, playing with the rawhide necklace hanging around Josh's neck.

Josh smiled, his lips kissing Lucas' forehead, watching his man lost in his happiness.

"I can't  believe it's three months, Beamy."

Josh smiled, staring into his violet eyes.

"It seems like years." Josh said, Lucas' head raising, a smirk showing on his face.

"Gee, thanks. You're saying time drags with me?"

Josh blushed, Lucas laughing, a kiss destroying Josh's embarrassment.

"No, babe. I'm saying that when I'm with you, time stands still. A minute seems like an hour of beautiful love. Your love is timeless."
"Nice save, babe." Lucas smiled, Josh blushing again.

Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing Josh with tenderness, Josh feeling his love.

"I know what you mean, Josh. I think my time with you will be indeed timeless."

Josh smiled, the man staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"We need to make a toast." Josh said, the man reaching over towards the wine tray, Lucas' fingers going to Josh's right nipple, Josh moaning.

"Stop, babe! I'll spill the wine." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Lucas remained still as Josh poured two glasses of wine from the opened bottle, the man moving back, handing Lucas a glass of wine, the young man smiling at him.

"I'd like to propose a toast, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas staring into his calm icy blue eyes.

"Here's to us, Lucas. To the us you've made me see. The two souls of our joined love. I love you, Lucas. I've never loved anyone like I now love you. Not Justin, never Bryce. You are love, you are life. You make me see the joy in life, and the joy in loving you. There isn't a day I don't think about you, even when you're asleep in my arms. I've waited my whole life for you, and now that I have you, I'm never letting you go. I need your love forever."

Lucas was in tears, Josh smiling at him with dual tearful eyes.

"I toast your love, your beauty and your smile. You are my life. I love you, Lucky. Forever my Lucky." Josh said, raising his glass, Lucas clinking his against Josh's, the two men sipping the sweet Italian wine.

They smiled at each other, Lucas staring at Josh.

"Those words were beautiful, my Joshua. I love you as well. I won't toast your love, for I already have it. I will toast our lives, Josh. To you and me, to our joined love. The days ahead will be filled with love and beauty. We love each other. That's all we'll need to have the lives we've dreamed of. We have each other. Your Lucky has his Beamy. To our love!" Lucas said, raising his glass again, Josh clinking his against his, his eyes filled with tears.

"Dunk your head, babe. That way the tears will hide. But the love remains."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas on the lips again.

"I prefer the wetness of your moisture, babe. I have another surprise."

Lucas smiled, sipping at the wine glass as Josh moved again, setting his glass down on the tub's edge.

The man moved to the other corner of the tub, Lucas' eyes on his smooth back and half water-hidden butt, Lucas smiling.

Josh picked up the red, silk-covered tray, the man moving back to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"It can't be a ring, you're already proposed to my heart, my fiancÚ."

Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"For you, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him as Josh removed the silk cloth from the tray, Lucas's eyes gazing upon a wrapped gift laying on the silver tray, a rectangle-shaped box in silver paper and a silver bow in its center.

Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes as Lucas lifted the gift off the tray, Josh setting the tray on the tub's edge.

"Go ahead, open it, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel so special." He smiled, Lucas beginning to open the gift, careful of it falling into the water.

He removed the paper, a blue box laying underneath it, Josh taking the paper from Lucas, laying it on the tray.

Lucas's eyes went to Josh's blue, Josh seeing the gleeful happiness in his man's eyes.

Lucas smiled again, the young man opening the box, staring into its tissue covered center.
Lucas moved the tissue, his hand pulling out a CD case, his violet eyes staring at the plastic case.

Words were written upon it, Lucas' eyes meeting Josh's blue pools.

"Read it, my love." Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes going back to the case, his soft voice filling the bathroom's quietness.


" 'For my Lucky.

Your faith in me shows in every note.

Your love echoes in every tone.

And our voices show their love for you.


I'll love you forever, my real Lucas.


Love, your Joshua.' "



Lucas' eyes raised, staring at Josh.

"You felt my thoughts, didn't you? About my doubting my realness?"
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lover's soft lips.

"All week, my love. Our soul is one, it's real and it's ours. I'll always feel your insecurities. That's why I needed to show you my romance. I need you to feel the realness of your man's love."
Lucas teared up, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas' eyes looked down at the case, then raised again, looking into Josh's smiling face.

"You made a CD for me?"

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips again.

"Let's just say you made a CD."

Lucas looked confused, reality dawning on him.

"You didn't! You recorded one of my songs for you?!"

Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Yes, my love. And I had the help of a certain friend."

Lucas stared at Josh, his eyes widening.

"No way! The duet?!!"

Josh smiled, seeing the awed happiness on Lucas' face.

"Yes, my love. Justin's and my song you wrote for us."

Lucas' smile was the widest Josh had ever seen, the young man beaming at him.

"This I have to hear!" Lucas said, the young man moving forward, climbing out of the tub, Josh laughing as his naked lover walked dripping wet out of the bathroom.

Josh smiled, climbing out of the tub himself, grabbing two towels and walking out of the bathroom, searching for his man.


Lucas stood at the nightstand by the bed, the young man having opened the CD case, inserting the CD into the stereo's CD changer, the CD entering the stereo.

He stood in silence, two towel-covered arms wrapping around him, his violet eyes meeting his lover's blue.

"Just call him The Streak!" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, a finger going to his lover's lips.

The room filled with soft music, Lucas becoming lost in the music that came from his soul.

His written words for Josh and Justin resonated out of the stereo, the prelude to Friends On The Town filling the room.

Justin's voice was the first to break free of the music, beginning a soft entrance to the song, Lucas hearing his Josh's resonating voice following.


Justin:     You and I,

                we've weathered life.

                You and I,

                we're tethered strife.


Josh:       You and I,

                in total control.

                You and I,

                friendship built on soul.



Lucas smiled, lost in the words and the beautiful music as it changed, a preppy dance number forming, Josh's voice filling the rising tempo.



Josh:       Let's hit the streets friend,

                Let's let our motions mend.

                The party's started,

                the crowds have parted.

                You and I can dance,

                our talent can start the trance.


Justin:     My legs are movin',

                I'm one for groovin'

                Let rock this town,

                as our posse surrounds.

                Brother of my soul,

                I'm losing control. . .


Both:       Friends on the town,

                we're getting down.

                We're struttin' our strut.

                The treats watchin' our butt.


                Friends on the town,

                Lost in the sound.

                Come on,

                Let's astound!


                Shakin' the ground,

                With our jivin' sound.

                Friends on the town,

                Two friends on the town.



Lucas smiled, staring at his Josh as the man towel-dried his wet body, Josh smiling at him, his eyes staring at Lucas.

The room filled with up-tempo music, Lucas imagining in his mind his Josh and Justin dancing together on stage, the music a rock disco blend of light-hearted friendship.


Both:       We were friends driven together,

                by music's tether.

                We were friends learning together,

                sharin' whatever.


Justin:     But our friendship changed,

                neither found it strange.

                We're both of the same,

                with love as the game.


Josh:       I've got your back,

                you've got mine.

                We'll stand fast,

                Timberlake and Chasez to the last.


Both:       Friends on the town,

                we're getting down.

                We're struttin' our strut.

                The treats watchin' our butt.


                Friends on the town,

                Lost in the sound.

                Come on,

                Let's astound!


                Shakin' the ground,

                With our jivin' sound.

                Friends on the town,

                Two friends on the town.


                Two real friends on the. . .the town. . .




The music slowed, then ended, Lucas' violet eyes staring at Josh.

"Did we do your words justice, Lucky?"

Lucas smiled, his arms wrapping around his wet Joshua, Josh having not dried himself yet.

"It was perfect, Beamy. Every note, every tempo, every lyric. You and Jus nailed it." Lucas said, his eyes showing soft tears.

"Why are you crying, babe?" Josh said softy, Lucas smiling at him.

"When I wrote that song--with you and Jus in mind--I never imaged how truly beautiful you'd both make it. Thank you for giving me the gift of hearing it first, my love."

Josh smiled, his arms wrapping around Lucas, the towel covering his back.

"I'd want no other to hear it. Justin was of the same mind frame."

Lucas smiled, a wide grin crossing his face.

"You two have to sing that! In public, on stage! It'll be a dance hit sensation! I know it!"

Josh smiled widely, hearing the happiness in Lucas' voice.

"For you, we'll do it!"

Lucas smiled, pulling his man close.

"Do it for your own happiness, Josh. My man needs to shine in the spotlight with his best friend."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas softly on the lips.

"Alright, Lucky. But who'd want to see an old man like me dancing to a hip song?"

Lucas smiled, stepping back.

"You ain't old, ya sweet thing! I love what I see." Lucas said, his smiling showing soft lust.

Josh laughed, smiling and seeing his man staring at his naked wet body.

Lucas moved forward again, pulling Josh against him.

"Thank you, Josh. For this gift, and for your love. It's been a beautiful evening."
Josh smiled, his fingers going to Lucas' soft cheek.

"It doesn't have to end, my love."

Lucas smiled, his head moving, his lips going to Josh's shoulder, licking the wetness of his man's shoulder blade.

"I'm thirsty. I think I'll lick a certain wet man dry." Lucas said, his tongue licking Josh's neck, the man softly moaning, dropping the towel he still held in his hands.

"Want me to go get Justin? He may be in the shower this time of night?"

A hand went to Josh's wet ass, slapping it, Josh laughing.

"Timbersnake can play with himself. The only thing of his I need tonight is his voice. I've got my own playmate." Lucas said, his fingers going to the stereo again, hitting replay.

Josh smiled, the room filling with the music again.

Lucas' eyes stared at Josh, the man seeing the need and love in those violet pools.

"I love you, Josh. I'm going to love all of you." Lucas said, the man moving to their bed, pulling Josh with him.

Josh let Lucas take charge, the young man throwing him down on the bed, climbing gently on top of him.

"Now where was I? Oh yes! I've got an angel to dry." Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Josh's with tenderness, then those lips moving to Josh's shoulder again, Josh becoming lost in Lucas' wet touch, the man's head going towards Josh's smooth chest.

Josh gasped when Lucas' lips attached to his right nipple, the young man tasting his wet flesh.

Josh felt his man's possession, Josh letting his soul fall into the man's worshipping love.


Justin gasped, staring down at Lance, the man's green pools staring up at him.

"Fast. . .faster, Jus! Oh God, that's the spot!" Lance softly moaned, Justin smiling, speeding up his downward thrusts, the man sunken deep within Lance's love.
"Oh, God! You. . .you feel so wonderful, Lancy! Oh man, I love you!" he said, Lance's hands going to Justin's hips, pushing the man deeper into himself.

"I love you in me, Jus! It's like you're half of me!"

Justin smiled, leaning down, their lips meeting, their tongues tasting each other, Lance's moan filling Justin's mouth.

"I'm charged, babe! You're charging my soul!" Justin said, continuing his rhythm, Lance staring up at him.

They'd returned to their suite after the show, Justin telling Lance of Josh's plans, the two smiling at Josh's loving heart.

"Lucas will be amazed by the gift, and our Josh's romantic heart." Lance had said, Justin's arms going around him, the two walking towards their bedroom.

Lance had flicked on the light switch, the dark room coming to life.

Lance's eyes widened in surprise, staring around the room.

The bed was covered in rose petals, a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the nightstand, soft music playing in the background.

Justin smiled, his arms going around his man, Lance sinking into his chest.

"Josh isn't the only romantic, my love." Justin said, kissing his neck.

Lance turned around, Justin pulling him close.

"You're sweet, Jus. What's the occasion?"
Justin smiled, kissing Lance on the nose, Lance smiling at him.

"Do I need an occasion to show my love for you?" Justin said, Lance tearing up.

"That. . .that's beautiful, Jus. No one's ever. . ."

Justin leaned forward kissing Lance fully on the lips.

The two parted, Lance staring into Justin's blue pools of love.

"The past is over, Lancy. I'm yours forever. And with that you'll have my romance and my love. I'll always show you romance because I need that romance just as much. I need you to see what your love does to me. And I'll always celebrate that love."

Lance teared up, Justin smiling at him.

"I love you, Jus."

"Back at ya, beautiful." Justin said, his eyes going to the flower-covered bed.

"In a few moments I want the flower of my heart to lay among the roses. But first I need my man to wash me."

Lance smiled, Justin stepping back, the man pulling off his shirt in one motion, Lance's eyes going over Justin's smooth chest.

Justin smiled at him, Lance's hands going to his chest.

"My man's filthy. I'm going to have to scrub hard."

Justin beamed, his hand going in his Lance's.

"Only in my mind, babe. And that's your beauty's doing."

Lance smiled, Justin leading him to the bathroom.

Here it now was hours later, the two making love in the shower, and for hours in bed.

Justin was claiming Lance for the second time tonight, the man's love entering his soul in new ways.

"Oh, Jus! That's amazing. Deeper!" Lance moaned, Justin feeling his orgasm gaining strength.

"I'm close, babe! Oh God, I love the feeling of you, Lancy!"
Lance smiled, the man's body moving upwards, his lips attaching to Justin's left nipple, clamping down on it.

Justin gasped, the man feeling his trembling soul erupt, his center's liquid filling the condom he wore, Justin gasping, falling against Lance, the man laying down again, Justin falling on top of him, Lance's own orgasm cresting, his cock exploding between the two of them.

Justin moaned, Lance's sweat-soaked head going against his, Justin moving, slowly pulling out of Lance, the man moving downward, his tongue licking up all the moisture on Lance's chest, Justin revelling in the taste of Lance's passion, not missing a drop.

Lance smiled, gasping for air, Justin moving up to him again, their lips meeting, Lance tasting himself on Justin's lips, the two kissing with tenderness and love.

"You. . .you're the amazing one, Lance. You  take me to heaven."
Lance smiled, kissing Justin's nose, then his lips again.

Justin sighed, cuddling up against Lance, his head going to his sweat-covered chest.

"We should take another shower, Lancy. I'm drenched." Justin smiled, Lance's fingers going through his soft curly hair.

"And start our passion again? You know what water does to you."

Justin chuckled, his head moving, his blue eyes staring into Lance's green.

"Your love--in any situation--makes me desirous, babe."

Lance smiled, their eyes staring into their souls.

"Do you think Luke's heard the song yet?" Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"I'm sure, Jus. He'll love it as I did."

Justin smiled, the man having played the new song yesterday for Lance.

"His songwriting is amazing, Lance. I felt that song was a part of me, and Josh was perfect beside me."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"You've both shared your lives, Jus. Your hearts, your souls and your bodies. Lucas wrote that truth into the words."
Justin smiled, nodding.

His blue eyes met Lance's green.

"It's okay, Jus. I know you still hold in your heart the memories of Josh's love. Of his beauty and his desires."

Justin's eyes lowered a bit, Lance moving forward and kissing him softly on the lips.

They parted, staring into their souls.

"I'm sure Lucas is beyond happy. I'm sure Josh is a romantic, giving lover. I feel his love in your touches, Jus. I'm sure he gave you a lot of that skill."

Justin smiled, hearing Lance's happiness at Justin's lovemaking skills.

"It's easy when you have a vision of beauty to work with."

Lance blushed, Justin having none of Lance's blushing doubts.

"You're beautiful, Lance. I just spent hours worshipping every inch of you. I hope you sensed my need for your beauty, for all of you."
Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Jus. I felt the realness of your desires. I know I make you full with passion."
"Someone's building up his libido."

Lance laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"You're perfect, Lance. And you're mine."

Lance teared up, his arms wrapping around Justin.

"You're the perfect one, Justin. I can see easily why so many want you."

"I only want you, Lance. I hope that's true with you too."

"It is, Jus. You're the center of my world. I want only you. I love you and need you."

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Lance's again.

"I'm sorry, Lance."

Lance stared at him with love.

"Sorry for what, Jus?"

Justin sighed, the man sitting up, looking down at Lance laying naked against the pillows.

"I'm sorry that I overlooked you. I've known you for over fifteen years, and I didn't see the love staring me right in the face. I'm sorry that I chose Josh over you." Justin said, soft tears showing in his eyes.

Lance opened his arms wide, Justin returning to Lance's body, Lance wrapping his arms tightly around him again, Justin's head going to his chest.

"I'm a man of faith and love, Justin. I'm also a man who believes in fate."

"Fate, Lance?"
"Yes, Jus. I believe you and I were destined to walk the paths we did. You were led to Josh's love. His love made you the man you are. His tenderness, giving love, beauty and passion made you the man that I now have. He showed you what love could be, so that in turn one day you'd share that given love with me. Josh's love moves through you. The passion you have is the passion he brought out of you. In a sense I make love to both of you. You are a mirror of his giving love. So I hold no jealousy in my heart for him. I love him for loving you. I'll have to thank him for the passion he's taught you. You're a very passionate, giving lover. I'm sure Josh is the same. And you bring your own beauty and love to your lovemaking. You are the man I love and the man I love making love to me. I've never had that deep giving passionate love before. You're the first man who's every truly loved me, of body and soul. I love you, Jus."

Justin teared up, raising his head, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"And you, Lance? What was the reasoning behind your path?" Justin said, Lance softly sighing.

"My path was one of destined pain, Jus." he said, Justin's arms going around him now.

"I felt pain, I experienced degradation, abuse and submissive pain. And today I feel the opposite. I feel total healing love. I walked that path so that I could see what life really is. What love really is. You are love, Justin. You and Josh are love. I feel both of you in your soul, Jus. And I've never been so happy. I know what love is. And I'm sure that Lucas' love is even more spectacular. But your love is the essence of me, Jus. I love you like I've loved no other. I love you, Justin."
Justin teared up, the man's lips meeting Lance's, the two kissing a kiss of total love.

They broke their kiss, looking into each other's eyes.

"Fate forged our paths, Justin. So that today we lay here together. Our hearts have found their life's need. We're truly soulmates. For we need only each other."
Justin smiled, staring into his man's green pools of love.

"I need you again, Lance. I need to feel your love." he said, Lance smiling, the man moving, pushing Justin back into the pillows, Lance's body moving on top of Justin's.

Justin felt Lance's shaft hardening again, his blue eyes staring into his green.

"I'm yours, Lance. That path's ended. You're in the field of our total love."

Lance smiled, the man centering himself above Justin, their eyes never moving from each other's.

Justin gasped when he felt Lance sink into him, Justin's soul finding its link of love.

"I'm going to plough that field, Jus. And the harvest will be your love."

Justin smiled, Lance's lips meeting his, Justin lost in the love wrapping around him.


Bryce's blue eyes stared at the man laying in bed beside him, the man handing him a couple of twenties.

"Thanks for the fun, Hartwell. I'd forgotten how hungry that ass is."

Bryce stared back at the young man, the man's face covered in a smirking smile.

"What have you got to smile about, Jake?"
Jake Addison stared at the young man, Bryce sitting naked on his bed's edge.

"I've always landed on my feet, Bryce. Can't say the same about you. Shooting at Lucky? Your aim's off."

"Yeah, my aim's off." he said, his eyes leering at the young man staring back at him.

"You're in a lot of hot water, Bryce. You can crash here, but keep it on the down low. I'll deny ever knowing you if the cops catch your sorry ass."

"I want him dead, Addison."

Jake smiled, staring at the muscular back of the man he'd spent the day with.

"You and me both, Hartwell. I'll help you to that end."

The two traded looks, Jake smiling at the naked man.

He'd been surprised when Bryce had knocked on his door, the young man looking ragged and tired.

He'd told Jake of his hardships, the young man smiling at him.

He'd lent Bryce some clothes, letting the man take a shower.

Within minutes, Jake was in the shower with him, the young man giving into Jake's advances, Jake hungering to take out his own anger on this willing young man.

The two had had sex all afternoon and evening, the two trading lust and positions continually.

"So what's your plan for angelic Lucky? Something painful, I hope." Jake said, staring at him.

"I want him out of Josh's life. And then I want Justin out as well."

"What's your beef with Timberlake?"

"He destroyed my relationship with Josh. It was he that drove a wedge between us." Bryce said, the young man staring at him.

"And why are you so hung up on Chasez? He called you out on whatever you did to him. Your own sorry ass got you canned. Time to move on buddy."  Jake said, the young man turning and staring at him.

"He's mine, Addison. Just keep out of my business."
The young man stared at him, nodding his head.

"I've been in your busy ass all day." he said, Bryce's eyes staring at him intently.

"Where's your newest meal ticket, Addison? Did Levine grow tired of your ass? He doesn't stay transfixed by someone long. On to greener pastures?"

The young man's eyes darkened.

"Your man's newest boy toy did something to him. He's supposedly now in a relationship, or so he says. He's gone all puritan. He said Carver changed his life. Whatever the hell that means." Jake said, folding his arms.

"So you've been left high and dry?" Bryce said, the young man smiling at him.

"I have my rod in several fires. I heat up nicely." the man smiled, leering at Bryce.

"I want you to do some investigating for me, Addison. I'm sure you can be very creative. I want to know all there is to know about Lucas. Starting with your relationship with him. He seems afraid of you?"
The man smiled, nodding his head.

"I beat the fear into him. Now he thinks he's so almighty. A famous boyfriend, new famous friends. He forgets he's only a second-rate singer with no talent." the man said, Bryce staring at him.

"Tell me everything. And then we'll organize."
"Organize for what?"

"For my life, Addison. It's time Josh realized that I'm what he needs."

"I know what I need. You want my help it's going to cost you." the man said, staring at Bryce.

"I've got some money tucked away. Josh was very giving." the man said, the other man smiling at him, his hand going to the sheet covering his center.

He pulled it back, Bryce staring at his showing erection.

"Money's always good. But I find a greater power in physical assets. And you've got some. So how about you get back over here and earn my cooperation, Hartwell?" the man said, Bryce staring at him.

"Alright, I'll give you all you need. And you're going to give me what I need."
The man smiled, Bryce climbing back up the bed, the man's hands going to his face.

"Lucas learned a lot from me. He knew his place. He's forgotten that. But I'm going to make sure he remembers me."

Bryce nodded, smiling at him.

"I'll make certain of that, too." Bryce said, the man's hands moving Bryce's face down to his center.
The young man gave in to the man's domination, his own mind filled with one thought.

I'll do all you want, Addison.
But in the end you're going to get me what I want.



End of Chapter 55


Bryce is still hanging around.
Seems he's still set on winning Josh back.

What plan is he formulating in his twisted mind?
And what will Jake's part in that plan be?


Josh has shown Lucas his romantic heart, their love deepening.

And he's focused Lucas on his true realness, on what matters to his soul.


Lance and Justin have deepened their love as well.

Justin, perhaps, has found the love he's so really needed.
And Lance holds no jealousy towards Josh for their past relationship.


Is Lucas guiding the four to a deeper love together?
Or are two pair of soulmates gaining two other great friends?


Let's follow their path as they do.


Up next: Lucas returns--as he said--to the family home of the Belmonts.
Kurucu's Haven awaits.

I hope I show its majestic archaic history, in its largeness and ancient soul.



Hugs, Angel.