Yesterday's End-56

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 56


Justin smiled, the man glancing back into the rear view mirror of the Cadillac SUV he drove.

Behind him four rambunctious kids and two calm adults were laughing, Lance seated beside Justin smiling.

"Calm down back there or I'll turn this vehicle around!" Justin said, trying to sound fatherly serious.

"Sorry, Daddy." Finn smirked, Skyler seated beside him grinning.

"It was Finny, Dad! He keeps pulling my hair!" Trish said, Andrew laughing.

"You leave your sister alone, Finny. Or I'll put you in the backseat with the two bad boys, Lukey and Joshy." Justin said, Lance holding in his laughter.

"I'll be good, Daddy. It smells back there! I think Joshy wet himself!" Finn said, everyone bursting into laughter, Josh blushing, the man seated in the backseat of the large SUV, Lucas' arms around him, the two quietly snuggled together.

Justin was laughing, Lance smiling at him, his lover winking at him.

"Only angels back here, Daddy. This is heaven." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, the two kissing softly.

Finn rolled his eyes, smiling at Skyler, Trish and Andrew seated in front of them.

"More like hell. I hear two horny devils. I didn't realize listening to Lucas singing all night gets you so wet, Chasez." Finn smirked, Josh leaning forward, his fingers running through Finn's blond wavy hair.

"It was all you, Finnegan. That Welsh voice damn near makes me drool! Come back here and gimmie some of dat sugar, sweet buns!" Josh said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing, swatting Josh's hand away.

"Concentrate on your boy toy, Chasez. I'm taken." Finn said, smiling into Sky's blue eyes.

"Can't fault a guy for trying. I saw two hot men on that stage tonight. Double trouble! Woof!!" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, pulling his man back beside him.

Finn grinned, relaxing against Skyler.

Lucas smiled, sighing against Josh, his man's arms wrapping around him.

"Three weeks, Lucky. Three weeks of us time." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

It was after one, their last concert having finished in Philadelphia about three hours before.

They were driving back to New York, the lit city coming into view before them.

Three weeks of relaxation lay ahead of them, everyone looking forward to the down time.

The group had opted to drive, the trip gradually sapping the energy and excitement out of them.

They were now relaxing and winding down.

The trip had been happy, laughter filled and love shown.

"Yep, three weeks of togetherness. And I finally get some away time from this bunch of knuckleheads." Lucas smiled, his bandmates turning around and staring at him, Lucas laughing.

"You wish! Only a week, megastar! Then we're all going with you to Vermont, Lukey." Finn said, showing his friend a one finger salute, Lucas and Josh both laughing.

"A week of relaxing, then a week of wonder." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes looking at him.

"First the love, then the truth." he said, continuing, Josh's arms pulling him close.

Lucas smiled at him, Josh feeling his calmness.

"Life moves on its own, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his soft lips.

"You still haven't told me our plans for this first week, my secretive, romantic, sexy Beamy."
Josh smiled, the others in the vehicle smiling.

"We're heading home ourselves, Lukey. Our parents already have our rooms ready." Skyler smiled, Trish smiling at her.

"You'll get your wish for a week, Lukey! I can't wait to get back to Wales. You and Timberlake's slut are on your own." Finn smiled, Lance looking back at Finn, sticking his tongue out at him, Finn grinning.

"Close your mouth, Bass. I see Timberlake poop on your tongue!" Finn said, everyone laughing, Lance blushing but smiling back at the Welshman, Finn returning his love.

Justin blushed as well, Lance's eyes meeting his, everyone in the car seeing their love showing.

"I'll take all of my Justin's offered love." he said, Justin smiling at him, his embarrassment gone.

"Give all the folks our love." Josh said to Finn, Lucas smiling at him, Finn nodding his head.

"And just where exactly will I and Lance be?" he said, Josh smiling at him, his eyes looking towards Justin in the front seat, the man smiling back at him in the rear view mirror, Lance's hand going in his on the gearshift.

"I think you can reveal our surprise, Joshy. Your Lucky and my Lancy have squirmed long enough." Justin smiled, Lance smiling at him, blowing him a kiss.

"We're not squirming, Timberlake. We were just wondering that's all." Lucas said, Justin winking back at him.

Josh smiled at his friends, his blue eyes looking at the young man wrapped in his arms.

"How does a week in private happiness in the arms of your two men sound, guys?"

Lucas smiled, looking towards Lance.

"Sounds great, Beamy. But I think I'd get tired of Justin's farts."

Everyone laughed, Justin raising his hand, one finger showing, Lucas laughing.

"My man's a toxic angel, Luke. But he's mine!" Lance said, leaning over and kissing Justin's cheek, the man smiling at his defending his aromatic prowess, his eyes going into the rear view mirror, Josh smiling at him.

"Go ahead,  Timberlake. Reveal our surprise." Josh said, Justin smiling back at him.

"I know a guy who has a place of private seclusion. Its sandy beach will warm our hearts." Justin said, Lance looking at him.

"A beach? Somewhere tropical?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"How does six days in warm sunny Barbados sound, my love?" Justin said, Lucas and Lance looking with surprise at their lovers, Josh smiling and kissing Lucas on the lips again.

"Ooh heaven! I can't wait! Two half naked angels for me and Jus to ogle at. Mm, heaven it will be!" he said, Lucas smiling at him, the two kissing again.

"Awesome, babe. I've been dying to see Justin in a thong!"

Justin laughed, Lance leaning over again and kissing him on the lips, Justin smiling and watching ahead.

"That sounds wonderful, babe. We're going to get so tanned!" Lance said, Justin smiling at only him.

Finn smiled behind them, the man looking at his friends who nodded, his hand going under his seat, pulling out two small bags, everyone smiling at him.

"Our contribution to the love fest, guys." he smiled, handing one forward to Lance, the man taking the gift, smiling at the young Welshman.

"Aww, thanks guys." Lance said, Justin smiling back at them.

The other bag Finn handed to Lucas behind him, the two men smiling at each other, their lovers looking towards the gifts.

"Thanks, our friends!" Lucas said, his bandmates and Andrew smiling at them.

Lucas and Lance both opened the bags, both sets of eyes widening in surprise, Lance blushing as he pulled out two thongs from his gift bag, one sparkling silver, one golden in color.

Lucas laughed, pulling out identical thongs, one black, one white.

"We couldn't find Band Aids in your sizes. So these will have to suffice. They don't make extra small!" Finn said, everyone bursting into laughter, Lance blushing, Justin blushing as well.

Lucas smiled at his friend, waving the white thong in front of Finny.

"I say we model them for him when we get back to our place, guys. I think Finny bought these for his own eyeing pleasure."
Finn blushed, others laughing, Justin winking back at Lucas.

"Nah, we'll take pictures, Lukey! That way he has jack off material!"

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing again, his humour-filled plans backfiring on him again.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"Thank you for the gifts, my friend. We'll wear them to show our love." he said, Finn smiling at his friend.

"You'll show more than your love in that thing, Lukey!" Finn said, smiling back at him, Lucas laughing.

"Yes, we all shall. Speaking of heaven." Lucas said, everyone laughing.

Justin and Lance both smiled back at him, Josh's arms going around his man again.

"A sun-filled week of happiness, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I can't wait, babe." he said, snuggling against his man, everyone hearing the young man's happiness.


The small plane lowered its trajectory, gliding across the blue water, landing softly on the churning waves, its pontoons floating the craft towards the wooden dock ahead of it.

Four friends smiled in the backseats of the two propeller craft.

"Welcome my friends, to Embrace Island." the pilot said smiling back, his young black face filled with welcoming friendship.

"It's so beautiful, the water's so clear!" Lance said, seated beside Justin, Lucas and Josh behind them.

The pilot smiled, climbing out of the pontoon plane when it settled at the dock, the young man tying it to the dock's wooden platform.

The man smiled, opening the plane's door, the four men climbing out of the plane, their feet touching the wooden platform.

They all smiled, looking towards the sandy beach at the end of the dock, a large wooden structure showing ahead of them, seated back from the beach at the edge of a tropical forest, palm trees surrounding it.

Lucas felt the warmth of the tropical sun beating down on him, his shirt-covered chest feeling warm, the jeans he wore feeling confining.

The pilot smiled at all four of them, pulling out their suitcases from the plane's storage area as the four walked down the dock.

"The only cabin on the island. It's secluded, but well-stocked. Take a look around, my friends. I'll bring your cases up to the house." the man smiled, Lucas smiling back at him, staring at his muscle-covered chest, the man wearing only an orange wife beater and a pair of black jean shorts.

"Thanks, Alain." he smiled at the young handsome man, the man smiling back at him with grinning white teeth.

They all picked up a bag each, Alain smiling at their offered help.

Josh smiled at Lucas, the two men walking with their friends towards the beach.

Lucas removed his sneakers, the other three doing the same, their socks going into their shoes, the four walking across the soft white sand in bare feet.

Lucas sighed, feeling the sand's warmth surround his toes, the young man heading for the cabin, the other three smiling after him, following him.

They walked across the wide beach, the four walking up the steps to the large veranda, Lucas smiling at its cleanliness, the building made of a rich, dark teak wood.

They all dropped their bags on the teak floor, looking around the large veranda.

"Awesome! It looks cozy and roomy." Justin said, his man beside him, Lance so wanting to pull him into his arms, the young pilot walking across the sand towards them denying him his man's touch.

The four smiled as the young black pilot walked up the steps, Lance helping him with a couple more of their bags, the man smiling at him as Alain dropped the rest.

"Thank you, Lance. What do you think of the old place?" he smiled, the four smiling.

"It looks cozy and warm." Justin said, the young man smiling at him.

"It is indeed that. It's been here for over a hundred years. A sugarcane merchant built it back then, a haven of richness among the palm trees. Over the years it's been modernized, you'll want for nothing. There's a generator, lights and air conditioning if you wish to use it. I stocked the fridge yesterday and everything's been washed and cleaned by my family. We've been its caretakers for years." the young man smiled, the four smiling at him.

He smiled back, walking to the cabin's front door, pulling out a key from his pocket and opening the door.
"Welcome to your love's hideaway." he smiled, the four looking surprised.

Alain smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back, his brown eyes going to the other three faces of surprise.

"I see the love in your eyes easily, Justin. And you and your Lance were flirting with each other all through the short plane ride." he smiled, Justin softly blushing, his arm going around his man, Alain smiling at the couple.

"We're in love, Alain. It's hard not to show it." Justin said, kissing Lance's cheek, Lance smiling at his open showing love.

"Your love is yours, my friends. And don't feel too embarrassed, Lance. Josh looks like a caged tiger as well. Lucas will be so happy tonight."

Lucas laughed, Josh's arms going around him, the man smiling at the young pilot.

"I'm happy always, Alain. Josh is my life."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"Life is love, love is life. I have my own special man, my friends." the young man smiled, the four smiling back at him.

"We've come here often ourselves. It is an island of showing love, and tranquil happiness. You'll all be happy, my friends."

The four smiled, the young man opening the door wide, the four walking into the large cabin.


The young man gave them a guided tour of the whole cabin, the four lost in its cleanliness, its warmth and its total beauty.

He showed them the two bedrooms and a large bathroom complete with a shower and tub.

The living room was large, a large open kitchen to its right.

Lucas checked the fridge and cupboards, the place indeed well-stocked with all the necessities.

"Large, but cozy." the young man smiled, the four nodding.

"It's beautiful, Alain." Lance said, Justin's hand in his, the two having held hands throughout the tour.

"It truly is, Lance. The beach is warm, the water warmer. Its crystal clear wetness will cleanse your souls. My Harry calls it Love's Embrace Island." the young man smiled.

Lucas smiled at him, Josh's arm going around him.

"I have bought your CD, Lucas. Your music is beautiful, as is yours Justin. As was your original group's." Alain said, the musicians all smiling at him.

"We tip at the end of the week, Alain." Lucas smiled, the young black man smiling, then laughing.

"The only tip I seek is your happiness, my friends. Justin has taken care of everything else." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Well earned, Alain."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Who owns this place, Jus? You said you knew the owner. " Lucas asked, the man smiling, Lance looking at him.

Alain smiled at Justin, the singer looking at his friends.

"I do, Lucas."

All three men showed surprise, Justin's arm going around Lance.

"You bought an island, Jus?" Lance said in amazement, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Three years ago actually, Lancy. It was a tax incentive, and also I fell in love with this place a few years before that, after one weekend that Cammy and I stayed here." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's beautiful, Jus." he said, Justin smiling, looking into Lance's green pools.

"You and I have our own private hideaway, babe. It's ours forever." he said, Lance tearing up, Justin smiling at him.

"It's so beautiful, Jus."

"It's ours, babe. And our friends can use its privacy anytime. All our friends." he said, Josh and Lucas smiling at him.

Alain smiled at all of them, Justin smiling at him.

"You will indeed have total privacy. I will return on Tuesday afternoon to check in on you, and then Friday to pick you up to take you back to the mainland. If anything urgent happens, there is a shortwave radio in the kitchen."

It was Saturday, the day after Orion's last concert.

They'd arrived back in New York, only to separate from their friends the next morning, all of them parting at the airport then.

The four men had arrived in Barbados late afternoon, then had taken a short flight to this island.

Here is was almost four, the group now at their hidden hideaway.

"We'll be fine, Alain. Thank you for everything." Lucas said, smiling at him.

"There is lots of sunscreen in the bathroom, friends. Watch the sun, its rays will darken you fast." he smiled, Justin smiling at his friends.

"Bronzed beauties! I'm going to be so happy!"

Alain laughed, shaking all of their hands, the four smiling at his welcoming friendship.

"Enjoy them all, Justin. They all look very beautiful. Almost as beautiful as my Harry."

Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling at the young black man.

"Bring him with you on Tuesday, Alain. We'd love to meet him."

"I shall, Lucas. He is an even bigger fan. Please forgive his adoration. It is almost as intense as his love."
The four smiled, the young man handing Lucas the key to the front door.

"Walk and love in happiness, my friends. See you soon." he said, the young man walking out the front door, the four men following him, watching him walk across the beach, his black muscled beauty heading towards the dock.

"Harry's one lucky man. He's gorgeous!" Josh said, Lucas' arms going around his man.

"A little chocolate craving there, babe?" Lucas smiled, kissing his man on the cheek, Josh softly blushing, Lucas lightly laughing, Justin and Lance smiling at their friends.

"It's okay, babe. But chocolate can be fattening."
All four laughed, waving towards the beach as Alain's plane moved back from the dock, the pilot waving goodbye to them, his plane gliding across the water, becoming airborne in moments.

The four smiled, their arms going around their soulmates.

"Alone at last, on Justin's island of love." Lance said, kissing Justin deeply, the man sighing as he felt his man's bottled up love releasing.

Josh felt the same as Lucas pulled him against him, their lips lost in tasting each other's love.

The two singers sighed as their lovers parted from their lips, their eyes opening and staring into their soulmate's loving eyes.

"Screw the chocolate. I want some Welsh steak!" Josh said, the other three laughing, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at his lover.

"Later, babe. Right now I need a swim! I want to wash off the travel and feel this place's opening newness." Lucas said, the young Welshman pulling his polo shirt over his head, Justin and Lance smiling at his revealed beauty.

"The tour's doing you good, Luke. You're even more toned." Justin said, staring at his smooth muscled chest, Lance smiling at the young man's torso as well.

"My Beamy likes me trim, and hard." Lucas smiled, Josh's fingers going to his smooth chest.

"Muscled and beautiful." he said, Justin smiling at his friends.

"I'm up for a swim too." Justin said, his hands pulling off his own polo shirt, Lucas smiling at his muscled, smooth chest.

"Speaking of toned Adonis', woof!" Lucas said, Justin laughing, Lance smiling at his muscled beauty.

"Yep. He's an Adonis, and he's all mine. Try to control yourself, boys!" he smiled, Josh and Lucas laughing.

"Wait till you see me in Finny's white thong. I'll be fighting you all off!" Lucas grinned.

The other three laughed, Lucas smiling as he took Josh's hand in his, pulling him towards the steps.

"Grab our suitcases, babe. I want to change into some briefs and hit the waves." he said, the other three smiling, joining their friends, taking all their suitcases and heading into the cabin, walking towards their bedrooms.


Josh smiled, standing on the beach's watery edge, his eyes going towards the cabin.

"Your man was the first to want to swim and the last to show himself." Justin smiled, standing at the beach's edge beside Josh, Lance smiling at his lover, the man seated in a wooden lounge chair in front of them.

The three were wearing swimming trunks, their smooth chests on full display.

Lance smiled up at his former bandmates, their revealed beauty showing.

His eyes scanned over his lover's smooth form, seeing every inch of beauty he'd fallen deeply in love with.

Justin's muscled, smooth, tattooed form send a shiver of electricity through Lance, the man longing for his man's embracing beauty.

"A well-named island, guys." Lance said, his two friends staring down at him.

"I want to embrace all of my lover's beauty." he smiled, the two men smiling.

"Soon enough, Lancy." another voice said, their eyes moving towards the cabin, a vision of total masculine beauty walking towards them, Josh's eyes filling with total need.

Lucas smiled at his three friends, walking across the warm white sand towards them.

He carried four towels, the towels carried in between his arm and his hip.

All three sets of eyes were staring at his revealed muscled beauty.

The man wore only a small white thong, Finn's gift revealing its total eye-fetching beauty.

His smooth, toned body showed all of itself, the three men staring at him with total surprise.

"What? Is something hanging out?" he said, smiling at his three friends, Josh's blue eyes following every muscled inch of Lucas' body as he walked towards them, his body's motion showing every sinewy muscle's movement.

Justin's blue eyes were glued to every inch of the man's beauty, Lance's green eyes following his movements as well.

"No, babe. Everything's right where it should be." Josh smiled, Lucas' violet pools filled with shining love as he walked up to the three.

"Great. I just had to try it out. I hope I wasn't being to forward?" he said, Josh smiling at him, his eyes scanning his man's beauty.

"I'm beyond happy, babe! Next best thing to having you in the buff." he said, his arm going around his man, Lucas smiling as he pulled the towels from under his arm, the three men smiling and each taking an offered one, Lucas throwing his on the sandy beach beside Lance's chair, the green-eyed man staring up at Lucas' smoothness.

"We're four friends of love, guys. I'm sure we'll all be showing our bodies for the next six days. I'm in heaven looking at all three of you, my Josh the most." he said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas' violet pools scanning his smooth chest.

Justin was staring at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"I want to see all three of you in your thongs as well. Why should you have all the fun?"

The three smiled, then laughed, Lance blushing.

"I'm. . .I'm not as toned and muscled as you Lucas, as all you three." he said, Justin staring down at him.

"You're beautiful, my love." he said, staring at Lance's smooth chest, Lance smiling up at him.

Lucas smiled down at him as well, his violet eyes meeting Lance's green pools.

"A lover's sight sees through the fading light. Beautiful indeed you are to your Justin." he said, Lance smiling, staring up into his man's blue pools.

"I see a shining Adonis." Justin said, extending his hand down to his Lance, Lance smiling as he pulled him up.

"Let's hit the water, my angel. I want to feel you in my wet arms." Justin said, the man smiling as Justin pulled him towards the warm water, the two men running through its flapping waves, the two diving forward into its crystal blueness.

Josh smiled, his eyes meeting his Lucky's violet.

His eyes scanned his lover's smooth, near-naked physique again, smiling at him.

"Laying it all out there right off the bat, eh? They were totally lost in your beauty for a moment." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I wanted them to be comfortable, Joshua. I'll reveal all of myself if it will open their arms of love and friendship. They now have seen most of me. Now our love can shine. It's going to be a wonderful week." he said, Josh smiling as his arms pulled the young man against him.

"Indeed it shall. I'm surrounded by total beauty." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Let's hit the water, babe. This thong is chaffing my ass."

Josh burst into laughter, Lucas smiling, the young man running towards the water.

Josh's eyes took in the thong's single string going down Lucas' butt crack, his eyes widening with love.

"I'll look after that ass, babe!" he yelled, following his laughing man into the waves, joining their friends.


Lucas smiled, handing Lance the platter, his green eyes shining with love.

"That's the last one, Lancy. We can eat now." he smiled, the man smiling back.

"My man's going to be like a beached whale after all this." Lance smiled, looking at the plate filled with chicken in his hands.

"An easier target to catch then, Lancy."

Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I'm glad our bedrooms have a little distance between them. The music of your love will be loud tonight." Lucas said, Lance laughing, a soft  blush showing on his cheeks.

"Justin's the screamer, Lukey. Word of warning."
Lucas laughed, setting the last pan in the sink, the two men smiling at each other, walking through the living room, out the front door onto the veranda.

Their soulmates smiled at them from the table in the far corner of the veranda, the table laden with food.

Justin stood at its side, opening a bottle of white wine, smiling at his soulmate as Lance set the last platter of food down on the table.

They all wore shorts and button beach shirts, the evening now cooler.

The afternoon had been relaxing, the four swimming in happiness, then relaxing on the beach as two pairs of soulmates.

Justin moved a chair back, Lance smiling at him as he sat down, Justin pushing his chair in for him.

"Thank you, babe." Lance said, Josh smiling up at Lucas as the man walked around the table, Josh rising from his seat, pulling out Lucas' chair for him as well.

Lucas smiled at his lover, Josh pushing his chair in as well when he sat down.

"We have such chivalrous men, Lancy."
"I know, Luke. They are our men of knightly, chivalrous love. But Josh's ends after the honeymoon." Lance said, Justin laughing, Josh smiling at his Lucas.

"Fat chance, Lancy. I'll always show my Lucky my chivalrous, romantic love."

Lucas smiled, leaning over and kissing his man's cheek, Justin smiling at both as he handed each a glass of wine, Lance smiling as Justin offered him his, the man sitting down beside his soulmate, Josh and Lucas smiling at him.

"Can I say grace, guys?" Justin said, all three smiling and nodding at him, the four lowering their eyes.

"Thank you Lord for another day of love and happiness. Today's surrounding beauty we hold dear in our hearts. The land, the beauty and the love surround us. We all shine with happiness at your love and the love we now hold in our souls. Blessed are all of us in the love we now see around us. May this week bring that love even more to the foreground. I welcome it, as do my three loving friends. Bless you and your love, bless us and ours and bless this food. Amen."

The three others said Amen, Lance smiling at his man.

"That was beautiful, Justin." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"As beautiful as the love surrounding us." he said, the other three smiling, diving into Lucas' succulent fare.

"Mm, this is delicious. I'm going to be like a beached whale after this." Justin said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Lance joining him, Justin looking confused.

"Did I put my foot in my mouth again?" he said, Lance smiling, leaning in and kissing his lover's butter-coated lips, a half eaten buttered roll in Justin's hand.

"You're just being you, babe. The you I love." he said, licking his now buttered lips, Justin smiling widely.

"Lance said the same thing as you, our whale of love. You two are so alike in your love and your happiness. One soul forms." Lucas said, Justin and Lance smiling at each other.

"I welcome that one soul, Lucas. For I'll have my dreams." Justin said, Lance tearfully smiling at him.

Josh smiled at his friends, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue.

"We have competition, babe. They're trying to out love us."

Josh laughed, his two friends smiling at Lucas.

"Nah, that's impossible. You know how deep my love is." Josh smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Yes, I know. It's as deep as a mine shaft."

Josh smiled, staring into his lover's violet pools.

"I love digging for your treasure. No matter how deep I have to go."

Justin and Lance burst into laughter, Josh blushing at realizing what he'd said, Lucas smiling at him, then at his friends.

"You got amazing equipment, babe. You can mine forever."

Josh smiled, Lance laughing again, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your man's not the only screamer, Lancy."

Lance laughed, the two friends smiling at each other, Josh and Justin trading surprised glances.

"I think they're plotting, Joshy. Feeding us into lethargic submission." Justin said, winking at Lance.

"I love whale meat." Lance piped up, Lucas bursting into laughter, Justin now blushing.

He smiled at his Lance, his blue eyes meeting his friends' gazes.

"God, I love this. Just being here, in love with my Lancy and with my two best friends." Justin said, the other three smiling at him.

"It's life, Justin. The life we all were destined to have. Love shines best when it's shared." Lucas said, his three friends smiling at him.

"That's beautiful, my love." Josh said, leaning over and kissing Lucas on the lips, the two sharing their love.

"Thank you, my Josh, and thank you, my Justin. For this week of happiness." Lucas said, Lance seconding his words.

The two men smiled, their hands going in their lover's.

"Let's eat, then I want to dance with my man in the moonlight." Josh said, his eyes gazing out into the sinking sun setting behind the waves off the sandy beach in front of them.

"Sweet! But I'll wear off more of that gluttony in other ways tonight." Lucas said, his violet eyes showing seductive love towards his Josh, Josh beaming.

"Sweet! But first we'll have to help Lance put his whale back into the water."

The four laughed at Josh's words, the man smiling around at the surrounding love, his soul feeling its beauty.

They all smiled at each other, returning to Lucas' culinary love.


Josh gasped, feeling the rush of the orgasm flooding his center.

He opened his blue eyes, staring up into two pools of violet love, his Lucky's lips going to his neck, Josh feeling his man's smoothness sinking down against him, Josh lost in the flowing love of his passion's ending.

"Oh, babe! That was fantastic!" Josh moaned, Lucas' lips going to his ear, nibbling on the lobe, his hands doing their work lower.

Josh moaned, feeling the stroking need in Lucas' motions, Josh trembling as Lucas remained inside him, the man feeling his still hard length.

"I'm. . .oh I'm close, babe!" Josh moaned, Lucas suddenly moving, Josh feeling the emptiness flood his center, Lucas moving downwards, Josh feeling the warmth of his enveloping mouth, the man gasping and flooding Lucas' mouth with his offered love.

Josh saw stars and vibrant colors, Lucas taking in all of his offered richness.

Josh came back to reality, his sweat-covered body feeling the room's warmth.

"Oh, babe! Oh, that was. . ." he moaned, Lucas' body moving upwards, their lips meeting, Josh tasting himself on Lucas' lips, his tongue licking off the remains of his own desires.

"It was love, Joshua. Thank you for leading me to your love." Lucas whispered, Josh smiling as his lover's hands moved across his lover's sweaty chest, his fingers rubbing Josh's downy center patch of hair.

"It was a voyage of love, babe." he said, Lucas smiling in the moonlight, the room bathed in it.

"Sorry for the rush at the end, babe. I just was lost in the atmosphere. Echoed love guided me onward. And we're faster then them."
Josh smiled, the man laying in the quietness, he and his Lucky listening in the soft darkness.

They both smiled, hearing a soft moaning, and a not so soft muffled scream.

"Justin's at the end of his passion. Our Lancy's love overcame him." Lucas said, Josh smiling into his moonlit violet pools.

"Someone came alright." Josh said, Lucas lightly chuckling, kissing his man's lips again.

"He sounded like a thrusting tiger. His love must be intense." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"It can be, Lucky. Justin's always leapt into everything wholeheartedly. His passion flows the same. It took me forever at first to tone down his exuberating energy. He is indeed an intense tiger."
Lucas smiled, rubbing Josh's chest.

The two listened again, hearing soft moans and muffled whispered love.

"And I'm sure you didn't mind that journey with him."

Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Not at all. It's matched only by your own. And yours is beyond mindful."

Lucas smiled, hearing his lover's words of stoking pride.

Lucas leaned forward, their lips meeting again.

Lucas pulled back, Josh's blue pools staring up at him.

"I love you, Lucas. And I loved Justin. You both are so alike. In the beauty of your love, in the needful desires of your claiming me. I'm sure Lance would be the same."
Lucas smiled, his eyes looking towards their closed bedroom door.

"I think Justin's found a match in his tiger-likeness. Don't count Lance short, babe. I saw those packed swim trunks this afternoon."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Checking out the scenery?"

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man.

"Checking out the love, babe. I'm beyond happy. Eye candy and then passion's heart. I love their stoking my desires. And I love giving that passion to you."
Josh teared up, his lips moving upwards, his kiss filled with love.

"I'm not jealous of them, Lucas. Is that strange?" he said, Lucas smiling and nodding his head no.

"No, Beamy. For in them you see love, a mirrored love of our own. We could easily give into their giving love, Joshua. As I believe they could. But in each other we find all that we need. Just think of their beauty as a side benefit. Their showing love--and their vocalized love--will feed our own desires for only each other."
Josh smiled, moving and flipping his man over, Lucas guiding him with love, Josh now on top of him, Lucas feeling his hardening desires between them.

"A Timberlake slash Bass aphrodisiac. We should bottle it and sell it to the masses."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"We'd be millionaires!"

Josh smiled, raising his head and screaming out into the darkness.

"Start up again, Timberlake! We need to feed my man's love, inch for inch!" he screamed, Lucas beaming with laughing happiness.

A loud voice echoed in the darkness.

"Fat chance, Chasez! I'm leading the second charge! All hands on deck!" Lance's voice screamed, echoing through the cabin.

Josh and Lucas both burst into laughter, their friends' laughter heard as well, their eyes meeting.

"Way to go, Lancy! Right to the good stuff! Full steam ahead!" Lucas screamed, Josh silencing his words with his lips going against his.

Lucas smiled, feeling his lover's passion, Josh's hands moving, raising Lucas' legs, his hardness searching for its need.

Their eyes met, Josh lost in the intense love shining in Lucas' eyes as their lips parted, Lucas' finger going to his cheek.

"Their love echoes in our souls. I need all of it, my Joshua. Give me all of their--and your--love."
Josh teared up, his center sinking into his man, Lucas gasping as his own love flowed out of him.

Across the cabin two other men of love felt their love surround them, Lance's lips meeting Justin's as the man began to claim his man's love.

Justin's heart smiled, feeling the largeness of Lance's center sinking into his soul.

Four hearts smiled as passion overcame them.



Ridgehaven, Vermont



Emerson's green eyes looked into Grayson's brown, the man staring at him.

"A little over a week, my friend. Lucas will walk under the bell in just over a week. They may all chime at his return." the old man said, Grayson staring at him with calmness.

"It has been long in the making, Em. What will happen then? What is the significance of Lucas' coming here? What will this old place stir in him, or what will he stir into it?" the lawyer said, Horace's eyes staring at the man as well.

The three sat in the dining room, Emerson's eyes going to the woman walking around the table, the woman setting down a tureen of soup in its center.

"Love, Grayson. This old place will be stirred by love. It's been too damn long!" the cook said, Emerson staring up into Mavis' blue eyes.

"Well said, Mavy." he smiled, the woman smiling back at him.

"It's barley and tomato, Emerson. Your favourite." she smiled, filling his bowl before him with a ladle from the tureen.

The man smiled, placing his napkin over his lap, the cook smiling back at him, beginning to fill the other two men's bowls.

"Well said indeed, Mavy." Horace said, the doctor smiling up at his wife.

Mavis Hampton had been Emerson's cook for over forty years.

It was here in the Havens that Horace had first met her, the two falling in love, surrounded by Emerson's love.

And with that offered love, Horace had taken over his father's doctoral duties to Emerson.

The three had grown a friendship and love over their long retainer.

"It's been too long since youthful love has echoed off these old walls. Lucas and his young friends will bring life to this old mausoleum, Emerson." she said, the woman smiling at her husband.

"You two just want to dance again in the ballroom." Emerson smiled, the two smiling at each other.

Mavis winked at her husband, the woman walking out of the dining room into the kitchen.

Grayson smiled at the two, Emerson's green eyes staring at him.

"Love shown as old times." he said, Grayson smiling and nodding at him, his friend's hand going on top of his, Grayson feeling the old man's returning strength.

"How are you holding up, Grayson? Carl's deceit still lingers in your heart, I take it?"

The lawyer nodded, lifting his spoon, tasting the delicious soup.

"Delicious as always, Horace. Your wife's culinary skills are surpassed by only Lucas' I believe." he said, Emerson sensing the man was avoiding his gaze, trying to change the subject.

"She cooks with love, as I no doubt assume Lucas does." the doctor said, half of his bowl already empty.

Emerson smiled at his friend, his eyes meeting Grayson's again.

"So Sherman has reared his forgotten head again." Emerson said, Horace's eyes meeting the lawyer's.

"I'm sorry, Em. I thought that beast had met its end. But Haven had other plans, keeping the monster hidden." Grayson said.

"Indeed, Gray. The youth's evil I have always felt in the distance."

Grayson's brown eyes stared at Emerson.

"You knew he wasn't gone, wasn't dead?"

"Yes, Gray. I sensed that Haven would use Sherman against us somewhere in the future. I just never sensed it would be against my grandson. I am thankful Lucas had the magic to feel his true self. Just as I did long ago." Emerson said, the man feeling Grayson's hand squeeze his.

"His evil showed himself as what he was, Em. You gave him everything and he took even more. My nephew was nothing but greed and evil personified. I am sorry for bringing him to you."
Emerson smiled at his old friend.

"I took him in because I loved you, Grayson. As I allowed Carl into the fold. Your love guarantees my devotion to your friendship."
Grayson nodded, smiling at his old friend.

"What will they do, Em?"

The old man sighed, looking at his two old friends, Mavis walking back into the room carrying a tray of roast beef, a waiter following her with bowls of salad and roasted potatoes.

The two sat the food down, Mavis picking up their bowls and the waiter taking away the tureen.

Her eyes met Horace's, his love and concern showing.

"The smells flow to our hearts, Mavy. I'm famished." Emerson said, the cook smiling at him.

"There's plenty, Emerson. Your renewed hunger warms all our hearts." she said, Emerson smiling at her, the woman walking back into the kitchen.

His green eyes met Grayson's, the man sighing again.

"That monster isn't finished, Gray. And Haven may well lose control of him. I don't know what their plans are, but I do know that our greatest weapon against them is Lucas." he said, Horace looking at him with worry.

"They're dangerous, Emerson. That young monster the most." Grayson said, Emerson staring at him.

"Indeed they are, Grayson. Haven seeks power and greed, Sherman seeks independence and perhaps a greater need. Time will sort out where their paths lead. I will not fear the unknown. I only await the coming love."

The two men stared at their friend, Emerson's green eyes filled with faint wet tears.

"I've waited so long for the coming love. I feel it on the edge of the darkness. The waters of his love will wash away the past and fill the pool of the future." he said, the old man wiping his wet eyes.

"Right now I want to dive into this aromatic feast. I hunger for sustenance." the man smiled, his hand reaching for the roast beef platter.

Horace smiled at him, his eyes glancing into Grayson's brown.

Grayson stared at his old friend, his soul filled with a clouded concern, the man sensing life would only be more surprising.



New York City, New York



Carl moaned, the young man feeling the pain in his nether regions.

He felt a hand slap his ass, two fingers probing his center.
The man's blue eyes opened, staring into two blue pools of glaring ownership.

"You're awake again, slut." Sherman said, his ice blue pools staring into his soul.

"Please. . .please Sheridan! I'm so sore!" the young man moaned, feeling the handcuffs that held his hands above his head, chained to the bed.

"I thought a slut like you would hunger forever to be claimed. Haven has used you for hours, it's my turn." the man above him said, Carl feeling the man's fingers increasing in number.

"You've. . .he's. . .my ass, Sherman! Please let me rest!" the man said, staring into the eyes staring back at him.

"You earned Haven's wrath, Carl. I'm just following orders." the man said, moving from the young man's sight, Carl feeling something new at his center.

It felt rock hard and wooden.

The young man gasped, feeling the bat's wooden length entering him.

Sheridan smiled, guiding the wooden bat forward.

"I didn't know! I didn't know the old man knew my plans!" Carl said, sobbing, fighting the scream coming from within him.

Sheridan's hand went over his mouth, the man sinking eight inches of the bat into the young man's ass.

"Emerson's a devious old man, Carl. It didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was that young man's magic." Sheridan said, Carl's wet eyes meeting his again, the man again on top of him.

"Please. . .please, Sherman! I'll do anything. . .please stop the pain!" he cried as Sheridan released his hand covering his mouth.

"You will do anything, Wilson. I will own you after this. And I will use you as I must against Haven."
The young man's eyes focused in confusion, a wide smile crossing the man's face above him.

The bat stopped its progress, ten inches now inside Carl.

Carl felt Sheridan's fingers latching onto his two sensitive nipples, the man pinching them hard, Carl screaming.

"Scream all you need, Carl. I will own you after this day. And I'll make you my avenger." Sheridan said, their eyes meeting again.

Carl's eyes stared into Sheridan's icy blue orbs, the young man seeing total madness, total evil.

"I want everything, Carl. Haven has given you to me to break, to break into submission. But I will break you totally. And then I'll rebuild you as what I want you to be. And then I'll use you as I see fit. Haven's just given me the creation of my dreams. For in you I'll have the weapon to destroy his hold on me. And with that I'll take control of it all."

The man smiled, Carl staring into a face of total meanness.

"I'm going to destroy them all, Wilson. Emerson, Haven, and most of all that upstart Lucas. I'll kill them all. And as my avenger you will reap the benefits. I treat my animals with love." the man said, his hand wrapping around the bat sticking out of Carl's center.
"Do you love me, Carl?" he said, the young man sobbing.

"I will love you, Sherman! Please let me love you!" Carl said, the pain fighting with his mind.

The pain was winning, the submission was gaining control.

The man above him smiled.

"You will love me, and you will follow me. But first I have to own you." he said, his face showing no emotion as he began to move the bat forward again.

Carl screamed as two lips met his, the man staring into two glowing blue eyes now.

And then he felt the hands running across his naked body.

And then he felt teeth attaching to his right nipple.
The young man screamed as he felt the monster beginning its possession.

And the life he remembered began to fade into the life he saw forming before him.

He felt the pain possessing him, and the man making him his own.




End of Chapter 56


And so our four friends of love have now found a tropical paradise to seed their love.

The crop coming from the sunshine shall grow into two pairs of soulmates.

Lucas has shown most of himself to the other two soulmates.

Will their love spill over into his soul?
Will Josh welcome that love as well?


Emerson awaits his grandson's love coming to The Havens.

What will happen when that love appears?
The bells may chime for love or for truth or perhaps for both.

Those old shadowed halls and rooms of forgotten past may open their doors against his love.

And maybe a greater mystery will show itself.


Sheridan seems to have Carl just where he wants him.

The young man is trapped by his own doing.

Can he fight against Sheridan's evil?
Can he go against Haven's own ownership?


Read on, the love and then the mystery opens.


Hugs, Angel.