Yesterday's End-57

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 57


Lucas smiled, staring into two green pools of love, Lance walking into the kitchen, the aromas filling his nostrils.

Lucas' eyes scanned over his naked torso, the man wearing only a pair of gym shorts.

"Morning, Luke." he said, stretching his arms over his head, Lucas' violet pools taking in his blond covered hairy armpits.

"Morning, Lancy. I take it you slept well in the island's love?" he smiled, Lucas standing at the stove, the young man wearing a wife beater and a pair of cargo shorts.

Lance smiled, walking up to him, his arm going around his friend, the man softly kissing Lucas on the lips, Lucas feeling the man's body warmth against him.

"I slept like a log, Lukey. After my man's love filled my soul."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance on the lips back.

"We both felt our man's love, Lancy. I'm sure they mirrored in their intensity."
The man smiled widely, releasing his hold on the young man, leaning against the counter beside him.

"I'm sure they did. Your screaming was as loud as Justin's."

Lucas laughed, Lance joining him.

"And where is your angel? Mine is still snoring." Lucas smiled, removing the frying pan filled with bacon.

"Mine is as well. It was hard to leave his naked beauty." Lance said, Lucas pointing towards the filled coffeepot, Lance smiling at him and reaching for two cups off the cup tree.

Lucas removed the bacon, Lance filling the cups, walking over to the kitchen table, sitting down, Lucas dumping the grease into the grease can, putting the bacon into a small covered pan, placing it in the oven with his other treasures.

Lucas wiped his hands, walking over to the table and sitting down beside Lance, the man offering him a cup of coffee, their fingers touching, both smiling at each other.

"Thanks, Lancy." Lucas said, smiling at him and sipping the hot beverage after he'd filled it with cream.

Lance smiled at him, staring into his violet eyes.

"This is so beautiful, Lucas. The warmth of my man's love all night, a new day ahead of us. Your and Josh's love surrounding us as well."
Lucas smiled, staring into his green pools.

"The gathering of our love."

Lance smiled, sighing.

"I wasn't embarrassed last night, Lucas. My screaming my need for my Justin. Hearing the love you and Josh vocalized. Justin and I vocalizing our own love. It seemed to. . .it seemed to only increase the love I felt."

Lucas smiled, his hand going onto Lance's arm resting on the table.

"None of us were embarrassed, Lance. We four gave into the love filling our souls. Two sets of joined souls let their love out in the open. Yours was as beautiful as mine was, Lance. My Josh's love is my everything."
Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"And my Justin's is mine."

"There's the center of all of this, Lance. We love our soulmates."
Lance nodded, sighing again, his eyes meeting Lucas' pools, Lucas seeing a soft confusion showing in Lance's green irises.

"Do you. . .do you want to. . .?"

Lucas leaned forward, his lips softly touching Lance's, the man feeling a sudden energy flow through him.

"Do I want to love you, and your Jus?"

Lance nodded slowly, his eyes lowering.

Lucas' fingers went to Lance's chin, the man raising his face, staring into Lucas' violet pools of truth.

"To love you and your Justin in that way would fill any heart with happiness. I see the intoxicating beauty of your Justin's self, and the physical beauty of your loving self." Lucas said, Lance blushing softly, Lucas' eyes not moving from his own.

"You are beautiful, Lance. As beautiful as your Justin."
Lance smiled, seeing the love showing in Lucas' violet pools.

"But to me, my Josh is the center of my life. The beacon of my giving, desirous love. I love him as the soulmate he is. I love you and Justin as the men of beauty you are, and the deeper friends you are."

Lance smiled, hearing the love and friendship in Lucas' words.

Lucas' eyes softly glowed, Lance lost in their intensity.
"I feel the feelings of all four of us. I feel the depth of the trust we have in our souls for the other three. I love you, Lance. I love your Justin as well, and I love my Joshua with all of my heart. You three are my life. I need only your friendship and love. Anything else you could offer me I would only take if it was offered in love."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas more deeply now.

The young man felt his friend's giving love, their lips parting, there eyes opening.

"I'll have to wear that silver thong later. I want to offer you everything." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'll wear the gold."

Lance and Lucas' eyes  turned, two men smiling in the kitchen doorway, Josh leaning against the door frame, Justin's arms around him, the man having spoken.

"How long have you two creeping angels been standing there?" Lucas smiled, the two men smiling at him, the young man seeing soft tears in both their eyes.

"From the offering of your soul, Lukey." Justin said, smiling at his Lance.

The young man softly blushed, the two men walking into the room, both men leaning down and kissing their soulmates, the two men at the table feeling their total love.

The two men broke their kisses, smiling at each other, then moving over each other.

Lance and Lucas were both surprised when the other man's lips met theirs.

Justin kissed Lucas deeply, Josh kissing Lance with the same intensity, the two men lost in their friends' giving love.

The four parted, the two standing men sitting down at the table, Josh's arms going around Lucas, Justin's around Lance's.

"Morning, my beauty. You left me alone." Justin said, kissing Lance's lips again, the man smiling at him.

"I had to feed my man. Our Lukey beat me to it."
Justin smiled, looking over at Lucas, Josh's lips on the young man's neck.

"Morning, my angel. I woke up alone as well." he said, Lucas smiling at him and Justin, his eyes meeting Lance's green.

"Tonight we'll let them sleep together, Lancy. That way they won't be alone tomorrow morning."

Lance smiled, winking at him, then staring into his lover's blue pools.

"After we've had our way with them of course."

Justin smiled widely, looking at Josh.

"I told you there was plotting afoot." he smiled, Josh lightly laughing.

"Plotting to steal our hearts, no doubt." he said, smiling at Justin.

Josh had been awakened by movement in his bed, two arms wrapping around him as he awoke.

His blue eyes had opened, staring into two other blue pools.

"Jus? What. . .what time is it? What are you doing in my bed?" he'd said, Justin's lips kissing his cheek, the man snuggling against Josh's naked body, Justin wearing a wife beater and shorts.

"I awoke with no Lancy surrounding me. I thought maybe he was in here with you and Lucas." he said, his head going to Josh's naked chest, Josh staring down at his forehead, looking around his own bed.

"I see my Lucky is gone as well. Maybe they're making us breakfast?" he smiled, Justin' head raising, a smile covering his face.

"I think they're plotting, Joshy. I think we're being used. But I love him so much, Joshy." he said, Josh smiling at the truth shining on Justin's face.

"We heard that last night, Justy. I see my tiger's as hungry as always."
Justin blushed, Josh smiling and leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"He's so like you, Joshy. So giving, so loving." Justin smiled, Josh nodding.
"Yes, I heard him giving it to you good last night." Josh laughed, Justin beaming.

"You seemed to be making Lukey happy as well." Justin said, his body pushing against Josh's, the two friends smiling at each other.

"I love him, Justin. He's my everything. His passion feeds my soul."
Justin smiled, the two staring into each other's eyes.

"I know, Josh. I saw that yesterday. And I heard it last night. I'm so happy for you."
Josh smiled, his finger going to Justin's cheek, rubbing it.

"I'm happy for you, Jus. Your Lance's love shows on your smile."
The man smiled, his fingers going against Josh's smooth chest.

"I have your love doubled, Josh. Lance's love is so like yours. My dreams have come true. I have his love and I have yours and Lucas'."

Josh nodded, leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips, Justin feeling his friend's deep usual love.

"I love all three of you."
"I love all three of you, Joshy."

Josh smiled, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"I think we should get up and go find our men. I'm starving."

Justin smiled, the man moving, climbing out of the bed, smiling down at Josh.

He extended a hand, Josh smiling and taking it, climbing out of bed, Justin's blue eyes scanning over his old friend's naked body.
"As beautiful if not more so, Joshua. Lucas' love has toned you nice." Justin said, Josh smiling, unembarrassed at his nudity.

"I like to keep trim for him, Jus. I want him to love the beauty he makes me show."

"He does, Josh. It's as beautiful as that which you showed me. Your beauty's timeless." he said, Josh smiling and pulling on a pair of shorts, Justin smiling.

"This is awesome, Joshy! You and I showing our beauty to our men, and to ourselves. I'm not jealous of you or him. For I have a greater beauty of my own. My Lancy!"

The two men smiled, their arms going around each other, walking out of the bedroom.


"So, that was a deep conversation we heard. Steeped in love and truth." Josh said, staring at Lucas as the man returned to the table, setting down the last platter of food for their breakfast.

"It was me being honest, Joshua." Lucas said, sitting down, smiling at him.

"I think we all need to talk, babe." Josh said, Justin and Lance looking at their friends, their eyes meeting their own.

"Can I start, guys?" Justin said, Lucas nodding and handing him a bowl of potatoes and onions.

"Sure, Justin. Please start from the heart." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Last night was wonderful. My Lance showed the depth of his love and his desires. I know you both heard us, your returning screams heard by us as well."

The four smiled, looking at each other.

"Love vents its intensity, my friends. I'll always scream against my Josh's giving love." Lucas said, staring at his man.

Josh beamed, the other two smiling at him.

Justin smiled, looking at all three.

"Last night felt like a competition. I rallied to the desires taking over me. I wanted to show my Lance that our love was greater than yours. And then something changed." Justin said, Lance smiling at him, his hand going on top of his.

"I felt it too, my love."

"What changed, Jus?" Josh said, staring at his friend with love.

"I realized it wasn't a competition, Josh. For I felt something take hold of me." he said, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"You felt our love, Jus?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes, Luke. I felt your love and Josh's entering my soul. That was the need that overtook me. I wanted my Lance to feel all of our love, my love the most. For I had the joined love in my soul and I wanted Lance to have it."
"I already had it, Jus. I felt it the same time you did." Lance said, his eyes meeting Josh's, then Lucas'.

"So what does this mean, Lucas?" Justin said, the young man smiling at him.

"It means that our love transcends our soulmate's love. Our hearts have more love that we can give them. And we see two friends we can give that love to. Our love is growing. It's centered with the love of our soulmate, that love moving outwards. The two closest to us we want to give that love."

Justin and Lance's eyes met, Josh staring at both of them, Lucas' hand going in his.

"Are we. . .are we going to. . .?" Justin said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Your man asked the same question, as you heard Jus." Lucas said, Justin nodding, his eyes meeting Josh's, the man smiling at him.

Lucas sighed, looking at his three friends.

"We love each other guys, and that love will only grow. I can't say that I won't want to show that love in many ways, as you also will want to do. All I can say is that I love my Joshua. You will always be the center of my love and my life. You can always trust me to never give that center to another."
Josh teared up, squeezing Lucas' hand.

"You are the same to me, Lucas. But my heart--like my friends'--is overflowing. I will give them all the love they need."
Justin and Lance both smiled, staring at their friends.

"We'll give the same, Josh. Our love is all we'll need." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"Dibs on first crack at Lucas, Lancy!" Justin said, the other three laughing, Lucas blowing him a kiss, Justin blowing one back.

"I've always wanted to experience the Chasez experience." Lance smiled, Josh winking at him.

The four smiled, Lucas looking at the other three.

"We love each other guys. Our love will show in many ways. Let's trust in each other to see how far that goes. My sexual love is my Josh's. But its beauty I can easily give to all of you. I know I'll love both of you as much as he."

The three smiled, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"After breakfast we two are indeed going to wear those thongs. We want to show our love to both of you."

Josh grinned, winking at Lucas.

"My man loves me in black. Why shouldn't you two as well?"
All four smiled, Lucas grinning.

"Don't forget the camera, babe. Finny needs jack off material."

All four laughed, diving into Lucas' rich breakfast.

Four hearts filled with happiness and thoughts.

They glanced at the other three, visions of future happiness flowing through their minds.


After breakfast the four indeed went swimming, Justin and Lance being true to their words.

Josh and Lucas reaped the benefits of seeing their two friends in silver and gold, their bodies shown in all their beauty.

Lucas' scanning eyes took in Justin's smooth form, two bubbly, smooth butt cheeks showing in the crashing waves, Josh's eyes staring at Lance's not too hidden largeness almost ripping the silver thong apart.

"Lance can't hide that monster, babe." Josh had softly said to him, the two relaxing in lounge chairs as their friends swam before them.

"I told you he was packing." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, Lucas leaning over and kissing him.

"He's no match for someone who knows how to use what he has. And I love all of my Beamy's lightning rod."

Josh beamed, no envy showing in his eyes.

"I knew Justin was screaming for a reason."

Lucas laughed, his eyes going to the two men wading in the surf.

"Justin Timberlake has one fine bubbly ass as well. Man, it looks delicious."

Josh smiled, leaning over and kissing his man's lips.

"Are the Hills of Chasez not enough for you?"

Lucas smiled, his fingers going against Josh's hip.

The man smiled, the black thong he wore showing off most of his smooth form.

"I'll climb those hills always. They're damn near perfect."

Josh beamed, his man moving and climbing on top of him, their smooth bodies against each other.

In the water Justin and Lance moved into each other's arms, their kissing showing their own love.

Justin's eyes went to the beach, his blue pools taking in Lucas' smooth ass facing them, the thong cord running down its smooth center.

"He has a beautiful tush, Jus. Josh is indeed happy." Lance said, Justin's hand going down Lance's back, squeezing the right cheek of his man's smooth butt.

"I'm just as happy, if not more so, my silver beauty." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"And I saw them checking out your silver thong, babe. You put all of us to shame." Justin said, Lance's body moving against him.

"This thong can hardly contain it, babe. Seeing them, and seeing you, has got it growing." Lance said, Justin smiling as his man moved against him, trying to hide the growing largeness in his center.

"Don't be ashamed of what you got, babe. I'm not. You're mine and I love all of you. Let them feast on your showing love."

"Oh God, Jus! I want you right now!"
Justin smiled, the man moving deeper into the water, pulling Lance with him.

"Then show me how much, here hidden in the wetness. I need you just as much, babe."

Lance smiled, breaking away from Justin, the man heading out into deeper water, Justin following him with his own rising desires.

On the beach, Lucas had turned towards the water, smiling.

His eyes moved back to the man laying under him.

"Our friends have moved out into the deeper water, babe. I think Lance's love is threatening to break through its confines."
Josh smiled, his eyes moving towards the water as well, seeing Lance and Justin swimming out farther, their thong-covered asses cresting the waves.

"Like the show, babe?"

Josh's eyes returned to Lucas' violet pools.

"I only need your love to show." he smiled, Lucas smiling down at him.

"The house is empty. Want to make love on that bearskin rug in front of the fireplace? Our friends will be busy for awhile."

Josh grinned, smiling at his soulmate.

Lucas rose up, Josh on his feet in moments, the two taking each other's hand, running across the sandy beach, two sets of joined eyes looking on as their smooth asses moved across the sand.

Justin smiled at their moving butts, two lips kissing his neck.
He and Lance were now out in the deep water, only their heads and shoulders showing, their feet feeling the sand below them.

"Now, where were we?" Lance said, Justin's hand already in the silver thong Lance wore, his center expanding to its full girth.

"In heaven, Lancy. We're in heaven." Justin said, his lips met by Lance's, his hands on Justin's firm bubbly ass.

The two felt their hands moving, the thongs no match for their desires.


Lucas smiled, walking down the path, staring at the two visions of beauty ahead of him.

Justin and Josh were ahead of him and Lance, the two wearing only shorts, their t-shirts hanging from their shorts' waists.

The day had warmed up, the four going on a walking adventure around the island.

Lance walked at Lucas' side, their t-shirts removed and hanging from their shorts as well.

Lucas carried a large basket, the four having decided on some exploration and a picnic out in the day's sunshine.

Lance carried a bag as well, its strap crossing his smooth chest, the bag bouncing on his hip.

Lucas' eyes trailed over that chest, seeing the soft redness beginning to show.

"You're beginning to burn, Lancy. Once we find a spot for lunch you're going to get creamed."

Lance smiled, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"I was already creamed this morning, Lukey."
Lucas laughed, Lance joining him.

"I heard the screams from the living room." he smiled, Lance winking at him.

"And I know that bear in the living room wasn't the one growling so loudly."

Lucas laughed, beaming.

"Josh made me lose it. His passion was overwhelming." he smiled, Lance's arm going around his friend.

"As was mine, Luke. Justin was beyond happy. And the water really heightened it."
Lucas smiled, looking towards the two men walking ahead of them.

"I'll have to try that later. I always love my man wet."

Lance smiled, the two smiling at each other, walking behind their men.

Ten minutes later Josh and Justin crested the path they'd been following into the forest, the two careful of keeping their bearings.

The path they'd walked for the last hour seemed well-used, the two sensing they wouldn't get lost.

They walked up the path as it had ambled for the last ten minutes or so, Lucas and Lance smiling behind them.

"Our men are born naturalists. Real forest He Men." Lucas smiled, Josh looking back at him.

"Don't worry, dear. We'll keep you safe." Josh said, striking a pose of manly virtue, Lance chuckling.

"Does your friend realize he's standing in poison oak?"

Josh looked down, jumping out of the small bushes he stood in off the path, Lucas and Lance laughing, Justin chuckling.

"There's no poison oak in the Caribbean, Joshy. They're joshing with ya!"

Josh blushed, Lucas smiling at him, the four now standing together, Lucas kissing his cheek, his arm going around him.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll rub you down with cream."
Josh smiled, kissing his lips.

Lance and Justin smiled, their hands going together.

"I thought you said you'd cream me, Lukey?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him as he broke his lover's kiss.

"Later, sexy. My man's health is number one in my heart. It's not poison oak, babe. But it could be itchy. Careful, my love."

Josh smiled, looking ahead of them.

"I hear water running, babe."

Lucas smiled, looking ahead.

"I know, babe. I've heard it since we left the beach."

Josh smiled, Lucas looking ahead towards the crest of the hill.

"Destiny follows many paths. Let's go ahead with love, babe." Lucas smiled, the man walking forward, Josh's eyes meeting Lance's and Justin's, both men shrugging their shoulders.

The three followed Lucas, the young man walking upwards, cresting the hill, the three joining him at its top.

All four sets of eyes stared forward, three sets of eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh my God, it's so beautiful!" Lance said, Justin's arms going around him.

"It's a piece of heaven." Josh softly said, two violet pools meeting his.

"It's a dream come to life. As I always sensed it would." he said, the other three staring at him, Lucas' violet pools looking forwards.

Before the four was a grassy meadow, the meadow flowing forward to a scene out of Lucas' dreams.

A rocky border separated the meadow from the flowery beauty of the pool ahead of it.

And cascading into that pool was a waterfall, its cascading water filling the pool.

"It's so beautiful." Lance said again, Lucas' violet eyes turning, staring into Lance's green pools.

"Every inch is as it has been in my dreams, my friends. This is the waterfall from my dreams." he said, the three sets of eyes widening.

"That. . .you mean. . .that's impossible, Lucky! You've never been here before?" Josh said, his arm going around his lover, Lucas' body trembling.

"I. . .I was always meant to find it, Joshua. The falls of my dreams are these falls in real life. I have found the beauty of both worlds." Lucas said, the man moving forward, the other three looking at each other, slowly following.

Lucas walked across the meadow, reaching the rocky edge of the pool's front.

Flowers bloomed among the rocks and boulders, the waterfall's sound echoing around the pool as its water tumbled downward.

Lucas moved forward, walking over to a boulder, sitting down on it, staring out into the pool, Josh joining him at his side, Lance and Justin standing beside them.

"This. . .this is really your pool, Lucky?"
"Yes, Josh. This is the boulder I sat upon and talked to Joshua. This is the same waterfall, the same showing beauty of the pool. This is Lucas' Pool." Lucas said, Josh's arms going around him.

"What does this mean, Josh? Why. . .why would this pool be here, on this island? Why have I found it now?" Lucas said, emotion flooding his soul, Josh feeling his trembling confusion.
Another hand went to Lucas' knee, Lucas' eyes rising and staring into two green pools of love.

"You were always meant to find it, Lucas. I truly believe that." Lance said, Lucas tearing up.

"But why, Lance? Why now. . .why here?" he said again, Justin staring at his friend with concern.

Lance moved, sitting down on the boulder, his arm going around Lucas, Josh releasing his hold on him, Justin's arm around Josh.

"Because your life truly is a path of destiny, Lucas. And it's a path of love. God gave you this pool in your dreams, to center your soul, to calm you in the uncertainty of your past and your future. He's now shown it to you for a reason, its realness shown for a reason."
"What's the reason, Lance?" Justin said, sitting down beside Josh, the four now seated on the large boulder.

"To show you, Lucas, that there is love here in the present, and in the past. And most definitely in the future. You have our love, Lucas. It will swim here with you in the present, as it will swim through your soul in the future."

Lucas smiled, touched by Lance's words, the man kissing his lips.

"You walked through that vision in your dreams, finding a man of mystery who's guided you since. Here at this real pool you're surrounded by the three who deeply love you. Mystery melds with magic and love. It transcends both worlds. Love surrounds you everywhere."

Lucas smiled, his body relaxing.

"It does, Lancy. I feel it here, I've felt it there. Joshua said that this pool was my sanctuary. I think it's the same in both worlds." he said, his violet eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Fate made you come here years ago, Justin. Your purchased this island as a sanctuary of beauty for your own soul. Now for your soulmate's own sanctuary. The sanctuary of your love. But faith and the path of life showed a greater purpose. We were destined to meet, to love and be loved. And you were destined to bring me to this place. Your love has worked its own magic. For it's guided me to all the love I'll ever need. Spiritual, real and loving." Lucas said, the three surrounding him tearfully staring at him.

"I love all three of you. I've found the core of my being. It's your love. This is a symbol of that. The waterfall of my life is the love that flows from all three of you. I love you all."

The three smiled, Lucas smiling back at them.

He leaned forward, kissing Josh on the lips, Josh feeling his love.

He then moved to his right, kissing Lance tenderly on the lips, the man feeling Lucas' love.

He them moved again, his and Justin's eyes meeting.

"Thank you, Justin. For life, for love and for this." he smiled, leaning across Josh, his lips meeting with Justin's.

The man felt Lucas' love flow through him, the young man breaking the kiss, smiling at him, then at the other two.

"Destiny moves, my friends. And my dreams take on their realness. I couldn't be happier."
The three smiled, Lucas' eyes going to the basket he'd discarded on the rocks.

"Let's take a swim and then let's eat a hearty lunch." he said, the young man smiling and standing up.

"We weren't expecting to find this pool, my love. We didn't bring bathing suits." Josh smiled, his lover looking down at him.

"I love all three of you. I would show all of myself to feel the waters of my life." he said, the young man smiling down at all three of them.

Lucas moved off of the boulder, the man pulling off his sneakers, the three staring at him.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to his waist, unbuckling his belt, tossing his t-shirt from his waist.

"I love you, guys. Let's bathe in the waters of my love." Lucas smiled, opening his shorts, pulling them off.

Justin and Lance's eyes widened as Lucas lost his underwear, the young man standing before them naked.

He smiled a wide smile, seeing his friends taking in all of him.

"A beautiful soldier gazed upon me once here. Real love gazes upon me now." he smiled, the young man turning, rushing forward and diving into the pool.

Justin and Lance's eyes followed his smooth form, his perfectly formed butt disappearing into the calm water, the young man's body gliding under its blue clearness.

Lucas crested the water in the center of the pool, smiling back towards them.

"Come into its warmth, come into my love, guys." he smiled, Josh smiling out at his man.

"I need Lucas' love, guys." he said, the man smiling and standing up, looking at his friends.

"You've seen all of me, my friends. And now you've seen all of my Lucky. I need his love." he smiled, the man quickly removing his shorts, diving into the pool.

Justin and Lance's eyes met, the two smiling at each other.

"We need his love as well, Lancy. Just as much as we need our own."
Lance smiled, the man standing up, Justin smiling as the man revealed all of himself to him and his friends.

Lance leaned down, kissing Justin's lips, Justin taking in the nakedness of his love.

"Race you to his love, babe." Lance smiled, Justin quickly casting off his shorts and shoes.

The two smiled at each other, standing naked at the pool's edge.

Two sets of eyes in the water smiled at both, their friends' beauty showing.

Lucas' violet pools stared at both, his eyes scanning Lance's and Justin's revealed nakedness

I have love, I have it all.

Now to walk the true path.

He smiled, two lips kissing his cheek, two blue pools meeting his violet.

"They are beautiful, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's opening love.

"And they are ours, my love. We are each other's."

Josh smiled, turning and watching his two friends dive into the pool.

Lucas smiled, feeling their love wash against his.


Lance sighed, feeling the two hands rubbing across his back, the cream soothing the warmness of the sunburn he'd felt forming across his back.

It was after lunch, the four having swam together, then they'd feasted on Lucas' basket of love.

The four had felt so relaxed in the pool, their nakedness showing only their own opening souls.

All four had stared at the other three, their beauty showing.

Four men saw three others of equal beauty and differences as well.

Josh was the only one of the four with soft chest hair, the lightness of it in his chest's center marvelling Lance.

Lance had his own reason to smile, the largeness of his center drawing all three with praise.

Justin's body was the most tattooed, the man smiling at the other three's staring worship.

And Lucas' body enthralled all three, his muscled beauty the most formed.

Justin was a close second, Lucas' only showing more definition.

The four had voiced their thoughts and their love, the other three showing off their beauty with pride and no sexual desire.

That had surprised them all, Lucas voicing its truth.

"We see before us beauty and love. But we see in our soulmate's eyes the greater beauty and the true desire."

The three others had smiled, Lucas' eyes going to Justin's smooth chest.
"But damn! Eye candy is the best!" he grinned, the four laughing, Lance dunking the young man under the water.

Lucas had returned to the surface, smiling widely.

"Thanks, Lancy! I saw your bits under the water! They're huge!"

Lance laughed, Justin's arms going around him.

"They're delicious too, Lukey!"
Lucas smiled, winking at Lance.

"I'll find that out for myself." Josh had said, the other three smiling at him.

"Okay, enough lust-inducing flirting. I heard my tiger's rumbling tummy." Lance smiled, Justin blushing.

"I have a bottle of Tums, Jus. Or do you still have Finny's Rolaids?" Lucas said, the four bursting into laughter, Lucas swimming towards the shore, Justin smiling at his smooth butt as it rose in and out of the water.

"Your man's beautiful, Joshy." Justin smiled, Lance smiling as well.

"Our man's beautiful, guys." Josh said, the three smiling at each other, following Lucas out of the water.


Here now it was after lunch, Lance smiling as two hands rubbed the suntan lotion into his back.

His green eyes went to his left, smiling at his Justin.

Justin sat on the pool's edge, his back resting against a boulder, his body laying on a large blanket.

Josh lay across the blanket, his head resting in Justin's lap, the two wearing shorts again.

Justin's arm was across Josh's smooth chest, his hand resting on Josh's abs, one finger rubbing his belly button.

In his other hand Justin held an apple, the man biting into it.

Lance smiled, feeling the hands rubbing his shoulder.

"That'll protect your fair skin from the rays, Lancy." Lucas said the man sitting behind him, his legs on both sides of Lance's hips, the two seated on a large boulder.

"Thanks, Lukey. But what about my front?" Lance smiled, two arms wrapping around him.

"I was just getting to that, sweetie." Lucas said, Lance smiling, feeling two lips kissing his neck.

"Lay back as Josh is, Lance." Lucas said, Lance moving around, laying across Lucas' lap, Lucas putting their t-shirts together as a pillow, Lance laying back across the boulder, resting his head on the offered pillow, his chest laying across Lucas' lap.

Lucas smiled, squirting some of the suntan lotion across Lance's chest, Lance sighing as Lucas' magical hands began to rub it into his smooth torso.

Lance's head turned, staring down at his friends, Josh and Justin smiling up at each other.

"Give me a bite, Jus." Josh said, Justin smiling and taking a bite of the apple, smiling down at his friend.

Lucas smiled, watching Justin lean down, Josh's head raising, their lips meeting, Josh taking the offered apple piece from Justin's mouth.

"Mm, covered in love." he smiled, chewing on the piece, Lance smiling at him.

His green eyes went outwards, staring at the waterfall and the large pool.

"It's a beautiful spot, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling, his fingers going to Lance's nipples, rubbing the sunscreen across his chest.

"It is that, Lance. But your love--all of it--makes it more beautiful." he said, Josh smiling towards him.

"This is wonderful, Lucky. The four of us here, relaxing and loving each other." Josh said, Justin smiling down at him, Justin's fingers continuing to rub Josh's familiar abs.

"Damn near perfect." Justin smiled, looking towards his Lance, Lance smiling at him.

"And what would make it perfect, my love?" Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"Our getting married here, Lance."

Lance looked shocked, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You're jumping the gun, Jus." he said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his violet.

They then went to Lance's surprised green, Justin smiling at him.

"I love you, Lance. You are my life. One day I'll devote that love totally to you. You must sense that?"

Lance teared up, Lucas' fingers going to his cheek.

"He loves you, Lance. Commitment comes with that." Lucas said, Lance tearfully staring at Justin.

"I love you, Jus. I'll walk that path one day with you."

Justin smiled, Josh smiling up at him.

"But first you have to stand beside me and watch me marry my Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"Have you two set a date yet?" Justin said, smiling at Lance.

Josh's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"Whenever Josh's ready. I leave the love to his decision. Just as I proposed to him with love and romance, so shall he marry me. I want it to be romantic, as only he can show."
Josh teared up, Lucas lightly slapping Lance's chest.
"All lubed, Lancy. Unless you want something else lubed?"

Lance laughed, sitting up, his chest shining with sunscreen.

"Well if we're going to skinny dip again, I should have my ass cheeks taken care of."

Lucas smiled, his greased fingers going to Lance's back.

"I offer my services in all ways."

Lance smiled, kissing his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"I'm good, Luke."

"Then tell your lover to get over here, he needs protection as well." Lucas smiled, Lance climbing off the rock, smiling at Josh and Justin.

"Want to trade places, Jus?" Lance smiled, Justin nodding.

Josh smiled, lifting his head, Justin climbing off the blanket, Lance sitting down on it.

Josh smiled, his head going into Lance's lap, the man smiling down at him, his fingers going to Josh's hair, running through its curliness.

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Still have lots of lotion, Jus. Get that hot body up here."
Justin smiled, climbing onto the boulder, sitting in front of Lucas, the man's arms going around him, his lips going to his neck.

"My fantasy has shown its truth." he softly said, Justin smiling.

"Try to control yourself, Lukey."

Lucas laughed, squirting lotion onto Justin's chest.

Justin sighed, leaning back into Lucas' smooth chest, the young man smiling and rubbing the lotion all over Justin's chest, his lips lightly kissing Justin's neck as he worked over his chest.

Josh smiled, looking up into Lance's green pools.

"I love you, Lancy."
Lance smiled, leaning down, his lips meeting Josh's upturned lips.

Lucas smiled, his fingers touching all of Justin's beautiful chest.

The two men sighed, both feeling their joining love.


The trip back was one of walking happiness, the four walking as couples, hands entwined.

There had been no true sexual desire between them, only a welcoming newness of touching love.

Kisses had been exchanged, love shown.

Josh smiled at Lucas, the two walking behind Lance and Justin.

"A beautiful day, Lucky. I've never felt so happy and real." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Know the feeling, my love. Our sun-screened angels felt wonderful."

Josh smiled, Lucas having put lotion over him as well, that tenderness threatening with desire.

The two had withheld that desire, their eyes often going to Justin and Lance, the two laying on the blanket, their kissing showing a heated love as well.

The four had smiled at each other, another dip in the pool cooling their desires, the four swimming with their naked soulmates.

Lucas had sat on a boulder by himself for a while before they left, Josh sitting between his friends on the blanket.

The young man had stared out into the waterfall, his thoughts showing on his face.

Josh had stared at him, his friends' arms around him, Justin and Lance both kissing his cheeks.

"What's he thinking on, guys?" Josh had softly said, Justin smiling at him.

"He's taking in the realness of his dreams, Josh. I still can't believe that. That this is the place of his dreams."
"And that we're now a part of it." Lance said, Josh and Justin's eyes meeting his.

"I think we were all meant to come here, guys. We now can give Lucas the love he needs to walk forward on his destined path. I know I'll give him everything I have." Lance said, Justin smiling and leaning over Josh's chest, kissing his lover's lips.

"I'll give all of mine as well, my love." he said, Josh smiling at him as he looked into his eyes.

"We all love each other now. I think Lucas has given us the greatest gift." Josh said, Lance leaning over and kissing his lips.

"My love's here for you, Josh. I want you as happy as my Jus is." he said, Josh smiling at his friend.

"I shall take all of it, Lance. Just as I know Lucas will give you all of his."

Lance smiled, his head going to Josh's shoulder, Josh's arm going around him, Justin's body sinking against Josh's.

The three quietly stared at Lucas, the young man lost in thought, staring out into the real pool before him.

Here now they were walking back, the sun's rays sinking over the horizon as they walked out of the forest, the cabin's sandy beach showing before them.

The four smiled, walking across it, watching the sun begin to sink into the sea.

They walked up onto the veranda, Lucas smiling and setting the basket down on its teak boards, walking over to the railing, staring out into the warm sunshine.

"A beautiful day, Lucky. Thank you for suggesting the hike. It led us to your revealing love." Josh said, his arms wrapping around his man, Justin and Lance smiling and sitting down on a wicker couch behind them.

Lucas' violet eyes turned, Josh staring into two pools of wet love, Lucas showing tears.

"I love you, Joshua. But I need them, too."
Josh tightened his hold on Lucas, hugging him close.

"I love you, Lucas. I understand how giving your love is. I welcome our friends into our hearts. I love you and I love them." he said, Lance rising from his seat, walking up to the two men, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"I love you, Lucas. I would never go against the love you and Josh have." he said, Justin rising from his seat, his arm going around Lance's waist, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I love you as well, Lucas. I'm here for any way your love needs. I love Josh and I love my Lance. We all will keep to the sanctity of our soulmate's love."
Lucas smiled, looking into three sets of beaming love.

"Sorry, guys. The newness of your love threatens to overwhelm me. I thought that Josh's love would be enough. But I need yours as well. But I. . .I don't. . .I don't want to. . ." Lucas sobbed, Lance's hand going to his cheek.

"You don't want to use us." he finished, Lucas staring at him.

"Never, Lance! I'd never use you or you Jus!" he cried, Josh pulling him close.

"We know that, Lucas." Justin said, his hand rubbing the man's back now as well.

"I know how you and Lance have been used, Justin. I. . .I don't want you to think. . .that I'd. . .that Josh would. . ."

Justin smiled, leaning forward, his lips kissing Lucas' softly.

"You forget that I've felt Josh's love, Lucas. I know he'd never use me. He never has. And Lance feels Josh's love through me. We both feel his giving love. And we've both felt your love growing in your soul. You saved both of us from Adam's clutches, making that same man feel love. There is no lust in your soul, Lucas. No ownership. We both see the happiness on Josh's face. He's felt your true love. We only want to be a part of it. As you and all of us see fit." Justin said, Lucas tearing up.

"Oh God, I love you all so much!" he said, Justin smiling and pulling the young man out of Josh's arms, his own wrapping around him.

Josh smiled, wiping his own tearing eyes, Lance's arm going around him.

"You're showing your love again, Lucas. We all open our hearts to you." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sorry, guys. Your love just overcame me there for a moment."
"Wait till you taste my steaks, I'll have you eating out of my hand." Justin smiled, Lucas laughing, Josh smiling at his friends.

"We'll cook dinner, guys. How about a barbecue on the beach?" Lance smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Terrific guys." Josh said, Justin and Lance smiling at their two friends.

"Let's go shower, babe. I want to wash the day's warmth off your tanning beauty." Justin said, Lance beaming.

The two kissed Josh and Lucas on the lips, the two men walking into the cabin.

The two remaining men smiled after them, Josh's arms going around his Lucky.

"I love you, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling and kissing him deeply, Lucas feeling all of his love.
The two parted, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"I love you, Lucas. And I'm ready for wherever that love leads me."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man, his violet eyes staring out into the lowering sun.


The barbecue was a big hit, Justin cooking steaks, Lance fixing salads and potatoes.

The four dined on a blanket in the warm sand, the sun sinking in the west over the waves.

They overate, the meal succulent and delicious.

The two couples lay in the darkness on the blanket, their soulmates wrapped in their arms.

Lance had lit Tiki torches when the darkness had made the sun's warmth leave.

They smiled contently, locked in the embrace of their lover.

Josh smiled, his Lucky laying against his chest, his arms wrapped around his waist.

Josh smiled looking to his right.

Justin lay on his back, Lance laying on his other side, his head on Justin's chest, his hand rubbing Justin's stomach.

"Oh God, I can't move." Justin softly said, Lance smiling and rubbing his stomach more.

"My whale's beginning to speak." he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing.

"He'll harpoon easily, Lancy."
Josh laughed, Justin blushing, his blue eyes looking at his friends.

"There are so many stars." he softly said, staring up into the clear night sky.

They all looked upwards, Lucas seeing a shooting star cross the sky.

"Look, babe! A shooting star!"

"A falling star! Make a wish, Lucky!" he said, Lucas staring up at the sky, his eyes closing.

He opened them a moment later, his eyes going to his Josh's blue pools.

"What did you wish for, babe?"

"Nothing, babe. I have it all." he said, Josh tearing up.

"On that note of love, I think we should retire. I'm beat." Justin said, Lance smiling and sitting up.

"I've felt your energy dying my love. Sleep you indeed need. Your teddy bear awaits." he smiled, Justin smiling up at him.

"I love you, Lance."

Lance smiled, rising up and helping his man rise up as well.

Josh and Lucas rose up as well, the two helping Lance and Justin clean up the beach, folding the blanket and carrying everything up onto the veranda, Lucas extinguishing the torches.

When the last one went out, Lucas suddenly felt a presence near him.

He turned in the darkness, staring towards the water, the young man seeing someone standing on the water's edge, a dark shadow shown there.

The shadow didn't move for a few moments, Lucas staring at it.

"You coming in, babe?" Josh shouted from the veranda, Justin and Lance behind him.

Lucas stared at the dark shadow, its image suddenly moving, the shape sinking to its knees.

Lucas ran forward, going to the image, enveloping it in his arms, the shadow sagging against him.

"Lucas. . .I. . .I couldn't find you. . ." the shadow said, collapsing against him.

"Lucas? Where are you?" Josh said, shouting from the veranda, Lance grabbing a flashlight off the railing.

He moved down the steps, Josh and Justin following behind him.

The three walked to where their barbecue had been, their eyes searching the darkness before them.

"Over here, guys! I need your help!" Lucas shouted, the three looking towards the darkened water.

Lance raised his arm, the flashlight there in his hand igniting.

Its rays beamed across the beach, three sets of eyes widening in surprise.

Lucas sat on the water's edge, his arms wrapped around someone.

The man's head moved, two eyes on a handsome face opening in the darkness, two glowing green pools staring back at them.

"Come here, guys! Joshua's been hurt!"
Josh stared in shock, staring at a ghost Civil War soldier laying in his man's arms.



End of Chapter 57


And so the elusive phantom known as Joshua appears in the real world.

What will Josh do about this man, or this phantom?


Lucas' has opened his love to the real loves before him.

Justin, Josh and Lance have seen his real soul.

Their love deepens.

Will it turn into total love, the four giving into each other's love and desires?


Lucas' Pool has been found in the center of Justin's island of love.

It now shows its realness.

Is that what has drawn Joshua the phantom into the real world?

Are the two connected somehow in both realms?


Questions in need of answers.
Read on, the plot thickens.


Hugs, Angel.