Yesterday's End-58

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Chapter 58


Three sets of eyes stared at the man laying on Josh and Lucas' bed, Lucas at the man's side.

Lucas and Justin had carried the man into the cabin, Josh and Lance running ahead of them, pulling the blankets off the bed, Lucas and Justin guiding the man down onto the bed.

The man's green eyes had looked at them for a moment, their greenness suddenly closing as the man gasped, Lucas' hand going to his forehead.

"He's burning up. He has a fever." Lucas said, Josh's hand going to his lover's shoulder.

"That. . .he's. . .he's your Joshua?" Josh said softly, his blue eyes staring at the man laying on the bed.

"Yes, Josh. It is him."
"But he's. . .he's from your dreams, Luke. You always thought him a ghost, an apparition." Lance said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his green.

"I know, Lance. I'm as shocked as all of you seeing him here. I was so shocked when I saw him standing on that dark beach. Then he collapsed." Lucas said, the young man staring at the unconscious man's face.

His three friends stared at the man, taking him to be in his late thirties.

He wore an ancient uniform, its epaulets and buttons making it a Union Army uniform.

"That uniform's ancient, Luke. It's from the Civil War era." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. It's the same uniform he wore at the waterfall. He doesn't have his cloak though." Lucas said, his violet eyes scanning over the man's clothed body.

"Is he hurt, Lucky?" Josh asked, the young man's hand going out, gently moving across the man's chest.

The man moaned, Lucas looking at his friends.

Lucas' hands opened the man's jacket, the four seeing blood showing across his chest.

The man's shirt was in tatters, Lucas gently unbuttoning it, his friends gasping.

Across the man's smooth chest were three long slash marks.

"Get me the first aid kit, Jus." Lucas said, the man moving quickly out of the room.

Lance walked around the bed, sitting down on the other side of the man's body, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Help me remove his coat and shirt, Lancy." Lucas said, Lance nodding, the two gently moving the man around, Lance pulling off the jacket as Lucas raised the man's torso.

The shirt came off quickly, Lucas gently moving the man back against the pillows, the three men taking in the man's muscled, smooth torso.

Justin walked into the room, handing Lucas the first aid kit, Lucas opening it quickly and pulling out medical supplies.

"Those marks look like an animal's claw marks, Luke." Justin said, his arm around Josh's waist, the two men standing beside Lucas' seated body.

"Yes, Jus. Joshua's been attacked by something." Lucas said, gently applying a soft cloth to the man's wounds, beginning to clean them with antiseptics, the man moaning again, his eyes still closed.

"He looks very weak, Luke. And exhausted." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. I think the voyage across both worlds may have exhausted him."

"You mean. . .you mean he's come from. . .? Is he a shade?" Lance softly said, Lucas' eyes meeting his, then meeting his Josh's and Justin's eyes.

"I think so, Lance. He walked out of the void, and now he's in the present. How that's possible only he knows." Lucas said, gently cleaning the man's wounds.

"But why is he here now, Lucky?" Josh said, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder again.

"Why is the pool and waterfall here, my love? It's the mystery that is my life." Lucas said, Josh's hand squeezing his shoulder.

"He's very handsome, Lucas. I see your features in his face." Josh said, Lucas smiling up at him.

"He is of my family, Josh. I truly believe that. Of when is the mystery." Lucas said, the young man picking up a roll of gauze tape and some gauze pads, gently covering the man's wounds, the bleeding having lessened.

Lance helped Lucas apply the white bandage around the wounds, the two men taping it against his chest, Lance feeling the warm realness of the man's body.

"He's flesh and blood, Luke." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"He is real, Lance. Of that I have no doubt." Lucas said, the man closing up the first aid kit, his hand going to the man's forehead, feeling its warmth.

The young man gently patted the man's cheek, the man's eyes fluttering, then slowly opening, two emerald green orbs staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Hello, Joshua. Are you alright?" Lucas said softly, the man's green pools looking around him, their greenness meeting another set of green pools.

"Do I know you?" he softly said, staring at Lance.

"No, Joshua. But I know of you. I'm Lucas' friend, Lance."

The man's eyes widened a bit, the man beginning to move, the man gasping, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"You're weak, Joshua. And wounded. Lay back and rest."
"Where. . .where am I? I sought the pool and felt its closeness. But the vision didn't materialize." he softly said, Lucas opening the first aid kit again, pulling out a bottle of Advil and a bottle of antibiotics.

"Here, Joshua. Take these, they will fight off the fever and lessen the pain." Lucas said, Justin rushing out of the room again, returning quickly with a glass of water, the man's eyes meeting his as Justin handed Lucas the glass.

"I must. . .it was. . .so dangerous." the man softly said, Lucas gently lifting his head and feeding him the pills, the man swallowing, Lance giving him water.

The man's head fell back against the pillows, his eyes flickering.

"Rest, Joshua. The night ends for you. Sleep in peace and quiet, my friend." Lucas softly said, the man's eyes closing, Lucas soft voice and the drugs doing their work.

"Watch. . .be careful. . .on the edge. . .it awaits. . ." Joshua softly said, his voice silencing.

Lance stared at Lucas, the man nodding towards the blankets at the end of the bed, Lance pulling them up, covering the man's half-naked form, Lucas and Lance both rising from the bed.

All four stared down at the sleeping man, Josh's arm going around Lucas.

"He'll sleep all night, I believe." Lucas said, nodding towards the bedroom doorway, the four quietly walking out of the room, Lucas staring at the sleeping man as he closed the door.


"I can't fathom it, Lucas. That man's a ghost! He's. . .he's asleep in your bed!" Justin said, Lance's arm around his lover, the two seated on the couch in the living room, Josh on Justin's other side, Lucas sitting on the coffee table in front of the three, staring at them.

"My pool was a ghost as well, Justin. Or a ghostly vision of my dreams. But it's real. I think he's real or was real. I'm not sure of the logistics of it all. All I know is he's here and he's real right now." Lucas said, the other three nodding.

"Something attacked him, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Was it the Beast, Lucas?" Josh said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"It may well have been. He said it awaits on the edge. It could well be the Beast Leila warned me of." Lucas said, Justin's hand going to the young man's knee in front of him.

"What's he doing here, Lucas? Why did he cross God's void to reach you?"
"I don't know, Justin. But I find it very coincidental that he's here on the day I find the real pool of my dreams." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"Could it be a duality, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas looking at him.
"What do you mean, Lance?"

"That man came to your waterfall in your dreams, drawn to your love. Your pool of love as he called it. That pool was real, we saw that today. So maybe he's real. His real self drawn to the real pool of your love."

Lucas nodded, Lance's reasoning sounding plausible.

"Perhaps, Lancy. Perhaps you're right." Lucas said, Josh's hand going to Lucas' other knee.

"We're all surprised by this, Lucas. But the man doesn't seem dangerous. You have voiced that he seems giving and helpful. I believe the real man is the same."

Lucas smiled nodding.

"I don't think we need to fear him, Beamy. His love over there felt real and giving."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"We'll find out in the morning what's going on, guys." Lucas said, the young man's eyes going to his lover's blue pools.

"Care to sleep under the stars, my love? Some blankets on the sand maybe? We've lost our bed of love for the night." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Or perhaps the couch, my love. It's short and cozy." Josh smiled, Justin and Lance looking at each other, their faces showing soft smiles.

"Our bed's king sized, guys. We could share it." Justin said, Lance smiling at his lover, Justin squeezing Lucas' knee, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"We wouldn't want to intrude on your love, guys." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him, Justin leaning forward and kissing the young man on the lips.

"We felt your wet love in your pool of love, Lucas. And we've felt both of your love all day. Our love is your love. It is Embrace Island after all.  I think we should embrace our friends' love." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"One naked dip and the man wants me in his bed."

Justin blushed, Josh and Lucas both laughing.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward, kissing Justin on the lips.

"I'll take all you give, my Justin." he said, Justin smiling, squeezing his knee again.

Lucas smiled at Lance, the man smiling back.

"Our loves have my knees in hand, what would you like to squeeze Lance?"

Lance laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"Dibs on those fine tushy mounds."

Lucas laughed, Josh and Justin laughing as well, Lance smiling at all three.

Josh leaned across Justin kissing Lance's cheek, then Justin's.

"Thank you for the offer of warmth and love, Justin and Lance. Lucas and I wholeheartedly accept." he said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"Let's hit the hay, my loves." Lucas said, Justin and Josh both smiling, standing up, Lance offering Lucas his hand, the two rising together.

Josh turned out the lights in the living room, the four walking down the hallway, Lance's hand in Lucas', Josh's arm around Justin.

Lucas stopped at his bedroom door, smiling at his friends.

"I'm just going to check on Joshua before I sleep." he said, the other three nodding, Lucas opening the door to the room, walking into it.

Lance's arm went around Josh, kissing his cheek.

"Let's wait for him in our room, Joshy."

Josh smiled, walking with his friends down the hallway further.


Lucas stared at the man sound asleep in his bed, the young man standing over him.

Why are you here in the real world, Joshua?

What has pulled you here, and what has attacked you?
Is it close to our love?
Should I stand guard all night?
I don't want them to feel my worry?

Lucas' hand went to the stone around his neck, the man's eyes closing.

A few moments later he opened them, their violet glow diminishing

All is safe, my friend.

I feel no danger anywhere on this island.

Or on the surrounding plane of existence.

You've fled in secrecy, your soul hidden from all, even yourself.
Lucas' hand went out, the man gently resting it on the man's forehead.

My love will make you sleep all night, Joshua of my unknown past.

Tomorrow sheds light on your existence.

My love is here in this world as well.
Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing the man's forehead.

"Sleep in love, lost one. My love surrounds you." he softly said, rising up and quietly walking out of the room, the man turning off the light, the room bathed in moonlight.

He smiled, closing the door.


Lucas walked into the second bedroom, three smiles meeting his violet-eyed gaze.

"I thought you'd be in bed, sweeties?" he smiled, three visions of beauty meeting his love.

Josh and Justin were sitting on the made bed, the two wearing only boxer briefs, Justin's arm around Josh.

Lance stood by the dresser, the man folding clothes and placing them on the chair beside it, his body clothed in only a pair of white briefs.

"You turned on the air." Lucas smiled, closing the bedroom door behind him, Lance smiling at him.

"The night was warm. Its coolness will help us sleep." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"So have we divided up the battlefield yet? Josh always takes dibs on the right side. But word of warning, he roams." Lucas smiled, the man's hands going to his shirt, pulling it off his smooth chest, three sets of eyes taking in his revealed beauty.

Lucas smiled, his hands going to his shorts, pulling them down his muscled legs, handing them to Lance with the shirt, the man smiling and folding them, Lucas standing in white briefs.

"Justin and Josh did Rocks, Papers, Scissors to decide that. Looks like you and I have boybanders on both sides. And Josh has to deal with the left side." Lance smiled, Lucas laughing, Lance's eyes going over Lucas' brief-clad body.

"Justin better get used to my roaming hands. I always cuddle with the man on my right."
Justin grinned, winking at Lucas.

Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring at Lance.
"And Lance can make the loneliness of the left side more bearable."

Lance smiled, setting Lucas' shorts and folded shirt on top of their clothing.

"If the hoarders will move their asses, you and I can climb into the center, Lancy."
Lance laughed, Justin and Josh smiling at each other, the two rising up from the bed.

Lance's arm went around Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Let me guide you to our love, Luke."
Lucas smiled, Lance walking him to the bed.

Josh pulled down the covers, Lance and Lucas climbing into the bed, Lance going first, Lucas climbing over Lance's smooth body, laying on his right side.

Josh leaned over to Justin, kissing him fully on the lips, the man feeling his love.

The two parted, Josh smiling at him.

"You'll be so far from me, Jus. I wanted to taste your love before I fell asleep."

Justin smiled, looking at his man.

"I'll have Lucas between me and my love. And you'll have Lancy between you and yours."

Lucas kissed Lance's cheek, the two smiling at their standing lovers, hearing their soft words.

"Something tells me you and I are going to be cuddled to death." Lance said, Lucas laughing.

"What a way to go!"

All four laughed, Justin walking around the bed, climbing into it, laying beside Lucas.

Josh smiled, leaning towards the dresser, flicking off the light, the room bathed in moonlight.

Josh climbed into the bed, the man laying beside Lance.

Justin and Josh both turned their bodies, their heads going to Lucas' and Lance's shoulders.

The four lay in silence, their bodies relaxed against the clean sheets.

A voice broke the silence.

"Lucas?" Lance softly said.

"Yes, Lance. I feel your love. I wouldn't ever come between that." Lucas' calm voice said in the darkness.

Lance's green eyes met Lucas' violet pools in the moonlight, his pools softly glowing.

Lucas smiled, moving, his body going on top of Lance.

For a moment Lance felt Lucas' smooth muscled body against his, two soft lips kissing his.

"Enjoy the closeness of my love, Lance. And enjoy the path to yours."

Lance smiled, Lucas moving and rolling to his left, his arms going around his Joshua.

Lance's body moved to his right, his arms pulling his Justin close to him.

"I love you, Jus. I'm here for the voyage to our love."

Justin smiled, the man's head going to Lance's chest, his arms wrapped around him.

Lucas had his own vision of love wrapped in his arms.

"I love you, Josh. My love sends you to slumber always."

Josh smiled, his lips meeting Lucas', the two feeling their own love.

Josh's head went to Lucas' chest, his blue eyes staring over towards Lance and Justin, Justin's blue eyes staring at him in the moonlight.

"We have our dreams, Jus." Josh said, Justin smiling.

"We do, Joshy. Lance's love is mine. As is yours, my friends."
The four smiled, four sets of eyes closing.

Lucas smiled, feeling his lover against him.

He also felt Lance's and Justin's love beside him.

The best of both worlds.

I now know what Joshua feels.

And I have so much more.

He smiled, the young man drifting off to sleep, surrounded by total love.


Lucas' violet pools opened, the man sensing the surrounding warmth around him.

His eyes went to the sunshine dancing across the ceiling above him.

He also felt a soft wetness near his neck.

He turned to his left, Josh's face an inch away from his, the man's mouth open, a small puddle of drool laying on his neck.

Wetting me with your love, my angel.

I'll swim in it forever.

He smiled, the man feeling more warmth on his right side.

He slowly turned, a head of blondish hair meeting his eyes.

He smiled, staring into Lance's coiffed hair.

Lance's head was in Lucas' right armpit, the man's arm spread across the right side of the bed.

Lance's nose was against Lucas' right nipple, the man's breath warming his right ribcage.

Justin was behind Lance, his arm across the man's chest, his hand resting on Lucas' abs, one finger laying in Lucas' belly button hole.

Lucas smiled, feeling their surrounding love.

Two pairs of soulmates joined as one.

The warmth of your love warms my soul, my angels.

No desires, only love.

Lucas smiled, feeling a deeper heat against his hip.

Well, maybe some desire.

My amorous Lancy.

I feel the greatness of your love.
He smiled, feeling Lance's large-cloth covered shaft against his hip bone.

Lucas felt a more urgent need within himself, the man feeling the enclosed predicament.

How to unravel from their close love.

He smiled, beginning to slowly move.

The first to put up a fight was Justin.

His hand moved across Lucas' abs, his fingers digging into Lucas belly button.

"It's early, Lance. More sleep." he softly said, his eyes closed, Lucas smiling.

"Roll over, Justy." Lucas softly said, Justin murmuring.

His hand--and then arm--moved, his fingers crossing over Lucas' center, Lucas softly holding in a moan, Justin's fingers lingering on his hard center.

Justin then moved back, laying on his back, his hand leaving Lucas' chest.

Lucas smiled, his finger going to Lance's cheek, softly rubbing it.

"Move to your right, babe. My love awaits." Lucas softly said, Lance murmuring, his body moving on its own.

Lance moved to his right, his body going against Justin's, the man's arms moving on their own, wrapping around Lance.

Lucas smiled, taking in the view of Lance's bubbly white brief-covered butt.

"More hills than I deserve." he softly said, Josh murmuring beside him, his arm going across Lucas' chest, pulling him closer to him.

"Out of the fire and into the heat." Lucas said, smiling.

Josh's lips went to Lucas' neck, softly sucking on his skin.

"It's early, Lucky. Mm. . .let's sleep, cuddly." he said, his body sinking more into him.

"I have to pee, babe." Lucas softly said, Josh nodding his head.

His blue pools softly opened, Lucas smiling into his blue love.

"Sorry, babe. What time is it? "Josh softly said, smiling at him.

Lucas' eyes went to his watch, smiling at his lover.

"Six o'clock, babe."

"Hurry back, my love. We have hours to sleep joined as one." he said, Lucas smiling at him as Josh loosened his hold on him.

"Be right back, my love. But enjoy the view until I return." Lucas said, the man moving upwards, climbing over Josh's smooth body, lingering on top of him for a bit as the two softly kiss, Lucas then climbing out of bed.
Josh's blue eyes moved to his right, taking in the two men sleeping beside him.

Lance's beautiful form stared him in the face, Justin's arms wrapped around him.

Josh's eyes took in Lance's smooth back and bubbly butt.

Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing Josh's open lips.

Josh felt his giving love, the man breaking the kiss, his finger going to his man's left nipple.

"Enjoy the view. I may have to take care of my man's needs, sleep be damned."

Josh smiled softly, Lucas releasing his nipple, the young man smiling at him.

Josh took in the large tent showing in Lucas' white briefs, the man winking at him.

"I've been enjoying all the view." he smiled, the young man walking out of the room quietly.

Josh smiled after his lover, his eyes moving again to his right.

He smiled, taking in his friends' revealed beauty.

You two are beyond beautiful.

But my Lucky's everything.

Josh smiled, closing his eyes, awaiting his lover's return.


Lucas quietly opened the bedroom door, returning from his bathroom stop.

He looked into the room, finding the bed empty.

He scanned the room, seeing the man's shirt laying where Lance had left it, its dusty fabric looking thread-worn.

He quietly closed the door again, looking towards the end of the hall and Justin and Lance's closed bedroom door.

Lucas walked back to that bedroom, quietly opening its door.

He walked into the room, seeing his three loves still sound asleep.

He smiled, seeing that all three had moved in their sleep.

The rolling essence of love.

All three of you seek it in yourselves, and in myself.
Lucas smiled, seeing his Josh laying on his back in the middle of the bed.

Justin's arms were wrapped around him, his head against Josh's smooth chest.

Lance was on his left side, Josh's arm around him, his head in Josh's armpit, his face showing a soft smile.

Lucas smiled, seeing his soulmate in the center of their friends' love.

Lucas stared at their almost nakedness, seeing the morning beauty of all their desires showing.

Three tents of love showed in the fabric of their briefs.

Lucas smiled, seeing the truth of their love.

You three can deal with your needs when you awaken.

I know that you shall only love what needs to be loved.

And I trust all three of you.

Lucas smiled, the man quietly picking up his shorts, pulling them on, smiling again at the bed.

Enjoy the beauty of their love when you awake, my Josh.

My love will be waiting in the sunshine for you.

Lucas smiled, the young man quietly walking out of the room.


Lucas looked around, standing on the veranda of the cabin, staring out into the morning sunshine.

His eyes scanned the beach, seeing no one.

He'd walked through the cabin, finding Joshua nowhere.

His eyes scanned the sandy beach, going towards the blue waters.

He saw a movement in the waves, a head suddenly coming into view.

Lucas walked down the steps, walking across the sandy beach in his bare feet.

He walked to the beach's watery edge, seeing Joshua swimming in the waves.

His boots, socks and uniform pants lay discarded on the beach's edge, a white bandage laying on top of them.

"Come in, Lucas! The water is invigorating!" the man said, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Alright, Joshua." Lucas smiled, the man's hands going to his shorts, pulling them off, standing in his white briefs.

Lucas smiled, running through the waves, diving into the crystal blue water, submerging himself.

His body crested the waves, Lucas coming out of the water about two feet in front of Joshua.

The man smiled at him, his black curly hair wet and showing more curls.

Lucas smiled back at him, his eyes taking in the man's scarred chest.

Three scars ran across it, their redness showing.

"You should have kept the bandage on, Joshua." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"Scars heal, Lucas. The pain subsides. But it feels more real than it ever has."
Lucas nodded, staring into his green eyes.

"Why are you here in the real world, Joshua?"
The man's eyes lowered for a moment, then rose again.

"I do not know, Lucas. I haven't been in this true world in eons."

Lucas nodded, the man softly smiling at the older man.

"Welcome to our world, Joshua."
The man smiled back.

"Its warmth floods my soul, Lucas. As does your love. It is even more real here."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"My friends are so eager to meet you."
The man smiled, nodding his head.

"And I them, Lucas. For I felt their love surrounding us."

Lucas smiled, the man grinning.

He dove again into the water, his body submerging beneath the waves.

Lucas stared at him, seeing the man's nude body glide under the water.

Lucas smiled, swimming against the waves.


Josh's blue eyes opened, staring into two green pools.

Lance's smile filling his face.

"You sneak. Positioning yourself between me and my love." Lance said, Josh looking to his right.

Justin lay sound asleep against his right side, his lips on Josh's right nipple.

"I'm so sorry, Lance!" Josh said, Lance silencing him with a deep kiss to the lips.

The two broke their kiss, Lance smiling at him.

"You have nothing to be forgiven for, Joshy. I awoke in the embrace of your loving arms. I'm happy."
Josh smiled softly, realizing his arm was indeed around Lance.

"Where's my own love, Lance?"

"I don't know, Joshy. He was gone when I awoke. Probably checking on Joshua."

Josh nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"He woke me at six, wanting to go to the bathroom. He said he'd be right back." Josh said, Lance glancing at the clock radio on the nightstand.

"It's after eight now, Josh."
"I must have fallen asleep again. But I was on your left side."
Lance smiled, leaning against Josh's smooth body.

"I'm sure Justin moved in the bed, drawing you towards him. I think I remember him pulling you on top of me. Our Jus has always rolled around in bed, pulling love to him." Lance smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I know, Lance. I've slept with him before as you well know."
Lance nodded, his smile not changing.

"Yes, you've experienced his love. It can be very clingy, but so beautiful."
Josh smiled, nodding.

Lance smiled, his head going against Josh's shoulder.

"Isn't this beautiful, Josh? Both of us here with Justin. I hold no jealousy in your love for him. For I know Justin has savoured it. And still he comes to me for love. Your love mirrors my own."

"Your love he hungers for, Lance. I see that easily in his eyes. I see that there's so much love there for you."
Lance smiled, looking at his lover, his finger going to Justin's cheek, the man softly murmuring, his lips sucking on Josh's nipple, Josh softly moaning.

"I think you should move him, Lancy. He thinks I'm you."
Lance smiled, his finger moving from Justin's cheek, softly rubbing Josh's left nipple, Josh's blue eyes meeting his green.

"I think he knows its you, Josh."

Josh stared into Lance's green pools, the man smiling at him.

"I love Justin, Josh. And I trust him. And I trust you."
Josh smiled, staring into the man's handsome face.

"I trust both of you, Lance. And I love both of you."

Lance smiled, his fingers leaving Josh's left nipple, going back to Justin's face.

"Rise and shine, my beautiful angel. Josh needs his nipple back."

Justin murmured, his blue eyes slowly opening, the man staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Josh? What. . .what are you doing against me?" he said, his eyes moving into Lance's vision.

"Morning, my love. Look what's snuggled between us."

Justin stared into Lance's green pools, seeing only love shining back.

"Morning, my love. Can we keep it?"

Lance laughed, Justin smiling back at him, Josh smiling at both of them.

"I think Luke would have something to say about that. I don't think he likes used goods."

Justin laughed again, Josh blushing.

"Morning, Joshy. What brings you here into the middle of our love?" Justin said, leaning over and kissing Lance on the lips, Josh smiling at their showing love.

"I think you pulled me into your heart again, Justy. You and your damn clingy hands."
Justin grinned, his hand going onto Josh's chest, rubbing the soft fur between his pecs.

"Old paths, familiar warmth. And new paths, with beautiful warmth."

Lance smiled, Justin's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Where's the second half of your heart, Josh?"

"He climbed out of my arms at six. That was two hours ago. I think he guided us together, my devious loving angel."

Lance and Justin both smiled, winking at each other.

"We'll have to thank him later. Which do you want, Lancy? Front or back?" Justin beamed, Lance smiling widely.

"Front definitely! I've been staring at that tent for hours."

Justin laughed, his hand going under Josh's back, cupping one ass cheek.

"And I've been dying to climb the hills of Chasez again."

Josh blushed deeply, Lance and Justin laughing again.

They both moved forward, Lance kissing Josh's lips again, Justin kissing his cheek.

Lance moved, kissing his cheek, Justin's lips then meeting Josh's.

Josh felt their stirring love, the warmth of their bodies against him feeling so beautiful.

Justin parted from his lips, the man smiling at him.

"Your beauty is heavenly so early in the morning, Joshy. But my Lance's takes my breath away." he said, staring at Lance, his smile for him alone.

"I know, Jus. Lance was stating the same thing before you woke."

Justin smiled, his hand rubbing Josh's chest, the man smiling at him.

"I think we should get up, Your beauty is beautiful, but I need all of my Lance's. How about a swim, babe?"

Lance smiled, his hands leaving Josh's chest, the man smiling at both of them.

"I'd love it, babe. Some more deep sea fishing."

Justin beamed, Josh laughing.

The three smiled, rising up out of the bed together, their eyes glancing at the three mounds of hardened desire showing.

"Morning happiness, guys. My Lucky's always wakes me with a smile." Josh said, pulling on his cargo shorts.

The two other men smiled, Josh walking out of the room, their eyes following his bubbly backside.

Lance smiled, Justin kissing his lips.

"Those hills are beautiful, but yours are heaven."

Lance smiled, opening the dresser drawer, pulling out their swimsuits.


Three men walked out onto the veranda, their eyes going towards the water, a hand waving towards them.

Lucas sat in a lounge chair at the water's edge.

Their eyes moved to the water, seeing Joshua swimming out in its depths.

The three men walked down the steps, walking across the sandy beach.

Josh leaned down, kissing his Lucky when he walked up to the lounge chair.

He felt his man's love, Josh's eyes taking in his wet beauty, Lucas' white briefs wet and showing the hidden treasure there.

"Good morning, my love. You've been in the water without us." Josh said, Lucas smiling up at him, his violet eyes meeting Lance's green, and Justin's staring blue.

"Joshua called me into the waves.  He's been in longer than I have. I think he's part fish. He says it rejuvenates him." Lucas smiled, Justin's eyes moving from Lucas' wet center, his smile meeting his.

"Is he feeling alright? Should he be swimming with his wounds?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I said the same thing, Jus. He says life goes on."
The three men nodded, their eyes going back to the water, seeing the man swimming towards them now.

Their eyes took in the man's smiling face, his wet curls hanging on his shoulders.

The man was walking in the water, his body rising out of its wetness.

They took in the scars ripped across his chest, their redness showing, but not as vividly as they had last night.

His body was smooth, muscled and almost a mirrored image of Lucas' beauty.

"A surprising vision." Lucas smiled, the three looking at him, their eyes going back to the man.

All three sets of eyes widened when the man's body rose more out of the water.

They all saw his complete nakedness, the man only a few feet from them.

"Good morning, friends of Lucas." the man said, his voice laced with authority and calmness.

"Good. . .good morning, Joshua." Lance softly said, his head turning to the cabin, Josh doing the same.

Justin's blue eyes were staring at the man's revealed beauty, the older man smiling.

"I swim as I lived and as I was born." he said, Justin smiling at him, Lucas smiling as well.

"My Josh and Lance hold hearts of modesty, Joshua. Justin's always been a needful man."

Justin blushed, his eyes going to his soulmate, Lance's green eyes staring at him with love, his hand going in his.

The wet naked man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Do you have any clothing I could wear, Lucas? My uniform has seen its end, I am afraid. Here in the true world it shows its age."

Lucas smiled, standing up, Lance and Justin taking in his revealed wetness as well, Justin's eyes locked on Lucas' center.

"I need to change as well. And Justin's popping wood."

Justin blushed, Lance and Josh laughing, the other Joshua smiling at the singer.

"Beauty surrounds me. And mine I give." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Have your swim, guys. I'll start breakfast. You come with me, Joshua of my dreams."
"Alright, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back, picking up his shorts, walking towards the cabin.

Joshua smiled at the three, the man walking out of the water, picking up his clothes, following Lucas towards the cabin.

Three sets of eyes followed the two, their eyes drawn to the naked man's butt.

"Wow, he's so beautiful!" Justin said, Lance's arm going around him.

"And so real. An older vision of Lucas perhaps." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"I have so much to look forward to. Their beauty shines."

Justin and Lance smiled, Justin kissing Lance's cheek.

"Let's swim, babe. All this beauty only draws me to yours."

"Nice save, Justy! You were practically drooling." Lance smiled, Josh laughing, Justin blushing.

"I only have eyes for you, my love." he said, Lance smiling and leaning forward, kissing him deeply.

"You have so much more to offer, babe. And I want to feel all its wetness."
Justin smiled, he and Lance moving, running into the water.

Josh smiled at their bodies as they dove into the water, his blue eyes going back to the cabin.

So much love.

Who are you really, Joshua?

And why do I feel the love in my Lucky's soul has doubled?

I'm going to draw that truth out.

I think I have you to thank for the love he gives all of us.

Josh smiled, pulling off his shorts, standing in his boxer briefs.

Justin and Lance waved at him, their arms around each other in the water, Josh smiling and walking towards his friends.


Lucas smiled, floating the comforter over the king size bed, smoothing it out across it.

He placed the pillows and shams on top of it, smiling.

He was in his and Josh's bedroom, the man having cleaned up the two bedrooms.

Two arms suddenly wrapped around him, two lips going to his neck.

"I'll help you dress, Justin. And I'll take care of that rod of happiness poking me in the butt."

A hand moved to his abs, lightly slapping them, Lucas smiling.

"That rod needs a god!"

Lucas laughed, turning around, his lips meeting his Beamy's, Josh's arms pulling him close.

Lucas felt the wetness of Josh's briefs against his body, and the hardness they contained.

"Did all that male beauty get my Beamy excited?"

"Seeing your smoothness in the sunshine did that, babe." Josh said, his lips going to Lucas' earlobe.

His hands moved downward, squeezing Lucas' butt cheeks.

"My baby's on fire. And here I've gone and made the beds."
Josh smiled, licking Lucas' ear, the young man softly moaning.

"I so want to make love to you, Lucas. It's been over a day." Josh said, his voice etched with desire and deep love.

"I know, babe. I need you too. All of you."
Josh smiled, moving back, his fingers going to Lucas' warm cheek.

"Let's take a walk later to the pool." he said, Lucas smiling.

"We shall, Beamy. Joshua wants to see it."

Josh stared into his violet pools.

"I know your feelings, my love. I feel all of them. I'm as much in the dark as you as to why he's here."
Josh nodded, looking towards the bedroom door.

"He hasn't said anything about it?"
"Just that he's here."
Josh nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've got breakfast mostly ready, and the place in ship shape. How about you get dressed and we'll talk to him together?"

Josh smiled, his hands squeezing Lucas' butt cheeks again.

"How about you undress me, my love?"

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to the cargo shorts Josh had dropped on the floor by the door.

"I'd love to, my man. But there's not much to undress." he said, his hands going to Josh's waist, pulling on the wet boxer briefs he wore.

Josh smiled as Lucas pulled them down, his hardness slapping Lucas against his clothed stomach.

Lucas smiled, his hand wrapping around it.

"Oh, babe. Your touch moves me." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're going to be delicious this afternoon, my beauty. I'm going to stoke you with need." Lucas said, releasing his hold on Josh's shaft, the man moaning.

"Please, babe! I need your love."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man on the lips.

"Later, angel. I want you so needful." he smiled, the man moving out of Josh's arms, the man showing a soft pout on his face.

Lucas smiled, opening the dresser drawer, pulling out his man's swim trunks.

"Here, babe. Put these on and then I'll feed you. And then we'll swim in the pool's love. And I'll show you all of my love." he said, Josh taking the offered trunks, softly sighing.

"I could make love to you for hours."

"I want you for hours, my love."

"I'm going to show you what need is, babe."

Lucas beamed, watching as Josh reluctantly pulled the trunks up his muscled legs, his center slowly disappearing under the nylon fabric.

Lucas smiled, handing him a black wifebeater, Josh pulling it over his chest, Lucas watching its tanned beauty disappear under it.

"How finds that other two of love?"
Josh smiled, pulling his man against him.

"They were happy in each other's arms in the water, Lucky. I had to leave them to their own love."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Thank you for letting me wake up in the center of their love."
Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Josh's again.

"I knew Justin would pull you to his love, and that Lance would welcome the intrusion."

Josh nodded, staring into his lover's violet pools.

"They didn't take advantage of my trapped beauty."

Lucas nodded, kissing Josh's lips again.

"Your love outshines your beauty. As does theirs."

Josh smiled, hearing Lucas' love for his friends in his voice.

"I love them, Lucas. But my greatest love is yours."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I know, Josh. And I love them too. I've got dibs on their love tomorrow morning."

Josh laughed, smiling at his man.

"Let's go find their love. And let's talk to Joshua." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

"How do we deal with this, Lucas? He's. . .he's real now."

"I deal with it with the truth, Josh. And that truth begins with us finding out who he really is."
Josh nodded, Lucas taking his hand in his.

"Let's walk into the truth together, Joshua. It's time I learned who he really is."

Josh nodded again, seeing the love in Lucas' violet pools.

"Who do you think he is, Lucas?"

The young man sighed, his eyes meeting Josh's blue pools of love.

"I think he's me, Josh. I think he's me as I once was."

Josh looked surprised.

"He's. . .he's you, Lucas?"

"Yes, Josh. I think my past has just met the present. And the future me will be a combination of both."

Lucas stared into Josh's blue pools.

"You will be both of you?" Josh said, Lucas' hand going to his lover's cheek.

"I have to find that man's soul so I can free my own. And then I'll have to choose who I want to be."

Josh looked confused, Lucas squeezing his hand.

"Come my love. Let's walk into the future. I'm taking everyone with me."

The young man moved, Josh following him out of the bedroom, his mind clouded with confused worry.





End of Chapter 58


And so the day has dawned and the mysterious Joshua is indeed real.

And perhaps he'll be very revealing as his naked beauty so early shows.


Josh awoke surrounded by Justin's and Lance's love.

The three have united in their love for each other and for Lucas.

Will that love show in all ways?
Or will their own love and desire for their soulmates be enough?


Who is the mysterious Joshua?

And what secrets will Lucas learn?

What is the significance of his real self and the real pool?


I love the drama and the mystery.

Trust me to show it all.


Hugs, Angel.