Yesterday's End-59

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Chapter 59


Josh and Lucas walked out onto the veranda, two sets of green eyes and one set of blue meeting theirs.

"We set out the food, Luke." Lance smiled, the man seated beside Justin, Joshua seated by himself in the corner of the veranda.

All three wore shorts and wife beaters, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"Thanks, Lancy." he said, he and Josh sitting down at the round table, Lucas sitting beside Joshua, Josh on his other side.

The five smiled at each other, Lance pouring everyone coffee from a carafe.

The older man stared at the food laid out before him, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"It has been long since I have hungered for real food. I feel so famished." he softly said, Justin smiling at him.

"Lucas is an exceptional cook, Joshua. Best to start with the best." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm sure he is. If his love is any indication of that, then this bounty will be a great harvest." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

His eyes scanned over the clothes the man now wore.

"We're the same size, Joshua. My clothing fits you to a tee."

The man smiled, everyone gazing at his chest, the orange athletic tank top he wore clinging to his muscled torso.

"Yes, we are." he smiled, Lance handing the man a platter of bacon, the man smiling at him, filling his plate, offering the platter to Justin next.

Justin smiled at him, Lucas staring at Joshua.

The five quietly filled their plates, beginning to eat and drink.

The meal was relatively quiet, all five deep within their own thoughts.

Joshua broke the silence as he quietly stared at Lucas.

"Why am I here, Lucas?"

Lucas' green eyes met his.

"I was about to ask you the same question, Joshua." Josh said, the man's green eyes meeting Josh's blue.

Josh saw a lot of calmness and strength in those green pools.

He also saw confusion and love.

"I think it has to do with the pool and my existence." Lucas said, four sets of eyes staring at him.

"I think I drew you here, Joshua. My love in this world has increased. I think it--and my magic--was enough to draw you here."

The man stared at Lucas, the young man's violet eyes softly glowing.

"It has been long since I have sensed the magic of this world, Lucas. It has been long since I have felt the love as well."

"How long have you been gone from this world, Joshua?" Justin said, the man staring at him.

"For a long time, Justin." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Who are you, Joshua?" Josh said, Lucas' violet eyes going to Josh's blue, the young man about to ask him that himself.

"Your man speaks from your soul, Lucas. I see you have joined with his love." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

Lucas sat down his fork, pushing his plate away from him, his arms resting on the table.

"We love each other, Joshua. I have found my soulmate."
The older man smiled, leaning back in his chair, wiping his lips with his napkin, staring at Josh.

"I am glad of that, Lucas. For if anyone deserves total love it is you."

"And why do I deserve that?" Lucas said, Josh's arm going around his man's shoulders.

"You deserve it for who you are, Lucas. For what you represent."
Lucas sighed, his three friends seeing the man's focusing love.

"Riddles as always, my friend. I had hoped you would have been more truthful and honest here in the real world."

The man smiled, then laughed, the four hearing the beauty of his deep laugh, Josh marvelling at its similarity to his lover's.

"I am truthful in all worlds, Lucas. I just keep my truths close to my heart."
"Does it fill the emptiness of your soul?" Lucas said.

The man's face changed, a look of thoughtful hurt showing, his green eyes lowering.

"Nothing can fill that emptiness, Lucas."

Lucas' hand moved, resting against the man's arm which was laying on the table.

"I think it's time you levelled with me, Joshua. Who are you, really?"

The man's green eyes met Lucas' violet.

"I am myself, Lucas. And I am lost."

Lucas' hand squeezed his arm.

"Unburden your heart and love will find it."

Joshua's eyes moved around the table, their greenness locking on Josh's blue.

"You have all of his love, Joshua of his heart. I envy you its beauty."
Josh smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I love him, Joshua. I will always be his true Joshua."

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes on Joshua again.

"You're skirting the issue again, Joshua. And you haven't truthfully answered my love's question. Who are you?"

The man smiled, looking around at all four.

"In all essence I am your past, Lucas. I am the embodiment of its totality."

Lucas stared at the older man, the man's green eyes looking into his violet pools of calmness.

"My name once was Joshua Belmont."

Justin and Lance looked at Lucas.

"So you are my ancestor. One of my forefathers."
The man nodded, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. I once was your ancestor."

"You're now a ghost? Or are you now a shade?" Lance said, Justin's hand going in his on the table.

The man smiled at Lance, his eyes scanning the other staring faces.

"I am not a shade, Lance. They are of the world between life and the next plane."

"And what of ghosts?" Justin said, Lance looking at his lover.

"Ghosts I have never met, Justin. They are of the lost world of life's want. A ghost only exists because it is trapped in its loss."

Lucas stared at the man, the man pouring himself another cup of coffee.

"So if you are not a shade or a ghost, what in essence are you?" Josh said, the man staring at him.

"I am a man, Josh. Or I once was. I am the essence of who that man was. And I am the ancestor of a once great man."

"Alsarius?" Lucas said, the man's eyes widening in surprise.

"You. . .you cannot know of. . .?"

"Of his existence. Yes, I know of who he was. My long ago Arabian ancestor. I have begun to read Emmanuel's journal."
The man's face changed to a look of worry, Lucas squeezing his arm.

"What scares you, Joshua? You've always shown worry or fear in your green eyes when I mention that book. You didn't like the fact it was given to me."
"No, Lucas. I did not like that fact. For what it contains worries me." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"And what do you fear it contains?"

The man's green eyes met Lucas' violet.

"The truth, Lucas. I'm afraid it contains the truth."


All eyes were staring at the two men, Lucas sighing.

"And what fearful truth do you believe it holds?"

The man sighed, looking out into the sunshine, staring at the beach, looking lost in his thoughts.

"I have existed for almost three hundred years, my friends. And in all that time I have felt an underlying fear. A fear of my own existence. And of what I was supposed to do with that existence. I feel in my heart that I have not done enough. I was to be the Guardian until his creation, and then I was to go on to the next plane. For some reason that hasn't happened. And I believe it is because of my lost soul."

"Guardian? Guardian of what?" Josh said, Joshua's green pools meeting his blue.

"Guardian of the clan, Josh. Guardian of the Trinity."

"The trinity? Three of what? I hope you don't mean. . .?" Lance said, his eyes glancing towards Lucas, Lucas seeing the man's faith showing on his face.

"The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? No, Lance. I am not a sign of God. Or a vision of his coming truth." Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.
"You are a vision of his giving love, Joshua."

The man smiled, then sighed, sipping his coffee again.

"The trinity I speak of is the Trinity of the Belmont Family."

"And what is that three?" Lucas asked, their eyes meeting again.

"They are the Creation, the Being and the Guardian."

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, the man staring at his ancestor.

Joshua sighed again, setting his coffee cup down, folding his hands in front of him.

"For almost two thousand years a trinity of love and courage has existed within our family, Lucas. Courageous men and their sons have weathered the destiny of their fate."
Everyone looked with surprise at the man, his green eyes steeled with courage and sparkling love.

"And which of the three am I, Joshua? And I a creation of magic or am I a being of destiny? Do you guard my destiny?" Lucas said, his face showing a soft emotion, Josh's arm tightening around him with love.

The man's green eyes stared at Lucas, another sigh coming from him.

"You are none of the three, Lucas Belmont. You are the enigma of the riddle that is our destiny. And I believe you are something more."

"And what do you believe I am? A freak of nature, a gathering of magic? Am I even supposed to be here?" Lucas said, emotion now showing in his voice, his friends looking at him with giving love.

"No, Lucas. I think not of you as a freak, or a monster. And you are supposed to be here, because of what you represent." the man said, his hand now going onto Lucas' arm.

"And what do I represent, Joshua? Destiny or fate?"

The man smiled at Lucas.

"You represent love and hope, Lucas Carver Belmont." the man said, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"I am not a Belmont, Joshua. I don't know of that family's truth. I was raised a Carver, and that in itself isn't truthful. Perhaps I don't exist on any plane of life and love." Lucas said, Josh pulling his man against him.

"You exist on the plane of my love, Lucky. On Justin and Lance's, on all of ours. Your love is real and it exists in all our hearts." he said, Lucas smiling at him, then at his friends.

"You three are my existence, as are my families, both known and unknown." Lucas said, his violet eyes now going to Joshua again, the man seeing the returned determination and love.

"In your eyes we see the greatness of your love, my friend." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My grandfather's grandfather was named Joshua." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"I am one and the same, Lucas."

Everyone's eyes widened, Lucas staring at the man.

"You were the creator of my family's wealth. You created the company my grandfather heads."
The man nodded, looking into his great-great grandson's violet eyes.

"Yes, Lucas. And I am the son of Emmanuel Belmont."

"Then you really are. . .are three hundred. . .?" Lance said, his eyes showing awed wonder.

"Yes, Lance. I am well-aged."

All eyes stared with awed wonder at the man, his smile widening.

"I remember the words your father wrote at the beginnings of his journal. Of beginning to write his family's history while his son slept beside him in his bassinet. His black curls covering his small head." Lucas said.
The man smiled, nodding his head.

"My father was rich in love and courage, Lucas. He took a great risk every day of his life. As all his forefathers and his own son have done. And perhaps in the end he took the greatest risk of all. For he created the journal you now possess."

"Why was it a risk to create that journal?" Lance asked, their green eyes meeting.

"Because the past never was to be recorded, to be known."
"What is so dangerous that lays in that past?" Justin said, his eyes drawn to Lucas' violet pools.

"I do not know the full story, Justin. Only what was handed down through the generations. All seven of them."

"Seven generations? Over two thousand years? That would mean. . .?" Lucas softly said, the man's green eyes staring at him.

"That each generation was long lived." Josh said, staring with surprise at his man.

Joshua's green eyes surveyed the four around him, the man sighing again.

"Yes, Josh. The generations of the Belmont family are long lived. My being here is representative of that. The Guardian is the longer of the three. For he guards the family and the lives surrounding him, long after he leaves this world. He guards the descendants of his life and the remnants of the past."

All stared at the man, Lucas' violet eyes locked with his.

"You fought in the Civil War?" he said, the man nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. I stood for justice and honour. And for the Republic's beliefs."

"I have dreamed of that time, of that era." Lucas said, Joshua nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. As I once dreamt of the generation before myself. It is an after-effect of the magic." Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"You said that I am not of the Trinity. If I'm not one of the three then what am I?"

Joshua's eyes stared at Lucas, everyone seeing a thoughtful look cross his face.

"Your existence in itself is perhaps the greatest mystery in all of this, Lucas. For your being was never written in the past. Your existence was never in the cards."

Lucas stared at him, Josh staring at Lucas.

"Your existence is real, Lucky. We all can attest to that." he said, Lucas feeling his love surrounding him.

"And it is an existence that I welcome, Lucas." Joshua said, the young man staring at him.

"Why am I so important in all this?" he said, Joshua sighing again.

"You represent surprise and change, Lucas. And that perhaps gives all of us hope."

"All of us? Who else do you speak of?"

The man stared at Lucas.

"Your grandfather and your own father, Lucas. For with me they are the present Trinity."


Everyone looked surprised, Lucas staring at his ancestor.

"How is that possible? You are over three hundred years old. My grandfather may be only seventy-five or eighty. My father in his early fifties; I judge, having never met either."

The man nodded, staring at Lucas.

"They are descendants of myself, Lucas. As you are. They have been named the other two of my Trinity."

"And what is the purpose of this Trinity?" Lucas said, the man looking around at everyone.

"It is the continuation of the life, Lucas. The continuation of Alsarius' bloodline. And of his beliefs."

"This all centers around him, doesn't it? My lost ancestor of Egypt."

Joshua nodded, looking into his violet eyes.

"We are all descendants of his beauty and his courage, and his love. We all share his eyes of life. Their greenness the color of courage."

Everyone stared into the man's green eyes.

"My grandfather has green eyes?" Lucas said, Joshua nodding.

"As does your father, Lucas."

"Then why are mine violet?"

"That in itself is another mystery. Your mother's eyes were violet. But you are the first to not carry the Belmont irises. And that represents surprise and hope."

Lucas stared at the man, the young man sighing.

"More riddles and mystery. Am I to walk in shadows?"

"No, Lucas. You do not walk in shadows. Your magic brightens the darkness. Your love wipes away the cloud of mystery. I believe you are the answer to the past and to the future. You are here for a purpose. We all just have to reason out what that is." the man said, smiling at Lucas.

Lucas saw no worry or uncertainty in that man's eyes or smile.

"You seem to have a great faith in my purpose, Joshua."
"I do have a great faith in you, Lucas. For I have felt your love. It's real and it's all-consuming. Whatever happens going forward it shall be the center of all of it."
Lucas nodded, staring into the man's green eyes, his violet pools moving to the man's muscled chest.

"What attacked you, Joshua? Is there that great a danger around myself?"

"Yes, Lucas. There is danger and uncertainty. For the other side is drawn to you as well."
"The other side of what?" Justin said, his blue pools scanning the man's rugged chest as well, their eyes meeting.

"The other side of everything, Justin. Good and evil, life and death. Hope and despair, truth and lies. Two sides of everything."
"More riddles. We should call you the Riddler." Lucas said, the man smiling and laughing again, smiles donning the other four faces.

"I do not know of this Riddler. Is he wise and mirthful?"

Justin laughed, Joshua smiling at him.

"Yes, he's mirthful, but cheeky."
The older man smiled, his green eyes looking around at the other four.

"I would like to see the pool, Lucas. I feel that it is the center of my being here. That it has shown itself and drawn me here for a reason." Joshua said, Lucas nodding.

"Perhaps, Joshua. We found it yesterday. It is as beautiful as in my dreams."
"And the altar? Is it there as well?" Joshua said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Joshua. We swam in the pool. It is clear and sandy. There is no marble altar in its center." Lance said, the man smiling at him.

"Then its depths are laced with love."

All four smiled, glances traded.

"I felt a great love surround me as I broke through the void's edge, Lucas. I think your joined love drew me into this world." the man said, all four staring at him.

"I fought past the Beast on its edge, for the love ahead of me I greatly hungered for." the man said, the four exchanging looks.

"My love is here, Joshua. As it was there."

The man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"It mirrors in both realms, Lucas."

"I'm Luke, Joshua."

The man smiled, moving back from the table.

"The day brightens, as does the warmth of this world. I'd like to swim again in your love." he said, standing up, the four around the table looking at him.

"Finish your dining, my friends. I shall walk along the beach and take in the realness of this world long forgotten in my soul. The sand between my toes makes it all seem real."

Everyone nodded, the man walking around the table and then down the veranda steps.


"I still can't fathom this, Luke. Your. . .he's your. . .your great-great-grandfather!" Lance said, staring at the man as he walked across the beach towards the waves.

"Yes, Lance. It surprised me as well. I sensed he was an apparition from my family's path, but not a direct descendant. But as Justin stated, you can see our resemblance." Lucas said, looking out into the sunshine towards his ancestor.

All three men stared at Lucas, the man smiling at all three.

"The past and my family are starting to congeal together, my friends. I believe that book will sort most of it out. And then I'll realize what I'll have to do."

"What do you mean, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at his fiancÚ.

"I sense that book is a guide, my love. And it's guiding me forward on my true path. I'm destined to do something, I believe."
"You have no inkling of what that is, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, Jus. But whatever it is it's changing the paths of many. Joshua has been pulled into this world for a reason. And as he said evil is out there as well. Something from my past is behind all this. And I think it lays at Alsarius' feet."

"You think it has something to do with that man's disappearance so many years ago?" Lance said, Lucas nodding towards him.

"Yes, Lance. Alsarius is the center of all of this. Whatever happened to him down in that dark tomb--or after that--I believe is key to all of this."
Josh stared at Lucas.

"Key, Lucky? Is that key you've been given part of that answer?"

"Perhaps, Beamy. That key opens a door. Perhaps it's a door of truth. Or a portal to the past."

Josh's arms wrapped around his lover.

"I don't want you going into that past, Lucas. Alsarius lost himself in it, perhaps forever."

Lucas nodded, smiling at Josh.

"I have no intentions of walking anywhere but in this life. For here I have all I want."

The three men smiled, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You seem to be infatuated by Joshua, Jus. Your gazes often showed towards him." Lucas said, Justin softly blushing, looking at Lance.

Lance smiled, kissing his man's cheek, Justin staring at him.

"My man's taking in his beauty, Luke. He mirrors your own looks. Justin hit it on the nail. Your ancestry shows in both your faces, and in your physiques.  One can't help but stare at both of your beauty."

Lucas smiled, looking out onto the beach, watching Joshua walking along the beach.

"Is he just that, Lucas? A mirrored image of you?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"No, Jus. I truly believe we've been talking to my real great-great-grandfather. It really is him, or a real image of him. I know truthfully that it can't be the real him. That man died almost two hundred years ago." Lucas said, the three nodding.

"I guess I carry his genes within me. I mirror his ancient beauty and physique." Lucas said, Josh smiling, kissing his lover on the lips.

"Aren't I the lucky one."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lover back.

"You can thank him personally, Josh. But no touching."

Josh blushed, Lucas laughing.

Justin and Lance both laughed, their eyes meeting each other.

"He's an older version of you, Lucky. I love the younger image. But I have a lot to look forward to."

Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at Josh.

"I'll clean up this mess. You guys join Joshua on the beach. I think he's missing his groupies." Lucas smiled, standing up, the three looking towards the beach, the older man waving at all of them.

Lucas smiled, the young man walking into the cabin.

"Are we dreaming, Josh? Is this real?" Justin said, Josh looking at his friend.

"Yeah, it's real Jus. And we're not dreaming. My man's magic and life are surrounding us." Josh said, staring out at the man walking along the beach.

"His love is here also, Joshy." Lance said, Josh smiling.

"And that's what's important, guys. Let's walk with him and find out the truth that shows itself. I can accept all of that because his love is real."
The two men smiled at Josh, the man standing.

"Let's go and talk to Joshua. And then let's walk with the two of them to the pool. I think this day's going to be amazing." Josh said, the other two standing up, the three heading off the veranda.


Joshua's blue eyes stared around him, the man's irises widening.

"It is a true reflection, Lucas.  In every leaf, grain and rock." the man said, his eyes taking in all the surrounding beauty of the pool's scenery.

Lucas stood at his side, their three friends standing behind them, their eyes taking in the mirrored images standing before them.

Josh's blue pools took in every inch of his man's muscular frame, and Joshua's equally muscled frame standing beside him.

The two were of the same height, body mass and beauty.

"Speaking of mirrored reflections." Justin said softly to Josh, Lance looking at both of them.

The five stood on the pool's rocky beach, Joshua staring out into the clear blue water.

"Your dream oasis sheds its beauty unto the real world, Lucas." he said, Lucas looking at him.

"I think it's the other way around, Joshua. This pool's beauty has crept into our dreams."

"But why, Lucas? You or I have never seen this place before. I have never ventured into the Caribbean. My life was of the Americas." Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"And mine was of the Britons, Joshua."

The man looked at Lucas, nodding his head.

"Mysteries abound around us, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, looking back at the three standing behind them.

"It is no mystery of where my friends have been looking, Joshua. They find us of similar beauty." Lucas smiled, the three looking at him, soft blushing showing on their faces.

Joshua smiled, nodding his head.

"We are family, Lucas. Our family has always been blessed with showing beauty. You should see your father. You fall not far from his tree."

"Am I the apple of his eye, or just a nut?"

Joshua stared at him, the man suddenly bursting into laughter.

Lucas smiled, then laughed, the man's hand going to his shoulder.

"Well said, Lucas. One must see the humour in all our lives."

Lucas nodded, Joshua smiling, looking back at the other three.

"I have never been ashamed of my physique or my looks, Lucas. I see within your heart that you hold no shame as well. I think we should be happy that we draw their gazes. You the most. For I see all three love you deeply, in all ways."

The three behind them smiled, all three sets of eyes on Lucas.

"We all bear crosses. Mine is their love."

Joshua laughed again, the three behind them softly smiling, blushing cheeks shown.

"A wonderful cross, Lucas. Their gazing desires mean one thing for both of us. It means we're real."
Lucas nodded, smiling.

"This is all real, Joshua. As you now are."

The man looked out at the pool, his eyes scanning everywhere.

"I am not real although I feel it, Lucas. That in itself is impossible. I perished from this earth eons ago. I only remained because of the Trinity, and my obligation to my descendants. I carried on because I am a man of honour. As my father was. As I gave my oath that I would."

Lucas nodded, looking out at the pool, the water smooth as glass.

"You seem real to all of us, Joshua. We all have felt your realness."

The man smiled, looking at Lucas, then behind at the three smiling at him.

"Your love, all of it surrounds you, Lucas. I wish I were gay so that I could feast upon it. Sensuality in this world was always emotional. If I could experience that again I would indeed feel alive. Then you might sense the realness of my beauty."

Lucas smiled, Joshua's blue eyes filled with love.
"I know you are not gay, Joshua. You fathered children."

The man nodded, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"I loved someone once, Lucas. I still carry her love in my heart. Her name was Carlotta."

Lucas nodded, smiling at the man.

"Was my great-grandfather your only child?"

Joshua stared out at the pool again.

"He was the apple of my eye, Lucas. As was your grandfather his."

"What was his name? Your son's, my grandfather's father?"

"His name was Emmanuel as well. I named him after my own father."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"The love flowed through all generations."

Joshua nodded, staring at Lucas.

"You need to find your father, Lucas. To continue the flowing love. His father's love is real, always was. Your father needs to see that, to understand that. And then the path can go on."

"And where will that path end?" Lucas said, the three behind them remaining quiet, Josh sitting down on the boulder behind them, Justin and Lance quietly joining him.

"It will end with the truth. I have longed for that for so long. I want to go forward onto the next plane, Lucas. But I need to have a healed soul to do that. Will you guide me to that peace?"

Lucas and his eyes met, Joshua seeing so much love in those violet pools.

"I will do all that I can for you, Joshua. For I feel your soul out there. I think I know where I have to look."

Joshua's eyes showed soft tears, the man's hand going again to Lucas' shoulder.

"That old graveyard?"

Lucas' eyes met his.

"I saw a moss-covered tomb, the name hidden from my eyes. I think it is the starting point."

Joshua nodded.

"I and an associate have searched there, Lucas. We have yielded nothing."

"Perhaps I have a greater vision, perhaps something will show for my eyes. They are clear of the history, clear of the drama that is our family's."

Joshua nodded, staring out at the clear water.

"When did you lose your soul, Joshua?" Lucas said, the man turning and staring at him.

"On the day of his death, Lucas. The country lost its hero, I lost my soul."

Lucas nodded, the other man sighing, his blue eyes looking out into the pool's beauty.

"Does your love fill its depths, Lucas? Or is it filled with all of your love?" the man said, his eyes looking back at the three men seated on the boulder.

"Their love is my love, Joshua. I can't exist without all of it." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting two pairs of blue pools and a pair of loving green.

The older man smiled, his hands going to his waist, pulling the wife beater off his chest, all the younger men staring at his smooth muscled chest.

The three on the boulder looked with surprise, Lucas smiling at his forefather.

"My love heals all, Joshua. You can go back onto your mysterious path my love within you." Lucas said, his violet eyes staring at Joshua's smooth scar-free chest.

"I need that love's wetness, my friend." he smiled, the man's shorts joining his shirt, all taking in his revealed nakedness.

The man smiling, moving forward, diving into the pool before him, his naked body disappearing under the waves.

Lucas smiled, Josh rising from the boulder, Justin and Lance rising as well, the three joining Lucas.

"His. . .his scars are gone, Luke!" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"I cannot send him back wounded, Lance. I needed to give him strength, to give him life. That's why I drew him here." Lucas said, Josh staring at his man.

"He. . .he isn't real, is he Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"His soul is real, Josh. His love is real. I drew that love here to give it hope, to give it strength. And I promised him that that lost soul would feel that love as well. And that I'd join both halves. Only then can he go on to his true life. The life of eternal happiness. For now my love is enough for him. It will strengthen him on his mission." Lucas said, his eyes and his friends' eyes looking towards the man swimming in the center of the pool, his head now above the waves.

"The wetness is so enriching, Lucas! Thank you for the revitalization of my heart!" the man said, swimming towards the waterfall.

The four watched as he rose out of the water, walking up onto the rocks at the falls' edge, the water cascading over his naked body.

The man smiled, the water seemingly thickening, his naked body covered in it, the image of his beauty disappearing into the water, the water then lessening.

All four stared at the falls, no image of anyone standing under it.

"He's. . .he's gone!" Lance said, Justin's arm going around him.

"Was he. . .was he ever here?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"His love was, Justin. And perhaps that was enough." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"What's going on here, Lucas? What was he talking of?" he asked, Lucas' eyes going to the again still pool.

Lance's green eyes were staring at Lucas.

"He said he died on the day of his death, and that the country lost its hero on the day he lost his soul? Who was he talking of?" Lance said, Lucas staring at the pool again.

"The answer lay in my dreams, Lance. For I saw it at a marble monument."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's head turning, staring into his blue pools.

"An evil took my Joshua's soul on the day a greater evil murdered Abraham Lincoln."


Josh stared at Lucas, the young man relaxing beside him, the two laying in a hammock that was strewn across the veranda's other corner.

Justin and Lance lay snuggled on a couch beside them, the four resting after a late supper, Lucas having cooked up a feast as usual.

They'd remained at the pool for a couple of hours, the four quietly listening to Lucas' talk of his own reasoning.

He'd told them of his vision in his dreams of Lincoln's Memorial, and of the statue's rising head, and glowing eyes.

He'd reasoned out by Joshua's words that the man had lost his soul on the day of Lincoln's assassination.

Somehow Lucas' dreams were visions of defined truth.

The path of Joshua's path, Lucas reasoned out, was the same path he walked in his dreams.

Hence his seeing the forgotten tomb in that old graveyard.

That was a beacon to Lucas' destiny.

The young man stated that he sensed he'd have to journey to that graveyard to find the starting point of Joshua's path.

The three had listened, giving words of advice and questions of troubled concern.

Lucas' love and intelligence had lessened those concerns.

All four sensed that Lucas would have to go on that journey, and the other three had voiced their total devotion to going with him.

Lucas had smiled, kissing all three, Josh's arms around him.

The four had gone for another naked swim, the two couples joined as one, private and loving.

They relaxed in their combined but separate love, their soulmates filling their hearts with love.

Here now they lay in quietness, the day's sun sinking behind the waters before them.

"Your Joshua's love still lingers, Lucas. The man mirrors your beauty and your magic." Josh said, Lucas' head against his chest.

"His love is mine, Josh. We come from the same life. All of my family does."

"The mysterious Alsarius, Luke?" Lance said, his head against Justin's naked chest, the man wearing only shorts on the couch, the other three still wearing their wife beaters and shorts.

"Yes, Lance. The mysterious Alsarius." Lucas said, Josh kissing his forehead.

"I think you should read all of that book, Lucas. Tell us all it holds." Josh said, Lucas' head raising.

"I shall, Joshua. My Joshua of love. But my soul tells me that I'm supposed to read it at certain intervals. That first reading I believe showed that."
"What do you mean, Luke?" Justin said, his fingers running through Lance's blond locks.

"I read the first part and was almost lost within the magic of the truth, Jus. I reacted to that tragedy as my Josh can testify." Lucas said, his fingers rubbing Josh's cheek.

"You hit me in sleep induced emotion, Lucky. I fault you never for that."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"I think my path has set intervals, guys. Set moments of truth and life. I think I will know when I have to read each part. I think it really is a guide. A guide to the future truth."

"We understand, Lucky." Josh said, the other two nodding in agreement.

"Right now, tonight, I just need you three."

The three smiled, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"I take it we have no need for separate bedrooms now?" he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Well, tonight it's our choice. But tomorrow night we will have to double up." Lucas said, smiling at all three.

"Tomorrow night?" Lance said, Lucas smiling, kissing Josh's lips, the young man climbing out of the hammock, stretching his body, all three staring at his muscled form.

"The path flows as it must. Right now, I'm beat. How about a swim and then we hit the hay, my love? Remember, I said dibs on the morning center of their love."

Josh smiled, climbing out of the hammock, Justin and Lance looking at both men.

"A dip of wet love and then a bundle of joined love. Life can't get any better." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Come on, Jus. You're starting to vegetate. Race you to the water!" Josh said, pulling off his tank top, Justin smiling at his friend's revealed beauty.

"Alright, Joshy. How about it, my love?" he said, Lance smiling, the man sitting up, releasing his lover's embrace.

"Go for it, babe. Luke and I will join you in a moment. No groping you two!"

Josh and Justin both laughed, Josh offering Justin a hand, the man climbing off the couch, he and Josh walking down the veranda steps, running towards the darkening beach.

The two men on the veranda smiled, Lance's arm going around Lucas, the young man's head going to his chest.

"Josh is right. Life can't get any better, Lance. I have all of your love."
Lance smiled, the two watching Justin and Josh reach the water, both men throwing their removed shorts on the sand, their naked bodies disappearing into the waves.

"Our exhibitionist boyfriends are taunting us, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas' hand going to Lance's cheek.

"I like where I am. Your love's beautiful."
Lance smiled, Lucas raising his head, their lips meeting.

Lance felt all of Lucas' love, the man's lips filled with life.

The two parted, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I'm ready, Lucas."

"I know, Lance. I feel the love."

Lance smiled, Lucas' hand rubbing his smooth, tank top-covered chest.

"Let's join them, Lance. Time enough for life."

The man smiled, the two joining hands and walking off the veranda, walking across the sand towards their life.

Lucas smiled, focusing on the future.

And his soul focused on destiny.


Lucas' violet eyes opened, the young man feeling the warmth surrounding him.

He felt the warmth of Josh's body against his left side, the man's head resting on his chest.

He felt the wetness from Josh's mouth against his left nipple, the nub hardened.

You drool like a child, my man of childlike love.

Lucas smiled, feeling the warmth of his right side, a wetness by his right nipple.

And your friend of remembered love mirrors your childlike love.

Lucas smiled, turning his head, staring at Justin's beautiful face.

The man lay against Lucas's right side, one arm across Lucas' smooth chest, its hand resting on top of Lucas' brief covered center.

Lucas saw Lance's blond waves behind Justin, the man's arms wrapped around his lover.

You're always drawn to the sensuality of love, Justin.

I know you hunger for it so much.

Lance is so lucky.

And I am also.

I have my Joshua.

But I am here for you always.

Lucas smiled, the man beginning to unravel himself slowly from the possessive arms around him.

Justin mumbled, his hand rubbing Lucas' center, the young man fighting the arising desire the man was having on him.

Josh softly moaned, Lucas gently moving the man back,  Lucas turning and facing him.

Justin's arm moved, pulling Lucas into his body more, Lucas feeling the man's muscled body against him.

He also felt a heated hardness against his ass.

Safe that for Lancy, my desirous Jus.

Lucas smiled, moving Justin's arms, the man mumbling again.

Lucas moved in a sudden flash, the man climbing over Josh, finding his feet on the floor.

He smiled, staring at Justin, the man's hands moving outward, pulling Josh towards him, the man pulled against Justin's smooth body.

You cling to love, Justin.

We're all here for you.

Lucas smiled, the young man grabbing his shorts, pulling them over his legs and buttoning them.

Justin moved in the bed, the man now laying on his back between Lance and Josh.

Lucas smiled, seeing him in the center of their love.

The young man walked quietly out of the room, then walked down the hall into his and Josh's bedroom.

He walked over to the nightstand, opening the top drawer, pulling out something.

He walked back out of the room, standing in the hallway's darkness, hearing only the soft sounds of mutual snoring.

"I'll have to buy you and myself earplugs, Lancy. Our men match their sounds in all ways." Lucas softly said, smiling and walking down the hallway towards the living room.

Lucas walked through that dark room, and out the front door of the cabin.

He felt a soft coolness on the breeze that caressed his naked chest, the man walking down the veranda steps and out across the sandy beach.

The sun was slowly cresting across the waters, a soft light illuminating the beach.

Lucas glanced at his watch, reading five-thirty.

He sighed, walking over to the lounge chairs, sitting down in one of them.

He stared out at the waters, taking in the rising beauty of the new day.

He sighed, his eyes going downward, staring at the journal laying in his lap.

I feel the time is at hand again.

Joshua's visit yesterday a prelude to the coming truth.

I feel the need you draw from me, book of truth.

I think I have it right.

I read you when you call to me.

I hear your call now.

I feel your drawing magic.

I think it's time I read the next chapter of your truth.

At least I'm outside, and not in my Josh's arms.

I cannot hurt him again.

I will never hurt him again.

Lucas' violet eyes looked out into the morning world, the sun now indeed showing on the water's horizon.

Alright, Alsarius.

Let's find out what happened to you down there in the darkness.

Lucas sighed, his hands opening the book.

Lucas found the ending page of the chapter he'd read, the young man turning the page, the next page blank except for a few written words.

He focused on them, reading them aloud.


"Life is a choice. Always chosen with love."


Lucas stared at the words, the dawning light around him disappearing, the young man drawn into the book's revealing truth.

And the magic of life pulled him to a surprising truth.




End of Chapter 59


A good place to end.

At the dawning of a new truth and a new day.

And Lucas once again is drawn into the magical journal.


Joshua has appeared then disappeared.

Lucas' love he now holds within himself.

And Lucas is focusing again on the truth awaiting him.

Lucas seems more focused.

Perhaps the total love surrounding him is giving him strength.


I hope everyone's fine with my decision so far to not make this a foursome of lust and love.

I feel that at this time just perhaps the love is enough.


What was Lance talking of?
He's ready for what?


The path continues.

Lucas is drawn back to the past.

And may the truth dawn as the day's sun dawns.


Hugs, Angel.