Yesterday's End-60

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Chapter 60


Egypt, 1014 A.D.


The young man's body felt the soreness in all his limbs, the darkness complete around him.

He moaned, moving his body on the matted cot he lay upon.

His blue eyes slowly opened, the darkness of his clouded dreams giving way to the dawning light slowly creeping through the window high above him.

He slowly moved, forcing himself up into a sitting position, the young man leaning his back against the stone wall the cot lay against.

His smooth muscled body was almost naked, a small wrap his only attire, his center hidden from scanning eyes.

Kavinus Amotep moaned and then gasped, his mind feeling all the pain and damage to his once muscled physique.

Any active movement sent pain coursing through his body.

The last year of torture and pain had taken its toll on his energy and physical prowess.

He lay alone in silence in the damp, stone-enclosed cell deep within the earth.

He'd been here for over eleven months.

The truth had landed him into exile, into torture and imprisonment.

No one had believed him.

Alsarius' disappearance and the death of his guards had been laid at his feet.

He couldn't prove the story he'd recited to the royal families, to the guards and to his friends.

The young man had been pulled out of that darkness by a magical mist, his body landing on the steps in the morning sunshine.

And when he'd arisen and moved to enter the tomb again, the tomb wasn't before him.

Its entrance had vanished, no clue to its ever having existed showing before him.

The man who was his life was gone.

Alsarius had vanished into the darkness of whatever surrounded him.

For weeks Kavinus had had people digging the tombs for the entrance, no sign of it found anywhere.

With the disappearance of Alsarius his family's infighting had resumed.

The nation came under attack from within.

And the once proud sultan's reign ended.

Kavinus never gave up on his search for his soulmate, weeks given over to searching every inch of the Valley of the Kings tombs.

His story held no sway on the man who replaced Alsarius, his bullish cousin Sarahan.

The man was a brute and a monster, his hold on the nation coming to fruition.

And he focused on Kavinus' need to find his predecessor.

Those soldiers who'd been there that day--who'd remained up on the higher plateau while the others had entered the tomb--were forced into changing their stories, the evidence changed to point to Kavinus' direction.

The young commander was brought before the new sultan, charged with the murder of Alsarius and his guards.

Kavinus told his story, its truth falling on deaf and coerced ears.

The judges had been threatened into finding the young man guilty, the new sultan wanting Alsarius' reign wiped clean from the nation's past.

Kavinus was convicted, then sentenced to death.

The monster seated upon the judgment throne smiled down at him, sentencing him to death on the one year anniversary of Alsarius' assumed death.

For almost eleven months Kavinus had endured torture--physical, emotional and sexual.

The new sultan had been the first to torture him and to rape him.

And then he'd given him over to the prison guards, Kavinus tortured for months.

Kavinus endured it all, the love in his heart his only companion.

For Alsarius lived there always.

Kavinus' hopes and dreams left him, the young man awaiting the coming end to his life.

And his heart longed for its finality.

For then he could join his lost love on the next journey of eternal life.


The young man moaned, hearing the feet walking down the hallway outside his cell.

He heard the uneven sound of the man's feet, his mind knowing who it was.

The head guard Kaleb.

He was the worst of the seven, his torture brutal, his lust unending.

Kavinus' blue eyes stared at the one wooden door before him, hearing the keys unlocking it.

The door opened, a large man walking into the small cell.

"You are awake, Kavi." the man said, staring down at the young man seated on the wooden cot.

Kavi's blue eyes glared at him, the guard laughing.

"Such anger still embedded in those blue gems. What will it take to subvert you, slut?" the man said, laughing again.

"Death will be the end of me, the release of your taunts."
The guard smiled, walking across the room, his large hands going to Kavi's head, pulling the young man off the cot, up onto his feet, Kavi gasping in pain.

"Death comes to you tomorrow, slut! None too soon." he said, his fingers digging into Kavi's ribs, the young man gasping in pain.

"It's a shame to lose my favourite toy. It's been a fun year." he smiled, his fingers moving around Kavi's chest, his large hands clasping onto Kavi's butt.

"I am not your toy. I am myself and I am his."

The guard's eyes narrowed, the man in one movement throwing the smaller man back onto the cot, Kavi screaming in pain.

"He's dead, Kavi. You'll soon meet him in the afterlife. I'm just here to make sure he sees how much of a slut his little slut's become. Alsarius will have a willing, well-seasoned slave for eternity." the guard laughed, Kavi's blue eyes staring up into the man's lust-filled eyes.

"I've got a surprise for you, my pet. Sarahan will be down tonight to violate you again. He wants to enjoy your giving beauty on the night of your death. But he's given me the day with you. I'm going to enjoy readying you for that final journey." the large man smiled.

Kavi's soul clenched, sensing the brutality of the day ahead and tomorrow's end.

"He awaits me, monster. I will endure the end with my soul and heart his." Kavi moaned, the guard's eyes narrowing.

"Then I'm going to make sure it's a day of pain that will be within you forever." the man said, smiling with deep meanness.

"I'll get my toys, beauty. I'm going to so enjoy this." he laughed, the man moving out of the cell, closing the door again, his laughter flowing through the darkness.

Kavi moaned, his soul hardening for the coming pain.

He heard the man's feet moving again, then he heard another sound, then the guard's loud voice.

"Who are you?"

Then Kavi heard a heart-wrenching scream.

Its loudness filled the room, Kavi's blue eyes looking towards the door.

A shuffled noise echoed behind the door, then Kavi heard the keys in the lock again.

The door flew open, Kavi's eyes staring at a black-cloaked man who walked into the room.

The soft light showing in the window above him lessened the darkness, the young warrior staring at the cloaked man.

He couldn't see his face or an inch of the man's body.

The black shape moved across the room, Kavi moving back against the wall, the pain searing through him.

The shape knelt before him, Kavi staring into the black cowl of the hooded stranger, the young man seeing no face.

"Can you walk?" a soft voice said in the blackness, the young man trembling.

"I. . .I am in so much pain." Kavi heard himself saying, the young man seeing a hand come out of the blackness.

It touched his cheek, the young man feeling a great strength in the smooth fingers.

"Then I shall carry you." the man said.

Kavi saw the black shape move, two arms going around the young man, pulling him up from the cot, Kavi gasping, the man's black-covered arms enveloping him.

Kavi sobbed, the man pulling him against him gently, the young man feeling the muscled strength under the black cloak.

The shape moved, Kavi in the man's arms.

He walked out of the cell, Kavi's eyes taking in the shapes laying in the stone hallway.

The guard who'd entered the cell was laying a few feet from the cell's door, Kaleb's dead eyes staring up at Kavinus.

Ahead of him another guard lay dead, his motionless body laying across the hallway.

The black-cloaked stranger moved down the hall, stepping over the corpses, moving down the torch-lit hallway to a stairwell.

The man moved upwards, Kavi's head going against his black clothed chest, the young man's eyes closing.

In his heart he felt a hope of life, two arms of strength carrying him to a possible freedom.

The young man's soul felt the depth of his love for Alsarius, knowing the only freedom he'd have would be the freedom of death.

I am coming, Ali.

I am ready to love you forever.
The young man was silent, his liberator carrying him upwards.


Kavi fought the darkness, his eyes opening against the nightmares, his two pools of blue staring up at a clothed ceiling.

He stared at the thick fabric, the ceiling moving as if a great breeze was flowing outside.

His blue eyes moved, staring around the room, seeing he was indeed in a tent.

He lay upon a wooden cot, the cot covered in a soft mattress.

Kavi moaned, feeling the warmth and comfort the cot gave.

He felt the softness of the pillows behind his head and the warmth of the room.

His hands went to his chest, the man feeling bandages covering his wounds.

He stared around the room, seeing not much, the room mostly empty.

The cot lay in its center, a mat beside it, a stool on the bed's other side.

The young man sensed his liberator had slept on the mat.

Kavi's body moved, the young man gasping, feeling the pain shoot through him.

He didn't have the strength to rise up from the bed.

He stared towards the tent's doorway, its flap blowing in the breeze.

Kavinus saw a shadow cross the tent's wall, a figure standing at the tent's door behind its flap, hidden from view.

"You are awake?" a masculine voice said, Kavi staring towards the entrance.

"Yes, I am. Where are we?" he said softly, the voice answering him.

"We are on the plains above Alexandria." the voice stated, Kavi staring at the shadow showing through the fabric.

Kavi's eyes widened.

They were almost five hundred miles from his prison.

"How long have I slept? Who are you? Please come into the tent." Kavi said, the shadowed figure remaining still for a moment.

Kavinus saw the flap open, a hand pulling it back.

A tall man walked into the tent, his body covered again in black, his face covered by a mask of clothed blackness.

His eyes were hidden behind a black slate of glass.

"Who are you? Why have you freed me from my destiny?" Kavi said, the black man walking over to his cot, the man sitting down on the stool beside the bed.

"That was not your destiny, young warrior. No man's destiny is to die." the figure said, Kavinus staring into his covered face.

"I longed for death. It was a release from my pain."
The man's hand moved, its warmth touching Kavinus' chest.

"Death isn't a release when you have no one awaiting you in the afterlife."

"You are wrong, stranger. I have my love and my life. He awaits me there. For I have longed for his touch."

The figure moved his hand, Kavi feeling its warmth again as it rubbed his naked shoulder.

"Your pain is over, Kavi." the man said, Kavinus staring at him.

The young warrior sensed a hidden familiarity in the man's touch and voice.

"Who are you, please?"

"I am a friend, Kavinus Amotep. I am only here to help you."

"I have no friends. They deserted me months ago."

"You were alone in your grief, alone in your love."

The young man's eyes teared up.

"Do not speak of love. I have had none for almost a year. That is what awaits me. I long for his lost love. I will have it for eternity. It was best if you'd have left me there, in that prison. For today I would have been in my Ali's arms forever."

"You will have that dream, Kavi. For today it comes true."

Kavi stared into the man's black face, the man's hand moving from Kavinus' smooth body.

Both hands went to the man's face, the man pulling off the black eye glass.

Kavi stared into two green pools of energized light.

And then the man removed his mask, Kavinus' eyes widening in shock.

A face of total beauty stared at him, Kavinus' heart clenched, a sob moving through his body.

The black covered man moved, pulling the young man gently into his arms, his own body now sitting on the cot, the young warrior sobbing against his chest.

"You. . .you came back! You came back!" Kavi sobbed, his strength going, the young man collapsing in the man's arms.

Alsarius Belgras smiled, holding his life in his arms.


Kavi's eyes opened, two pools of green staring back at him.

"Ali? It. . .it's really you?" the young man softly said, the man sitting beside him smiling down at him.

"Yes, Kavi. It's me. I'm here now. The pain is over." the young sultan said, his green pools filled with love and tears.

"Where. . .how did you. . .why. . .?"

"Shh, my love. You need rest. I'm back." the young man said, rubbing his fingers against Kavi's tear-stained cheek.

"You were lost. . .I couldn't find you. . .they didn't believe me!" he sobbed, the young man moving forward, his lips meeting Kavi's, the young warrior feeling his returned love.

"Oh, Ali! I thought I'd never see you again!"
The young sultan smiled, kissing the young man's lips again, the two feeling their returned love.

"I would move heaven and earth to return to you, my love. It has almost come to that."

Kavi smiled at the younger man, his green eyes staring at him.

"I haven't smiled in a year. One look into your eyes and my soul smiles." Kavi said, Ali smiling down at him.

"Rest, my love. I have to get you better."

Kavi smiled, his hand going in the younger man's hand.

"I can rest now that you are here. I didn't have to go to heaven to find you. I can live life now." he said, closing his eyes, not breaking the hold he had on Alsarius.

The man above him stared into his sleeping face, tears moving down his cheeks.

"Yes, Kavi. You can live now. I'm never leaving you again."

Kavinus smiled, the younger man sitting beside him, staring at him for hours.


Kavi woke up again, the room lit now by a fire in the fire pit on the tent's left side.

A fur covered the man's body now, Kavi's eyes moving around the tent.

The tent's flap opened, Kavi's eyes meeting two pools of green love and a smiling handsome face.

The sultan wore only a wrap now, Kavi staring at his remembered beauty.

The crystal teardrop hung from his throat, his muscled smooth beauty moving with grace across the tent, the young man sitting down on the stool again beside him.

"How long was I asleep, Ali? Is this all a dream? Or am I indeed in heaven?"

Ali smiled at him, his fingers rubbing his cheek.

"You've been out for several hours. And no, it's not a dream. And this is our own heaven. The heaven of our joined lives. I'm here with you, Kavi."
The young warrior's blue eyes teared up again, Ali smiling at him, moving forward and kissing his lips again.

Kavi felt their warmth, the young man sighing.

"Yes, you're real. I feel all the remembered love and warmth."

The young man smiled, his hand going to Kavi's chest.

"Where. . .where did you go, Ali? Why did you leave me?"
The young sultan's head lowered, Kavi staring at him.

"I would never leave you, Kavi. You must know that I'd always love you." he said, his muscled body trembling.

Kavi's hand went out, caressing his cheek.

"Yes, Ali. I always knew that. That's why I never gave up on finding your love again. It always remained in my soul."

The young sultan smiled, Kavi taking in his beautiful remembered face.

"Why have you brought me here, Ali? To Alexandria?"

"I have chartered a vessel, Kavi. We leave in a few days from these painful shores."

"Leave? For where? You are found again, Ali. We can return and claim your kingdom again. Sarahan will fall to your strength, to our strength. He. . .he is so cruel, Ali. He. . .he hurt me so much!" Kavi said, Ali staring into his pained eyes.

The young sultan moved, sitting on the cot, taking his lover in his arms.

"I know, Kavinus. I know the pain and hurt you endured at his hands. No worries, my love. He has been given his judgment, as have all of them. There is no sense in returning to the past."

Kavinus stared into Alsarius' green irises, the young man seeing his shining love, and also a deep look of determination and courage.

"What. . .what have you done, Alsarius?"

"I have righted the past, Kavi. For you and for your soul I righted the past."

Kavinus stared at the young man, Alsarius' lips touching his.

"You need rest, my love. And I shall give you strength. Lay back, and let my love heal you."
Kavinus lay back upon the cot, his head going against the pillows, Alsarius' hands going to his bandaged chest, gently removing the array of bandages.

The young sultan removed the fur covering the man, his body exposed to the world.

Kavinus' eyes went down to his wounded body, his eyes moving away, Alsarius' hand going to his chin, moving his face to his, their eyes meeting.

"You are beautiful in my eyes as always, my Kavi. Let my love echo through all of you." he said, his hand going upon the man's scarred chest.

Kavinus saw a soft white glow cover his body, the young man's eyes widening in surprise.

His wounds began to soften, then slowly disappear.

"Ali. . .my. . .the wounds. . .they are gone!" the warrior said, staring at his once again smooth chest.

Alsarius smiled, removing his hand from the young warrior's chest.

"My love's beauty shines forever."
Kavinus teared up, his lost Ali pulling him upwards, Kavinus feeling his own renewed energy and strength.

They were in each others arms, Ali's strength wrapping around him.

"I love you, Kavi. It was never a question of my returning to you. I am yours forever."

Kavinus cried, moving back, his lover's lips meeting his.

The man felt the returned desires, the returned beauty of his soulmate's love.

"Love me, Ali! Love me as you have always!"

The sultan smiled, pushing the warrior back onto the cot, their bodies joining as one, their love flowing.

Kavinus became lost in the returned love, and the returned passion.


Kavinus stretched his naked body, pulling on his wrap, standing beside his cot.

He was alone, the darkness only subdued by a single small flame in the tent's corner.

He felt his own renewed strength and happiness, and he felt the glow of his lover's passion flowing through him.

He smiled, walking towards the tent's opened flap, walking out into the moonlit night, the young man judging the hour as shortly before dawn.

He stared forward into the darkness seeing his lover standing ahead of him.

The young sultan stood naked in the moonlight, the moon above him shedding light upon him.

To Kavinus' eyes he was a vision of total beauty.

He walked up to the man, his arms going around him.

"You left me again, Ali. I felt the coldness of our bed." he said, kissing the young man's neck.

Ali turned, his green eyes staring at Kavi.

"I am the warmth of your life, Kavi." he said, wrapping his arms around his Egyptian soulmate.

"That you are, my king."

The young man's face softened, staring at him.

"I am no longer a king, or sultan, Kavi. I am only a man."

Kavi stared at him, the young man's eyes looking outward, Kavi's eyes following his.

They stood on a crest of a hill overlooking the great city of Alexandria.

The Mediterranean Sea lay before them, its blue waters covered in darkness, the sun's first rays showing off to the east across the water.

"There is a whole world out there, Kavi. I wish to see all of it."
Kavi stared at Ali, the young man's green eyes turning to his blue.

"The past is gone, Kavinus. Our kingdom is gone."
"Gone, Ali?"

"Yes, Kavi. I have laid it to waste. Its evilness was never destined to spread."

Kavi looked surprised, his arms going around the young sultan.

"Sarahan and his followers--my family and its tainted soul--and all that devoted to them are destroyed. Such is the power I now possess. The power of truth and life."
"What are you saying, Ali?"
The young man's eyes were filled with tears.

"I am the hand of justice, I am the man of truth. No one hurts my Kavi. I seek forgiveness from you, Kavinus. I am sorry for leaving you alone in the darkness of your pain." Alsarius said, the young man going to his knees before the older man.
The young Egyptian teared up, going to his knees, wrapping his arms around his Ali.

"It is I who seek forgiveness, Ali. I left you down there in the darkness. I left you alone without my love."

The young man smiled, kissing the Egyptian's soft lips.

"You are wrong, Kavi. It wasn't darkness surrounding me. It was pure, total, real love."

Kavi looked confused, Ali smiling.

"I love you, Kavi. That love is the only reason I now am here with you. Your love was my salvation. I live because of you."

Kavinus teared up, feeling the warmth and love of the young man in his arms.

"Tell me everything, Ali. Tell me how you survived that monster down there."
The young man's eyes raised, staring into Kavinus' soul.

"I gave the sacrifice, Kavi. I gave all to return to you."

Kavinus stared at the young man, Alsarius rising upwards, pulling him up with him.

"Sacrifice? What do you speak of, Ali?"

Those green eyes of love stared into his blue.

"I need to show you something, Kavi. And then I need to tell you the truth. Only then can our souls find their forgiveness."

"I love you, Alsarius. There is no forgiveness in that."

The young man smiled, taking the warrior's hand in his.

He moved across the sand, Kavinus following the young naked sultan to another tent that stood beside his own.

The young sultan stopped at its door, his green eyes meeting his blue.

"Life begins again, Kavinus. And the path begins. I want you at my side through all of it."

Kavinus smiled, the young man lifting the tent flap, Kavinus walking into it with him.

Kavinus stopped at the entrance, staring at what lay in the tent's center.

Another cot lay in the tent's center, a small moving form drawing his gaze.

Two small green eyes looked up into his, the young warrior staring in shock at the infant's smiling beauty.

Alsarius walked across the room, kneeling at the bed, pulling the small child up into his arms, standing again.

Kavinus stared at him in silent shock, the young sultan walking up to him, the infant in his arms.

Kavinus stared into the two sets of emerald beauty, both images shining with love.

"This is our son, Kavinus. This is our Tomarus."

The young warrior's eyes widened in shock, staring at the child laying in his lover's arms.

"Our. . .my. . .son?" he softly said, Alsarius' hand going to Kavinus' naked shoulder.

"The creation of our love, the creation of our love." Alsarius said, his green eyes filled with tears.

Kavinus' hands moved forward, Alsarius smiling as the man took the child into his own arms, staring down into his green pools of young love.

The child murmured, his smile sinking into Kavinus' heart.

"It. . .it is impossible, Ali. How could our love. . ."

The young sultan smiled, his green eyes softly glowing, Kavinus staring into them with widening surprise.

"I love you, Kavi. Sit down and I shall tell you of my path's journey. And I will tell you of our destiny."

The warrior sat down on the cot, his Ali sitting down beside him.

Ali began to talk, the young warrior falling into his lover's past, his heart joining with his as the love grew.




Lourdes, France 1094 A.D.


The doctor walked out of the room, staring at the two standing up as he entered the room.

The doctor stared at both of them.

"He is resting comfortably. But the end draws near. His life ebbs out of him, monsieur." the doctor said, the older of the two men nodding his head.

"I know, Dr. Estien. For I feel it." the man said, the doctor nodding.

"His body has run its course, I am afraid. His life has been long but no one outruns death." he man said, looking at both.

"Your father has filled all our lives with happiness." the doctor said, staring at the older man.

"He goes to God's embrace." the younger man said, the doctor nodding.

"You may see him. His end is coming tonight. I am sorry."

"Do not be sorry for his life, sir. For it has been long and courageous." the younger man said, the older smiling at him.

The two nodded, the older of the two putting his arm around the younger.

The two men walked into the room, the doctor quietly closing the door behind them.

Their eyes looked towards the large bed in the room's center.

Two blue eyes opened, staring across the room at both of them.

"I had a dream, my loves." he softly said, the two walking up to the bed, both sitting down on both sides of the old man's frail body.

Their smiles softened, staring into his blue eyes.

"What did you dream of, my love?" the older of the two said, his hand taking the old man's hand in his.

"I dreamed I was on the balcony of the palace, Ali. We were young and naked together."

The man's tearing eyes softly glowed, his hand squeezing his, the white glow moving over his body.

"Do not seek to heal what cannot be healed, my love. My life ends."
The man lowered his tearing eyes, the white glow disappearing.

"A hundred and ten years I have lived, Ali. Eighty years of your and my son's love. No man could have wanted more."

Alsarius sobbed, his Kavi's hand squeezing his, his other joining with his son's, Tomarus' eyes filled with love and emotion.

"My life ends, but yours goes on. Do not cry my loves. For I will meet you again. There is another darkness approaching me. But it will shine one day with your love again." the old man gasped, Alsarius' arm going around his lover.

"How can I go on without you, Kavi?" he cried, the man smiling up into his green eyes.

"My love is in your heart, Ali. And our Toma's heart holds both of ours."
The two men teared up, the old man smiling at both of them.

"Thank you for the path, my loves. For the years of happiness, adventure and life." he smiled, Alsarius smiling at him.

"I love you, Kavi. Our love will be forever."

The man smiled, closing his eyes, Alsarius' lips meeting his, their love joining as it had for over eighty years.

"I love you, Ali. Then, now and forever." the old man said, his head going against Alsarius' strong chest.

"I love you, father. Forever." Tomarus said, his voice edged with cracking emotion.

"I love you, my son. Be a rock for your father. Our love he has always." the old man said, Tomarus smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

His body went slack, the man gasping one last breath.

The younger man held him in his arms, his son beside him wrapping his arms around both of them.

"He is gone, father. But his love we feel always." the younger man said, two sets of green eyes meeting each other's.

"We will return him to Egypt, Tomarus. I will place him in the tomb. And one day I shall join with him forever." the older man smiled.

The younger man smiled, staring into the handsome face of his father, his young green eyes glowing.

The man smiled, staring into his son's glowing eyes.
The young man smiled, his young muscled body moving up from the bed, helping his father lay his other father gently back against the pillows.

Alsarius stared at his lover's face, the aged smile locked in his heart forever.

His green eyes turned, staring at his son.

The man's beauty shone in the dark room, his eyes glowing with life.

Alsarius smiled, staring into his young face.

"You are now a man, Toma."

The young man smiled, Alsarius taking in his youthful looks, his body that of a youthful eighteen.

"And you are my father, whom I love." the young man said, the middle-aged man smiling back at him.

"Our path continues, Toma. His love is with us, and our destiny continues."
The young man moved, walking around the bed, his father standing, taking him into his arms.

The youth began to cry, sobbing into his father's chest.

"He loved us, Toma. Even with our truths he loved us. And we will go on with his love."
The young man cried, Alsarius staring down at his lost lover.

A man of forty stood with his eighteen-year-old son in his arms, his one-hundred-and-ten year-old soulmate dead before him.

"Our lives and magic go on. And it only begins."




Embrace Island, Bahamas


Lucas gasped, the young man feeling the wetness surrounding him.

He fought against the weight, the young man's violet eyes opening.

He saw himself surrounded by water, its blueness surrounding him.

His eyes raised upwards, the man seeing the sun shining through the water.

Lucas swam upwards, fighting the weight, struggling to reach the surface.

He cut through the water, gasping for air, struggling to take it into his lungs.

His eyes focused, the young man gasping for air, staring around him.

He saw the beach ahead of him, the young man realizing he was swimming in the ocean, his body floating hundreds of yards away from the beach.

Lucas began to swim, the current coming against him.

He fought with all his strength, swimming towards the beach.

After five minutes he felt the sand under his feet, the young man walking out of the water up onto the beach.

He gasped, collapsing on the beach, the sand surrounding him.

His violet eyes looked around, seeing all of the lounge chairs thrown around, the journal laying on the beach, its pages fluttering in the morning breeze.

Lucas gasped, taking in the air and the sun's warmth.

He lay in silence, his body feeling the tiredness of his struggled swim.

Lucas heard movement, and running feet.

A shadow fell across his body, a face coming into view.

Two blue pools staring into his violet, Lucas staring up into Josh's handsome face.

"My love? Are you okay? What's happened?" Josh said, two other faces coming into view around Lucas.

A set of blue and a set of green irises stared at him, Lucas seeing their total love.

"The book. . .I was drawn. . .they were. . .of magic." he softly said, Josh's eyes looking towards the journal laying in the sand a few feet from them.

"Let's get you inside, my love. You look exhausted." Josh said, worry etched on his face.
Lucas' hand went to his face, staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Josh. I. . .I know. . .the. . .long life. . ." he said, the young man feeling arms wrapping around him, his body lifting.

Josh and Justin both carried the young man towards the cabin, Lance's hand laced in Lucas'.


Lucas' violet pools opened, three sets of loving irises staring down at him.

"What time is it?" he softly said, Lance's hand going again in his.

"It's eleven, Lucas. You've slept for a few hours." he smiled, Lucas staring into his green eyes.

"The green eyes of love." he said, Josh and Justin trading looks.

"Are you okay, my love? The chairs. . .the book. . .it looked like they were blown around." Josh said, Lucas staring into his blue eyes of concern.

"I'm fine, Beamy." Lucas said, beginning to rise up, Justin's hand going against his naked chest.

"You're resting, Luke. You've given all of us a scare." he said, Lucas staring into his handsome face.

"I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to scare you."

"What happened, Luke? You read the book again, didn't you?" Lance said with concerned love.

"Yes, Lancy. I read the next chapter of the book." he said, Josh staring at him.

"Please let me up, my loves. I'm fine. I want to feel the warmth of the sunshine outside. I'll just relax on the veranda, my loves."

The three exchanged looks, Josh nodding at the other two.

"Alright, Lucky. But I'm taking charge of you. No theatrics or movement. Got it?"

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's love and concern.

"Yes, my nurse of love."

Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes meeting Justin's blue pools of love.

"Coping a feel, Timberlake? Why don't you move your hand lower?"

Josh and Lance laughed, Justin smiling and removing his hand from Lucas' chest.

"My hands were all over you while you slept, stud."

Lucas laughed, the three hearing the normalcy of his returned laughter.

"So you're the one who undressed me." Lucas smiled, feeling his nakedness under the sheet covering his lower body.

"That was me, my love." Josh smiled, Justin showing blushing love.

Lucas smiled, his finger rubbing Josh's cheek.

"I know, my love. Your touch I feel in my dreams."
Josh smiled, his returned Lucky smiling up at him.

"We'll let you dress, Luke. Meet you on the veranda."
"Stay, guys. You've seen all of me. And I'll need your shoulders to lean on."
The two smiled, Lucas moving in the bed, swinging his legs to the floor, Josh at his side.

Lucas smiled, rising to his feet, staggering a bit, Josh and Justin at both sides of his body, Justin's arms going around Lucas' naked waist.

"Above the belt, Timberlake. My ass doesn't need to be fingered."
Justin laughed, Lance smiling at his soulmate, his green eyes taking in the vision of Lucas' naked body, two visions of short-covered beauty surrounding him.

"I'll get your cargo shorts, Lukey." he smiled, walking to the dresser.

Lucas smiled, Lance returning and gently guiding a pair of briefs, then the shorts, up Lucas' muscled legs, Lance smiling as he pulled up their zipper, buttoning the shorts closed.

"Dressed by an angel. My, I'm so lucky."
The three men smiled, Lance's eyes meeting Justin's again.

"Thanks for giving my Justy a floor show, Luke. I'm going to be so loved this afternoon."

Lucas laughed, leaning forward and kissing Lance's lips.

"I like to keep my men happy."
All three laughed, Justin softly blushing, remembering the vision of Lucas' total beauty.

The three gently walked Lucas out of the bedroom, heading for the veranda.


Lucas sighed, laying on the lounge chair, three staring faces surrounding him.

"Well say something, guys!" he said, Josh staring at him.

"They. . .they were young, Lucas? They were not old like Kavinus at the end?" he softly said, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"Yes, Joshua. They were eighteen and forty. Eighty years into the future they were only that age."

"That. . .that's impossible, Luke!" Justin said, his eyes filled with wonder.

"I don't think it is, Jus. I think it was the magic that Alsarius and his son now possessed. Kavinus aged through the years, they didn't as fast. The child grew, but at a slower rate, as did Alsarius. The two aged, but less than half as fast as Kavinus."

"Not immortal, just long of age." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. Whatever happened to Alsarius down in that tomb made him long of life. The magic he possessed."
"Lucas, will you? Will you. . .live like that?" Josh said, his lover's hand going in his.

"I. . .I don't know, Joshua. I don't know if the magic I possess is the same magic."

The three stared at him, Lucas sighing.

"I don't know the truth of that, my friends. I don't feel that that's the case. I don't feel any different than I've ever felt. I don't believe I am the same. I've aged as any young man would."

"I believe you are love personified, Lucas. With your beauty age isn't of importance. But if it is true, then it will make me so happy." Josh said, staring at his lover.

"Happy, Josh?" Lucas asked, Josh leaning forward and kissing his soft lips.

"Just think of the many years your youthful beauty will stoke my aging heart."

Lucas smiled, hearing no concern or fear in Josh's words or kissing love.

The other two men smiled, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas'.

"We'll all be so lucky." he said, Lance smiling beside him.

"Thanks, guys. And thank you, Beamy. For not fearing that possible truth."
"I love you, Lucas. Forever."

Lucas smiled, Lance staring at him.

"The child, Lucas. How. . .how was that. . .possible?"

Lucas looked around at all three.

"I don't know, Lance. I don't know how the two of them could have created a child. There are so many questions in that regard. Kavinus had just found Ali again. They'd only been together for a few days. And the obvious truth of them both being men leads this to magic. That child must have been a child of magic."

Lance leaned forward, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I think he was a child of love. A creation of their love reunited. And magic was the essence of that love as well."
Lucas smiled, liking Lance's reasoning.

"I like that thought, Lance." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at him.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Lucas's lips again, the two parting.

"You don't really have good birthing hips, my love. But I'll welcome any creation of our love."
Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"Thanks for seeing the humour in all this strangeness, my love."
"I love you, Lucky. Nothing will ever change that. Your or our magical children."
Lucas smiled, looking around at all three.

"Kavinus had a life of happiness with his Ali and their son of love. I'd like to think of that child as the creation of their love, as Lance said. I think Alsarius' and Kavinus' love was the beginning of all this."

The three nodded, Lance staring at Lucas.

"What happened to Alsarius, Luke? Down in that darkened tomb? How did he escape?"

"I don't know, Lance. Perhaps that will be learned at the next opening of the journal."

Josh's eyes went to the beach, Lucas' hand going in his.

"I feel your worry, my love."

Josh's eyes met his.

"You go into the book and then are thrown back into this world. Each time it has been a moment of danger. First your lashing out at me, now your being thrown into the water." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"The next time I will take precautions, my love. The path I walk leaves me as quickly as it enters my soul. I will guard against its flow of energy. Next time I'll be protected."

"By what, Luke?" Justin asked, the man smiling at him.

"By all of your love, my angels."
The three smiled, Lucas sighing.

"Another piece of the proverbial puzzle had been shown. Alsarius survived and created the beginnings of my family's destiny in his son's creation. I believe Tomarus began our family's existence."
The three nodded, Lucas smiling at all three.

"I'm suddenly hungry. Let's end this moment with my own declaration."
The three stared at him, Lucas smiling.

"I love all three of you. That love surrounds me. Anything I learn in the past--or the future--won't stand against the love I now have in my soul. The past will show itself, and your love will be my future."

The three smiled, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"Just think of all the years you can cop a feel, Timberlake. You're going to have a life of happiness."
Justin laughed, as did the other two.

"I'm me, guys. I'll always be only me to all three of you, you the most my loving Joshua."

Josh smiled, Lucas pulling him forward, the man's body joining him on the lounge chair, the two kissing deeply.

"Let's make lunch, Lancy. These two look beyond happy. Let's leave them to their happiness." Justin smiled, Lance standing up with him, their hands going together.

"Make lots, my loves. We're having company." Lucas smiled, once he'd broken free of Josh's kiss.

Everyone looked at Lucas, the young man smiling.

Their quiet moment was broken by the sudden sound of an airplane in the distance.

"Alain returns to check up on us. Let's welcome him with a satisfying lunch of our happiness."

The three smiled, Lance and Justin walking towards the door.

"Leave off the shirts, guys. Might as well make them drool."

All four laughed, Josh smiling as he snuggled in his man's arms, the two kissing again.


Josh smiled, seeing the two men walking across the beach towards the cabin, their hands locked together.

Lance and Justin stood beside Josh, the three staring at the two young men in front of them.

"Ooh, Harry's a looker!" Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate, his arm around him.

His blue eyes took in the young man's dashing looks, the man walking beside Alain.

He looked around twenty-five, blond curls flowing from his head, his face showing a chiselled beauty, even this far from them.

"A Justin look-a-like. Some hidden fantasy in Alain's soul?" Josh laughed, Justin blushing.

The dark skinned young man walking with Harry, smiling towards the cabin, his white teeth gleaming in the midday sun.

"My friends, hello! How goes the week of love?" Alain yelled, the two young men walking up to the cabin.
"Hello, Alain! Welcome again to paradise!" Lucas yelled, the young man still laying in the lounge chair, his muscled body rising from it.

Josh looked at him, Lucas smiling as he walked to his side, taking his hand in his.
The two visitors finally walked up the cabin steps, walking onto the veranda, Alain smiling at the four men standing in shorts, their muscled tanned chests showing.

The young man beside him had wide staring eyes, his blue pools taking in the visions of masculine beauty before him.

Both men wore swimming trunks and athletic shirts, Alain's body covered in white, his black skin glistening against the white.

Harry's muscular frame wore robin blue shorts and a yellow wifebeater, his beauty showing.

"And this must be Harry. Welcome to our hideaway and our friendship." Lucas said, walking forward, taking the young man's hand in his.

The man stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing so much calm happiness there.

"Hello. . .I'm. . ..I'm Harry, Mr. Carver." he stuttered, Lucas smiling at him.

"And I'm just Luke, Harry. And yes, that's three friends of N*Sync standing before you. Which one thrills you most?"

The young man blushed, his eyes meeting Justin's blue.

Justin smiled, watching the young man taking in his muscled form.

"I knew it was me! You own me ten bucks, Joshy!"

Alain laughed, his arm going around his soulmate.

"Forgive my Harry's gaze, Justin. He looks upon beauty, as we both do. He's worshipped you from afar for many years." Alain smiled, no jealousy showing in his dark brown eyes.

"Then let's make the fantasy reality." Justin smiled, the man walking up to the young man, his blue eyes widening more as Justin wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tightly.

"There! Your dreams have come true. Justin Timberlake holds you in his arms, Harry."
The young man blushed, Justin releasing his hold, smiling at the young man.

"I'm just me, Harry. My friendship is here for you. Just call me Justin."
The young man blushed, but smiled, feeling the warmth of his idol's body against him.

"It is an honour, Mr. Timberlake. . .I mean Justin."
"Relax, Harry. You won't worship me when you smell one of my farts."

Everyone laughed, Harry smiling widely, Justin seeing his body calming, the man releasing him, Justin walking over to Lance, wrapping his arms around him.

"Unfortunately I'm spoken for, Harry. Sorry, but I'm beyond happy." Justin said, Lance smiling at his openness, Justin's lips meeting his.

Harry smiled, looking at the two couples before him, Josh having walked to Lucas' side, the man extending his hand.

"Welcome, Harry. Our love shows in the open. I trust you'll keep it to your heart?"

"Of course, Mr. Chasez. Your secret is safe in my heart. Luke is indeed so lucky. As is Mr. Bass."

Lance smiled, extending his hand, the young man reaching for it, Lance pulling him into a tight hug, Harry beaming with joy.

"It's Lance, Harry. You're pretty damn lucky yourself. Alain's an Adonis!"

Alain smiled, Harry's eyes going to him.

"That he is, Lance. And he's mine."

Everyone smiled, Lucas quietly looking at the young man.

Harry's eyes were still wide with wonder, Alain kissing his cheek as he put his arms around him.

"Forgive my Harry's enthusiasm. He's been on cloud nine all week since I told him who was staying here."
The young man blushed, taking in the beauty before him.

"You're all my idols! Your music. . .your beauty. . .I'm in awe!" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Wait till you taste my Caesar salad!" Justin beamed, Lance laughing.

"Lunch is ready guys. Please join us." he smiled, inviting them to lunch, both young men accepting with happiness.

The visitors were guided to the veranda table, Justin and Lance disappearing into the house for the food, the other four sitting down around the table, Alain sitting beside Josh, Harry sitting beside his soulmate.

"How finds your love? Have you fallen in love with the place?" Alain smiled, his brown eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Yes we have, Alain. Its beauty is breathtaking." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"I think he sees a greater beauty than the island's scenery." Alain smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Our love's increased, Alain. This island draws love to all of our hearts." Lance said, smiling as he walked out of the cabin, he and Justin carrying trays of food.

Lucas stood up, helping them all set the food down on the table, everyone sitting down, Justin sitting beside Harry, the young man looking at him with idolizing eyes.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I'd like to say Grace, everyone." he said, everyone nodding, lowering their heads, Lucas smiling at everyone, his violet eyes glancing at Harry's lowered face.

"Bless us Lord for all we are about to receive, and all we have received under your warming sun of love these last few days .Our hearts soar with love and happiness. With life and love. With togetherness, love and family. We unite as one, under your love and under our own. Let us walk forward with love in our hearts and togetherness in our souls. Amen."

"Amen." everyone said, all their eyes looking towards Lucas.

His violet eyes had soft tears in them, Josh's hand going on top of his.

"Are you alright, my love? Are you still tired?"

"I'm fine, my Joshua. The path continues."

Everyone stared quietly at the young man, Lucas smiling at all of them.

His eyes locked with Harry's blue, the young man staring at him with silent awed wonder.

"Let's eat, everyone. And you can open up to us as we eat, my cousin."

Everyone's eyes showed confusion, all eyes going to Harry.

"How. . .how could you. . .?"

Lucas smiled, staring at the young man.

"Your aura gives off its protective shine, my cousin of protective destiny."

Harry's eyes showed tears, Alain's arm going around his, his brown eyes staring at the young man in front of him as well.

Lucas smiled, looking at both their awed faces.

"You are family now as well, Alain. For you love Harry Carlisle . A courageous warrior of the Seguaci Dellunico."

Harry's eyes widened in shock, the young man across from him smiling.

"Welcome, cousin of my mother's side. Welcome to your destiny."




End of Chapter 60


New family enters the picture.

Who is Harry?

It seems Lucas was expecting him.


Another chapter of the past reveals itself.

Are Alsarius and Tomarus immortals?

Or is there another mystery deeper within that dark tomb?


Lucas saw the past unfold, the reality of his ancestor's fate revealed.

And Kavinus reclaimed his lost love, living years in happiness with his soulmate, and their son.

Another mystery surrounds the created Tomarus.


Let the truth unfold forward.

I think it will be a surprising past.


Next up: Lucas meets new family, and the path focuses.



Hugs, Angel.