Yesterday's End-63

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 63


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, his violet eyes meeting two turning blue eyes.

"Morning, Luke." Harry said, the young man standing at the stove.

"You beat me to it, Har. Good morning." Lucas smiled, the young man walking up to him, the two exchanging a hug.

"I woke up around six. I usually have to get up, no laying around in bed for me."
Lucas smiled, opening the fridge door beside the stove, pulling out a carton of orange juice.

"I'm the same, Har. Must be a family trait." he smiled, pouring both of them a glass of orange juice.

Lucas smiled, leaning against the counter, watching the young man working on three frying pans filled with sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs.

The young man smiled at Lucas, Lucas smiling back.

"I've fended for myself for years. I learned how to cook when I was ten."

Lucas smiled, looking around the clean kitchen.

"You'll make someone a wonderful wife, cutie. Alain's going to be so happy."
Harry beamed, Lucas smiling and walking towards the door.

"I'm going to grab the paper. Be right back."

Harry nodded, continuing to cook.

A few moments later Lucas walked back into the room, smiling at the young man, sitting down at the kitchen table, unfolding the newspaper, glancing through it.

Harry finished off his cooking, filling platters with food, placing them all in the warming oven.

He didn't notice Lucas behind him showing a shocked look on his face, the man zoning in on the newspaper.

Harry walked to the counter, filling two mugs with coffee from the filled coffeepot, walking to the table and sitting down across from Lucas, handing him one of the mugs, Lucas violet eyes moving off the paper, saying thanks.

Both young men finished their juice, Lucas then sipping at the cup of coffee that Harry had laced with cream and sugar.

"What's new in the world, Lukey?"

Lucas smiled, setting the newspaper down.

"Nothing much. Same old stories. War, disease, life, happiness."

Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"So, what's on the agenda today, Luke?" Harry asked, Lucas sighing.

"A day of relaxation, my friend. I'm going to spend it with my Beamy. I think my man needs a day of happiness."

Harry nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"After a night of happiness, I'm sure he'll be very contented today. We'll all see his afterglow."

Lucas smiled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

Harry laughed, patting his friend's hand.

"A wonderful room you gave me, Luke. But the walls are a bit thin."

Lucas laughed, smiling at Harry.

"My man was denied my love all day yesterday. We were just making up for lost time."

"And I bet you're beyond happy?"

Lucas smiled widely, Harry smiling at the happiness exuding off Lucas' handsome face.

"Who wouldn't be, Harry? I had Joshua Chasez in my arms all night."

Harry smiled, nodding.

"Well, if you two lovers decide you want to go out today I'm going to be your shadow." Harry said, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"A nice idea. My man needs some new clothes. Word of warning, my Beamy can be a clothes whore."
Harry laughed, Lucas smiling.

"But I'm sure you love him in new clothes?"
"Always, Har. His beauty does it for me. And the less clothes the better."
Harry laughed, winking at Lucas, Lucas chuckling with him.

Their happiness was interrupted by the phone ringing on the counter, Harry rising up and answering it.

"Orion's residence, Harry speaking." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his professionalism.

"Good morning, Justin. You're up early." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Sure, he's right here. Hold on."

Harry smiled, handing Lucas the phone, the young man sitting down again.

"Morning, Jus. You fall out of bed, or did Lancy throw you out? Rough dismount?"

Harry laughed, Lucas grinning.

"No, Lukey. We never went to sleep. Good morning, sweetie!" Justin replied on the other end of the phone, a smile on his face, he looking at his Lance snuggled beside him.

Lucas smiled, Harry looking at him.

"To what do I owe the honour of a call from Justin Timberlake so early in the morning? Have I won a free date with him? Should I bring Vaseline?"

Harry laughed again, loving their sassy banter.

"Just bring that hot ass, sugar pie, honeybunch." Justin retorted.

"There's so much more for you to love."

Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"I'd keep this up Lukey but my tummy's growling." Justin smirked, Lance hearing his hinting at breakfast.

"Ah so that's it! The freeloaders are in need of a free breakfast. I'm just as hungry, Timberlake. Our men make us ravenous."

"Got that right, Luke." Justin smiled, kissing Lance on the lips.

"Okay, Heckle and Jeckle. Get your hands off each other, climb out of bed and come on over. Harry's been cooking up a feast."
Harry smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Ah, so he beat the great Lucas Carver to his kitchen! I'm liking the man already!"

Lucas laughed, smiling at Harry.

"I cook in other rooms just as well, Timberlake. Just ask your exhausted best friend. He's been snacking all night."

Justin laughed, Lance smiling beside him.

"We'll be over in thirty."

"I'm sure we'll hear the grumbling thunder of two empty stomachs. Later sexy."

Justin's laughter was the last thing Lucas heard as he closed off the call.

He smiled at Harry.

"Set some more plates, Har. Our family's coming."

Harry smiled, rising from his chair.

Lucas smiled, staring at the newspaper, his smile widening.


A few minutes later the kitchen door swung open, Lucas smiling at the vision walking into the room.

Josh stretched his slim muscled body, Lucas' eyes scanning its sleek form.

He wore an athletic shirt and pyjama bottoms, Lucas smiling at his beauty.

"Morning, my love. Morning, Har." Josh said, yawning, walking towards the table, Lucas pulling his chair back, Josh sitting down in his lap, Lucas' arms going around him.

Harry smiled at Josh calling him Har as well, the two men treating him like close family.

"Morning, Josh." Harry replied, Lucas' lips meeting Josh's, their morning kiss of love complete.

"Morning, my sleepy angel. I figured you'd sleep for a few more hours." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, his body sinking against Lucas', Lucas feeling his warmth.

"I woke up alone without my love. I had to go find him." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I was only a room away, babe."

"I know, Lucky. But I always need you close."

Lucas smiled, Harry smiling as well as he set a glass of orange juice down in front of the two men.

Josh smiled, picking up the glass, downing half of it.

"That'll give you strength, old timer. I'm sure you need it after last night." Harry winked, chuckling and returning to the counter.

Josh looked at Lucas, the young man kissing his cheek.

"We were in stereo last night. You have to tone it down, babe. Either that or we'll have to get Harry ear plugs."

Josh softly blushed, then smiled, looking at the man.

"He can deal with it. I'll always be vocal when your love claims me."

Harry laughed, Lucas smiling with love at his man.

"Harry beat me to the bounty, babe. Those aromas are his. I may have to rise even earlier."

Harry laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"You sleep in with your angel, Luke. Let me run this place."

Lucas laughed, saluting the young man.

"Yes, sir!"

Harry and Josh laughed, the happiness increasing when the kitchen door opened again.

Finn and Skyler walked in, Trish and Drew following them.

Harry's blue eyes looked at Finn, taking in the man's sculpted beauty, Finn wearing only pyjama pants--his usual morning attire--his muscled hairy chest on full display.

"Are we in space, Luke? I see a Wookie!" Harry said, everyone bursting into laughter.

Harry grinned, Lucas laughing loudly.

"Good one, Harry! May the force be with you!" Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at his good mood.

Finn folded his arms, staring at the young bodyguard.

"I'll have you know I'm not that hairy! Just ask my Sky!"

Skyler smiled, kissing her man's lips.

"No, babe. That's not the reason I have to floss every morning."

Everyone burst into laughter again, Finn blushing now.

Harry laughed, smiling at Finn.

"Lucky lady."

Skyler smiled, everyone moving to the table, their stomachs drawn by the aromas, Harry laying out his feast.

Finn smiled at him, sitting down beside his lady.

"We'll wait, guys. Two more urchins are following the aromas." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

Finn looked at Lucas.

"Who's that? Timberlake and Bass?"

"Yep. They were begging for breakfast." Lucas smiled, Finn grinning.

"The fun begins!" he smiled, his eyes glancing at Harry.

Lucas laughed, shaking his head.

Josh smiled, moving off Lucas' lap, sitting down in the chair beside him, Harry bringing over the coffeepot.

Everyone smiled at him, Trish looking at Lucas.

"Harry beat you to making breakfast, Lukey? You must be so mad. You can't dole out your morning love." she smiled, Lucas smiling at Harry.

"I'm not mad, Trishy. Harry's morning warmth is just as giving as mine. Family love always is."

Harry beamed, returning to the stove, checking on his ready fare.

The condo buzzer went off, the young man smiling and walking out of the kitchen.

"He's settling in, Lukey." Finn smiled, Lucas nodding.

"He's family now, Finny. What's one more freak?"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at all of them.

Harry came back into the room, two smiling faces following him.

Justin's face was shining with happiness, his arm around his Lance's waist.

"Good morning, everyone! Something smells fantastic!" Justin said, Lance greeting everyone as well.

"That would be Harry's cooking, Jus." Lucas said, Justin leaning down and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Not yours, Luke?"

Lucas sighed, smiling around at everyone.

"Okay, now I see that I've been everyone's bitch too damn long. Harry, meet the moochers!"

Harry laughed, everyone softly blushing, Lucas smiling at all of them with love, his words not condescending.

"We just love your morning happiness, Luke. You've always fed us with your love and recipes." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I know, Finny. Just think of Harry as an extension of that love. You moochers are so damn lucky!"

Everyone laughed, Justin and Lance sitting down together, Harry smiling at everyone, laying the last platters on the table.

Everyone smiled, Lucas saying a short grace, the others bowing their heads.

Platters were passed around, the food abundant and delicious, plates being filled.

Lucas smiled at Justin and Lance, seeing a soft look of total happiness on Lance's face.

"You seem extra happy this morning, Justin. Care to spread the happiness?" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, his blue eyes looking at Lance, Lance nodding, Justin smiling widely.

"I've asked Lance to move in with me. We're officially a couple of partnered love!" he said, his face wide with happiness.

"Awesome, guys! That's fantastic!" Josh smiled, his two friends beaming with happiness.

Everyone smiled, giving the couple their congratulations, both men shining with love.

"Congrats, my friends of love. Now comes true moments of togetherness, of love and familiarity. Two people in tune with each other's souls. I have the same with my Beamy. We know and love each other completely."
Justin and Lance both smiled, Josh kissing Lucas' lips.

"The familiarity of burps, farts, snoring and belching love. It's damn near fantastic." Lucas said, Josh blushing, everyone laughing, their eyes drawn to each other's soulmate.

Harry smiled, seeing four couples of total soul.

His thoughts went to his own man, his soul filled with his distant love.

Lucas smiled at the young man, his eyes going around the table.

"Wonderful news, Jus and Lancy. I have some of my own as well." Lucas said, his fingers going on top of the folded newspaper laying beside his plate.

"Oh, Lukey? What's that?" Finn said, filling his plate again with sausages and bacon.

Lucas stared at his friend, lifting the newspaper up, handing it to Justin seated beside him.

"Read page sixty-four, Justin." Lucas said calmly, sipping at his coffee mug, Josh's blue eyes staring at him, seeing a quietness in Lucas' violet pools.

Justin opened the paper, everyone quietly watching him scan the pages, finding what Lucas had asked him to find.

He scanned the page, finally zoning in on something, his blue eyes widening a bit, a large smile crossing his face.

His blue eyes looked towards Lucas, the young man's eyes lowering.

Justin's blue pools went around the table, everyone seeing happiness etched on his handsome face.

"Congrats, my friends! Orion's number one on all the charts!"

Lucas' bandmates looked stunned, the quietness broken by Trish's shrill scream.

"We're number one! We're at the top! Oh my God!" she screamed, Skyler joining her in her exploding happiness, the two rising and hugging each other.

Finn looked stunned, Drew clapping his back.

Everyone was on their feet, hugging the three, congratulations given, the three filled with happiness.

Josh and Finn had hugged last, the two smiling at each other.

"We're the best, Lukey!" Finn grinned, his blue eyes looking towards his friend, Lucas still seated at the table, his head still lowered.

Everyone quieted down, realizing that Lucas hadn't moved.

Josh sat down beside him, everyone staring at the young man.

Josh's arm went gently around him, staring at him.

"Are you okay, Lucky?" he said with love, the young man's head slowly rising.

Everyone saw the tears on his face and in his eyes, Josh looking worried.

"My music. . .it. . .it's loved by everyone." Lucas softly said, Josh smiling at him, realizing Lucas was emotionally stunned by this new revelation.

"Yes, my love. Its beauty and emotional love fills everyone's soul."

Lucas smiled widely, everyone seeing the total happiness on his face.

"We've succeeded, guys. Our love and message has entered everyone's heart." Lucas said, his three bandmates tearing up, Finn moving and pulling Lucas out of his chair, his muscled arms wrapping around his younger friend.

"Your music shines in all our hearts, Lucas. Thank you for making us one of love."
Lucas cried, his three bandmates now surrounding him.

"We are one of love and music, my friends. Thank you for making it all great."

The three smiled, Lucas inundated with kisses and hugs from all three, the others in the room smiling at the touching scene.

Finn and Lucas parted, Finn kissing Lucas on the lips.

"I'm proud of you, Lukey. You drew us all into our greatness. We sing with your music and love in our hearts. You make Orion shine."

"We make Orion shine, guys. The four of us. Always!"

Finn smiled, Lucas feeling his love and warmth, the man still holding him, his naked chest against Lucas' clothed one.

"So do we get a trophy or something?" Finn said, Lucas laughing.

"Yes, Finny. A golden phallus for you to play with."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing and smiling.

"Have one of those, Lukey. Sky's damn near worn off its shine."

Lucas burst into laughed, Sky now rolling her eyes.

Lucas kissed Finn's cheek, smiling widely.

"Don't ever change, Chewbacca!"

Finn grinned then laughed, the group returning to the table, finishing Harry's delicious breakfast.


The day flew by, the group wrapped in its happiness.

Lucas and Josh went out shopping, Josh touched by Lucas' wanting to make him happy.

Lucas bought his boyfriend some new clothes, Josh wrapped up in the happiness of Lucas' giving love.

Harry went with them, the young man following them with friendship and love.

Several people had stopped the two men in the stores, Josh smiling at their recognizing Lucas, the young man surprised by his dawning celebrity status.

"You're in the beam of fame's light, babe. Get used to it."

Lucas smiled, happy that a couple of people had walked up to Josh as well, the man smiling and greeting them, giving a couple of autographs as well.

His man's fame wasn't forgotten.

The two smiled, enjoying their day, Harry drawn into their happiness as well.

Lucas spoiled him with some new clothes also.

They came back home, spending the afternoon with their friends.

Josh and Lucas relaxed, their love shown for everyone.

Around five o'clock Justin and Lance returned, this time with two others in tow.

Justin and Lance had met them at the airport.

Lucas greeted them at the door, his body wrapped in his family's love.

He broke the embrace, staring into his mother's blue eyes, his father's arm wrapped around him.

"Hello, Mom." he smiled, Vivian kissing his cheek again.

"Hello, my son. It's good to see you so happy."

Lucas smiled, kissing her cheek, staring into her blue eyes.

"I am happy, Mom. I have so much love."
She smiled, Josh smiling as he walked up to her, hugging her gently, Henderson wrapped in his daughter's love.

The couple were greeted by everyone, Harry hugging both of them, Vivian looking into her son's violet pools of love.

"Thank you for the gift, Mom. His love and friendship I'll always need."

Vivian softly smiled, her cheeks showing a blushing love.

Lucas wrapped his arm around her, Vivian feeling his unchanged love.

"Your protective deviousness has filled my heart with a new love. I'll always welcome your love and protection."
Vivian teared up, everyone smiling at their bonded love.

Lucas guided his parents into the living room, the group joining them.

They all talked, all of them feeling Lucas' calmness at what the next day would bring.

His voyage to his family's ancestral home.

Their flight was leaving at nine the next morning.

They'd be in Vermont for lunch, the group landing in Burlington, then a couple of hours drive to Ridgehaven.

Lucas seemed calm, his love and smile calming all their nerves about the week ahead.

Everyone was going with him, Lucas having the support of his family and friends.

Josh sat with Lucas, the two surrounded by friends and love.

Lucas smiled, in the center of his happiness.


Lucas walked out of the bathroom, his bronzed freshly showered body wrapped in only a towel.

Josh smiled at him, taking in every inch of Lucas' smooth, suntanned physique.

"You're beyond beautiful, my bronzed angel." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

His violet eyes took in Josh's near naked form, the man laying on their bed, his body clad in only a pair of black boxer briefs, the man sitting up, leaning back into the pillows on top of the bed.

"And you're a vision of total beauty, my smooth stallion."

Josh smiled, his toothy smile melting Lucas' heart.

The man walked up to the bed, Josh's blue pools locked with his violet.

Josh smiled as Lucas sat down on the bed's edge, his hand going to Josh's chest, rubbing its smoothness.

Lucas leaned down, their lips meeting, the kiss a soft tenderness of their total love.

"I love you, Joshua." Lucas said, when they broke the kiss.

Josh smiled, feeling the truth in Lucas' words.

"I love you, my Lucas."

Lucas smiled his Josh smile, Josh running his hand across Lucas' warm, smooth, clean chest.

"You were very quiet after dinner and the games, my love. Everything okay?"

Lucas sighed, the young man rising from the bed, extending his hand out to Josh, Josh taking it in his, the young man pulling him up from the bed.

Lucas walked over to the balcony door, Josh following him through it, the two walking out onto the balcony.

Lucas' eyes stared out into the darkened night, Josh's arm going around him.

Josh felt the warmth of the late June night, the city giving off a heated summer warmth.

"I'm on the edge, my love. The edge of my destiny."

Josh stared at his soulmate, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Here on the edge I feel the beginnings, Josh. The beginnings of the true path."

"And do you fear that path? I don't sense fear in you." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, Josh. I'm not afraid. I have faith in your love protecting me. In all your love protecting me."

"I love you, Lucas. I will always protect you. As will everyone who loves you. How dangerous will this week be?"

Lucas stared into his lover's blue eyes, seeing the underlying fear showing in Josh's soul.

"It won't be dangerous to you or those I love, my love. My love has its own protection."

Josh smiled, Lucas laying his head against Josh's smooth chest, Josh's arms wrapping around him.

"I love you so much, Josh. I'm so glad you're here with me."

Josh kissed Lucas' forehead, Lucas tightening his hold on the vision of warmth surrounding him.

"I'm here for you in all ways, my Lucas."

Lucas raised his head, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I am yours, Josh. And I want to be yours forever. How does New Year's Eve sound?"

Josh looked into Lucas' violet eyes.

"New Year's Eve, babe?" Josh smiled, Lucas softly kissing his lips.

"I'd love to marry you on New Year's Eve, Joshua?"
Josh teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"Oh, Lucas! I would love to marry you then!"

"Then it's a date. New Year's Eve, on Embrace Island."
Josh's smile widened, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Really, Lucas? On our island?"

"Justin's made it ours, his giving heart buying it for all of us.  I couldn't think of a better place to unite with you forever."

Josh began to cry, Lucas pulling him against him.

"Oh, Lucas! It would be the greatest, most loving day of my life!"

"As it will be mine." Lucas said, Josh moving back, staring into his violet pools.

"Lucas Carver-Belmont-Chasez has a nice ring to it."

Josh nodded, hearing the name Belmont included.

"Yes, Josh. I am a Belmont as well. There's no escaping that realization. I've finally realized that I can't run from my past. That when we marry on that day I will be my true self. In all families, in all regards. I love you, Joshua. You will marry a man of truth, love and happiness. I hope you can accept all of that?"

Josh pulled Lucas against him.

"I will always accept you as who you are, Lucas. You are first and foremost my Lucky. Family love and truth are all a part of that. I love you as you are, truthfully and lovingly."

Lucas teared up.

"I love you so much, Joshua."

"I love you, Lucas."
The two men embraced again, Lucas' head on Josh's chest again.

"Why New Year's Eve, my love?" Josh said, smiling and staring out into the New York night.

"The last day of the year, my love. The day before the next year of truth. I want to be one with you before that year starts."

"And what will next year bring?" Josh said, Lucas raising his head again, the young man staring out into the darkness.

"It will bring the finality of my family's truth. It will bring freedom and life. And the beginning of a greater future." he said, Josh staring at him.

His eyes lowered, seeing the stone hanging around Lucas' neck, its redness now showing a soft glowing light.

"Your stone's glowing, my love." Josh said softly, Lucas moving out of Josh's arms, standing back a bit.

Josh stared at his lover, Lucas' violet eyes matching the soft glow of the stone hanging on his chest.

The young man smiled, Josh feeling a warmth surrounding him.

"I--and the stone--shine when I'm in love, Josh. On the day of our marriage you may be blinded by the intensity of the shining love."

Josh smiled, seeing the shine leave the stone and his lover's violet pools.

"I need you, Josh. Tonight on the edge of my destiny I need you all so much!"

Josh teared up, hearing the need and love in Lucas' voice.

"You have me, my Lucas. Body and soul."

Lucas smiled, his hand going to the towel around his waist, dropping it to the floor.

Josh's eyes took in the vision of total love standing before him, his eyes drawn to Lucas' center seeing the largeness of his desires for him.

"You. . .you are so beautiful, always."

Lucas moved forward, his arms pulling Josh against him.

Their lips met, Josh lost in the depth of Lucas' love overpowering him.

Their lips broke, Lucas attaching his to Josh's earlobe, sucking on it, Josh trembling against him.

"I will love you forever, Joshua. Tonight I'm going to own you."
Josh felt Lucas' strong arms enveloping him, the man lifting him with ease into his arms, carrying him back into the bedroom.

Josh felt his body falling onto the bed, two hands going to his briefs, the clothing leaving his body in moments.

He then felt a mouth moving across his chest, attaching to his left nipple, sucking it gently but firmly.

Josh gasped, closing his eyes, his body becoming a live wire, every touch sending shocks through him.

He opened his eyes, staring into two violet pools of glowing love.

Josh became entranced by the sparkling light his saw shining in them.

It seemed as if all the light of life was glowing there.

He then felt a connecting hardness fill him, his mind exploding with a passion he'd never realized he had.

His mind focused again, staring into the violet pools of the man who was claiming him.

Tonight Josh felt that he and Lucas were truly going to be one.

And then he felt the lips against his, the man giving into the love enveloping him.

His lover was showing him life, and his soul was filling with love.

Lucas was taking all Josh was offering him.

And the stone hanging around his neck was glowing brightly.

Its light pulsed, two others opening their eyes.


Justin sat down in the plane seat beside Josh, Lucas having just vacated it a few minutes earlier.

The two friends smiled at each other, Justin's blue eyes looking forward, seeing Lucas sitting now with his mother and father, the three talking.

"Your man's happy this morning, Joshy. He seems centered."

"He is, Justy. He's actually looking forward to today." Josh smiled, Justin staring at him.

"You seem even more happy, Josh. You were practically glowing when you walked into Lucas' early breakfast this morning. Lance even mentioned it." Justin smiled, looking at his friend.

Justin and Lance had arrived just as Lucas was laying out breakfast, everyone except Josh seated at the table.

"Where's your man, Lukey?" Lance had smiled, Lucas smiling at both of them.

"I let him sleep in. He was tired." Lucas winked, both men smiling.

Josh had then walked into the room, everyone seeing his blue eyes sparkling, the man wrapping his arms around Lucas at the stove, the two deeply kissing.

"Your love shines in my heart. Good morning, my love." Josh had said, his eyes shining with happiness and Lucas' love."

"Good morning, heart of my heart. I love you too."

Justin smiled now at Josh, the man smiling back in his plane seat.

"Last night was beyond beautiful, Justin. Last night Lucas claimed me forever."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes looking at his Lance seated across from him, the man chatting with Drew and Trish.

"We felt it, Josh."

Josh looked surprised, Justin staring at him.

"It awoke us both, Joshy. Whatever happened between you both last night woke Lance and me both. We both felt it in our souls. I don't know how to explain it any other way." Justin said, Josh staring towards his lover.

Lucas violet eyes turned towards both men, the two seeing a soft loving smile on his face.

His eyes turned back to his parents, the two men looking at each other.

"It has to be his love, Jus. Lucas' love is in all our hearts." Josh said, Justin staring at him.

"It. . .it did something to us, Josh."
Josh stared at Justin, the man staring back.

"Did something? What do you mean?"

Justin's blue pools moved, looking towards his Lance.

"When we awoke, the love took hold of us, Josh."

Josh looked surprised, Justin smiling at him.

"It overwhelmed us, Josh. We. . .we made love for hours, both of us so lost in the other's love and beauty. I've never felt anything like it. Lance was beyond unbelievable. I've never been so erotic or so sensually exhausted. It was as if we were trying to possess each other. I've never felt anything so beautiful! It was beyond unbelievable!" Justin said, Josh's arm going around his friend, feeling his total happiness and love.

"I love him so much, Josh. His love in its purest form moves my soul."

Josh smiled, looking towards his lover.

"I feel the same love, Jus. For my Lucas. I think he gave us another gift last night. I think he gave us total love and togetherness. I think last night we felt all of our love together. Separate with our soulmate, but totally together. Our desires doubled and intensified. I think our love transcended our souls."

Justin smiled, looking at his Lance and then at Lucas.

"It was beyond anything I've ever known, Josh. I want that love always."

Josh smiled, staring into his friend's blue eyes.

"I think Lucas has given it to us always."

Justin and Josh both smiled, their happiness interrupted by a smiling face staring down at them.

Neither had seen him or Lance move.

Lucas' violet pools stared at both of them, Lance standing at his side.

"Can I see you for a moment, my love?" Lucas said, smiling.

"Sure thing, beautiful." Justin smiled, Lucas laughing.

"I meant my other love, my own Joshua."

Josh smiled, Lucas extending his hand, Josh rising from his seat, Lucas smiling at his two friends, walking Josh to the front of the plane.

The group was flying to Vermont in a sleek Belmont jet, Grayson having sent it to New York to fly them all up.

Cars would be waiting at Burlington International Airport to drive them to the family estate.

Lucas smiled at Josh, their hands entwined.

"Could I have everyone's attention, please?" Lucas said, everyone in the plane smiling towards him, everyone focusing on the two men standing together.

Lucas' smile was wide and giving, everyone seeing Josh's matching his.

"I'm so glad that all of you are here with me today. On this day of my entering my family's past. Your love means so much to me."
Everyone smiled, Lucas' arm going around his man.

"My Josh's love shines bright, as does all of your love. I know that some of you hold worry and concern in your hearts for what the day means. But against my love and yours your worry cannot hold strength." Lucas said, his violet eyes going to his parents, Vivian nodding at her son.

"Life is a path of destiny, of fate and of truth. Today I'm on my own path. Perhaps it will hold a greater truth. Only time, love and life will show its truth. And today a greater truth is revealed. For this truth is the core of my happiness. Today my Joshua and I have set a date. We're getting married on New Year's Eve."

Everyone's smiles widened, a lot showing tearful happiness, the two men watching their friends and family move from their seats.

The couple was surrounded by love, hugs and kisses of congratulatory love filling their hearts with happiness

"That's so awesome, guys!" Lance said, his green eyes filled with tears, Justin's hand rubbing his back, his own blue eyes filled with tears of happiness.

"We love each other totally, everyone. And that day will be so beautiful." Lucas said, his eyes filled with happiness.

Josh smiled, smiling at Justin.

"We want to get married on the island, Justin. My Lucky wants the warmth of that love surrounding us."
Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"A tropical wedding! It will be so beautiful!" Justin smiled, Lance smiling beside him, his and Lucas' eyes meeting.

"As long as the groomsmen don't have to wear swim trunks!" Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at his best man.

"No worries, they'll be in suits. The best men will be in bikinis."

Finn and Justin's eyes widened, Lucas bursting into laughter, everyone joining him.

"Too easy, guys!" he laughed, the two men smiling at him.

"Ha. . .ha, Lukey." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Won't happen guys. Harry would be too distracted." Lucas smiled, Harry blushing beside him, the two men laughing, smiling at the young bodyguard.

"The boy's smitten with both of us, Jus." Finn grinned, Harry blushing more.

Lucas smiled, putting his arm around the young man.

"The boy must have an ego fetish."

Everyone laughed again, Finn and Justin both blushing now.

Harry smiled, seeing Lucas' attempt at relaxing him.

"Actually it's an old man fetish, Luke." he said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Justin and Finn trading looks.

"Excuse us?" Finn said, folding his arms, the young man smiling widely.

"I like the smell of rotting flesh, what can I say?"

Everyone burst into laughter, the two men trading looks.

"Let's get him!" Justin yelled, he and Finn rushing at Harry, the young man bowled over, the two on top of him, tickling the man, his youthful laughter filling the plane.

Josh smiled, wrapping his arms around his fiancÚ.

"Your love flows, babe. He's now part of the family."

Lucas laughed, the young man diving on top of his friends, Josh joining him.
Everyone smiled, taking in the happiness flooding their lives.


Josh stared at his lover, watching the young man drive through the Vermont countryside.

Three vehicles moved in unison, driving in the afternoon sunshine, Lucas' in the lead.

Justin and Lance sat behind them, Harry seated behind them in the SUV.

"A warm day, and so sunny." Justin said, his hand in Lance's.

"The brightness of the path's continuation." Lucas said, Josh's hand in his squeezing it.

Lucas smiled, driving forward.

Josh always knew driving relaxed Lucas, the man having handed him the vehicle's keys, Lucas smiling and sitting behind the wheel.

Their family and friends followed behind, those vehicles deep in discussion.

The man at the airport had shown them to the three vehicles, informing them that the GPS in all three were programmed with the route to the town of Ridgehaven, and to Kurucu's Haven on its other side.

Lance glanced at a street sign, seeing Ridgehaven listed as ten miles away.

"We're almost there, Luke." he smiled, the man looking at him in the rear view mirror.

"Almost, Lancy." he said, Josh quietly looking at him, the two trading looks.

"I'm ready, my love. I can feel the love increasing."

Josh smiled, looking back at his friends.

"How big is the estate, Luke?" Harry said, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Grayson told me it is ten thousand acres."

"Wow, Luke! That's enormous!" Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"Such is the greatness of my family's wealth. Farming, commerce and trade. My heritage gained great wealth through the years, Belmont Industries a testament to that."

Josh smiled at Lucas, knowing money wasn't a factor in his beliefs.

"Grayson said that the grounds are lush with flowering beauty, old trees and several pools and lakes." Lucas said, everyone smiling, trying to imagine its greatness.

"And the house?" Harry said, Lucas smiling back at him.

"A large mansion, Grayson calls it. Several buildings united together. The central building Belmont Hall, my grandfather's main house. I'm thinking it may surprise all of us." Lucas said, Josh's hand squeezing his.

The three vehicles came up to the outskirts of a large town, driving through its central core.

All eyes scanned the quaint town, taking in its clean old American buildings.

"Americana at its best. " Lance smiled, Justin's arm going around him.

"Small town values and happiness." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet eyes on the GPS turning the vehicle at the town's central square, driving around its central statue, a war monument of a civil war soldier.

"How old is this town?" Harry asked, Lucas looking back at him.

"I did some research, guys. Ridgehaven is pre Civil War in age. Founded in the late seventeen eighties. Joshua Belmont's father actually founded it." Lucas said, turning to the left, driving out of the town's center, heading to the suburban area.

"Emanuel Belmont?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus. He erected Kurucu's Haven, and the town was created for the men who were brought in to build the mansion. They stayed after, a town forming around their families." Lucas said, smiling.

Josh sensed a deep pride in Lucas' eyes for his ancestor's courage at building his home in this vast wilderness.

"Why here, Luke? Why did your ancestor build his home here in what must have been harsh wilderness back then?" Lance said, Lucas looking at him again in the mirror.

"I don't know, Lance. He must have had some reason. I may find out that reason in the book later." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

They drove for about twenty minutes, the other two vehicles following them.

Lucas' eyes looked again at the GPS when it said to turn at the next right.

Their final destination was close.

"We're almost there guys." Lucas said, his violet eyes scanning the road ahead, seeing a sign at a road intersection.


                    Belmont Hall

                   1 mile ahead


Lucas slowed his vehicle, the other two right behind him, Finn driving one, Drew driving the other.

Everyone's eyes were staring ahead, the vehicles driving up a rising hill, the road beginning to curve to the right.

Lucas followed the tree-lined road, the vehicle levelling on the rise's top, driving down a long road lined with oak and elm trees, their trunks large and thick.

The road was shaded with their many leaves, the sun hidden in their boughs.

Ahead at the end of the road two stone statues stood on both sides of a huge iron gate, the road ending at their feet.

The vehicles slowed, coming to the end of the road, the road split, one road turning to the left, running parallel to the stone wall that ran on both sides of the statues, the other road paved through the gates.

The road to the left disappeared further on, Lucas stopping his vehicle in front of the gates.

His eyes took in its length and tall height, his eyes staring up at the two statues looking forward towards the road Lucas had just driven down.

Everyone's eyes were staring up at both statues, taking in their stone beauty.

"An eagle and a bear, Luke? What do they symbolize?" Harry said, Lucas staring up at the bruin on his left side, its height over ten feet, standing upon a raised marble platform about six feet in height.

His eyes moved to the right, another six foot marble platform on the other side of the gate, a stone tree growing out of the marble, a large eagle standing on a branch, its wings spread wide.

His eyes moved to the gate reading the words written in iron script across its top.



                                    Kurucu's Haven

                        Walk into Life-Walk into Destiny


"I believe we're here, Luke." Harry said, Luke nodding.

He began to open his door, the two large gates ahead of him suddenly beginning to move, opening inwards.

"We've gained entrance, my love." Josh said, Lucas closing his door again.

The gates parted, opening wide.

Lucas drove forward slowly, the two cars behind him following, all their occupants staring ahead.

The three vehicles drove down a cobblestone covered road, the fields on both sides showing rows of apple trees, large apple orchards growing on both sides of the road.

Fields lay behind them, their vastness disappearing behind forests of thick trees.

"It looks massive, Luke!" Justin said, his blue eyes gazing at the fields and forested areas.

He took in a small lake to the left of a large forest, its water deep blue.

Lucas drove forward, the road meandering through large oak forests and elm patches, the drive continuing.

The road began to slowly rise, then level, the road turning a forty-five degree angle, the view ahead silencing them all.

Before then stood a large lake, the road continuing down its middle, a long stone bridge laying before them.

What took their breaths away was what lay on the other side of the lake.

"My God, Lucas! That's a palace!" Harry said, his voice filled with wonder.

"More like a castle, Harry." Josh said, his eyes looking towards his lover, Lucas' violet eyes staring in front of him.

On the other side of the bridge was a large mansion, its gabled spires numerous and massive.

"That has to be a city block long, Luke!" Justin said in awe, Lucas staring ahead as he drove the vehicle onto the stone bridge, crossing the lake, its blue waters crystal clear.

Lucas drove off the bridge, driving along the circular drive on the other side of the bridge.

His vehicle followed the circle, coming to a stop in front of the mansion's front doors.

Everyone stared upwards, taking in the aged beauty of the stone buildings, large windows covered in painted glass showing everywhere.

Lucas stared at the front entrance, two seated lion statues adorning the front steps of a marble entrance, its steps leading up to two large oak doors at the front entrance.

"Welcome to my family's center." Lucas said, the young man shutting off his vehicle's engine, the two other vehicles behind it coming to a stop as well.

Lucas released his seat belt, opening his door, Josh and the others doing the same.

He climbed out of the vehicle, walking around it, walking to the bottom steps of the front entrance.

His eyes looked back, watching all his friends and family climbing out of their vehicles walking up to him.

"This is a freaking palace, Lukey!" Finn said in awe, his blue eyes scanning the huge building in front of him, the mansion three floors high, looming over all of them.

Lucas' eyes stared upwards, and then across the front lawn towards the lake in front of the mansion.

Suddenly water came shooting out of the lake, four fountains sending water skyward, everyone awed by the majestic sight, the water cascading downwards, Lucas staring at two fountains on each side of the stone bridge.

"Water falls and soothes my soul, always. Let's go meet my grandfather."

Lucas smiled, turning and taking Josh's hand, the man leading him up the marble steps, heading into his family's heart.



End of Chapter 63


And so Lucas has arrived at his family's ancestral home.

Kurucu's Haven.


What lays within the heart of this ancient fortress?

What will be Lucas' reaction to his meeting his grandfather?

What will be Emerson's reaction to meeting his grandson finally?

Will worlds collide, or will two lost souls find peace and family together?


Questions, questions, and more questions.

I hope I can find the answers.