Yesterday's End-64

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Chapter 64


Lucas and Josh walked up the front steps, everyone following them, all their eyes taking in the two large oak doors before them.

One door slowly opened, everyone stopping at the front entrance.

A man walked out of the house attired in a black suit, the man bowing to the group.

"Welcome to Belmont Hall, sirs." he said, Josh staring at him, the man's blue eyes staring back at all of them, a soft smile on his rugged face.

He looked to be around forty, tall and graceful in his stature.

"Good afternoon." Lucas said, the man's eyes meeting his, his face showing a sudden look of awed wonder.

"Good afternoon, sir. Your grandfather welcomes you all to Kurucu's Haven. Please enter and feel the warmth of his love and friendship. My name is Jefferson. I am your grandfather's manservant." he said, bowing again, his eyes looking at only Lucas.

"Hello, Jefferson. I am Lucas Carver." Lucas said, the young man returning a look of refined manners, bowing to the servant.

"We have been expecting you, sir. Please enter with happiness. I shall have your luggage brought in later." he smiled, his eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas nodded, the servant turning, pushing the door further back, holding it open as everyone slowly walked into the large house, Jefferson closing the large door behind them.

The group followed Lucas, their eyes scanning the hall they walked into.

Everyone stopped, taking in the massive room they stood in.

Across from them stood a large oak staircase, its steps going upwards, the staircase dividing in two half way up, two sets of stairs going in different directions, left and right upwards.

In the center of their divide hung a large portrait, a picture of a man standing in a heroic pose staring down at them.

"Your ancestor, Mr. Carver. Emmanuel Belmont, in all his heroic glory. He always greets new guests upon their arrival to his home." the servant said, smiling around at everyone.

Everyone's eyes scanned the room, the decor rich and refined.

The floor was of marble white tile, the walls showing oak accents, tables and small statues lining the walls, portraits showing along each wall.

Lucas' eyes were scanning upwards at the central painting, Josh looking at him.

"His features show on your own face, Lucky. He truly is your ancestor."

Lucas nodded, taking in his ancestor's rugged handsome features.

"My ancestry carved in my heart, Josh." he said, Jefferson smiling at him.

"As in all the Belmont hearts, sir."

Vivian's blue eyes met the servant's blue pools, the man quietly staring at her.

"Good afternoon, madam. A joy to have your return once again." he said, Vivian nodding at him, her eyes scanning around in quiet reflection.
Lucas smiled at the man, Jefferson extending his hand to the left side of the staircase.

"Please follow me to the Receiving Room, everyone. Your friend awaits." the man smiled, Lucas nodding, the group following the servant across the marbled floor, walking to the left of the staircase, their eyes taking in the surrounding antiques and paintings.

Ahead of them stood a pair of large oak doors, the servant lightly tapping on one of them, then opening it when a voice responded inside the room.

Lucas walked into the room, Josh at his side, the others following, Jefferson holding the door open for everyone.

They all stopped at the entrance, taking in the refined beauty of the large room.

Jefferson smiled at all of them, the servant closing the door as he left.

The central feature of the room was a large marble fireplace, a large portrait hanging above its mantle.

All around the fireplace stood couches and chairs, the room filled with warmth and quiet beauty, a touch of nostalgic history shown in the surrounding decor and antiquated beauty.

Two men rose from a couch in front of the fireplace, Lucas smiling at one of them.

"Hello, Grayson." the young man said, walking across the room, Josh following him.

The older man's face wore a wide smile of welcoming happiness, the man extending his hand.

Lucas pushed the hand aside, the young man pulling the older man to his chest, hugging him gently.

Grayson smiled, feeling the man's welcoming, returning friendship.

The other man standing beside him was staring at Lucas, his older face showing a look of stunned awe.

Lucas broke the embrace, Grayson staring at everyone standing behind him.

"Welcome to Kurucu's Haven, everyone. And welcome to Belmont Hall, its central heart, Lucas." Grayson said, everyone smiling at him, the lawyer greeting them all with handshakes, and patting of shoulders.

He kissed Vivian's cheek, her blue eyes staring into his calm centers.

"Again you grace this old place with your vivacious beauty, Vivian. It is good to have you back in our hearts, Vivacious." he said, Vivian nodding at him.

"I am here for my Lucas, Gray. I want him kept safe."

Grayson nodded, patting her shoulder.

"And safe he shall remain. The house sleeps, no danger unfolds."
"Let me be the judge of that." Vivian said, her eyes scanning the room, staring at the fireplace.

Henderson's arm went around his wife, the man feeling her simmering concerns.

"Let me introduce you to another antique of welcoming happiness." Grayson smiled, walking up to the other man who'd been quietly taking in all the welcoming love.

"I'd like you all to meet Doctor Horace Hampton. He has been Emerson's physician for many years." Grayson smiled, introducing the other man to everyone, the doctor nodding his head, shaking hands, his eyes glancing at Lucas every now and then.

Lucas was the last to shake his hand, the doctor staring at him.

His eyes glanced at Grayson, the lawyer smiling at him.

"It's remarkable!" he said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You are the image of your father, Lucas. You are indeed a Belmont, through and through." the doctor said, staring at Lucas with quiet awe.

"I am myself, Dr. Hampton." Lucas smiled, the man nodding his head.

"Indeed, son. Indeed. Simply remarkable!" he said, still holding Lucas' hand in his.

"Is this a free examination, Doctor?" Lucas smiled, the doctor blushing and releasing his hand.

"I'm sorry, I was a little surprised."

Lucas smiled at the older man, the doctor smiling back.

"I surprise many, Doctor." Lucas said, smiling at him.

Josh smiled beside his man, his blue eyes looking around, his eyes focusing now on the painting hanging above the fireplace mantle.

"My God, Luke!" he said, pointing to the painting, everyone's eyes going to it, the afternoon sun shining on it.

"That's you, Luke!" Finn said in amazement, Lucas' eyes staring towards it.

"Not quite, Finny." he said, the young man walking up to the fireplace, his violet eyes looking upwards, staring at the portrait, Josh walking up to him.

The painting showed a young man on horseback, an outdoor scene shown before their eyes.

He was handsome, tall and showed a dignified grace in his gazing green eyes.

"Hence the remarkable duality of my statement, young man. That is your father, Tristan, at your age." Horace said, Lucas' eyes gazing up at his father's youthful image.

"You could be twins, Lucky." Josh said, his arm going around him.

"I am my father's son, Joshua. And I am something more." Lucas said, Grayson staring at the young man.

"I see now the deep resemblance of the Belmont gene within you, Lucas. There is no doubt that you are Tristan's son." he said, Lucas' violet eyes turning and looking at him.

"Was there ever, Grayson?" he said, the lawyer nodding his head.

"No, Lucas. I knew that truth the moment you bowled me over in that airport. It just took me this vision to see that truth's true sign."

Lucas smiled at the lawyer, Grayson feeling the young man's calmness.

"Where is my grandfather, Gray?" Lucas said, Horace's blue eyes looking at Grayson's.

"He's resting, Lucas. He's been a ball of activity all morning. Your impending appearance has had him worked up all day. I put the kibosh on any further activities. Rest he needed and rest I forced him to take." the doctor said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Doctor. I see the caring and friendship in your giving eyes. My grandfather's illness is over." he said, the doctor looking confused.

"He is still recovering, son."

"I have the elixir he needs to rejuvenate his soul, Horace and Grayson. As you no doubt have witnessed these last few weeks."

"And what would that be, Lucas?" the doctor said, staring at the young man with wonder, Grayson's eyes seeing the young man's face change into a warm smile.

"My love, Horace. It's just what he needs."

Everyone looked at Lucas, the young man's smile warming their hearts, his eyes going back up to the portrait of his father.

"I am home, father. And I am ready." he said, Josh's arms going around him.

"You all need a rest before dinner. I'll have Jefferson show you to your rooms." Grayson said, Lucas' head turning and staring at him.

"That would be nice, Gray. The voyage was long and demanding. A rest I do need." he said, Grayson nodding, the man moving and hitting a button beside the fireplace.

One of the doors into the room opened again, the servant walking in again.

"Show our guests to their rooms, Jefferson. Dinner will be at six, everyone. You have a couple of hours to rest and take in your surroundings." Grayson smiled, Vivian quietly looking at him.

"Emerson has prepared a feast of welcoming happiness." Horace said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm sure your wife's cooking will warm all of our hearts." he said, the doctor's eyes widening again.

Lucas smiled, taking Josh's hand in his.

"Let's go, my love. A rest and then life truly begins for me." the young man smiled, following Jefferson out of the room, the others walking behind the three, their eyes meeting each others.

Grayson and Horace stood in silence, watching the young man disappear out of the room.

"How. . .how did he know that my Mavis is the cook? Did you tell him?" Horace said, Grayson's eyes meeting his, then staring towards the open door.

"No, Horace. I didn't relay that information. I believe that young man knows everything, or soon shall." Grayson said, his eyes going up to the painted vision staring down at them.

Your son walks into the truth, Tristan.

I don't think this place will ever be the same again.

And neither shall your father.

I feel the magic stirring.

God help all of us.

The lawyer sighed, walking towards the door, Horace quietly following him.


Josh's arms went around his man, Lucas sighing and feeling his lover's kissing lips on his neck, the young man wearing no shirt.

The two were standing on a large stone balcony of white marble, Lucas leaning against its railing, the doors behind them opened into their bedroom.

"This place is amazing, babe. So rich and seething with history. The decor is amazing."

"The trappings of power and wealth, and of history and ancestral greatness. I can feel the history dripping off the walls."
Josh nodded, feeling his man's calmness and quiet demeanour.

"You're not fazed by any of this, are you?"

"No, Josh. Wealth and decadence hold no room in my heart or soul. My ancestors' greatness and prominence hold no sway in my heart. It's the history and truth of their deeds that give them my respect and admiration."

Josh smiled, looking back into the lush, rich decor of their large bedroom.

"We'll sleep in a palace tonight." he said, Lucas turning and pulling him against him.

"I'll sleep in your love, my prince. The room doesn't matter, it's the warmth of your love."

Josh smiled, kissing the young man's lips, their love flowing through each other.

"I'm dying to meet your grandfather, Lucky."

"So am I, Josh. So am I." Lucas said, his eyes scanning out into the large garden showing below them.

Flowers, trees and stone benches showed around its beauty, Josh staring down from their second floor room as well.

"You seem very calm, my love. I've felt that since you walked up those front steps."
Lucas nodded, staring into his lover's blue pools.

"I'm home, Joshua. I'm in my real father's home. I feel him here. And I feel my grandfather. In many ways they are so alike, so deep is their love."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' soft lips again.

"His portrait shows the beauty of his smile and his physique."

"You're just entranced by his similarity to myself. My father's familiar beauty excites you."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think it's only his son's beauty that will ever excite me." Josh said, his voice filled with seductive words, his fingers going to Lucas' naked chest, rubbing his left nipple.

"Do we have a little time for some love, babe?" Josh said, his lips kissing Lucas' softly, his tongue licking their pink softness.

"Unfortunately no, my love. Finn's being Finn."

Josh looked confused, a knock heard coming from their bedroom door.

"Come in, Finny!" Lucas said, his arm going around his Joshua, guiding his man back into their bedroom.

The large ornate mahogany door opened, Finn's blond head popping into the room, smiling at both men.

"How'd you know it was me, Lukey?"

Lucas smiled, walking up to his friend.

"Only you would know when to interrupt my happiness with my Beamy."

Finn's face changed, looking at the two.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Did I intrude?" he said, Josh smiling.

"No, Finny. We were just cuddling." Josh said, Lucas' eyes meeting his with a smile.

"Rats! I was hoping for an eye-popping surprise!"
Lucas laughed, Finn smiling at him.

"Just wanted to let you guys know that we're going to do some exploring. There's still an hour before dinner.  The girls want to walk the grounds. Grayson informed Vivian that we'd all meet in the Receiving Room again before dinner."

"Great idea, Finny. I'd like some fresh air before the evening's welcoming happiness." Lucas said, Josh and Finn looking at him.

The young man smiled, grabbing a silk shirt that lay on the bed.

"This place is amazing, Luke. It's so huge and our rooms are so big!" Finn said, Josh smiling at him, the two waiting as Lucas got dressed.

He smiled at his lover, tucking his black silk shirt into his charcoal grey dress pants.

Josh smiled at him, loving his man's physique covered in silk.

"Let's go find everyone, guys." he smiled, slipping his belt on, his feet going into black loafers.

The young man picked up his black suit jacket, Josh smiling at him.

Josh wore a navy jacket, a white silk shirt underneath, black pants completing the ensemble.
Finn wore a beige dress shirt, dark brown dress pants matching.

"Let's walk into the sunshine, guys. I think the light of life will lighten our happiness."

Josh and Finn smiled, the two following Lucas out of the bedroom.


Lucas smiled, following his friends through the glass doors back into the mansion, Josh at his side, their hands joined.

The two men had been walking around with their friends and family, taking in the floral beauty of the mansion's grounds.

They'd all been awed by its massive rolling landscape; gardens, ponds and fountains showing everywhere.

Vivian had guided them around, her husband at her side, he taking in its beauty as well, Vivian reliving the last time she'd walked these grounds.

She'd walked them to the Olympic-sized swimming pool, everyone amazed at its marbled beauty.

Statues surrounded it, the water crystal blue, the pool long and deep.

"We are definitely diving into that tomorrow." Finn said, Skyler's arms around him, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Your puppy wants to dog paddle, Sky." he said, others laughing, Finn giving Lucas a salute, his friend laughing.

They'd all quietly talked amongst themselves about Lucas' calm mood, the young man seemingly focused, calm and happy.

Here now it was closing in on the dinner hour, everyone walking back into the mansion, walking towards the Receiving Room.

"This place is so beautiful." Justin said, walking with Lance, the two behind Josh and Lucas.

"My ancestors spent over three hundred years adding their own touches to its grandeur, Justin." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"They added to its beauty and history, Luke."

Lucas smiled, walking into the Receiving Room, the others following.

Everyone relaxed, sitting down, talking and laughing.

Vivian walked up to the fireplace, a fire now lit in its large center, Lucas smiling and walking up beside her, her blue eyes staring up at the portrait.

"You do look so like your father, Lucas." she said, Lucas's arm going around her.

"I'm glad, Mom."
She smiled, looking into his violet eyes.

"I met him when he was a little older, Lucas. An intelligent college senior. His beauty became even more sensual and intoxicating. I understood easily why my sister fell so in love with him. His inner beauty to her was even more beautiful. She always looked at him with total love. I saw that look on the last day I saw them together. I see that same look in Josh's eyes when he looks at you."

"That's the look of love, Mom. My parents had it for each other, I have it for my Joshua."
Josh smiled at his man, sitting behind them on a couch with Justin and Lance.

Vivian smiled at Lucas, the young man's violet eyes so filled with love.

"I see the same look in your eyes, Mom. I see it in all the loving couples surrounding us."

Vivian's head went against his chest, Lucas hugging her close.

"What you fear won't hurt me, Mom. I feel it hidden in the memories of this old place. This week will iron out all those wrinkles of uncertainty."

Vivian raised her head, staring into his eyes again.

"I love you, Mom. And I love them. And I know I'll love my grandfather. For I feel his love here. I know you have your own concerns and past with him. What lays in the past, is just that. The past. It's the future that we have to focus on. And I'm the future." he said, Vivian staring at him, the young man smiling, looking around the room.

Grayson and Horace walked into the room, Lucas smiling towards them.

"Hello, my friends." Lucas smiled, Grayson smiling at him as he walked to his side.

"I hope you've all had a good rest? Were your rooms comfortable?" he said, everyone voicing their happiness at their surroundings.

The lawyer smiled, Jefferson walking into the room.

"Dinner is ready, sir. The dining room is prepared." he said, bowing towards Lucas and Grayson.

Vivian looked at Grayson, the older man smiling at her.

"Emerson has brushed out the cobwebs, Vivacious. As you've seen, the house has returned to its former splendour. He wanted it just right for Lucas' visit." Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's beyond beautiful, Grayson. My grandfather's love I feel in all of it. Now I have to taste Mavis' fare! I'm sure it's beyond delicious." Lucas said, smiling at his Josh, Josh rising from his seat.

Horace smiled, hearing Lucas' praise of his wife's cooking.

"She's beyond that indeed, Lucas. Why do you think I've got this protruding waistline?"

Lucas laughed, as did others, the doctor smiling warmly.

"Will Lucas' grandfather be joining us?" Josh asked, his hand going in Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"He will dine with us. He's just freshening up." Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel the mirth and love in his soul, Gray. He doesn't have to create a grand entrance to welcome my love. He's already in my heart."
Grayson teared up, smiling at the young man, seeing his violet eyes shining with happiness.

"Those words would warm his heart, Lucas. I'll make sure he knows of them."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Onward to sustenance. And warming introductions."

Everyone smiled, Lucas and Josh following Grayson and Horace out of the room, everyone following them to dinner, their hearts filled with anticipating happiness.


The group walked into a large dining room, their eyes widening with awed wonder.

"It hasn't changed at all, Grayson! It's as I once saw it. Everything down to the crystal!" Vivian said, her husband's arm around her, he feeling her awed surprise.

"He wanted the past to shine again, Vivacious. He did this for you as well." Grayson smiled, the woman quietly looking at him.

Lucas stared around the room, seeing the extravagance in its decor and culinary treasures.

A long mahogany dining room table stood in front of a large fireplace, its length well over twelve feet.

Large armchairs stood at its sides and ends, their mahogany wood gleaming with shining wax, their age belayed in their polished beauty.

The long table was filled with dinnerware, silverware and crystal, the overhead chandeliers filled with crystal light.

The room felt warm and cozy, although no fire was burning in the fireplace, the evening warm.

"Please take your seats, everyone." Grayson said, everyone walking forward, looking over the elegant table and dinnerware.

Name cards were placed at each seat, everyone finding their seats.

Lucas sat down at his seat beside the end of the table, Josh at his side, Justin and Lance on Josh's left side.

Across from them sat Lucas' parents, Trish and Drew beside them.

Finn and Skyler sat to Drew's right, Horace and Harry sitting across from them, Harry beside Lance.

Grayson smiled at everyone, standing at the far end of the table, at its end seat.

A door opened to the left of his chair, a smiling robust woman walking out of the room everyone assumed was the kitchen, her smile wide and inviting.

"Just in time, Mavis. Everyone's been dying to meet you." Horace said, rising from his seat, walking up to her, helping her set down a large tureen she'd carried into the room, the man placing it on a sideboard.

"Land sakes, it's wonderful to see this old room filled with youth and happiness!" she smiled, everyone rising from their seats.

Grayson smiled at her, Horace guiding the woman around the table, introducing her to everyone.

Vivian smiled at the robust woman, hugging her gently.

"A joy to see you still here, Mavis!" she smiled, Lucas smiling at seeing his mother finally showing some happiness.

"And you as well, Vivian! It's been so long! I'm so glad you've returned to us!" she said, Vivian softly smiling and nodding, her eyes drawn to Lucas.
Lucas was the last person she was introduced to, the woman staring at him with a large smile.

"It's as if Tristan has returned home! You are his son in your looks and your smile." she smiled, Lucas smiling widely, taking her hand in his.

"I am myself as well, Mavis. And I now see the sunshine of this place. And the heart of it as well." he said, the woman blushing and smiling widely.

"Land sakes! Your tongue is as smooth as your father's!" she said, Finn bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling and joining him.

The woman smiled widely, Lucas again smiling at her.

"Did it work?" he said, the woman laughing, slapping his shoulder lightly.
"Yes it did. You're getting the biggest slice of beef!"

Lucas laughed loudly, everyone smiling at his boisterous laugh, the woman smiling at everyone.

"I'll get the food ready. Sit down everyone. You're in for some real Northern cuisine." she smiled, heading back into the kitchen, with a bounce in her stride, everyone sitting down again.

Lucas smiled, remaining standing at his seat, everyone smiling at him.

"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to make a toast." he said, everyone smiling, picking up their fine crystal wine glasses, Finn and Drew pouring everyone a glass of wine from bottles opened on the table, Grayson smiling at Lucas.

"You have the floor, Lucas." he smiled, his eyes staring at the young man from his seat at the end of the table.

"Thank you, Grayson. And thank you and Dr. Hampton for standing in for my grandfather in his welcoming love."
Both men smiled at him, the young man smiling back.

"My grandfather has two wonderful friends who show a steadfast loyalty based on love. Their deep love for his happiness."

Both men smiled more, their eyes glistening with tears of friendship.

Mavis walked out of the kitchen, placing a large platter filled with roast beef on the sideboard.

She wiped her hands, folding them in front of her, smiling at Lucas, waiting for his toast.

Lucas raised his glass, smiling around at everyone.

"I am finally here. In the center of my past, in the center of my future. And you are all here with me.  True friends of old and new friendships. New acquaintances of family love and many dear friends of joining love. When I walked into this hall this afternoon I felt that I was home. That I had returned to a place of my memories. And in a way I have. For the love of my family--of my true family--perhaps has never been far from my heart. I will admit that this is new to me, this feeling of another family of destiny surrounding me. And I feel that destiny deeply. But above that I feel something more. I feel genuine love. My father's, my grandfather's and my family of heritage and kinship's. I finally feel centered. I only need one piece to make myself whole. And that is my father's and my grandfather's love. Tonight I'll find half of that loss."
Everyone was in tears, hearing the calmness and love shining in every word Lucas spoke.

"So, everyone. I'd like you all to raise your glasses to love. To new love and to true love. It shines around all of us. We just have to feel its trueness to fill our hearts with happiness. Tonight my heart shall be full. To love!" Lucas said, everyone raising their glasses, their eyes showing their love and happiness towards Lucas.

"I love you, Grandfather. Walk into my love." Lucas said, the young man's violet eyes moving towards the room's open doorway.

Everyone stared towards where he was looking, their eyes staring at an empty doorway.

A shadow fell upon the doorway, a man slowly walking into the room.

Their eyes took in a surprising sight.

Standing in the doorway was a striking vision of maturity and rugged good looks.

A man dressed in a distinguished grey suit stood alone, his hand resting on a silver cane, his body standing erect, a vision of nobility and aristocracy.

His looks were similar to Lucas' in so many ways.

Same bone structure, same nose, and rugged chin line.

His hair was peppered with silvery specks, some black showing through it.

His eyes were like green beacons, their shining centers a deep emerald.

Emerson Belmont stood in the doorway, staring at his lost grandson.

His green irises showed the beginnings of tears, Lucas moving from his seat, everyone rising from theirs, taking in the scene unfolding before them.

Lucas smiled at the man staring at him, Emerson's eyes lost in the face staring back at him.

"Tristan. . .my son. . .you've. . ." he softly said, his voice trailing off, barely audible.

"It isn't your Tristan, Grandfather. It is only me, his son Lucas." Lucas said, staring at him, stopping a couple of feet in front of the older man.

Emerson's eyes focused on the young face smiling at him, the young man's face etched with beauty and rugged masculinity.

"I have. . .I don't know if I can walk into your love, Lucas. I don't know if. . .if I am worthy of it." he softly said, his emotional voice heard by everyone.

Lucas' hands went outward, stretching out before him.

"That first step forward will fill both of our hearts, my Grandfather." he said, Lucas' eyes now showing emotion.

The older man suddenly sobbed, rushing forward, dropping his cane.

The man was enveloped into Lucas' strong open arms, the younger man surrounding him with love.

"Lucas. . .my son's son! This day. . .my greatest dreams. . .!" he sobbed, Lucas hugging him close.

"Dreams can come true, Grandfather. We both today have ours."

The two men held each other, everyone staring at the quiet reunion, Vivian's blue eyes staring at Lucas and Emerson standing together.

The older man slowly broke the embrace of his grandson, their eyes staring at each other.

"You have Tristan's hair, face and warmth, Lucas. I see your father's soul in you." he said, Lucas smiling at him, Emerson staring into his violet eyes.

"And you have your mother's violet eyes. The center of the universe I once called them. For they could draw you into the heavens." he said, Lucas smiling wider.

"I am my parents' love combined, Grandfather."
The older man smiled, looking towards the table.

"Come, Grandfather. Let me introduce you to my friends and surrogate family."

Emerson nodded, his arm going into Lucas', the young man smiling and guiding him to the large table.

Lucas made the introductions, Emerson nodding a welcome to each, everyone smiling at him.

Emerson's eyes met Vivian's as Lucas introduced him to Henderson, the man smiling at the older man, his arm going around his wife, Vivian's blue pools meeting his green.

"Hello, Vivian. It has been too long." Emerson said, the woman staring at him.

"I am here for my Lucas, Emerson. For only him." she said, her voice soft and calm.

The older man nodded, Lucas staring at both of them.

"I hope this visit shall send a warmth into your heart again, Vivian. I am as I always was. The past can't change who I once was." the man said, Vivian staring at him.

"Who you once were wasn't all of you, Emerson. We all learned that."

The older man sighed, his green eyes going to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Sit, Grandfather. There will be time enough on the path of life for the past to be rehashed. Sleeping shadows always return."
Vivian stared at her son, Lucas' smile filled with warmth and love.

"Let's sit down, Mom. Let's dine together in the present. Leave the past to other moments."
Vivian nodded, the woman returning to her seat, everyone else sitting down, Josh remaining standing at Lucas' side.

"This is my Joshua, Grandfather. He is my fiancÚ. We're marrying at the end of the year."

Emerson's green eyes met Josh's blue, the man smiling at him, his arm going forward, Emerson taking his hand in his.

Josh felt a warmth of radiating energy coming from the man, everyone else having felt it as well when he'd shaken their hands.

"Welcome to my home, Joshua. Your love for Lucas guarantees you an eternal welcome in the Belmont sanctuary."

Josh smiled.

"Thank you, sir. Lucas' love fills my soul and heart with happiness."

The man smiled, looking at his grandson.

"Sit down in your head chair, Grandfather. We can talk over dinner." Lucas smiled, guiding the man to his seat at the head of the table, Emerson sitting down in the large armchair, Lucas and Josh sitting on his right side, Vivian and Henderson on his left.

Emerson's eyes went to the end of the table, the older man smiling at his friends, Grayson and Horace nodding, Horace's eyes taking in the older man's rejuvenated looks.

"You look well tonight, Emerson. The rest this afternoon did you wonders." the doctor said, Emerson smiling at him and then around at everyone surrounding the table.

"It is the youthfulness of our new company, Horace. Their energy floods this old tomb with life." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's eat, everyone. Tonight I feel a great hunger." Emerson said, his eyes looking at Lucas, Mavis smiling at everyone, heading for the sideboard, picking up the platter of roast beef.

Vivian's blue eyes were staring at Emerson, his green eyes quietly meeting hers.


"That was beyond delicious." Henderson said, the man seated on a plush couch with his wife, resting after dinner.

Everyone smiled, the group having returned to the Receiving Room after the meal, everyone relaxing.

"Mavis' cooking was at its best tonight. Even I had half a second plate." Emerson smiled, the older man seated in a large wing chair by the fireplace, Lucas and Josh seated in front of him on a couch in front of the fireplace, their friends and family surrounding them on other chairs and couches.

"That you did, Emerson. It's good to see you eating more again." the doctor said, smiling at his patient.

"I feel rejuvenated, Horace. My strength returns." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin smiled at the older man, he and Lance cuddled together on a couch beside Lucas and Josh.

"What was your illness, sir? I hope it wasn't anything serious?" Justin said, smiling at him with showing concern.

"Tiredness, Justin. My soul was weighed down with the tiredness of life. Suddenly it feels regenerated." the man said, smiling at the younger man.

"It was more than that, Em." Grayson said, tapping his pipe against the fireplace's hearth, the lawyer standing at the fireplace.

"Let's not discuss my ailments, my friend. I am getting better, that is the gist of it." the older man said, smiling at his old friend.

Grayson's eyes glanced at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

His eyes turned back to his friend, Emerson smiling at him.

"The night is warming. I trust all of your bedrooms are cool?" the older man said, everyone nodding at their host, Emerson smiling at everyone.

"This place is beautiful, sir." Lance said, the man smiling at him, staring into his own green eyes.

"It is home, Lance. My home, and my family's. Today, another son of my life has come home." Emerson said, smiling at his grandson.

Lucas smiled, standing up and walking up to the fireplace, looking up at the portrait hanging above him.

"My father's home. Where he grew up, where he came into existence and grew with love and hope." the young man said, Emerson staring up at him, a tear showing in his green eyes.

"Yes, Lucas. So many years ago. It seems like another lifetime." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A path of love and life, Grandfather. I feel your love surrounding me." Lucas said, the man smiling up at him.

"I loved my son, Lucas. And I feel a growing love for his own son. I am sorry that I didn't learn of your existence."
Lucas smiled, looking towards Josh.

"I'm home, Grandfather. I accept all that that entails. The Belmont destiny and the Belmont fate."

Emerson's eyes clouded up with tears, the man's green pools looking into the fire before him.

"Destiny and fate have a way of leaving a man unfulfilled, Lucas."

"A life unfulfilled is a life wasted, Grandfather. I know your life has filled your heart with love and truth." Lucas said, the older man staring up at him.

"I feel a depth of truth in your soul as well, Lucas." the man said, everyone quietly listening to the two talking.

"I've learned more in the last few months than I have in all my life, Grandfather. Let's just say I fell off the cart of life and landed on the path of destiny."

"Yes, so Grayson's informed me. You--this late in my own life--are the greatest surprise."

"Yes, so everyone keeps telling me. Grayson, you and the elusive Joshua Belmont."

Emerson's eyes widened, meeting two pools of violet love.

"Yes, Grandfather. I've met the elusive Joshua. He appeared to me at the pool."

Emerson's hand rubbed the top of his silver cane, Lucas staring at the silver bear's head at its top.

"The pool of flowing water. The Regno Dimenticato." Emerson said, everyone looking at him, Andrew voicing their confusion.

"The Regno Dimenticato, sir? That's Italian for The Forgotten Realm." Drew said, the young man fluent in several languages.

"Yes, my young friend." Emerson said, his green eyes looking at Lucas again.

"The pool of your dreams is in essence real, Lucas. It is a manifestation of the magic on the edge of the two dimensions of existence. The realm between life and death."

"There is magic between the two worlds, sir?" Justin asked, Josh looking towards his friend, then at his Lucas.

"Yes, young man. The core of real magic exists in both realms. You just need to know where to seek it out. Your friend here--and my new grandson--is deep within the magic. For I have felt it since the moment you crossed the bridge to my home, Lucas. You are greater of life and love than I ever could have imagined."

"I am only myself, Grandfather. And I know I have the magic of which you speak. The last few weeks have shown me that." Lucas said, the young man leaning his arm against the mantle, Grayson quietly looking at him, the older man standing beside him.

Emerson's green eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling again.

"Thank you for the gifts, Grandfather. The book will help me greatly, I already feel its guiding truths. Your magic is great as well."

The older man smiled, everyone around them looking surprised, no one having realized that the book and key Lucas possessed had come from his grandfather.

"I have visited the pool as well, Lucas. Your love, I believe, drew me to it. Over the last few years your existence was hidden behind it. I should have realized that someone had created it as a stepping stone." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My soul created it, I believe. For Joshua called it 'Lucas' Pool'." Lucas said, the older man nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. And that to me troubles me. Not so much that you have that magic, but the power of it must be immense. No Belmont has ever exuded that great a power."

Vivian's blue eyes had been taking in their conversation, Emerson's last words focusing in her mind.

"Why are you troubled, Emerson? Are you afraid that there could be someone more powerful than you?" she said, her voice laced with determination.

Lucas' eyes went to his mother, seeing her determined gaze, his grandfather sighing.

"Let's not rehash old memories, Vivian. The past we can deal with as we must." he said, Lucas looking at his grandfather, then his mother.

"The past is your fault, Emerson. Your son's disappearance--as well as my sister's--you made happen."

"I did not create the path they followed, Vivian. My son chose his own path."
Vivian stood up, staring at the man, Lucas watching both of them.

"You forced him into a corner not of his choosing, Emerson. It was the only course of action he could choose." she said, her  voice even more determined.

Emerson sighed again, staring up at her.

"You do not know of all you speak, Vivian. There was more behind that day than what you and your friends saw." he said, Vivian moving and walking up to him, standing in front of his seated form.

"My friends and I saw the truth, Emerson. The truth of what you are and what this place is and has always been. No tales of magic and destiny will erase from my eyes what I saw. What I saw you do." Vivian said, her eyes moving to Grayson, the lawyer quietly staring at her, the man remaining silent.

"And so the past is muted and the lines drawn." she said, Grayson lowering his eyes, Vivian looking at her son.

"I never wanted you to come here, Lucas. For I see before me the beguiling tact this man is taking. Don't believe anything he says, Lucas. He is only your grandfather because of his son's blood flowing through you. The love you think is there, isn't. He deceived all of us before, most of all his own son. And I won't ever let him deceive me again. And I won't let him deceive you, Lucas." she said, Lucas staring at her.

The young man moved, his arm going around her.

"I cannot be deceived, Mom. For my senses won't allow it." Lucas said, Vivian staring at him with surprise, everyone staring at them in silent wonder.

"My magic breathes, Mom. It courses through every iota of my being. It's awakened in the darkness of life. And being here has caused me to focus totally on it.  And I will lead it to the light." Lucas said, looking around at everyone, his eyes ending on his grandfather sitting in front of him.

"My grandfather is right, Mom. You do not know all of what you witnessed so long ago. And he doesn't know all of it as well."
Emerson's eyes met Lucas', the young man looking at him.

"I feel his presence, Grandfather. I believe in the next few days I will discover where he is." Lucas said, Josh rising up from his seat, walking up to his Lucas.

Lucas smiled at him, Josh's arm going around him.

"Where who is, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Where my father is, Joshua." he said, Josh looking surprised.

Emerson's green eyes were filled with surprise as well, Lucas smiling at him.

"He lives, Grandfather. And this is the answer to his disappearance." Lucas said, the young man pulling something out of his pocket, everyone's eyes taking in its silvery shine.

Lucas held the key he'd been given in his hand, Emerson staring at it, remembering its image from under the glass dome, the key seemingly shining brighter.

"This key is the key, Grandfather. It unlocks the door to his prison."

"His prison, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Joshua. My parents are imprisoned within the void." Lucas said, looking at his grandfather, Vivian staring at him as well.

"I now know who imprisoned both of them." Lucas said, a tear showing in his violet eyes.

"You did it, Emerson! You locked your own son away from life!" she said, anger laced in her words.

Lucas' hand went to her shoulder, the woman staring at her son.

"No, Mom. It wasn't him. His love still lives in his heart for his son." he said, Vivian looking into her son's violet wet pools.

"It was me, Mom. I'm the one who cast out both of them."



End of Chapter 64



Can that possibly be?
Could Lucas have really sent his own parents into the void?


Lucas has arrived at Kurucu's Haven, greater mysteries showing themselves.

And he's finally met his reclusive grandfather Emerson.

An emotional moment of joining love.


There is a deepening animosity between Emerson and Vivian.
What happened in this home so many years ago to her and her friends?

What was Emerson's part in that tale?


I hope I've shown the grandeur of Lucas' stately family home.

A mansion centered on an immense estate, historical decadence and perhaps tarnished grandeur coming to life.

I hope I did it justice.


Read on, my friends.

The home of mystery may open a few doors.


Hugs, Angel.