Yesterday's End-65

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Chapter 65


Josh rose up from his seat, the man's arm going around his Lucas.

Lucas felt his surrounding love, Josh's closeness sinking into his soul.

"That's impossible, Lucky! You were only a child of a few weeks life when your parents disappeared!" Josh said, Lucas staring into his blue eyes, Josh seeing the emotions laid bare within their violet haze.

Everyone in the room stared at the young man, his words having surprised them greatly.

"Josh is correct, Lucas. Tristan and Savannah disappeared shortly after your mother had left you in my care. I know that fact is true for I was there." Vivian said, Lucas' violet eyes staring at his mother.

"I know I was only an infant, Mom. I'm not talking about myself physically sending them there. Or of myself being aware of their existence. I was just a child of new life. I'm talking about the magic I've lived with, the magic I now realize I was born with. That magic sent them across the void."

"Lucas, that's impossible!" Emerson said, Lucas' violet pools looking down at his grandfather seated in front of him.

"No it's not, Grandfather. I feel that magic in my soul. That magic's awakened. Perhaps it's always been there. Perhaps it sensed their danger, the danger following them. And it took it upon itself to protect them. For I realized they were my family, and that magic felt that also." Lucas said, his eyes staring into the fire burning in front of him in the fireplace, Josh's hand rubbing his back.

"The magic our family possesses isn't that strong, Lucas. It is not aware of its surroundings. It is not an entity unto itself." Emerson said, the older man rising from his seat, his and Lucas' eyes meeting.

"My family's magic is all-encompassing, my grandson. For you to have that great a magic I would have sensed its greatness. I feel magic within you, Lucas. I've felt it--as I said--from the moment you crossed the bridge before this house. It is equal to my own. And mine isn't that overwhelming." the man said, his hand going to his grandson's shoulder.

Lucas stared into the man's green eyes, their kinship burning in their eyes.

Vivian's blue eyes stared at the older man, Josh's eyes looking at her.

"Don't lie to my son, Emerson. I know the depth of your magic. I saw for myself its greatness."

The older man sighed, glancing at the woman.

"You saw what you were shown, Vivian. You didn't see all of it." the man said, his head lowering.

Grayson--who stood on Lucas' and Josh's other side--stared at his old friend.

"I saw enough, Emerson. I saw the greatness of your magic. And I saw its truth. And the truth of what you are." Vivian said, her blue eyes staring at him with determination again.

"And what am I, Vivian? Please say what your heart deems necessary." Emerson said, Lucas' violet eyes going between the two.

The woman moved, walking right up to the older man, their eyes locked in each other's steady gaze, Lucas standing between the two of them.

"You are a monster, Emerson! A monster hidden beneath a veil of lies, falsehoods and scheming intrigue! This is all your doing! My son's entrance into this house of evil is your doing!" she said, her words laced with determination and courage.

The older man's eyes met hers again, then lowered.

"I loved my son, Vivian. And I loved Savannah. And I've always loved you. We were once a blossoming family of love and friendship. Doesn't that hold any sway over the past? Over the mistakes we've all made?" he said, his eyes staring into the fire in front of him, Lucas' violet pools staring between the two of them.

He saw the animosity in his mother's blue eyes, and the hidden fear.

"What of my grandmother, Grandfather? Wasn't her love the center of all of it?" Lucas said, Emerson's green eyes rising, staring into his grandson's violet pools with soft surprise, Vivian staring at her son with surprise as well.

Lucas' eyes met his mother's troubled eyes, the woman backing up from him.

"The hour is late. I think I shall retire. We don't need to discuss this any more. And I need to calm down." she said, her husband rising from his seat, Henderson's arm going around her.

"You can't walk away from the past, Mom. It has a tendency of coming back full circle. There once was a great love here. I feel its remnants. I've felt it in your soul for a long time. And I now feel it deeply embedded in your soul as well, Grandfather. I think the two of you need to face your past. Your own past of denial. That love still remains here. It was what once brought you all together."
Vivian's eyes lowered, Lucas staring at her.

"I love you, Mom. And I love my grandfather. And I know in my heart I would have loved my grandmother also. For her love shone on both sides of her life."

Everyone looked confused, their eyes on the two older people staring at each other.

Grayson broke the quietness, the lawyer's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"You are a man of astounding surprises, Lucas. I sense your soul has drawn out the simmering doubts in both their hearts?"

"Yes, Grayson. I have felt the hidden love. It's still there. They both just need to recapture it."

Vivian's blue eyes went to Emerson's staring emerald pools, then focused on her son's violet.

"I cannot be drawn into that deceit again, Lucas. Not for his love, and never again for hers."

Vivian turned, moving towards the door, Emerson's next words stopping her in her tracks.

"You cannot walk away from your father's love, Vivacious. No more than I could walk away from your mother's."


Everyone sat in stunned silence, all except Lucas, Vivian, Grayson and Emerson.

Vivian's head turned back, staring at the older man, Emerson's green eyes staring at her.

"I loved her, Vivacious. With all my heart and soul. Just as I loved you and your sister. I welcomed all three of you into my heart and soul. I never stopped loving any of you."

Vivian's eyes were starting to tear, the woman moving across the room again, standing in front of Emerson.

Their eyes were locked on each other again, the woman's hand moving in a flash.

It was stopped a few inches in front of Emerson's face, Lucas' hand now enveloped in hers, having stopped her from slapping the older man across the face.

Lucas stared into her simmering anger-filled eyes.

"I love you, Mom. And I would have loved her as well. I think it's time the two of you saw the love behind your past. It's still there. She's still here." he said, Vivian's eyes moving into his staring violet pools.

Her face changed, a deep emotional sadness showing in her blue eyes.

"I. . .I lost both of them, Lucas! I lost all of my family because of him! Because of his deceit!" she said, emotion filling her soul.

Henderson's arm went around her, the woman feeling her husband's love.

"I gave you a family of love, Lucas! I kept you safe from the evil living within this home. The evil I once saw! The evil that took both of them away from me! I can never forgive you for what you did, Emerson! For what you did to all of us!" she sobbed, Lucas pulling the woman against him, Vivian sobbing into his chest.

Lucas' eyes moved to his grandfather's green pools, the young man seeing the emotion showing deep within his emerald eyes, the look not shown to anyone else.

"Your soul is a caring one, Lucas. But even your caring love can't erase the visions from your adoptive mother's eyes. The vision of my supposed evil. I have carried that denial in my soul since both of them fled this home. And I see it still embedded in your aunt's blue eyes. The past is irreversible." the older man said, quietly sitting back down into his wing chair, his green eyes staring into the fire in front of him.

Josh's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the man's blue eyes staring into his violet pools.

"What's going on here, my love? What are you saying?"

Lucas sighed, his mother's eyes raising and staring into his violet pools of love.

"I've sensed out the hidden love surrounding us, Beamy." he said, the young man smiling at his aunt, Vivian's blue pools lowering, not wanting to stare into the young man's unchanged pools of love.

Lucas smiled at Henderson, the man nodding at him, gently guiding his wife back to her seat, the man joining her close.

Lucas smiled around at everyone, Grayson's eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Lucas. I do indeed see the knowledge burning within your greatness." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes moving around, taking in all the watchful eyes.

"My grandfather's love once was all-giving. Just as it was in all of his ancestors. The Belmont family's soul has always been righteous, giving and loving. It began with my ancestor Alsarius Belgras, the first of our lineage."
Emerson's eyes raised, staring with surprise at his grandson, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have read the story of his life, Grandfather. Within the journal you gave me. Of the beginnings of our family's soul."
Emerson's eyes lowered, Lucas staring at him.

"The two sides of my family joined in a surprising way. It joined with a deeper love. The love of my grandfather and my grandmother. Emerson Belmont and Francesca Carlisle. My mother's mother and Vivian's as well. For they both fell in love." he said, Vivian's blue eyes staring into her adoptive son's violet pools.

"I've felt that secret within both of your souls. The joining of your love. You were both more than just loving friends once. You were father and daughter. Your love was whole."
Vivian's eyes teared, refusing to look at the older man staring at his grandson.

"That love was all a lie, Lucas. It was covered by lies." she said, her eyes tearing.

"No, Mom. It wasn't. The truth you feel in your heart is the lie."
Vivian looked at the young man, his voice filled with compassion and love.

"Please, Lucas! Don't bring up the past. Don't show me again what I've witnessed! I cannot bear to see it again, to relive it!" she said, her voice filled with emotion.

The young man moved, kneeling in front of the emotional woman, taking her hands in his.

"I love you, Mom. I would never make you see something that would hurt your soul. I only do this because of my love for you, and for my lost mother. And for my forgotten grandmother, and for my loving grandfather." he said, her eyes now moving to Emerson's green pools, her face taking on a seriousness again.

"We all love you, Lucas. My mother would have loved you deeply. Don't fall under the spell, Lucas. Don't give into the trap he's set for you. I wasn't strong enough to see its truth at first. But my soul sees in now."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek.

"I won't open up that past just yet, Mom. But soon you'll have to walk that path again. But this time you'll walk it with all of the truth. And you'll see what I'm beginning to see."
"And what's that, Lucas?" Emerson said, the young man's violet pools staring back at his grandfather.

"The underlying love, Grandfather. And the sacrifices you and she had to make." he said, Emerson looking surprised.

The young man stood again, looking between the two.

"Someone will come soon, and the past will unfold as it must. His eyes of truth can't be hidden behind evil." he said, everyone looking confused, Vivian's blue eyes staring up at her son.

"Let's leave it at that. I love both of you. You will see the truth." he smiled, the young man walking up to Josh, taking his hands in his, smiling at his lover.

"I'm surrounded by love. And I'm in my father's home. Yes, the past will show itself. And I'll right the past and forge the future myself."

Josh smiled at him, seeing the young man's calmness.

"A surprising discussion, my love. Your family is joined in all ways."
"Yes, my Joshua. My love joins all." he smiled, looking at his grandfather and at Vivian.

Both stared into his violet loving eyes, his calm love soothing their troubled souls.

"I welcome you into your father's home, Lucas. I welcome you with my love." Emerson said, Vivian lowering her eyes.

"I love you, Grandfather. And I love all of my mothers, real and destined. I'll see you in the morning." Lucas smiled, his arm going around his Joshua.

"Goodnight everyone." he said, the young man guiding Josh out of the room.

Everyone stood, staring after the young man, Vivian's eyes meeting Emerson's.

"Our Lucas walks with determination, Vivian. And my soul troubles at that."

She stared into his green eyes.

"My soul troubles that he's fallen under your spell. I won't let you touch the love I feel within him, Emerson. I'll die before I let you destroy him as you've destroyed everyone." she said, the woman moving and walking out of the room, Henderson quietly following his wife.

Emerson's green eyes moved, staring around at everyone, the man trying to keep a calm smile on his ruggedly handsome mature face.

"Goodnight, everyone. Please enjoy the hospitality of this home's warmth and friendship."

Everyone said goodnight, quietly walking out of the room, Grayson remaining with Emerson.

The older man's hand went against the mantle of the fireplace, staring down into the dying embers of the fire.

Grayson walked up to him, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I sense Lucas knows more than he's letting on, Em. I think he's sensed the truth."
"I know he has, Gray. I just don't know if he's sensed all of it."
"He's sensed the love that emanates--still emanates--off this house. He's clued in to your and Francesca's deep love. And the binding love of you and her daughters. I long to feel that love again."
The man's eyes raised, Grayson staring into the older man's emerald green pools of love.

He saw the deep emotion trying to force its way out.

"Let go of the magic, Em. Let the love out."

The man's eyes filled with tears, the man sobbing, falling into his old friend's arms, Grayson holding him close to him, feeling the man's deep love.

"I lost all of them, Gray! I sacrificed all!" he sobbed, the man holding him tight, his own heart filled with love for his old friend.

His eyes moved upwards, staring at the portrait of Lucas' father.

Lucas is right, Emerson.

He's here.

I feel him now as well.

And I feel that sacrifices can't hold a candle to the love of Lucas' truths.

I think he's going to amaze all of us.

And you're all going to be free again.

The man smiled, gently guiding his emotional old friend out of the room.


Justin closed the refrigerator's door, placing the glass bottle of milk on the counter, turning to search for a glass.

His eyes met two violet pools, the man nearly jumping out of his skin.

"Damn, Luke! You scared the bejesus out of me!" he gasped, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sorry, Jus. I awoke in need of a drink as well." he smiled, his violet pools glancing over Justin's smooth muscled torso, the man wearing only a pair of Joe Boxer flannel sleep pants.

Lucas was wrapped in a cashmere robe, Justin smiling at him,  his voice calmer.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep as well." he said, Lucas smiling and opening a cupboard door behind Justin, pulling down two glasses from it in the semi-dark kitchen, only one light on from under the cupboard above the sink.

It was well after midnight, Justin having risen from his bed in search of something to soothe his parched throat.

Justin smiled, Lucas standing right in front of him, his hands revealing the glasses.

Justin poured each of them a glass of milk, Lucas taking the bottle from him and returning it to the fridge.

The two smiled at each other, taking a glass of milk each and walking over to the small table and chairs set standing in the large kitchen's center.

"I would have thought that Lance's giving love would have quenched your thirst earlier." Lucas smiled, Justin practically beaming.

"That's a drink I'll never get enough of, Lukey."
Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Yes, love's drink is the elixir of life. I've never stopped hungering for my Chasez milkshake."

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Rich and creamy, no doubt. I remember its taste as well."

Lucas laughed, Justin smiling.

"And what's got you rambling through this old magnificent mansion? Can't sleep?" Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"Just feeling the history and love, Jus." he quietly said, sipping at the glass of cold milk.

Justin's hand went out, setting down on top of his.

"You kind of surprised your Mom and grandfather, Lucas. Hell, you surprised all of us. I still can't believe your mother and Vivian were Emerson's daughters." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Stepdaughters, Jus. Francesca--their mother--was Emerson's wife. The four--or should I say five--were a family of total love. My father was a part of that as well."
"So your father and your mother were stepbrother and stepsister." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus. Not of blood but both of love."
Justin nodded, smiling.

"What happened to all of them, Lucas? What destroyed that once close family?"

"I don't know the whole truth of that, Justin. But I'm beginning to sense the magic behind it. And the sacrifices made."
"Yes, you said they made sacrifices. I'm sensing there's an underlying sadness behind all of this."
Lucas stared at his friend, Justin staring back.

"Yes, there's a sadness, and there's also a lot of love. They all just have to see that."

Justin nodded, sensing his friend wasn't going to elaborate more on it.

Lucas smiled at his friend.

"How are you and Lancy doing, Jus?"

The man smiled widely, the truth showing on his handsome face, Lucas' eyes taking in the man's smooth beauty.

"We're in heaven, Lucas. Lance loves me completely. I truly believe that." he smiled, Lucas' hand moving and squeezing Justin's.

"The sounds of your love echoing through our walls showed that truth." he said, Justin blushing, Lucas leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Old houses have thin walls, my friend. Your echoing love got my own Josh's love flowing. Thanks for the aphrodisiac."
Justin smiled, their eyes staring into their souls.

"You're welcome, Luke. Anything to help your love. Timberlake love is like Viagra!"

Lucas burst into laughter, Justin joining him.

The two smiled at each other, staring into each other's eyes.

Lucas moved forward, Justin moving as well.
Their lips met, both men lost in a deep kiss of joining love.

Lucas pulled the man towards him, the two rising from their seats, Justin's strong arms wrapping around Lucas' clothed body, pulling him close.

Lucas' arms felt the heat of Justin's smooth back against them, his hand moving downwards, cupping Justin's clothed butt cheeks.

The two felt the rush of love flowing between them, the two breaking the intense kiss, their eyes meeting again, their bodies still close and intimate.

"Wow! I've been wanting to do that since the moment I saw you on that front step in London." Justin said, Lucas smiling softly at him.

"And I've been wanting that since I began masturbating over your posters on my youthful bedroom walls."

Justin smiled, then laughed, Lucas joining him.

"Me an idol to your libido. Fantastic!" he smiled his famous smile, Lucas smiling at him.

The two felt their love, the moment on the edge of truth.

"I love you, Justin. I could love you completely."

Justin stared into the man's violet pools, seeing the deep love shining there.

"I love you, Lucas. I could easily make that dream come true. I want to love all of you."

Lucas smiled, his finger going against Justin's cheek.

"We love them, Jus. Our love for them is total."
Justin nodded, smiling at his friend.

"But you're a close second. You and Josh both."

Lucas smiled, his finger touching Justin's soft lips, Justin's tongue lightly licking it.

"I know, Jus. I feel your and Lance's deep love for both of us. You've experienced both of their giving souls. I'd love to experience all of you as well. Life sometimes gives us more than we deserve. Our love for our soulmates perhaps is enough, perhaps it's not. I think the future will decide that. Right now our friendship is all we need. That and our soulmate's total love."

Justin smiled, the man pulling Lucas against him again, his arms of love wrapping around him.

"So throwing you on top of this table and giving you all the Timberlake love isn't an option?"

Lucas laughed, his hand slapping Justin's butt, the man smiling as they broke their hold.

"I'd prefer a soft bed. That timber's going to be so consuming."

Justin smiled widely, Lucas smiling again.

Their lips met again, a soft kiss of love shared.

"My man awaits." Justin smiled, Lucas staring into his blue pools of love.

"Yes, I do."

The two turned, Lance smiling at both of them, the man leaning his shoulder against the kitchen doorway, his smooth toned chest on full display, the man wearing only a pair of plaid boxers.

Justin blushed, staring at his lover.

"How much of that did you hear, my Lancy?" Justin said, Lance smiling and walking up to the two men, his arm going around his Justin's smooth waist.

"Most of it. Right from the wet walls of Lucas' teenage bedroom on."

Lucas smiled, Justin blushing.

"Hey, Lancy. You were on a lot of those posters as well. It kind of was a group fantasy. But don't tell Chris and Joey that."

Lance burst into laughter, Justin joining him.

Lucas smiled at both of them, taking in their revealed beauty, seeing the closeness of their smooth bodies.

"Joey would be flattered, Chris probably turned on."
Lucas laughed, raising his hands.

"I ain't touching all that hair!"

Both laughed again, Lance kissing Justin's cheek.

"We all have our fantasies, Luke. Mine have come true." he said, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

Justin smiled, Lance's green eyes staring at Lucas now.

"Almost all of them."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Sorry for interrupting your moment of truth. I was just going to stand back and watch the floor show. But I'm not sure that table would have held you both. Timby's timber can be like a jackhammer sometimes."

Lucas burst into laughter, Justin blushing again, Lance smiling and kissing his lips, Justin feeling his love.

"Lucky you, Lancy."

"That I am, Luke." Lance smiled, trading looks with Justin, Lucas smiling at both.

"Yes, so I heard."

Lance smiled, his hand going down to Justin's backside, resting on it.

"Sorry, Lucky. I can be a jackhammer at times as well. Larger equipment as well."

Lucas smiled, chuckling.

"Then Justin truly is the lucky one."

Lance smiled, Justin kissing his lips.

"That we both are, Luke."
Lance smiled, the two looking at Lucas.

"We have a large bed, Lukey. Do you need our love tonight?" Lance said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing his lips softly, Justin smiling at their love for each other.

"Always, Lancy. As does my Joshua. How about the two of you go join him? I'll just finish my milk. I'm sure he'll welcome your joining love. But be quiet about it. Or I'll pull the plug on your equipment."

The two men laughed, Lucas smiling at both of them.

"Make it quick, Lukey. Justin will find my cord quick." Lance smiled, the two men leaning forward, both kissing Lucas' soft lips in turn, Lucas feeling their giving love.

"Be up in a few minutes." Lucas said, sitting down at the table, Justin downing the rest of his glass, putting it in the sink, then joining his hand with Lance's, the two smiling at Lucas in the semi-darkness, walking quietly out of the kitchen, Lucas watching their clothed butts walking away.

He smiled, taking in their beauty.

I love both of you.

Perhaps one day in all ways.

Until then, your close love and beauty will fill my Beamy and my own heart.

The experience of your joined love fills my heart with love.
Lucas smiled, the man moving and walking quietly out of the room, not before pouring his unfinished milk down the sink, washing both glasses clean.


Lucas roamed the halls of the house, his soft footsteps silent as he walked in quietness, gazing at all of the home's antiques and rich furnishings.

He scanned many paintings of landscapes, acts of valor and family moments.

A lot of the faces he didn't recognize, members of his ancestral lineage.

The man walked all through the first floor of Belmont Hall, then quietly walked up the central staircase, stopping before the painting of Emmanuel Belmont, staring up at its largeness and showing beauty.

I do reflect your historic beauty, Emmanuel.

As I reflect your intellect and resolve.

The path begins, ancestor of my soul.

I hope I can gain your courage as well.

I walk in your staid, I walk in your truths.

Lucas heard a soft noise, turning to the left side, walking up the left staircase away from his bedroom on the right side.

He heard the noise again, walking down a long dark hallway, the hall lined with paintings, small tables and several chairs.

Several doors he walked past, all closed.

His violet eyes took in a soft light along the bottom of the door to the last room on the left side, another light shining from the room across from it in the hallway.

Lucas walked down the hallway, stopping between the two doors.

His eyes scanned the hallway, taking in the door on his left side.

Its door was a fair distance from the next door on its side behind him, Lucas sensing this was a larger room than the others, sensing it wasn't a bedroom.

He glanced at the door on his right, its distance matched with the other doors on its side.

He sensed this room on his right might be his grandfather's bedroom, the young man feeling his presence behind the door.

Rest in slumber, Grandfather.

My love echoes in your soul.

Lucas quietly moved to the left, opening that door, quietly walking into the room.

His eyes took in the quaintness of the rather large room, a large ornate wooden desk standing before him, the walls surrounding him filled with books and several chairs sitting around the room, small tables at their sides.

A large marble fireplace stood against the wall to his right side, two wing chairs sitting in front of it.

Lucas closed the door behind him, the room's light disappearing from the hallway.

Lucas felt a lot of love for this room, sensing his grandfather's favorite room.

Your library of quiet reflection.

I see and feel your love in all of it.

He quietly walked up to the fireplace, his eyes taking in its marble beauty, a wooden mantle carved out of mahogany on its top, carved bison heads showing at both ends.

His violet eyes rose to the portrait hanging above him.

A soft face of regal beauty shone down at him, the room's soft light making her cheeks soft with color.

Hello, Grandmother.

My mothers' beauty shines from yours.

Lucas stared up at his grandmother's portrait, his keen eyes taking in the portrait's centered beauty, and an edge surrounding the portrait on all sides, the wallpaper looking a little brighter around the painting than what lay on the rest of the wall.

Moved portraits of hidden truth.

You didn't have to hide what lay viewed in truth, Grandfather.

I feel that truth building in my heart.

Lucas stared up at the portrait again, taking in his grandmother's beautiful face.

He sighed, moving over to the desk, sitting down in the plush leather chair behind it.

His hand reached for the telephone sitting on the ornate desk, Lucas quietly dialing a number.

He leaned back against the leather chair, feeling its well worn comfort, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Hello, it's Lucas. Yes I'm fine, thank you. Could I speak to him, please?"

A few moments passed by, another voice coming onto the phone.

"Hello, sir. Yes, I've arrived and I have met my grandfather. His love still shows. That's correct. You are ready? I want you to come a day earlier. Yes, I have my reasons. I feel the impending danger. Give them my wishes. They're invited as well. I need all the love I can muster. Yes, it's that important. And yes, he is in my heart. Thank you. Until the fourth."

Lucas set the telephone receiver back on the wireless base, the young man rising from his seat again, walking up to the fireplace, staring into the smoldering embers faintly showing there.

He rested his fingers on the buffalo head carved on the right end of the mantle, Lucas looking up at the portrait again.

Your beauty captured his soul.

His dreams and fate must have been so wrapped in your love.

I am glad it has been with him for so long.

He now can live with a greater peace in his heart.

And I will find out the truth for all of us.

Lucas smiled, staring at the buffalo's head on his right side.

"Onward to a greater adventure. You should be in bed, Grandfather."

Lucas turned, his grandfather's green eyes staring into his violet pools.

The older man had silently walked into the library, his eyes softly showing surprise.

"I didn't realize you were still up, my grandson."

"Just walking the house, Grandfather. Its newness to my soul awoke me."
Emerson smiled, the older man staring quietly at him.

"Its oldness to this old soul has woken me many a night."
Lucas smiled, his arm going around his grandfather, the younger man gently hugging him.

"Memories have a way of doing that."

"As do the past's troubled dreams."

"You'll sleep well tonight, Grandfather. My love calms everyone."

The older man softly smiled, Lucas gently guiding him into one of the wing chairs, Lucas sitting down in the other facing him.

"A beautiful room, Grandfather. I feel its calming love."
"My favorite room is this old mausoleum, Lucas. It is the heart of my existence." the man said, scanning the room, his eyes going to the portrait hanging above him.

"I am sure there are many rooms here that have given you joy through your long lifetime." Lucas smiled, the older man smiling.

"Yes, Lucas. Through different stages of my life the joy has been great, the laughter, love and music filling many rooms. As of late this old place has been more like a tomb." he said, his eyes quietly looking into his grandson's violet eyes.

"Your eyes are so close to Francesca's and Savannah's, Lucas. It is as if I'm staring back into their great souls of love."

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to the portrait, then quietly following the mantle's edge to the buffalo head.

"She walked with you through life, Grandfather. I'm sure her love could never perish. And my mother's is only lost at the moment." he said, staring into his grandfather's green eyes.

"Why have you come here, Lucas? Truly, why? I am an old man, given up to my existence, to my destiny. Why have you walked into my heart? It is as if I'm feeling my soul come alive. And that scares me."

Lucas leaned forward, his hand going on top of his grandfather's knee.

"You need never fear my love, Grandfather. I came here because I wanted to know yours. Not for destiny, not for wherever this path is leading me. I just wanted firstly to feel your love. And I do feel it."
Emerson's eyes showed soft tears, Lucas smiling at him.

"I don't fear you, Lucas. I fear the deeper meaning of what you represent."

"Hope, Grandfather? Hope that your life perhaps has some meaning?"
His grandfather nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your life does have meaning, Grandfather. I feel that in your soul."

"My life. . .what I've done throughout it. . .what we were all asked to do. . ."

"You were all asked to live life, Grandfather. To contribute to the greater cause. Every one of you did that. From Alsarius to Emmanuel, to your own heroic self, Grandfather. To my own father's heroic self. And I am the next generation of the lineage of truth. But I am something else. I follow a different path than all of you have. And I'm beginning to understand what that path is. I believe I know of what my true purpose is."

"What is it, Lucas? Why have you suddenly walked onto our path, hidden and so surprisingly real?"

Lucas smiled, rubbing his grandfather's knee.

"For love, Grandfather. For love and truth."
The older man smiled softly, Lucas rising from his chair.

"You need rest, Grandfather. I am going to guide you back to your bedroom across the hall. This will be the last night of sitting in this room troubled by your past. Your sleep comes with no dreams, with no worries. My love's here."
The old man teared up, Lucas rising from his seat, his grandfather gaining his feet, Lucas' arm going around him.

"Thank you, Lucas. For wiping the worry from my heart. For giving me hope."
Lucas smiled, kissing the man's cheek, feeling the warmth under his skin.

"I am your grandson, Grandfather. I have your love and all of theirs in my soul. Let's go to bed." he smiled, Emerson smiling back.

Lucas led his grandfather to the door, the older man's hand going to the light switch, his eyes glancing towards the buffalo head carved in the mantle, its hidden latch known only to him.

Secrets may need to be revealed.

Your love guarantees my doing that.

As does your love, my grandson.

Emerson's eyes met Lucas', the young man kissing his cheek again.

"Come, I'll tuck you in." he smiled, his violet pools showing deep love.

Emerson smiled, flicking off the lights, the older man closing the door behind him.


Lucas opened his bedroom door, the man closing it behind him.

He didn't turn on the light, walking quietly across the room, his hands going to his robe, tossing it on the chair in front of the balcony's doorway.

Moonlight shone into the room, the bed in its center bathed in soft light.

Lucas smiled, seeing the three forms laying there, all three joined together, Josh in the center of a threesome of sleeping love.

Lucas quietly walked around the bed, climbing into Justin's side, the young man slipping under the covers, moving his body against Justin's back, the man softly murmuring, Lucas' arm stretching across his taut body, his hand going to his lover's warm chest.

Josh murmured, his blue eyes slowly opening, staring into two violet pools staring at him from over Justin's shoulder, Justin's head laying in the crook of Josh's neck, Lance's body against Josh's right side.

"You were gone for a bit, my love. These two took your place, as I understand you asked them to do." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling and leaning over Justin's form, kissing his lover's soft lips.

"We need their love, Joshua. And they need ours. I need all of you."
Josh smiled, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"Climb over the clinger, I need you against me."

Lucas smiled, gently pushing Justin back a bit, the man murmuring again, his body going onto its back, his smooth chest showing in all its beauty.

"Mm, this is a sweet vision. Maybe I'll snuggle against it." he smiled, Josh smiling at his lover.

"Has he taken my place in your heart?" Josh said, Lucas smiling, moving across the sleeping man's body, Lucas feeling Justin's hands moving to his side, trying to pull him down on top of him in his sleep, Lucas fighting his clinging hands, Lucas moving between him and Josh, Lucas' arms going around his man's smooth chest, their lips meeting.

"Never, my love. You're in the center of all of me."
Josh teared up, Lucas softly kissing his lips.

"But it's a large heart. They both are welcomed to join it."
Josh smiled, Justin beside Lucas moving, his body rolling against Lucas', the young man feeling his arms wrap around him, Lance moving more into Josh, the two men feeling their surrounding love.

Lucas felt Justin's lips on his neck, the man softly kissing him in his sleep.

Lucas felt the man's muscled body against his back, his center against his ass, no largeness felt.

Only Justin's love was against him, not his desires.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips in front of him, his head going against his smooth chest.

"I feel so loved. I'm going to be so loved."
Josh smiled, feeling his two friends' warmth against both of them.

"We both are, Lucky. We both are."
Lucas smiled, Josh closing his eyes, pulling him close to him.

Lucas smiled, feeling his lover wearing boxer briefs again, knowing he'd left his naked body alone here earlier.

Josh had dressed before his two friends had joined him in their giving love.

Lucas felt his man's vanity and singular love for him.

We'll lose those soon enough, my love.

I trust both of them with our naked togetherness.

And I'll love all three of you as you really are.

Lucas smiled, closing his eyes, a soft smile crossing his face.

Four souls smiled, walking together in their dreams.



New York City, New York


Sheridan Whitecastle tossed the cigarette onto the curb, the man walking into the dimly lit bar, his eyes scanning the place.

His eyes focused on a young man leaning against the bar, another man seated beside him, that man's hand on the younger man's ass.

The man stared at both men, taking in the blond-haired man's rugged clean looks.

A Timberlake lookalike. Interesting.

He smiled to himself, the man walking up to the bar, sitting down beside the two men.

"What'll it be, sir?" the young bartender said, staring at the man's handsome face.

"A scotch on the rocks. And a drink for whatever these two are having." he said, the two men beside him moving and looking towards him.

"Thanks, mister." the man who was sitting down said, Sheridan's blue eyes staring at him.

He looked to be around twenty-five or so, handsome in his own way, but there showed a street-like bravado on his face.

Sheridan easily took him in as a hustler.

"You're welcome, my friends. You especially, young man." Sheridan said, the man who was leaning against the bar staring at him.

"Thank you, Mr. . .?"

"Sheridan Whitecastle. I am the one who telephoned you earlier, young man."

The young man's eyes widened a bit, his muscled form rising up from the bar, his tall stature hovering over the man.

"Okay, man. So what do you want?" the young man said, reaching for the whiskey and beer chaser the bartender had sat down in front of him.

"Let's move to a booth, my young friend. I have an opportunity to lay out in front of you. Your friend can await us. I'm sure we'll both benefit from his staying." Sheridan said, his blue icy eyes meeting the young man's dark brown eyes seated beside the other man.

"I'll wait. You both intrigue me. I'm not one for having a lot of fun." the young hustler said, the bartender shaking his head at all of them, moving down the bar towards another patron.

Sheridan rose from his seat, walking towards a booth, the young man looking at the hustler, the man's hand going on his ass.

"Keep it quick. I'm very hungry." he said, the younger man smiling at him.

The young man walked over to the booth where Sheridan had sat down, the other man looking at both of them, then focusing on his new drink before him.

The young man sat down across from Sheridan, their blue eyes meeting each other's.

"I've been wanting to meet you, Mr. Addison."

Jacob Addison's blue eyes stared at him.

"And why have you been looking forward to that? Has my stamina reached the upper wealthy sector? You look like a man of refinement. Or have you been on my website?"

The older man smiled, Jake staring at his handsome, youngish looking face.

"I checked out your website. You offer unique services. But all of those I've experienced before. I want something more from you."
"Oh and what's that?" Jake said, leaning  back into the booth's padded seat, Sheridan's blue eyes looking over his rugged good looks.

"We have a mutual friend, Mr. Addison."

"Oh? Who's that? One of my celebrity friends? I didn't realize you were a star groupie."

The man smiled, staring at the younger man.

"I can have whomever I want. I've even had Justin Timberlake. I know you've been lusting after him."

The young man sat up in his seat, staring at the man.

"Who are you? And who do you know that I know? You know Levine?"

The man smiled, surprised at the name.

"No, I don't have the pleasure. Interesting truth though. I may have to experience that. I have a fondness for tats."

"Fat chance there." Jake said, looking around, making sure they weren't being listened to.

"He's taken now. The man's gone romantic." he said, Sheridan smiling at him.

"I want your services. Sexual and otherwise."
Jake stared at the man, folding his hands in front of him.

"The sex will cost you a grand. Anything else maybe more." he said, the man smiling at him.

"You sell yourself cheap, Addison. You're worth a lot more."
Jake smiled, taking in the man's quiet demeanor, seeing his blue eyes scanning his clothed body.

"I can bring my friend over there. We sometimes work together. His name's Tyrone."

"For tonight, yes please bring him. After that you'll ditch him. It's you alone after that."
"So what else do you want from me?" Jake said, the man smiling at him.

"It's not so much what I want from you, Jacob. It's more what I can give you. For my giving you that will make us both happy."
"And what's that?"

"How about Lucas Carver's head on a plate?"

Jacob's eyes widened, his face darkening.

"You know that pissant?"

"Yes, I've had the fortune of meeting him. And he's had the misfortune of pissing me off."

Jake smiled, staring at the man.

"So, we have something in common."
"Yes, we do. I'm making it my life's priority to making that young man suffer. And I know exactly what to do about that."
Jake smiled, staring into the man's blue eyes.

"I'm game for that. That little bastard's been nothing but trouble for me."
"Yes, so I've heard. It must have been so delicious to have abused him so much."

Jake smiled, the other man smiling as well.

"Yes, it was divine. How do we make it happen?"

"First off you need to show me your loyalty. And I will reward you handsomely for that. How does one million dollars sound?"

The young man looked surprised, the older man smiling at him.

"You can't be serious?"
"I am very serious, Jacob. For reasons of my own that young man's elimination will make others very happy."

Jacob's eyes darkened.

"You want me to kill him? I'm not a hitman." he said, the other man's face smiling more.

"Oh come, Jacob. Blair Cavinelli would argue that point."

Jacob's eyes widened, the man staring at him again.

"I'm very resourceful, Jacob. I know all about you and your past. You're just the man I'm looking for. And I know you'll enjoy this all immensely. It's a part you've been waiting your whole life for."

The young man stared at Sheridan, his face widening with a softening smile.

"Alright, Whitecastle. I'm in. Now tell me what's your plan?"

Sheridan downed his drink, Jake staring at him.

"Come, Jacob. Let's go invite your friend back to my condominium. We'll have our fun and then you'll show me your loyalty. And then I'll make some very famous people your best friends. And then we'll both get what we want."

Jacob smiled downing his drink, the two men smiling at each other.

The young man lifted his head up from his drink, Jake's hand going to his shoulder.

"Come on, Ty. My friend here is inviting us back to his place. He's got the fun and the money." Jake smiled, the young hustler smiling at his friend.

"Awesome! I'm in!" he smiled, rising from his seat.

Sheridan smiled, licking his lips, both men smiling at him.

And I'm going to be in both of you. A snack for now and a meal for later.

You look so tasty.

And Addison's going to join me in this meal, and he's going to be mine completely.

Tyrone smiled at the older man, his hand going onto his ass now.

"I'm hungry too, Tyrone. And you're going to feed me all of you."
The young hustler smiled, walking out of the bar with the two men.




End of Chapter 65


And so Sheridan and Jake may be joining forces.

That doesn't bode well for Josh and Lucas.

What's Sheridan's plan for Lucas?


Lucas has revealed a surprising secret.

Both sides of his family united under the love of Emerson and Francesca.

And Vivian and Savannah were Emerson's stepdaughters.

It seems that both sides of Lucas' family shared a magical past.


And Lucas senses much around him.

Magic, love and romance.

Are Justin and Lance falling into Lucas' opening heart?
Will Josh have others to love him?


What happened that day so long ago between Emerson and Vivian and her friends?
Why did Emerson's son flee from him?
What monster was shown that day?


Questions in need of answers.

Any ideas?


Lol, Angel.