Yesterday's End-67

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Chapter 67


The evening meal itself was exquisite, the fare rich and delicious.

Mavis had outdone herself again.

Everyone dined on the rich food, the conversation cordial and relaxing.

Mavis beamed at all their compliments, she smiling at everyone, Horace beaming with pride at his wife's happiness.

Lucas was in the center of all the happiness, the young man drawing all into the conversation, everyone sensing his relaxed, calm mood.

The earlier day's confusion was forgotten, Lucas' calmness relaxing everyone.

They'd swum all afternoon in the pool, couples leaving gradually, the old mansion flooding with youthful laughter and love.

Josh and Lucas had changed in their bedroom, the two flirtatious and loving in private.

Josh had felt his lover's touch and giving happiness, the young man attending to his every loving desire.

The two had walked hand in hand last into the dining room, everyone smiling at their shown love.

After dinner the group had walked into the large games room located on the far side of the kitchen.

A large pool table filled one side of it; a long, well-stocked bar beside it.

Finn and Andrew began a game of pool with Grayson and Horace, the two younger men smiling at their enthusiasm.

Harry went behind the bar, making cocktails for everyone as he watched the pool game unfold.

A few sat down at a round oak card table, a game of cards started by Trish and Skyler, the two uniting against Justin and Lance.

Lucas smiled at their relaxed happiness, he and Josh sitting down on a large couch in front of the fireplace, their eyes on their friends and family.

Emerson sat down in a wing chair in front of Lucas and Josh, the older man smiling at them.

Vivian and Henderson joined the two seated on the couch, Lucas smiling at them both.

Harry walked around the room, handing everyone their drinks, the young man smiling at Lucas last, handing him his drink, sitting down in the chair across from Emerson on the other side of the fireplace.

A small fire was lit in the fireplace, its vision more for decor than warmth as the evening was still warm, summer on its rise.

"This old place still needs a little warmth, regardless of the outer temperatures. My father always said it was cold within its heart always." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Did he love this place as much as you do, Grandfather?" he said, Emerson nodding his head.

"Yes, Lucas. It was home to him as well. Although he travelled much and was away for long periods. But its greatness and warmth always draws you back." the older man said, looking around the room.

"Home is where the heart is, Grandfather." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his lover.

"Yes, Lucas. Home is indeed that." Emerson said, his green eyes glancing at Vivian.

The woman sat in silence, sipping quietly on her martini.

"But home for some is more than memories, Grandfather. For some it's life renewing." Lucas said, rising up from his seat, walking up to the fireplace, staring into the large mirror hanging above it, his image staring back at him.

Emerson's green eyes moved, staring at his grandson standing in front of him.

"It rejuvenates your soul, Lucas. I've always felt this place grabs a hold on you. I've felt it was always a part of me. My father felt the same, as did my grandfather. I've perhaps stayed the longest here. For I've felt its deeper meaning."

Lucas' violet eyes moved, staring down at his grandfather.

"Destiny, Grandfather? The greater destiny of the path?"

Emerson sighed, the young man quietly staring at him, those surrounding him quietly staring at the young standing man.

"We all hold destiny in our souls, Lucas. Some just don't know where that destiny shall lead them. We all walk our paths as they are chosen for us." the older man said, Emerson pulling a golden case out of his inside breast pocket, Horace stood at the pool table looking towards him.

"Just one, Horace. It has been long since I had one and it always calms my soul." the older man said, Horace staring at him.

"Alright, Emerson. Just one." he said, Emerson smiling at his old friend, the older man pulling a cigarette from the case now opened in his hand, offering the case around to everyone seated around him, everyone passing on the offer.

Lucas leaned over, picking up a silver lighter that lay on the fireplace's mantle, the young man quietly lighting his grandfather's cigarette, the older man softly smiling at him, saying his thanks.

Lucas smiled at him, placing the lighter back on the mantle, the young man staring at his reflection in the mirror again, softly sighing and then returning to the seat beside Josh, his fiancÚ's arm going around him, Lucas' violet eyes staring at his grandfather.

"A bad habit that I've long curtailed, Lucas. But still it sneaks into my desires." Emerson said, smiling as he puffed on the long cigarette in his hand, flicking the ashes off its end into the fireplace beside him.

"We all have small vices in our hearts, Grandfather. Mine is licking chocolate on my man's fingers."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him, Emerson chuckling.

"Yours is healthier, my grandson. And more delicious." the older man smiled, Josh smiling at his Lucky.

Lucas smiled back at him, the young man sinking back into the comfortable couch, Josh snuggling against him.

"We need to continue our discussion from earlier, Grandfather. I believe it's time that the path continues. And to do that, the past must be known. I need that from all of you." Lucas said, Vivian's eyes meeting his.

Emerson's green pools stared at his grandson, everyone in the room suddenly quieting down, all eyes going to the people seated around the fireplace.

They continued their games, but their thoughts and eyes were on the ones quietly talking in front of the fireplace.

"Right to the gist of it, Lucas. You are so like your father in your enquiring tenacity." Emerson said, staring at his grandson, the man flicking more ashes into the fireplace.

"And he in turn is like you, Grandfather. You smoke to calm yourself against the truth. He moved constantly in secrecy to calm himself against the truth. The truth he ran away from." Lucas said, his violet pools staring with calmness at the older man.

"We all run from some truths in our lives, Lucas. Some altering and some unacceptable." Emerson said, his green eyes meeting Vivian's blue pools.

"But the future always was supposed to validate those truths. Not change them." Emerson said, Grayson's blue eyes staring towards his old friend.

"Sometimes the future give us change, Grandfather, sometimes change comes on its own. And sometimes change was never meant to happen at all." Lucas said, his violet eyes locked on his grandfather's green, the older man sighing.

"Perhaps, Lucas. And sometimes we all have to make decisions based on what we deem necessary." Emerson said, Vivian's eyes lowering when his met her gaze again.

"Necessity is given by love, Grandfather. Protective love sometimes comes with a price." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"You're a man of reflective mood tonight, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him, feeling his man's warmth against him.

"It is not of my own love I speak, my Beamy. My past I've faced. My mood is one of only happiness, and love. Love for all here." he said, his violet eyes meeting Emerson's again.

"You would be wise to choose carefully on whom you love, Lucas." Vivian said, Lucas sighing again, meeting his mother's blue eyes.

The young man sat up more, Josh feeling his focusing love.

"Wouldn't we all, Mom." he said, Vivian's blue eyes meeting Lucas' again in confusion.

The young man rose from his seat, walking up to the fireplace again, his hands going to the mantle, his violet eyes staring down into the fire.

"Tired hearts find energy in dealing with life's moments. I think it's time we had such a moment. I think we need to focus on the past tonight." Lucas said, still staring into the fire.

"The past can't match the present, Lucas. No matter how others or yourself view it." Emerson said, looking towards his grandson, Lucas' head turning, staring into his grandfather's green pools of showing love.

"I think we should begin with Haven Marlowe, Grandfather. And the truth of what he's done." Lucas said, his violet eyes turning and meeting two blue pools of widening surprise.

Vivian's eyes were locked on Lucas', as were Grayson's, the lawyer staring at the young man with concern.

"I'm sorry to have to bring up the past, Grayson. But truths need voicing." Lucas said, the lawyer nodding his head slowly, placing his pool cue on the pool table, the others following, their game forgotten, the sudden quietness in the room feeling like a blanket of sudden warmth.

Everyone stared at the group before the fireplace, all focusing on Lucas' central figure.

The card game was forgotten as well, Lucas' friends staring at him from the table.

"Sorry for changing the mood, everyone. Your games shall wait, as I see from your clouded eyes. Please everyone, sit down. I want to bring the truth out into the night. And then deal with the darkness surrounding it." Lucas said, the young man standing in front of the fireplace.

The four at the pool table moved, sitting down in chairs around Lucas, the four at the table turning their chairs and facing him.

"You always like to draw in the love, Lukey." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I shall, Finn. As always." he said, his face showing soft calmness, everyone focusing on him, Lucas' violet pools focusing again on his grandfather's concern-filled face.

"I wish not to speak of that man, Lucas. He is no longer welcomed in this house." Emerson said, his words edged with concerned finality.

"We must speak of him, Grandfather. For he has already entered my life and I haven't even met him." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Grayson informed me of Carl Wilson's and Sherman Hayworth's involvement with you, Lucas. I know that Haven was behind all of it. The man is nothing if not adversarial. And that I take full responsibility for." Emerson said, Lucas looking at him again.

"You cannot blame yourself for the choices others make, Grandfather. A man's choices are a reflection of his character." Lucas said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"And some are unchangeable when their original character is questionable." Grayson said, Emerson's eyes going to his friend's blue, the man showing him compassion.

"What happened here, Grandfather? Why did evil walk into this house?" Lucas said, the older man's eyes widening with surprise, Grayson and Vivian's blue eyes widening as well.

Lucas' grandfather stood up, staring into his grandson's violet pools.

"It walked into this house unencumbered, Lucas. For I welcomed it in with my love." the man said, his eyes showing soft tears, Lucas' hand going to his grandfather's shoulder.

"You are wrong, Grandfather. Your heart has always been forgiving, loving and truthful. No one could ever fault you for your giving, open heart. Truths shall validate that." Lucas said, Grayson staring at his old friend.

"Haven Marlowe was evil incarnate, Lucas. And we were all too blind to see it." he said, Emerson's eyes meeting his.

"I need to know all of him, Grandfather. I need to know everything." Lucas said, gently guiding his grandfather back to his chair, Emerson slowly sitting down again, Lucas pulling up an armchair beside his chair, smiling at him.

"Let the past out, Grandfather. Let your heart flow again."

The older man's green eyes stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the love shining back at him, the older man's soul focusing.

"He fooled all of us, Lucas. He and that other child of evil." Emerson said, Grayson's eyes lowering, Finn staring at the lawyer, his hand going to his shoulder.

Lucas took Emerson's hand in his, their eyes meeting.

"Let it out, Grandfather. Let the past go."

Emerson sighed, looking at his grandson again.

"It was my first wife's heart and loneliness that resigned me to my fate, Lucas. For her, I took the child in."
Lucas nodded, Emerson's voice filling the quiet room.


"Tristan was a child of love and happiness, Lucas. Your father's heart and love was all-consuming. My first wife, Isadora, loved him as the breath of sunshine he was. And for him and his happiness we both sought out a companion for him. A brother to bond him with friendship and trust. As I have had for a large part of my life." Emerson said, Grayson smiling at his old friend.

"You couldn't father another son, Emerson?" Henderson said, his green eyes meeting his blue.

"No, Henderson. Tristan in his own self was the only child I could father. And for my wife's loneliness and giving soul--as well as my own son's happiness--we took in a child from the local orphanage. A young man who'd lost his own family through tragic ends. I made the young man my ward. He and Tristan grew as brothers. They were inseparable. Up until Tristan's college years they were brothers of heart and soul."

"And what changed between the two, Grandfather?"

Emerson's green eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man staring at him with calmness.

"I don't know, Lucas. Whatever happened happened about a week before Tristan and his young friends came home during Tristan's last year at college. And then a week later he and Savannah disappeared."
"They disappeared out of preservation, Emerson." Vivian said, Emerson looking in her direction.

Lucas' violet pools met his mother's, Vivian lowering her eyes.

Emerson's eyes focused on Lucas again.

"Haven changed, Lucas. Whatever happened to him the week before Tristan's return created a riff between the two." Emerson said, Vivian's eyes meeting Grayson's.

"I remember the day he came home, surrounded by his five friends. The Pompous Darlings they named themselves." Emerson said, Vivian's blue eyes meeting his.

"Haven was one of the group, Tristan including him in all their youthful fun. But something wasn't right. A group of loving friends was centered around Savannah and Tristan. And I believe Haven resented that from the start." Emerson said, Vivian staring at him.

"What was my mother and father's togetherness like, Grandfather?" Lucas said, the young man focusing on that aspect of Emerson's words.

The older man smiled, staring at his grandson.

His green eyes moved around the room, stopping again on Lucas' violet pools.

"This house as I said grabs a hold of you. It seeps into your soul. But on that first day that your mother walked into this house as a child of seventeen, the heart of this house melted against the greatness of her love and beauty. For seven years she and her mother's love echoed off these walls. And then my son was claimed by the love as well. By the love I so easily feel under myself. Her mother mirrored her soul, Lucas. Francesca and Savannah were two visions of beauty and love. My son and I both felt their greatest love."

Lucas smiled, looking towards Vivian, the woman smiling at him.

"Emerson is right on that account, Lucas. Mother and Savannah were two of the same heart. I am love and goodness, they were beauty and heart." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"You are all, my love." Henderson said, Vivian smiling at him, her husband's words showing his love.

"Your husband is right, Vivian. You were a reflection of that mirror as well. I showed you the same love." Emerson said, Vivian's eyes lowering.

Lucas looked between the two, the young man focusing on his grandfather again.

"What happened to Haven's biological parents, Grandfather?" he said, Emerson's eyes meeting his.

"They died in a house fire, Lucas. The boy was seven and saved himself in that fire by leaping out of a second floor window. He had no remaining family, sent to an orphanage where Isadora and I found him, so long ago."

Lucas nodded, looking at his grandfather.

"He was lucky to gain the eye of your love and my grandmother's, Grandfather."

Emerson nodded, looking at his grandson.

"I gave him everything, Lucas. I held him in the same standing as my own son. I gave him everything and in the end he's now trying to take even more."

"The family business, Grandfather?" Lucas said, the older man nodding.

"Yes, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"If after whatever happened here that weekend that you learned of his evil and deceit, why did you put him in charge of your vast empire, Grandfather?" Lucas said, Emerson's eyes lowering.

"I had no one else, Lucas. My son vanished, and I wasn't. . ." he softly said, Lucas' hand going to his arm.

"You were not yourself, Grandfather. And paths were forming around you."

Emerson's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"I felt it all, Lucas. The changing of the sands, the directions of focusing reality."

"You felt what you were forced to feel. The same as you felt what you were forced to do." Lucas said, the older man nodding.

"Changing of the sands? Directions of focusing reality? What are you talking about, Emerson?" Vivian said, looking at the older man.

Emerson's eyes lowered, Lucas standing up again, the young man walking over to his mother's couch, sitting down beside her.

"I think it's time you knew the truth, Mom. I believe I'm beginning to sense it all now." he said, Emerson's eyes focusing on him.

"That is impossible, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas looking into his green eyes.

"Why is it impossible, Grandfather?"

The older man stood up, walking to the fireplace, staring into the mirror at his own reflection.

Lucas stood up himself, walking up to his side, his hand going to his grandfather's shoulder.

"I love you, Grandfather. With as much unknown love as your own son's for you."

Emerson's eyes turned, staring at him.

"I. . .I couldn't stop it, Lucas. I couldn't stay his course."

"You never were supposed to stop it, Grandfather. For it was destiny. From that came my creation."

The older man's eyes lowered, Lucas' arm going around the older man, gently guiding him back to his chair, the man sitting down again.

Lucas smiled down at him, the young man sighing, looking back towards his mother and Grayson, the lawyer seated beside her on another couch.

"I think I should enlighten the darkness that surrounds us." he said, Josh staring at him.

"The darkness, Lucky?" he said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Yes, Josh. The darkness that has claimed my father."


Everyone looked confused, staring at Lucas now standing in front of the fireplace.

"Your father, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Yes, Finny. Through no fault of his own--or of his own choosing--my father has become lost. And I've made a calculated blunder." he said, Josh rising from his seat and walking up to him, his arm going around him.

"I've never known you to make a mistake, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"I said it was calculated, my love. Meaning that I was meant to make it. To cover up the deceit." he said, Josh looking at him with quiet concern.

Lucas' eyes went around the room, everyone watching him scan everywhere.

Their gaze was interrupted by the sound of the front doorbell chiming, Grayson's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Were you expecting someone, Emerson?" he said, the older man shaking his head no.

"Jefferson will answer it, Gray." Lucas said, the young man folding his hands in front of him, Josh staring at him.

Everyone looked around at each other, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, the young man showing calm love in those violet pools.

One of the double doors leading into the games room opened, Jefferson stepping into the room.

"Some guests have arrived, sir. They are looking for Master Lucas." the servant said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Guide them into this room, Jefferson. Thank you."
The servant nodded, bowing his head, walking back out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Everyone's eyes went to Lucas, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"I've invited a few friends to spend a couple of days with us, Grandfather." he said, the older man nodding.

"All of your friends are welcomed, Lucas." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Grandfather. Paths come full circle." Lucas said, smiling towards his mother, Vivian's blue eyes meeting Emerson's.

Lucas sighed again, the young man lowering his eyes, Josh quietly staring at him, others as well.

Their quietness was ended by the door opening again, Jefferson walking into the room again, holding the door open.

Finn and Skyler were on their feet, staring with surprise at two of the three people who entered the room.

Vivian was on her feet, staring in shock at the third, Emerson and Grayson's eyes widening in surprise as well.

"Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?!!" Finn said in shock, staring at his parents, the two standing behind another man.

Vivian moved across the room, stopping in front of the third person, staring down at him, the man seated in a wheelchair, his sunglasses-covered eyes staring forward.

"Hello, Vivacious." the man said, Vivian's blue pools staring at her old friend.

"Lewis? What in God's name are you doing here?" she said, her eyes moving to her son, Lucas' violet pools raising, the young man crossing the room and standing beside her.

Lewis Saunders' head moved around, the man sensing all around him.

"I smelled your perfume, Vivacious. You still wear Chanel, as always. I sense others here."

"Hello, Reverend Saunders." Lucas said, the man drawn to Lucas' voice.

"Lucas? Is that you, for true? Am I in your presence?" he softly said, Lucas moving forward, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"Yes, Reverend. It is I in the flesh." he said, the young man taking his hand in his, gently squeezing it.

"Prayers be answered! I am in the presence of all of it! Returned to the truth!" he softly said, the minister lowering his head.

"The past comes full circle, Lewd." Lucas said, the minister raising his head.

"Old names and forgotten truths. I can face it, Lucas. Your truths give me courage."
The young man smiled, Grayson walking up to the three, staring at the minister.

"You look of greater health than last I saw you, Lewis." the lawyer said, the minister nodding.

"Hello, Grayson. Where is the old tiger? I sense his love." the man said, Emerson slowly rising from his chair, standing beside it.

"Hello, Lewis." he said, his voice sounding softly emotional.

"Hello, Emerson. So far away as you've destined yourself. My truths show themselves to you. Your truths we need to find." the minister said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"There are others here, Reverend. Please let me introduce you." Lucas said, Vivian's eyes staring at him, Lucas seeing the emotion and concern showing in her blue pools.

"Paths need to be walked, Mom. Pain comes through greater means than just physical abuse." he said, the minister squeezing his hand tightly.

"I feel God's love, Lucas. It shines from your soul. Amazing!" he said, Lucas smiling down at him again.

"Walked paths always come to an end, my new friend. Let me welcome you into my friends' hearts."

The minister smiled, Lucas moving behind him, pushing his wheelchair forward, Jefferson bowing to Lucas, the servant quietly closing the door again behind him.


Finn and Skyler hugged Mavis and Sean, the two in tears at the reunion with their son's love.

Lucas introduced everyone to Reverend Saunders, the man shaking hands with all of them, Vivian quietly staring at the man through all of it.

Emerson was staring at his grandson, Lucas' eyes focused on only the man he guided around the room.

After all the introductions, and Sean and Mavis' welcoming embraces of everyone, Lucas guided the wheelchair to in front of the fireplace.

"The games room. I feel the warmth of the remembered fire that always burned here. I wish I could look into that mirror again. The present wouldn't show the same reflection I once saw in it so long ago." Lewis said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

Vivian sat down with Henderson again, her blue eyes focusing on Lucas' violet pools.

"Alright, Lucas. Why have you brought Lewis back to this haven of evil?" she said, Lewis' head turning towards her voice.

"There are many havens of evil in this world, Vivacious. We've all seen a few." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

His violet eyes looked into Vivian's blue, the woman seeing soft calmness and courage shining in his violet pools.

"So well said, Lewd." Lucas said, the minister showing a soft smile.

"You like my play on words." he smiled more, Lucas smiling as well.

"Yes, Lewis. Well said. The great Haven of evil is the center of all of this." Lucas said, Vivian's eyes meeting his again.

"To answer your question, Mom. I asked the good reverend to return here so that we could uncover the truth."
"The truth of what? The deceit and evil that permeates off this house?" she said, Lucas' eyes going to his grandfather's, the man staring at the fire in front of him.

"No, Vivian. There is evil here, and yes deceit. But that isn't all of the story." Lewis said, Vivian's blue eyes meeting his shaded eyes.

"Emerson?" the man said, Emerson's eyes focusing on the Reverend seated a few feet from him.

"Yes, Lewis?" he said, the man wheeling his chair forward, his hand extending towards Emerson's voice, the older man taking his hand in his.

"Thank you, Emerson. I've wanted to say that to you for a long time."

Everyone looked surprised, none more so than Vivian.

The woman stood again, her eyes glaring at Emerson.

"You have nothing to thank him for, Lewis! You lay wounded because of that man's deceit!"

The minister's head turned towards her voice, Vivian seeing a thoughtful look cross his face.

"No, Vivian. I lay wounded because of my own courageous soul. And because I took in that pain for him. For his love was the greatest I've ever known." Lewis said, Emerson's green eyes staring at the wounded man seated before him.

"I never wanted this for you, Lewis. I never wanted you to pay this high a price."

"I haven't paid anything that I wouldn't give freely, Emerson. For his love--and for yours--no greater price would do."

Emerson's eyes glistened with tears, Lucas staring at his grandfather, the man's eyes moving upwards, meeting his violet pools.

"I see the greatness of your intellect, my grandson. You've sensed the truth, haven't you?"

Lucas nodded, his hand again on Lewis' shoulder.

"Yes, Grandfather. Most of it. A few conversations with the good Reverend and I've lighted the embers of doubt. And the magic of this house consumes me. I've sensed it since I crossed the bridge. The beacon of my heart stirs it. And I feel he's here."

"Who's here, Luke?" Drew said, staring at his friend.

"The two of destiny. The triad of life." Lucas said, Lewis wheeling his chair around, facing the young man in front of him.

"I never spoke any words of lighted doubt, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at the man seated before him.

"You spoke of the past, and the hidden truth, or at least all that you knew of it. And all that you were told."

"Told? By whom? What's going on here, Lucas?" Vivian said, on her feet again.

Lucas looked at her, the young man's hand going out, Vivian walking up to him, he taking her hand in his.

"It's time you were free of the deceit, Mom. And it starts here and now." Lucas said, the young man sighing.

"I know the monster you saw here, Mom."


Vivian's eyes widened, the woman backing up from Lucas, releasing his hand.
Henderson rose from his seat, seeing the distressed look showing on her face, his arm going around her.

"Are you alright, my love?" he said, Vivian's eyes going to Lewis' hidden ones.

"You told him, Lewis?"

"No, Vivacious. I spoke no words of that day, on my soul's love for Tristan." he said, his blind eyes looking towards Lucas' voice.

"He didn't have to tell me, Mom. I've sensed that monster for quite some time. I haven't fully grasped his truth but I sense him nonetheless. He is the evil that permeates here, not the illusion you've been forced to believe."

Vivian's eyes widened in surprise.

Lucas sighed again, looking at Lewis.

"Her love was greater than my mother's, Mom." Lucas said, his violet pools staring at Emerson.

"Lucas. . .you can't know. . .she wouldn't want. . ." he said, his voice laced with emotion.

"She wouldn't want us to know of the sacrifice she gave in the name of love, Grandfather?"

Emerson's eyes lowered, his body trembling.

"She was the heart of my soul, Lucas. I lived with her love and it was my life!" he sobbed, Lucas moving, walking over to his chair, his hand going to his shoulder.

"No greater reason would life give than to give all for love."

Emerson regained his composure, Vivian staring at the two.

"I sense her here, Grandfather. As I sense him. And as I sense the greater one." Lucas said, his eyes moving around the room again.

"What's going on, Lucky?" Josh said, returning to his man's side, Lucas smiling softly at him.

"There is a great evil here, Josh. A great evil hidden through the ages. It entrapped all of my lineage, but it also sustains them. I just have to unravel the deceptions to find the answer. But for these here--of my heart and my love--it centered around that weekend so long ago. The weekend that destroyed the core of their happiness." he said, Vivian's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"You were the greatest of the three that were deceived, Mom." he said, Vivian looking at Emerson.

"You are falling into his trap, Lucas. Don't believe anything he's told you." she said, Lucas walking up to her.

"He hasn't told me anything, Mom. She has."

Vivian looked confused, staring into his violet eyes.

"She?" Vivian said, her body trembling, Henderson's arm tightening around her.

"What's going on, son?" he said, Lucas staring into his concerned eyes.

"Life, Dad. Life and love. And death and deceit. Tonight I shall free souls. Tomorrow I take up the light."

"The light of what, Luke?" Trish said, seated behind her parents, Drew's arm around her.

"The light of destiny, Trish. For I see what I am."

"What are you, Luke?" Lance said, his green eyes meeting Lucas'.

"I am life, and I am purpose. And I am truth and I am destiny."

Lucas' eyes moved around the room, everyone meeting his gaze.

"I love you, Mom. And I would have loved her." he said, Vivian staring at him again.

"It was her, Mom. It was her and Grandfather who sacrificed everything, Aunt Vivian."

"No, Lucas!" Emerson said, rising from his chair.

Lucas turned, staring at his grandfather.

"You can't hide behind deception any longer, Grandfather. And neither can he."

"Please, Lucas! Don't make me walk down that path again!" Emerson said, Grayson walking up to his friend, Horace at his side as well.

"Calmness, Emerson! This is too much for you, my friend. You need rest. You are not well!" Horace said, Lucas meeting the doctor's concerned eyes.

"My grandfather is stronger and heartier that any of us give him credit for. For his soul is a Belmont's." Lucas said, Emerson staring at him.

"As is he who guards all of you." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

Lucas sighed, the young man folding his hands in front of him again, the young man looking into the mirror in front of him hanging above the fireplace.

"Come out, friend of shadows. I think it's time we voiced our truth." Lucas said, his hand going to the necklace hanging around his throat.
His violet eyes softly glowed, everyone staring at his reflection.

"How long have you known, Lucas?"

Everyone turned around, staring in surprise at a young man standing in front of the closed doors.

Vivian's eyes widened in shock, staring at the young man's handsome face.

A face matched in beauty by the man standing in front of the mirror.

Everyone's eyes were widened with shock as well, staring at Lucas' twin.

"Hello, Joshua." Lucas said, two green eyes staring into his violet pools.

"Hello, Lucas. How long have you known?"

"Of the deception, or the truth?" Lucas said, staring at the young man.

"Of both." he said, his green eyes laced with determination.

Lance and Justin walked up to Lucas and Josh, staring at the man across from them.

"That isn't Joshua, Lucas! He's not the man we saw on the island!" Lance said, pointing at him.

"I know, Lance. The man we saw on the island wasn't Joshua."

"I don't understand, Luke." Justin said, Lucas sighing, looking at the young man standing across from him.

"The man on the island we saw and talked to was the same person I met often at the pool of my creation. I now know who that man was."

"Who was he, Lucas?" Josh said, looking into his softly glowing violet eyes.

"He was my father, Josh. My father walked beside me in my dreams."


Everyone looked stunned, their eyes going to the young man standing in silence in front of the closed room's double doors.

"If that was your father. . .then who's. . .who's this?" Finn said, staring at the young man staring back at him.

Lucas moved from the fireplace, crossing the room and stopping a few feet in front of the man staring now at him.

"Who indeed. Or what indeed." he said, the young man's face showing a soft smile.

"You are very intelligent. And very powerful."
"I know you sense that. And I know what you are."

"You know nothing, Lucas. Or should I say you only know what I deem you should know."

"I know more than you want me to know, Joshua."

Emerson moved from his standing silence, walking up to his grandson.

"Leave now, please!" he said, staring with anger at the young man facing them.

"Silence, old man. You should wear your father's honour, not your son's cowardice." he said, staring at Emerson.

"I have loved my father, and I love my son. I did what I had to do to curtail your interference."

The young man smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"Yes, I supposed you did. Or I let you. Would you like me to show another side of me, Emerson?" he said, Emerson's face showing a soft fear.

"Please leave! Now!" he said, two green eyes meeting his.

"I am amused by your grandson's bravado, Emerson. He is unlike anything I've encountered." the young man said, Lucas staring at him.

"That's because I am something you've never encountered."

The young man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"A larger group than last time. I could have so much fun." he said, Lucas's physique standing more erect.

"My grandfather is correct, Joshua. It's time you left."

"I leave when I say I leave, Lucas." he said, his voice edged with steely determination.

Lucas' hand went to the stone hanging around his neck, his palm closing around it, Joshua staring at it.

"Wherever did you find that?" he said, his eyes widening a bit.

"It was given to me with love. Directed from she who stood against you."

The young man's eyes darkened.

"No one stands against me."

"A silver key and a faded journal say different."

The young man's face changed, a face of clouded anger now staring back at him.

"There is no way! That's impossible!" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Nothing is impossible when given with love. Ask Alsarius that." Lucas said, the young man's face showing a menacing gaze.

"Enough of the lies! It is time you saw what you're against!" the young man said, his hand flying outwards, his face and eyes changing.

Everyone stared in horror as the man's face changed, its vision taking on a horrific, monstrous, animalistic imagery.

Vivian screamed, sobbing, everyone rising to their feet, the monster charging right towards Lucas, two long clawed hands reaching out for him, the vision shimmering with a soft glow of redness, a loud monstrous roar coming out of its widening mouth.

The room suddenly exploded with shattering noise, the two double doors behind the monster exploding inwards, all eyes widening with shock at the man who burst into the room.

He was tall and handsome, his features of rugged beauty, another image of rugged beauty matched in his son's shocked staring face in front of the monster.

The man was on the beast before it reached Lucas, his strong arms wrapping around him.

"Back into the void, Beast!" the man screamed, the room suddenly erupting into a startling white beam of brightness, everyone blinded by it.

Lucas who'd been standing in front of the beast was thrown across the room by the sheer force of the beam's expanding shockwave, the young man crashing into the far wall.

The beam disappeared instantly, everyone staring in shock.

The beastly apparition and the other man were both gone.

"Lucas!" Josh screamed, rushing across the room, taking the young man into his arms, holding him against his chest, the young man's eyes slowly opening, staring into his blue eyes of concerned love.

Everyone surrounded the two, Lucas laying on the floor in his man's arms, the young man softly gasping, looking into his grandfather's shocked, concerned eyes.

"I. . .I can summon. . .he's here with me. . .I saw. . ." he said, his eyes closing.

Vivian was sobbing, Henderson's arms around her, her blue eyes meeting Emerson's green pools.

"He was. . .it wasn't you. . .the monster. . .it wasn't you!" she sobbed, Emerson's hand going to her cheek.

"No, Vivacious. I never was the monster." he cried, Vivian moving, his arms going around her.

Lucas' eyes slowly opened again, their violet centers softly glowing.

"I see her, Grandfather. She smiles. . .your love returned. . .she smiles." he said, slowly closing his eyes again.

Vivian cried, Emerson holding her close, everyone staring at the two, their eyes going to Lucas' calm, relaxed face.

Horace was at Josh's side, the doctor quietly looking the young man over.

"I believe it's only exhaustion and trauma from the force that hit him, Josh. Let's get him upstairs and into bed. I'll go get my bag." the man said, Justin and Finn helping Josh lift the young man up.

Grayson's eyes met Emerson's, the man seeing the love shining in his green pools, his arms still around Vivian's emotional form.

"He drew out the deceit, Gray. And he's given me back my life." Emerson said, his green pools filling with tears.

"He is love and he is life. And he is so much more." another voice spoke.

Everyone's eyes turned, looking towards the fireplace, their eyes widening with shock.

Standing in front of the fireplace was a robust, jovial man of smiling happiness.

Reverend Lewis Saunders' blue eyes of shining love stared back at all of them, the man standing beside his vacant wheelchair.



End of Chapter 67


A reveal, but puzzling chapter!

A monster appears out of the blue with hidden truths.

Who was the man--or thing--that tried to attack Lucas?

What did Lucas mean when he said Joshua was his father?

Or that the young man was Joshua?


It appears that the good Reverend is healed of his ailments.

What is his part in the deception or hidden truths of the day long ago when Tristan and his wife Savannah left on their fleeing trail of danger?

Where are they?

It seems that Lucas has reasoned out what happened that day.

And whatever it was it now seems that Vivian has confronted a truth about Emerson.

She now lays in his arms, his love surrounding her.


Questions and more questions.

Answers may be quick, or I could let you all stew a bit.

Let me think on it.


At this time I'd like to send my love and friendship out to my good friend Mikey, my editor and friend.

He lost his father a short time ago, and my thoughts and prayers are with him.

I'm sure all fans of this story will extend their thoughts and prayers as well.

His skills and advice are always a large part of my stories.


A father's love is unconditional, it binds us to our past and our future.
We walk with them in our hearts and our memories.

Their love shines in our hearts.


Hugs, Angel.