Yesterday's End-73

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Chapter 73


Everyone stared at Lucas, Josh kissing his cheek.

"You're not making sense, my love. I think you're still exhausted." Josh said, showing concern for his lover.

"I am tired, my Josh. But I'm not confused." the young man said, Emerson walking up to his grandson, staring into his violet pools.

"Josh is correct, Lucas. You're showing a deep exhaustion still in your violet pools.  Today's revelations have taken a great toll on your strength. The talk of the past can wait for a more calming moment." Emerson said, Lucas softly smiling at his grandfather.
"The past cannot hide behind denial or even hope, Grandfather." Lucas said, Emerson staring at him.

"I know, Lucas. I know that all too well." Emerson said, the older man feeling an arm going around his waist, his wife now at his side.

"What did you mean by that statement, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his grandmother's identical pools, the young man's eyes moving to Finn's blue pools of showing concern.

"I only meant that perhaps I'm the only true soul of cleansed life, Finn. I'm the only Belmont who hasn't been tainted by the archaic evil that surrounds my family. I'm the only one who has a free soul. "

Emerson's shoulders relaxed, Francesca staring at her husband.

"You are correct, Lucas. You have not been touched yet by the evil." Emerson said, Lucas staring at him.

"I believe with all of my heart that that evil will never touch me, Grandfather. I believe I may know the truth in that." Lucas said, Emerson's eyes lowering, Lucas' hand going out, going to his shoulder.

"What do you mean, Lucas? Why can't that evil touch you?" Justin said, Lucas staring at his grandfather.

"That's a truth that will have to show itself when the time comes, my friend. For now let's just say that I've reasoned out who I am. Who I am in regards to my family's destiny."

Josh's arm went around Lucas, Lucas feeling his close love.

"You're you, Lucas. First and foremost you're the man I love." Josh said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his blue.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips, Josh relaxing.

"I know, Joshua. I am your world, and you are mine. But I'm also the central figure in a drama of life."

"A drama of life, Lucas?" Lewis said, the young man's eyes meeting the reverend's staring blue pools.

"Yes, Lewis. My family is in the center of a thriving evil. My destiny is to stop that evil."

Josh stared at Lucas, his eyes meeting his again.

"I don't like the sound of that, Lucas." he said, Lucas sighing, his head going against Josh's chest.

"I don't either, Josh. All I've ever wanted is happiness, love and life. I've found all three in your arms."

Josh teared up, Lucas raising his head again, staring at him.

"But my life is something more. It's focusing in on what I need to be."

"And what do you need to be, Lucas?" Lance said, he and Justin standing beside their friends now.

"I need to be the answer to hope, love and life, Lance."
Emerson's hand went to his grandson's shoulder, Josh staring at the older man.

"I. . .I never wanted this for you, Lucas. I never wanted it for your father either. As. . .as my own father didn't for myself."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"I feel the love and hope within your soul, Grandfather. I'm sure it resonates with the same love and hope of the other nine, Alsarius included."

Emerson nodded, Lucas sighing again.

"I believe we should end this for now. I know there are many questions--and answers--in need of discovery. Time and truth will show them all." Lucas said, Emerson nodding his head.

"What matters most to me at this moment is your health and happiness, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, then lightly laughed, Josh quietly staring at him.

"Come, Grandfather. Even I see that the happiness on your face radiates off the love surrounding it. I know your heart's centered on someone else."

Emerson smiled, his eyes moving to his right, staring into Francesca's violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. I have the second half of my soul again. I am beyond happy." he said, Francesca smiling at him.

"And I have walked out of the darkness, into the light of my husband's love. I can never thank you enough for that, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward again and kissing her cheek, the woman smiling at him.

"For either of you my heart would give everything. And we shall all bask in the beauty of your returned love. The ball's going to have a loving center."

Emerson and Francesca both smiled, Emerson pulling her against him.

"We shall show the younger generations the beauty of our dancing love, my angel."

Francesca smiled, staring into his green eyes.

"I will dance in heaven."

Everyone smiled, Finn's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"So we're just leaving all this at that?" he said, Skyler quietly staring at him.

"Yes, Finn. There are other times for other truths." Lucas said, his friend quietly nodding his head, the reverend walking up to Lucas, staring at him.

"You are a man of revealing love and truth, Lucas. Love, magic and awing life surround you. I think we're all going to be amazed at whatever lays concealed in that giving heart of yours."

The young man smiled, looking into the minister's blue eyes.

"Keep watching, Lewis. Your faith, love and hope will all bear fruit."
The minister seemed surprised by the young man's giving words, the young man's smile widening.

"Yes, Lucas. I. . .I shall watch all." he said, the quietness broken by Jefferson walking out of the house onto the veranda.

"Excuse me, sir. There's a visitor waiting to see you, Master Lucas." the servant said, Lucas glancing at his watch, smiling at the older man.

"Late, but here at last. Please bring him out here, Jefferson." Lucas said, the man nodding with a smile, walking back into the house.
Everyone's eyes went to Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling.

"He's late. But none too soon for the gathering love." Lucas smiled, his eyes going to Francesca and his aunt, Vivian staring at him.

"Life goes on. I have happiness, love and destiny. And I have many friends and family. Some of giving love, some of protective love." Lucas said, the young man smiling at Harry, the young man smiling back, standing beside Vivian and his great aunt.

"I welcome my family from both sides of its destiny. The Belmonts and the Carlisles. Magic and life." the young man smiled, Lucas moving and walking up to the two women, his arm going around Harry's waist, the young man smiling at him.

"I welcome your nephew and courageous protector, Mom and Grandmother. He shall be one of my dearest friends." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him.

"I give that friendship and my life for you, Lucas." he said with soft emotion, the young man kissing his cheek.

"It shall never come to that, I hope. For my love is just as protective, if not more. And even more giving. Am I correct, my friend?"

"Yes you are, Lucas."

Everyone's eyes turned, staring at a young man standing in the veranda's doorway.

Harry's eyes widened for a moment, the young man on the move.

Lucas smiled as he watched the young man fly into the handsome visitor's opening black muscled arms; Justin, Lance and Josh all smiling widely, Josh walking up to his Lucas again, Lucas smiling as his arms went around him.

"Another surprise of your giving love, my Lucky."

Lucas smiled, the two watching Harry and Alain lost in a deep kiss, everyone around them smiling, glancing between the two reunited lovers and Lucas' smiling face.


Alain broke the kiss, his eyes staring into two blue pools of wetness.

"Oh, Alain. . .my. . .my love! How I've missed you!"

"As I have missed you, my blond beauty of intoxicating warmth. I love you, Har." he softly said, Harry seeing the emotion on his handsome face.

The young man smiled widely, kissing his lover's soft lips again.

"I love you, Ali. I've missed you so much!" he said, Alain smiling, his brown eyes looking towards Lucas and Josh.

"So Lucas informed me last week. I think his exact words were 'get your hot sweet ass up here to Vermont. Your man's showing all the signs of lost, longing love.'"

Harry's blue eyes turned to Lucas, the young man smiling back at him.

"We all saw your hidden brooding need, Harry. And you now see how deeply he loves you."

Harry smiled, taking Alain's hand in his, guiding the young black man across the veranda, Alain smiling around at everyone.

"Welcome to Belmont Hall, sir." Emerson said, Alain shaking the man's hand, Harry introducing the young man to everyone standing around them, the young man smiling and returning everyone's greetings.

"This is my great aunt Francesca, Ali." Harry said, the young man nodding, kissing her hand as she offered it, the woman smiling at him.

"The lost beauty of Kurucu's Haven. Or so your grand nephew spoke of you. You seem lost no more." the young man smiled, Francesca smiling towards Lucas.

"No, Alain. I am not lost anymore. Love guided me out of the darkness and into the open love." she said, Alain smiling at her, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Love guides everyone to their happiness."

"I still can't believe you're here, Ali!" Harry said, the man's arm going around him.

"Believe it, my Harry. I felt your need across my soul." he said, Harry smiling at him.

"Sorry I'm late, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No worries, Alain. I know you missed your connecting flight from Miami."

The man looked surprised, Finn walking up to him and Harry.

"So this is the mysterious Alain, Harry's man. The boy's been pining for you for weeks." Finn smiled, Lucas showing a soft smirk.

"Forgive my friend, Alain. He's the merriment of this troop. Just call him one of the new Pompous Darlings."

Lewis and Vivian laughed, Finn blushing.

Alain smiled, Josh and Justin smiling as well, seeing Lucas was back to his old self.

"I'd sooner call him delicious! Harry's been texting me that there was a hot stud here." Alain said, smiling at Finn, winking at him.

Finn backed up, his hands going up.

"Chill, Alain! I'm taken, and I'm hetero." Finn smiled, Skyler's arms going around her man.

Alain smiled, nodding his head.

"Our loss, indeed. But eye candy is still eye candy. Woof!"

Finn blushed more, everyone laughing, Lucas smiling at his friends.

Harry walked up to his cousin, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas." he said, soft emotion showing on his face.

"Everyone has a partner for the ball tomorrow night. We couldn't have our wallflower not dancing."

Alain smiled, nodding his head at Lucas.

"The love shines around me. I feel its warmth and its healing goodness. But I am feeling the tiredness as well. I believe I'll call it a night, everyone. See you all in the morning." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him again.

"Stay with our friends, my love." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"No, Lucas. I want to make sure you're alright, and that you rest."

"Then you better stay down here, my love."

Josh smiled, Lucas sighing again.

"Nah, I need my teddy bear."

Josh's smile widened, the two saying goodnight to everyone, Justin and Lance following them, Lucas looking at both, but not saying anything.

The four were hugged by everyone, words of goodnight exchanged.

Emerson's green eyes followed his grandson, the man's pools looking around at everyone, Francesca's arm around him again.

"Love flows from him. And this house shall never be the same."

Everyone nodded their agreement, Alain drawn into their opening friendship.

Emerson's green eyes stared quietly after his grandson.


Lucas sighed, standing in silence, three sets of hands gently removing the clothing from his tired body.

He felt his Josh's hands removing his shirt, their warmth going gently across his scarred back.

"I'm alright, my love. The pain has greatly lessened. The scars heal." he softly said, Josh's lips going to his neck, Lucas feeling a soft wetness there, more than just his moist lips.

"Dry your tears, my love. I heal with your love." he said, the young man smiling as two warm hands touched his smooth chest, two green pools meeting his violet.

"You're warm, Lucas. That's a good sign. You're not feverish." Lance said, his lips meeting Lucas', the kiss gentle with love.

"Keep kissing me like that and a fever will take hold. The fever of my need for you."
Lance laughed lightly, Lucas feeling another set of hands unbuckling his pants, their fingers moving his pants downward.

"Trust in Timberlake to go for the good stuff."

Justin beamed up at him when Lucas' eyes went downward, meeting his two love-filled blue irises, Justin on his knees before him, the man helping Lucas step out of his pants, his shoes removed already.

Lucas now stood in his boxer briefs, Justin removing the socks from both feet, the man standing up, his eyes scanning every inch of Lucas' revealed beauty.

Justin leaned forward, his lips meeting Lucas', the two kissing with gentle love, Lance's hands still rubbing Lucas' smooth chest, Josh's hands kneading his back.

"Mm, that feels amazing. Thank you my beauties." Lucas sighed, Justin's lips kissing his chin.

"Climb into bed, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling at him, Justin guiding him towards the bed, Josh pulling back the covers, the young man climbing into the large bed.

He lay back against the pillows, a soft gasp coming out of him, Josh staring at him, Lucas moving onto his side, facing the other three.

"It's still a little tender. I'll sleep on my side, spooned between my beauties."
The three smiled, Lucas smiling at them, seeing the tears showing in all three sets of eyes.

"Why. . .why didn't you tell us, Lucas?" Josh said, trembling a bit.

Justin and Lance's arms went around him, their love showing.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Josh. I just needed to focus on the pain. That's why I collapsed, and why I shut down myself. It didn't take long to begin the healing. After I walked downstairs I didn't really have a moment to tell you. I wasn't hiding it from you." he said, his own violet eyes showing tears.

Josh sat down on the bed, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"I know, Lucky. I and they aren't mad at you. We're just so worried about you." he said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"I know, my love. I know all three of my loves worry about me. It's nice to have so much protective love surrounding me."

"I love you, Lucas. We love you." Josh said, Lance's hand going to Josh's shoulder.

"Josh is right, Lucky. We all love you, and worry about you."

Lucas smiled at his friend, his eyes meeting Justin's blue as well.

"I love all three of you. I'm going to be okay."
The three nodded, Lucas smiling at all of them.

The young man moved, propping himself up a little more, staring at the three, their love showing on all their faces.

Lucas' violet pools met Josh's blue pools.

"I want you beside me, Joshua. Let our friends get you ready." he said, Josh feeling Lance's hand kneading his shoulder.

Josh's blue eyes met his green, another set of blue meeting his.

"Come on, Joshy. Let's get you into bed." Lance said, the man pulling Josh to his feet, the man suddenly surrounded by both men.

Lucas smiled, relaxing back against the pillows, watching his two friends remove his lover's clothing.

Josh stood still, letting the two take off his clothing, their lips meeting his lips, his neck, his torso and his cheek.

He felt Justin's hands remove his pants, Lance's fingers rubbing his naked back, Josh sighing.

In moments he was down to his briefs, Justin rising again, their lips meeting, Lance's lips on Josh's neck.

He felt their clothed closeness, the man feeling their hidden warmth.

He didn't feel desire from them, just closeness and loving warmth.

"Your man awaits, Joshy." Justin said, his lips meeting his again, Josh tasting their familiarity.

"You're still a great kisser, Justy."

Justin smiled, guiding his friend back to the bed, Josh climbing in, the man snuggling against his man, Lucas' arms going around him, the two facing each other, the two softly kissing.

Lance smiled, Justin's arms going around him.

"Now for the last angel, and the most beautiful." he said, Lance smiled, feeling Justin's hands going to his belt, the man sighing with happiness.

Josh and Lucas broke their kiss, the two snuggling against each other, their eyes going to their friends.

"Sweet! A floor show, Lucky!" Josh said, Lucas smiling, kissing his man's neck.

"A show of love, my Beamy." Lucas said, his hands going to his man's naked chest.

Josh smiled, his blue eyes taking in Justin's quick hands, Lance's clothing leaving his body quickly.

Josh smiled, Lucas watching him as he watched Justin reveal Lance's smooth beauty.

"He's beautiful. So slim, smooth and beautiful." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling, kissing his neck again.

"Yes he is. As is our flirtatious Justin. We're both so lucky."

Josh smiled, Lance smiling as the man moved to the bed, climbing in beside Josh, the man smiling, his arms opening.

Lance snuggled into Josh's welcoming arms, Josh kissing his lips.

"Welcome to the love, Lance." Lucas said, Lance leaning over Josh's body, his and Lucas' lips meeting.

"Now for the last of the pack." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, the man folding the last of Lance's clothing, placing it with Josh and Lucas' on the wing chair by the fireplace.

"The best for last." Lance smiled, Justin's blue pools meeting his.

The man smiled, his hands going to his own waist, pulling the polo shirt he wore over his head, his smooth muscled chest coming into view.

The three in the bed smiled, staring in quietness as the man removed all his clothing, his etched beauty showing itself.

Justin folded his clothes up, placing them with the others.

He walked around the room, three sets of eyes taking in his flowing muscular beauty.

Justin opened the balcony door, letting in the coolness of the evening from outside.

He shut off all the lights, smiling at all three beside the last light on the nightstand on Lucas' left side.

"Like the show everyone?" he smiled, three smiles meeting his.

"I wish I had some bills. Those briefs need stuffing." Lucas said, Justin laughing, the others joining him, Justin shutting off the lamp, the bedroom blanketed by semidarkness, the moon shining outside down into the room.

Justin climbed into bed, the man on Lucas' other side, his body spooning up against Lucas' back, the young man softly gasping.

"Are you okay, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling and snuggling back against his smooth body.

"I'm in heaven, Jus. Beauty before me, beauty behind me."

The three others smiled, Lucas feeling a set of lips kissing his neck.

"Is that a banana in your briefs, Timberlake? Or are you just happy to see me?"

Lance laughed, seeing Justin's eyes meet his in the darkness.

"Sorry, Luke. I'm just. . .the warmth. . .the beauty." Justin softly said, a hand going against his shoulder, Justin's eyes meeting two violet pools in the darkness.

"Your best friend's in the same state of mind, Jus. What do you think my hand's wrapped around?" Lucas said, kissing Justin on his soft warm lips.

Lance laughed, Josh giggling, his voice showing a deep huskiness.

"I think we're between Justin's need, my love." Josh said, Lucas kissing his shoulder.

Lucas moved suddenly, the young man's body moving across Josh's, his muscular form slinking between Josh and Lance.

"You two horndogs can have each other then. I'm going to snuggle with a Bass beauty." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him, pulling the young man into his arms.

Josh and Justin both looked surprised, their eyes meeting in the darkness.

"I think we've been left to our own devices, Justy." Josh said, Justin's toothy grin showing in the darkness.

"Then come here, baby. Let's see if those devices need oiling."

Josh burst into laughter, Justin joining him.

The two moved together, Justin's head going against Josh's chest.

"I love ya, Joshy. But it's my Lance I need." he said, Josh smiling.

Josh's blue pools met Lance's shining green, his friend smiling at him.

"Trade you spoons, Bass."

"Okay, Chasez. I'll take that silver spoon please. He's gleaming with love."
Lucas and Justin both laughed, the two moving across the bed, kissing each other as they passed, the two joining with their soulmates.

Lucas sighed, snuggling against Josh's smooth body, his arms wrapping around him.

Justin did the same with Lance, Lance's warmth surrounding him.

Lance and Josh lay on their backs, their loves against their sides, Justin's back against Lucas', their warmth flowing through each other.

The room was quiet, three sets of eyes going to each other, a soft voice breaking the soft silence.

"In the morning, my loves. In the morning the next path of our love begins. Tonight we'll feel the love in our dreams. I love all three of you. Goodnight, my Lance, my Justin and my loving Josh."
"Goodnight, Lucas." Justin said in the darkness.

"Goodnight, Lucas. The newest of my love." Lance said, Lucas smiling, the young man closing his eyes.

Josh kissed his forehead, Lucas snuggling more into him.

"Goodnight, my love." Josh said, closing his eyes.

In the darkness Lance pulled Justin close to him.

"Goodnight, my Lance." Justin said, Lance smiling as he saw his eyes close.

"Goodnight, my Justin. Until tomorrow's love."

The four smiled, Lance closing his eyes.


The house was shadowed in darkness, a solitary form walking in quietness through its passageways, descending downward from upstairs.

The hour was late, dawn coming within a few hours.

He stopped in the middle of the grand staircase, looking up towards the central painting bathed in the late night's moonlight coming from the stained glass windows surrounding it.

The man sighed, walking down the stairs, turning to his right, following the hallway past the Receiving Room.

He walked down the long corridor, his eyes scanning the wall of windows to his left, taking in the moonlit garden through their glass panes.

He walked to the end of the corridor, walking out into the cavadeum taking in the ten statues in their circle of staring judgment.

He walked up to the fountain, staring at the angel in its center, the water flowing out of its cupped hands into the filled pool below.

The man sighed, sitting down on the marble fountain's edge, his eyes scanning the ten stone faces surrounding him, their marbled eyes staring down at him.

He stared at one face, his eyes lowering from its blank gaze.

"I have failed you, ancestor of our truth." the man said, his green eyes gazing upwards again into Alsarius' blank, marbled eyes.

Emerson sighed again, alone in the silence of the surrounding stone.

"You haven't failed anyone but yourself, Grandfather."

Emerson's green eyes scanned the stone statues, Lucas' robed form coming out from behind his own father's marble statue.

"I thought I was alone, my grandson."

"You have been alone too long, Grandfather. You need to be upstairs in the arms of your soulmate." Lucas said, the young man crossing the tiled floor, sitting down beside his grandfather.

"My dreams were clouded with uncertainty, my grandson. You gave me much to think upon tonight."

"I only gave you my love and my acceptance. Why are you not upstairs with Grandmother? Your returned love I felt before I fell into sleep hours ago. I felt the beauty of its rekindled passion."

Emerson smiled, Lucas seeing the love in his eyes.

"It was so beautiful, Lucas. As I long remembered it." he said, Lucas' arm going around his grandfather's also robed form.

"Love is always remembered in the soul, Grandfather. It can weather all times."

Emerson's green eyes were on his grandson, staring at his handsome face in the brightly moonlit square they found themselves in.

"You haven't failed anyone, least of all me, Grandfather." Lucas said, his grandfather's green eyes meeting his violet pools of love.

"I failed my own son, Lucas. And I failed the honour of my ancestors."

"Nonsense, Grandfather. You did what you had to do for his love, and for their honour. As did all of your ancestors, those that now surround us." Lucas said, his violet eyes scanning the stone faces staring down at them.

"You know the truth, don't you?" Emerson said, Lucas' eyes lowering, the young man looking lost in thought.

"I love you, Grandfather. Do you sense them?"

Emerson's eyes met Lucas', the older man sighing.

"I feel my father on the edge of life, Lucas. But it has long been since I have felt my son."

Lucas rose from his seat, walking up to his father's statue, looking up at his marbled beauty.

"Why did he do it, Grandfather? How could he do it?"

Emerson rose from his seat, walking up beside his grandson, staring at his handsome face.

"I do not know the reasoning behind it, my grandson. It has been as much a surprise to me as I'm sure it was to my father."

Lucas' eyes turned, Emerson seeing the glistening tears in his grandson's violet pools.

"I understand now what your father seeks, Grandfather. I understand the depth of his hope and need. The same hope and need that echoes in your soul."

Emerson teared up, his eyes lowering, Lucas pulling him into his arms, holding him close.

Emerson felt the depth of his grandson's love, his soul overpowering him.

"We all. . .we all never knew. . .it is. . .it is the hope. . ."

"I love you, Grandfather. I love all of them. Their joined love echoes in my own soul."

Emerson broke the hold his grandson had on him, Lucas smiling at him, Emerson staring into his grandson's handsome face.

"There is. . .is so much life in your face, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"Your face radiates a returned life also, Grandfather."

Emerson nodded, Lucas sighing, his hand going to his grandfather's shoulder.

"I will keep the secret, Grandfather. The others do not need to know that truth just yet. But for my father's love, and for your own, that secret one day I shall have to reveal."

Emerson nodded, his green pools staring at his grandson's violet.

"You. . .you do not hate us?"

Lucas smiled, staring up at his father's stone face.

"The love overcomes the truth, Grandfather. I feel the giving soul in all of you."

Emerson teared up, Lucas' eyes meeting his again.

"I am going to call him to justice, Grandfather. Tomorrow's ball will see his truth shown. And this time there will be no monster in the center of it. Only the created evil of the hidden evil."

Emerson's eyes showed a soft worry, Lucas' hand squeezing his shoulder.

"I love him, Grandfather. It's a love I have entrenched in my soul. I see now why I did it."

"Lucas. . .you can't have!"

Lucas' eyes lowered, his grandfather pulling him close.

"I loved him, Grandfather. And I loved her."

"They loved you, Lucas. I sensed that when I learned of your existence. For you are a creation of love."

Lucas' eyes raised, staring at his grandfather.

"I will find them, Grandfather. I just have to make the path safe for their return. And that has to start with me facing him."

Emerson nodded, his grandson smiling at him.

"Come, Grandfather. You need to rejoin your love. And I have to start mine."

Emerson nodded again, his grandson's arm going around him, kissing his cheek again.

"Goodnight, Grandfather." Lucas said, Emerson kissing his cheek, the man walking away from his grandson, Lucas watching him walk down the long corridor, the older man disappearing into the clouded darkness at the end of the moonlit corridor.

Lucas sighed, his eyes going upwards again, their violet pools scanning each face, stopping on his father's, then his great-grandfather Joshua's, and finally on Alsarius'.

"The path walked, the souls unleashed. I feel I'm on the edge of a new life." he softly said, the young man walking over to the fountain sitting down on its edge, putting his hands between his legs, lowering his eyes downward.

"A new life begins with love, Lucas."

Lucas raised his eyes, staring into two green pools of intensity showing before him.

"You take a great risk coming here, Joshua."

The man standing before him looked around, their eyes meeting again.

"I feel the evil, it sleeps. I only slipped in for a moment. I felt your drawing need."

"And I have felt your truth, Grandfather."

Joshua's eyes moved, staring around at the marbled visions around him.

"My father's adoration of the past. It held a greater truth in my heart." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

The man wore his uniform as always, its material showing a newer freshness.

"That perhaps is why you left here and searched the world for some kind of redemption. I felt the same reasoning in my own unknown father's soul." Lucas said, the man before him moving, sitting down beside his great-grandson.

"A soul is trapped in its own reasons, Lucas. I'm sure his was the feelings of his forefathers. I now sense my father perhaps had the same feelings. We all perhaps did."

Lucas nodded, staring into his green eyes.

"I will find it, Joshua."

Joshua's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"Lucas. . .I. . .I only asked out of. . ."

"Out of love, out of redemption?"

The man's eyes lowered, Lucas leaning forward, his lips meeting the man's lips, Joshua's feeling the young man's loving soul.

They parted, their eyes locked on each other's.

"I love you, Joshua. For that love, and for all of them, I shall find what you seek. And I will right the past and the future."

The older man nodded, his eyes looking out towards the dark corridor.

"I never imagined the depth of his courage, Lucas. My son. . .he. . ."

"He surprises you?"
The man nodded, Lucas smiling.

"Love surprises everyone, Great-Grandfather."

Their eyes met again, Lucas rising from his seat.

"I must go, Lucas. The evil still searches outward."
"I know, Joshua. And I have met the Beast."

Joshua stood up, staring at Lucas with protective love.

"Stay away from them, Lucas! There is great danger on that path!"

Lucas nodded, staring into his great-grandfather's green pools.

"There is danger on all paths of life, Joshua. You, most of all, know that. My heart holds your secret as well."

The man's green eyes widened a bit, Lucas smiling at him.

"I can contain it, Grandfather." Lucas said, his hand going to the stone hanging around his neck.

"Folly, Lucas! That is sheer folly!" the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"I love you all, Joshua. And I'm going to show you all that truth."

Joshua's eyes showed a glistening hope, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"The soul frees, Joshua. And I shall give all."

Joshua's form faded, Lucas alone again in the cavadeum.

He sighed, then smiled, looking upwards.

"The path begins. And the love is all that matters. My heart needs all of it."

The young man looked upwards again, smiling, his violet eyes softly glowing.

"I give all to have all."

The young man quietly walked out of the cavadeum.


Josh's blue eyes slowly opened, the man feeling the wetness in his center.

He took in the surrounding semidarkness, his eyes adjusting to the moonlit room's light.

His eyes lowered, taking in two violet softly glowing pools staring up at him, Josh's hardness sunken deep within Lucas' throat.

He softly moaned, his eyes moving from his lover's eyes, searching the surrounding warmth.

To his right, Justin's head lay against Josh's shoulder, the man's hand on Josh's knee.

Behind Justin Josh saw Lance's blond mop, the singer's arms wrapped around his friend, Lance's body against his soulmate's muscled form.

"Lucas. . .we're. . .we're not alone." Josh softly said, Lucas' face moving upwards, Josh's hardness leaving his warm throat, the young man moving upwards, laying on top of Josh's near naked body.

Josh's eyes took in his lover's complete nakedness, Lucas' own hardness now laying against his man's identical need.

Lucas' lips met Josh's, Josh feeling the intensity of his lover's desires, Lucas' hands going to Josh's hardening nipples, gently pulling on both.

"Oh, Lucas! Please stop. . .they'll. . .they'll wake up. . .." Josh said when Lucas broke the kiss, his lips going to Josh's left earlobe, latching onto it.

"I worry not for their watchful love, Joshua. I need yours and theirs. In whatever way you three want to give." Lucas said, his head moving, Josh staring into his violet softly glowing pools.

"Lucas. . .you're on fire. . .you're. . ." he softly said, Lucas' tongue running across Josh's lips.

"I need your love, Joshua. I need your love." the young man said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"Let the modesty go, my love. They are our friends and they know you love me, and that you need me."

Josh teared up, his lips moving upwards, his soul suddenly filling with a needful love.

Josh moved, pushing Lucas to his left, his near naked body moving now on top of the younger man, Lucas' hand going to Josh's half pulled down boxer briefs, the man struggling out of them as Lucas pushed them down his muscled hairy legs, Josh finally free of them and naked atop his lover.

Lucas moaned as Josh's lips met his again, the older man's tongue fighting its entrance.

Lucas gave in, Josh's tongue slipping into his mouth, his hands beginning to roam across his lover's toned, muscled body.

"Don't stop, Beamy. Fill me with your love." Lucas moaned softly, Josh's eyes meeting his as their lips parted again.

Josh's eyes moved to the right, his two sleeping friends beside them.

He smiled, meeting Lucas' violet eyes again.

"I love them, Lucas. And I welcome any of their love." he said, Lucas smiling, Josh moving again to the young man's lips, kissing him again

Lucas moaned as Josh's lips moved from his, the man's lips moving downward, latching onto Lucas' left nipple, the young man gasping.

"Oh, Josh! I need you so much! Please. . .now. . .now. . ." Lucas said, Josh feeling his lover's total need.

Josh's hands moved lower, latching onto each of Lucas' muscled legs, guiding them apart and lifting them upwards, his head raising, their lips meeting again, Lucas feeling his man's centering love, and his hardness seeking out his warmth.

Lucas felt the head of Josh's long cock pressing against his center, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Lucas. I. . .I love you all." Josh said, pressing forward, the man's shaft sinking deep into Lucas' center.

Lucas gasped, his arms wrapping around Josh's back, pulling the man against his smooth sweating chest.

"Love me forever, Josh! I need so much love! I need you all!" Lucas gasped, Josh beginning a deep thrusting rhythm.

The man's eyes turned, as he began to sink into Lucas, his blue eyes staring into two green pools.

To the right of Lance's emerald pools a set of blue pools was staring into Josh's desire-filled blue irises.

Lance lay against Justin, both awakened men staring at the two making love beside them.

Josh felt a set of lips kiss his cheek, his eyes turning, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You love me, my Joshua. They now see how much." Lucas said, his violet eyes turning and meeting his friends' love-filled eyes.

"Don't stop, Beamy. I need you so much!" Lucas moaned, his lips meeting Josh's again, Josh feeling his centering love, the man forgetting his staring friends, his love concentrating on the man he was possessing.

Beside the two giving lovers two others lay in silence, watching two men give their love totally to each other.

Justin took in his old friend's stamina, watching Josh claim his soulmate's desires, the man seeing love shining from both of their beautiful bodies.

He felt two lips going to his neck, Justin turning his eyes, staring into two green pools of total love.

"Their love is so beautiful, Justin. It mirrors our own." Lance said, Justin turning, Lance's lips meeting his, Justin lost in the love he felt in that kiss.

"I love. . .I love you, Lance. And I. . ." Justin softly said, Lance moving, his body going on top of Justin's, Justin feeling his man's rising love.

"I love you, Justin. You are my everything. And they are mine as well. Their beauty and their showing love matches your own. I need you, Jus. I need them to see our love. . .to see what you've done to me. That you've healed my soul." Lance said, his eyes showing soft tears.

Justin's own eyes teared up, the man seeing the love shining in Lance's green pools.

Justin felt a set of lips on his cheek, the man's head turning, two lips meeting his.

He felt the depth of love in that kiss, two lips breaking from his, Justin staring into two violet pools of giving love.

"He loves you, Jus. As do we. We want to see all of your love." Lucas said, the man's head raising, his lips meeting Lance's, Lance feeling the man's total love as well, Josh still on top of him, the man's rhythm continuing.

The two broke their kiss, Lance's lips meeting Josh's giving love, the man kissing him next.

The two parted, Lance staring into his blue eyes.

"We love them, Lance. Let's show them our total love." Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

Josh's head moved, the man's lips meeting his old friend's, Justin lost in the man's giving love.
Their kiss slowly broke, Josh feeling Lucas' lips on his neck, the man's hands attaching to his naked backside.

"Don't flirt with the boys, babe! Give me more!" Lucas moaned, Josh smiling at Justin's staring, handsome face.

"My man needs all of me. Let your love and Lance's add to my desires. Give him hell, Lancy!" Josh laughed, his lips returning to his man's needful chest, sucking on his left nipple, Lucas gasping as his man gave him more.

Justin's eyes moved when he felt a hand go to his right nipple, the man's blue eyes meeting his lover's green pools.

"It's not a competition, my love. I only want to love you." Lance said, his hands going to Justin's brief-covered center.

Justin moaned as he raised his hips, Lance fingers pulling his briefs downwards, Justin's rising hardness flapping up against his rock hard abs.

Lance, in one motion, removed his own briefs, his large uncut center sticking outwards from his toned smooth body.

Lucas' head turned, taking in the two hard visions of love laying beside him.

He smiled, taking in their total shown beauty.

He gasped when he felt Josh's hardness hit his prostate, his vision returning to his lover's gazing blue.

Josh's head had turned as well, taking in Justin's revealed naked remembered beauty.

The man's body had toned up more, the beauty still intoxicating and natural.

His blue eyes took in Lance's revealed beauty and the largeness of what stood out from his beauty.

Lucas' lips drew him back to his man, their eyes meeting.

"Visions of love to increase our own. " Lucas moaned, Josh's lips meeting his again, the man returning to his passion.

Beside them Lance was now on top of Justin, their lips meeting as well.

Justin felt his man's total passion, the singer giving into the love overflowing around him.

His eyes met Lance's as Lance's largeness entered him, Justin awash with his total love.

To his left he felt Lucas' arm against his, the man sinking more towards him.

Above him Lance began his rhythm, their lips meeting again.

Four soulmates continued their passion, their inhibitions gone.

Two pairs of soulmates began a lifetime of loving, showing happiness.

Their love was on display, but their soulmates had the core of it.

Lucas smiled when he felt Josh's cresting orgasm, his eyes turning to his right, staring into two blue pools staring back at him.

"Josh always. . .oh God!" Justin gasped, Lance's own orgasm flooding Justin's center, Lucas smiling at him.

"Forward to love, forward to truth!" Lucas said, the man's lips meeting Justin's, the two kissing as their lovers pulled out of them, two sets of lips moving downward, both men gasping as their lovers dived into their wetness.

They broke their kiss, Lucas watching as Justin's eyes widened, his orgasm flooding his lover's mouth, Lucas' own unable to withstand the showing beauty, Josh drinking in all of the offered love.

Both men trembled, their lovers cleaning up their centers, rising upwards, their bodies going against them, their lips meeting theirs.

The four broke their kisses, their eyes meeting the other three smiling at them.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes showing tears of glistening love.

"Are you alright, my love?" Josh said, the man pulling a sheet over their nakedness in the moonlight, Lance doing the same for him and Justin.

"I'm loved, Joshua. I'm totally loved." he said, Josh's arms going around him.

Josh felt a sudden smoothness around his arms, the man sitting up in bed, staring down at Lucas.

"Turn on the lamp, Lance!" Josh said, Lance leaning over Josh's back, flicking the switch on the lamp on the nightstand.

The room flooded with light, the four covering their eyes.

Justin's blue eyes looked around, staring at his friends' naked smooth bodies, half covered by the sheets.

"Turn over, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man moving his body as Josh lifted his legs, Justin and Lance both taking in their friend's naked back and smooth butt.

Lance's eyes widened, pointing at Lucas' smooth back.

"Your back's healed, Lucas! There are no scars!" Lance said, Justin's hand going across and down Lucas' smooth back, his palm stopping at his bubbly ass.

"Above the equator, Timberlake." Lucas laughed, the young man turning around again, Justin and Lance both taking in his naked center and Josh's revealed center as well, Josh lightly blushing as he covered both of their centers with the sheets again.

"Modest to a degree, my loving angel. We don't have to hide anything now from these two. They've both now seen you owning me." Lucas smiled, Josh softly blushing, but smiling, Lucas rising up and kissing his lips.

"I'll never own you, my love. You are your own man." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You own my heart and soul, Joshua. And you can have the package as well. Although Timberlake's eying it, too."

Josh laughed, Justin blushing, Lance smiling at his lover, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"State your love and your soul, Lance." Lucas smiled, Lance looking at Justin, then Josh.

"That was beautiful, Lucas. The love we all showed our soulmates. You and Josh. . .your love. . .it was so beautiful."

"Yes it was. Josh is as I always remembered him." Justin said, his eyes meeting Josh's blue pools.

"And you're as needful as I remember, Jus. And I see now that Lance has everything you need, and more." Josh said, Lance smiling, a soft blush showing on his face.

"Yes, Lance. You're the full package." Lucas said, Lance smiling, Lucas winking at him.

The four lightly laughed, Lucas smiling around at all three.

"We just crossed the line, guys. The line of total love. I saw before me three people with giving, loving, desirous souls. My Joshua's passion was matched by the passion you gave Justin, Lance. And I know my and Justin's passion would be just as beautiful. I think the four of us now share a soul of bonded love. What did you feel throughout the experience, Lance?" Lucas said, the other two meeting Lance's green pools.

"I didn't feel sex or domination, Lucas. I wasn't used, none of us were. I felt only love. My Justin's love. And your showing love. I know Justin loves me, needs me and desires me. And I know that you two share the same need, desires and love." Lance said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing Lance on the lips, Justin and Josh both smiling at the two.

"Correct, Lance. It wasn't an orgy, or a night of wanton sex. It was four people showing their soulmates their love, with the added bonus of a porno video live beside them."

The four laughed, Lucas smiling widely.

"Let's just call it eye candy to feed the passion." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lance's eyes met all three, the man sighing, looking at Justin.

"If. . .if you all want me. . .I will give you everything." Lance softly said, Justin looking at his man with tearful love.
His blue eyes met Josh's, then Lucas'.

"I. . .I offer the same. I love all three of you." Justin said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

Josh's and Lucas' eyes met, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his man's lips.

"Speak from the soul, my love."

Josh's blue eyes met his soulmate's, then turned and stared into his friends' staring eyes of love.

"I love all three of you. I. . .I offer the same. My love is yours, renewed or new." he said, staring into Justin's tearful blue, then Lance's emerald pools of love.

Lucas smiled, the three men now staring at him.

Lucas sighed a soft sigh, the young man rising from the bed, the three staring at his revealed beauty.

Lucas' naked form walked over to the balcony doorway, staring out into the moonlit darkness, all three taking in his healed nakedness.

His violet eyes staring out into the dawn snaking across the western sky.

"I love all three of you. And Josh is my soulmate." he said, staring out into the moonlight.

"My soul feels so loved. So totally loved." he said, the three in the bed tearing up, staring at him.

Lucas' head turned, the young man staring at all three.

"I need all three of you, guys. I love all three of you. I offer myself in anyway you need. I just don't know. . .I just don't know how far that could go. Josh's love is my soul."

Josh teared up, the man rising from the bed, Justin and Lance both tearfully staring at the two as they joined, their naked vision of beauty echoing in their souls.

Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools, then kissed him on the lips.

"I love you, Lucky. You're all I need in the center of our love."

Lucas smiled, their eyes going to the two watching them.

"I love both of you, and I know you love me. But our true love is meant for only our soulmates."
Lance and Justin both smiled, Justin kissing Lance's cheek.

"Lance is my life, guys. But you two are a close second. And I want all three of you to be a part of it." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll have times like this guys. Times when we'll show the others our total love for our soulmates. Let's just think of it as a showing, giving love. You're both beyond beautiful, in your looks and your love. Let's just take it as it comes. Our beauty and our love will show in many forms. I want to show all three of you everything." Lucas said, Justin smiling, the man climbing out of bed, Josh and Lucas taking in his naked form, Lance smiling and rising out of bed as well, the two joining hands, walking up to their friends, all four taking in the other three visions of beauty.

"You're missing out on the best, Lucky." Justin smiled, Lucas lightly laughing, meeting Lance's green pools of love.

"Yes, I've seen how good Lance can be." Lucas said, smiling at Justin.

Lance laughed, kissing his man's cheek, his arms going around him.

"Thank you, Lucky. But I believe he meant himself." Lance said, Justin smiling at his lover, their lips meeting.

"No, Lance. Lucas had it right."

Lance teared up, Josh kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I love you, Lucas. And I'm so glad you're okay." he said, his eyes scanning his lover's healed beauty.

"How about you wash that healed beauty?" Lucas said, Justin and Lance both smiling at them.

"It's a big shower, Luke. Need help with his back, Joshy?" Justin grinned, Lucas laughing.

"Timberlake the horndog."

Justin laughed, wrapping his arms around his man.

"You two hit the shower. I want to return my man's love." Justin said, Lucas smiling, guiding Josh towards the bathroom door.

Lance and Justin smiled, watching their two bubbly butts disappear through its open doorway.

"I love you, Jus. Thank you for offering them your love."

Justin smiled, staring into Lance's green pools.

"Lucas has it right, Lance. We'll love each other, and we'll show that love."

"Show me how much, Justin." Lance said, Justin smiling, pulling his man towards the bed again.



End of Chapter 73


Were you all expecting an all out orgy?

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And so the mystery deepens surrounding Lucas' family and the evil surrounding it.

Seems Lucas knows the secrets surrounding them all.

But he seems to be holding back on something.


What or who is he talking of confronting soon?

It seems Emerson has his own secrets that he senses Lucas knows.

As does Joshua.


I hope the mystery isn't all consuming.

I'm trying to steer clear of too much drama, and let's see if we can focus on the love.

There are other paths to follow as well.


Onward on the path, its snaking paths intertwining.


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