Yesterday's End-74

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Chapter 74


Lucas smiled, the young man diving off the diving board, disappearing under the waves of the crystal clear pool.

Josh smiled, seeing his lover cresting the surface a few feet in front of him, the man lost in his wet showing beauty.

It was late afternoon, the morning having been filled with happiness and warm love.

They'd all joined together in the dining room for breakfast, the group then going their separate ways, exploring the old house or just finding quiet spots of secluded love.

Josh and Lucas had walked the grounds, taking in the flowering beauty.

Lucas had smiled at everyone over lunch, the talk centralized on the upcoming ball that evening.

Caterers and decorators had arrived before breakfast, the day spent on transforming the large ballroom into the central heart of Kurucu's Haven.

Francesca and Vivian had overseen its transformation, the men giving them free reign.

No one had seen the ballroom, its doors sealed until the evening's event.

Fireworks were scheduled for late evening, a crew setting them up on the front lawn of the estate, across the bridge on the other side of the lake.

Here now it was late afternoon, everyone enjoying the warmth of the holiday's sunshine.

Lucas smiled, swimming into his lover's arms, Josh thrilling at his wet touch, his lips going to his glistening neck.

"Calmness my love. I feel the poker that's wanting to stoke my fires." Lucas said, Josh blushing, his man smiling at him with intoxicating love.

"You disappeared on me this afternoon, my love. Why do you think I'm all turned on? I missed you." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man's giving love.

"Sorry, my love. Lance needed help with something." he said, Josh smiling at him, his blue eyes looking towards their friends, Lance and Justin laying on the pool's marble edge, Justin's head in Lance's lap, the man rubbing suntan lotion over Justin's chest.

"I don't think anything could appease that monster." Josh said, Lucas laughing, slapping his trunk covered ass under the water.

Josh smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Yes, a monster indeed. I think we may both come to love it. I know Justin does." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Lucas. . .I. . ."

Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing his lips.

"I love you, Joshua. And I trust you, and them. I know the four of us will deal with the realities of our love together. I don't have a jealous bone in my body."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"Let's sneak out of here and I'll put a bone in that fine body."

Lucas laughed loudly, Josh silencing him with a deeper lust-filled kiss.

"No sex in the pool! Tame that monster attacking you, Lukey!" Finn yelled from the diving board, his bronzed muscular hairy body on its platform, the man preparing to dive.

Behind him Alain and Harry were climbing the ladder, Lucas breaking Josh's amorous kiss, the young man laughing upwards at his friend.

"Monsters, indeed. They surround us." he said to his man, Josh laughing with him, looking up towards Finn's fine form.

"Careful, Finny. Emerson just had the pool cleaned. No hairballs in the pool!" Lucas yelled up at his friend, Finn giving him a one finger salute.

Everyone around the pool laughed, Lucas smiling towards Harry and Alain who'd just climbed onto the platform behind Finn.

"My hair doesn't shed, Joshy's bitch!" Finn yelled, Lucas smiling up at him.

"Dive into our love, Finny. Or stay there and sample some chocolate warmth." Lucas smiled, Finn looking confused.

Two muscled black arms went around the singer's hairy chest, Finn feeling the man's warmth behind him.

"Steady there, Finny. Don't want a hot morsel like you falling off. Although you'd be delicious wet. Are you okay?" Alain smiled,  Finn trembling in his arms, Harry laughing behind them.

Finn's eyes widened, turning around, staring at the black man standing before him in only a pair of light blue Speedos, his arms still around him.

Alain's black muscled body shone in the late day sun, every muscled inch gleaming.

Finn's face blushed, backing up a bit from the man, Alain smiling and releasing his hold on him.

"I'm. . .I'm fine, Alain. You. . .you just surprised me, that's all." Finn said, moving back a bit more.

Alain's hand went up, looking at the young man with affection, and soft concern.

"Be careful. . .Finn!" he said, Finn backing up more, one foot suddenly finding no footing.

Finn screamed, falling backwards off the platform, his body flipping mid air, hitting the water in a hard belly flop.

Alain's eyes widened with concern, the man rushing forward and diving off the board, hitting the water beside where Finn had disappeared, the man's muscular body disappearing as well.

In a few moments Alain broke the surface, coming back up with Finn in his arms.

Everyone stood around the pool, concern on their faces, Alain staring into Finn's closed-eyed face.

"Are you alright, Finn?" he said, Harry looking down from above them on the board, Lucas and Josh swimming over towards them.

Alain stared into Finn's motionless face, his arms around the man's hairy body, holding him close and balancing them both in the water.

Finn's eyes suddenly opened wide, grinning at the black man.

"Chocolate! My favourite!" he grinned, his lips meeting the man's in a sudden kiss, catching Alain totally off guard.

Lucas burst into laughter, Alain pushing the man he held in his arms back, Finn breaking the kiss grinning at him again.

"Why do I taste cream on your lips?" Finn laughed, Alain staring at him.

"I. . .I thought you were hurt!" the man said, Finn smiling at him.

"I'd only be hurt by that baseball bat you were rubbing against my ass up there." he said, batting his eyelashes.

Alain stared at Finn, both men suddenly bursting into laughter, Lucas joining them.

Josh stared at all three, shaking his head.

"You're all twisted!" he said, Alain smiling at Finn.

"My Harry was right. Your mirth transcends life." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"Your man loves you. I think you should hold him. But I'm a friend to both of you."

Alain smiled, nodding his head.

"I know I'm gorgeous. You all can look! No touching though. Sky's a jealous vixen!" Finn said, blowing the man a kiss.

Alain laughed, slapping water at Finn, his brown eyes going upwards, smiling up at Harry.

"Hit him with your love, Har!"

Harry smiled then screamed, diving off the board, hitting the water right in front of Finn, the force propelling the man backwards, Finn sinking under the water again.

Harry rose to the surface, his man's arms wrapping around him.

Finn rose to the surface wiping his wet face.

"Why'd you do that?" Finn said, wiping his face, Harry smiling at him.

"Someone had to wet your ego!" Harry said, everyone surrounding them laughing, Finn blushing but smiling, the two men embraced together.

"Good one, Harry." he said, the man swimming towards his laughing Skyler, who'd been sunbathing on a lounge chair beside Lance and Justin, who both were now laughing as well.

"His soul is filled with mirth, guys. And he denies none their love." Lucas said, smiling at the two lovers.

Alain and Harry both smiled, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"You need not state your happiness, Har. We heard it last night." Lucas said, Harry blushing, Alain smiling at his friend.

"We had much loneliness to make up for. We lost ourselves in the love." he smiled, Harry smiling at him with love.

"Yeah, so the maid told us! The bed was wrecked!" Finn yelled from his girlfriend's chair, her arms wrapped around him, drying his wet body with a towel.

Alain smiled, kissing his lover's lips.

"Harry didn't strike out last night, unlike you Finny! He used my bat to hit a homerun!"

Finn blushed as the laughter filled the pool area, Lucas and Josh smiling and swimming towards Justin and Lance.

Finn's blue eyes smiled at his friends, his gaze going to Lucas' violet pools.

He stared at the four joining friends, his thoughts his own.


Justin stood still, two hands going to his throat.

"How can a man like you--so urbane and refined and so into the fashion scene--not know how to tie a bowtie?" Josh said, his fingers wrapping the silk tie around itself.

Justin smiled, standing in front of his friend, Josh in his dress pants, his naked torso on full display.

Justin was dressed in a black Armani tuxedo, Josh finishing tying the light blue bowtie.

"I live for fashion, but not the mundane tasks. That's also what clip-on ones are for." Justin smiled again, his blue eyes glancing down his friend's muscled form.

"There, that looks okay." Josh said, backing up, Justin's eyes filled with happiness.

"Looks more than okay to me. Looks damn near fine." Justin smiled, Josh blushing a bit.

"You've toned up, Joshy. You look so beautiful." Justin said, Josh smiling at his friend, the man picking up his own silk white shirt from the bed.

"I like to keep Lucas happy, Jus. He seems to love my body."

"I remember your body, Joshy. There's a lot to love."

"I believe your Lancy has even more." he said, Justin smiling widely.

Josh smiled, his friend moving forward, their lips meeting, Josh feeling Justin's love in that kiss.

The man's hand went to his naked shoulder, Justin feeling its warmth.

They broke the kiss, smiling at each other.

"Isn't this great, Joshy? You and I here, loving each other. No hidden agendas. Our hearts are filled with our soulmate's love. But there's also the comfortable familiarity of our old love still there." Justin smiled, Josh nodding.

"Yes, Jus. I have my Lucas and you have your Lance. And we have each other's giving love." Josh said, the man slipping on his shirt, beginning to button it.

Justin smiled, Josh backing up and taking in the vision of Justin's black suit and toned physique.

"You still got the looks, Jus. Lance is one lucky man." Josh smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"I'm the lucky one, Josh. I have my Lance. I, still, at times can't believe that. He's so beautiful, so giving and loving." Justin said, his eyes going to the bedroom door.
"He'll be here shortly, Jus." Josh smiled, Justin smiling more.

"I love him, Josh. I've never met anyone who's affected me this way. He's like five of you rolled into one."

Josh smiled, tucking his shirt into his pants, grabbing his own tie off the bed.

"Lance is his own self, Jus. His love is yours alone. I see how he looks at you. He's hopelessly in love with you."

Justin smiled widely again, sitting down on the bed's edge as Josh finished dressing, the man tying his own tie as he looked in the dresser's mirror.

"Lucas is just as lucky, Josh. I remember all of your love."

Josh smiled, looking back at his friend.

"I'm the lucky one as well, Jus. He captures my soul as greatly as Lance has ensnared yours."

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's, the man seeing a thoughtful look cross his friend's face.

"I. . .I've been thinking, Joshy." Justin said, Josh smiling at him, walking over to his friend and sitting down beside him.

"Alright, Justin. What's going on in that loving mind of yours?"

Justin smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"I love Lance, Josh. I want to. . .I've been thinking. . ."

Josh smiled at his friend, their eyes meeting again.

"He'll say yes, Jus. He loves you completely."
Justin smiled, blushing a bit.

"I didn't think it was that obvious." he said, Josh putting his arm around his friend.

"I've known you for years, Justin. We've been very close. And I've always been able to see when you're in love. But this time, to me, seems different."
"Different? How so, Josh?" Justin said, looking at his friend.

Josh smiled, leaning in and kissing Justin's cheek.

"This time it's not Justin Timberlake the image that's in love. This time you're not focused on your image. This time it's just our loving Justy. I haven't seen you like this since Britney. And this time you're even more focused as yourself. Lance knows the real you. And you know the real him. That's what's different. The two of you see the real person that loves you. You've both weathered storms of need and hurt, and you've both come out of that stronger. Because you both can face life as equals. Not images or stars, just equals. Equal in love, in happiness, and in hope. My Justin's finally found his happiness. And I'm happy that I'm going to be able to share that happiness with you."

Justin teared up, sinking into Josh's side, his friend smiling at him.

"Exactly, Josh. Lance knows me. And he accepts my not-so-glowing qualities. I've never felt so in sync with someone."
Josh looked at Justin, the two chuckling.

"Looks like my Justy's growing up. His love is expanding, and we'll all reap those rewards."

Justin smiled, looking into Josh's eyes.

"This morning. . .when we were together. . .did you. . .?"

"Did I feel attracted to you again?"

Justin nodded, Josh smiling at him.

"Yes, Jus. I felt the familiar love surrounding us. And I felt the newness of Lance's love. And I even more deeply felt Lucas' acceptance of your love. I felt attracted to all three of you. We all voiced that truth together."

Justin nodded, Josh staring at him.

"I would never act. . .now without your knowledge. . .or Lucas'!" Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"I know, Justin. You love me. You'd never do anything to hurt me or Lucas. We both know that you love us. And that we all love each other. And yes, with that will perhaps come desires. We'll cross that path when we come to it. All I know is that I love Lucas, deeply. But I also still love you, and I'm coming to love Lance in the same way as well."

Justin nodded, smiling.

"I love Lance deeply also, Josh. I'd never hurt him or either of you."

Josh nodded, patting Justin's knee.

"And there's the gist of it. We all love each other, and we trust each other."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh on the lips, Josh feeling his gentle love.

They parted, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm going to be so happy!"

Josh laughed, smiling at his friend.

"Let's start that happiness with you proposing to your man. Have you thought of a time?"

Justin beamed, their talk interrupted by the door's opening.

"Later, Joshy." Justin whispered, the man standing up, Lance and Lucas walking into the bedroom.

"There you are, babe! Missed ya!" Justin said, smiling at his lover.

"Missed ya too, sexy!" Lucas winked, Justin laughing, blowing him a kiss as he wrapped his arms around Lance, the man smiling at him, taking in his man's refined looks.

Lucas smiled, setting a small bag down on the bed, smiling at Josh.

"Looking sharp, babe!" Lance said, Justin beaming.

"I have to keep the masses drooling. Lucas will be a wet puddle by the end of the night!" Justin grinned, Lucas laughing.

"I'll let you lick it up, Timberlake." Lucas smiled, wrapping his arms around his man, Josh having stood up, their lips meeting.

"Speaking of damn fine! I definitely will be wet tonight!" Lucas smiled, scanning his man's sculpted form.

"Just like I like you. Wet and needful." Josh said, kissing his lips again.

Justin and Lance smiled, Lance pulling off his shirt.

He walked over to the bed, picking up his clothing that Justin had laid out.

"What's with you dressing me in white, babe?" Lance said, smiling as his man's arms wrapped around his naked waist.

"An angel always wears white." Justin said, kissing his neck.

Lance smiled, looking at the white suit jacket, and the dark green pants and white shirt.

"Green to bring out your emerald eyes, my love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at the two.

"Someone else will be just as wet as I." he said, Justin laughed, watching Lucas as he pulled off his golf shirt, his smooth muscled chest on full display.

"I'm beginning to dribble already." Justin grinned, Lucas laughing, blowing him a kiss, picking up his clothing that Josh had laid out.

"You're a white angel, I'm a black devil, Lancy." Lucas smiled, looking over the black Versace suit in his hands.

"My man stuns in black, and then I attack! So gimmie a snack!" Josh grinned, Lucas chuckling as Josh's arms wrapped around him again.

"My Beamy, poet laureate."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

Lucas and Lance began to change, Josh and Justin sitting down in chairs, watching the free show.

"So, is everything ready downstairs?" Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"Yes, according to the ladies. The guests will be arriving in a couple of hours." Lance said, lowering his eyes, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Decorum, my love. The place will be packed with strangers. I so wish I could dance with you tonight." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"Me too, my love." he said, kissing Justin's lips as he buttoned his white silk shirt.

"We can always slip away and have private dances in solitude. I'm sure the acoustics of this old place will make the music ring everywhere." Lucas said smiling, tucking his shirt into his pants, his smooth chest now disappeared.

"That sounds like a plan. There are a lot of private dark corners in this beautiful place." Justin said, Lance smiling at him, Josh tying Lance's tie for him as well, its green hue matching his pants.

"I'm up for that as well. My man and I are going to have our own private moments, right babe?" Josh winked at Lucas, Lucas smiling, then sighing.

"I'm afraid that they may be few and far between, my love. I'm certain I will be in the center of a lot of discussions, being as my grandfather's business associates will all be there." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll make sure then to pull you away often." he said, Lucas smiling at him, putting on his black jacket, his black silk shirt open at the throat, the pendant hanging in its center.

"Thanks, my love. But even you won't be able to pull me away from my focused path." he said, his three friends staring at him.

"Something we should know, Lucas? I take it it involves Haven Marlowe?" Lance said, Lucas sighing again.

"My uncle's path is a path of power and greed. He'll instantly try to thwart any plans my grandfather has of bringing the Governors on side with his views." Lucas said, Josh walking up to him, Lucas smiling at him.

"And what are your grandfather's views, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas staring at him.

"That the company needs a new influx of blood. A new chairman at its head."

"You want no part of that, Lucky. You already stated that to your grandfather."
"I know, Joshua. But Haven is working under the assumption that I'm here as that new influx of Belmont blood that Emerson's moulding to take over the reins. He just doesn't realize the truth."

"The truth, Lucas?" Justin said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Yes, Jus. I have no inclination of having anything to do with Belmont Industries. I am not a corporate visionary. I am only here as what my family needs."

"And what does your family need, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Freedom, Lance. Freedom from the evil within their souls." he said, the three men looking at him.

"I don't like this talk of evil, Lucky. We've all felt it since we've been here. Hell, we saw it the other night." Josh said, Lucas' arm going around him.

"The evil permeates here, my love. But I have the magic to protect all of you." Lucas said,  Lance' green eyes staring at him.

"I sense you know a lot more than you're letting on, Lucas. Have you reasoned out what's going on here?"

Lucas sighed again, Josh staring at him.

"My mind's been reasoning on a lot of things, Lance. I'm beginning to sense the underlying mystery. I just have a lot more to think upon." the young man said, Josh kissing his cheek, Lucas smiling back at him.

"But tonight we have an evening of love and happiness ahead. Let's leave the mystery and truths for later on. Tonight, I want to dance with my man, even though it can't be in the center of the open happiness of my grandfather's ballroom. But I'll work on that. As I'll try to help my two dearest friends as well." Lucas said, Justin and Lance smiling at him.

Josh pulled Lucas close, the two kissing again.

"I promise you that one day we'll do just that. We'll dance here on the Fourth of July one day in the open."

Lucas smiled, his two friends smiling at Josh as well.

"Whenever you're ready, my love. I'll be in your arms throughout life."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"But first I need to talk to you alone, Justin." he smiled, his violet eyes meeting Justin's blue.

Justin looked confused, Josh smiling at him, his arm going around Lance's waist, the man smiling at him.

"Let's leave these two to their devices. Make sure you change the sheets after, guys. I hate the scent of Timberlake sweat." Josh said, Lance grinning and laughing, smiling at his soulmate.

"I myself love it." he said, Justin smiling widely at him.

"Watch that old man, Lancy. His hands are like seductive vices." Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"Devices and vices. De-lightful!"

The three laughed, Lucas smiling at Josh and Lance.

"We'll see you downstairs, guys." Josh said, kissing his man's lips, Justin kissing Lance on the lips as well.

The two men smiled, quietly walking out of the room, Josh smiling and winking at Lucas as he closed the door behind them.


Justin smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"What can I help you with, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand motioning towards the bed, Justin smiling more.

"I just put this suit on, Lucky. But for hot sexy you I'll take it off fast."

Lucas laughed, Justin chuckling as he sat down on the bed's edge, Lucas joining him, smiling at him.

"I wanted to talk to you about something, Jus."

Justin nodded, the man quietly looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"You can talk to me about anything, Luke. We're best friends." he smiled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"We're more than that, Justin. I think of you now as a joined soulmate. Just as loving as my Beamy, and our Lancy."

Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

The young man moved, his lips meeting Justin's soft warm lips, the singer feeling the young man's soft, giving love.

Justin felt a spark in his soul, a tingling sensation flooding his whole body.

The young man parted from the man's lips, staring into his blue eyes.

"Thank you, Justin."

"For. . .for what, Lucas?" he softly said, Lucas' finger going to his cheek, lightly rubbing his five o'clock shadow.

"For giving me your love, and for giving Josh back your love."

Justin smiled, soft redness showing on his cheeks.

"I. . .I love you, Lucas. And I've never stopped loving Josh. But I also love Lance with all my soul."
"I know you do, Justin. As I know he loves you with more than his soul. He loves you with all of his being."

Justin smiled, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"I. . .I should be thanking you, Lucas. Your love--and its forgiving beauty--guided me to my Lance's arms. Thank you for making me see what I really needed."

"No, Jus. Can I tell you something I've known for a long time?"

Justin nodded, staring at Lucas.

"Lance has loved you for years, Justin. Even since the early days of N*Sync. He told me that himself."

Justin looked surprised, Lucas kissing his lips again, the man staring at him.

"He. . .he never told me that." Justin softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Do you believe in destiny, Jus?"
Justin stared at Lucas, nodding his head.

"I'm. . .I'm beginning to. What. . .what are you trying to say, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, staring at his friend.

"What I'm trying to say is that I am a catalyst. I was always destined to unite both of you."

Justin showed surprise again, Lucas smiling at him.

"That first day when I saw you on my flat's doorstep in London, a feeling came over me. That was the reason I'd stayed so motionless for so long that day."

"A. . .a feeling, Lucas? What was it?"

"In all essence, in all reasoning, I'd call it a vision."

"A vision of what?"

"Of your soul and Lance's, Jus."

"Our combined soul? You mean. . .you mean you knew then we were destined for each other?"

Lucas nodded, smiling at his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Yes, Justin. I accepted that day that you and I would forever be friends. But that we'd never be lovers. And that in some way I was supposed to have a part in your destiny. In the uniting of your love. I'm just amazed at the true path I walked. And the reward I was given at its end."

"Reward, Luke?"

Lucas leaned forward, kissing Justin again, the man feeling his love.

The two broke the kiss, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love, Justin. And Lance's. And most of all my Josh's. I didn't see any of this in that vision. All I saw was you and Lance in a moment of intense love. But I also saw someone with their arms wrapped around me. I now realize that that must have been my Joshua."

Justin smiled, staring at his friend with quiet awe.

"That's. . .that's beyond belief, Luke!" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, kid!"

Justin looked confused, Lucas smiling and moving against Justin, wrapping his arms around his friend, Justin feeling the strength in his friend's embrace.

"For your love, and for his, I offer everything." Lucas said, the man breaking the hug, Justin staring into his violet tear-filled eyes.

"Sorry, just a bit of emotion there. I love you, Jus."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"I love you, Lucas."

The young man smiled, his hand moving, going to the small bag he'd set on the bed, picking it up and smiling at Justin.

"First things, first. I have something for you."

Justin looked at his friend, Lucas putting his hand in the bag, pulling out a small boutonnière of blue roses.

"A gift from your Lance. He forgot to give it to you before he left." Lucas said, pinning the small flower to Justin's lapel, Justin staring down at its blueness.

"That's nice, Luke. It matches my bowtie." Justin said, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

The young man stood up, extending his hand to Justin.

"Let's go forward, my friend. Our soulmates await." he smiled, Justin smiling up at him.

"Alright, Lucas. Thank you for telling me about the vision. Your magic indeed shows truth."

Lucas smiled, Justin rising from the bed, Lucas' arms going around him again, their lips meeting once more.

The two parted, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"We have love, Justin. All four of us are going to be happy."
Justin smiled, the two men walking out of the bedroom.


Justin and Lucas walked down the hallway, the two walking together down the central staircase, Justin stopping in its center, staring up at the central portrait hanging between the stained glass windows.

"You are your great-great-grandfather's descendant, Lucas. Your looks are almost identical. As are your father's and Joshua's."

Lucas smiled, staring up at the portrait, taking in his ancestor's noble pose.

"Yes, Justin. I'm a composite perhaps of all of them, but I'm also my own self." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes Lucas, that's true. You're even more handsome." Justin said, Lucas winking at him.

"Keep that up and you'll get your own private dance with me later also."

Justin beamed, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man turned, walking down the rest of the stairs, Justin smiling as he walked with him.

They crossed the marble foyer, walking towards the Receiving Room, Justin about to walk up to the door.

"Not there, Jus." Lucas said, Justin looking at him.

"I thought everyone agreed to meet in here before the ball?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Change of plans, Jus. We're meeting in the cavadeum." Lucas said, Justin shrugging his shoulders, following his friend down the corridor towards the cavadeum.

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking forward.

The two walked down the long corridor, Justin's vision going from Lucas' handsome face--which he'd been watching--to the glass corridor of windows, his blue eyes looking towards the sun-filled gardens, which he now realized he couldn't see.

He noticed that all the windows were covered by white paper, an embossed crest showing across the whiteness at intervals.

"The Belmont crest, Jus. My grandfather covers these windows as a showing symbol of the Belmont heritage. This is the path the guests walk down from the front foyer, through the cavadeum, to the grand ballroom. A one way path, so to speak. So people don't wander through the house."

Justin nodded, the man stopping in his tracks, his blue eyes focusing on the glass doors ahead of them, halfway down the corridor on the windows side.

Justin remembered that they'd opened into the garden.

Both doors were wide open, three men standing there in the middle of the corridor in front of them.

His eyes widened, a smile coming to his face.
"Joey? Chris? What are you two doing here?" he said, seeing them standing with Josh.

All three were in suits, Josh smiling at his friend, the three walking towards Lucas and Justin.

"We flew in this morning. Would have been here earlier, but Joe got us lost!" Chris smirked, Joey rolling his eyes.

"Hello, Jus!" Joey said, pulling his friend into a bear hug, Chris smiling at Lucas.

"It's great to see you two!" Justin grinned, Chris hugging him next.

"You as well, Curly!" Joey said, smiling at Lucas.

"Why didn't you tell me they were invited, Luke?" Justin smiled at his friend, Lucas smiling at him.

"Now where would the surprise be in that?" Lucas grinned, Josh's smile meeting his.

"You knew, too?" Justin said, folding his arms, staring at his friend.

"Like Lucas said, we wanted to surprise you. Well actually, Lance did." Josh said, Justin looking confused, Chris' hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"Wouldn't have missed this for the world." Chris said, Justin seeing a soft glistening in his eyes.

"Me either, Justin." Joey said, his hand going to Justin's other shoulder.

Justin saw the friendship and love shining in Joey's eyes.

"Lucas is happy you're here guys. So am I." Justin said, looking at Lucas.

"Their not here for me, Justin. They're here for you." Lucas said, Justin looking more confused.

"For me? What do you mean, Luke?"

"You have the floor, my love." Lucas said, kissing Josh's cheek.

Josh smiled, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"We all love you, Justin. No one more than your Lance. We've all seen the beauty of your opening relationship, its growth and its loving soul. He asked us all to be here today as your friends. None of us could have refused that."

"Why, Josh. . .why. . .?" Justin said, Josh's finger going to his friend's lips, silencing him.

"Please remain silent, my friend. We three have known you since you were a teenager. And we've all known when you're in love. The last few weeks we've seen the Justin we've all loved. And we've seen an even more grounded, loving, beautiful man. Lance has changed you, Justin. He's given you a purpose in life. We all see his affect on you. And we see the love shining from both of you."

Justin softly smiled, looking at his best friend.

"I love him, Josh. I've never loved anyone as much."

Josh smiled, as did Lucas.

"We know, Jus. That's why Lance asked us to do this. For he knows all five of us are ironclad in our love for each other. We've weathered a lot of times together. A lot of joy and happiness." Chris said, Justin smiling at him.

"We loved both of you as brothers. And we still do. You have all of us as brothers." Joey said, Justin smiling, his eyes showing soft tears.

"You are my brothers. And you're my best friend, Josh."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at all four.

"As our best friend, I want to guide you to his happiness, Jus. You man misses you." Josh said, Justin smiling.

"He's been out of my sight for about half an hour, Joshy. I miss him too."

All five men smiled, Josh's arm going around his friend.

"Let's get you to him then." he said, Josh leading Justin forward, everyone else smiling at the two, following their friends.

Chris and Joey looked at Lucas, the young man remaining quiet.

Justin expected Josh to lead him towards the cavadeum, the man turning when they reached the open doors, his friend's blue eyes meeting Justin's blue pools.

"Great minds think alike when both are filled with true love." Josh said, Justin looking at his friend with confusion, Josh smiling widely.

Justin's eyes turned from his friend, everyone behind him smiling widely again.

Justin's eyes widened, taking in a scene of gathered love.

The large garden had two fountains on each side of it, a stone path leading down its flowery center.

Blooming flowers were shown everywhere, the path lined with baskets of white and blue roses.

His eyes looked out into the late day sun-filled garden, his eyes meeting many staring, happy faces.

On both sides of the garden's path everyone stood, smiling at him.

He saw Kelly and Briahna, Chris Pine smiling at him beside them, Harry and Alain beside Chris.

Lucas' grandparents and Vivian with Henderson stood across from them smiling at the man.

Reverend Saunders smiled at Justin, the man standing beside Henderson.

Horace and Mavis and Sean and Mavis stood across from each other, Finn's parents at his side.

Finn and Skyler stood across from Trish and Andrew, the young woman standing beside her mother.

Justin's eyes took in all their smiling faces, Josh walking up beside him.

"What's. . .what's everyone doing out here?" he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Awaiting you, Justin." Skyler said, smiling at him.

"Me? For. . .for what? The ball's inside." he said, Josh lightly chuckling, Justin looking at him.

"Life's a ball, Justin. And you've forgotten someone."

Justin looked confused, looking back at his friends behind him and Lucas, the young man walking up to him.

"Life begins with the path we choose to walk, Justin. All we have to find is the person we want to walk with. Your path starts with him." Lucas said, the young man smiling, walking past Justin, walking up to Finn, his friend smiling at him.

The quietness of the garden suddenly filled with Lucas and Finn's soft voices, a song coming from their hearts with love.


I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong, I will be faithful
'Cause I'm counting on
A new beginnin'
A reason for livin'
A deeper meanin', yea

And I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me


Justin stared at the two men, taking in their beautiful rendition of that song, his eyes catching a movement at the end of the path before him.

His blue eyes met two green pools, his eyes taking in a vision of total beauty standing at the end of the path.

Lance now stood there, the man having walked out from behind the left fountain.

He was wearing a different suit, this one a dark emerald green, its form-fitting snugness showing off Lance's slim, toned physique.

Justin's eyes stared at his soulmate, Josh lightly pushing Justin forward, the man moving, walking down the stone path towards Lance.

Lucas and Finn smiled at each other, their voices continuing to sing.



And when my stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky
I'll make a wish to send it to Heaven
Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of
The highest powers in lonely hours
(Lonely hours)
The tears devour you

And I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Oh can't you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right before you
All that you need will surely come
Uhh hu yea

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
(I love you)
Huh huh

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
Well I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Huh huh uhh
Yea uhh huh
La la la duh duh huh
La la la duh duh huh
Uhh hu

By the end of the song Justin had reached Lance at the head of the path, all their friends behind them having followed the man on his path, the two men at the end of the path surrounded by them now.

"Lance. . .what. . .what is this?" Justin said, staring at his lover, taking in his dressed beauty.

Lance smiled, his hands going forward, taking Justin's hands in his, the two staring at each other.

"This. . .this is the greatest day of my life so far, Justin. This is the day that I have found my happiness. This is the day of our true love's beginning, Justin."

Justin stared at Lance, the man seeing a tear in his green eyes.

"I love you, Justin. I've loved you forever. From the first moment I laid eyes upon your youthful face I felt a deep connection. Lucas calls it the connection of true love."
Justin smiled, his eyes moving behind him, Lucas smiling at him, the young man standing behind him, Josh's arms around him.

"Everyone's here, Jus. Our friends, our dear friends of giving love. I asked for this moment for you." Lance said, Justin's eyes returning to his.
"For me, Lance? Every moment with you is special."

Lance smiled, Justin taking in his beautiful white gleaming teeth.

"Why did you change suits, babe?" Justin said, Lance leaning forward and kissing his lips softly.

"Because you love me in green, my love. I knew you'd have me wearing green pants tonight, so I expanded on that. Because of what it means for you."
Justin teared up, staring at his lover.

"Oh, Lance. That's beautiful." he said, Lance smiling, leaning forward and kissing his lips softly, Justin's emotions calming.

"I love you, Justin. I am the balm to keep you calm."

Justin smiled, Lucas looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"Speaking of poet laureates." he softly said, Josh smiling, his eyes returning to his friends.

Lucas had told Josh earlier in the day about Lance's intentions, he helping in the well-laid plans.

Lance smiled, looking back at everyone, couples smiling at him, the man's green eyes meeting Justin's blue again.

"They're all here, Justin. Our loving friends from our musical past, and our newer friends. Couples of showing love. But the greatest love I see is the love you and I share."

Justin teared up again, Lance squeezing his hands in his.

"The last few years of my life have been a jumble of pain, hurt and not so glowing physical desires. I've done some things that I'm not proud of." Lance said, Justin's hand squeezing his now, their eyes locked.

"We all make mistakes in our lives, my love."
"Yes, Justin. We do. That's perhaps why I have fallen so hard for you. For I see a kindred soul. A man who's perhaps walked in my shoes. You forgave me so easily, my love. When I opened my soul and heart to you, you forgave me so easily for not being the man you were entitled to have, to deserve." Lance said, his green eyes now showing tears.

Everyone surrounding them was showing tears as well, hearing a man bear his heart to the man he loved.

"You are who I deserve, Lance. I love you." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"I know, Justin. I finally feel that in my soul. Your love has captured my heart. I love you, Justin. For now and always." he said, Justin now in tears as well.

"I love you, Lance."

Lance smiled, everyone taking in his beautiful smiling face.

The man's hand went into his suit jacket pocket, the man pulling out a small velvet box.

Justin's eyes widened, realizing what Lance was about to do.

The man went to one knee, his hands still joined with Justin's, the man lowering his own body, Lance's love pulling him to his knees.

"I feel safe in your arms, Justin. And I feel loved. I want to spent the rest of my life in your loving arms."
Justin was openly crying, Lance's eyes filled with tears as well.

Lance let go of Justin's hands, the man's blue eyes staring at the box as Lance opened it in his hand.

Justin saw a ring in the velvet center of the box, its diamond center an emerald green.

"The color of my eyes, my love. A symbol of my unending love.  Will you spend the rest of your life allowing me to make you happy? To show you all of my love? Will you. . .will you marry me, Justin?"

Justin was crying harder, the man pulling Lance into his arms, holding him close.

"Oh, Lance! You. . .you beat me to it! You. . .you just keep on surprising me!" Justin cried, everyone smiling behind them, Lucas' hand going to Justin's shoulder, the man looking up into his violet eyes, Lance looking at him as well.

"I believe he's waiting for an answer, Justin." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at his side as well, both showing tears.

Justin turned back, staring into Lance's emerald pools.

"I love you, Lance. I love the purity of your soul, the surprising beauty of your giving love. I have found the second half of my soul. You make my heart come alive. Yes, Lance. I'll marry you, and I'll spend the rest of my life showing you my equal love." Justin sobbed, Lance's eyes tearing up, pulling Justin into his arms, the two kissing deeply.

Everyone around them applauded, Chris crying behind Lucas and Josh, Lucas smiling at Chris in Chris' arms, the actor smiling at Lucas.

"My huggable bear has a romantic heart. We all see the love." Chris Pine said, Lucas smiling, looking back at Justin and Lance.

The two were still kissing, their love shining in the center of the garden.

Lucas smiled, his Josh's arms going around his waist, his lips meeting his.

They broke their kiss just as Justin and Lance broke theirs, their eyes glued to each other.

Justin smiled, lifting his hand to Lance, the man smiling and slipping the ring on Justin's long slim finger.

"The path begins, my love. We are on life's path of love." Justin said, the two pulled to their feet, their friends enveloping them with love.

Lucas smiled, staring around the garden.

He saw a soft shadow in a shaded corner of the garden, its form dissolving in the shadows.

He smiled, his mind focusing.

On the path of love even those lost are pulled to its beauty.

Come towards the love, forgotten one.

I'm going to make you see the purity of true love.

Lucas smiled, the young man walking up to his newly engaged friends, his arms opening with love.



End of Chapter 74


And so Lance surprises Justin with a garden proposal, the two surrounded by love.

Lance beat Justin to the proposal.

But I'm sure a few of you sensed that surprise.


Who was Lucas focusing on in the shadows?
Who was watching the love transpire?


Up next the Independence Day Ball.

Let's hope the only fireworks are outside in the sky.

But I may have some surprises up my sleeve.


Hugs, Angel.