Yesterday's End-78

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Chapter 78


Emerson Belmont walked across the room, stopping in its center, staring into two pools of similar emerald beauty.

Tristan Belmont moved forwards, his wife following him, her eyes on her mother and sister.

Tristan stopped a few feet in front of his father, their eyes locked on each other, the room's eyes staring at the two in quiet shock.

"Tristan. . .is it. . .is it really you?" Emerson said, the younger man staring at his father.

"Father. . .is that. . .really you?" he said, his voice similar to Lucas', masculine and softly musical.

"Yes, my. . .my son. It is I. And I believe you are you. Not an image of you. . .but.. . but the real you!" Emerson said, his eyes showing teary wetness.

The two men moved forward, embracing in the center of the room,  Tristan's muscular arms going around his father, Emerson's voice etched with emotion.

"My son. . .my son returned to me! You are alive. . .I am now so alive!" he cried, Francesca behind him showing tears, her eyes moving to her daughter's violet pools, Savannah Carlisle taking in the touching scene as well.

The two men broke their embrace, staring at each other.

Savannah moved from behind Tristan, the woman walking up to her stepfather, Emerson's green eyes staring into her violet pools of beautiful love.

The woman looked in her late thirties, her beauty captivating and breathtaking.

"My Savannah. As beautiful as the day I last saw you!" he said, emotion flowing with his words, the woman wrapping her arms around the emotional older man.

Francesca and Vivian moved as well, the two joining with Savannah and Emerson.

Savannah smiled, her mother and sister enveloping her in an emotional embrace, Francesca pulling Emerson and Tristan into it as well.
Everyone stood around, taking in the scene of touching love, Grayson's blue eyes taking in the family reunion.

Lewis stood beside him, his blue eyes taking it in as well.

"It is. . .it is a miracle of family love and God's!" the minister said, Grayson pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his tearful eyes.

"It is the magic of the Belmont soul, Lewis." Grayson said, his eyes looking towards Lucas.

The young man stood back from everyone, his back to the group, the young man staring into the fireplace's dying embers.

He'd been totally silent throughout the showing love, everyone focused on the moment of surprising wonder.

Josh's blue eyes went to him as well, the young man remaining silent, not looking towards the touching reunion.

The five broke their embrace staring into each other's eyes.

"Oh, Savannah. You. . .you haven't aged!" Vivian said, her face covered in tears.

Her older sister smiled, wiping the tears from her younger sister's cheeks.

"And you've aged with beauty and grace, Vivacious. But still as vivacious as the youthful beauty we all loved." Savannah said, her sister smiling at her.

"I'm a mother now, Savannah. I have a beautiful daughter of my own." she said, looking towards Trish, she standing with her father, the two smiling at Savannah and Tristan.

"A mother. . ." Savannah said, her eyes looking into Tristan's green.

Tristan's green eyes moved around the room, their emerald centers stopping on the young man standing in front of the fireplace.

Lucas' back was to them, Tristan's eyes meeting his father's again.

"How. . .how long have we been gone, Father? I remember only walking down the aisle of that stone church on Holy Island. And then he. . ." Tristan softly said, Vivian looking at her brother-in-law.
"It's been over twenty years, Tristan. You've been. . .you've been lost for a long time." she softly said, the man's green pools meeting her blue.

"Twenty years? So. . .so long." he softly said, his father's hand going to his shoulder.

"A passage of time we have long weathered with loss, my son. But I. . .I never stopped looking for you." Emerson said, the younger man's eyes meeting his.

"I've felt your love always, Father." Tristan said, his eyes moving around the room, meeting Lewis' blue pools.

"Lewis? And. . .and Jacques?" Tristan said, staring at his old friends.

"Yes, Tristan. We are here with God's love and older." the minister said with a tearful smile, Tristan moving, walking up to both men.

The three embraced, their love showing in their joining emotions.

Tristan broke the embrace, his green eyes staring into Jacques' brown.

His eyes moved, looking around the room again, his eyes focusing on another pair of brown eyes, Haven Marlowe having stood up again, the man having inched away from his chair, his form halfway towards the door.

"You!" Tristan said, the man moving, a hand going to his shoulder.

"Stop, sir."

The man's eyes turned, staring into two violet pools of emotional love.

"Who. . .who are you?" Tristan said, the young man staring at him.

Lucas stared into a mirrored face of masculine beauty, his own features showing throughout its handsome ruggedness.

Lucas' head lowered, his eyes moving from his father's staring green pools, meeting two brown eyes of staring uncertainty.

"Your lost brother has returned, Haven." Lucas said, Haven's eyes meeting Tristan's green pools again, seeing the rising anger returning there again.

Lucas moved his hand from his father's shoulder, his eyes meeting Jacques', the younger man nodding.

Jacques moved, walking up to his old friend.

"Your father knows of that last day here, mon ami. Of what occurred before the monster's appearance. Of the greater monster you fought that night." Jacques said, Tristan's eyes going to his father's.

Tristan's eyes moved, staring at his adoptive brother.

Haven's eyes lowered, Jacques' hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"You. . .you were my brother, Puck. I. . .I only ever loved you." Tristan said, his voice laced with hurting emotion.

Haven's head raised, two pools of glaring brown anger staring at him, Emerson's eyes on his son and his adoptive son.

"I am not Puck, Tristan! If that's who you really are!" Haven said, Tristan's eyes darkening, Haven staring into two green pools of determined focus.

"I am Tristan Belmont. I was your brother and you tried to destroy me!" Tristan said, Haven staring at him.

"You destroyed yourself by being yourself, Tristan. I am the one who gained the greater truth. You ran away as the coward you always were." Haven said, Tristan's face gaining anger.

"I trusted you, Haven! You. . .you tried to destroy all I loved, including my father!" he said, Haven smiling at him.

"That will come soon enough, brother."

Tristan's anger let go, two sets of arms grabbing onto his, Jacques and Grayson both now at his sides, holding the man back.

"Calmness, brother. I believe I should leave. I sense my welcome has overextended itself." the man said, his brown eyes meeting two violet pools of staring determination.

"Well played, young upstart. A feat of magical one-upmanship. Confusing me with the past, then throwing in a hidden surprise. Bravo." the man said, Lucas moving past his father, Tristan's green eyes staring at the young man as he walked up to his brother.

"Your truths have been shown, Haven. Your past and your soul. You are no longer welcomed in your father's home." Lucas said, Haven staring at him.

"My father died in a fire many years ago, Carver. This is nothing but a decaying carcass of a once noble family. I am the future, and I am the force of tomorrow. I am still the head of Belmont Industries. Only the board can decide my fate. And I have it in my back pocket." Haven said, his eyes looking towards Emerson and Grayson.

"That board of governors is on borrowed time, Haven." Grayson said, the man staring at him.

"You all are, Grayballs." Haven said, Lucas staring at him, the man showing his smug cockiness again.

"Yes, we all are." Lucas said, Haven staring into the young man's violet pools.

He saw the depth of something ominous shining back at him, the man's features showing a soft concern, the man backing towards the door.

"I disown you, Haven. You are now no longer my son nor my ward. And I'll do all I can to throw you out of my business!" Emerson said, Haven staring at him.

"Time will show the truth of that, old man." he said, his eyes meeting Tristan's green pools of anger.

"Welcome home, Tristan. You're just in time to pack it all up. If anything--or anyone--remains after I'm done with it."

Tristan moved again, his friends fighting to hold him back, Lewis now standing in front of him, his blue eyes on Haven.

"Leave, monster. May God have mercy on your soul."
Haven laughed, the man moving to the door, his eyes looking at Lucas once more.

"Until our next meeting, Carver. It may well be our last." the man said, opening the door, moving quickly out of the room, disappearing from everyone's view.

"Land sakes, preserve us!" Mavis, the cook said, Horace's arms around her.

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, the young man standing alone staring at the opened door.

He felt a presence moving behind him, the young man sighing softly, everyone hearing it.

"Lucas. . .my. . .my little Lucas?" a feminine voice said, Lucas' body turning, staring into two violet pools identical to his own.

He stared into his mother's beautiful face, the young man seeing a single tear falling down her right cheek.

"My. . .my son?" a masculine voice said beside her, Lucas' violet pools moving and meeting two green irises, the young man staring into his father's handsome face.

Savannah began to move forward, Lucas stepping back a couple of steps, the woman stopping.

"I. . .I am sorry. I didn't mean to. . ." Lucas said, stuttering, his face showing a rising emotional state.

Josh stared at his lover, seeing the facade gone, the young man's emotions now showing.

Tristan moved forward as well, Lucas backing up again, the older man stopping, staring at his son.

"I. . .I do not know you. . .I. . .I. . .the magic. . ." Lucas said, tears now falling from his violet pools.

Josh moved now, walking towards his Lucas, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

The young man turned, walking quietly and quickly out of the room, Josh stopping, Justin and Lance now at his side.

"He's emotional, Joshy. I think he needs to be alone for a bit." Lance said, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

Josh stared after his lover, a voice behind him making him turn around.

"My Lucas. I. . .I remember his eyes." Tristan said, his green eyes meeting Josh's blue staring pools.

Tristan's arms went around his wife, Savannah's violet glistening pools on the empty doorway.

"I remember his soul." she softly said, her violet pools meeting Josh's blue as well.

"Who are you?" she said, Lewis walking up to his old friends.

"Come, dear friends. There are many to meet. Our Lucas' love flows everywhere." he said, Tristan and Savannah staring at Josh.

Josh's eyes moved, staring at the empty doorway.


Lucas stood on the balcony, the young man feeling the darkness and heat surrounding him.

He stood alone, his bronzed chest free of his shirt and jacket, its smoothness showing a soft sheen of sweat.

The night was still warm, a soft breeze giving more warmth than coolness.

He stared up at the sky, the night filled with stars, twinkling lights of unimaginable greatness shining down.

"The angels are holding their choir practice tonight." a voice said, Lucas feeling two hands going to his naked shoulders, their masculine touch echoing into his soul.

"They have nothing to sing for, Justin." Lucas said, Justin leaning against the young man, Lucas feeling his warmth behind him.

"My grandmother always said that the dark of night was the rehearsal time for the angels. That we had nothing to fear from darkness. That in its depths angels were singing. All those stars are their twinkling smiles. It always helped me to sleep at night, envisioning a choir of angels rehearsing. I wonder how many were off-key?" Justin said smiling, the man met with only silence.

"A hell of a night, Lucas." he said, Lucas turning in his arms, the young man staring into his blue eyes, Justin's silhouette shaded against the lights coming from the room behind them.

"One of the biggest, Jus." Lucas said, leaning back against the stone railing of the balcony of their bedroom.

"You left rather urgently, Lucas." Justin said, moving and standing beside his friend, leaning against the railing as well.

"I. . .I couldn't face them, Jus. It. . .it was all new to me. Their faces. . .their eyes. . .their. . .their truths." Lucas softly said, Justin's arm going around him.

"I know, Lucas. I can't imagine what you felt in that room. Seeing them for the first time, hearing their voices, their emotions, their words. It still seems amazing to myself."

Lucas lowered his head, Justin looking at him.

"Why did you walk away, Lucas? We all saw the emotion on your face, the hidden emotion on their faces as well. They were just as emotional as you." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Jus. They've been lost for a long time. I think I've been lost even longer."

Justin stared at Lucas, seeing the young man's emotional state, feeling a soft tremble in his body beside him.

Lucas moved, his body going against Justin's, the man wrapping his arms around him, Lucas' head sinking against his chest, Justin holding him close.

"I want to sleep forever, Jus. I want to find that darkness. And I want the angels to be silent." Lucas said, a soft sob coming from within him.

Justin held him, the young man beginning to cry against him.

"I love you, Lucas. We all love you. They'll love you too." he said, Lucas now sobbing against him.

Justin held him, his eyes meeting two other sets of eyes staring at the two, Lance and Josh now standing in the bedroom's balcony doorway.

"He needs you, Josh." Justin said, Josh moving across the balcony, Lucas sobbing as he felt his man's arms going around him, his familiar love folding around him.

"I. . .I can't see them, Josh! I can't let them know. . .they'll. . ." he sobbed, Josh holding him tightly, Justin's tear-filled eyes meeting his friend's blue.

"It's alright, my love. The night's over. It's sleep you need. You need rest, my love." Josh said, rubbing his back, Lucas' head against his clothed chest.

"I'm so tired, Josh. I feel them all. . .all here and hidden." he softly said, Lance's green eyes meeting Josh's blue, Justin's arm going around Lance's waist.

"You're heart goes everywhere, my Lucky. Let's get you to bed." Josh said, beginning to guide the young man back into the bedroom, Lucas silently letting his love lead him.

Justin and Lance followed, the two watching Josh lead Lucas to the bed, the young man still clinging to his muscular body.

Lucas remained silent at the edge of the bed as Josh removed his pants and socks, guiding Lucas into the large bed, the young man disappearing under the covers.

Josh moved, climbing into the bed as well, laying beside Lucas, the young man moving, Josh's arms going around him, the man holding him.

"They are so real and beautiful. Their love is. . .so. . ." Lucas softly said, his violet eyes closing, his head against Josh's chest.

Josh held him, feeling his man relax against him, feeling Lucas' sudden deep exhaustion.

Josh's eyes met Lance's, the man smiling softly at him.

He and Justin sat down on the end of the bed, both looking at the young man laying against Josh's chest.

The three sat in silence, Josh sensing Lucas' quick fall into slumber, the young man sinking more into him.

"He fell asleep fast. I felt his exhaustion on the balcony." Justin softly said, Josh nodding at him.

Josh gently moved, Lucas not waking, the young man's breathing relaxed and soft, sinking back into the pillows when Josh rose from the bed, the man covering Lucas' naked form, Justin and Lance both watching his tenderness and rising as well.

The three quietly walked out onto the balcony, Josh's blue eyes on the young man's sleeping form in the bed.

"Hell of a day, Joshy." Justin said, his arm going around Josh, Josh nodding.

"You were right, Josh. Lucas was hiding something. Something totally unbelievably amazing." Lance said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"I still can't believe it, Lance. Lucas' parents are back, returned from wherever they were." Josh said, Justin nodding.

"And I sense it was Luke that did it." he said, Lance looking at his lover.

"We can't be sure, Jus. Yes, Lucas was aware they were coming, that's obvious. But we don't know all of the truth. Even his parents didn't seem totally sure of where they'd been or how they returned to Kurucu's Haven." Lance said.

After Lucas had left the Receiving Room, the two were introduced to everyone, Savannah's eyes going often to Josh's blue.

His relationship with Lucas was revealed, the two quietly staring at him.

The two seemed overwhelmed as well by the surrounding strangers, their relationships to their family and Lucas revealed as well.

The two seemed just as in awe of everyone surrounding them as everyone else was with them.

Francesca had taken charge of everyone, the woman's warm heart and giving love sending them all to their bedrooms, the night's wonderment on all their minds.

The group had disbanded, going to their rooms, the day ending with mystery and uncertain truths.

They all hoped for opening answers from the young man who'd left first.

Perhaps in the morning Lucas could shed some light on all of it.

Justin had left first, going in search of his friend, at Josh's request.

Josh and Lance were part of the last group to leave, following Lucas' parents and grandparents up to their rooms.

Savannah's violet eyes had met Josh's just before he'd walked into his bedroom.

"I. . .I feel his love, Joshua." she said, her husband standing at her side, Emerson and Francesca behind them.

"I've felt it since the first moment I stared into his violet pools, Madam." Josh said, the woman nodding, her husband staring at Josh.

"Goodnight, Joshua." she said, Tristan's eyes lowering, Josh seeing a soft concern on his handsome face.

Josh had entered his room, Lance following him.

There they'd found Justin and Lucas on the darkened balcony.

Here now they stood on the balcony, Lucas asleep in bed.

"I don't understand any of it, Lance. All I care about is Lucas' safety and his emotions." Josh said, Justin pulling him close.

"We all care about that, Joshy. We all saw how greatly this affected him. Everyone voiced their love and concern for him. His emotions are on edge." Justin said, Josh nodding.

"Yes, Jus. He's upset about something more, I believe. There's something else going on. That's what's tearing at his soul. And I'm going to find out what it is. I won't let him fear or hide what's going on. I love him too much to let him be hurt by any of this, or anyone." Josh said, Lance moving forward, pulling Josh against him and Justin, the man wrapped in his friends' warmth and love.

"We all love him, Josh. We only want our loving Lucas as himself. Whatever's going on here won't stop that man from showing himself always." Lance said, Josh nodding, sinking against his friend's chest, Lance's green eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Right now you need to be against your Lucas, and you need our love close as well, you both do." Justin said, Josh raising his head, Justin's lips meeting his.

"Come on, Joshy. Let's get to sleep." Justin said, Lance smiling as his lover guided Josh back into the bedroom, Lance's eyes following the two, the man turning and looking out into the darkened night, staring down at the gardens below the balcony.

His green eyes scanned the darkness outside, their keen centers catching a moving shadow in the darkness below.

It moved for only a moment, the blackness then swallowing it.

Lance stared for a moment, then walked into the bedroom, closing and locking the balcony door, staring quietly out into the darkness through its window panes.


Two green eyes stared around the room, the man seated on the bench in front of the fountain, before the circle of hierarchy and history.

His green pools took in the statues of marbled beauty including his own, the man sighing, staring at his family's history.

"You can come out, old friend. The darkness cannot hold your love." the man said, his eyes looking towards the statue of Joshua Belmont, a form moving out of the darkness between it and Emmanuel Belmont's statue.

"You are the only one who's ever been able to seek me out of the shadows, mon ami. Your intuition is astute and calculated." Jacques Gambon said, his brown eyes meeting Tristan's green pools.

His friend smiled softly at him, Jacques walking up to him slowly, sitting down beside him on the marbled bench.

"The circle of life, of truth and history. You should be in bed, mon ami. Life returns to you and so does truth." Jacques said, his eyes meeting his friend's emerald pools.

"I could not sleep, Jacques. It has been a night of returned life indeed." Tristan said, Jacques nodding his head.

"Indeed it has, Trist. Indeed it has. And I stand corrected."

"Corrected? About what, old friend?"

"About your intuitiveness. There is another who's even greater of intrigue and magic." the man said, Tristan's eyes meeting his.

"Why has the path changed, Jacques? This wasn't supposed to be. . .he wasn't. . .he isn't what I thought. . ."

"He's more, Tristan. He's even greater of life than you ever were." the man said, his brown eyes staring upwards at all the masculine heirs of the Belmont clan.

"Than any of you were." Jacques said, Tristan looking around the darkened cavadeum.

"How much does he know?" Tristan said, their eyes meeting again.

"I have no idea, Tristan."
"What do you mean? Have you not been guiding him since?" the man said, their eyes meeting again.

"I only walked into this home today, Tristan. I only talked on the telephone with him only yesterday. He has been walking alone all of his life." the man said, Tristan's eyes widening.

"I left him alone?!" the man said, Jacques' hand going to his shoulder.

"He was not alone, Tristan. That boy's never been alone. The magic breathes within him."

The man beside him lowered his head, Jacques staring at him.

"He must. . .I must tell him, Jacques! He can't walk into destiny alone!"

"He isn't alone, Tristan. I feel something even greater than his magic."

Tristan stared at his old friend.

"I feel his love, Tristan. It is even greater than that which you gave him. That which all of you gave him."

The man beside him stood, walking up to his own statue, staring up at his own handsome face.

"We are not loving, Jacques. None of us are genuine in our truths when compared to him. How can he understand that? How can I face him with such a truth?"

The Frenchman stood, walking up to his friend, his hand going on his shoulder.

"By being the man you've always been, Tristan. Your son's love is an extension of your own. He is who he is because of what you gave him."
Tristan's eyes met his friend's.

"He's. . .he's gay, Jacques. My son. . .my son is gay." he softly said, Jacques staring at him.

"He has not Haven's desires, Tristan. He is not a barbaric demon. He is a man of deep love. And I see as deep a love in the man that loves him. As deep as the love you and Savannah possess. And I sense an even greater love surrounding him. Your gamble has paid off, Tristan. The plan worked all too well, even more so."

The man stared up at the statues surrounding him, taking in their marbled faces.

"Will he hate me at the end of it, Jacques? Will he understand my decision?"

The man's hand squeezed his shoulder.

"They both will, Tristan. For it was filled with love."

The man lowered his head again, nodding it.

"Yes, for their love, for all of us I had to risk it." the man said, his head raising again, staring at his friend.

"What took us, Jacques? Where did we go?" he said, the Frenchman staring at him with thoughtfulness.

"I do not know, my friend. Perhaps he could shed light on it."

The man nodded, staring at his friend.

"Haven isn't going to give up, Jacques. And that means my son is in danger. A danger perhaps I have created."

"No, my friend. Haven created that danger on his own. And you saw the eventuality of it. Your son sees it as well. I see the courage in his violet pools. They are as intense as your love's own." Jacques said, Tristan smiling.

"I should return to her. She will be missing me."

"I have never been without you."

The two men turned, Tristan staring into two violet pools of deep love, Savannah standing in the corridor leading into the cavadeum.

"I knew you'd go here, my love. Your eyes are the gateway to your soul. I saw the troubled depth of your thoughts." Savannah said, walking up to her husband, Jacques smiling at her.

"I did not see you follow my love, Frenchie. As stealth as always, I see." she said, the man smiling at her, kissing her cheek.

"Your man walks in clouded thoughts, dear Beauty. I always protect him." Jacques said, Tristan smiling at him.

"The hour is late, my love. Our bed awaits us." Savannah said, Tristan's arms going around her.

"Long have we not slept in such warmth and softness, my love. I was just concerned about the night's newness." Tristan said, Savannah nodding her head.

"I share the concern, my love. And I am lost at what I saw in his eyes."

Tristan and Jacques traded looks.

"What did you see, Savannah?" Jacques said, the woman looking at her old friend.

"I saw a great fear, and a great love. And I saw something more." she said, Tristan looking at his wife.

"What, my love?" he said, Savannah kissing him softly on the lips, Jacques smiling at their showing love.

Savannah broke the kiss, their eyes meeting.

"I saw the world, my husband. Our son is beyond life and love. I think he's everything." she said, the three staring at each other.

"Can it be, my love? Can the truth be so real?" Tristan said, Savannah staring at him.

"There is more realness in the world than what we've seen, my love and my friend." she said, both men nodding.

"Tomorrow begins the path again, Tristan. Only this time it's very crowded." Jacques said, Savannah nodding her head.

"Yes, Frenchie. And our son is the nexus." she said, Tristan nodding.

"What will he think of us, Savannah?" Tristan said, his wife's hands going in his.

"That is for his heart and his mind to decide, Tricky. We can only be ourselves. We must have faith in his destiny." she said, the other two nodding.

"Come, the hour is after three. Let's get some rest." she said, the three quietly moving towards the corridor, walking back towards the foyer.

Behind them in the cavadeum a shadow moved between Emmanuel and Joshua Belmont's two statues, two softly glowing eyes disappearing in the darkness.


Josh felt a lifting veil cross his eyes, the clouded moments of first awakening flooding his mind.

He also felt a warmth surrounding him, two hands laying against his chest.

He murmured, the man feeling the warmth surrounding him closing in more.

He felt a wetness on his neck, two soft lips kissing the crook of his neck.

He softly moaned, the hands on his chest moving downward, Josh moaning more when he felt one hand rubbing against his center, the other rubbing the elastic band on the boxer briefs he wore.

"Mm, babe." he softly said, the man feeling a warmth against his backside, and a hardness.

Josh moved in his awakening sleep, his hand going behind him, feeling the warmth of the body against him.

"Mm yes, babe." a soft voice said, Josh moving slowly around, pulling the body beside him against him, his hands moving across a smooth chest.

Josh felt a hand slink into his briefs, wrapping around his grown hardness, Josh softly gasping.

Josh's hands went downward, his own hand rubbing against a long shaft hidden by briefs.

"Oh, Lucas!"
"Oh, Jus!"

Two sets of eyes flew opened, Josh staring into two green pools of widening surprise.

Lance stared into two blue pools not belonging to his Justin.

"Oh, Lance! I. . .I thought you were my Lucky!"

"Josh? Oh God! I'm sorry!" Lance said, staring into his friend's blue surprised pools.

Josh stared at his friend, a soft smile then crossing his face.

"I don't think you're that sorry, Lancy. You don't want to let go of your prize."

Lance felt his hand still wrapped around Josh's hard shaft in his briefs, the man's green pools widening.

"Oh, sorry! You feel just like Justin." Lance said, releasing his friend's hardness, pulling his hands out of Josh's briefs, Josh moving his hands off Lance's large cloth-covered center.

"And you feel like nobody I've ever met." Josh smiled, Lance blushing more.

"I was sleeping against Jus when I fell asleep. How did you end up against me?"

"By my vacating the bed. And Justin's rolling ways."

The two men's eyes moved, staring into two violet pools looking down at both of them.
Lucas stood at the end of their bed, the man standing in a robe, smiling down at both men.

"Good morning, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at only him.

"Not as good a morning as you were about to have, my beauty."

Josh blushed, Lance blushing again as well.

"Relax, my loves. You were drawn to the warmth and love. And here Justy had to miss it." Lucas said, the two men looking towards where Lucas was glancing.

Justin lay beside both men on his back, his smooth chest on full display, the man's soft snore sounding in the room.

"I awoke against his love and smoothness. He travels to the love all night." Lucas smiled, the other two smiling at him.

"How are you, my love?" Josh said, the man rising out of the bed, Lucas' eyes taking in his man's muscled beauty and morning state.

"Well, I'm not stuck in first gear like my man, but I'm happy." Lucas said, handing his lover a robe he'd picked up off the bed, Josh blushing, Lance's green eyes staring at Josh's muscled form and showing love.

"It's beautiful, Lancy. And it may be yours as well. All our love is yours." Lucas smiled, Lance's green pools meeting his violet.

"I can only handle my Jus at the moment, Lucky. His love overwhelms me, yours would make me explode."

Lucas smiled, Josh's arms wrapping around him, the man smiling as well.

"We'd be drenched, Bass. You're packing a rocket!" Lucas said, Josh laughing, Lance blushing but smiling, the man pulling a blanket over himself, his body moving towards his Justin.

Justin murmured in his sleep, his lover kissing his lips.

"Wake up, my Justin. Our loves are awake." Lance said, two blue pools opening into his green.

"Morning, love. What time is it?"

Josh glanced towards the nightstand clock, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"It's eight-thirty, Jus." Josh said, kissing Lucas on the lips, Justin's blue eyes watching both.

"The love started without me?" he said, Lance's arms wrapping around him.

"Fat chance of that, babe. You're the center of our love."

Justin smiled, his lips meeting Lance's, their friends smiling down at them.

"I've already showered, guys. I've laid our your clothes. I believe I heard the Mavises down in the kitchen earlier. I sense breakfast could be at hand." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his violet, his arms pulling him close.

"A new morning, my love. And a new family awaiting you."

Lucas nodded, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"And love surrounds me. That can get me through anything." he said, the three men staring at him.

"What time were you up?" Josh said, looking into his man's eyes.

"Not long, as life goes. The day's warm and sunny. I've unpacked shorts and tees for all three of you. Let's get moving." Lucas said, Josh nodding, looking towards Lance and Justin.

The two men in the bed smiled, rising up from under the blankets, their toned smooth bodies rising towards their friends.

Lucas smiled, taking in their showing love.

"I see why you went for it, babe. It's a beauty! And Timberlake's at full mast. I think I'll run a flag up it!" Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance both standing together, their centers on full tented display.

"Went for it? What do you mean, Luke?" Justin said, Lance kissing his cheek.

"I'll tell you in the shower, babe. I think it will get even more of a rise out of you." Lance said, Lucas smiling and handing both a robe each.

"Shame to cover the love when we all love to see it." Lucas said, Justin and Lance both smiling, seeing the love in Josh's and Lucas' beautiful eyes.

"Calmness, Carver. It's yours anytime." Justin said, smiling at him, blowing him a kiss.

"Lucky me. And we've all lucked out with the green-eyed monster." he said, all four beginning to laugh, Josh smiling as he pulled his robe on.

Lucas smiled, opening his robe, throwing it on the bed, three sets of eyes scanning his naked body, the young man smiling as he dressed quickly into boxer briefs, shorts and a polo shirt, slipping sandals onto his feet, smiling at Justin.

Justin's eyes had taken in all Lucas' showing beauty, the young man totally comfortable in showing himself to the three he loved.

"I'll meet you three downstairs, shortly." Lucas said, smiling at Josh.

"Alright, Lucky. Sure you don't want to wash my back?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet eyes winking at Justin and Lance.

"Share the water, guys. My Beamy loves a good lathering." Lucas smiled, the young man walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

The three men smiled at each other, Lance walking up to Josh.

"He seems relaxed and happy, Joshy." he said, his arm going around Josh's waist.

"He does, Lance. He seems his old self." Josh said, Justin walking up to the two, smiling at his friend.

"His love's still there, Joshy. And he loves all three of us."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"So who wants the front or the back?"

Lance smiled, slapping Josh's butt.

"I've felt the front, I'm aiming for a nice wet back."

Josh laughed, smiling at his two friends.

"You guys go first, I sense your desires brewing. I'll join you when you've calmed down."

Justin grinned, taking Lance's hand in his.

"There's more than enough of us to go around, Joshy. We love you, and trust you. And Lucas loves all of us. See you shortly." Justin smiling, Josh smiling as Lance and Justin walked into the bedroom's bathroom, leaving the door open behind them.

Josh stared towards the closed bedroom door, the man sighing.

You've left me surrounded by their love, my love.

But what surrounds you?

I see the love still there, but I sense the fear and pain as well.

I believe the morning meal will be very filling.

I love you, Lucas.

I won't let you fear anything.

Our love is all you need.

Josh smiled, the man pulling off his robe, removing his boxer briefs as well, as he walked towards the bathroom's open door.

Onward to the next adventure.

It starts with opening friends' hearts, and it continues with my opening love for all three of you.

I'll give you all everything.

Josh smiled, walking towards the newness of his friends' opening love.


Three friends sat together at the long dining room table, the trio surrounded by friends and family.

Josh's blue eyes met Lance's green, the two smiling at each other.

Lance hadn't been totally surprised by Josh's joining him and Justin in the shower, the man staring at his friend's naked beauty as he took the soap out of Justin's hand.

"Love begins with showing beauty. I only wish our Lucky was here. He's loved both of your visionary beauty."

Justin smiled, meeting Lance's green eyes.

"Enjoy him, Lance. His love is as beautiful as his body."

Lance had smiled, the three joining under the water, their inhibitions gone, their hands moving with wet happiness.

Lance smiled at his Justin seated beside him, the man's eyes filled with blue happiness.

The three had enjoyed their time together, no real sexual desires flowing.

The earlier hardness of their love had abated, but it still showed a half watching self-awareness.
Lance indeed saw the beauty of Josh's giving beauty and love.
And he held no jealousy towards him and his Justin's former love.

He saw only two men who didn't use him, who didn't possess him.

They gave their beauty as their love.
With showing gentleness and giving love.

The three now sat in the dining room.

Lance smiled, Josh's smile returned.

Josh's eyes went around the room, staring at all the quiet faces, the room suddenly blanketed in a quietness of uncertainty.

Everyone was there except Lucas.

That had surprised Josh when he'd walked into the dining room, Grayson meeting him with a smile at the door.

"Good morning, gentlemen." Grayson had said to the three, Josh's eyes scanning the room.

"I assumed he'd walk in with you, Joshua." the lawyer had said, Josh staring at him.

"He said he'd meet us here." Josh said, Justin looking at him.

"Actually he said he'd meet us downstairs, Joshy. He didn't give a time or place." Justin said, Josh nodding, Lance smiling at him.

"You know our Lucas and his grand entrances. The man's nothing if not larger than life." the man smiled, Josh smiling at him.

His eyes met two sets of green pools, Emerson and Tristan looking towards the three men.

"Good morning, sir." Josh said to Emerson, the older man walking up to him.

"None of that sir stuff, Joshua. I'm Emerson. Soon to be grandfather to you." the man said, Tristan looking at Josh with confusion.

Josh blushed, looking around the room.

He saw Savannah with her mother and sister, Trish and Andrew in the center of the three, Andrew showing the face of introduced engagement, the man smiling with blushing nervousness.

"I see the ladies have trapped our dear Andrew. I'd run if I was him." Finn said, the man and Skyler walking up to the three musicians.

"Morning, Finny." Lance said laughing, Finn smiling at him.

"Where's our Lukey, guys? Is he alright?" the man said, surprised that the young man hadn't walked in with the three.

"He's fine, Finny. I assumed he'd be here as he left before us." Justin said, the Welshman smiling at him.

"So your farting drove him out of bed?" Finn said, laughing, Justin blushing, looking towards Josh and Lance.

Finn laughed, slapping the man on his back, smiling at him.

"Relax, Timberlake. I could smell you from our room three doors down." Finn said, two arms suddenly wrapping around him.

The man was knocked to the floor by Lance, his fingers finding the Welshman's armpits, Finn screaming with surprised laughter.

"Stop Bass! Get off me!" he screamed, Josh and Justin laughing, Lance's smiling face looking up at them.

"No one makes fun of my man's saucy aroma, Delaney!" Lance said, continuing to tickle the man, Finn gasping for air.

"That's enough, my hero!" Justin said, Lance smiling and releasing the man, Finn gasping on the floor.

Into the room walked Alain and Harry, followed by Joey and his wife, and the two Chrises.

"Ooh, is this the buffet?" Alain grinned, looking down at Finn laying on the floor.

Finn blushed, looking up at the black Adonis.

"I'm using my fingers! I want to rip apart those crab legs!" Alain said, everyone around them laughing, Skyler laughing as she helped her man to his feet, Finn's face covered in redness.

"Who has seafood for breakfast?" Finn said, staring at Alain.

"And who wants Welsh crabs?" Chris Kirkpatrick said, Chris Pine rolling his eyes as his Chris' laughter filled the room.

Finn blushed more, his Skyler's arms going around him.

"I see food I love." she said, everyone awing as the two kissed, Joey and Chris gagging, their soulmates slapping them both on the back of the head.
Emerson smiled at the gathered group, the younger people smiling back at him.
"Ah the essence of youth! The waters of the fountain of happiness! This house is alive with youthful happiness. Now where is my grandson?" the man smiled, his son's eyes meeting his.

"He said he'd join us downstairs, Emerson. I don't know where he's gotten to." Josh said, the older man nodding.

"He'll walk into the happiness then. Come, let's have coffee and await him." Emerson said, Francesca's arm going in his, the women having joined the group at the doorway.

Josh's blue eyes met Savannah's violet pools, the two staring at each other with soft smiles.

"How found your first night of returned slumber, Mrs. Belmont?" Josh said, the woman smiling at him.

"That's a name I still haven't gotten used to, Joshua. Please call me Savannah." she said, Josh nodding, smiling at her with more relaxed warmth.

"Alright, Savannah." he said, two green pools meeting his blue.

"And I am Tristan, Joshua." Lucas' father said, Josh nodding his head.

"And I'm just Josh, everyone. I'm Lucas' Josh." the man said, Tristan looking at him with quiet thoughtfulness.

"Let's sit down everyone." Vivian said, Henderson's arm going around her.
"The Mavises have created another feast everyone. I swear I'm gaining weight!" the man said, everyone smiling and laughing, heading towards the table.


Here now they awaited Lucas, the young man still nowhere in sight.

Emerson sat at his end of the table, his son and daughters on his right side, Tristan and Savannah seated beside Vivian and Henderson, Tristan at his father's right arm.

Francesca sat at his left side; Josh, Justin and Lance seated beside her, one empty chair between Josh and Francesca awaiting Lucas' presence.

"A grand morning, everyone! My family is whole, my life is complete!" Emerson said, everyone around the long table smiling towards him, seeing the total happiness in the older man's smiling face, that face showing a revitalized energy.

Emerson's green eyes met his son's and daughters' staring eyes, his wife's hand going on top of his.

"It is good to be in my home again, Father. I walked most of it this morning. It is as I've long remembered." Tristan said, his father smiling at him.

"It had fallen into quiet decay, the past sinking deeply into my soul. I revitalized all of it for my grandson's coming love, Tristan. His love revitalized even myself." Emerson said, Tristan's green eyes meeting his own green.

Emerson smiled at his son, his hand patting his shoulder.

"His love sinks into your soul, Tristan. I have never seen someone so deep within the magic or the greater love." Emerson said, Francesca smiling at her husband.

"His love pulled me out of the darkness as well." she said, Tristan and Savannah staring at her.

"What happened to you, Mom? What was that monster we saw that night?" Savannah said, Tristan's eyes meeting Emerson's own.

"That is the evilness that surrounds all of you."

Everyone's eyes turned, widening in surprise.

Josh stood up, staring at the small figure standing in the doorway.

A little girl stood there, her small cherub face staring at everyone, two blue eyes of youthful beauty staring now at Josh.

He moved from the table, walking towards her, the young child staring at him.

Her long blond hair shone in the morning sunshine cascading in from the foyer.

Everyone stared at her as Josh stopped a few feet in front of her, the man going to one knee, kneeling to her level.

"Who are you, little one?" he said, staring at her with soft surprise.

"I've come across the veil, sir." she said, everyone rising from their seats, Tristan and Savannah joining hands and staring at the child, her blue eyes meeting theirs.

"You are free of his own accord, parents of his love. His love freed you into this life." she said, Josh staring at her.

"Why are you here, little one?" Josh said, the young child staring at him.

"You have to help him, Joshua." she said, Josh rising to his feet, staring down at her.

"Where is my Lucas?" he said, his face showing concern.

"He wouldn't let any of you feel it. He is so giving."

Josh stared at her, seeing a single tear falling down her cheek.

"He'll need your love, Josh." she said, staring at the man.

Josh moved, going to his knees again, staring at the little girl.

"What is wrong? Where is my Lucas?"

The girl stared at Josh.

"The evil returned. He has done battle again." she said, Josh's face flooding with worry, Justin and Lance moving from the table and joining their friend, Lance staring down at the child.

"What can we do to aid him?" Lance said, the child looking up into his green eyes.

"One cannot aid one who can't be hurt." she said, her blue pools meeting Josh's again.

"His love is so beautiful, Joshua. The waters of his love protect all of us." she said, her face changing into a wide smile, the child disappearing in front of Josh.

Everyone stared in shock, Josh rising from his knees.

The man turned, staring at Justin and Lance.

"Let's move, everyone! We have to find him!" Josh said, the man moving out of the room, everyone moving as well, following him in earnest.

Josh didn't make it far, the man stopping in the middle of the foyer entrance in front of the grand staircase.

His blue eyes were staring upwards, everyone stopping behind him, two sets of green eyes staring upwards as well, both showing a look of total awed wonder.

In the center of the two grand staircases, on the level where Emmanuel Belmont's portrait hung, stood a tall figure of noble character and muscled beauty.

"He's been hurt!" the man said, Josh's eyes on the man the other carried in his arms.

Lucas lay across the man's muscled center, his muscular arms holding the man in protective love.

Josh moved, taking the stairs two at a time, meeting the tall stranger as he walked forward, Josh's arms taking Lucas into his own, Justin and Lance both at their friend's side, Lance staring at Lucas's bruised face, his violet eyes closed.

"What's happened to him? And who are you?" he said, his green eyes staring into two blue pools of intense staring warmth.

The man holding Lucas released him into Josh's loving arms, everyone around him and below him staring at his handsome face.

"He has done battle upon the field of truth, upon the plains of destiny. Greater a valiant warrior have I never seen. The beast and the evil were greatly surprised. The waters flowed over both of them." the man said, Emerson and Tristan staring at the man standing beneath their ancestor's painting.

"Who are you, sir?" Emerson said, the man staring down into his green eyes.

"I am the Watcher." he said, the man vanishing before them all.

Everyone stared in shock, Josh going to his knees, his Lucas in his arms.

"Wake up, my love! Please wake up!" Josh said, his hand on Lucas' cheek.

Lucas' eyes fluttered, his eyelashes flickering, then his eyes opening.

Josh stared into two pain-filled violet pools, a soft glow showing in both.

"I'm. . .I'm alright, my love. I. . .I fought. . .and I've found. . .the answer." Lucas said, his eyes closing again.



End of Chapter 78


And so our Lucas seems to have done battle somewhere.

Where did he disappear to?

Who was the stranger named the Watcher?

Is Lucas deeply hurt?


The foursome of love are bonding together more.

Three shared a shower, four share hearts.

Let the love evolve and let the mysteries deepen.


Onward to the next path.

And the joining of Lucas's family under one union of strength.

Lucas will join them all, his love the adhesive.


But first, truths need to air, the past ended.


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