Yesterday's End-81

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Chapter 81


Everyone's eyes were on the handsome man standing at the steps leading off the veranda.

His green eyes were locked with Lucas' violet pools.

Emerson's and Tristan's identical green eyes were staring with shocked confusion at the handsome vision standing before them.

And the identical set of emerald pools--that everyone was drawn to--were showing a softer confusion as well, Lucas seeing that easily.

"Why. . .what am I doing here, Lucas?" the man said, staring at his great-grandson, Lucas' violet pools glancing around the silent veranda.

"You have been drawn to the truth, Grandfather."

Finn moved across the veranda, having risen from his seat, walking up to Lucas' side.

The young Welshman's eyes were on the man standing before everyone, his blue pools then going to Lucas' shining violet.

"That. . .that's your freaking great-grandfather, Lucas?!!" he said with awed uncertainty, staring at the man attired in a union soldier's uniform.

"He is an ancestor of my love, Finny. There's nothing freakish about that." Lucas said, still staring at the man, Finn blushing a  bit.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Luke. I didn't mean anything derogatory by it. It's just so. . .so. . .!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Yes it is, Finny." Lucas said, his eyes glancing towards his grandfather and father.

"Welcome back into the other world, Grandfather Joshua." Lucas said, walking out of Josh's arms, Josh and Finn trading looks, Josh's eyes on his Lucas as the young man walked across the veranda, stopping before the soldier standing erect at its end.

"I. . .I am not allowed to visit here, Lucas. It is. . .I cannot." Joshua said, his eyes glancing around the veranda, the man staring at the remembered familiarity of the place, everyone still staring at him is silent awed wonder.

"You can do as you see fit, Joshua. As your soul sees fit. Remember, I showed you the truth of that." Lucas said, smiling at his ancestor, the young man's hand going upwards, resting against the man's heart covered by his uniform.

The older man's hand raised up, laying against Lucas' own hand, his green eyes staring into Lucas' violet.

"It. . .it cannot be, Lucas! I have walked the path of shadows lost. . .and now I'm lost in your revealing words."
"What do you feel, Joshua? What do you feel within you?" Lucas said, removing his hand from his great-grandfather's chest.

The man's green eyes moved, looking towards his own son and grandson, Emerson's green eyes filled with wet emotion, Francesca's arm going around her husband, the woman feeling his inner emotions.

"I feel real, Lucas. For once in so many years of lost wandering I feel real." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your soul draws you forward to the realness denied you, Joshua."
The man's green eyes showed soft wetness, staring at Lucas.

"Your love draws me to this life, Lucas." the man said, Lucas smiling, his violet eyes moving back to his father and grandfather.

"You have been denied his love for many years, Father and Grandfather. Speak from your hearts."

Emerson stared at his grandson, then at his own father.

"Father, is it. . .are you. . .?" Emerson said, the man moving, his own son following him, Francesca and Savannah trading looks, both staring at their husbands as the two men walked to Lucas' and Joshua's standing confrontation.

Joshua's green eyes moved from Lucas' violet, the younger man watching all three as they stared at each other.

"My. . .my son. I see the forever familiar beauty of your love shining in your green irises. It has been long since I felt it." Joshua said, Emerson's eyes showing more wetness.

Joshua's green pools went to the youngest of the three, staring into Tristan's identical emerald orbs.

"Your beauty resonates in your own son's likeness, Tristan. And I remember the joy of your laughter and your shining smile, my grandson."
Tristan smiled widely, the older man smiling at him, Lucas smiling at all three.

"The Trinity unites, as it never was supposed to. I give you this moment wrapped in my love." Lucas said, the three looking towards the younger man, their eyes meeting again.

"Oh, Father!" Emerson said, the oldest looking of the three moving, wrapping his arms around his own father, Joshua Belmont, who showed a youthful beauty equal to his own son Tristan's youthful looks.

Joshua embraced his own son, Tristan moving, his arms going around the two, everyone on the veranda staring in quiet silence, watching three of a family unite under the umbrella of Lucas' love.

Lucas watched the tender moment, the young man lowering his eyes, Lucas feeling three sets of arms going around himself.

He raised his head, meeting two sets of blue shining love and a set of emerald green love.

Lance smiled at his friend; he, Josh and Justin had surrounded the younger man, Lucas feeling their hands on his shoulders and waist.

The three joined together before them separated, their green eyes meeting each other's, Joshua smiling at both men.

"Father, this was a moment I never thought we could have! You went on to. . ." Emerson said, Joshua's hand brushing his son's wet cheek, smiling at him and Tristan

"My ever emotional Emmy." Joshua said, Emerson smiling with warm love at his father, Tristan smiling as well.

"And my stalwart, courageous Trist. As handsome and calm as the day I last saw you. The day of. . ." Joshua said, trailing off.

"The day of your transition." Lucas said, three sets of green eyes meeting his violet pools.

Joshua broke his hold on Emerson, staring at his great-grandson, everyone else's eyes still staring at the man.

Joshua tentatively looked around, the man showing a look of nervous confusion.

Lucas moved from his soulmates' arms, Justin and Josh trading looks, Lance quietly staring at the young man as he walked up to his great-grandfather.

The young man's hand went to the older man's shoulder, his own grandfather and father showing tearful eyes of love at the two of them.

"I think you should sit down, Grandfather Joshua. Sit in the nexus of the love denied you." Lucas said, the older man staring at him with confusion, seeing so much love in the younger man's violet pools.

"Alright, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling at the three men, Emerson's hand going to his father's shoulder as well.

"Sit down with us, Father." Emerson said, the man nodding his head.

The three moved towards Francesca and Savannah, the soldier staring at both who softly smiled at him.

The three men sitting down together on a couch, everyone staring at them, a lot glancing towards Lucas as well, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"Sit down, everyone. Please. I have to open the truth shown to us today." Lucas said, everyone nodding, looking towards the three, everyone returning to their seats in silent wonder.

Lucas' violet eyes moved to his three of love, Justin and Lance nodding towards him, the two returning to their couch, Josh standing beside Finn, the Welshman having walked over to him.

"Sit, Finny. Your love shows." Lucas said, the Welshman nodding, returning to his Sky's arms, his blue eyes watching Lucas.

Lucas moved, walking up to his Joshua, Josh's arm going around him, his blue eyes staring at him with protective love.

"I'm alright, my love. Sit with Justin and Lance, please. I am healed and I am loved. Others need the same."

Josh nodded, staring at the love-filled eyes of his soulmate.

"Alright, my love. But my love watches."

Lucas smiled his Josh smile, his soulmate kissing his lips, Josh moving to Justin's and Lance's couch, the two separating, Josh sitting down between them, Lucas smiling at his lover's surrounding love.

Lucas backed up, the young man leaning against the railing again, everyone staring at him.

Three sets of green eyes stared together at Lucas, the young man sighing.

His beauty seemed to enhance, his focusing violet eyes filling with love.

Lucas stood alone in the truth surrounding him.


Lucas' violet pools went around the veranda, staring at everyone staring back, the young man feeling their surrounding love.

"I am surrounded by family and love. This day I always dreamed of." he said, everyone softly smiling towards him, three sets of green pools showing a glistening love.

Lucas' violet eyes settled on Reverend Lewis' staring blue pools, the younger man smiling at him.

"How finds your faith this evening, good Reverend?" Lucas said, the minister smiling at him with watching wonder.

"It's ever-changing, Lucas. And you and they add to its whole." Lewis said, staring towards the three men seated together.

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Magic intertwines with one's faith, Lewis. Its visions perhaps add to its core."

The minister nodded, staring with awed fascination at the young man standing before him.

"Your magic draws the faith out of all of us, Lucas. You shine and show us God's love."

Lucas nodded, looking around.

"I show only my own love, Lewis." he said, Josh, Justin and Lance smiling at Lucas.

"And that love is magical and ever-giving, Lucas." the minister said, the young man smiling around.

"I show my love to all, everyone. My faith I've shown to no one." Lucas said, the minister staring at Lucas with quiet confusion.

Josh's blue eyes were staring at Lucas with total love, the man seeing the younger man's soul shining.

"I believe in God, good Reverend. I believe in the giving kindness of his love. But I also believe in my own self. As I also believe in my family's own self." Lucas said, his violet eyes staring at his family seated together.

"God believes in you, Lucas." Reverend Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him again.

"You're speaking on God's behalf now, Lewis?" he said, the minister smiling back at him.

"I speak for his love. God speaks for his own self."

Lucas nodded, staring at the minister.

"You show his love, Lewis. That and your faith echoes in all our hearts." Lucas said, the minister smiling at him, Lucas smiling back.

"I see your heart also speaks for its own self. Ask your questions of need, good friend of my parents." Lucas said, Lewis' eyes going to Savannah, then Tristan.

The minister's blue eyes centered back on Lucas' violet pools, the man of faith showing a look of needful determination.

"You. . .you spoke of your shown Grandfather Joshua's transition, Lucas. Transition from and to what?"

Lucas' eyes went to his Grandfather Joshua's green pools, the man seated between his own son and grandson.

"From Being to Guardian, Lewis." Lucas said, everyone staring at the handsome soldier seated between Emerson and Tristan.

All three sets of eyes looked around, then lowered.

"Being? Guardian? You've spoken those names before, Lucas." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Yes, Trish. Two of the three I named as part of the Trinity." Lucas said, his family's green eyes raising, staring at the young man standing alone.

"I've reasoned out the importance of that triad of necessity, Grandfathers and Father." Lucas said, Emerson's green pools staring at Lucas with surprise, Joshua's green pools looking with guarded concern, Tristan's showing confusion and outright concern.

"Calm your souls, my family. I am not in danger as you fear."

The three traded looks, Lucas staring at all three.

"You are delving into things we don't fully understand ourselves, my grandson. We. . .we do not want you hurt, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his grandfather's green.

"I know, Grandfather. I know the complexity and the danger of what imprisons you."

Everyone's eyes went to the three, showing surprise.

"Imprisons, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his friend's blue.

"Yes, Finny. The three of my family--of my heritage--are imprisoned in a prison of destiny." Lucas said, Joshua rising from his seat, Lucas staring at him with showing determination.

"Sit down, Grandfather. Please. Let me reveal what must be revealed." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him.

"They or you know not of what my soul's endured, Lucas. I will not let you defile the core of our existence." Joshua said, two others rising behind him.

"The core of your existence is hidden from you, Joshua. But I see it easily. For it's a part of my own self."

The soldier stared at Lucas, the older man feeling two hands go to his shoulder.

"Sit back down, Father. Our Lucas' truth needs showing. I sense we are all in for some truths." Emerson said, his father's eyes meeting his.

Joshua stared into his green pools.

"Your emotions always showed in your eyes, Emmy. I see your total devotion to his showing us something we must accept as fate." Joshua said, Tristan's hand rubbing his grandfather's shoulder.

"My son's eyes show more, Grandfather. Mine show your own mirrored resolve. I think we should listen with open minds." Tristan said, Joshua's green eyes moving to his grandson's green pools.

The two stared at each other, Joshua's green eyes moving back to Lucas' staring violet pools of focused love.

"Your father's eyes show his courageous heart, which mirrors my own, Lucas. But you father's also show a greater faith in them than mine ever possessed. I will. . .I will listen." Joshua said, the man moving back, sitting down, Tristan's and Emerson's green pools meeting Lucas' again.

The two returned to Joshua, the three seated again.

"Thank you, Father. For voicing a greater reasoning. I am not here to threaten you or to give you any reason to guard against me, Grandfather Joshua. I am here to give you hope."

"Hope, Lucas?" Lewis said, his blue eyes staring towards the three quietly staring at Lucas.

Joshua's eyes were now showing a greater confusion.

"Yes, Reverend. Hope for a greater life and a greater love."

"What greater life is there than one filled with love, Lucas?" the minister said, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Exactly, good Reverend. What is life without love?" Lucas said, his eyes returning to the three of emerald courage.

"I have reasoned out the validity of the Trinity. Of what it is and what it encompasses." Lucas said, the three showing surprise, their eyes meeting each other's.

"What is it really, Lucas? You said it was a prison?" Sean said, Lucas smiling towards Finn's father.

"For all purposes it is a locked path of destiny, Uncle Sean. A path three must walk. Three planes of higher atonement." Lucas said, the three seated together staring at him.

"Atonement for what, Luke? " Lance said, Lucas staring towards his three of love, meeting Lance's green pools.

"Atonement for something not of their doing. Three lost in an entrapment of magic and destiny."

"We. . .we are not as magical as you state, Lucas. We are not like. . ." Emerson softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"Like myself, Grandfather?" Lucas said, Emerson nodding slowly, Tristan's green eyes lowering.

Lucas stared at his father, then looked towards his mother.

The younger man sighed, Lucas' body turning, the man staring out into the now darkened night, everyone staring at him.

"I guess perhaps I have an even greater destiny than all three of you. And perhaps a greater atonement lays ahead for myself."

Josh began to rise, Lance's hand stopping him when he saw Lucas' father rise from his seat, the man walking towards his son.

Josh sat back down, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green with protective emotion.

Lucas felt the hand go to his shoulder, the young man turning and staring into his father's green eyes.

"I see the truth and acceptance in your eyes, Lucas. And I see something more surprising. Something I never thought I would ever warrant." Tristan said, the man's eyes lowering from the gaze of love he stared into.

"You see my love, Father. And you see no forgiveness for none is warranted." Lucas said, his father's eyes raising again, the two staring at each other.

"Your love is greater than any of us deserve, Lucas." Tristan said, tears falling down his cheeks.

"My love my family deserves always, Father. And my Joshua deserves the truest part of it. As do others."

Josh was in tears, hearing the depth of his soulmate's stated love.

Lance and Justin were in tears as well, both rubbing Josh's back.

"You. . .you are so loved, Lucas." Tristan said, the young man smiling at him.

"As are you, Father. My mother's heart is yours, her soul joined with your love. And I now have both of you here in my soul."
Tristan teared up more, his son's hand going to his shoulder.

"Fear not what is unknown to you, Father. I have your father's and your grandfather's love as well. I am indeed truly real. And one day I promise you that the same will befall all of you. I will give my life and my love for that."

Tristan stared into two softly glowing eyes of violet love, the older man stepping back.

"Lucas. . .you can't risk that!" Tristan said, Lucas staring at him.

"I will risk everything to see this righted, Father." he said, the young man turning and staring back at two other green-eyed men, his grandfather and great-grandfather showing tears of deep confusion and love.

"I know the truth now, all three of you. I know the path you walk and I know what I am."

Reverend Lewis rose to his feet, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue pools of showing faith.

"What. . .what you are is love, Lucas." the minister said, his eyes showing the depth of his faith.

"I am real, Reverend. I am a man and I am real. And I have a magic instilled in destiny. And I have a greater life hidden within me. And I have a magic that may destroy the fabric of life and destiny, and yes, faith." Lucas said, his father backing up a bit, Lucas staring at him.

"Your own risk worked, Father. Only you created something that even I may not be able to control. Only one thing well ever control the hidden life and destiny within myself."

"What. . .what is that, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting two sets of blue love and a set of green love.

"It is my Josh's love. And the greater love I need." Lucas said.


Josh rose from his seat, Justin and Lance both staring at Lucas, Josh walking up to his lover, his arms going around him.

"You're rattling all of our souls, my love. The confusion of your words are trembling within all of us." Josh said, the man seeing a trembling emotion as well in Lucas' still softly glowing violet pools.

"I'm sorry, my Joshua. I'm. . .I'm trying to stay strong, to focus on the truth! The hidden uncertainty is latching onto my soul!" he said, Josh moving forwards, their lips meeting, Lucas feeling his man's love flow through him.

Everyone sat in silence, Tristan standing beside the two, watching Josh's love calm his son.

After a few moments, the two men parted, Lucas' face showing a calmed love again, his violet eyes opening, their usual beauty showing.

Lucas smiled, Josh softly kissing his lips again.

"Thank you, my love. Your love I feel echoing through my soul. The balm of calm." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas. This is trembling through you. I don't think you should continue." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I must go on, my love. My family needs me." he said, Josh nodding, the man's blue eyes moving, meeting Tristan's green.

"I love my Lucas, sir. I am not happy with what he's doing, but I will abide by his decisions in regards to his family. He knows my love is always here for him." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man.

Lucas' eyes went to Lance and Justin, the two seeing the love directed at them.

"My son's heart is yours, Joshua. And his family loves him."

Lucas smiled at his father, Tristan walking back to his own grandfather and father, the man sitting down beside them again.

Josh's eyes met Lucas, the man's arm going around him.
Lucas' violet eyes went around the veranda again, resting lastly on Reverend Saunders' blue pools.

"I am alright, Lewis. My love's love calms my soul. And it's filled with love, faith and life." Lucas said, Lewis nodding his head, the minister sitting down again.

Lucas looked around the veranda again, the young man's body going erect, Josh feeling his lover's calmed soul and focused love.

"I am indeed real, everyone. I've voiced that a couple of times, I guess I just needed to hear it from myself to make it true." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"You and your love are real, Lucky. I feel both always."

Lucas smiled, staring at his family.

"I being real, I have perhaps focused the three seated before us in a new light." Lucas said, Finn's blue eyes meeting his.

"Are they not real, Luke? Are they. . .are they Shades?" Finn said, everyone's eyes moving to the three seated together, the three feeling their staring judgment.

"No, Finn. They are not Shades. They are real in their love, in their courage and their one joined soul." Lucas said, the three men staring at him.

Everyone traded looks, Josh's arm going around Lucas tighter.

"One joined soul?" Lewis said, Lucas nodding, still staring at his family.

"In the truest sense perhaps yes, Reverend. For the three are entrapped within a Trinity not of their making. A continual Trinity of my family's soul." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek again.

"Elaborate, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I will, my love. And to do that I need to explain what I now believe the Trinity is."

"What is it, Lucas?" Vivian said, her eyes going to her sister, Savannah staring at her husband.

"They are a part of a greater purpose. A greater destiny. I believe they are on a path to an ending truth. And perhaps a greater horror."

Josh turned Lucas in his arms, their eyes meeting.

"Horror, Lucas? What do you mean? Is there danger for them. . .for you?"

Lucas smiled at Josh, Josh seeing a determined calmness in Lucas' violet pools.

"There is danger for only one soul. And I mean to help that soul any way I can."

"Who's in danger, Lucas?" Joshua said, Lucas looking towards his great-grandfather.

"That I haven't totally reasoned out, Grandfather Joshua. But I've narrowed it down to three." Lucas said, the three sets of green eyes meeting his violet.

"I will not let any of my family be hurt, Lucas." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at his ancestor.

"You show your love in your giving soul, Grandfather Joshua. It indeed is within you."
Tristan and Emerson looked at the man seated between them, Joshua staring at both.

"You told us before that Joshua was searching for his soul, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"He believed he was, Lance. Only he was misguided."

Joshua stood up again, Lucas staring at him.

"I am my own man, Lucas. I always have been. I would never let anyone stay me from the course of my destiny."

"One cannot fight against an invisible foe, Grandfather." Lucas said, his grandfather looking at him.

"Invisible, Lucas? You mean. . .the evil?" Lewis said, his eyes and others scanning around the veranda.

"Yes, good  Reverend. The evil that has enslaved my family, in many twisted ways." Lucas said, the young man staring at the three of his heritage.

"That evil has always surrounded us, Lucas. It lays hidden behind lies and falsehoods. We have never been able to escape its vileness."  Emerson said, Lucas looking at his grandfather.

"You were never destined to escape it, Grandfather. For it hungers for someone else."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's eyes meeting his.

"I am outside the Trinity and I am free of the evil, Josh.  And I will see that evil gone from my family's soul." he said, staring at him, his face showing his protective concern.

"Outside the Trinity, Lucas?" Henderson said, Lucas looking towards his adoptive father.

"Yes,  Dad. I was not born into the cycle of destiny. Rather, I was created as the nexus of that destiny's fate."

"The nexus, Lucas?" Lewis said.

"Yes, good Reverend. I am an enigma within an unwanted reality." Lucas said, his violet eyes staring at his father.

"Unwanted reality, Lucas?" Horace said, Lucas looking at the doctor, the man standing behind Grayson's couch, he seated with Jacques and Lewis.

"Yes, sir. What I represent is unwanted by the evil. I am something that was never supposed to be thrown into the equation." Lucas said, Josh looking at him, Lucas smiling softly at him, seeing the confusion on his face and on others.

"The equation is good against evil, right against wrong, the past against the finalized future." Lucas said, his eyes looking towards his family.

"The finalized future, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas nodding towards his friend, his eyes still on his father and grandfathers.

"Yes, Finny. My family's future had always been destined to end in one way. And that way was the sating of the evil's needs. Only now I am changing that destiny. For I am going to fight for a different future for all of us."

Josh turned Lucas in his arms again, the young man staring at him.

"How long have you known? How. . .how long have you known the danger I sense ahead?"

Lucas sighed, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"All my life, Joshua."
Everyone looked surprised by Lucas' words, the young man's arms going around his Joshua.

"Lucas, I. . .I don't like what you're saying." Josh said, his eyes showing a deep emotional look.

"I'm sorry, my love. Danger lays on my path. But it's a danger I must face. And it's a concise danger. If I do as I seem to believe I must, there will be in truth no real danger to me."

"What do you mean, my love?" Josh said, Lucas' hands rubbing his back, soothing the concern flowing through Josh's soul.

"I mean that I know what may be asked of me, what I was created for. And I am learning it from a hidden soul."

Lewis stood up again, the minister walking up to the two men, Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

"You talk of good and evil, Lucas. Of your being created for something. Are you. . .are you a vessel of God's guiding hand, of his guiding love? Are you an instrument of his divine challenge against evil?"

Lucas smiled at the minister with calmness, the minister staring at him with awed wonder.

"I am only myself, Reverend. And I am the nexus of my family's hope."

"Their hope, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas looking towards the three men staring at him with shimmering green eyes.

"Yes, Josh. I am the hope of their freedom. Of all my family's freedom."

The three men stood again, all their green eyes showing deep emotion, Tristan's the most emotional.

"I am the weapon to destroy the Trinity, my ancestors. I can free you all from your destiny."


Everyone stared at Lucas with confusion, three men walking up to Lucas, Josh and Reverend Saunders.

"That. . .that is impossible, Lucas! For two thousand years our family has hoped for that! It. . .it is unobtainable!" Emerson said, Lucas staring at his ancestor.

"Nothing is impossible when it is faced with love, Grandfather." Lucas said, the man's green eyes showing deep emotion.

"Lucas, my father. . .my father speaks truth." Tristan said, Emerson's arm going around his son, Tristan's emotions shown to all.

"It is impossible for another reason, Lucas." a third voice said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting Joshua Belmont's green pools.

"That reasoning of your own existence, Grandfather Joshua? Or the lack thereof?" Lucas said, Joshua stepping back a bit, Lucas staring at him with a look of deep love.

Joshua lowered his eyes, Emerson and Tristan staring at the man standing between them.

"The path is ending for me,  Lucas. And it continues for my son and grandson. The end comes to all as it has been preordained." Joshua said, the man moving from the three of his family, walking over to the veranda's railing, everyone staring at him, then their eyes going to Lucas.

The young man moved, walking up to his great-grandfather, stopping behind him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"There is no end for any of you, Grandfather Joshua. The essence of your reality goes on, I truly believe that." Lucas said, the man turning, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"We. . .we've never known, Lucas! My father, his father, all of us! We've never known what lays at the end. After the triad of truth. I. . .I do not know what befell my own father, or my grandfather. Of any of them from Alsarius to my father Emmanuel." Joshua said, Lucas pulling the man against him, Joshua crying into Lucas' chest, the young man staring out into the dark night in front of him.

"Does anyone know what awaits them out there in the darkness of the continuation of life? That is the answer only one can provide." Lucas said, Reverend Saunders staring at him with reverence and awe.

"God answers all our questions at the end, Lucas." the minister said, Lucas' head turning, staring at the man of faith.

"Yes, Lewis. Love awaits all on that final journey." Lucas said, his great-grandfather moving back from his chest, wiping his eyes.

"I. . .I am sorry, Lucas. I have never been so moved like that." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Hope moves the most courageous soul, Grandfather Joshua." Lucas said, the young man's arm going around the older man, Lucas' eyes moving around, staring at all the returned faces of staring confusion.

"My family remains in mystery and emotional entrapment. I'll try and shed some light on what's going on, everyone. Please sit down again, everyone. I've wandered us off the path for a moment." Lucas said, everyone nodding, returning to their seats, the three Belmont men moving slowly back to theirs, all eyes again on Lucas, the young man looking around at everyone, smiling at his Josh, Josh returning to his seat with Justin and Lance, the man seeing Lucas' calmness again showing.

"I believe I was going to explain the Trinity, and its purpose and reality to all of you." he said, Finn staring at his friend.

"What exactly is it, Lukey?" Finn said, looking towards the three Belmont heirs.

"It is as I said a trap, a trap of imprisonment. Three souls locked together in a destined reality."

"Your father, grandfather and Joshua were deceived?" Finn said, Lucas looking towards his ancestors.

"No, Finn. This trap was sprung many years ago." Lucas said, his eyes staring at Joshua Belmont, the man's eyes locked on his.

"Years ago, Lucas? How many years?" Lewis said, the young man sighing again, looking at the minister, his eyes going around to everyone.

"Next year it will be two thousand years, everyone."

The minister gasped, as did others, Josh staring at the three men seated together, their three heads lowering as one.

"The Trinity has enslaved all of my brethren. From Alsarius Belgras up unto my own father." Lucas said, all eyes going to the three men now, Lucas moving and standing before all three.

"Am I correct, Grandfather Joshua?" he said, three sets of eyes raising, all three staring into two violet pools of calm love.

"Yes, Lucas. You are correct. The Trinity is the bane of all of us. For we are trapped within our destiny. And our destiny is atonement." Joshua Belmont said, Lucas softly smiling down at all three men.

"Your destiny was always--and still is--life, Grandfather. All three of you before me--and all our ancestors gone ahead--lived life. I see life living before me. Even in death your lives still continue."

"They're. . .they're dead, Lucas?" Finn said, his blue eyes wide with shocked awed emotion.

Lucas turned, looking around at everyone, the man sighing again.

"My grandfather Joshua died almost two hundred years ago, Finnegan. But his soul still is charged with its task. My grandfather Emerson and my own father live life as do we all, albeit an extended one. But all three are filled with love, courage and soul. And I am thankful for all of their love."

All three men showed tearful eyes, Finn standing up from his seat, pointing at Joshua seated in the center.

"He's. . .he really is a Shade!" Finn said, Lucas looking towards his friend.

"Not exactly, my friend." Lucas said, Finn looking confused, others staring with awed confusion at the young man.

"I'll try and explain it for all of you so you understand." Lucas said, Finn slowly sitting down again, Skyler's arm going around her man.

"Let Luke talk, Finn." she said, kissing his cheek, Skyler's eyes going to Lucas' violet.

"You have our undivided attention, Lucas." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her, then Finn, the Welshman softly smiling back.

Lucas moved back to the veranda's railing, leaning against it again, looking around at everyone.

"I believe it started with my ancestor Alsarius Belgras. He was the first trapped within the Trinity. Or to be precise, the trap of evil's intent. A creative trap of cunning evil. What lays at the end of that triad of destiny is perhaps conjecture, or perhaps painful denial or lost hope. Only they that walk to that end know the answer of that. I'm hoping to find its truth and not allow it to ever happen again." Lucas said, his ancestors staring at him.

"There is no end to it, Lucas. We have all seen its ending come, for our ancestors, and soon for ourselves." Joshua said, Emerson looking at his father.

Lucas looked at all three.

"That's where I believe you're wrong, Grandfather Joshua. For I believe I am the one to end all of it."
"You can't Lucas! There is no ending!" Tristan said, Lucas looking at his father's emotional face.

His violet eyes looked around at everyone, the young man focusing on everyone's tentative faces.

The young man folded his arms, focusing on all of them.

"The Trinity is a triad of three individuals. The Creation, the Being and finally the Guardian. Three joined of destiny, but also one of one path." Lucas said, Josh meeting his violet eyes.

"One of one path, my love?" Josh said, Lucas staring at his man.

"Yes, my Joshua. For the three are one and the same."


Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, all eyes going to the three men seated together, those three men showing emotional faces, all their eyes on Lucas.

"That's impossible, Lucas! There can't be only one! There are three men seated before us!" Harry said, Lucas looking towards his cousin.

"Sorry, Harry. I phrased that wrong. I meant to say that all three have followed the same path. They have--or will--walk through all three destinies."

Josh looked at his man, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Three destinies, Lucky?"

"Yes, Josh. Three stages if you like. Three stages of a solitary path. Each of my ancestors from Alsarius' own son up unto my own father have been destined to go through all three."

Everyone's eyes returned to the three, all three now staring at Lucas.

Lucas walked forward again, facing his three family members.

"I deduced that from your father's journal, Grandfather Joshua." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes meeting Lucas.

"My father wrote that journal all through his life, Lucas. He was the only one who had the courage to save the past, to. . .to leave it for another."

"He wrote it specifically for me, Grandfather." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him.

"I. . .I cannot believe that, Lucas. I. . .I remember the day after his passing into the Guardianship. I found that journal in his desk. It was blank. I had seen him writing in it often, for hours. I just couldn't believe it was blank." Joshua said, his eyes going to his own son's green pools.

"And then my son deduced that perhaps what he'd written there was shrouded in magic. Perhaps indeed left for someone else. My son or my grandson could not see the words either."

"But I can, Grandfather." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes showing clouded worry.

"I. . .I cannot understand why, Lucas. What. . .what have you learned of our past?" Joshua said, Lucas softly smiling at his ancestor.

"I have learned of my ancestor's courage, and his love for life and his Kavinus. And for his son Togarus. And their returned love for him."

Joshua nodded, looking at his great-grandson.

"We all learned of the beginnings of our fate, of our family. Father was the only one who chose to record it for posterity."

"He didn't record it for posterity, Grandfather. He wrote it for destiny." Lucas said, Joshua showing surprise on his face, Emerson showing the same look, Lucas' eyes meeting all three.

"I was always destined to find that journal, everyone. For your father was guided to write it, Joshua. And your son was guided to guide it to myself."

All three looked shocked, Lucas walking back to his Josh, Josh staring at him.

"How can that be, Lucky?" he said, Lucas staring at him, then his violet eyes moving around the veranda.

"Because I've reasoned out that perhaps there are two paths running through all of this. The path of the Trinity and perhaps another path." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"What path is that, my love?"

"I'm not entirely sure, Josh. All I know is that I feel that there's something else going on through this. The path of destiny is perhaps a duality unto itself."

"You're speaking riddles again, my love."
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Sorry, everyone. Just thinking aloud." Lucas said, his eyes going to his family.

"As I said, I learned much from the journal. And it is indeed a book of magic. For every time that I have read from it I have been taken into the truth of my family's past.  For this morning's attack showed me the truth of that past."

"The truth, Lucas? What. . .what did you see?" Emerson said, Lucas looking at his grandfather.

"I read the moments of my ancestor's entrapment. And this morning I was drawn to that same tomb, to see the truth of what entrapped him. The evil that resided there. And the evil that follows all of you. For I met that evil and I fought it and its beast. As Alsarius once did.  Only I escaped."

Josh's arm tightened around Lucas, Lucas feeling his protective love.

"Lucas, if that evil can trap you. . ." Josh said, Lucas seeing the worry in his eyes.

"It could, Josh. But now it can't." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Joshua's green pools.

"It can't now? Why not now?" Alain said, Lucas looking towards the black man, his arms wrapped around Harry.

"Because I found the answer in a surprising place. I felt it in the touch of someone else." Lucas said, everyone looking at each other, Josh's arms pulling Lucas close to him again.

"Someone touched you, Lucas?"
"Yes, Josh. There's an underlying truth that was hidden from me, and from my family."
"What truth is that, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas looking like he was deep in thought.
"My family's very unique, Josh. They have destiny and magic flowing through them. And I believe someone else has as well." Lucas said, his eyes meeting the three of his family.
Others stared at them in wonder, some staring in quiet reflection.

"Some of us do indeed know that, Lucas. And we accept its unbelievable reality." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at the Frenchman.

"Your love for my father I see in the reality of that statement." Lucas smiled, the Frenchman looking at Tristan.

"We were dear friends, still are, mon ami. I fault him not for his reality. His love lives long." Jacques said, Tristan smiling at him.

"Yes, their love lives long. And it begins with magic." Lucas said, his family staring at him.

"With magic, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas nodding at his friend.

"If you remember, I told you the story of Alsarius' imprisonment, and of Kavinus' as well. And how Alsarius freed his lover from his prison a year after his own disappearance."

"Yes, you told us that, Luke. Of the man's saving him on the night of his execution. Of the two fleeing to Alexandria." Lewis said, Lucas nodding.
"Yes, good Reverend. I also told you of Alsarius' healing Kavinus, and of the two of them having a long life together. A life of love and family happiness."
"Yes, Lucas. You told us of the three. Of Togarus' love for both of them." Vivian said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"Yes, Mom. The ever-loving Togarus. Their son. Their son of love. And magic."

Everyone looked at Lucas.

"Magic, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"Yes, my Joshua. If you remember I told you of Kavinus' waking up in Alexandria, of finding his Alsarius alive and unchanged. Of the two of them uniting their lost love. Of neither of them giving up on that love. And together their love began the destiny. Began the Trinity."

"Their son Togarus?" Finn said, looking at his friend, Lucas' eyes on his family.

"Yes, Finn. If you remember I said that Alsarius guided Kavinus to another tent. And that in that tent a small child lay. That Alsarius told Kavinus that that child was the result of their unending love. That their love had created him. That child was the first Creation."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas still staring at his family, Joshua's green eyes staring deeply into the young man's violet pools.

"He. . .he was a creation of their love?" Lewis said, his voice sounding awed.

"Not entirely correct, Lewis. He was a creation of magic." Lucas said, his family staring at him with quiet emotion, everyone else showing surprise.

Josh's arm tightened around Lucas, the young man lowering his eyes for a moment, then raising them.

"The child was a creation of magic, the first creation. But his life was a life of love, a path of knowledge and understanding. His own fathers' showing love and courage creating a man of greater love. Up until the day of his becoming the Being and the creation of the second Creation. And the creation of the first Guardian. A Trinity of three creations. Three created on one day. On the two hundredth birthday of Togarus he became the Being, his father Alsarius passing into the light of death and becoming the Guardian, the guardian of his son Togarus and newly created grandson Ramius."
Everyone stared at Lucas, his truths sinking into their minds.

"And so the cycle began and continued, from Alsarius up to the present Trinity. My father the Creation, my grandfather the Being, and my great-grandfather the Guardian of the family's soul." Lucas said, staring at his great-grandfather, Joshua's eyes lowering from his love-filled gaze.

"My family members live a preordained cycle of six hundred years. Two hundred years of learning, loving and guidance, followed by two hundred years of guiding the next generation forward, and then the final path of two hundred years of silent guardianship, watching and protecting your children on their path. Three of destiny, one of one path." Lucas said, his family rising from their seats, staring at him.

"Such is the fate of all of us, Lucas. We have accepted our past and our future. We live and have lived as we are destined." Emerson said, Joshua staring at his own son.

"I walked that long path, Lucas. For five hundred and ninety nine years I have walked it." Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"So walked your own father, and grandfather, and all ten of my ancestors." Lucas said, Joshua nodding.

Josh turned Lucas in his arms again, staring into his violet eyes.

"This. . .this is unbelievable, Lucas! That your family. . .the path they walk. . .the past and the future!"

"Yes, my Joshua. It is unbelievable, but it is true nonetheless." Lucas said, his eyes turning, staring at his grandfather, Emerson's green eyes staring into his violet pools of love.

"Next year my grandfather will pass into the light, becoming the next Guardian. And my father will become the Being, guiding his future Creation onto the path." Lucas said, Emerson's eyes lowering.

"And Joshua, your great-grandfather?" Lewis said, staring at the uniformed man standing between his children.

"I will cease to be anything, Reverend." Joshua said, Lucas staring at the soldier.

"No, Grandfather Joshua. You will become what the evil needs, what the evil waits for."

Everyone looked at Lucas with confusion.

Joshua lowered his green eyes, Lucas moving, walking up to the man, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I will not allow that monster to have what it desires, Grandfather. I will do what must be done. And I will find the truth of the other path. For I believe it may hold the answer for all of you."

Joshua's eyes raised, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You cannot stop the Trinity's path, Lucas. I will fade into the shadows and my son will take my place. As will your father take his place, and another will be created to take Tristan's place." Joshua said.

"So it has always gone, Grandfather. But you only need to look at one anomaly on that path."

Joshua's eyes deepened with uncertainty, Lucas looking around.

"I am the anomaly, Grandfather. I am a creation outside the Trinity. But I have the blood of your family coursing through me. I am a Belmont and I am something more." Lucas said, his eyes going around the veranda again.

"I am born of my father's blood, but also of his love. Of his love for my mother. And my father, in the last resorts of his beleaguered soul and his imaginable heart, took a step of unimaginable fate. He did something that no other of my ancestors had the courage to do. He joined with my mother and created myself. For I am truly the first real Belmont. For I was created of flesh not magic. But the love resides in me. I am a man, I am magic and I am love."

"Lucas. . .you were never. . ." Joshua said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his green.

"I was never supposed to exist, Grandfather. But life, love and magic has a way of always changing. I am the representation of that change. For I am all three and I am something more." Lucas said, his eyes moving, drawn to two other violet pools.

"I love you, Father. And I love you, Mother. I see what both of you sacrificed."

Tristan's eyes moved, staring at his wife.

Savannah's violet pools lowered, Lucas staring at her.

"What they sacrificed, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas' eyes moving to his soulmate's.

"My father went against destiny, Josh. He went on faith and hope. And he was also led to his decision by destiny. I exist because of another destiny. And of something else that my father wasn't aware of." Lucas said, his eyes turning back to his mother, Savannah's violet pools showing tears, staring at Lucas again.

"I. . .I have never lied to your father, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I know that, Mother. Even you are not aware of it." Lucas said, Savannah showing confusion.

Lucas' eyes turned to his grandmother, Francesca staring at her grandson, his violet pools of love showing so much love.

"I have the magic of the Belmont destiny and the magic of the Carlisle heritage. And I have the magic of the void, of God's void." Lucas said, Lewis staring at the young man, his blue eyes going to Francesca's blue pools.

Lucas moved from his family, walking up to his grandmother, she staring at him with tearful eyes.

"It was easy for me to pull you back into this world, Grandmother. For it was easy for you to cross the void to begin with." Lucas said, the woman's eyes lowering, Lucas' violet pools going to his grandfather.

"Her love is yours forever, Grandfather. A Shade's love is forever."



End of Chapter 81


Oh, my!
Lucas' grandmother is a Shade?

What does that make her children, Savannah and Vivian?
And what about Lucas?


And what has that to do with Lucas' family?

It seems his family is a triad of destiny, three souls walking a long path destined to end in mystery.

And magic seems enshrined in all of them.


What can Lucas do about that?

The young man seems to be taking charge of his family.

How will that affect his relationship with Josh, and his budding relationship with Justin and Lance?


You know the drill.

Read on for the answers.


Hugs, Angel.