Yesterday's End-82

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Chapter 82


"You are very wise and intelligent, my grandson." Francesca said, her violet eyes staring at Lucas, his violet eyes having returned to hers.

Everyone's eyes were drawn to the woman, all showing awed surprise and wonder in their eyes.

"Mother, that can't. . .you can't be. . .it's. . .impossible!" Savannah said, her mother's eyes going to her daughter's staring violet, Vivian's blue pools staring at her mother as well with emotion.

"It isn't impossible, Mother. Nothing is impossible when love lays at its heart." Lucas said, his eyes looking towards his mother and aunt, then moving to his grandfather's green pools.

Emerson walked over to his wife, his arms going around her.

"I love her, Lucas. I have loved her forever." he said, Lucas smiling at his grandparents.

"I'm sure it seems that long, Grandfather. And I am sure the joined soul of it will indeed go on forever."

Tristan moved to his own wife, his strong arms going around her, Henderson's arms going around his wife as well, all eyes staring towards the older couple standing alone.

Emerson's green eyes met his father's, Joshua staring at his son with guarded love and concern.

"You knew of my love for her, Father. It transcended life." Emerson said, the uniformed man lowering his eyes, then raising them again, staring into two blue pools, Francesca staring at him with quietness.

"I should have recognized the depth of love shining back at me, dear lady. My great-grandson is indeed intelligent for seeing what was hidden before us."

Emerson's eyes lowered, Lucas looking between the two men, his violet eyes focusing on the woman staring back at him.

"I see nothing hidden, Grandfather Joshua. I only see a man's love for his soulmate." Lucas said, Emerson's green pools meeting Lucas' violet, the older man seeing his grandson's unchanged love.

In fact the man could swear that he saw that love had increased, Lucas' violet eyes glowing with a greater love.

Josh's arm went around Lucas again, their eyes meeting.

"What's going on here, Lucky? Is  Francesca a Shade? Is she. . .is she not of this world?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Are any of us of this world, Beamy? We are all only here for the briefest of moments, going on to other planes of faith and reality." Lucas said, staring at his lover, then around at everyone else, the veranda blanketed in silence.

Reverend Saunders was staring at Lucas with quiet awe, the young man smiling at him, his eyes continuing to scan around the veranda.

"I didn't realize it could turn so cold in the dead heat of July. This blanket of silence provides more warmth. The warmth of the unknown." he said, Finn rising from his seat, walking up to his friend, Lucas smiling at him.

"On another trek of wanting need, Finny?" Lucas said, his friend staring at him.

"You're. . .you're surprising the bejesus out of us, Luke! What's going on here, as Josh asked?" Finn said, Lucas seeing the look of awe on his friend's face.

"Life is going on, Finny. Life and love, and magic and destiny. And the courage of my family's soul." Lucas said, looking back at his family, Joshua standing alone between his son and grandson, and their partners of love.

"Their courage, Lucky?"
Lucas looked into Josh's blue pools of protective love, the young man sighing again, focusing on his family again.

"Yes, my Joshua. My father risked fate and destiny to join with my mother, to bring myself into this world. That love created the first real Belmont of life, flesh and love. My grandfather--in a more hidden way--did perhaps even more. For he aligned destiny on its true path."

Everyone's eyes went to Emerson, the man staring around at everyone, his eyes meeting Lucas' last.

"I believe I cannot hide anything from you, my grandson. I see that shining truth within your staring eyes, Lucas." he said, Lucas breaking free of Josh's hold, the young man walking up to his grandfather and grandmother, both staring at him with blossoming tears.

"You see only my love there, Grandfather. And my admiration." Lucas said, Emerson's green pools staring at his grandson.

"Your admiration, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing both of his grandparents on their cheeks.

"I admire anyone whose heart is so filled with love that they would carry that love and its beauty through all their long life. My father chose love over destiny as did you, my Grandfather. And we see the truth of that love standing before us today." Lucas said, his eyes going to his parents, both staring at him with tearful love.

Lucas smiled, moving to them, his arms going around both, both feeling his giving love.

"Thank you for creating me, for creating my love. And for giving me a life of love." he said, everyone showing soft tears at the touching scene showing before them.

"We. . .we love you, Lucas." Savannah said, the young man moving back, smiling at his mother, then his father, seeing their identical love shining at him.

"And I love you. For your love, for ours--and for theirs--we walk together on a path of love." Lucas said, releasing his parents, both staring at him with silent love.

The young man smiled again, walking up to his great-grandfather, their eyes meeting.

"I do not like the path you are forcing us to walk, Lucas. It could. . .it could draw a greater truth. . .and evil." Joshua said, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"Life is truth, Grandfather. And love can stand against any evil. And my love can protect everyone." Lucas said, the older man's green eyes lowering, Lucas releasing his hand from the man's shoulder.

The young man's violet eyes met Josh's blue, then moved and met Justin's blue and Lance's emerald green.

"My love is drawn from all your love. My love is greater than any evil."

The young man walked up to his grandparents again, smiling at both.

His violet eyes met Francesca's staring violet, the young man smiling with love at her.

"Shades before us are darkened with the past, but lit with the love that echoed from my grandfather's heart."

Francesca teared up, her violet eyes meeting her husband's green.

Lucas leaned forward again, kissing her cheek again, Francesca's eyes drawn back to his violet pools of love.

"Welcome back into the real world of his love--and ours--Grandmother Isadora."


Tristan Belmont's eyes widened in total shock, their greenness staring at Francesca Carlisle.

"That. . .that is impossible! You are not. . .you cannot be!" he said, his voice filled with total emotion.

Emerson's green eyes now met his son's emotion-filled green, the older man lowering his gaze from his son's shocked face.

The man felt a hand go to his shoulder, Emerson's head raising, staring into Lucas' violet pools, the young man at his side again.

"The truth is filled with love, Grandfather. They all love both of you." Lucas said, Emerson's eyes showing tearful emotion.

He felt Francesca's hand going into his, his eyes meeting her violet pools.

"I love you, Emmanuel. As they do. Open your heart to all of us." Francesca said, Emerson staring at her with love.

His eyes met his son's again, Tristan staring at his father with confusion.

"My life has been long, Tristan. You were there at its center, and for the last many years. I raised you in love, your mother and I loving you so much. And you easily saw the love I held for your mother. Up until her death when you were a mere lad of twenty-five in their years, or ten in ours." Emerson said, Tristan's eyes clouded with tears.

"I loved both of you, Father. My mother's love I still hold in my heart. As I hold yours, my adoptive mother." Tristan said, looking at Francesca.

"They are one and the same, Father." Lucas said, Tristan's eyes going to his son's violet pools.

"How. . .how can that be, Lucas? Father. . .how can that be?!" Tristan said, his eyes going to his father's green pools.

"We loved each other, Tristan. Her love was my soul, it still is." Emerson said, Tristan walking up to his father and his stepmother, Savannah following him, Vivian at her side.

Francesca's eyes went to Lucas', the young man softly smiling at her.

"You have been the foundation of their love, dear lady. Guide them to their hearts."

Francesca's eyes went to Tristan's green, the man staring at her.

"I am your mother, Tristan. I always have been. Even death could not stave me from your needs, from your life." she said, the man tearing up, staring at her.

"It. . .it can't be!" he said, her hand going to his cheek, the man staring into her violet pools.

His eyes widened as did others when they saw her violet eyes change to a softer blue, the woman's face changing as well, as did her features and hair coloring.

Tristan stepped back, staring with shock at the woman staring back at him.

"Mo. . .Mother!" he sobbed, the woman moving forward, her arms going around him, Emerson's green pools filling with tears.

"She was my life, she was my soul, Tristan. Her love would never leave me, could never leave me. We swore that together on the day we married. I just didn't know how greatly she'd hold me to my promise." he said, Francesca's eyes meeting his, their love showing for each other.

"It is the magic of her love, Grandfather." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him again, the man's blue eyes staring at the older different woman showing before him.

"Who. . .who are you?" Josh said, everyone else staring in awe at the woman, the question on their minds as well.

The woman looked at Emerson, then at Tristan, both showing tearful eyes, her smile directed at the younger of the two.

"I am Isadora Belmont. I was Tristan's mother." she said, Savannah's and Vivian's eyes widening, the woman looking at both with giving love.

"And I am Francesca Carlisle. The mother of my two angels of love." she said, her daughters staring at her with emotional surprise.

Lucas moved forward, his hand going to his father's shoulder, Tristan's eyes meeting his.

"It is true, Father. She is the mother of all of you. A soul of two lifetimes, a soul of one love. The love your father gave to all of you." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Emerson's green.

"Lucas is right, Tristan. I am your father. . .I am father to all my children."

Savannah stared at Emerson, the man's eyes showing their love.

"You. . .you can't. . .that's impossible!" she said, Vivian's face showing a look of emotional turmoil, the sisters' eyes going to their mother.

"Search your hearts and their love, Mother and Aunt Vivian. You are the children of these two of love." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him again, the man having returned to his side.

"Lucky. . .how. . .how is this possible?" he said, the young man looking around at everyone.

"Because love is possible, my Beamy. And love can do some selfless, beautiful things. The end means not the end when the love is unending." he said, everyone staring at him.

"Return to your seats, everyone. I'll try to explain the giving love of my grandparents' one soul." Lucas said, his eyes looking towards the older couple, Emerson nodding.

"And my grandmother will shed light on her even more giving love." he said, the young man watching as everyone sat down again, his parents and his aunt staring at him, the three quietly returning to their seats, their soulmate's arms wrapped around them.

Joshua's eyes met his great-grandson's, Lucas softly smiling at him.

The man returned to his couch, sitting down beside Tristan and Savannah.

Lucas smiled at his Josh, Josh releasing him, walking quietly back to his seat with Justin and Lance.

Lucas leaned back against the veranda's stone railing, his eyes meeting Reverend Saunders' blue pools.

"This is. . .this is the magic of God's love, Lucas!" he said, his voice filled with awed faith.

"God's love is in their hearts, Reverend. But a greater magic lays behind this." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his grandfather's, Emerson's eyes staring at him with thoughtfulness.

"A greater magic, Lucas?" Lewis said, the clergyman's eyes going to Emerson, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Lewis. The magic of destiny."

Lucas' eyes went around to everyone, everyone silent and staring at him.


"To understand this you need to understand the life of my family; of my father, my grandfather and his father, of the past and the destiny they are imprisoned within. They are creations of magic, of destiny and magic. The magic that was inflicted upon Alsarius Belgras, our ancient ancestor."

"Inflicted upon him, Lucas?" Harry said, the young man smiling at his cousin.

"Yes, Harry. For my ancestor was consumed by something down in that Egyptian tomb so long ago. Something lay there in wait, or perhaps in awaiting necessity." Lucas said, everyone staring at him in silence.

"He was consumed by magic, I believe. Whatever was left with him in that  tomb--after everyone else was murdered and Kavinus was pulled out of it--I believe is the core of all of this. A great magic of perhaps evil, or perhaps something else. I haven't truly reasoned that out yet." Lucas said, his hand going to the railing again, the book again laying there, Lucas picking it up.

"I'm hoping something in my family's past written herein with magic may give me the answer to that question."
"You're not sure it's evil?" Joshua said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his.

"No, I'm not, Grandfather Joshua. The magic and force behind it may be dangerous, threatening and consuming--and I'll treat it as such--but I believe something else may be hiding in the darkness. I believe my destiny is to find its secret, and to reveal that to my family and perhaps save my family from its imprisonment. That, I believe, is my real destiny." Lucas said, his violet eyes going to three people staring at him with protective love, his Josh's blue eyes in their center.

"But I digress from the wonder we see before us. The magic of a greater love." Lucas said, smiling at his grandparents; his father, mother and aunt staring at the two as well.

"You see before you two people who were always destined to find happiness in each other's love. Magic, life and destiny played a part in their love and in the love and continuation of life that followed."

"The continuation of life, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas smiling towards the minister.

"Yes, good Reverend. For their love was always destined to bear fruit. Regardless of what the evil had planned for both." Lucas said, his grandmother's eyes meeting his.

"It. . .it was evil wasn't it? Evil took me from. . ." she said, Tristan looking at her.

"I believe so, Grandmother. It was evil's conniving wretchedness that ended your original life, Grandmother Isadora."

Tristan stood up, staring at his parents, then at his son.

"My mother, she. . .she had a fall, Lucas! An accident of tragic consequences!" Tristan said, his green eyes going to her blue pools..

"Yes she did, Father. But it was no accident. I believe the evil that surrounds us dealt that tragic blow to my grandfather's soul. Only one other was well prepared for it. Weren't you, Grandfather Joshua?" Lucas said, two green eyes meeting his violet pools, Joshua staring at his great-grandson, Emerson's green pools meeting his father's green.

"What. . .what are you talking of, Lucas?" Emerson said, staring at his father, then at his grandson.

"You were so loved, Grandfather. By your wife, whose love is forever in your heart, and by your father, whose love created you. It was destiny that the two should join together in their love for you."

"What are you saying, Lucas?" Emerson said, his wife's hand going in his, she staring at him when his eyes met hers.

"What he's saying is that your father gave me the answer to the danger surrounding you, Emmanuel." she said, Emerson staring towards Joshua.

"I loved you, my son. You are the essence of my own self, as your own son is of yourself. I would do anything to see you saved from the agony of her lost love. I saw how easily she captured your soul and I saw the love she had for you." Joshua said, Francesca staring at her husband's father.

"I. . .I don't understand, Father." Emerson said, his father looking towards his great-grandson.

"I sense your grandson understands, Emmy." Joshua said, the man's eyes meeting Lucas', then lowering.

"I do, Grandfather Joshua. I understand the depth of your love for your family. For your son and grandson. And for the one who'd captured both of their hearts. And that love sensed the danger coming for your family. The toying danger of its evil need."
Joshua raised his head, staring at Lucas, slowly nodding his head.

"Yes, Lucas. My magic is more powerful than my son's or my grandson's. They did not sense the evil's intrigue. I had lived a life of courage and hard times. I have seen the evilness of life and its ways of danger. I was not home for long after a long absence when I sensed the approaching danger." Joshua said, Francesca rising from her seat, the woman walking over towards Joshua, the man rising from his seat beside Tristan and Savannah.

"I knew of the magic of your clan, Joshua. My love for my Emmanuel gave him the courage to tell me all of it. Of the mystery and destiny of your family. His life changed nothing in my soul. I loved him and I loved Tristan as my own. Not as the creation of magic he was but as the son I was given. He is truly a creation of my Emmanuel's love." she said, Tristan's eyes meeting his mother's, the man rising to his feet.

"What. . .what happened to you, Mother?" he said, the woman's eyes going to Joshua's, the older man staring at her.

Her hand went to her son's shoulder, the woman's violet eyes meeting her daughter's violet pools, Savannah staring up at her.

"I was on a path of destruction, Tristan. I and your grandfather sensed the evil's coming interference. I took the only path offered me. And so I went to your father and told him the truth."

"The truth of what, Mother?" Tristan said, another voice entering the discussion.

"The truth of her own magic, Father."

Everyone eyes moved to Lucas, the young man standing at the railing, moving from there and walking up to his father and grandmother, Emerson's eyes meeting his.

"Her. . .her magic? You were. . .you have magic?" Tristan said, Francesca staring at Lucas, then towards her husband.

She turned back to her son and her two daughters, Vivian having risen from her seat, Henderson rising to her side, the woman walking up to her mother and brother-in-law.

"Yes, Tristan. Yes, my children. I am magic." she said, Tristan's hand going to her shoulder.

"You mean you have magic." he said.

"No, Father. She is magic."

Tristan's eyes went to his son's violet, the young man's eyes meeting his grandfather's, then his great-grandfather's.

"When Isadora was your mother she indeed was real, Father. She was as human as I am. But fate and evil had its sights on her. Because of her interference in your father's life and in yours. Evil doesn't want you to love. And Grandfather Joshua sensed that. The two met in seclusion, you or your father knowing not of their meeting."

"Meeting? For what reason?" Emerson said, the man rising from his seat, the Belmont clan joining as one, staring at each other.

"To stave off the evil's path, Grandfather." Lucas said, his arm going around his grandfather's waist.

"It was not deceit or ill intent against you, Grandfather. It was your love that drew them together. For Grandfather Joshua would never stand by and see your soul and heart destroyed. It was he who devised the plan your loving Isadora brought to you, Grandfather." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes meeting his, the man staring at his son.

Emerson's eyes met his father's green, the younger looking man staring at him.

"For. . .for my love, Father?" he said with emotion, Joshua's hand going to his son's shoulder.

"I loved you, Emmy. I saw what was coming, be it by my magic or my soul I saw it coming. I thought this the only way for your love's salvation. And it did survive, didn't it?" Joshua said, Emerson's eyes going to his wife's now blue pools.

"It never ended, Father. Our love we swore to each other forever."

Finn rose from his seat, Lucas looking towards him.

"I see the look of puzzlement upon your face, Finny." Lucas said, his friend walking up to him.

"How. . .how can these two people be the same person, Lucas? Isadora is Tristan's mother, and Francesca is Savannah's and Vivian's mother. How. . .how is that possible?" Finn said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, that's true. Because both were the same person. Only each person was unto itself an individual love. And the center of both worlds was my grandfather."
Savannah's and Vivian's eyes went to Emerson's green, the man staring at both with love.

"Is Emerson your father, Savannah?" Finn asked, the woman looking around at everyone, her eyes meeting her sister's.

"I never remembered my father, neither did Vivian. Mother said he died just after Vivian's birth. A lost soul of love and destiny I remember you calling him, Mother." Savannah said, staring into her mother's now blue eyes.

"Is it true, Mom?" Vivian said, looking at her mother.

Emerson moved from Lucas' side, his arm going around his wife.

"Yes, Vivian. I am your real father." Emerson said, the two women standing before him staring at him with emotional shock.

"Why. . .why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you both tell us?" Vivian said, Henderson's arm going around her again, feeling his wife's emotional shock.

"Because we loved you, our children. We loved you with all our hearts. A parent's love is a protective love. We had to protect you all from the evil's seeking grasp." Emerson said, his eyes lowering from their staring eyes.

"A parent's love knows no end. As does a hidden one."

All their eyes went to the young man standing beside them, Finn looking at his friend.

"A hidden one, Luke?"

"Love follows all of my family, as does evil. I just have to reason out which has the upper hand." he said, his parents looking at him.

"Your parents had their reasons for living their lives apart, then together, then apart again. Love walks many paths."

"You know what all this means, don't you Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend, then back at his family.

"You can call it fate, life or perhaps something more. I call my family's past destiny. The intertwining paths of destiny." Lucas said, Finn's hand going to his shoulder.

"Meaning what, Luke?"

"Meaning that even my Grandfather Joshua and my grandmother were guided by something other than evil." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him.

"You've. . .you've said that before, Lucas." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Yes, I have, haven't I?" the younger man said, sighing again, looking towards his parents.

"Sit down again, everyone. I'll explain what I believe happened. But I'll need my grandparents' love surrounding me." Lucas said, Emerson and Francesca nodding their heads, their eyes showing their love.
Everyone slowly returned to their seats, Lucas returning to the railing, his grandparents now standing with him at his side.

"I am in the center of a great love. A love I find within my own soul for my loving Joshua." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's blue pools of love, then meeting Justin's and Lance's staring eyes.

Lucas' eyes turned back to everyone, the young man smiling.

"You see before you two people who fell in love at a tender young age. How old were you both then?" Lucas smiled, looking at his grandparents.

"I was twenty-one, Lucas. You father looked in his late twenties, his real age in his late fifties." she said, Emerson staring at her with love.

Everyone saw the look of love between them, their love on full display.

"Two souls of instant love, of love at first sight." Lucas said, his grandparents smiling at each other.

"Yes, Lucas. Your grandfather's beauty was as genuine as yours." Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"And your love shone in your beauty and your giving love."

Francesca smiled, Emerson smiling at her, his green eyes looking at Lucas.

"I told her on the eve of our own wedding of my true life, Lucas. I came to her on bended knee, seeking her love and forgiveness. Of wanting her to know the life she might have to endure. Of my life not changing, of hers continuing to its ending course."
"Of your outliving her, of your beauty not aging as fast as hers." Lucas said, his grandfather nodding, Francesca' hand going in his.

"I said that night that her beauty would never age for me. For her beauty was in the love of her soul and heart." Emerson said, Francesca smiling at him.

"And I said that his beauty would be seen in my eyes forever. And my soul would never age with his love within it. I loved him then, I love him now. Even here on the next plane." she said, soft sounds of emotional overcoming heard around the veranda.

"Love in its truest self." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's blue again.

"Yes, Lucas. Our love is forever." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at both again.

"And so she came to you with a plan, years later, in the time of danger. With a plan to perhaps keep that love forever."

"Yes, Lucas. It was on the night of another grand ball here, on the celebration of our thirtieth wedding anniversary." Emerson said, Francesca smiling at him with deep love.

"She told you of the danger coming, of the evil preparing to ensnare her with its final life-ending hands."
Emerson nodded, staring at his wife.

"A spell of magic she proposed, Lucas. A spell of magic created to save our love, to protect her into the next life, and to guide her back to me." Emerson said, Francesca's hand going into his.

"Our love could transcend life and the afterlife, my Emmanuel."

Emerson smiled, leaning forward and kissing her soft lips.

"You always called me that name, my middle name."
"I always sounded so beautiful to me, Emmanuel. So less corporate and stately as your birth name. It had an essence of romance and love." she said, Emerson tearfully staring at her.

"I was only as romantic as your love warranted, my Shade of love." he said, his eyes going to the three seated together again on their couch--Tristan, Savannah and Vivian staring at them.

"We did a selfish thing, our children of love. We cheated death with magic." Emerson said, Francesca's arm going around him.

Her blue pools met his green, she leaning forward and kissing his lips now.

"I decided on love over happiness. The magic we used sealed me from the door." she said, Lewis looking at the two.
"From the door?" he said with awed wonder, Francesca's blue pools meeting his.

"From the door to heaven, Reverend. I walked away from eternity to be with his love always."


Everyone stared in silent shock, one voice breaking their tomb of silence.

"You walked into love to have love, Grandmother. You created your own heaven."

Emerson and Francesca's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at them.

The young man's eyes went to his great-grandfather's staring green, the young man bowing his head.

"How learned you that magic, Grandfather Joshua? The magic you gave your daughter-in-law?"

The soldier stood up from his seat again, staring at Lucas.

"I. . .I came upon it by chance, Lucas." the man said, Lucas nodding his head.

"The chance of destiny. I see its fingerprints through all of this. Who are you, cunning angel of mercy?" Lucas softly said, more to himself, but everyone picking up on his every word in the veranda's tomb-like silence.

"Angel of mercy, Lucas?" Lewis said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"She stands beside me, Reverend. An earthbound angel of love." Lucas said looking at his grandmother, the minister nodding, Josh's blue eyes staring at Lucas in quiet silence, his thoughts on what Lucas had quietly said.

Justin's blue eyes were on him as well.

"How found you your magic, Grandmother?" Lucas said, the woman staring at him.

"My family was of magical essence, Lucas. I know not where it came from, only that my mother and grandmother were both well versed in the arts of good magic. It wasn't till I understood my husband's life and his heritage that I sensed there were others of this world with such blessings."

Lucas nodded, looking at Joshua.

"I am now of magical essence, given to me by all that went before me, on both sides of my heritage. Such is the path of destiny."

"You keep speaking of destiny, Lucas." Lewis said, the young man smiling at him.

"I think you only need to think about the paths walked, of the intricate paths combined and forged to see that it has all led to now. To the person you see before you. Myself. I am a creation of destiny."

Joshua walked up to the young man, staring at him.

"We all lived our lives, Lucas.  There was no destiny in that. And you aren't even supposed to be here."

Lucas stared into the man's green eyes, seeing his courage and love showing.

"I believe you have that wrong, Grandfather Joshua. I am exactly where I am supposed to be."

Lucas' eyes went around the veranda again, everyone staring at him.

"My grandparents fell in love, their love the next step upon the path."

"Our love was destined, Lucas?" Emerson said, looking at his wife, her arm going around him.

"Love is never destined, Grandfather. It is the essence of life. Your meeting was destined. For you were both of magic and of beauty. You both found everything you longed for in each other. A greater love than destined was created."
Both smiled at each other, Lucas smiling as well.

His violet eyes looked towards his parents and aunt, all three staring at him.

"Out of your love, two others were created. My mother and my aunt. My mother and my adoptive mother. Two to guide me and to love me. My Aunt Vivian the guiding force through my life, her love a mirror of my lost mother's."
Vivian teared up, Henderson's hand going to her shoulder, the man seated on the arm of her couch beside her.

"And my mother now joined with me, her love fresh in my heart and growing, to guide me forward." Lucas said, his mother's eyes blossoming with tears, Tristan's hand going in hers.

"And your love, my grandparents, was the love the evil needed to create the next child of its destiny, my father Tristan. For he is a creation of their showing love. As my grandfather was a creation of my Grandfather Joshua's love for his lost wife."

Joshua nodded, his eyes showing love towards his son.

"Such is the fate of the Belmont clan. Love and magic creating the next generations. At first I thought that this was all a plan of mirthfulness and guiding evil. I'm not entirely sure of that now. For I believe there's another dabbling into all of this."

"Another, Luke? What or who would that be?" Finn said, Lucas looking towards his friend.

"That would be magic, Finny. The hidden magic of the shadow."

"The shadow, Lucky?" Josh said from his seat, Lucas looking towards him.

"Yes, Josh. The magic of the mysterious entity that flows around us. I sense the evil isn't the only thing hidden here in shadows."

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his man, Lucas seeing the protective love in his eyes.

"There's. . .there's something else here, Lucky?"

Everyone's eyes moved around the veranda, some looking towards the house.

"Yes, my love. I haven't seen it. But you all have."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas' eyes going upwards, staring up at the stone wall of the mansion behind them.

"We've seen it?"

Lucas eyes moved to Reverend Saunders, the minister having spoken.

"Yes, Lewis. For you found me on the staircase in its strong arms."


Josh's arm went around Lucas, the young man feeling his protective love.

"That. . .that apparition? He's. . .he's another shadow?" Lewis said, Lucas nodding his head.

"He saved me, Lewis. I remember him in the tomb, or his pulling me out of it. As perhaps he once did many years ago for Kavinus."
"But Kavinus was sent out of there by whatever had Alsarius, Lucas. You told us that. That a force moved him out of there, Alsarius left alone with the evil."

"Yes, the book said that." Lucas said, the young man looking thoughtful.

"All I know is that whatever pulled me from evil's grasp and then carried me down to all of you felt very real. In both realms." Lucas said, Josh's arm tightening around him.

"Do you believe the second force is dangerous, like the first? Like the evil?"

"I'm not sure, Josh. All I know is that it felt real and it felt like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was like being smothered in love." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

The young man smiled again, looking around.

"Perhaps one day I'll reason it all out. For that is my destiny. Right now I want to hear of my grandparents' love and their lives. Both of them." Lucas smiled, staring at his grandfather.

Emerson nodded, looking at his wife, then at their three children.

"As Lucas and we stated, you three are our children. Tristan my son created out of my love for my Isadora. Savannah and Vivian created out of my continuing love for her. At that time she was my loving Francesca. Two wives in showing love, one soul of my total love." he said, Francesca smiling at him.

"Both times of love and happiness, my love. We took the risk and I have never regretted it." she said, Emerson's arms going around her again.

"Nor I my love." he said, everyone seeing their showing love.
Emerson's eyes went to the three standing in front of them.

"Forgive us, all three of you. We risked much to continue our love. You must understand the depth of love I held for her. I see the same depth in your eyes, Tristan, and in yours Savannah. And I see it in yours as well Vivian, for your Henderson."
All three looked at their soulmate, their love showing as well.

"Why didn't you tell us? We would have understood. We would have seen the love behind your sacrifices." Savannah said, her mother smiling at her.

"Love is the greatest sacrifice you can give for your children, Savannah. I gave it for my son's love. Because I didn't ever want to lose it." she said, Tristan staring at her, his eyes showing tearful love.

"You always had it, Mother." he said, Francesca smiling at him, his father smiling as well.

"We knew you'd in time understand, Tristan. If it was ever shown." Emerson said, Tristan moving from his wife's arms, pulling his father against him.

"I love you, Father. And I love you, Mother. I am blessed to have you both here again with me!" Tristan said, the young man's cheeks covered in tears, Emerson's green eyes flowing wet as well.

"We love you, my son." Emerson said, releasing his son.

Tristan's eyes went to his mother, Francesca looking at him with tearful eyes.

"Welcome home, Mother." Tristan said, the younger man moving, pulling her into his arms.

Everyone watched the two embrace, Emerson staring at his son and wife's emotional reunion.

Lucas' violet pools went to his mother and aunt, watching the two watching Tristan's reunion with his lost mother.

The two broke their embrace, Lucas walking up to them.

Tristan's green pools met his violet, his father smiling at him.

"I have my mother back, Lucas. Thank you for drawing out the hidden truth, my. . ." Tristan said, trailing off his words.

"I am your son, Father. You gave me life, and I have your love now." Lucas said, Tristan smiling at him.

"A great day, my son." he softly said, Lucas nodding.

"One of many to come, Father." Lucas said, his violet eyes going to his mother and aunt again.

"I have love for all avenues of my path. Hidden and shown." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting his mother's violet pools.

"He is your father, Mother. And he is your love."

Savannah stood up, staring at Emerson and then her husband.

"How. . .how can he be my husband when. . .when he is now shown to be my brother?"

Lucas walked up to his mother, Tristan's eyes lowering when he looked into his wife's violet eyes.

"He was always your brother, Mother. Francesca brought you to this house with my aunt, to live under your father's love. And you did love him, his love grew within your soul. It's still there, as I showed my adoptive mother. My grandfather's love you felt since your teenage years. You just were denied the truth in regards to the validity of his being your father. His love is within you." Lucas said, his mother moving, walking up to Emerson.

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have understood. Our love wouldn't have changed."

"I love you, Savannah. You are and will always be my daughter." Emerson's eyes moving to Vivian's blue, the woman walking up beside her sister.

"You. . .your love. . .I always cherished it, Father." Vivian sobbed, the younger woman moving into his arms, Savannah staring at her younger sister as she embraced their father.

Emerson's eyes met hers, the woman moving, Emerson opening his arms to include her in their embrace.

The two women cried against his chest, Emerson's tearful eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"You have given me my family again, Lucas. I have all of your love." he said, Lucas smiling, his eyes going to his father's green.

"We are a family, Grandfather. Together we stand strong." Lucas said, the two women breaking from their hold on their father, Emerson kissing each on the cheek, both smiling softly at him.

"Welcome to my love, my children. It is here for however long I have left." Emerson said, his green eyes staring towards his son, then his father.

Tristan's eyes met his son's, Lucas smiling at him.

The man moved, walking up to his wife, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Savannah. This changes nothing in my eyes. Our love grew when we were here together. I love you." Tristan said, her hand going to his cheek.

"We. . .we are. . .siblings, Trist." she softly said, Lucas walking up to the two, their eyes meeting his.

"You are children of the same parents, albeit in a different way than conventional families. But one of you is created of magic, one of blood and magic. I think you can hold your love in a different light. It transcends the bonds of sibling love." Lucas said, the two looking at each other.

"Lucas is right, my love. Our love grew within our souls. It still lives there. I love you, my Tristan." Savannah said, Tristan smiling at her.

"I agree, my love. Our love is unchanged, only larger now. We have our returned family and we have a new addition to it." Tristan said, their eyes meeting their son's again.

Lucas moved forward, the two pulling him close, everyone watching the three hug.

Josh stared at his man's face, seeing the tearful joy showing there now.

The three broke their embrace, Lucas smiling at his parents.

The two moved, their lips meeting, this kiss one of deep love.

Josh walked up to his Lucky, his arms going around him.

"Your family's been drawn together in a surprising way, Lucas. Your love draws all together." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, the two kissing tenderly.

They broke their kiss as Tristan and Savannah broke theirs, the four smiling at each other.

Francesca walked up to them, Emerson at her side, Lucas smiling at them.

"My family is whole. I have all of our love."

They all smiled, everyone around them rising, staring at the family before them.

Finn walked up to Lucas and Josh, Lucas smiling at his friend again.

"Ask your question, Finny. I've felt it simmering in your love."
Finn's eyes went to Francesca's blue pools, staring at her changed appearance.

"Are you real now, Francesca?" he said, Francesca's eyes lowering, Emerson's arm going around her again.

"My wife passed into the light over forty years ago, Finnegan. The realness of herself no longer resides here." Emerson said, his green eyes meeting her blue.

"But her love never ends. That is the only real thing I need." Emerson said, their three children staring at them with smiles.

"That's all we need, Father." Savannah smiling at her mother, Francesca smiling at both her daughters.

"You are both real but also of magic. How you came into life I know not. I only know that you are both real." she said, Vivian and Savannah moving forward, their mother embracing both, kissing each on the forehead.

"Your love is real, Grandmother. In some ways they are both the first real Belmonts. For they are the first realness of your true love." Lucas smiled, his mother and aunt smiling at him.

Francesca and Emerson smiled at their grandson, Francesca's blue eyes meeting Finn's blue.

"To answer your question, I am not in essence real, Finn. I passed unto the shadow of death. But the magic that I released sent me into the void to await a returning love. I chose to stay there and not ascend to the final plane. I chose to come back. All it took was my husband's love to call me back. I returned to walk as Francesca Carlisle. As another of love, returning to my Emmanuel's love. But we knew of the evil's intent, and that it was too dangerous for us to join again here. So I remained away, Emerson travelling several times to see me. On those visits our love was as beautiful as remembered. These two angels standing here are the result of that love's consummation." Francesca said, staring at her daughters, their love showing.

"But you did return. You came back to Kurucu's Haven." Lewis said, staring at the woman with awed wonder.

"Yes, good Reverend. I couldn't stay away. For I could not forego the need within my soul. I went to the love I needed. Emerson never faulted me for that. His heart longed for me as well. And his heart fell in love with these two angels the first moment he saw them. After their births and when they came here with me."

Emerson's eyes were on the two women, the two smiling at him.

"They were the mirrored images of my love's beauty. Vivian's blue eyes, identical to my Isadora's. Savannah's violet eyes identical to the vision of Francesca, the second vision of my love." Emerson said, his green eyes meeting his wife's blue, they changing from blue to violet then back again.

"So you mean that you are not now of this world That you are indeed a Shade?" Finn said, Lucas' hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"She is a magical image of love, Finn. I think that's the best way to explain it. In essence she's not a true Shade. Her magic drew her back twice to this world. Once to bring my mother and aunt into this world, to experience their love and her husband's returned love. The second time I drew her back."

"From the void where the evil sent her." Lewis said, looking at Lucas.

"No, Reverend. The second time I went into the void to save my son. At my husband's request." she said, Tristan's eyes meeting his father's.

"I lost her to the evil's plans, Tristan. I would not nor could not lose you to the same."

Tristan's eyes teared up, Emerson's hand going to his shoulder.

"I gave her the stone to protect you against the evil's enveloping plans that night. She agreed to sacrifice herself for you. And the magic she once had still remained in her."

"But not as strong as before, Grandfather." Lucas said, Emerson nodding at his grandson.

"Yes, Lucas. Since that second disappearance she could only come to me in moments of danger, or intrigue, and as only a soft vision of her once beautiful self." Emerson said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Then why now does she appear so real?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Because my love is real, Finny." Lucas said, everyone looking at him.

"Your love, Luke?" Finn asked, Lucas looking at his grandparents.

"I felt your love the moment I crossed the bridge in front of this house, Grandfather. And I felt your heart's need. I took it upon myself to return the love you needed. My magic is even stronger than my grandmother's. Than the magic I sense hides here. The magic Joshua gave to you, Grandmother."

"You walk a dangerous path, Lucas."

All eyes turned, staring at a tall man standing at the end of the veranda, all eyes on him.

"I walk the path of love, Grandfather Joshua." Lucas said, walking across the veranda, stopping in front of his great-grandfather, the man having moved from his seat while everyone was listening to Emerson and Francesca's words.

"Yes, your path is great of love, Lucas. And that is the danger I speak of."

Lucas' violet pools met his.

"Love is never dangerous, Grandfather. You most of all know that. For you have it deeply in your soul."

"And that was my undoing, Lucas." the man said, his green eyes showing hidden emotion.

"You cannot hide from your past, Joshua. No more than your son could." Lucas said, Joshua's eyes going to his son's green pools, Emerson's arms around his wife again.

"You have the beauty of her returned love in your soul, my son. I could never fault you that desire. Guard again the evil, my son. You as well, my grandson." Joshua said, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Guard your own giving soul, my Grandfather." Lucas said, Joshua nodding his head.

"It is within me, Lucas. I feel I have come alive. Thank you for instilling in myself hope."
"Hope was always there, Grandfather. You lived your life as a testament to that ideal."

Joshua nodded, his eyes scanning around.

"I must leave, Lucas. I have stayed in this realm too long. I feel the evil's encroachment, but it. . .it seems to be hesitant." Joshua said, looking around again.

"It cannot pass through what I hold within my soul, Grandfather. That will protect all of you."

Joshua's eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man leaning forward, kissing the man's cheek, his hand going to his great-grandfather's heart, laying his palm against it.

"I can protect all of you, Joshua. In this realm and in others." Lucas said, the soldier standing before him backing up a bit.

"I sense that, Lucas. I shall watch and I seek. I only hope you haven't baited a greater danger."

"I am not baiting anyone or anything, Grandfather. I am only being myself."
Joshua nodded, looking towards the Belmont family, his son and grandson staring at him with love.

"Seek not the past, Lucas. Live in the present. Their love is all and everything to myself."

Lucas nodded, the man before him suddenly vanishing.

"Walk in the shadows, Grandfather. I will feel your love and self always. And I will find the past you hide from." Lucas said, the young man turning, everyone staring at him, a lot of people showing awed wonder at the man's vanishing disappearance.

"The Guardian guards, everyone. There is a lot of mystery in his past, but his love is real. And he's happy that my family is whole again. He feels the love we all now have. I have parents and I have grandparents. And the Belmont clan thrives." Lucas smiled, the man walking forward, Justin and Lance rising from their seats, joining Josh as Lucas walked up to the three, the young man smiling towards his family, all smiling back at him.

"And I have a greater love." he smiled, the three smiling at him.

"The night wanes, everyone. We're here, we're real and we're a family. That's all that matters to me. Life moves forward." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his grandfather's.

"I unfortunately leave tomorrow, Grandfather. But I take a larger heart of love with me. My family is back again." Lucas smiled, his family moving forward, Lucas enveloped by all of them.

Everyone smiled, watching the group hug and kiss, they drawn into the revealed love and new wonders.

Lance stood back, watching Lucas in their center, the man's green eyes meeting a set of blue pools.

Justin smiled at Lance, his hand going in his.

"I feel it, Lance. I feel his soul."

Lance nodded, Justin leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The two broke their kiss, both looking towards Lucas.

"On to the next adventure, my Justin." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"The next adventure of love."

Lance smiled, the two walking forward towards Lucas.



End of Chapter 82


And so Lucas has drawn out his family's realness, in a way.

The realness of their entrenched love.


And Francesca and Isadora--Emerson's two wives--are one and the same.

Magical love traversing a lifetime.

And Vivian and Savannah are Emerson's real daughters.

Lucas' family is indeed real.

In his heart and in their love.


And the still mysterious Joshua seems to be hiding something.

And Lucas seems to believe that someone or something else is hiding behind the magic and the shadows.
Evil and goodness perhaps?


And so we may leave Kurucu's Haven for a while, our heroes returning to their own world of music and love.

Perhaps a world itself that is changing.

New dynamics and perhaps new surprises.


Trust your storyteller to guide you forward.


Hugs, Angel.