Yesterday's End-84

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Chapter 84


Los Angeles, California


Lucas' fingers hit the alarm panel, the blaring noise silencing.

He dropped his bags, two arms wrapping around him, a set of soft lips kissing his neck.

"Home sweet home, my love." Josh said, Lucas feeling his lover's clothed warmth against him.

"Less loving in the doorway! Others want in!" Finn yelled, laughing behind them, the two smiling, turning their heads, looking behind them.

"I so wish we had a doghouse. It would be the perfect spot for him." Lucas said, Josh laughing, opening the front door wider, everyone smiling and walking into Josh's home.

"Ha...ha, Lukey. I didn't know you were into bestiality?" Finn smirked, the man dropping more bags beside Lucas', Lucas smiling at him.

"Only if you shave, Furboy!" he grinned, Skyler laughing, Finn's blue eyes meeting her blue.

"You know better than to goad him, my love. He's been asleep most of the flight. He's recharged." Skyler said, kissing Finn's cheek, the man smiling at his friend.

"Something tells me these two will be screaming all night. I'd put a muzzle on Joshy, Lukey." Finn grinned, his barbs aimed at Josh now, Lucas' arms going around his man, Josh feeling his protective love.

"Fine, Finny. Where's yours? Or does Sky just give her bitch peanut butter to shut that mouth?"

Everyone laughed, Finn softly blushing, his love's arms going around him.

"Mi casa su casa, everyone." Josh smiled, inviting Lucas' bandmates into his Los Angeles home again.

"Thanks, Josh. And thanks for putting up with us for the next two weeks." Trish said, she walking towards the living room, Andrew dropping their bags by the door, everyone else depositing theirs as well.

"A beautiful home, Josh." Harry smiled, Alain's hand in his, the two the last to walk into Josh's home, Josh and Lucas guiding them to the living room, Skyler and Finn following.

"Thanks, Harry. I fell in love with the spot the first time I saw it." Josh said, Lucas' arms still around his man.

"As did I, my love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I think I have my own destiny. I was destined to buy this house for you and me." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

Finn was making gagging noises behind them, Skyler rolling her eyes beside him.

"Forgive Mr. Romantic here, Josh. That's beautiful." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at his Josh as the two sat down together on a brown leather couch, everyone sitting down around them.

"My Josh has a romantic soul. I love him more each day." Lucas said, Josh smiling at only him.

"You bring out that soul, my love." Josh said, his blue eyes looking around at everyone, everyone smiling at the couple joined together.

"It is nice to be home, Beamy. Back to our music and back to our happiness." Lucas said, Josh and Lucas' bandmates smiling at him.

"Half your happiness is missing, guys." Finn said, Josh looking at the Welshman.

"Meaning what, Finny?" Lucas said, his arms around his Josh.

"We've all noticed the closeness between you two and Justin and Lance." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his bandmate.

"They're our best friends, Finny. Their love mirrors ours." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man.

"But you shared a room at Kurucu's Haven, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"Our love is close and given. And private." Lucas said, his friends nodding at him.

"Enough said, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at the Welshman.

"We love each other, guys. I'm so lucky to have so much surrounding love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

The two thought of their friends, Lance and Justin having separated from them at the airport, Lance heading over to Justin's L.A. home.

"We're all here for you, Luke." Andrew smiled, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"I know, Drew. I have so much love now." Lucas said, his bandmates smiling at him.

"You surprised the hell out of us this past week, Lukey. As did your family." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life gives us surprises, Finny." Lucas said, the Welshman staring at his friend.

"That's true, Lukey. But yours are unbelievable." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Don't I know it." Lucas said, Josh staring at his lover.

"Love's surprises are just as unbelievable." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Okay, before we vegetate, how about we get some supper going?" Lucas said, beginning to remove his arms from his Josh.

"Good idea, Luke. But the fridge is probably bare." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"I can head out for groceries, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin, Alain's arms around him.

"I thought you were Alain's biatch, Harry?" Finn grinned, Alain smiling at the Welshman.

"I've decided to trade up, Finn. And I love Furboys. I love bringing them to their knees." Alain said, licking his lips.

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing but smiling at the handsome black man.

"Thanks, Alain. But my Sky loves me on my back." Finn grinned, Skyler rolling her eyes again.

"That's good also, Finn. Most biatches are best on their back." Alain grinned, his white teeth sparkling.

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing more now, Harry kissing his man.

"I'll make a list, Harry. How about everyone head for the pool and relax? You'll have the same rooms as last time. I'll show Harry and Alain theirs." Lucas said, standing up, Harry joining him, Alain standing up as well, his brown eyes meeting Finn's blushing face, his blue eyes locking with his.

"Cool about the pool, Luke. Wet fur is good, too." he said, winking at Finn.

Lucas laughed, Skyler joining him, Finn sinking further into his seat.

Alain laughed, everyone joining him.

Lucas smiled, walking towards the kitchen with Harry and Alain.


Lucas sighed, resting back in the lounge chair, his violet pools looking around the pool area.

Finn, Skyler, Alain and Harry were in the pool; Trish and Drew laying on towels on its marble edge, the two snuggled together.

Josh walked out of the house through the patio doors, smiling at his man, a tray in his hands, glasses and a filled pitcher on it.

His bronzed chest was on full display, his wet red trunks clinging to his muscled legs, Lucas smiling at his man.

Dinner was over, Lucas having barbecued steaks and potatoes on the barbecue, Josh having created several salads as well.

The two had smiled at each other over dinner, their joint meal praised by everyone.

Their hands had gone together, their home life registering in their souls.

They were a couple in their home, their love showing for their friends.

"Great, Josh. I'm parched. Any dessert, Luke?" came another voice from Lucas' left side, his eyes meeting a smiling form, that form wrapped in two muscled arms.

"How could you fit anything more into you, my love?" Chris Pine said, his arms wrapped around Chris Kirkpatrick's t-shirt covered chest, Piney wearing no shirt, both in swim trunks, the two laying on a lounge chair together.

The two had showed up just before the barbecue was ready, Josh having invited both over when they'd dropped them off at Chris' place from the airport.

"I was almost going to send out for another cow, Chris. You sure you're still not full?" Lucas smiled, Chris blushing, Piney kissing his cheek.

"No, dessert will be enough." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Sorry, Chris. Didn't have time to make anything." Lucas said, Chris nodding.

"No worries, Luke. I'll just get more sugar from my Candyman." Chris said, his lips meeting Piney's, the handsome actor lost in Chris' tenderness.

"Watch that, Kirkpatrick! That goes to the hips." Finn said, the man yelling from the pool, the two lovers breaking their kiss.

"No worries, Finn! Chris is low fat!" Chris yelled back, Piney chuckling.

Josh rolled his eyes, setting the tray down on the table beside Lucas' chair, the man climbing onto the chair with his man, snuggling against him as Lucas made room.

"This is great, Lucky! You and me together in our home, entertaining our friends." Josh said, his lips meeting his man.

"That's not a show we want to see, Chasez!" Finn yelled from the pool, a sudden movement beside him sending water all over him, Alain having dove off the diving board, landing right beside Finn.

The contact sent water spraying in Finn's face, the Welshman knocked back under the water, Finn breaking the surface a few moments later, staring into Alain's handsome black face.

"Had to cool you off, Finny! All this male love is getting you hot and bothered!" Alain said, grinning at him.

Everyone in the pool and around it laughed, Finn blushing again, Sky's arms going around her wet man.

"You need to pull it back, my love. They keep topping you."

Alain was opening his mouth, another set of lips silencing his cheeky reply, Harry's arms going around his man.

Lucas smiled at the couple, Josh kissing his neck.

"Our friends' love and mirthfulness makes this indeed a home."
Lucas smiled, the two Chrises looking at the two.

"I think we should head back into the pool, my love. These two look even more in love than us." Piney smiled, Chris smiling at his lover.

The two men rose up from the lounge chair, Chris smiling down at the two, the former singer pulling his shirt off.

"Keep it clean in the water, boys. No point in getting Finn hard. Sky looks tired." Lucas grinned, Chris laughing down at him.

"Where's the fun in that? I want that Welsh Furboy excited." he grinned, Lucas laughing.

Finn was staring at the four, cupping his hands together.

"Everyone move back some. Looks like Piney's bringing a whale into the pool." he yelled, Chris' eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools, the younger man smiling.

"You have my blessing. He deserves it."

Chris grinned, moving with a flash across the pool's surrounding marbled edge, the man diving right towards Finn, cannon balling right in front of him, the impact sending the Welshman underwater again.

Everyone laughed, Piney diving into the pool, albeit in a more dignified, quiet manner.

Josh was laughing, Lucas' arms going around him.

"They're going to make us laugh for years." he grinned,  Lucas' lips meeting his, Josh instantly lost in his lover's tenderness.

The two broke their kiss, Lucas kissing his man's lips several times.

"I love you, Josh." he said, Josh's blue eyes going to his violet.

"I love you more, my pet. And I feel the tiredness still in you." he said, his fingers rubbing his man's cheek, Lucas sighing, moving closer to Josh, his head going against his bronzed, smooth chest, Josh's arms wrapping around him more.

"I am tired, babe. This week took a lot out of me. And this new magic is consuming, albeit manageable." Lucas said, Josh rubbing his shoulder.

"You amazed all of us, babe." Josh said, Lucas raising his head, staring into his soulmate's blue pools.

"Your love amazes me, my Joshua. All of your love." he said, Josh's blue eyes tearing up, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"It's funny, Lucky. I miss them." Josh said, Lucas smiling, his head returning to his man's chest.

"I know, babe. I feel it in your soul. I miss them too." he said, rubbing Josh's right nipple with a finger.

"Well, you're relaxing for tonight and tomorrow. And we'll see them tomorrow probably." Josh said, leaning forward and kissing his lover's forehead, Lucas smiling, feeling his man's love.

In his soul he felt the love of the missing two of their hearts.

"Alright, my Beamy. Downtime with the man I love."

Josh smiled, hugging his man closer, Lucas closing his eyes and snuggling more into his man's warmth.

Josh sighed, feeling the love surrounding him.

The love of his man and the love of the two missing parts of his soul.

His mind went back to that morning's awaking love, and the deepening of that love.

And the day's farewell to Lucas' family.

Their late morning departure from Kurucu's Haven.

He'd watched his man at that moment, seeing the depth of love shining in his violet pools.

And he'd met the eyes of his two new soulmates, seeing just as deep a love shining there.

Two emerald pools had met his, Josh seeing the greatness of Lance's love shining back at him.

And he remembered how his love had awoken him that morning.



Kurucu's Haven, earlier that morning


Josh felt the sleep leaving his mind, his eyes fluttering, a new sensation filling his thoughts, and a warmth surrounding him.

He opened his blue pools, feeling a wetness on his chest.

His vision was met with a blond head in front of him, Lance's coiffed hair right in front of him.

He felt the warmth of Lance's body against his, the man's arms wrapped around him, his head laying against Josh's chest.

He felt one of Lance's hands on his center, his morning hardness wrapped in its warmth.

Josh softly moaned, feeling the wetness of Lance's lips on his right nipple.

He also felt Lance's large shaft pressed against his right hip, Josh remembering that the four of them had fallen asleep naked.

"Lance?" he softly said, the man laying against him barely moving, a soft murmur coming from him.

Lance's body moved a bit, the man's hand tightening on Josh's shaft, Josh trembling a bit, Lance's lips now attached firmly to Josh's nipple.

Josh moaned again softy, his blue eyes moving to his left, meeting two staring violet pools of love, Lucas' handsome face staring at him.

Lucas was laying against Justin's left side, Josh's friend laying on his back, Lucas' head against his smooth chest, that chest showing above the covers.

Lucas' hand was on Justin's chest, his fingers rubbing Justin's right nipple.

"They're both hard to wake, my love." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, his eyes looking down at Lance's sleeping form.

"He's. . .he's got me by the jewels, my Lucky." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling, looking down at the mound hidden under Josh's covered center.

"Go right for the prize, Lancy. My kind of man." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas raised his head, looking at the man he lay against, Justin's breathing relaxed and soft.

"Looks like we traded love last night, my angel." Lucas said, the man smiling at his soulmate.

"I don't know how this happened with me and Lance, but I saw you and Jus return to the bed early this morning. I saw his love surround you."

Lucas smiled, the young man gently pulling Justin's arm off his waist, the man moving, pulling Lucas more into his body.

"He's like a vice, Lucky. Sometimes you have to wrestle with him to get free of his clutches of love."

Lucas smiled, looking down at the handsome man sleeping beside him.

"Lance coached me on his love and his techniques." Lucas smiled, the young man flicking Justin's nose with one finger, the man murmuring.

"It's early, Lancy. Sleep more." he softly said, Lucas leaning forward and softly kissing Justin's lips.

"I need to pee, my love." he said, Justin's arms moving back, Lucas slipping out of the man's grasp, Josh smiling at his lover as he climbed off the bed, Josh taking in his muscled naked beauty, his center at full staff.

"He always had that effect on me as well. His love enters your dreams." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man smiling down at his soulmate.

"Now to free you from Blondie's clutches." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling down at Lance's sleeping face.

"I hate to break his dreams." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man walking around the bed, sitting down beside Lance's sleeping from.

"I think he'll love the reality more." Lucas said, the young man moving forward, his hand going to Lance's smooth shoulder, leaning over it and kissing the man's smooth cheek, gently shaking Lance's shoulder.

"Josh loves you, our Lance. But he needs his love maker back." Lucas said into his ear, kissing his cheek again.

Lance murmured, his head moving back, Lucas' hand remaining on his shoulder, Josh smiling up at his lover, then at Lance's handsome face, his emerald eyes slowly opening, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Josh. . .good. . .good morning." Lance softly said, staring around him, two violet pools above him meeting his green.

"Good morning, our loving Lance. I see your love moves everywhere." he said, Lance staring at him, the man's eyes moving from his, then to Josh's, then seeing where he was between them.

"Sorry, guys. I roll around during the night." Lance said, looking over towards Justin, his soulmate sound asleep on his back.

"It's okay, Lancy. We're both here for you, and you can anchor yourself to either of us. Josh is more than happy right now." Lucas smiled, Lance staring at him in confusion, then looking at Josh, then moving his hands.

Lance instantly sensed where his hand was, his green pools widening, his hand moving off of Josh, releasing his warm shaft.

"Oh God, Joshy! Luke! I'm. . .I'm. . ." he stuttered, two lips meeting his, Lance silenced by the love filling his soul.

Those lips parted, Lance opening his eyes, staring into two violet pools.

"You never have to apologize for moving to our love, Lance. We both welcome it with open arms. Besides, I had your soulmate's love wrapped around me as well all night." Lucas said, Josh smiling at Lance.

"I'm here for you, Lance. As I'm here for Justin. Just be careful where you guide your love to. Your grip was like a vice. I was scared I might be singing falsetto the rest of my life." Josh smiled, moving forward, kissing Lance's lips, Lucas lightly chuckling, the two men separating.

"Right now I have to snuggle with my man in the morning's air, our Lance. And your Justin misses you. I'm surprised he hasn't rolled over here. He wanders to the love always."

Lance smiled, looking towards his man.

On cue Justin murmured, his body moving and turning towards them, Josh moving with lightning speed, slipping out from between Justin and Lance just as Justin's arms went forwards, pulling Lance towards him.

Lucas smiled, standing up, Josh climbing off the end of the bed, watching Justin pull his Lance against him.

Lance smiled at his man, his emerald pools looking up at Josh's naked form, taking in all his heightened beauty.

"Have fun, guys. I'll snuggle with my own angel for a bit. But dibs on holding you again, Joshy." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at both of them, handing Josh his robe.

"Cover your love, my love. And Justin's going to be so jealous he missed the show."

Lance laughed lightly, his head going against his lover's smooth chest, Justin pulling him closer, a soft smile crossing his sleeping face.

The two standing men walked towards the balcony door, Lucas opening it, Josh following him out into the morning sunlight.

Lance smiled after the two, his green eyes going to his lover's beautiful sleeping face.

Lance smiled, his lips and love moving forward.


Josh's arms were around his man, kissing Lucas' cheek.

The two had been silently sitting together on the wicker couch in the morning sunshine for over half an hour, their love close and intimate.

"A wonderful night's sleep, my love. The two of us centered in their love." Lucas said, Josh moving and kissing his lips, Lucas lost in his man's morning love.

The two parted, Josh staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. I know you didn't stay wrapped in that love all night." Josh said, Lucas staring at his lover, the young man sighing.

"I was a little restless, my love. I took a walk for about an hour."
"I know, Lucas. I awoke with Lance sleeping against me, you and Justin both gone. I saw Justin's shadow out on the balcony, but I didn't see you there. Then I heard you come into the room from outside of it, then walk out and talk with Justin."
Lucas nodded, staring at his man.

"I saw you both return to us, then join in love and beauty, but not in desire. I see your love for him and for Lance. It matches my own for them."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips.

"I love you, Josh. I love your opening soul. It mirrors my own." Lucas said, looking towards the bedroom.

"Our friends' love mirrors it, too." Josh said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Justin's already given his heart over to hoping that both of us will love him in all ways."

Josh nodded, looking towards the bedroom.

"That doesn't surprise me, Lucas. He never stopped loving me, and he's loved you since he first met you, as have I. I know his heart is Lance's, but he's always been very needful. He needs a lot of love."

Lucas nodded, remembering Justin saying basically the same thing.

"I told him that it was up to the three of us to give him what we believe he needs. That our love is there for him, but that we'll all decide together on how great or desirous it would be."

Josh nodded, smiling at his lover.

"His love is intense, Lucas. Lance and I both know that. I'm alright with you experiencing that." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've experienced your love, Joshua. And it's a combination of his and your love for each other. And Lance is a part of Justin's new love. I think we'll all benefit from the flowing love." Lucas said,  Josh smiling at him, the two kissing again.

"Justin's going to be so happy." Josh smiled.
"And it's a love I need and will cherish always."

Josh and Lucas' eyes moved to the door, Justin and Lance standing in its frame, Justin's robed arms around his Lance's robed body, Justin having spoken.

"Morning, Justin. I assumed you'd sleep longer." Lucas smiled, the two men walking out of the bedroom, taking in the morning sunshine.

"I couldn't sleep when my man's love awoke me. Someone stoked his fires this morning." Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"I awoke in his arms, Jus. Your man's love is warm and loving."

Justin smiled, kissing Lance's cheek, the two leaning against the balcony's stone railing.

"Thanks, Joshy. Your love made Lance give me his." Justin smiled, the two kissing again.

They broke their kiss, Justin looking at the two men seated on the wicker couch.

"I love my Lance, guys. And I'll abide by whatever he and you both believe I need. I only know that your love will fill my soul as well. However great it will be will be enough." Justin said, Lucas smiling, the young man standing up, Josh smiling up as his lover walked up to the two men.

His hand went to Justin's shoulder, the man smiling at him, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"We all love you, Justin. Today you have all the love you'll ever need. All three of us will fill your needful heart with all of it. Your Lance's the essence of its center."

Justin teared up, Lance kissing his cheek.

Lucas' and Lance's eyes both met, Lance leaning forward and kissing Lucas' soft lips.

"I love him, Lucas. And I love you both. All three of each new Trinity will decide what the other needs. Our heart will be open to each other, our souls given to the soul that we love beyond life. We trust each other, and we love each other." Lance said, Lucas smiling, feeling Josh's arm wrap around his waist, the man having risen from the couch.

"A new morning of openness. The path continues." Lucas said, Josh staring at his man, Lance and Justin staring as well.

"You still look beyond tired, Lucas." Justin said, his hand now on his shoulder.

"Destiny tires the greatest soul, Justin. And mine perhaps carries a lot more truth." Lucas said, Lance's hand going to his cheek.

"It's a soul of unending love, Lucas. And three others are here to give you what you need--our love."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head, his violet pools looking out on his family's ancestral estate.

"I leave this place with a greater heart, with a greater magic. And there's only one path left."

"And what path is that, my love?" Josh said, Lucas seeing his protective shining love in his blue eyes.

"It's the path of truth, Josh. And it's my real path." Lucas said, smiling around at the three.

"We need showers, and then we need sustenance. Who'd like to wash my back?"

Justin's face beamed, Lucas laughing, Lance smirking.

"You don't know the monster you may have just created, Lucky." Lance said, Justin blushing.

"Our monster of love. Nice title." Lucas said, smiling at all three, Justin smiling with love at him.

"It's a big shower, and I have more than a nice back." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at all three.

"Dibs on that fine ass then." Lance smiled, Justin smiling at his man.

All three smiled at Lucas, the young man heading back into the bedroom, the three of his soul following.


Four friends walked into the dining room an hour later, everyone seated at the table standing up, smiling at all four.

Emerson walked from the table up to his grandson, pulling the young man into a tight hug, Lucas smiling and returning the hug, his violet eyes meeting his father's and mother's behind the older man, Isadora Francesca smiling beside them.

"Good morning, my grandson! A new day of life and happiness!" Emerson said, releasing his grandson, Lucas smiling at him.

"Good morning, all of my family and my friends." Lucas said, his violet eyes moving around the room, everyone nodding and smiling at him.

Lucas was pulled into his parents' arms, hugged by both, then his grandmother, Josh drawn into the foursome of embracing love as well, Justin and Lance walking up to their friends, hugs exchanged.

Chris leaned into his friend's side, whispering in Lance's ear.

"He still looked tired, Lance. Are you sure he's okay?" Chris softly said.

"I was never okay, Chris. But my heart and my soul breathe anew." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Chris' staring eyes.

"Your hearing's okay, though." Chris said, his arm going around Piney standing beside him, Lucas smiling and laughing towards his friends.

"Yes it is, Chris. My senses have heightened. The magic stokes my soul." he said, smiling around at everyone, his hand going into Josh's.

"You are right, Grandfather. A new day of happiness. My family has joined in all ways, in most truths. And today we part anew. But now we have a greater love carried within our hearts. And my love is always there for all of you." Lucas said, his parents tearfully smiling at him, their arms joined together, Jacques and Lewis standing beside them now.

"I am famished, my family! I do hope Mavis has made her scrambled eggs? And do I smell Mamma Mavis' onion home fries in that bowl?"

The two Mavises beamed, Mavis Delaney heartily laughing.

"That nose of love! You could sniff out a rose petal in a snowstorm!" she laughed, Lucas smiling at her.

"Only if it was on my love's lips. For the greater love would breathe through my soul." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling with love at him, his arm going around him.

"Food first, Beamy. You can show your love on the plane. A mile high should do it!" Lucas smiled, Josh laughing, guiding his man to the table.


The meal was enjoyed by everyone, the day's coming event drawing into all the souls around the table.

"Hell of a week, Luke." Joey said, smiling from the end of the table, seated beside his wife, Grayson seated at the end of the table beside him, Jacques and Lewis across from the couple.

"Yes, Joe. A surprising, hell of a week." Lucas said, smiling at his friend.

Everyone stared towards him, the young man's face showing calmness and love.

"Where does it go from here, Luke? In regards to your family?" Harry said, Alain's arm around him, the meal finished, everyone relaxing with coffee and tea.

Lucas' parents and grandparents stared at the young man with love, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Life goes on, Harry. For all of us." he said, his eyes meeting his mother's.

"Tristan and I are staying here for a few days, to reacquaint ourselves with our parents' love." she said, her parents smiling at both.

Lucas smiled at all four, Isadora's blue eyes meeting his.

"Thank you for drawing our love in the open, Lucas. All hidden and lost love." she said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"I love you, Grandmother Isadora. Your blue eyes are welcomed always. But show the violet pools of Grandmother Francesca's love as well.  Both mirror the inner beauty of your giving love. We all need to see that."
The woman became emotional, her husband's hand going in hers.

"Both hold the beauty of her love, my grandson." Emerson smiled, his children smiling at him.

Vivian's eyes met her nephew's, Lucas smiling at his adoptive mother.

"Henderson and I are staying as well. The love hidden here needs to grow." she said, her eyes meeting her father's, Emerson's green pools filled with love for his now shown daughter.

"I told you this visit would right the past, Mom." Lucas said, Vivian tearing up, staring at the young man.

"You and Dad will always be my parents, my second set of family love." Lucas said, the woman now visibly crying, Henderson's arm going around his wife, his eyes filled with tearful love as well.

"We love you, Lucas. Always." he said, Vivian smiling at her husband, her eyes meeting her adoptive son's violet.

"I have so much love, as do all of you now. My love will always be a moment away, as will my magic. No one shall ever harm any of you. My protection is my love." Lucas said, everyone around the table staring at the young man with revered, awed love.

"Sorry for ending this meal on a moment of love. But I will never apologize for loving all of you, for protecting all of you. That is the greatness of my love and my magic." Lucas said, the young man rising from his seat, Josh staring up at him.

"Relax everyone, in the final hours of our joined love. I'm going to take a short walk around this old place. I need to take its memories with me. I'll meet you all in the Receiving Room in a short while." Lucas smiled, the young man quietly walking out of the room, all eyes following him.

Josh's eyes were staring at the empty doorway, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"He's tired, Josh. But he's calm and contented." Justin said, Josh nodding his head.

"I know, Jus. His love calms me."
"His love calms all of us, Josh. It is the center of all of us." Emerson said, Isadora smiling at her husband.

"He is a soul of infinite love and guiding destiny. I think we have only seen the smallest iota of his giving love. His love continues. I will carry that forward always." she said, everyone smiling towards the regal-looking woman.

"I have been given a second life--or a third to be truthful--by my grandson's love. I will cherish every moment of it." she smiled, Emerson smiling at her, leaning forward and kissing her lips, everyone smiling at their touching love showing.

"As will I, Franny." he smiled, Isadora's blue eyes changing to violet, everyone smiling at her.

"Unbelievable." Chris Kirkpatrick said, his Chris' arms going around him.

"Yes, this family's unbelievable. And the center of it is even more amazing." Chris Pine said, smiling towards Josh, Justin and Lance smiling at the handsome actor as well.

Chris Pine smiled, seeing the love showing before him.


Lucas looked around the grand staircase, his eyes of violet beauty drawn upwards, staring up at the portrait of his great-great-grandfather Emmanuel, the man's standing painted beauty drawn in courageous love.

Lucas walked up the steps, stopping before the painting, staring up into the green pools of showing love and courage.

"You are the center of the past, Grandfather Emmanuel. For from you came the courage of all of us." Lucas said, the young man staring up at the man's handsome face.

He saw a lot of Joshua Belmont's features in that handsome face, the young man smiling.

"You are your father's son, Joshua. His beauty radiates off your courageous face."

"I am myself, Lucas. And I am his son."

Lucas' violet eyes turned, staring into Joshua's handsome face, the soldier standing to Lucas' left side, the man staring up at the portrait of his father.

"Father's heart was giving, Lucas. His heart warm and inviting. Hence his placing this portrait in the foyer of the house's main entrance. He wanted to draw you into his welcoming love." Joshua said, the man's green eyes moving to Lucas' violet pools.

"All of my ancestors' courage and honor draws a man into their welcoming love. I have felt that in all their staring faces."

The soldier nodded, looking around his ancestral home.

"Why am I here again, Lucas? And alone with you? We usually meet at the pool."

The young man's violet eyes moved, looking up at the portrait again.

"I am leaving here, Grandfather Joshua. But the truth isn't."

Joshua stared at the young man.

"The evil laying here is the truth, Lucas."

"It's a part of it, Grandfather. But it isn't all of it." Lucas said, the young man sighing.

"What have you found, Lucas?" the man said, his great-grandson's violet pools moving and meeting his again.

"I have found life and I have found love. But there is something else laying here. And when next I return here I believe I'll have the answer for all of you."
"The answer to what?" Joshua said, Lucas moving, the young man walking up to his great-grandfather, his arms going around the apparition standing in front of him.

"The answer to your quest and to the quest of my family's soul. It lays here in this house, Grandfather Joshua."

"What. . .what I search for?" Joshua said, his green eyes filled with a longing hope, Lucas smiling at him.

"What everyone searches for, Joshua. Redemption and love."

The young man smiled, releasing his hold on his ancestor.

"I am going to visit that cemetery, Joshua. From there I shall be led to the truth. And I sense it will guide me back here. And then perhaps on a longer voyage."

Joshua stared at the young man.

"I shall. . .I shall give all to aid you, my grandson." the soldier said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You already have, Grandfather. You have given your love." Lucas said, the man standing before him softly smiling.

"I shall await you at the waterfall, Lucas. Your love and need will draw me to you." the man said, his vision fading from before Lucas' violet pools.

The young man smiled, staring up at the portrait again.

"It draws all, Grandfather. It draws all." Lucas softly said, the young man hearing a soft youthful giggle from the upper rooms above the staircase, the young man smiling.



Los Angeles, California


Josh smiled, his man sound asleep against him in the lounge chair, a shadow crossing his line of vision.

His blue eyes stared into a handsome face, two sparkling blue eyes attached to a vision of smooth manly beauty.

"He's asleep again. We all saw his hidden exhaustion." Chris Pine said, the man sitting down beside Josh and Lucas in another lounge chair.

"Yes, he tried to hide it but it's come through in the end. I'm going to just hold him for a while, then I'm going to guide him upstairs." Josh said, smiling at his old friend and former lover.

"His dreams are filled with your love, Josh. I remember its beauty." Chris smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"As I remember yours, Chris. I see it reflected in my friend's happiness." Josh said, the man looking towards the pool seeing Chris swimming now with Andrew and Finn, the three passing a rubber football around the pool.

"I love him, Josh. He is my life." Chris said, smiling towards his swimming lover.

"We all see that, Chris. And Lucas is mine." Josh said, their eyes meeting, Chris' face showing a widening smile.

"We see that also, Josh. And perhaps you're not entirely correct on that."
Josh looked at his friend in confusion, Chris' hand going to his smooth naked shoulder.

"I see a greater happiness in your eyes, Josh. And I see it mirrored in three other souls." Chris smiled, Josh looking down at his sleeping lover against him.

"He. . .he is my everything." Josh softly said, Chris' hand squeezing his shoulder.

"I know that, Josh. As he is everything to Justin and Lance as well." Chris said, Josh's blue eyes meeting Chris' blue.

"It's alright, Josh. I've watched all four of you. Lucas is the center of all of your love. And all three of you have solidified your souls to that fact. You all love each other equally."

"We. . .we didn't want. . . we haven't. . ." Josh said, Chris smiling at him, patting his shoulder.

"I think I'm the only one who's sensed the newness of your joined love, although I believe Finn's zoning in on it."

"We love each other, Chris. It's an opening love of newness." Josh said, Chris moving forward and kissing Josh's cheek, the man staring at his former beau.

"I envy the other three. Your love is beautiful, Josh. And I imagine the other three are as well. I truly believe that Lucas' may be the greatest. I'm happy you've found his love, Josh. And I'm happy they've found yours."

Josh softly smiled, his friend smiling back.

"I love them all, Chris."
The man smiled, nodding.

"That's all that matters, Josh." Chris said, his eyes going towards the pool, staring at his man, Chris climbing the pool's stairs, about to exit it.

"How did you reason it out?" Josh said, Chris smiling at him.

"Timberlake's heart lays in his eyes, Joshy. Justin's beaming like a lovestruck teenager. His eyes draw to all three of you constantly." Chris smiled, the man rising from his chair.

"Happiness always, Josh. That's all we need." the man smiled, walking away from his friend, Josh watching the handsome man's arms going around a wet Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris smiling at his soulmate as Chris picked up a towel and began to dry his lover.

"His love is in his friendship, my Beamy."

Josh's eyes went downward, two violet pools staring up at him.

"He knows, Lucky."
"I know, Beamy. I heard all of his giving love." Lucas smiled, the man snuggling more into his man's warmth.

"Should we. . ." Josh began to say, Lucas' head rising, Josh's lips covered in his, his words silenced, his soul filling with Lucas' calming love.

"Our love is ours, Joshua. In time it will show itself and we'll deal with the truth, however large it will be. But first we have to neuter our randy Timby."
Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' smiling face.

"He won't like that."

Lucas' smile widened.

"Oh, I think he'll love it. We'll wipe that excitement out of his eyes with repetitive love. The boy's going to be drained!"

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him, their lips meeting again.

They broke their kiss, Lucas snuggling against his man.

"We're home, my love. On to the happiness of our lives." he smiled, Josh smiling more.

Lucas' violet eyes closed again, his mind and soul relaxing for the future.


Justin gasped, the man moaning as he felt his lover's talented fingers tweaking his nipples.

"Oh, Lance!" he gasped again, the man feeling his lover's largeness deep within himself, his mind lost on the passion of his man's skilled love.

He also felt the wetness surrounding him, the water spraying over his wet hair, his man's arms wrapped around him.

"You're on fire, babe!" Justin moaned, feeling each thrusting motion as Lance claimed his love.

Lance's lips went to Justin's wet earlobe, his tongue darting out and licking his ear deep.

"I love you, Jus. You're unleashing that fire." Lance moaned, his fingers tweaking Justin's nipples hard, both erect with passion.

Lance's hand moved from one, going lower, wrapping around Justin's hard shaft, pumping it in rhythm with his own pumping thrusts.

"Oh, Lance! I'm. . .I'm close!" he said, Lance's tongue moving from his ear, the man's hand leaving the other nipple, moving Justin's head to the side, his lips attaching to Justin's throat.

Justin felt the heightened urgency in his lover's ministrations, the man on a needful path of release.

Lance's lips moved from Justin's throat, their lips meeting, Justin feeling the probing tongue, the man opening his mouth, his own tongue meeting Lance's needful desire.

Justin felt the edge coming, Lance pumping his shaft faster, Justin screaming into Lance's mouth, lost in the orgasm flooding his soul.

His liquid love shot out of his shaft, spraying over his wet chest, Lance's hand pumping all of it out of his man's soul.

Justin felt a gushing love fill his inner soul, Lance's orgasm almost simultaneous with his own.

The two men tightened their hold on each other, their love drawing into themselves, their kiss of desire changing into a soft sensual kiss of contented love.

Lance's hold on Justin softened, the man moving back, his center pulling out of Justin's ass, Justin feeling the largeness leaving him, a soft pop coming as it pulled out.

His lover turned him in his arms, the water cascading over both of them in the shower, Lance pulling his man close, his hands latching onto his smooth ass cheeks, pulling him close with tender love.

"Oh, Lance! That was, amazing!" Justin softly said, his head going against Lance's smooth wet chest, his lover's arms wrapping around him.

"Round four a resounding success! We've outdone ourselves!" Lance smiled, kissing his lover's wet hair, his finger brushing against his wet cheek.

"We're. . .we're. . .we're lost in the love, Lance." Justin said, Lance moving, raising his man's head, their lips meeting again.

"A great place to be, my love."

Justin smiled, staring into his lover's green pools.

"I love you, Lance."

The man smiled, kissing Justin's soft lips, his tongue licking his wet chin.

"I know, Justin. I feel that love in all ways. Tonight I think I now wear it as a second skin. And man does it need a bath!"

Justin laughed, his hand slinking downward, wrapping around his lover's softening shaft.

"Yes, we've been very dirty." Justin smiled, remembering every moment of their evening of showing love.

It had started moments after their friends had dropped them off at Justin's L.A. home, the two promising their friends that they'd come over to their place later for supper.

They never made it.

The moment the two had walked into Justin's spacious white stucco villa, Lance had reacted on the love he'd been denied all day on the plane ride and the subsequent travelling to and from the airports.

He'd pushed Justin up against the house's front door the moment Justin had closed it, a bag still in Justin's hand, Justin lost in a sensual kiss his man had laid upon his lips.

Lance had been overpowering, the love showing from him almost overwhelming him.

The two had begun their first act of love in the living room, naked on the floor in its center.

Then they'd showered and entered Justin's bedroom, Lance giving into his lover's needful rising desires.

Justin had taken Lance in love and need, both finding from the other their total bliss.

A few hours later they'd made love in Justin's pool, the wetness driving their needs with soft sensual love.

Before that third tryst of love, Lance had called Josh's begging off on their dinner invitation, Josh's words of love echoing in his acceptance.

His words held a feeling of knowing love.

Their friend's understanding love had created the third session of love, the two talking of his and Lucas' giving love, that love igniting their souls again in the pool.

They'd laid on the pool's edge together in their love, the late evening coolness finally driving them into the house, the two deciding on a quick shower then a night of togetherness and slumber.

Justin's libido overtook that plan, Lance lost in his lover's needful want.

And that had driven Lance's own desire-filled heart into showing the man a moment of intense love.

Here now they stood together in their wet love, their desires finally sated, perhaps for just the moment.

Justin yawned against Lance's wet chest, the man holding him grabbing a sponge and some liquid soap, Justin sighing as he felt his lover's cleaning hands, Lance washing his muscled body, cleaning every inch of it.

"You take such good care of me, Lancy." Justin sighed, leaning back against the shower wall as Lance washed his chest, the sponge guiding across its soapy beauty, his hand filled with soap, washing Justin's now flaccid shaft and balls, the man sighing with happiness.

"It's my mission in life, my angel. And I want you clean in case there's a round five."

Justin smiled, the man pulling his lover against him, Lance still holding onto Justin's soft center.

They stared into each other's eyes, their love showing.

"I now know how Josh felt this morning." Justin smiled, Lance smiling back.

"Not quite, my love. He was rock hard. I must have been doing something more special." Lance smiled, softly stroking Justin's center, the man feeling a soft hardening of that shaft of love in his hand.

"Your love is special, Lance. That would excite anyone."

The man smiled, seeing the love in Justin's blue eyes.

"His closeness excited me as well, Jus. I thought I was against you."
Justin teared up, Lance kissing his lips softly, the two showing their truthful love.

"His love mirrors my own, Lance."

Lance smiled, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"I know I'll feel it as greatly as I've felt yours."

Justin teared up again, Lance smiling at him.

"I love you, Justin. There will be time enough in the future for our love to join with theirs. I'm open to whatever that becomes. For I know he'll be as beautiful as you. And Lucas perhaps will be the greatest of all four of us. I feel his love may be overpowering. Josh always wears a smile of total happiness."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his soulmate's tender lips.

"I wear the same smile, Lance." he said, Lance tearing up, his lover's hands moving behind his back, settling on Lance's firm smooth ass cheeks, drawing him closer.

"I love you, Jus. And I love them. I need all of you."

Justin smiled, Lance smiling back.

The man felt the hardened shaft now filling his hand, the man pumping it more, Justin softly moaning, staring into his man's sensual emerald eyes.

Lance smiled, the man stepping back, Justin smiling as he watched his lover's emerald eyes scan his smooth muscled body, his eyes staring at Justin's large risen shaft.

"I need you, Jus. I need your love so much!" Lance said, his voice laced with emotional love.

Justin stared at him with love, his lover smiling, the man opening the shower door, staring back at him.

"Come to heaven, my love." Lance said, walking out of the shower stall.

Justin stared after him, his heart filled with love.

I love you, Lance.

All three of us are going to give each other the heaven we each need.

My heaven starts with your love, then theirs.

Justin smiled, moving out of the shower stall, the man not bothering to towel off.

Lance looked at him, a towel in his hand, his body half dried, Justin smiling at him with lustful love.

"Ding, Ding! Time for round five!" Justin said, smiling with wet desire.

Lance smiled widely, staring at his lover's needful blue eyes.

"Catch me first!" he laughed, rushing out of the bathroom, Justin chasing him.

Justin smiled, his center swaying with needful desire as he ran, the man seeing his target of love rushing into their bedroom of love.

"Here comes heaven!" he screamed, the man tackling his lover as he made it the bed, the two joining in needful love again.



End of Chapter 84


A chapter of returning normalcy.

And of heightening love.

Our two twosomes have returned to their calming lives.

Their love growing for each other and the other two of their foursome.


We now settle back into their lives, the tour beginning again.

Four friends singing their hearts out.

But life has a way of showing us surprises.



Up next: A moment of love, and soulmate togetherness.

And returned friends and their showing love.

And perhaps some new drama rears its head on Lucas' path.

Trust in me to guide you through all of it.


Hugs, Angel.