Yesterday's End-85

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Chapter 85


Boulder, Colorado, two weeks later


Lucas sighed, walking off the stage in the darkness, feeling the love of his three friends surrounding him.

"It never gets old, Lukey!" Finn said, his arm going around the younger man, Lucas feeling him lift him off the ground as they made the backstage area, Skyler and Trish walking with smiles into the lighted area.

The band followed them, all smiling at Lucas and Finn.

"Put me down, Finny! Do you have to do that always?!" Lucas laughed, the man now slung over the man's shoulder, the older man slapping Lucas' leather pant-covered ass.

"Ritual, Lukey! It's good luck and tradition! Just like you getting a chubby every time I do it!" Finn laughed, Harry laughing beside them; the young man, Justin and Drew having stood in the wings watching the show as it ended.

"Please put me down!" Lucas laughed, Finn smiling at Harry.

The band musicians all laughed, heading backstage.

"Sure thing, Lukey! Heads up, Harry!" Finn grinned, tossing the man he had over his shoulder forwards, Lucas landing in Harry's opening arms, the two falling backwards, Lucas landing on top of Harry,  Finn erupting into laughter, slapping his knees.

"You should be on your guard more, Harry! Some bodyguard!" Finn laughed, smiling down at the two, Harry blushing.

"And you need to tone down your testosterone, Caveman!" Lucas grinned, Finn smiling at him.

"I thought I was Furboy?" he laughed, Lucas smiling down at Harry, his blue eyes staring at him.

"Sorry, Harry. I'll climb off." he smiled, beginning to move off the man's chest, Finn laughing again.

"Stay put, Lukey! Harry's got that needful look again. He misses his black stallion! I think you should fill in, white boy!" Finn laughed, Skyler's arm going around her fiancÚ.

"Be nice, babe. Or you'll find out what it's like to be lost with no love." she said, Finn blushing a bit.

"Yes, dear." he said, extending his hand as Lucas climbed off Harry, Justin giving him a hand up, Harry taking Finn's offered hand, the Welshman pulling him up to his feet with a smile.

"Sorry, Harry. Didn't mean to make light of your love for Alain." he said, Harry smiling at him.

"No worries, Finny. I know he loves me. Distance won't destroy that." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

Alain had stayed at Josh's home for a few days, the man's work drawing him back to the islands, the two parting their love with emotional beauty, everyone seeing their love strong.

"No it won't, cousin. Just as I know my missing Josh's love is in my soul." Lucas said, Finn smiling at his friend.

Justin's eyes met Lucas', the two smiling at each other.

Josh was in New York with Lance, both having meetings for their foundations and work.

Lucas' eyes met Harry's, the young man smiling at him.

Harry moved forward, catching Finn totally unawares.

Their lips met, Skyler staring at the young man with surprise, Finn shocked by his sudden movement.

The young man's lips pressed against his, his hand going behind Finn, squeezing his left butt cheek.

They broke their sudden kiss, Harry smiling at Finn with a serious look on his face.

"My Alain told me to keep you on your guard. And I was told to enjoy it immensely. How about you sub for him, Furboy?"

Lucas burst into laughter; Justin, Andrew and Trish joining him, Skyler smirking but holding in her laughter.

Finn stared at the younger man, his face still showing surprised shock.

Finn saw that the tables had turned on him, he now the center of his own created mirth.

"You. . .you're as twisted as your boy toy!" Finn stuttered, Harry smiling at him.

"You might say he's inside me, Finn. In all ways."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, Harry moving forwards, kissing the Welshman's cheek.

"I'll always take your pranks with love, Finny. I want to be your brother of friendship as well."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Sure thing, Harry."

"It's Har, everyone. You're all my friends." the young man smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"Ok, Har. And your tongue goes as deep as Sky's." he grinned, everyone groaning, Finn laughing loudly.

"And you feel just as big as my black stallion." Harry said winking at him, Finn grinning.

Lucas smiled, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"Spot on show, guys! The crowd's still out there cheering!" he smiled, looking towards the darkened stage, the noise level having dropped, but only marginally.

The four bandmates smiled widely, listening.

"It just gets better and better." Trish smiled, Skyler nodding her head in agreement, Finn smiling at Lucas.

"That's because Lucas keeps it fresh. Great new set arrangements, Lukey." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I want us to enjoy it just as much as the fans, guys. Our love and happiness needs new ideas." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at all four.

"Time for showers, guys. I've booked us supper at a well-known restaurant just outside of the city." Justin said, the stage manager walking up to him, the man talking to him quietly, Justin nodding his head, his eyes looking at the band.

The man handed Justin a portfolio, the man smiling back at the group.

"Thanks Clive. Let's go, guys."

"Yes, Master. Shall we wear our loincloths and chains again, Sire?" Finn bowed, Justin laughing.

"Only you, biatch!" he said, Lucas laughing, the young man smiling at his friend.

Finn gave Justin a raised finger, everyone laughing and walking towards their dressing rooms.


The group sat around a large table, staring out at the mesmerizing view before them.

"This place is awesome! It's on the side of a freaking mountain!" Finn said, staring out at the lit panorama before him.

They all sat in the main dining room of Falstaff House, a restaurant situated on the side of a large mountain just outside the city, the views and cuisine famous landmarks.

"Only the best for my friends." Justin said, the man smiling around the table, six faces smiling back at him.

"Thanks, Justin." Lucas said, patting his hand, the man seated beside him.

"You're welcome, Luke. And I'd like to propose the first toast, my friends." Justin said, raising his wine glass, the waiter having brought two bottles of French wine to the table at Justin's request, everyone smiling and raising their glasses.

Justin had smiled as the group had walked into the restaurant, the man seeing several patrons staring towards him, the staff's eyes widening a bit as well, The maitre d' fawning over him and his guests, Justin smiling as he noticed other people staring at Lucas and his bandmates, fingers pointing towards all of them.

Lucas had leaned into Justin's ear, whispering to him, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin guided the four to their table, all five smiling and waving at watching fans, the staff smiling at them as well.

He sensed the four were amazed that they'd been singled out as well as Justin, the man seeing their eyes brighten, the look of new stardom shining in all of their eyes.

Justin's eyes now focused on the four under his tutelage, smiling at the band seated around him.

"To Orion's success! It shone tonight as the star it now is. To your success and happiness!" he smiled, the other six clinging his glass to theirs, Harry and Andrew seconding Justin's toast, the seven drinking the tasty white wine.

"Our happiness is ours, Justin. Our combined love and music unites us." Lucas said, smiling around at his bandmates.

The three smiled back at him, Harry smiling as well at his cousin.

"I'd like to propose the next toast." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man stood up, smiling around at everyone.

"Thank you all for welcoming me into your friendship. And for being here the last few weeks of my missing my Alain. A man is never alone when love surrounds him. And no greater friendship--other than my Alain's--do I have in my heart than for my dear cousin. I'd like to propose a toast to Lucas' love. It unites your music, it unites our hearts. To Lucas' love!" The young man said, everyone raising their glasses again, smiling towards the young man seated beside Justin.

They clinked glasses with the young man, Lucas smiling with blushing love at his cousin.

"Thank you, cousin. My love is here for all of you." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him, Justin's blue pools meeting his violet.

"I have another reason for this dinner, for our joining in happiness after such a moving concert of music and love." Justin smiled, his fingers going to the portfolio sitting beside his wine glass, Lucas glancing at it, then meeting his friend's blue pools of love, a large smile on the man's face.

"I have a surprise for all four of you." Justin smiled, the man lifting the small portfolio up off the table, smiling at the four musicians seated around him.

"I hope it's the check." Finn smiled, Justin laughing at the man.

"You're such a mooch, Delaney!" Justin laughed, Finn grinning at him.

"Hey, my love's obtainable. It's just not cheap."

Everyone chuckled, Justin smiling at him.

"Be in my room in an hour then. I've got hundred dollar bills. And bring that loincloth."

Finn laughed loudly, blowing a kiss at him, Justin smiling and standing up.

His blue eyes went around the table, smiling at everyone.

He opened the portfolio, his fingers moving into it, pulling out something, and setting the portfolio down.

The four bandmates looked at each other, seeing four slips of paper in Justin's hands.
He smiled, handing out one to each of the four, the four trading looks, then focusing on the slip of paper in their hands.

Their eyes widened in unison, their faces showing shocked wonder, their eyes rising and meeting Justin's smiling face.

"Your first advanced bonus on ticket and album sales, my friends. Your star is rising." he smiled, Finn standing up, staring at the check he held in his hands.

"This. . .this is larger than. . .than my father's yearly income ten fold, Justin!" he said, his voice filled with emotional shock.

"It's your share of your fame, Finny. Orion's rising in the hearts of its fans."

Lucas smiled at Justin, the young man standing, Trish and Skyler rising as well, all four looking at each other.

"I. . .I never imagined. . .this success!" Lucas said, staring at Finn, his friends moving, all three at Lucas' side in moments, the four then surrounding Justin, the man smiling as they each hugged him, Justin seeing the looks of total happiness on their faces.

"You're on your way, my friends. This is just the tip of the iceberg." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"We have you to thank for some of this, Justin. Thank you for having faith in our talent. For seeing in us the center core of our talent. Our love for each other." Lucas said, Justin smiling and patting the young man's shoulder.

"I only saw what everyone now sees. That talent does come from that love. And that's what's going to keep you going for years." he smiled, the four smiling, Finn looking at the check still in his hand.

"It's not real, Finny. Just a copy to show you the faith I have in all of you. The money's been transferred into all your established accounts." Justin said, the four smiling, Finn's blue eyes showing soft tears.

"I'm buying Dad a new car! The top of the line! And Mom's getting her heart's desires!" he smiled widely, Lucas smiling at his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Calmness, Finny! Don't blow it in one night!"  he smiled, Finn smiling at him, his blue eyes going to Justin.

"First off I'm buying that loincloth. I really want to thank you, Justin." he smiled, Justin laughing.

"I think they make them in extra small."

Lucas burst out laughing, everyone smiling and joining him.

Justin smiled, seeing the happiness on Lucas' handsome face.

He stared into his violet eyes, Lucas smiling back.

"Let's get back to the food and the celebrating." he smiled, everyone returning to their seats, Justin smiling and sitting down.

His blue eyes went around the table, picking up the portfolio again.

"There's one more thing, guys." he smiled, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

Justin smiled, opening the portfolio again, pulling out a sheet of paper.

"Sol called me last night, with some news." he said, the four bandmates looking concerned, Justin's smile widening, their faces softened by that look.

"It's good news, everyone. I had him email me the gist of it this morning." Justin said, setting the portfolio down, the paper still in his hand.

He smiled at Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"Congrats, my friend." he smiled, Lucas staring at him as Justin handed him the paper.

Lucas' eyes moved, staring down at the white sheet, reading the written words.

His bandmates traded looks with each other, then Justin, then focused on Lucas' widening face.

The smile on it now seemed to take over his whole face, his violet eyes lifting, staring at Justin first, the man smiling at him, a soft tearful look in his blue eyes.
"This proves all of it, Lucas." he said, Lucas' violet pools moving to his two friends and sister.

"We're. . .we're number one on all continents, guys! Canyon of Love has hit number one on all the singles charts, and our first album Oasis has hit all the album charts at number one!" he said, Trish and Skyler screaming with happiness, Finn's face showing total shock.

Everyone in the busy restaurant turned towards their table, the four on their feet again, joining again with emotional happiness, Justin smiling and looking around the room.

"Sorry, everyone. Good news given. My friends are happy." he smiled, others at tables smiling at him, their faces recognizing his handsome face, hushed talk coming from the surrounding tables.

The maitre d' walked up to their table, seeing the four hugging, his face showing a soft smile of concern.

"Everything's alright, sir. I'd like two more bottles of your best champagne." Justin smiled, the man smiling, bowing his head, rushing away from the table.

The four broke their embrace, Trish and Skyler showing tears, Finn's face showing emotional wonder as well.

"Never. . .never in our wildest dreams, guys!" he said, Lucas smiling, patting his shoulder.

"I've had some wild dreams, Finny. But this is a better reality." he said, his face still showing deep happiness.

His violet eyes went to Justin's blue pools, Harry and Andrew on their feet, the four band members hugged by all three, Justin hugging Lucas last.

"Congratulations, Lucas. Your hard work, amazing voice and talent--and theirs--has made this possible. Even I never did it all at once." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your talent is great, Jus. And it's still going." he said, Justin smiling, a waiter walking towards the table.

"Champagne, everyone! Let's do this in style." he said, Finn clapping his hands together.

Lucas smiled, everyone returning to their seats.

Justin smiled, meeting Lucas' violet pools again.

He saw the happiness there, but he also saw something else, buried deep in the happiness.

Justin smiled, his thoughts his own.


Lucas sighed, stepping out of the shower, his toned body dripping warm water, his hand reaching for a large velvet-soft towel.

He wiped himself dry, pulling on a white cashmere robe, the man running his fingers through his wet hair.

He stared at himself in the mirror, the young man sighing, walking out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

His eyes scanned the large room, the only sound the air conditioner below the windows.

The room had a coolness to it, Lucas remembering the warmth of the mid August day earlier, the young man walking across the room, walking out into the large living room attached to the bedroom in the large suite.

He sighed, walking across it, opening a small fridge that sat at the end of the bar, Lucas pulling out a bottle of water.

He glanced at his watch, seeing it was after two.

The group had celebrated, enjoying a delicious meal, their happiness flowing around them.

Lucas had paid for everything, Justin putting up a fight, Lucas' smiling face settling the matter.

Lucas smiled, remembering his friend's smile.

He sighed again, walking over to the couch and sitting down, leaning back and opening the bottle, taking a long sip, then setting the bottle down in front of him.

He looked up, staring at the ceiling.

"Where are you, my love? I wish you were here to experience the joy in my heart." he softly said, his eyes glistening.

A knock game to his suite door, Lucas slowly rising, sighing again.

His friends had left him earlier, around one, they heading to Trish's room, Finn in a partying mood, Lucas having begged off citing tiredness.

They'd all hugged him in the hallway, the young man smiling at their exuberance, Lucas sensing they'd be partying into the wee hours.

Justin had left with them, the man hugging Lucas and kissing his cheek.

Lucas crossed the living room, looking through the peephole in the door, the young man smiling, opening the door.

"Did they kick you out, Jus?" he smiled, Justin smiling, leaning against the door jamb.

"Nah, they're still going at it. I got tired of the laughing and happiness. It tired me out as it did you."

Lucas smiled, opening the door wider, Justin walking into the room, scanning Lucas' robed body.

"I hope I didn't wake you?" he smiled, Lucas smiling, closing the door behind him.

"No, Jus. I'm just heading there. Took a shower and tried calling Josh. The hour was late with the time difference, he's probably in bed."

Justin smiled, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"He's proud of you, Lucas. He'll be beyond happy at your new success."

Lucas nodded, the young man sighing, Justin staring at him.

"I've felt the hidden truth behind your happiness, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his blue, the young man turning and walking across the living room, Justin watching him walk up to the balcony door, opening it and walking out into the darkness.


Justin removed his shoes, walking across the plush carpeted living room, walking through the balcony doorway, his eyes looking towards the railing of the spacious balcony, Lucas leaning against it, staring out into the light-filled skyline before them.

Justin walked across the balcony, standing beside Lucas' robed form, Lucas' head turning, their eyes meeting.

"You're getting as good as my Joshy in seeing the hidden truth in my violet eyes." Lucas said, Justin smiling, his arm going around his friend, Lucas' head going to Justin's shoulder.

"I saw the loneliness behind the joy, Lucas. I know you miss Josh deeply. You've been showing so much happiness to everyone. You've hidden the love deep. The love you have for our missing Josh." Justin said, Lucas raising his head, Justin staring into his now moist eyes.

The young man moved, Justin's arms pulling him against him, the singer enveloping the younger man in his muscular arms, Lucas' head going against Justin's clothed chest.

"I miss him so much, Jus! Today, in the middle of all that musical joy--and the later happiness you gave us--I couldn't stop thinking about him. About what he'd have said about my happiness. I feel so validated by my music, so totally blessed. And I just wish he'd have been here to see it all." Lucas said, Justin's hand rubbing his friend's back, Justin kissing Lucas' forehead.

"In a way he is here, Lucas. He was in all your music. For your love for him comes out in your voice and your words. I heard it most in that last song, the song of your deepest love, No One Can Claim My Heart. Josh now has laid that claim to your heart. You love him completely. He's always with you, Lucas. Regardless of the distance, or the unavailability of his physical self. His love is within you."
Lucas smiled, raising his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"That was beautiful, Jus." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I've a musical soul as well, Lucas. Words of love intermingle with the music in all of us." he said, Justin smiling, Lucas' violet eyes staring into Justin's blue pools.

"Josh is here, Justin. He's in my soul. Thank you for making me see that, for making me feel that. His love surrounds me."

Justin nodded, Lucas leaning forward, his lips touching Justin's soft lips, the man feeling the younger man's warmth against him.

Lucas parted from the kiss, his violet eyes staring into Justin's blue irises.

"He's here as well within your soul, Jus. I felt him in that returned kiss." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling at him.

"I've always had Josh's love in my soul, Lucas. Not as deeply as in yours, but it's always been there. I've never stopped loving him." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And he's never stopped loving you, Jus. He's told me that himself."
Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"He recently told myself as well. As he told my Lance of his new love for him. And all three of us feel your love now deep within our souls."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"And I have all of your love in my soul now as well, Justin."
Justin smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm not your Joshua, but I am just as loving."

"I know, Jus." Lucas said, the man leaning forward again, Justin moving forward as well.

The two kissed again, their arms going around each other, both lost in the intimacy of the kiss, the tenderness of the moment.

The two slowly parted, Justin staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Wow! You give my Lance a run for the depth of love in a kiss, Lucky." he softly said, Lucas smiling, his fingers going to Justin's smooth cheek, the young man feeling its warmth and softness.

"And you match my Joshua for the depth of love in all your beauty, Timby." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling, Lucas' eyes scanning the man's tightly dressed chest and legs.

Justin wore a black silk shirt, the fabric curving around every muscle of his firm taut chest.

He'd worn a black blazer to the restaurant as well, Lucas assuming he'd left it in Trish's suite.

Black dress pants accented every curve of his thighs and legs, Lucas' eyes settling on the center of the black beauty before him, Lucas seeing the showing arousal.

"I believe you'd give Alain a run for his money as well." Lucas said, the man's eyes meeting Justin's blue pools, Lucas seeing a soft redness cross Justin's handsome face.

"Your warmth and beauty have a deep affect on me, Lucas." Justin softly said, Lucas' hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"As your love and beauty have on me as well. Josh captured that love once, it settling into his soul. I feel your love every time he holds me close. It's in his touch, his experience and his giving love." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Josh's love is beautiful, Lucas. I remember every touch, every scent, wetness and beauty. It's a moving experience." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My Lance is just as giving, just as loving. Even more so." Justin said, Lucas seeing a soft wetness in the man's blue pools.

Lucas moved forward, the young man pulling Justin against him, his arms wrapping around him.

"Oh, Jus! You hid your feelings even more deeply than I! Why didn't you tell me?" Lucas said, Justin's head going to Lucas' muscled chest.

"I miss him so much, Lucas! I feel so lost without my Lance!" Justin said, emotion filling his voice, Lucas' arms tightening around him.

Lucas smiled, staring out into the darkness, his love surrounding Justin.

"We're a great pair, aren't we?" he said, smiling, rubbing Justin's back through his silk shirt.

Justin raised his head, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I left Trish's room and went back to my own. I sat on the bed and felt the loneliness surrounding me. I thought I. . .I thought I smelled Lance beside me, I thought I felt his warmth. And then I looked around and saw I was alone. And that's when it hit me. And I thought that perhaps. . ."

Lucas' hand rubbed his back.

"You knew that perhaps I was missing my Josh as greatly. And so you came over in hopes we could be together in our loss." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling.

"You. . .you know me so well, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I know your heart, my Jus. I know you crave love. And that you hate being denied it. I'm beginning to feel the same way." Lucas said, Justin's smile widening a bit more.

"I guess we are a great pair." he said, both men smiling more.

"We have to let them both know that often."

Justin lightly laughed, Lucas' hand moving from Justin's back, both moving forward, resting on Justin's muscled chest.

"I know that I'm not your Lance, as you stated you're not my Josh. But I believe we see in each other a close second." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, Lucas' hands rubbing Justin's muscled chest.

"Lucas. . .can I. . ." Justin softly said, their eyes meeting.

Lucas' hand raised, rubbing against Justin's chin, their eyes locked on each other, Justin seeing a serious passionate look on Lucas' face.

"Yes, Justin. You can fuck me."

Justin's eyes widened in shock, two violet pools staring at him with deep love.

Justin stepped back a bit, one of Lucas' violet eyes winking.

The young man smiled widely, Justin staring at him with wide eyes, two violet pools meeting his, a smiling, lightly laughing face staring into his.

"What? Too direct?" Lucas smiled, his hand going to Justin's shoulder again, the man staring at him.

Justin saw so much love and happiness in that smiling face, the man seeing no menacing look.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Lucas. I was. . ." Justin said, Lucas smiling, moving forward, his lips meeting Justin's soft lips, the man feeling the younger man's love.

"Never be sorry for voicing your needs, Jus." Lucas said, the young man staring at Justin.

Lucas saw the softness of tears in Justin's blue eyes, the man lowering them, turning away from Lucas, Lucas staring at his friend's silk covered back.

"Oh, Lucas. I wasn't. . ."

"Yes, Jus?" Lucas said, a soft smile showing on the corners of his mouth.

"I. . .I wasn't coming on to you. I wasn't asking that. I was. . .I was going to ask you if I could sleep here tonight. Because I was so alone in my soul. Because I miss my Lance so much! And your love. . .it. . .it so mirrors his own. I'm so sorry, Lucas. I didn't want you to. . ." Justin said, his voice filled with emotion, the man behind him moving, his hand going to Justin's shoulder, gently turning the man around.

Lucas stared into Justin's blue pools, seeing the wetness shining there.

"Speak from your heart, Justin. I'm your friend and I love you."

Justin stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the shining love there.

"I've. . .I've gotten it all wrong, Lucas. I thought that I wanted you and Josh to love me. . .to love me in all ways. And I thought that all your beauty, all your love and my own desires would give me all that I thought I ever needed."

Lucas nodded, staring into his blue eyes.

"We love you, Jus. If you need all of us, then we'd give you all of our love."

"I know, Lucas. I know that would be so beautiful. And I know how giving your love and Josh's is. It's just. . ." Justin said, his eyes lowering.

"It's just what, my friend?" Lucas said, Justin's eyes raising again, staring into Lucas' giving violet eyes.

"My Lance's is even more giving." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Lance's love is beautiful, Justin." Lucas said, Justin smiling softly.

"And it's mine, Lucas. I sat alone in my bedroom thinking about that. About what happened in Vermont that last night we were there." he said, Lucas nodding.

"He and I watched you and Josh giving all your love to each other. And then he. . .my Lance joined with my soul, taking me to just as great a place as you took Josh."

"To heaven, Jus?"
Justin smiled, nodding.

"Your love and Josh's love were beautiful, Lucas. But my Lance's was even more beautiful. I thought that night that it was the vision of your lovemaking, of your giving love that created a greater beauty in his loving me that night."

Lucas nodded, staring in silence at the man standing before him.

Lucas sensed the thoughts going through his friend's mind, the younger man smiling within his soul.

"But sitting alone in that room tonight I felt within my soul the truth, Lucas."

The man's eyes met Lucas', staring into two pools of loving friendship, the young man's face showing a radiating love.

"Lance is my soulmate, Lucas.  He's my love and my life. It wasn't your love that ignited his love that night. It was my own love. And my love for him fills my soul. I love him, Lucas. My Lance gave me the choice to decide what my heart wants. His love is the most giving I've ever felt. And that love is what I need. What I want is him, Lucas." Justin's eyes filled with tears.

Lucas smiled, the young man walking forward, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"I know, Justin."

Justin stared into Lucas' violet pools with surprise, the young man smiling at him.

"I've known for a long time that you were having a conflict within your heart. That that giving, needful heart of yours was searching for the answer to your heart's needs. All three of us talked together about it, Jus. We decided amongst ourselves that we'd let you think through all of it. And whatever you chose we'd love you for who you are. And Lance said he'd love you no matter what your heart needed." Lucas said, Justin staring at him with tearful eyes.

"You. . .you all know me so well." he softly said, Lucas smiling, moving forward and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Justin. We all know you so well. We know the depth of your needful love, the beauty of it. And I've watched you with Lance, and with my Beamy. I've seen the difference between those two loves. Friendship has won over your heart with my Josh, a love of brotherhood and friendship. And the greatest part of your heart has been won over by Lance's true love. It's a greater love, a love great enough to fill that needful heart of yours, Justin."

Justin was in tears, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"I love him so much, Lucas. I never realized how much until he wasn't here." Justin said with tears, Lucas smiling.

"I know, Jus. I wasn't the only one with lovesick eyes tonight." he smiled, Justin softly smiling.

"You've always known?" Justin said, Lucas staring into his friend's blue pools.

"That Lance would win over your heart completely? Yes, Justin. For I've seen the true love shining in his emerald eyes. And I now see the identical love shining in your blue irises of love."
Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"So. . .so what does this mean for us? For you and Josh, for Lance and myself?" he said, Lucas smiling, his arms going around Justin's waist.

"It means nothing but our love, Justin. We four love each other. But in that quartet of love  there resides two sets of soulmates. Your heart finally senses that. You love Lance completely. And he loves you. And Josh and I are soulmates of identical love, our love ours alone."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"Thank you for letting me work it all out, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, looking into the man's blue pools.

"Our love doesn't change, Justin. Josh and I are both here for you and Lance. The beauty of that love just doesn't have to go that final step."

Justin smiled, staring into two returned pools of love.

"Where's the fun in that?"

Lucas laughed, one hand lowering, slapping Justin's firm butt.

"Oh there'll be fun. Never doubt that." he smiled, Justin smiling back, Lucas staring at him with love.

"Josh and I both love you, Justin. We showed you our love. And we saw your love for each other. I don't think there's much left to see."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"No, I guess there isn't." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, the man moving forward, their lips meeting.

Lucas smiled again as he felt Justin's lips leaving his, the man sensing the deeper meaning in that kiss.

It was a kiss of love, not desire.
The two parted, smiling at each other.

"And as for your first request, alright Justin."

Justin stared into Lucas' violet eyes, Lucas smiling at him.

"Two arms of friendship will hold you tonight, Justin. I'll gladly stand in for Lance's love."

Justin teared up, Lucas' hand going in his.

The young man guided Justin back into the living room, Lucas closing the balcony door behind them.


Justin remained silent as Lucas guided him across the room, Lucas locking the suite's door, guiding Justin towards the bedroom, his fingers hitting the living room's light switches by the bedroom door.

Justin smiled at him as the two walked into the bedroom, the room still lit by one lamp on the nightstand.

Lucas smiled, going to the dresser across from the bed, Justin's eyes following him.

The young man smiled, opening his robe, tossing it on the chair beside the dresser.

Justin sat down on the bed, staring at the vision of masculine beauty before him, Lucas smiling at him, his naked body on full display, the man opening the top drawer of the dresser, Justin's eyes focused on his friend's firm ass.

Lucas smiled, pulling out a pair of boxer briefs, the man pulling them up his muscled legs, Justin watching as the man's soft center disappeared under the black fabric.

"Don't want to entice you, Justin. It would be a long fall from the grace of Lance's love."

Justin smiled, the man standing up again, Lucas walking up to him, their hands joining.

"I love you, Justin. To only you and Lance, and my Joshua, would I expose all of my love."
"You are beautiful, Lucas. I will always enjoy taking in the vision of your total love."

Lucas smiled, his fingers going to the buttons on the front of Justin's silk shirt.

"Lose the clothes, Timberlake. My total love is even better when it's warming your own total love."

Justin smiled, Lucas patting his chest, the young man moving to the bed, pulling back the covers, Justin's eyes going to his black briefs, his muscular tush a foot away from him.

Justin smiled, slapping Lucas' ass.

Lucas turned back, staring into his blue eyes.

"Gotta keep that firm like two melons. And they're ripe." he smiled, Lucas laughing, the young man climbing into the large bed, resting back against the pillows, moving the sheets over his center.

Justin smiled, the man's fingers going to his shirt, Lucas staring at the man's revealing beauty.

Within minutes Justin was standing in only his white boxer briefs, Lucas smiling at him, taking in his muscular vision.
Lucas smiled, seeing Justin's center had calmed down, the man's love showing in only his smile.

"Hit the lights, beautiful." Lucas said, Justin smiling, moving to the nightstand, his smooth chest the last lighted image Lucas saw as the room was bathed in darkness.

Lucas smiled, moving in the bed, Justin pulling the sheets back, his toned body moving against Lucas', Lucas wrapping his arms around the near naked man laying against him, Justin's head going to Lucas' smooth chest.

Lucas smiled, feeling the man's warmth against him.

The two lay in silence, Lucas feeling Justin's arms tighten around him.

"Are they dreaming of us tonight, Luke?" Justin softly said in the darkness, Lucas kissing Justin's forehead against his smooth chest.

"Their love is as deep as ours, Jus. We're all in each other's dreams."

Justin smiled, snuggling more into Lucas' warm body.

"I love you, Lucas. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Jus. I love you too."

The two remained silent, Lucas hearing Justin's soft voice, sensing the man was on the edge of sleep.

"Goodnight, my love, my Lance." he softly said, Lucas smiling.

He felt the man fall asleep against him, Lucas's hand rubbing his smooth back.

Go to him in your dreams, Jus.

His love awaits.

As does my Beamy's.

Lucas smiled, his mind on the man who now indeed lay claim to his heart.

But the man laying against him and a vision of green-eyed love thousands of miles away both had a separate claim to that heart.

I love you all, my Trinity of love.

And for that love I'd risk all.

Lucas smiled, the young man's mind calming down, sleep slowly claiming him.

And in his dreams his hands joined with a blue-eyed vision of love.



New York City, New York


Josh gasped, feeling the arms surrounding him, their strength like vices clamping down on his soul.

And the two lip attached to his own were trying to suck the life out of him.

The man was lost, his body pushed up against the wall, his breath caught in his throat.

"Pull off, Lukey! You're suffocating him!" Finn laughed, Harry laughing as well, the two men standing in the doorway, both smiling at each other.

Behind them Trish, Skyler and Andrew were all smiling, the two women showing looks of tearful love.

"I didn't know Lance was having a heart attack? Why is Justin giving him CPR?" Harry said, Finn's laughter increasing, slapping the younger man's shoulder, the two looking towards Lance and Justin, the two wrapped in love as well, Justin's arms around his man as well, Lance lost as greatly as Josh in the love he felt filling his soul.

They parted first, Lance's green eyes staring into Justin's blue.

"I love you, my Lance! I've missed you so much!" Justin said, his arms pulling his man close.

"Wow, babe! That was worth the wait!" Lance smiled, Justin softly kissing his lips again, Finn and Harry smiling at the two, their blue eyes moving to Josh and Lucas.

They gradually parted, Josh staring into Lucas' violet pools of intense love.

"Your love is even more beautiful, the distance increasing it." Josh said, Lucas smiling with tearful love at his soulmate.

The women in the hallway were sniffling, Finn smiling at his Sky.

"Way to go, Joshy! You have the babes bawling!" he grinned, Skyler slapping her man's shoulder.

"It's beautiful, Finny." she said, Finn smiling at her.

"Not as beautiful as your love, babe."

Skyler's eyes teared more, Finn's arms going around her, Harry smiling around at all the couples.

"Let's get inside, guys. Or the New York schmaltz police will be arresting all of you."

Everyone laughed, walking into the band's condo, couples walking together towards the living room couches, bags dropped at the door.

It was a week after the concert in Boulder, the band having played four other sold-out shows, the group now back in New York for three again sold-out shows.

It had been a week of happiness and magic, their musical hearts shining.

Every day Justin and Lucas had talked to their parted soulmates, their love shining across the distances.

And at night the two had joined in love, their arms of friendship holding the loneliness at bay.

In New York the same love and friendship had happened to Josh and Lance, the two creating a deeper bond of love between them.

And across the nation, two sets of soulmates' love was as deep as the nation's debt.

Lucas smiled, his man's arms around him as the two sat down on the sofa, Finn and Skyler smiling and sitting down beside them, Justin and Lance landing on another couch, Trish and Andrew joining with them.

Harry smiled, sitting down on a wing chair between them.

"You could cut the love in this room with a knife. No need for dessert after dinner." he smiled, everyone smiling back at him, their eyes going to their soulmate's returned pools of love.

"I want a cherry on mine." Finn smiled, kissing Skyler's cheek, Skyler smiling at him.

"That ship's long sailed, beautiful."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing with love at his soulmate.

"I missed you, Josh." Lucas said, Josh's fingers on his cheek, smiling into his violet pools.

"I missed you too, Lucky." he said, Lance and Justin smiling at each other, their arms around the other.

"I don't think he missed you that much, Joshy. Timbersnake here was his second skin." Finn grinned, Justin's blue pools meeting his blue.

Josh smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

The man smiled, looking at his friend.

"Finn's just jealous that I'm not into Furboys anymore." Justin said, Harry laughing, the others chuckling, Finn smirking.

His blue eyes met Lucas' violet, his young friend smiling at him.

"Enough said." he smiled, snuggling into his girlfriend.

Josh smiled at Justin, his blue eyes returning to Lucas' violet pools.

"So how does it feel to be number one in the world, babe?"

"I'm only number one in your heart, my love. That's the greatest gift I've been blessed with."

Josh teared up, his man's lips meeting his, the two hearing gagging noises; Finn, Drew and Harry all gagging.

Skyler and Trish rolled their eyes, the two women smiling at each other.

"You and me to Vegas for two weeks, Trishy. Then we'll see if these two are gagging for our love." Skyler said,  Trish laughed, her Drew beside her blushing, kissing her cheek.

"No need to go away, my love. I'm lost without you if you leave the room." Andrew said, awes heard around the room, Trish tearing up, their lips meeting.

"Like I said, with a knife." Harry smiled, everyone lightly laughing.

"God, it's good to be home." Lucas smiled, Josh's arms tightening around him.

"Lance has dinner ready, my love. A wonderful meal, then I have you alone to myself all evening." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"We've an early start in the morning. First rehearsals." Lucas said, Josh looking at his watch.

"I'm skipping a second plate." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Nah, babe. You'll need the energy." he said, Josh smiling.

"I'll call the super, guys. We may have damaged walls in the morning." Finn grinned, everyone laughing, Lance kissing his man beside him, standing up, Justin smiling up at him as Lance extended his hand to him.

"Come on my love. Help me get the food ready." he said, Justin smiling and standing up, following his man into the kitchen, their hands joined.

"No love over the food, guys! I'm not picking hairs off of my steak!" Finn yelled, his laughter silenced by his lover's lips going over his.

Lucas smiled, his head going into the crook of Josh's neck, the man smiling at the love settling back into his soul.


Lance smiled, washing the last few glasses, pulling one out of the soapy water and handing it to Lucas.

The young man smiled at him, drying the glass, his body leaning against the kitchen counter beside Lance.

"A great feast, Lancy. I'm stuffed. And our Timby and Joshy are going to get so fat." he smiled, Lance smiling back.

"We'll run it off them, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, setting the clean glass on the shelf behind him in the open cupboard.

"They'll keep our love ever flowing. And our energy."

Lance smiled, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Thank you, Lucas. I feel the total love my Justin now possesses. I felt it in his first kiss at the door, and every kiss since."

Lucas smiled, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"It was always there, Lance. He just needed to focus on it. And he came to that decision on his own."

Lance smiled, he and Lucas having talked all week, the two filling each other in on the other's revelations.

Josh had voiced the same love to Lance in their time in New York together, the man sensing Josh's total need for only his Lucas.

And Lance had voiced his own total love for Justin to his friend.

"I guess we're in sync with our true feelings, my friend." Lucas said, Lance chuckling.

"I guess we are, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Thank God! I don't know if I could have taken that boy's wandering hands any more!"

Lance laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"He loves you, Lance. I've seen his hands all evening. They're all over only you now."
Lance teared up, his emerald eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I know, Lucas. I just wanted him to have the time to see that himself."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance's soft lips.

"Your heart is ever giving, Lance. His heart now walks its true path." Lucas said, Lance tearing up.

"I love him with all my soul, Lucas."

"I know, Lance." Lucas said, smiling at his friend, rubbing his shoulder.

"How about you head out with him to your place? I can finish up the dishes. You need to finish up your soul. And that needs his love."

Lance smiled, dropping the glass he had in his hand, the man wiping his hands on Lucas' dishcloth in his hand, the younger man smiling at him again.

"Don't go through any red lights, horndog."

Lance laughed, kissing Lucas on the lips with tender love.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you again."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"We'll talk in the morning about the surprise, Lancy."

Lance nodded, kissing Lucas quickly on the lips.

"He's going to be beyond happy."

Lucas smiled, watching his friend quickly walk out of the kitchen, Lucas smiling to himself.

"Aren't we all." he softly said, the young man smiling, his hands going into the sudsy dishwater.


Lucas walked out of the kitchen, his eyes going to the clock on the kitchen wall as he shut off its light, seeing the hour was almost ten.
He looked around the living room, stopping on Harry, the young man curled up on a couch, watching a soccer game on the large big screen television mounted on the wall.

"Where's everyone, cuz?" he smiled, the man's blue eyes raising to his violet pools.

"All the hetero love birds flew the coop. I believe your Joshy said he was taking a shower." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'll leave you to your game then, Har." he said, the young man leaning down, kissing his cousin on the cheek.

"Night, Lukey." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Goodnight, Har."

"Oh that you'll have, I have no doubt." he smiled, Lucas beaming.

Lucas walked down the hallway, Harry smiling after him.

Lucas walked past the doorways of his sister's room and Skyler and Finn's, hearing soft voices, the young man smiling.

The path of love, echoing with need.

He smiled, walking into his own bedroom, opening the door which had been closed.

Lucas stopped, staring around the softly lit room.

The lights were out, candles flickering everywhere, covering the dresser and nightstands.

Lucas saw on the nightstand a tray containing an ice bucket, a bottle of opened wine in it, two glasses beside the bucket on the tray.

The bed was turned down, rose petals covering the black satin sheets that covered the bed, satin pillows stacked at its end.

Surrounding the bed were baskets of roses, white and violet colored, sprinklings of blue orchids in their centers.

Lucas' eyes moved from the romantic scene when he caught movement by the bathroom door.

Out of the darkened bathroom walked a vision of masculine beauty.

His Joshua walked out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of black satin sleep pants, his smooth bronzed torso on full view.

Around his neck he wore his rawhide necklace, the stone casting a sensual beauty to the center of his muscled chest.

"I wanted to welcome you back with romance, my love. The romance that will always await your returning love." Josh said, Lucas tearing up, the man of his heart walking across the bedroom.

Lucas felt the heat from his body when the man's arms went around him, Josh's smoothness surrounding him.

"I. . .I love you, Josh. I love you so much!" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas. And I feel the newness of our opened hearts and souls. I love you, Lucas. You are the soulmate of my life. And I feel the truth we've shown our Justin, our Lance's love showing its truth as well within his loving soul. I'll love them always, but I'll love you forever."

Lucas teared up, the young man's head going to his soulmate's chest, the warmth of his love surrounding him.

"I need only you, my love. Your love is my existence!" Lucas sobbed, Josh smiling with tear-filled eyes.

Lucas raised his head, his tearing eyes staring into Josh's blue pools of wet love.

"I'm yours, Lucas. Only yours. And you're mine forever."
"Then claim my heart, my Joshua. Claim my love forever."

Josh moved, his lips meeting his soulmate's, the two pulled into the love they'd been briefly denied, that love echoing into their souls.

And on the path of life and of destiny true love began to stir.




End of Chapter 85


And so our two sets of soulmates have returned to the centers of their existence.

Two couples have joined as soulmates of love.

Justin reasoned out in his mind and his heart that Lance was his greatest need.

Only Lance.
But Lucas' and Josh's love will be there for him as well.

And the two couples now see what they have and will always have.

The essence of the love of their soulmate.


And so we return to New York, the group on its path of musical stardom.

Lance spoke of a surprise to Lucas.

What's going on between them?

If you know the lives of our players in this story, you may perhaps clue into that surprise.

Timelines, people!



Hugs, Angel.