Yesterday's End-86

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 86


Josh's blue eyes took in the vision of masculinity before him, his face covered in a soft longing smile.

The man sat at the piano in the condo's bright sun-filled living room, Justin on the seat beside him on the bench.

Justin's eyes were focused on the condo's front door as well, his blueness taking in another vision of masculine beauty.

"That was fast." he smiled, two green eyes meeting his blue, a smile of love shining back at him.

And that smile was attached to a vision of sweating beauty.

Lance smiled, closing the door behind him and Lucas, the two men glistening with sweaty afterglow, their run having been lengthy and challenging.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes locked on his lover's blue, Josh's eyes taking in his muscled form, his tank top-covered chest showing sweat stains, his skin glistening.

Josh's eyes scanned his muscled body, his hairy muscled legs covered in gleaning sweat, his shorts showing signs of wetness as well.

"It's been almost two hours, guys." Lance smiled, walking towards them, his toned body sweat-covered as well.

"Time flies when you're having fun." Lucas smiled, walking with his friend, the two stopping at the end of the piano, their men smiling at each other, then at them.

Justin smiled at Lance, Lucas smiling at their showing love, a hint of desire showing in Justin's blue eyes, directed at the vision of sweaty beauty standing beside him.

"I wouldn't call that fun, Lucky. You're a challenging taskmaster." Lance smiled, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder, Lance wearing a tank top as well, its fabric soaked with sweat.

"And you rose to the challenge, my friend."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' warm cheek.

"And your beauty is making me rise as well." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man, their eyes locked on each other.

"I can smell your manliness from here." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"This sweat's from the last ten minutes. Lucky made us run up the stairs as well." Lance smiled, Lucas laughing.

"You followed with love, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at his lover.

"My man's a running dynamo, Lancy. I can't keep up to him at all. Kudos on hanging in there." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man, the young man moving around the piano, Josh and Justin pushing the bench back, Lance moving around the other side as well.

The two men smiled, their men sitting down in their laps, their lips meeting their soulmates'.

Josh smiled, taking in the sweating aroma of his man, his glistening skin going against his.

Beside them Justin was lost in his lover's aromatic beauty, Lance's lips moving to his ear.

"I love you, Jus." he softly said, Justin's arms tightening around his man.

"I love you, my sweaty angel. But man, you stink!"

Lance laughed, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools, Josh kissing his man's neck.

"Know the feeling, Justy. I've got a sweaty angel myself. And he definitely needs a shower. But the aroma of his love stokes my soul." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet eyes meeting Justin's blue.

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"My angel's scent stokes my soul as well. But a clean man is a tasty man."

Lance laughed, smiling at Lucas, the two climbing off their men.

"Hints taken, boys. And just for that comment you both don't get to wash your man, Jus." Lucas said, Lance laughing, his green pools staring down into Justin's blue pools of love.

"Where's the fun in that?" Lance said, Justin smiling at him with desirous love now.

"Oh, I'll make it fun, Lancy." Lucas said, his violet eyes staring at Lance.

Lance smiled widely, his eyes showing his love.

"Sweet. A young sponge."

Everyone laughed, the two sets of soulmates smiling at each other, Josh smiling at his Lucas.

"How goes the music, babe?" he smiled, Josh looking at Justin.

"We've organized most of it, finalized the choruses. This music is beyond beautiful, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man, leaning down and kissing his man's lips again.

"And it's all yours, my Josh. Change it as you see fit." he smiled, Justin smiling at the young man.

"Nothing needed changing, Luke. Josh's voice came out in every lyric you wrote." he said, Josh smiling at his friend.

The two had spent the morning going over Lucas' songs that he'd given Josh, the two lost in their rhythmic beauty and love-filled melodies.

"Well if they're anything like your duet you recorded, then you've got an awesome album on your hands, Joshy." Lance said, smiling at his friend.

"I'll have a record of love, Lancy. And every song will show my love for my Lucas."

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"We don't need music to show that."

Josh smiled, Justin kissing his friend's cheek.

"You're going to be amazing, Joshy. Your man's lit the light of musical happiness in your soul again. Thanks, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"I can't sing all the love, Jus. My man's love is just as giving." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"So where is everyone else?" Lance said, leaning against the piano, Lucas smiling at the two men seated in front of them.

"Skyler and Trish wanted to go shopping. They dragged their men out of here about twenty minutes ago. They both seemed reluctant, wanting to just relax today. But their loves seduced both to do their bidding." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Those boys are easily manipulated by both." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at his friend.

"Know the feeling." Lance said, his eyes meeting Justin's with love.

It was a week after the band had arrived back in New York, their third concert just finishing last night.

The group had the next week off, their tour beginning again in Buffalo at the end of the next week.

"You have the week off as well, Lucky." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at his Josh.

"And I'm going to spend it in my man's arms." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Screw the music, I want to wash my man's back." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet. Can I wash the rest?" Justin smiled, Lance laughing.

Their eyes met, Lance's green pools showing their love.

"And I'll clean up your angel, Justy. He looks beyond dirty." Josh smiled, staring into Lance's green pools of love.

"Your birthday's not till the middle of next week, babe. No gifts till then." Lucas smiled, Josh looking at his man, his eyes lowering for a moment, then returning again to Lucas' violet pools of love.

"I already have the best gift. Your love."

Lucas smiled, the young man pulling off his sweaty tank top, his glistening muscled torso coming into view, three sets of eyes taking in its beauty.

"Then come and play with the package, my love." Lucas said, Josh rising from the bench, Justin and Lance both smiling at them, Lance's hands pulling off his own sweat-covered tank top, his smooth toned chest on display, the other three smiling at him, Justin's blue eyes taking in his glistening chest, his nipples at full attention in the air-conditioned room.

"It's a big shower, boys. We've all cleaned each other before." Lucas smiled, Lance's green pools meeting his violet, then meeting Justin's blue.

"Thanks, Luke. But my man's beauty is mine. You've got your own angel to clean." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his hand going into Josh's, his man smiling at his seated friend.

"Enjoy your angel, Justy. And enjoy your man's love, Lance." Josh said, Lucas smiling at both of them.

"Use Finny's shower, guys. Might as well leave him some surprises."

The four laughed, the two couples smiling at each other, Justin and Lance watching Josh and Lucas heading down the hall towards their bedroom.

Justin rose from his seat, his arms wrapping around his sweaty man.

"They're beautiful, Lance. But your love and beauty is all I need."

Lance smiled, their lips meeting, Justin lost in the aromatic beauty he held in his arms.
Lance broke their kiss, his hands going into Justin's.

"Then clean all of me, Jus. And then I'm going to love you."

Justin beamed, the two walking towards the hallway.


Josh moaned, feeling the man possessing him, Lucas' arms wrapped around his man, his center lodged into Josh's soul.

"Oh, babe! Where's this coming from?" he moaned, Lucas' lips on Josh's earlobe, licking it.

"It comes from my soul, Joshua." he moaned, his rhythm intensifying.

Josh gasped at each thrust, feeling his man possessing him.

Lucas' hand was wrapped around Josh's hardness, the man lost in his man's talented love.

Lucas' other hand was attached to Josh's right nipple, his fingers pulling on it, his lips moving from his ear, his  teeth moving against his shoulder blade, his tongue licking its wetness.

"Your mine, Josh! I love all of you!" Lucas said, thrusting harder into his man, Josh lost in the sensations in his center and surrounding him.

Lucas turned the man's body, Josh feeling the cascading water fall over his chest, falling down his toned smooth body, his cock covered in wetness, Lucas' stimulation bringing Josh to the edge.

Josh suddenly felt Lucas' hardness leave his center, the man's strong arms spinning him around, the younger man pushing Josh up against the wall, his lips attaching to his own.

Josh felt the total love in that kiss, the total ownership of his soul.

The sudden emptiness of his center was matched with the consuming love entering his soul.

Lucas' lips broke from Josh's, the man opening his lost eyes, staring into two violet pools.

"I'm going to take all of your love, Joshua. For you are mine forever." Lucas said, Josh moaning as his man went to his knees, Josh gasping when he felt his own hardness engulfed by Lucas' mouth.

The instant sensation was too much for Josh, the man's desires overflowing.

He felt his inhibitions go, his center flooding with ecstasy.

Lucas drank in all of Josh's offered essence, the young man devouring his man's giving love.

Josh trembled, the man feeling his man move upwards, then two arms wrapping around him, the strong vision of love pulling him forward under the spraying water again, Josh feeling Lucas' talented hands beginning to wash his fulfilled body, Josh's head laying against Lucas's shoulder, his man's arms owning him.

"Oh, Lucas. My. . .your love." he softly said, Josh feeling Lucas' lips meet his forehead, his hands continuing to wash Josh's body, a soapy sponge in one hand.

"My love is your love, my Joshua. And I love the wetness of pleasing you, body and soul." Lucas said, Josh raising his head, standing still and staring into Lucas' violet pools of love, his hands moving to Josh's chest, soaping it up and washing it.

"That was beautiful, Lucky. Your words and your lovemaking."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips softly.

"Number two, my love."

Josh's eyes looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

"Counting today, we have six days, my love. Six days of six revealing moments of love. Thirty six moments of my giving love. For the heart of the soon-to-be thirty-six year-old man who's captured my own heart."

Josh teared up, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"We've made love twice today, my Joshua. This morning in our awakening moments of life and here now. Four more such moments await you today. Whenever you desire them. And thirty more in the next five days. I wanted this to be a special gift from my soul. And I want to show you the beauty of what I see before me, not the vision you've been troubling on in that loving mind of yours."

Josh's eyes lowered, his body raising, standing in front of his man, Lucas kissing his forehead again.

"Look into my eyes of love, my Joshua."

Josh raised his head, staring into Lucas' violet pools again.

"You read my soul, my love."
"I read your soul in your eyes, my angel. And I feel your love--troubled or not--in the beauty of that soul."

Josh teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm. . .I've been thinking about. . ."

Lucas' arms moved, pulling the older man against him.

"About your life and the length of it that you've already walked?"

Josh nodded, Lucas smiling at him, his lips meeting his again, Josh feeling his giving love.

"You've had an amazing life, Joshua. But it isn't over. It's only beginning."

Josh stared at Lucas, the man's hand going to Josh's smooth face, rubbing his cheek.

"Must I tell you every day that your beauty is all I see? That age isn't any part of our soul. Our love is timeless. You are the only vision of love I see. And your beauty is the fire that burns within the home of my soul. I love you, Joshua. I wouldn't care if you were fifteen or seventy. It is the timeless beauty of your heart that captures mine."

Josh pulled Lucas against him, the younger man feeling his man's love.

"I love you, Lucas. Sometimes I can't understand why you're attracted to me and my older physique." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"What's not to be attracted to, my Joshua?"
"When I see younger guys looking at you--and you looking at them--I can't understand what I have that feeds your soul so much." Josh said, Lucas sighing in front of him.

"Oh, my loving Joshua. I don't give a rat's ass about anyone but you. You are the one that excites my soul, my life and my desires. I think it's time you realize how deeply you affect me."

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet pools.

"What did I just do to you, Josh?" Lucas said, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.

"You made love to me, Lucas. You possessed me."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"And what did you do to myself this morning?"

Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"I made love to you, Lucky. You let me possess you."
Lucas smiled, nodding again.

"Yes, Beamy. We possessed each other. And the need that carried us on the path of possession was the beauty that lay before us. You're so beautiful, Josh. Your body is the fire of my soul. Every inch of you ignites the desires within my existence. How often do I have to tell you that for you to see that no other could ever give me what I receive from you? Hell, we just saw two visions of total beauty a few minutes ago. Either of us could have given into either of them, stoking our hearts with their showing beauty. But in them--and in all others--we don't find what we need. I've finally realized that I am the only one that excites you, Joshua. And I think it's time your mind wraps around that same truth within yourself. I need your love, Joshua. I need only you."

Josh teared up, moving forward, pulling the young naked man against him.

"Oh, Lucas! I do realize that! I love you and need only you. And I truly believe that you desire only me."

Lucas smiled, his fingers going to his lover's smooth cheek again.

"Then let the doubts go, let the uncertainty within that older, loving heart of yours go. I'm yours, Joshua. And you're mine. We're the only ones who'll ever possess each other."

Josh smiled, hearing the love in his man's words.

"You do possess me, Lucas. I feel lost when I'm in your arms, as if I'm in a place of total love."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips gently again, his fingers returning to his man's smooth chest, one hand picking up the sponge again.

"I feel the same, my Joshua. Your age belies the stamina of your desires and your love. Your beauty and touch will possess me always."

Josh smiled, moving forward and kissing his man's lips.

Lucas smiled when they broke the kiss, the younger man smiling at him.

"Besides, we can always use your cane as a sex toy."

Josh laughed, one hand moving down Lucas' back, slapping his smooth butt cheek.

Lucas laughed, kissing his man's nose, Josh smiling at him.

"I have a harder sex toy you can use."

Lucas smiled, one of his soapy hands moving downward, wrapping around Josh's flaccid shaft, the younger man feeling the man's softness beginning to thicken again, Lucas smiling into Josh's blue eyes.

"Number three already, babe?" Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him.

"It's you, my love. You bring out the desires in me."

Lucas smiled, stroking the rising shaft in his hand, Josh softly moaning again.

"Mission accomplished." he smiled, Lucas staring at him with love.

"Feed on my love and my youthful body, my old tiger. I need you to take me to that place."

Josh moved, pushing Lucas up against the shower wall, the young man's lips meeting his man's again, Josh's hands moving down Lucas' body, reaching his own re-risen shaft.

"Oh, my old timer! You desires are as youthful as your love."

Josh smiled, stroking his man, their eyes locked on each other.

Lucas smiled at his man, kissing his lips again.
"Say what I feel in your soul, my love."

Josh smiled, feeling his man's love in those words.

"We're free, Lucas. They gave us our freedom." Josh said, Lucas seeing soft tears in his man's eyes.

"Our love is our own, my love. And Lance and Justin's love is their own. I saw you realize that when Justin declined my invitation into this wet heaven."

Josh nodded, Lucas' hand rubbing his shaft, Josh moaning.

"Their love is true, Joshua. Ours is even more true. And ours is on a plane of equal age, stamina and desire. I'm yours, my stallion of love."
Josh smiled, pressing his body against his man's, their arms wrapping around each other.

"Care to ride this stallion?" Josh said, his lips going to Lucas' neck, gently sucking on his wet skin.

"No, my Joshua. This horse needs to mount his mare."

Josh laughed, moving back, Lucas smiling at him.

Josh's eyes scanned down Lucas' smooth muscled body, rising again and staring into Lucas' eyes of showing lust and love.

"I love you, Joshua. I need you to love me!"

Josh moved forward, the man's lips meeting his mate's, Lucas moving his legs upwards, wrapping them around Josh's smooth body, Josh lifting his man in his arms, his center of love guiding itself towards Lucas' center of need.

Their eyes met again, both seeing the total ownership in their returned eyes.

Josh moved forward, his love and need sinking deeply into Lucas, the young man's back against the shower wall.

And Josh's soul felt the beauty of Lucas' young love making his own heart possess him.


Justin smiled, the man snuggled against his man, the two seated on the couch looking out at the New York skyline before them.

They'd both showered together, their love flowing in all directions.

Lance had changed, the man having brought a change of clothes with him that morning, the man knowing he and Lucas were going jogging.

They both smiled, looking towards the hallway, two visions of masculine beauty walking into the room, Josh's arm around Lucas' waist.

"Someone looks extremely happy." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek, his body against Justin's.

"Josh's eyes show the same look of love as my own." he said, Justin smiling at his man, Josh smiling at both of them.

The two men smiled down at the two, Josh sitting down as he released his Lucas, Lucas smiling at his man as he sat down beside their friends.

"Something tells me our two old timers both claimed their youthful tigers, Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling up at Lucas.

"My babe's not as old as your old tiger, Luke." Justin grinned, Josh raising a finger, Justin and Lance both laughing.

Lance raised his head, leaning over Justin's body, kissing Josh's cheek.

"But no less loving, or less desirous. Lucas was screaming in happiness earlier." Lance said, Lucas smiling down at him.

Josh's eyes met his love's, the two sharing a look of total love.

"And Bass was no timid fish. Your baritone voice went higher than Justin's earlier! Did you grow some inches, Timberlake?" Lucas grinned, Justin smiling, kissing Lance's lips.

"My man always makes me grow more than I ever have. His love pulls out my soul." he said, Lucas laughing.

"Someone's going to be very happy for years to come." he said, Justin grinning.

"We came, we conquered. The shower walls are covered in love." he laughed, the four smiling.

"Finn's going to be so peeved." Josh said, the four laughing together.

"On that note, I should fix dinner. The shoppers will probably be back soon." Lucas smiled, Lance kissing Justin's lips, the man moving upwards, Justin pouting at his breaking their close contact.

"I'll help Lucas, babe. Let's chat with our best friends." he smiled, Josh smiling at the two, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"Sweet! I've been upgraded!" Lucas smiled, Lance smiling and kissing his cheek.

"We've gotten real close, Luke. I now consider you my best friend. For all the love and happiness you've given me." Lance said, Josh and Justin smiling up at the two, Josh seeing the look of soft wonder on Lucas' handsome face.

"I'm. . .I'm touched, Lance. I can't believe the good fortune of my life. I have three souls who love me deeply." Lucas said, Lance's arm going around him.

"Believe it, Lucky. Our love you've earned." he said, kissing Lucas on the lips, the young man smiling.

"And for that you've all earned my favourite meal."

"Your deliciousness would go straight to our thighs, sexy. Just look at Josh's big hips." Justin laughed, Josh raising a finger again, Justin laughing.

"We'll let you two have your fun. But I want to lick that finger later, Joshy." Lance said, all four laughing, Lucas pulling his friend towards the kitchen, their soulmates smiling as they disappeared through the doorway.

Josh and Justin smiled at each other, Justin moving and snuggling against Josh, the man smiling beside him, his arms wrapping around Justin's torso, his head going to Josh's chest.

"I love him, Joshy. I'm so contented and happy." Justin said, Josh smiling down at his best friend.

"So am I, Justy. So am I." Josh said, his eyes looking towards the kitchen door.

He smiled, his soul filled with his man's possessing love.


Lucas smiled, handing Lance the oven mitts.

The man smiled, opening the oven door, bending down and pulling out the roast pan.

Lucas stood at the counter, his eyes going to the man's firm butt, a soft smile forming on his face.

"How's the roast, Lancy?" he asked, Lance putting the cover back on the pan, having checked out its contents.

"Well on its way, Luke. And it smells so delicious." Lance said, pushing the pan back into the oven, Lucas smiling at his friend again.

"I'm sure it does." he smiled, his eyes watching the man as he stood erect again, placing the mitts on the counter beside the stove.

Lucas reached beside him, picking up the wine glass, handing it to Lance, the man smiling at him as he took it, sitting down at the table again in his seat he'd just vacated.

Lucas smiled at him, returning to the rolls he was forming in front of him on the counter.

"You're an amazing cook, Luke. Would you teach me some of your recipes?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Any time, Lancy. I'm sure you could be great as well."
Lance smiled, their eyes meeting.

"Justin cooks better than me, Luke. That says much there."

Lucas smiled, chuckling, Lance smiling back.

"We have our own talents, Lance. Yours are your musical tones, your outgoing manners, and your giving love."

"I'll never be the singer you three are, Lucas. But I'm happy with my career choices, and my life."

Lucas smiled, placing the rolls he'd formed onto a baking sheet, moving to the stove, opening the oven door, bending down and placing the sheet above the roast pan.

Lance's green eyes took in the bubbly butt showing before him, Lucas wearing cargo shorts, his toned muscled hairy legs showing as well.

"I took in the view as well, Lancy. It's nice to have available eye candy all the time." Lucas said, closing the door, standing again, not looking towards the man seated at the table.

Lance softly blushed, Lucas turning around and smiling at him, the young man picking up his wine glass, walking to the table and sitting down beside his friend.

"Yes. . .yes it is." Lance softly said, Lucas' hand going on top of his on the table.

"Wait till you see Finny's fine naked ass."

Lance laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nah, I'm not into hairy baboons."

Lucas laughed, Lance smiling widely.

"Our baboon of love and friendship."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"That he is, Luke."

The young man smiled, looking towards the doorway.

"I feel your heart, Lance. And I feel its new happiness." he said, Lance's eyes looking towards the closed door.

"He chose me, Lucas. My Justin's only chosen me." Lance said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"He's chosen the happiness of his heart, the true love he was always destined to have."

Lance teared up, Lucas moving, his arms wrapping around his friend.

"I love him so much, Lucas!"

"I know, Lance. I know. And he loves you just as deeply. Today's honesty showed that. I'm afraid you may be stuck with him." Lucas said smiling, releasing his hold on the man, Lance's green pools staring into his violet.

"The cross I'll have to bear."

Lucas laughed, Lance smiling, wiping his eyes.

"Lucky you."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas on the lips.

"Thank you, Lucas. For showing him the path to my heart."

Lucas blushed, looking towards the door.

"You showed him that, Lance. Your love guided him to that heart."

"Lucas. . .can I ask you something?"

Lucas smiled, moving back into his chair, smiling at his friend.

"The answer from my heart is yes, Lance. And I'm certain my Joshua will say yes also."

Lance's eyes widened with surprise, Lucas smiling, his hand patting the man's again.

"But it's your moment, Lucas." Lance softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That moment will be in my soul, Lance. And I'd be honoured to watch your love unite beside our own."

Lance teared up, staring at his friend.

"Will you stand by me?"

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"The four of us will stand by each other. I think it's only fitting."

"But you said. . .Finn?"

Lucas smiled, looking towards the door.

"My friend of youth I love, Lance. I'm sure he'll be happy to stand with all four of us at that moment."

"That island was so beautiful. The beach, that cabin."
Lucas nodded, remembering its beauty.

"That's why Josh and I chose it as the place of our uniting love that day. I believe you and Justin deserve just as beautiful a moment."

Lance smiled, looking towards the door.

"Justin will be so surprised."

Lucas smiled, kissing the man's cheek.

"Your engagement surprised him, why not the wedding as well?"

Lance smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"It'll be a feat to plan it all, what with the families and such."

Lucas nodded, Lance looking towards the doorway again, his face showing a soft look of wonder.

"He loves you, Lance. I'm sure his father will welcome your love into his family as he's always welcomed you."
Lance's eyes met Lucas' violet pools.
"We're flying down to Florida in a couple of weeks. Justin's going to open his heart to his father."

"He's going to open his love to his father, the love he's always known. That love's just increased more. For it's the love of total trueness. His father will accept that love, Lance."

Lance lowered his eyes for a moment, then met Lucas' again.

"I love him, Lucas. I'll stand by him every moment."

Lucas smiled, patting his friend's hand again.

"That'll get him through all of it."
"I only hope his father will see that, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"If you need me, I'd be there as well, as would my Josh."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas again.

"I know, Lucky. But Justin and I can face anything together."

Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back.

"Exactly, Lancy."

The man smiled, looking towards the door again.

"And what of your own surprise, Luke?" he said, Lucas' eyes going towards the door as well.

"I love him, Lance. His happiness I'll always try to make happen."

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

The young man smiled, looking into his green pools.

"Thank you and Justin for helping." he said, Lance smiling.

"We love you, Luke. For you, anything."

Lucas smiled, looking towards the oven.

"Check the roast again, Lancy."

Lance laughed, smiling.

"Now I wish I'd worn shorts. You need the whole effect."

Lucas grinned, Lance smiling and getting out of his seat again, Lucas' eyes following his jean-clad ass.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going towards the door again.

He smiled, focusing on the upcoming love.


Josh opened his eyes, feeling a warmth surrounding his center, staring into two violet pools staring down at him.

"Sorry for waking you, my love. But you need to feel all of me." Lucas moaned, his lips moving forward, Josh lost in the love attaching to his lips.

Josh was laying on his back in the center of their bed, his Lucas sitting on top of his center, Josh feeling the tightness surrounding his hard shaft.

Lucas broke their kiss, the young man moving upwards then downwards, Josh feeling the warmth of his asscheeks against his center.

"You're on fire, babe!" he moaned, his hand moving forward, wrapping around Lucas' own hardness, stroking the warmth in his hand, Lucas moaning.

"Oh, Josh! Yes!" he gasped, Josh moving his center upwards, Lucas feeling its length sink deep into him.

The young man moved forward, his hands placed on both sides of Josh's head, Josh moving his head upwards, his tongue going into the hairiness of Lucas' left armpit, Josh tasting his lover's sweaty goodness.

Lucas moaned, Josh's lips licking all of the moisture from his pit, his tongue moving, attaching to Lucas' left nipple, sucking the hard nub into his mouth.

Lucas gasped, his body sinking against Josh's, the man feeling the fluid leaking out of Lucas' center, its wetness covering his hand.

"Yes, Josh! Oh I'm close!" Lucas moaned.

Josh's lips sucked on the nipple, his hand stroking Lucas more, the man gasping, Josh suddenly feeling the liquid filling his hands, his lover exploding all over his chest, Josh suddenly feeling his own edge of love cresting.

Josh gasped out Lucas' name, his center exploding within the young man's center, Lucas falling forward, feeling the warmth fill him, his arms wrapping around his Joshua, the young man rolling to the left, pulling Josh on top of him, their lips meeting, their love coming down from their heights of passion.

Josh parted from his lover's lips, their eyes meeting.

"Good morning, my love." Lucas smiled, Josh's smile widening.

"Good morning, my angel. My extremely horny angel." he said, Lucas' lips meeting his again.

"I awoke against your beauty. My soul took over." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling down at him.

"Number one early." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

They both remembered the passion-ending night they'd had, Lucas giving into Josh twice, Josh possessed by Lucas twice, their first day of birthday love reaching its crest.

"I'm going to be so exhausted by my birthday." Josh said, Lucas smiling widely.

"My old stallion can run for hours." he said, Josh smiling at him, his finger touching his cheek.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for wanting to show me how much you love me."

Lucas smiled, leaning upwards and kissing his lover's lips.

"I love you, my Joshua. Will you marry me?"

Josh smiled, their morning ritual observed.

"Yes, my love. In the island's sunshine."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing Josh's left nipple, Josh sighing.

"Again, my love?"

Lucas smiled, staring into his blue pools.

"Just think of when you're in your eighties. Weeks of whoopee!"

Josh laughed, snuggling against his man, his softness slipping out of him, their arms wrapping around each other.

"So what's the agenda today, my horndog?"

"First up, shower fun."

Josh smiled, loving their wet moments together.

"And then, when I'm half exhausted."

Lucas smiled, rubbing his man's naked backside.

"I'm heading out with Finny for some shopping. I have to buy a gift for some beautiful singer's birthday later in the week. A hot American guy, mmm."

"Timberlake? He's vain."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"Nah, this guy stokes my soul. It must be the maturity of his love. Timberlake's indeed vain."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling.

"Yeah, but I've heard he's some green-eyed beauty's bitch now."

The two men laughed, kissing each other, Josh's fingers going to Lucas' warm cheek again.

"You don't have to buy me much, my love. I have all I'll ever need." Josh said, Lucas smiling as the man pulled him closer.

"What do you buy the man who has everything?" Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's chin.

"You buy him time, babe. A nice evening alone with his man, the two sharing their love in quiet intimacy." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I love you, Josh. If that's what you need that day, that's what you'll have."

Josh smiled, hearing the love in his fiancÚ's voice.

"I don't need a big party, or hundreds of gifts. I only need you, my love."

Lucas teared up, smiling and smirking at his lover.

"Hundreds? Someone's thinking highly of himself."

Josh laughed, hearing the mirth in his man's voice.

"I have friends, my love. But I only need you in my arms that day. I always preferred to spend that day reflecting on my life." Josh said, stroking Lucas' cheek again.

"I have you in my life now. I want to reflect on our love. You showed me yesterday the love I now have, the love I've been given."

Lucas smiled, leaning up and kissing his man's lips again.

"I'll make that evening one of romance and love, my stallion."

Josh smiled, the man moving, climbing out of their bed, smiling down at his naked lover.

"Someone promised me a shower of fun." he winked, Lucas smiling widely.

"Round two!"

Josh laughed, seeing his man's center lengthening as he rose from the bed, his body moving against his, their lips meeting.

Josh smiled, breaking the kiss, his hand going to his lover's warm chest.

"I like my men wanting." Josh smiled, pushing the man backwards, Lucas falling back onto the bed.

Josh laughed, running towards the bathroom.

Lucas smiled, regaining his feet and grinning.

"Your ass is going to be red before it's wet, tease!" he screamed, rushing into the bathroom in search of his life.


Finn smiled, looking at his friend, Lucas driving the SUV through the late afternoon New York traffic.

"A great day, Lukey. The three of us foraging for love."

Lucas smiled, looking at his friend.

His eyes went to the rear-view mirror, Harry smiling back at him.

The three had spent the day shopping together, bonding as brothers, and having a lot of fun as well.
They'd visited a couple of sporting goods stores, Finn lost in the athletic world of happiness.

Lucas had smiled, his friend guiding him to a perfect pair of runners for his man, and matching exercise attire, Lucas wanting Josh to join him often on his runs.

A few jokes had flown from Finny, Lucas smiling at the love behind them.

"You've spoiled your man, Lukey. Clothing, books, electronic toys and jewellery. He's going to love you more." Harry said, Lucas smiling back at him.

Lucas smiled, turning into a parking lot, Finn smiling at him.

"I don't think he can love me any more, Har. His love is total."

"Him in those short shorts and wife beater you bought should stoke that fire." Finn laughed, Harry chuckling.

Lucas grinned, pulling into an empty parking spot.

Finn smiled, looking at the store in front of them.

"More jewellery, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, unbuckling his seatbelt, after he'd killed the engine.

"I haven't found that one special thing. This is the last place before home. I promise."

Finn smiled, nodding his head.

"What are you looking for? A nipple ring?"

Lucas stared at his friend, Finn and Harry both bursting into laughter.

Finn patted his friend's shoulder, kissing his cheek.

"Couldn't resist, gay boy."

Lucas smiled, opening his door, Finn smiling at him, opening his.

"I'd purchase him a cock ring but they don't make them in extra extra large." Lucas smiled

Finn laughed, walking around the vehicle, his arm going around his friend as Lucas locked the car with his key lock.

"I'll forward you to my guy."

Harry laughed loudly, Finn smiling and guiding his friend into the jewellery store, Harry following them, the young man looking around.

The three were laughing as they walked into the trendy store, a clerk smiling at both men, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"Good afternoon, sirs. How may I be of assistance?" the young man smiled, Finn looking at him with a smile.

"My father's a sir, my friend."

The young man smiled, looking at Lucas again.

"Forgive my friend, he hates being called sir." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at all three men again.

"Certainly, Mr. Delaney. How can I help yourself and Mr. Carver?" the young man said, both men staring at him with surprise, the young man smiling.

"I have your album, guys. I recognize the faces." the young man smiled.

Finn grinned, looking at Lucas.

"I can't get used to this popularity thing, Luke." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling back.

In the last week in New York City the two and their bandmates had been recognized a couple of times in public, each time awing them into surprise.

"Rest assured, I won't fawn over you, gentlemen. I'm here to help in any way." the young man smiled, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Finn smirked, smiling at his friend.

Harry smiled at the clerk, his eyes scanning the store.

"Our bodyguard." Lucas smiled, the clerk smiling back at Harry.

"My friend's looking for a special gift for someone. We've been to several stores and haven't found anything to his liking. The boy's even more of a perfectionist than our mentors." Finn smiled, Lucas shaking his head.

"Please let me show you what we have. I hope you find what you're looking for. Male or female giftee?"

Lucas smiled, looking at the young man.

"Male, Craig."

The young man's eyes widened in surprise, Lucas smiling at him, Harry and Finn trading looks.

"This. . .this way, Mr. Carver." the young man said, his hand motioning towards a jewellery case against the wall.

"It's Lucas, Craig. And this is Finn. And that's Harry." Lucas smiled, the young man softly smiling at the two other men.

He walked them around the store, showing them rings, necklaces and watches, Lucas not seeing anything that really drew him to its beauty.

"I'm afraid I've shown you most everything, Lucas." Craig said, the young man closing the second to last case, returning the tray of rings to their velvet bed, locking the case.

"It's alright, Craig. As I said earlier, Luke is very finicky." Finn smiled, the young man smiling at Lucas.

"He just has refined tastes. Most handsome men do." Craig said, Lucas smiling with a soft blush.

Several other customers had come into the store, two other clerks looking to their needs.

A female clerk walked up to Craig, talking quietly to him.

"Excuse me for a moment. Please look in the last display case against that wall. I'll return momentarily." the young man said, smiling at both men, his blue eyes lingering on Lucas, Finn smirking again.

The three men walked over to the last case, Lucas' eyes looking after the young man, Finn smirking again.

"And why are you laughing, Finny?" Lucas said, Finn chuckling more, Harry smirking.

Harry smiled at Lucas, Lucas looking between his two friends.

"Your refined tastes are winning over a certain young clerk's heart. Or maybe it's your skin-tight jeans." Finn laughed, a couple of patrons looking towards the Welshman, Lucas blushing more.

Finn smiled at the people looking at him, the man's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"Sorry, my friend. But the man's eyes are filled with worshipping love. I've disappeared from his radar as has everyone else here. The boy's smitten with you." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling, looking towards the young man, Craig helping the woman clerk close off a sale to an older looking woman.

"I don't think it's lust, Finny." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting his friend's blue irises, Finn looking confused.

Lucas smiled, looking down at the glass case before him.

His violet pools focused on something shining and gleaming in the left corner, the young man's eyes widening.

"It's perfect!" Lucas said, rather loudly.

Finn smiled, looking to where his friend was looking, smiling as well.

"Indeed it is, Lukey. Indeed it is." Finn smiled, patting his friend on the back, Lucas' violet eyes raising, meeting his friend's blue.

"Destiny, Finny. Love's destiny." Lucas said, the man's words interrupted by another voice.

"Meaning what, Lucas?"

Lucas smiled, meeting another set of blue.

"I've found the perfect gift, Craig." Lucas said, smiling and pointing into the case.

The young clerk's blue yes went towards the item, their blueness widening, a smile crossing his face.

"It is very unique, Lucas. But also very expensive." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"For this gift nothing is too expensive."

The man nodded, pulling out his key ring.

"No need to show me. I'd like it engraved." Lucas said, the young man nodding, smiling at the two singers.

"Please follow me, gentlemen. I'll ring your purchase up for you, Lucas." Craig smiled, Finn smiling at the young man's showing smile.

"Thank you, Craig." Lucas said, the young man following the clerk, Finn following both of them with staring quietness.

Within a few minutes Lucas had purchased his gift, the young man handing him his gift, engraved and gift-wrapped.

"There you go, sir. Please come back again."

Lucas smiled, extending his hand, Craig taking it, the young man's blue eyes widening a bit, staring into Lucas' violet pools, the young man thinking he'd seen a soft glow there.

Finn, standing beside them, had seen it as well, his eyes meeting Harry's.

"Thank you for your expertise, and for your friendship, Craig. And could you please hand me a slip from your notepad?" Lucas said, the young clerk nodding.

The young man quickly removed a slip of paper, Lucas picking up the pen he'd signed his credit card receipt with.

Lucas quickly wrote something, folding the piece of paper, then handing it back to the young clerk.

"For you, my friend." Lucas smiled, the young man looking at him for a moment, then opening the slip of paper.

His blue eyes moved upwards, meeting Lucas' violet pools again.

"Bring him and your friendship tonight. I'd love to hear your moving story." Lucas smiled, the young man picking up his gift, smiling at the clerk.

"Let's go, guys. Our happiness awaits." Lucas smiled, the young man turning and walking right into someone who'd walked right up behind him, Finn's eyes widening in surprise as well as Harry's.

The young clerk's eyes were wide as well.

Lucas stared into two blue pools of glaring happiness.

"We meet again, Lucas. How are you, beautiful?" the man smiled, his eyes scanning over Lucas' tightly dressed form.

Lucas' violet pools stared into Zac Efron's blue pools of showing desire.



End of Chapter 86


A chapter of revealing love, and mysterious talk of surprises.

And a returning vision of longing lust.

Zac Efron walks back into Lucas' life.

How will that sit with Josh?

And how will Lucas handle him?


What has Lucas selected for his love's birthday?
Seems he's sensed something in Craig as well.
What did he give him?


More questions than answers.
Read on, more to come.


Hugs, Angel.




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