Yesterday's End-87

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 87


"Hello, Mr. Efron." Lucas said, the actor smiling at him.

"Why so formal, Lucas? I told you before it's just Zac." Zac smiled, his eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Josh only introduced us for the briefest of moments, Zac. I don't know you that well." Lucas said, the man's eyes staring at him, then glancing around them.

"That's Josh's fault, Lucas. I had tried to cajole a get-together out of him but he was being a bit standoffish. Too bad, I thought that you and I had hit it off, being of the same age barrier and such." the man smiled, Finn staring at him, Harry's eyes staring as well.
Zac smiled at the two men, ignoring the clerk standing behind Lucas.

"These are my friends, Zac. My bandmate--and best friend--Finn Delaney and my bodyguard Harry Carlisle." Lucas said, Finn smiling at his friend, Harry's eyes still focused on the handsome actor.

The actor's blue eyes met Finn's blue as he shook his hand, Zac smiling at the Welshman, then looking at Harry, the man's smile widening even more as he took Harry's hand in his, staring at the handsome man.

"You travel in great circles, Luke." Zac smiled, his blue eyes locked on Harry's blue, his eyes then scanning the young man's muscular physique as he released his hand.

Finn's eyes darkened a bit, meeting Lucas' calm violet pools.

"I travel surrounded by friendship, Zac." Lucas said, Finn smiling at his friend.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Efron?" Craig said from behind Lucas, Zac's blue eyes meeting the young clerk's blue eyes, Zac's eyes widening a bit.

"No thank you. I'll ask for your help when I need it." Zac said a bit curtly, the clerk staring at him with calmness, Lucas looking back at the young man.

"It's alright, Craig. Please go back to your other customers. And thank you for your help." Lucas softly smiled, the young man nodding his head, quietly walking away from the four men, his eyes still looking towards Zac.

Zac's eyes returned to Lucas' handsome face, the man's smile widening again.

"How long are you in New York, Luke? We should meet for lunch or perhaps more." the man smiled, his smile totally focused on Lucas again.

"I'm in for the week, but I'm with friends and family, they deserve my time. And there's really nothing we need to meet about." Lucas said, his voice calm and focused, Finn's blue eyes staring at his friend with smiling respect.

"Come, Luke. I'm sure Josh hasn't told you of our once deep friendship. I can be a great friend. I'm very giving and worth that friendship." the young man smiled, Finn's blue eyes taking in the scanning eyes of the young man's showing bravado, his blue pools scanning Lucas' muscular frame again.

"Josh told me all of his life, the good and the bad." Lucas said, Zac still smiling at him.

"I hope I was listed under the good? I've actually been listed as downright great. Just ask your surrounding friends. Justin's an old friend of mine as well. And Lance is even more entrenched in my friendship. You could say that with him I've gone deep."

Finn's eyes narrowed, the man beginning to show anger, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder, Finn's eyes meeting his friend's calm violet pools.

"My friends have moved on, Zac. Their hearts are given over to a better life. A life of love and happiness."  Lucas said, Zac smiling at him.

"What's happiness without a little fun, Luke?" Zac smiled, the young man pulling out a card from his leather jacket pocket, handing it to Lucas, the young man staring at him.

Lucas slowly took the card from the man, Zac's fingers lingering on his palm, the man smiling at him with now showing desire.

"Let's meet for lunch, Luke. Variety is the spice of life. You need to experience a more energetic happiness." Zac smiled, his blue eyes glancing at Finn, their blueness then moving to Harry, their showing lust more focused on him as well.

"Bring your friend here, too. I'm sure he knows how to guard a body well in many ways." Zac smiled, Lucas staring at him.

"He's my cousin, Zac. His love is my greatest protection." Lucas said, Zac's blue eyes returning to his violet pools.

The man smiled again, this smile focused on only Lucas.

"Yes, you've always got to have protection." the man smiled, Lucas' violet pools meeting two sets of guarded, simmering blue, Finn glaring at the obvious desire in the man's eyes.

"We have to go, guys. Josh is waiting, as are our friends." Lucas said, Zac smiling at him alone again.

The young man moved, walking past the actor, Finn following him, Harry walking in front of his friends, reaching for the door handle.

Zac's hand went to Lucas' arm, stopping him, Finn's eyes widening with brooding anger.

"Say hi to Joshy for me, Luke. He remembers my talented ways very well."

Lucas turned, looking back into the man's blue pools.

"He remembers only the freedom after. And you need to tone it down, Zac. Next time I won't be so calm. Please remove your hand." Lucas said, Finn staring at his friend, seeing Lucas' focused pools.

Zac smiled at the young man, gazing into his violet pools, his hand rubbing Lucas' shoulder.

"Just being myself, Luke. Myself that you could experience with unbelievable happiness."

Lucas brushed off the man's hand from his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"I already have happiness, sir. I don't need anything else or anyone else." Lucas said, the young man moving, Finn's eyes meeting Zac's, the younger man smiling at the Welshman.

The three walked out of the jewellery store, Harry holding the door open for Lucas and Finn, the young bodyguard staring at Zac as he left the store, closing the door behind them.

Zac smiled, watching the three climb into an SUV outside the store, his blue eyes filled with smiling bravado.

His eyes turned, scanning the store, locking on two other blue pools staring back at him.

His eyes and Craig's were locked on each other, Zac smiling at him, the young clerk standing at a jewellery case with an older couple.

Zac's hand went into his jacket pocket, pulling out his cell phone, opening it and flipping through his address book, hitting a number.

Someone answered, Zac's eyes staring back towards the clerk, Craig's eyes moving to the couple in front of him.

"Hey, it's Zac. Okay, I'm up for it. Yes, I'll go." he said, looking towards the door again, seeing Lucas' vehicle pulling out of the parking lot.

"Why the change of heart? Because I think there will be more there tonight than boredom. I just met the main course and he looks beyond delicious, as does his cousin." Zac smiled, looking towards the clerk again.

"Yeah, I'm about twenty minutes away. Take a shower and be prepared. I've got an itch you need to scratch. All eight inches of you." Zac said, closing off his phone, dropping it back into his pocket.

A female clerk walked up to the actor, smiling at him.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Efron?" she smiled, Zac smiling his fake celebrity smile at her.

"Thanks, beautiful. But I was just browsing, looking for future excitement." He smiled, the man walking towards the door, two blue pools staring at his departure.

Craig's hand went into his own pocket, feeling the note laying there, his mind focusing.

His blue eyes softened, the young man remembering those violet pools.

He sighed, pulling out his own cell phone.


Finn's blue eyes stared at Lucas, the young man driving through the late afternoon traffic, their place a few minutes away.

"That man needs a bucket of ice water over his head! Or my foot up his ass! He was practically raping you with his eyes, Luke!" Finn said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"It wasn't a foot he was looking for up his ass, but that might be the length that should calm him up there." Lucas said, Harry smirking in the back seat, Finn staring at his friend.

"The man's a total asshole, Lukey."

"I agree with Finn, Luke. I can spot an asshole any day. Are you okay?" Harry said, Lucas' eyes moving back to his cousin's blue pools.

"You were held in his eyes with equal lust, Har. If anyone should be peeved it's our Finny. He barely registered a chubby with the man."
Finn looked at Lucas, the young man bursting into laughter, Harry joining him.

Finn blushed, Lucas' hand patting his knee beside him.

"Sorry, Finny. I guess he's not into bestiality." Lucas smiled, Finn now smiling back at him, chuckling.

"This beast was about to tear him a new one. I can't believe his open bravado!" Finn said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I met him before in L.A. the first time I was there with Josh. We were in a supermarket and I think he thought I was on display. He was looking at me like I was prime roast, the same look he was giving myself and Har today."

"Were you laying between the pork chops and the veal cutlets, Luke? I hope you weren't marked down?" Harry smiled, Lucas laughing more, the two men in the vehicle with him smiling at his calm happiness.
"You weren't fazed by that, Lukey?" Finn asked, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"I'll always spot that kind of man's intent any day, Finny. The man's got balls, I give him that. But that bravado he shows may one day be his undoing." Lucas said, his eyes focusing on the road ahead.

The two men stared at him,, Lucas sighing.

"You both should know that he and Josh at one time were lovers, guys. It was a brief acquaintance that happened a couple of times a few years back. That young man's even more promiscuous than Adam." Lucas said, Finn's hand going to his friend's hand on the gearshift.

"He doesn't seem like Josh's type, Luke. Yes, he's beautiful but he's also very arrogant."

"Josh loves an attractive man, Finn. But he saw behind the arrogance and that's why he ended it. Efron was looking for fun and excitement, my Joshy was only looking for love."

"And he's found that love, Luke." Harry said, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder in front of him.

"Yes he did, Har. And I've found the same. So Efron can keep it in his pants. And as I told him, the next time I won't be so calm." Lucas said, the young man turning to the left at an intersection, Finn staring at him.

"Another confrontation brewing as it did with Adam?" Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

"No, Finny. This time it will be his own undoing. I won't ever focus on that man's crassness." Lucas said, his eyes staring forward again, Finn's hand rubbing his on the gearshift.

"I see your happiness and your love, Lukey. And I see Josh has all of it."

Lucas smiled, seeing their condo building coming into view.

"He's all I need, Finny." Lucas smiled, Finn looking at him.

"What was the deal with the clerk back there, Luke? What did you write down and hand him?" Harry said behind them, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue in the rear view mirror.

"I gave him my opening friendship, guys. And he will focus the path for some." Lucas smiled, Finn and Harry trading looks.

"What are you cooking up, Lukey?" Finn said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"Love, Finny. You know my kitchen always prepares the best meals of love." Lucas smiled, Finny smiling at him.

"We're all getting fat, Lukey."

Lucas laughed, his friends joining him.

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking at his cousin in the backseat, Harry looking out the window.

Lucas smiled again, turning into his condo's underground parking lot.

The young man's thoughts turned to something else on his mind, Lucas softly sighing, pulling into the building.


Josh sighed, feeling the warm wet hands rubbing his soapy back, both massaging his muscled body.

"You're hired, beautiful." he sighed, Lucas smiling behind him.

"I give total body massages, sir." he smiled, his fingers soaping up Josh's ass cleft, Josh murmuring under the shower flow.

"I don't think there is one part of my body you haven't massaged, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling, his hand moving the showerhead's nozzle, water cascading over Josh's smooth back, filtering down between his soapy ass cheeks.

Lucas smiled, turning his man around in his wet arms, the two kissing deeply under the flowing water, both lost in the love flowing through their wet warm bodies, Josh's arms pulling his man against him.

"We kind of ditched our friends out there, babe. You pulled me into your love rather fast." Josh smiled, his hand taking the sponge from Lucas', beginning to soap up his smooth chest, Josh focusing on his lover's perky nipples.

"I needed your love, my angel." Lucas said softly, his lips kissing Josh's neck, Josh smiling.

"But only moments after you'd been gone all afternoon? What fed that need, babe?" he said, Lucas' arms going around him, pulling him closer, Josh feeling Lucas' need to wear him as a second skin.

"I was lost without your love all day. Seeing you brought out my needs." Lucas softly said, his lips kissing Josh's neck.

"I felt your need for the last half hour, my love. And I felt your doubts all through it." Josh said, Lucas raising his head, the young man staring into his soulmate's blue pools.

Lucas hit the showerhead button, the water stopping, Josh staring at him.

Lucas sighed, the young man opening the glass shower door, stepping out and grabbing a towel.

He quickly and quietly dried himself, Josh staring at him from within the shower stall.

The young man's violet pools met his blue, Lucas lowering his eyes then walking out of the bathroom.

Josh moved out of the stall, wiping himself dry with a towel, throwing his and Lucas' towels into the hamper, the man grabbing his velour robe, putting it on.

He grabbed Lucas' cashmere robe, walking out of the bathroom.

He looked around their bedroom, seeing the balcony door open.

Josh walked across the bedroom, staring at a vision of beauty standing at the railing outside.

Josh took in his lover's beautiful physique, Lucas standing naked on the balcony, staring out into the early evening receding sunshine.

Josh walked up behind him, wrapping his lover in the cashmere robe, Lucas letting the man feed his arms through it, Josh tying the robe tie around him, his naked beauty disappearing under its soft fabric.

"You show the world your beauty, my heavenly angel. The sun warms a god." Josh said, kissing the young man's neck.

Lucas turned in his arms, their lips meeting, a soft kiss of total love registering in both their souls.

"I show only you my beauty, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"And I alone possess it, my Lucas."

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his chin.

"I'm sorry I used our love to bury my own doubts, my love." Lucas said, Josh staring into his violet pools of love.

"I'm sorry my past walked back into our lives, Lucas."

Lucas' eyes stared into Josh's blue irises seeing the deep love there.

"Finn and his ever-giving love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"He told me in the kitchen just before you pulled me in here. He felt I had a right to know."

"I didn't want you to be bothered by that, Josh."

"I'm not bothered by it, Lucas. Your love has made me see that. It's made me face my past, my not-so-glowing past." Josh said, Lucas pulling him close.

"Your past was glowing with needful love, Joshua. It just took you on a path of searching before you found what you really needed."

Josh's blue eyes met his lover's violet pools.

"What I'm bothered by is your being bothered by this. What's wrong my love?"

Lucas sighed, Josh kissing his soft lips again.

"I need only you, Lucas. Your love is my life."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head, staring into his soulmate's blue pools of love.

"I don't have doubts on our love, my angel. I only have doubts about myself."

Josh pulled him close, staring into his soulful eyes.

"He is beautiful, Lucas. They were all in some ways beautiful. I've always been drawn to beauty, that need beginning with our beautiful Justin. But you have the depth of beauty that claims my soul. I may now lay claim to your heart, but you have total claim to my soul. I love and need only you."

Lucas teared up, staring at his man.

"That was beautiful, Josh." he softly said, Josh kissing his soft lips again.

"You are the beauty that ignites my soul. I see the truth hidden in your eyes. Don't ever class yourself as less than they are, as less than Zac is. You have a beauty of total love, desire and gazing singularity."
"But he's so beautiful, Josh. All those you were with, they are. . .they are so not like me."

Josh sighed, hearing the truth in Lucas' doubting love.

The man moved his hands, opening the white robe Lucas wore, it falling from his shoulders, Lucas standing naked before him.

"Look at yourself, Lucas. See the beauty that I see. That Efron sees. He's after you because he sees what Adam saw, what others see. You are a vision of total beauty, my Lucky."

"I don't give a damn about their wants, Josh. Or their stares of needful lust. I know they stare at me, I know they want me. I don't give a crap about that. I only. . ." Lucas said, his eyes lowering, Josh pulling him close again, his naked body going against his robed body.

"You only care that I want you."

Lucas nodded, staring into the man's blue pools again.

"I've never wanted anyone to want me like that, Joshua. Not until I met you. That first night we met I felt a stirring within my soul. And through time you've made that feeling come alive. I've given you everything, Joshua. I. . .I only hope. . .I hope. . .I'm enough."

Josh smiled, seeing the truth showing in Lucas' lowering violet pools.

The man's face took on a serious look, raising Lucas' face with his fingers against his chin.

"Listen to me, Lucas." he said, his voice firm and calm, Lucas staring at his man.

"You are more than enough, Lucas. I'm going to marry you. I love you. You have given me everything, the same as I have given you. This week you've shown the depth of your love for me, in every moment, in every touch, in the beauty of what we just did in that shower. In what you've given me all the time we've been together. The gathering of our love. Our love alone. You are mine and I am yours. Fuck everyone else who thinks they can hoard in on that singular love. It's ours and ours alone. I don't want anyone else and neither do you. We love each other. I love you. Please love me, Lucas. Please love me as greatly as I love you. I don't need anyone but you."

Lucas teared up, pulling his man against his naked body.

Lucas moved forward, his lips meeting his man's, Josh lost in the love he felt coming from his man.

The two parted, Lucas softly kissing his lips several times as they parted, their eyes opening into each other's pools, Lucas smiling a smile of total warmth.

"Thank you, my love. Thank you for destroying the brooding doubts within my volatile soul."
Josh smiled, his arms pulling his man closer.

"I love you, Lucas. Only you. You are the beauty that ignites my soul."

Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing his man's chin.

"I know, Josh. And I can finally see that. Zac's intrusion on my happiness today brought the last doubts to the surface of my soul."

"He had no chance, Lucas. He showed that years ago. I'm not into horny submissive leeches."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I don't think it's blood he's looking to suck."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Again I'm sorry for my past's showing itself."

"No, Josh. We both have lived lives, moments and people from those lives always may return. You've just showed me the core of what we have that can combat that. Our love for each other. I hold no jealousy or doubts now within my soul. You are mine, Joshua."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"Then feed your slave, Master. I'm starving!" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Should I put clothes on, my love? Or are you looking for a different kind of sausage?"

Josh laughed, smiling at his man.

"I'm always up for a tasty snack."

"Hang on, I'll go get Efron." Lucas said, moving away from Josh, Josh pulling him close again.

"I don't need a cocktail wiener, babe."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"He is hot, but you he's not. I prefer my steak well-seasoned and tenderized."

Lucas smiled widely, pulling his man into his arms again.

"I love you, Josh."

"I love you, my Lucas."

"Let's get dressed, and then I'm taking you out for dinner. Justin's place, my treat."

Josh smiled, picking up Lucas' discarded robe, smiling at him.

"A quickie for the road, babe? I really need to show you my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at the desire showing again in his blue pools, his eyes scanning Lucas' naked form.

"The guys can head out ahead of us. I need to give my man an appetizer."

Josh grinned, Lucas pulling him into the bedroom with him.


Josh smiled, his hand squeezing Lucas', the two seated in the SUV, driving towards Justin's restaurant Southern Hospitality.

The two were alone, their friends having left earlier before them,  the two spending another hour locked in each other's arms of passion.

Finn had laughed, seeing the needful look in Josh's eyes when the two had walked out of their bedroom after their shower, Lucas informing their friends to head out for dinner, that they'd join them later.

"Okay, Lukey. Better you doing it here again than Chasez taking you in the SUV's backseat. No one needs to see your bony white asses against the back window." Finn laughed, others smirking, Skyler rolling her eyes but grinning widely, Josh having blushed deeply, Lucas' arm going around his man.

"Our love echoes, my friends. Our passion needs to be curtailed." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him as he looked into his eyes.

"Either that or I'll be right randy all night."
Josh smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"There's something to be said about having you flirtatious all night, my love. I'd reap the benefits of your desirous touches."

Finn threw up his arms, staring at his friends.

"We're not having that! You gay boys need to tone down the testosterone!"

Lucas laughed, as did Harry and Josh, Drew and Trish laughing with Skyler, Finn smiling at his two friends.

"Feed the need, guys. We'll see you at the restaurant later." Finn said, winking at Lucas, blowing Josh a kiss.

Josh smiled, blowing one back.

"Thanks for the kiss, Finny. I'll imagine your lips are his. But my man's probably packing more."

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing, the group heading out, Josh smiling and staring after them, the man feeling his man's arms going around him.

"Round five for today, babe. I'm going to massage you into ecstasy." Lucas said, pulling him towards the bedroom again.

Josh smiled, staring at his man seated in the vehicle beside him.

"Thanks for the massaging love, babe. Can't wait for round six later. You didn't calm the love I have for you." he said, Lucas smiling towards his man.

"Great. I always want you primed."

Josh laughed, Lucas grinning.

"Finn's going to be peeved. I'm going to be all over you all evening. You didn't curb my desires either."

Josh laughed, the two smiling at each other.

"We'll be in public, my love."

"I know, my love." Lucas said, leaning over and kissing Josh's lips, returning to his driving.

Josh stared at his man, his hand squeezing his again.

"I love you, Lucas. That moment of opening truth I hunger for." Josh said, Lucas turning his hand over, joining his with Josh's.

"I'll love you before and after that, Joshua. And you do that when you're comfortable with yourself, not for me. Understand?"

Josh nodded, leaning over and kissing his man's cheek.

"My heart is yours, babe."

Lucas smiled, his eyes scanning his lover's dressed beauty.

Both men had dressed each other.

Josh wore a skin tight black silk shirt with grey dress pants, a black suede blazer finishing off Lucas' selections.

"My black stallion of love. You have so much more than just your heart to offer." Lucas smiled, licking his lips.

Josh laughed, staring at his man's masculine beauty.

Lucas wore a dark grey silk shirt, black dress pants covering his muscled legs.

His muscular torso was covered in a dark burgundy-coloured jacket, his shirt open at the throat, the stone hanging in its center, its redness softly showing a more burgundy coloring.

"The stone's color has changed, babe." he said, Lucas smiling at his man.

"It draws to the beauty of your fashionable taste. My love has to match the chosen beauty of your talents."

Josh smiled, snuggling against his man, his blue eyes looking out the front window.

He smiled, seeing Justin's restaurant coming into view.

"The place looks packed, babe. I don't know if we'll find a parking spot." Josh said, sitting more upright in the vehicle, Lucas smiling at him.

Josh's eyes saw several people standing outside on the street in front of the restaurant.

"Justin said I could drop the car at the door, his staff would find us a spot for it." Lucas smiled, Josh looking at his lover.

"Since when does he have valet parking?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Since he's begun managing the talent that I am." Lucas said, Josh looking confused.

Lucas laughed, pulling the vehicle up towards the restaurant, the young man smiling at Josh.

"Justin told me there's some event going on here tonight. But he's booked us a private dining room."

"Ah, okay. Maybe we'll see stars?" Josh said, smiling at his man, Lucas' violet pools looking into his blue.

"I see the star of my life."

Josh beamed, Lucas stopping the vehicle in front of the restaurant.


Josh smiled when someone opened his door, Lucas smiling and climbing out of his side, the young man handing his keys to a smiling young face.

"Good evening, Mr. Carver. I'll return your keys when it's been parked." the young attendant smiled, Lucas nodding his head, walking around the vehicle, his eyes focusing on movement coming from the street, the young man joining Josh at his door.

"Lucas? Lucas Carver! Associated Press! Can you give us a moment!" a man said, walking in front of the two men, Josh surprised at his sudden appearance, the man seeing other reporters coming towards them.

Lucas smiled, looking at the reporter.

"I'm just heading into dinner, sir. An evening of happiness with friends." Lucas smiled, he and Josh walking towards the entrance, another attendant at Josh's other side.

"Are you dining with Justin Timberlake tonight?" the reporter continued, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Justin's invited us both here. I consider him a great friend. And Josh here as well." Lucas said, Josh smiling at Lucas, seeing his man's calmed love shining.

"Your band's number one across the world, Lucas. Any plans for collaborations with Timberlake? Or J.C. here?" the man said, cameras going off around them, Josh's eyes meeting the reporters.

"Justin's voice is fantastic, sir. As is Josh's. I don't think either needs my interference to voice their own greatness. But the offer would be well received or taken. It would be my honour to sing with either any day. We all have dreams." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, the two reaching the front entrance's steps.

"You were injured here a few months ago, Lucas. Shot on these same steps. Are you a risk to your celebrity friends? Aren't you playing with danger, J.C.?" another voice said, Josh's eyes meeting another reporter's staring pools, the two men now surrounded by paparazzi.

"Lucas is my friend. I was at his side here that night. His courage saved all of us. I am not in danger when his friendship surrounds me." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man.

"But his assailant hasn't been caught. Danger still surrounds him." the reporter said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"I won't live my life in fear, sir. My music is my happiness, as are my friends. Life is good and it's only going to get better. Excuse us, gentlemen. Justin's famous ribs await both of us." Lucas smiled, he and Josh moving up the steps, the reporters stopping, seeing two large burly men standing at the door, cameras continuing to go off as Josh and Lucas walked into the restaurant.

Josh's eyes met Lucas' calm violet pools.

"They were on a mission, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"As am I, Joshua. Justin's ribs await me. I think I'm going to lick all of them." Lucas said, Josh bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling.

"Relax, babe. Fame ain't seen nothing yet." Lucas smiled, a young woman walking up to them.

"Good evening, Mr. Carver and Mr. Chasez." she smiled, Josh smiling at her.

"It's still just Josh, Serena." he smiled, the young woman smiling.

"Alright, Josh. Justin is waiting in the Jackson room for you both with your friends."

Lucas and Josh smiled, Lucas winking at him, Josh laughing again, Lucas patting his back.

"Lead on to the ribs, Serena." he smiled, Josh smiling widely, both following the waitress.

Josh smiled, his eyes going around the patrons in the main dining area, the two men led around the tables, Lucas smiling with calmness, the two led down a short hallway, two double wooden doors at its end.

Serena smiled, the young woman bowing and smiling at both men, walking back down the hallway they'd just traversed.

"I guess we let ourselves in, babe." Josh said, looking around, Lucas leaning into his man and kissing his lips softly in the private area surrounding them.

"Lead on to the love, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'd sooner slip into a washroom and ravish you." he smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"After dessert, stallion."

Josh beamed, the man walking forward and opening one of the doors.


Josh jumped back, his eyes widening with shock and surprise, staring into a room filled with people.

People began to sing, Josh's eyes staring at familiar faces--as well as many famous--standing right before him.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Josh! Happy birthday to you!"

"What the. . .? Who. . .how did you all. . .?" he began to stutter, staring into the faces of his family standing at the head of the group of people filling the room, the man feeling a hand going to his shoulder.

Josh turned his head staring into two violet pools of shining love.

"Happy birthday, Joshua. The love before you is ours shown." Lucas smiled, Josh pulled into two opening arms of love, his mother's lips going to her son's cheeks.

"My boy's birthday! Happy birthday, Joshua!" she cried, Josh smiling at her as she hugged her son close.

"Mom? Dad? Steve? You're all here!" he said, his eyes glistening with tears, Roy smiling at his son as he wrapped his arms around him and his wife, his eyes going to Lucas.

"Lucas is nothing if not organized. We flew in yesterday. Justin's home is as hospitable as Luke's. But he cooks better!" Roy said, Lucas laughing, the young man smiling at Josh.

"I planned it all, Josh. We all wanted to show you our love." Lucas said, Josh tearfully smiling at his man, the man pulled into another hug by his brother, Lucas smiling as his man was enveloped in hugs of happiness and well wishes by his family and surrounding celebrity friends.

Lance walked up to his friend, his arm going around him, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Thanks for helping to pull off the ruse, Lancy."

"You're the champion of that, Luke. He didn't sense it at all." he said, the two men smiling as they watched Justin hug his best friend, Josh in the center of the surrounding love.


Josh smiled, everyone having kissed and hugged him, the man seeing the surrounding love.

"Thank you, everyone! This is such a surprise! I've been blindsided!" he smiled through tears, his wet blue pools meeting two violet pools of love walking up to him, the man seeing two wine glasses in Lucas' hands.

He smiled, handing Josh a glass, Josh smiling back at him, taking it.

"We wanted to show your our love, Josh. We wanted to celebrate the man that is you." Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I'd like to propose a toast to the man of our hearts." he smiled, everyone raising their wine glasses, all filled by waiters moving around the rather large room.

Josh smiled, looking around the room, seeing balloons everywhere, streamers as well.

A large banner hung against the wall, Josh smiling at its written words.



             Happy Birthday Josh

     Friend, son, brother and beloved



His eyes met Lucas' violet pools, Lucas smiling at him, the young man raising his glass.

"Happy birthday, Joshua. May you have many years of happiness and life. May the love you give all of us resonate into our souls for many years to come! Happy Birthday, Josh!"

"Happy Birthday, Josh!" everyone cheered, everyone toasting the man standing in front of them.

"Thank you all, this is so nice!" he smiled.

"That's great, Joshy! Less talk, more food!" Finn yelled from behind Lucas, Josh laughing, Lucas smiling behind him.

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet pools as he walked up to him.

"This was all you, wasn't it?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know you hate big things like this, Josh. But we couldn't pass the day by without showing our love. Why not a few days ahead? So then your promise is kept. Your birthday is your own to do as you like. Let us have this night for you."
Josh smiled with tears, the man moving forward, hugging Lucas against him.

Josh saw his man's love shining, and his calm behaviour, the two denied their open love surrounded by oblivious strangers.

"Thank you, Luke! Good friends, family and love. It's just what I needed!"

Lucas smiled, Josh giving him the softest of hidden kisses to his cheek, the younger man breaking Josh's hold on him.

"Finn's correct, Joshy. Good food awaits, as does happiness and love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Can't wait."

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Can someone get this old man a cane? You may need to strain his food, Justin!" Finn yelled, everyone laughing, Josh's the loudest, Skyler's hand slapping Finn lightly on the back of the head, the Welshman blushing, smiling at his love.

"Sorry, my love. But this old-timer is too slow."

Skyler laughed, kissing her man's lips, Josh smiling towards Finn.

"On the track, you and me, Finny! I'll leave you in my dust!"

Finn laughed, walking up to him and Lucas.

"Corpses turn to dust, Joshy. Are you that old?"

Josh laughed, the man grinning as Lucas guided him towards the buffet table set up against one wall.


Josh smiled, standing in the center of the large room, Janet Jackson kissing his cheek.

"Happy birthday, Joshy." she said, Josh smiling at her, Quincy Jones shaking his hand.

"Thanks for coming, guys." he smiled, Janet looking towards Lucas.

"He totally conned you, Joshy. I saw the look of total surprise on your face." she smiled, Quincy laughing.

"That he did. The man's nothing if not resourceful. And loving." Josh said, looking towards Lucas as well, the young man standing between Christina Aguliera and Randy Jackson.

Janet smiled, leaning in and kissing his cheek again.

"His love is yours, Joshy." she smiled, Quincy smiling as well, Josh looking surprised.

"We've all sensed it, Josh. We all see it easily. Your eyes are the gateway to your true soul. And you can trust all of us to watch that love go at its own pace in private."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"I love him deeply. Excuse me." Josh said, the two smiling, watching Josh cross the room, walking up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Josh's arm went around Lucas, the young man's eyes widening in surprise.

Christina smiled as did Randy, the two trading looks.

"About time, Dawg!" Randy grinned, Christina smirking, leaning in and kissing both Josh and Lucas on the cheeks.

"Your love shows, guys. You've made this old dog show his love, Lucas." she said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"My eyes give me away, babe." He said, Lucas smiling.

"Welcome to the world of my open love, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh beaming and kissing his man on the lips, everyone around them smiling.

The two parted, Josh's hand going into Lucas'.

"Come on, babe. I want everyone to see what makes me happy." Josh smiled, Lucas beaming, his man pulling him towards A.J. McLean and Brian Litrell.

The night wore on, Josh's happiness flooding Lucas' soul.

He saw his man open with his love, his eyes sparkling with happiness and love.

It wasn't a total openness, but it was a loving start.

Lucas stood at his side or in his arms all evening, everyone seeing their total love and happiness, Josh's beaming the most.

Lucas wore a soft look of awed, blushful calmness, the young man drawn into his man's world of celebrity friends.

Lucas met a lot of them, the room filled with famous faces, a lot old friends of Josh's group's past.

All the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees were there, Justin and Lance having invited all Josh's old friends.

Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias and John Mayer were present as well, Josh having worked with them all.

Nick Carter had shown his openness to Lucas, the young man seeing his desirous glances, Josh feeling a bit concerned, Lucas' love and touch calming him.

The blond singer had smiled with desire at Lucas, the young man feeling his truths.

The others were nice, their friendships with Josh showing easily.

Lucas smiled beside his man, everyone talking with friendship to both men.

Around nine Lucas kissed his man's cheek, the young man's voice raising in the noisy room.

"Could I have everyone's attention, please?" he smiled, everyone surrounding them quieting down, smiles showing everywhere.

"Come here, Joshua." Lucas smiled, extending his hand to his man, Josh smiling and walking up to his side, his arm going around the younger man.

"It's time my man tastes our delicious love." Lucas smiled, Finn yelling at him.

"Not in public, guys! We don't need to see your ass, Carver!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his friend, seeing the glassy mirthfulness in Finn's blue eyes.

"We have it on video, Finny. For your viewing pleasure in private." Josh smiled, the Welshman blushing, people laughing around him.

Lucas beamed, his man's wit matching his own.

"I'm talking about the creamy sweetness of something else." Lucas said, Finn opening his mouth again, Skyler's lips silencing it.

Lucas smiled, moving his hand to the right, Josh's eyes following his direction.

Josh smiled seeing Justin and Lance walking towards them, the two men carrying a large cake, Josh smiling at its blue coloured icing, his blue eyes taking in six lit candles on it.

Lucas began to sing The Birthday Song, everyone joining him.

Josh smiled, Justin and Lance stopping in front of him, Josh looking at the cake.

His blue eyes went to Lucas, the young man smiling, everyone around them singing.

"Make a wish, Beamy."

Josh smiled, staring into his lover's violet pools.

Josh took a deep breath, blowing all six candles out, everyone cheering and clapping, the man smiling.

"Your wish comes true, Joshy." Justin smiled, the man smiling at his man standing beside him.

Josh smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"In every way, Jus. In every way." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"Cut the cake, Josh." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance carrying it to a close table, plates and forks on it.

Josh smiled, walking with his man towards the large cake.


Harry smiled, his blue eyes moving around the large room, taking in all the famous faces and Lucas' and Josh's friends and family surrounding them.

The young man stood alone, smiling towards his cousin and his boyfriend.

He saw the happiness on Josh's face, the man surrounded by love.

Harry smiled, seeing Lucas' love the closest to the man.

Harry sighed, thinking of his own love far away.

The young man felt a hand go to his shoulder, his head turning, staring into two blue eyes.

"Hey, handsome. You look so alone." a famous face smiled, Harry staring at the man.

"Just taking in all the happiness, sir." Harry said, Nick Carter smiling at him.

"You're Lucas' cousin, right? His bodyguard?" Nick said, Harry staring at the singer.

"Yes, on both counts." he said, Nick smiling at him, the man leaning against the wall beside Harry.

"You've got a foxy cousin over there, friend. Lucas is beautiful. Joshy's so damn lucky." Nick said, smiling at the younger man.

"Love is the greatest luck a person can have. I feel just as blessed." Harry said, Nick smiling at him.

"I'm Nick." Nick said, extending his hand, Harry shaking it.

"I'm Harry, Lucas' cousin. And I know who you are, Nick." Harry said, the singer smiling.

"My fame precedes me."

"I listen to your band's music, Nick." Harry said, Nick smiling.

"I'm famous for other things than that." Nick smiled, looking around, Harry blushing a little.

"So where's your man, then?" Nick said, his eyes scanning the young man's muscled physique.

"My Alain is in Barbados." Harry said, Nick smiling.

"His loss for leaving you here all alone." Nick smiled, Harry looking at the singer.

"His love is in my heart, I'm never lost when I have that." Harry said, Nick moving a little closer to the young man.

"But the nights can be so lonely. Who says you can't have some fun while he's away?" Nick said, his hand moving, attaching to Harry's left ass cheek, forcefully kneading it.

"I don't cheat on my Alain. Would you please remove your hand from my ass?" Harry said, Nick staring into his blue eyes.

"It's not cheating if he doesn't ever know about it." Nick smiled, his hand still attached to Harry's ass.

"I said back off." Harry said, Nick smiling at him, his hand slipping off Harry's ass.

"I'm one of the best, Harry. Just ask a few of the studs in here. Bruno, Enrique, Justin or Lance. I'm very good." Nick said, Harry moving a bit, Nick following him close.

Harry's eyes moved to Justin and Lance, the two still standing by Lucas and Josh, the four handing out plates of cake.

"Justin and Lance are my friends." Harry said, Nick smiling.

"Have you tried Timberlake's fine ass yet? He's a real bottom pussy. And Lance is even more hardcore." Nick said, leaning closer to Harry, his lips near his ear.

"I've got a lot of friends who'd love to play with you. I spent the afternoon with Zac Efron, he'd love you. But I'll let you experience the best first." Nick said, the man taking Harry's hand in his, moving it against Nick's leather pant-covered center.

"I said no, Nick." Harry said, his voice more firm, trying to pull his hand out of Nick's.

"Come on, stud. You're young, you're horny and I'm free."

Harry pushed the man back against the wall, Nick raising his hands.

"Okay, beautiful. No need to get physical."

Harry backed up, his eyes moving around the room again.

He saw a man walk into the room, that man's eyes meeting his.

Zac Efron smiled, walking towards Harry and Nick.

Nick smiled, seeing the young man staring at the approaching Zac.

"He's an insatiable bottom, Harry. You can have him." Nick said, his hand going to Harry's ass again.

"And I want you." Nick said, Harry's eyes meeting Nick's again.

"He said no, Nicky."

Nick and Harry's eyes turned, Harry staring into a familiar face that had walked up to them from another direction.

And standing beside that familiar face was a younger more handsome face, that person having spoken.

"Craig?" Harry said, looking at the first man, seeing the clerk from the jewellery store.

Harry's eyes then moved, seeing the young man's hand go into the other man's, that man staring at Nick Carter.

Zac Efron stopped in front of them, the man's eyes meeting both young men.

"This has to stop, Nicky." the young man said, ignoring Zac, Nick's eyes widening.

"What the hell are you doing here, bro? And who's this with you?" Nick said, Aaron Carter's blue eyes staring at his brother, Nick's staring at Craig.

"He's the love of your brother's life."

All eyes turned, meeting two violet pools, Lucas staring at all of them.

Zac Efron's eyes staring at the handsome young man, his face spreading with a wide smile.

"We meet again, beautiful."

"Yes we do, Zac." Lucas said, Aaron Carter staring at Lucas.

"If you'll all follow me, we have something to discuss." Lucas said, Josh walking up to his man, Justin and Lance beside him.

"What's going on, Luke?" Justin said, his blue eyes glaring at Nick and Zac, Zac smiling at Justin.

"Hello again, Jus. I haven't seen you since you were under me." He smiled, Lance glaring at Zac.

"Calm down, Bass. I'm not here for your boyfriend." Zac smiled, his blue eyes going to Lucas' violet pools, Josh's blue eyes darkening.

"No you're not, Zac. You're here for something else." Lucas said, the young man's eyes meeting Aaron's blue pools as well as Craig's blue confused pools.

"As I said, we need to have a private discussion." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Justin's blue pools, Justin nodding.

"There's a large office just down the hall, Luke."

"Okay, Luke. Let's you and I have a private confab." Zac smiled, Josh moving forward, Lucas' arm stopping his progress.

"Everyone please follow me. I think it's really time to have some fun."

Zac's blue eyes moved around the small circle of men, the man smiling.

"I'm game for anything." he grinned, Nick smirking, Justin and Lance staring at both men.

"The game's afoot, Efron." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking towards the door, the other men trading looks.

Zac smiled, staring at Nick.

"How does he know your length?"

Nick laughed, Aaron staring at his brother and Zac, Zac laughing, following Lucas out of the room, the others following them, Josh's blue eyes darkening with protective love.

Harry's troubled eyes were staring at Nick Carter, the man smiling, his arm going around his brother, the two walking with the others out of the room.

Craig watched them go ahead of him, his eyes meeting Harry's.

"Do you have a gun, sir?" he said, Harry looking at him with surprise as they moved out of the room.

"What. . .what do you mean?" he said, the young man's head lowering.

"I'm going to kill him."

The young man moved following Aaron and Nick, Harry following in silence.



End of Chapter 87


I'm sure a few of you clued into the surprise party.

A surprise party ending with a deeper mystery.

Josh's birthday surprise may hold even greater surprises.

Zac's showed up, as have Craig and his friend Aaron Carter.


Is there more here than meets the eye?

And why have they appeared?

It seems Lucas was well aware of Zac's impending arrival and Craig's as well.

A few once friends and former lovers are meeting under Lucas' guidance.

What will happen in that private meeting?


I know, and I may divulge those truths.

Or I may lead you on a bit, I haven't decided.


Nah, I have.

Read on and see the drama and truth unfold.


Hugs, Angel.





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