Yesterday's End-89

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 89


The Previous Evening


Meeting Realities


Lucas closed the door, his violet eyes staring at the four men in front of him.

Zac and Nick smiled at him, Aaron and Craig staring quietly at him.

Lucas ignored Zac's staring desires, the young man staring at Aaron.

"I appreciate your coming tonight, Aaron. I wasn't sure if my message to Craig would intrigue you enough to come." Lucas said, the young singer staring at Lucas.

"I read the note to Aaron, Lucas." Craig said, Zac and Nick staring at the young clerk.

"Who is this guy, Aaron?" Nick said, staring at the young man standing beside his younger brother.

Aaron's blue eyes went to Craig's blue, the young man smiling at him.

Zac Efron took in their glance, the man slapping Nick on the shoulder.

"Isn't it obvious, Nicky? These two are banging each other. Excellent!" Zac laughed, Nick's eyes widening in surprise, staring at his younger brother.

"Aaron? Is that true? Are you. . .and he. . .?" Nick softly said, staring at his brother.

Aaron's eyes lowered when his brother's blue pools met his, Craig staring at the young man, his blue pools then meeting Nick's, his voice entering the conversation.

"We are good friends, Nick." Craig said, Aaron's eyes rising meeting Craig's blue pools.

Zac laughed again, Nick's eyes meeting his younger brother's blue pools, Aaron's eyes showing a soft look of worry, the young man feeling a hand go in his.

"Talk to your brother, Aaron." Craig said, his eyes meeting with Aaron's, the young man's face now showing a calming love.

"This is Craig Harrington, Nick. He is the second half of my soul. We're in love. I'm gay, Nick." Aaron said, his older brother looking at him with surprise, Craig smiling at his soulmate.

Nick's eyes suddenly darkened, his face showing a soft growing anger, his blue pools focusing on the young man whose hand was in his brother's.

"What have you done to my brother, Harrington?" Nick said, his brotherly love showing, his anger rising.

"He hasn't done anything but love me, Nick." Aaron said, seeing his brother's anger-filled face glaring at his soulmate.

Zac Efron laughed beside Nick, the singer looking at his friend, his eyes drawn back to his brother.

"Love, Aaron?! He's seduced you and weaseled his way into your life because of your fame. I can see it in that smugness on his face. He's a superstar groupie. Next, he'll be after Nicky. You can see the hunger in his eyes. I've played with his type." Zac said, Craig's face showing a centering anger, his one free hand balling into a fist.

"You've played with many, Zac."

Four sets of eyes turned, a forgotten young man standing a few feet away from them.

Zac's blue eyes took in the young man's staring calm face, the actor smiling at him alone.

"And many have loved it." he smiled, scanning the young man's muscular physique, the blackness of his clothing stirring the man's desires.

"And some haven't." Lucas said, ignoring Zac's hunger-filled gaze, his eyes meeting Nick's still anger-showing face.

"I don't give a fuck about Zac's libido. I've dealt with that. I want to know what the fuck's been done to my brother." Nick said, Zac smiling at his friend.

"I think you should ask his boy toy there." he laughed, Lucas' eyes focused on Nick.

"Your brother's been through a crisis of life, Nickolas. It began with pain and hurt, seduction and domination. And now he's crested the hill above the valley of despair. His soul has found something else, the greater beauty of life." Lucas said, Nick's eyes focusing on Craig again.

The young man's hand released Aaron's, his arm now going around the young man.

"My. . .my brother's been hurt?" Nick said, staring at Aaron, his blue eyes lowering in soft emotion.

"Yes, Nickolas. In many ways." Lucas said, the older Carter's eyes filling with anger.

"Get your hands off my brother, you bastard!" Nick said, moving forward, his fist flying in front of him, aiming at Craig's surprised face.

That fist hit a wall of strength, the three men standing together widening their eyes, not having seen the flash that was Lucas move between them.

Nick's fist hit Lucas' hand, that hand two inches in front of Craig's face, stopping the man's pain-inflicting blow.

Lucas pushed back, Nick feeling the young man's strength moving his hand, pulling it downward.

"He isn't the target of your anger, Nikolas." Lucas said, Nick's blue anger-filled eyes meeting his.

"Then who is? Who's hurt my brother?" Nick said, his voice laced with anger, staring into two violet pools of calm, focused love.

"You did, Nick."

Nick looked stunned by those three words, his fist dropping from Lucas' hand to his side, the man's eyes moving to his brother's blue pools, Aaron having spoken.

"I. . .I did?" he softly said, Lucas looking at him, his violet eyes meeting Aaron's blue pools, then Craig's.

"Aaron doesn't have that total truth yet, Nick." Lucas said, Aaron and Craig both looking at Lucas with surprise, Nick looking at him with confusion.

The young man sighed, looking between the three, his violet pools staring then towards Zac Efron, the actor smiling at him, leaning against the wooden desk that lay against one wall.

"Joshy's boy toy is confusing you, Nicky. I think he's protecting these two. Maybe he's using your brother as well." Zac said, Nick looking at his friend, then back at Lucas.

"I'll always protect those who need my protection and my friendship. And I would never use anyone." Lucas said, Aaron and Craig both looking surprised by his first words, the young man smiling at both, his violet pools going back to Nick's confused blue eyes.

"I gathered you here tonight as a family, Nickolas. As a family of two brothers who have been deceived, manipulated and used. You both need to find in each other the returning love you once shared. You've both forgotten the core of your bond, the beauty of your brotherly love for each other. You've walked alone and unprotected of each other's love. And only one person is to blame for that." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Craig's blue pools.

"I have felt the anger festering in your soul, Craig. The anger of your protective love for your Aaron. And for what was done to him. In the name of conquest, of desire and of ownership." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Nick's confused blue again.

"You most of all have answered those names, Nick. For you have walked that path of life in the name of fun and conquest. But you've never realized who you've hurt on that path. And who's used you as well."
Nick looked surprised, staring at the young man.

"I've never been used by anyone in my life, Lucas." he said, his eyes showing that rising anger again.

"Yes you have, Nick. And you've been too blind to see it." Lucas said, his violet pools moving to Aaron's blue pools.

"It's time to tell your brother the truth, Aaron." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Zac Efron's blue staring pools.

"The truth of what, Aaron?" Nick said, looking at his brother.

The young singer stared at his brother, seeing the man's serious-looking eyes.

Aaron felt a hand going into his again, the young man feeling his anchor.

"Why did you do it, Nick?" Aaron said, his eyes showing a soft glistening now.

"Do what? What are you talking about, Aaron?" Nick said, his eyes glaring at Craig again.

The young man felt Craig's hand squeeze his, the young man taking a deep breath.

The next words out of Aaron's mouth stunned his brother to his soul.

"Why did you give me to Zac?"


The office was dead silent, Nick staring at his brother with stunned shock, his eyes moving to Zac's blue pools, the man staring at his friend with a soft look of surprise on his face as well.

"I never touched the squirt, Nicky. The boy's lying." Zac said, looking towards Nick's brother.

"His boy toy's done something to him, Nicky. He's filling the squirt's mouth full of lies. You and I are ironclad in our friendship and trust, Nick! I'd never touch your brother. You know my type. He's just a squirt!" Zac said, staring at Aaron, the young man's face rising with anger.

Craig's face showed deep anger as well, the young man glaring at the actor.

"It's true, Nick. Aaron told me the truth himself." Craig said, Zac smiling at him.

"Was that before or after you christened his ass, slut?" Zac said, Craig's anger letting go.

He moved, an arm crossing his chest, the young man halted by the strength of Lucas' physique.

"Calm down, Craig. I'll take it from here, my friend." Lucas said, the young man staring into his violet pools, seeing Lucas' calm emotions shining.

The young man stepped back, Aaron's blue pools meeting Lucas'.

"Tell Nick the truth, Aaron. All of it." Lucas said, the young man seeing the calmness and friendship in the young man's violet pools.

Aaron's eyes moved back to his brother's staring pools.

"Craig wasn't my first lover, Nick. Your best friend standing there was. And it wasn't a moment of mutual attraction." Aaron said, Nick seeing a deep hurt shining in his brother's glistening pools.

"What. . .what are you saying, Aaron?" Nick said, staring at his brother, the man unable to move towards him.

Aaron's eyes met Lucas', seeing the strength shining there, the offered strength he felt suddenly filling his own soul.

"Do you remember the night of your second solo album's release party?" Aaron said, Nick nodding at him, looking at his brother.

"That was over two years ago, Aaron." he said, Aaron nodding, his eyes looking towards Zac.

"What do you remember of that night?" Aaron said, Nick looking deep in thought.

"Not much, Aaron. I was pretty wrecked by the end of the night." Nick said, his blue eyes looking at Lucas standing beside his brother, Craig standing behind both of them.

"Yes you were, Nicky. So were you, Aaron. We all were." Zac said, Lucas looking towards him, the man smiling at him.

"It was a great night for Nicky. We all celebrated." Zac said, Nick looking at his friend, nodding.

Aaron's blue eyes were staring at his brother, Nick seeing the hurt showing more.

"Everyone crashed that night at our place. You, our sisters and their boyfriends, and your friend here Zac." Aaron said, Zac nodding.

"I woke up the next morning with a splitting hangover. I had to leave early because I had a shoot that day. I remember it well." Zac smiled, Nick nodding.

"I remember that morning but not much else from the end of the night." Nick said, Aaron's face showing a soft look of hurt.

"Continue, Aaron." Lucas said, his hand now on Aaron's shoulder, Nick staring at the young man standing beside his brother.

"I wasn't wasted as Zac said, Nick. I had full control of my faculties. . .for a short time." Aaron said, his blue eyes meeting Zac's blue.

The man remained silent, his blue eyes going between Aaron and Lucas.

Aaron moved forward, standing in front of his brother.

"Everyone had retired for the night, Nicky. The three of us sat around drinking for about an hour, finally calling it a night. I headed towards my bedroom to go to bed but I never made it to sleep." Aaron said, his blue eyes staring at his brother.

His eyes moved, staring at Zac.

"You and Zac followed me down the hall, both of you laughing, Zac whispering to you and laughing. You were staggering, Zac holding you up. I opened your bedroom door and helped Zac carry you to your bed. You kept laughing, Zac laughing as well. And then you said it." Aaron said, staring into his brother's blue eyes.

"Said what, Aaron?" Nick said, staring at his brother, the man seeing the pain again in his brother's blue eyes.

 He also saw that Aaron was trembling, Craig walking up behind the young man, his arm going around him.

Nick stared at the young man seeing his focused gaze on him, Nick's blue eyes meeting Aaron's blue.

"You said 'He's yours, Zac. Have fun with the squirt.'" Aaron said, Nick looking confused, his blue eyes going to Zac then back to his brother.

"I left you there with Zac, Nick. Five minutes later as I was just climbing into bed  Zac walked into my bedroom." Aaron said, the young man trembling more, staring at his brother.

"He didn't leave until he got what you promised him."

Nick's eyes widened, staring at his brother.

"No. . .no Aaron!" he said, Aaron staring at him, tears showing in his blue eyes now.

"Yes, Nick. I looked up to him. . .I. . .I looked up to Zac. I even had a soft crush on him. But I didn't want what he wanted that night. . .not like that. He was drunk, you were drunk! You didn't protect me, Nick! You didn't stop him! You told him to use me!" Aaron said, the young man crying now, Nick's eyes watering as well.

"I. . .I didn't, Aaron! I was. . .I was drunk. . .I didn't know he. . ." Nick said, his blue eyes turning, staring at Zac now, the man now risen from his position against the desk, the actor staring at his friend.

"Your brother's lying, Nick. I never touched him. How long have you known me, Nicky? I would never do that.  We've always shared." Zac said, Aaron's eyes going to his brother's blue pools.

"You. . .you and. . .him?" Aaron said, his eyes widening with hurtful surprise.

Nick lowered his eyes, unable to look at his brother's hurting eyes.

"Now. . .now it all makes sense. . .and what you let him do." Aaron said, the young man backing away from his brother.

"I. . .I didn't know, Aaron! You have to believe me!" Nick said, the man's eyes now filled with tears as well.

Aaron moved back, sinking into Craig's chest, the young man's arms going around his soulmate.

"I believe you, Nickolas."

Everyone's eyes turned, staring at Lucas, the young man standing beside Aaron and Craig.

Lucas' eyes met Aaron's, the young man staring at him.

"I believe you as well, Aaron. For you both walked paths of truth and of hidden lies." Lucas said, the young man looking at Nick again, then sighing.

Lucas moved, walking up to the older Carter brother.

"I know you didn't know what happened that night, Nick. As I know you didn't in any way give your brother to him that night either." Lucas said, his violet eyes looking towards Zac, Aaron staring at the young man.

"But he said. . ." Aaron said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his blue.

"He said what you were meant to hear, Aaron. For the words were played out of him. Just ask the player in all of this." Lucas said, his violet pools going to Zac's blue.


Zac Efron stared at Lucas, the man seeing the calmness in his violet pools.

He also saw the other three men staring at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I partied that night, I drank and then I slept. You can't go by this squirt's wishful dreams." Zac said, Nick staring at his friend with confusion.

"Aaron. . .he's. . .he's never lied to me." Nick said, his blue eyes meeting his brother's tearful pools again.

"When one's young and horny one can see delusional fantasies." Zac said, Aaron glaring at him.

"You. . .you attacked me and you used me!"

Zac smiled, shaking his head.

"I guess then I'm backed into a corner. I can't refute made up fantasies. I guess everyone dreams of having me."

Zac smiled, Lucas staring at him.

"I believe I should leave. I can't fight against fantasies." Zac said, the man moving towards the door, a sudden movement halting his advance.

Lucas moved with a flash of speed, the three men surrounding him surprised by his quick reflexes.

No one was more surprised by that movement than Zac.

And the hands hitting his chest shocked him even more.

As did the impact of that hit, the man flying across the room, his body hitting the far wall with a loud thud, pictures and frames falling to the floor, the man suspended against it about a foot off the ground.

"You're not going anywhere, Zac. It's time you faced your justice." Lucas said, the young man staring at him with calm determination, the other three staring at Zac as well, seeing his suspended body against the wall.

Four sets of blue eyes stared at Lucas, the young man standing alone, staring at Zac.

Zac trembled, his arms trying to move, the man feeling a weight against his body, his body pinned against the wall.

"What. . .what are you doing to me? What. . .what are you?" he gasped, staring into Lucas' now showing glowing violet pools.

Lucas moved forward, stopping again beside the three men now staring at him, all three seeing his violet pools softly glowing as well.

"I am truth and I am justice. I am love and I am life." Lucas said, his violet pools softening, the three men staring at him, Lucas' normal violet eyes meeting Aaron's.

"It is time for the truths of all this to be told, my friend. Your brother spoke of truth and of love, Aaron. He in no way gave you to his so called friend."
Nick stared at Lucas, the young man's violet pools moving, staring at Zac, then back to Nick.

"You were deceived and played, Nick. As were you, Aaron. For that trapped man shown before us is a man with no regard for friendship, respect or trust. Only one thing's ruled his heart. And you've both experienced that from him." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Nick's blue.

"How long have you and Zac been lovers, Nick?" Lucas said, Aaron staring at his brother.

"We've had fun for over three years, Lucas." Nick said, his eyes meeting Aaron's.

"You. . .you're into guys also, Nick?" Aaron said, Nick slowly nodding his head.

"Yes, Aaron. I've classed myself as bi, I'm into both sexes." Nick said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet staring eyes.

"Zac was your first male, wasn't he Nick?" Lucas said, Nick looking towards his friend, Zac still pinned against the wall.

"What. . .what's holding him there, Lucas?" Nick said, Lucas staring at him, then at Zac.

"Truth, Nick. Truth and judgment." Lucas said, the young man focusing on Nick again.

"He'll stay there until the truth is told. And judgment is given." Lucas said, Nick's blue eyes meeting his violet again.

"Yes, Lucas. Zac was my first." Nick said, his eyes meeting Aaron's again.

"He was so wonderful, so erotic. It was all so new." Nick softly said, his eyes going to Zac again, the actor staring at him with wide eyes, still trying to struggle against the force pinning him to the wall.

Lucas moved forward, his hand going to Nick's shoulder.

"I'm sure he was, Nick. Such are the ways of a good player." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Nick's.

"He didn't play me, Lucas. I accepted his advances, all of them. We've had a lot of fun through the years." Nick said, Lucas nodding.

"Such were the plans he formulated for you, Nick. You have been a very accommodating pawn."

Nick's eyes darkened, looking towards Zac again.

"What. . .what do you mean?" Nick said, Lucas sighing, his violet pools meeting Nick's blue confused eyes.

"I mean that you were first and foremost a conquest, Nick. The proverbial notch on Zac Efron's bedpost. And when he gained your agreeable submission he used you as a pawn to seduce others. He was always the instigator in your joined conquests after that, wasn't he? He used you to join others to your fun. Am I correct?"

Nick's blue eyes moved, staring towards Zac, the man staring at him.

"The bastard's lying, Nicky! I was always your partner in crime!" Zac yelled, fighting against the force holding him.

Nick stared at him, his mind going through all the memories of their nights together, and of others that joined them.

A sudden realization sank into his thoughts.

"Yes, Lucas. Zac always pointed out new conquests, new visions of beauty." Nick softly said, Lucas seeing the truth registering on the man's face.

"I'm sorry, Nick. You were a pawn in his obsessive, hunger-filled games. You were a means to get to the better men."

Nick's eyes darkened, anger showing again.

"You. . .you used me?" he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder again.

"Zac always had full intentions of using you to get others. And that included your brother Aaron, Nick. Your brother was indeed his type. For Zac's type has always been any young handsome man he can claim. The conquest was always the game for him. I'm his latest conquest. Well, I'm someone he'll never have." Lucas said, the three men staring at the young man, Lucas' eyes staring at Zac, then focusing on Aaron and Craig.

"Your brother walked into the same trap you were forced into, Aaron. He was seduced by Zac's conniving ways, then used to bring the game full circle. And I know that both of you were a part of a bigger game. But your soul of giving love made that game impossible. For you walked away from him and found something more. After a short path of hurt and sorrow you found the answer to your dreams." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Craig's blue pools, the man's arm around Aaron.

Nick stared at Aaron, the young man's blue pools meeting his brother's.

"A. . .a bigger game?" Nick said, Aaron nodding his head.

"Yes, Nick. I fell into the same trap you did. Zac used me after that night, but I knew that I was being used. You I believe didn't." Aaron said, Nick's eyes moving towards Zac, his anger fully showing now.

The man moved, an arm going around him, Nick feeling the strength in Lucas' grip, the man glaring at his friend.

"You used my brother?! You. . .you gave him to others?!" Nick yelled, Lucas holding him tightly.

"Yes, Nick. He used me with others! I was on a path of pain and hurt! But one day. . ." Aaron said, his blue pools meeting Craig's.

"One day I met a man who gave me so much more. Who didn't judge me for what I'd become. Who showed me that life can be something more than pain and fading hope. I found that hope in my Craig. And I found my soulmate." Aaron said, Craig smiling at him, Nick staring at the young man.

Lucas lessened his hold on Nick, the man staring at Aaron's lover, Craig meeting his gaze.

"You. . .you love my brother?" he softly said, Craig nodding his head.

"With all my soul, Nick." he said, staring at Aaron's brother.

Nick's eyes met Aaron's, the man seeing the love shining there behind the soft hurt.

"You're together?" Nick said, Aaron nodding at his brother.

"He is my soulmate, Nick. I love him." Aaron said, Nick slowly nodding his head.
"I'm sorry, Aaron. I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you and that you thought that I. . .that I approved of what Zac now has obviously done. I'm. . .I'm not much of a brother." Nick said, his eyes showing soft tears again, those blue pools looking towards Zac.

The man moved again, his path to Zac blocked by a young man who'd stepped in front of him with amazing speed.

"Step out of the way, Lucas! I need to. . .I need to fix this. For my brother, I aim to make that man see what he's done. And feel it! He has to answer for all of this!" Nick said, Aaron staring at his older brother, seeing Nick's protective, emotional determination.

Lucas stared at both brothers, seeing the looks on both their faces.

"You have fixed it, Nickolas. Your brother sees again the brother he's always known." Lucas said, Aaron staring at the young man.

Aaron moved, Craig releasing him, Nick watching his brother walk up to him.

"Lucas is right, Nick. You can't change the past. But I see that you want to. I'm beginning to believe that Lucas has it right. You didn't give Zac the right to use me, did you?" Aaron said, Nick staring at his brother.

"No, Aaron. I'd never do that to you. I've. . .I've lived my own life of less-than-glowing innocence. I would never have allowed you to follow that same path." Nick said, Aaron staring at him.

"I. . .I want to believe you." Aaron softly said, Craig walking up to his soulmate, Aaron's eyes staring at Nick.

"I think you can, Aaron." he said, Nick looking at Craig, Aaron's blue pools meeting his lover's blue pools.

"I know you can, guys." Lucas said, three sets of blue pools meeting his violet.

"And I'll show you his truth." Lucas said, the young man's violet pools moving to Zac's blue, the man still trapped against the wall.

"For truth and for redemption I must accept it." Lucas softly said, Aaron staring at the young man as Lucas moved, walking towards Zac.


The three men stared at the actor, Lucas walking in front of him.

"Let me go Carver! What have you done to me?!" Zac said, struggling against the invisible force holding him against the wall.

"I haven't done anything, Zac. Your own arrogance and underhandedness has trapped you in a long-coming justice." Lucas said, the man standing right in front of him.

"I haven't. . .I haven't done anything but be myself." Zac said, the man's blue eyes showing a soft fear but his bravado still showing.

"Yes, you've been yourself. And you don't even realize what kind of a man you are." Lucas said, Zac staring at him.

"You should. . .you should try me out, Carver. Then you can see how great I am." Zac said, a smile of strengthening bravado showing on his face, Lucas staring at him.

"Tell Aaron the truth, Zac. Tell him what you did that night." Lucas said, Zac staring at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Zac said, Lucas sighing, the man lowering his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Lucas moved forward with a flash of speed, his hands going on both sides of Zac's handsome face, the actor surprised by the young man's sudden move.

Lucas was face to face with the man, his violet eyes focused on his blue pools.

Zac couldn't move, his blue eyes focused on two now glowing violet pools, the man seeing a deep intensity radiating from those glowing orbs.

The man became lost in the depths of Lucas' eyes, Zac feeling a rushing force centering in his mind.

And then he felt a pain deep within his soul, the man struggling against Lucas' strength, fighting a feeling flooding his soul.

The three men behind them stood in silence, their eyes widening when they saw a blue flash surround the two, that blueness moving from Lucas into Zac's trapped body, the man gasping, Lucas removing his hands from the man's face, the younger man stepping back, Zac suddenly collapsing from the wall, falling to the floor.

The blueness faded, the man laying against the wall.

Lucas moved back a little, his head turning, staring into three sets of blue eyes, all three faces showing shocked looks, the young man sighing, his eyes turning back to Zac who still lay on the floor.

"Stand up, Zac." Lucas said, the man on the floor slowly rising from his position, standing up against the wall, his head lowered, his eyes looking at the floor.

The three men standing away from them saw Zac's body begin to tremble, Lucas staring at the actor.

"Come here, Aaron. Please." Lucas said, Aaron slowly moving forward, stopping at Lucas' side, staring at the young man.

Lucas' eyes met his, Aaron staring into two calm violet pools, the man seeing a soft look of deep love shining there.

Lucas' eyes moved, staring at Zac.

"Tell Aaron the truth, Zac." Lucas said, the man's head slowly rising, Aaron staring at the man in surprise.

Zac's face showed a look of deep emotion, his eyes filled with tears.

"I. . .I'm sorry, Aaron. I. . .I played both of you that night." Zac said, Aaron staring at him with surprise, Nick's eyes widening with surprise as well, Craig walking up to Nick's side, the two trading looks.

"You played us?" Aaron said, Zac slowly nodding his head, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Yes. . .yes, Aaron. I. . .I was feeding Nick drugs all evening. . .in. . .in his drinks."
"You. . .you drugged me? Why?" Nick said, his anger stirring again, staring at his friend.

Zac wasn't looking at Nick, his blue pools only focused on Lucas.

"I. . .I. . .I wanted you comatose and docile, Nick. I was. . .I was after Aaron that night. I wanted to play the two of you against each other. I. . ."
"Go on, Zac." Lucas said, the man still staring at only him, his blue eyes lowering against Lucas' calm gaze.

"I. . .I started talking to Nick on the path to Aaron's room about Tom Daly. It was. . .it was him Nick was referring to as being a squirt, Aaron. It was him he said I could have, not you." Zac said, his eyes raising again, staring at Aaron.

"I timed it perfect so you'd believe it was yourself Nick was talking of. So you'd think that he was giving me full access to you. So I could. . .so I could control you and dominate you right off the start." Zac said, his eyes lowering again.

Aaron's eyes moved, staring at his brother.

"So Nick wasn't. . .he didn't. . .?"

"Zac played him, Aaron. He confused you with a lie. You gave into him because you were hurt by your brother's supposed ownership of you. You gave into Zac that night because you thought you'd lost your brother's love." Lucas said, Aaron lowering his eyes, Nick moving to his side, Craig watching both men.

Nick's arm tentatively went around his younger brother, Aaron's blue eyes meeting his.

"You never lost that love, my brother." Nick said, Aaron trembling, moving on his own into his brother's arms.

"He. . .he hurt me, Nick! He took so much from me!"

Nick was crying, holding his brother in his arms.

"I'm sorry, Aaron! I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you!" Nick said, the two brothers hugging closely.

Lucas quietly looked at both, Craig's blue eyes staring at the two brothers hugging.

"That protection was taken from him by drugs and devious doings, Nick. I think he has that back now." Lucas said, Nick's blue eyes meeting his violet, the young man staring at him.

"Forgive me, my brother. Forgive me for not seeing what was going on around me." Nick said, Aaron's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"We were both deceived, Nick. Lucas has shown us both that truth. I want you back in my life, Nick. But you have to accept my life at its full reality." Aaron said, his blue eyes meeting Craig's blue, the young man walking up to the two brothers, Aaron's arm going around him as Nick released him, the man staring at the two young men joining together.

"I can accept that, Aaron. I see that Craig loves you." Nick said, his blue eyes meeting the young man's blue pools.

"I do, Nick. I am the answer to his future. It will be love-filled."

Nick nodded, his eyes moving, meeting Lucas' violet pools, then turning and staring at Zac, the man still standing against the wall, his head still lowered.

"What. . .what did you do to him, Lucas?" Nick said, his eyes on Lucas' again.

The young man sighed again, his eyes looking towards Zac.

"He wouldn't volunteer the truth easily. The man's bravado is consuming. Or rather was." Lucas said, his violet pools lowering.

"Was, Lucas?" Craig said, the young man's eyes meeting his, then Nick's and Aaron's.

"I have a talent for seeing into people's souls, guys. His was the easiest I've had to read. I knew there was only one path I could go with him." Lucas said, staring towards the man again.

"What. . .what was that blue light, Lucas?" Aaron said, staring at the young man with soft wonder, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"That was the light of my magic, Aaron. The magic that is myself." Lucas said, his eyes going back to Zac.

"The look on his face, it was as if. . ." Aaron softly said, Lucas staring at him again.

"It was the look of seeing oneself, guys. Of seeing one's own self. It is perhaps the beginning of his self-redemption."

The three men stared towards the actor, Zac now leaning against the wall, his arms wrapped around himself, his head still lowered.

"He has a lot to think upon, my friend. As do you." Lucas said, the young man's eyes meeting all three.

"His path has ended on your path, my friends. The past is over. The three of you now have to work on the future."

"What kind of future can I have when I've hurt my brother?" Nick said, his eyes lowering, Aaron's arm going around him.

"We've both been hurt by lies, Nickolas. I think we need to talk this all through. And we need to start again as brothers." Aaron said, Nick's head raising, meeting his younger brother's blue pools.

"I love you, Aaron. I need you back in my life. And I need to look at my own life." Nick said, Aaron smiling at him.

"Life is good when you have love in it, Nick." he said, Craig smiling at his soulmate, Nick looking at him.

"I hope you can forgive me for thinking the worst of you, Craig. We've started off on a bad footing."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"I like the man I see now before me. I can be friends with him."
Nick softly smiled, Lucas looking at all three.

"Let's leave it at that, my friends." Lucas said, the young man looking towards Zac.

"Lucas, how can we. . .how can I thank. . ." Aaron began to say, Lucas softly blushing.

"You need to focus on your family tonight, Aaron." Lucas said, his violet pools looking at all three of them, then looking towards Zac.

"It's time to go, Zac. Your path begins today." he said, the man's head raising, all four seeing the emotional turmoil showing on his wet face.

"I. . .I'm sorry. . .I. . ." he stuttered, Lucas walking up to him, his arm going around the actor, moving him away from the wall.

"Redemption begins with what you have within you now, Zac. Atonement begins with self-awareness." Lucas said, the young man guiding the man towards the office door.

Three sets of blue eyes followed him, their blueness filled with silent wonder.



Orion's Condo


Lucas stood in front of the windows, staring out into the morning sunshine, feeling the staring eyes behind him.

Josh stood behind him, another person moving past him, walking up to the young man.

Lucas felt the hand going to his shoulder, his head turning, staring into two blue pools of tearful love.

"Thank you, Lucas. For showing my brother and myself Zac's deceit." Aaron said, Lucas lowering his eyes for a moment, then raising them again.

"I do not need thanks for righting life's path, Aaron. I would have done it for anyone I felt in need of love's intervention." the young man said, his violet pools moving again, staring out into the sunshine.

Aaron stared at the young man, his own young handsome face showing a look of awed wonder.

"That man is love itself, everyone." Craig said, everyone staring at the young man.

They'd all sat in silence as Aaron had revealed the meeting's truths, Lucas rising and walking up to the window halfway through the tale, staring out into the sunshine as the truth was revealed.

Finn rose from his seat, his eyes meeting Josh's as he walked past him, the young man walking up to his friend.

His eyes met Aaron's, the Welshman smiling at him, nodding back towards the couch where Nick and Craig sat, Finn stopping on Lucas' other side.

The two men stood in silence, Aaron walking back to the couch, sitting down between his brother and Craig.

Josh still remained standing behind the two men, staring at his soulmate.

"Hell of a tale, Lukey. Your love knows no ends." Finn said, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"My love is so much more now, Finn." Lucas softly said, everyone behind the two men hearing the soft emotion in Lucas' voice.

"Yes it is, Lucas. You've become a man of surprising love and magic. New friends have experienced that surprising love, and magic as well." Finn said, his hand rubbing his friend's shoulder, Lucas still staring out into the daylight.

Josh stared at both men, feeling his lover's emotions, sensing a brooding emotion under that usual reluctance to accept thanks.

Finn stared at his friend's emotionless face, seeing the hidden truth behind that facade.

"I've known you for a long time, Lucas. And I know when you're bothered by something." Finn said, Lucas' eyes lowering, Finn's hand rubbing his shoulder again.

"I watched you last night after that meeting, in the banquet room and here this morning." Finn said, staring at his friend.

"You've known me too long, Finny." Lucas softly said, Finn smiling at him.

"Yes I have, Lukey. I've always known when your love overwhelms you." Finn said, Lucas turning and staring into his friend's blue eyes.

"It isn't just the love, Finny." Lucas said, his friend staring at him.

"You never told them--or us--what you did to Zac last night, Lucas." Finn said, his friend's eyes meeting his.

"I. . .I used my magic, Finny. There was only. . .only one way I could make Zac reveal the truth." Lucas said, lowering his eyes again.

"You used a stronger magic than you wanted to." Finn said, Lucas' eyes raising again, staring at Finn, the man seeing the emotion in those violet pools.

"I. . .I had no choice, Finn. I had to take control of the truth. And then I had to show him what what he did can do to someone. I. . .I gave him my own pain." Lucas said, Josh walking up to the two men, Lucas staring at his lover, Finn staring at his friend.

"What did you show him, Lucas?" Josh said, the young man's eyes lowering.

"I showed him the emotion and feelings of the pain I once was in. My inner pain coursed through his veins and his soul. He felt the pain of what sexual abuse really can be." Lucas said, everyone staring at him in shock.

The young man backed up, his eyes going out into the sunshine again.

Josh walked up to him, his arm going around him.

"That would have rocked his soul, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"It did, Josh. It destroyed easily the bravado he showed, the smugness and arrogance of his true self couldn't stand against that pain." Lucas said, his violet pools showing wetness, the man staring out into the sunlight again.

"He'll carry that pain for a long time. It will be the buffer between his soul and his mind. It perhaps will lead him down a better path in life." Lucas said, his eyes turning, staring towards the couch where Nick and Aaron sat.

"The man of arrogance who hurt you both is gone, guys. Zac Efron will never be the man he once was. I had to do it. I'm sorry but I had to do it." Lucas said, Josh pulling him into his arms, their eyes meeting.

"You did it for friends, Lucas. For love and for a greater good."

Lucas stared at his soulmate.

"What does that make me, Joshua? I used pain and magic to cower someone to their knees! Am I a monster for doing that? I. . .I didn't feel that I was in control of it. . .of the magic. It felt as if I was not myself!" Lucas said, his eyes tearing, Finn's hand going to his shoulder again.

Finn and Josh both realized the underlying reason for Lucas' emotions.

The young man was afraid of what he'd done, of what he'd been forced to do.

"You were yourself, Lucas. Your love--and yes, your magic--showed itself through all of it. You did it to heal the hurt in others. No one would ever fault you for that reason. We all know your love and your self-sacrificing heart."
Aaron and Craig stood up, Nick joining them, the three walking up to the three standing in front of the windows.

"You're amazing, Lucas. For what you did for us, and for the real person we see standing before us. That person shows his love easily. We all see that." Aaron said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I couldn't let the three of you remain under the cloud of Zac's arrogance." he said, Craig staring at the young man.

"Your magic. . .it. . .it felt all of our feelings?" Craig said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I felt your love for the unknown Aaron in the jewellery store, Craig. And through that love I felt Aaron's pain. And through Zac I felt all of what he'd done, to both Aaron and Nickolas. I had to do something. The pain gnawed at my soul. I can't fight that feeling. I will always have to ease the pain, for they of hurt and for my own soul. I only wish. . ." he said, his eyes lowering again, Nick's hand going to his shoulder.

"You only wish you didn't have to hurt others to ease the pain of others." Nick said, Lucas raising his eyes and nodding, everyone seeing the tears in his violet pools.

"I am love and I am myself, guys. I can't ever let anyone hurt. I will risk my own hurt to see others free of the pain. I know all too well the pain of abuse and heartache. I felt it again through you, Aaron. And I used my own pain to make him see it as well."

Aaron's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"Thank you, Lucas. For bearing my pain and for freeing it from my soul."
"And thank you for freeing my soul from the lies, Lucas." Nick said, Lucas staring at him.

"I walked a path of not-so-glowing machismo as well as Zac, Lucas. You've made me see that I was on a path of perhaps self-destruction. I feel now a greater sense of what I've done to others. And I see what that world can do to people. Thank you for making me focus again on my family, and perhaps on my own life. I'm going to try and make it worth something." Nick said, Aaron smiling at his brother.

"I think you'll walk a better path now, Nickolas. For you have a greater truth surrounding you. Your brother's real love and a new friendship as well." Lucas said, Nick smiling, looking at Aaron and Craig.

"Thank you, Lucas. For righting my love's soul. And for giving him his life back." Craig said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I need no thanks for the three of you walking your own path. That would have led all of you to this same end."

The three shook their heads in awed disbelief, Finn smiling at all three.

"You might as well get used to it, guys. Our Lukey's heart is giving, as it is humble. His love surrounds all of us."
The three smiled, Josh pulling his man close.

"Finn's right, Lucas. I felt your bothered soul all morning as well. I hope you see from what's happened that your heart is unending in its love and giving greatness. The magic is a part of that. We all understand that you did what you had to do for love and for truth. I don't think even you can stop what that magic decides to do."

"I can't, Joshua. The magic I sense is a greater part of me." Lucas said, Josh's fingers going to Lucas' wet cheek, wiping the tears away.

"The greater part of you is your love, my Lucky."
Lucas softly smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"Let the doubts and worry go, my love. You walk a path of love, that love freeing other souls and correcting another less-than-glowing soul. You did good, my love."
Lucas softly smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I'm me, my love. I guess my love and magic goes its own path." he said, his violet pools meeting Finn's blue eyes and smiling face.

"Thanks for caring, my friend. You read my heart and soul as greatly as my Joshua does."

Finn smiled, leaning forward and kissing his friend's cheek.

"Your heart is like that magical book, Luke. It may show blankness to the real world, but the writing of its love echoes through all of us."

"Stop, Finny. I'm going to start bawling." Lucas said, Finn laughing, his young friend smiling more.

"Magical book?" Nick said, Justin smiling at his friend, his hand going to his shoulder, Nick smiling at him and Lance.

"You need to hear the story of Lucas' destiny, guys." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

He saw no hostility or concern in Justin's or Lance's eyes, the two having been well acquainted with Nick's nefarious past.

"His destiny?" Aaron said, looking into the young man's handsome face, Lucas softly blushing.

"Tell them everything worth telling, guys. I'm going to check on my breakfast. It should be ready in about ten minutes. You can all talk and listen while we eat." Lucas said, the young man smiling, moving out of Josh's arms, his lover smiling at him, Lucas walking into the kitchen, everyone staring after him.

"Is he really okay, Joshy?" Justin said, everyone staring at the man standing in the windows, Josh looking towards the kitchen door.

"He's Lucas, Justin. He always carries a lot within his soul. But his love will never change. And I believe we've only seen the start of that giving love. And that awing magic." Josh said, everyone nodding, Aaron staring at Josh.

"You have the envy of all our hearts, Josh. To be loved by him would be the greatest gift." Aaron said, Josh smiling.

"His love is all-consuming, Aaron. It fills my soul with life." Josh said, Finn smiling at his friend, his blue eyes going to Justin and Lance.

"He fills all our lives with happiness, Joshy." Justin said, Josh nodding.

Aaron's eyes met Craig's, the two smiling at each other.

"You've surprised us as well, Aaron." Justin said, the young man smiling at his brother's old friend.

"And I think we need to make some introductions, guys. Let me introduce you three to Lucas' family." Lance said, Finn smiling, Andrew and Trish rising from their seats, Harry smiling and walking up with them to the Carters and Craig.

Nick smiled, Harry shaking his hand, the singer looking into Lucas' cousin's blue pools.

"Nice to meet you again in a calmer happiness." Harry said, Nick blushing, but softly smiling still.

"Sit down, our new friends. You're going to be amazed by my man's life." Josh said, the man smiling at the Carters and Craig.

"And we want to hear more about your showing love, Aaron." Justin smiled, Aaron smiled at his man, Craig's hand going in his as the two walked back to their couch.

"I have my own soul-filling love now." Aaron said, Craig smiling at him.

Nick smiled at his brother, the three sitting down again, Harry smiling at the singer, Nick smiling back.

No one noticed the kitchen doorway slowly closing, two violet pools disappearing behind it.


End of Chapter 89


And so Lucas rights the paths of the brothers Carter.

And he's tamed the arrogance and libido of Zac Efron.

Two brothers can now walk on a better path.

And they've gained some new friends in Lucas and his friends.


Did Lucas risk more than he's saying by doing what he did?
He still seems a little emotional about something.

And for some reason he was listening in on the conversation from the kitchen.


The path continues, a little more crowded now.

But no less love-filled.

On to other dramas and joining paths.


Hugs, Angel