Yesterday's End-90

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 90


Lucas sat the coffee pot down on the table, three sets of blue eyes meeting his, the young man softly smiling.

"As I said before I'm myself, my friends." Lucas said, Aaron staring at him with awed wonder.

"You're. . .you're more than just yourself, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him softly.

"It's just Luke, Aaron." he said, the young man walking back to the counter, filling the empty platter in his hand with the last of the bacon and sausages from his large feast, Josh's blue eyes following him.

"The man's nothing if not humble, Josh." Nick said, staring at the young man with the same look his brother had, Josh's blue eyes going to his old friend.

The two and Craig had learned--in the living room and then seated around the kitchen table--of Lucas' life, Lucas quietly tending to everyone's needs as the meal progressed.

The young man had eaten in quiet silence as his friends told their new friends of the young man's past, present and uncertain future.

"Lucas always gives from his heart and soul, no expected thanks needed. It's an endearing quality of his giving soul." Josh said looking towards his soulmate, Lucas smiling at the counter, his back to everyone.

The young man turned, carrying the full platter and a basket containing the last of his apple turnovers back to the table, smiling and sitting down in his seat beside his Beamy.

"That's the last of it, guys. Finish it off. I hate to see food go to waste." the young man smiled, handing the platter of bacon and sausages to Finny, his friend smiling and filling his plate again, passing the platter to Justin.

The three new guests stared quietly at Lucas, the young man sighing.

"You now know the truth of my existence, of my life. I hope you can put that past you and just like me for myself. I'm first and foremost your friend." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting all three.

"We see the deep friendship in your eyes, Lucas. . .I mean Luke. But you have to admit your life has been unlike anyone's we've known. What with the magic and the love." Craig said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I guess I have some amazing qualities. But foremost of them is my friendship and love. I build on that.  Don't let the magic awe you into concern or wonder. I'm just a young man who wants to live life." Lucas said, Josh's hand going into his.

"And I'm going to be there at your side through all of it." he smiled, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"Not if you keep eating like you just did. I'm not living with a porker."

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing, Lucas leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"No worries, my piggy. I'll always work that off you." he smiled, Josh smiling with love at him.
"Sweet! I've fed, now work me over."

Finn moaned, Josh laughing.

"Care to join the fun, Finny?" Josh smiled, Finn saluting him, eating more sausages from his plate.

Lucas laughed, his eyes catching a movement, watching Nick rise from his seat, the man walking around the table, Lucas rising from his own seat.

Nick's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the young man staring at him.

"You've walked a remarkable path, Luke. Through pain then love, through hurt then healing love. And now you walk on a path of greater magic and perhaps uncertainty. Everything about you amazes my brother and myself, Craig as well I'm sure." Nick said, the young couple at the table nodding their heads, their blue eyes staring at Lucas and Nick, Nick's blue eyes meeting his brother's.

"But as you said, you are yourself. And you're a you I'd really like to get to know as a friend. As I know my brother and Craig would as well. You've already opened your giving heart to all three of us. We'd all like to count you now as a friend." Nick said, his blue eyes showing opening friendship and soft emotion.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Nick's shoulder.

"I welcome that friendship as I welcome all three of you into this bunch of misfits. Word of warning, Finny's the flirt of the group. Careful of his love and his wandering hands."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, one-finger-saluting his friend, Lucas laughing.

"He's a looker for sure, Luke. I'd welcome that." Nick said, smiling at the Welshman.

"Sorry, Carter. My Sky's the love of my life." Finn said, smiling at the singer.

"Understood, Finn. I'll have to search elsewhere." Nick said, his eyes meeting Justin's blue pools.

Lucas smiled, looking around the table, the young man watching Aaron and Craig rise from the table as well, walking around it and joining with Nick.

"We all want to be friends, Luke. To you and everyone here." Craig smiled, Lucas smiling at the young clerk.

"We all welcome you three." Josh said, looking up at them, everyone around the table agreeing.

Lucas smiled as all three hugged him, Josh smiling at their showing friendship.

"I think Lukey's snared three more into his trap of love." Trish smiled, Andrew's arm around her back.

Lucas smiled, breaking the embrace Nick had him in, the young man smiling at his sister.

"Aaron and Craig already have their own pact of love, romance and soul, Trishy. I just have to work on Nickolas here." he smiled, Nick's eyes lowered for a moment, Aaron's hand going to his brother's shoulder.

Nick's eyes raised again meeting Lucas' violet pools, then scanning all the friends surrounding him.

"I've had a rather bombastic past, Luke. With some not-so-shining qualities. Zac wasn't the only one who walked a path of not-so-glowing charisma."

Lucas nodded, staring at his new friend.

"Yes, that's true. But there is a difference between the two of you, Nickolas. His was a path of conquest, hurt and domination. Yours has only ever been a path of need. The need to be loved, even if for the briefest of moments." Lucas said, Nick softly blushing.

"I've had a few intense relationships with women but nothing that could be cemented in love and truth. I guess I'm never destined to find something more. It's alright, Luke and everyone. I take it as it comes. I just now have a greater understanding of the truer path I should walk. That path should be filled with openness, honesty and respect. I'm sorry I didn't realize that sooner. I have you to thank for that, Luke. And there are a couple here who I should seek forgiveness from for what I did to them before. My new life should start today." Nick said, his blue eyes going to Justin and Lance, the two looking at him.

Lance began to rise from his seat, Justin's hand going to his shoulder, stopping him.

"Allow me, my love." Justin said, the man rising from his seat, walking around the table and stopping in front of Nick, the man staring at his old friend.

Justin's blue pools looked around at everyone, their blueness settling lastly on his Lance's green pools of love.

"As Nick just stated he and I and Lance have had a few moments of passion and intensity over the last few years." Justin said, Lance looking at his lover, everyone else staring at Justin, Aaron's eyes showing a soft surprise, Justin smiling at him.

"Lance and I are soulmates, Aaron and Nick. Lucas' love guided us both to our hearts' happiness. But before that we had less than glowing pasts, similar in ways to your brother's and Zac's. Although Lance and I were on the other side of that domination." Justin said, Lance smiling at his lover, Lucas smiling at both men.

"I seek forgiveness for some of what I did to both of you. You especially, Justin. On that night of your entrapment." Nick said, Justin looking into his blue eyes.

"You were one of many, Nick. I cannot fault you on being there and joining in. I probably would have done the same." Justin said, his blue pools looking at Lance.

"My Lance's love saved me that night. It's a love that now claims my soul. And the start to a greater happiness for myself and for him is our forgiving you and others. Our past is just that. Our past. Our love is our future." Justin said, smiling towards Lance, Josh and Lucas both smiling at each other.

Justin's blue eyes went to Nick's again, Lance rising from his seat and walking up beside his Justin.

"We both forgive you, Nick. Our past is over, our friendship ahead will heal all of our hearts." Lance said, Nick tearing up, the man moving forward, Justin's arms wrapping around him, Lance patting the singer's back beside them.

"Thank you. . .thank you both." Nick said, wiping his eyes as he parted from Justin, the man hugging Lance next, Lance smiling at Aaron behind his brother, Lance's green pools going to Lucas' violet.

"Our Luke's love guides us all to healed souls." he said, Lucas softly blushing, lowering his eyes, Josh rising from his seat, wrapping his arms around his Lucky.

"Don't I and all of us know it." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"Okay, we've had enough thanks and love. Everyone out of my kitchen. The day awaits us." he smiled, Trish and Sky rising from their seats, smiling at their young friend.

"You need to bail, Lukey. We'll do the cleanup." Sky smiled, Finn smiling up at his fiancée.

"I'll help, ladies." he smiled, Andrew offering as well.

"The band has spoken, babe. Let's clean up our bedroom while our friends relax." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"The bed's already made, babe. Nothing much to clean up." Lucas said, Finn laughing as he rose from his seat, picking up some plates.

"Your man wants some alone time, clueless! Your spreading love makes him wet!"

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing, Lucas smiling at his soulmate, kissing his lips.

"I'm not clueless when it comes to the beauty of my man's soul."

Finn began to gag, everyone laughing, Harry smiling at their three new friends.

"Come on, guys. I'll show you the games room. Who's up for some pool?" he smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"I'm game, Harry. You and me against the youngsters?" he smiled, Harry nodding with a smile.

"And Sky and I'll cream the winners after!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend, then at Harry.

"You'll love that Welsh cream, guys. Sky says it's delicious!" Harry said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Finn blushing, Josh laughing and pulling his man towards the kitchen door, Harry and three smiling new friends following them.


Lucas smiled, feeling his lover's kisses on the nape of his neck, the young man laying on their freshly made bed, Josh on top of him, his hands under Lucas' shirt.

"You're on fire, my love. But we've got a house filled with friends, new and old." Lucas said, Josh moving his head, his lips meeting Lucas' soft lips, Lucas feeling his flirtatious love, his man's fingers rubbing his right nipple.

"I love you, babe. Your giving love always ignites my love." Josh said, pressing against his man, Lucas feeling his lover's hardened desires against his inner thigh.

"I should give always if this is my reward." Lucas said, breaking the kiss of love his Joshua was giving him.

Josh raised his head, staring into his soulmate's violet pools.

"You did good, Lucas. Three souls are now free to find their own happiness." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, my Josh. Two already have theirs."
Josh smiled, staring into his lover's violet pools.

"Why do I sense you're working on the third?" he smiled, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"I'm not a matchmaker, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, moving a little, snuggling against his man, Lucas' arms going around him.

"Justin and Lance would argue that statement. As would a few others." Josh said, Lucas sighing against him.

Josh's fingers went to the red stone laying against Lucas' throat, rubbing its red smoothness, staring at the star etched in the stone's center.

"What is the significance of the star carved into the stone, babe?" he said, Lucas looking down at the stone.

"I haven't the foggiest notion, Josh." Lucas said, his fingers going to Josh's cheek, their eyes meeting.

"There is only one star in my heavens." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll go get Justin then." he said, beginning to move, the man suddenly pushed backwards, a young man suddenly on top of him.

Lucas moved Josh's hands pinning them behind his head, his face inches from Josh's handsome face.

"You're not going anywhere, beautiful. The star I was referring to was you." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I didn't know you were into bondage, babe."

Lucas smiled, his lips kissing Josh's chin.

"I've captured the prisoner of my heart."

"Is the prisoner allowed to testify?"

"Nope. In this court I'm the judge, jury and executioner." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"So what's my crime? And what's the verdict?"

Lucas smiled, his lips moving forward, licking the warm lips in front of him.

"You've been charged with being oversexed. And you're definitely guilty." he said, Josh lightly laughing, Lucas' chin stubble rubbing his own chin.

"And the sentence, your Honor?"

"How about a spanking?"

Josh smiled widely, his body moving upwards against Lucas'.

"Nice! Kinky!"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man.

"I think I'm creating a repeat offender."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling, releasing his man's hands, Josh wrapping his arms around his man, pulling him closer to him.

"Do I get off for good behavior?"

Lucas smiled, his hand moving downward, cupping Josh's risen mount.

"Oh, you'll get off." he smiled seductively, Josh sighing.

"I thought you said we couldn't? We have guests." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love you, Josh. I'll always show you my love at any moment you need it, in any way."

Josh teared up, Lucas smiling and leaning forward, kissing his lips again, Josh feeling the love in that kiss.

"I love you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I know, babe. But we should indeed get back to our friends." he smiled, the young man climbing off Josh, extending him his hand, Josh sighing, the young man pulling him off the bed, Lucas quickly pulling the covers around, smoothing out the bed again.

"There, good as new. Ready for round three later today, babe." Lucas said, smiling and guiding his man towards the bedroom door.

Josh looked back at his man as they reached the door, his hand about to reach for the doorknob.

"Umm, babe? Not to be oversexed but we've only had one round today, this morning in the shower. You've miscounted my..." he started to finish, his body suddenly pushed up against the door, two lips meeting his with deep love and desire, Josh lost in the kiss and the tongue suddenly invading his mouth.

Lucas pulled his tongue out of Josh's mouth, breaking the kiss, Josh opening his eyes and staring into his lover's violet pools of desire and love.

"Wow. . .wow!" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're not the only one who can be guilty of wanting too much." Lucas said, smiling.

"And I never miscount." he said, the young man going to his knees, his hands going to Josh's center, opening his pants with a flash of speed, Josh gasping when he felt his enlarged center disappear into a wet tunnel of love.

Josh moaned, looking downwards, two violet pools of need staring up at him, Lucas' mouth enclosed around Josh's center.

"Oh God, Lucky! That. . .that's intense!" Josh said, his lover beginning to deep throat him, Josh feeling Lucas' fingers tugging at his balls, one finger moving underneath, Josh tensing and trembling as he felt it rub his hidden center.

In a flash Josh felt his center's wetness feel the cool air, Lucas releasing it, the man on his feet, his body against Josh's, his lips against his, Lucas' tongue invading his mouth again.

Josh felt Lucas' hands going down his back, kneading his butt cheeks, his pants slinking down his legs.

Lucas broke the kiss, his lips going to Josh's earlobe, sucking on it, his tongue bathing his ear, Josh moaning, Lucas whispering in his now wet ear.

"Round two standing up." he said, Josh feeling his lover's strong hands move with force.

In one movement, Josh's body flipped around, Josh now face first against the door, two hands moving his bottom back a bit.

He felt Lucas sink to his knees again, Josh gasping when he felt a sudden wetness on his backside, that wetness then invading his center.

Josh moaned, moving his butt further back, half bending now against the door, a tongue invading his center, a hand rubbing his shaft and balls, Josh overcome with emotion and desire, his lover tasting his center of offered need.

Josh gasped, lost in his lover's talented possession, the man hearing a sudden sound like metal clinking against the floor.

Before he had time to realize it was probably Lucas' belt as his cargo shorts hit the floor, Josh became lost in a deep fullness entering his center, his man totally possessing him.

Josh was pushed against the door more, two lips kissing his neck and wet ear again, heavy breathing hitting his cheek.

"Oh God, Josh. I love you so much! You are mine and I need you!" Lucas moaned, Josh feeling his rhythm intensify, the hard shaft sunk within him moving in a rhythmic dance of need.

A sudden knock came to the door, Josh just about to gasp, a hand going over his mouth.

"Yes?" Lucas said loudly, his rhythm unchanging, Josh lost in his lover's claiming desires.

"Nick has to leave, Luke. He wants to say goodbye. Are you guys coming?" Harry said on the other side of the door, Lucas smiling widely, holding in a laugh.

"In a minute, Har. Just ask him to wait, please!" Lucas said, sinking forward, Josh trembling when he felt his lover bottom out inside him deeply.

The movement sent Josh over the edge, Lucas' other hand going to his center, Josh flooding it with his wet release, the man trembling in Lucas' strong arms.

"Okay, guys. He'll wait." Harry said, Josh hearing the man's footsteps recede in the hallway behind the door.

"But I can't!" Lucas said, the young man moaning, his rhythm intensifying more, Josh feeling his thrusting love.

Lucas' hand went away from Josh's mouth, the man moaning as he felt another wet hand cover his face, Lucas' lips on his ear again.

"Let's feast on your love, my love. It feeds my soul!" Lucas said, Josh licking the offered gift off Lucas' wet palm, Lucas moving the hand and tasting the treat himself as well.

Josh felt his lover's hardness thickening within him, knowing Lucas was about to explode.

"Feed me, babe! Fill me with your love!" Josh moaned, Lucas cresting the heights of passion.

He gasped, his orgasm rocking his body, Josh feeling the liquid fill his soul.

The two men sank against the door, Josh feeling the hardness leave his center with a pop, his body moved around, the man sinking against the door, Lucas sinking to the floor again, engulfing Josh's still hard center, Josh feeling an overcoming sensation, the man suddenly erupting with another orgasm, Lucas devouring it all.

Josh gasped and trembled, coming down from the euphoria flooding his soul and body.

Lucas cleaned all of Josh's center and ass with his talented tongue, rising to his feet again, pressing against his lover's spent body.

"You've been paroled, babe. Time off for extremely good behaviour." Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

Lucas felt Josh's spent energy against him, his lover sinking into him.

"Oh, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas kissing his neck, rubbing his man's back.

"A fast round three to boot. My babe was charged!" he smiled, backing up, Josh staring at him.

"I've never. . .never done that so close before. . .two at a time." he said, Lucas smiling, the young man leaning down and pulling up Josh's and his own pants, closing off his man's center, zipping up his pants and his own shorts, buckling their belts as well, all the time smiling at his lover.

"My man's love and desires I'll always draw out in rapid succession. Be prepared, my love. Your love is the fire that warms my soul. I'll always rub the sparks to life." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

"God, I love you." Lucas said, kissing his lover's warm lips.

"And I you, my love. And I thank God every day for that."

Josh smiled, Lucas smoothing down his shirt and Josh's.

"Let's say goodbye to our friends." he smiled, Josh taking his hand in his, the two smiling with contented happiness, walking out of their bedroom.



New York, Upper West Side


Jake moaned, the man feeling the large organ sunk within his center, his body sagging against the leather strapped around his back.

He opened his eyes, staring into two blue pools of desire, the young man smiling.

"Fuck me deep, Sheridan!" he moaned, the young man above him thrusting more.

"You like that, Addison? Oh God!" Sheridan moaned, sagging forward.

Jake felt the wetness flooding his already wet inner tunnel, the young man moaning.

"Fuck yes!" Jake moaned again, the young man feeling the fluid filling his center leaking out of it.

"You're the best, Whitecastle!" he trembled, the man above him thrusting again, his wet organ sinking deeper.

"The best of the night so far, you mean?" Sheridan smiled, Jake nodding his head.

"I. . .I need a breather, Sheridan. My ass is sore." he moaned, Sheridan smiling, backing off the man, his center slipping out of him with a wet plop.

"You've been the life of the party, Jake. Your ass is insatiable." Sheridan smiled, looking around the room.

Jake hung in a leather sling in the center of a large dimly lit room, several couches surrounding them.

On those couches several acts of debauchery and sex were going on, several young men moaning and gasping around them, laughter heard as well as some moans of pain.

Jake moaned in the sling, Sheridan's eyes going around the room, stopping on a young man laying alone on a couch, the young man's blue eyes staring at him.

"Get over here, slut. I need to be cleaned, as does Jake's spent hole." the man said, the young man moving off the couch, walking towards them, sinking to his knees before the naked Englishman.

Sheridan smiled as the young hustler licked all of his wet shaft and balls, Sheridan smiling down at him.

"You're a found treasure, Tyler. Jake's little jewel." Sheridan smiled, looking at the man laying in the sling.

"I told you he was good." Jake said, Sheridan smiling at him, then back at the young man kneeling before him.

"Yes, once we beat the dominance out of him." he said, his eyes scanning the marks all over the young man's back.

Jake smiled, remembering that night.

The three had left the bar that night, Jake now totally on Sheridan's payroll.

The three had gone back to Sheridan's condo, the three having a night of domination and desire, Tyler the young hustler in the center of all of it.

He'd left that night well paid and happy, Jake and Sheridan both happy with each other as well.

An alliance had been formed, the two joining into some well-laid discussions.

Here it was weeks later, Sheridan having suggested that it was time Jake met his employer, the banker of his forthcoming windfall.

Jake had willingly agreed after Sheridan had explained to him of his own boss' wealth and power.

He'd also suggested on bringing along Tyler as well, Jake enticing him with tales of sexual pleasure and dominance as well as more easy wealth.

So the two of them had driven out of New York, a third coming with them.

Here now they were at Haven Marlowe's private Manhattan estate, the last two days having been days of domination and pleasure, one of the three not so deeply loving it.

The first day had brought out the power and dominance of Sheridan's own soul, Tyler too weak to stand against him and Jake, as well as the many others who'd wandered into this room over the last two days.
Tyler had spent most of yesterday in the sling Jake now found himself in, the young man almost lost to the point of unconsciousness by the time the day ended, his body used by many.

Jake and Sheridan had taken him many times, as had all the others surrounding them.

Tyler knew none of them but he'd sensed that all were on the owner's payroll as they all seemed very accommodating to Sheridan's every whim.

The only bright spot for Tyler had been this morning's reversal of dominance.

Somehow Sheridan had coaxed Jake into climbing into the sling, the young man suddenly thrust on the bottom end of the trade.

And Sheridan had offered Tyler the first crack at the young man's ass.

He'd relished that short moment of dominance, Jake feeling every thrust of the young man's payback, Jake thriving on the changed circumstances.

After Tyler, Sheridan had taken him, as had a few of the surrounding men, alone and in small groups, Jake relishing the sex and dominance.

Sheridan had smiled through all of it, seeing the young man's total happiness.

He was even more of an accommodating slut than Tyler.

The young hustler did it for only the money, Jake did it for the pleasure and power he gained.

Here now Sheridan had taken the man for a second time, Jake still loving it.

"I'm clean, slut. Rim out our boy's hole." Sheridan said, the young hustler moving with no hesitation, his face burying into Jake's exposed ass, the man moaning as he felt his friend's tongue lap up all the seeping jism running out of his center, several loads worth.

Sheridan smiled, the door of the room opening, the light from the outside hall filtering in.

His eyes met two brown eyes, the young man smiling, nodding his head.

"You've feasted enough, slut. Back off and stay on your knees." Sheridan said, Tyler moving back, remaining on his knees, the young man silent, Sheridan smiling down at his wet face, his nose dripping with jism.

Sheridan's blue eyes went to Jake's opening blue, the young former drummer staring at him.

"Get out of the sling, Jake. I want you to meet our master." Sheridan said, Jake's eyes widening a bit, the young man moving slowly, climbing out of the leather contraption he lay in, his naked body rising to its feet.

Jake felt the tiredness in his legs and the wetness still seeping out of his ass moving down one leg.

Jake's eyes met Sheridan's, his blue pools moving to a man standing a few feet away from him, the man wearing a black cashmere robe, he the only one in the room not naked.

"Welcome to my home, Jacob. My name is Haven Marlowe." the man said, Jake staring at the middle-aged man, seeing a rugged beauty in his handsome face, his brown eyes like two dark recesses of intense staring power.

"I was hoping to meet you in a less than revealing way, sir." Jake said, his hands moving and covering his exposed center, that center half hard.

Sheridan smirked, his nakedness not moving an inch.

"I like our introduction, young man. I always like to admire giving beauty. And I see the greater giving in your eyes." the man said, his eyes scanning Jake's naked body, stopping on his blue pools.

Jake smiled, removing his hands from his center, its length having risen upwards.

"I give to anyone who can pay the price." Jake smiled, Sheridan laughing beside him.

"Well played, Jake." Sheridan said, Haven's brown eyes meeting his blue.

"Sheridan has informed me of your background in regards to a certain individual." Haven said, Jake smiling at him.

"That wouldn't be that little wimp Lucas Carver, would it?"

Haven smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, I had the dubious fortune of running into him early. It wasn't a meeting of mutual satisfaction. He one-upped me. I don't like being made a fool of."

Jake stared at the older man, folding his arms in front of him, Haven's brown eyes locked on his.

"I'm your man if it's trouble you want to stir up with him. I've made Luke's life hell before, I can do it again. I actually have my own scores to settle with him." Jake said, Haven softly smiling at him.

"Yes, we share a common goal, Jacob." Haven said his brown pools going to Sheridan again.

"My associate here was given the task of melding into Lucas' inner circle. He failed at that. Thanks in large part to Lucas' interference."

Jake smiled, glancing at Sheridan.

"Your associate here, or fuck toy, doesn't know how to play Lucas."
"Yes, I've heard you've played with him before." Haven said, Jake smiling.

"I made his life a living hell."

Haven smiled, staring at the younger man.

"Excellent. I may have great use for you." Haven smiled, Jake smiling back.

"My services are at your disposal, Mr. Marlowe."

Haven smiled, staring at the young man.

"It's just Haven. You're about to walk into my inner circle, Jacob. I can give you all you ever needed."
Jake smiled, staring into the man's brown eyes.

"I sometimes need much."

Haven's eyes went to Sheridan's, the older man smiling.

"Forthright and devious. Splendid. And what of your character?" Haven said, Jake smiling.

"I can be anyone or anything you want me to be. Good, bad or downright fantastic. In all means and ways."

Haven smiled, his eyes going to the other young man still kneeling on the floor.

"I understand this is a local friend of yours." Haven said, Tyler's blue eyes staring at the older man, his blue pools lowering, making no sound.

"Yes, a young hustler friend of mine. Sheridan and I have been having fun with him the last few days. I am surprised you didn't join us. Or isn't that to your liking?" Jake smiled, the young man seeing Haven's eyes scan his and Tyler's naked bodies.

"Oh, it's indeed to my liking. I just was indisposed for a bit. But now I'm very eager to have some fun."

Jake smiled, the young man's hand going to his hard center, stroking it in front of the older man.

"I'm game for anything you like, sir. My ass, my body and my loyalty are all yours." Jake said, Haven smiling at him.

"My associate informed you of my offer. I believe you are pleased with it?"

Jake smiled widely.

"Fucking yes. I love a wealthy man who pays for what he needs." Jake said, Haven smiling.

"I always pay well for services rendered with expediency and perfection."
Jake smiled, staring into the man's brown eyes.

"Are you indeed loyal, Jacob? I expect my employees to be steadfast in my wishes. Obedient and concise."

"Ask anything and I'll see it done." Jake said, Sheridan's blue eyes staring quietly at Haven.

Haven smiled, walking forward, standing in front of the young naked man, Jake's eyes locked on his.

"Those of my inner circle are beyond wealthy, rich and powerful. I could make you such a man. I only ask that you obey me, and my requests."

Jake smiled, going to his knees before the older man, Haven's eyes following his down.

"Ask and I shall do anything. I am yours." Jake said, Haven smiling.

His brown eyes turned, staring at the young man kneeling beside Jake, Haven's hand going forward, lifting the young man's lowered head, his blue eyes meeting his brown.

"Get into the sling, slut." Haven said, Tyler rising to his feet, the young man climbing into the sling, his body slightly trembling, certain of the night ahead.

Haven smiled, his eyes meeting Jake's again.

"He looks delicious, but well used. He's bruised and exhausted. Not to my liking. But you, young man, I could use very long and greatly."
Jake smiled, his hand going out in front of him, touching the tie wrapped around Haven's robed center.

Haven smiled, his hand going into the left pocket of his robe.

Jake's eyes followed it, then widened when he saw what Haven pulled out of it.

Haven leaned downward, his lips going to Jake's ear, the man whispering into it, Jake's eyes widening, glancing towards Sheridan.

The young man remained still, his naked body on full display.

Haven placed the item he'd pulled from his pocket into Jake's open hand, their eyes meeting as Haven's form rose again, standing erect before the naked young man.

"Arise, Jacob."
Jake rose slowly to his feet, his blue eyes staring into Haven's brown eyes.

The older man's hands went to his robe's tie, opening the robe and pulling it slowly off his shoulders.

Jake stared at his muscular naked body, the man's center at full staff, impressive and long.

"Show me your devotion, Jacob. And then I shall give you everything."
Jake smiled, the young man nodding his head.

"As you wish, master." he said, the young man moving around, walking to the sling, Tyler staring at his friend, seeing the object in his hand, his blue eyes widening in fear.

"No. . .no. . .no, Jake! What are you. . .?" he stuttered, his voice cut off by the motion of his friend's hand flashing in front of his eyes.

Tyler gasped, his hand on reflex going to his open throat, the blood pouring out of it.

Jake stood in front of him, his blue eyes filled with nothing, the young man gasping, sagging into the sling, his life's force ebbing out of him.

Jake stood with the bloodied knife in his hand, the young man feeling two arms going around him, one attaching to his center.

"Faithful servant. You did well. I do not like loose ends. The boy was nothing if not devious. You are indeed worthy of my favour." Haven said into Jake's ear.

Jake stood still as he watched a couple of the naked young men climb off the couches and move in front of him, the two lifting Tyler's dead body out of the sling, Jake staring at the blood seeping out of it, the floor under it turning red.

"A nice place for your total devotion." Haven said behind Jake, Jake feeling the man's hardness resting in the crack of his ass.

The older man's hands moved, turning Jake around, the young man staring into two glowing brown eyes, their centers like golden suns.

"Welcome to my devotion, Jacob. I am about to own all of you."

The older man moved forward, pushing Jake backwards, the young man falling into the empty sling, the older man on top of him, his glowing eyes locked on Jake's captured blue.

Sheridan stood beside the sling, watching his master claim another soul.

His blue eyes caught the falling knife that fell out of Jake's hand, seeing it hit the puddle of blood below him.

Welcome to hell, Jake.

We both are now on our final path.

And the monster may consume all of us.



Orion's Condo


Lucas looked up, staring into two blue pools, the young man smiling.

"The games are done?" he said, Justin smiling and sitting down beside the young man.

Lucas sat alone in the living room, the young man cuddled up on the couch, moving his feet as Justin sat down, a book laying in the young man's lap.

"No, they're going for a tie-breaker. Finn's insufferable. He hates to lose." Justin smiled, Lucas laughing.

"I've known that for years. We've played darts or pool late into the night or early morning. The man's nothing if not tenacious. Who's in his sights now?"
Justin smiled, sinking back into the soft couch.

"That would be your man. Josh is just as tenacious. Finny's the only one he hasn't beaten at pool and darts."

Lucas laughed, smiling towards the games room off the living room.

"My man's heart is charged. You know how tenacious he can be as well."
Justin laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"Yes, I remember it well. Lance is just as giving in his passion."

Lucas smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Ask your question, Jus. I've been feeling your thoughts on the edge of our happiness."

Justin nodded, looking at the young man.

"I'm just surprised, that's all, Luke. I knew the way Nick was, the life he was leading. I experienced that firsthand, as did Lance. I'm just surprised that you were able to change him so easily."

Lucas sighed, leaning against Justin, the man's arm going around Lucas, the two snuggled together.

"I didn't change him, Jus. The man you saw today was always there. I just brought him to the surface so to speak. I made him look into himself and see what lay there, what he'd forgotten. His own inner self, his own inner conscience."

Justin looked at Lucas.

"Did you. . .did you use magic on him?" Justin softly said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"No, Justin. The only magic I used--or let go of--was the magic Zac endured."

"Let go of?"

Lucas sighed again, looking towards the games room.

"You and I are dear friends, Jus. I trust you with my deepest secrets. And my deepest doubts. I don't want Josh to worry about this."

Justin moved a little, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"What's wrong, Lucky?"

"Nothing per se, Jus. As I spoke openly earlier, I have a feeling that the magic within me goes on its own path. I never realized how strong it was. When I touched Zac I felt it leave my soul. Like a rush of energy, as if it knew the path it needed to go. And it went into Zac, then returned to me. It left its lingering aura within him. I believe Zac will carry it for a while, as a buffer against his silenced libido. Up until he gains a more conscientious soul." Lucas said, Justin staring at his friend.

"So you've touched him with the magic of respectability."
Lucas nodded, staring at his friend.

"I don't believe I had the right to do that, Justin. To make someone change their persona."

"With him you did, Luke. You gave the man a conscience. He sees now that people need to be treated with respect. I see that Nick's  found that conscience as well. It's nice to see him as he once was, when I'd first met him, when we were young and at the cusp of stardom."

Lucas smiled, staring at his friend.

"A little hidden desire there, Jus?"

Justin blushed, looking towards the games room.

"I always had a place in my heart for Nick, Luke. We were good friends. And we had brief encounters, each more amazing until the last one."

Lucas' hand went to Justin's shoulder.

"The encounter where he controlled you? Where you lost the idolization you felt for him?"

Justin nodded, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"I think that hurt more than the sex, Lucas. I trusted him and liked him. And then he just used me."

Lucas nodded, rubbing Justin's shoulder.

"I know, Jus. But what of today? Of the new man you see before you?"

"I. . .I can forgive him, Lucas. Is that strange? I saw him today as the young man I'd always loved. I saw the old Nick back, albeit a more confused Nick."
"It's not strange, Jus. It's the greatness of your forgiving soul. A soul that's now filled with Lance's love. And yes the man's confused. But he has surrounding him good friends, and old ones. They will help him come to terms with the feelings blossoming in him."
"What feelings, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking out into the early evening's setting sunshine.

"The feelings of longing for love he's never had. Of feeling more in his soul than lust. And of feeling the loneliness he now finds himself surrounded by. He sees his brother lost in a romance of love. In his heart he's feeling the same need."

"Wow, Luke. You saw all that in his eyes?"

"No, Jus. I felt it in his soul. And now it's up to me to make it happen." Lucas said, the young man's eyes moving.

He smiled, seeing Lance walking into the living room.

"Okay, Lukey! Hands off my man!" Lance smiled, plopping down on the couch beside Justin, the man smiling at both.

"My hands are in my lap, Bass. You should ask your man where his are."

Justin smiled, removing his arm from around Lucas, wrapping both arms around his soulmate.

"You lost, babe?"

"Yep, it's down to just Joshy and Finny. It could come to blows. Finn's already offered to put his pool cue somewhere for Josh."

Lucas laughed, smiling and standing up, setting his book down on the table, smiling at both men.

"I should go and save my valiant warrior. I don't want to pick out the splitters later."

Lance laughed, Lucas smiling at him and Justin.

"Can you check on my roast in the oven in ten, Lance?"
"Sure thing, Lucky. I can smell it from here."

"Snuggle against your man, you'll smell something more wonderful."

Lance smiled, snuggling against his man, Justin holding him tight, his blue eyes following Lucas out of the room.

He sighed, his thoughts on Lucas' last private words to him.


Lucas stood on the balcony, staring out into the darkness, the young man alone on the stone terrace.

He looked back into his bedroom, staring at Josh's sleeping form, the young man having covered him with silk sheets before he'd walked out into the balmy night.

His eyes moved to the table beside the chair he'd sat in for the last two hours.

His eyes took in the leather-bound book, the young man sighing.

His eyes moved again, looking back out into the darkness, staring up at the large white moon shining in the night's sky.

He could see no stars, the city's shine blanketing the beautiful night's hidden panorama above.

I miss the country, the sky of stars.

The lights to soothe my soul on its next path.

Lucas stared up at the moon, the young man feeling two arms wrap around him, a soft kiss going to his neck.

"Couldn't sleep, my love? What time is it?" Josh said, half asleep, his arms wrapping around his man's naked body.

"It's around four, my sleeping Adonis."

"You should be asleep in my arms, my love." Josh said, Lucas turning and snuggling against his man's naked chest.

"The warmth that soothes my heart." he softly said, Josh holding him close.

"You haven't had a good night's sleep all week, my love."

Lucas smiled, raising his head and kissing his man's soft lips, Josh feeling his love and calmness.

"A moment asleep in your arms energizes my soul for hours. I'm fine, my love."

Josh smiled, pulling his man close.

"So what's keeping you awake then, my love? Justin told me after dinner about his conversation with you. He and Lance seem worried about you. A worry that you've kept hidden from me."

Lucas stared into his man's dark eyes in the darkness, the young man leaning into his body, Josh wrapping his arms around him more.

"You'll soon wear me as a second skin, my love. I didn't mean to worry all three of you." he said, Josh kissing his lips.

"We worry because we love you. So tell me the truth, my love."

Lucas sighed, moving out of his man's arms, the young man leaning back against the stone balcony railing, staring at his man.

"I've reasoned out the truth, my love. The truth of what my magic is, and what I'm destined to do with it."

Josh moved forward, his arms of protective love wrapping around Lucas' waist again.

"I'll understand if you can't tell me, my love. The shroud of destiny must hold some secrecy. I love you and will abide by your needs."

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Josh's face, rubbing his cheek.

"Every day I love you more, my warrior of love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"I try to keep you guessing."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's warm lips.

The young man backed up a bit, staring at his man.

"I will never keep secrets from you, my love. You are part of my soul."

Josh nodded, smiling at his man.

"I love being in that soul, my love."

"You love being in all parts of me, my frisky tiger. As the sixth time showed."

Josh beamed, smiling with love at his naked man before him, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

His violet eyes moved, looking towards the table, Josh's blue following his gaze.

Josh saw the journal laying on the glass table.

His eyes moved back to his man's violet pools, Josh seeing a soft violet glow in both irises.

"My eyes glow with the summoning wisdom. As the book glowed earlier to summon me. As it's summoned me all week."
Josh looked confused, Lucas sighing again.

"I've been reading the journal all week, Joshua. Each night a soft sound, then a soft glow from its surface has arisen me from my sleep. It calls to me."

Josh moved forward, his arms going around his man again.

"You need not worry, my love. There is no more threat from the book now. I do not go into lost memories, or into lost pasts. It only talks to me the written word."

"It. . .it talks to you, Lucas?"

Lucas nodded, his body moving, staring back out into the night, Josh's body wrapping around his.

"Yes, my Joshua. I have finally reasoned out the past of my family's heart. I have most of it now. I only have to walk the final chapters and have the final talk."

Josh turned his man in his arms, staring into his violet pools.

"And what have you learned? What is the truth of their heart?"

Lucas stared into his lover's blue eyes.

"The truth is that I am their heart. And I am their salvation."

"Meaning what, Lucas?"
"Meaning that I know what I must do. And where I must go to make the path walk its correct course."

"That scares me, Lucas."

Lucas' arms went around his man's naked body, pulling him close.

"Do not be afraid of my destiny, Josh. I am not afraid of it. For I've been given control of all of it." Lucas said, his hand going around the stone hanging around his neck, his violet eyes glowing again upon the touch.

"What do you mean, Lucas?"

The young man smiled, kissing Josh on the lips again.

"I've seen it all unfold, Joshua. The past, the present, the future. Three paths that join at my nexus. And the center of me is my love, and my magic. And both are more than enough to correct all paths."

The young man sighed again, his eyes looking up at the moon again.

"The tour ends in a few weeks, and we have some down time. I'm going to Massachusetts, Josh. I have to visit a graveyard and I have to visit his past. And from there I'll guide him and all of them to their hidden truths. And then a family can live in peace and happiness. And our love will continue forever."

Josh stared at his man, seeing so much love in his violet pools.

"It's after midnight, my warrior of love. A new day begins. And I'm laying claim to you for the first of the six today. I need you, Josh. And I'll love you forever."

Lucas moved, the young man picking Josh up in his arms, carrying him through the balcony doors, Josh feeling his lips going to his, the man's hunger felt in his touch, his warmth and his radiating love.

Josh became lost in a new sensation of total love.
And Lucas' heart began to beat anew.

For love was the answer to his destiny.


End of Chapter 90



Ninety chapters.

Who'd have imagined it?

But it feels like it's only half over.

God, I hope not!



A joining of new friends in Lucas' inner circle.

Two Carters and a young man of Aaron's love.


Jake has finally met the dangerous Haven.

The young man has shown his devotion by murdering his once friend.

And perhaps Haven now possesses him completely.

What plans have these nefarious men brewed up?


And our young hero Lucas seems to have changed somehow.

First a young man of doubt and confusion, now a young man of courageous determination.

He's read the book again?
With no magical repercussions?

What has he discovered that's seemed to have given him new courage and life?


You know the answer to that.

Read on.


Hugs, Angel.