Yesterday's End-91

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 91


Orlando, Florida


Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring forward at the lighted stage in front of him.

His man stood in its center, his handsome face showing a soft sheen of sweat across it.

His bandmates surrounded him, the group deep within its final song, the audience following along with every note.

The arena was packed; the music, crowd and atmosphere electric.

It was the last sold out show for Orion's east coast tour, the band in Orlando.

The last three weeks had been hectic, busy and phenomenal.

The band was on top, its star rising.

Each concert seemed larger than the last, their fans filling many arenas.

Their album was number one on the pop, R & B and adult contemporary charts across the country.

It was also gaining momentum on the overseas charts as well.

A world tour was in the making, Justin fully confident that they'd take the world by storm.

Four friends took the stardom in stride, their music and friendships keeping them grounded.

Finny had stated many times that it was Lucas who was keeping them calm and normal.

Lucas had stated that none of them were anywhere near normal, his friends laughing and tackling him.

Josh smiled, watching his man dance around the stage, his physique sending a pulse of love and sensuality through Josh's soul.

His thoughts often went to the week of his birthday and the days of desire and love Lucas had shown him.

His actual birthday had been the most loving and romantic of all of them.

As Josh had told Lucas before he'd always spent that day by himself, enjoying the day and its meaning to himself.

A day of reflection and solitude.

This year he had someone wonderful to spend it with.

And that young man made it an amazing day.

Josh smiled again, remembering his man's giving love and romantic soul.

The day had started off with a slow session of tender lovemaking, then it continued in the shower, Josh lost in his man's tenderness and desirous love.

Lucas had made him a special breakfast, their friends joining them, Josh receiving beautiful gifts from them all.

Justin and Lance had given him a black silk shirt, plus a new watch.

Lucas had smiled and eyed the shirt, knowing it would make his Josh look so beautiful.

Josh smiled, wearing the shirt tonight at the concert.

Finn and Skyler had given him a couple of books he'd been wanting to read as well as some cologne.

Trish and Andrew had given him a Redskins football jersey, that team his favourite.

Lucas had smiled at their happiness when he'd worn it all morning.

Harry had given him a pair of Versace shoes, the young man having seen Josh eyeing them on one of their shopping trips through New York.

Josh had thanked them all with hugs and kisses, Lucas smiling at his man and friends.

The two had spent the day alone, their friends finding other things to occupy their day, knowing Josh just wanted a day with his Lucky.

That was the greater gift they gave him.

Josh's mother and father had both called, wishing their boy a wonderful birthday, their love given to Lucas as well.

Lucas had taken him out to dinner at Joey's cousin's restaurant, the sight of their first date together.

They dined on the same meal they'd had that night, Josh feeling the hidden romance in Lucas' choices.

They'd even gone after dinner to the same place where they'd gone on that night.

A long walk along the New York harbor, the two lost in their now cemented love.

They'd walked and sat for hours, just talking and being in love.

Lucas' being there had made it a special day for Josh.

A birthday day and week he'd always remember.

The night's ending had been just as romantic, Lucas' surprising love and gift ending that magical night.



Three Weeks Earlier


Josh smiled, looking at the vision walking out of their bathroom.

His near-nude body was resting under the satin sheets, his back against the bed's cushions, his blue eyes locked on two violet pools that had walked out of the bathroom.

He smiled, scanning his lover's attire.

"You know they gave me that jersey, not you." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Josh's eyes taking in the beauty of the man standing before him.

Lucas wore the red Washington Redskins jersey and nothing else.

It just hung over his thighs, his naked beauty hidden under it, his muscled legs showing.

The young man smiled, turning around, Josh smiling at the number thirty-six embroidered on its back.

"My age. They had to show that." he smiled, Lucas turning back and smiling at his man.

"Thirty-six reasons to love you, my old man." Lucas smiled, moving towards the bed, climbing onto it, moving up its length until he was snuggled beside his man, Josh kissing his soft lips.

"You're stuck with an old man, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lover again.

"Age is but an illusion thrust upon us by the judgmental arrogance of society, my love. You're only as young as you feel. And you have the energy of a caged young tiger. You can feel me anytime." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his lover's way with words.

"Sweet! Round six!" Josh said, Lucas laughing.

"Who says the young ones have the stamina? You've matched me all week, my tiger. You've even bested me."

Josh smiled, moving on top of Lucas, the thin jersey like silk against his skin.

"And I want to play with a Redskin." Josh said, his lips moving towards Lucas', the young man's finger stopping Josh's path, their smoothness going against his lips.

"You haven't asked me about my gift, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Your love is the greatest gift I have been given, my Lucas. This week has been the center of my life. It's been filled with your love. I need nothing else."

Lucas smiled, the young man moving forward, their lips meeting again.

"My little beauty. I feel your love and your thoughts." Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him, a soft blush going to his handsome face.

"Well. . .I focused on one thing you said this week, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Joshua."

Josh looked into his violet pools of love.

"You said that you had met Craig in a jewellery store. What were you doing in a jewellery store?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man's astute intellect.

"Very perceptive, Joshua. You are as intelligent as you are beautiful."
Josh smiled, Lucas' admiration flowing through his words.

"I learn from the best. You're rubbing off on me in many ways, my loving Lucas."

Lucas smiled, the young man moving, Josh moving back and letting the young man climb out of bed, Josh catching a brief glance at his smooth firm butt as he climbed out of the bed and walked over to the dresser.

Lucas opened the bottom drawer, his naked butt again on full view under the edge of the jersey, Josh sighing with love and desire, Lucas smiling back at him.

"I love to stir the tiger's heart. I want his hunt to be one of hunger."
Josh smiled with love and desire, Lucas walking back to the bed, Josh seeing a gift wrapped box in the young man's hand.

Lucas climbed back into the bed, Josh moving back into a sitting position against the pillows, Lucas now at his side, sitting as well.

The young man smiling, handing Josh the box.

Josh took it from his lover, Lucas smiling at him.

"Read the card first, babe." Lucas said, snuggling against his man.

Josh smiled, pulling off the small envelope on the gift's top.

He opened it, seeing a small card with a picture of a beautiful island on it, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Our island of Justin's love. Embrace Island, that which has embraced our hearts. I'd taken the photo from the plane when we'd left." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him with love.

Josh opened the card, seeing handwritten words across its white interior.

His blue eyes met Lucas' violet again, his rich voice filling the room as he read out loud Lucas' written words.


My loving Joshua.


The beam of sunshine that radiates in my soul.


I have but one birthday wish for you this year, and perhaps for myself.

That is a wish of a lifetime of love, my Beamy.

A lifetime of our love, our soul and our beauty.


This is a gift of my life and my soul.

I love you, Joshua.

Today and forever, for each birthday, each celebration of love and each moment of our lives ahead together.


Happy birthday, my love.

Our love is the gift of our souls.


This is a part of that future and that love.

Wear it as a bond of my love.

It called out to me with destiny and with love.

You are both to me.

Together we are one.


You now alone lay claim to my heart.

And to all of me and my love.


Love you forever, your Lucas.


Your loving, Lucky.



Josh was in tears, his wet eyes meeting Lucas' calm violet pools.

"Forgive the songwriter in me. I always seem to be able to write into words my own thoughts better than I can voice them. I love you, Josh. This gift is for you."

Josh wiped his eyes, looking at his soulmate.

"I love you, Lucas. And you own my heart as well."

Lucas smiled, snuggling more against his man.

"Go ahead, open it. I hope you like it." Lucas said, Josh staring at him, seeing a soft look of wonder in Lucas' eyes, and a soft nervousness suddenly showing as well.
Josh smiled, his fingers going to the gift, quickly unwrapping the silver paper that surrounded it.

Josh removed the paper, finding a medium-sized, blue soft velvet box.

His eyes met Lucas' again, Josh sensing the young man's sudden quietness.

Josh moved his eyes back to the box, opening its lid upwards, his blue eyes widening in surprise.

Inside the box was a surprising pendant, hanging from a silver chain.

Josh's eyes were glued to it, staring at its showing familiarity.

"Lucas. . .where did you. . .is this for real?" Josh softly said, his eyes meeting Lucas' again, the young man's hand going against his.

"I found it in Craig's jewellery store, Joshua. It was the last store we went into that day. I had made Harry stop there as a last hope for finding something unique for you. We'd been shopping all day, my thoughts not finding anything suitable for you. For some reason--perhaps destiny--I saw the store and went in. I found this in the last display case Craig showed us. I left that store with four treasures that day." Lucas said, Josh staring at him with wonder.

"This gift here and the gift of Craig's, Aaron's and Nick's friendship. Destiny brought me to all four."

Josh's blue eyes went back to the box, staring at the item laying within.

"How could this. . .?"

"Destiny, Joshua. The destiny that is my life." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around his man, pulling him close, Lucas' head resting against his man's smooth chest, his violet eyes staring into the box.

"Could it be part of. . .of your magic?" Josh said, Lucas' fingers moving to the box, rubbing the pendant laying in its center, his violet eyes softly glowing, Josh not seeing it.

"I do not know, Josh. All I know is that I was destined to find this. And that I truly believe that it was always meant to be yours. So that the two of us could be bonded for life, for love and for destiny." Lucas said, the young man sitting up again, Josh's fingers now moving into the box, picking up the pendant.

He stared at the stone laying in his hand, feeling its warmth and its smoothness.

He stared at the star staring back at him, etched into its clear crystal surface.

"It's identical, Lucas! It's another version of the Blood Teardrop! The stone hanging from your neck!" Josh said, staring at the red stone hanging from his lover's chest.

"Yes it is, Beamy. But it's crystal clear. As smooth as a diamond, and just as clear." Lucas said, Josh's eyes meeting his again.

"Wasn't the legend of the stone around your neck that it at one time was crystal?"
"Yes, Josh. Perhaps this is a replica of its original beauty. I don't really know. But I do know that something in my soul--perhaps in my magic--made me find it. Made me find it for you."
Josh's blue eyes met his violet.

"I believe that this was destined to be yours, Josh. That I was meant to find it, to give to you. A gift of my love, of my destiny. Again, perhaps of my magic. Would you wear it for me, my love?"

Josh stared at his soulmate, his lips moving forward, theirs joining, this kiss steeped in love.

The two parted, Josh smiling at his soulmate.

"It is a replica of your love and magic, Lucas. I will wear it always as a symbol of your love." he said, Lucas tearing up.

The young man moved, unclasping the chain, moving the stone around Josh's neck after Josh removed his own necklace, Lucas clasping the chain at the back of his neck.

The crystal stone settled against Josh's chest, the man suddenly gasping, Lucas staring at him with concern.

"Are you alright, Josh?" he said, his arm going around his man.

Josh's eyes were closed, the man trembling a bit.

His blue eyes opened, Lucas staring into two pools of liquid blue.

"Yes, Lucas. I am fine. I just felt a sudden rush of love, of total happiness." Josh said, Lucas staring at him.

Josh's hand went around the crystal stone, his face showing a soft smile.

"I feel refreshed, Lucas. As if my soul's focused. I feel your love even more deeply." Josh said, staring into his lover's eyes.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for the beautiful words and this beautiful gift. I will cherish both forever." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love you, Joshua. Happy birthday, my love."
Josh smiled, his eyes going to the clock on the nightstand, seeing the hour at eleven.

"I have an hour of it left, my Lucky. We should start on the sixth path of your love."
Lucas smiled, staring into his lover's blue pools of rising desire.

"I love you, Josh. And I will end the day with my love in all ways."

Lucas moved, the young man pushing Josh back against the pillows, the box in his hand falling off the bed, his hands finding a replacement in Lucas' shoulders, the young man pulled close to him.

The two kissed, lost in the love and desire flooding their joined soul.

Lucas gave into Josh's need, his love the greatest gift he needed.





Josh smiled, his fingers rubbing the stone hanging from his neck, under the black silk shirt he wore.

His blue eyes turned back to the stage, staring at his man shining in the spotlight again, the thunderous applause surrounding them near deafening.

"Spot on as always. The crowd loved them." Lance said, seated on Josh's right.

"What's not to love? They were amazing as ever." Justin said, seated beside Lance.

The two had joined hands in the darkness of the crowd, Josh smiling at their togetherness.

"They keep getting better and better! Each show in some way is different, more exciting!" Harry said, seated on Josh's other side, Josh smiling at Lucas' cousin.

"That's Lucas' love, guys. He keeps it fresh and exciting." Josh smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"And you reap the benefits, night and day." he smiled, Josh grinning.

"Yep, and I'm beyond happy!"

Justin and Lance smiled at their friend, Harry standing up.

"We should head backstage, guys. They're taking their bows." Harry said, the other three men nodding, rising from their seats, moving with Harry, the man guiding them through the surrounding crowd, everyone on their feet, clapping and screaming at the dark stage, the spotlights going on again, Josh looking back, seeing the band in the stage's center, taking their farewell bows.

He smiled, following his friends, heading back to his soulmate.


Josh moaned, feeling his lover's hand under his silk shirt, his talented fingers rubbing his right nipple.

"Tone it down, boys! Or get a room!" Finn laughed, seated across from the two, the group in a limousine, heading for their hotel.

Justin smiled, his Lance in his arms, the two seated beside Josh and Lucas, Lucas seated in Josh's lap.

Trish and Skyler grinned, seated between Harry and Finn.

Andrew was in England, visiting his family for a few days.

"We're heading to our room, Delaney." Lucas said, still kissing his man's lips, Josh's arms around him.

"Way to go, Timberlake! You gave Josh an aphrodisiac in that black silk shirt. Lukey's wet with anticipation!" Finn laughed, Justin smiling at the Welshman.

"Hey, he looks damn fine in it. Who said I did it for Luke's benefit?" Justin said, Lance smiling at his man.

"My baby. Always thinking about himself." he said, Justin blushing.

Josh smiled, looking towards his friend, Lucas' head now against his black silk-covered chest.

"I'll wear it often, Justy. For all your benefit." Josh smiled, Lance winking at him.

Finn gagged, everyone laughing.

Trish smiled at her brother, Lucas snuggled against his man.

"You look beyond happy, Lukey." she said, Lucas smiling, turning his head and meeting her blue pools.

"I am, Trishy. We sang our hearts out all month, guys. Our music's a hit! Next stop the world!" he said, his bandmates and friends all smiling.

"Next stop a few weeks of relaxing." Finn smiled, looking at Justin.

Justin smiled back at him, their eyes meeting.

"I've still got the chains and whips, guys. You'll not be totally free of me." he grinned, Finn laughing.

"I'll swing in any sling for you, Timberlake baby!" he said, Justin laughing.

"Better reinforce the chains with titanium. You look a lot heavier, Finny." Justin smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing now.

"I'm the same weight as when I was seventeen." he said, folding his arms.

Lucas smiled, looking at his friend.

"Who says the expecting mother always puts on the weight? I think Finny's carrying sympathy pounds."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing more, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"His new son will run the pounds off him." she said, Finn smiling at her.

Lucas smiled at his friends, returning to his Josh's warm chest.

Finn's eyes returned to his young friend, smiling at him.

Their blueness then met Justin's blue pools of friendship.

"So what's on the agenda for our first week off, boss?" he said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his and the others, Lance's arm going around him.
"Well, you all have the week here to relax. You're booked at the hotel all week. It has a great pool, close nightlife, and lots of shopping in the area."

Lucas raised his head again, meeting Justin's blue pools.

"We're all here for you, Justin. Josh and I especially."

Justin's blue eyes lowered, Lance's arm tightening around his soulmate.

"Thanks, Luke. " he softly said, Finn trading looks with his friends, then Lucas.

"What Luke's referring to is that Lance and I are going to see my father. He lives here in Orlando. I'm going to open up to him about my life and the man I love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

Finn moved forward, his hand patting Justin's knee.

"Like Lucas said, Jus. We're all here for you."

Justin smiled, seeing all their smiling faces.

"Thanks, guys. My father's invited all of you to a barbecue on Sunday."

"We'd all like to go, Jus. But are you sure you don't want to make this a private family moment?" Lucas said, Justin looking at him.

"You're all part of my family, guys. I need your love surrounding me as well."
Everyone smiled, nodding their heads in friendship.

Lucas leaned forward, kissing Justin's cheek, the man smiling at him.

"We accept your invitation. And my love will surround you." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"I could use some magic too, Luke."

Lucas smiled, winking.

"Whatever it takes, beautiful."

Justin smiled, snuggling against his man, Lance's green pools meeting Lucas' violet orbs.

Lance saw a lot of love and calmness in those violet irises.

The young man smiled at him, Lucas' head returning to his man's silk-covered chest.

Lance stared at the crystal stone laying beside Lucas' cheek.

Lance thought that the sunshine peeking into the limo seemed to make it glow.

His green eyes raised, looking into Josh's blue sparkling pools.

Josh smiled, closing his eyes, pulling his man closer to his body.


Josh smiled, his blue eyes moving to his left, staring at his man's handsome face.

Lucas' curly hair was blowing in the breeze, the convertible they sat in speeding through suburban Orlando on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Justin and Lance sat behind them, the two joined together, Justin snuggled against his man.

Behind them Harry drove an SUV, the band with him, all heading towards Justin's parents' home.

"Take a right up here, Luke." Justin said from the backseat, Lucas nodding, turning at the next intersection.

"The house is two streets over, on the left. Right at the end of a cul-de-sac." Justin said, the man rising from his lover's embrace, sitting straight up now, Lance smiling at him, his hand going in his.

"Take it at your own pace, my love. I'm here beside you all the way." Lance said, Lucas looking at him in the rear view mirror.

"You are my strength, my love." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"Together forever, babe."

Josh smiled at Lucas, the young man slowing down the convertible, turning on the street of Justin's family home, driving to the end of the street.

He pulled up in front of a large house set back on about three acres of land, the house in the land's center, large and spacious.

Justin smiled as the vehicle came to a stop at the end of the driveway, Josh opening his door and Justin climbing out of the car after his friend.

Lucas smiled, opening his door, he and Lance climbing out as Harry stopped the SUV right behind their convertible.

Everyone walked around the car, Justin smiling as the front door of the house opened, a woman walking out of it, Justin's face lighting up with a large smile, the man walking across the lawn quickly.

The woman smiled, two sudden flashes of speed rushing past her out of the house, both missiles of happiness tackling Justin on the front lawn, the man upended in a second, falling onto the lawn, two screaming balls of laughter attacking him.

Josh smiled, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder, Lance smiling as well.

"Justin's stepbrothers, Jonathan and Steven." Josh said, Lucas smiling at the two young men on top of Justin, Justin's laughter and happiness filling the yard.

The woman laughed, walking across the small front porch, walking down the steps and walking up to the three wrestling youths.

"Your father just seeded that lawn, boys. He'll make you reseed it again." she laughed, the two young men on top of Justin getting up, Justin laughing and regaining his feet, his arms going around the woman, hugging her close, kissing her cheek.

"Hi, Mom! God it's good to be back home!" he smiled, his blue eyes meeting his brothers' blue pools of happiness, the two hugging him after he'd separated from his stepmother.

Lisa smiled, looking towards Josh and Lance, both men walking up to her, both hugging her, she kissing their cheeks.

"The gang all together again. Hello boys." she said, Josh smiling at her.

"Yes, Lisa. Your son's love keeps us close." Lance said, Lisa smiling at him, looking into his green pools.

"That it does, Lance. Although he keeps it far from home." she said, Justin lowering his eyes with a blush, Lisa smiling and hugging him again.

"Love ya, Justy." she said, Justin smiling wider.

"Let me introduce you to my friends, Mom." he said, guiding his mother over to his friends, Lisa smiling at all of them.

Justin introduced everyone, Lisa smiling and shaking all their hands, then hugging all of them.

Everyone met Justin's brothers, both of them staring at Lucas with silent awed wonder, the young man smiling at them.

He saw Jonathan as a younger version of Justin, the young man a handsome young man, his younger brother a handsome teenager.

"I've listened to your music. You're all so talented!" Jonathan said, smiling at Lucas.

"We sing as one, one of one soul." he smiled, Lisa smiling at the young man, her eyes looking towards Josh, seeing his face staring at Lucas, a soft smile of love on his face.

"A great concept, Lucas. It will keep you all focused on your own happiness. As I now see in your Josh's eyes." she said, Josh looking surprised, Lucas smiling.

"He has a lousy poker face. But the body attached, wow!" he said, his arm going around Josh, Lisa laughing.

"How. . .how did you know?" Josh said, Lisa smiling at him.

"You give too much away as always in your eyes, Joshua." she smiled, Josh blushing, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Two amazing eyes of love. His soul is even more loving." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

Justin smiled, his eyes going to Lance, two green pools of love showing back at him.

"Where's Dad, Mom?"
"He had a Sunday School group this morning. He should be home in an hour or so. Please everyone, come into the house. I've got lemonade waiting on the patio. The day's turning into a scorcher." Lisa smiled, her arm going around Josh.

"And I want to hear about the love, Joshua." she smiled, her eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas smiled, following her and Josh into the house, Justin's brothers talking to Lucas as they walked.


Everyone smiled, relaxing on the patio at the back of the Timberlake home.

A large pool was before them, the patio shaded by a large oak tree whose branches hung over the patio.

They'd all talked, Justin's mother and brothers learning of Josh's and Lucas' romance, and Lucas' past.

He'd received hugs from all three, the young man calm and silent throughout most of it, his Josh's hand in his constantly.

"You've had a emotional life, Lucas. And perhaps you alone deserve the happiness I now see you have." Lisa said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Life is nothing without love, Mrs. Timberlake. And I have so much now in my Joshua." he said, Josh smiling at him alone.

"It's just Lisa, Lucas." he smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"And I'm Luke." Lucas smiled, Justin's two brothers looking at him with newfound respect and idolization.

"We're Jon and Steve, Luke." Jonathan said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I'm only myself, guys. Just think of me as a friend. I'm your brother's friend, I'd like to be yours as well." he said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"Awesome! Wait till the kids at school hear I'm friends with  Lucas Carver and Orion!" he said, everyone smiling at him, Justin showing a pout on his face.

"What about me, bro? What about being Justin Timberlake's brother?" he said, folding his arms.

Lucas smiled, seeing the smile on Jonathan's face.

"You're old news, bro. Lucas is the new thing!"

Everyone laughed, including Justin, the man slapping his brother lovingly on the back of the head.

"I'll remember that the next time you want to go to a basketball game."

Jonathan blushed, Justin smiling and hugging him.

"Want to see my guitar collection, Luke?" Jonathan said, Lucas smiling.

"Sure, Jonathan. I haven't been in a teenager's bedroom since my own." he said, Finn laughing.

"I don't think his has half naked pictures on N*Sync on his walls."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"At least I had taste, Meatloaf groupie!"

Everyone laughed more, Finn blushing, Lucas laughing and following Jonathan and Steven into the house.

Lisa smiled at the young man going into the house with her sons, her eyes meeting Josh's blue pools.

"He's a grounded soul, Josh. I sense a lot of giving love and life in him." she said, Josh smiling.

"I love him, Lisa. He's my life."

Lisa smiled, looking at Justin.

"And you've gained a good friend, Justin and Lance. I see your love for him as well."

Justin smiled, nodding at his mother.

"Lucas' love enters all our souls. He's one of a kind." Lance said, Lisa smiling at him.

"We all need love, Lance. I see Josh's heart has his." she said, Josh smiling widely.

"Everyone relax, I'll go finish off my salads. Randall should be home soon to start the barbecue." she said, standing up, Justin rising.

"Need help, Mom?"

"You stay and entertain your friends, Justin. We'll catch up later." she said, kissing his cheek.

Justin smiled, sitting back down, Lisa smiling at everyone.

"I hope you brought your suits? We'll have a pool party after the barbecue." she smiled.

Everyone smiled, nodding their heads, Justin having informed them of the large pool at his parents' home.

She smiled, walking into the house.


Lisa drained the lettuce, the water spray cleaning off the leaves, she straining the water off them.

Lucas walked into the room, smiling at her.

"Your sons are energetic balls of happiness. I remember when I was that young. Well actually, I'm not much older than Jon." he smiled, walking up to the counter, Lisa smiling at him.

"He's almost nineteen. He'll be off on his own just like Justin soon." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"But his love will always return home. Home is, after all, where the heart is."

Lisa smiled, Lucas taking the bowl of lettuce from her.

"Let me help. I'm a whiz in the kitchen." he said, Lisa smiling, letting the young man rinse off the lettuce.

"I've made three salads. I was just readying the Caesar." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Three salads won't appease that brood out there. Finn eats like a horse." he smiled, Lisa laughing.

"How about I make a couple of my dishes?"
"You're a guest, Luke."
Lucas smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I'm in a home. I cook at home."

She smiled, nodding her head.

Lucas smiled back, opening the refrigerator door.

Lisa sat down at the kitchen table, watching the young man prepare some surprising dishes.

The two chatted, Lisa telling Lucas about Justin's early life, Lucas filling her in on her stepson's recent life.

Within minutes Lucas had prepared a chicken Caesar salad, two bean dishes and a tray of vegetables with a cream sauce for dipping.

"I thought Joshy was getting a little tubby. You're a regular chef, Luke." she said, Lucas laughing, smiling at her.

"He'll never be fat when he has me to give him energy." Lucas smiled, Lisa laughing.

"I see his love for you, Lucas. Josh is a giving, caring man." she said, rising from her seat, leaning against the counter as Lucas cleaned off his hands in the sink, wiping them with a dish towel.

"That he is, Lisa. I feel blessed every day I'm with him."

Lisa smiled, nodding her head, looking out the kitchen window, staring at Justin at the patio table, he and Lance quietly talking, Josh talking to Finn as well.

"His love was always destined for you, Lucas. Justin had no chance of it." she said, Lucas looking at her with silent surprise.

She smiled at the young man, Lucas quietly staring at her.

"I've always known there was something between the two of them, Lucas. Their love for each other went beyond the bonds of friendship."
Lucas looked out the window, staring at his lover and his friends.

"You'll have to ask Justin about that, Lisa. I love him and Josh." he said, their eyes meeting again.

Lucas saw the calmness and love in her blue pools.

"I know why Justin came home, Lucas."

Lucas lowered his eyes again, the young man feeling uncomfortable, not wanting to interfere with his friend's truths.

Lisa smiled at him, her hand going to his shoulder.

"I see the friendship in your face and your mannerisms, Luke." she said, Lucas eyes meeting hers again.

"Justin is in love with Lance, Lucas. I easily see it."

Lucas stared with surprise at the woman, their conversation ended by another person walking into the kitchen.

"You've created a real buffet, Lisa."

Lucas' eyes turned, meeting two blue pools of determined, focused calmness.

"And who's this?" Randall Timberlake said, staring at the young man standing beside his wife.

"This is Justin's friend, Randall. Lucas Carver, the lead singer of Orion, dear." Lisa smiled, her blue pools meeting his.

"Ah, yes. The Englishman!" Randall said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm Welsh actually, sir." Lucas said, extending his hand, Randall smiling at him as he shook it.

"My father's a sir, Lucas. I'm just Randall, Justin's dad." Randall smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm just Luke, Randall."

The older man smiled, looking at his wife.

"So where's my son? Roughhousing with the boys?" he said, Lisa smiling at him.

"He's on the patio with his friends and Orion. Lance and Josh are here as well."

Randall smiled, looking out the kitchen window, seeing his son.

"It's nice to have Justin back home again." Randall smiled, Lucas quietly watching the man, seeing his love for his older son etched on his face.

Lucas was also staring into the man's soul.

For he'd felt its center when they'd shaken hands.

The young man looked towards Lisa, her blue eyes meeting his.

"You men go outside. I'll get this organized. Can you start the barbecue, dear?"

"Sure thing, Lisa." Randall said, he and Lucas walking out of the kitchen, Lisa quietly staring after them.

She said a silent prayer in her soul.


Lucas smiled, taking in the scene of paternal love before him.

Justin was in his father's arms, his father hugging him tightly.

"Good to see you, son. I'd almost forgotten what you looked like." Randall said, smiling at his son as he released him, everyone smiling at the two men.

"Sorry, Dad. Been real busy." Justin said, Randall patting his shoulder and looking around at the strangers standing around them.

"So I've heard, Justin. So this is your new find? Young and energetic." Randall smiled, Justin introducing his father to Finn, Trish and Skyler, Randall hugging each of them.

"We Timberlakes hug, my friends." he smiled, all three smiling back.

Justin smiled at his father, Randall looking towards Josh and Lance.

"Like old times, boys." he said, Josh laughing, hugging the man tightly, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

The two men separated, Randall smiling at Lance as the man hugged him, Justin smiling as well.

"Welcome back, Lance. It's been too long. Almost as long as Justy." Randall said, the man releasing him, smiling at the older man.

"I'll make sure your son visits more often, Randall." Lance said, Randall laughing, looking at his son.

"Good luck with that, Lance. He won't listen to any of us, what makes you think he'd listen to you?" Randall said, smiling at Lance.

Lance looked at Justin, the man lowering his eyes.

"Friendship, Randall. We've always been tight."

Finn smirked, looking towards Lucas.

"That you have, Lance. The five musketeers I called you boys." Randall said, sitting down at the patio table, Justin sitting down beside his father, the others returning to their seats.

"That seems like eons ago, Randall." Lance said, sitting down on Justin's other side.

"Life goes on, Lance. With God's love and with our own paths of life." Randall said, smiling at Lucas.

The young man was quietly staring at the man, Randall staring into his violet pools.

He sensed a quietness in the young man, a sense of deep calmness and courage.

"Lynn called me last week and filled me in on the group's success, Lucas. You four are on your way. My son knows how to pick them!" Randall said, the four bandmates smiling at each other.

"We picked ourselves, sir. We started with friendship, our music radiating from that." Lucas said, Randall nodding his head.

"You can hear it in the songs, Lucas."

"You've listened to them, Dad?" Justin said, Randall smiling at his son.

"I'm not that old, Justin. I still like a good tune. Plus, my car does have a radio in it."

Finn laughed, Justin blushing.

Jonathan and Steve came rushing out of the house, Randall smiling at his sons, Steve climbing into the man's lap, Randall wrapping his arm around his youngest son.

"You're getting too heavy for my lap, Stevie." he smiled, Steven kissing his father's cheek.

"Sorry, Dad." he smiled, Randall rustling his blond hair.

"My boys are my life, everyone. From the youngest to the oldest. No matter how far they roam, they always come home."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"I'm sorry it's been so long, Dad. I've been meaning to pop down."

Randall smiled, Steven getting off his lap, walking around the table and sitting down beside his brother, Jonathan looking at his older brother.

"It's alright, son. You are a man whom everyone wants. Your talent consumes your time." Randall said, Lucas looking at the older man.

"There's always time for family, sir. That's why Justin's here. And we, his friends, see his love for all of you."  Lucas said, his eyes going to Lisa who just walked out of the house, looking towards everyone.

She'd heard Lucas' words, the woman smiling at him, walking up to her husband.

"I've got the meat all ready, dear." she said, Randall smiling up at her.

"Let me, Dad." Justin said, rising from his seat.

Randall smiled up at his son.

"Alright, Justin. But keep the heat even. And flip often." Randall said, Justin nodding his head, Lance smiling at him, the man rising as well.

"I'll give you a hand, Jus. " he said, Justin smiling at him, the two following Lisa over to the barbecue, she heading into the house to grab the platter of steaks and hamburgers.

Randall smiled around at everyone, his eyes focusing on Lucas again.

"So tell me all about yourselves, my friends. I'd love to hear your life's stories." Randall smiled, Lucas looking towards Finn.

The Welshman smiled at his friend, his blue eyes meeting Randall's.

"You're sitting with the story of our lives, Randall. Lucas is the center of all of us."
Randall smiled at Lucas, the young man softly smiling as Finn began the story of their lives again.


Justin looked into Lance's green eyes, the man smiling at him, seated across from him.

The meal was over, the group dining on barbecued steak and hamburgers, even Finn beyond full.

He sat back in his chair, Skyler rubbing his stomach.

"No pool for you, my love. You'll sink for sure." she smiled, Harry laughing beside them.

Lucas smiled at his friends, his violet pools meeting Lisa's blue.

"The meal was delicious, Lisa." he said, Lisa smiling at him.

"You created half of it, Luke." she smiled, Randall smiling at the young man.

"That three bean salad was amazing, Luke. You have to give Lisa the recipe." he smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"And I'd like it for my restaurant." Justin said, Lucas smiling at both men.

"I have the Timberlake seal of approval." Lucas said, Josh laughing.

"It's yours, guys." Lucas said, smiling at Justin, then Randall.

"Can we swim, Dad?" Steven said, Randall smiling at his youngest son.

"Stevie's part fish." Randall laughed, his son smiling at him.

"Go ahead, boys." Lisa said, Steven and Jonathan smiling at their mother, then their father.

The two boys left the table, everyone smiling at their youthful happiness.

Justin's blue eyes met Lance's green pools.

Everyone around the table stared towards Justin, the man looking at his father now.

"Dad, I'd like to talk to you about something." Justin said, his father setting down his coffee cup, looking towards his son.

"If it's personal then let's go inside, son." he said, Justin looking at his stepmother, then his father.

"It is personal, Dad. But these are all my friends, and they know me."

Randall slowly nodded, looking around at everyone.

"You don't have to voice what I already know, son." Randall said, Justin looking at him with surprise.

"Y-You know, Dad?"

"Yes, Justin. Your mother also told me that you had someone new in your life."

Justin looked at his father.

"She told you?"

"Not who it was, just that you'd moved on from Jessica. So why didn't you bring this new girl?" Randall said, looking at his son.

Justin lowered his eyes, the man feeling a hand go in his under the table.

Justin raised his head, looking at his father.

"Dad, I need to tell you something." Justin said, Randall nodding his head.

"Speak from your heart, son." Randall said, his eyes looking at his son.

"I have brought someone, Dad. They're here right now."

Randall looked confused, looking around the table, looking at Trish and Skyler.

"Well, Skyler's with Finn, that only leaves Trish, Justin." Randall said, smiling at the young woman.

Trish blushed, her eyes meeting Justin.

"It's not Trish, Dad." Justin said, the man raising his hand from under the table, it still locked in Lance's.

"Lance is the love of my life, Dad. I've fallen in love with him."

Randall Timberlake stared at his son in total shock, his eyes moving to the two locked hands, then raising back to his son's blue pools.

"You. . .you're gay, Justin? That. . .that can't be true!" Randall said, the man rising from his seat, Lisa rising as well, her hand going to her husband's shoulder.

"Sit down, Randall. Listen to his heart and his soul. It radiates with a new truth."
"What truth, Lisa? The truth that my son walks against God's love? That my son walks with. . .that I've. . .?"

Lucas stood up, the older man's blue pools meeting his violet.

"That he walks with a love in his heart that once mirrored your own heart?" Lucas said, Randall looking at him with shock.

Randall's eyes met his son's, Justin looking at him with confusion.

"What. . .what are you talking about, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"I'm talking about the duality of life, Justin. About paths once walked and the mirroring of life." Lucas said, his violet pools staring at Randall.

"I. . .I don't know what. . ." Randall began to say, the patio suddenly rocked by a loud scream.

All eyes turned to the pool, Jonathan climbing out of it in front of them, the young man in tears.

"I can't get Stevie! He's. . .he's at the bottom of the pool!" the young man cried, all eyes going to the pool, Lisa screaming, a flash of motion moving past Justin, the man turning as he saw Lucas dive into the pool, everyone moving.

Randall's arms were around his son, Jonathan crying, his young eyes going to the water.

Justin was beside them, his arms around his emotional mother.

All eyes were on the pool, seeing the blurred vision of Lucas' body going to the bottom of the deep end of the pool, his arms wrapping around a still form laying at the pool's bottom.

Lucas' body moved upwards, breaking the surface, his strong arms wrapped around the lifeless body of Justin's youngest brother.

He swam towards the pool's edge, Josh and Lance on their knees, helping Lucas lift the young boy out of the pool, Lucas rising onto the pool's edge, climbing out of it.

Everyone surrounded the young boy, his parents and brothers crying, staring at the young lifeless body, Harry administering CPR, pressing down on his small chest, then giving him mouth-to-mouth.

The area was silent, only soft weeping coming from Justin's stepmother, her eyes on her motionless son.

Harry raised his head, his face filled with emotion.

"I. . .I can't  get a pulse! He's. . .he's not breathing!"

Randall sobbed, Lucas moving past his lover, Josh's arms having been around him.

"Let me try, Harold." Lucas said, Harry's blue pools meeting his.

Lucas went to his knees, the young man's hand going to the young man's chest, then his other hand going to his head.

Lucas closed his violet pools, a sudden flash of blue surrounding the young boy.

Everyone stepped back in shock, staring at the youth.

His body moved, trembling, then moving on its own.

Steven's blue eyes opened, the young boy gasping, Lisa screaming, going to her knees and pulling her son into her arms.

"Oh, Steven! You. . .you're alright!" she cried, Randall going to his knees beside them, pulling both into his arms.

Everyone stared at the three, the young man looking around, his blue pools staring at Lucas, the young man still on his knees, his head lowered, his hands laying in his lap.

"What. . .what was that light? I felt it guiding me forward. It felt so warm." Steven softly said, his head going against his father's chest, Randall holding him now in his arms.

Randall's blue eyes were staring at the silent Lucas, his voice filled with emotion.

"What. . .what are you?" he said, Lucas' head slowly raising.

Randall and everyone saw a deep look of emotional pain cross Lucas' face.

"I am love. . .and I am. . .life."

Lucas fell backwards, his body caught by Josh's fast moving arms, the man having fallen to his knees behind Lucas.

Everyone stared at the young man, Josh's blue pools staring down at his smooth silent face.

"Is he alright, Josh?" Finn said, worry etched on his face.

"I. . .I feel something, Finn." Josh said, leaning down and kissing his man's forehead.

Lucas softly moaned, Josh hugging him close.

Josh closed his own blue pools, a white light filling his mind.

And his heart sensed a new love flowing through him.



End of Chapter 91


An ending of surprising drama.

Justin has voiced his love to his father.

And behind his father's reaction perhaps there lays a mystery.

What will Randall's further reaction be to his son's new lifestyle?


But a tragic fate stopped that revelation.

Lucas risking his life perhaps to return Justin's younger brother to his family.

Does Lucas now possess the gift of giving life?

What did Josh feel as he held Lucas in his arms?


Something new may be coming out of our giving Lucas.

Trust me to show its truth.


In perhaps a devilish way.


Hugs, Angel.