Yesterday's End-92

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 92


Everyone stood around the double bed, Lucas laying in the bed's center, Josh at his side, another man seated on his other side.

The man wore a stethoscope, listening quietly to the young man's heart, then removing the device from his ears, unwrapping the blood pressure gauge from the young man's naked forearm.

Josh had removed Lucas' wet clothing with Lance's help, the young man wearing clean briefs under the covers.

"His heart rate has finally slowed down, his pulse is still a little fast, but his blood pressure has levelled to near normal." the man said, looking towards Randall, Randall staring at the young man asleep in his son's former bedroom.
"Will he be alright, Martin?" Randall said, the doctor rising from the bed, smiling at his neighbour.

"He's in no real physical danger, Randall, just exhausted. His strength having been severely taxed. I'd recommend a few days of quiet relaxation for him. His vital signs are low but they've increased since I looked him over at first. He's coming out of whatever he's sunken into. For all reasoning and from the signs, I'd say it was something like a self-induced coma." the doctor said, staring down at the young man.

"A coma, Martin?" Lisa said, staring at the young man with concern.

"The body can take only so much stress, Lisa. Whatever he endured during his aiding Steven greatly taxed his strength. Was the water cold? Some of his signs hint at hyperthermia." the man said, placing his instruments into his bag, staring at his neighbour.

Josh stared at the doctor, the man's eyes meeting his blue.

"No, Martin. The pool was warm, as warm as the day's sun." Randall said.

The doctor nodding, looking perplexed.

"It's very strange indeed. His system could have a different metabolism, but not that different. It's just perhaps one of those mysteries of life. A circumstance of surprising strangeness. I've seen a lot of those through the years." the doctor said, his eyes meeting Lucas' sister, Trish staring at him.

"What is your brother's medical history, Miss Carver?" Martin said, the doctor having been introduced to everyone.

Randall had called him, their neighbour a retired physician, he old friends with Lisa and Randall.

"Lucas has never really been sick, Doctor. I don't remember him ever having been in hospital due to a lengthy illness." she said,  Skyler's arm around her.

"I see. Well, whatever has happened to him, he's coming out of it. His signs are stabilizing. I'd imagine he'll wake up in a few hours. He should feel no lasting effects, just tiredness and fatigue. Like I said, rest will do him best." the doctor said, picking up his bag, Randall smiling at him.

"Thank you for coming over so quickly, Martin." he said, Martin patting his shoulder.

"No worries, Randall. He's going to be okay. As is Steven. The boy's no worse for wear. Just a soft bruise on his temple. He shows no signs of any after effects from the near drowning. You have my number if anything else happens. And I'd like to know what really happened here, Randall. Let's talk soon." he said, Randall nodding, Jonathan escorting the doctor out of the room, everyone looking towards the bed.

Josh's hand went into Lucas' the moment the doctor walked out of the room, Justin's hand going to Josh's shoulder, he and Lance standing behind Josh.

"He's going to be okay, Joshy." Justin said, Josh nodding his head.

"I know, Justin. I felt it in his soul. The intensity of the magic, and his tiredness after. He's just battling with it. He'll come around soon." Josh said, his voice laced with calmness.

Randall stared at his son's old friend, Josh's eyes staring at Lucas.

"You and. . .you and Lucas are. . .?" Randall said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"He is my soulmate, Randall. His love is my life." Josh said, Randall lowering his eyes.

"We should leave him to rest, everyone." Lisa said, everyone nodding, slowly moving out of the room.

Justin's eyes met his father's, Randall lowering his eyes again, the man walking out of the bedroom, Lisa looking at Justin with soft compassion.

"Give him time, Justin. It's been a surprising day for him. And for all of us." she said, Justin nodding, Lance's arm going around him.

"He needs to see my love for Lance, Mom." Justin said, Lisa smiling at him.

"He sees it, Justin. That's what's confusing him so much. That and what Lucas said. That confuses all of us as well." she said, her blue eyes going to Lucas' sleeping face.

"Lucas has a way of surprising all of us, Lisa. His love can show in many ways." Lance said, Lisa smiling at him.

"I saw his love in my stepson's courage today. And I see it has joined him with a man of giving love as well."
Lance and Justin both smiled, Lisa smiling at them both, her eyes going to Lucas' sleeping face again

"He's. . .he's a remarkable man. He just gave me my son back." she said, Justin crossing the room and hugging his stepmother close, Lisa regaining her emotions that had threatened to come out again.

"Lucas is a hero to all of us, Mom. His love is his greatest weapon."

Lisa smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

Justin smiled at her, she walking out of the room.

Justin returned to Josh's side, his hand rubbing Josh's shoulder, Justin sitting down on the bed beside him, staring at Lucas.

"What happened out there, Josh? We know Lucas is gifted, but. . .but what he did for Stevie. . .what he did!" Justin said, emotion heard in his voice, Lance's hand going to his man's shoulder.

Josh's blue eyes met Justin's, the man leaning in and kissing Justin's cheek.

"He would risk his life for any of us, or anyone we love, Jus. His love knows no sacrifice." Josh said, Lance staring at Josh, seeing the man's calm demeanour.

"You don't seem floored by this, Josh. You've been so calm since Lucas passed out." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"I love Lucas, Lance and Justin. His love flows through me. I felt his love move from that patio table, I knew exactly what he was going to do. I knew he'd risk all to save Stevie. I felt it in his love." Josh said, staring at his soulmate.

Justin's hand went to Josh's shoulder, his blue eyes meeting his.

"What's going on, Josh?" Justin said, Josh smiling at him, his blue eyes showing glistening tears.

"I felt Lucas' love, Jus. I think. . .I think I've bonded with him on every level now." Josh said, his hand going around the crystal stone hanging from his neck.

"You've always felt his love, Joshy." Lance said, Josh smiling, looking at his man.

"Yes, Lance. But now I feel the other side of it."

"The other side of it, Joshy?" Justin said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"I felt the magic, Jus. I think Lucas has joined me with all of himself."


Finn's blue eyes looked into Trish's blue, the two seated in the Timberlakes' living room, everyone quietly sitting in silence.

Skyler sat beside Finn on a sofa, his arm wrapped around her.

Harry sat in a wingchair beside the couch, his eyes going to a large marble fireplace, the young man staring up at a portrait of a fishing scene above the mantle.

Justin and Lance sat on another couch, their hands joined together.

It was a half hour later after the doctor had left, everyone seated together in silence, all their minds on the afternoon's events.

Josh had remained upstairs in Justin's old bedroom, quietly sitting with Lucas.

"Hell of an afternoon, Jus. Lucas always makes life interesting. His love resonates everywhere." Finn said, Justin smiling at his friend, seeing his love for Lucas in his blue eyes.

"Yeah, Finny. It resonates everywhere." he said, Finn smiling at him.

Lisa, Jonathan and Randall walked into the room, Randall's blue eyes going to Justin's blue.

"Steven's now sleeping quietly. He had a bit of a headache so I've sent him to bed." Lisa said, everyone smiling at her.

"That's good to hear. Rest he should need." Trish said, Lisa smiling at her.

"He only remembers diving towards the bottom of the pool. We think he may have hit his head on the pool's bottom. Hence the bruise on his forehead." Randall said, his eyes looking around at everyone, the man walking up to the fireplace, his hand going to the mantle.

Lisa sat down beside Justin and Lance, the two smiling at her.

Justin's blue eyes moved, meeting his brother's blue pools, Jonathan sitting down beside his brother, Justin's arm going around him.

"Lucas is amazing, Jus! What he did for Stevie! How he made him come back! He. . .he was dead! My brother was dead!" Jonathan said, his tearing blue eyes showing awed wonder.

"Our brother is back with us, he'll be here always, Jonnie. And yes, Lucas is beyond amazing." Justin said, his younger brother looking at Lance, the man smiling at him.

"I'll second that."

All eyes turned, Josh standing in the living room doorway.

"How's Lucas, Josh?" Finn said, Josh looking at him.

"He's sleeping. His breathing is more subdued, his heart rate is back to normal. He'll sleep for a few hours." Josh said, Justin about to stand up, Josh waving him back to his seat, the man walking across the living room, sitting down beside Trish, the young woman smiling at him, her arm going around him.

"He has your love, Joshy. That will make him heal faster, as always."
Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Randall's, the man quietly staring at him.

"I'm happy for you, Josh."

Josh's blue eyes moved, meeting Jonathan's blue eyes, the young man having spoken, Randall staring towards his middle son as well.

Jonathan sighed, the two men seeing a look of nervousness on his young face.

The young man rose from his seat, looking down at his brother, then walking up to his father, Justin's blue eyes following him.

Jonathan stopped in front of his father, Randall turning from the fireplace, focusing on his middle son's staring face.

He saw a lot of determination and calmness in that young face, and a lot of brotherly love.

"I love Justin, Dad. He's my older brother. There's nothing about him that would ever make me stop loving him. And I love Lance as well. He's always treated me as a younger brother, and as a friend. I'm happy they've found each other's love. You. . .you should be happy too, Dad." Jonathan said, Justin's blue eyes tearing up, hearing his brother's love in his courageous words.

Randall's blue eyes moved to his oldest son's blue, then back to Jonathan's.

"You're young, son. You don't know the importance of a person's character, or the paths we must walk." he said, Jonathan staring at him.

"Yes, I'm young, Dad. But I'm growing up. I can see with my own eyes." he said, his blue eyes moving to Justin's blue, then looking towards Josh.

"I see the happiness in Josh's blue eyes. The happiness of Lucas' love. And I see my brother with the happiest smile I've ever seen on his face. I know Lance is the one making him smile. That's love, Dad. We all see they're in love.  I've seen the same look on your face and on Mom's. That's called love. Why does it matter that theirs is different?"

Randall stared at his son, seeing the love in his blue eyes for his brother.

"My sons are true brothers. I see your courage at standing up for him, Jon."
The young man smiled, looking at Justin.

"He's my brother, Dad. I love him. And I'll always love him for whoever he wants to be." Jonathan said, Justin standing up and walking up to him, the two brothers hugging, Lance smiling at both of them, his green eyes meeting Randall's staring eyes.

"I love you, Justin."
Justin smiled, kissing his brother's cheek.

"I love you, Jon."

Lisa smiled, seeing their brotherly love unchanged.

"Go sit with Mom and Lance, Jonnie." Justin said, Jonathan nodding, the young man walking back to his seat, sitting down beside Lance, the young man smiling and hugging Lance.

Justin's blue eyes moved to Josh, his friend smiling at him with deep love.

Randall took in this exchange, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Jonathan's love I feel always, Dad. And I accept that he can love me as who I am. As who I want to be. I'm sorry if I sprang this all on you suddenly, Dad. I know you need time to adjust to it. I love you and I'll accept any love you can offer me. You're still my father, Dad. I'll always love you. I hope you can always love me. But you have to accept that Lance is a large part of my life now. His love fulfills me. I love him, Dad."

Randall stared at his son, seeing Justin's love for Lance shining in his blue eyes.

Behind him Lance's green eyes pooled with tears, Jonathan smiling at the man wrapped in his arms.

Randall's eyes lowered, the man turning back to the fireplace, staring up at the portrait hanging above the fireplace.

"I love you, Justin. You are my son. You've grown up so much these last few years. Sometimes I find myself trying to understand why you've walked the path you've walked. Your path of stardom, of greatness. I've always been proud of the success you've achieved."
"I've walked the path you and my Moms created, Dad. The path of your giving love."

Randall turned, staring at his son, Justin seeing glistening tears in his father's blue pools.

"All we ever wanted for you was happiness, Justin. I've watched you grow up and I've seen the life of misguided love you've walked. So many relationships that went wrong, so many times you searched for love."

"Yes, Dad. I've walked a long path of loneliness and want, of need and searching love. That path led me to Lance, Dad. To Lance's love. It's a love I never imagined existed. It's a love I need, that I've always missed. I'm alive and I'm in love, Dad. Lance is my soulmate."

Randall nodded, turning his back again, staring up at the portrait again.

"There are many fish in the sea of God's love, Justin. I just always imagined you'd fish from the boat of God's love, Justin. I never thought you'd climb into the wrong boat."

Justin's eyes lowered, tears showing.

"He cast his net out into the seas of life, Randall. And the catch was love."

Randall and Justin's eyes turned, staring into two violet pools.

Lucas stood in the doorway, his arm around Steven.


Josh rose from his seat, the man staring at his soulmate.

He saw Steve's arm around Lucas' waist, the young man supporting him.

Josh walked across the room, Steve smiling at him.

"He insisted on coming down, once he made me feel better." the young man said, Lisa staring at her youngest son with surprise.

The young man smiled, Josh's arm going around Lucas, the younger man walking across the room, sitting down beside his mother, Lisa's arms going around him.

"I'm okay, Mom. I woke up with a headache but Lucas made it go away. I feel like my old self." Steve smiled, everyone staring at him.

The bruise on Steve's forehead that everyone had seen there an hour earlier was gone, the boy's face blemish-free.

The young man smiled, looking towards Lucas, Josh staring at his man.

"You should be in bed, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I go where the love is, Beamy. Stevie's love woke me first, the young man feeling a bit out of sorts. My love righted that. He's back to his old self. But no diving acrobatics for a while, okay Stevie?"

The young man smiled, nodding his head, his mother's arms going around him more.

"No worries, Luke. I'll be careful."
Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Randall's blue pools, the older man staring at him with awed wonder.

"I heal those that need my love." he said, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

"You need rest, my love."

"I need peace of soul, as do others, my Joshua. Guide me to that wingchair, my love." Lucas said, Josh staring into his violet pools.

Josh nodded, gently guiding Lucas to a wingchair on the other side of the fireplace, a few feet from Justin and Randall.

The young man sat down in the chair, his violet pools looking around the room.

"I'm alright, everyone. Tired but alive and deep within the love." Lucas said, softly smiling, everyone staring at him with silent love, his violet pools meeting Justin's blue.

"Josh is right, Luke. You need rest. . .after. . .after what you did. . ." Justin said, emotion showing on his face.

"He is your brother, Jus. That makes him mine, too. I would risk all for all of you." Lucas said, Justin tearing up, his blue eyes going to Stevie, the young man smiling at his older brother.

Lucas' violet pools met Randall's blue, the older man staring at him.

"Thank you, Lucas. Thank you for giving us our son back. For bringing him back to our love. We need him, we love him." Randall said, Lucas nodding, hearing the honesty and thankfulness in the man's emotional words.

Lucas' violet pools met Stevie's, the young man smiling at him.

"Your son has a long life to live through, Randall. He's going to amaze all of us." Lucas said, Justin tearfully staring at him.

Lucas' violet pools went back to Randall's, the man staring at him again.

"Are you. . .are you. . .are you an angel?" Randall said, Lucas staring at him.

"I'm only a man, Randall. A man within a giving soul, with a giving love. I walk with God's light within my soul as we all should. And I walk with Josh's love there as well." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Josh's blue, Josh kneeling beside his chair, his hand in Lucas'.

Randall's eyes lowered again, Lucas staring at him.

"Your son has a new love in his heart as well, Randall. It beats anew with a greater happiness, with a greater strength. The strength of another man's love."

Justin's blue eyes went to his father's blue, Lucas staring at both men.

Randall turned his head again, staring up at the portrait, Lucas staring at him.

"Why don't you tell all of us the story of the fisherman, Randall? The one who painted that portrait."

Randall's head moved, staring at Lucas with shock, the young man's violet pools staring into his soul.

Justin looked at his father's surprised face, then at Lucas' calm handsome face.

"How can you. . .?" Randall softly said.

"I feel love, Randall. I feel all moments of it--past, present and future. It is the architecture of my own soul."

Randall's eyes met Lucas', the man seeing a great love shining there.

"Tell your son the story of Abraham Jefferson, Randall. And the love that lays hidden in your heart."

Randall trembled, Justin staring at his father, his blue eyes meeting his.

Justin saw a deep sorrow and a deep love shining in those blue pools.

Justin walked up to his father, his hand going to his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Dad? Who's Abraham?"

Randall stared into his son's blue pools.

"He is the secret of my heart, Justin. And the sin of my soul."

Randall's head lowered, a soft sob coming out of his chest, the man feeling another hand suddenly touch his other shoulder.

Randall raised his head, staring into two violet pools.

Lucas had risen quickly, going to the man's side, Josh rising to his feet as well, staring with surprise at his man's quick reflexes, but still feeling his deep tiredness.

"It is alright, Randall. Sit with your sons and open your heart."

Randall nodded, seeing the love shining in Lucas' violet pools.

"Alright, Lucas." he softly said, the man moving, Justin following him to his brothers and stepmother.

Lance stood up, letting Randall sit down beside Jonathan, Justin staring at Lance as he sat down with his brother, their eyes meeting.

Randall sat down, staring around him, seeing his family at his side.

He stared forward, meeting two violet pools, Lucas standing in front of the fireplace, Josh at his side, his arm around his soulmate.

"Speak from your heart, Randall. Love begins with honesty." Lucas said.

Randall nodded, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' again, the young man standing below the portrait.

His eyes moved to the painting, it showing a scene of two young men standing in a boat in the middle of a creek, both smiling and casting fishing lines out into the calm blue water.

"That painting was painted by a young man I knew a long time ago, my sons." he said, Justin's eyes going to the portrait, remembering it had always hung there for as long as he could remember.

"Who was he, Dad?" Justin said.

Randall's eyes met his son's, Justin seeing the memories flood his father's eyes.

"He was my friend, Justin. And he was. . .he was. . .my first love."

Justin looked stunned, Randall's voice filling the room, everyone staring at him with silent shock.


"Abe and I were inseparable. We lived next door to each other, friends of circumstances and happiness. We both came from poor families, living in the heartland of the American South. But we didn't harp on that or our surroundings. We lived life, in our hearts and our minds. Our friendship was ironclad. From the moments of our young lives up until our adolescent years. He was my brother in the truest sense of the word."
Lucas smiled, staring at the older man, Randall's blue eyes staring at him.

"We grew up together. We learned of life and happiness. And truth and the realness of life. We were inseparable. We did sports together, we went to school together. All our free time we spent together. We were the second half of each other's lives." Randall said, his face showing a deep look of remembered happiness.

"But that changed." Lucas said, Randall nodding his head.

"It happened when we were seventeen, Lucas. When we were both of the cusp of manhood. Abe had always been outgoing, myself a bit shy. But his love for me drew my shyness out, making me take on life. I became a better man because of him. He formed my soul and myself. His love and friendship made me the man I am today."

"What happened when you were seventeen, Dad?" Justin said, the man sensing the truth simmering under his father's words.

Randall's eyes met his son's, Justin seeing the love shining there, both the present and the forgotten love.

"I told him I loved him, Justin. I told my best friend I loved him. And he told me the same thing back. That he'd always loved me. As more than a brother." Randall said, his eyes lowering, Justin's hand going to his father's shoulder.

Lisa stared at her husband, Justin's eyes meeting her blue, he seeing her usual love shining back.

He sensed that she knew of his father's past.

"You fell in love with him, Dad?" Justin said, Randall's head raising again, Justin staring into his tearful blue eyes.

"Yes, Justin. We fell in love together. We found in each other the budding love of emotional  togetherness. And that love was in all ways." Randall said, the man rising from his seat, walking up to the fireplace, standing beside Lucas and Josh, the man staring up at the portrait.

"Abraham painted this portrait, Justin. It is the only thing I have left of his love. That is a portrait of him and me fishing on the creek back home. The two of us young and full of love, the love we had for each other. You can see it in our eyes."

Justin stood up, staring at the portrait, everyone staring at its showing image of two young happy teenagers.

Justin walked forward, stopping beside his father, his hand going to his shoulder.

"What happened to Abe, Dad?" he said, Randall turning and staring in his son's blue eyes.

"I hurt him, Justin. I joined the rejection of his life, my son. I sided with my family and our community's views of intolerance. I stood against him and his opening love."

Justin's arms went around his father, Randall sobbing against his chest.

Justin's eyes met Lucas' violet, the man seeing his friend's shining love.

"Life gives us paths we have to walk, Randall. Sometimes we are guided against our will, and our hearts." Lucas said, Justin's father raising his head, staring at the young man.

"I was told it was wrong, Lucas! I was told that God didn't uphold the ungodliness of what Abraham represented. That a man couldn't love another man." Randall said, his eyes returning to his son's.

"Abraham came out the last year of school. He opened his life to everyone. And everyone turned against him. Including myself." Randall said, his eyes going back to the portrait.

"No one knew of our love, of the realness of it. I denied his real love, Justin. And everyone including myself turned against him. His family disowned him, his friends and comrades abused him. And I stood in silence and did nothing. Because I was afraid of my own true self. I was too afraid to stand with him. To accept his love and what it meant to my heart." Randall said, the man turning and looking at his son, then back at his other two sons.

"Your father was a coward, Justin. I denied my friend my friendship and my love."
Justin's arm went around his father, looking into his blue eyes.

"You were young, Dad. You didn't know what your real self wanted. You were experimenting with life and love." Justin said, Randall nodding.

"What happened to Abe, Dad?"
"He left, Justin. One night he just walked out of my life. But not before talking to me." Randall said, the man walking up to the mantle, laying his hand against it, staring up at the portrait.

"He snuck into my bedroom through the open window one night after midnight. He woke me from my sleep. He woke me up to say goodbye." Randall said, staring up at his lost friend's portrait.

"He didn't blame me, Justin. He said he understood my position, and the position he had put me in with my own family. He loved me enough to not hate me. But he couldn't stay, Justin. He couldn't stay locked in a circle of pain. He left that night. He walked away from his family, from his community and from me. " Randall said, turning and staring at his son.

"I never saw him again, Justin. I let him walk out of my life. I lost his friendship because I was too scared to face the hatred he endured. I took the path less walked. I took the coward's path." Randall said, Lucas moving from his Josh's arms, walking up to the older man.

"You were scared, Randall. Scared of the life he faced, of the path he walked." Lucas said, Randall looking into his violet eyes.

"Yes I was, Lucas. I couldn't understand the life he wanted to lead. I loved him, but he wasn't truly what my soul searched for. The love he wanted to give me wasn't the love I wanted. I walked my own path after that, the path to my family's creation. I never hated him for what he wanted in life. I loved him for his own self, not for the man everyone hated."

Lucas nodded, his hand going to the older man's shoulder.

"I sensed all of that in you, Randall. The acceptance of who he was, and what he faced. He had a lot of courage to walk away from the hatred. You had an even greater courage to remain within it. I feel the love in your soul for family and for life."

Randall's blue eyes moved to his son's blue pools, the man sighing.

"I don't hate you for what you want in life, Justin. For what you want from Lance. I easily see the love in both of your eyes for each other. I'm sorry that I barked at you, that I backed away from what you wanted to say to me. I just. . ." Randall said, his eyes lowering again, Justin's hand going to his father's shoulder.

"Just what, Dad?"

Randall raised his head, Justin seeing the tears in his father's eyes.

"I just don't want you to face the life Abraham faced, Justin! I don't want you to feel the hatred and hurt that others can so easily give someone who's different from them. I've seen it all my life. Abraham's hurt I've seen many times through my life. I don't want you to face the hatred. I can only imagine the life Abraham lived. I saw firsthand that intolerance. I don't want you to face it like he did." Randall said, his eyes filled with tears, Justin hugging his father against him.

"Oh, Dad! I can face life because I have Lance's love in my life. I'm not alone like Abraham was. Your friendship was there for him, Dad, but it wasn't enough. He left to find a life of happiness. I hope he found that life." 
Randall nodded, his eyes looking towards Lance, the man moving towards them.

"I hope he found that too, Justin." Randall said, Lance's arm going around Justin.

"I love Justin, Randall. I've faced some of the hatred you speak of. But times are changing, Randall. Tolerance is winning out over intolerance. Justin has my love to protect him. And I have his. Together we can weather any storm of hatred or ignorance. Our love is there for both of us." Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate, their hands joining again.

Randall stared into Lance's green eyes, seeing his love shining.

"I've known you for quite some time, Lance. I've seen your kind heart and faith shining as well." Randall said, Lance smiling at him.

"I have faith in God giving my life happiness, Randall. I've found that happiness in your son's love." Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate.

Randall's eyes went to his son's, Lucas looking at both men.

"I love you, son. I can accept what you want from Lance. I'll be there to protect you as well."

Justin smiled widely, hugging his father, Randall tearfully smiling, hugging his son tightly.

Lance's eyes met Randall's, the man smiling at him.

"Welcome to the family, Lance."

Justin smiled, breaking his hold on his father, Lance smiling at him, his arm going around his lover.

"I hope you can both give me some leeway in respect to all of this. I just have to get used to the newness of your relationship." Randall said, the two men smiling at him.

"Of course, Dad. It's new to all of us." Justin said, Jonathan and Steven rising from their seats, their mother rising as well.

The three walked up to Justin and Lance, the two men smiling at Justin's family.

Jonathan and Steven smiling at Lance.

"We have a new brother!" they both said, Lance smiling, his arms going around both.

"That you do, guys. My love hasn't changed for either of you. It's only gotten stronger."

Both smiled, Lisa kissing Justin's and Lance's cheeks, both smiling at her, her blue eyes going to Randall's.

"The past is the past, Randall. You see before you the present and the future."

All eyes turned, staring at Lucas who'd spoken, his violet pools filled with tearful love.

Randall moved, walking up to the young man, Josh standing beside him.

"Thank you, Lucas. For making me visit the past to see the future."
Lucas nodded, the young man looking towards Lance and Justin.

"Their love is real, Randall. You'll soon feel its beauty." Lucas said, the young man staggering a bit, Josh's arm going around him for support.

"I need to rest, my friends. Love sometimes exhausts me." Lucas said, Randall staring at him with awed wonder.

"You saved. . .you saved my son and myself, Lucas. I can never repay you for that."

Lucas softly blushed, his eyes meeting two blue pools, Justin staring at Lucas with deep love.

"You owe me nothing but your own happiness, Randall. The happiness of the family I see before me." Lucas said, his violet pools moving to Josh's blue pools.

"I need to lie down, Beamy. My strength is at its end."

Josh nodded, the man gently guiding Lucas across the room, everyone standing and watching the young man leave the room.

"His. . .his soul is so loving." Lisa softly said, her arm going around Randall.

Randall's eyes met hers, Lisa smiling and kissing his lips, their love showing for everyone.

Justin's arm went around Lance, their lips meeting as well.

Lance smiled, feeling the happiness in his lover's soul.

They were free within their families.

Their love was open and free to grow with their family's love.


Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's fingers on his neck, the young man wrapped in his man's arms of love.

"Mm, that feels so good, my love." Lucas said, sighing against the pillows, Josh kissing his warm neck.

"My love massages all of your wearied soul, my love."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools looking around the room they lay in.

Josh felt Lucas' deep tiredness, the young man fighting to stay awake, to stay with his love.

"If these walls could talk, my love. The center of Justin's youthful pubescence. I still smell his libido on the sheets."

'"That's not what I smell. I remember that smell."
Lucas laughed, Josh pulling him closer.

"Close your eyes my love." he said, Lucas sighing again, sinking into Josh's chest.

"I can't fight the tiredness, Joshua. It's claiming me." Lucas softly said, Josh kissing his neck again.

"Why did you do it, Lucas? Why did you risk so much? I felt your love so strongly--when you moved and dove into that pool--I felt the greatness of your magic. I felt it zoning in within yourself. I felt its greatness and its power." Josh said, Lucas moving around, snuggling against Josh's chest, his head laying against his shoulder, staring into his blue eyes.

"I never wanted that, Josh. The closeness of our joining love."

Josh's eyes lowered, Lucas pulling him closer.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't say that quite right. I'll always need your love close. I meant that something's happened between us. I know you feel my love and magic more now."

"Yes, I do. It seems to have doubled. The greatness of the magic almost overwhelmed me, Lucky."

"I'm sorry you felt that, Josh." Lucas said, his fingers going against the crystal stone laying on Josh's chest.

"I'm not, Lucky."

Lucas' eyes raised, staring into Josh's blue pools, seeing the total love shining there.

"I feel even closer to you, Lucas. I feel our souls have joined completely. There isn't anything we can hide from each other. We feel our love and our magic."
Lucas teared up, his head falling against Josh's chest again.

"I love you, Josh."

"I love you, Lucas. Now close your eyes. You've done enough love for today." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling, his violet pools closing, the young man sinking into Josh's love.

The man held him close, sensing his love drifting into a deep sleep.

Josh sighed, holding his soulmate against his heart.

I love you, Lucas.

I will carry the magic and the love with you.

And it will move me always when I feel you spreading that love.

Josh smiled, kissing his man's sleeping forehead.

Josh held him for almost a half hour, the bedroom door opening quietly.

He met two pools of blue love, Josh smiling towards Justin.

"He's asleep again?" Justin softly said, Josh nodding his head.

"Mom sent me up to tell you that supper's ready, Joshy. Should we wake Luke?"

"No, he needs the rest, Jus." Josh said, gently moving Lucas onto his back, the young man murmuring but remaining asleep.

Josh climbed out of the bed, Justin smiling at him, the two hugging each other, Josh smiling at Justin.

"I see the happiness on your face, Jus. Your family loves you."
Justin smiled, looking towards the bed, staring at Lucas' sleeping face.

"He. . .he's given Lance and myself so much, Josh! My family's love, our own love. He's so beautiful in his giving love." Justin said, Josh's arm going around him.

"I know, Jus. I feel that love always."

Justin nodded, staring at the young man sleeping in his old bedroom.

"How he drew my father's past out of him, Josh. How he showed him my love for Lance. He's done so much for me, for my Lance." Justin said, his blue eyes showing tears.

"He loves both of you, Jus. He will always make your happiness shine."

Justin nodded, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"He's given me so much love, Josh. I still can't believe my father's accepted our love. He's downstairs talking with Lance." Justin said, Josh's arm going around him again.

"Lucas made him see that love is the greater thing, Justin. That we love those who complete us. He sees that in you and Lance, as I see it also."

"I never realized my father had such a hidden past, Josh."

"Times were different then, Jus. He went with his own family's ideals, however unjust they were. But he still became a loving family man. His love shines in all three of his sons."
Justin smiled, looking towards Lucas again.

"Lucas saved my brother's life, Josh. He saved our family's soul."

Josh smiled, hugging an emotional Justin to him.

"He loves happiness, Jus. He'll always make sure it surrounds us."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"Let's go and eat, Jus. My happiness will sleep all evening."

Justin smiled, guiding Josh out of the bedroom, smiling once more at Lucas, closing the door behind them.


Josh's blue eyes looked around him, seeing Justin's family love shining.

Dinner had been delicious, Lisa preparing roasted chicken and dumplings, everyone diving in to the delicious meal.

Here now they sat outside on the patio, relaxing after dinner.

Jonathan was in the pool with Steven again, the older brother keeping a close loving eye on the younger.

Lisa had been a bit apprehensive about Steven's wanting to go into the pool again, Randall smiling at his youngest son's courageous determination.

"He wants to face the water again, my love. He has a courageous heart." Randall said, Justin smiling at his father.

"It's a Timberlake trait." Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate, Josh smiling and watching the young man dive into the pool.

Here it was an hour later, everyone relaxing and enjoying the setting sun, Josh sitting with Justin's parents and Justin and Lance at the patio table.

Josh, Justin and Lance had filled Randall in on Lucas' tumultuous life, the older man moved by the strength and determination, and his ever-giving love.

Skyler, Finn and Trish had left after dinner, heading back to the hotel for the night, Harry driving them back.

Josh was staying with the Timberlakes, Lucas needing rest.

Harry promised to drive everyone back over in the morning, Randall inviting them all back for breakfast.

Josh sighed, setting back into his chair, Justin smiling at him.

"Mom's cooking always calms the soul, Joshy. Its deliciousness practically puts you to sleep." Justin said, Lisa laughing, tussling Justin's hair, the man brushing her hand off.

"Hands off the do, Mom! Only Lance can play with my hair." Justin said, showing a soft look of mirthful indignation.

Randall laughed, Lance smiling at his man.

"Same ole Justin. Vain and narcissistic." he laughed, Lance chuckling, Josh smiling widely.

"When there's so much beauty to touch one has to keep it for someone special."

Everyone's eyes moved, meeting two violet pools of smiling love, Josh out of his seat in a flash, Lucas standing in the patio doorway.

Josh's arm went around Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"I'm fine, Beamy. The couple of hours sleep did wonders. I feel refreshed, still a bit tired, but I feel alive." Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips, gently guiding him to the patio, everyone smiling at him.

"You look indeed refreshed, Lucas." Lisa said, Lucas raising an admonishing eyebrow.

"Sorry, I meant Luke." Lisa smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Where are my bandmates?" Lucas said, Josh rubbing his shoulder with one hand.

"They went back to the hotel, Lucky. Lisa and Randall have invited us to stay the night. I assumed you'd sleep right through."

"A good night's sleep will do wonders, my love. Justin's old bed is comfortable. But I don't want to put you out."

"Nonsense, Lucas. It's yours for the night. Justin and Lance can bunk on the couches or with the boys in their rooms." Randall said, Justin folding his arms.

"I come home once or twice a year and you steal my old bed, Carver." Justin said, faking indignation again.

Lucas smiled, looking towards Lance.

"Maybe you should take it, Lance? It stinks of Justin."

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Lucas smiling at him.

"I haven't slept in it in months. Mom keeps a clean house."

Lucas smiled, looking at Lisa again.

"I know that. And she's an amazing cook. I think the after smells of your culinary expertise awoke me."
Lisa smiled, patting Lucas' arm.

"I've got a plate all ready for you, Lucas. I somehow sensed you'd be awake in no time. You can't keep a good man down."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nope, you can't. Sometimes I have to tie my Beamy down."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling as Lisa walked into the house to ready Lucas' supper.

He smiled, seeing Jonathan and Stevie walking towards the table, both young men dried off and wearing t-shirts over their swim trunks.

The two young men smiled, joining everyone at the table, Stevie sitting down beside Lucas, Lucas smiling as the young man kissed his cheek.

"Feeling better, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Steven."
"It's Stevie, Luke. We're bros."

Randall smiled, seeing the adulation in his young son's blue eyes.

"You may have your first hero worshipper, Lucas." Randall said, Lucas blushing.

"I'm not a hero, Randall. And it's Luke. I'm just a man who saw someone in trouble and helped him. His smiling face is all the thanks or adulation I need. His friendship will win my heart."

Stevie smiled, nodding his head.

"You have that, bro."

Lucas smiled, Randall's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"Everyone informed me of your life, Lucas. Of the past and the possible future." Randall said, Lucas sighing.

"My life is mine, Randall. I walk my path as I must. But I've gained a lot along the way. A new unknown family, my true mother and father back in my life again. A new grandfather and a family of mystery and purpose. I always sensed in my dreams and in my own realities that I'd always walk a special path, a path of destiny. I see now it is happening." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

"You walk a path of love, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh on the lips, Randall softly smiling at their open intimacy.

"I walk a path of new friends and new friendships. I've gained four today, I believe." Lucas said, Randall smiling.

"My family welcomes you, Lucas. Our friendship is yours."

Justin smiled, seeing that his father held a great respect in his heart for Lucas, his giving love winning his whole family over.

"Thank you, Randall. I welcome yours as well."

Randall smiled, Lisa walking out of the house, carrying a tray laden with food.

"Right now I want to welcome that food." Lucas smiled, Lisa smiling at him, setting the tray on the table.

"Wow, dumplings! My fav!" Lucas said, smiling as Lisa sat the plate down in front of him.

"Not as good as your mother's I imagine, but I cook a mean ball of dough." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Yes, I see it registering on your husband's and your son's middles."

Everyone laughed, Justin and Randall blushing, Lucas smiling at both.

"After you eat you're going in the pool, Carver."

"Better not follow me, Timberlake. You'll sink with all that extra weight."

Justin blushed, Lucas laughing.

Everyone smiled, the young man diving in to the warm food.

Josh smiled, sensing his man was almost back to normal.

His mind went to another thought brewing in his soul.

He felt that thought was coming from his soulmate.

Lucas' head raised, staring into his blue pools as he chewed a mouthful of Lisa's delicious chicken.

Lucas swallowed the mouthful, looking at Justin and Lance, then back at his love.

"Let's rest tonight, my love. And enjoy the week here in Orlando. Then the path moves forward." Lucas said, taking another mouthful of the delicious food, Justin staring at him.

"What happens next week, Luke?" he said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"Next week I go on the hunt, Justin."

"The hunt, Luke?" Lance said, his green eyes meeting his violet.

"Yes, Lance. I go hunting for the secret to my great-grandfather's mysterious soul."

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man's hand going in his.

"A mystery awaits, my love. And I need to visit a small hamlet in Massachusetts."
"That cemetery, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. A graveyard of shades. And I think perhaps something more."

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man smiling, returning to the food in front of him.

Josh stared at his Lucas, his mind on the danger ahead.

Lucas smiled at him, his mind on something else.



End of Chapter 92


And so our Lucas mends the bond of Justin's fatherly love.

He's united the two again as they ever were.

Justin sees a new father before him, and Randall sees a son in love.


Lance is welcomed into their close-knit family, Lucas uniting all of them.

And Lucas seems to be back to his old self.

But as always a mystery lays behind his words.


What did he risk in saving Steven?

How now does Josh seem to sense Lucas' magic and love?

Lucas seems now accepting of the path he is being forced onto.

The path of his family's mysterious past.


What will he find in the graveyard?
That spoken graveyard of shades.

We know of one or two residing there.

Arlo and Rosa Sharon.


On to the path, and the mysteries ahead.


Hugs, Angel.