Yesterday's End-93

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 93


Josh opened his blue eyes, staring into a masculine face of violet-eyed beauty.

"Good morning, my love." Lucas said, his lips kissing Josh's soft lips, Josh feeling his man's love.

"Good morning, my Lucky, my love. What time is it?"

"It's after eight, Joshua. Time to get up." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

He saw Lucas was wearing a t-shirt, the young man sitting beside Josh's blanket-covered body.

"You should still be in bed, my love. What time were you up?" Josh said, stretching his arms over his head, his smooth naked chest rising out from the covers, Lucas taking in its smooth beauty, his hairy armpits sending a wave of love coursing through his heart.

Josh's arms moved, pulling his lover closer to him.

"I've been up for about an hour. Took a fast shower, then dressed." Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips.

"You're taking it easy today, my Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, snuggling into his warm chest, his hand slipping under the covers, Josh trembling as he felt Lucas' hand rub his brief-covered center.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas leaned forward, Josh's lips meeting his again, Josh feeling his man's total love, the older man softly sighing when they broke their kiss.

Lucas' hand came out from under the covers, his fingers going to Josh's cheek.

"I'm one hundred percent, Beamy. Sleeping against your love all night has set me right."

Josh smiled more, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Plus Justy's faint aura in this room added to the love. The speed of my recovery doubled."

Josh smiled, Lucas grinning.

"You leave Timberlake to his own devices. You're mine to love and heal."

Lucas laughed, rising up a bit.

"But I have so much love to give. I get all woozy when I'm around Justy and Lancy. Talk about a boyband sandwich!"

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling, the young man rising up from the bed, Josh staring up at him.

"I've laid out fresh towels, my love. Take a quick shower. I started breakfast and Lisa's finishing up for me."

"She wouldn't like that, Lucky. You beating her to her own kitchen."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"A taste of my warm cinnamon twists silenced her." Lucas grinned, Josh laughing again, the man rising out of the bed, swinging his muscular legs around and rising to his feet, Lucas' eyes going to the black boxer briefs Josh wore, a sizable tent showing.

"Better rush, my love. I heard Justin rustling around in Jon's room, he and his brother talking."
Josh smiled, his arms wrapping around his man.

"I can always outrun Justy, no worries. He's groggy in the morning. Now Jon on the other hand? You young bucks are quick to rise."

Lucas laughed, one hand going to his man's ass, slapping it lightly.

Josh smiled, Lucas' eyes going down his man's chest, resting on the large mound in his center.

"You old stags can rise on your own."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Your clothes are on the chair, babe. I've picked something sexy for my old stag."

Josh smiled, releasing his man's clothed body, Lucas blowing him a kiss, the young man walking out of their bedroom, Josh watching his healthy strong walk.

Josh sighed, grabbing his robe, pulling it on.

He walked out of the bedroom, the hallway quiet and empty.

He walked up to Jon's bedroom door across from Justin's old room, hearing only a soft snore coming from behind it.

"Back in dream land, Timberlake boys." he smiled, the man walking down the hallway to the large bathroom located at the end of the hall.

He smiled, turned the knob and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

He turned, the man stopping in his tracks.

His blue eyes widened, taking in the vision before him.

The bathroom had a large alabaster Jacuzzi bathtub on its left side, a walk-in shower on its right.

His eyes were focused with shock on the clear glass-door shower.

Lance stood naked in the shower, the man's back against the wall.

His eyes were closed, his hands on the smooth tattooed back of a naked Justin, the man on his knees on the shower floor.

Josh stood in silence, watching Justin deep throat his lover's long hard shaft.

One of Lance's hands moved, running through Justin's short wet hair, the man's body trembling as Justin took all of him into his throat.

Josh's eyes scanned over Lance's naked torso, the water running down its smoothness, his eyes following the wetness, taking in the length of shaft coming out of Justin's mouth.

Justin released the shaft, the man rising from the floor, his arms pulling Lance against him, Josh staring at Justin's beautiful smooth butt, Lance's green eyes opening.

They stared directly at Josh, Lance's eyes widening.

"Oh shit! Josh!" he said, Justin's head turning, staring with surprise at Josh as well.

Josh blushed, the man turning around, facing away from the two.

"I'm so sorry guys. . .the door. . .it was unlocked!" he said, trying not to look behind him.

He heard movement, the shower door opening.

A hand went to his shoulder, Josh trembling.

"It's okay, Joshy. Nothing you haven't seen already. Turn around." Justin said, Josh slowly turning around.

Justin stood in front of him, the man still naked, Josh's eyes focusing on his face, Justin smiling at him.

Josh had caught a glimpse of Justin's hard center, the man's hand rubbing his shoulder.

Lance still stood in the shower, the water now off, his center covered by a towel.

"I. . .I haven't seen the two of you. . .I'm so sorry!" Josh said, Justin smiling more.

"You caught us in a moment of love, Joshy. My Lance was so love-filled this morning. He woke me up after I'd fallen asleep again. He basically carried me in here." Justin said, his smiling face turning back to his Lance's soft blushing face.

"Our desires overtook us. I'd forgotten to tell him about the faulty latch on this door. Dad still hasn't fixed it." Justin laughed, Josh looking towards Lance again.

"I'm sorry, Lance. Don't be embarrassed by my seeing you. I am so sorry." Josh said, Lance looking into his friend's blue pools.

"It's alright, Josh. And Justin is correct. My love overpowered me this morning. I needed my Jus. We slept apart last night--I on the couch, he in Jon's room. We were in a heated rush." he said, a soft smile showing on his face now.

Josh's blue pools met Justin's again, the man smiling at him.

Josh softly smiled, looking back at Lance.

"I remember the morning love of our Jus. It can be heated and intoxicating."
Justin smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Thanks for the review, Josh. But we'd like to get back to finishing what we'd started." Justin smiled, Josh seeing the soft rising desire in Justin's blue eyes.

His blue eyes glanced down quickly, seeing Justin's still hard state.

"I'll let you get back to your love, Jus. I see you haven't changed in your beauty or your desires." je said, Justin smiling, looking back at Lance, his green eyes on his man's beautiful state of love as well.

"My desires have doubled, Joshy. Lance's love and beauty feed my soul."
Josh smiled, Lance smiling at him now.

"Let me know when you're done, guys." Josh said, Justin smiling and following him to the bathroom door, Josh opening it a bit, slipping out of the room, his last vision was of Justin's naked beauty closing it.

And then he heard the audible click.

He smiled, looking at the door.

"Lucky you, Lancy. He looked lost in the need for love." Josh softly smiled, turning and walking back to the bedroom.


Lucas looked up from the kitchen table, his violet pools meeting his Josh's blue pools.

His eyes moved over his lover's black t-shirt covered torso, khaki shorts showing off his muscled hairy legs, sandals accenting his long smooth feet.

"Am I in heaven? I see a beautiful angel." he said, Lisa smiling, Justin's mother at the counter, refilling a coffeemaker, Josh kissing her cheek, his blue eyes on his love.

"Morning, Lisa. You're sweet, babe." he said, sitting down in Lucas' lap, his man's arms going around him.

Randall sat on the other side of the table, smiling at Josh.

"Morning, Josh." Randall said, Josh greeting him as well, Lucas' hand rubbing his man's back.

"Where's Lance and Justin? Lance is gone from the living room couch?" Randall said, Josh looking at Justin's father.

"Lance is in the shower. He beat me to it. I believe I heard Justin in Jon's room." Josh said, not wanting to divulge the goings on upstairs.

He sensed Justin wouldn't want his father to know of his son's amorous morning love.

"Ah, okay." Randall said, smiling at Lucas, Lucas smiling back.

Lucas lightly tapped a finger against Josh's back, the young man smiling at him when their eyes met.

"A beautiful sight to see in the morning is a vision of love." he said, winking at Josh, Randall and Lisa not catching it.

Josh softly blushed, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Love ya, babe. My vision of love." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Love you more, sweetie."
Lisa smiled, the front door suddenly chiming.

"I'll get it, Mom!" came Justin's voice from the living room, Lisa nodding.

"Thanks, Jus!"

Lance walked into the kitchen, his eyes meeting Josh's, Lucas smiling at him.

"Morning, Lancy." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him, the man leaning down and kissing his cheek, then giving Josh a quick peck on the cheek, the man looking at Lisa, then Randall.

"Good morning, everyone." he said, sitting down on Lucas' other side.

"How did you sleep on the couch, Lance?" Randall said, the man smiling at him.

"It was alright, Randall. A little lumpy. But I did sleep, thank you."
Randall nodded, patting Lance's arm.

"Too hard first thing in the morning."

Lucas smirked to himself, Lance's eyes widening a bit in surprise, Josh holding in a threatening laugh.

"It's seen its end, I'm afraid. You came too early." Lisa said, Josh trembling with hidden laughter, Lucas patting his back.

"We've ordered a whole new living room set, being delivered this week ahead. You came too early. Next week you'd be sleeping in comfort. It pulls out and everything." she said, turning back to the counter.

"The pullouts are the best." Lucas grinned, Lance blushing now.

"Something wrong, Lance?" Randall said, looking at the younger man.

"No, sir. Just missing my Jus." he said, Randall smiling at him.

On cue Justin walked into the kitchen, followed by Trish, Finn, Skyler and Harry.

Everyone exchanged greetings, Justin sitting down in Lance's lap, the two lightly kissing, Lance smiling at his lover when Justin broke the kiss.

"Missed you, babe." he said, Lisa smiling at her son, Randall smiling as well.

Everyone felt Justin's open happiness, his love on display for his whole family.

"You slept apart for one night, Justin. He survived." Randall laughed, Lucas smirking again.

"Lumps and all."

Josh laughed, Lance blushing again, Justin smiling at his friends.

"No loving at the table, Justin." Finn grinned, sitting down beside Randall, the two smiling at each other, the Welshman smirking at Josh.

"Off Lucas' lap, Chasez. You must weigh a ton." he laughed, Lucas' violet pools meeting his friend's blue.

"I'm gaining pounds of love, Finny. Your friend's love is delicious and fattening." Josh said, beating Lucas to the punch line.
Everyone laughed, Josh kissing Lucas again, the man climbing out of the young man's lap.

"We need more chairs, Jus." Josh smiled, Justin smiling and rising as well, the two walking into the dining room to bring in a couple more chairs.

Jonathan and Steven walked into the room, the two young men kissing their parents' cheeks, hugging everyone around the table.

"The gang's all here. Let's eat, everyone." Lisa said, smiling and setting down a covered bowl in the table's center.

Finn sniffed, his blue eyes widening in happiness.

"Lukey's Cinnamon Thrills! You dog!" he grinned, Lucas laughing.

"A joined feast of friendship and family. Half this feast is of Lisa's making." he said, Lisa smiling at him, Jonathan helping Justin and Josh pull chairs up to the large table.

Everyone sat down, a gathering of friends and family dining together.


Two hours later, the group stood on the front lawn of Justin's family home, hugs exchanged with everyone, the group leaving new friends.

"Now you have our numbers, Lucas. Don't be a stranger!" Lisa said, hugging the young man against her, Lucas smiling.

"No stranger could resist the love shining here. I'm leaving as a friend." he said, Lisa smiling at him, Randall's hand going to the young mans' shoulder.

"Thank you for a day of rejoicing destiny, Lucas. Your walking into our lives saved our family." the man said, Justin tearing up as he put his arm around Steven, the young man smiling at his father and Lucas.

Lucas softly blushed, lowering his eyes.

Randall smiled, rubbing the young man's shoulder.

"I know, I know. Giving of love but not needful of praise. Fly free angel." he said, Lucas raising his eyes again, Randall seeing deep love and friendship in those violet eyes.

"Paths walked mirror on life's path, Randall. One's heart always heals." he said, smiling.

Randall nodded, unsure of what Lucas meant.

Lucas smiled, turning his head as his body was suddenly wrapped in a youthful embrace of friendship.

"Take care, Luke! Let's Skype and chat!" Jonathan said, Lucas smiling and tussling his hair, blond and curly like Justin's.

Lucas felt another pair of young arms tightly embrace his waist.

He looked down into two blue pools of smiling love.

"Thank you for saving me, Luke. I'll live in safety and love." Steven said, Lucas smiling at him, a single tear showing on his cheek.

Everyone around them stared at the two with quiet tearful love.

"That you will, Stevie. A long life ahead of surprises and love. I'll be there all through it."
Steven smiled, releasing Lucas, his parents' arms going around him.

Lucas' hand went into Josh's, the man handing Lucas the convertible's keys, Lucas smiling at him.

"Goodbye, everyone." Lucas smiled, walking around the convertible, climbing into it; Josh, Lance and Justin climbing into it after hugging the Timberlakes goodbye again.

Lucas' bandmates and Harry climbing into the SUV, Harry backing it out of their driveway, Lucas following him, turning the convertible onto the street, beeping the car's horn, the Timberlakes waving goodbye as Lucas drove away.


Josh smiled, seated beside Lucas in the front seat, Justin and Lance cuddled together in the backseat.

They drove back towards their hotel, Lucas now ahead of Harry's SUV, the young man having sped past him on an empty street, the Monday morning traffic light.

"Hell of a weekend, Lucky." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling towards him, Josh loving his curly hair blowing in the breeze.

"A weekend of happiness and life, my love." he said, Justin and Lance smiling at him from the backseat, Josh's hand in his in the front seat.

"I feel so free, Luke." Justin said, Lance smiling at him, Justin's arm around him.

"Love is the freedom of our souls, Jus. Family love is its foundation." Lucas smiled, Josh leaning over and kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

"My man and his powerful words." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The soul of a songwriter I have, my love. And I love your musky smell. You're intoxicating when you don't shower."

Josh leaned back, staring at Lucas.

"You know, don't you?"

Lucas smiled, his eyes glancing to the rear view mirror, a set of blue and a set of green eyes staring at him.

"I envy you the love you walked in on, Beamy. And I felt the blushing embarrassment of all of you from the kitchen. Not so much from our Justin, our Lance's blushing love was the greatest. Your joined love reacts as a beacon to me. I will always feel your moments of blushing love, or desirous love. Something tells me I'm going to be permanently semi-hard."

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling at him in the mirror.

"Timberlake thrives on desire, Joshy. You and Lancy both know that. And I feel it."

Lance stared at Lucas, his hand moving forward and touching his shoulder.

"You. . .you feel our love? You mean you feel. . .you feel us making love?"

Lucas' eyes looked forward, Josh squeezing his hand, his violet pools glancing into his blue.

"The magic within me, guys, is a conduit. I think it thrives or lives on love. And inasmuch, whatever love surrounds me it draws in." Lucas said, moving the car into another lane, seeing their hotel in the far distance.

"Whatever love surrounds me I feel always. I felt your gathering love even before Josh walked into that bathroom. I almost dropped my first tray of Cinnamon Thrills." Lucas smiled, Lance blushing, Lucas catching his look in the mirror.

"Never be ashamed of showing love, Lance. Justin isn't ashamed of your giving love, neither would I nor Josh be. I want to thank you for showing it." Lucas said, Lance looking at him in the mirror.

"Thank me?"

"My Beamy's going to be very amorous later. I've felt his love stirring all morning. Your love has fed his soul." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Nothing fazes you, my love."

Lucas smiled, looking at him and then quickly into the backseat.

"Love feeds my soul as well, Joshua. Our soulmates of love wander into our hearts."
Lance and Justin both smiled, Josh kissing Lucas' cheek again.
"And I want all the details of every moment. Who says you're the only one who should get excited?"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling, pulling into the parking garage of their hotel.

"Back to the glamour, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A nice hotel with all the trappings. But you're the center of the beauty."
Josh smiled, Justin and Lance fake gagging in the backseat.

Lucas smiled, then laughed, pulling up to the underground entrance.


Josh woke up, stirring on the large bed he lay upon.

His blue eyes scanned the large bedroom, finding himself alone.

He stretched, scratching his naked chest.

He smiled, realizing he was still naked.

The gang had returned to the hotel, going to their separate rooms, promising to meet for dinner in the downstairs restaurant.

Within minutes of walking into their suite Josh had been all over Lucas, their love and passion soaring.

Lucas had stepped back, feeling the need in his man's desires.

"Calmness, my horny angel. We've got the afternoon to ourselves, my love." he'd said with soft passion, his lips kissing Josh's nose.

"I need you, Lucky." Josh said, his hands going to Lucas' belt, Lucas smiling at him.

"First up, my man needs a shower. Your scent is intoxicating to a point, my love, but I so love you wet and delicious."
Josh had smiled, pulling his t-shirt over his head, Lucas' hands going to his smooth taut chest.

Within minutes the two had joined in the shower, the next two hours a session of desirous, needful love.

Josh had fallen asleep in his man's arms after Lucas had claimed his love a second time.

Josh now smiled, feeling the lingering love within him, the man rising from the bed.

He glanced towards the balcony, seeing no one outside in the sunshine.

He glanced at his watch, the hour reading four-thirty.

He stretched, climbing out of the bed, looking towards the closed door of the bedroom.

He smiled, sensing Lucas had closed the door so that he could sleep in quiet solitude.

My Lucky must be out in the living room reading or something.

Josh smiled, grabbing his briefs off the chair beside the dresser, slipping his walking shorts on as well.

Better play it safe, in case he's not alone.

Don't want to shock someone.

Josh smiled, buttoning up the shorts over his black briefed center.

"Your beauty would shock anyone, young man."

Josh jumped, his leg catching the chair, the man flipping backwards, landing on his ass, his blue eyes staring in shock at the man standing in the corner of the room.

Josh was on his feet in moments, staring at the man staring back at him.

"I didn't mean to startle you, Joshua."

Josh stared at the man, his familiar face as handsome as the last time he'd seen him.

"Who. . .who are you?" Josh said, his eyes going to the closed door, the man smiling at him.

His rugged handsome face took on a more concentrated beauty when he smiled, his face brightening.

"As I stated the last time you saw myself, I am the Watcher."

Josh edged a little towards the door, the man's intense eyes following him.

"You need not concern yourself with Lucas, Joshua. Your man knows not of my presence. I have arranged that deception." the man said, Josh staring at him.

"Deception? Are you. . .are you evil?"

The man smiled, folding his hands in front of him.

"I carried your man from the battlefield of evil, Joshua. I would consider myself a friend rather than a foe."

Josh stared at him, his eyes scanning the man's attire and appearance.

He looked around thirty years of age, slim but well muscled, his face a soft coppery colour, his features perhaps a blend of Mediterranean or French ancestry.

His stunning good looks belayed his true heritage.

His eyes were a cobalt blue, intense and challenging, Josh seeing a deep calmness behind them as well.

His attire was all black, a long cloak covering his chest and legs, Josh seeing black pants under it, a pair of black well worn-leather boots covering his feet.

Josh took his attire to be of the last century, if not older.

"I am not evil, Joshua. No more evil that the heart of any other being."

Josh stared at him, the man motionless and calm.

"Why. . .why are you here? Lucas has been wondering about your existence. We all were wondering as well."

The man softly smiled, staring at Joshua.

Josh sensed the man was analyzing his face and own body reactions.

Josh's hand went to the chair, grabbing his t-shirt up off its back, the man smiling at him.

"I see why your Lucky smiles with happiness. Your beauty and love echo through his heart and out into the beyond."

Josh blushed, quickly pulling his t-shirt over his head, the man remaining in his spot, watching Josh cover his smooth torso.

"Why. . .why are you here?"

"I needed to speak with you, Joshua. Your man is at a crossroads."
Josh's eyes went to the door again, the man smiling at him.

"Why don't you talk to him directly?"

The man's eyes went to the door.

"I shall not interfere with the path set in motion, Joshua. I can only watch his greatness unfold." the man said, moving from his position, walking up to the closed door, his hand going against it.

Josh's blue eyes followed him, Josh seeing a soft transparency in the man's movements, his physical presence shimmering a little.

The man rubbed his hand against the door.

"Even in this chosen realm I feel his love. It is intense, but not forgotten." he said, the man removing his hand from the door.

"Are you. . .are you a Shade?" Josh said, the man's head turning, Josh staring into his blue, softly glistening eyes.

"Many walk as shades in their own lives, Joshua. Never experiencing life to its fullest. A shade of what one's own self could and should be. I learned that too late myself. And I was guided more than most are." the man said, his body turning, standing beside the door, his hands again folded in front of him.

"Who are you, sir?" Josh said, the man sighing, his eyes softening.

"Who are any of us, really? All but pawns in the game of life. Some are rooks, some are knights. It depends on the board and the challenges."

Josh stared at the man, a smile softening his handsome face again.

"I am who I am, Joshua."
"You must be a Belmont. You are as riddle-bound as all of them."
The man's smile widened, Josh softly smiling as well.

"As to your earlier question, I am here for assistance, Joshua. I need your involvement."

Josh stared at the man.

"Involvement in what?"

The man sighed again, looking at Josh.

"Your man walks a path not of destiny, Joshua. Never in all the eons of time has anyone changed destiny so much. It gives many hope."

Josh looked surprised, the man staring at him.

"Eons of time? How. . .how old are you? Who are you?"

The man smiled again, his head moving around.

"Sagas for other times, Joshua." the man said, smiling again, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"For this moment and for others you may call me Azrael."

Josh stared at the man, seeing the beauty of his handsome face.

"I know not that name. Lucas or his family never mentioned that name."

"I am known to few, Joshua. As my path dictates." the man said, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Your man is on a mission, my young friend. A mission perhaps not welcomed by some. But no less important. For he walks the truer path now."
"Is that path dangerous?"

"All paths within his family are dangerous, Joshua. Some more than others. But this path of entombed destiny is perhaps the most dangerous."

"Why is that? What is the danger?"

The man sighed again, looking towards the door.

"The danger there is the truth."

"The truth? The truth of what?"

"Of existence and of reality." he said, Josh's eyes meeting his, Josh moving towards him.

The man remained still, Josh stopping in front of him.

"Lucas is the existence of my reality. I love him with all my soul."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"I know that, Joshua. As he knows it. Your love is the fabric of his magical, loving soul. You are the power behind the man."

"Lucas is his own man, sir. He can stand alone with his own strength and magic."

The man nodded, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"What Lucas seeks in the land of history is very dangerous, Joshua. You are the one to give him a greater strength. That he will sorely need if he is to face the truth."

Josh's eyes clouded with concern, the man's hand going to Josh's shoulder, Josh feeling a lot of strength and power in the man's touch.

"I did not mean to worry you, I only came to warn you. What he seeks he shall find. We just need him to focus on the truth in what he finds." the man said, his other hand moving to Josh's chest, resting against it, the crystal pendant laying under his shirt resting beneath the man's hand.

"Who are 'we'?"

The man smiled, staring into Josh's intelligent eyes.

"We are all that went before and all that shall go ahead. You man is the key to life's path, Joshua. To the path of all of us: past, present, and future."

"I do not like the position you are all putting my Lucky in, sir. I do not like his destiny at all." Josh said, the man seeing Josh's love for Lucas shining.
"I know you do not, Joshua. But Lucas has taken up this path himself. He truthfully left the path of destiny long ago."

Josh looked surprised, the man smiling, his hand rubbing Josh's shoulder.

"That in itself gives me great comfort." the man said, Josh staring at him.

"What do you ask of me? For Lucas' safety and love I shall give anything."

"You are an intelligent man, Joshua. You will reason out at the time what is required of you. I only wanted to meet you and give you a warning of that coming moment."

"What is it that Lucas will find? Is it something tangible?"

"It is real, have no doubt of that. It has always been real. More real than others. I only ask that you give him pause to examine the implications of what he does after he finds it. I trust in your love for him--and in his love for you--that all will walk the correct path." the man said, looking towards the door again.

"If not, then I must interfere myself." the man said, more to himself than to Josh, Josh staring at him.

"Can you give Lucas--or even myself--any inclination of what it is he must search for?"

The man's eyes went to Josh's again.

"You will find it for him, Joshua. He will understand its truth and then he will make his choice. We all stand ready for either outcome." the man said, his eyes lowering for a moment, then raising again, staring at Josh.

"You were aptly named, Joshua. For you may be the saviour and deliverer of all." he said, Josh looking at him with confusion.

"I have walked many paths, young man. And none holds a greater worth of trueness that your Lucas' path." the man continued, his eyes going to the door again.

"I only hope his soul is forgiving when the path ends as I hope it must." the man said, his blue eyes going to Josh's blue again.

"Your man approaches, Joshua. Guide him with your love." the man said, the man's hand moving towards the bed, Josh's eyes following it.

Josh's eyes widened in surprise, seeing the bed freshly made, his eyes returning to the man.

Josh found himself alone in the room, the man vanished.

Josh stared around the room, met with only silence.

"Who are you, Azrael? Or. . .who were you?" he said, his voice breaking the silence.

The bedroom door opened, Josh's blue eyes meeting two violet pools of smiling love.

"You're up, my love? And you've made the bed. I thought I'd tired you out?" Lucas smiled, Josh moving forward, his arms wrapping around his soulmate, Lucas smiling and returning the hug.

"I love you too, Beamy. Your hug is so filled with love." Lucas said, Josh softening his hold on Lucas, their lips meeting.

Lucas felt a lot of love in that kiss, enjoying every moment of it.

The two parted, staring into each other's eyes.

Lucas saw a lot of confusion and protective love in those blue pools.

"What's wrong my love?"

Josh stared into his violet pools.

"I think you're in danger, my love."


Justin smiled, pouring the wine into the last glass, smiling around at everyone.

The group all sat together at a private table in the main dining room of the hotel's restaurant, awaiting Lucas and Josh.

"I'm famished! Where are those two? As if I have to ask." Finn said, kissing Skyler's cheek as he picked up his wine glass, sipping the sweet Italian wine.

"The man's been a ball of testosterone all afternoon. I'm so tired." Skyler whispered, leaning into Trish, she seated beside her best friend.

"So was Andrew. And I couldn't be anything but beyond happy." Trish smiled, Andrew's hand in hers, he seated on her other side.

Skyler smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I never said I wasn't happy. Just tired. Exhausted by love."
Finn laughed, having heard their soft conversation, Andrew smiling at him.

Andrew had been waiting at the hotel when they'd arrived back from the Timberlakes, the young lawyer having flown in that morning from England.

He and Trish had spent the afternoon in passionate bliss, everyone smiling at them.

Harry's blue eyes went around the table, seeing a soft glow of happiness on Justin and Lance's faces as well.

He smiled, picking his glass up and looking around at everyone.

"I guess I'll just drown my sorrows in this excellent vintage. You have all drowned in love all afternoon." he said, everyone smiling at their soulmate.

"Any word from Alain, Harry?" Trish smiled, the young man smiling back.

"We chatted and cammed this afternoon. He's doing alright. But he misses myself as much as I miss him." Harry said, his eyes showing their longing.

"I'm sure Lucas would let you off for a few days if you want to fly back to the islands?" Finny said, Harry smiling at him.

"Our love transcends distance, Finny. And my place now is at Lucas' side." Harry said, another voice entering the conversation.

"And my side accepts your love and protection, Harold."

Harry's eyes raised, Lucas standing at his side, Josh beside him.

Lucas smiled down at his cousin, his hand going to his strong muscular shoulder.

"Even more so now, dear cousin." Lucas said.

"You're late, bum boys!" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"The wine's still half full, Finny. We're not that late." Josh said, Finn smiling at him.

"It could be the second or third bottle, Chasez." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend as he and Josh sat down together between Harry and Justin, Lance on Justin's right side, Lucas now on his left.

"If that were true, then Skyler would show paw marks. You always get clingy with her when you're sauced, Finny."

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing, she kissing his cheek.

"The wine makes his love flow, Lukey. You know that." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Yes, I do. I've had a few paw marks from him as well."

Harry laughed, covering his mouth mid laugh, Finn smirking at him.

"Feeling left out, Harry? I'll paw you later if you like." Finn said, blowing him a kiss.

Harry smiled, winking back.

"Promises, promises."

Everyone laughed, a waiter walking up to their table, Justin ordering appetizers for everyone.

The waiter smiled around at everyone, walking away from the table.

Harry's eyes met Lucas' violet pools.

"Why did you say even more now, Luke?" Harry said, his eyes looking around the large restaurant.

Lucas looked at his cousin, his violet pools looking around the table.

"My Joshua had a visitor this afternoon." Lucas said, raising his wine glass, sipping at the sweet wine, Josh's hand going in his under the table.

"A visitor? Who?" Finn said, looking at Josh, the man sighing softly.

"More of a what than a who, Finny." Lucas said, setting his glass down again, everyone looking at him with confusion.

"The Watcher continues to watch." Lucas said, everyone showing surprise, staring at Josh.

"When I awoke about an hour ago he materialized in our bedroom. He said he was there specifically to talk to me. What he talked of I haven't fully reasoned out." Josh said, Lucas smiling softly at him.

Everyone remained silent as Josh told them all of the afternoon's encounter.

The waiter came back with baskets of rolls and trays of stuffed mushrooms, vegetables and small appetizers.

"Azrael? That's a strange name?" Finn said, Lance nodding his head.

"Sounds old world, perhaps even biblical." he said, Lucas' quietly staring at him.

"Do you reason him to be a Shade, Luke?" Finn said, his blue eyes looking around the restaurant, their blueness showing concern and soft worry.

"No, Finn. I believe he isn't a Shade. But he may be not of this realm." Lucas said, dipping a mushroom in a small bowl of garlic sauce.

Everyone looked at him with wonder, the young man sighing.

"I am a person of magic. Surrounding me is other magic, on different levels of intensity, strength and power. I believe he may be of greater magic and mystery." Lucas said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"As he told Josh, I never sensed his presence. I didn't know he had arrived or when he left. He was invisible to my magic." Lucas said, staring at the mushrooms on his plate, Josh's hand moving, going to his shoulder.

"And that worries you, doesn't it?"

"I'm not worried, my love. Just concerned. I had assumed that my magic was powerful enough to detect others of magic. I guess I'm wrong." he said, Lance's green pools meeting his violet.

"Your magic is strong, Luke. I don't think this man--or Watcher--is evil. Maybe that's why you can't sense him. He's not evil." Lance said, the man remembering the stranger they'd found on the staircase holding Lucas in his arms.

"He was a beautiful man." Harry said, remembering the man as well.

Josh nodded, looking around at everyone.

"I saw a faint trace of your own beauty in him, Lucas. I sense perhaps you and he are related." Josh said, Lucas staring at him.

"Another mysterious ancestor, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Perhaps, Finny. I won't know until I meet him. If that's even in the cards." Lucas said, Josh's hand squeezing his shoulder.

"He said that at the end you might have to forgive him for something. That must mean you'll meet him."

Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone.

"I'll meet him, of that I have no doubt, Josh. I sense he's the creator of the path."

"But he said you weren't now on the path of destiny, Luke." Trish said, everyone nodding their heads in agreement.

"Yes, so he stated. Apparently I've created a new path, of my own making. I wonder if that's why. . .?" He said, his words trailing off, the young man looking thoughtful.

"Why what, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

Lucas stared at him for a moment, the young man sighing again.

"Why my magic has changed. Why it's gotten stronger. A new path of created necessity. A path of my own soul." he said, Josh staring at him.

"A trait of riddles you all have." he said, Lucas smiling at his man, looking around the busy restaurant, forgoing a kiss for his man.

"I'm sorry, my love. I don't mean to confuse you all. I'm confused myself a bit. Mysterious strangers now appearing, magic changing, dramas unfolding. I think my life is changing."
Justin's hand went to Lucas' other shoulder, Lucas feeling his love.

"You haven't changed, Lucas. You are the same man of giving love we all love."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I am, Justin. I am myself, and that I'll always be."

Everyone smiled, Lucas' violet pools meeting his soulmate's.

"You are in some way the center of my discovering the hidden mystery of my family's past. What your connection is, I don't know. I don't like you being put in the center of this, Joshua. I love you too much to see you put in danger."

"I am in your heart and soul, my Lucky. If danger lays there then there I shall be." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing his man's protective love.

"Names of giving grace. You shall always be my saviour, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"The path starts at that graveyard, my friends. Whatever lays hidden there is the first beacon on my path of truth. I think my Joshua is the one to find that beacon."

"It will be lit with my love, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, looking around the restaurant again.

"I walk in sunshine always." he said, Josh smiling, Finn looking at both of them.

"I'm going with you, Lucas. I'll not let you both walk into danger alone." he said, Josh and Lucas both smiling at the Welshman.

"No offers of protective love need stating, my friends. I know you'll all want to go."

Everyone nodded, Justin squeezing Lucas' shoulder blade with his hand, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's not do it at night though, guys. I don't need to walk into a Dickensian nightmare. I'm not looking for Christmas ghosts. Although Finny could play a mean Marley. Skyler says he's sometimes dead as a doornail."

Skyler burst out into laughter, Finn looking at her, she blushing, holding her hand over her mouth to stop the laughter.
"You not wanting to be a grave robber, Lukey?" Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"No thanks, Finny. Josh is the only one who can rob." he said, Josh looking at him with confusion.

"He robbed my cradle." Lucas said, Josh blushing.

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his soulmate, the concerns and worry lessened in his blue eyes.

Josh shook his head, marvelling at his man's humour breaking the tension as usual.

"You're twisted, my love." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Later, babe. We'll twist the night away. I'm looking forward to some wonderful positions."

Josh beamed, Lucas's hand returning to his under the table.

Finn laughed again, Lucas joining him.

Lance quietly stared at his young friend, staring at Lucas' handsome face.

He saw a mask of showing happiness hiding the inner fear hidden within his violet eyes.

Lance sensed Josh wasn't aware of that fear.

Lucas' violet eyes moved, meeting his green.

Lance saw those violet pools lower, Lance's love rising in his soul.

I'm here for you, Lucas.

As is my Justin.

We'll all protect you.

We just need to know what we have to protect you from.

I sense you know what it is.

You and I are going to have a long talk, my friend.

Whatever you're hiding from Josh won't stand a chance against our joined love for you.

Lucas' eyes raised again, Lance smiling at him.

The waiter returned to the table, awaiting everyone's ordering.

Everyone smiled, picking up their menus.

Lance felt Justin's hand go into his under the table, their eyes meeting.

"We're both here for him, Lance. I sense the deception as well."

Lance smiled, Justin handing him a menu.



End of Chapter 93


And so our friends are joined as one around Lucas.

The Watcher appears again with a warning.

But only for Josh.


Why hasn't Lucas met this mysterious individual?
He seems to be skirting around Lucas' magic.

Is he more than he seems?

Or is he another lost soul from Lucas' troubled family's past?


Our friends and our hero begin their journey into the past of the Belmont clan.

What will that old cemetery yield?

Will it be the answer to the past or the mystery?
Or will it only add to it?


Only one knows, and he's being coy.

No worries, though.

I don't think there will be any Dickensian horrors awaiting our friends.

But we all have great expectations.


Hugs, Angel.